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File: 1.mai.jpg (976 KB, 2000x1331)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
All bets are off!
Is it going to work out?

Previously: >>1841229
It might be related to the problem mentioned in >>1885628 .
It's probably the easiest way to ensure the spread of ticket revenue is according to actual usage.
Not additionally dunking on Germans but distributing fare revenue between transport authorities has been solved in Switzerland for decades.
As a customer I can buy yearly/monthly/weekly/daily passes that allow me to ride any public transport, no matter the operator or network.
Obviously there's a lot to be done behind the scenes (and there are enough arguments) but passenger statistics even worked before portable computers with internet access were as widespread as they are today.
Nowadays the same applies to Austria.
Ticket vending machines are expensive. handling the cash from those machines is a lot of effort. An ap is much cheaper and easier for the company. The only thing preventing this is the baby boomer horde and their preference for analog solutions. Same goes for counters.
I know Germany wants to become a shithole but no need to not use existing infrastructure.
Well, looking through the official FAQ, the ticket appears to be "digital" in the same sense as the BaföG-Antrag is "digital".
The tickets are sent by email and the customer needs to print them himself.
Which, arguably, is a better solution than tying it to a phone or something like that.
This will probably necessitate a centralized analysis of ticket usage in order to prevent abuse, though.
So now in addition to paying for my ticket I also must pay a third party for the service if unlocking the ticket for me? And I must also spend additional time to find and requisition such a service.
I like using cash though. Also most of the banks I've looked at in Germany have a bunch of fees tacked on for having an account, I hate having to be so dependent on private banks.
>/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany
Shouldn't it be /chöd/ or /choed/?
Basiert auf ISO-3166, wobei ich auch eher zu /dach/ tendieren würde.
File: map-chad.png (130 KB, 1275x1275)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
There are a variety of country codes in transportation:
- CH vs. CH. vs. HB vs. 85
- A vs. AT. vs. OE vs. 81
- D vs. DE vs. D vs. 80
Had another look, and it's apparently based on the abbreviations designated in den Pariser Abkommen and the Wiener Straßenverkehrskonvention.
Those largely align with ISO-3166, but Germany (D instead of DE) and Austria (A instead of AT) are exceptions.
Schon mal vorbereiten. Das riecht nach Streik in näherer Zukunft:

At least the French trains more or less run on time when they're not on strike.
It may be due to mostly riding through-trains off the major axes, but I can't really complain about punctuality in daily life.
For Fernverkehr it's been quite a while since I didn't need to invoke Fahrgastrechte, though, but Deutsche Bahn has never objected to my claims, so there's at least that.

Watch out, though: No Fahrgastrechte during strikes.
I hate Germany so much it's unreal
File: wengen_grindelwald.png (288 KB, 1520x912)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
I've been thinking about whether there are places in Switzerland (or maybe Austria) where you can use cable transports in the mountains to actually travel from one town to another, not including transports meant exclusively for skiers and snowboarders (like ski-lifts or chair lifts), so just ropeways/gondolas and funiculars.

The only one I found is from Wengen to Grindelwald, where you can take the ropeway to Männlichen and from Männlichen to Grindelwald. This works as an alternative to using the Wengernalpbahn. I've marked the ropeway route in purple, the railway in green.
I wonder if Arosa-Lenzerheide is doable by pedestrians, probably would be faster than taking the train down to Chur and the bus back up.
File: arosa-lenzerheide.png (3.26 MB, 1880x924)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Close but no cigar, there's a succession of five cable transports between Arosa and Lenzerheide, but three are chairlifts. If they allow pedestrians on them you could do it, which I doubt at least in winter with all the skiers and snowboarders.
Honestly, this seems like an instance where it would actually make a lot of sense, since it would offer a much more convenient connection than any conventional route.
Wikipedia says that all involved lifts are accessible for pedestrians in winter and summer, so I think it's doable, although it might be only in the Lenzerheide-Arosa direction.
Joint operation of skiers/snowboarders and pedestrians isn't that difficult, many places have lifts that even allow pedestrians on the way down.
Definitely more expensive than by train and bus though, if I may add.
Very cool, I might make that journey sometime.

If they allow peds in winter and summer then certainly you can go both directions, the lift is then apt for descending on the bottom. They should convert them to mixed gondola-chairlift operation, then you really could use them for proper travel.

