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/n/ - Transportation

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File: ihateroads.png (153 KB, 360x202)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Is he right?
Everything he mentions is a problem caused by cars, not roads
He's american. For them roads = cars.
I don't know, OP. What do you think?
File: 1619159823571.jpg (35 KB, 300x400)
35 KB
>idiotic shitstirring clickbait with le meme face thumbnails
American road infrastructure is retarded. Flow of traffic, size of lanes, lack of roundabouts, lack of sidewalks and bike lanes as well as the low skill entry for drivers making people drive the speed limit or below in the fast lanes all cause massive issues.
cagers in the /g/ thread were really mad about this video. the video isn't well made and just panders to the those who already hate cars.
File: 1610651206690.jpg (61 KB, 480x320)
61 KB
>it's a "subway commie gets btfo on a different board and runs back to his safe space to post a circlejerk thread to make himself feel better" episode
I noticed that the thread is about another video about banning cars. weird to see reddit luke with his thinkpads taking about roads posted on /n/ and a cars are bad video on /g/
the /g/ thread is still alive for those who love shitflinging
go shill your dumb crap somewhere else
> American road infrastructure is retarded
The US Interstate system is unequalled and you know it. I'm with you on raising the bar for drivers, but we give iilegals drivers licenses so you can forget about that.
Florida Turnpike is the closest thing to the autobahn. It's flat, very straight, visibility is excellent. The really should remove the speed limit, no one obeys it anyway.
/n/ sucks so bad now
> How heavily is it policed?
Very lightly, from what I've seen. There's usually someone willing to go faster than you, so 10-over is no problem. I-95 is similar. Last time I drove it in central FL, even 100 in the far left wasn't enough to keep someone off my ass, so I gave up and settled for 85 on cruise control.
>The really should remove the speed limit, no one obeys it anyway.
That's great news for the local PD. Whenever coffers are running low they can just head down to the 'pike and pull over a couple dozen cars.
>The US Interstate system is unequalled and you know it
Doesn't seem any better than the highway network in Europe.
>Is he right?
The fucker told me to buy a domain from epik and now see where that has led. I'm not listening to any of his shit takes
Yeah. Plus his whole argument gets BTFO by the existence of sidewalks

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