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Let’s privatize the railways what could go wro-
Honestly who cares at this point. They don't "own our trains" they just temporarily own franchises. Get over it
Take back control! Also, we gave a big sack of money to the Germans to run our transit infrastructure now x
Deutsche Bahn are the owners of (among many others of course) DB Cargo, who operate domestic and Channel Tunnel railfreight; and Arriva, who probably operate a bus service or rail franchise near you.

(feel free to nitpick my use of infrastructure like 'track and points' physical infrastructure, vs infrastructure like 'things that allow people to get to work and are generally a backbone of Things Getting Done'.)
or, come to think of it, the 'big sack of money' thing. i just think it's stupid that the same chinless inbred ruling-class idiots braying Take Back Control are the ones in charge of handing over transit operations to foreign state-owned conglomerates.
>the biggest industrial power in Europe and one of the largest in the world (the rest of the europe is mostly insignificant) pays to fix your shit so they can avoid being swallowed by china

Who would had guessed it?
Then how are we giving money to them? Surely they're giving us money to be able to own all this
It genuinely doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Sure this is a result of privatisation but we're not selling our country because of this. It's competition. Sometimes British companies will win bids and other times foreign companies will win them. We haven't handed over our entire rail network to them.
it does if, on one hand, you are bellowing TAKE BACK CONTROL FROM FOREIGN BUREAUCRATS, but then on the other, you are allowing foreign companies owned by foreign governments to operate vital domestic transit links. that is hypocrisy, and excusing it as 'competition' - as though it were some unknowable natural force that just happens, like the weather - is foolish.
I think you've regurgitated the "TAKE BACK CONTROL" mocking point enough. When you drop the amateur, nationalistic desire for everything to be 100% BRITISH OWNED AND MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN you learn to appreciate things how they are. While it hasn't happened on a national scale, private franchises in Europe exist in the same form as they do here. And even have British companies owning a chunk of their rail networks. So it cuts both ways. And I repeat, none of this is permanent. Not only are the contracts usually no more than a decade long but the government, at any time could pull the plug and re-nationalize a franchise like they did with LNER and Northern. I also think the whole "TAKE BACK CONTROL" sentiment is more apparent with parties like UKIP and Reform UK (previously known as the Brexit Party) than it is the Tories.
File: 08690_08596.jpg (478 KB, 1600x1059)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
That actually looks really nice, the EMR ones look good too. I don't mean to say they aren't cursed, they really are, but they still look cool.
i mean i think the point is pretty clear that saying one thing, and doing another, is a bad look.
How are they cursed? They look cool at least
File: Dsc_0072.jpg (133 KB, 1000x543)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Pretty sexy livery. Though the EWS is better.
30s technology carrying modern liveries that really shouldn't work but somehow do (ok they were physically built in the 50s-60s but the design is "based on™" 1930s LMS shunters)
Yes it is clear, so you can stop making it over and over.
Oh I thought you meant they were pieces of shit
That's one of the shortened 08/9s.
Pic related is an 08 (left) and an 08/9 (right) for comparison
Interesting! I assume they did this so it could work through low tunnels?
Unironically based.
I find it hard to have sympathy for countries that perpetually whine about Germany and yet still have German built infrastructure, and rake in German gibs.
All you have to be free of Germany is to build your stuff and say no thanks to the gibs, but it's just too irresistible for the rest of Europe to say no.
File: p2802[1].jpg (97 KB, 686x471)
97 KB
Built for the real short bridge clearances on the Burry Port & Gwendraeth Railway, originally a canal then converted to "light railway", running modified locos was cheaper than having to lower the former canal bed even more.
They gave you money once
You're actively giving them money
More than what they paid
Nigga what? If you're talking about the profits going to them whenever someone buys a tickets that's not longer the case.
Idk why you're acting like everyone other than these self hating nostalgics whines about Germany. I honestly embrace the fact we're such a big customer of theirs.
The problem is the lack of competition but I don't see how you can get decent competition with railway. You would have to allow multiple companies to run similar services on the same line and I doubt they would be willing to do that.

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