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what's your most memorable concert experience, /mu/?
whats happening here
Got invited backstage after the show and sucked off all the band members of Radiohead. Jonny didn't cum though. Still, greatest show ever.
she's courting him
Kishi Bashi on 4 hits of acid
she's courting him
I've never been to a concert lmao
jesus the white guilt is palpable
like this wasn't staged for her to show off her non racist side
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Ween playing The Mollusk in full
i mean what was this guy doing at a paramore concert in the first place lmao
her handlers found him at a gym and brought him for her upon request
shes right in believing that little nigs need to be exposed to black role models more but who the fuck takes a capeshit movie seriously like that lmao
Daikaiju, satanic surf metal. They lit their drum set and guitars on fire. Half way through their set they crowd surfed the drummer along with most of his drum parts, and the crowd formed a drum kit in the air that he played for the rest of the song. I was fucking wasted and it was beautiful.
Omg i cry everytime i watch black panther too
Marry me
I wanna see these guys so bad. Heard their shows are fucking amazing.
its sad to see that a whole race is so retarded that they need special attention from everyone...its all so tiring
Didn't you hear? Black Panther was the first movie to ever star a black person. It ended slavery.
Who's going to post that Cake story about the fucking tree
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why does she virtue signal so much?
Its a fantasy movie for young people, fandoms are retarded tho.
First and only one ive went to was a dire straits tribute concert
File: 1549854449400.jpg (127 KB, 829x779)
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>Be me 19 year old in 2014
>Live in the middle of fucking nowhere
>Still have a small group of friends
>A pub in the nearest large town has rock gigs maybe one Friday out of the month
>The pub is a shithole and alot of the people attending the gig are stuck up pricks
>Me and my friends are the most unpopular attendants and IRL losers. We can just about fit in but are often outcast and the girls that attend consider us subhuman
>Still go to every gig because we genuinely love the music
>All the other attendants apart from us are rockers so we are even further ostracized for invading their safe space or some shit
>One of my friends is much more dysfunctional than the rest
>He has Asperger's but is also has snowflake syndrome because his mother encouraging him to believe his sperg behaviour means he is unique and better than everyone (he is now a big Rick and Morty fan and unironically believes he is smart for watching it)
>He consistently embarrasses himself and we cannot tell him to correct his behaviour because "he's just being himself" and "it is a form of bullying"
>Be at gig one friday with my friends as a song ends
>Everyone claps, them including us just a few claps and cheers nothing exceptional
>Out of nowhere said sperg friend just screams without warning in an exaggerated American heavy metal accent "YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ROCK AND ROLL" while at the same time making the devil horn symbol with his hands
>The whole room goes dead silent for a few seconds and everyone just stares at us with a look of confusion and disgust
>After a few seconds the music starts playing again but everyone else is clearly either laughing about us or given us hate stares because it's like cultural appropriation or some shit
>We all leave shortly afterwards and never return due to embarrassment
they jealousy is killing you
Ive been listening to coheed and cambria since I was 12 and I saw them live and my voice was shot from yelling so loud, I tried to actually sing but it quickly devolved into ape shouting
>from Paramore
Wow, that is even more pathetic than that one hairspray musical chick
Had a panic attack in the middle of the crowd. Was my first and last concert.
File: 1548039786691.jpg (13 KB, 326x326)
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2 years ago while I still was in my metal phase I went to a Testament concert. Was standing in first row to the left so I had the bassist in front of me.
At one point of the concert for no particular reason I winked at him and he winked back, sending me a kiss too, all this while playing thrash metal.
I'm a male.
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I saw Street Sects last year in this small cavernous venue in this tunnel (pic related). Before they went on they turned up these foggers and just had them blasting for 5 minutes or so and before you realized what was happening you could see nothing at all and then And I Grew Into Ribbons began and the strobe lights started and they blew my fucking socks off for 45 minutes.

Honestly, Protest the Hero.

