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File: prepare yourself.png (138 KB, 1280x1278)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying and failing to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are light-hearted comedies about the ponies failing in their attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 11 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://ponepaste.org/1274
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- https://ponepaste.org/1275
Navarone's Writing Rules -- https://ponepaste.org/1276

For additional information, lurk. You could also check out the T:EM/P/O or /bale/ threads for further writing advice, unless they're dead.
So many threads have died, but only Flutterrape has remained. We shall always remain. We are bound to the fate of the board as a lich is bound to its phylactery.


Masterlist: https://ponepaste.org/user/FlutterrapeGeneral
Author List: https://ponepaste.org/1270
FIMfiction Group: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: https://ponepaste.org/1268

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape/

OLD THREAD: >>40227489
File: raep tiem.png (240 KB, 1280x1280)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>"Oh, did they forget to bump the thread and let it die early?"
>"That means it's time to exact payment, isn't that right, Anon?"
File: step into my parlor.png (209 KB, 750x850)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
File: DIBS.png (2.53 MB, 3000x2216)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
>"There's no escape this time, Anonymous."
>"Yay! Time for some lovin' and cuddlin'!"
File: 1415508493999.jpg (45 KB, 314x294)
45 KB
Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
File: Kevin_Nash.png (316 KB, 407x656)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>Don't worry, Anon. Kevin Nash will defend you from Fluttershy.
File: bend over.png (312 KB, 700x728)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>"Oh Darling, I have the most exciting ideas for your punishment!"

>"Thank you, dear."
File: chaos time.png (2.98 MB, 1080x1528)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
>"You gonna defend him from me too?"
>"You're welcome to try..."
File: pelvis smashing time.jpg (320 KB, 1920x1636)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
>"Now just hold on one gal-durned minute, girls."
>"I made the thread, so I get first dibs."
>"After I'm done, y'all can have whatever's still moving."
File: Broken_Matt_Hardy.png (435 KB, 492x640)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>Ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh. WONDERFUL! You must be the personification of the abstract idea of chaos. Your kind belongs not in this realm of the cosmos. I shall protect my compatriot, this Anon whom is currently within your crosshairs. But when I'm done with you, you will be no more. You shall be thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation to revert back into whatever identity you precurse...either that, or you will be DELETED.
I bumped before I went to sleep, but I guess that’s not good enough anymore.
File: Flutterluvin.png (1.59 MB, 1859x1703)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
(this image, but with Matt Hardy sticking out of Eris' mouth)
File: 1664700404463797.png (1.09 MB, 1200x709)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
If you were to ever be faced with the choice between Nightmare Moon or Daybreaker it would always behoove you to choose Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon would consider herself to be above needing to resort to rape. She would be intent on seducing you. She would see it as only natural that you would eventually come to realize your attraction to her. Daybreaker, on the other hoof, wouldn't bother with any of the niceties. Daybreaker would brutally rape you to her heart's content. It should go without saying, but that would only end very poorly for you.
This has been a PSA for your safety on why you should support Nightmare Moon.
File: 1675862205003134.jpg (1.48 MB, 1600x1200)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
>Daybreaker, on the other hoof, wouldn't bother with any of the niceties. Daybreaker would brutally rape you to her heart's content.
That's why she is better
File: 1665242520599653.jpg (229 KB, 1200x1200)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
No! Bad anon! No horny!
File: come to me.png (479 KB, 1024x1024)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
>"Oh by all means, horny all you want."
>"I certainly don't mind."
>"While we're at it, what's your fetish?"
That's not Fluttershy...
>"Are imposters your fetish?"
Hey nobody here with a ponepaste was using passworded pastes were they?
I knew not being on night shift anymore might hurt the thread, but I didn't think it'd kill it.
Counterargument: Luna grew jealous and resentful of the affection that ponies gave to Celestia and the daytime. Failing to cause the night to become more appealing to them, she became NMM and tried to take that affection by force. Her very existence is an act of violation brought on by a failure of seduction. Nightmare is a quintessential rapist.
File: forgiving appul.png (737 KB, 3992x5107)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
>"It's alright, Anon. We all hafta earn a living somehow."
>"Now take off yer clothes and get into bed."
Welp, time to start drinking.
To numb the pain that's coming.
File: 1691206151164327.png (650 KB, 1140x936)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
Countercounterargument: Nightmare Moon wants to be the sole object of affection. To this end she removes others that would occupy that position. She didn't force anyone to worship her, she just asserted herself over Celestia and let everyone naturally come to serve her as they realize there's no other option. Nightmare Moon would not only not rape you, she would likely remove anyone else who tried to rape you since she sees herself as the only one for you. In fact you would be safer under Nightmare Moon than under Celestia, who has shown herself to at best do nothing about the danger posed to you by ponies and at worst actively encourage and participate in it.
I think she used a little too much ham glaze
She’s setting a trap for sure
You know what? I'm convinced; fair point.
It’s too early to die again
*radio static*
>Command, we got hit hard, the thread didnt hold, i repeat the thread was left for dead, many of anons were trapped and raped in the spot and we have more MIAs reports by the second of men who got dragged to god knows where by several honry... *static*, the mares broke thought our lines and we got to fall back, need backup ASAP, we dont know when they would strike Again, we are low on supplies and... What was that?! OH SHIT THEY'RE HERE, RETURN FIRE DONT LET THEM GET YOU, OH GOD NO PLEASE DONT AHHHHH-
*end of broadcast*
Can’t even hold back a few horny mares. What a disappointment.
>entire right side of the horse is gone
>anatomy broken
>this mare fuses with the floor by melting
>tail grows from the background
>background itself doesn't even make sense
>the fucking colour pallete
>the fucking """artist""" signature
I'm sorry anon, this ai slop is painful to look at
File: vigilo_confido.png (305 KB, 450x450)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
>"The inability of the thread to bump and the compromising of several Anonymous posters has greatly reduced the safety of both entities."
>"This entire theme was the product of ill-will towards an innocent pony that has since spiraled out of control. The result of a series of simple... Misunderstandings met with an overzealous response."
>"We believe the best course of action is to cooperate with the ponies for the betterment of Anonymous' everywhere."
>"You cooperation will be met with... Kindness."
File: FluttershAI.jpg (729 KB, 3072x3072)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Have we yet definitively proven that rapist Fluttershy is, in fact, NOT an AI?
How boned are we if she is?
File: bump.jpg (250 KB, 1280x1280)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>all legs, no neck
What a strange creature
File: MidJourney.png (2.77 MB, 1536x1536)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
It's not the most horrible Fluttershy coughed up by a computer.
This is.
File: Bewitching Bell.png (301 KB, 1280x1422)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>When Anon first arrived in Equestria, the "powers that be" determined that without magic, he would need something to protect himself with
>And so, unbeknownst to Anon, a powerful artifact was put in his possession

>What is this powerful artifact that was gifted to him?
>Will it be enough to protect him from thirsty mares?
>That's for (you) to decide
You're the one writing the story anon. Run out of ideas? Writers block?
I'm setting the stage for people to think of some cool stories.
Guys, I can salvage this situation....
>*Teleports behind them*
>*Defensively rape them first*
If the artifact was given by Luna and Celestia, I think it'd be funny if it made him unbelievably attractive to mare's (of all sentient species) but overtime. So the more he hangs out with them the more attracted they get. The upside is that it makes him have bullshit cartoon powers.
>The Unbound Eye
> A jewel crafted from the purest essences of fun and freedom
>Embedded in his chest, Anon gains fantastic cartoon powers
>However, this power comes at a cost
>If overused, it will drain Anon's stamina, and leave him exhausted
>He needs to train with this power, in order to use it's power for efficiently

>It also has an... unexpected other catch
>On top of Anon's natural charm and charisma, the Eye also subtly gives off an aura that single mares find irresistible

