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File: Tumblr_l_715546538477880.jpg (895 KB, 1657x1731)
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It's still Monday in PST, so this thread better still be up when I wake up.
File: large.gif (145 KB, 600x900)
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File: eonis_ty_piece.png (646 KB, 1200x1200)
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Best princess. Best ruler.
I know it's only >2 but I want to get a bump in before bed. Goodnight moonbros.
Cloak Luna is best Luna.
>muh PST
This thread was made on Tuesday. Let it die. It's nothing but bumpfest anyway.
File: 20230228_030323.jpg (1.48 MB, 3120x3120)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
What would you do with Luna when bored? When you've done everything, seen everything, cuddled her everywhere?
File: 017.09.2023.png (814 KB, 3508x3508)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
prnces s
There would be games to play, stories to write. I always pictured her as an amazing, if troubled artist, I'm sure she could use a partner in that endeavor. If she didn't already play an instrument, I'm sure I could talk her into the both of us picking one up. If she already did, then I'd be practicing in secret until I was good enough to play with her.
File: 1682326660224057.jpg (897 KB, 3400x3800)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
Take a moment from your day and imagine, if you will, fanged nightmare moon kisses
>there are lots of things to do with Luna.
>Luna and (you) have a small book club and love reading various classics and other books that she missed, you also have some earth books
>she loves being a patron of the arts and seeing what artists can create in all different generes of art.
>loves going to various new places in locations and revisting places she love with (you)
>finding new hobbies
File: look at my loona dawg.jpg (3.25 MB, 4000x3000)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
My hired seamstress just completed my Woona plush. And it's a freaking mess. Hundreds of pounds for this doohickey, and they couldn't even follow the plush pattern correctly. Unbelievable.
Everything expect head seems good. If you cover your eyes or stay in pitch darkness it will look better.
File: 1614285692748.png (342 KB, 1280x1280)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Those "cables" behind her, or - if you lose depth perception - in front of her snout, looked like glasses. Cute. maybe it's time I should get a plush moon.
Luna got beeg, or filly got smol?
we need anon for scale, with live reaction
>be anon
>have a really good sleep
>wake up
>pony wife and kid in unexpected fractional scale factor
>start looking around for gnomes
why does Anonfilly as daughteru make so much sense?
File: IMG_4926.jpg (1.65 MB, 3024x4032)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Oof sorry anon. I had that happen with an Octavia. My Luna is solid though.
It's the lil shid syndrome imo
>Lyra steals oats
>anonfilly calls you a fag
just a naturally small filly, nuggets or meeps if you will.
>Be anon
>Relatively speaking, Equestria had always been a happy place. At least, from what you had known of it from your time here, it was always a peaceful one.
>Sure, from time to time you were met with a somewhat adolescent listlessness that would only be sated with some form of chaos, ambition, or pleasure.
>But it was a good place, really. Y'know the kind of, leave your door unlocked, neighbors so nice you can fuck their wife kinda place.
>Meant in the best possible way.
>But, well, whenever you, or anyone really, stayed out late enough to see the moon rise...
>Equestrias a nice place, swear to god
>But the empty night sky scared the shit out of you.

>Not completely empty of course. You mean, the moon, and the mare in it, as the ponies called it, were still there. And it's not like you had any reason to be scared.
>The night had always been empty here. Long as anyone you've ever known, or anyone they've ever known could remember.
>But neither were you the only one bothered by it.
>It was taboo to discuss of course, because what matter of personal or political importance wasn't taboo in polite conversation?
>But among the stallions you were close enough to drink and stay up late with, with those late night conversations that sometimes felt like the most important part of a friendship,
>When you had the chance, to laugh and talk of hopes and fears, a conversation you had remembered having too few of back home, you could still tell.
>They couldn't hide their unease.
>You had never quite appreciated how threatening nothing can be.

