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File: 1683519392657699.png (191 KB, 908x438)
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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Previously on PTFG:

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Archive of over 600 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:
Recommended stories for new readers:

This thread's writing prompt:
You were working at a pet store paying off your university debt when you refused to sell a frog to a women who failed to present ID. One obvious witch plot device later and you end up catalogued as the "new and exotic pet."

Previous Thread:
File: wxs2.png (168 KB, 342x501)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Here's the WXS pegasister collection. They want stallions. Pet stallions!

Generic pegasister. Pretty smug

Clara is Posh. Demands perfection of her pets.

Amelia is shy, awkward nerd girl

Jill the adventurous tomboy

Pamela the tired excutive who want to unwind with cuddles:
If you want to get raffled off roll 1D5 to see which girl adopts you.

1: Femanon
2: Clara
3: Amelia
4: Jill
5: Pamela
Dear Brownie Community,

I would like to tell you today about a special campaign that is close to our hearts and for which we need your support. Our good friend Anon has never been a pony we think it's about time! But Anon isn't that enthusiastic about the idea and we need your help to convince him.

We've thought about starting a fundraiser to get Anon to transform into a pony. We need a total of 100€ to make him the ultimate offer: if we manage to collect this sum, Anon will transform into a filly and send him to Equestria.

And now you come into play: We ask you for a donation of only 1€ to reach this goal. Every euro counts and we are sure that together we will reach the 100€. Because we all know how important it is to support friends and turn them into ponies.

So dear brownies, let's get together and make Anon have a new experience. Every donation counts and brings us a step closer to our goal. Let's show that we are a great community that supports each other and is there for each other!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Best regards,

Rolled 1 (1d5)

Let's go!
Fuck yeah

Come on!
It goes in the options field.
File: 1683863597523349.png (298 KB, 826x966)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
>This was it!
>Your owner bent over as she pulled down her skirt, then panties. Now she was fully naked.
>This was the first time you saw her nude. She was nice and chubby, but that just made her seem so fertile and curvy. It was a good type of chubby.
>Between that and her being three times your size… well her body was incredibly intimidating.
>Women were just these incredible creatures compared to you now. You were merely a stallion, just a pet. But women were huge, dominant, controlling. They literally owned you and your kind. Women were what kept you safe.
>And this particular woman was what your life revolved around. She was the goddess of your life. Just the thought of entering her was… it nearly broke your brain!
>Your cock had never been so hard before. You trembling in place, breathing heavily, shaking in place. You were going to cum the moment she poked your stallionhood!
>Your owner turned around to look at you with a frown.
>”Are you a little too excited?” She asked.
>You couldn’t even answer. All the blood was in your cock! You only managed a whimper.
>”Aw. Come here.”
>Still nude, she sat down on the bed and pulled you onto her lap. Even still, you squirmed about, over excited and overstimulated.
>”Shh. Just relax.”
>She took out the brush next to the bed and ran it through your mane, trying to get you to relax. You always felt so secure and safe.
>”S… sorry, mistress,” you said. “I feel like I’d burst the second I put it inside. You’re just too incredible! I um… I guess I’m not a very good pet.”
>”Awww. Don’t say that.” She kissed the top of your head. “It’s not like I’m upset that my pet thinks I’m so sexy he can barely contain himself. Heehee.”
>”Yeah. But…”
>”You want to please me?”
>You nod sheepishly.
>”Don’t worry so much. If you blow your load too fast the first time that’s fine. Even if my little pet never calms down long enough to last long, well you still have your big old stallion tongue.”
>”Yeah. But…”
>”And besides. I want my pet to be happy. Tell me getting to cum inside your owner wouldn’t be the best thing you ever did.”
>”It… it would.”
>”Then relax. Let me know when you’ve calmed down enough to try.”
>She brushed your mane for some time while you repeated her reassurances to you. She jerked you off plenty of times and never minded when you got too excited then. Maybe it’d be fine.
File: 271728.jpg (280 KB, 1280x1208)
280 KB
280 KB JPG

