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File: PTFG request 2.png (149 KB, 692x658)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Previously on PTFG:

>>40293205 - Beach Walk
>>40205785 - Battle Royale
https://ponepaste.org/8991 - Unfinished Pizzaportal epilogue by Gnisha
https://ponepaste.org/8967 - A Mare & Her Shark by NeaSunrise - Complete!
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/537021/ - A Mirror, Brightly by Fructose
http://derpy.me/wxs - WXS volume 1
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/535796/ - The Montana Outbreak by Neighpalm
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/532512/ - Heroes Never Die by Shimmerist Ari
https://ponepaste.org/8902 - Cannon for sale by Pinkening
https://ponepaste.org/8904 - Experiment R41NB0W D45H by Le Operator
https://ponepaste.org/8325 - Horsegirl by Neighpalm
https://ponepaste.org/8866 - Stripped Screw by Neighpalm
https://ponepaste.org/8835 - The Lunar Experience by Slippery_Slope - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/7973 - Honey Pot by Wanda
https://ponepaste.org/8731 - Soda Pony TFTG-ish and Sex by AtomicGlow - Complete
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/487358/ - That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware by Yuri Fanatic
https://ponepaste.org/8673 - Changed in a Zippy by Emmens - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/8644 - Autumn Writing Exercise - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/8558 - PONEHEADS by KoreanHorse
https://ponepaste.org/8387 - Superposition by Kalila
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ta7jftAvUiRJA4rSYndiEZQ4cUjWMe5QNv2_iDSI7mA/edit - CYOA by EveryManAKing
https://pastebin.com/b1t8zN7J - Pone Amom by Nonnynon - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/8043 - Smolder the Human's Adventures by MelodyMori
https://ponepaste.org/8210 - My First Maregasm by anonfilly
https://ponepaste.org/980 - PTFG CYOA by ReMastering
https://ponepaste.org/8042 - Blazed Horse by AtomicGlow
https://ponepaste.org/4150 - Learning to Fly by Lyra
https://ponepaste.org/8630 - Token of Feathered Affection by NeaSunrise - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/7951 - Your Local Clinic by Kalila
https://ponepaste.org/7917 - My level was drained by a succupony in the other world by Anonymous
https://ponepaste.org/7247 - The Pon-E Rewrites: Purple Black Gray by Alycorn
https://ponepaste.org/7726 - Excerpt from Unfinished Pon-E Story by hyreia
https://ponepaste.org/7752 - Anon becomes mare by Kekanon - Complete
https://ponepaste.org/7497 - Quin's Tale by Scrub

Archive of over 600 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:
Recommended stories for new readers:

Previous Thread:
Pony poni should pony
Would you rather be a stallion or mare? For me it's a stallion
There's some underrated merit to having a cute horsecock ripe for the sucking and fucking. It would feel amazing when that thing flares and blows. Stallions are super cute. You'd also basically have everyone's interest. Including other stallions if oc art is any indication.
What ponies lower half would you wish you had, and the pony had full control of your new lower half, I’d want Luna or twilight
Ine question is what wo7ld the government do? Once it gets to the tens or hundreds of thousands they'd likely start telling people to just rake one for the team. But I'm not sure if it'd work.
Mare. I want to have sex and a family with a stallion
I’d rather be a stallion to, Anon and find the mare of my dreams
Now kiss
This thread is all a changeling plot.
They're going to kidnap humans and turn them into ponies, then feed off all the new love generated by the new relationships.
I don't care what happens
As long as I get to be a hot mare
I don't care what happens
As long as I get to be a hot stallion
I’m fine with this as long as I get my cute mare
File: IMG_6363.jpg (90 KB, 800x476)
90 KB
If >>40312496 was a stallion and I was a mare then I totally would. You have no idea how good I'd be to him. I'd worship his cock and do everything I could to make my stallion happy.
Oh wow. My art for head of the thread. Pleasant Surprise.
Thank you for your service drawfag anon o7
Your art's so great, please do more!
Adorable art, Anon!!!
For real if >>40312975 were a mare I’d treat her like a princess but I would ravage her wet mare pussy and ponut with my tongue before I pound her silly and breed her
Maybe I will. Right now in the middle of a big project, but I'll be free in a few days. Maybe I'll take more requests here then.
Selfcest is the ultimate dream of all pretty little mares.
ew, I'd rather anon. Even though he has a question mark for a face he's still attractive.
Becoming a mare, now that's the dream.
That’s fine, but what if I wanted to be chrysalis? Hmmmm
File: 3199716.png (77 KB, 637x820)
77 KB
File: PTFG request 1.png (146 KB, 737x872)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Terrible art though frfr
Thank you very much!
I hope you brought your thinking cap, because today we're going to learn about physics! Specifically, the use of energy in species conversions. In this case, using thaumic energy to convert humans into ponies. It's very important! In fact, you'll most likely end up using it tomorrow!