>You thought better than to tell them of the stars. After all, growing up in a city, you hardly knew of them either. Man's creation shut them out, only a few nights of your life had you beheld their glory.
>But even so, you knew they were there, that there were worlds and wonders beyond your home. In youth, it had been a great source of awe and hope. The story and belief of there being something out there, something that could make this mean something.
>Well, here you were, at that mysterious other place of meaning, with a perfect void of night blemished by a single beauty mark of moon and a half million tattered souls who dare not look at something as perfect and hollow as a plastic plant. Heh, you're pretty sure if you had one of those when you came here, they'd've been equally horrified.
>But you didn't, and you were here, with the same sentiments of longing glory that told you something was wrong. But it was beyond your power to fix. Kinda felt like playing therapist to god. All you could do was sit him down and let him cry through your soul so that at least something could speak to the simple truth of wrongness in this world
>Maybe it was that nothing was wrong. Maybe you were looking for something that couldn't possibly exist. Longing for an impossible world. Maybe. It was hard to know.
>You didn't think you could tell the difference between veil and void.
>You were an alien, a stranger in a strange land.
>Certainly if any of the ponies you knew were dropped into your home, after long enough they would be aware of all kinds of alienations present in your own society
>You were sure they'd have plenty of opinions about the Nacirema. So really, maybe it was nothing.
>But... ergh, you didn't know what to think. These ponies had the role you thought were previously reserved for gods, be it ancient gods of dead civilizations or modern gods of dead meaning.
>You had seen it, their control of nature, weather. Magic.
>And when you witnessed all of these wonders, it was every desire of your's to just be there, in that miraculous moment, and just wonder at the human-defined and deified divinity they seemed completely unaware that they possessed.
>But every time you tried your eyes drifted up, and even with the gracious veil of the sun's blue sky, you could see the emptiness.

>Still, if there was one thing that seemed to stay the same, it was that night was the time of being-with. It always did spark something in you. Maybe it was just a dark time for a dark time for them.
>You didn't like it. This place was supposed to be different. And here you were, fighting the same demons and ambiguities. Different forms didn't count for much.
>But still, here, like at home, despite all the fears and anxieties, you could look at the moon. There was still someone there, so at least, well, at least you weren't alone.
>Heh, even the same silly thought was with you. If all you had was a cold night's breath... you hoped it was enough to speak to her.


>The comfort from the one imperfection of an empty sky has run cold.
>Best return to your friends, from one coping comfort to another. You didn't have the capability to do much more than that.
>No, you were too cynical. The moon could be enough. So too could they. You all had to face emptiness. Either in a field or by a hearth, you could face it together.
>It might not be good, but the night still had this. This feeling and connection that made you feel fully and deeply human. Just needed awe so it wouldn't be an empty human.
>You wondered if the ponies felt the same way.
>You better get back. Sun would be rising soon. Apparently it was that time of year, supposed to be a big celebration for the sunrise. All the way out in Ponyville too...
>Be a pony
>It doesn't matter who
>You didn't quite know how to comprehend what had, what was, happening.
>What was supposed to have been the longest day, marking the banishment of the last of Equestria's divine evils, had instead turned into the longest night, and that very evil's return
>but you could not find it within yourself to care, to be horrified, as years of socialization and enculturation have demanded of you, because you were compelled by a far simpler truth

>The stars came back

>The empty terror of a blank sky, the malaise of a hollow, peaceful, life
Incomprehensible while enraptured in ethereal ecstasy
>The distinct sense of loneliness, as you looked upon a stellar isolation, unknowingly alone together.
That pain, gone; the stars, returned.
>The horror of a life devoid a part of one's own soul.
And now met with love in reunion, finally together, finally complete.
>Every fight, every argument, every sorrow and every pain
None of it mattered, because the stars came back!

>You had heard stories of course, stories of wonders and glories set upon a dark sky, even of bits of magic seeping into your world and enchanting those ancients lucky enough to witness and study it, in order to discover powers and mysteries that too, were for another ancient time.
>But you no more seriously regarded them than the stories of castrating the personification of the sky to birth the goddess of love and beauty (even if certain romantic pinings did leave you feeling emasculated).
>But now half of all unicorns' names would have meaning. The frightening, unspoken, unknown thousand year hole in your society's unconscious being was filled in a simple upward gaze shared between thousands, millions of ponies.

