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File: s960_960-azuma.jpg (855 KB, 960x640)
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Thoughts on trains in the UK?
File: A3_Tornado.jpg (142 KB, 1024x684)
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They don't make em like they used to.
This reply is cancelled due to the presence of leaves on the tracks.
File: 158 Regional Rail.jpg (294 KB, 1796x1197)
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Fingers crossed when we transition to British Rail we can have some sort of standardised (with regional variants maybe) livery.
Hitachi trains in the UK are pretty much standardised in cab
Pretty good, all things considered. Makes me grumpy when people on the 'uncomfortable seats!! have to wait a **whole hour** for an air-conditioned high-speed train to take me from city to city!!' bandwagon just don't seem to know how good they have it.
Except they literally just made that one like they used to.
I was there a few weeks ago. Took the Stansted Express to London, used
the Underground and Elizabeth line in London, and took the Elizabeth
lone to Heathrow. The Elizabeth line is wonderful, really a game
changer. My cheap ass was thinking about the further out cheep hotels I
could stay in once the service starts running at full capacity. The
Stansted express, that was fine, the seats were good enough.
My train was delayed by THREE minutes yesterday, I was outraged. The UK is truly the worst country for trains.
File: file.png (348 KB, 640x480)
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348 KB PNG
Love those days.
Better than we give them credit for. If I buy a day return ticket (usually same price as a single), I can get off along the way and explore as much as I wish - that total freedom isn't a thing in countries like France and Spain which are mandatory reservations only. Even countries like Germany only do single fares AFAIK making them twice as expensive as our weird "day returns are 10p more than a single" system

Intercity trains are too expensive though - advance fares are a joke (cheaper but forces you to use one train which means you have to plan your entire journey around that service - and if you miss it you're screwed) and flexible fares are hideously expensive.
>My cheap ass was thinking about the further out cheep hotels I could stay in once the service starts running at full capacity.
Very doable at the moment, but the hoteliers will no doubt catch on to this and raise prices accordingly.
90% of the UK rail network's problems can be summarised in these two points:
1.) The Beeching Axe meant that lots of places that should have regular rail service no longer do.
2.) Our trains are far too expensive.

Restore closed lines and halve fair prices and the British network would take on an entirely different complexion.
*FARE prices, I hate myself.
>The Beeching Axe meant that lots of places that should have regular rail service no longer do.
Much of the lines that were closed serve places that don't need a regular rail service.
I agree that there should be some reopenings, but let's face it, the axe fell for a reason.
>places that don't need a regular rail service
The Beeching Axe indirectly killed off rail freight: without branch lines, and goods yards attached to rural termini, suddenly those places can't get milk, post, parcels etc without it coming via road instead. No problem, says the sunny-faced axe-man, we'll just build motorways instead. We can demolish the goods yards and use them as convenient car parks, because everyone will of course drive their cars to the station. Lol, says everyone in hindsight. Lmao.
File: file.png (988 KB, 960x452)
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988 KB PNG
For example. Always makes me sad when people suggest mini-warehouses or something in busy town centres, where you can drop off your parcels and pick up your Amazon deliveries, that's open from the early morning and into the evening rather than business hours, and it's like ... we HAD that. We could have it again if we really wanted it, but our rulers are ideologically opposed to such things
>If I buy a day return ticket (usually same price as a single), I can get off along the way and explore as much as I wish
Ehh. A 'break of journey' is permitted, but the definition of what it is was quietly removed a few years ago. Used to be that you couldn't leave the station (so you could still get something to eat or do a poo or whatever), so if you're talking about 'exploring' then you're at the mercy of the gate staff.

(who'll probably point out, quite reasonably, that when your ticket doesn't open the gate, you're not travelling from a station on your ticket)

