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What if Sunset Shimmer were your sister?
>"You're home early"
>"Yeah. And you're not."
>I can explain!
Bullshit, you lost my Nickelback CD and I'll never forgive you! Now get back to folding my laundry.
File: sunset chips.png (103 KB, 2049x944)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Then she'd be my sister (again) you faggot thirdie bumpkin.
File: 1682635534146730.png (2.11 MB, 1754x2480)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
you could have at least LINKED the previous thread
Imagine impregnating your sister
>Big sis Sunset will never love dirty talk
>swn whisper in your ear, asking you if you're such a pervert that you'd want to knock up your sister
>swn ask if you if you want to name it "Anon Jr." and use that as a way to break it to your folks who the daddy is
>swn get a little too into it one night and forgo the usual condom in a fit of passion
>swn sheepishly ask whether or not you think "Anon Jr." is a unisex name
>Sunny sis sends you nudes
>Text back “sis, I’m literally in the next room”
And you couldn't?
>awkward silence
>she still hasn't explained, or even dropped them for that matter
"..I'll trade you the ones I have on right now for those you got on."
"I had gym today."
>another moment
>both begin furiously taking off your pants, buttons popping loud enough you would think they broke off and zippers hot to the touch from the speed they were torn apart
>pulling off your underwear until you're standing there naked from the waist down, covering your bits with the small pieces of now loose clothing
>faces red, you look back up at each other
>the stillness is so thick you can hear her swallow the lump in her throat from across the room
>or you might have, had it not been drown out by the sound of your own in echoing in your head
>"..h-how do we do this?"
"Uh, you toss me yours and I'll toss you mine. Same time... On the count of three."
>she nods quickly
>you count down and throw them simultaneously, but both of you are too nervous and distracted to make good throws
>you panic and scramble to grab each other's unmentionables and cover yourselves again
>Sunset rushes past you and back to her room
>both doors slam shut at the same time as the occupants clutch their precious prizes tight
>still warm
>just another wholesome sibling moment
Then I'd be a pony happily living in Equestria. I wouldn't judge her harshly for consorting with humans, but that doesn't stop me from making fun of her whenever she visits.
File: Spoiler Image (718 KB, 1333x2000)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
>hfw she suddenly remembers which panties she wore today
>”Hey little bro. Wanna play some strip Mortal Kombat?”
But if Sunset were my sister that would decanonize me and erase me from existence.
>she figured this would be a good way to mess with him and maybe get some blackmail material
>then about 5 minutes in she discovers her little bro games with Fluttershy regularly
File: 1679047283951237.png (207 KB, 298x742)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (266 KB, 1280x905)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
It’s Shimming time
I liked the part where Sunset said "It's Shimming time!" right before she kissed Anon.
Shimjob queen.
>Be Anon.
>Freshman in High School.
>The very same High School your older sister goes too.
>Shes always messing with you...
>Your stupid friends are always talking about how hot she is...
>Would be a lie to say it hasn't made you get into fights before.
>Not to defend her honor, but to stop being reminded that shes hot and your a solid 5/average as fuck.
>You sit on the living room couch.
>Playing some good vidya.
>Saturday mornings when everyone is still asleep while you wake up early to chill for a couple hours are always the best.
>You're sucked into the screen, losing sight of everything else around you.
>Completely unaware of Sunset sneaking up behind you.
>She stalks her prey, like a lion in the wild.
>You get got in your game, letting out a frustrated grunt.
"Fucking bullshit. Fuck you monster."
>You look down.
>"Wow, y'know you're actually pretty good, lil' bro."
"Thanks I-- wait!"
>She jumps over the back of the couch and onto you, pushing your down on your back and grabbing your wrists.
>"Gotta keep your guard up, Anon!"
"C'mon sis! Lemme go! I didn't do anything!!"
>"Hah! You're such a wuss!"
>She begins lightly tapping your head with your own hands.
>She may be a girl but shes still older then you...
>"Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"
"Ahf--! Stop it! Mf! C'mon!!"
>"Fight back!"
"I can't you got my hands!"
>"No I don't!" She teases, still making you slap yourself, "You just keep hitting yourself!"
"Knock it off, dammit!!"
>"N'aww is wittle Anny boy getting angwy?"
>She stop hitting you, just pinning your arms down to the couch.
"Are you finally done?"
>She leans down, her face only a few inches from yours.
>"Y'know I love you, little bro~."
>She gets up, looking at your crotch.
>"You're such a little freak! Hahaha!"
>She walks away, leaving you a /very/ confused and a little bit of a horny mess.
Fuck yes. More teasing bully big sister Shimmy!
File: Spoiler Image (420 KB, 1024x1463)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
How do you think you would handle bully Shimmer as her brother? Younger or older?
Stand up to her at least once, get your ass beat, be the newest laughing stock for the school until graduation.
Ignore the problem because she can't do shit to me.
What if she exposes your love for some little girl’s show about talking rainbow colored bears to everyone at school?
NO! What could she possibly want in exchange??
File: Spoiler Image (742 KB, 1114x1152)
742 KB
742 KB PNG
>Wake up with the munchies
>Go to the fridge to get some snackums
>See this
Wat do?
>Geez Sunset at least pretend you're not thirsty, you're sucking all the fun out of this.
>Proceed rape
>Pinkie Pie’s house
Did we both just sleep with Pinkie and somehow miss each other? I feel like Pinkie is crazy enough and has enough reality warping cartoon powers to sex both siblings in the same bed and somehow keep them both unaware of each other’s presence.
She would probably have you cleaning her room, doing her laundry, doing her homework, giving her foot massages and the like. And similar things at school. You would basically be right there with Snips and Snails.
>your big sis will never sexually bully you all through puberty
>giving her foot massages and the like
Don’t threaten me with a good time
I would huff her unwashed ass and her farts like my life depended on it. I'd make sure she ate nothing but junk so her farts would be potent killers.

I'd also cum in all of her jean and make her wear them.
>You would basically be right there with Snips and Snails
God no anything but that!
I would make sure to bring many girls home to keep Shim from getting any sleep
I miss /irt/
Same, but as long as there are morons who can’t just ignore obvious bait i.e. 99% of posters, then it’s doomed to be a shitfest whenever it tries to come back. As much as I want it back, I know it would just be a bad time until it inevitably died again.
I thought it was because of the mass exodus of writefags over the last few years.
I wonder why all the writers left?
Is it really because of the autists? I don't think so. I really don't. Its always been rampant here. Always. I think a lot of them left because they just got bored. And anytime a new writefag (extremely rare) shows up, there isn't nearly as much talk about the greens as there was once. Simply put, the older ones got kinda bored and moved on and new ones don't get as much attention as the old ones did. Even for a board starving for them. Thats just my theory, though.
Would Sunset be a good sister?
File: 019834750918734095683.png (256 KB, 580x430)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
She'd be good at messing with you via teasing you sexually.
I want Sunset Sister to bully me sexually, then get her back by cuckqueaning her[/spoiler{
Who would you cuck her for? One of her friends?
I was there for a long time, and towards the end one name kept coming up every thread. Doesn’t matter if there was green being posted, it derailed the thread every time without fail for dozens of posts. One determined parasite followed the threads for at least a whole year, and even that wasn’t long enough for everyone to ignore him. Nevermind the “pony x adopted human” fucker that also wouldn’t shut up. That doesn’t mean that there also wasn’t writefags who just got bored, I’m only saying it was more than that. Regardless, there are other threads I’d rather have back instead. Ones with less baggage.
Fair enough. I should've assumed it was a mix of both.
This with all her friends.
Why does your sis like walking around with no pants so much?
Rainbow certainly has a history of cucking her friends
Did she just wet herself?
File: Spoiler Image (250 KB, 1280x905)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Is this become new incest thread?
Looks like it. We hadn’t had a thread for a while now so I’m not complaining
lick boot
>when she reads your diary
Detailed journal of the different textures of each pair of her panties and what they feel like around my cock. Rankings on which are my favorite along with a little doodle of her butt packed into each pair right next to them as well as a paragraph or two on how much each one makes me want to smack her ass around.
Sunset bullying her brother at school, knowing he’s going to give it to her tenfold back at home.
This will then force your sister to stop wearing panties, in fear of them all being defiled by your seed
Thats very mean anon she was just teasing you no need to go so far with your payback. There are better ways to get back at her sexual teasing.
>tfw you had sex with your younger brother
File: 1418812384906.jpg (48 KB, 500x490)
48 KB
>Is it really because of the autists? I don't think so. I really don't.
Anon, I was there. Every time a certain writefag's name came up, some retard would screech about how we need to stop "worshiping" him and that talking about him will "scare new writers away". You need to understand how devoted this autist was. He would literally BEG people not to mention "that talentless hack"s name and urge us to move on. This went on for months.

We also had some guy who would name Anons he was sure were bullying him, and he called them Lock Shock and Barrel because Tim Burton. He would just call people that when they said things he didn't like.

There was one guy who got really angry when incest happened too easily. In the incest thread. Like, if the protags were not angst-ing over how fucked up their relationship was, and if literally one other character found out and was okay with it, this retard would lose his MIND and scream about how incest shouldn't be that quick and easy.

Every time someone would post bait, no matter how obvious, it would spark a massive argument with the autists. People would beg and plead for them to ignore the bait, but they never did. Hell, I was a writefag there for a year or so and I eventually got sick of the autists and left. They made it so that writing there just wasn't fun anymore. Instead of any sort of meaningful discussion, you had retard screeching, bait being dropped, and people begging the autists not to take the bait. That was 90% of the posts. You needed to experience it first-hand to really understand just how thoroughly the autists ruined /irt/. The vast majority of what ruined the incest thread were the autists. It is always the autists who ruin threads. Look at any long-running thread on 4chan, it will eventually be consumed by retards as the people who normally shout them down get sick of their presence and leave.

>Is it really because of the autists? I don't think so. I really don't.
Was Mt. Vesuvius really what did Pompeii in? Maybe it was a bad crop year and Pompeii was already mostly dead when the volcano erupted.
Samefag here. Sorry if I came off as too aggressive, >>39948756. Writing that post gave me a 'Nam flashback, is all.
>It's full of really wholesome stuff, like hand-holding and fantasies of living a domestic life together
Hi Schwartz
Close, but no.
Hint: Anon's poor rug will never be the same, not after all those drinks got spilled on it
What if Sunset Shimmer were your daughter?
Its all good, Anon. I was thinking about the board as a whole more then a single thread. But, you're right.
>There was one guy who got really angry when incest happened too easily
...Unless this happened more than once, then that was definitely my green that caused it. I was a fucking loser, and a terrible writer back then. Not saying I’m any better at writing these days, but at least now I know when to keep my mouth shut and take criticism, even if I don’t agree (which I do, in that case). Even if that thread comes back, there’s no way I’m returning. The baggage I mentioned earlier is mostly my own
No, no, he did it on more than one occasion. It wasn't just your greentext. I'm glad to hear about the personal development, though.
What if Sunset Shimmer was your mother?
She's still going have to wear something. Whatever it is, it will have been worn by her, and that will be enough.
She’ll just have to wear invisible panties that I can’t cum on
“Dear diary, Is it wrong to be attracted to your sisters best friends? Because god damn all of them are hot as shit!”
File: 1684877987471.jpg (56 KB, 648x864)
56 KB
>ywn comfort your big tittied big sister because men find her huge boobs too intimidating for them to date her
Jesus, look at the size of that bust. I feel like I should be pulling a sword out from between those tits and be declared the new king of England.
>"They're the Empress's Panties, Anon. Brand new, just hit the stores. They're visible unless you're some sort of pervert."
>This did not stop Sunset from wearing skirts around you when your parents aren't home
File: 1752206.png (155 KB, 535x717)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>Your titty monster sister Sunset teases you to no end
>Casually presses her tits against you whenever she's nearby
>Calls you a pervert when she catches you staring at them
>Uses your head and shoulders as a breast rest when her back hurts
>Takes your things and hides them in her cleavage
>Lays them in your lap when you two are watching a movie
>Goes braless with thin, almost transparent tops around you when it's cold so her large nipples are clearly seen
>And when it's hot she barely wears anything at all, with cleavage so deep it shows off her areola
>Leaves her door cracked when changing
>Always hugs you for too long and shoves your face into her cleavage
>Seems to regularly forget a towel when taking a shower, calling for you to get her one as she stands nude in the bathroom, her hands barely keeping her decent
>Overly friendly and touchy when you two are alone, sometimes complaining that it feels stuffy and strips down to her underwear
File: 1593044000343.png (188 KB, 486x218)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Fuck, man.
File: CBS Sunset.jpg (122 KB, 648x864)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>ywn have your girlfriend break up with you
>ywn hear Sunset tell you she heard what happened
>ywn expect her to mock you mercilessly, as is her duty as the older sibling
>ywn instead get a hug and a genuine "It'll be okay" from her
How much of this could Anon handle?
File: 1684772644410.jpg (68 KB, 640x800)
68 KB
>Hey Anon, guess where I hid your wallet!
>Sunset constantly bullying you with her milk tanks
>swn get into wrestling matches with you that go exactly the way you expect them to
File: 085.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
as much as it takes
File: 960496.png (3.27 MB, 2022x2800)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG
>Goddammit, don't have time for this, might as well get it over with fast.
>Reaching into your sisters ridiculous tits, her smile widens into a predatory grin.
>As soon as your fingers touch her soft flesh, the bimbo starts moaning obscenely at the top of her lungs.
>You try not to react, but your face heats up with a blush anyway, your sister too good at faking slutty moans.
>Rummaging around in a mile of cleavage, Sunset moans your name after a gasp.
>"Oh fuuuuuck~ deeper Anon!~ Ohhh yeahhhh!"
>Her oversized bra makes searching difficult, getting in the way and keeping things tight.
>Sunset's eyes are filled with mirth as she giggles girlishly between breathy womanly moans, enjoying your embarrassment immensely.
>Gingerly checking her bra cups, you accidentally brush one of her proportionately huge nipples, making your sister hit a high note with her moan and bite her lip.
>Reflexively yanking your hand out from between her tits, the two of you lock eyes, both panting and red in the face.
>Sunset is first to recover and her eyes glance down, smirking and stifling a laugh with the back of her hand.
>"Really bro? You got hard just from touching your sister?"
>Quickly turning your front away from Sunset, shame washes over you.
>"By Celestia, you're such a fucking pervert."
"S-Says the one always hiding my shit in her dumb cow tits!"
>Instead of looking hurt by your words, Sunset just cocks her head with a quizzical look.
>"I didn't put your wallet in my boobs Anon, I have no idea why you were reaching around in there besides trying to cop a feel."
>Your face heats up more as your sister smirks at you, pushing her hips forward.
"B-But you always-!"
>Cutting yourself off, your eyes flick down to her pants, specifically her crotch.
"N-No... y-you wouldn't."
>"What are you talking about now, perv?"
"Y-You didn't."
File: 2038694.png (235 KB, 845x1161)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>Looking annoyed, Sunset crosses her arms under her immense chest.
>Didn't WHAT you little spaz?"
"You... f-fucking asshole, I'm not reaching into your pants, I'd rather drive without my wallet."
>Your face hardens into what you hope is stoicism as Sunset looks at you with surprise.
>Then she breaks out with laughter, doubling over and making her tits wobble.
>"You thought I put your shitty wallet up my COOCH?!"
>Blushing again as Sunset laughs at you, you stammer out a reply.
"N-No! I m-meant like in your p-panties or something!"
>Your explanation only makes her laugh harder, her breasts jiggling along with her shaking chest.
>"HAHAHA you-you're such a dumbass!" She chokes out between laughs.
>Your embarrassment ebbs away as your face heats up with anger this time, having enough of your bitch sister.
"Give me my fucking wallet cunt!" You snarl.
>Pretending to be shocked, Sunset pulls out your wallet from her pants pocket, holding it out to you by the corner as if it were a piece of trash.
>"Wow jeez okay, all you had to do was ask, psycho."
>Snatching your wallet from her, you give her your best "fuck off" glare and turn around.
>"Someone's got anger issues~" Sunset singsongs as you stomp away.
>Going to leave, you reach for your keys in their usual spot but they aren't there.
>Confused, you turn back around just in time to see Sunset drop them into her cleavage, giving you a shit eating grin.
File: 1505101793340.gif (471 KB, 300x300)
471 KB
471 KB GIF
keep going
>titcow sunset
Brother I only can be this erect.
File: 1684932784711.jpg (58 KB, 576x1024)
58 KB
>Hey Anon, what do you think about this new swimsuit I got?
God help him if he went to the beach with her. She'd be all over him like stink on rice. So many opportunities for her to tease him.