Well that was to be expected, although I think the Wengen-Grindelwald route costs about the same, because Wengernalpbahn partly operates outside regular fares.
Bremen-Hamburg is a major axis. You were fucked throughout that year, no doubt about that.
Long distance trains pay more for high-priority Trassen, so obviously they get preferential treatment compared to your (mere) Metronome.
Which is reasonable, assuming the operator of those long distance trains does due diligence to prevent delays.
I'm not quite sure, that applies to DB Fernverkehr these days, and Flixtrain isn't exactly better, so maybe that should change to some extent.

By the way: The silver bullet is being an international train. Those enjoy absolute priority.
whats wrong?
Apparently shit is getting real.

Subscribers in Dortmund are starting to receive stickers to put on their old ticket until they receive their new one. (pic related)
That said, I think during the 9-Euro-Ticket days my chipcard-ticket wasn't successfully checked even once outside my home Verkehrsverbund.
I seriously hope, they know what they are doing, but it absolutely doesn't look like it.
>Die Warnstreiks finden demnach parallel zu bundesweiten Protestaktionen der Organisation Fridays for Future für eine Verkehrswende statt.

Don't they realize what the fuck they are doing there?
>Oh, by the way, don't go by car. It's killing the climate!
>*shuts down public transit in protest*
You are the very reason many car drivers don't want to go by public transport.
The self-proclaimed "left" and "environmental protection activists" are public transit's worst enemies.
It's really about time to get the "human component" out of traffic in general.
To be honest, for a warning strike you couldn't pick a better time to inconvenience more people without getting ATCs to strike as well.
>Am 3. April soll der Vorverkauf für das Deutschlandticket starten, das digital über eine Smartphone-App oder eine Chipkarte verfügbar sein wird. Zunächst wird es auch in ausgedruckter Form akzeptiert.
nothing, I just hate Germany.
File: dticket_ausdrucken.png (34 KB, 1080x122)
34 KB
Well, looks like a practical solution.
As long as they allow print-outs, it's probably going to work out fine for most people.
Good thing about the printable ticket is that it's accessible for everyone, even if you don't have a computer yourself.

Digital enthusiasts tend to forget the edge cases like disabled people, the mentally ill or homeless.
Using the printout solution, anybody can order a ticket for you, be it a relative, a caretaker or a CSR in a ticket agency and they can even store it in case you lose it (again).
The thing is also: Is there even an end user application to read VDV-KA cards?
If a user can't check the validity of his ticket himself (and without exposing his anus to some data sucking device), then that's a massive source of distress.
>Germany is reduced to using gimmicks to get people to use public transport because their trains are so utterly shit and people are so empoverished from high inflation and deindustrialization
Switzerland allows people to check their SwissPasses (nationwide NFC/QR-code transport card) at ticket machines found at any station.
As for remembering the validity, you have to look at the receipt (digital or on paper) or just attach a sticky note to the actual card if you want.
There is a lot to rightfully criticize about the state of German public transport.
This ticket isn't one of those things.
At most you could say, that the infrastructure is ill-prepared and that it's a bad fit to the systems that have grown over the last few decades.
I'm mostly worried about the increase of influence of politicians and activists. That could break a lot of things in the long run.
Also, Deutsche Bahn doesn't appear to realize what a massive risk this ticket is with respect to its BC100 customers.
File: warnstreik_230327.jpg (130 KB, 1104x744)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How is /chad/ holding up?

Home office is a blessing is all I can say.
Swiss office is a blessing as well although it comes at a price.
Not really following the strikes, any possibility that it will blow up to French levels during summer?
Probably depends on how serious Russia is.
The current demonstrations in France appear to be in part incited by them as well, after all.
Ver.di and EVG did a coordinated effort to shut down Germany for a day.
They probably didn't expect, that most people are capable of doing home office these days, so their stunt has failed.
>it's da rushans
File: arcinfo-111084.jpg (339 KB, 1080x810)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
The railway from Le Locle to Les Brenets in Switzerland will be closed down at the end of the year.
This line runs 4.1km and connects to the mainline at Le Locle, but it is metre gauge so trains can't run through.
It has just two railcars, which are from 1950 and to my knowledge the oldest rail vehicles in regular service in Switzerland.
Let's not derail the thread, but...
>"Raus aus EU. Raus aus der NATO. Biden, wir wollen deinen Krieg nicht."
I'm sorry, but that sounds like some guy from the East wrote their chants.
If you replace "Biden" by "Bush" then the chant wouldn't be out of place at any anti-war protest in the 00s all over Europe.
Anyway, not really /n/ related.
except biden didn't start a war
Yeah it was Obama but let's not pollute the thread talking about off-topic minutiae.
>Die Branchenorganisation Alliance Swisspass stellt neue Angebote für Jugendliche vor.
>Darunter bietet die Branchenorganisation auch ein Nacht-GA an.
>Auch neue Angebote wie die «Friends-Tageskarte» und «Tandem-Tageskarte» hat die Branchenorganisation präsentiert.
Why can't they extend this offer to the whole population?
Even without the discounts this could have been a great opportunity to convert some cager friends and make public transport more attractive for doing excursions with foreign friends, especially since the Tageskarte Gemeinde is going to be neutered as well.
>they don't want to ruin their economy and give up what little prosperity they have left over a war between some shitholes
>surely they must be Russian agents
Ouch, that casts a dark light on the future:

>blows over your ride

I'm optimistic, automation will ultimately take care of these problems as far as public transport is concerned, but what the fuck is wrong with our people?
>lower entry requirements because you're in desperate need for drivers
>don't lower the passing requirements
>be amazed at low passing rate
At least they didn't follow the Americans by lowering their standards, the results can be seen in the air and on the ground.
Turns out, you are right:
>Die Durchfaller-Quote bei der dreijährigen Ausbildung liegt Ketelhöhns Schätzungen zufolge bei zehn Prozent, eher weniger.
>Damit fällt sie deutlich geringer aus als bei dem aktuellen Jahrgang in der kürzeren Weiterbildung zum Lokführer.
>Diese dauert zehn Monate. Eine mögliche Erklärung: Der Beruf des Lokführers sei ein "sehr technisch versierter Beruf".
>Einige der Quereinsteiger hätten jedoch keine Vorbildung im technischen Bereich.
It's the "Quereinsteiger" that are failing hard.
And the "Verräterpartei" is on the job to ruin everything once again:
>Mit Blick auf die fehlenden Lokführer hatte Verkehrsminister Olaf Lies (SPD) gefordert, gegenzusteuern. Die Prüfung für Lokführerinnen und Lokführer müsse so niedrigschwellig wie möglich sein, sagte er.
File: fug.jpg (362 KB, 1443x829)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
expecting a parcel today?
File: loco.jpg (375 KB, 1396x883)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
the locomotive seems fine
>Die, post!
Is an apprenticeship as a cargo train driver here in Germany a good idea and career choice?
I'm thinking about applying for one but am a bit unsure.
Same question but for passenger/cargo trains in Switzerland.
They sure are desperate for applications but I can't see myself doing the same job for the next half century.
>Nation-wide railway strike on Friday from midnight to 11 o'clock

They really want to let it be known what a bad idea it is to rely on public transport in Germany, don't they?
>They sure are desperate for applications
Not surprising, two years ago I applied three times and didn't even get an interview.
SBB be like
>hmmm we need workers, maybe we should give people who apply a cha-... nah fuck that.
Does anyone here have information on the strike on Wednesday?

Is it only municipalities that are hit or are regular railways also affected?
tomorrow is the last day before my metro station will be cut from the rest of the network for a year
but it seems like they are putting more effort on the replacement buses again, with a direct replacement bus from billstedt (the biggest hub in the east of hamburg) planned to run every 2 minutes, two express bus lines and higher frequency on the 213 (every 5 minutes on weekdays)
and here's the alternatives on the map
>VRR has started sending out DeutschlandTickets
>they put (small) stickers on the old, already printed stock of eTickets

How fitting for the "Ruhrzone". Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt's sich gänzlich ungeniert.
Die Tarifbedingungen sind erschienen:
File: pepe deutsch.png (174 KB, 700x700)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>Zum ÖPNV gehört die Beförderung mit Straßenbahnen und Obussen im Sinne des Personenbeförderungsgesetzes sowie mit Kraftfahrzeugen im Liniennahverkehr nach den §§ 42 und 44 PBefG. Liniennahverkehre nach § 43 PBefG fallen insoweit unter den Geltungsbereich, sofern sie gemäß § 2 Absatz 4 PBefG allgemein zugänglich sind.
wtf am I reading?
It's really not magic to look up those references:
When did Deutsche Bahn introduce that you can control your own tickets with the check in function? It pleases my autism that I don't even have to deal with the Schaffner anymore.
>you must learn all nouns with their articles
thanks, you just gave me PTSD