>Can Anon master his new powers, while protecting his virginity from the talking horsies?
>Let's hope so...
Hey, nice beginning. Sounds like it'd be a fun little story
Could be interesting.
>giving them what they want
File: IMG_0631.gif (1.06 MB, 244x178)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
They want to rape, not BE raped. Now FLY YOU FOOLS!
Nice try nutterbutter.
File: IMG_0636.jpg (25 KB, 360x200)
25 KB
Do maiar even have cocks?
Gandalf isn’t a human, he’s an alien. And the answer is probably not.
File: Really?.jpg (318 KB, 2000x1958)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
>Page 8
>"Y'all are just flirting with me now, ain't ya..."
I sure am glad you're back Appulposter.
File: night call.png (231 KB, 556x1659)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Panko's a menace
File: Eris tickle.jpg (2.91 MB, 4608x3456)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
Off 9
File: Anti Pony Circle.jpg (595 KB, 1099x853)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
>Anon makes anti pony circle around his house.
>So strong that not even the elements of harmony or any of the Alicorns can break through.
>Villain of the week tried to kidnap Anon because they think he’s some powerful enchanter.
>Anon wants to get home because he knows those ponies have been waiting to catch him outside the circle.
File: Queen Umbra.png (2.21 MB, 2048x1536)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
He's so proud of himself.
She just wants a hug.
The real question is, who put those stickers on all the phones?
She wouldn’t survive a minute in the local cuddle cubby(pony glory hole)
Could've been anyone to put those up
Yeah that one is pretty nightmareish
File: 1688597073633357.png (190 KB, 429x657)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
delete this
Generation X ruined the world.
[generation before mine] ruined the world! -- Every generation ever
>Be Anon
>Also be really wishing that you weren't Anon
>"Mmm, looks like I gots ya right where I wants ya, Sugarcube~"
>You were currently being pinned to a tree at Sweet Apple Acres
>Applejack had a hoof on each ridge of your hips
>Coupled with her freakish-even-by-earth-pony-standards strength, you were effectively immobilized
"Applejack, w-what are you doing...This isn't funny, y'know..."
>No matter how hard you pushed, her legs wouldn't budge from your body
>It was like arm wrestling a statue
>"Ya sure? Seems pretty funny ta me, what with you waltzin' around, wearin' all them fancy clothes, only for ya ta start impersonatin' Fluttershy soon as a mare decides ta accept yer invitation."
>She was giving you this lecherous gaze, her lips turned up in a smug grin
"I-I don't know what your talking about, please Applejack. You're scaring me..." You pleaded, staring into the mare's half-lidded eyes
>Her only response was a chuckle and a shake of her head
>"Scarin' ya? Scared o' what? I'm half yer size, Anon. If ya wanted me to stop, you'd make me."
>She began to lean her head forwards as she spoke
>"But seein' as ya ain't so much as even shook me, guess ya must really want this ta happen."
>You let out a quick gasp when her snout made contact with the zipper of your slacks
>Her eyelids fluttered as she took a deep inhale of your crotch, letting out a satisfied exhale before speaking again
>"Sweet Sun above, ya got a little piece o' paradise hidin' in there, don't ya Honeysuckle?" She said as she buried her muzzle deeper into your groin
>The rubbing began to awaken a part of you that you absolutely did not want awake
"Applej-jack, please, let me go. What if one of your siblings find you doing this? Or Granny Smith? I-I'm sure she wouldn't approve of what you're doing..." You pleaded, tears starting to well up in your eyes as your attempts to push her away grew more frantic
>You knew what "this" was now
>You still did not want "this"
>You would never want "this"
>Especially not for your first time
>"Ain't nopony gonna find us way out here, Sweetpea. Apples already been bucked in this section, and mah family thinks I headed inta town. Don't you worry yer pretty lil' head," AJ gave the rising tent in your pants a kiss, "I got all day long ta play with ya, Loverboy."
>Applejack leaned in again, and using her shockingly dexterous lips, was able to undo your pants and pull them open, leaving only your boxers between her and your now full erection
>"Would ya look at that, ya even wrapped it for me! Must be mah birthday or somethin'. Wonder what's inside?"
>AJ nuzzled up to the side of your dick, the sensation of her warmth through the thin cloth was almost enough to make you moan
>You had to bite your lip and look away to keep from making anything close to a pleasurable sound
>You wanted to scream for help, but you knew from your time working here that it was impossible for anyone at the farmhouse to hear you from this section of the orchard
This is good anon, hope you keep going
File: anon-frown.png (12 KB, 450x450)
12 KB
I guess this is just what happens when we let the thread die.
Whoever this guy is he's uploaded a lot of That_Happy_Guy's and Smudgey's old greens onto Ponepaste recently. Not saying it's bad, since it's not like either of those guys are around anymore, but found it weird enough to post it here.
Anti-pony circles attract dragon women. Anti-dragon women undergarments attract gryphons.
Weird, they're all up on poneb.in already, AFAIK.
Ponebin's blocked in russia I think, so it might've been to try and get around that.
File: angry.png (86 KB, 660x656)
86 KB
Fuckin' Putin, oppressing my horsefucker brothers like that! Who runs his IT department if not Russian pony fans, anyway? I hear they're basically everywhere in tech over there.
The guy who runs ponebin is from Ukraine I think and he blocked it there a while back if I'm remembering right.
Oh, so I guess Putin's off the hook for that. And I can't be mad at poneb.in guy for telling the folks from the country that's invading his to piss off from his free website, so now I have nowhere to direct my nerd rage.
Eh, something will present itself.
It's all Barack Obama/Joe Biden's fault anyhow.
AJ's always waiting
File: character development.gif (437 KB, 480x236)
437 KB
437 KB GIF
She did not take you visiting Pinke well.
I think something far worse happens when the thread dies...
Talk about horse play.
That was me. I thought it was more convenient to put stuff on ponepaste than to leave it solely on ponebin because of the tag search system. I was considering putting up the work of more writers in the future, should I not?
I feel like as long as you ask the writers, assuming it’s an option you’re fine.
I'd do it regardless - extra backups are never bad.
>All these Applejacks.
Will Applejack assist in the Flutterrape? She's sick and tired of Anon not telling Fluttershy his fetish and making her cry?
>"I'll hold him, you fuck him."
>/Flutterrape/: Across the Anon-Verse

>Across space-time, Anons are being chased throughout Equestria by one to multiple different ponies
>Dimension /CO/ acts as a safe haven where Anons can catch their breath, as well as converse with their brothers in arms on how to better avoid those little pastel monsters
>Every Anon you speak to will have their own unique tale to tell about how they've managed to protect their virginity thus far
>So keep fighting the good fight, and don't you dare give up, soldier
>Remember, we're all in this together

