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/n/ - Transportation

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File: 1659640647654.jpg (165 KB, 1024x682)
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Imagine the smell
the human centicycle
> helmets inside the damn train
Look basically I'm just not gonna pedal

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know..... UGH I know....

It's just that I'm not pedalling is all

File: podshare.jpg (170 KB, 1300x959)
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the future is never ending corporate humiliation rituals.. they will do this in the name of reducing carbon
>eat mexican the day before.
>the day after fart continuosly while pedalling under load.
>enjoy the desperate sounds of your commuter tram cyclists around you.

Life is good
>fare is based on wattage produced.
>the more power the less you pay or even receive extra credits for when you are weak or lazy.

Owned the unracer.
>another passenger lights a cigarette
>"and we bring you live to the site of the pedaltrain explosion, where police are currently investigating as to whether the destruction of the vehicle with no survivors can be traced to terrorist activity..."
kinda cruel that they rank them, although if Tim is a 4 I'd hate to see Reid
Imagine the obese 300lb amerisharts who would pretend to pedal while the white and Asian men power the entire train
>Fuck you I'm not stopping here
>*keeps pedalling and train flies past the stop*
I would setup the pedal train with ejector seats, people who are in the bottom 10% of pedallars get 2 warnings to start pedaling, if they don't then they're forcibly ejected from the compartment. Each pedal feeds metrics into a computer that decides when to eject people for being leeches.
This is antisemitic. God's chosen are not required to work.
>300lb amerisharts who would pretend to pedal
>white and Asian men power the entire train
this is your brain on pol
This is the better version of snow piercer where the slave class has to continously pedal and keep the train moving otherwise they get ejected out into the freezing cold.

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