It's honestly quite impressive that German manages to be even more clumsy than English.
Well, to be honest, did anyone expect anything other than this?
Wouldn't have happened if they rolled out the Deutschlandticket on traditional paper tickets first and then introduced a unified electronic ticket in two or three years.
But of course the boomers in charge need to feel hip and trendy so the most efficient solution was discarded immediately.
>a unified electronic ticket
That already exists. There is a standard for that.
They simply didn't update their control devices in time for the new type of ticket.
Also, since every eticket is signed by the authority issuing it, you better be having a key infrastructure, that isn't a fucking mess to deal with.
News has it, there are even fixed units, that can't be updated anymore.
They had over a fucking year to prepare for fuck's sake. What were they doing all that time?

>boomers in charge
I'm pretty sure there were IT people that made them aware of the incoming mess in time.
It was fucking obvious. There were people on the web predicting this outcome since last year.
I'm afraid "removing boomers" won't fix anything, though.
It's people having the decisive say, that have no fucking clue what they are dealing with, and IT people being overly conscious to not step on some higher-up's feet.
Quoting from the published guidelines:
>Mit der Gültigkeit des Deutschlandtickets zum 1. Mai 2023 beginnt für den deutschen
>ÖPNV die Startphase, in der im Falle einer negativen Prüfung dem Fahrgast mit hoher
>Kulanz begegnet werden soll. Hintergründe können Fehler bei der Umsetzung sein, oder
>die Prüfgeräte sind noch nicht auf dem aktuellsten Stand. Zum 31. Juli 2023 muss jedes
>Unternehmen aber in der Lage sein, elektronische Tickets auch elektronisch kontrollieren
>zu können. Bis zum 31. Dezember 2023 müssen alle ausgebenden Unternehmen an den
>KOSE angeschlossen sein, um Tickets zu sperren oder gegen die Sperrliste zu prüfen.
(KOSE=Kontroll- und Sperrlistenservice)

It simply wasn't expected of them to be able to control the tickets by May 1st.
I'm not quite sure how it counts as "Kulanz" towards the customer when the transport authorities are at fault, though.
File: IMG-2519.jpg (110 KB, 600x800)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I rode on the swagless SWEG RE 10a from Mannheim to Heidelberg this week and was wondering why there was no 1 Klasse and thought those stingy Swabians are cheating me again. then I saw that some autist with 1st class Bahncard 100 on the ICE forum managed to get a 3,10€ refund.
>no 1 Klasse
Are these the Talent 3 from the cancelled ÖBB order?
yes, exactly. not good enough for Austria is good enough for Germany.
>nur zusammen mit einem amtlichen Lichtbildausweis gültig

Was ist da der Sinn? Haben BCs nicht Lichtbilder aufgedruckt?
Thanks dog they won't strike until Monday.
It's a legal trick to cut down on people sharing tickets.
A person using his brothers BC is probably some small fraud, using the BC along with an official identification document of the brother, as stipulated by the BahnCard terms&conditions would be major fraud.
>unauthorisierte Personen in Gleisnähe
this shit only happens in Germany. is this some prank by the car industry whenever they feel like trolling some people and delay some trains by calling the police that there's allegedly a person nearby a track? they don't stop trains in other countries all the time for this reason unless there's really a person on the tracks or it's too late.
>this shit only happens in Germany.
Well, in the countries where the people causing that shit come from, trains wouldn't be stopped for them to be safely removed from the tracks.
See the recent figures of 25% of fourth graders not being able to understand German text anymore. Ultimately the same shit.
it happens in the UK at least
what is this thread about?
File: dticket.jpg (458 KB, 3317x2106)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Effectively transportation in the German-speaking world.
Which is, why I don't understand, why Belgium isn't included. (And when Belgium is in, include all of Benelux already.)

