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>walk 10 minutes to train
>ride train 1 stop under the East River (3 minutes)
>get out at Grand Central
>walk another 10 minutes from train, through Grand Central into my building

I can do the whole thing door to desk in under 30 minutes.
Depends on my mood

I can walk 5 minutes to the train, ride 20 minutes, get out and walk 4 minutes

Or I can ride my bike about 25 minutes

Or I can just work from home, so I usually just do that since I'm usually in the mood to not be around too many people
When I moved about a year ago I deliberately located myself near my workplace:
>wheel bike out of garage, close door
>5 minute bike ride through suburban streets and a park
>swipe keyfob to open outside door at work
>ride bike from door to desk, park bike in cubicle behind where I sit
It's a nice commute - not as quick and convenient as working from home (which has other downsides), and not as exciting/refreshing as when I used to live in a place where an MTB trail was the most direct route between work and home, but it's one I'm very happy with.
>drive for anywhere between 20-30 minutes depending on traffic
>way back usually 10 minutes longer
only alternative is a 55 minute (minimum bus), i'm getting a high speed electric scooter that I can take bike paths and it only is gonna take like 30 minutes at the max
>walk 4 minutes
Walk 10min to bus stop, wait another 10min because usually late, 50min bus or so, 5min walk
On the way back there's even more waiting because I finish work like 40min before the next bus

Taking my bike feels a lot better but its roughly an hour there up a fuck load of hills, nice coming down them on the way back though, get home much earlier than public transport
>work from home in morning
>at lunch I plop the dog in the front of my cargo bike
>bike 15 mins to park near office
>play in park for 30-40 mins
>cycle 5 mins to Shawarma place next to office
>push bike last 50m to office
>eat at my desk while coworkers play with my dog
>cycle 5 minutes to railway station
>ride train 16 minutes
>9 minute transfer
>ride train 51 minutes
>2 minute transfer
>ride tram for 11 minutes

t. university student that lives 100km from school
at least it's free.
I work from home and I have never met any of my coworkers because they're all super scared of the flu. It is extremely comfy and I will quit on the spot if they tell me I have to go back to the office, fuck that. Also working from home means I can drink all day without worrying someone can smell it on my breath
wake up, walk to the next room, takes about 10 seconds
imagine not working from home
>walk 7 minutes to infrequent suburban branch railway
>ride train 20 minutes to important transfer point
>wait 10 minutes for connection
>ride another 20 minutes into city
>take subway one stop
>transfer again
>take another subway two stops
>make another transfer
>take yet another subway three stops
>i have finally arrived at my destination

takes about 75 minutes on a good day
>walk 10 minutes to the beach
>walk 20 minutes up the beach
>walk 20 minutes back
>walk 10 minutes back

I have mixed feelings about working from home. On one hand I fucking hate it, on the other I like where my home is.
>make coffee
>hop in car and drive 15 minutes to work sipping coffee

That’s it for me. I also have a backyard.
I’m required to go to the office 3 days a week.
Did those posts violate the rules by including the n word on a transportation forum?

Methinks you’re deliberately not telling the whole truth. I wonder why.
I have no love for the corona janny, but maybe if you could talk about any topic whatsoever without obsessing over BBC maybe you wouldn't have so many problems. Try: "I drive a car because my public transport is slow and only serves poor areas where I prefer not to visit"
I take public transport because it’s much faster than a car.
>Get in my car
>Drive on the interstate for 20 minutes
>25 minutes door to yard office.
THAT WAS IT! The idiot then has the gall to delete the post and issue a warning to post "automobiles on the /o/ board."