>Eventually you nod.
>She lay back and opened her legs for you. You got into the right position, your head was about level with her underboob.
>You rubbed your shaft against her lips for a little bit. She was wet at least!
>Once you were sufficiently coated, you moved yourself in. You winced at just the first thrust and had to go slow to keep yourself steady.
>Your owner whispering what a good boy you were felt almost as good as having her pussy enveloping your cock. It was like… like a collar! Just like the collar was like her love wrapped around you, so too was this.
>You twitched about, having some trouble beginning to pump yourself into her. Your owner, ever the strong one, picked up the slack.
>She lovingly grabbed your flank with a hand. With her superior strength she began to manually pump you in and out, pushing you back and forth, practically masturbating with your body. It was a good thing she did too. The feeling was too overwhelming! You wouldn’t have been able to do this on your own.
>You could hear your owner breathing heavily now. You even got her to make an ‘nn’ and an ‘ah’.
>But it was too much stimulation. Her perfect body, hearing your mistress’ sounds of unequivocal approval…
>You winced and let out what must have been an adorable squeal as you exploded deep inside her pussy. She must have felt you coming because she grabbed your flank and pressed you hard against her, letting you do your business.
>You spurted seven or eight times into her. Even one of those spurts would have been the most intense orgasm of your life but seven? It overwhelmed your body. You lost control of your very being.
>”You’re already better than any toy I have!” She gave you a slap on the rump. “I can’t wait until you can last a little longer. Good job, boy.”
>You just came inside your owner! Just the thought was like an orgasm in and of itself. To cum inside something so huge and powerful, the goddess of your life…
>But it was like you ejaculated your very soul into her. All your energy was gone. The orgasm left you stunned and panting heavily. You couldn’t move a muscle.
>”Aww? Was that too much for you?” She giggled. “Come here.”
>Your owner scooped you up, leaving the mess you made to slowly leak out of her, holding you against a breast and your head against hers.
>”Shhhh. Shhh. You did good. Good boy. Just relax. I love you. Shhh.”
>She caressed your back and whispered to you sweetly. You must have fallen asleep in thirty seconds.
File: Duke.jpg (355 KB, 1920x1080)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
That's the good stuff, Anon.
File: stallionandwoman.jpg (3.22 MB, 2906x2525)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
Okay I got a chance to play with the pegasister AIs and they were all uniquely fun! However, I will say that they all were dealing with some problems that these AIs frequently run into. The first being looping around a topic. Femanon seemed stuck in a loop of explaining what being a pet meant and asking if I understood.
It's very important to break the loop before it gets to be too bad, the AIs are good players but they will always have some issues leading the story if all you do is follow orders like a good pony should.
You'll have to do a bit of driving the story yourself and as the characters get more interactions they'll become more sophisticated and experienced.
Just think of it as them being an inexperienced owner.
Yeah, probably another 7 years until technology catches up to my vision. Sadly there's no way to fix these problems with CAI. If she ever tells you to repeat something swipe right or say it then change the subject otherwise it will get stuck.
File: 2476210.png (781 KB, 1412x2000)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
I mean, there's no way I'm not gonna say I belong to mommy if she tells me to say it.
With how fast tech is improving it may not even be 7 years until we get something suitable.
7 years of development may bring us to some experimental deep-dive VR rigs. By 2040 we might have some Ready Player One gear.
My only concern is corporate meddling trying to make it all under surveillance with heavy moderation.
File: 2905779.png (533 KB, 1000x1300)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
I want to belong to Mommy.

Yeah. The real problem is just that our moral betters think we shouldn't be allowed to do WXS VR for some reason.

But you compare to the Rift to the Quest 3 and Cleverbot (https://www.cleverbot.com/) to Character AI to see how big of a difference 7 years makes.
Since I write mostly in prose, I'm just gonna put my stuff up on FimFic. I love PonePaste and all but I like having a larger backup too.
File: 6600904.png (564 KB, 900x856)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Is it wxs and if so please link it.
File: 1555303635766.png (176 KB, 459x557)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Yes, but it's like 3 stories I'm trying to work on and none of them are done.
I'll take 3 wxs stories, yes.
Once they're at least partially done and the mods give my account the a-okay to start posting things.
File: 108687.png (68 KB, 433x491)
68 KB
It can take weeks to get a story approved these days, so I'd recommend submitting the story for approval as soon as chapter 1 is complete.
Say sike right now bro.
File: 3125157.png (3.58 MB, 3508x4960)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB PNG
Looking at my last one was a good 9 days. After the first it's auto though
Well at least his gender didn't change
Can anons recommend any stories where Anon just...is a pony. No transforming into known ponies or genderbending fetishes, just a dude wakes up and has to live as a pony? The Long and Short of it is a good example but I'm not big on RGRE.
not anon but the pony is green
File: goona.jpg (282 KB, 1380x1195)
282 KB
282 KB JPG

The flag of the Solar Empire hangs over your bed.