The thread is probably in English, since it was originally created when there still was a global rule banning any other language outside /int/.
File: 20230520_124018.jpg (2.96 MB, 4080x3060)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
Nice tram. Is it still on regular duty or just one of those historical trams for parties and special events?
File: 20230520_141531.jpg (3.31 MB, 4080x3060)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
It's an interurban of the Forchbahn interurban line in Zurich. It's a preserved historical vehicle from 1912 that doesn't run regularly, last saturday it made some public tips on occasion of "swiss mill day".
>wood panelling
>real doors
>no retarded modern German style pillows
Comfy. Different times eh
You forgot the luggage compartment with its own door.
It was a bit noisy and shakey when driving, prolly because it's a two-axle vehicle with a rather long wheelbase. But it was quite cozy.
total chaos in Frankfurt today. Train derailed and crashed into the ICE on the neighbor track and they are blocking 5 tracks at Frankfurt Hbf.
File: psst.jpg (133 KB, 1536x864)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I don't even know if the derailed train touched the ICE. the conductor of the train I was in while he waited for a departing signal made it sound much more dramatic.
too bad for me I was stuck later in Freiburg again because someone did an hero by jumping in front of the train.
>the conductor of the train I was in while he waited for a departing signal made it sound much more dramatic.
"Dear customers, we have come to an ///unplanned stop/// due to a red signal ahead."
/int/ had a thread on Deutsche Bahn this morning: >>>/int/182418470
nope, looks just the same as today.
Seething with envy
File: flexity.jpg (76 KB, 1024x768)
76 KB
"Bring back the wood seats!" was the most popular request VBZ had from the ridership regarding a new Tram. So they did.
>Auch Sabotage wie Kabeldiebstahl, Personen im Gleis oder das Verhalten eines Fahrgastes zählen zu den Gründen, nach denen die Bahn keine Entschädigung mehr zahlen muss.
>Personen im Gleis
lol no. DB is going to claim this as reason every time their trains are late, so they don't have to pay a refund anymore.
also I experienced the unauthorized people on the track in Italy this week, but fortunately this didn't impact my train. a bit shocking that Italian trains are more punctual these days than German trains.
>a bit shocking
Look at the absolute state of the German population in 2023.
I can perfectly understand why people don't want to ride public transport under those circumstances: They would be forced to take a good look at that absolute state.
Still doing it, day after day, but fuck the guys that say, this was fine. It's absolutely not fine, and they can only pretend it was fine, because they still live amongst their own. Most of Germany does not.
Been in Bavaria this week and for some reason the ICE was just strolling at around 110-120 km/h most of the time between Würzburg and Augsburg, why's that? Is the line too congested?
I mean I didn't expect a flat out 250 km/h the entire trip but the Hamburg-Kiel line is not made out for HSR either and ICE still go 150 all the way except for the stop in Neumünster
the line between Würzburg and Nürnberg is closed for construction works, so all trains have to pass through Ansbach. so as you said, the line is pretty congested.
I will never understand that. The seats in the old Tram2000 units were the comfiest. But I admit the wooden ones are still better than the shitty Cobra seats.
File: 20230601_234500.jpg (3.26 MB, 4080x3060)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
The other day my train was pulled by the Re420 11161, which is the only one kept in the old green livery instead of red like all the others. Was really surprised to see a green Re420 pulling into the station
Yesterday was the last day of classic EuroCity wagons used on the IC Zurich - Stuttgart, so SBB used their classic 420 for the occasion. Now the Gäubahn is once again closed during the summer. Afterwards the through running services between Zurich and Stuttgart will all be served by DB Stadler Kiss (ex Westbahn train sets).
I rode the line last week and was surprised that on the IC4 Zurich - Singen both DB and SBB Stadler Kiss (S-Bahn Zürich variant spotted on Singen) were used.
File: 1813102_body_675668_5.jpg (140 KB, 1200x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
speaking of unauthorized persons on the track: Austria has a lama problem.
>Yesterday was the last day of classic EuroCity wagons used on the IC Zurich - Stuttgart
I'll miss those comfy cars
during weekdays some relations on the IC4 Zürich - Singen will keep using the EC wagons but with a 460 (aka Lok 2000).
Sad how locomotive-hauked trains are dying out in Switzerland. Instead we get fucking Schüttelzug.
File: 101.jpg (272 KB, 1280x720)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
DB used some special 101s to say goodbye as well.
soon the classical locomotive drawn EuroCities between Austria and Germany will be replaced with ICE 4. If I get that right ICE 4 will run on the Arlberg line.