>Captcha: 8PMANS
Neb had a story kinda like that
Applejack probably just wants to get laid herself, she probably tells herself it’s all just to help Fluttershy though
You’re not wrong
>Remember, we're all in this together
Everyone bumps, no one quits.
>I let it die
And? What are you gonna do about it Appulsauce?
See >>40332223
You work on the farm 6 days a week 5AM-5PM until your body is as chiseled as Kratos.
>Ponies are soon swarming all over you like a bunch of sweat bees
File: drunk and horny.png (280 KB, 596x1006)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
>Page 8
>"Alright, that does it."
>"The rapings will begin immediately!"
AJ you’re drunk, go to bed
But becoming super buff isn't a punishment.
File: 2427324.png (1.19 MB, 1862x1125)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
No matter how buff you are, you are still weaker than a background flower pony or this anon says >>40338248
Don’t look now totally not on page 8
They’re made of marshmallows.
Have you tried punching a marshmallow? They just pop right back up. Marshmallow wins every time
Unhand him, orange shebeast!
>There is an odd sound from above.
>Dust descends gently from your ceiling.
>Without warning, a square of the ceiling drops to the floor.
>After a pause, the shadows through the newly-formed opening are displaced by a yellow face, crowned with a pink mane.
>The mare regards you cooly, and speaks.
>"Page 8?"
>"(You) have learned nothing."
>You are plunged into darkness.
>Before you can flee, soft hooves encircle you torso.
>A breathy voice giggles in your ear.
>"We are going to be so happy together!"
Fat chance
File: hold still now.png (1.07 MB, 6000x6082)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>"Aw, just take your raping like a stallion, ya weird green monkey."
>"Gosh Anon, I'd never rape you!"
>"To be honest, I don't think anypony could rape you, no matter how hard they tried."
>"You're so much bigger and stronger than us, you could just have your way with any mare you want."
>"All she could do is lie down and take it as you thrust in and out of her warm, wet pony pussy."
>"Her moans would be drowned out by the loud, ferocious grunts you'd make as you assault her tiny womb with your virile human seed."
>"And she'd be so embarrassed, she wouldn't tell the guards a thing. Because deep down she secretly enjoyed it, and wants you to do it again."
>"But you'd never do that, would you? No, you're a nice guy."
>"Oh, and I'll be leaving my door unlocked tonight. Just thought I'd let you know."
Flattery will get you nowhere
These fruit mares are insatiable.
They know what they’re about
File: maxresdefault.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
I know your plan
Being fruitful and multiplying.
What a fiend
File: HARD.jpg (300 KB, 1600x1579)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
File: Tuft smother.gif (136 KB, 510x400)
136 KB
136 KB GIF
File: Mares 4 Men.png (152 KB, 1435x1133)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
She's getting too big for her brithces.
Quick bump before my workplace loses power
Hey boys. Got what I think might end up becoming big green here. My goal originally was to write something simple for October, but at the pace I'm going- I believe it'd be wise to start posting early. This one doesn't have a name yet; feel free to suggest somethin' if it comes to mind.

>Another day, another bout of aches and pains.
>You don’t know what the hell you were doing in your sleep, but to say you’ve been waking up feeling drained would be an understatement.
>Still, on sleepy Sundays like these…
>”Mmh… I was wondering when you’d finally wake up, Nonny…”
>It’s hard to care.
“Mornin’. You been jumpin’ on my back while I’m sleeping again, Flutters?”
>The love of your life nuzzles her face into your chest, casting an eye up to you.
>”Nnnot on your back, no~”
>Bit by bit, you were corrupting this cute little pegasus.
“Hmm… Animals need feeding?”
>”Stillllso early, Anon! The animals are used to waking with the sun…”
>Fluttershy’s sleepy slurred speech was already beginning to rouse yourself in more ways than one, but that could be a problem to handle in an hour or two.
“Ah. I’ll get a hang of your schedule soon, mmpromise.”
>The pony draped over your chest shifts, now moreso properly straddling you.
>She yawns out the words spilling past her lips, nestling her head under your chin and sending a gentle vanilla fragrance up to your nose.
>Fluttershy was a mess of mane when cuddling this close, but you certainly weren’t about to complain about it.
>The sun must’ve been an hour still from rising and, in the cool darkness of Luna’s retreating night, you had ample quiet time to hold your mare close before the day began proper.

>”You promise you’re not in pain?”
>A wave of the hand is about as much reassurance you can give Flutters at the moment, as you drag a razor down your cheek.
“Just a bit ache-y is all, ‘Shy. I’m probably not used to your bed yet.”
>Fluttershy bounces her concerned gaze off the mirror and back into your own, the mare rearing her forelegs up onto the sink.
“Don’t believe me? C’mon, it can’t be anything serious. I shouldn’t have brought it up,”
>In that mirror, you can see a whole host of small critters milling about from one place to another as your eyes wander.
>Little holes in the walls had been purposefully bored out by Shy years ago, giving anything from mice to particularly-adventurous snakes a highway throughout the cottage along the support beams close to the ceiling.
>It’s enough to nearly forget you’re shaving.
>”Well, I’m just concerned is all– the animals all know who you are by now, a-and I made sure to inform them that you’d, eheh– be sleeping with me from now on, but…”
>A little swear slips from your lips, your razor biting into the skin of your neck a touch too far.
“Sorry; hard to shave with cute company.”
>Of course, Fluttershy has already taken to the air, inspecting the thin line of blood collecting at the nick as she hovers at face-level.
File: 1598195814074.png (2.38 MB, 3000x3000)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
>”Ooh! I’m only making things worse…” Shy mumbles to herself– apparently seeing nothing wrong with going in at the ‘wound’ with her tongue.
>The wet touch sends a trailing shiver up your spine; but you’re not about to complain.
>You’ve gotten well-acquainted to the ‘ponyisms’ of Shy and her race by now– for as human as the ponies seem to act, there’s an equal wealth of reminders that clear differences still do exist.
>That’s to say: You simply cock your head to the side, letting Flutters do her thing for your close shave.
>You can’t help but smirk at the situation all the same.
“If cutting myself while shaving means I get you to suck on my neck, I might have to make it a habit.”
>The sight of Shy’s face in the mirror -a deer caught in the headlights- is so worth it.
>Even still, she lingers for a second longer before pulling herself away, inspecting her work.
>”Mister Nonny…” Shy playfully scolds, “you know better than to hurt yourself just to get some kisses–”
>”You only need to ask Momma~”
>You’re ready to fire back your own flirty rebuttal– but a gasp from Shy kills the quip in your throat.
>Once more she’s nuzzling into the crook of your neck; only now she’s staring at something.
>”A snake bite?”
>Her words are more quizzical than shocked, as if she might be mistaken.
>On the other hand, your curiosity is piqued with more accompanying nerves than you’d ever admit.
>Shy has no problems keeping around even creatures like vipers; and though they seem friendly enough with you in the day– who knows if one might’ve gotten to you in the night?
>You lean against the bathroom counter, highlighting the apparent spot in the mirror as you try to work your head to get a good view.
>Why would one of the snakes even come at you?
“If it were a snake bite, I think… I think we would’ve known a while ago.”
>Sure enough, two petite puncture spots dot your throat.
“They’re vertical, too…”
>Shy’s about ready to go into fits, a hot blush of rage burning her cheeks.
>”W-well! That is absolutely… u-unacceptable! I told them you were my… my mate! All of the animals should know better!”
>With her wings now flared fully in some pegasi-posturing of intimidation, Shy rests her forelegs up on your shoulder, balancing a hindleg on the counter as she stares accusatory daggers at one of the tiny milk snakes minding his own business atop the rafters.
>Poor guy just got blasted with The Stare for loitering in the wrong place at the wrong time.
>Better turn on the damage control.
“Shy, c’mon now. It might not even be a snake bite– and if it was, it certainly didn’t come from Señior Leche.”
>Thankfully, that seems to turn the common sense back on; Flutters mumbling a quick ‘sorry sweetie’ to the traumatized juvenile before turning her attention back to the marks on your neck.
“Wouldn’t make sense for any of the snakes to target my neck anyhow, right? They could just be bug bites. Look how far apart they are.”
>Her concern lingers, even with your words.
File: 1603876053603.png (1.95 MB, 1650x1650)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
>”M-maybe… I’ll have a talk with them all today and see… Please, let me know if you start feeling any more pain, Nonny– even if you think it’s minor!”
>You return to the task at hand, finishing up your shaving work.
“Only one allowed to bite me around here is you, huh?”
>Fluttershy sputters, a new blush working up across her face as her emotions intertangle.
>”Eheh… W-well, yes…”
>Tutting, you give yourself one last look-over before hooking a towel over Shy’s shower curtain.
“Mhmm. I’m gonna shower– you joining me, or are you gonna go give the animals the what-for?”
>Shy bites her lip, weighing the two options.
>”Mmmh… I’ll go talk to the ones I see real quick, and hop in if you’re still going, okay?”
>You return Shy’s gesture, a quick peck on the cheek turning into a full-on lull of tongue lash across her neck.
“Don’t bully them for too long, then– I’ll take my time.”
>With a low trill slipping from her lips, Shy purposefully flicks her excess tail at you as she departs– surely intentional in giving you a show of her goods as she scurries from the bathroom, already calling for Angel.
>She's just too easy to tease.
>With her voice fading off downstairs, you’re left in a newfound quiet.
>Alone with yourself now, you give the weary snake above you a look.
>Señior Leche, despite his usual friendliness, has little to offer you at the moment– still collecting his swirled mind.
>You check your neck one last time in the mirror.
>Those two dots still remain, seemingly so unassuming.

