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File: dinky thing.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Anons, can someone advise me on a safe car alternative?
FUCK public transport for a million reasons, so no public transport, please.

Live in the country, and don't want to get gutted by a pickup truck - I really like the concept of the enclosed velomobiles, but these are still a decade away from being on the market.
I wish there was a sub-$4000 electric-assist enclosed vehicle with 3-4 wheels that didn't need license, insurance, or registration (have all those, but they're a fucking pain in the ass, and I hate the general bullshit of dealing with cars.)
Hell, all I need is a 70km range, and I'm all set.

Closest so far is an electric recumbent tricycle.
you actually just want a small car but you don't want to pay for it
>want a small car
>don't want to pay for it

I'm actually happy to pay up to 4,000 bucks for it, but getting a used shitbox without accessible parts and paying monthly for insurance, having to meet gubbermint bullshit, and paying for gas all while I do the aforementioned is just a bit too much for me.

I would love a car made of bike parts, that's somewhat safe (not asking for a tank, just something that wouldn't eject me like a cannonball at the slightest provocation), and that doesn't need gasoline / can be contributed to with my leg work, so I can stay /fit/ while staying /mobile/.

I know it's a lot to ask, before you say I want to have my cake and eat it too, but velomobiles HAVE existed for a long time.
Do I just build my own then?
the shell of velos are designed to be aerodynamic. They don't offer impact resistance. There are not options if you want to be "safe". Either get a bike or pev or buy a car. Either way suck it up
I also don't mean to be a dick if I came off as one - I don't want to debate anyone, or prove any point.
I think almost everything has its place, but I just want something that will enable me to have a personal transport, while residing in the country, while not having to compromise my safety.

I feel like that is possible to combine into one transport.
Plus, I'm within 20km of 3 towns, just want about 3x that to be safe.
I really don't need more.
>want to be "safe"
But I've seen velomobiles fall, and feet-forwards motorbikes/e-bikes fall, and they do keep you in there; hell, I've seen shells take a beating before breaking - even a fiberglass shell, if put together well, can offer a surprising amount of protection - visibility is also an under-appreciated fact. Hell, I've even seen velomobiles with seatbelts, that do offer SOME impact protection, for sure.
>will enable me to have a personal transport, while residing in the country, while not having to compromise my safety.
doesn't exist
I guess that's what I wanted to hear - my stress came from the uncertainty of,
>what if there's an option I haven't yet explored

But knowing there isn't one means I will just build a four-wheeler/tricycle with an e-drive and a recumbent seating position.
Pic related is actually perfect, just a bit pricy at 8,000.
But I could make my own for sure with a 3,000 trike and 1,000 dollar electric conversion kit for the rear wheel.

Gonna put a bit "slow moving vehicle" sign on the back, maybe a flasher on my helmet, some rear-view mirrors too.
File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (311 KB, 1280x720)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Aforementioned pic related, am stupid, forgot to link.
it feels like you're reaching. Yes velos will protect you against small bumps and scrapes but so will protective gear. In a 30 mph crash you will be fucked where as in a car you would be mostly fine.

cmon anon this is rediculous. This thing will not protect you in a crash even a little bit. You would need a steel roll cage and steel body panels for that to be worth anything. Your vehicle will be like 200lbs and slow as fuck.

>Gonna put a bit "slow moving vehicle" sign on the back, maybe a flasher on my helmet, some rear-view mirrors too.
this is nothing in a world full of inattentional blindness and texting while driving.

It's like you're looking for a false sense of security. I swear you would be safer on a motorcycle where you can actually keep up with traffic and you're not weirdly low to the ground.
You should consider how safe you would be in a crash with a pickup truck. Honestly just buy a car
I guess, anon.
Just wanted something practical, low-tech, and cheapER than a car.

Ex-car autist myself, just got fucking sick of all the nonsense with them, you know?
I'm not a lazy cunt - I like working for my things, and I like spending time to fix them up / keep them running / in good shape.

