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They are almost double the price and can carry up to 200kg, enough for 2 adults or heavy delivery use.
Could get a regular for $3000-$4000 or cargo for $6000-$12000 AUD

Do you think women would accept a ride on an 2 seat ebike? What about fattys?
I basically just need a bike to commute at the moment but considering the versatility and future proof factor of a cargo one.

anyone here got one or both?
Women like expensive cars anon unless you find some stinky anti car lib.
Besides that if you want a car replacement then a cargo bike makes a lot more sense
>Women like expensive cars anon unless you find some stinky anti car lib.

This isn't 1965 Dale, take a fucking nap.
What's your point? You think women spent 10,000 years liking accomplished men with status symbol but now they suddenly like losers with only a bike?
buddy, the cage brain fucked your head up.
cars have debatably been a status symbol for under a century and are quickly being usurped by the enlightened commuter
>cars have debatably been a status symbol
There is no debate. You should rent a Bentley for a day and see how people treat you different.
>quickly being usurped by the enlightened commuter
Everyone here thinks busses are for poor people so I don't know what you're talking about.
>do you think women will hop on your bike
99% of women won't, only the hardcore eco babes will and they're ultra rare.

Motorcycle will have a higher success rate but you'll still have a lot of women who refuse because it's too dangerous or whatever

Get a car or stick to ride share with the ladies
women who are into being doubled on your bike will probably have or want their own bike
cargo bike rides are for children

honestly the easiest way to get a bike gf is to swoop in after their previous boyfriend has got them into it
i think ill just get a cheaper 1 seat cargo bike and ride share/uber like >>1852156 suggested
if i'm not carrying 2 people, what weight capacity should i look for on a cheaper cargo bike? (enough to deliver parcels)

hippies, vegans, libs, dykes and city bugmen alike would be okay with an ebike, but rather a tesla or something for eco points
there are alot of "take me camping in your 4x4" tinder bios here tho

i don't ever want to buy a car btw, fuck paying for fuel, rego, insurance, services ect. forever

>Everyone here thinks busses are for poor people so I don't know what you're talking about.
that's not a universal attitude
here in aus nobody cares if you take a train or bus, understandable though if you live somewhere fucked like NYC or london

i feel like 2 bikes makes the most sense but i see 2 issues
>i am going to be way faster than a woman
>if they don't have a bike i can't just tell them to get one to do shit together
I'm not even encouraging you to buy a car. Unless you're actually into cars then driving your bog standard crossover feels like a shitty floating box that's expensive.
But if impressing women is your goal then you're going to have to make up for it in other ways
OP here i did some more research and found a few bikes, this looks like the best cheap one

thoughts? could you carry a light adult on the back?
it has everything else i want.
>eco points
Only with the fake Instagram "ecologists"
I've seen similar models to your pic in ever greater numbers. With what looks like gf's, bf's, kids, or cargo on them. Sometimes even a mix of those.
So yeah, looks like they already are.

I mean, it'd be quite a step to swap a car for tossing your kids around early in the morning, but I've seen them all the time this year. And I don't even live in particularly bikebrained hoods by any means.
File: trailer.jpg (151 KB, 1500x908)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I would get a regular e-bike, and a bike trailer if you need to haul something big that the bike can't handle.
You don't want to be using a cargo bike for your daily commute.
And it's way cheaper. A cheap e-bike and bike trailer can run you as little as $1000.
Every cyclist knows that riding a bike requires a form, and those Bakfiet modeled cargo bikes are all meant to hold the wife and kids shrinking the wheels to 24"s and moving the seat positions forwards....they combine a bent and hinged handlebar post that is weird as f when you have longer arms

They also posture your spine with the "nominal" seat position so it accentuates your lumbar, but that is mostly important in seated chairs where the weight of your spine is resting without your muscles tense holding it in place

This seated upright position is considered extremely detrimental to your knees as well as they are not fully extended and have to rotate under the body forcing the leg to bend further
this. i have the ebike + trailer combo. you're most likely only to need to haul cargo a small percentage of the time. i would only get a cargo bike if you have a constant use case. get an extra ebike for the girlfriend or guest.
what if you get a cargo ebike + trailer?
>wanting to be with women
Shiggy Diggy, anon. Do whatever you want and jerk off, then kill yourself at 35. It's a foolproof plan.

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