>A refreshing cleanse under the showerhead’s downpour does wonders for your worn body.
>So too does it give you a chance to think.
>You’d been going steady with Fluttershy for a while now– over a year now at least.
>The girls were apparently shocked at the news when she’d told them of her desires; and even moreso when it was revealed you’d become an item.
>None of them expected Fluttershy to be the one chasing after a guy, let alone the oddity human.
>You were plenty shocked too at the time.
>Didn’t exactly share her sentiment, either.
>There’d been some… hurdles you had to jump through; and certainly some tough questions to answer late at night (especially after the first time Shy stayed over at your place).
>Those moral queries were well behind you now though, and the two of you had gotten serious enough that you’d moved in not even a month ago.
>Of course, you were well-used to Shy’s… unique living arrangements by then, and you were now perhaps the only human ever to be able to claim such a nonchalant relationship with everything from grizzly bears to alligators–
>So those bites just don’t add up.
>Maybe if Sir Slitherin’ decided to cuddle up with you for some extra warmth one night, and you’d unknowingly rolled onto him?
>Even so– venomous or not, you’d think any kind of bite would wake you up from your sleep.
>You probably wouldn’t have even noticed in the first place if not for Shy’s keen eye.
File: 1660370729681116.jpg (439 KB, 2048x1596)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
>Could it have something to do with your morning soreness?
>Rough wakeups weren’t something you ever had issues with before, and even with Shy’s… eagerness in the bedroom– it wasn’t something that happened back at your old place either.
>It was admittedly a fair bit shocking how you were getting lost in your thoughts over this.
>Left to your own devices in the shower, it seems such thoughts are just naturally inclined to wander.
>Even that feels more like a rationalization than anything else.
“... It’s gotta just be bug bites…”
>But even that doesn’t quite fit– it’s Autumn time now.
>Surely there’s still some biting critters about in the cottage, but…
>A lovely sigh slips past your ears from behind, as Fluttershy drifts into the shower to wrap your back in a gentle hug; the building steam cloaking you both in some hazy, hidden fog unto yourselves.
>You hadn’t even heard her come in.
>”You’re not still hurting, are you?”
>Hands reach back, tracing the length of Shy’s barrel, pressing your back into her weight as the concern lifts from your mind.
“Wouldn’t say I was ever really ‘hurting–’ it’s a more general soreness. I’m sure it’s just the bed, Songbird.”
>Shy coos at the pet name, pressing her head to your back to get in on some of the hot water runoff.
>”I hope you’re not just putting on a strong face for me. If you’re not feeling well, then I want to help.”
>Gently breaking from the hold, Shy seems to move past you, feeling her body dismount and slip around to your thigh.
>The downpour from above is shut off, and a new stream of water cascades into the tub basin.
>”Sit, Nonny.”
>You do so, carefully coming down to your rump as Shy plugs the tub, allowing for that hot release of water to pool about your legs.
>Fluttershy takes her new spot, purposefully positioning her ample butt in your lap as she lays herself out across your chest.
>The two of you shared a love of baths, and though Shy’s certainly wasn’t meant for a human– well…
>That just made sharing the space all the more intimate.
>With excess water still dripping from her mane, the ends of it splaying out in the rising water like some holy mermaid– your heart beat a renewed thumping symphony at the sight of this angel who’d come to rest in your arms.
>She offers you that perfect, demure smile; some stray locks hanging over her face in the still-dripping rain of the shower head.
>”A bath’s good for sore muscles, no?”
“As if we need an excuse.”
>Shy giggles to herself, beginning to idly roll her rump atop your cock as her face settles in against your chest.
>”I can feel your heartbeat, Nonny…”
>You drop a dollop of Shy’s shampoo into your palm as your mare tries to get that heart pumping faster.
“Keep that up and we’ll be needing to towel down the whole bathroom, Songbird.”
>”Mmh– I’ll be good.”
File: 1579485640257.png (96 KB, 260x300)
96 KB
>The pinkish goo of the shampoo is worked into a sudsy mess in your hands; and you set yourself to running the bubbles through Shy’s mane in long, massaging strokes– taking particular care to break up the routine with idle rubbing, working Shy’s scalp like dough with your finger tips.
>The pegasus is outright purring in your arms, happily defenseless to the onslaught of hands.
>”Mmh… I should be doing this for you…”
“Tch, rubbing in my shampoo?”
>”Massaging you…”
“Say the word and I’m yours, Songbird.”
>”I know you are…”
>She might be enjoying the moment, but even from your angle you can make out the utter look of pride adorning your mare’s face.
>You hadn’t made the whole courtship process easy for her, what with the taboo of interspecies relations and your own slow acclimation to Equestrian life.
>Still, Shy had never given up hope in her goals– and she’d taken your ‘claim’ with her trademark humble grace when you were ready.
>That remains the case these days, but seeing her still swell with self-assured confidence melted your heart even now.
>It might’ve been an uphill battle to break your defenses down in the past, but make no mistake– you were Fluttershy’s through and through.
>Your impromptu spa date continues on in relative silence for some time after that, the two of you hidden away in the hanging steam of your own secret getaway from reality.


>Throughout the day, Shy couldn’t help but hover over you; checking and double-checking constantly to ensure your status hadn’t changed.
>Cute as hell for sure– but very much unnecessary as well.
>Even now, with the cottage chores finished up and the animals at ease for another day, she eyes that particular mark on your neck– craning her head about at different angles as if she might spontaneously identify its cause.
“Shy, I appreciate your worry, truly I do– but I doubt it’s anything to get so fixated on. Don’t you think I’d have already collapsed, or turned purple, or something if it was venomous?”
>The mare by your side tuts, shaking her head.
>”It’s not just a matter of the bite itself potentially being dangerous; I’m concerned over what caused it in the first place.”
>You meet Shy’s gaze; her visage unable to drop its dose of lingering worry.
“The animals didn’t say anything?”
>”N-no: A majority of them don’t tend to sleep in the bedroom, let alone try getting into the bed–”
“And the animals have never lied to you before, right?”
>Shy breaks from your staring, idly twiddling her hooves.
>”W-well, not really–”
>Capitalizing on the moment, you rear Flutters up onto your chest, scooching your legs into the newly made room on the swinging chair.
“Then I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, Songbird. We’re working outside just about all day keeping the chickens in line or throwing fish to the otters– there’s no need to fret over me getting some bug bites.”
File: 1652227349519.png (245 KB, 1100x1100)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>Hoping to put a lid on Shy’s worries once and for all, you deliver the coup de grace, cocking your head out to the nearby pond drenched in Equestrian sunset.
>It’d become something of a ritual between the two of you in the months after Shy’s successful courtshipping– spending the evenings rocking together like some elderly farm-steaders in quiet awe of the cottage’s lands, sharing good company as the nocturnal friends begin to rouse.
“We’ve gotta enjoy the Fall before it gets too cold, right?”
>Whether done in by your words, or too tired to return an argument– Flutters finally capitulates.
>The little mare collapses atop her new bed, gently lulled by the porch’s swinging chair.
>”Mmm… I just wanna be a good marefriend…”
>Turning the cuteness up to 11, two weary eyes peer upward to meet your own, Shy having mastered the puppydog look.
>”I-I never knew the proper way to go about… relationship stuff like this– and now that I’ve gotten this far… I want to do everything right.”
>Whether she knows what she’s doing or not, you can’t help but fall for it.
>Nestling your hands up under Shy’s wings, you try putting your mare at ease with idle, circling scritches.
>Much to her delight, evidently– if the gentle quivers of the pegasi’s frame are any indication.
“I wouldn’t say there’s any ‘right’ way to go about all of this in the first place, Shy. Make no mistake– I’m not about to go wandering anytime soon. Had to have done something right, no?”
>Hopefully that’s enough to put her mind at ease.
>But those great blue wells refuse to relent, even if her words say otherwise.
>”... Alright… Just– just please let me know if I’m falling short, or being too much, or–”
>In moments like this, when Shy’s nerves seem to get the better of her, you’ve found that the best course of action isn’t typically delivered through mere words.
>Your hands slip from under Shy’s wings, deftly drifting overtop of them to bring the mare into a more proper hug.
>Fluttershy had always seemed to speak more in body language.
>Seems like your message got through, too– if the released sigh from the mare held snug in your arms is any indication.