>A million other thoughts and words witnessed this shared apocalypse, all of it reflecting a simple fact you didn't know how to understand or emphasize another way
>How many basic truths, undeniable thoughts and feelings that when you understood them you had been nothing but compelled to let them subsume your being, consume you in the entirety of their simplicity
>"I think, therefore I am"
>"Without love, I am nothing"
>"The stars came back"
>The stars came back!
>The star came back, and the moon was freed.
>Sweet mother of night would no longer be lonely. The hollow spirit of celestial oblivion had itself become oblivated.
>So many words, so much force to communicate such a simple sentiment.
>The stars came back.

>Even the night's threat of eternity was quieted in contrast to its beauty. Even as latent horrors at the threat of a new world grew, when the more familiar beauty finally hailed from the East, the relief would be tinged with longing. The night was loved again.
>And while our heroes sought to save the sun, the rest of Equestria, from Trottingham and Appleloosa, Fillydelphia and Los Pegasus, even the seat of solar power, Canterlot,
>in the hearts in all of these mere places ponies looked to the stars, reclaiming a treasure so old they had forgotten its loss. The new millennium would prove more than a mere number.

>How did they ever forget her?
>They never would again.

What follows are mere thoughts.

Luna's return was arguably one of the most important events to happen over the course of the show, which is so incredibly damning because of how little it seemed to have mattered. It is a favored headcanon of mine, though outright contradicted by the first episode, that without Luna, the stars wouldn't shine. What was the first thought of all the ponies who gazed upwards on Equestria's longest night? My prose is... indulgent, excessive even (I'm half tempted to do a reading, but I think that's just my ego and pretension talking). But often I find the biggest reason fanfics trying to communicate just why Luna's nightbringing role matters fail is because they never evoke the power the night sky can bring. Part of me feels it is because there's never really anything believable about why her presence mattered for it, not from the show, and usually not in the fic itself, just someone gushing in a rather... to put it nicely, predictable way. ("You appreciate my night? I love you forever!"). (Sidenote: I have thought the legend Twilight reads from the beginning of the series should be read as just that, a legend, with some understanding from a scholar, that what really happened was lost to time, but maybe that's anachronistic. Regardless, I somewhat doubt the story told to ponies was exactly what happened)

Given the canon provided, it's hard to come up with a compelling feeling of, well, why did it matter? We were fucking ready for anything to answer that question, and nothing did. Not anything that addressed the role of a goddess.And we all know that was a fucking giant wasted opportunity. And that motivated my idea of the stars going out, making a sort of, lovecraftian horror in a new mode (albeit in the same mode mlp was already operating in, i was just trying to find a place for luna in it).Whereas Lovecraft's gods were so far beyond Man such that we'd rather not see them, Equestria's relationship with nature and the divine has always had a place for ponies in it, where both the ponies and the nature needed each other (Winter wrap up is the big example of this). Luna needed ponies. I suppose I also wanted to evoke why the ponies needed her too.
But it is beyond that, to me, its not even a matter of needing to evoke something strange and ethereal and dreamy, as we are wont to do with anything otherworldly, but rather something immediate, and real, and soulful (but not a strange or even the artistic/genuine concept of the soul, rather the immediate one, that we are all intimately familiar with, the immediate nature of our own being, for anyone who is not currently disassociating). There have been times when I have faced the stars, and I could only imagine that what I was feeling was what ancient prophets felt when they were facing their gods. It is what I understand religious ecstasy to mean, stranger still for me, not believing in any of these religions, and so coming very ill equipped to face it. Looking at the pictures of Saturn's rings and planetary nebula, the stars were more beautiful than the ancients could have imagined. But I suppose that is why I relate it here. Because that is what enchanted me to Luna, at least in part. Manifesting the ethereal as real, I suppose. Still, my thoughts on describing such moments of appreciation of stellar beauty are ladened with a sentiment of, If it matters, then it should be that when facing it, nothing else does. At least, until it becomes a part of you. Something not so easily forgotten, as much as we are to forget every other relation we have to nature. But, as Schiller says, man's relation to the sublime is fleeting

Still, it really does sadden me how few people have seen even a fraction of the true night's sky.
I suppose as some small comfort, if all you're able to see is a few stars, imagine how hard Luna must be trying to show them to you.