Me and a friend travelled to a foreign country just to see them, and had a shit ton of fun along the way, culminating in the show, which was full of energy, some of the best songs they've ever written, Rody's constant shit-talking and had several personal interactions with the band as well. Their drummer is dope as fuck.
Oh shit, I was at this too. You talking about their show at the mockbee?
Last summer, seeing Primus perform the Desaturating Seven
Poppy smashing a guitar last Friday was fun
i played a HC show and a dude ruined my guitar with beer once.
Cringe, but Neutral Milk Hotel in 2013. Was in the front row with my best friends and had the time of my life. I watched Astra for a bit and she looked back at me, smiled, and nodded her head towards Jeff to tell me to look at him instead. Every second was heavenly.
File: digipack out 1.jpg (2.01 MB, 3516x1491)
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I have posted this story on /adv/ when it happened
>be me
>go to punk concert
>in the pit
>a girl is grinding on me
>she's objectively probably about an 8 but she's the type of girl that to me is a 10 (black bangs, short, cute face, alt-girl aesthetic)
>figure it's accidental since this is a mosh pit
>forget about her (kind of)
>3-4 months later
>go to chill psych rock concert
>eat an edible
>normally a good dose but I don't feel anything
>decide to eat one more
>reasonably high
>go to concert as the first band starts playing
>she's giving me looks constantly
>at this point I realise that the dose was way higher than I expected
>I don't pay attention to her or return the eye contact because I was so focused on the music
at this point I need to mention that edibles have a very psychedelic effect on me
>I can see the photons in the room vibrating
>the music is creating lights and colors
>the vocalist is breathing white energy
>I am in the forrest with the ancient elves that play magical instruments that no one but them can hear
>I can see white light every time the drum kick is hit
>too high to care about the girl at this point
>she's so fucking cute but at that point I felt like I was a part of something greater
>1st band plays their last song
>2nd band comes in
>they are more energetic
>the visuals are sharper and more intense
>after about 2 songs I notice that the girl is not there anymore but I really don't care
>I bump on someone behind me
>I was dancing/ moving since the begining of the concert and I knew that no one was behind me
>don't turn around because I don't care
>middle of their 3rd song
>a hand touches me on the back
>I don't care
>a hand touches me on the back again
>I don't care
>song ends
>a hand touches me on the back again and I hear "emm excuse me" by a very warm female voice
>guess who
File: digipack in 2.jpg (1.71 MB, 3507x1480)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
>intense dark red lips and nails
>her bangs are perfectly curved above her face
>her amazingly beautiful face is divided by white lines that seamlessly rearrange themselves as she talks
>"do you play in a band?"
>cliche asf
>"no, who did you think I was?"
>"some guy"
>yeah suure
>"anyway, what's your name?"
>"I am anon"
>go for a handshake
>her friend first (yeah she actually brought her friend)
>"I am somegirlname"
>then her
>"I am Peace" (in my language)
>fuck me dude
>her dark red nails were too intense
>normally autistic but the universe is telling me exactly what to say
>good vibes (I think)
>next song is about to start
>asking for her number didn't even cross my mind since at that moment the only things that I knew about were people, music and the beauty of the universe
>next song starts
>I wanna actually hear it so I kindly end the conversation
>I am completely lost in the music once again
>I know that what just happened is a good thing but I don't pay that thought any mind
>it's like I was meditating
>I felt 0 urge to talk to her after the song ended
>I felt 0 urge to do anything
>at that moment I was happy
>vibrating star-dust
>the concert ends
>don't see her again
Next weekend I am going to a concert in the same venue. It's possible that I will see her again. I have promised myself that I will talk to her since I felt like kind of an asshole.
Meeting her was nice but it's not what stands out about the experience the most. Since that concert my perspective has changed. I have had the experience that someone normally has on LSD and I feel blessed because of that. I feel more connected to everyone around me. Music sounds much more meaningful since then and I wanna make/ play music 24/7. This was definitely the trippiest experience of my life and I hope the girl is not a letdown

jpegmafia screaming in my face as i fall to the ground
Yessir! Best venue in town!
havent been to a good concert in years. but i might go to xiu xiu nexth month whit a friend so thats probaly going to be a memorable one
That was so intense, I saw them not too long after that at the Northside yacht club, that one was insane too. I wish more shows went on the mockbee, that space is awesome
File: London2012 067.jpg (1.37 MB, 2848x2136)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Astrohenge and Latitudes supporting *shels in a tiny fucking basement venue in Camden. It was intimate as heck and fucking beautiful when the whole room started singing along to Butterflies.
lel I can relate. Having sperg friends sometimes is worse than being sperg yourself
Fuck I am jealous
>go to young thug show with friend
>go alone into the middle of the crowd where there was a big group of hot girls
>walk next to group of 4 hot friends
>Some guy spills a drink on one
>they start yelling at him
>I whisper in one's ear "that guy was a dick"
>she puts her hand on my chest and smiles
>music starts
>She starts grinding her ass on my penis and ball areas
>her friends are looking at me and rubbing on me too
>song ends
>main girl who was grinding on me turns around and tries to make eye contact with me and make out
>look around and avoid eye contact, look at ceiling
>get thirsty and walk to bar to get a nice cold glass of water
man that was a refreshing sip of water
jpegmafia shows are just whiter Death Grips shows with shittier music
Unironically a smash mouth concert, my first standing room experience. I swear that got as violent as some of the hardcore stuff i go to nowadays. it was like
this is why I stopped hanging out with spergs
>courting him
ooooh i get it "courting" lel
File: ADTR-Download2017.jpg (350 KB, 1600x1068)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
I sat in a portaloo having a giant shit for the majority of A Day To Remember
As much as I love shows, a lot of my memories are negative. Paying too much, standing around for hours, getting in petty fights with dickless fucks in the crowd, paying too much. My favorite show ever was prpbably Dinosaur Jr in 2015, and it felt like me and my blackout drunk friend were the only people in the crowd who didn't have our fucking arms crossed.
Been to a bunch but these were the best and would highly recommend:

Sigur Ros in 2006
A Place to Bury Strangers in 2008
Boris in 2010
Swans in 2014
Boris is the one that got away for me. I almost got my shit together enough to go to see the tour where they played Flood in its entirety (2012ish? that could be wrong). Might happen someday but now that I have a normal gf it's not as likely.
based music over pussy anon
There a lot of punk and diy stuff that goes on. The proprietors are really cool about letting anyone do events there.
They were also great when I saw them right when Green Naugahyde came out.
i slapped machine girls ass when he dove into the crowd and after his set he was next to me while the garden was playing

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