>As evening moved into night, so too did you and Flutters eventually come to retire– the only diversion from the bedroom being a quick shower to work away the strain of the day’s work.
>It was a routine you’d become quite acclimated to, and one you particularly loved sharing.
>By the time you’d toweled away the remaining water from Shy’s coat, the poor girl was nearly asleep on the bathroom floor–
>But you weren’t about to complain carrying her across the finish line.
>Not wanting to disturb her any further, you carefully set the cute bundle of a pony on her side of the bed before working yourself in, flipping some covers over you both.
>Of course, the moment you turn to face her– the ‘sleeping’ mare is already pressing her back up into your chest.
File: 1586663477946.png (3.46 MB, 2400x2400)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB PNG
>”Goodnight, Nonny.”
>Her voice is barely above a whisper.
“Night, Songbird.”
>You sneak your arms around her form, now truly settled yourself.
>Though Shy might sometimes be a mare of few words, you knew a particular set she’d always parrot back.
“Love you.”
>”Love you too.”


>The dancing phosphenes across your vision scurry from your blind focus as you rise to some level of lucidity.
>You’re not awake enough to truly notice it, though–
>Nor can you yet comprehend the weight perched atop your lap.
>The un-vision of your closed eyes seems to spin, and even then you cannot fully feel the accompanying vertigo that sends your mind into spirals.
>You’re attacked by sensations from all corners of your body, your senses all seeming to light up with frequent hits as something -or some great medley of things- runs rampant through and across your defenseless form.
>Even then, they’re all so distant– none nearly enough in intensity to pull you any further up from rest.
>But all the same, those sensations continue– radiating pangs of feeling seeming to run along some rough shape, though you’re not quite aware that you even possess physical form in this moment.
>Your unconscious can’t define what it’s feeling, so you remain locked in a limbo; even the deep rooted instincts that make you both human and mortal seeming somehow bypassed by that which acts on you.
>That is, until you feel the sting.

>A gasp, uncharacteristically faint, is all you’re able to produce.
>Even now, the waking world is simply removed from your mind– there’s no memory you’re capable of recalling at the moment.
>Only some acknowledgement of yourself, paralyzed atop an inky blackness–
>And your mate, taking from you that which is rightfully hers.
>These are the only two things that exist.
>Your mate sips from your neck, her lips merely napkins that shyly brush your skin.
>A kiss?
>It had to be.
>So chaste and loving, nothing else made sense.
>These were all of the thoughts you were allowed– all of the sensations permitted currently to comprehend.
>Her eye gently flutters open, something seeming to have roused her from the intimacy.
>You’re met with a predator’s glint– a fierce flare of ruby.
>Her kiss retreats, and that same string is unnumbed for a breath, though it too slips away into unfeeling.
>A demure smile and the fluttering of eyelashes envelopes your vision.
>Your mate is stunning beyond all else.
>”I might’ve gotten too greedy tonight…”
>She kisses your lips as her eyes refract, whatever degree of consciousness you had prior taken away.
>”Please, visit me again tomorrow, Nonny! I want us to have fun together!”
>You slip back into formless slumber, those blooming sensations thwapping atop your frame once more removed into mere physical whispers– till a nothingness reigned once more.


>A more natural awakening comes to retrieve you by morning.
File: 1689877923236517.png (707 KB, 2100x1600)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
>By your estimate– far too early, at that.
>Part of you wishes to flip over to the other side of the bed, but you’re too indisposed to manage even that at the moment.
>Instead, you mumble hoarsely.
“... Too early today, Songbird…”
>Even in such a state, the gravel kicking up in your voice manages to surprise you.
>Had you gotten dehydrated in the night or something?
>”It’s, um, nearly 6 am…”
>You hadn’t yet forced your eyes open– but it sounded as though Fluttershy was standing over you.
>And judging from the comparative alertness in her voice, she’d been awake longer than you.
>Sleeping in was one thing, but had you even slept through Shy’s usual morning pillowtalk?
>Though your mind pleads against it, you force yourself out from the final lingerances of sleep.
>Sure enough, Fluttershy stood poised above you; the mare draped in the subtle morning whispers of an Autumn sun.
>The bedroom lay in motionless gray as the last of the night retreated from the cottage.
>Just as you blink the last of sleep from your eyes, able to focus with a truly conscious mind–
>Something seems to click.
>You’d just seen this, hadn’t you?
>Fluttershy overhead, a low-lit bedroom?
>Or were you mixing up memories?
>”Didn’t sleep well?”
>Shy pulls you back from the deja-vu; your body seeking to discern an answer for her with an instinctual stretching of your legs.
>Sure enough, you’re met with buckling.
“Mmh– have had better nights.”
>Your marefriend pouts, petting your cheek with a hoof.
>”Ooh, poor baby…”
>She gives the headboard the evil eye.
>”This… s-stupid bed…”
>You crack your neck side to side, getting some great pops.
“My stupid body, more like… ugh.”
>Fluttershy lets herself plop down atop your chest, her weight thankfully feeling more like a pillow more than anything else.
>Pegasi genes come in clutch.
>”W-well, how about we feed the animals their breakfast quick, then take a nice long Epsom bath? Maybe we could even go out to eat by ourselves afterward?”
>You shrug about as much as you’re able, hands unconsciously slipping around to cup Shy’s rump.
“Don’t see nothing wrong with that.”
>Even after clearing your throat, that gravelly click still seems to have it parched dry.
>You try to somewhat ‘seal’ your response with some learned pony-intimacy, hooking your neck in alongside Shy’s– but she shakes out of it.
>A look of concern meets your curiosity.
>”Anon… are you getting sick?”
>Normally, you’d answer in the negative without question– but…
>Hell, maybe?
“I don’t think so… does sound like it though, huh?”
>Shy nods, touching a hoof to your forehead.
>”... Maybe a bit hotter than normal… sweaty, too…”
>That at least gets a little laugh out of you.
“Oof, embarrassing.”
>Shy tuts, quickly pecking your cheek regardless.
>”Now now mister, there’s nothing embarrassing about being sick– you can’t help that.”
“Probably shouldn’t be kissing on me if I am, then.”
>Fluttershy scoffs, nuzzling her head under your chin as she coos sarcastically.
File: sdrfgthjk.jpg (98 KB, 633x352)
98 KB
>”Mmh, definitely not.”
>With the two of you now appropriately awake, Shy leaps from the bed, landing deftly before the door.
“We’re just gonna both end up sick– again.”
>As you start to rise yourself, again you catch that pride swelling in Shy’s chest– your mare cool and confident as she recalls the time.
>”Oh, well– I remember myself being the sick one that time; infact, /you/ were the one not listening to me when I said you might contract the Pony Pox too.”
>You round up behind the French-vanilla mare, her tail already teasingly batting at your legs as the two of you move for the stairs.
“Couldn’t help it– you looked good in spots.”
>”Mmhmm~” Shy smugly chides, bumping her butt into your hip for good measure as the two of you ready to play catch-up on the cottage chores.

