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/n/ - Transportation

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File: 1612963109792.png (389 KB, 680x660)
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Hey /n/ I was told to come here and ask for some advice on this but I may be a little out of the elements here, my apologies.

My boyfriend and I are backpacking through America this summer, roughly from June to September. We're looking to buy an RV and have that be our transportation, however we want it to be on the cheaper end side if possible.

Never bought a car before, let alone an RV, any advice on the RV itself?
Also any advice on backpacking through America, would be greatly appreciated as well.
RVs aren't held the same warranty requirements or lemon law requirements as cars or trucks, so be careful.
>My boyfriend
>My boyfriend and I are backpacking through America
>We're looking to buy an RV
You can continue your LARP on >>>/out/
They like to pretend to do stuff too.
Do you think having good insurance and AAA will help save me a bit from this?
Insurance like AAA only helps you when you need your shit towed.

Not going to be worth shit after you get it to the garage and realize you need a $3000 transmission job done.
Don't send /o/fats our way, we have enough car campers, offroaders and quad riders destroying the outdoors and thinking they belong on the board.
t. /out/
You might be better off buying a pickup truck and putting a truck camper on the back. Or renovating a van. It could be a fun project for you guys. Plus you would save a fortune on the total cost plus gas.
File: 1601135781731.jpg (127 KB, 960x822)
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127 KB JPG
Like I said, we haven't bought the RV yet, obviously we'd take it to our guy before then.

Really? This is interesting. Part of the reason we want to do the RV is because we have to take our cat, but I'll definitely look into this. Thanks for the advice.
RVs are retarded. They are a pain in the ass to drive; they can’t be parked in urban environments; and are generally a nuisance everywhere they go. Consider a van instead. Look into a Class B Motorhome (all this means is it’s a big van) and you should be able to get most amenities while maintaining a reasonably sized vehicle that can go places

Jesus fucking Christ RVs suck. You know there are major attractions throughout the country that you can’t access in an RV? Yeah, vehicle length limits because they know those dumb fucks ruin everything which is why half of them have to tow a second car behind them and then pay out the ass every night to park in an overpriced campground

Take the van pill
Thanks for the info! I'm totally fine with a van, I was saying RV just to make it simple but I should have been saying motorhome type deal.
Any advice on buying one or should I brave /o/ again?

Also any general advice on buying a regular van and converting it would be pretty cool too.
The trouble with vans is they're not big enough to have a shower. Sure, you can live without that, you can shower at a truck stop or campground or do the sponge bath thing but it's always a hassle. A van is a "tent with metal walls" vs. the RVs "house on wheels". Your points are valid but it's all compromise.
You can renovate a van to have a shower and a toilet. It's not that expensive hard or time-consuming. All the info needed is on Youtube.
>Stevens Guy
so, I take it the guy who put you up for the winter kicked you out?
I mean a cat can chill out in the average American 4x4/SUV with lots of space. Just make sure the cat has a litterbox in the back and obv put some towels or something underneath and around it
lmao things that will.never happen thread
I use my van because I like it. Ive always had a home
File: 1612942709796.jpg (16 KB, 240x239)
16 KB
what lol? I can't buy a van and revamp it like the millions of people do every year?

also daily bump since I've been forgetting. Thanks for all the info so far guys.
Holy shit that cat is fat
Daily bump
gonna fucking buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump

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