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File: SSP Title.png (904 KB, 1028x578)
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Does anyone remember this?
Use SSP-Control Config to set up controls.
Only Twilight and Rarity work, and Rarity is very incomplete.

anonfillies /BeocI7tbz3/SSP_zip
Everyone in this game was supposed to use the magic series with their attacks iirc.
And in this build Rarity only has her jab and dash attack. The guys who worked on it privated the videos years ago so a lot of that is lost media, but there's still some videos out there of this and the older build.
I'm surprised no one leaked this before me. Going back through it took me back.
Leak all files related to this game if you have more. The team removed almost everything without warning.
This is all I have. We were given only 1 version to test and it was cancelled soon after.

They should've at least made a goodbye post but they dropped the entire testing group after the lead wanted to change gears to some game that never made it into development called Friendship Delivery Service.
I vaguely remember seeing a goodbye post in the form of a pastebin which was what sparked my initial interest. There were rumours of a C&D scare but couldn’t find anything about that either.

Would you have any of the videos that were on the youtube channel? Most of them were never archived. And anything on Friendship Delivery Service?
I don't have an archive of any of the videos but I do have a folder called Storyboard. Iirc it was supposed to be a more arcadey game where you get little guys into a portal on top, but this is all I have about it.

anonfillies /T2F2Rct2z8/Storyboard_zip
alright thanks for delivering /)
share again if you ever find more

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