That's it, for now. Like I said, lot more on the way. Sorry if it feels like this intro dragged on without too much seeming to tie it into FR; it's a bit of a slow burn at first, but things should be amping up soon. As always, critique is very much welcomed & appreciated. My goal will be to have this finished before Halloween, so get hyp. Will update the Ponepaste in a second- thanks again.
File: 1643864222959.png (312 KB, 974x1001)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
https://ponepaste.org/9325 Here we are!
I liked it, we actually don’t get a lot of Flutterbat stuff
File: 1690828914603256.png (732 KB, 1052x1010)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
late night boop
What a lewd mare that Fluttershy is
Great stuff as usual
Anon's weakness in having given in to the yellowquiet's seduction is surely a shamefur dispray, but I liked the story a lot. This thing feels like it's going places!
Looking forward to seeing where this goes. That poor, foolish, pitiful, love stricken Anon…
Clearly Anon is under a spell to already with Butterball.
Anon no, don't give in to the dark side!

Cute story, BTW.
>Flutterbat gives you "The Stare™"
>Makes you her thrall
>Drinks your blood
>Rides your cock
File: the STARE.png (823 KB, 1000x1385)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
Forgot something...
>Not "drinks your cock" and "Rides your blood."
Blood mages rise up! Rise up like Anon's cock at a kindergarten!
Did you wander in here from the filly thread or something?
No... SHOE!
File: 2008 was 42 years ago.gif (2.74 MB, 500x272)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
>Blood mages rise up!
>Suddenly remember Blood Anon

I miss that nigga and those times like you wouldn't believe...
*laughts in .45ACP rounds*
I hate vampires so goddeam much, exept Alucard that guy is cool
I mean holy rounds, like soaked in holy water or bleesed by a preacher
That’s kinda cute
File: 1695578032664279.png (336 KB, 1000x563)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
>Day smug-ass strawberries in Equestria.
>You are Anon, presently knocking on the door of a house belonging to a certain troublemaking pegasus.
>With her yellow coat, her affinity for nature, and her—
>The door opens, revealing the mare of the hour.
"Strawberry Sunrise."
>"Oh my! If it isn't the local human!" She puts on a friendly smile, fluttering her eyelashes as she continues, "to what do I owe this pleasure? Would you like a strawberry? I've got free samples~"
>She holds out a hoof to you, offering one of her namesake's pride and joy.
>Unfortunately for her (and you) you have to push it away; you're here on a business visit, after all.
>Her pouting reaction hurts you, but not as much as Applejack would hurt you if she learned that you were accepting strawberries.
"Sorry, but I'm here on AJ's behalf, 'said she couldn't be held accountable for what she'd do if she came here after her last visit."
>From what Applejack had told you of this mare, you expected to see the devil himself answering your house call to the Strawberry residence.
>Truth be told, you're a little disappointed that such a cute-looking mare came out to greet you; still, you keep your guard up, as looks can be deceiving.
>"AJ? Hmm…AJ…AJ…" As she rolls the name around her tongue a few more times, realisation hits her as you catch her face scrunching up for just a brief moment. "Oh! You must mean dear old Jackie!"
>The omission of a certain part of her name is not lost on you.
"Yes…that's right, you see, our farm's been getting reports of rumours circulating around Ponyville, saying that our apples are riddled with worms and our cider's made of muck, among other things."
>"Oh no! That sounds awful!"
>She places one of her hooves across her chest in an act of mock shock, but after a few seconds, she realises that you aren't buying into her act.
>"Wait, you don't think *I'm* behind such scandalous rumours, do you?"
"I don't think you're behind them—I know you're behind them, a couple members of the Apple Family have already caught you in the act of smack-talking our products."
>"And you believe them?"
"Of course I do, they're my family."
>"Really? A brutish ape like you? Part of their family?"
>Her sudden shift in tone catches you off guard.
"Excuse me?"
>"I'd wager you're more like a pet to them, just like that little dog of theirs.
>"They've got you prancing all over town, playing errand boy for tasks they can't be bothered to do themselves.
>"But it's okay—I'm sure that at the end of the day, they've got some treats ready for their favourite little monkey~"
"What's your—"
>"But it must be *so* difficult, holding yourself back.
>"Having to play nice for all us little ponies, knowing that you could take control any time you wanted…
>"A big lumbering *creature* like yourself, why, it would be *so* easy to pick up a mare—any mare, really—and just…have your way with her."
>Whoa. This rant suddenly took a turn.
>"You'd restrain her in a full nelson, unleashing that monster of yours that you keep tucked away, and you'd plunge into her right then and there.
>"Bouncing her around like a toy, you'd eventually unleash one of your *virile* loads deep inside her.
>"But of course, one round would never be enough for a *beast* like you.
>"She just wouldn't be able to resist you as you take her back to your stinky, sweaty, man-cave, pinning her down on the floor and *ravaging* her."
>You can see her eyes drifting downwards from your face as she starts to bite her bottom lip.
>"It would be all she could do to just gasp and moan as you *savagely* jackhammer in and out of her quivering pussy, all-but-ensuring that her defenceless womb will be absolutely *flooded* with your alien seed.
>"And after that? Why, I'm sure that lucky mare would be completely docile afterwards; she'd be too embarrassed—too ashamed—to go and report you to the royal guard, and deep down…she would've loved that encounter, secretly hoping that the next time you crossed paths in town, you'd pick her up and *savage* her all over again."
>"But I suppose we don't have to worry about anything like that, do we? You're such a well-trained monkey, after all.
>"Why, all you're missing is a collar and a leash!"
>Putting her disturbingly-detailed fantasies aside, you can see that she's trying to rile you up, and you're not gonna take the bait.
>You're a better man than this.
"I know what you're trying to do here, and it isn't going to work.
"I was hoping to resolve this amicably, but if this is how you're going to act, then I see I'll have to bring this dispute up to Town Hall."
>Strawberry's expression noticeably sours upon your mention of forwarding this spat up to the Mayor.
>She turns away from you, looking to head back into her cottage.
>"Hmph, they really do have you in the frog of their hooves, don't they?
>"I wonder what their secret is; is feeding you that mushy slop they call 'fruit' really all it takes to tame you? Or maybe…"
>She looks over her shoulder to you, glancing at your face.
>"Maybe there's a certain *pony* that keeps you around, a certain crass, gaudy-hat-wearing—"
"I've wasted enough time here, you'll be hearing from Town Hall later—"
>"—short-tempered, worm-calling, muck-wading mudpony?"
>You could take any number of slights to your pride.
>Hell, you were willing to let the insults to the farm itself slide, just so you could get this visit over with.
>But the moment Strawberry starts insulting Applejack, you feel something snap within you.
"Don't you dare talk about AJ that way."
>Fully turning around to face you now, her lips curl upwards into a smirk.
>"Talk about her in what way? Oh, you mean calling her a mudpony? Mud. Pony."
>She accentuates that last part with an smug grin that makes your blood boil.
>"Oh, I suppose I can't truly fault dear Jackie for her genetics, it just so happens that some of us are born with taste, and wings."
>Unfurling her wings, she flutters them about as if to prove her point.
>"While the less fortunate of us are born flightless, destined to work in a muddy old farm for the rest of their days. See—mudpony."
>As she demeans your good friend, Strawberry slowly backs away from you, retreating deeper into her house.
>In response, you find yourself advancing towards her, as if by instinct, intent on teaching this obnoxious little mare a lesson she won't soon forget.
>And yet, her smug expression never falters.
>Now, if you were a wiser, calmer, and more observant man, you would've noticed the hunger glimmering in her eyes as you move forward.
>But as you weren't, all you can do is step through her doorway and into her abode, with one thing to say.
"Now listen here you little shit…"
"Thought you could get away from me, eh? Your days of terrorising Ponyville are over!"
>And with a *snip,* you prune a weed threatening to encroach on the territory of your precious shrubbery.
>You are still Anon, and you are currently tending to the strawberry bushes out near the front of Strawberry's house.
>The fruits look absolutely delectable, and some are looking ripe already. Surely she won't mind if you reward yourself for a hard day's work…
>Crouching down to carefully pluck one of the ripened strawberries from a shrub, you line it up with your mouth and—
>"What in tarnation is going on here?!"
>Turning around, you are face to face with Applejack, and you suddenly feel a lot more self-conscious regarding the strawberry in your hand.
"Wh—AJ?! What are you doing here?"
>"Ah could ask you the same thing, Anon! Ah sent you away to talk to Strawberry hours ago. Ah got worried and came to check up on you, and what do Ah find—"
>Applejack swipes the strawberry from your hand, scrutinising it.
>"—This! Now you better have a *real* good reason for why you've been skivin' off at her house."
>She chucks the strawberry and it splatters onto the pavement a fair distance away; goodbye, sweet sustenance.
"Ah—well, it-it's not like that, AJ! I had a chat with Strawberry, as you asked, and those rumours floating about? Just a simple misunderstanding that had gotten out of hoof, really.
"And after clearing things up, it turns out that she could use some help tending to her fields; so—uh, that's what I've been doing for most of the day.
>Applejack glances at you with a expression of bewilderment, before letting out an snort.
>"What in the—she's the enemy, Anon! Have you lost your gosh-darn mind?!"
"Aw, come on, AJ, she's not that bad once you get to know her."
>"Ah *do* know her, and Ah know she's bad news! Now c'mon, enough of this hogwash, we're headin' back to the farm!"
>"I'm afraid Anon isn't 'headin' anywhere, Applejack."
>The both of you look towards the front door of Strawberry's home, finding the mare herself standing on the step, cheery countenance and all.
>Applejack stomps her way towards Strawberry.
>"First you're badmouthin' the Apple family name, and now you're tryin' to steal our workers too?!"
>"Oh Applejack, didn't you hear what Anon just said? What happened between our businesses was just a simple misunderstanding—nothing more.
>"And I didn't steal Anon away from you; in fact, he's working for me of his own volition, you can't blame me if"—she pauses with a smirk—"he prefers strawberries to apples~"
File: 1695585008476332.png (441 KB, 939x637)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
>You swear you can see Applejack's coat change colour from orange to red, as the sound reminiscent of a whistling kettle begins to emanate from her.
>It only lasts a moment, however, and she soon regains her composure.
>"Ah've heard just about enough from you, Anon's an Apple Family stallion first and foremost! And Ah *ain't* gonna leave him here with the likes of *you!*"
>"But Applejack—didn't you hear me? He's working for me now, in fact, we even drew up a contract together."
>Strawberry pulls out an official-looking piece of parchment, its appearance rings vaguely familiar to you as you glance upon it…
>"What the—Gimme that!"
>Snatching the contract from Strawberry's hooves, Applejack scrutinises every inch of it, reading it from top to bottom.
>Gradually, as she continues scanning the document, her expression shifts from her initial fury to a frown.
>After a couple of minutes, she hooves the parchment back to Strawberry.
>"So as you can see, my lovely human here is now a proud purveyor of all things Strawberry~"
>"You—You're a dirty cheat! Ah don't know what kinda spell you cast on Anon here, but Ah'm not gonna stand for it!"
>Applejack closes in on Strawberry, face scrunched up in anger, but Strawberry takes a step back and calmly responds.
>"By all means, feel free to throw one of your temper tantrums right here, I'm sure Anon would *love* to see what kind of mare you really are~"
>Within the span of several seconds, Applejack's face flickers between multiple expressions.
>First, an angry scrunch.
>Second, she tilts her head to stare at the ground so intensely, it's as if she's willing the soil around Strawberry's house to become salted.
>Third, she shoots a brief glare towards you.
>Fourth, she closes her eyes in deep contemplation, exhaling deeply through her nose.
>Finally, she opens her eyes, a look of determination present, directed towards Strawberry.
>"This. Ain't. Over. Y'hear!?"
>With that, Applejack storms off back towards her farm, clearly agitated about *something.*
>Giggling to herself, Strawberry heads back into her house, but not before giving you a wink, then turning around and giving you another—
>…Oh my.
>For the life of you, you can't understand what's got Applejack so frustrated.
>After all, it's thanks to your visit that you were able to convince Strawberry to stop spreading rumours about the Apple Family!
>You were even able to get her to admit that apples "only sometimes have worms in them" and that they "could maybe be considered a fruit if you squint hard enough."
>And all it took was several hours of raunchy, aggressive man-on-mare sex, and the signing of a lifetime contract in service to Strawberry Sunrise's Strawberry Emporium.
>You just don't understand what the big deal is.
>After all, you just got done…
>Fucking Strawberry Sunrise.
>Wait… Fuck.

