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File: petit caballeros.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
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I've been smoking cigars and riding my bike and i do not feel anything different, lungs are the same as always do you smoke and ride does affect you at all?
Aren't you NOT supposed to pull cigar smoke into your lungs? Petty big difference from cigarettes since they're engineered to be as smooth inhaling as possible.
i do cigars nad cigars it mekae look cool
while I was still a militech dog, I used to smoke 2 packs a day while doing dip and beer/whiskey allday/everyday and ran a sub-6min mile pace. Some of us just have blessed genes, some of us are even genetic freaks. I'm one of them genetic freaks with an unusually high HGB to HCT ratio) However, now that I don't smoke tobacco anymore, I have infinite stamina.
This is true too, the same could be said for chew/dip, and I have no evidence to back this up but I believe nicotine still affects performance
>package literally says "DON'T USE THIS IT WILL KILL YOU"
Have you ever considered a less antisocial method of suicide?
>less antisocia
You mean like that scene from the hannibol movie where his guts hit all the peoples?
I'm not rich enough to kill myself with cigars
nice. I also like to take bottle of wine, a cigar and go for a stroll on a nice day, listening to some denpa
unless you have / develop an allergy, smoking will not immediately effect you that much. Lung damage is long term.

Short term breathing difficulties would be more about having an asthmatic response to inhaling smoke.
Easier to get out of your clothes than smoke.
>go to highschool
>everyone smokes
>if you don't smoke you're an absolute loser
>don't want to be a cast away
>become addicted to smoking

I wish I had gf.
Oh yeah and also I wish I never smoked
Huh. As I recall it, I thought of the small group of kids huddled outside the school smoking ever day as kind of the losers.
You went to prom with your math teacher, didn't you
No with your mom
NGMI Cubans are a boomer meme. Nowadays they sell you mediocore product at high price.
>inb4 yuropoor and smoke shop only carries commieslop
Also anon I'm not sure about smoking during intense activity, but cruising and puffing I see no problem with.
>government warning
Anon if last 2-3 years haven't taught you not to trust the state, I don't know if there is any hope for you.
They figured out smoking kills you before Fauci graduated med school.
The government is just made of dumb people like yourself
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Don't pull cigar smoke down into your lungs. If you aren't then it's no wonder you don't feel much different.
OP doesn't know how to smoke a cigar it seems.

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