Half of the morons should be banned on here if that's the threshold for off topic posting. Every communist fantasy thread about "urban development" or crying about public funding for highways should be banned.
File: oops.jpg (41 KB, 986x202)
41 KB
>THAT WAS IT! The idiot then has the gall to delete the post and issue a warning to post "automobiles on the /o/ board."
Looks like you forgot an important detail though
File: mental.png (13 KB, 601x129)
13 KB
That wasn't my post. This was mine.
Sounds like you’re on the wrong board.you ca. either keep seething or post somewhere else.
>outing urself as the janny
File: crisis.jpg (301 KB, 1854x1030)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
If I was the janny you think all these repetitive numtot sperg threads would be allowed?
My post got wiped too. This is from the page cache I had open last night and got the same "reee go back to /o/" warning.
Seeing as car infrastructure requires much more public investment and bureaucracy, it’s clearly more communist than any other infrastructure.
I just take the train, never have to worry about sitting in traffic or finding a parking spot. Or running out of gas.
Okay then don't consume any goods that are delivered by truck or use the bus, ever.
Or ride your bicycle on city streets or walk along sidewalks.
You should be telling that to the guy who called bike lanes communist.
>drive 10-15 minutes,
I would trade that for a 20-30 minute bus ride.
drive for 5 minutes
drive for 6-8 hours because that's my job
>What's your commute like?
Walk down to my desk in the basement and start working. I used to spend an hour on the bus one way. Fuck that.
>10 min bike ride spring-fall
>5 min drive winter because my city doesn't plow the bike paths
Essentially me, but I don't pretend there's much universal applicability to it.
File: train.jpg (67 KB, 960x550)
67 KB
>walk 5 minutes to station
>take train for 10 minutes
>change to other train across the platform
>take this train for 30 minutes
>change to tram for two more stops
>walk 5 minutes to office
It's just over an hour door to desk.

>get up
>go into other room
>turn on pc
>work from home
which is 2-3 days a week.

pic related typical commuter train
If your work can be done in a high-rise it can be done from home.
- walk 4min to station, ride tram 30min, walk from station to office 4min
- ride bicycle 20min through park (alternative way 30min)
- walk 45min through park, thats my favourite
- work from home
> get down 3 flights of stairs, pick up bike from communal garage
> Ride 10 minutes downhill to work through urban roads (30 to 50km/h speed limit) on shitty painted bike lanes
>12 minutes before work begins, haste out of apartment, carry bike up from basement, bike 2.5km (1.5mi) through pedestrian town center and quiet side streets, lean bike against wall and lock wheels at work, punch in a minute early
>get out of bed
>put on clothes
>walk to living room
>sit down

On the days I go into the office it's a ten minute bike ride, but it's uphill the whole way.
There are some low-key physical production type things done in high-rises, like custom computer building and physical hardware testing.
>take elevator down to the apt building garage
>hop in car, drive away
>drive along the motorway for ~40min
>park in workplace parking garage
>take elevator up

Public transport would be
>6 min walk to bus stop
>bus for 12 min to the train station
>wait 10min for train
>34 min of train
>walk 20min to get to the office
>10 minute ride down cobbled alleyways
>5 minutes ride across parkland
>3 minute rapid descent down to the bridge
>2 minutes across bridge
>6 minute ride along riverside path
>7 minute ride over loose small stone gravel track to the back of the industrial park
>30 second ride to the warehouse

I love it, there is a variety too, I can cross the river later and take a meander around some fields, I can skip the alleyways and keep to the roads, there are 3 ways I can approach the industrial park, each with a different type of surface, come rain or shine I love my commute, the ride to work refreshes and invigorates me ensuring I arrive wide awake and raring to go (yes, I enjoy my work), the ride home allows me to de stress and tires me out nicely for a relaxing evening, in the winter that means I come home to a nice hot drink and a hearty meal, in the summer a cold beer and a sandwich in the garden, the highlight of my working day.
Walk 2 minute to the metro then 30 minutes into town

Or, cycle 25 minutes into town

Also got good bus and train options, but the bus is slow and smelly and the train is expensive and less frequent so I don't use them for commuting but I like knowing they are there if I need them
why would you opt for the bus instead of metro? I'm guessing the train is faster then the metro, while being less frequent?
Cycle 15 minutes along river path and local main roads
File: 1651232525119.jpg (18 KB, 340x296)
18 KB
>drive a car 20 minutes to central bus station in a nearby city
>ride inter-city bus for 1.5 to 2 hours
>walk 10 minutes to office (on the way back this is 15 minutes as I have to get to the other side of the highway)
This is twice a week, as I work mostly from home.
Work from home everyday. I went to the office once, I left after rush hour so it took me like 10 minutes.
Came here to post this. Aside from the work part. Imagine not being a neet.
File: 23egfg.jpg (8 KB, 445x119)
8 KB
Mostly well maintained bike paths.
Some hills.