But, cars just fucking tire me out now.
>sit in an *extremely* overpriced bubble for an hour every day, spending 50% of the energy it produces just to cool yourself off so you don't get a bloody heatstroke sitting in it
>pay the gubbermint $120 a month for the privilege of being able to move around to work
>yearly emissions test for older vehicle means needing to make sure nothing goes wrong at all or they WILL fuck you up, even for misfires
>every 5 years safety test, will fail it if you don't have brand new fucking brakes every time
>near-impossible to fucking fix now, was replacing exhaust manifold on a 95 Camry, an older car, for God's sake, nicked an O2 sensor, and there were as many sensors as on a fucking Tesla
>endless bullshit with - buy shitty expensive fluid, replace shitty expensive fluid, pour in expensive shitty flammable fluid to make it pump other expensive fluids through it to make you go marginally faster than cycling quickly / as fast as a velomobile
>weights 5000lbs, needs five fucking jackstands to even support itself 12 inches off the ground to do an oil change
>almost fucking killed myself swapping a gas tank because no lift
It's all so tiresome.
I'll just fucking walk / jog like monkeys did for a million years, it's objectively less of a pain in the ass
Going carless is fine anon I'm just concerned that your obsession with safety is ironically making you less safe by giving you a false sense of security and making you think you can drive like a car, when in reality you need to be more observant and cautious when you ride a bicycle.
People manage to bike across the country on highways without dying. Do yourself a favor and just build a normal e bike for $2k. Weird low bikes with plastic shells will not help you much
I appreciate the advice, anon.
I just don't want to fuckin' die, I'm only 20, got a fiance, life finally looking up for me - had a relative get paralyzed cycling, personally know 3 families that lost someone (2 adults, 1 child) getting fucked by a car cycling, and another 2 people died on motorbikes.
Worse is not dying, but being crippled for life, or getting brain damage.

Just don't know what to do - avoiding everything is madness, of course, it's like that damn Spongebob episode where he breaks his arse, but at the same time, it just feels genuinely dangerous.
I will also acknowledge I'm being a bit of a pussy, but just worried - especially because I've been driving for 4.5 years, but the one time I've cycled on a road, got the shit scared out of me by people passing inches away.
well your point of view makes sense. Seems like you're in a pretty tough spot. You have to ride like car drivers can't see you, like you're completely invisible. That personal philosophy has worked for me very well.
Chack out this channel https://www.youtube.com/c/DanDanTheFireman
This is more of a motorcycle channel but I think a lot of it applies to bikes. Another tip: it's safer to keep up with traffic. It's better to not have cars blowing past you with a 20+ mph speed difference. I don't know where you are but you should consider riding on the sidewalk when you can.
It's a rural highway unfortunately, but I've just discovered something - there is actually a beautiful trail that runs perfectly to the town I need to get to.

However, the only way to get it is cross about 2km of an abandoned road.
FIancee's from the country (US though, am in Cuckistan, Ontario myself) and warned about hunting season / retards taking pot shots. So that's a valid concern too.
Might talk to the property owners in advance and ask if I can pass through that road.

It's good advice, re: car drivers don't see you.
Maybe I'll give that a try.
Do ya think that it's possible to be a cyclist and not suffering a horrific fucking injury in your entire life?

No worries about scrapes, bruises, even sprains - I've had all of those happen to me a lot, it's no problem.
I mean shit like head injuries/concussions, breaking shit (neck+spine especially so), you know, severe injury.

And thinking about it, you're completely right about the false sense of security thing. I'm just being stupid by trying to cope my way into
>thin shell = impenetrable force field
Thanks, King.
>I just don't want to fuckin' die
I have bad news for you, pal.... You're going to die. So is your fiance.