>"Nuh-uh, girls. This one is mine. We're sweethearts, aren't we Anon?"
>Anon now has to put up with a cuddly sister, knowing full well that he can't say "no, this pervert is my sister"
>Anon now has no choice but to play along
>Sunset just grins and calls him a pervert whenever he reacts to her touch
File: 1684788485129.jpg (71 KB, 648x864)
71 KB
>Hey Anon, check out my NEW sweater hoodie!
File: 1684871813182.jpg (47 KB, 648x864)
47 KB
>Hey Anon, do you think this shirt is too tight?
File: sunset44.png (340 KB, 750x850)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
I bet she steals his hoodies all the time.
>"Mom'll kick my patoot if I don't check up on you every so often."
>"No, I don't have a thermometer."
>"Come one, don't be a pussy. Mom did this all the time when we were sick."
>"It's waaaay better than some dumb old thermometer, don't you think?"
>"...more fun, too."
>My naked nipples are getting stiff from rubbing the inside of your hoodie!
File: 1684527749909.jpg (42 KB, 640x640)
42 KB
>Shimmy sis drags you along to help her sneak into the school poolroom late at night.
I will smother you with my fat rolls.
File: 2dd.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
G-get out of it!!
File: 01938429083475283456.jpg (313 KB, 840x1130)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
>Later that night.
>You're up in your room.
>Alone on this Saturday night.
>Nothing new here.
>You sit at your computer chair, staring into the screen.
>Watching some top 20 list on conspiracies.
>After being humiliated in your favorite MMO, you took the honorable route and rage quit the game.
>The clock at the bottom right of the screen reads; 02:05.
>You sigh deeply, halfheartedly paying attention to the video.
>"Number 15, Burger King Foot Lettuce..."
"How is that a conspiracy?"
>You shake your head and scratch you ears under your headphones.
>Being distracted you don't hear the door open.
>A slender figure creeps its way towards you.
>Slowly walking through the shadows behind your chair.
>You feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
>Pausing the video, and taking off your headphones, you hear breathing behind you.
>You turn.
"Whos the- wait, Sunset?"
>"Heyyyy broo~ *hic*"
"You're drunk."
>"Nahhh just a little buzzed. Me and the girls were at a party and Pinkie spiked the punch bowl."
"Sounds like her. I think. I don't know your friends."
>Sunset leans forward, wrapping her arms around your torso.
>She brushes her face against yours, holding you tightly in her arms.
"C-cut it out, sis!"
>"Heh heh, did I ever tell you where I'm really from?"
>"I'm a horse, little bro."
>"Haha! You're so gullible!"
"Whatever, weirdo."
>You try to free yourself from your sister's clutches but to no avail.
>She won't let go.
"Okay this is getting uncomfortable."
>Her hands move down your chest and to your belly, slowly sliding down.
>"I know you have a crush on all my friends. I see the way you look at them whenever they come over."
>You gulp.
>What the hell is she doing??
>"And some of them think your kinda cute, in a 'I want to pet it' type of way."
"Yeah in other words I'm so non-threatening and timid that no girl will ever date me. Thanks sis."
>She pouts.
>"My poor little Anon, he'll never know what hes truly capable of~."
>Her hand moves lower.
>She grabs the elastic of your boxers.
"What the hell are you doing??"
>"He'll never know, how much his sister..." She whispers in your ear, "loves him."
>She pulls the elastic downward slightly.
>You couldn't help but feel an oncoming boner.
"Sunset, stop! W-what if mom or dad come in?? How do you know you didn't wake them up when you came in?"
>"They trust me, you should too~."
>Your eyes slam closed.
>What the hell is actually happening right now??
>This is like some crazy porn video coming to life!
>Oh god...
>She pulls the elastic outward.
>You cover yourself.
>She lets go of the fabric, letting it slap against your hands.
>"You're so weird, little bro! You actually had a boner from that! Hahaha!"
>You look at her in shock as she leaves the room.
>She pauses at the door, looking back at you with sultry eyes.
>She leaves.
"What the fuck..."
File: IMG_3302.jpg (184 KB, 802x1018)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>You grab the sides of your head in frustration at the most recent antics of your sister, Sunset Shimmer.
>”I’m sorry!”
>You snatch your now pink underwear and shove it into her face angrily.
“Look what you did! I keep telling you not to wash whites with reds!”
>”I said I’m sorry!!”
>She stands there, head hanging low, as you pace back and forth.
“I hope you know what this means.”
“I’m gonna have to punish-inseminate you.”
>Her pained expression becomes desperate arousal suddenly, as she balls up her hands.
“Get on the bed, and spread ‘em.”
>She excitedly gets on the bed, practically ripping her pants off. She’s absolutely drenched. That was fast.
>”P-please be careful. I want to walk afterwards-“
>You unzip yourself, slapping your burning mast against her buttock, making it ripple slightly.
“Keep talking back, and I’ll show no mercy when it comes time to assault that puckerhole of yours.
>She squirts a little.
File: 2175088.png (102 KB, 819x1254)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Fuck it was hot.
>Laying on your bed in just your boxers, you scroll through your phone aimlessly, trying to distract yourself from the heat.
>Saturdays had no business being this hot, sucking the life out of you and any will to go out and have some fun.
>The only thing that was saving you from melting into your sheets completely was your little window mounted AC unit, the thing doing it's best to keep your room as cool as it could.
>It wasn't much, but it was better than not having it at all.
>Then all of a sudden your peaceful agony was interrupted by your door flinging open with a bang, your sister barging her way in without so much as a knock.
>"Hey twerp."
>Clothed in only a pair of panties and a very sweaty crop top, Sunset beelines straight for your window.
"I don't remember asking you to come in my room."
>"Huh, me neither, but I thought you wouldn't mind since you "come" in your room all the time." Sunset says, pantomiming a crude jerkoff motion with her hand.
>Not waiting for your flustered reply, Sunset faces away from you to your air conditioner and lifts her sweaty top, her breasts spilling out, large enough to show off a generous amount of backboob.
>Sighing with relief, Sunset stretches in front of your AC unit.
>"Aww yeah, that's the stuff."
"Could you not fill my room with the smell of your nasty tit sweat?"
>"Pshh, as if a perverted virgin like you would ever turn down a chance to have a hot topless chick like me in your room."
"You're my sister dumbass."
>"Yeah exactly, that's how desperate you are."
"Whatever, it's too hot to fight." You concede. "At least close the door, the little thing can hardly keep this room cool, let alone the rest of the house."
>Grunting, Sunset pulls her top back down and shuts the door a little too hard for your liking before standing back in front of the air conditioner with her ass to it.
"You know, you can always buy your own AC, you have a job after all."
>Sunset rolls her shoulders, making her loose boobs shake under her top, her nipples tenting it from the direct chill they received from the AC.
>"Can't afford one, between new clothes, food, expenses, savings, and whatever, just not enough in the budget."
"Damn, maybe you should raise your prices, unless guys aren't willing to pay over ten bucks when you're working the back alley."
>Going still, Sunset glares hate at you from beneath the wet squiggle of hair matted to her forehead.
>"What was that?" She asks, danger in her voice.
>Gulping, you nervously look away from her gaze.
"Uh, t-that maybe you should try asking your b-boss to raise the prices of the sushi so he could pay you more."
>Immediately Sunset's face changes from barely restrained fury to neutral in a second, combing her fingers through her damp hair.
>"Oh, no he'd never go for it, and even if he did he wouldn't pay me a single cent more."
>You let the conversation die there, going back to your phone and trying to ignore your sister cooling off.
File: 1472826.png (958 KB, 1967x3916)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
>Mere moments go by before a weight lands on the side of your bed.
>"Whatcha doin'?"
>You don't even have time to sigh before your nosy sister continues.
>"Looking at porno? Sorry I interrupted your only other female "interaction" you get besides me."
>Something seems to come to her mind as she looks at you questioningly.
>"At least I hope it's female, you're not gay are you? There's nothing wrong with that, and it wouldn't surprise me at-"
"Please get your sweaty ass off my bed."
>Smiling, Sunset flops down next to you, her huge tits slapping together wetly with the movement as they come to a rest.
"Then at least shut up, I can't deal with both you and this heat at the same time."
>Turning away from your insufferable sister, you keep flipping through your phone, trying to block out the annoyances in your life.
>You get a minute of peace before Sunset scoots closer and whispers into your ear.
>"You know, that was really rude what you said earlier, you little douche bag."
>Snatching your phone out of your hand, Sunset tosses it behind her and grabs you, her nails sinking into your shoulders.
"Hey! What the fuck?!"
>Before you can react, Sunset straddles you and pins your wrists above your head.
>"Think you're funny? Making jokes like that when you've never even touched a girl besides your sister?!"
>Sunset's hot thighs keep your torso in place, the fabric of her panties rubbing on your stomach and her tits hanging pendulously over your head, the position you were in giving you an eyeful of underboob.
"Let go of me you freak!" You yell, struggling in your sister's grasp.
>"Not until you apologize fuckface."
>Pursing her lips, Sunset lets a gob of spit leave her mouth, dangling it above your face.
>Grossed out and not wanting to get spat on, you quickly do as she asks.
"Okay okay! I'm sorry! There you happy?!"
>Sunset just smiles, letting the spit fall from her mouth and hit you right below your nose on your upper lip.
>Enraged, you sit up forcefully with a roar and knock your sister on her back, making her let out a surprised shout.
>Seizing her roughly by the arms, it was your turn to pin her to the bed.
>"O-Oww don't hurt meeeee!" Sunset wines, squirming in your grasp.
>Not actually wanting to hurt her, you loosen your grip just enough for Sunset to immediately go back on the offensive.
>Slipping her arms out of your hands, the two of you grapple, trying to find purchase on the other to get the upper hand.
>Sunset's top was soaked with sweat, the liquid making it somewhat transparent, her large areola able to be seen through it.
>"Huh, you're stronger than I remember twerp." Sunset says between pants. "But you're still not gonna beat me."
>Grabbing your nipples, Sunset gives you a brutal titty twister, making you yell out in pain.
>That gives Sunset enough time to get you on your back again, though she wasn't expecting the retaliation.
File: 1649185.png (542 KB, 844x1000)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
>Grabbing your sister's quarter sized nipples though her almost see-through top, you twist the sensitive nubs just as she had done to you.
>Letting out a scream of half pain and pleasure, Sunset rips your hands off of her just as you sit back upright.
>"You little SHIT! You're SO gonna get it now!"
>Doubling her efforts, Sunset twists her body, bringing the two of you on your sides before clambering on top of you, pushing your face into the bed and pinning you on your stomach.
>Unable to fight anymore in this position, you were helpless as your sister digs her nails into your shoulders.
>"Call me a whore will you? Well guess what?! Now you're MY whore fucker!"
>Breathing heavy, Sunset slams her hips into your ass as if she was fucking you, humiliating you but thankfully nothing further.
>"Yeah you like that bitch?!"
>Grabing a handful of your hair, she yanks on it, her heavy breasts squishing into your back.
>"Letting a girl take-"
>Seeing red, you don't let her finish her sentence as you push off the bed with your arms hard enough to flip you both on your back.
>Smashing on top of Sunset, your landing was quite soft, her breasts acting like airbags for you while she got squished into the bed and had the air knocked out of her.
>Whipping around, you come face to face with your sister, pulling an arm back to ready a punch that would turn this wrestling mat into a boxing ring.
>But you leave your arm cocked, as below you Sunset was gasping for breath not noticing her top had ridden up to her neck, revealing her bare nipples to the warm air.
>Looking up at you, Sunset follows your gaze before yelping, yanking down her top over her slick and sweaty oversized breasts, doing practically nothing at this point as it was so wet it showed off her nipples clearly.
>Your primed hand comes shooting down to her, but not in a fist, instead grabbing the flimsy top and ripping the fabric right off her body.
>"AHH! What are you DOING creep?!"
>Scrambling to cover herself, Sunset's hands slap over her nipples, just barely not enough to cover her areola.
>"Why'd you do that you pervert?!"
>Red in the face, Sunset looks up at you with anger, only to see you grinning.
"Can't fight if you can't use your hands."
>Snorting probably the nastiest, largest loogie of your life, Sunset looks up with horror.
>"You. Wouldn't. DARE."
>Not answering, you instead aim for targets, an eye perhaps, or maybe her hair...
>Getting ready to spit, Sunset sees you were serious and with an angry scream, uses her hands to push you away as hard as she could.
>Again on your back, your sister in on you in a flash, her naked, gigantic breasts danging over your head and dripping sweat onto you.
>She had a crazed look in her eyes, no doubt thinking up the worst punishments she could, her hair a frazzled mess.
>Then all of a sudden, she looks down to where she was sitting, her eyes widening a little in recognition.
>"Oh, what do we have here?"
File: 1779600.png (1.04 MB, 1436x2000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Scooting down, Sunset drags her crotch over the bulge in your boxers, her panties rubbing your erection you didn't even know you had before sitting on your thighs.
>"Just as I thought."
>Putting her hand inside your waistband, your sister grabs your boxers and rips them off like you had her top, letting your boner spring free and rest against one of her thighs.
>Grasping your cock roughly in her hand, Sunset stares daggers at you from her wild eyes.
>"What's this Anon?! Why do you have a boner?!"
>Not waiting for a reply, your sister raises her voice even higher.
>"Disgusting! Revolting! Perverted! Degenerate! Despicable!"
>With each word her grip on your cock gets tighter, only serving to make it harder and throb against her palm.
>"Your own sister! I can't believe-!"
"Shut UP!"
>The words were so unexpected they even surprised you for a moment, but you quickly pressed on.
"Every day I have to endure you teasing me with these fucking things and you have the nerve to act all innocent and disgusted?!"
>Grabing Sunset's massive tits, you shake the sweaty bags angrily as she sucks in a startled breath.
"You're the one always waving and shoving these things in my face, and you call ME the pervert?"
>Sitting up, your chest squishes Sunset's breasts, her hard nipples poking into you.
"You know what I think? I think YOU'RE the one who's got the hots for their brother, but can't admit it to yourself.
>Pushed back, Sunset can only stare wide eyed at you, even as she falls back onto the bed, her mammoth tits slapping and jiggling around freely.
"Don't think I didn't notice how wet you are, you're ruining my sheets with how much you're drooling down here."
>Tugging on Sunset's panties for emphasis, she seems to snap out of whatever trance she had just been in.
>"T-That's just s-sweat moron, you just WISH I had the hots for you!"
>Grabbing her panties, you rip them off just like all the other clothing, a few long, sticky trails of clear fluid connecting the crotch to Sunset's bare pussy, decorated with a little tuft of blonde and red hair.
"Care to explain this then?"
>Panicking, Sunset bites her lip worriedly, unable to come up with an excuse.
>Searching for something, anything that would get her out of this, your sister tries to buy herself some time.
>"Umm, I..."
"By all means keep stalling, here I'll even give you what you want, if you don't say anything I'll stick it in, that IS what you want right?"
>Taking your cock, you rub it over Sunset's swollen lower lips, her folds kissing you and smearing your head with arousal.
>Her breath quickens as she feels you prod her entrance, unable to bring herself to tell you to stop this game of sexual chicken.
>Looking you in the eyes, Sunset goes quiet, tears welling up in her eyes as her legs wrap around you.
>"YES!!!" She cries out.
>Using her legs, Sunset pulls you inside her in one motion, your cock pushing through a barrier before bottoming out as your hips meet.
File: 1772067.jpg (326 KB, 839x1280)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>Both of you moan out loud with the thrust, Sunset pulling you into a hug, holding you close with her all her limbs.
>Her boobs squish between you, shaking as your sister cries into your neck.
>"I-I'm such a b-b-bad sisterrrrr!" She wails, her tears wetting your collarbone.
>"I-I know I shouldn't like your fat c-cock in my p-p-pussy, but I L-LOOOOVE IT!"
>"I'm s-sorry Anon but I c-can't help it, you don't have to f-forgive me but p-please don't hate-"
"I forgive you."
>Sniffling, Sunset looks at you with teary eyes, her cheeks wet with guilt.
"As long as you admit to being a pervert and wanting to fuck your own brother like the little incest freak you are."
>Your sister's face goes from miserable to indignant in a second.
>"I-I'm not saying that."
"Well then I guess I can't forgive you." You say, starting to pull out of her swelteringly hot pussy.
>"Waitwaitwaitwait, o-okay I'm a pervert!"
>Stopping, you cock an eye at her.
>"A-And I've wanted to fuck my own b-brother for a long time and k-kept teasing him with my t-tits."
>Pulling out a little more, you see Sunset bite her lip.
>"And I-I get jealous when you talk to other girls! I love teasing you with my tits, it makes me so wet! I masturbate all the time pretending you're fucking me! A-And I-I'm a little fucking incest freak OKAY?!"
"There we go."
>Slamming back home, your hips once again meet your sister's, making her groan happily.
>"Fuuuuuck, you don't know how long I've waited to feel you inside me..."
>Pulling back, you go for another thrust, parting Sunset's hot walls as she moans.
>Doing it again, Sunset snaps back to reality, holding you in place with her legs.
>"Wait, wait, as much as I REALLY want you to keep going, we-we can't."
>Looking at you like you were retarded, your sister bonks you on the head.
>"Why do you think dummy?! Look, I want to feel you cum inside me SO bad right now, but I'm not on the pill and we don't have any condoms, what happens if I get pregnant? How are we gonna explain that?"
"Yeah... you make a good point..." You say disappointedly.
>Cupping your cheeks with her hands, Sunset gives you an apologetic smile.
>"Sorry big guy, I'll make it up to you, sister's promise."
>Bringing your head down into a kiss, Sunset pushes her tongue into your mouth, the two of you tasting each other briefly before she breaks it.
>Unwrapping her legs, Sunset lets you pull out of her, which you do, before quickly thrusting back in again, making her give out a high pitched yelp.
>"Oh FUCK, I just came a little, y-you asshole."
>Bringing a leg up, Sunset puts her foot against your chest and kicks you off of her, your cock springing free with a wet *pop*.
>Standing up off the bed, your sister stretches, showing off her slick, sweaty, voluptuous body for your hungry eyes.
>"Heh, still a creep."
>Striking a pose, your sister waves her hands over herself.
>"So since I'm a cool big sister, I'll let you pick, what do you want?"
File: 2456645.png (1.08 MB, 1014x2000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>"Mouth, tits, handy,-" turning around Sunset shows off her ass. "-hotdogging, backdoor, you name it."
>Seeing you were indecisive, Sunset smiles.
>"I'll even give you a footjob, you look like a weirdo who's into that, am I right?"
"I want to fuck your tits."
>Smiling wider, your sister hops back on the bed and lays down.
>"Hah, I knew it, should've put money on it."
>Patting her stomach, Sunset looks expectantly at you.
>"Well? C'mon, they're not going to fuck themselves."
>Doing as you were told, you straddle your sister's torso, your cock falling into her cavernous cleavage.
>"Theeeeere we go, isn't that nice? Now let big sis take care of you."
>Pushing her colossal tits together, your cock disappears from view between them.
>"Okay, start humping bro! I'll have you cumming in no time!"
>Following her orders, you thrust into her pillowy tits, making them jiggle.
>While they weren't quite as nice as her pussy, your sister's boobs felt heavenly on your cock, her sweat acting as lube for you to glide in and out.
>Working into a rhythm, Sunset coos and encourages you, looking up at you with lidded eyes.
>"That's it, fuck my huge tits, I know how much you love them~"
>Going faster, Sunset gets more excited as your hips send quick ripples through her boobs.
>"Yeah! Get it Nonny! They're all yours! Keep going!"
>Rubbing her tits together, Sunset adds more friction for you, making you moan.
>Smiling, your sister switches to a sultry tone. "Yeah? You like it when I rub my tits on you?"
>You simply nod going faster.
>"Good. I love watching you fuck my tits. I love feeling how hard you are in there. And I love knowing I'm getting you off."
>Taking her nipples in her hands, she pinches them and lets out a pleasured hiss.
>"Mmmn, next time you feel horny, big sis will take care of it, you're not allowed to masturbate anymore got it?"
>You dumbly nod again, lost in the sensations.
>"Good boy, whenever that big cock of yours needs some relief, I want you to come to me, so I can make you cum to me~"
>Her own words getting to her, Sunset blushes deeply and starts panting along with you.
>"And when I get on the pill, I'll let you cum in me raw, fill me up as many times as you want~"
>"Would you like that, bro? Would you like to drain your balls into your big sister like she's your fucktoy?"
>"Just imagine how good it would feel to slide into my hot little pussy, fuck me as hard as you can, and then shoot load after load deep into my womb~"
>Sunset's eyes flutter for a moment as she moans deeply.
>"Fuuuuuuuck~ I'm such a freak, I'm struggling really hard to not just say fuck it and let you breed your own sister. I'm so wet. You're making me so wet, Nonny~"
>Sunset's eyes twinkle as she stares lovingly up at you, even as she's jostled about by your rapid pace.
>"Sorry Anon, but could you do your sis a favor? Would you mind reaching back and fingering me? My pussy NEEDS something in it NOW."
File: 1653139.png (64 KB, 669x896)
64 KB
>Doing as she asked, you blindly reach behind you and feel around Sunset's crotch and legs, following her bellybutton down to her fiery tuft of hair and into her searing pussy.
>"AH! Yessss, finger me Anon! Oh I'm so close already! You don't need to impress me by holding off any more, I wanna see you cum~"
>She wouldn't have to wait long, you were nearing the edge with her, well, more like careening toward it with no brakes.
>Your fingers are slick with juices and easy to push into Sunset's folds, her walls squeezing them every time they push into her.
>Your sister jiggles her tits and pumps your cock in her cleavage with reckless abandon, continuing her dirty talk.
>"You're going to cum for big sis, Anon, you're gonna cum from her tits and you're going to give her every. Last. Drop. Got that?"
>Locking eyes with you, Sunset gives you no room to argue, making it clear she wasn't asking.
>"Nghhhh, you've done so good bro! But now it's time for you to cum for me. Cum for for big sis Anon! Ahhh! S-She wants to see you cover her big slutty tits with cum!"
>She's giving you that wild look again, her pussy spasming and clamping down on your fingers.
>C'mon, cum with me, lemme see you cum, cum on me, cum on me! CUM. ON. MEEEEEEEEE!!!"
>And with that, your dam bursts, white hot cum shooting into your sister's tits.
>"Yes, Nonny! Yes! You're giving such big pushes! You're throbbing so hard in my tits!"
>Pushing deep into her cleavage, your cock is able to shoot out the top, hitting your sister across the cheek.
>"Oh! K-Keep painting me! Haah! You're doing great!"
>Another two shots land on her neck and across her lips as she keeps rubbing her boobs on you, helping wring you dry.
>"Keep cumming, Anon! Nnnn! I want it all! Give me all you got!"
>A rope catches Sunset in the eye and she flinches, but doesn't stop cheering you on.
>"Yes! Keep going! I love being covered in your hot cum!"
>You coat her nose, forehead, chin, and even her hair squiggle with your next shots, your cum streaking over her face like a sprinkler.
>But soon, the fattest nut of your life comes to an end, your last spurts dribbling onto her neck and cleavage.
File: 2482477.jpg (561 KB, 1434x1838)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
>"Oh. My. Celestia. Anon, you came SO much for your big sis!"
>Her jaw falls open as she lets her tits part, showing off the mess you made between them.
>"W-Wow! I'm so proud of you, Nonny! I can't believe I helped you shoot so much cum! And you made it all for me~"
>Using her fingers, Sunset rubs your cum around on her chest, scooping some up on a finger to give it a taste.
>"Mmm, more pineapple for you, but not bad."
>Pulling your fingers out from your sisters snatch, you give them a cursory smell before giving her a taste as well.
>It's a little sweet and tangy, overall not unpleasant.
"You too, I guess?"
>"Okay get up, I gotta wash this out of my hair before it gets worse." Sunset says, patting your thighs.
>Rolling off of your sister, you press your back against the wall as she stands up and walks into your bathroom, her sweaty ass jiggling up to the counter.
>Splashing her face a couple times and cursing a bit as she tries to get every last bit of cum out of her hair, she eventually comes back and joins you on the bed.
>"Yeah, try not to bust in my hair again, though with how much you came it would probably be easier just to keep you inside me."
>Sitting in your lap facing you, your sister's pubes grind into your stomach and her enormous breasts press into your chest as she rests on you, her face up close and personal.
>"I was serious by the way, no more whackin' it solo. You need to cum? Go find me, at the very least I'll give you a handy, but that's my job now."
>Closing the distance, your sister brings you into another kiss, your tired, sweaty bodies pressed against one another tightly despite the still hellish temperature, but neither of you noticed.
File: 1684617248701.jpg (37 KB, 640x640)
37 KB
File: 1539341466362.gif (614 KB, 500x390)
614 KB
614 KB GIF
Bro, you've nailed it all. Sweaty tits are my favorite. Live and prosper, friend.
>"Heh heh, did I ever tell you where I'm really from?"
>"I'm a horse, little bro.
File: l lewd.png (78 KB, 899x861)
78 KB
Fucking CHRIST, Anon.
File: ydjfyuhjghjbn.jpg (67 KB, 534x715)
67 KB
>>Always hugs you for too long and shoves your face into her cleavage
You know, I bet there are times where Sunset just wants to cuddle with Anon.
>Early morning
>Parents have left for work
>Sunset wakes up
>Sleepily gets out of bed and trudges to Anon's room
>Opens the door, closes it behind her
>Crawls into bed with him
>Wraps her arms around him
>Falls back asleep
I choose to believe that Anon wakes up like this more often than not.
File: 1683837964085882.jpg (454 KB, 1455x828)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
Now that, that was hot
>"And I-I get jealous when you talk to other girls!
That's actually kind of sweet.
Notice how there’s no wholesome story’s on here, just sunset and Anon having sexy time…no wholesome story’s of sunset talking to Anon about how she still feels bad about being a bully and shit
File: 1560628986706.png (439 KB, 918x563)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
I desire sappy romance.
Do girls really feel that way about men's underwear?
The whole point of the thread is incest centered around Sunset, It's clearly more horny than wholesome a topic. Plus I mean, if exploring Sunset's bullying with a young brother witness interests you then you can write it yourself if you want
>Anon and Sunset used to be close, back when they were younger
>But then high school happened, and puberty happened, and Sunset kinda turned into a bullying cunt
>Sunset thought that the (tiddy) bullying and the back-and-forth rapport was just how she and Anon communicated
>You know, like siblings
>But that was until she went in for a hug, but didn't do it just to smoosh Anon's face into her tits
>A real hug, one that wasn't intended to embarrass her cute little brother
>When Anon suspiciously demanded to know what she was doing, it hit her like lightning
>Even with the years they'd spend being close to each other, Anon couldn't imagine a hug from her being genuine
>It hit Sunset like a sack of bricks how far they'd drifted apart if she couldn't even genuinely try to show some affection
>Sunset decides right then and there that she and Anon WILL be as thick as thieves, just like when they were kids
>...and she would also moderately reduce the tiddy bullying.
>She's gotten too fond of that one to give it up entirely
And that's the story of how Sunset and Anon went from fucking to making love.
File: 1684881816352.jpg (60 KB, 648x864)
60 KB
I’m going to need a paste for this
>When it's your little brother's birthday and he stumbles upon his present early
When it comes to their little brother’s underwear? Yes.
File: 1684714089350.jpg (39 KB, 640x640)
39 KB
Imagine how strong her pheromones smell. How could you bare having her as a sister living in the same house as you?
File: 1292669.jpg (137 KB, 835x1280)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Glad you enjoyed it, was fun to write.