If the Weather is absolute shit:
>Walk 1km. to bus stop
>Drive for 20 minutes
>Wait for next bus 10 minutes
>Drive 15 minutes
>Walk 600m.

>inb4 car
I want to retire and move to Romania at 45.
Ride motorcycle for 26 minutes
I'll soon change from a 50-60 minutes commute to walking about 5 minutes and I feel like I'll have to be really careful to get there on time. Open shoelaces alone could ruin my shedule.
The bus is a lot cheaper and has different routes, its more extensive than the metro so it goes to more places.

Yeah the train is about 10 minutes into town. But the infrequency and delays makes it annoying. If I knew with a high degree certainty it would show up on time I would use it over the metro but the commuter trains get delayed by intercity trains. Its a mess.
10 minute bike ride. can evade all traffic ;)
Having such a short and predictable commute definitely entices you to drag out your morning schedule until the last minute. Half the days I go "shit I really gotta leave now and still don't have my shirt buttoned up".
1. Go to bus stop in 3 minutes
2. 35 minutes in bus
4. 5 minutes to destination.
File: Saint-Jeanline.png (774 KB, 1674x889)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
>Drive for twenty minutes to a bus terminal
>Spend twenty minutes taking the bus to downtown
>Walk the rest of the way to work

Will soon change to
>Drive twenty five minutes to station
>Take REM downtown

I was really mad when the Candiac line extension to Saint-Jean was cancelled, they looked into it and claimed it wasn't viable due to how long the trips where. My ass, I'd take it and so would anyone going downtown by bus. Pic related, red is line blue was possible extension that was cancelled.
Slightly slower than public transport excluding shower
3 days of the week I don't have a commute because lol WFH. The other 2 days:
>suburban rail station is almost directly opposite my house
>15 minute train ride
>7 minute walk to the office

Several jobs ago I had a commute that was a 45 to 50 minute drive in bumper to bumper traffic. I own a manual. It was hell.

it was like:
- 8am wake up, eat something
- 8:20 walk 3 minutes to the nearby station
- 8:25 ride train 4 stops
- 8:40 walk 1 minute to the nearby bus station
~8:45-8:50 ride bus 3 stops
~8:52-8:59 walk 1 minute to the office
- have "elastic worktime start", could enter up to 9:30am without being scolded as late.
- most people still not present at 9:25, so I could take a comfy shit on company time

one hour from sleep to desk. it was so comfy.
3 years later, got laid off.

next job has been so far:
- 7am wake up, eat something
- 7:20 walk 6 minutes to the tram stop
~7:30, ride tram for 11 stops
~8:00, ride metro train for 9 stops
~8:30, ride bus for 17 stops
~9:15, walk 6 minutes to the desk
by 9:30 I'm usually at the desk.
>drive 20 minutes
i work in the country, no public transit available or feasible.
>get ride from parents or uber
I feel like a baby
>Walk 7min to ostuka station
>go from otsuka to akabane with one change at Ikebukuro
>Workplace is right by the station's exit

Grand total 20mins and it costs 368yen round trip because japs can't into system wide monthly passes. guess convenience comes at a cost
post pic of recently stamped ticket, mr. Larpy McLARP
>step out of my house
>drive 30 minutes
>wait at the bus stop
>ride bus for 10 minutes
>get off bus, 5 minute walk to another stop
>wait for 10-15 minutes
>ride bus for 30 minutes
I wonder which option I'd normally take.
File: DSC_0535.jpg (1.92 MB, 4096x2304)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
If you use tickets for your commute you're a retard or forgot your suica/passmo