Here are your only options:
>motorized bicycle conversion
>cheap small displacement motorcycle/scooter
+twice as much for protective equipment
Embrace the two wheels, you candy ass lil hoe.
>you're going to die
I take fish oil supplements and vitamin gummies, anon, I'm immune.
Krita-Yuga dictates man can live for 5,000 years, I'm hoping at least 250, can't die cycling before then.

But I'll probably do it then, it really seems like I have no option.
Might go with 3 wheels though, I like the tricycles a lot.
>Do ya think that it's possible to be a cyclist and not suffering a horrific fucking injury in your entire life?
yes for sure anon. Take your $4k and buy something fast and wear full protective gear
Alrighty, anon.
Do you think it's retarded LARPing to wear a full-face MTB helmet on an e-bike, or is it appropriate?
I also want pads of all sorts.

I've tried an e-bike before, and I know those fuckers, when you remove the barely-making-it-legal governor can go 60-80km/h+. I only plan on going 35km/h top speed, realistically more like 20km/h, but wanna be safe.
And, again, I appreciate the advice a lot.

And to all the other anons - thank you as well, I appreciate the encouragement/advice.
Bless you all, and have a good night.
you should build one that goes faster so you can go the speed limit. And at that point yes you should be maxed out on your gear
Anon sorry to tell you again, but you're not half-elf, and you will die. DEATH ANON, DONT YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU ARE GOING TO FUCKING DIE.
The american system has done wonders to indoctrinate you from a young age to fear living. The safety fear mongering meme in full effect. I'd tell you to seek help but your brain is fucked for life.
I'm actually Russian-Georgian, anon.
The fear was indoctrinated from a century of ancestors living in a socialist hell, and people getting brutally gored in work accidents / auto accidents / road accidents, also insane fatality rate and average lifespan of 60 - from the aforementioned accidents and fatalities + shit life habits.
Based boomer family doesn't give a shit about safety / health, smokers/drinkers, no PPE when working or doing anything of the sort.

All self-acquired neuroses for me, and I think I overdid it a little.

I might anon, I might.
At that point, I don't know if I trust the bike to hold together.
Will probably work myself up to a higher speed, if I even ever do.

Please, anon - I know memento mori, but it's too much to bear.
I won't mind dying when I've accomplished some more shit, but it's just too early.
I've got too much to do, and too little time to do it.
Gotta become an accomplished erotic fantasy fiction writer first, invent some sort of new design for a steam engine, live a little.
File: trisled-rotovelo.png (115 KB, 469x242)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Get a Rotovelo
>Durable rotomolded kayak shell. 10 times tougher than the other types
> Simple CrMo steel trike frame inside. Will never fail ya, unlike the complex propietary aluminium European velomobiles frames that are permanently fixed to the shell structure and have cracked in the past
>Open wheel wells for easy maintenance
And tight turning radius of all velos (5.5m) in comparison, the closed wheel- well velos have turning radius of 9-11m.
> Three 20 inch wheels means you don't need to carry two separate spares unlike the other models that have a larger rear wheel.
>No propietary parts that require frequent trips back to the velo dealers unlike the other models that basically all require some sort of regular maintenance at the shops, especially if you crack the shell.
>CdA of 0.15, for example a fully rigged TT rider in skinsuit and aero helmet with aero bars only reach 0.18 CdA.

They are making a new Rotovelo right now that has a super simple rugged rear suspension system aswel, unlike the more expensive and complex all around suspension of the other models.

Basically the whole design idea behind the Rotovelo is KISS or keep it simple stupid. A practice velo don't have to worry about. The other velomobile models do offer better CdA but they are way too fragile and overengineered
>Spending >$4k on a blinking autism deathtrap
Just buy a car, stop trying to reinvent the wheel

You get a lot more with a velomobile. You become an ambassador for a new type of transport. Everyday you will meet and talk to new people who are interested in your peculiar little vehicle. Brings smiles to kids faces. You can escape to the bike paths with a nimble velo like the Rotovelo, away from the cars.

cars are just terrible for these listed reasons >>1799807
better off with an electric scooter
Until it rains !