Ponepaste won't let me upload the story right now because they're getting spammed, but I'll post a link when I can.
File: 1684715544353b.jpg (315 KB, 648x864)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
File: 1684528349299.jpg (50 KB, 648x864)
50 KB
>Slumber party with her friends
>Wears this instead of her normal PJs, much to her friend's discomfort
>Inevitably drags Anon into the room after the alcohol starts to go around and bottles are started to be spun
Girl got the mewtwo hand. Still would.
>The other girls keep spinning Anon
>Blushes, giggles, soft wet sounds of kissing
>Sunset getting madder and madder, unable to admit her latent jealousy for her cute brother
>Anon being passed around the circle of girls for increasingly naughty kissing and fondling
>Sunset fuming
>When Pinkie Pie pulls down Anon's pants as just a prank, bro, the sight of his throbbing erection shatters what's left of Sunset's composure
>She flees, holding back angry tears
"Oh, shit, I better go check on her."
>Why does she always ruin everything?
>Find her in your bedroom of all places
>Ass up in your bed
>Face buried in a pair of your boxers and humping her hand
>Moaning your name
>Erection redoubled
File: 1684541466950.jpg (60 KB, 648x864)
60 KB
File: 1505323679237.gif (21 KB, 300x225)
21 KB
You sir made me enjoy reading greens again, I loved reading all of it and enjoyed every line. Here's a sunny bun
File: 1684738045420.jpg (59 KB, 648x864)
59 KB
I love this, one of my favorite doujins is like this. Big sisters teasing you to hide their love for you is always great.
File: Sweaty Sunny Siblings.png (855 KB, 1350x4960)
855 KB
855 KB PNG
Really good shit.
File: 1512483731685 (1).jpg (21 KB, 430x422)
21 KB
Romantic love makes my kokoro go doki doki
Pic related, it's big sis Sunset every time she sees you with your girlfriend
Not usually one for incest, but that was damn good.
File: 2935859.png (1.29 MB, 1754x2480)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
File: 2935861.png (1.46 MB, 1754x2480)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>Sunset sends Anon these texts
>Main difference is she obviously isn't wearing a bra or panties
Look at her eyes. She knows exactly what she's doing to Anon.
File: 1650855748991.jpg (645 KB, 4096x1463)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
File: 1684979615818.jpg (52 KB, 648x864)
52 KB
>last frame
>This is how Sunset likes to spring new swimsuits on her brother
>The only reason he still looks away is because one time Sunset was fully nude underneath the coat
>"Well, you were clearly getting bored. I decided to, y'know, spice things up a bit."
>Anon knows that he's at risk of getting flashed by his older sister if he ever lets his guard down
File: 1684989959952.jpg (63 KB, 640x800)
63 KB
>ywn go to the movies with your sister and she gives you a handy and some head
File: 1476033332321.gif (2.15 MB, 428x535)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB GIF

>Be Anon.
>Be walking down the street
>Be holding your arm out to the side because your sister is grabbing onto it like a lovestruck fool
>Be absolutely fed up with this horseshit
>"I'm telling you, Anon, you're going to love this."
>A little backstory.
>You are Anonymouse.
>Specifically, Anonymous Shimmer.
>You think THAT'S bad?
>Well, you've got an older sister named Sunset.
>Back when you were kids, the two of you were practically attached at the hip.
>You were really close.
>You'd watch TV together, played outside together, and even bathed together... up until a point.
>Your mom stopped that after a certain age.
>God, Sunset was really pissed when that happened.
>Threw a tantrum and everything.
>But anyway, pretty standard sibling stuff: you guys started growing up, and then you weren't best friends anymore.
>No girl wants to be best friends with her annoying little brother.
>You think your mom still has all those pictures of you and Sunset holding hands.
>Anyway, Sunset had turned into a bully by the time you got to high school with her.
>She never went out of her way to associate with you, and made no effort to inform people that you two were, in fact, siblings.
>Throw in one of your teachers mispronouncing your name as "Anon E. Mouse" on your first day, and now nobody in school knows you're related to "that bacon-haired fucker".
>You were thankful back then, since you weren't interested in some asshole beating the shit out of you for the crime of being related to the girl who gave him a swirly.
>But now?
>Now that you're both out of high school?
>"Anon, don't we look cute? We almost look like a couple!"
>Now, you wish more people in town knew you were related.
>Like, SUPER-related.
"Yeah," you grind out, trying to ignore the soft, warm mass pressing against your side, "Almost."
>The soft fabric engulfs her breasts, allowing them to spread out naturally.
>You can feel the warmth of her soft skin through the top, and the occasional stiff nipple brushing against your arm
>You can't help but shiver as goosebumps run up your arm.
>Sunset scoffs and playfully nudges you.
>"Don't be mean, Anon."
File: is that penis for me.jpg (103 KB, 1100x618)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Sunset's face transitions to a familiar predatory grin; which is ruined slightly by the light pink dusting your sister's cheeks.
>"Where's the little boy who proudly told anyone who'd listen that he was going to marry his big sis one day?"
>You groan and cover your face with your one free hand, face burning.
"I was SIX."
>Sunset giggles.
>"That's when you started saying it, yeah. I think you STOPPED saying it when you were a-"
>Your older sister gently pokes your cheek with an index finger.
>She has to lean in a bit to do that, and you try not to bite your lip as her sweater puppies are pushed even more firmly against you.
>"-liiiiitle bit older than just six."
>You can feel your blush spread down your neck and engulf your chest.
>"In fact..." she purrs sensually, clearly enjoying your discomfort, "I think you didn't stop saying that you wanted to marry your beautiful older sister until you were nearly elev-"
>You drown her out with what, in retrospect, sounded like the bellow of a dying moose.
>A very embarrassed moose.
"Oh god, please stop bringing that UP all the time!"
>Sunset cackles and, teasing complete, grabs you by the hand and drags you along.
>Your eyes are naturally drawn to your older sister's assets
>You mean, you can't miss'em.
>Unbound by a bra (as FUCKINg usual), they sway and jiggle as she speed-walks ahead of you.
>You know she did that on purpose.
>She ALWAYS does this on purpose, just to get a reaction out of you.
>Just so that she can call you a perv while SHE walks around the house half-naked.
>God, nothing has changed since high school.
>In her own way, Sunset is still bullying you.
>With her tiddies.
File: 3008456.jpg (473 KB, 1932x2211)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>You can feel your blush spread down your neck and engulf your ches
Wow. The first time I see someone manages to actually capture right this feeling. It's not just "me face burns", it's also chest, guts, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.
Nice one.
>>Now, you wish more people in town knew you were related.
>>Like, SUPER-related.
>Cue Anon and Sunset running into a friend of Sunset's from high school
>She's completely clueless that the two of you are related
>Thinks it's cute that you're "together now"
>Friend sighs and remarks that she had a little crush on Anon back in high school
>Sunset's grip on your arm tightens possessively for a second
>Now you know why Sunset volunteered to do your laundry.
>Turns out "the dryer ate your undies" wasn't true.
>It sure does explain why she started offering opinions and suggestions for when you went underwear shopping.
to be fair, YOU were taking her socks and masturbating with them, so...
Only because she kept pushing my face into her gigantic tits whenever our parents were out.
File: 1684945559546.jpg (48 KB, 640x640)
48 KB
She did that because she loved how your erection would poke her stomach, even through your shorts
So under what circumstances would Sunset snap and just straight-up try and fuck Anon?
As soon as she gets too horny.
File: 1684879302182.jpg (62 KB, 576x1024)
62 KB
No warning or is it a slow progression with subtle hints that get less and less subtle as the days go by?
>Hot summer day
>AC is broken
>Parents are gone for the weekend
>Laying around in your respective underwear, trying to bear the heat
>It's hot and muggy
>You can smell the sweat in the air
>Sunset ditched her bra half an hour ago
>Don't have the energy to avoid starting at her generous, sweaty chest
>Sunset is having a hard time keeping her eyes off your crotch
>"...aw, fuck it."
Little bit of both. She'll try subtle at first, but once it's clear that it won't work, she'll do what needs to be done. If she's still bullying Anon with her tits, then I wouldn't even put it past her to try "you owe me for keeping bullies off your back in school".
File: 1684714097445.jpg (40 KB, 640x640)
40 KB
She got that look, the one that nothing is gonna stop her now
>ywn receive a sneaky handjob while your parents are in the next room over
>Sunset claims she wants to watch a movie with you all snuggled under the blankets
>"Come on, for real this time! We used to do this all the time when we were kids!"
>Get a movie, microwave some popcorn, go downstairs
>Sunset is already under the covers when you get there, all the way up to her chin
>Get in with her
>Embarrassingly, don't realize she's naked for a good couple of minutes
>Sunset protectd you from the kids she used to bully when she was queen bitch of Canterlot High.
>She just asks that you help her releave her stress as a way of paying her back.
>Every night she sneaks into your room and has you give her a massage.
>She also makes sure not to wear a top or bra because "you can't do a proper massage unless it's skin to skin contact, Rarity told me that."
>After getting the massage she cuddles with you for about an hour making sure to push her boobs into you as much as possible.
File: 1657788893757.jpg (86 KB, 861x768)
86 KB
>tfw you had sex with your younger brother for the first time and took each others virginities
>but used a condom
Skill issue
Imagine taking a nap on your sister’s tits
>Sunset will never tease you about your noob gainz
>Ywn tease her about her ever expanding bust
>She will never flash you and call you a pervert for getting a boner
>Ywn uno reverse card her by pointing out that she's the one that she's the pervert for showing her little brother her over-sized utters
>Sunset will never proceed to shover hand down your pants and tell you that if you really think she's a pervert then maybe she should star acting like one
>This will never lead to her sneaking into your room every night to edge you for a week
>Ywn get so frustrated that you crack and take her virginity while your parents are out on a business trip
Imagine cuddling with her naked under a blanket during a thunderstorm while watching 50's monster movies.
What about the ones where the humans are the monsters and want to blow each other up?
>Sunset tricks you into watching a sappy romance instead of a monster flick
>Holds you tight the entire film
>Sunset tricks you into watching a sappy romance movie with the promise of cheesey 50's monster movies
>Cuddles with you under the blankets while holding your hand
>Realizes that you're not interested in the film whatsoever
>Immediately shoves her hand down your pants
>Tells you that if you keep watching with her she'll give you something better than just a hand job
>Your parents come home and see you two cuddling on the couch watching a movie together
>They comment on how cute it is to see you doing this like you used to as little kids
>Little do they know that Sunset is giving you a mind blowing handy under the blanket
>"Honey, look! Anon and Sunny fell asleep on the couch! It's that just the cutest thing?"
>You're resting with your head on Sunset's shoulder
>Sunset is resting her head against your head, looking for all the world that you fell asleep leaning on each other
>Both of you pretended to be slumbering the moments you heard your parents creeping down the stairs
>Sunset barely contains her little smile (knowing full well that your parents haven't gone back upstairs yet) and begins to stroke you under the blanket
>Your parents chat about your childhood and how close the two of you were
>Meanwhile, you're about to blast a load all over your big sister's hand
File: sunset shimmer.jpg (321 KB, 869x650)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
>ywn have a sister who gives you a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek in front of her friends just to embarrass you
So, why DOES Sunset sexually tease Anon? Does she just do it because she thinks it's funny when he's embarrassed? Does she do it because she likes that her body makes him react that way? Does she think it's not weird because they're siblings, since siblings OBVIOUSLY don't have sex? Does she do it because she lusts after him, due to the taboo of incest? Does she do it because she has sappy fantasies about living a domestic life with her brother? More importantly, what does Anon think of all this?