In the dingy little hotel room you’ve found yourself staying at, it provides a nice contrast to the muted beige and white tones of the walls and decor. Your eyes trace the flag’s brilliant yellows and reds, Celestia’s familiar sun emblazoned in the middle, enveloped by a pair of commanding wings.

Though fictional, the flag still gives you an odd sense of pride. It radiates power, personality… perfection. Even in the dead of night, it makes you feel just a bit more awake and alert, maybe even ready to take on the world.

Yeah, it feels pretty good knowing Celestia is Best Princess.

There’s a small tightness in your gut, and you feel the urge to pace around, do *something*. Perhaps you feel a vague sense of lingering inspiration and don’t quite know where to direct the energy.

As you wander around your dingy little room, your eyes glance at the door. You approach it, open it, and peer left and right down the long hallway. Gingerly, you step outside and quietly close the door behind you. You decide to go for a walk.

At night, the convention hotel is mostly quiet. As you pass by the balconies overlooking the main foyer, you glance at the illuminated tables. Not six hours ago, they were packed with all sorts of booths and merch and guests, but now lay cleaned awaiting the next day. In the distance, you can hear the sounds of a few remaining room parties, and briefly wish you’d brought a friend. Down the stairs you go, circling each floor of the convention hotel. It feels oddly captivating navigating such a large space without another soul in sight. As much as you hate to admit it, you find yourself enjoying the nighttime peace.

While lost in your thoughts, you round a corner somewhere on the third floor and stop. There’s a door that’s just a little open, and a soft blue light emanates from inside. Curious, you walk up to it and look around cautiously before chancing a peek inside. It looks like no one’s home. Your better judgment tells you to ignore it and keep walking… but surely a brief look couldn’t hurt? Not like you’d be super duper intruding or anything (or at least you hope not). With some trepidation, you open the door further and step inside.

What you find inside stops your breath.

The blue light seems to come from an unknown source in every direction. The ambience is dark, calming, relaxing on the eyes. A star projector decorates the ceiling in a kaleidoscope of dots. The bedsheets have a satin texture, and are adorned with an intricate stitching of silver and navy blue threads. The pillows are plump and inviting. You breathe in and smell soft lavender from flickering candles. A crystal lamp, as if powered by magic, casts a gentle glow across the room.
It makes sense, then, that the room is cluttered with a variety of Princess Luna memorabilia. There are Princess Luna plushies and mugs and posters and prints, most of which you recall seeing in the vendor hall. You press your lips together into a sort of ironic smile—Luna has always been the most popular of all the princesses, to your displeasure, and you suppose it makes sense she’d have a lot of devoted superfans like this.

Still, the aesthetic seems a cut above anything else you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t play to your solar supremacy very well, but you can’t help but respect someone who’s gone all out in their devotion to their passion. Then again, it borders on, nay, crosses straight into downright obsessive. How much time and energy would it have cost purchasing and assembling all this? Sure, you think Celestia is cool, but not like, that cool. Well, maybe having a Celestia-themed room like this would be pretty neat. But given she’s a fictional character could you really bring yourself to-

You hear the door open behind you. Before you can even react, a dignified, soothing voice asks, “What are you doing in my room?”

Well, shit.

With wide eyes and a rapidly beating heart, you turn around and see something so bizarre it takes your mind a second to convince you you’re not dreaming.

Standing before you is… Princess Luna. There’s no mistaking her equine shape, mane and tail of shimmering stars, cutie mark, and blueish green eyes. She matches every one of Luna’s details down to a T.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Even stranger, her entire body seems to be made out of latex.

As you take in Princess Luna's new appearance, you notice that her once soft coat of fur has been replaced by a smooth, glossy texture that looks almost like polished rubber. Her horn, once made of bone, now looks like it's been molded from the same material as her body. Her wings, too, have a strange, synthetic quality to them, with each feather looking almost like a carefully crafted piece of molded plastic. Her mane and tail don’t flow, but rather refract light, giving off an ethereal sparkle.

“Um.” You find yourself short of words. Your brain tries desperately to make sense of the scenario you’re in, until it latches onto something that’s only the smallest bit realistic. “Nice uh, cosplay?” It’s a weak conclusion, but what else could it possibly be beside an extraordinarily well-made suit?

