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File: Devilish.jpg (144 KB, 500x500)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>Think Twice, It’s Not Alright
>The Times They Aren’t A Changin’
>It Is Me Babe
>It’s Not Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
>Unlike A Rolling Stone
>I Don’t Want You
>I Won’t Be Your Baby Tonight
>Knocking’ On Hell’s Door
>You’re Not Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
>Hate Sick
>Must Not Be Santa
>Murder Most Excellent
Evil Talking Heads
>Never in a lifetime
>Building up the house
>Normal healer
>Death during peace
>Died over kicks
File: Larson-Lou-Reed.jpg (147 KB, 720x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Evil Velvet Underground
>Monday Evening
>Dark Red Eyes
>Oh Sour Everything
>Brother Ray
Evil Beatles
>Hate Me Do
>P.S. I Hate You
>All My Hating
>She Hates You
>And I Hate Her
>Words Of Hate
>You’ve Got To Hide Your Hate Away
>It’s Only Hate
>Hate You To
>Hately Rita
>All You Need Is Hate
File: Kate Root.jpg (57 KB, 616x701)
57 KB
Evil Kate
>Tumbling Down That Hill (A Deal with the Devil)
>There Goes a Zero
>Goodbye Earth
>Shallow Misunderstaning
>Hours of Pain
>The Girl With the Pedophile in Her Eyes
>Father Lies for Discomfort
Evil John Coltrane
>A Hate Supreme
>Tiny Skips
Evil Weird Al
>Gangstas Paradise
>American Idiot
delete this post
Evil Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
>20th of January 1942 (Oh What A Night!)
>Sherry (but it's about the alcohol)
>Walk like a trans-man
>No One Loves You
>No Danger ;)
Special Edition
>Can Take My Eyes Off You
>murder most excellent

This post has a good future on its path
>You’ve Got To Hide Your Hate Away

AKA a /pol/ user visits the DMV
File: Evil_Eno.png (676 KB, 832x988)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
Evil Brian Eno
>Baby is frozen
>Music for Rocket Launches
>There Goes the Cold Crash Sites
>The Decent (fin)
>Apostle Grover's Ice Shack
>The Tiny Submarine
>The False Square
Evil Kanye
>Jesus Crawls
>We Care
>I Hate Kanye
>Opened on Sundays
File: 0daf_1.gif (34 KB, 432x339)
34 KB
Evil Swans
>The Saint
>She Hates Us
>Confident Teen
>The Silence
>Money isn't Flesh
>Hate will Kill You
>I am the Moon
>Old Mind
He's the only musician who has claimed to sell his soul that I actually believe.
Sufferin' Safari by the The Beat Boys

Sufferin' Safari
Country Unfair
Zero Little Indians
Little Girl
Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose
All The Time Blues
Clean Your Clock
Good one
Evil White Stripes
>I'm going to Topeka
>Green leaves on the clean trees
>Talking about my doorknob
>I hate this boy
File: R (4).jpg (36 KB, 500x607)
36 KB
Hurt Division - Ever Present Pain

Day of the Common Man
Blissful Ignorance
New Moon Rising
She's in Control of her Faculties
Cozy House
I Remember Everything
Evil beach boys
>devil only knows
>it wouldn't be nice
>sloop john a
>i know there isnt an answer
>bad vibrations
Good Joy Division be like

>Miracle Exhibition
>A means to a beginning
>And many more because nothing bad happens to the frontman!
Evil Deftones
>Your Own Winter (Yank It)
>Be Loud and Walk (Close Together)
>Stagnate (In the Yard of Elephants)
>Protrusion on the Moon
>You Haven’t Seen the Breeder
>the nicest member of the band is called Mike Hate
Evil Limp Bizkit
>Fix Stuff
>Cool Cat
>Your Path
>Stayin' (Terrain Defense Fortification)
>Take A Look At Yourself
>Feed You To Death
Evil Led Zeppelin:
>Bad Times, Worse Times
>I Can Quit You Baby
>Whole Lotta Hate
>No Thank You
>Dying Hating Maid
>Don't Bring It on Home
>Ruination Day
>Since I've Been Hating You
>That's Not the Way
>Stairway to Hell
>Not Going to California
>The Song Doesn't Remain the Same
>Dying Days
>In the Dark
>Dying with Stu
>Everybody's Fault and Mine
>Tea for Nobody
>Cold Dog
>All My Hate
>I'm Gonna Die
>We're Not Gonna Groove
>Tom Gets What He Deserves
Evil AC/DC
>Sissy Stuff Done For More Than Enuff
>Small Sticks
>Cat Feed Cat
>Too Little Stinky
>Tunnel To Heaven
>Boy Ain't Got Rhythm
>Could Use Some Touch
>Movin' On In White
>You Kept Me Still All Day
>Lightning Rod

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