Also mir kommen die Züge bisher nicht voller vor als sonst und der (vorhersehbare) Scheiß mit der Ticketkontrolle ist bis Ende Juli deutschlandweit kein Problem.
Ob die "Experten" auf der Entscheiderebene das Problem bis dahin gelöst haben, steht wiederum auf einem anderen Blatt, aber der Artikel liest sich nach Gutmensch,
der schrecklicherweise mal wieder mit seinen Zeitgenossen in Berührung kommen musste, und dessen rosa Weltbild deshalb in Gefahr zu geraten droht. Einfach unangenehm sowas.
(Just realized: Sorry for the German, but I suppose anyone capable of reading the article is capable of reading my post as well.)
>Im Terfener Tunnel auf Höhe Fritzens (Bezirk Innsbruck-Land) ist Mittwochabend ein Brand ausgebrochen. 151 Passagiere mussten aus dem Nightjet in Sicherheit gebracht werden.
based night train trying to destroy the cars it's hauling. I can only second guess if it was a freak accident with the overhead line being damaged and falling onto the cars or if they didn't pay attention to the height restrictions.
it looks funny when cars drive through Hamburg Altona station to get onto the night train.
>if it was a freak accident with the overhead line being damaged and falling onto the cars
The radio news this morning said, that this was the case.
Kieler Woche begins tomorrow and on the weekend days there will be through museum train services between Kiel Hbf and Schönberg on the line thats planned to be reopened for regular commuter traffic in late 2025.
Sadly I will not be in Kiel before July but if anyone is anywhere near, go there and enjoy the ride.
I remember historic trains also running between Kiel and Eckernförde/Flensburg but that line is closed for the replacement of one of the most unique bridges in Germany (picrel)
File: SBB_CFF_FFS_logo.svg.png (29 KB, 2560x287)
29 KB
Why don't they just use a Latin name?
Maybe because absolutely no one speaks Latin (and, while we are at it, Esperanto).
Also, neither English nor Chinese are an official language in Switzerland.
>PTV: Germany needs another 4200km of high-speed rail infrastructure

It's more than we need to get regional traffic off S-Bahn infrastructure and the national traffic off regional infrastructure.
It's extremely reasonable to make infrastructure as flexible as possible, but long before you start approaching capacity limits, too heterogeneous traffic starts killing reliability hard.
It's more than -> It's more that
SBB just got new trainsets for regional services, and they're going to use them first on the Zürich-Schaffhausen line. Who knew Schaffhausen could have nice things for once.
looks reasonably comfy
I dislike the plain white livery. same applies to the refurbished IC2020. it doesn't look good on the double deckers.
and it's not like the exact same train is already in use between Zürich and Schaffhausen by SBB and DB. the worn leather seats in second class in the ex-Westbahn trains of DB, real classy lol.
>will be used on IR70/75
how about no thanks. I hate 1st class being in the middle of the train and plebs keep walking through 1st class. what are they smoking at SBB, effectively reducing seating capacity between Luzern and Zürich by using these trains instead of the currently used IC2020 and Bombardier Dosto?
I really like the more recent cushion covers that are circulation in the /chad/ region.

Song zum Thema: https://youtu.be/giRgf-A1xa4
>Hamburg und Hannover
stopped reading there. I hate the Lüneburger Heide Nimbys like you wouldn't believe. how is it not possible just to build a new highspeed line parallel to the A7 Autobahn? it's not like they already have the constant noise of the cars.
>how is it not possible just to build a new highspeed line parallel to the A7 Autobahn?
Well, apparently by voting SPD. That's Deutschland 2023 for you.
File: DB242850.jpg (39 KB, 598x336)
39 KB
420 bros, is our time finally over?
>Siemens wins €2bn tender to supply new Munich S-Bahn fleet. Siemens will supply 90 new XXL 13-car S-Bahn trains. GERMAN Rail (DB) has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract worth more than €2bn to deliver 90 new XXL 13-car S-Bahn trains for the Munich S-Bahn, with an option for additional trains, following a Europe-wide tender. DB says the new S-Bahn trains will be the first in Germany to be fully accessible throughout. The trains will be 202m long and 3m wide, with seating for 480 passengers and total capacity for 1841 passengers. The first trains are scheduled to enter passenger service at the end of 2028. The new trains have a maximum power output of 7.8MW and a top speed of 160km/h.
nice that they are getting trains capable of 160km/h. 120km/h on the outer parts of the network always felt a tad slow.