There is some irony to this entire thing though, We speak of horror when we say "the stars are going out", here instead, I speak of the stars coming back. We should miss them, yet despite their very real absence in most of our lives, Most people don't even acknowledge such absence. In a sense, the world we're in now is exactly one that Luna would feel neglected in. We don't try to live in the night, we try to extend the day.
Such is the alienation of industrial society I suppose. The stars, space, and night generally and from that their personification were my initial fascination with Luna, that and a history of problems managing my rage, which too had caused me to hurt those around me. The shame I felt from that was a very lonely feeling. Now though, my interest is with the god, and what being a world of living gods would mean. In both cases, it seems like I'm trying to from some sense of alienation.
From the PoV of canon logic though, why the stars went out is still open to interpretation in the context of this green. Given how the stars will aid in her escape, it raises the question of if they were gone (only existing by being placed there by Luna), or just veiled. Or if they too were banished, and their return was what would bring NMM back, before or alongside her. But the prophecy does imply that they wished for her return. Personally, I'd've liked them to have had a reason to miss her. Perhaps they went dark in mourning. This of course implies agency and attitudes to the stars themselves, an idea I think I've seen some fics play with, but given how this idea stems from a change to the show itself, I'm not sure if it would have worked in the show narratively.

I have another idea for a green about revolving around dreamwalking and Luna's banishment that I hope to write at some point, in a similar vein as all of this. It'll prob be a one-shot aswell, so pretty short. I don't want to give too much detail, this and that green have a single central thrust that makes up most of the value of them, and I don't want to give it away too readily.

I have other thoughts, but I've been sitting on this for long enough, and I wanted to show it to you all as opposed to ceaselessly ruminating.
A much needed bump before work so I can read all this neat little headcanon more thoroughly when I get back. I thought /moon/ is done with discussion and fan theories forever. Thank you friend for proving me wrong.
work bump
File: Tumblr_l_383805611836106.jpg (266 KB, 1080x1439)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
File: 3116554.jpg (800 KB, 2048x2048)
800 KB
800 KB JPG
I will stand by her side for eternity.
File: 1650584262637.png (261 KB, 679x675)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
freaking moonfags, I swear to dog
It's still early for the more dedicated murikan moonfags. aka nocturnal and night crew Aside from the absolute lunatics like myself that decide sleep is for the weak.
File: 2068977.png (146 KB, 640x360)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that she wasn't just taller and sexier as Nightmare Moon. She was also happier.
File: 1680959236569664.png (14 KB, 800x800)
14 KB
You could say the exact same thing about Celestia.
>Friendly reminder that she wasn't just taller and sexier as Nightmare Moon. She was also happier.

Idk if that was the case. A lot of her happiness was probably just being elated that she wasn't on the moon and an initial rush at beating Celestia. It's like she got everything she thought she wanted all at once, of course she'd be happy.
The problem is that she wouldn't be content, eventually the rush would fade, and she'd be even more miserable after her victory proved unsatisfying in the long run.
File: 1197538.png (311 KB, 864x481)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
See, I don't think that's the case. I think you're close to what Luna wants it to be. But I think that's the secret that deep down, gnaws at Luna's mind.
I think she loved it. That she loved every moment of being tall dark and edgy. She never felt more alive than when when she was being the unrepentant monster. Toying with ponies lives, realizing she could kill them in a moment, and actually considering it, brought her true joy.
That's what left her leaving sacrificial offerings so Nightmare Moon wouldn't consume her again. That's made her create a dream monster that'd allow her to associate being Nightmare Moon with pain and horror. She's terrified of herself. Of what she's capable of doing. Of how much she liked it. Of that little part of her that's always looking for an excuse to do it again.
>I think she loved it. That she loved every moment of being tall dark and edgy. She never felt more alive than when when she was being the unrepentant monster. Toying with ponies lives, realizing she could kill them in a moment, and actually considering it, brought her true joy.