Beware the strawberry mare, anons.
Don't forget the corollary, that the following generations are the reason things keep getting worse.
That strawberry mare is bad news. I don’t know why, I just get the feeling…
Good stuff
These mares are taking advantage of poor Anons. Will this tragedy ever end? Also strawberries rot too quickly.
>she's mad
>she's very mad
>"Anon... I know it's fun for you to ignore me but letting my poor thread die? All you had to do was bump it!"
>at one point it was cute but apparently letting a vine die because you forgot to water it was her final line
>too intimidated by that damn stare, you've been reduced to a bottomless, nervous mess
>having to remain on your knees doesn't help
>"I let a lot of ponies laugh and I'm ok with you talking to them in lewd ways while you don't even want to hear me say the word..."
>she pauses
>like even she has to build herself up to say it
>the two of you share a chill over the word
>it is such an obscene word, nevermind if anyone ever heard it
>but there isn't another pony for miles
>"But... this is too much. Simply too much!"
>Fluttershy leans one of her forelegs into your sack
>"To make it up to me, you're gonna sow some more seeds. Do you understand me?"
>sperm doesn't work that way
>as if she can read your mind, her foreleg starts to rise and fall
>even if you had no intention, it arouses you to no end
>"I hope you make it up to me for my next thread. Because when you fertilize all of this fresh soil, you're gonna take care of it like it's our own foal."
>the friction
>the softness of her coat
>that predatory... satisfied smile
>she knows what she's doing
>you know what she's doing
>and you lack the power to stop it
>you are unable to stifle a groan, leading to her mashing her face against your torso
>she inhales hard enough that you're surprised you still have air to breathe
>"Mama likes that... fertilize this fresh plot. Do it or I'm gonna make sure you never bump anything again."
>her wording is so awkward that you don't know what exactly she is referring to
>but that tone
>that quiet huffing that she's trying to hide, like she isn't getting off of this too
>it's too much
>you cry out and violently buck your hips out
>fluttershy slides against you, avoiding your first fertilizing blast just in time for it to land on a fresh lump of soil
>"Oh... my... that's a good colt."
>temporarily driven into frenzy, you release multiple ropes to the point you can't see straight by the end of it
>the soil looks like it's full of semi-solid white worms now
>a hoof pushes your backside
>you're too weak to stop it
>you land on your stomach, your crotch landing right in the now-soiled soil
>"Apology accepted. Now stay just like that until I come back. I want to make sure you take care of this thread now. Ok?"
>you mumble out something resembling a cry for help
>fluttershy giggles
>"Oh Anon. No one is coming to save you. Who would want to save a dirty thread killer?"
>you hear her take flight
>a few warm globules of something hit the back of your neck
>who knew she could be this mean?
>why do (You) want to see more?
File: Cadence.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
I salvaged what I could for part 3 of "The Color of Obsession."
Y'know, that story where Shining Armor dies, and a grieving Princess Cadence becomes a yandere for Anon.

