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How much does an electric dirt bike cost? Will the cost depend on the size of the person? I'm 6'3 if that is an issue. I don't really want to spend more than 3K. Can I do it on my own? Any good tutorials if so? Or am I just priced out either way? If I am how much do I need to spend 4K+?
Whos the wanker with the robe? Ever heard of Endless-Sphere.com?

Be careful if you buy a charge and go Ebike thats already done for you. Many of these companies will not be around in 5 years. Recommend you do a whole lot of research before buying anything.

You could also buy a new or used bike and get either a mid drive kit or a hub motor kit. Just dont use carbon fiber for anything structural in a conversion. So no carbon frame, fork, wheels, seat tube or stem. Its not designed for the extra oomph that a powered bike can deliver.
dude if you dont know richard stallman thats cringe
thank you useful tips and great website i appreciate it
>Whos the wanker with the robe?
The /g/man

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