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All the good touring S.Marathon 26x2.00 tires are gone still. I do food delivery on my diy ebike. Durability and puncture resistance are all that matter for me. Currently I have a pair of serfas drifters that I've got 4k miles on and they've held up fine, no punctures, but the rear is probably about halfway done now.

What is the most durable and highly puncture resistant 26x2.00 slick/semi-slick tire I can actually buy online right now? I've heard some Maxxis models have some great puncture protection and durability. Remember, has to be 26x2.00, possibly 26x2.10, my frame can't fit much wider and any thinner would probably be uncomfortable with all the weight I'm constantly lugging.
>only buying from official sources
Plenty of stuff that's "out of stock" t. your LBS is easily available on amazog or fleabay. Found some easily but apparently there's like 50 varieties of this bullshit and I don't know which one you want.
maxxis hookworms are thick as shit
I've had bad luck with Maxxis Re-fuse and Detonator, both marketed as "puncture resistant". On my workhorse I just run cheap chink thick ass tires, sure the ride quality and grip are shit, but I reserve those luxuries for my nice bike. My workhorse only cares about not puncturing and bearing the dozens of kilos I carry. Kenda or Arisun, bombproof crap.
>out of stock" t. your LBS is easily available on amazog or fleabay
This. LBSes come out with "things are coming in in dribs and drabs, we get things when we get things" excuses but I can literally still get everything from randos on ebay, in many cases for less. so that's what I've been doing, I get the "support local businesses" argument (I don't really) but if you can't adapt then I'm sorry. Darren operating out of his spare room in Bumfuck-on-tyne can adapt, so I'll go with him. He offers free 2 day delivery too. And all you say is "it's on back order, there's supply chain issues". my arse.

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