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/n/ - Transportation

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How do I get over my fear of flying bros? I know the statistics. I know it's "the safest way to travel". None of this actually helps sadly. The thought of being on a plane makes me sick. I want to get over this but how? Last time I tried to prove I could do it we hit a storm and it was fucking terrifying, making me even more afraid.
>How do I get over my fear of flying bros?

Go to your pcp/gp and get an RX for two valiums.

If you tell him you are fearful to fly they give you two. Pretty standard suburban primary care physician move.

They dont fire ya up a bottle of 120 rattlers but theyll give you two valiums or xanax
low T
you hit a storm and easily survived? why is that making you /more/ afraid? I would think that would confirm to you that even if the "worst" (and, those quotation marks should be thick as tree trunks) happens, you'll still be fine?
was there any sincere danger from the storm, or were you just worried about a bit of fun turbulence?

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