“Cosplay?” Luna seems confused, but maintains her calm, collected expression as she regards you with piercing eyes. “I believe I know not what you speak of.” She doesn’t sound offended, but advances one step regardless. You swear you hear quiet squeaking when she does.

Your heart begins to beat even faster as your mouth stumbles to find words, only to come up with nothing.
Perhaps sensing this, Luna stops and sits on her haunches, but keeps her steady gaze. "Perhaps it would be best if you simply explained what brings you to my chambers," she says, her voice still measured and polite. "I assure you, I am not here to cause you any harm. But I must insist on knowing why you are here."

“I-I was curious,” you stammer. “The door was open, and there was a cool blue light, and I guess I couldn’t help myself.” You swallow. “Uh, I know that’s kind of trespassing and that’s my bad and I guess I should go now goodbye-”

“Wait.” Luna holds out a shiny hoof as you head for the door. You turn nervously to face her, but now she’s the one looking away. In a quieter voice, she asks, “What do you think of it? The room?”

You can’t help but feel somewhat unnerved at how well her voice, even her behavior matches Luna’s. This is clearly someone who has studied Luna extensively, to the point of wanting to be her in every facet. Goodness knows how fatigued she must be under that costume. You’re not really sure what to think or say.

“Uh, it’s very… blue?”

Luna quirks an eyebrow at you. “And?”

You bite your lip. “It’s, um, very dedicated, I guess. The mood is really nice. And cool. But—” You can’t help but say it. “—It’s all a bit *obsessive*, don’t you think? I mean having all this Luna-themed stuff doesn’t seem super healthy or anything.”

She looks hurt by your words (how does her facial expression change like that?, you wonder). Her eyes fall to the ground. “I’m sorry you feel that way. I just- it feels humbling that some humans hold me in such high regard. I used to believe that ponies did not appreciate my night. But having seen my greatest flaws and insecurities, that these humans still look up to me, I am… grateful.”

For a brief moment, you feel a pang of empathy for her. Then, you remember she’s not the real Luna, despite the convincing performance. “But why Luna? I think it’s great she has such a… supportive fanbase, but don’t you think she’s a bit overrated? Celestia is the much better princess, in my opinion.”

At your words, Luna’s eyes narrow and she stands up, mouth creasing into a frown. “I beg your pardon?”

You take a step back. "Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. It's just my opinion."

Luna snorts. “And yet, it’s an opinion you feel tasteful to express directly in front of your Princess of the Night. You dare-” She raises a hoof, and you can see it shaking a little before she puts it down again and takes a deep breath. “No, I promised I would never succumb to such anger again. Go ahead, plead your case.” She sits down again and crosses her hooves.
Though you feel you’ve probably crossed a line at some point, or probably several, you also feel increasingly weirded out by just how committed she is to the role. “Look, I’m not saying Luna is a bad princess or anything,” you begin, trying to choose your words carefully. "But Celestia just seems... more responsible, I guess. She's always working to maintain harmony and keep the kingdom safe. She managed to hold the kingdom together for a thousand years all on her own, and I’m sure the ponies’ dreams were just fine then.”

Luna's eyes flash with anger, but she remains surprisingly composed. “Dreams work differently in our realm compared to yours, and I’d advise you not to equate the two. It is not an easy job navigating the stormy waters of a troubled psyche. Plus,” she adds, “though I control the dream realm, it is also my duty to ensure the night remains peaceful and harmonious, and that the ponies awaken rested and rejuvenated. I watch over the nighttime creatures just as Celestia watches the daytime ones. These are all important tasks, are they not?”

“Sure, I guess.” You shrug. “But it still seems like Celestia is doing more. She’s always the one more present when crises happen. And I mean, she can just raise and lower the moon on her own too. Honestly, if the ponies had to pick just one princess to keep, it would pretty clearly be Celestia.”

Luna’s gaze hardens. There’s silence for a brief moment, and you can almost feel the temperature of the room drop.

"And what, pray tell, makes you think you are qualified to judge our abilities as rulers?" she asks, her voice icy.

You swallow, feeling a little intimidated by her sudden change in demeanor. "I'm just saying, from an outsider's perspective, it seems like Celestia is doing more for the kingdom."