A better point would be that you can buy a ticket to travel from anywhere, to anywhere, on a single ticket; instead of having a different ticket for each stage of your journey on different operators (this is your Transpennine ticket from Scunthorpe to Doncaster, this is your VTEC ticket from Doncaster to Kings Cross, and here's the same in reverse for the return trip). Virgin lobbied hard for the second option, as they wanted their brand name everywhere & Richard Branson is a sociopath, but I suppose sensible minds prevailed.
File: come on now.gif (2.66 MB, 320x214)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB GIF
I work for network rail. Even for stuff as simple as office furniture we have to use approved suppliers that overcharge like mad. I can find the same shit on amazon for a two thirds of the price, but no we can't get that. Or how they install ticket barriers at stations and then have loads of people standing around at them, rather than in ticket offices.
>Even for stuff as simple as office furniture we have to use approved suppliers that overcharge like mad.
this is normal everywhere btw. one of those nice little 'hm yes time to Eliminate Waste and Control Costs yes, anyway we're all going to use this one supplier who paid for the all-inclusive golfing trip in the Maldives i'm now going on for a month' things that results in the good kind of waste, that enriches the ruling class
The volume of inbound rural freight just isn't high enough to justify using and (most importantly) maintaining dedicated railways and goods yards, especially with parallel roads that have more than enough spaces for goods delivery vehicles.
>No problem, says the sunny-faced axe-man, we'll just build motorways instead
Motorways were already being built by the time the axe fell, and they weren't built to replace rural rail traffic, they were built to increase capacity for intercity road traffic.
Beeching's Axe was a result of the circumstances at the time; nobody could not afford to run empty trains serving almost no one.
It just so happened to be British Railways that had to take responsibility for it. Many of those lines would have closed much earlier under private ownership.
>use them as convenient car parks, because everyone will of course drive their cars to the station
Park and ride schemes work very well for towns and suburbs, because that's where commuters live. How many people in rural areas commute to cities for work?
If you look at the density of comparable European countries' rail networks, it is clear that they more closely resemble the pre-Beeching UK network than what we currently have. That doesn't even make allowances for the fact that England is more densely populated than everywhere but the Netherlands.
>(who'll probably point out, quite reasonably, that when your ticket doesn't open the gate, you're not travelling from a station on your ticket)
I have never in my life had gate staff make any trouble about me travelling on a ticket with a different departure station than the one printed on the ticket, even though I do it several times a year. If the line is the same and you are travelling the same distance or less, I really don't think they care.
Oh for fuck's sake. I'm pointing out that railfreight used the same branch lines and goods facilities that Beeching got rid of. If you're going to quibble over semantics, fuck off.
Train tickets are so offensively and insultingly overpriced that I fully support any form of violent overthrow of the train system. Destroy the whole thing. I despise train travel.

Once you've paid £130 for your ticket, the trains themselves are perfectly nice. They're honestly nicer than they need to be, if anything.
>Train tickets are so offensively and insultingly overpriced
Do you have any examples? I don't disbelieve you, I'm just curious what trip is setting you back £130.
I haven't done it for a while, but I start in Manchester and go to the South-West via Reading. My problem is that I buy the ticket when I get to the station rather than buying it in advance, so that adds a little bit, I think. I probably only paid about £110 last year, but prices are going up obviously and it always costs more if you go via London, so I am confident that £130 is very easy to achieve.
Fair enough. I'd feel wobbly myself about taking a long-distance trip on a whim like that, so I couldn't comment lol.
in fact, speaking about planning journeys, I wish there were more fuzzy options when searching for trains, instead of
>depart before X / arrive by Y

like for leisure trips i don't usually have a particular schedule in mind, i'm instead wondering what the trip would be like and how much time i'd have before and after. if the journeys were presented something like this instead, I can picture how the trip would fit into my day.
...so a 'just show me all the options for travel between X and Y on a given date and let me pick one' sort of thing, I suppose. maybe filtering results from there (direct/with changes, price ranges, with/without first class...) until I settle on something. there's your dragon's den idea
Does anyone else jew the tickets for one month returns and then uses the return trip multiple times until asked?
On lner trains they're usually packed and often they don't even ask you for a ticket if you find a seat
The axe fell for the reason of "I have shares in a company that builds these newfangled motorway things".
File: FYJFS5rWAAAIvBB.jpg (530 KB, 2048x1536)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
i have no powers whatsoever, but, to set the tone: could we please talk about trains, and railway stations, and stuff. instead of lingering on ancient history. it's been done to death, and i'd like it if we could talk about our favourite trains or journeys we've taken (or thinking of taking and stuff) instead. sound good?
does this work?
Motorways go between cities, and the Beeching axe cut rural lines in favour of intercity routes. Seems kind of counterproductive.
Your wish is my command!
File: image.jpg (135 KB, 678x800)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Lol. Lmao.
>comparable European countries' rail networks
Comparable European countries such as? I've just had a look at the French rail network and it looks to be fairly comparable to the density of the English rail network.
It's disingenuous to bring up the population density of the entire country when what you should be doing is looking at how the population is distributed; it's not like the lines that were closed were traversing ultra dense megacities hosting millions of people.
Seems like you're upset at one thing and are now using it as an excuse to address the other points.
>an excuse to
an excuse not* to
Looked up Ernest Marples due to reading this thread, found this little ditty on Wiki:

> a rumour that Ernest Marples was in the habit of using prostitutes appeared to be true.[18] In early 2020, the rumours were corroborated by broadcaster and investigative journalist Tom Mangold, based on the diaries of Lord Denning's then-secretary, Thomas Critchley. The diaries reported the transport minister's fetish for being whipped while dressed in women's clothing, as described in great detail by one of the prostitutes who had provided these services to Marples, and confirmed at the time by her detailed knowledge of the interior of Marples' home where the events took place.[19] The story was suppressed and did not appear in Denning's final report.[20]
Some more ditties:

>In the early 70s ... he tried to fight off a revaluation of his assets which would undoubtedly cost him dear ... So Marples decided he had to go and hatched a plot to remove £2 million from Britain through his Liechtenstein company ... there was nothing for it but to cut and run, which Marples did just before the tax year of 1975. He left by the night ferry with his belongings crammed into tea chests, leaving the floors of his home in Belgravia littered with discarded clothes and possessions ... He claimed he had been asked to pay nearly 30 years' overdue tax ... The Treasury froze his assets in Britain for the next ten years. By then, most of them were safely in Monaco and Liechtenstein.[22]

>The flight came at a time when Marples was facing problems on several fronts. Tenants of his block of flats in Harwood Court, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London, were demanding that he repair serious structural faults and had threatened legal action.[21] He was being sued for £145,000 by the Bankers Trust merchant bank in relation to an agreement made with the French company Ernest Marples et Cie.[21] He was also being sued by John Holmes, the chartered surveyor and director of Marples' property company Ecclestone Enterprises, for wrongful dismissal and who was claiming £70,000 in damages.[21] The Inland Revenue was demanding that he pay nearly 30 years' back taxes on his residence in Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, as well as capital gains tax on his properties in Kensington.[21] In addition, in 1974, he had lost 130 cases of wine to a fire in a store he owned under a railway line in Brixton,[23] and he had been convicted of drinking and driving for which he received a one-year ban and a £45 fine.[24]
File: 1920px-TPE_Nova_3.png (68 KB, 1920x58)
68 KB
I've no idea what Transpennine Express were thinking when they procured the Nova 3 sets a few years back. They just look cheap and grotty imo
Like the *one* inherent advantage that loco/carriage sets have over multiple units is that you can form up trains per demand, adding and removing carriages as needed. Which worked ... half a century ago, when there still existed sidings up and down the country where you could store carriages outside of the depot. They've all been rationalised since then, of course.

Given that the Nova 3 sets are supposed to serve routes that are already overcrowded, though, this kind of flexibility isn't needed, because the demand is already there. They said it was cheaper to use newbuild carriage stock and drag them around using a Class 68 loco ... why on earth they didn't just refurbish and double-up the Class 185s that already serve these routes, is a mystery.
It faintly amuses me that Google Maps still has an indoor building plan for part of Kings Cross that's not been there for going on a decade
It's so weird to see both the old and new concourses in that photo of yours. It was like that for such a brief period of time
File: 1920px-EMR_AT300.jpg (273 KB, 1920x1080)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
The Class 810 has entered the thread.
File: 805.png (3.51 MB, 1920x1257)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
I think the 805 and 807s are due to appear at the end of the year as well ... wild to think there'll be a sort-of, kind-of, not-quite-but-almost standard intercity train body on the mainlines again.
File: file.png (853 KB, 1280x720)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
Never forget what they took from us. Pure sovl
So here's a weird question ... if I wanted a small model of a train for my desk at work, where might I purchase such a thing?

Google is, predictably, full of greybeards and their actual railway modelling layouts ... three figures for a model is overkill, but I'd love a Hot Wheels-style HST/225 loco, or the leading unit of an Azuma. Closest I've found is the attached on Etsy that makes my soul cry lol
File: file.png (357 KB, 1079x658)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
also lol at these results

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