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I'm having another jazz party tonight, this one starts at 9 after the NA meeting. I'm about to go eat some burgers with my parents but I wanted to get the thread started anyway. I'm listening to Miles in Tokyo for the first time right now, never heard this version of So What before, it's a lot of fun. What albums are you bringing to the jazz party tonight?
One album I really like is Heavy Weather by Weather Report. Its just so jazzy and funky gets you in a good mood
Blues & Roots by Charles Mingus, great album by one of the great jazz musicians
>Shows up with a Pat Metheny record
i listened to that the other day. I like listening to the bass but honestly overall I didn't really like how upbeat and stuff it was. sounded like some kind of modern show theme. it was great music but doesnt get me in the mood I want
>shows up, nods off in corner
<cuz jazz
File: ftp1djf6e5i21.jpg (50 KB, 720x720)
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gazz gusic too gig
>Hey, lets go to the bodega for some beer, ok?
>quickly beaten and left behind dumpster
>shows back up
>nods in the corner
>cuz jazz
bump just got back!
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I feel naughty cause I'm listening to jazz-rock
last bump, imma let it die
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>still nodding in corner
that's a strange little song
mate goooood taste
for those unaware:

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I just listened to The Avante Garde with Don Cherry and John Coltrane. It was pretty cool but didn't blow my mind. I'm drinking and waiting till my parents go to bed to eat my mom's leftover Chinese food (not a euphemism). I can't wait for that egg roll even if it's a couple days old. I have poptarts to tide me over till then. The meeting tonight actually made me wanna get sober. Going to another meeting tomorrow. By then I should be out of booze even if i have to drink some in the morning so I think I can get sober. I'm a little anxious to deal with nighttime being sober though. I'll have no choice but to write or read or practice. I just know I won't be able to sit here, my virtual bar, and converse while I listen to tunes. It just doesn't work sober for some reason, the guilt gets me. I'm honestly scared but it's time. Going to try semen retention too see where that gets me.
I would never retend semen.

I went from more or less daily drinking to drinking once a week a while back. not for my health (ok, sorta secretly for my health and because I think being an addict is a failure of will over matter) but simply to get shit done. the pile of unread books was growing. the projects I desired to finish were stacking up and dragging on incomplete and I just said no fucking more.

and now I work work work and shit post infinitely looking for new music.

drinking is like a hole, depending on how you do it. takes a while to realize you re digging. takes a while to realize youre in a hole. takes a while to realize youre digging the hole. takes a while to want to stop being in a hole. takes a while to want to stop digging. takes a while to stop digging. takes a fucking while sometimes.

Goals, desire, and will. or we all die chasing the dragon. the beautiful fucking dragon.
truth truth truth. I wanna get in better health but it's absolutely the not getting things done that's makes me want to change.
oh god the egg roll is great
You call it a dragon huh. Well. I say chasing the demon. Similar though. Can't say I'm not chasing my own but there are certainly worse to be infected with. I'm not hooked on any one thing but the nasty cocktail of weed cigs coffee and fapping. Fuck me sideways it's nasty. I think the only way out is temporarily living in a van while looking for community. Because ive accepted i will never belong in California
Anyways it's summertime and my current mood
but California's great . . .
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Thoughts? Imo it's probably the greatest solo improve work ever
first part is really good, then it just gets boring.
oh man that's perfect for my 2 am drunk. i just put it on now. what other albums are good for this special time?
Really? I always thought part 3 was the best. The groove in part 1 is amazing though, powerful shit
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