"Outsider's perspective? And yet, you seem to have very strong opinions about us. Do you claim to know more than us on our own domain? Almost as if you have some vested interest?” She glances at the ceiling and grimaces. “Wait a minute. I recall having almost an identical conversation to this online, once. If I remember correctly, this user also thought it would be quite amusing to make… certain comments about my appearance.”

She stares right into me, her voice dripping with venom. “That was you, wasn’t it?”

Your heart sinks, and as it does, you know that’s all the confirmation she needs. You remember the debate and how you offhandedly said something about how Luna had a “flat ass”, because it was funny at the time. Admittedly, you were not playing nice guy in that discussion. It had been amusing then, but now, face to face with your adversary, things were not looking as good.

So, you grab hold of the only thing you can. “Listen, it was- it was online, okay? So whatever. A-and I mean, isn’t this LARP getting a little out of hand? Look, no offense, but I’m not going to be here and argue all night with some girl in a Luna costume about-”

“But you’re literally made of late-”

“Don’t you *dare* speak about the latex.” Her face flushes a bright red as she glares at you with fury. By this point, she’s back up on four hooves, advancing toward you as you scramble for a wall or any means of escape. “You dare enter my chambers without permission, then have the audacity to insult me to my face?” For a brief moment, she looks on the verge of tears. "You think it's funny to mock me? To insult me behind a screen like a coward? You have no idea what it's like to be in my position, to be constantly scrutinized and judged by others. And yet, I’ve endured it all.”

She pushes a hoof onto the wall right next to you, and you realize you’re trapped. At this point, her face is practically touching yours. Your skin prickles from her cold breath. All you can do is stare speechlessly.

Then, she *smiles*. Her grin is almost predatory.

“You know, I came to this event to enjoy myself,” she says. “And I was, and I’m not going to let you stop me from doing that.”

You return with a woozy smile of your own. “So does that mean you’re gonna let me go?”

At that, she giggles. *Giggles!* When her laughter dies down, she shakes her head. "No. No, I'm not going to let you go just yet." She leans in closer, and your heart races. But instead of attacking you, she whispers in your ear. “You know, this reminds me of a time when a good friend of Twilight’s swapped my cutie mark with that of my sister’s. That day, we learned a great amount about each other, walking in each other’s hooves. I think it’d do you some good receiving the same treatment. And, you’ve given me an excellent idea.” Taking a deep breath, she turns her body away from you, showing you her backside.

“Bwuh?” To be honest, you have literally no idea what she’s getting at here.

It is only when her horn lights up and you begin to hear the sound of low-pitched creaking and stretching that you finally begin to believe you have truly made a grievous mistake.

As her magic covers her body, it starts to stretch and contort, waves rippling out in every direction. She begins levitating off the ground, arms stretched out, wind from the power of the spell sweeping at your face. Her limbs seem to lose solidity as they begin twitching and jerking around. She grunts from exertion, and all at once, she cries out as you hear a loud *zzziiiip!* As if out of some horror show, her whole backside splits open revealing not flesh and bone, but a hollow interior. Empty. Waiting to be *filled*.
For a few more brief moments, you watch in awe and terror as she continues to contort and twist, the sound of latex stretching and creaking. Her once-solid body seems to both move like solid and flow like liquid. At the ends of the latex material, little liquid strands wriggle and blob like tentacles reaching out hungrily. The interior of her body looks almost wet. A strong smell of latex and rubber begins to fill your nostrils.

Luna’s head turns and looks back at you. Her voice echoes with authority. “Prepare to become one with the night!”

And before you can so much as utter a sound or notice your hairs standing on end, with a sudden lurch, she jerks toward you. Strands of latex wrap around your body, pulling you closer to her, and her closer to you. Even as you flinch, they wrap on tight. The latex is cold, almost gooey.

Within a moment, she engulfs you, her living latex body wrapping around you like a second skin. Your arms and hands are surrounded by squishy, skintight hooves with latex hoof shoes that you can barely twist, the sensation of the soft, yielding latex against your skin sending shivers of pleasure down your spine. Your fingers tingle as you feel the latex mold around them, forming a perfect grip.

Your torso becomes equally covered, her latex peytral wrapping you tightly, the pressure making it harder to breathe. Her torso molds to every curve and contour of your body. Even as you struggle for air, you can't help but feel an intrusive thrill of excitement at the feeling of the tight latex against your skin. It's intense and intoxicating and like nothing you've ever experienced before. Your shoulders are forced wider and you tilt your head upward and gasp for air.