Pic related, she just showed up to her little brother's room like this. She then crawled into his bed and refused to leave.
>Sunset has you bring her shit when she streams
>Drinks, snacks, whatever; all in an effort to avoid dead air during her stream
>Eventually starts calling you a "gopher", or some other (more endearing) term that would not suggest that you two were related
>She experiences a jump in popularity for one reason or another, and people get interested enough in her to start asking personal questions
>Like, "who's that guy who keeps bringing you snacks?"
>Sunset, in an effort to avoid IRL stockers, makes up bullshit about her life when viewers ask for more personal details
>Her viewers think she lives by herself in a nice neighborhood, all successful and shit
>Instead of
>You know
>Living with her family
>Her entire streamer persona (which is gaining noticeable popularity) is based off of lies, and she's afraid that her chance at being a successful streamer could be ruined if that image is damaged
>Her mind is blank
>She only has a second to think of an answer
>She blurts out the very first word that appears in her head
>"Boyfriend! Yeah, he's my boyfriend! He's.... he's.... we're so in LOVE, you know?"
File: 1684944811079.jpg (73 KB, 576x1024)
73 KB
At first she just liked annoying her brother and thought it was an ok way to interact with him as he said nothing, playfully teasing him and making fun of him, Anon saying nothing because as annoying and mean as she can be she is his sister. But it morphs into something different, she was playful with him, but a bit of a jackass outside of the house, making no friends with her attitude, leaving just her little brother Anon as the only person she could consider being close with. Now she plays with him both because she sees it as the only way to interact with her lil bro and because she may have developed feelings for him, the teasing being a way to vent her lust and maybe hopefully lead to something more. Anon goes along with it, he loves his sister and knows she loves him, even if she can be a jackass and get him very flustered, but he is unaware of her feelings for him, that this sibling love they share has become something more to Sunset.
>(You) hear this while bringing Sunset a soda
>One of the viewers sends a hundred bits to get her to make out with her boyfriend on stream
>She hesitates for a moment then grabs your head and makes you kiss her
>At first she's just sitting there with your lips pressed together, but eventually she forces her tounge in your mouth
The brother sick is simply irresistible
Sunset all you are doing is hanging out with your brother at the mall.
Dressed for incest. When she tugs the hem up to flash her ass at her brother, does he see:
A) Panties;
B) No panties;
C) Panties with butt plug; or
D) No panties with butt plug?
>"Look, little man. All I'm saying is that I used to be a bitch, and-"
"-Used to?"
>"Fuck off. Anyway, I USED to be a bitch, and I know a bitch when I see one."
"...you're calling me a bitch, aren't you."
>"No, not this time. I'm telling you that the mall is a dangerous place for handsome young men such as yourself, and I'm here to offer protection."
"You can't fight in heels like that."
>"...you're lucky you're adorable. I mean that I'm here to be your decoy girlfriend. If they see that you're taken, they can't get their claws into you."
"Christ, you sound like our mom."
>"YOU sound like our mom."
>Anon and Sunset start fucking
>This does not make them any less siblings
>Still fight over petty shit
>constant bitching keeps connection between them strong, always having something to say to each other bond's them well, making remember each other often when not together
>why yes, it's supercharges sexual frustration and urges as well
>angry sex is a normal resolution to that
>and when one surrenders his/her will and body to another in those moments, it feels like an explosion
>when they both do it - like a nuclear one
>Parents think Anon and Sunset are arguing again
>This is just how they flirt
It's a pregnancy scare episode
File: 1684861878541.jpg (75 KB, 576x1024)
75 KB
Been lurking through this thread for the past few days, some good quality stuff. Cheers y'all.
File: 1684893637108.jpg (79 KB, 576x1024)
79 KB
Thong, holding a turquoise plug that matches her eyes
E.) Butt plug panties.
File: 1369450324413.jpg (21 KB, 314x246)
21 KB
E) A horse cock
Panties, but they have the word "ANON" on the crotch with a heart stitched beneath it.
Nothing wrong with making more Sunsets
>It’s a “Sunset keeps poking holes in her brothers condoms but she still isn’t pregnant yet” episode
>Nothing wrong with making more Sunsets
>In an incest thread
File: IMG_0617.png (247 KB, 1932x2500)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>Your sister brought something with her through the portal
>It’s a footling horsecock
>Normally that would be funny if it was a dildo, but this one’s attached to her
But then my question would be why my sister of all people discovered a portal to a magical horse world and didn’t tell anyone about it, even if she thought no one would believe her.
You can't say you adore Sunset if you don't want more Sunsets
File: 1654241939665.gif (444 KB, 282x500)
444 KB
444 KB GIF
Nah, we hentai logic.
Bad memories, embarrassment, she doesn’t say where she got it, or maybe she only tells you only when you get really close.
>”I-It’s not that big…”
>Your sister stands bottomless in front of you, unable to look you in the eye as her huge horse erection bobs in the air.
“Uh, yeah sis, it really is.”
>Hugging herself, Sunset grimaces and tries not to tear up.
>”L-Let me see yours.”
“What? Why?”
>Finally looking at you, your sister glares At you with tears in her eyes.
>”Because I showed you mine asshole!”
>She then quickly looks away again.
>”A-And because… I want to compare with a normal one.”
>When your sister drank the spiked punch at prom and then wandered off to find you
File: SAngry.png (1.28 MB, 1326x2048)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Imagine if Sunset found out Anon has girlfriend.

"Huh, no wait I'm serious, pie head"
>You say into the phone chuckling trying to contain a laugh, but one got out. You had a good one hour before laughing.
"Okay, okay, but at least try to....alright I'll join you"
>Your stomach begins to turn at the next thing she says.
"Hard and crunchy my favorite combo...."
>She's a bad cook but gotta give an A for effort in trying.
"Alright, see there"
>You hang up, feeling good. However, suddenly there seems to be an ominous presence nearby,
>You turn around to see your sister, Sunset, being angry. Not unusual, but your wondering what is she mad about this time.
"What? Just spit it out"
>"Who was that. And don't say no one, or a friend. Specifics, you don't spend an hour talking with a grin on your face"
>Oh shit, you haven't really told anyone. And you really don't want your family to find out yet, especially your anger scourge of a sister. Maybe, you'll use her own tactics against her.
"None of your business"
>You say that defiantly, but your spirit wavers as she approaches you. You lock your phone, she won't get in there less she pries the password from you.
>"Say that again"
>You quiver but still have that one inch of defiance
"None of your bussines-"
>Sunset snatches the phone off your hand, cornering into to the walls just by her presence.
>You tried to stand up, but no avail.
>She puts the phone right in your face. And asks again, who is it.
"Scribble Dee"
>"That geek? Figures, but what I've rarely seen you two together. There's something more, tell"
"I already tol-"
>Your sister says again with that same tone that always made you do what she says.
>"Spill it out, straight"
"She's my girlfriend"
>Your sister's eyes widen at the revelation. The secret is out.
>"So, little Anon has a girlfriend. And you didn't bother to tell your big sister"
"Look, I really like her okay"
>"And I thought I inherited all the confident genes in the family, guess a little bit got to you"
>Sunset laughs and leaves you tired, and worried that she'll use this as blackmail against you.
This is fantastic.
>It's Derpy
My god, she really would be legitimately oblivious to the fact that Sunset and Anon are related. Like, Sunset would practically get off to how freely she's able to talk about her and Anon.

>Anon feels too uncomfortable to correct Sunset
>Sunset just grins and says raunchier and raunchier things as the conversation proceeds
>Shifts from "teasing" to straight-up "flirting"
>Anon tries to hide his extremely confusing erection
That's a really calm reaction.
You can't hear her screaming on the inside.
She isn’t honest with herself about her feelings for Anon. As time passes and she sees her little brother with his new girlfriend more and more, their relationship as brother and sister beginning to drift apart, she will realize what has been hiding deep down inside, and that she needs to take matters into her own hands if she wants her little brother all to herself.
DBZ aesthetic Sunset is super cute.
>"Hey, Anon! Take a look, I found a bunch of dating sims on my Nintondo Swatch! Wanna play one with me?"
>Sunset encourages you to join sports teams and shit at school because she wants access to your dirty clothes hamper
>Sunset finds all the erotic fanart you drew of her monster girl form from the Fall Formal.
>”Okay, this has gone on long enough.”
>Standing in your doorway was your sister, wearing her usual bitch face.
“What is it NOW?” You say exasperatedly.
>Walking into your room, Sunset fixes you with a glare.
>”Deep down I think you know, but I’ll spell it out for you anyway.”
>Standing right in front of you, Sunset forcefully pokes you in the chest with a finger.
>”You’re being taken advantage of.”
“What? What are you talking about?”
>Gesturing to your phone you had just set down after talking with your girlfriend, Sunset acts as if it was obvious.
“I don’t follow.”
>Sighing, your sister drags her hand over her face.
>”Wow she’s really got you eating out of her hand huh?”
“Whatever you think she’s doing, Scribble Dee isn’t, she’s not like that.”
>Cocking her head, Sunset gives you a look.
>”Oh no? She’s a girl right? She probably smelled how desperate you are for pussy a mile away.”
“Hey! I told you she’s not like that!”
>Closing the distance between you two, you stand up to your sister, who looks unimpressed.
“She hasn’t- I-I mean we haven’t had- we haven’t done anything yet!”
>”That’s my point.”
>Rolling her eyes Sunset puts a hand on her hip.
>”How many dates have you two been on now?”
“Uh, I think our sixth one is coming up, why?”
>”And she still hasn’t put out.”
>Smiling pityingly, your sister shakes her head.
“Look, unlike you Scribble Dee doesn’t fuck every guy that takes her to get a burger so why don’t yo- hUGk-“
>Pain radiates from your gut where Sunset punched you, making you double over and sit back on your bed.
>”At least tell me she sucked your dick.”
>Nonchalantly examining her nails, your sister waits patiently for your reply.
>Raising her eyebrows, Sunset gives you another look.
>”Handy, boobjob?”
>Shaking your head, Sunset looks at you disappointedly both hands on her hips now.
>”Have you even gotten to second base and grabbed one of her tiny tits?”
>You don’t respond.
>”Pathetic, she’s got you totally wrapped around her finger.
>You go to argue, but your sister interrupts you.
>”Pants off, now.”
>Sighing again, Sunset grabs your waistline.
>”Yeah, she picked the right dumbass to con.”
>Yanking your pants down in one pull, Sunset has you down to your boxers.
“What are you doing Sunset?!”
>Grabbing your underwear next, your sister pulls them down as well despite you trying to get her off of you.
>”Something a loving girlfriend would’ve done LONG ago.”
>Trying to cover your dick with your hands, Sunset bats them away angrily.
>”Oh no, this thing is what got you into this mess, and I’m going to fix it.”
>Grabbing your cock, your sister starts jacking you off, the stimulation quickly getting you hard.
>Shaking her head again, Sunset continues rubbing you, despite your protests.
“AH! Please sis, sto-“
>”Take your phone out.”
>”I swear to god if I have to hear you say “what” again I’m ripping this thing off. Take your phone out and call your “girlfriend”.”
>Immediately pain explodes from your crotch as your sister closes her hand around your balls, a dangerous look on her face.
>”I’m not asking again.”
>Shakily, you reach for your phone and start dialing, Sunset turning you around and resuming her handjob with a reacharound.
>”Now, I’ll make it real simple for you. When she picks up, I want you to break up with her and hang up.”
>Your thumb hovers over the call button, your girlfriends face smiling at your from her contact picture.
>You don’t say anything, afraid of provoking your sister again, but can’t bring yourself to make the call.
>Still jacking you off, Sunset growls in your ear.
>”Do. It.”
>Pressing the button out of fear, the call starts going through.
“I-I can’t Sunset!”
>Instead of anger, your sister’s voice comes calm and soothing.
>”Of course you can Nonny, tell that bitch you don’t want to see her anymore, it’ll be easy!”
>Your sister speeds up as the phone rings, your cock loving the stimulation she was giving you.
>When your girlfriend picks up, her voice singsongs your name.
>’Heya Nonnykins! You forget to tell me something?’
>Sunset makes a gagging noise in your ear as you respond.
“U-Uh, y-yeah.”
>Your chest tightens even as your sister gets you close to the edge.
>”Like ripping off a bandaid, c’mon you’ll feel better once it’s done.”
>’Well? What’s the matter, spit it out silly! If you need to cancel our date this Friday that’s okay, I won’t be mad.’
>Still pumping you, Sunset’s hot breath washes over your ear.
>”This is for your own good, you’ll thank me later, now tell her.”
>Dryly swallowing, you force the terrible words out.
“W-We need t-to b-b-break up.”
>Silence is all you get from the other end, but you can imagine Dee’s shocked and hurt face in your head.
>Her voice was filled with sadness and incredulity, unable to process the words.
>”One more time, she can’t believe her free meal ticket is walking out on her.”
“W-We have to break up.”
>’B-But w-why?!’
>You can hear her tears through the phone as she asks you, tears of your own welling in your eyes.
>”If you call her a flat bitch with no ass I’ll let you cum in my mouth~” Sunset coos in your ear.
>Letting you sit on the bed, your sister kneels between your legs, jerking you off over her smiling face.
>Swallowing again, your hand trembles as Scribble Dee cries on the other end.
>Y-You’re a flat bitch with no a-ass.”
>The words wrench at your heart as they leave your lips, Sunset smiling victoriously below you.
>Grabbing your phone out of your hand, Sunset puts it to her ear.
>”Stay away from my brother you fucking whore! String along some other sap with your kindergarten tricks, he’s not yours anymore!”
>Hanging up the crying phone, Sunset beams up at you.
>”I’m so proud of you Nonny! Are you about to cum? Here, just like I promised.”
>Putting your dick to her lips, your sister swallows your length to the base in one go, bobbing her head on you as you reach a climax you were too distracted to notice.
>Going over the edge, Sunset buries her head into your crotch, swallowing greedily as you cum down her throat.
>Stars fill your vision as you grab her head for stability, her hair burying your hands in its thickness.
>When your sister gets all she wants out of you, she brings her head off of you, your spent cock leaving her mouth with a *shlorp*.
>Smiling, Sunset pats your leg soothingly.
>”I know that was tough for you bro, but it’s over now, next time let me know who you’ve got the hots for so I can vet them for you.”
>You just nod, not trusting your voice not to crack.
>Reaching up with a hand, your sister wipes away a tear rolling down your cheek.
>”Oh dear, you really liked her huh?”
>Nodding again, your body begins to shake.
>Sitting next to you on the bed, Sunset rubs your back.
>”It’s okay Nonny, big sis shoud’ve taken action sooner before that bitch got her claws in you.”
>Seeing her words were having little effect in making you feel better, your sister pulls you into a hug, pushing your head into her large cleavage.
>”Here Nonny, these are what real tits look like, go ahead and let it out, your sister will always be here for you.”
>Rubbing your head gently, Sunset lets you cry into her breasts, cooing and making soothing noises as you let your sadness out into her warm chest.
Plot twist: Sunset was right and Scribble Dee actually was using him
How kind of Sunset to comfort her now broken brother and make sure he is ok I love the fucked up implications of this
Anyone who remembers /oedipus/ saw it before. Before it was autists arguing that human should be in a separate thread, or the usual bitching about one writefag or the another, or if other brands of incest belonged in, what started as, a mother/son thread. It's hard to keep a text heavy "general" going for a long time compared to image dump generals like /sun/, /moon/, and /ntt/ which suffer from similar struggles with tism and waning interest but have the cushion of specific waifu worship and image dumping to keep threads afloat between updates. For awhile /oedipus/ would have a single thread as a sort of update hub for a few different writers before going dormant for a month or two.
>Anon is sick and Sunset volunteers to take care of him
>It ends up being really comfy
Now we need Sunset teaching Anon how to please a woman and teaching his next gf how to properly please him. All the while using it as an excuse to do increasingly lewd things with Anon.
>teaching his next gf
>implying she won't insist on being his next (and last) girlfriend
They have to pretend not to be for their parents' sake.
And they're only moving in together to save on rent, right?
Exactly. Times are tough after all. Sunset's just being nice letting Anon sleep in the guest bedroom and totally not in her Alaskan King bed.
And maybe they bought cheap gold bands, because they thought it would be suspicious to the neighbors if two people with the same last name lived together and didn't obviously appear to be married. All those kisses in private was just practice so that they don't hesitate when it counts. After all, what if the neighbors get suspicious and demand that they prove they're husband and wife (and NOT siblings) by kissing each other? They'd better be ready for anything.
File: Scribble_Dee1.png (291 KB, 624x710)
291 KB
291 KB PNG