So she's just a monster with an artificial conscience? Sounds like you just want NMM to be daybreaker but just like Black Snooty's design.
File: 43.jpg (289 KB, 1024x1488)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Artificial? Far from it! It's all her. Her conscience is every bit her, just as much as Nightmare is. We are all the sum of our choices, Anon. Luna chooses not to give in every night she gets up and goes to work. No different than when you have your own intrusive thoughts. The difference is that she let them win once. She knows exactly how good it felt to revel in her vices, but she still chooses to deny them. It makes her one of the most noble characters in the show. Noble, but miserable.
>Daybreaker's personality
Is what, exactly? The only appearance she had was as a sociopathic Celestia in Poochie's nightmare.
True but I always saw her more as a Macbeth, Titus, or Count of Monte Cristo than just someone with a repressed sadistic streak. Because the latter just makes me think of a lot of poorly written seinen characters. I think her primary motivator is revenge and a desire for respect rather than just the enjoyment of toying with others for the sake of it. She was happy because for the first time ever she was able to make ponies respect her and had achieved her vengeance after a thousand years of stewing in captivity. She finally had what she thought was an easy way to get the attention she felt she needed and upstage her unintentionally neglectful/abusive sister.
The reason she's unhappy is because post Luna eclipsed she begins to think she could've gotten that respect without resorting to villainy and regrets taking the easy road which would inevitably be a series of short lived triumphs and a gnawing insecurity. I also think that she'd feel lost without a Celestia to hate.
File: 1068137.png (364 KB, 1800x1000)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>True but I always saw her more as a Macbeth, Titus, or Count of Monte Cristo than just someone with a repressed sadistic streak.
I'm not trying to say it's JUST a sadistic streak. While I don't know Titus, and I refuse to read anything written by a Frenchman, wasn't Macbeth originally driven by a lust for power? That's what I'm saying Nightmare/Luna was after. Power over ponies. If it were just a sadistic streak, she could have killed the mane 6 at any time upon her return. She could have chained them up like she did Spike in the alternate timeline, she could have tortured them, hell, she could have smashed Twilight's skull like she did the Elements. But she didn't. She didn't even attack Twilight until Twilight charged at her. That was Nightmare playing god, yea, but not a sadistic god.
>I also think that she'd feel lost without a Celestia to hate.
I completely disagree with that. This thread especially has a weird tendency to view Luna as a dog chasing a car. An idiot who never thought anything through. Like the whole Nightmare Moon thing was just one long temper tantrum. I don't ever see it like that. I think she had some grandiose, Machiavellian plans. She had a vision of an Equestria under her sole rule, and she was going to drag it there kicking and screaming if she had to. That's what I see with the s5 finale. This ain't something made by a pony who's lost and doesn't know what to do.
File: 1647220187045.jpg (43 KB, 564x525)
43 KB
i would fucking love to see a pic of luna fighting one of the monster hunter monsters, especially a brachydios
File: 2708733.jpg (727 KB, 4096x2892)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
I love the gamer princess
File: moonmarehardatwork.jpg (66 KB, 894x894)
66 KB
>I'm not trying to say it's JUST a sadistic streak. While I don't know Titus, and I refuse to read anything written by a Frenchman, wasn't Macbeth originally driven by a lust for power?
It was a desire for respect and stability that slowly warped into a hunger for power. Macbeth was a hardworking dude who just wanted Duncan sempai to notice him, only for his belief in his fated right to respect and authority consumed him after the witches. As he thought that the universe was rewarding him with the inalienable right to be king.

>That's what I'm saying Nightmare/Luna was after. Power over ponies. If it were just a sadistic streak, she could have killed the mane 6 at any time upon her return. She could have chained them up like she did Spike in the alternate timeline, she could have tortured them, hell, she could have smashed Twilight's skull like she did the Elements. But she didn't. She didn't even attack Twilight until Twilight charged at her. That was Nightmare playing god, yea, but not a sadistic god.

