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Just finished listening to pic related after being filtered by the first song for months.
I love it. Other than Clarity, is there anything else like this? Doesn’t matter if it’s by JEW or not
Christie Front Drive
The Promise Ring
The Get Up Kids
Which albums by the Get Up Kids? I listened to Four Minute Mile once but don’t remember much about them
Something to Write Home About
Red Letter Day EP

BTW, for Superchunk check out Foolish and No Pocky For Kitty.

Also maybe checkout:
Knapsack - Day Three of My New Life
Some earlier days stuff of Pedro The Lion
Thanks, friend!
I’ll check all those out this evening and tomorrow
No Knife. Them and JEW came up together and were big supporters of each other. No Knife’s debut (Drunk on the Moon) is the most similar to Static Prevails (and their sophomore album Hitman Dreams is also pretty similar), but as No Knife went on they started to develop their own unique sound that is not super similar to early JEW but still absolutely worth checking out. Jim Adkins even sings backing vocals on one of their songs (Charming, off of Fire in the City of Automatons).

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