What if she wasn't

>You are drained
>Physically from your sister's actions towards you after breaking up with Scribble Dee, and mentally after breaking up with Scribble Dee
>You feel dead.
>Sunset has been getting into your pants since the breakup, it stopped the pain for a while until the pleasure stopped. And you went back to crying, all while Sunset hugs you with her naked body. Which doesn't help at all.
>You trudge through school, hoping not to bump into your ex-girlfriend.
>But already you can see eyes going your way, some of Scribble Dee's friends were eyeing you, causing you to hide most of the time.
>You're skipping club time, just like your sister does when certain classes start.
>Mainly because you're in Scribble's club
>You want to explain to Scribble about the situation, but know that she wouldn't want to see your face ever again.
>You're just waiting for time to run out, and head home. No doubt, your dear sister is waiting for another family bonding.
>Holy crap, it's Scribble Dee.
>Alright, here it comes. You've never seen Scribble angry, but being kick out by the club is one thing, and told off by the former sweetest girl you've known is another.
"Um....hi" You say not even looking at her.
>"Can we talk?"
"I'm kicked out of the club, I know" You say saving her the trouble.
>"It’s not about that, although some of them wants you out"
"I'm a terrible person" You again wanting to save the trouble.
>The last thing you want to see is Scribble tearing her eyes out while being angry.
>"No, Can we talk about the break-up over the phone. I feel like you're not yourself at that moment"
>You pause. What the fuck do you even say? That your sister sucked you off to cause the breakup
>Yeah, that's a suicidal road you ain't doing.
>Alright, likely story to say: Your family doesn't like you dating. And judging how Sunset told Scribble was a whore, yeah she'll buy it.
>That's the right move
>"Why are you breaking up with me?" She asks already with her voice trembling
File: Scribble_Dee.png (175 KB, 400x400)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>Hope this story works. And she buys it
"My family doesn't want me dating"
>"That didn't stop your sister, though"
"Well, my parents don't want me to end up like her"
>"But why did you call me a flat bitch with no ass?!"
>Scribble raises her voice, you took a glance already seeing some tears forming in her eyes.
>You can't find an excuse for that one. Damn you, Sunset.
>Fuck, fuck, fuck.
"I'm a terrible person like my sister, guess it runs in the family"
>"You were terrible"
>What the fuck kind of an excuse is that.
>"But I don't buy that, you're not like your sister"
>She's still the nicest girl
>You still wish you had Sunset's confidence
"I don't want to break-up, but...I had too. I'm sorry"
>"I get a feeling that your sister is involved in this"
"You have no idea"
>"You shouldn't let your sister bully you like that"
>You fucking wish, you really wish.
>"If we can't be a relationship, let's at least still be friends"
>Scribble smiles at you with, with tears in her eyes.
>Fuck you, Sunset. You didn't say anything about still being friends.
"Course we can"
>"Guessing we can't talk over the phone, we still have club time"
"That works, just no more of that food stuff"
>It feels like you two didn't even break up
>Suddenly that feeling of being drained was gone in an instant by Scribble Dee hugging you
>You hug back, this was just the thing you need.
>"Well see yah, next club time"
>This definitely brightened your day
>Too bad you have an appointment with Sunset after school
>And your parents aren't home
>Fucking great
File: SAngry.png (261 KB, 1024x654)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
>Here you are, night time.
>A usual time that you'll spend time talking with Scribble Dee over the phone.
>Now you're forced into cuddling half-naked with your half-naked sister.
>"Come one, anon. How about you rest on my chest
>You didn't budge until you felt Sunset's hands grasping your harms
>"That's it, that's it. It's okay, just keep going. Your big sis is here. Isn't this nice"
"Y-Yeah" You weakly reply
>You just think positive thoughts, positive thoughts.
>Just to get this night over with.
>You begin to move your body, basically bear hugging Sunset.
>You find your hands holding her back, one them to her ass.
>Sunset's undies are basically grinding against yours
>"Just like that little bro, I'm here, feels good right"
"Definitely, thank you."
>You reply to Sunset, unknown to you that you're so deep in positive thoughts that you forgot that Sunset was in the room with you.
>"You know I'll always love you, anon"
>Sunset says hugging back, as she grinds against you. And you do the same
"I love you, too. Scribble Dee"
>Holy fucking shit, you just realized what the fuck did you just say.
>Immediately Sunset pins you down
>"What the fuck did you just say?!"
"It slipped my mind! I swear!"
>"Oh no, you don't just say that without a reason. Did you two meet up again!"
>C'mon, lie.
>"Don't lie, we've been over this" Sunset growls
"It was just a confirmation of our break-up, nothing more!"
>"Oh, really? Maybe I'll have a chat with that flat assed whore"
"C'mon sis! Leave her alone, I'll do you a favor!"
>"You didn't do me a favor in staying away from that kindergarten slut. But..fine, undies off"
>You do as she's told, as Sunset takes her undies off as well.
>Sunset angrily tells you to come closer
"You promise, you promise to leave her alone"
>"Get in here and maybe I'll think about it, or else I'll be dragging that girl to the dumpster"
>You do as your sister tells you.
> It just the whole night between you and sister. It's all pleasure for Sunset up until the climax, and the afterglow.
>But for you? You were crying all the way even after you two were finished.
>Begging Sunset to please not harm Scribble
Oof, poor Dee, poor Anon.
At least she seemed somewhat understanding, Sunset though needs to find a better approach if she wants to get Anon into her (besides in the literal sense)
Or she just has to wait until the Stockholm syndrome kicks in.
Dang, this is darker than I expected. Keep going.
>"Oh no, someone spilled something on your bed! Wow, the mattress is soaked! Guess you'll have to sleep in my bed tonight~"
>"Oh, and fair warning: I sleep in the nude."
>"And I'm a hugger."
I like how Sunset calls underwear "undies" when she's really pissed.
>"Oh no, is that a spring poking through your, uh... m-memory foam mattress?"
>"What? No, nothing. Anyway, I guess you have to sleep in my bed again."
>"You wanna be the big spoon or the little spoon?"
File: 1602629905762.png (97 KB, 410x440)
97 KB
Well it went from "tee hee my sis is obsessed with me" to "dear lord help me my sis if hellbent on me" pretty fast.
The trick is to convince Scribble that threesomes aren't weird if they involve incest.
>Sunset actually keeps it mostly PG when sleeping with you, besides her nude body always pressed up against you.
It’s a different story when she wakes up to your morning wood digging into her stomach, her ass, or between her thighs.
>She makes up enough excuses that you actually find it hard to sleep without her bare nipples poking you all night, prompting the two of you to make it a permanent thing.
>Disaster after improbable disaster strike Anon's room on a weekly basis
>Each one prompts a multi-night stay in his "kind and loving" sister's room
>Mom thinks Sunset is doing this out of the goodness of her heart and reminds Anon to be grateful
>She also reminds him to do something about that weird mark on his neck
>You know
>The one that looks like a hickey
>Sunset decides she wants face-to-face cuddles that night
File: 1654805773732.jpg (152 KB, 1142x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
To be fair, Sunset per redemption is a massive toxic bitch so it fits.

A sexy, sexy toxic bitch...
What if Sunset just really needed to get laid, and Anon's brotherly penis was the imposes for all the positive change Sunset makes?

>Sex is hard and rough at first, with Sunset working off her pent-up aggression
>Flood of pleasure chemicals that come from regular dickings make her a lot less high-strung
>Finds that she doesn't really care too much about being alpha bitch, or taking revenge for perceived slights
>Sex slowly turns into love-making
So, what brought on this behaviour? Why IS Sunset obsessed with her little brother? And this applies to both early-thread "hides your wallet in her tits and moans like a whore when you got to find them" Sunset, and late-thread "dump your gf, I'm your gf now, undies off" Sunset. I like both of them.

Because flirting with him aggressively (but stopping at forcing herself on him) takes some strong feelings to back that up. And, uh... kinda raping him also takes some REAL strong feelings.
>Laying oh her back with her arms open wide was Sunset, completely naked and smiling.
>”C’mon bro, let’s try the missionary position!”
>Eyeing your sister’s body, you crawl between her legs and hover on top of her.
“How are we supposed to sleep like this exactly?”
>You were only in your underwear, sleeping with your sister was HOT, her body heat only matched by her fiery temper.
>Wrapping her arms and legs around you, Sunset pulls you down onto her, your bodies making contact.
>Your crotches grind into each other, your erection poking her pubic mound and making her bite her lip.
>Your head ended up resting on her pillowy breasts, nestled right below her face.
>”This is as close as we can get.” Sunset purrs. “Well, almost.”
>Pulling her legs up on either side of you, your sister hooks her big toes in your waistband, pulling down your underwear.
>When your cock is freed, it slaps against Sunset’s wet pussy, waiting for you.
>In one movement, your sister pulls you into her, your painfully hard erection splitting her soft walls easily.
>Both of you gasp as you bottom out inside her, your tip resting against her cervix.
>”T-There, perfect fit~”
>Giving you a kiss on the head, Sunset relaxes.
>”Now that’s as close as we can get, tomorrow we can try this with me on top, but for now let’s get some sleep, night bro.”
>Sunset hugs you with her arms, her legs, and her pussy at the same time, her soft squishy skin rubbing and sticking to yours, the two of you becoming inseparable.
“N-Night sis.”
>Resting on top of your sister, you settle in, unable to move much but that was something you had gotten used to with the many times you had slept with her.
>Eventually, you drift off to sleep to your sister’s even breaths, your cock still stuck inside her, soaking.
>Neither of you knew it yet, but soon neither one of you would be able to sleep right without your cock deep in your sister’s pussy.
This is just as hot as it is genuinely sweet. That was weirdly cute, Anon.
File: 1552256533236.png (368 KB, 800x800)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
>”This is as close as we can get.” Sunset purrs. “Well, almost.”

>Both of you gasp as you bottom out inside her, your tip resting against her cervix.
>”T-There, perfect fit~”

>Neither of you knew it yet, but soon neither one of you would be able to sleep right without your cock deep in your sister’s pussy.
>"C'mon, Anon. You said you wanted to practice kissing, right? Pucker up."
Early thread Sunset’s sisterly teasing is what blossomed her love for her brother, the constant rubbing and stimulation only fanning her flames.
Bitch Sunset is more of a possessive thing, and was earlier in their relationship when she was trying to take over the school and felt she needed as much control as possible.
“B-But sis, we’ve already done it five times today, it’s not even lunch time yet!”
>"Practice makes perfect."
>Sunset had the best grades in her year, goddamnit, and she wasn't going to let her little brother fail in a lesson (or series of lessons) as important as this!
>>Neither of you knew it yet, but soon neither one of you would be able to sleep right without your cock deep in your sister’s pussy.
>"Honey? Why does Anon sleep in Sunset's room every night?"
It's in the file name.
Please be honest here. Does anyone here actually have some degrees of feelings for their siblings?
Nope. Incest is a fetish that I enjoy only in the hypothetical. That is as far as incest goes for me.
I wish I had a sister to molest me
No absolutely not, like >>39973172
said, incest is just a fetish that's only good hypothetically.

Fantasizing about an attractive fictional character being your horny sister is hot, lusting after your irl sister is pretty gross.
Skill issue
Absolutely not. The kink is fun as a taboo thing in fictional contexts, but I have zero desire to actually fuck siblings or horses.
i was thinking about it and wouldn't mind but don't feel any strong arousal
Westermarck effect i guess
No one in my family is hot.
I bet they fucked on that couch.
She forced her little bro to fuck her on that couch.
thats fucking disgusting
She playfully flirted with her brother (which included varying levels of dress) until he gave in and had sex with her.
Probably smells like sex, sweat, and love.
>Be Anon
>Be learning something new every day
>So, family members kissing isn't weird.
>A peck on the cheek, or the forehead, or whatever; sure, that's just fine.
>But apparently
>It's weird that your big sister gives you a peck on the lips when she says goodbye to you.
>Oh, and when she does it to you in front of her friends, they act like you just mounted her in public.
>You don't are WHAT they think, Sunset is not "tongue-fucking" your mouth.
>It's healthy for siblings to express affection, and a little bit of french kissing never hurt nobody.
>Sunset told you that herself.
>The mane six watch in awkward silence as you platonically make out with your sister.
>Twilight shields her eyes embarrassed.
>Rainbow makes a disgusted face (not because of the incest but because she can’t stand shows of affection)
>Applejack doesn’t react at all, more bored than anything.
>Rarity blushes and fans her face, unable to look away.
>Pinkie asks if she can go next.
>Fluttershy stares starry eyed, whispering something about forbidden love.
File: 1679518699467628.png (212 KB, 990x875)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
>Fluttershy stares starry eyed, whispering something about forbidden love.
>Sunset:"So you've got an incest fetish?'
>Fluttershy looks over at her brother, looks back and deapans, "only for other people, being attracted to my own brother is gross..."
>Sunset:"you mean because it should stay fictional?"
>Fluttershy:"Oh no, because my brother my sucks."
>Applejack doesn't react
Jee I wonder why
>Sunset makes some adjustments since her bro has a thing for nerd girls
>have a wet dream
>only find out that it happened by sunset having surprise morning sickness a few weeks later
File: IMG_0630.jpg (410 KB, 1000x973)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
>”C-Can I be your sister too?”
>”O-Or if you’ll just let me watch t-that’s okay…”
man i wish my boobs had mouths on them
>Zephyr Breeze:"Hey Dashie, looks like I got a free spot for a new little sis! Whattaya say girl, wanna practice some good old sibling skinship~?"

>Rainbow Dash:"Fuck off"
>During a sleepover at your place with the mane six, it somehow gets brought up that the girls all see themselves as sisters.
>Then they remark that they’ve always thought of you as their younger brother.
>Sunset is breathing hard on the corner of her room, eyes dilated and sweating profusely.
>She realizes she has six more siblings to “grow closer” with.
Turns out she's needed glasses this entire time, but she was too prideful to admit that she can't see.
>Sunset starts calling you "daddy"
>You wonder if this is a kink
>Roll with it because you love her
>A few weeks later you find out why she was calling you daddy
>Pic related is the face she makes
The implication is that she's pregnant.
>Sunset rewards Anon with sex if he studies hard and gets good grades
>Sunset walks around half-naked (or at the very least without underwear) and teases Anon, but doesn't put out if he doesn't study hard
>"This is as much a punishment for me as it is for you, little bro. You know I can't sleep properly without my womb stuffed full of your cum."
>ywn wake up to find that Sunset has snuck into your bed
Cumming inside; something Sunset avoids at all cost, or something she tricks her brother into doing as often as possible?
The latter, obviously. Especially when she’s trying to claim her brother as territory against the other sluts in school
>ywn wake up to find that Sunset has snuck into your pants
jokes on her, I sleep in the nude
She tries to avoid, she doesn’t want to get pregnant with her brothers child, yet. She tracks her periods though so whenever she is not ovulating she tells Anon to cum as deep as he can.
>Hot day
>AC is broken
>Alone in the house
>Laying around in your undies
>Sunset is in her panties and a thin tank top
>You're both covered in sweat and too damn hot to do anything
>This still doesn't stop Sunset from trying to shove her hands down the front of your underwear
>Curled up in front of a fireplace under a blanket
>Sunset isn't wearing a bra
Reminder that Sunset did nothing wrong. She’s protecting Anon from himself.
I wonder how she will make everything up to her brother once she reforms.
>Sunset doesn't take it past teasing and flirting
>Maybe she'll rub her breasts against him while they cuddle
>Maybe she'll tease him with no bra and a transparent shirt
>Anon unintentionally takes it to another level by being the first one of them to kiss the other
>Sunset's kokoro goes doki doki
>When you catch your big sis staring
We are brother and sister, why is she acting so timid and shy?
Because she's read the fucked up doujin you read.
The one where the big sister is in love with her brother and then she confesses to him and he tells her he loves her back and they have raw lovey dovey sex?
She’s recently reformed and remembers all the questionably consensual lewd things she did with you.
She doesn’t regret it and still has feelings for her little brother, but feels a mixture of shame, horny, and awkward around you now.
She doesn’t know how to broach the subject and it doesn’t help that every time she looks at you she remembers the “fun” you two had and starts imaging you sucking on her tits and barebacking her until you cum deep inside and-
Then she snaps back to reality and realizes she’s been staring for too long again.
Because she's in school and can't bully you with her tiddies.
File: 1530465369053.jpg (21 KB, 428x400)
21 KB
>One of Sunset's friends catches her pinning you against a wall with her tits
Sunset is just doing some light sibling teasing, its not her fault her giant tits get in the way.
This is how she gets away with it at home.

>"Anon, Sunset was just trying to give you a hug! It's not her fault that puberty struck her differently! Now be a good brother and give her a hug."
All that repressed love and lust is gonna be too much to bottle up one day, and when it explodes Anon is in deep deep trouble.
>"Oops, I bumped you into my bedroom. Oops, I stumbled and tripped into my bedroom after you. Oops, I kicked the door closed and accidentally locked it. Oops, I just remembered I put up sound-muffling foam on all my walls and also the back of my door so that I can stream in peace. Oops, I tried to catch myself and grabbed your pants instead. Oops, my top caught on my flailing hands and got tugged off. Oops, I'm smothering your face with my sweaty tits while I sit on your lap and accidentally impale myself on your cock."

