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Him doing this is just as tired and predictable as the album.
Faggot piece of shit subhuman spamming fucking Fantano threads fuck you I hope you get raped to death by a pack of wild niggers I hope there’s an accident and you lose both your hands so you can never post again I’m sick of this bald fat faggot on this board I don’t give a shit about what good album he rated poorly or what bad album he rated highly he’s a stupid fucking idiot we know that we’ve always known that but you retards come here every fucking hour of every fucking day saying “durr wait why fantano be dumb bald man not rate album how I rate album” why don’t you pull your head out of your ass do the world a favor and get a fucking shotgun and end your posting career early I’m sick of coming to /mu/ and seeing this subhuman and always the same fucking complaints about him just stop fucking posting him he’s not a musician and his videos aren’t even interesting just stop it I hope the skull is ripped out of your head and your brains are split in two and then they’re both put back and the process is repeated over and over I hope you live in abject misery I never want to see a thread about him again I hope your spine is split in half I hope your heart is clogged with cum I fucking hate these stupid fucking low quality threads we need a permanent ban on these threads so I want the mods to just fucking end this and I don’t even like them fuck off just do it stop posting yes we get it he’s a moron you’re the moron for posting him whether you like him or not you’re a fucking cancer cell killing this board eat my whole ass I’m sick and tired of you people being alive if theneedledrop were deleted off youtube this board would probably suck for a few weeks or so but then it would be so great as people realized he was never coming back I’m fucking begging you here please stop posting him stop posting about how you like and support him and stop posting about how you dislike or hate him just stop making threads about this shit
>Raking in millions by talking about "creamy instrumentals" like that term even means anything
>In this very video can't bring himself to say the word cunt
Fantano is living proof the current world is not a meritocracy.
>random anon doesn't know how the YouTube game works
What did you expect him to do? Give it a 10 just to be unpredictable?
His smugness, like he's an authority on anything, annoys me
I would have some ego too if close to 2million people frame their opinion based on what I say. Plus he knows NOT GOODs get good views
He's wrong, album's pretty good.

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