Also, electric scooters are a meme. Can you even replace those fat ass tires yourself?
Just get an e-bike, you get the benefit of having actual bicycle parts and not some meme thick ass chinese rubber wheel
what will you do when you get a flat with an eletric scooter with your thick ass meme chink tires ?
On my bike I can carry tubes and even a spare folding tire.
man you guys really just listen to /n/ autistic memes huh. The tires are fully relaceable and some even have that self healing puncture proof shit. For the record I'm not talking about the bullshit scooters that are littering every major city now. High end scooters like Dualtrons and Kaboos are serious machines that last thousands of miles and can actually keep up with traffic
I never implied the tires are not replaceable, but they are far from as common as bicycle tires. Since you seen so knowledgeable about them, can you replace the tires yourself with a pair of tire levers? Or do you need some sort of machine at a shop to do it? What if there's no shop nearby? To me your electric scooter sounds like a very very high initial expense, then severe depreciation within a few years as the battery loses capacity and new propietary models become the norm. Meanwhile you can often sell a velomobile for 60-80% of its initial cost even when they are 5 years old due to low production yet a growing demand. Theres no battery depreciation.
Also no insurance needed, no taxes...and the range is far greater than anything electric since you are not tied to finding a plug in a wall every 24 hours for 6 hours of charging...
>can you replace the tires yourself with a pair of tire levers?
yes. There are dealers that keep them in stock too. A lot of them are tubeless so a tire plug kit will work. You can also use self sealing compounds which are impractical for bikes.
Yes it's expensive but it's also very fast and a lot more fun than any human powered vehicle. Money doesn't seem like a huge issue to OP. The range is also not an issue unless you're touring. You can easily go 50 miles on higher end models
If you're worried about speed difference between you and motor vehicles on the road, then get a motorcycle. Otherwise, the issue of speed difference between you and motor vehicles on the road, along with anything that isn't a car offering little to no additional protection vs a bicycle or motorcycle in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle, will always be there.
>I'm only 20
>already this paranoid over "safety"
I met a guy like you once: wouldn't even walk to school, only take the bus, because "roads are dangerous" or some bullshit. I hope he died because he wanted to become a judge and God saves us all from such kind of colossal faggots judging anything.
File: minitruck.jpg (557 KB, 1280x958)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Alright I'm gonna ask this here since I don't want to kill another thread, but I am in a similar situation as op. I am in semi-rural ohio and I live 11 miles from where I work. I am a tad concerned that gas may get even more retarded than it is right now and I would like to have an alternative means to haul my ass to work and back. I've been looking into e-bikes, electric motorcycles, and even mini-trucks, but the legality of using most of these on the road seem dubious at best. Any suggestions? What am I missing here?
People ride modded super 73s at 50mph in LA which a bunch of gay laws and the cops rarely are about it. Nobody is going to give you a hard time on your dirt road in ohio.
File: 1622602597549.jpg (261 KB, 645x363)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>the legality of using most of these on the road seem dubious at best
No, it's pretty straight forward. What the fuck are you on about?
take the moped pill
>11 miles
a bicycle?
This would be OPs bike car of choice

If they were made in mass at about 6K without electric and 8K with E-drives they would be everywhere.

Set up a down payment of a 50% down program and allow payments over a few months for the rest....people would eat it up

Sit on the design and don't do shit with it and watch it become eye candy at a bike show

Some of these people in the industry don't know what they have.
File: Electrom.jpg (43 KB, 474x474)
43 KB
There are cheaper Ebike velos out there, and then theres the Electrom. What I'm wondering is if they can make an actual rain proof canopy.
no nobody would buy this which is why they don't make it. Nobody wants to buy a silly little car that you have to pedal they want SUVs. Besides for that price you could just get a motorcycle or a 3 wheel bike

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