Btw. Here, my suica. Satisfied ?
why take a bus when you have a car?
>hop on bike
>ride ~6km, mostly uphill, abour 25-30 minutes
>get off at work
>ride bike ~2km, mostly downhill
>get off at gym
>strap bike to front end of bus, ride ~10min
>remove bike from bus at work
It takes the same amount of time (bus uses bus lanes here and there), and I can watch videos and play online chess and it is cheaper (even if you factor in the car's insurance).
If there was a bus from my town to the central station that arrives 5 minutes before the inter-city bus, I would immediately sell my car.
It is the price of living in a rural area. At least I don't pay rent or mortgage.
walk 5 mins to bus stop, get down 20 mins later
Nantes is a blessing, although the tramway loses money every year
Monday and Wednesday:
>walk 2 min to car
>drive 1 hour and 10 minutes (50mi)
>walk 2 min to desk

Every other day:

work at a remote government facility so there is no transit in or around
>walk outside
>kick on the moped so the dumb 2 smoke engine has a moment to sort itself out
>walk back inside
>finish my tea
>put on my coat, helmet, gloves, and backpack
>hop on
>ride 15 minutes to work
way back home is more or less the same except I have no tea to drink up
>walk 10 minutes to tram station
>ride tram for 10 minutes
>leave at tram station directly in front my college
>walk three to five minutes to my rooms
>drive 10-12 minutes to train station
>wait about 5 minutes
>31 +/-2 minute ride on train to downtown
>5 minute walk to building/ride up elevator
>Walk 12 minutes to station
>Ride train 8 stops (20 minutes)
>The stop is literally the building I work at, but walking from the station to my actual job takes about 10 minutes
30 to 45 minute motorcycle
>get on bike
>ride 17km mostly through city traffic
6km by bicycle along the river. Yes my life is a paradise
>step on electrical scooter
>drive 2 km to work (a tad more than a mile)
>charge scooter exclusively at work
>still get paid 5 euros per day for transport expenses

I have driven about 1300km's with the Xiaomi scooter, but as I have received a promotion I will soon receive a company car with an all inclusive fuel expense card.
>get in car
>drive 10 minutes down nice highway
>cross bridge into surrey and begin fucking crapshoot
>either get lucky and it takes 10 minutes or all red lights and it takes 20
>reach highway again
>either get lucky and it takes 10 minutes or a truck stalled or tipped over and it takes 30
Alternative is 2 hours on skytrain and shitty bus route
Tldr fuck surrey i hate it
Dorms exist
>noisy, filthy, and crowded barracks full of horny brats exists
I prefer to have an actual kitchen, a washing machine, a drier, a dishwasher, a clean fridge, and not having a snoring roommate sleeping 2 meters from me.
File: pepe-suit.jpg (63 KB, 900x900)
63 KB
>get on bike
>ride 1 km (about 5000 hamburgers) mostly on sidewalks
>arrive at work
Americans wouldn't understand.
I can drive a car for 20min
walk for 50min
Bike for 45min if following traffic laws
Or 30min if ignoring traffic laws
About 1,5h using public Transport
>he operates a cage like some kind of peasant
driving is for poorfaggots.
It might blow your mind that we had international trade for 3,000 years before the invention of the cage.
5 minute walk from front door to desk.
Just a 20 minute drive
Takes 40 minutes via public transport so it's not worth it in my opinion.
File: as.jpg (16 KB, 250x203)
16 KB
>cycle 25-30 minutes out to the manufacturing district
>perfect sidewalk-located bike lane
>passing cagers sitting stuck in traffic going the opposite way, into the city
>cycle 20-25 minutes home into the city (slightly downhill, no morning drowsiness)
>watching cagers stuck in traffic, trying to get out to the 'burbs
Sometimes I wave at them. After all, we're eye-to-eye.
Yeah man I love the idea of being able to use a day and a half of labor just to buy a few ounces of cinnamon
>10 minute walk to bus stop
>ride 40 minutes worth of stops
>get off at train station, board train
>ride 20 minutes worth of stops
>get off at train station, take bus from station for 10 more minutes
>at destination
>Walk outside
>Pet the cats that hang out in the yard
>Cross the street
>I arrive
My office is a block away from my house. I wake up ten minutes before I'm supposed to be at work lol, feels good man.

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