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/n/ - Transportation

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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: Andy Bye-ford.png (257 KB, 947x1333)
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Where does he go next? Who needs him the most?
Rumor is he is coming to America.
We got rid of these two problems right? Maybe Adams and Hochul can get him to come back...
>public transit is so broken, they need to pay some bong "superstar subway CEO" millions of dollars a year to photogenically present transit plans that will never get funded
>yet another chapter in long running plot to give false hopes so proles don't take action to demand better
>photogenically present transit plans that will never get funded
Byford was running MTA in New York before Cuomo basically forced him out. There was marked improvement in services during that time period.
> millions of dollars a year
Current salary of the MTA's chairman is <400,000 a year. Arguably it's not enough; if you want to win in the global competition for talent, it'll cost you.
>proles don't take action to demand better
You can't protest your way into a functional system. It requires people with a high level of domain knowledge and competence who have freedom of action to improve operations.
Just look at MTA's accessibility campaign: they filed lawsuits, and it will still take decades for all the stations to be made accessible. Judges do not have the physical capability to speed that up.
Supposedly, he's done with the public sector. Maybe a consultancy at a substantially higher salary is possible.
Oh god. I think I would cry if he went to some firm like AECOM, WSP, Stantec or JACOBS.
File: well there it is.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>Mr Byford, previously boss of the New York Subway, said it was the right time to resume life in the US with his wife.
File: laughinggirl.gif (22 KB, 220x220)
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huehue he said BBC

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