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I travel to Amsterdam each day by train for work.
I feel such embarresment when I see tourist lost and trying to find the right train to Schiphol Airport.
The Dutch Railways should pick up on these signals and improve the station and platforms.

My train departs across from the one that goes to Schiphol airport.
I tend to stay at the station 3-4 hours each day after work, pointing tourists in the right direction.
Till I'm too tired and hungry and I go home.

At home I'm too tired to cook and I eat a bowl of yohurt with fruit and go straight to bed.
Is it just one guy writing these pastas?
What would you suggest, OP?
The Dutch Railways should pick up on these signals and improve the station and platforms.
I mean, you clearly seem to be passionate about helping people find the right platform and the right train. What sort of improvements to the station do you think would be helpful?
dunno bout you, they seemed pretty good when i was a tourist there, if tourists are retarded and can't read "train to wherever ,spoor 69" and go there then that's their problem.
some people are timid travellers and, when travelling, a mistake can lead to being yelled at by someone whose language you do not speak well. or, the nightmare scenario where you miss your stop, and watch where you *should* be pass by the window. i feel it's unfair to say 'durrrr works for me, therefore everybody else is retarded'.
how do i find my bike in the parking structure
The problem is this
> Amsterdam has 15 platforms
> One end is the "a" end, the other end is the "b" end (see picture i posted)

> Put clear arrows on the floor point to the "a" and "b" ends of the platform
> Have a staff member on the platform with a vest "can I help you"
> Clearly mark that the platform that goes to Schiphol aiport. 14a is the express train and 14b is the commuter train.
well, i can't argue with any of that. wayfinding is very important for making travellers feel welcome and confident that they are in the right place

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