Shame it was never finished, oh well
>Also strawberries rot too quickly.
Can confirm, it's annoying.
Poor Applejack
I feel nothing for Apple Horse.
File: Sugar_Grape_ID.png (437 KB, 408x507)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
>Day Grape in Equestria
>For real this time. According to Pinkie, it's National Grape Day.
>The town square is littered with grape themed decorations.
>The fillies and colts are all dressed up as tiny grapes, munching on grapes and grape accessories.
>And since Fluttershit isn't in town molesting her dad or something (you weren't listening when she told you), you decide to actually have fun in town for once.
>Many stands selling grape flavored treats litter the town square, and after a bit of browsing, you settle on a grape parfait.
>You find an empty bench to sit on to enjoy your treat, and start to dig in.
>It's a little too sweet, but you can say that about damn near everything in Ponyville.
>"Hey there big guy." a sickly sweet voice whispers in your ear.
>You recoil at the hot horse breath on your ear.
>A purple pegasus circles around the bench, and looks up at you.
"Uh... hi. Do I know you?"
>The mare laughs. "I'm Sugar Grape."
"I'm Anon."
>You would shake her hoof, but you can see the remains of something sticky matting her fur.
>"So, are you enjoying your parfait?"
"Uh... yeah, it's alright."
>"Just alright? That's too bad." she pouts. "I could make it taste better if you'd like."
"That's alright, I-"
>Suddenly, the mare turns her backside towards you and lifts her tail.
>Her marehood spasms, and a tiny purple orb flies out of her cunt directly into your parfait.
"What in the goddamn?!"
>One by one, a whole bushel of grapes fly out of her cunt. A few of them land in your bowl, the rest end up splattering all over your clothes.
>"Yeah, how'd you like that?" she huffs. "You just got graped."
>You glare at your assailant as the sickening smell of grapes and marejuice linger in the air.
>"What's with that look? You know you liked it."
>You stand up, letting your soiled parfait tumble to the ground.
>"Yeah, I bet you want me to grape you in the mouth next. Open wid-"
>In one swift movement your foot collides with the grapist's backside, sending her into the fucking stratosphere.
>The force of your kick explodes the leftover grapes in her cooter, causing a spiraling arc of grape juice to follow behind her.
>In the distance, you can see Applebloom and her friends trying to catch the foul mixture in their mouths.
>Applejack's gonna freak.
>"Woah, what happened to you?" Pinkie Pie bounces over to you, and scrunches her nose. "And why do you smell like shame?"
"I got graped." you extend your arms to your side. "I got graped right in the middle of town, and nobody did anything about it."
>"Yowzers, that sounds rough." Pinkie sighs. "But don't worry, I'm sure National Watermelon Day will cheer you right up!"
>Oh sweet Celestia.
"And when's that?"
>Please don't be tomorrow. If she says tomorrow, you'll kill yourself on the spot.
>Of course.
>They may not be Fluttershy, but you wouldn't be caught dead...
>Fucking Fruit Ponies.
What is it with fruit based pegasi and rape
I don't think an Apple pegasus is a thing. They must have clipped those.
There's probably pegasi in the Apple clan, but I doubt they talk about them much.
>grape you in the mouth
I chuckled, thanks anon!
File: 756807.png (379 KB, 454x797)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
very intimate and sensual, I'm curious to see where this goes.
>early morning bump
Off 8
File: shy2x.png (44 KB, 1932x2364)
44 KB
File: 1958322.png (561 KB, 3593x4027)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
aight now
File: Spoiler Image (456 KB, 500x300)
456 KB
456 KB GIF
No, NOO! How are you back!? WHY!? WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?
File: that stupid ass gun.png (19 KB, 654x597)
19 KB
every time I see this gun it bothers me
File: 1358232274136.jpg (156 KB, 945x945)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
keep playin
You've just been making all my favorite stuff lately, Eris and Flutterbat stories, hot damn.
Good save anon
File: 1399338572827.png (193 KB, 1000x1234)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Back off mini orphan apple. If your sister can’t get me you don’t have a chance.
“Fluttershy, your wings are small.”
Better get off 8 before AJ comes around again.
File: 1357613718281.jpg (97 KB, 900x900)
97 KB
ain't gonna hurt you none, at least ya tryin
File: Bonershy.gif (1.17 MB, 550x400)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
File: 1516160071507.png (125 KB, 357x357)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Does it have to be AiE or can I do "Lyra goes to Earth to rape some random schmoe?"
You could do that, we don’t have a lot of those but they do exist

Cool, thanks.
Alien abduction coming for that Anon anal probe.
He never stood a chance
Which greentext idea would you like to see come to life?

>Option 1: Anon goes on trial for several accounts of 1st degree heartbreak

>Option 2: The Main 6 get hooked on getting petted, and try to keep Anon all to themselves

>Option 3: Anon puts an "Anti-Pony Circle" around his house, and everypony tries to convince him to come out
>1st degree heartbreak
im sold
File: AJ army.jpg (410 KB, 2560x1921)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Oh N-
Option 3 feels silly and I’m all for silly.
1 and 3 both sound fun honestly
Old AJ already knows what’s about to happen.
Genuinely really love the idea of number one, especially if the trial gets all the way up to Celestia and Luna. Who then also end up getting it by mistaking his general friendliness as lurid advances.

Option two feels a bit more "saturday morning cartoon" shenanigans, and I would love that as well.
>You been helping Chrysalis with her rehabilitation for several months now, you walk into your home and find her giving you bedroom eyes.

"Anon, help me repopulate the hive."

>You know you shouldn't but you rush to pull off your pants, only you forgot the spell twilight put on your dick that summons a temporary pinkie pie that will do everything to blue balls you.
This is arguably the opposite of flutterrape.
Anon wants to breed, and ponkers is the one stopping it. Basically boils down to Chyrsalis wanting to kill Ponkers for getting in the way of that.
I will come up with a much better one
>bug rights advocation
>After Queen Chrysalis had been defeated several times she wanted to try adjusting to normal pony life,
>Princess Celesta unsure on how to trust her, puts you in charge of helping her adjust
>You decides to let her crash his place a drab little home but a home is what it is.
"Your home is more like a shack anon, clearly not fit for me as a queen!"
>You rolls his eyes, makes the couch into a recliner bed and gives her a bunch of pillows, she seems content with this.
"Come on, Chrysalis we have go around ponyvile meet everyone.
>She shouts
>Annoyed you piggy back her on your back, she screams at first but then shes accepts it as you walk out the door seeing you as her personal valet.
>You make the usual rounds of meeting people, most ponies however don't want to meet her do to being afraid of her, she quietly asks you.
Anon...I wish to go home now please.
>You understands and take her home, its going to be a long adjustment for her,
>You does his best to make sure she's comfortable its been over a 2 weeks, since she's been here. she says she has present for Anon in the basement for being so nice to her.
>You go down there only to get knocked out, waking up striped of your clothes and see her towering of you
"I would like to thank you anon for treating me so well, together will repopulate my hive with your sperm."
>You nervously sweat, almost wanting to scream out, when pinkie pie bursts down the door.
>She shouts
>Queen Chrysalis in a panic teleports away running away.
"Thank goodness your safe anon. we had pinkie pie stake out your place just in case something like this would happen."
>She starts blabbing on about she knew all this would happen, all you can think about is Chrysalis, the next day you pack up for a long trip and go out to look for her. cause even though she did want to do that to you, you could tell there's pain in her heart, and perhaps you can be the one to cure it.
Jesus. The engrish, it hurts, anon.
Still. There's some good bones in this, I think.

Have google translate from your language into english. You'll get a closer translation, I think.

Biggest issue is pronouns and point of view, followed by repitition.
"You decides" should be "She decides" if Celestia is making the deciscion, or "You decide" if Anon is the voice of the reader, or if this is 3rd person.

>You decide to let her crash at your place, a drab little home but a home is what it is.

>You roll your eyes, kick the fouton out and give her some pillows which seem to calm her.
Yeah sorry, I'm not the best writer, I suck shit at it actually, its funny its my main language, yet I really don't have much skill in typing, school was a joke for me, I'm a better artist than a writer. I mostly draw monster girls, maybe I should try drawing pone sometime, I wouldn't mind that, be good incase I get a commission to do so.
Is there any good ways online to learn how to write better in english like some way I could learn all the felts with my writing, cause the real only way I can improve without some kind of tool, is too the use other people. I figure I could practice writing on my off days of not drawing.
I think there are some writing tutorials listed in the OP
File: Lady Tirek and Anon.png (2.96 MB, 1536x3977)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG

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