P.S. To the anon who sent me a request last week, please let me know if you got it (or didn't).
silly goose lookin so freaked out even tho they went out naked to the pony statue garden
you knew what was gonna happen...
>Your mind reels.
>A shape is before you, you...
>You try to avert your gaze but you're not looking at it, not in the way someone with a body would
>Is this what Royale sees like?
>Far below you hear the voices of hundreds, chattering away
>Barking in annoyance
>And then, they synchronize.
>You know the voice, it's on the tip of your tongue
>Someone familiar, a friend?
>"Ignition in t-minus three."
>It's driving you mad, and the shape before you isn't helping
>You know her!
>Blinding light pierces the thing before you, your vision distorts into thousands of different colors
>Most of them are wrong
>You shouldn't be able to see them, your human eyes...
>How real is this all? What the fuck is happening?
>And then, before you have time to process any more of it, you're awake.
>Warmth... inside your neck
>You jump, did someone stab you?
>Oh, Royale has phased her hoof through your esophagus
"You scared me, I thought I'd been hit in the neck"
>"I tried everything else I could think of to wake you up, sorry. Wanted to give you a few minutes to get ready to hop off, an exit sign just passed saying that Cold Springs is in a mile"
"Oh, well."
>She looks at you expectantly and you shake your head
"Let's find some other way for you to wake me up, maybe just scream next time?"
>"I did."
"Hm, maybe that isn't working after all, we'll figure something else out."
>The bus hangs a right off the road, pulling into a small parking lot next to this building made of different shaped stones held together with mortar
>It's like 5:00 PM now, and your stomach is grumbling a bit
>Not to mention you're a bit thirsty
"I guess I could spend a bit on food"
>Royale nods, walking right through the wall into the store
>"Bad news, looks like mostly convenience store affair. The best you're probably going to do here is using their microwave to heat up a frozen personal pizza."
"Well, I don't dislike pizza."
>You step back onto the bus
"Paul, how long are we going to be stopped here for?"
>"Well, to keep schedule, about thirty minutes"
"I'm going to grab a personal pizza and maybe use the restroom, could you give me a little bit of leeway on that?"
>"I'll do what I can"
>You go into the store (which is just a convenience store with a small "museum" area and some area-appropriate knickknacks) and pull a digiorno personal pepperoni out of the freezer
>It microwaves for a few minutes while you and Royale knock around and look at the small museum exhibit
>A few really pretty pictures of Arizona sunsets and sunrises
>Some old wheels that used to be used on the first few vehicles that traversed the supposedly treacherous Route 66
>You believe it, Arizona has a impressive array of venomous arthropods and reptiles
>You're glad the bus is sturdy.
>"Hey Anon! Check it!"
>You walk over to what Royale is looking at
>It's an old-timey plunger detonator, the sort that Wile E. Coyote would've tried to use to kill The Roadrunner in those old cartoons
>The microwave dings, and the mid-20s guy at the counter lets out a string of obscenities, screaming at you
>"How many fucking times do I have to tell you, the microwave is for employees only!"
>He continues to yell at you as he gets up out of his seat and heads over to the microwave, throwing the door to it open, picking up your dinner, and slamming it on the floor with a wet squelch
>You narrow your eyes and the man gives you a smug look as he lifts a boot and stomps your pizza into a pulp
>He tracks the greasy, saucy, cheesy mess all the way to the restroom, the lock sliding to the "occupied" position
>"What a pill, what does he care if we use the microwave?"
"Yeah, some people just go mad with any ounce of power..."
>You grab another pizza from the freezer section and set it in the microwave, programming the timer for another 3 minutes
>You aren't paying for the one he ruined if he tries to get you to
>You open up the door, still deep in thought and begin to cut the pizza into pieces as best you can with a plastic spoon (there were no knives provided)
>PE, sounds familiar.
>You take out the small flask and unscrew it
>A slender aluminum device extends barely out of the flask; it was covered by the cap, and positive and negative terminal markers are clearly indicated
>A grin begins to form on your face
>You remove the detonator, confirming that the substance inside the flask is what you think it is
>"We need a detonator though, don't we?"
"That's what the thing on top is"
>"No, I mean like the roadrunner sort, a power source"
>It clicks in both of your heads at the same time
>You produce one of the three tabs of acid from the bag
>"Royale, would you be a dear and head into the bathroom? Tell me how much longer he'll be, and see if he he has any money in his wallet."
>Battle Royale looks uneasy, but nods
>You walk over to the man's water bottle, unscrew it, and drop the tab of acid in it.
>You carefully rescrew it, making sure it doesn't deviate from the position he left it in, then go back to cutting your pizza with the spoon
>Royale comes back out
>"I estimate three more minutes, he's finishing up"
"About enough time to scarf down this pizza"
"What was that?"
>"He's not a good person."
>You nod, eating your pizza
"I could've told you that, really."
>"No, his phone Anon. He was looking at-"
"I'll stop you there. Hopefully future attacks of opportunity will also be on equally gross people"
>You're talking in a very low voice, and Royale is too
>Volume shouldn't matter for her speech, but you're not going to bring it up because it's important that she feel like a corporeal mare
>You're about done with your pizza when he comes out, so you scarf down the rest of it fast and head off into the bathroom
>You start with doing your business as quickly as you can, being sure to wipe down the seat thoroughly with soap and water after that creep sat there.
>After you finish, you begin to give yourself the gas station equivalent of a hospital sponge bath
>You even replace your old bandages with new ones and give your hair a little scrub-down with hand soap before putting your beanie back on
>You had forgotten about it, but it does actually have the faded design of a pony on it
>You'll grab some laundry detergent in a minute, for your clothes and hat, along with a few other things
>Extra soap, shampoo
>There aren't any security cameras here, so you're only really worried about the degenerate over at the desk
>Royale walks through the door, apparently figuring you're probably about finished
"Have you been keeping an eye on him?"
>"Yeah. He just emptied his water bottle and went to go fill it up again at the pump outside"
"Good, good"
>"What did you do?"
"You'll see."
>You push open the door and stretch your arms and hastily grab a container of liquid detergent, three protein bars, a few gatorades, and a king size reeses and shoving them into your backpack
>You've just zipped up your pack and put it back on when he walks back in
>Seems to pay you no mind, you check the time
>If you're lucky, he'll start in fifteen, which gives you five minutes to steal the plunger and get back on the bus
>With possible leeway, but it's a large item and you it's going to be difficult to fit in your backpack
>You walk around idly, looking at all of the items in the store
>They sell silly putty, a few knickknacks, lighters...
>You glance back at the museum display with the plunger on it, looks to have some form of sound alert security system
>After slipping an egg of silly putty into your pocket you walk over to the plunger again, pretending to be looking it over it while you scan for the mechanism that trips the security system
>It seems to either be weight-triggered or laser triggered, there's a plate under the plunger but there's no glass in front of it to keep you from touching it
>It's been 10 minutes based on the wall clock
>Royale is tense, she hasn't said anything in a few minutes
>"I hope you know what you're doing"
"Haven't done it before, but it's something that an idiot could do."
>You whisper in her ear
"I've been- well, that'd spoil the surprise"
>You've been on at least 50 acid trips
>Many of them unsupervised
>Normally pretty boring shit
>"Let's hope"
>The cashier begins to look down at his hands
>He looks to be cooked, but just to make sure you walk in front of him and snap your fingers in front of him
>He looks around a bit but otherwise pays you no mind
>You reach into his pocket and take out his wallet, checking the dollar amount inside
>You walk over to the plunger and tear off a bit of silly putty from inside the egg.
>Once you've worked it a bit and feel ready, you stuff the silly putty into the holes of the alarm speaker, and lift the heavy thing up and into your backpack
>It takes considerable effort to get it to zip shut, but you've managed it by the time the bus horn honks for you
>You pocket your spoils, increasing your budget from $194 to a much more comfortable $541