Dude, she's clearly just accident prone. Quit being a judging Juniper.
Might as well speed the process up then and get revenge, becoming the aggressor for once.
I’m talking ass grabs, overly long hugs, nipple rubs, inappropriate kisses, hands down her pants and up her shirt, etc.
She opened Pandora’s box and there’s no closing it now.
Make her wet enough the crotch of her pants gets soaked and she has to switch to wearing skirts, tweak her nipples enough that she starts wearing bras more often again, sexually bully your older sister like she did to you until she feels what you felt, make her shy and submissive around you until one day she can’t take it anymore and you’re cumming into her unprotected womb.
>make her shy and submissive
But I was really into being bullied by her tiddies. Why would I tamper with diamonds?
Because it’s only temporary while she figures out her feelings for you, she’ll go right back to it once they become overwhelming and she goes “fuck it”.
In the meantime we get our revenge and grab as much soft Sunset skin as we want with no retaliation.
I see. Very good, Anon.
Question. Would your parents being home stop Sunset from trying to get the dick? Even if it was just a handie under the dinner table?
What about if they believed that Anon was in the wrong as opposed to Sunset?
>Sunset is jerking Anon off at dinner
>Mom unexpectedly stands up from the table to go get something
>Sunset retracts her hand before mom can see
>"Anon! What did I tell you about having your penis out at dinner! This is the third time this week!"
>She points angrily upstairs
>"Go to your sister's room!"
>"MARCH, mister!"
She probably likes giving you handjobs and blowjobs with your parents around, getting you to finger her if you can, the thrill of not only doing sexual acts around someone but your own parents excites her immensely. No sex though, she wants it to be personal and intimate, a beautiful joining of two people in love, cant do that when trying to be naughty.
>No sex though, she wants it to be personal and intimate, a beautiful joining of two people in love, cant do that when trying to be naughty.
I bet that information was presented to Anon in the form of an angry rant when Anon suggested risky sex. God, why is she somehow so wholesome?
>You want to have sex when are parents are around? What the fuck is wrong with you?! Sex is special, you shouldn’t just have it willy nilly! When you have sex with someone you are forming a deep everlasting bond with the person you love, if you are just having it because you are horny you take away all the love and beauty of sex. Sorry for going on a tangent, but only hj and bjs when are parents are around bro.
My kokoro, it's going "doki doki". You think she'd bring this "you don't do it unless it's with someone you love" thing up again when they really do have sex for the first time?
She would remind him constantly before after and during sex as a way to admit her feelings for him without outright saying “I love you”. She is still too embarrassed to tell Anon she loves him, especially since they are brother and sister and it is extra weird, but she hopes her message gets through that she loves him very very dearly to have sex with him and give him her first time.
Fuck, son.
>Every Thanksgiving
I'd honestly love to hear what sort of excuse Sunset and Anon would come up with when their parents inevitably ask "so hey daughter why y'all preggers, what's up with that".
>When you try to put on a condom
>Devout Catholic Sunset doesn't believe in birth control and wants a big family someday
>"The Bible's pretty down to clown with incest, Anonymous. We're all descendants of Noah, his wife, and their kids. Seems pretty cut-and-dry to ME, mister."
>It was someone you don’t know, I only met him once! Jeez what is more embarrassing, saying you got pregnant from a random man you don’t even know or your own little brother…
>"Mom and dad, I was horribly taken advantage of at a social event and am now pregnant. Being around Anon makes me feel safe, so I'm going to sleep in his room from now on. If you hear any rhythmic banging noises, that's just me crying myself to sleep."
Nailed it.

>Be Sunset Shimmer, and you are not having a good time right now.
>In a low-effort attempt to make some cash you started live streaming.
>In your years of manipulating people, which you are TOTALLY not doing anymore, you discovered that most people would do virtually anything for an attractive girl such as yourself.
>Hold a door open, share food, even empty their bank account if you know how to do it.
>-And things were going pretty well for the first few months.
>You built up a decent follower count, started raking in more than ten thousand per stream, and things were only getting better.
>You did have to tell a few little white lies to protect your identity though.
>Nothing too big, just that you lived on your own to pull in those big sympathy donations.
>It's not manipulation, alright? It's strategic wording.
>Besides, it was half right considering the only other person that lived in the house was your brother Anonymous.
>The guy was such a pushover, but in that 'doting househusband ' way.
>Having lived with you though the years of your life that you were a grade-A bitch, you're remorseful to say that he's lived though a lot already.
>If you want to get technical, this wasn't even YOUR house. He just lets you live there.
>Even then, he treats you as if he was your own personal butler; cleaning the house, fixing you meals, and doing just about anything you could ask.
>The trouble all started one evening while on stream.
>You don't even remember what game you were playing when Anon walked into your room for all of chat to see.
>"Sunset, I just finished making dinner."
>Your eyes went wide the moment he came into view on your camera feed.
>"I know you're busy with your streaming, so I'm just going to leave this here for you when you're ready."
>You pause the game and almost spin around just in time to see Anon place a plate of grilled salmon and collard greens right beside your computer mouse.
>You consider scolding him for interrupting your stream, but the guilty memories of you verbally exploding on him for the littlest thing held you back.
>Instead, you meekly smile to your brother and accept the glass of water he held out to you.
>"I know you like that gaming drink mix, so I brought you some water to keep you hydrated."
"Thank you."
>Your hands cradle the glass in your hands as Anon leans down and kisses you on the forehead.
>"Love you~" He chuckles in a singsong tune before quietly leaving you with chat.
>Speaking of which- you glance over to your computer to see a wall of text.
> 'whoa-boy, move over ladies! We got a himbo, and he is SMOKIN!
> 'Ooo, submissive and breedable daddy.'
> 'Well, well, well. I certainly don't think I'd mind a co-host right now.'
> 'Hey, can I borrow that glass of water?'
> 'Ey, who b dat?'
> A sense of panic set in, your stomach already doing flips.
> You didn't want chat to know that you were some bum living with her brother!
Love it. I can just picture the moment where Sunset realizes that she turned her "you were some bum living with her brother" problem into a "I have broadcasted literally over a dozen total minutes of footage where I tongue-fucked his mouth under the guise of him being my hot live-in boyfriend"

>"...Wait, no. Son of a BITCH, that's WORSE!"
>The entire reason why you're doing this was to help Anon with bills and house payments.
"That's my boyfriend!"
>You speak without thinking, a decision that you instantly regret as chat erupts once more in a slew of text is plastered up for all to see.
>Angry viewers that said that donated because they thought they had a chance at you, baffled watchers who either wondered how you landed 'such a hunk' or the vice versa-
>Then the text-chat went off- the chime you set when someone made a five dollar donation hitting your ears.
>"I'll donate two thousand if you bring him back and french him." - P.P. donated $5!
>Everything went quiet, even chat stopping for a second before roaring to life once more.
>'do it.'
>'I'll donate five of you do.'
>'bet you won't, you fuckin coward.'
>'and we have to be able to see it, or no donations.'
>There was nothing you could to to quell what had begun.
>Nothing but the obvious.
>Two thousand was a pretty good haul, and all of the additional donations you'd probably get would be a pretty sweet bonus.
>No, NO. That's your brother.
>Your mind still pulling blanks, you tried to play it off.
"Uh, thanks for the donation and all, but. . . I don't want to bother him. Besides, we totally already did earlier, so he might not be in the mood."
>Chat was displeased.
>'Sounds like a kissless virgin.'
>'Anyone wanna bet on her not even having a bf?'
>'Wow, so girls use that excuse too?'
>'I bet she's just bumming off of him.'
>Frustration was already getting the better of you, chat already finding your sore spot.
"Geeze, fine. . ."
>You huffed and crossed your arms in defeat.
"I'll ask him, but you better make good on that donation if he says it's alright."
>Almost on cue, the text-to-speech program chimed again.
>"I'll donate right now if you do it without telling him." - P.P. donated $5!
>So, now here you were- playing chicken with your chat. It seemed like the entire stream was egging you on, but you knew that the only responsible thing to do now was to fess up to your mistake and come clean.
>No amount of money was worth this, right?
>. . .
"Ah, Anon?"
>You called out.
>There was a pause, but a response came.
"Yes? Is everything alright, Sunny? The salmon isn't undercooked, is it?"
> 'Ooo, 'Sunny'?'
>'This is gonna be HOT.'
>You did your best to ignore chat when Anon poked his head through your door.
"N-no, no. It's not that. I just. . . Want to give you something for being wonderful."
>The smile he gave you was the warmest you've seen in a while, your brother now standing in your open doorway.
>"You don't have to give me anything, Sunny. I just want you to be happy."
>He says that, but the second you motion him over to you he does so like a puppy.
>None the wiser when you make him kneel down to be in the camera feed, the thought of backing out crossed your mind more than once.
File: 1501578985059.jpg (41 KB, 604x390)
41 KB
>Then you heard the chime that only came from donations over five hundred dollars, an almost celebratory cascade of music.
> "Do it." P.P. donated $2000?!?
>It was a noise that startled both of you, causing you to panic as Anon turned his head to chat.
>"Um, what's going on h-"
>You press your lips against Anons, using one hand to keep his face close to yours while the other pulled his body in close.
>You forced your tongue into your brothers mouth, feeling his tongue lurch back but yours wrestling it forward.
>Any protest was short-lived as it felt like Anon was becoming putty in your arms. His struggling ending the moment he tried pulling away- only to realize that it would be a futile effort.
>You felt dirty, but excited - and you don't know which you felt more ashamed of.
>All the while you could hear chat nearly bursting from choking donations. You didn't dare to look, but you could hear them just fine.
>"This is so fucking hot" -Magenta_Mage donated $10.
> "Harder." Killdozer25 donated $5.
>"Hahaha. Yes. YES!" DirtyFreak_78 donated $100.
>"Good. I'll be back next stream. Keep him warm for us." -P.P. donated $5.
>Fucking text-to-speech.

-and that's all for now. I'll continue later.
File: giphy.gif (3.06 MB, 554x488)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB GIF
hell fuckin YEAH niggas!
>"Anon, this is MY bedroom, and YOU are a guest in it. I sleep topless; get over it. If you don't like waking up with your big sister's-"
>Sunset makes BIG fucking air-quotes.
>"-'big stupid cow tits' in your face, then maybe you should sleep in your own fucking bed."
>Sunset cups her face in faux-shock.
>"Oh, wait! You can't! Because there's a giant-ass water pipe that BURST in your wall, and now everything is soaked!"
>You glare up at your big sister from your boob-prison.
>She winks at you and then closes her eyes.
>"Go back to sleep, doofus."
I Like. Please continue.
>"If you can guess which undergarment I'm currently not wearing, I promise to stop stealing your undies."
Shes wearing my boxers again isn't she?
Oh, how she loves laundry day in the hot days of summer.
How much of it is just sex, and how much of it is love?
Its a mix.
>ywn sleep pressed up against Sunset's big sweaty tits
>>"This is so fucking hot" -Magenta_Mage donated $10.
>> "Harder." Killdozer25 donated $5.
>>"Hahaha. Yes. YES!" DirtyFreak_78 donated $100.
oh god they know
Probably Twilight.
Rainbow Dash? Maybe Rarity? Doesn't sound like Fluttershy.
Obviously Pinkie.
File: 1498397286071.png (40 KB, 152x254)
40 KB
>I'll continue later.
All love disguised as just sex and “stress relief”, she is gathering the courage to admit her feelings. But it might be too late, and all Anon sees her as is a quick fuck like he thinks she sees him.
File: 1675170990765608.jpg (311 KB, 1296x1600)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>Rainbow Dash? Maybe Rarity? Doesn't sound like Fluttershy.

I instantly thought Fluttershy, but then again I've read tons of Flutterape over the years so I'm probably biased.

Cute shy girls who are secretly degenerates is something I can get behind.
File: Spoiler Image (393 KB, 1202x1759)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>ywn marry your sister
pain unending
File: terry.gif (3.77 MB, 200x234)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
Very tasteful for a background pony.
I'd say DirtyFreak_78 is Rarity. A) she seems like the type who is secretly into freaky stuff, and B) the _78 could mean "1978" aka a birth year, and of all the mane 6 I feel she's the most likely one to be significantly older than the rest of the cast.

Except, as I am literally now just remembering, we're talking about EqG Rarity, who is a high school student. Dang. I stand by what I said about horse-Rarity. She uses wrinkle cream and makeup to hide her crows-feet.
>Being found out
Anon would be mortified of course. But I bet Sunset would be proud.
Ask Sunburst
>ywn spend a week fucking your big sister wife during your honeymoon 24/7
>Sunset says it's stress relief, and she wants to teach Anon what to do when he gets a girlfriend
>Anon gets a little more confident and eventually lands a girlfriend
>Sunset is visibly outraged
>”You got a girlfriend?! Wtf bro!”
>After introducing your new girlfriend to your big sister Sunset, you thought she would be proud of you
>All those late night lessons and the stress relief sex would pay off, you would woo a girl and make her putty in your hands just like she said
>But after she had left Sunset almost immediately stormed into your room and started screaming
>”Why do you have a gf?! Am I not enough for you? Are you a cheating jackass or something? Have you two… Fucked?”
“Wh-what do you mean cheating? We aren’t in a relationship, we are brother and sister, in fact we shouldn’t even be having sex in the first place.”
>”No but! Shit you are right we are not a couple… Uhhh, well, your training isn’t done! That’s right! You need to break up with your girlfriend right now, or else when it finally comes time to have sex you will majorly disappoint her and boy will she spread that around.”
“Do I have to? I think I am ready, we have done it a lot and you have taught me ple-“
>”Do you think she is pretty?”
“W-well yeah…”
>”Prettier than me?”
>The room gets quiet for a moment, thinking about what to say, choosing the right words here is important
>After a couple seconds you decide to lie to her
“Yeah, yeah she is in my opinion, sorry sis…”
>You expect the worst but instead Sunset laughs
>”I know you better than you know yourself Anon.”
“What is that suppose to mean?!”
>”Means you are not ready, nope! Get those pants off right now lil bro, i’ll show you just how green you are.”
>Sunset pounces you and places her face directly in front of your crotch, in an instant your pants are undone and your cock hits her right in the face
>”That hussy doesn’t deserve this, she couldn’t even handle it…”
“Wait Sunset what are you doing, I don’t want to cheat on my girlfriend.”
>”Too late for that jerk…”
>She grabs your cock with both hands and begins to quickly jerk you off
>This is an entirely new sensation for you, even though you two have been fucking like wild animals nonstop, trying new things everyday, she has never done something like this to you
>”You like it little brother? You like your big sisters hands jerking your cock?”
“Sunset… Stop…”
>Unfortunately your sister is rocking your world, you are barely holding it in, not focusing on her would make you cum right away
>Her movements are brutal yet soft and elegant, whatever she is doing it is working incredibly well
>”Fuck this cock is so hot, it needs to be tempered and only I can do that for you, only I can sate your lust.”
>Her words fall on dead ears, you are in a trance at this point
>”Look at you, told you, you just aren’t ready for a girlfriend, you need a lot more training with your big sister.”
>Barely holding on you beg your sister to stop
“Sun… Sunset…”
>”You in pain my little Anon? Hehehe, your sister will give you release then, but only because I love you~”
>The last few words are muddled in the haze of your pleasure, but it thankfully comes to an end
>Sunset takes your cock in her mouth, and with the combination of the handjob you cannot hold it in anymore
>You shoot what is possibly your biggest load yet, even bigger than the first time you two did it
>It is impossible to keep focus, the pleasure is too much and all you can do is pray for it to end
>Rope after rope is shot into your sisters mouth, and she happily gulps it all down with ease
>The two of you stay silent for a couple minutes, you regain your strength, Sunset cleans you up
>Finally she speaks up after she is done tasting the fruits of her labor and looks up at you
>”I told you, not even close to ready, you have a long way to go, that’s why you need me.”
“Where did you learn that…”
>”Oh that? Online, in fact this was the first time I have ever tried that. I learned it for you little bro~.”
>”Yup, and if you continue to train with me I can give you so much more.”
>She gets up and grabs your chin, bringing you in for a kiss
>And your lips meet and tongues intertwine, you taste a bit of you, but don’t care, this kiss is heaven
>”Look at you, look at your dumb little face, you haven’t looked this happy in a long time, so, break up with her and keep reliving some stress with your sexy big sister?”
>After that you cannot say no, it will be hard to break up with your gf when you haven’t even been together for a week, but you can’t go against your big sister
“I… I will… For you.”
>A massive smile forms on her face and she goes in for another kiss
>”Thats right little brother, for me, for the only woman you need.”
File: 4bSsue3.jpg (73 KB, 447x447)
73 KB
File: 1497056758569.png (114 KB, 359x319)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
File: anon sunset pregnant.png (613 KB, 1000x1000)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
>Five years from now
Easy - Incest
Finally free of their parents prying eyes, Anon and Sunset can live their dreams away from those who knew them <3
>implying they don't still live with their parents
I wonder what the initial chat with their parents was like.
>This is wrong on so many levels.
>Seriously you two are brother and sister!
>But you two have been getting good grades, and have never looked so happy.
>And Sunset you have been especially cheerful, that is rare.
>So fine, we will say nothing but if you do ever “do it” please keep it down.
>We assume you know how considering you have kept your relationship hidden from us for quite some time.
File: 1652912640958.png (519 KB, 1181x906)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
At that point you might as well just not have parents in the picture, adds nothing to the narrative whatsoever.

Actually desu I prefer the idea that Sunset and Anon live alone like Sunset does in canon. Maybe that's why Sunset develops deeper than appropriate feelings for Anon, they've supported each other for so long that he's really the only one she could rely on for the longest time, even during her massive bitch phase.

