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/n/ - Transportation

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In 30-40 years basically everyone (even US domestic airlines) will be using airbuses. Boeing is fucked and is never going to recover from one debacle after another.

What happened to the domestic US airline industry? Back in my day, literally every aircraft you used for travel was made in the US.
Only the 737 MAX is causing issues for boeing. They'll probably buy in a new design from someone to replace the 737 if they can't hack it together enough with the large engines. The US Govt will never let them go bust for their military output alone.
File: boeing-1024x563.jpg (41 KB, 1024x563)
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Boeing put profit before people, costing it billions to rectify problems and tarnishing its reputation.
MD and Lockheed lost money when competing in the niche trijet category
Fairchild went bankrupt when they teamed up with Dornier to make the Dornier 729. Dornier was a failing German company, so why invest more money into it when its doing that bad?

I mean, this is most US plane manufacturers covered. Poor decisions and money put before innovation. Airbus takes a slightly different approach and is more cautious. Hence why we dont have an A322 to replace the 757.
fuck airline industy, the dream of flying has been killed by faa cuckery long since
Niggers, that’s what happened.
File: 1617424545904.jpg (103 KB, 650x880)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm 30 to 40 years. only government and their wealthy oligarchs will be flying. The unwashed masses will be limited to rail transit, buses, and bicycles.
>30-40 years
How dumb are you that you think the market and offerings will be the same 30+ years from now?
File: 1578682703124.png (117 KB, 500x584)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>still trusting Amerishart companies

Niggers, or should I say, under qualified niggers that the cat dragged in, are the reason why most airlines refuse to buy the 787 from one of boeings assembly lines. They take nigs off the street and give them jobs as engineers.
>yassss diversity n shieeeet
No engineering background. No real qualifications. No interest in the job.
>hey boonga, your job is to screw in 6 bolts every time a new plane passes, ok?
>ooog boog
Planes end up leaving the factory with missing bolts. Gee, I wonder who could be behind this?

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