>You walk over to the daytripper and give him a smile
"I have to go now. Equestria needs me."
>You and Royale walk out the door into the hot Arizona sun and climb back into the bus
"What's the next stop?"
>He purses his lips, looking down at this company-issue tablet thing in a heavy-duty rubberized case
>"Looks like no more until the one at Sierra Vista, speak now or forever hold your pee. Six more hours."
"I just went"
>You and Royale walk back to the seat you were sitting in previously, not that it matters much but it's somewhat familiar at least
>The guy in the back is awake now, tacking away on his laptop
>Probably trying to be the next bestseller
>If he's bad enough he might just make it.
>The bus doors swing shut and the engine thrums as the driver puts you back on Route 66
>"Please, please tell me next time you're going to pull something THAT RECKLESS"
>You cringe back a bit, it feels weird when she yells
>Doesn't hurt your ears exactly, it's kinda like when you wash a pair of gloves clean
>The sensation is there, but distant
>You've come down from the adrenaline high by now
"You're right, I'm sorry."
>"What if he had figured out that you were the one who spiked his water and called for help? What if he had pulled out a gun from under the counter and shot you dead when you were stealing all that shit?"
"You could've seen if he had a gun under the counter, right?"
>"Yes, and he did, I just didn't want to tell you because I figured it might throw off your... whatever you just did. It was a shitty hi-point, but you and I both know it still could've easily fucking killed you."
>The two of you sit in silence for a minute
>"Do you have prints in the system?"
"No, my record is clean."
>"You probably do now."
"I know."
>Water begins to well up in her eyes as she sniffles a bit, her tears falling off of her face and dissipating into nothing like holographic images
>You try to hold onto her as best you can
"I'll do better next time."
>"You forgot the shampoo."
"I think we'll stop in a motel for the night, they'll probably have some."
>"Okay, Anon... If you die, you-"
>She cuts herself off
>"I can't get to Equestria, you know that. I won't fade away painlessly either."
>She's silent for a moment.
>"Well pain isn't quite the right word, but it's the closest I can think of."
"We'll get you to your prize, your chicken dinner. Your victory royale. Your-"
>"Stop it"
"I can hear you giggling"
>"It's stupid and I'm being serious, I'm not giggling!"
"Your survival games win. Your-"
>She snorts, breaking into laughter
>"It's not funny!"
"I didn't say anything, cutie"
>"Mnnnn... I'm worried about you too, Anon."
"That's logical"
>"No, I don't mean just our connection across the border, I mean... you know, something more. The mare who killed her childhood friend so that she could exit the contest alive... that's how you designed me. I should be colder, more calculating. I'm a winner, but I'm also a murderer."
"You didn't have a choice in the matter. You would've killed her, or she would've killed you."
>"It's easier for you to say, I can see her in my mind. Your backstory for me is canon in some sense, I remember the sounds she made, the look of fear as her pupils shrank as I drove that spear through her-"
>She's nearly inconsolable for a good twenty to thirty minutes, you stroke her mane lightly and whisper soft encouragements to her while she works through some of her guilt
>Her sniffling finally dies down
"You worry about me?"
>"Well, yeah. You've been kind to me, even given the fact that Spell and I are kinda just using you in a sense"
>She pauses, wiping nonexistent snot off of her muzzle with a hoof
>"I like Spell, but she has ulterior motives. I could tell from the moment she pulled me out of that bar where you were bleeding out of your head like a courier that she really doesn't care about the hosts beyond their links to the ponies."
"I'll keep that in mind."
>"Try not to let it keep you down, ponies can change and she hasn't had much of a social life from what I can gather. Maybe she'll be better some day."
>You two just watch the desert landscape rolling by for a few minutes
>Lots of sand, not much else
"You're not going to lose me. I promise."
>She nestles into your shirt a bit
>"Thanks, Anon."
"Would now be a bad time to ask about my pony form?"
>"Hmm... well, Spell Service initially seemed disinterested of course, but after I made it clear that it was something that I had told you she could do for me and that it's one of the reasons you're helping me out, she begrudgingly told me that the largest she could make your mare form was a bit on the small size, not quite filly of course, but... marelet would be an apt description."
"Oh, that's good."
>"You don't mind being small?"
"Well, let's just say small mares have some advantages."
>"Like what?"
>She raises her eyebrows and grins
>A sign whizzes by the bus
"Check it out, sign. In the middle of nowhere on a straightaway."
>"Anon, that was a milemarker and we aren't playing desert bus. It's okay if you want to be the little mare."
"Old board meme, but I guess it does still track. You sure?"
>"Yeah! I mean, I'm still going to tease you about it most likely, but it's okay."
>You pause, thinking about it a bit
>You thought you were fine as a human until this opportunity came up
>It's an extreme understatement to say that all of this took you by surprise
>But now that you have a pony sitting in your lap, you're not so sure you still feel you belong in this rat race, clawing to survive
>There's the question of what will happen to pony you if you succeed, especially if you can't go to Equestria, but right now your focus should be on survival and success of your mission.
>Once you get to Sierra Vista, that is.
"Thank you, Royale. Terminator 2 next?"
>"Sounds good to me."
More to come soon (hopefully), ponepaste will be provided once I get it working, had some trouble with the password migration operations that are currently taking place over there, I could just delete my old paste but I want to keep the original creation date on it because I'm a bit sentimental, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
File: LazyTFEdit.png (491 KB, 828x810)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Some lazy "oc"
Awesome, I was just hoping that we would see this story again
The statue did it!
File: 3199951.png (133 KB, 948x816)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
File: wuah.png (652 KB, 1082x580)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
File: _.png (206 KB, 732x772)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
I wouldn't call her lazy. She's working hard for her friends. What a great pony!
wide breeding hips
File: 797412.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x718)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I hope you enjoy writing this story because it's been an absolute blast to read. It has a lovely surrealist quality to it and leaves me questioning a lot about the premise - but not it a way that oversells the story and tries to pretend "it's so much more than a greentext!"
I think you have a knack for this. I'm particularly fond of some of the little turns of phrase that show up intermittently in your writing.
>Blinding light pierces the thing before you, your vision distorts into thousands of different colors
>Most of them are wrong
>You shouldn't be able to see them, your human eyes...
A lot of writers might have glossed over Anon's perceptions as just "indescribable" or something to the tune of them not making sense, but describing colors as "wrong" struck a chord with me. What does a "wrong" color look like? Are ponies, or ethereal ones like Royale, supposed to be able to see these "wrong" colors? Are the "wrong" colors from the way Royale was trying to wake (You) up, or something else?
These aren't questions that demand an answer; I'm just making a point that the story leaves a lot to be imagined with the way it's written and uses its interesting in-universe rules.
Godspeed to Sierra Vista, Godspeed to the next update.
Is there any fics that follow in starscribes style and overall "themes" where the theme is not really about horrific personality eraser or being a pet or:
But more focusing on being a pony in equestria and life as being a pony
File: ENTERs.gif (2.25 MB, 701x701)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB GIF
Augmented pony C4-621, independent mercenary Kate Markson requests your presence on this next mission.
File: 1547599113893.png (212 KB, 675x839)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
>Twilight was experimenting with Anon's human DNA to see if there is any way to make it pony-compatible
>Instead, she accidentally found a way to produce a pony embyo out of it and gestated it in a vat
>Twilight is torn between wanting to run tests on the filly to advance pony science and to actually raise her like a normal foal, with Anon reining her in when she gets overzealous
>At some point, just as suddenly as he arrived in Equestria, Anon disappears...

