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File: 3567346246.jpg (85 KB, 853x440)
85 KB
You know I love trains 10x more, but I want on this bus now.
File: Bergziege.jpg (42 KB, 440x330)
42 KB
cute bus time
bump for busporn
Whys it got antennas?
Is it an RC car or something?
It's a trollybus, they're power poles (actually trolly hence the name). Very popular in Russia (op pic) and eastern europe but not so much anywhere else.
Also Switzerland has a whole lot of trolleybus systems, a rarity in western Europe. Off the top of my head
>St. Gallen
So its like an electric bus that's on the charger all the time?
Yes, the economic pay off is quite good in the long run. I know there are some ideas floated about expanding the system in some cites so trucks can use them too. The latter is better alternative in cities, as the batteries trucks need are very heavy, take a lot of space, and extremely low capacity compared to diesel trucks. For context, diesel has a higher energy density than jet fuel, is very safe to use, and diesel engines are more efficient due to have being an overall better Carnot cycle.
File: nw6nkuoejg661.jpg (66 KB, 640x480)
66 KB
Diesels more efficient than electricity? Now I know your joking!
The electric buses in my system have a diesel generator on them to keep the bus warm in the winter. lmao
It'll be a diesel burner, not an generator. It basically blows a jet of atomised diesel over a glowing element, which makes a big flame. All this is happening inside a stainless can which has a water jacket around it (or sometimes just air blown over it depending on the system) and that heats the coolant for the air con to use for heat. You don't have to run it on diesel, there are heaps of alternatives.
He might be referring to the whole cycle from generating electricity, transmitting it and then powering the motors. But that would have to compare with the whole diesel cycle from at least the refinery to the bus.
No, as far as energy efficiency goes, you can't beat electric motors powered by overhead wires.
It's no antenna, it's a feeler

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