She looks back on her life and realizes they're practically like a couple living together.
Yeah, I've got to agree. If the parents aren't adding to the narrative they shouldn't be there in the first place.
Unless this is baby number 5, I’m gonna be unhappy. It should not take that long to breed your sister.
File: 2198375.png (233 KB, 645x1199)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
>The crack of thunder shakes the house slightly, followed by a brief flash of light a few seconds after.
>The shout was your sister, coming from somewhere in the house.
>Sunset had been afraid of thunder for as long as you could remember, one of the only things that could scare your big sister.
>She claimed it was her animal instinct, and that it was natural to be afraid of sudden loud noises.
>You tease her about it, but it's also your chance to be the protective brother and come to the rescue.
>Sighing, you stand up from your comfortable seat and leave your room, the rest of the house dark save for a few lights.
>Walking down the stairs, you can hear the wind whistling harshly against the house.
"Sunny? Where are you?"
>Calling out, you're soon answered by your older sister.
>"I-In here!"
>Following her voice into the kitchen, you see her frozen in place, shivering fearfully.
>She was clothed in only a pair of thigh highs, a choker, and a sweater that went just slightly past her crotch, making it hard to tell if she had panties on or not.
>When she sees you, the fear in her eyes dissipates, a little smile replacing her grimace.
>"You came to save me..." She says sweetly.
>Speedily closing the distance between you two, Sunset wraps you in a thankful hug, one that you return.
>Burying her face into the crook of your neck, the smell of her citrus shampoo fills your nose.
"It's really coming down now huh?" You say, looking out a window at the flurry of snow outside in the night sky.
>Sunset was rubbing your back comfortably, her lithe fingers drawing circles across it as the two of you held each other.
>Her heavy tits were pressed into you, their peaks digging into your chest through her sweater.
"Are you gonna be okay Sunny?"
>Looking up at you with a pout, Sunset shakes her head, her hair dancing like a flame as it shook back and forth.
>"Nuh uh, I need my big strong brother to keep me safe tonight."
>Sighing again, you put a hand to your sister's face and push her off of you, Sunset letting out a "Wah!" as the two of you separated.
"You'll be fine."
>Turning to leave, Sunset stops you.
>"W-Wait! What if we had a... movie night?"
>Stopping, you turn back around to your sister to see a hopeful look on her face.
"A movie night? We haven't done one of those in years."
>"Yeah! We can make some snacks, watch some flicks, get all cuddly under the covers-"
>Thinking about it, you scratch your chin, Sunset continuing to pitch the idea.
>"Come on, for real this time! We used to do this all the time when we were kids!"
>Hip checking you teasingly, Sunset gives you her best hopeful smile.
"I donno, I have some stuff I wanted to do tonight..."
>Deflating at your words, Sunset does her best kicked puppy impression.
>"Aww, pwease? For sissy Sunny?"
>Lowering her head, she looks up at you with sad eyes and plays with the hem of her sweater, giving you her most sorrowful pout.
File: 2213724.png (1.03 MB, 2000x2000)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>Despite her being annoying and kind of a cunt sometimes, Sunset still knew how to play your heart strings to get what she wanted.
"Not fair."
>Flashing you a cheeky smile, Sunset clasps her hands behind her and twists her torso back and forth, her huge tits wobbling under her sweater.
>"C'mon, how about we watch some old monster movies? I know you love those, I still have a VHS player in my closet."
>That did sound fun, but you needed to finish some work you had put off for too long.
>Seeing you were conflicted, Sunset gets up in your face with a grin, her hot breath washing over you.
>"That is, unless you're too SCARED?"
>With a yelp, Sunset jumps into your arms, you barely reacting fast enough to catch her.
>Holding onto you tightly, Sunset's chest rises and falls rapidly with her breathing, letting out little whimpers as she digs her head into your body.
>"P-Please Anon, I need you."
>Sighing for a third time, you relent.
>Sunset doesn't respond, content to stay held in your arms.
>Holding your scared sister, you become aware that one of your hands was firmly holding her by one of her ass cheeks, the soft skin squishing against your fingers.
"Can you stand? You're not exactly light y'know." You say, heat rising up your neck.
>"You calling me fat?" Sunset says irritably, her voice slightly muffled with her face still pressed into you.
>Looking down at her bulging Sweater puppies, you nod.
"I can think of a few reasons."
>Bringing her head out from your chest, Sunset gives you a knowing smirk.
>"Put me down and get some popcorn twerp."
>Doing as she asked, as soon as Sunset's socked feet touch the ground, she flicks your forehead with a finger.
>"It's rude to call your sister fat."
>Walking to the fridge, Sunset starts rummaging around looking for something, humming to herself.
>"Popcorn's not gonna make itself you know."
>Opening a cupboard, you find a box of microwave popcorn and pull one out, tossing it in the microwave and turning it on.
>As the pops begin, two warm lumps press into your back, a pair of arms wrapping around your chest.
>"Thanks for hanging with your sister tonight Anon." Sunset says, resting her head on the back of yours.
"Well, someone has to keep you safe."
>Your sister's arms tighten and push her tits into your back firmly, her voice barely above a whisper.
>"Thank you."
>The two of you stay like that for a moment until the popping slows down, the embrace broken when you take the popcorn out of the microwave.
>"I'll meet you in my room."
>Walking out of the kitchen, Sunset leaves you to open the bag and put the popcorn into a bowl, the sound of wind still whooshing outside.
>Following her back upstairs, you go into her room to see she's set up her loveseat in front of her TV, covered in every pillow and blanket she could find.
>Even the covers of her bed were piled on the small couch, barely any of the actual seat able to be seen.
File: 1357118.png (2.03 MB, 1785x2364)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>Your sister was in her closet, moving things around until she came out with a dusty VCR and a few movies.
>"Tah-dah!" She says with a smile, showing off her find.
>Moving past you, she goes to her TV and sets them down next to it, plugging the power cord in.
>"I found a few movies I think were your favorites, lemme know which one you wanna watch first, kay?"
>You however didn't hear her, as you were distracted by your sister bent over at the waist, definitely NOT wearing panties.
>Between the two ripe citrus fruits that were her ass, Sunset was presenting her bare fire crotch to you, her puffy lips demanding your attention.
"-ling okay Anon?"
>Snapping back to reality, you see Sunset looking over her shoulder at you, a questioning look on her face.
>Cocking her head, your sister fixes you with an innocent look.
>"I said, I'm having trouble sticking this in, can you help me?"
"Y-Yeah, sure."
>Going over to your sister, you look behind the television to see what she was talking about.
>It takes you only a second to see what was wrong.
"It's literally three color coded plugs, did you seriously not know how-"
>Looking to where your sister used to be, you find her missing, having moved to the loveseat and snuggled into her mess of blankets.
>Taking a scoop of orange sherbet she had grabbed from the freezer, Sunset pops it into her mouth and hums happily.
>Scoffing, you turn back to the VCR and start plugging it in.
"Lazy bitch."
>"Thank you broooo~" Sunset replies, sugar practically dripping off her words.
>Getting it all set up, you make sure it works before looking over the movies.
"Godzilla, Them!, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Giant Claw, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Forbidden Planet... good selection sis."
>Picking up the movie with the robot holding the fainted woman, you realize it was not unlike how you had held your sister only moments ago.
>"Let's do this one."
>Slotting in Forbidden Planet, you make sure it was fully rewound before hitting play.
>"Hit the lights 'Non."
>Flicking the light switch, the room goes dark save for the television and your sister's illuminated face.
>Sitting next to her, Sunset covers you with the blankets as you grab the bowl of popcorn.
>As you get comfortable, a flying saucer goes across the screen while the words of the movie pop up to the tune of creepy 50's sci-fi noises.
>"Is this one a monster movie? I don't remember what alien this is."
"Ah, as you'll soon see, the real monster is MAN."
>Sunset gives you an unimpressed look as the opening credits roll.
>"Is there a monster or not? And I mean a real one."
"Define real."
>"UGHHH you're impossible, I mean a monster that kills people and like, eats them or something."
"Just watch the movie, you wont be disappointed."
>Harrumphing, Sunset goes quiet as Commander Adams starts speaking to the crew.
>As the two of you watch the movie, Sunset drapes her legs over your lap under the covers, her thigh highs rubbing your pants a little.
File: 1351725.png (627 KB, 1280x1622)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
>The two of you pass snacks between each other, watching the crew landing on Altair IV despite the warnings from Dr. Morbius.
>They are soon met by Robby the robot, who waddles out from his car and greets the crew.
>"Oh! I remember him, he's cute!"
>Smiling, Sunset pops some popcorn into her mouth, listening as the movie continues.
>Her feet kick happily, rubbing up against your crotch which you try to ignore.
>As the first inklings that something is wrong on the planet are revealed by Morbius, his attractive daughter is introduced and immediately gets the attention of the men.
>"Little vintage smokeshow, huh 'Non?" Sunset says, grinning as she grinds her heel into your crotch.
>Taking your sister's teasing feet in your hands, you hold them still as the movie continues.
"Not really my type."
>"Mmm, true. Not anywhere near busty enough, plus she's missing some red with that blonde hair."
>You shift in your seat slightly.
>"Though she does have a cute dress, maybe I should get one like it..."
>"Ah FUCK!"
>Jumping again, Sunset grabs onto you through the covers with a shout, the bacon haired girl trembling.
>Hugging her close, your sister snuggles up to your side, her body heat joining yours.
>"Mmm, my hero."
>When the scene continues to where one of the crew is explaining to the innocent and impressionable girl the benefits of kissing, Sunset perks up.
>"Hey there's an idea, why doesn't your big sis give you a smooch huh? Heroes deserve kisses from the princesses they save right?"
>Creeping up to you, Sunset licks her lips hungrily, taking your face in her hands and pressing her lips to yours.
>You don't resist, her hot mouth meeting yours, the taste of popcorn and mandarin sherbet invading your mouth as her tongue wiggles in.
>Sunset licks your teeth and tongue with hers playfully, moaning cutely as she indulges in her forbidden fruit.
>Warmth radiates from where she touches you, spreading throughout your whole body as the two of you make out.
>All too soon the kiss ends, your sister pulling back from you with a content smile.
>"Gosh, you're adorable." She says, stroking your cheek. "Still blushing when getting to first base like I'm your first crush, as if you don't remember fucking my tits and cumming all over my face."
>You're about to say something when the blankets covering your sister slip off her shoulders, revealing she had ditched her sweater before the movie had started.
>She was clad only in her thigh highs, her choker, and a smug grin that threatened to tear her face in half.
>"Somethin' caught your eye bro?"
>Still smirking, your sister puts her hands under her enormous breasts and lifts them up, making them bounce.
>"I hope you don't mind, I was getting a little warm under all these covers, your sexy sister's nude body doesn't bother you, does it?"
>Despite Sunset swapping spit with you only moments ago, your mouth felt bone dry.
"I-I'm starting to feel a little warm myself actually."
File: 2860685.png (1.43 MB, 1427x1715)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>Your sister's eyes twinkle as she grabs the bottom of your shirt.
>"Then let me help you, keep watching the movie loverboy."
>Yanking off your shirt, Sunset makes short work of your pants as well, throwing the clothing off to the side.
>Sitting in your lap and facing the screen, your sister covers the two of you back up with blankets, save for her tits which she leaves exposed on top.
>"If you wouldn't mind Anon, my boobies have been really sore lately, could you massage them a bit for me?"
>Wordlessly, your hands feel up Sunset's sides and underneath her heaving breasts, making her shiver with anticipation.
>"T-Thanks Nonny."
>The soreness had come from her breasts going up a few cup sizes due to the pill, something you had become keenly aware of when her huge bras looked like they were fighting for their life trying to contain her.
>Her skin was silky smooth to the touch, her breasts having considerable weight when you lifted them, the defined muscles of her back pressing into your chest making sense.
>As Sunset continued to watch the movie, your attention was focused on her chest, your hands pressing gently into the flesh.
>"Nghh, yeah, like that~"
>Stroking your sisters tits, you get into a rhythm, starting where they met her body and ending at her areola.
>As you massage her, Sunset's breathing gets heavier, moaning around mouthfuls of sherbet as your hands glide over her.
>Moving to her nipples, Sunset hisses as you rub the tender buds, the nubs engorging and stiffening in the air.
>Moisture drips into your crotch the more you service your sister, warm and slick, the heat of her pussy making things quite toasty under the covers.
>"I-I need- I-It's sore down here too Anon."
>A soft hand grabs your wrist and guides it under the covers, snaking down between your sisters legs and into her burning crotch.
>That's all she had to say as your fingers dive into her snatch, making her let out a high pitched moan.
>Leaning back into you, Sunset's hair presses into your nose, her citrus scent mixing with sweat.
>As you finger her, your sister grinds into your cock, which is firmly hotdogging between her ass cheeks.
>"Keep g-going little bro." She says breathlessly. "This one's- nfff! g-gonna be quick!"
>Gyrating against you, Sunset takes her free nipple in her hand and squeezes it along with the other, her sensitive chest almost giving her as much stimulation as her crotch.
>Opening her mouth in a silent scream, Sunset's breathing gets louder, her moans coming more frequently.
>"Yes! Almost t-there Nonny! Make your big sis cum, make her cum HARD!"
>Your hand pistons in and out of her pussy, muffled squelching coming from the blanket as your sister nears her orgasm.
>"Haah! C'mon! Make me squirt all over your hand! AHNNN! Make your big sis proud and s-she'll s-she'll- C-CUMMINNNNNG!"
>Your fingers are squeezed in her tunnel as an orgasm rips though your sister, her back arching and thrusting her tits high in to the air.
File: 2749337.jpg (271 KB, 1400x2000)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>Sunset's voice peaks as she cums, her legs shaking and making a mess between them.
>When she finally relaxes, her body slumps back into yours, her pants quick and steady.
>"Fuck *pant* thanks Nonny, *huff* that was a GOOD one."
>Reaching a hand up to your face, she cups your cheek and runs her thumb across it.
>With her other hand, Sunset takes the spoon out of the sherbet carton and goes to eat some, but instead drops it from her lips into her cleavage.
>"AH! C-Cold!"
>Turning around in her seat, Sunset faces you, her face flushed.
>"Quick, lick it off of me, it's freezing!"
>Pushing her large tits in your face, your sister has you lick the sticky skin between her boobs, cleaning up the spilled ice cream.
>It was sweet and sugary, distinctly orange flavor with a few other fruits backing it up, the cold liquid combining with your sister's hot sweaty skin making for a delicious combination.
>"Haah, thanks Anon, mmmf hehe, I don't think I spilled any there, you horndog..."
>Sunset had your cock pinned between her legs and was grinding against it as your tongue explored all over her heaving breasts, sherbet or not.
>"Oh, but you know what? I do think you did miss a spot or two~"
>Taking her spoon, Sunset smears some orange liquid over her nipples, gasping a little as the cold makes her nips perk up and harden.
>Not needing any further instruction, you attack your sisters nipples with your mouth, sucking the buds clean as she moans happily.
>Rolling one of her nipples with your tongue, you suddenly taste something else other than fruit and sweat, something creamy taking it's place.
>Pulling off her boob, you look to see that her nipple was dribbling a little stream of white, the liquid collecting under her breast and dripping down.
>Sunset notices you stopping and follows your gaze, looking at her milky nipple as well.
>"Huh, no wonder my boobs have been so sore lately, they were making milk, must be because my hormones have been going crazy lately."
>Pulling your head into her other tit, Sunset presses her giant nipple into your mouth.
>"Lets see if they both have some."
>Doing as you were told, you suck and lick on the sensitive bud, soon a creamy taste filling your mouth once more.
>"Ah, yessss~ That's it, suckle on mommy's tits, make her feel good~"
>Still sucking, you give your sister a look to which she just smirks at.
>"What? I can't be your mommy and your sister at the same time?"
>Instead of letting you answer, Sunset raises her hips and presses your tip against her wet lower lips.
>"You're okay fucking your sister but a mommy kink is too far?"
>Sitting down, Sunset pushes you inside her, her walls gripping your shaft all the way down until she was back in your lap.
>"MMMNNNnnnnyeeeeaaahhhh~ My little brother only gets the BEST pussy."
>Her insides were just as good as you remembered, hot, wet, and sinfully tight.
File: 3136956_2_70.png (3.81 MB, 1736x2456)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
>Rising up, your sister slides you out of her, leaving only your head in before she sits back down, burying you inside once more.
>"Haaah! L-Let big sis take care of you Nonny, don't do anything but keep drinking, cum whenever you're ready, I want you inside this time."
>Speeding up, Sunset's ass plaps against your lap, the sound ringing over the forgotten movie in the background.
>Her tits wobble in your face, one caught by the nipple as you suck on it, milk coating your tongue.
>Sunset throws her head back, moaning at the ceiling as she splits herself on your cock.
>"YES! Ohh I missed you inside me, f-fuck it's sooo good!"
>Her thrusts started to become shaky, her legs quaking as she rode you, the pleasure starting to get the better of her.
>"Please Anon! Cum for me, cum in big sis' pussy! I want to feel you shoot in my womb!"
>Going faster, your sister loses more control over her movements, landing harder in your lap and starting to go off beat.
>You would have no problem fulfilling Sunset's request, your orgasm nearing quickly.
>Switching to her other nipple, you suckle on that one as well, milk splashing into your mouth as the first one flings white beads in the air and over Sunset's body.
>"NNnnghh! Give me your milk too Nonny! I want it so bad!"
>Your crotches meet again and again, your sister's thrusts becoming sloppier and sloppier, your tip butting against her cervix more than once.
>"I want it DEEP! As deep as you can go, I-I NEED you to fill me up!"
>Unable to hold on any longer, you wrap your arms around Sunset's waist and pull her down on top of you, her ass meeting your lap one last time as you hold it there.
>Your sister's eyes shoot open wide as your tip grinds into her womb's entrance, the two of you reaching your limit as thunder bangs outside.
>Unable to deny her, your cock makes a seal against her womb, firing directly into it's greedy depths as you cum.
>Your sister's face twists into a goofy expression, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as you pump your cum into her.
>Her hands dig into your back, pressing your face hard into her tits, her milk still flowing into your mouth.
>"Shoooo wahrmmmmm~"
>Sunset's body practically pulsed on top of you, her heartbeat audible through her breasts, thumping in your ears.
>By the time you had finished, your sister was twitching on top of you, her head resting on yours a silly smile on her face.
>"Haah, sorry bro, I guess we missed half the movie..."
>Cradling your face in her boobs, your sister nuzzles your head, your cock still deep inside her.
"T-That's okay sis, we can pick another one to watch next."
>Neither of you move to get up, the TV playing static as you reveled in each other's warmth.

Sorry this one took longer, I was on vacation.
Here's the previous story paste - https://ponepaste.org/8941
And this one - https://ponepaste.org/8950
File: 1669279660466841.jpg (53 KB, 640x480)
53 KB
That was hot, I also appreciate Anon's moments of assertiveness in both greens that make it actually feel like a sibling relationships. A+
>At that point you might as well just not have parents in the picture, adds nothing to the narrative whatsoever.
I agree in this sense. I'm not telling anybody how to enjoy incest stories or that anybody's story preferences are wrong. But I do personally prefer when the parents are put into the... not "antagonistic", but "a problem". They're dynamic, thinking obstacles happily supply new conflict to the story whenever necessary. It keeps the protags on their toes, and is a constant reminder that these are probably early-20s at best and are scared and confused and flying by the seat of their pants. Bearing this role in mind, parents being okay with the incest kind of kills that role, if this role is necessary to the story. Conflict tends to go down, if it's a conflict-driven story. At that point, I would just write about Anon and Sunset living together on their own and make them a little bit older and mature. Both are good, (again) I'm not saying anybody's incestuous preferences are bad.