>filly is Anon yoink'd through time, with memory fragmented and spread over a time period to avoid a paradox
>every day she wakes up with a different set of memories
>some are missing, while others describe events that have yet to happen
>Twilight eventually pieces together the various bits and pieces she got from the filly and realizes it's Anon
>and that he's beyond fucked-up
>as the date of Anon's supposed disappearance draws closer, a race against time begins
>Twilight must not let past Anon know any of it, or he may never come back
>she also has very little time to waste, as there's no telling what would happen to the filly, and thus the fragmented future Anon, once her Anon is gone
>the fact that she has yet to get a single memory from the day after Anon disappeared fills Purple with no small amount of anxiety and dread
Mares are much cuter so that's my pick.
Take the male Kirin pill everypony
>621 on his way to spend millions of COAM on more augmentation surgery (he’s going to become a pony)
File: 3200662.jpg (298 KB, 3840x2160)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
>pictures taken moments before death
File: 15.09.2023.png (1.82 MB, 3508x2757)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
>Birdseed that turns you into a mare
reminds me when i feel any kind of pain in my back or legs and a part of me thinks that i'm turning into a pony. Is that weird?
No, your body is just training to be a horse that's all
Setting idea, that came to me in a dream:
There was a new prescription cognitive enhancer that people were finding it necessary to get on, in order to get decent jobs and keep them in increasingly competitive STEM fields.