She wants power because she wants to be appreciated, it's literally in the first episode. Is she power hungry? Definitely but power wasn't the main goal. In her origin story, what drove her to villainy was ponies spurning her night and neglect from her sister.

> I think she had some grandiose, Machiavellian plans. She had a vision of an Equestria under her sole rule, and she was going to drag it there kicking and screaming if she had to.

I doubt that she had one that was very complicated at first beyond 'make it eternal night so no one rejects my art'. Because that's what she is, an artist. Everything else was secondary to her because making night, and forcing ponies to appreciate it was her entire M.O.
Secondly she believed that Celestia was the obstacle between her and the attention, admiration and respect she thought she deserved. But the problem is that taking it by force as a rogue agent, and then radically shifting the cosmos itself in one night will still breed fear at best or resentment at worst. She'll be on a continuous cycle of destroying the perceived obstacle and still not getting what she truly wants.

>S5 Finale
Ahaha there's your problem too many toasters!
File: coldblep.jpg (100 KB, 1022x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>under the weather
>go buy hot apple cider
>imagine how nice it'd be if Luna made it for me
File: 1638570149939.png (89 KB, 800x517)
89 KB
File: IMG_4780.jpg (1.05 MB, 5411x3989)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Honestly chilling with Luna seems nice.
>long day off with (you) and Luna and it’s a cool autumn day.
>take a walk in the woods and watch the leaves turn while you share a scarf.
>have a small picnic and chat about life, make out a bit.
>head back to her tower and enjoy the evening reading to each other and cuddling while sharing a bowl of cookies next to the fireplace.
>carry her to bed as she nuzzles into you and then make love to her.
>fall asleep in each others arms.
File: 1606555259780.png (887 KB, 3932x2954)
887 KB
887 KB PNG
I do wonder quite often what kind of temperament Nmm would have in her personal time.
Calm and collected perhaps?
Methodical and precise?
Plus I have to wonder what she would think of Anon addressing her as Lilith based on human culture.
File: 3027002.png (3.22 MB, 2051x2500)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB PNG
A similar idea is used in The Enchanted Kingdom. Not that the stars are gone, per se, but that they must be brought out along with the Moon, and Cadence, the sole princess still capable of doing so, has no talent for it - to paraphrase Pratchett, Luna brought out the stars while Cadence can only do burning balls of gas.
Regrettably it's only mentioned in a single scene - namely, when Luna is freed and proves so, by not only bringing out the night out of order (which some other ponies can do), but painting the Dreamer's Canvas in the way only she can, so it's not worth reading just for Luna.
File: Fo2uoHBXsAAbWgc.jpg (136 KB, 960x1280)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Beautiful essay, anon. Thank you.
This pony is simply beyond my comprehension, but posts like yours make me feel like I'm closer to understanding her.
Praise the moon
File: 1598412019202.gif (895 KB, 1200x1200)
895 KB
895 KB GIF
Giraffe neck~...
>dreaming about waifu's sister
imagine the implications of this

i keep thinking about that anon's post about Luna's stars
File: 1647325172188.png (973 KB, 752x1063)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
>i keep thinking about that anon's post about Luna's star
I don't know much of the deep lore on Luna but I always thought she was princess of the Night, not just the Moon.
This song always reminds me of her.
Damn these sunfags brainwashed me into liking both sisters. What I am supposed to do now?
File: 1644931621027.jpg (1.46 MB, 4500x3250)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
>Get cozy.
>Enjoy both.
This, both are great in their own ways.
is she winking?
MUH JO- oh it's saturday. carry on then
File: 1610230958474.png (2.9 MB, 8000x4500)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
>visit parents in small town
>usually have some stars visible, unlike big city
>no stars today
How often do you see effects of her work, anons?
Once a year only. I live in perma light polluted cocrete glass shithole.
File: IMG_5025.jpg (1.64 MB, 3024x4032)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Gave the lady of the moon some lavender.
goodnight /moon/
sweet dreams
File: 1644304491282.jpg (491 KB, 643x800)
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