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File: Inmotion V10F.png (328 KB, 900x900)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
- safer than any e-scooter, because large wheels (usually no less than 16")
- better bang for the buck than other PEV's
- easy storage: put it in the trunk, carry it in the train or bus, pull it in your office
- enough oomph to climb steep roads
- usually tens of miles range and 25+mph top speed
- handsfree riding, off-road OK, tail & front lights
- most of all: funny and relaxing

- you can't figure how to ride it until you invest a few afternoons to learn
- decent ones go for 1200-1600 bucks, good ones in the 2000-2500 range, high-end ones up to 3700
- what about dragging a 50+ lbs one up the stairs?
File: 1616444817796.webm (2.99 MB, 1080x1080)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
>safer than any e-scooter
>- better bang for the buck than other PEV's
Really? Where are the batteries? Inside the massive wheel?
This is my favorite video on the internet.
As far as I know all these electronic versions are overpriced ass. unicycle, bike, scooted, skateboard. It's all bullshit for now and I hope the reasonably priced good batteries get invented or unjewed soon
This seems like a troll thread but in case anyone looks at it seriously, are these unicycles, or any other sort of little electric last mile vehicles like the onewheel "skateboards" actually useful? I'm getting a job in a downtown area and am considering getting something like this since the train station is just far enough away from the office that I could save a considerable amount of time with these.
File: IMG_20210724_205859.jpg (1.09 MB, 1500x2000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>>1719673 Have been ridin' Z10 for 2700km with no issues whatsoever. Mostly for 16km commute through a city sidewalks and streets with slow traffic.
>onewheel "skateboards" actually useful
Segways, onewheel, gyroscooters, eskateboards, weak EUCs (with less then 1000w motor and 500wh battery) is just a toys for kids to play on a parking lot.
Get a decent EUC or else stick with a cheap escooter.

Certainly his beer belly cushioned the crash
Either on the side or on the top area. It's usually a bunch of 18650 or 21700 type cells.

EUC forums/groups are literally packed with crash videos. Learning by other people's mistakes - and other problems.
The fat dude experienced a cut-off (power loss / shutdown). Either he ignored overpowering/overheating alarms, or an El Cheapo chinkontroller suddenly went on strike.
Currently the only reliable brands are Kingsong and Inmotion.

A decent EUC sports no less than ~2000w motor (enough for accelerating uphill) and ~1000wh battery (enough to do 10-15mi when you forgot to charge the battery)
Suspension ones are pricier but definitely better on non perfectly flat roads.
On sides, on top, inside (z10). All over the place.
what's with those side cameras?
For trips that include hoping over public transit: train, bus etc unicycles (EUC) are very viable yes.
EUC and ekickscooters are only thing worth using.
Other things have too small wheels, so any bump can became obstacle.
Also there is what to do when you can't. ride problem? (on train or inside train station or crowded pathways) Things like scateboards, or one wheel you need to carry and they are heavy, cumbersome, and you are swinging dirty wheel at the level of people's waist. Bad.
Scooters and EUC you can roll around. EUCs are best here, they have smallest footprint and they roll in assisted mode, you just guide them and they roll using their motor themselves.
>ridiculously overpowered
>no handlebar
>feet next to each other instead of front and back
>somehow safer than escooters
>>ridiculously overpowered
2000 watts continuous? enough for a 200 lbs rider accelerating on a steep road

>>no handlebar
that's by design, you ride it moving your center of gravity.
btw at low speeds (5mph and below) you always fall on your feet; if there was some kind of handlebar, you'd fall down.
for some reason, noone thought an "EUC with handlebar" would be commercially viable.

>>feet next to each other instead of front and back
you're talking about the area including the projected center of gravity.
a smaller area has its pro's and con's.
you can turn literally on a dime.
also, it takes way less time to shutdown and carry around than an electric kickscooter

>>somehow safer than escooters
enjoy your puny 6" wheels, bruh. watch out for the slightest irregularities of the road
File: segway.jpg (134 KB, 350x521)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>for some reason, noone thought an "EUC with handlebar" would be commercially viable.
You what?
It's died, but let's appreciate ancestor.
They won't save you anywhere near as much time as you think because you can't actually go much faster than foot traffic most of the time. Also time you spend not walking is exercise you have to make up some other time so it might save you nothing overall.
File: pedestriantraffic.jpg (85 KB, 2042x1046)
85 KB
>you can't actually go much faster than foot traffic most of the time
Fortunately that won't be an issue where I'm going. But I see your point.

Thanks for the insight. I didn't know that the assist mode was a feature.

>weak EUCs
I'm not really a heavy guy and there are absolutely no hills where I am, and I don't have to go much more than 2 miles. I don't think I really need something powerful, but then I'm speaking from a position of literally no experience with these at all.
That toy sports a grand total of two wheels, dude
>I don't think I really need something powerful, but then I'm speaking from a position of literally no experience with these at all.
Power is life.
But starting with small wheel with 300 watt*hours battery is absolutely ok. There are 140 watt*hours wheels but they are no go for adult, ok fro 80 lbs kid, but for heavier rider its trivial to overpower such wheel.
V5F is good starting wheel, also is fine for public transit hopping, because light and compact, make its easier to carry over ladiers or in and out into the bus.

Also there is V8F/ V8S model, most sold EUC model in the world. Lightest 16 inch wheel, 16 is big step over 14 in ride smoothness over rough roads, bumps, patches etc.
Those are speakers
>Eunuch calling other things toys
LMAO, enjoy your retarded toy
did he died
yes. his skull was crushed. even if he wore a helmet he would have grade 3 road rash and many broken bones.
He dun goofed.
>decent EUC sports no less than ~2000w motor and ~1000wh battery
I could say that anything better then Inmotion V8 is an ok wheel.
>Suspension ones are pricier but definitely better
Suspension and hollow motors are a meme. Don't fall for it.
>you can't actually go much faster than foot traffic most of the time
One could easily cruze around peds at 20-30kph.
>I don't think I really need something powerful
EUC should have powerful enough motor and battery to be capable of delivering enough power to keep you upright on bumps, curbs, stairs, emergency braking. Also it should have at least 16" wheel to handle potholes and coblestone.
Always thought these things were super lame until I found out the good ones can do 40mph. Makes me want to live in a city so I could blast around the streets at night on one. Been watching hasain or whoever on jewtube and some of the events he does with other e-fags look sweet. Just sucks they cost so much. Unfortunately I can’t justify £>2k on what would realistically be a toy for me. Seems like they’re the best form of personal transport so far though due to their tiny form factor.
Blasting around the city at night on anything smaller than a car will get you crushed eventually. Most bicycle fatalities happen between midnight and 6 in the morning.
File: euc.world.jpg (452 KB, 1770x850)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Sounds like you don't live in Switzerland or Guam.

Yes, suspension adds complexity (another point of failure) and weight, but you will want it every time the road is slightly bumpy. And - of course - when off-roading.

Hollow motors are still in their infancy.

The sweet spot is around 15-20 mph.
Go faster than 25 mph and enjoy drag, air resistance, crosswind, and hope to not to hit a small bump.
>im so cool bruh
Still trusting in a MEMS gyro or multiple MEMS gyros rather than the stability that comes with multiple wheels?


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