But it resulted in a slow gradual unicorn TF over time; and was barely tested before being released and achieving mass popularity. When some of the early adopters were starting to get bumps on their foreheads, a lot of people were already on it. The intelligence-enhancing qualities became more potent as the transformation progressed, including a natural, effortless development of telekinesis, progressing into development of a full unicorn body and mind having all the benefits of the pill permanently, with no reason to take it anymore.

From how I remember it progressing, workplaces became uneven with unicorn ultra-achievers working alongside humans struggling to barely keep up. What would happen after that, I assume might depend on if those in power had completely undergone the transformation- maybe with those with wealth and influence being predominantly unicorns, they might decide to pull up the ladder behind them and make the pill difficult to access; or they might, with enhanced intelligence, decide to modify the masses underneath them in some way.

Tangentially, a new PED might hit the streets around the same time, enhancing athletic performance, and not showing up in any testing. Almost every athlete gets on it; and depending on the type of sport, it could impact the type of transformation: earth pony or pegasus, with physical exertion accelerating the transformation, "cheaters" being exposed with full transformations in the middle of a match or competition.
Source? I never saw this pic and it isn't on the boorus
my brother in celestia, the derpi id its on the filename https://www.derpibooru.org/images/3200662.
According to the description the pic from the left originated from a discord server
>tagging it just post-transformation and not transformation
That's retarded.
good to know im not the only autist out there that thinks this kind of thing. if you've ever felt a pain on your butt cheek and checked for a cutiemark you're officially too far gone
File: TerriWink.png (643 KB, 2067x1823)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
>but not it a way that oversells the story
I practically started my writing with greentexts and I'll probably end it with greentexts, I think they're more a format for storytelling than anything else. You can tell a great story through greentext and you can tell a really shitty one, I've seen both. In the end, the most important part is that the reader enjoys what's being put out there, which is the tricky part as the writefag. I've put things out too fast before, I'm taking care with this story to make sure I'm happy with the quality of every update before I put it out
>I'm just making a point that the story leaves a lot to be imagined with the way it's written and uses its interesting in-universe rules.
Thank you, circumstances in my life recently have left me longing for some kind of escape from monotony and working on this story has been somewhat of an outlet. I miss working with more outlandish elements
>Godspeed to Sierra Vista
Godspeed to Sierra Vista!
Why Twilight? She's never in her life done a single interesting thing with her lower half.
I'd choose Celestia.
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
But not a pegasus crazily enough.
Your master is coming to take you tonight. He'll break into your house, restrain you and inject you with an overdose of pon-e. At this point your troubles are over. No more bills to pay, no more wage cage. Your future contains only warm love and affection from your master now. You'll take a quick ride in a duffel bag to your new home where a bed fit for a cute pony awaits you. Of course it won't get much use when you could be sleeping snuggled up to master. Your mane will never know tangles. Your ears will never know an itch. Your heart will never feel alone.
Your master is coming to take you tonight.
>no more bills to pay
You know this made me wonder what would happen to my assets in a case like this: apparently presumption of death, without any particular evidence of death, needs about seven years minimum in most places I checked, so unless my master manages to somehow make it look like a murder, seems like they'll be locked up.
File: screwsword.png (209 KB, 776x893)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
File: IMG_7726.jpg (40 KB, 640x325)
40 KB
>you want lucid dreams? Just start a dream journal bro
How the fuck I’m I supposed to remember my dreams when my “journal” looks like this, seriously someone help me decrypt my own subconscious ramblings
You owed money to some shady guy, got beat up by him and decided to spike him with Pon-E in revenge
It's honestly not meant to be readable, it's just about improving your dream recall
If I were to go to equestria, I would want to be a pony, that's all
Good luck getting there. What kind of pony would you like to be?
File: 1733024.png (1.64 MB, 2500x2250)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
They invent mechs but only ponies can pilot them. Christians and SJW's both declare ponifcation should only be allowed for military purposes.

Do you sign up to become a mech pilot to become a pony? You'll probably have to fight aliens and shit but not too many of them. Because it completely changes your body physical condition and age don't matter. They'll take any of the few people willing to sign up to be pilots.
File: fingerbox.png (49 KB, 334x282)
49 KB
If that's what it takes then of course I'd sign up. Can I be paid in carrots and brushies?
If pony transformation is a changeling plot, then changeling transformation is a breezie plot.
>They invent mechs-
Put me in, captain.
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
File: 017.09.2023.png (534 KB, 3508x3508)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
File: 1693970946129.png (235 KB, 588x846)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
File: SkirtFilly.png (155 KB, 767x855)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Yeah, some of the descriptions have been interesting. I liked this one about Royale yelling:
>You cringe back a bit, it feels weird when she yells
>Doesn't hurt your ears exactly, it's kinda like when you wash a pair of gloves clean
Clearly an uncomfortable auditory sensation like the classic "nails on a chalkboard" trope, but it's not meant to be as strong and visceral (which I wouldn't expect from a character who can't even wake people up by yelling at them)
Unicorn Stallion, but I'll settle for any pony as long it's a stallion
>ponies have stronger, larger hearts that are able to handle the extreme g-forces
>ponies have larger brains able to handle the neural link stress, and have higher reaction times due to increased brain mass
>ponies have larger eyes with a greater field of vision and heightened clarity from simply having more optical nerves
>ponies are able to dedicate more dexterity to piloting the mech thanks to being able to handle the neural link
>a human would have to use a more complex interface to pilot a mech, relying on a lot of computer work to do simple things like walking on uneven terrain
>a human would burn out trying to handle the neural link or be killed by the g-forces
>pony brains
File: sketch1694977900682.png (429 KB, 997x1334)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
File: c158484445450788.png (381 KB, 800x450)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Also they have magic powers.

People see ponies as cringe at first but as the only mech pilots, people slowly begin to look up to them.
Get in the fucking pone-bot, Shinji.
File: IMG_7606.jpg (34 KB, 640x480)
34 KB
I wonder if mechs were the invented by ponies would they look like “normal” bipedal mechs or a big robo horse
>if oxen and horses or lions had hands, and could paint with their hands, and produce works of art as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and make their bodies in the image of their several kinds.
File: 401646.png (392 KB, 850x528)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
The difference of course is that the gods actually are in the image of ponies. All the other species just kind of gotta pretend their okay with that.
From what little I've seen AC6 mechs tend to not exactly be humanoid, but I do agree that bipedal mechs make little sense in most cases - you probably want hexa/octapedal for really rough terrain, quadrupedal for a balance between speed and stability, tracks for mostly flat terrain and wheels for smooth roads.
File: 20230910_223959.jpg (213 KB, 1940x1121)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
It's another reason ponies have to be the pilots. Quad mech turn out to be way, way more effective than humanoid ones. Human pilots have too much trouble wrapping their head around controlling a mech with four legs via the nueral uplink.
>Human pilots have too much trouble wrapping their head around controlling a mech with four legs via the nueral uplink.
I mean realistically speaking trivialities such as fine leg movements would get abstracted away by automated controls.
Even IRL in your biological body this happens. You don't actively think about how you move your legs. Even on difficult terrain you might have to look down to see where you're putting your feet, but you will usually be able to keep walking at normal pace anyway and hold a conversation and think about other things, just effectively still automatically adjusting to the terrain based on what you're seeing but without constant conscious thought.

