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/n/ - Transportation

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The company FluxJet just defrauded the Canadian government for 550.000.000 Dollars. Pretty Based if you ask me.
Sounds like literally every 'new green technology' out there, what makes this unique?
>two more weeks until automated space communism
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ebin :D
Why do they still fall for this
source? if this is real I am so fucking mad, I heard nothing about this, at least it's "only" 550 mil but fuck. if our governent fell for some fucking elon musk bullshit instead of just building proper high speed rail I will shit myself, fuck these grifters and fuck the retarded boomers who run governments (as well as the people who run local councils that fall for this because it's shiny)
>Earlier this year, Tranpod confirmed $550 million US in private-sector financing for the project

>TransPod is using all private investment for the transportation system, which is expected to be completed in Alberta by 2035.
These companies work by making "extremely generous" proposals where they would allegedly build the entire stuff with "their money" and only get paid after 30 years,. Because they are not a real company, the government doesn't need to pay anything, but now they can scam investors by showing a legally binding half billion dollar government contract.

By the way with this money they could only build about 50 meters of High Speed Rail, assuming European costs.
>assuming European costs

I have master plan to reduce European cost. Here is how it is done
>put in big camp all the neet, immigrants, jobless master graduates, asylum seekers
>shackle them all together, make them build and maintain roads and parks
>salary is your daily food
>unemployment now zero
>no more shady people in train station
>also roads aren't shit anymore

Simple as.
Its not slavery you live in a community
They also start shit, get a ton of people employed in some cockamamie scheme, run out of funds 5% in but because its in hundreds of millions they say, look we already spent this much, we just need the govt to give us tax money now to complete and everyone will win!
So they just loop governments to make people give tax money to these scams because the politicians benefit from kickbacks or campaign financing, etc
IE sunk cost fallacy bullshit, too big to fail
Why do progressives hate this idea so much?
people with brains hate the idea because it's made up investor bullshit that doesn't work and is stupid as fuck and reinvents the wheel for no reason.
Can I get a real answer instead of onions noises?
When you do the math and also just think about it practically it just doesn't make sense. Making a miles long vacuum chamber would take a monstrous amount of energy and is probably impossible with current technology because you would invariably have tiny leaks that all add up.
Also if there's a fire in your pod how are you supposed to get out? It would take an insane amount or R&D to solve these problems when you could just build HSR or just take a plane
We care about cost-efficency
File: 1326520373001.jpg (69 KB, 842x737)
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If that was true public transit would be self sufficient.

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