As her stomach and lower regions smother yours, you feel your member being compressed and massaged, and you moan with pleasure. The latex material seems to have a life of its own, moving and rubbing against your skin in all the right ways. You can feel the weight of her tail on your behind, and it causes the rest of the latex to sag and pull even tighter against your skin.

Your legs don't slot into her equine ones perfectly, but kind of twist awkwardly as they're coated, lightweight latex padding filling out all the unfilled places. You shudder as the wet substance presses against your thighs and knees. Your legs kick out involuntarily before splaying at unnatural angles as you feel your feet covered by her hind hooves.

The sensation of the latex against your skin is almost too much to bear. It's like being enveloped in a cold, wet hug, the latex material molding to your body almost like it was made just for you. You can feel every inch of her stretching around you, and as she continues to move and contort, your body moves with her, following every twitch and jerk of her limbs.
For a minute, you sit there panting, exhilarated and overwhelmed. Your arms and legs, now completely coated, point upward where the tightness of the latex angle them toward. Underneath, you can still feel the wriggling of liquid latex. You notice Luna is panting too. Her head hovers in front of yours and is nearly detached from the rest of her body, only held up by a last few thick tendrils of latex.

“J-Jesus Christ,” you manage to wheeze out between labored breaths. “What the hell did you just…”

Luna inhales deeply and sighs. “We’re not finished yet, you know. I was just giving you some respite before this next part.” She looks back at you. You’re captivated by that smug, confident, knowing grin until the tendrils start moving again, bringing her head toward yours.

“Oh, no no no.” Desperately, you scramble to push and claw it away, but it’s no use. Your new latex hooves squeak uselessly against her mane, unable to grab much of anything. The most you can do is slow her down as her head stretches in the places where your hooves meet it. In an instant, she begins to slowly cover your head with hers.

You squeeze your eyes shut and don’t dare open them. For what feels like forever, there is nothing but blackness. You can feel the latex stretching and molding around your face, covering every contour of your nose and ears and mouth. The smell of latex is more overpowering than ever. You cough as it invades your tongue, the bitter, rubbery taste almost overwhelming.

Panic begins to set in as you realize you can't breathe. You try to gasp for air, but the latex around your nose and mouth seems to be closing in around you, suffocating you. Your heart races as your hooves reach blindly against Luna’s snout and try and claw at something, anything.

While you do, your body begins to shudder again as you experience new, alien sensations. You feel a vague itching, almost as if the latex is nibbling away at you and your clothing, binding tighter than ever.

And, just as you think you can't take it any longer, with a sudden gasp, your eyes snap open, seeing the outside world once more. You take greedy gulps of air, welcoming the fresh oxygen as it fills your lungs. You collapse onto your back, vision blurry, head swimming with jumbled thoughts.

You lie there for a while just trying to collect yourself. You roll slightly side to side, feeling the latex squish and contort with you. Slowly, you ground yourself in the room again, observing the soft blue light and star projector and bed. The lavender calms you and slows your breathing.

Luna’s been quiet for a while. “L-Luna?” you call out. There’s an extra weight as you move your jaw, presumably from Luna’s muzzle.

Oddly enough, there’s no response. You guess she might’ve fallen unconscious upon fully encasing you. At least that gives you some time to explore.
You look downward and soak in the full view of your new equine body. It’s surreal, seeing yourself from this point of view. Gently, you move your hooves back and forth in front of you, marveling at how they flex and contract under your control. In a way, it’s thrilling being this close to becoming a pony. The latex stretches as you move, tightening the suit in various places. You take a hoof and position it so that the frog touches your chest. You trace idle circles and feel the squishiness of Luna’s barrel as the friction causes the latex to stretch and squeak even more. Though you can’t exactly feel what Luna would be feeling, the sensation of your skin rubbing against the inside of the latex while feeling the outside is bizarre enough.

Tilting to your side, you try to get up, but slip and fall to the ground with a thud as Luna’s hooves feel awkward and ungainly beneath you. You try this several more times, with each time just as fruitless as the last, your balance completely thrown off by your new center of gravity. You’re already exhausted from the time of day and the whole ordeal behind you, and now a dull ache begins to spread throughout your limbs.

