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>what's the endeavor?
going to listen to 1 album a day for the next 365 days. any missed day will rollover into the next, meaning I will listen to however many albums I missed that day

>how do i rec music?
post a rec for each day, and I'll just add it onto the list, starting at 1 and eventually ending up at 365. i'll do my best to post here daily chronicling what I thought of each recced album (full list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-cJgvy3RDGApz-ZsZQ_GQATJqpjqTYeZzIFu2Nj3PuU/edit?usp=sharing)

>when are these posted?
I (try to) post these around 12am pst daily. Time will vary a little bit because i'm lazy and sometimes fucking retarded.

rym : https://rateyourmusic.com/~oatfarmer

Today’s Album : Naked Aggression - Bitter Youth

Yeah, I’ve listened to this one before, and I feel like the novelty has worn off a little bit the more I listen to it. It’s pretty generic left-leaning hc punk. I feel like I had more of an affinity with Naked Aggression much earlier in my kind of hardcore punk phase, but this just sounded very generic and kind of eh. I went into this kind of looking forward to the vocals and instrumentals, but I actually kind of found that there really wasn’t too much there. I didn’t dislike the album in any way, but I can’t really give it too much credit. Very basic stuff. 5/10
One last comment on yesterday's album: Try to listen to it either drunk or really tired.
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add this mate
hi jack, check this one out
>Perro - Tiene bacalao, tiene melodía
listened to it again yesterday after reccing it to other anons in previous threads and it's still very solid
I've got one for you Jack, assuming you're also after a wide range of music

Exuma - Exuma
listen to this next
Ok scrub that. I just noticed it on your list.
Try this one instead:

Rome - Flowers from Exile
>the endeavor
Ha, just looked up your Twin Infinitives review in the archive. It really is a divisive album.
I've listened to it several times, and am a bit confused about my own response. I hated it, then loved it then listened again not understanding why I'd loved it.
Now I simply liked it.

It's persistence on this board is due to the high rating Scaruffi gave it - it's #8 on his all time best albums list with a 9/10 score
In his review he references his #1 Trout Mask Replica, plus Uncle Meat and Exile On Main Street
Fever Ray - Fever Ray
lol will do
adding all these thanks guys
>I hated it, then loved it then listened again not understanding why I'd loved it.

I’m giving it another listen through today in addition to today’s album. I listened to some of rtx’s earlier stuff which is still a bit wavy but much more accessible. Maybe that’s a better setup than a blind listen just to Twin Infinitives? I’m not sure. My feelings were pretty strong the first time around.
Interesting endeavor OP. The rym account reviews are great
Since I bumped this I'll give rec: Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun
thanks anon. if you'd like them organized by date i believe there's a function to do that, but I think I'm missing a review or two on the rym

ty anon adding
Reviews get in date order if you click "more" at the bottom of the review section on the rym profile page instead of the "Review" link at the top

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