A mech would certainly be able to abstract that away, whether it's quad, spider, tracked, some kinda monkey configuration optimised for climbing and acrobatics, or whatever.
File: reverse.jpg (190 KB, 943x861)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>America is the only nations with the ponification technology. While other nations can build powerful mechs, they have no one to use them.
>Other nations begin to scramble to find ways to create their own pony units. All other weapons are nearly useless against the power of a mecha, making this their top military priority.
File: 111060.png (159 KB, 870x675)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
What is the second nation that would get battle ponies? I'm guessing China though there will be a couple thousand 'satyrs' living in a basement somewhere from all the failed injections.
The main difference is that a pony could handle the neural link to the machine while a human would be trying to use very clunky automated controls from the cockpit.
Basically one gets Armored Core style controls and the other gets oppa Gundam style.
File: reeee.jpg (598 KB, 2148x2200)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
If I were a pony I would kiss and cuddle all the ponies in equestria
File: Illustration259.png (2.16 MB, 3000x3000)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
File: IMG_7750.png (1.13 MB, 1136x640)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>Take pill to increase the amount of computational energy you have daily because you want to keep your job in the engineer wage cage
>Turn into unicorn
>Get fired from your job
Abbo, why did you think my 3 lines of shitty prompt were worth posting?
>rogue group of scientists leaks formula into water supplies around the world and in the atmosphere
>all of humanity becomes super-intelligent unicorns
>explore the stars
File: LyricaLilacTF_ShowStyle.png (818 KB, 1236x1600)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
"I did it on a dare, honest! At most, I thought that poking the statue was going to cause some angry landscapers to chase me out of the garden! Not cause me to turn into... whatever this horse... bird... thing is!"
I like to imagine all these happening in the background of a normal episode
mane 6 having their own adventures, meanwhile there's people turning into background ponies that are off-screen
File: pink_gump_invasion.png (611 KB, 1280x720)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
too many pinkie pies but every pinkie clone that comes out of the mirror pool is a human-turned-pinkie

you're stuck in this situation as a mindless fun-loving pink pony, what do?
If I'm mindless? Well, you saw the episode.

If I remember the episode? Hide until things blow over. Then try bringing over another batch of humans.
tonight's the night, this time for sure
File: 19.09.2023.png (579 KB, 3508x2957)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
Cute new pony
File: _.png (422 KB, 1427x661)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
File: _.png (944 KB, 2721x1719)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
>One week since everyone was turned into ponies
>Well, not everyone
>People figured out that if they had a suit of armor, they wouldn't change
>That by itself was already an extremely small subset of the population
>Smaller still considering they needed to be wearing it at the time everything went to hell
>Umbra Dusk just happened to be surrounded by every one of those people who lived in the state of Florida
>They kept close to him, and in return, he shared the secrets to retaining their humanity that he learned from a Pakistani birdwatching Discord
>All they needed to do was keep their armor on
>And so long as it was summer, maybe get out of the Florida heat
>Later that day, they all died of heatstroke
File: 1135905.jpg (632 KB, 1600x1200)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
The elements of harmony purify whatever they touch. It would turn humans into ponies.
File: _.png (769 KB, 1250x752)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: 1678572954897719.jpg (69 KB, 602x603)
69 KB
Dont let the monkeys hear about this, they'll go bananas.
File: _.png (379 KB, 898x669)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
File: image.png (13 KB, 800x600)
13 KB
I prefer the term transformation
File: _.png (133 KB, 636x831)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
There's a new drug that enhances athletic performance... doesn't show up in any testing...
then athletes begin to find feathery bumps growing out of their back and depending on the sport they may have no practical way to bind/hide it.
until full sized wings start bursting out and ripping their clothes in the middle of matches/competitions. awkward...
Maybe physical exertion accelerates the transformation. Maybe the type of exertion determines the type. A weightlifter struggles with a deadlift - suddenly, a snoot pushes out as they get up the bar. In surprise, they fumble with the bar as fingers begin to fuse and they drop the bar, falling to four hooves.

Here's another scene idea: a quarterback is running with the ball but beginning to transform into an earth pony mare, slowing down to the point she begins to get tackled by the opposing team's players, them beginning transformation into confused stallions as they collide into her. Debris of destroyed uniforms of armor litter the field as the sports narrator awkwardly tries to describe what's happening until they are forced to cut video and go to a commercial break.