This time in Switzerland. It's surprising, Switzerland appears to have Rastatt-tier problems with this.
Any swiss train drivers in here? I'm thinking of applying to SBB but don't know what exactly. Passenher service seems to have slightly less shitty shift times. Cargo seems pretty chill but with awful shift times and shunting sounds comfy, but probably full of albanians
Do what is it like?
>Gotthard tunnel closed
>Brenner closed
>Rosenheim-Salzburg single track
Alpenbros, not like this.
Biggest pig fucker in the parliament is infrastructure minister Wissing himself, who shifted paradigm away from rail expansion to autobahn expansion.
He's the incarnation of neolib car lobby and doesn't even bother hiding it.
Also stop posting Springer propaganda links

>Marc Uwe Kling
Makes me want to puke on the floor
>Makes me want to puke on the floor
Sozialdemokraten make me want to puke on the floor. Not the guys singing about what a bunch of lying pieces of shit they are.
They have thoroughly taught me to never trust politicians associated with a political party.
>Wissing himself, who shifted paradigm away from rail expansion to autobahn expansion.
>Also stop posting Springer propaganda links
I hate FDP with a passion, but stop getting your "news" exclusively from taz, ND and Zeit.
Springer haven't improved much, but the rest of the German press has come down to their level.
You won't find journalism in the Germany of 2023 on paper that has gone through a printing press.
RIP to the train driver and the cleanup crew, always a risk that you'll end up changing jobs after such an incident.
It was an ICE, so DB problems.
EVG accepted the offer of the Schiedsgericht. GDL contract is up next, so there might be warning strikes again in autumn.
Oh my god
Was the train okay?
I sincerely hope, GDL realizes, it shouldn't overplay its hand.
DB may even be quite happy to get them out of the company.
Automated trains will fuck the drivers over even faster, if they found their own employer.
File: E1LB8tSZ45l8sccGB6hSum.jpg (104 KB, 800x533)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So why exactly was this thing necessary?
Why couldn't they just have trolleybuses cross the tracks without catenary? Or have the crossing isolated and switch between power systems depending on whether train or bus is crossing?

It just seems so utterly unnecessary.
But anon, if they went with the easy and obvious solution and didn't build this thing, how could the construction and consultancy industry have profited from it?
File: 20230902180756_1.jpg (566 KB, 1920x1080)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
What does "Üst" mean? I keep seeing signs with >Üst <placename>
on this line.
Google wasn't helpful.
überleitsstelle, so a crossover to change the tracks
Oh, cool, thanks!
SBB with a new passenger record that is 3% higher than pre-covid for the first half of 2023. they transported an average of 1.33 million passengers per day.
ÖBB is expecting 20% more passengers than 2019 this year. DB is expecting 155 million passengers on ICE and IC trains this year compared to 151 million passengers they had in 2019. I couldn't find the numbers for regional trains, but with the 9€ last year and the introduction of the 49€ ticket this year go figure.
my own observations are that trains have more passengers in the evening and that even before SBB introduced the 99CHF/year evening flatrate for everyone under 26. I hardly find any free 4 seat compartment on my S-Bahn in the evening anymore. concerning DB, the ICE4 (12 carriage version) from Basel I took this year were usually full in 1st class once the train reached Mannheim.
>make everyone poor with terrible politics and mass migration
>more people use public transit because they're poor and lots of migrants
who knew
>limited to the poor
Don't think that you can apply your German experiences to countries with higher living standards.
after Dortmund Hbf, Munich Hbf joins the no trains party because of catenary damage. not even the S-Bahn through the Stammstrecke can move.
>in Laim hat ein Bagger ein Quertragwerk beschädigt, dadurch sind alle Gleise zw. Pasing/Abzw Kanal und München Hbf und die S-Bahn Stammstrecke betroffen. Also kein Zugbetrieb in München Hbf mehr.
oh boy, is the construction company liable for this?
File: 0131bahnkarte-a-d.jpg (431 KB, 1900x1338)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
aren't they fixing Hannover-Göttingen-Kassel-Fulda-Würzburg right now? next step would be to fill all the gaps between the single highspeed lines with new lines and start ignoring nimbys.
>start ignoring nimbys
That's difficult, when the nimbys are in charge of the federal government.
SPD and Greens are the biggest forces against the expansion of the German railway network.
>Nach jahrzehntelangem Streit haben sich der Bund und Niedersachsen über die Schnellstrecke zwischen Hamburg und Hannover geeinigt. Der geplante Neubau entfällt vorerst
are you kidding me? fucking traitors.
>fucking traitors.
Sozialdemokraten (und Grüne) eben.
Whoever thinks, they will make anything better for Germa/n/y, hasn't been paying attention.
RIP "Verkehrswende" - well, not all is lost, if you happen to think, a "Wende" is 360°.

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