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/n/ - Transportation

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The future of mobility
Haha! What a funny video. Mind if I save it? My wife would love this, LOL! :)
File: 1285770302993.jpg (30 KB, 600x522)
30 KB
How is it different from my magnet car design?
German energy strategy summarized in one webm.
The air isn't closed off. Force can be exerted on surrounding air.
The magnets only exert force on each other and the bars connecting them.
Your magnet design doesn't have an electric skateboard underneath.
guy is cheating somehow. in some shots you can see the umbrella being bent against the driving direction. this means that the pressure in the front is higher than behind. so he should roll backwards. but he doesn't
Does this actually work? Asking for a friend
No. Those are equal forces between the two magnets. You need an unequal force to move an object. A source of thrust or some way to harness potential energy and turn it into kinetic energy.
Newton third principle states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which means that it is impossible to move anything because any action to move something will be neutralized by the opposite equal reaction. Thus the universe is by necessity entirely static and nothing can ever change with it.
or rather the universe is in motion and eventually an equal opposite force will squish it back
Physicists hate this one simple trick.
i was hearing ridin dirty in my head while watching this
id like to see how fast he goes without the umbrella and the leaf blower pointed backwards tho
impressed by the speed but hed be even faster i think
holy shit i didnt see that ifeel stupid now
i thought his speed was impressive but gave the benifit of the doubt because ive never used a leaf blower irl so thought maybe they are nore powerful than i expected
im retarded

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