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/n/ - Transportation

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>of course
>look mom, I posted it again
a thread died for this
dial eight

also fuck captchas
Of course
A thread that hadn't been posted in for a week
File: Vvz.jpg (22 KB, 187x238)
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probably a PanAm one. got a flight this morning. lets hope its not w*men pilots
File: top GAAN.jpg (70 KB, 250x411)
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of course
File: 1633055407770.png (455 KB, 1046x752)
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455 KB PNG
Discord raid do not reply
I cam on Van Zaanten's mom's face
File: GAAN URSELF.jpg (100 KB, 1200x1200)
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>Is this some kind of joke, KLM? I've been swamped to death by other flights today.
There was a three-way aircraft collision at Sumire City International Airport in which a landing Airbus T-boned two taxiing Boeing 777-9 jumbo jets, driving them into a passenger terminal. Over 3589 fatalities have been reported, breaking the record for aviation disasters previously held by 9/11. Sumire has declined to comment...
File: AAZFyOS.jpg (6 KB, 300x188)
6 KB
>A cargo plane carrying 11 tonnes of weapons became engulfed in a fireball before crashing into Greece, killing the eight Ukrainian crew on board.

>The Ukrainian plane carrying a cargo of mortar shells from Serbia to Bangladesh has no connection to the war in Ukraine, officials claimed on Sunday.

>All eight crew on board the Antonov An-12 were killed when it came down in a ball of flame near the Greek city of Kavala late on Saturday night.
>totally blind
>knows another plane is on the runway
>doesn't wait for an affirmative yea we are off the runway
Give the man a break, it had been a very bothersome day with many delays. 583 lives is a minor price to pay for inconveniencing a tenured captain.
>he doesn't know superstar pilots have the right-of-way every time
can you even into aviation lore?
There should be an offshoot of Robert’s Kinoplex called Robert’s Airport.
>”Good morning, sir. We can get you on the DC-10 today.”
>get on plane
>shifty black guy muttering “I’M the problem…no, I’m THE problem…” sitting next to you
>pilot’s PA comes online
>”Greetings passengers, welcome to Spirit Airlines. Our flight over occupied Russian airspace will be hampered by a persistent wasp infestation in our pitot tubes. If we stall, do not fear as my co-pilot, Mister Bonin, is ready to pull up at a moment’s notice. I personally will be directing the local control and taking off on my own accord so that we may be gaan soon. All crocodiles must be stored in the overhead compartment. My son will be taking over controls while at cruising altitude. Again, thank you for choosing Spirit Airlines and our reliable maintenance crew for cutting corners on engine removal to get this flight ready, and we will be gaan in about half an- what? Pan Am on my runway? Correction, we gaan NOW. Bonin, draw the curtains!”
>>shifty black guy muttering “I’M the problem…no, I’m THE problem…” sitting next to you
kek, this one got me good
File: a40.png (220 KB, 680x569)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
based and gaanpilled
There are so many sneaky references to plane accidents it’s amazing
You're awful, tower.
>Read this thread
>Go and read another /n/ thread
>Get this Captcha when replying
underrated post
>ATC does shit job explaining situation to pilot
>Pilot thinks runway is clear when it isn't and can't confirm visually due to fog
>it was pilot's fault
>we should regulate pilots more

Do flight regulating bodies really?

If anything, this disaster is proof that we are long overdue for modernization of ATC (I know this happened decades ago, but ATC is still basically the same). Every IFR plane should know the exact location of other planes and be able to determine their intentions without speaking a word. The vast majority of aircraft disasters involve a misunderstanding with ATC and yet the pilots are always the ones further burdened with more regs.
There's a bit more nuance to it I believe.

Communication equipment of the time did not properly allow for multiple speakers on the same channel to speak at the exact same time. I'm a bit rusty on this specific case, but I think some warning/clarification messages that could have prevented the accident were literally lost over the air.

This issue was subsequently solved.
>This issue was subsequently solved.

I don't think HAM radio-ing to other pilots/ATC when the whole thing could be simplified to some text menus that send your aircraft ID and intentions direct to ATC and have them send instructions back that can be easily read and referred back to is "solved". ATC is at least 40-50 years out of date compared to what it could and should be. An app on a burner smartphone could run circles around current ATC methods.
The root cause was an irritated pilot rushing to get off the ground because of hours-of-service limits. Yes, we should regulate pilots more when the root cause of the accident was the pilot. The US should have sent a few dozen nukes directly at the Netherlands in response.
If you're talking about running some SDR set up to imitate/spoof aircraft comms, yeah that's probably possible now but not with a smartphone.

You'd need a decent SDR and you'd need to reverse engineer the signal to be able to imitate it, all doable. Then you need enough transmit power. That's also about the time they're going to start looking for you and they take that shit real serious.

But I agree, civilian aviation is archaic by todays standards.
Then maybe the hours-of-service limits shouldn't be written in such a stupid way that waiting for a plane to clear the run way creates a massive fiery explosion.
File: we gaan athletic.png (318 KB, 1000x1000)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Why did they redirect flights from other airports TO an airport with zero visibility due to fog?
Bomb threat
File: 1659880118597544.jpg (135 KB, 642x694)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
More spee crossover right here.
>The plane is delayed due to threats from a Spanish terrorist group
>Maybe two hours from now?

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