Imagine a track meet: after the starting gun fires, people begin to trip and fall to the ground. They try to get up and continue the race, but they can't so they opt to do this awkward pseudo-type of gallop until they slowly get the hang of it, transforming as they do so. Then before you know it, everyone is racing on all fours.
File: filler request.png (1.12 MB, 1200x1500)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
File: 20.09.2023 2.png (647 KB, 3508x3508)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
File: 3204225.png (2.15 MB, 2600x2300)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
Twilight gets high as fuck and turns you into a pony "just to see what happens"
File: 3204357.png (142 KB, 1150x850)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: _.png (286 KB, 1149x1124)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Quite the story you got there, keep it up!
File: _.jpg (427 KB, 750x875)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
File: 22.09.2023 .png (393 KB, 3508x3508)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
I do the hand/hoof thing sometimes, it do be like that
File: 3205155.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: _.png (187 KB, 739x622)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
File: 1434236335821.png (151 KB, 757x348)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
It feels like TFs showing the person just thoroughly enjoying the change haven't been as common the past few months - seems there have been a majority of unwilling/'negative emotions' ones being drawn. That's not to say that's a good or bad thing on the whole, but I do like this piece.
File: Emilio_Lyrica_MLP_TFTG.png (2.64 MB, 3374x1637)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Yoo OR here from a while ago, this looks awesome, bless you for helping my bizarre background pony niche
Message that flip nigger on twitter and tell him to complete this shit
File: anonzeeb.png (155 KB, 1024x1024)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Is Plates still active? I don't recall having seen him draw pony for a while, and come to think of it, it's been some time since I've seen the non-pony TFs he posts elsewhere
File: 23.09.2023 2.jpg (3.29 MB, 3936x1965)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
File: _.jpg (17 KB, 426x310)
17 KB
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
File: _.png (503 KB, 1280x655)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
I drew this one on request and don't know the OC's name; have fun, tag team.
I've considered drawing some of these in a manner that implies just that! They could be lower quality, a bit blurrier, simpler geometry, not to mention some cut-off foreground characters that make the image look like a cropped screenshot. I might give it a try one day.
Thank you very much!
As another fan of hodgepodge background ponies, thank you for your request!
File: Untitled.jpg (55 KB, 610x455)
55 KB
holy shit its sunny startscooter
her name is vesper, or vespy
File: Untitled-5.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
New to this 4chan thing, but if you do requests could I get one of this mare? Her human counterpart has brown hair and brown eyes.
Growing fur as you become a pony is the best way to stay warm in the winter.
huh, didn't know they were the ptfg type but I guess it tracks
If I could have anything I want, then I'd be my bisexual mare Kelpie Doctor in Equestria, she wants lot's of foals, and has a weakness for cute mares, her ideal life would involve having a large herd, with many many! pregnancies where each mare helped to look after each others foals, including feeding when a mare feels sore and empty.
File: 125723.png (152 KB, 467x600)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
You guys might be interested in this thread.
File: LastNightWasABadNight.png (303 KB, 524x546)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Can you do a human guy into sapphire shore art, with like her cute top hat too?
File: giraffe anonfilly.jpg (897 KB, 2658x2532)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
File: Marevan.png (851 KB, 2095x1857)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
Why is almost everyone in the mare van a filly?
It's their journey to marehood.
when's my journey to marehood :(
Get in the van.
Imagine having identicle quintuplet fillies.
Jesus fuck, newfag, DON'T SAY YOU'RE NEW, LURK FOR A FEW HOURS, FIGURE OUT HOW PEOPLE POST, THEN MAKE A POST. I'm so tired of offboarders like you not even taking the goddamn time to do the digital equivalent of wiping off your shoes at the door before you enter someone's house.
File: 23.09.2023 wgwrwg.jpg (2.77 MB, 3936x1965)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
File: _.png (436 KB, 1116x612)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
You know how easy it would be for one of those little shits to do something rambunctious and accuse one of their sisters? If you caught them in the act, how would you know they weren't lying about which one they were? Even if you knew they were lying, how're you going to confidently determine which of the other four she is?
Paint numbers on them 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 then you know which is which and additionally you can confuse others into believing there's another one of these little shits running around that they just haven't seen yet.
File: 2873919.png (88 KB, 597x520)
88 KB
Do identicacle quintuplets all get the same cutie mark or not?
No, that's illegal
File: 788409.png (209 KB, 635x546)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
To some extent, cutie marks are representative of unique talents and are meant to be unique as well. Even ponies that have very similar talents and thus similar cutie marks are supposed* to differ slightly. Think of how many Apple family members have some slight variation of a classic red apple as their cutie mark; their cutie marks still aren't identical.

I could very well imagine the fillies having different fonts for their cutie marks while retaining the question mark motif. Maybe one likes to draw or is goofier; they get Comic Sans. Maybe one's a bit more upper crust; theirs is more like a script font. You could even get a bit esoteric with the meanings since fonts can have esoteric connotations. A filly who knows the Equestrian train system like the back of her hoof would be perfectly rounded out by a Helvetica cutie mark, given the font's extensive usage in transit system signage. Or we can go with the interpretation that the fillies are identical in every way - cutie mark included - which is boring as hell, but then again, so are the posters who like Anonfilly so I guess it tracks.

*I don't believe any pair of ponies with speaking roles have ever shared cutie marks. The duplication of cutie marks on background ponies (espcially ones that only appear once or twice) is common, but any with enough stage presence to speak have a unique one. And yes, go ahead and tell me Minuette and Time Turner have the same mark without checking first, I'll wait.
and stay gone
File: _.png (187 KB, 513x413)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
File: _.png (844 KB, 1871x1391)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
Is it really transformation if you're reverting back to your true form?
And does anyone else think it's hilarious that Rainbow Dash was wanking to pictures of herself for years in that story?
I would do the same thing
Does that mean whoever from the show that you masturbate to the most is who you were in Equestria?
>Transform into a pony
>Immediately suck off your best friends brother
What the hell was this story
Somebody's gay confession?
File: 1106735.png (396 KB, 1000x676)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
It's so insanely in-character for her, I'm mad that I didn't come up with something like that.
The most fun anyone's ever had in Iowa?
When you've been a pony long enough to think having a snout is normal.
File: coffwea.png (76 KB, 800x900)
76 KB
What if everyone became the last pony they masturbated to?
A lot of the Mane Six running around, especially Twilight Sparkle, if the number of results from searching "explicit <character>" is any indication.
I finished reading Anonymous Bosch + A Sixpence for your Thoughts last night and I liked it. It's a gem of the archive. Go read it if you like pet ponies.
It really is, I'm glad to hear more people liking it
The second half of Sixpence is meh, I wasn't too big a fan of the adventure plot. But the first where it's just comfy farm life? 10/10 kino, probably my second favourite pet fic after Zephyr itself
File: 2108152.png (1.21 MB, 6007x8603)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Sunset Shimmer's gonna help you out. She gives you three shim-bombs. They work like smoke bombs, thrown them on the ground and they'll detonate into a flash of light. But the effect? Everyone in a 10 mile radius will become a pony.

You get 5. What's your game plan?
>What's your game plan?
Ask her for more details and explanations at length since the amount I get seems to gradually increase with additional exposition
It's 5. Don't worry.
I want a tsundere, TCB-style Newfoal waifu to call me a dirty, stinking ape while manically riding my cock with a rictus grin.
My fetish is very mainstream and not weird at all.
File: image0-175.jpg (32 KB, 720x405)
32 KB
Still waiting for my Zephyr plushy in the mail
Maybe one day...
File: 2665397.png (210 KB, 1315x1000)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
I want to be a TCB-style newfoal mare and reverse cowgirl my TCB-style newfoal stallion husbando while we watch humans rage about ponification on the news.
File: tired filler.png (34 KB, 429x265)
34 KB
Holy fucking based. Bless you.
I really wish this story (err, pair of stories) got more love than it does. It's one of my absolute favorites and it just... flies under so many people's radars. It's not a massive commitment either at ~30k words per half; that's doable in a single sitting if anyone were so inclined.

