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/n/ - Transportation

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File: 1.mai.jpg (976 KB, 2000x1331)
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All bets are off!
Is it going to work out?

Previously: >>1841229
It might be related to the problem mentioned in >>1885628 .
It's probably the easiest way to ensure the spread of ticket revenue is according to actual usage.
Not additionally dunking on Germans but distributing fare revenue between transport authorities has been solved in Switzerland for decades.
As a customer I can buy yearly/monthly/weekly/daily passes that allow me to ride any public transport, no matter the operator or network.
Obviously there's a lot to be done behind the scenes (and there are enough arguments) but passenger statistics even worked before portable computers with internet access were as widespread as they are today.
Nowadays the same applies to Austria.
Ticket vending machines are expensive. handling the cash from those machines is a lot of effort. An ap is much cheaper and easier for the company. The only thing preventing this is the baby boomer horde and their preference for analog solutions. Same goes for counters.
I know Germany wants to become a shithole but no need to not use existing infrastructure.
Well, looking through the official FAQ, the ticket appears to be "digital" in the same sense as the BaföG-Antrag is "digital".
The tickets are sent by email and the customer needs to print them himself.
Which, arguably, is a better solution than tying it to a phone or something like that.
This will probably necessitate a centralized analysis of ticket usage in order to prevent abuse, though.
So now in addition to paying for my ticket I also must pay a third party for the service if unlocking the ticket for me? And I must also spend additional time to find and requisition such a service.
I like using cash though. Also most of the banks I've looked at in Germany have a bunch of fees tacked on for having an account, I hate having to be so dependent on private banks.
>/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany
Shouldn't it be /chöd/ or /choed/?
Basiert auf ISO-3166, wobei ich auch eher zu /dach/ tendieren würde.
File: map-chad.png (130 KB, 1275x1275)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
There are a variety of country codes in transportation:
- CH vs. CH. vs. HB vs. 85
- A vs. AT. vs. OE vs. 81
- D vs. DE vs. D vs. 80
Had another look, and it's apparently based on the abbreviations designated in den Pariser Abkommen and the Wiener Straßenverkehrskonvention.
Those largely align with ISO-3166, but Germany (D instead of DE) and Austria (A instead of AT) are exceptions.
Schon mal vorbereiten. Das riecht nach Streik in näherer Zukunft:

At least the French trains more or less run on time when they're not on strike.
It may be due to mostly riding through-trains off the major axes, but I can't really complain about punctuality in daily life.
For Fernverkehr it's been quite a while since I didn't need to invoke Fahrgastrechte, though, but Deutsche Bahn has never objected to my claims, so there's at least that.

Watch out, though: No Fahrgastrechte during strikes.
I hate Germany so much it's unreal
File: wengen_grindelwald.png (288 KB, 1520x912)
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288 KB PNG
I've been thinking about whether there are places in Switzerland (or maybe Austria) where you can use cable transports in the mountains to actually travel from one town to another, not including transports meant exclusively for skiers and snowboarders (like ski-lifts or chair lifts), so just ropeways/gondolas and funiculars.

The only one I found is from Wengen to Grindelwald, where you can take the ropeway to Männlichen and from Männlichen to Grindelwald. This works as an alternative to using the Wengernalpbahn. I've marked the ropeway route in purple, the railway in green.
I wonder if Arosa-Lenzerheide is doable by pedestrians, probably would be faster than taking the train down to Chur and the bus back up.
File: arosa-lenzerheide.png (3.26 MB, 1880x924)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Close but no cigar, there's a succession of five cable transports between Arosa and Lenzerheide, but three are chairlifts. If they allow pedestrians on them you could do it, which I doubt at least in winter with all the skiers and snowboarders.
Honestly, this seems like an instance where it would actually make a lot of sense, since it would offer a much more convenient connection than any conventional route.
Wikipedia says that all involved lifts are accessible for pedestrians in winter and summer, so I think it's doable, although it might be only in the Lenzerheide-Arosa direction.
Joint operation of skiers/snowboarders and pedestrians isn't that difficult, many places have lifts that even allow pedestrians on the way down.
Definitely more expensive than by train and bus though, if I may add.
Very cool, I might make that journey sometime.

If they allow peds in winter and summer then certainly you can go both directions, the lift is then apt for descending on the bottom. They should convert them to mixed gondola-chairlift operation, then you really could use them for proper travel.

Well that was to be expected, although I think the Wengen-Grindelwald route costs about the same, because Wengernalpbahn partly operates outside regular fares.
Bremen-Hamburg is a major axis. You were fucked throughout that year, no doubt about that.
Long distance trains pay more for high-priority Trassen, so obviously they get preferential treatment compared to your (mere) Metronome.
Which is reasonable, assuming the operator of those long distance trains does due diligence to prevent delays.
I'm not quite sure, that applies to DB Fernverkehr these days, and Flixtrain isn't exactly better, so maybe that should change to some extent.

