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File: crescent city bike.jpg (3.69 MB, 2947x2812)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
How do i go about to replace the tires on pic related? Also the handbrakes no longer work wat do? I wish i had a father to teach me this...
Go to your LBS and ask them to do it. They will probably charge you extra if your bike is shitty and unpleasant to work with.
i'd rather learn to do it myself unless it is some really big job
Do you want us to spoonfeed you? if you are so lazy that you lack the initiate to type “how to replace bicycle tyres“ into google/YouTube, then there is not much hope for you. Get your shit together anon.
Unless you are getting a great deal online go to a local shop and see if they have tire deals.

If not go to bike tires direct or amazon.

Sizes are on the sidewall. You will need 2 tire levers sometime they are like a buck each. Sometime you dont need them depends on how tight the tire is.

Buy 2 innertubes and replace your old ones.

Go to youtube and watch gcn and parktool tell you how to change a bike tire.

As for brakes a cheap shop is cheap for new brakes and imo, not worth the fiddling.
post a picture of your actual bike.
that is my bike, or same model rather
It's better to post yours when asking for help so people can see what's broken and such. Posting the model is not that helpful since bikes are -broadly- all the same, it's not like with cars where they all have specific features or particularly common issues.
sure, i'll go grab a picture when im down with the trash
Well these are the tires on that one


Which are size 47-622 a.k.a. 700x47 (622 = rim diameter, 47 = tire width), so hopefully some local bike shop should have something around that size. You could just order those too but they look like they might be cheapos.
>I wish i had a father to teach me this...
first thing he taught me about life is to never ask for help if you have zero knowlege on the issue, search for answers on your own first and only ask if there are questions left after that
the first thing my father taught me about mechanics is that if something looks like a nut, bolt or other kind of removable fitting and is roughly in the place where you think something you need to have detached attaches, it doesn't hurt to remove it
>I wish i had a father to teach me this...
lol my dads always been semi-into bikes but he can't even change a flat tire. He can't even remove a wheel. He's a smart man but his mind just turns off when he tries to do anything mechanical and he starts panicking basically. It's really strange.
When i was a kid we'd just take everything to a bike shop to do.

you don't need a father to learn these skills, the internet is your father and mother.
>replace the tires on pic related?
before you begin have a look at the rear wheel hub
if its an internal gear hub there will be some like of lever or chain protruding from the side where the chain is sprocketed, this must be kept indexed
some of them have a window or notch to view the index, in some the cable can be detached, others not so much
see https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/internal-gear-hubs

axle bolts are mostly 15 mm, yours may be different, I can see that there are some anti rotation washers on the rear axle, note how they are installed, so you can put them back later
to get the rear wheel off you will have to remove the hub brake torque arm on the non drive side, flat blade screw driver and a 10 mm wrench should work
the front wheel appears to be a dynamo hub, some have an electrical plug on the right side that can be undone

those tires look like 26x1.5 but I would be wrong about that, check the side wall for numbers
here is an link to a PDF showing common tire sizes https://www.cateye.com/data/resources/Tire_size_chart_ENG_151106.pdf
.eg 26 x 1.5 is listed as ETRTO 40-559
ETRTO is a little more consistent for tire sizes than the inch system
inch tire sizes are not consistent https://www.sheldonbrown.com/26.html

front brake is an V brake with conical washers, maybe the second hardest type to adjust
park tool makes good instructional videos just dont get temped to buy all the tools they use

and >>1612544
sometimes its not worth messing with,
I see people who try to fix it them self's and make a mess of things and loose or damage parts
.ps dad taught me nothing, he was too busy working
so basically it's the one thing not worth doing in terms of bicycle maintenance?
That looks like a piece of shit.
Just replace the bike, probably cheaper too
>not worth doing in terms of bicycle maintenance?
its slightly more difficult but not impossable,
I have worked on such bikes without removeing the shift cable or dynamo hubs eletrical wire, only being carefull not to twist or strech the cables too far.

just replacing tires does not require many special bicycle tools even in this case.
its easy and in most cases preferable to use a plastic tire lever,
but if your careful the metal tires levers do just fine, even a flat blade cabinet screw driver will do.
or your bare hands if you have good strength and technique, no risk of rim or tire damage here, just be watch out for rusty wire bead lmao.

but yea @ minimum wage or doing it your self its not worth it,
the only thing you get out of it is to learn some skills and at least know how well the job was done.
a professional bike mechanic does not have skin in the game, maybe reputation or liability but once the bike is out of their doors they dont care,
good enough is a very broad spectrum.
can be done in 30 minutes to an hour if you know what to look for

imho a useful skill to have if you have a flat at some point (granted, then you can sometimes fix it without removing the whole wheel if you have vulc. solution and patches) and if you don't always want to drag your bike to the next shop 5 km away

I've been repairing my own bike for years, so your mileage may vary, but there should be nothing too complicated here on your type of bike. Just put everything back like it was before
>That looks like a piece of shit.
why? it works for me. why throw away a functioning bike?
don't feed the troll

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