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File: Cessna_150M_(cropped).jpg (108 KB, 1066x654)
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>Show up at 5:30am for 6am flight
>-20°, feels like -30 with dry air and wind chill
>Want to die
>Down shitty instant coffee and smoke cigarette
>Paycheque was $60 less last week so I had to get the cheap John Players this time, fucking gross
>Wander inside, no one there as usual
>Check weather for 3rd time today
>Student shows up 10 mins later than they're supposed to
>Take 10 mins longer than usual to do the weight and balance sheet
>Go out with them to do walkaround cause I don't trust this mong
>Plane wasn't hangared last night and no one plugged the block heater in, classic
>Notice some screws aren't installed, whatever no big deal
>Just barely enough oil, fucking mint
>Spend 10 mins fueling plane
>Rummage around 2 different hangars for a tow bar, finally find one after 5 mins, tow plane into acceptable position
>Come back inside, student just barely knows enough about lesson we're about to go do so it's fine whatever
>Smoke another cig
>Get into plane, student forgets headset, has to go back inside
>Student back inside plane, seatbelt stiff as fuck, needs my help to put it on
>Start attempt #1 fails due to cold
>Decide to show student a pro gamer move
>2 primes then 1 more prime as we crank
>Start #2 fails
>Do it again, attempt #3 engine finally sputters and coughs itself to life but not happy about it
>Same, little engine, same
>Look at my watch, we have 1 hour left in our booking
>10 mins for ground and runup, 10 mins to practice area, 10 mins back, 30 mins air time left for lesson
>Engine sounds rougher than 40 grit sandpaper
>Just after takeoff, feet frozen into bricks
>Maybe this one will have some cabin beat
>Open valve and it's starts blasting -10° air at my feet
Nobody told you to be born in Canada nr blogposter
Perhaps you shouldn’t work for such a shit company or through that FBO.
>>Show up at 5:30am for 6am flight
This is your mistake : put your students on later time-slots
CFI's like you will bitch moan & complain about their job all day long and then shit on me when I say I'd rather banner tow or aerial survey than instruct in a million years
Shoulda' been a Florida flight instructor. :^)

Sounds comfy desu
>plane wasn't plugged in
>plane eventually starts

This is how I know this is a larp. Go back to flipping burgers fag.
I feel for CFIs whom students don't come prepared at all

>10 mins late
>10 mins+ for W&B (could've done this at home the night before) - say total of 15 mins
>Forgets headset (5 mins late)

that's half an hour of wasted time, probably a bit more.
No wonder why 80% of students who start their private never finish.
you can get the engine temperature up if you have a heater, my local airport has a propane based heater for plane engines. Works like majik except you gotta make sure to direct the heater nozle directly at the engine if doing it through the air intakes
I do not miss the north. I do not miss the -30 below days.

And fuck flight instructing.
convince my not to go to Gander and enroll in flight school
is there any future in becoming a pilot in Canada?
cant wait to ctrl v this whole post onto reddit
I like to see how hard I can land before my cfi will say something.
I did that. Then I got laid off because of COVID
Some fag stole your post for reddit karma lol.
Stop smoking faggot, no wonder you feel poor and miserable.
go back to your shitty ass instagram meme page. damn you probably get no pussy
OP confirmed gets no pussy
File: overloards.jpg (1.83 MB, 3624x2257)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
dayin thelifeof 300 hour laaaazy student.,
,,,showup 5 minutesearly and smoke for 15,,no worrysolo flight,,preflight C152,,,seatbelt is30% chafethru,,get line guy,,"theres plenty of strenngth left,over rated and all.:\",,,,,,bend over so i can SLAPYOU!,,,goto shop get Mech,one look,,"THATS NoT SAFE.",fixs.,
,,smoth liftoff,,channel changeto LosAlamitos navy base for transit at 2500,,,,old friend voice i never met,,butstill.,
,clear to practice zone over ocean,,puffy little clouds,,easy skimming,,VFR?,,,closenough.,
,,,,,,,??THING??,,RED ,THING?,flashed by window in the foggy edge.,circle Back,,THEREITIS!,,emerging from fog,,small red blobby??Balloon! MICKY MOOUSE BALLOON!,
,up here trying to be a UFO,,,noton MY WATCH~!!,
,,ima chop you up Sushistyle!AIM,,,and, MISS,,ooo you got lucky thatime,,swoop around to KILLLLLL!,,mouse dodges,,,now you got me MAD,,,DIVE full throttle,,mouseasy sweeps around me laffing,,HAHAAAAAA.,
,,30 minutes ofrustration as Mickey spins and flips,, escapes back into cloud.,
,foamming as circle,,,COMEOUTAND FIGHT ME LIKE A MOUSE!!,
,,oohay,,whats that?,see the new deepwater bouy?,
,,,glidedown,,strong current leaves a wake,,make low pass admire electronics,, sweep out and get closer,,BIG OPTICS,,,wonder isomeone can seeme,,,long leg circle so can SWOOPE it close,,,BRISTLES with,,'stuff,,seems a lotaller then before?,,another CLOSER pass 40 feets up,,
,realy seemstaller?,,,
,long sweeepin,,whathe?,its,,like a whale under?,,
,,circle back and see the Conning tower starting to break water?,,ITSASUMARINE!RUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY!!!fullpower climbout!
,,wide circle back at 1000 feets,,,itsa Long 'Ringback,,,BOOMER,,i could land on that deck.,
,,,head home,,,call fortransit over LosAlamitos,,guy keepsnickering,,,Whatsofunny?
Take your meds schizo
When I got my ATPL I got offered to stay and work as a flight instructor, uhhh no thank you, I now fly the 737, the road was rough, but I’m there and I didn’t have to teach simpletons how to land
You're new as fuck to this board.
fucking end yourself you philistine
Kill yourself and your entire family
t. schizo samefag.
Cessnamongers get the rope.
we lvoe yuo baconrider
>watching ATC videos
What a fucking disaster that's still stuck in the 50s in terms of tech.

Also these people drive on the fucking highway to work every day and then have a stroke if two planes get within a mile of each other
You sound like a shitty CFI.


>smoking and still complaining about financial problems.

unfuck your shit anon.

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