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File: 1627004828024.png (78 KB, 278x235)
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I've been running a music review YouTube channel for over a year now and I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth continuing because of how shit YouTube has become. But I don't know of any other places I could upload and reach a wide audience.
Should I just suck it up and keep going or do you guys know any better alternatives?
File: 1626297905870.png (148 KB, 723x444)
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148 KB PNG
...so any of you guys like Pharmakon?
File: 1628308349314.png (73 KB, 300x300)
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On The Flip Side actually
Review my music
File: 1626047395809.jpg (202 KB, 933x933)
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Post it
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Checking out Paralisis. I'm liking it more than I expected. Your mix is a little rough but I like your vocal delivery.
I don't speak whatever language it is that you're singing in (I'm assuming Spanish) so I can't speak for the lyrical content but it's decent regardless.
File: 1632778883025.jpg (64 KB, 976x850)
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Does anyone have any recommendations for other platforms?
post on vk
File: 1629508074846.png (312 KB, 680x836)
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312 KB PNG
Something tells me the only alternatives are shit websites like VK.
Maybe just dealing with YouTube's stupid moves is the best option.
I’m going to do the same thing but be much more successful at it. I won’t play any tracks for copyright reasons, that’s on the viewer, but my writing will be superb. Actually I only just thought about doing it and I never follow through with anything but tuck you anyways,
File: 1627246889597.png (158 KB, 498x498)
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File: john lennon.jpg (281 KB, 932x858)
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Can you believe that fantanofaggot used to post on this board? Now he probably looks back on his former self with shame like the Twitter-posting queerness he currently engages in is any better?
File: 1629694750276.jpg (13 KB, 400x321)
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/mu/ is a mess but I still come here and probably will always end up back here.
review my dick and balls
Instrumentales chingones pero siguele trabajando a la letra, date mas ambicion, concisa tus ideas y explora tematicas y narrativas mas a fondo.
Thanks dude, yeah mix sucks I wish I could go back and do some things all over again.
Gracias, ya tengo cosas planeadas un poco mas ambiciosas para el futuro. La letra siempre ha sido algo muy difícil para mi y conseguir alguien con quien colaborar es cansado
Callense pendejos no saben de qué están hablando y se ven bien mecos. Abran un grupo de facebook si van a hablar mamador, esto es un foro anglo.
>english anti-ban FUCK jannie-trannies
failure made a new record? probably ass
File: 1635726995264.jpg (180 KB, 1400x933)
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i have been coming back every so often i can't help to see how my board is doing...
>le youtube music channel
I bet you review shitty /mu/core/rym tranny albums. Get a life.

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