By the way: The silver bullet is being an international train. Those enjoy absolute priority.
whats wrong?
Apparently shit is getting real.

Subscribers in Dortmund are starting to receive stickers to put on their old ticket until they receive their new one. (pic related)
That said, I think during the 9-Euro-Ticket days my chipcard-ticket wasn't successfully checked even once outside my home Verkehrsverbund.
I seriously hope, they know what they are doing, but it absolutely doesn't look like it.
>Die Warnstreiks finden demnach parallel zu bundesweiten Protestaktionen der Organisation Fridays for Future für eine Verkehrswende statt.

Don't they realize what the fuck they are doing there?
>Oh, by the way, don't go by car. It's killing the climate!
>*shuts down public transit in protest*
You are the very reason many car drivers don't want to go by public transport.
The self-proclaimed "left" and "environmental protection activists" are public transit's worst enemies.
It's really about time to get the "human component" out of traffic in general.
To be honest, for a warning strike you couldn't pick a better time to inconvenience more people without getting ATCs to strike as well.
>Am 3. April soll der Vorverkauf für das Deutschlandticket starten, das digital über eine Smartphone-App oder eine Chipkarte verfügbar sein wird. Zunächst wird es auch in ausgedruckter Form akzeptiert.
nothing, I just hate Germany.
File: dticket_ausdrucken.png (34 KB, 1080x122)
34 KB
Well, looks like a practical solution.
As long as they allow print-outs, it's probably going to work out fine for most people.
Good thing about the printable ticket is that it's accessible for everyone, even if you don't have a computer yourself.

Digital enthusiasts tend to forget the edge cases like disabled people, the mentally ill or homeless.
Using the printout solution, anybody can order a ticket for you, be it a relative, a caretaker or a CSR in a ticket agency and they can even store it in case you lose it (again).
The thing is also: Is there even an end user application to read VDV-KA cards?
If a user can't check the validity of his ticket himself (and without exposing his anus to some data sucking device), then that's a massive source of distress.
>Germany is reduced to using gimmicks to get people to use public transport because their trains are so utterly shit and people are so empoverished from high inflation and deindustrialization
Switzerland allows people to check their SwissPasses (nationwide NFC/QR-code transport card) at ticket machines found at any station.
As for remembering the validity, you have to look at the receipt (digital or on paper) or just attach a sticky note to the actual card if you want.
There is a lot to rightfully criticize about the state of German public transport.
This ticket isn't one of those things.
At most you could say, that the infrastructure is ill-prepared and that it's a bad fit to the systems that have grown over the last few decades.
I'm mostly worried about the increase of influence of politicians and activists. That could break a lot of things in the long run.
Also, Deutsche Bahn doesn't appear to realize what a massive risk this ticket is with respect to its BC100 customers.
File: warnstreik_230327.jpg (130 KB, 1104x744)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How is /chad/ holding up?

Home office is a blessing is all I can say.
Swiss office is a blessing as well although it comes at a price.
Not really following the strikes, any possibility that it will blow up to French levels during summer?
Probably depends on how serious Russia is.
The current demonstrations in France appear to be in part incited by them as well, after all.
Ver.di and EVG did a coordinated effort to shut down Germany for a day.
They probably didn't expect, that most people are capable of doing home office these days, so their stunt has failed.
>it's da rushans
File: arcinfo-111084.jpg (339 KB, 1080x810)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
The railway from Le Locle to Les Brenets in Switzerland will be closed down at the end of the year.
This line runs 4.1km and connects to the mainline at Le Locle, but it is metre gauge so trains can't run through.
It has just two railcars, which are from 1950 and to my knowledge the oldest rail vehicles in regular service in Switzerland.
Let's not derail the thread, but...
>"Raus aus EU. Raus aus der NATO. Biden, wir wollen deinen Krieg nicht."
I'm sorry, but that sounds like some guy from the East wrote their chants.
If you replace "Biden" by "Bush" then the chant wouldn't be out of place at any anti-war protest in the 00s all over Europe.
Anyway, not really /n/ related.
except biden didn't start a war
Yeah it was Obama but let's not pollute the thread talking about off-topic minutiae.
>Die Branchenorganisation Alliance Swisspass stellt neue Angebote für Jugendliche vor.
>Darunter bietet die Branchenorganisation auch ein Nacht-GA an.
>Auch neue Angebote wie die «Friends-Tageskarte» und «Tandem-Tageskarte» hat die Branchenorganisation präsentiert.
Why can't they extend this offer to the whole population?
Even without the discounts this could have been a great opportunity to convert some cager friends and make public transport more attractive for doing excursions with foreign friends, especially since the Tageskarte Gemeinde is going to be neutered as well.
>they don't want to ruin their economy and give up what little prosperity they have left over a war between some shitholes
>surely they must be Russian agents
Ouch, that casts a dark light on the future:

>blows over your ride

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