Minor spoilers, I think that the scene in which Sixpence gets outed as sapient - ”By the way Sixpence, most horses don’t contemplate their place in the universe by staring at the stars.” - is absolutely iconic, and evokes a believable sense of compassionate understanding that a lot of authors can only chase. Additionally, I think that Sheffield is so well written with how cold & conniving he is, even if the last act with him... is strange and I just kinda choose to pretend it didn't happen.
Yeah the first part is great like that. Mute pets are also a favourite for me, it makes them a lot more pet-like.

It's definitely underrated, I might even go as far as to say it should be added to the OP beginner stories alongside zephyr. The ending certainly went a direction I wasn't expecting but I guess the dreams from the start were a chekhov's gun of sorts and had to be made sense of somehow. My favourite part of the second story was when Cirrus came back, even though it felt a little tacked on at the end I'm a sucker for cheesy romance like that.
File: 26.09.2023.png (912 KB, 3508x3508)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
File: _.png (397 KB, 785x892)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
File: noColour.png (183 KB, 988x1032)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Is that radius spherical? So any passing airplanes or if I do it in just the right spot, I can also hit the space station?
Probably at a concert or big event
>or if I do it in just the right spot, I can also hit the space station?
I think you might need more than 10 miles radius if you wanna hit the ISS. Unless you send the bomb on a cubesat or something
File: 1695563631188895.png (66 KB, 1032x933)
66 KB
>She gives you three shim-bombs.
>You get 5
Monty Python reference?

Do you mean each of us get 5 of them?
If so, we should coordinate and work our way down the list:
Systematic pony ~~terrorism~~ liberation
Count me in
File: Anonfilly isn't real.jpg (61 KB, 760x570)
61 KB
File: 679432.jpg (110 KB, 1024x666)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Opting for the largest cities by population seems like the most straightforward solution, but I'm not sure it's the best.
Why wouldn't you get a seat of government, especially one with jurisdiction over another (or all of the other) city(s) that have been ponified?
This is an exceedingly U.S.-centric answer, but I'd probably want to get both NYC and Washington despite neither being in the top five; I feel like a ponified center of commerce and government would endow the ponified populace with more respect than just sheer numbers.
After that, I'd be tempted to go for Los Angelees, but there are a handful of capital cities with over 10M people in a ten mile radius. Add Seoul, and if I get five, add Delhi and Manila too.
Can they be used remotely?
After the first one, you'll be more obvious. If they see the same pony walking away from a second detonation they will be instantly suspicious.

If so, save the last one to get caught in, yourself. If not, recruit minions who can detonate the bombs for you.

Unless they get shim-bombs, too. Is this some kind of pony-mid scheme?
>Pinkie Pie bounced around, "And then you recruit five friends, and they recruit five friends, and they recruit five friends..."
There's a button on tip to activate it so you could work out a remote mechanism but you will have to visit and plant it in each city you want to hit.

In terms of global influence, London is the second largest commerce center, Paris and Brussels are the most influential tl europe, especially when the EU is meeting, Beijing and Tokyo are also obvious picks for securing pony power.

You might also want the UN to be meeting in your city before setting it off. Get as many world leaders as possible. Oraybe the olypmics or something to spread it wider
>If they see the same pony walking away from a second detonation they will be instantly suspicious.
I feel like being recognized from the first detonation probably isn't a credible concern, but being a pony who walks though a city of humans to the site of the second detonation will be an immediate tip-off.

Naturally for the sake of my post, you'll need to imagine that you're working alone and that these can't be detonated remotely, since it takes away the problem of being conspicuous when getting the bombs in their respective locations, as well as the problem of the first bomb inherently ponifying you.

The immediate suspicion toward (You) from leaving the scene of the first detonation would be minimal. If every member of law enforcement, every first responder, every person within ten miles of you were to suddenly turn into a pony, the multitude of new things they'd need to worry about - some of which are legitimately life-threatening - would distract them enough to allow time to escape. If you took a shim-bomb into a back alley, set it off, and then slipped into the throngs of ponies panicking in the streets, you're home free. Even if the bombs have an effect that allows for authorities to locate its point of detonation, there aren't cameras thoroughly covering every major city. And even if that were the case, the people responsible for processing and poring over that footage would, again, be preoccupied learning to walk on four legs. The authorities responsible for catching the Boston Marathon bombers foundered for days despite the benefits of not only hands, but the ability to call up [human] camera owners and say, "hey, you're not dealing with a species change right now, got a second to send us some footage?" The panic would be absolute.

With the second bomb... now you're one (1) pony making your way into the center of a city of millions (1,000,000s) of humans. You're going to stand out a lot more, THAT is going to get your face remembered, and when the second detonation happens, everyone who saw you along the way would quickly put two and two together.
The choice between London/Paris and a dense Asian capital city is a tough one. With London and Paris I guesstimate it's "only" about 7M people each, as opposed to ~12M for Seoul, and the GDP impact is actually remarkably close between each of the three. The choice really comes down to what your aims are and where you see the timeline going after ponification, especially given "big picture" considerations.

I hadn't even thought of catching the United Nations as another benefit of going for New York, but that would have some crazy implications for sure.
>Gleaming Shield
I wouldn't be disappointed.
File: 2907623.png (123 KB, 504x498)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
not a pony but velvet, time to be a complete slut I guess
File: Coloured1.png (455 KB, 988x1032)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
File: 3197268.png (543 KB, 609x863)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
>finally get to equestria
>become a dirty mudpone
>no cock to fuck cute mares
>can't magic a cock to fuck cute mares
>still be fat and smell bad

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