But all that said, there are times when I kind of like parents being okay with incest. It gives a good opportunity to investigate the psyche of the parents. WHY are they okay with it? Do they merely accept it's happening but put on a smile anyway? Did something happen in their pasts that would condition them to tolerate such an enormous taboo from their own children? If we were doing a comedy story, there'd be a decent chance that the answer is "mom and dad are brother and sister too, and this would be the pot calling the kettle black if they got upset". Or in a more serious story, it gets a chance to see what the parents are going through; if they see this as their fault, where to put the blame; the fighting; the crying; the wondering what they did wrong. Maybe a chance to actually come to peace with it. If it's taken seriously (as opposed to just an opportunity to remove the parental element of "don't get caught" from the story), then it would honestly be interesting to have a serious take on the parents (or one of them) being honestly okay with their kids boinking.
It also adds the opportunity for an elderly neighbor to call them "mister and misses Shimmer", not aware they are related as opposed to married.
>>She claimed it was her animal instinct, and that it was natural to be afraid of sudden loud noises.
I wonder what it's like for people who are legit afraid of thunderstorms. I guess it must be like getting jumpscared every couple minutes.
File: 1402699190917.gif (1.16 MB, 300x225)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Hell yeah, bud. Thanks for the green! Like >>39987354 says, they behave like actual siblings. Good job.
Latter. It's HER cum, after all. If you think she's going to let Anon date another woman, then you've got another thing coming.
You make a lot of good points and I don't disagree with the general sentiment. I'm with in that there are a ton of ways you could play around with the parents' roles in the story in how accepting they are, why, the backlash, the secrecy, etc.

My main issue was the idea of introducing parents in the story just so they can accept that their kids are having sex almost instantly. If the parents don't care and there's no reason why they don't care beyond apathy then there's no point in them existing.

Like a very basic reason could be that they're also siblings like you brought up, or even that they're complete degenerates and the thought of their kids having hardcore incest is kinky as fuck.
>Sunset and Anon have been fucking under their parents' noses for months now
>They were as discreet and as cautious as they could be at first but they've gotten sloppy over time.
>Mom has been suspicious that something is going on for weeks now >She hears squeaking upstairs and subtly tiptoes upstairs
>Hears moaning and slowly opens her daughter's bedroom door, catching her son absolutely rutting his sister in a rough mating press that has her squealing in ecstasy.
>Mom shocked at first but starts schlicking to her son making a mess of his older sister as he slams her into the bed.
>Starts to record on her phone
>Shows the recording to her husband after he gets back from work.
>Absolutely flabbergasted at first, but his kids having such passionate sex is reminding him of when he and his wife were younger.
>They were swingers that did anything and everything, and he can't help but be turned on to something so wrong.
he's embarrassed but not truly not ashamed of the raging hard-on he's gotten, he's even pretty proud his son actually bagged his older sister.
>Dad isn't stupid, he knows his daughter is a hot piece of ass and popular at her school.
>Parents end up masturbating to the video, and proceed to have the best sex they've had in years, possibly the best sex they've had in their entire two decades they've been together.
>Mom and Dad now make excuses to leave the house just so they can sneak back in and record their children's love making.
>Mom and Dad have even discussed potentially joining in, but now that they're aware of the relationship they realized pretty quickly that Sunset and Anon are very possessive of each other and probably wouldn't go for it.
>They still have a good time watching though.
>Sunset and Anon, and Mom and Dad now all trying to hide their secrets from each other.
File: SAngry.png (473 KB, 1200x675)
473 KB
473 KB PNG

Dark Sunset

>You feel as if you're dying
>Your sister has gotten aggressive since you've slipped your tongue about loving Scribble Dee
>Ever since then, you've been afraid. In school, she can see her glancing at you, and you're afraid of even talking to some people.
>More than that, you've been checking quietly if Scribble is safe. At lunch, you stay far away as possible, trying to make sure that Sunset doesn't catch you glancing at her.
>You're not safe in school, or at home. Especially at home.
"I'm tired...sis, can we not" You plead
>"Then let your big sis help you with that"
"Sunset, please, stop...I can't anymore" You beg your sister but it only made it worse
>"I'm just showing my little anon, love. A love that only YOUR sister can give".
>Sunset's breath blows from your ear, as she nibbles on your neck and her one hand caresses you.
>Her other hand was already working under your belt, holding you hostage. Knowing that any resistance would just make it worse, last thing you need is a bruise, and you know Sunset is capable of bruising you. The fact she's holding something dear in her hand, just invokes fear.
>"Am I making you happy, anon?" She says beginning to remove your clothes, and putting more pressure.
"Yes" You won't lie that the pleasure was fine but you felt nothing.
>"Better than her, better than that nerd" She growls aggressively as she basically throws away your shirt off.
"We haven't even did it yet" You try to protest only to let out a little moan as Sunset worked her hands on you
>"Good, keep it that way" She presses her chest on your bareback as your pants falls to the floor.
>"I wouldn't want that slut near my brother"
"She's not a slut!" You spurt out.
>Immediately Sunset was rough, as the pain and pleasure erupted.
>"What did I tell about talking about that WHORE"
"She's not a whore" You reply heavily and weakly before Sunset forced you to the couch. She was still stroking you.
>"I'll tell you for your own good, anon. Look at me"
>You refuse but eventually Sunset forces you
>"She's a good for nothing girl, she's just using you"
"She's not-" You counter but she quickly shuts you up.
>"Listen here, little bro, it's for your own good. That Scribble is nothing but a fake, she'll never love you. Like I do"
>Sunset speeds up with strokes
>"She'll leave you once she gets you, you'll be used goods"
>Ironic. Because at this point, you don't feel anything but fear when Sunset is using you. The first couple of times the pleasure did overwhelm you, but eventually it's all just fear and patience until Sunset is satisfied until you get a brief moment of peace.
>Until the next time she feels like it
>Just think of happy thoughts, and wait until this day ends.
>"That Scribble is a tramp, she'll never love you, that innocence smile is lie"
>You don't even reply.
>You're just so tired
>"You love your sister, right, anon?"
>You nod just to get it over it. Eventually you stopped thinking.
>Anon's face when he realizes stockholm syndrome is setting in
Meh, that ruins it.
>wow incest gen is coming b-
>(it's just condiment bitch)
I mean, you can post about other characters if you want. I doubt anyone will mind.
Ehh, I'm not 100% sure that's a great idea at the moment. I propose that interest in incest is too sparse to allow for a diverse portfolio of potential sisters and mothers and aunts. Hear me out.

I frequently lurked the /irt/ threads back in the day, and there were a few patterns I noticed. The first was that, while people liked variety, people also didn't like waiting for THEIR variety to be given more attention. If you have 10 prompts about 10 different waifus and only 3 thread writers interested in expanding on them, then you're going to be waiting for a while before a writefag makes progress on the story YOU like. People who wanted one story about a possessive Maud weren't necessarily also there for that story where Anon railed Twilight, or the other 3 updates to 3 other stories that they also weren't interested in; all of which would slowly be updated over the course of an entire week, at best. A broad focus ultimately lead to the thread taking on water. People were there for THEIR incest story and were largely silent when other stories were updated.

But in an incest thread focused on one character, everybody knows what they're here for and what they're interested in: Incest, but specifically with Sunset Shimmer. Every story updated is a story that a more significant chunk of the thread, pound for pound, will find appealing or otherwise be interested in. The people here for "Sunset basically rapes Anon" are still probably not too unhappy to also see "Anon was seen on screen on a stream and now Sunset has to pretend he's her boyfriend" updated as well, because they all have to do with the waifu we're all clearly interested in; otherwise, we wouldn't be here. Whereas in the broad-focus /irt/ thread, you'd just see small amounts of interest bloom from small groups of Anons whenever a writefag dropped something, while the people who weren't there for that waifu remained silent.

I think the interest in incest is too small at this moment to stray from the focus of having a singular character the entire thread can concentrate on. Right now, at least. Sorry if this comes across as gate-keeping. I have no authority to prevent anybody from posting what they want. This is just my opinion on the matter of expansion.
samefag here. This is a more long-winded post than I thought it would be. Sorry for being a faggot about it.
Honestly I'd be fine if we had an incest thread that masquerades as purely a Sunset Shimmer focused thread to gatekeep the autists too stupid to realize.
My god, someone should make a thread like that. What a bunch of buffoons, they'd never realize.
>Sunset catches you sneaking around her underwear drawer
>Decides to punish you the same way one might punish their kid for getting caught smoking: making them smoke the entire pack right then and there, "if you love cigarettes so much"
>Decides that sex is clearly what will burn the desire right out of you
>"If you love your big sister's body so much, then why don't you have sex with me?"
>Doesn't work.
>Parents notices Anon sneaking away to Sunset's room at night
>Can hear the occasional moan coming from her room
>Their blood runs cold when their worst fears are apparently brought to life
>IRL, Anon and Sunset are platonically cuddling, and they both just really like it
What if everyone, from Sunset's parents to her friends, were convinced that she and Anon were fucking? They aren't, inb4 wut r u doing here but she can't convince them otherwise.

>"Ehh? Ehhh? Come on, girl, there's no need to hide it. Tell ol' Pinkie Pie all the steamy deets."
"You're all a bunch of fucking perverts."
File: 1684697454689015.png (224 KB, 512x384)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
>tfw you have a great relationship with your brother but everyone you know starts shipping you together
>Twilight and Rarity won't stop blushing and smiling at you
>Pinkie and Dash won't stop asking to watch
>Applejack and Principal Celestia won't stop trying to give you tips on how to please your 'incestous lover'
>Fluttershy won't stop quietly asking to join in while breathing erratically
>Even your own parents seem to be pushing you into it
>These Faust forsaken degenerates belong on a cross
Unf. Hot. Will you do more?
Jealous big sis will get what she wants. Whether little Anon like it or not.
File: 2628113.png (378 KB, 1400x2000)
378 KB
378 KB PNG

If the Anon who wrote the sweaty Sunset Shimmer story would like to have a title or name associated with it please let me know.
File: 1499739627256.png (238 KB, 400x350)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>"God fucking damnit, you guys."
see bottom of >>39987267
learn to read, he already linked his bin at the end of his last post

Okay, swapped and added you to the list.
>Sunset hasn't quite been the same ever since the accident
Well the love for her brother hasn’t change one bit.
>She still wants belly rubs
So did she suffer in a car accident and she thinks she’s a cow as a result?
>Sunset is your regular, human sister
>She's just a bit into roleplay
>Likes to call you "my little colt" in public to embarrass you
>>IRL, Anon and Sunset are platonically cuddling, and they both just really like it
It's not platonic if she's topless, damnit.
File: 1683937805827750.png (1.35 MB, 4635x5000)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>ywn be awkwardly kissed on stream by your sister at the prompting of her chat
baby come back
Thats rape, your sister is raping you.
Can't rape the willing, Anon.
>”I am done playing games Anon. I want, no NEED you. All the light bullying I have done to you, the sexual charged teasing, pushing my huge boobs into you, grabbing your ass, playful pecks on the cheek, you are so dense. I know it’s wrong and maybe that’s why you haven’t made a single move but the time has finally come. I am going to take my little brothers virginity and he will take mine. Even if he doesn’t want it, I am going to rape you Anon.”
Can’t rape the willing sis.
Honestly I have been having strange thoughts about you lately with all your weirdly physical teasing and bullying, but I did think these thoughts were wrong like you said. But if you do love me and want to have sex I think I want that too, no matter how weird and taboo you are my loving sister, the sister that I love.
>”… I am going to rape you so hard.”
>“All the light bullying I have done to you, the sexual charged teasing, pushing my huge boobs into you, grabbing your ass, playful pecks on the cheek, you are so dense.”
“But Sunset, you’re so convoluted.”
>"All I want to do is *3x dick sucking noises* and *sound of sweaty boobs mashing together* and take your cummy."
Not if she shares half of that 2000 buck donation, it's not.
You have still been raped Anon, she has just paid you off to keep your mouth shut.
What if I want it, but I just don't know it yet? Maybe Sunset was doing me a favor. Checkmate, atheists.
>getting back at Sunset’s bullying by thinking nonstop lewd thoughts about her during school so she has sex on her mind all the time
>this just makes her incredibly horny for you and she constantly pushes you down to suck or fuck you at school
>Sunset knows when Anon wakes up due to the sudden influx of foreign thoughts, specifically about her tits
But don’t forget that it only works on the weak-minded.
Though I guess if people were WILLING to succumb to that, then it may be a different story.
>ywn be tricked into playing vidya sitting next to a completely nude Sunset
>"This is how I relax, Anon. What, do you think your big sister is ugly or something?"
“I’ve seen better”
>"I'm going to smother you with my tits until you say otherwise."
>When you trick your little brother into picking things up off the floor
>”Well so have I! I have seen your dick after you have come out of the shower, heh, not impressive in the slightest.”
“You what? Have you been spying on me?!”
File: 1636425125022.jpg (9 KB, 232x217)
9 KB
>She's Been Tricked
>She's Been Backstabbed
>She's Been, Quite Possibly, Bamboozled
>You only sleep in your boxers
>All of your boxers have gone missing
>Big sister Sunset has a nightmare and wants to sleep in your bed with you because she feels safe around you
>she sleeps with only a tank top on
>You wake up spooning Sunset from behind
>You're an inch-and-a-half inside of her
File: 1682725920601708.png (1.89 MB, 2480x3507)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
>"Anon what the hell?!"
"It was an accident!"
>"How do you 'accidentally' stick your cock in your sister?! What, did you trip and slip in?!"
"Look I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"
>"Jeez, next time just ask!"
"I said it was an accident- what?"
So how about what the parent's point of view is? I bet they're right cheesed off that their damn kids keep jumping on the bed and falling asleep after they cuddle with each other.
>Stare silently at each other
>ten hours of vigorous fucking later
>Sunset's legs feel like jelly
>Anon's dick is numb
>When your sister doesn't want you to be alone on Valentine's day
>Hmmmm? All alone on Valentines day? How pathetic.
>The kind caring loving big sister that I am, I will give you a gift for your lonely heart, the girlfriend experience!
>Oh you think you’re too good? Look at you, without me you would have nearly zero female contact.
>Now get in my arms, a good girlfriend welcomes her boyfriend with a hug and a kiss~
>Her ridiculous rack squishes against your chest, and when she leans in for the kiss it presses your back against the wall
>She must have been drinking Fireball again because her tongue tastes like cinnamon when she slips it into your mouth
>You're starting to feel lightheaded as she presses her whole body against yours
>Then she's not kissing you anymore, and as you try to recover her lips are at your ear
>"A GOOD girlfriend welcomes her boyfriend with a hug and a kiss."
>Her fingers are unbuckling your belt
"Sunset, this is getting out of..."
>She's on her knees
>When did she get your cock out?
>Her eyes are locked on yours
>"But your sister is a GREAT girlfriend."
You start to say something, but then your cock is enveloped in liquid heat, your hands are in her hair, and you realize you have a long Valentine night ahead of you.
>You are Anon, and this is horseshit.
"I'm not playing video games with the tiddy monster."
>Your mother frowns powerfully at you.
>>"Anon, quit being so rude. Your sister just wants to spend time with you."
>Bitch, please.
>Oh god you're sorry you called your mom a bitch in your head
>Sunset does not "spend time" with anybody.
>Back when she was a bully in school, she did not have friends
>She had associates
>Even that weirdo she was dating was nothing more than a less gay beard.
>They didn't even fuck
>So, no
>You doubt very much that Sunset "Let me sleep in your bed tonight or else I'll give you a noogie" Shimmer just wants to chill with her little brother.
"Mom, you can't be serious."
>Your mom quirks an unimpressed eye, clearly not willing to budge on these matters.
>>"As a heart attack, honey. I'm sick and tired of hearing you call your own big sister a "tiddy monster"."
>Your mom beings to strike off on her fingers.
>>"She is your sister, and you love her, and you will show her respect."
>You sister snickers and wave over at you as though trying to flag you down.
>"Yeah, Anon, why not sit down and play some Smash Brothers with me?"
>You glance up at your mom, but see from her hardened expression that you'll get no help from her corner.
>You mutter grumpily to yourself instead, since it's just about the only thing you CAN do right now.
"Whatever, tiddy monster."
>Your mother clears her throat loudly; unnecessarily.
>>"Excuse me?"
>God damnit.
>God FUCKING damnit.
>Fucking fine.
>Fuck you.
>You force a smile on your face and glance over to Sunset.
"I said, "Let's take a look at the roster", mom."
>Sunset grins like a predator cornering her prey.
>She pats the area on the floor next to her.
>"Now be a good boy and come on over here!"
>You keep screaming, but God won't answer you.
check it guys >>39995268
sunset voice
Now you can do my favourite sad thing and listen to a character say "I love you".
>You find your big sisters "toy"
>You've seen it somewhere before...
>it kinda has the same length as... nah
>it's about as thick as yours, but it couldn't be...
>it even has that little nick in it in the same place as when you got your skin caught in your zipper that one time, and it was her fault too...
>There's no way she has a dildo that looks like your dick... does she?
>How could she have?
>It even matches your skin color
>Hell, it even has the balls correct
>Your sister isn't the best at video games, so you're kind of thrashing her.
>It's cathartic listening to her groan and yell angrily, taking some of your stress away.
>Then Sunset makes a bet that she'll beat you in the next three games in a row, which you foolishly accept, unwittingly falling into her trap.
>All of a sudden those huge tits of hers find their way against your face as the game goes on, distracting you and blocking your vision.
>Realizing your error too late, you lose the first game.
>The next game you're determined not to let her distract you, but again, she manages to beat you by whispering the kinkiest things into your ear at crucial moments.
>The last game you're sweating bullets, realizing you accepted a bet to which you didn't know what you were betting.
>Sunset lets you take the lead, before laying her bountiful chest in your lap, rubbing her tits against your crotch as she takes the win easily.
>Victorious, your sister gives you a satisfied and hungry smile, telling you to join her in her room.
>Take your sister's suspiciously familiar looking toy and hide it from her.
>Later that night she comes barging into your room, disheveled.
>She demands to know where "it" is, to which you cheekily deny knowing what she's talking about.
>Getting a determined look on her face, she tells you that she'll have to use the original instead then.

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