Groaning, you flop onto your back again. For a moment, you can’t help but laugh seeing your new limbs sticking up into the air. It looks almost catlike, and you feel a sense of joy from the absurdity at it all.

Looking downward again, you notice that Luna is featureless. Her barrel is entirely smooth, and there are no genitalia or any other features on her body. You wonder if the ponies really are normally like this, or if it was an intended outcome when Luna turned herself into this… latex suit.

But, looking closer, you see the bulge underneath the crotch area of the suit and feel your face warm. Amidst the chaos, you almost forgot how tightly the latex wrapped around your member.

Having what could only be described as an “OwO what’s this” moment was certainly not on your calendar today, but still, you regard it with interest. *Surely, I’m not actually getting turned on by this… am I?*

With measured breath, you steadily bring a hoof toward the bulge. When it finally makes contact, though the touch is light, you gasp in pleasure and instinctively jerk your hoof back. The sensation is incredibly intense, and you can feel a flush of heat spread across your face as you realize just how aroused you are.

With rapt attention, you move the hoof closer again, closer, closer…

And then, it stops.

Your brows furrow. You try to move the hoof more, but it refuses to budge. Your eyes widen as you realize quickly that you’re unable to move the rest of your body as well.

Your mouth coughs once. Against your control, it begins to open. “Apologies for my brief absence.” It’s Luna’s voice. “That spell took a lot more out of me than I’d expected. And, I see you’ve been quite naughty in the meantime.”
As if flipping a switch, as soon as Luna regains consciousness, she’s gained full control over not only her own body but yours as well. Your dick twitches as she withdraws her hoof and presses it to the ground. With practiced grace, she flips around and climbs to her hooves in one quick movement. She wobbles slightly, but stays upright nonetheless.

As she stretches each of her limbs one by one, you feel your head turning along with hers to observe. You can feel her every movement as your own, feel the coolness of her latex body clinging to yours, smell the scent of latex as it flows through her nostrils. You're trapped inside her, unable to move or even speak on your own. It's both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

She begins to walk toward the bathroom, and you experience moving your limbs like a pony for the first time. Your arms press tightly to her own, causing you to closely feel the floor beneath you, but your legs, awkwardly stuffed into her hind legs, tilt at an angle that makes you feel never quite balanced. The rhythm of her gait, so familiar to her and yet totally foreign to you, makes you feel both steady and on the verge of falling at the same time.

Inside the bathroom, she stops at the full length mirror. Your breath catches as you see yourself there not as yourself, but her. It’s unreal knowing you’re under there. From her barrel upwards, you can even trace Luna’s curves to spot your own figure underneath, almost as if her form was made for you.

Your eyes, and hers, explore your shared form. You can’t tell if she can sense your blush hidden beneath her face as she studies herself. She traces a hoof along her “skin”, straightening small creases in the latex and tugging at imperfections. All the while, the latex continues to squeak.

After a long period of silence, she tilts her head back and forth and nods. “Perfect.” With that same knowing grin as when she first encased you, she leans closer to the mirror until her breath starts to condense. "You belong to me now," she whispers, her voice low and seductive. "And I'm going to enjoy every moment of it."

Her words send shivers down your spine. You're completely at her mercy, and some part of you can't help but feel aroused by the thought.

But for the most part, you’re still nervous and a little bit scared. You wish there was some way to leave, any way. All you can do is emit a few muffled “mmmh”s and tug uselessly as Luna’s limbs refuse to give way.

“There, there.” Luna pats her stomach reassuringly. She strikes a pose in the mirror and brushes her mane off to the side. “You look beautiful. Can’t you wait to see what fun we experience together?”

Angrily, you grunt a bit harder, even as your brain still processes the pony in the mirror as you.
Luna titters. “Of course I’ll let you go eventually, human. I’m no monster anymore. I just want you to see things from my point of view for a while.” She strikes another pose, this time rearing onto her hind legs. You would cling on for dear life, but the latex already does a perfect job of it.

Luna falls back onto four legs and turns to face the mirror again. "Now, the question is, when will I release you?" She pauses, as if considering her options. "Perhaps when I tire of you, or more likely, when you've learned your lesson. But don't worry, my dear. I'll take good care of you in the meantime. And who knows, maybe you'll even learn to accept me as much as I’ve… come to accept myself."

She gives a small smile. “On a serious note, it was Twilight Sparkle and her friends who taught me many moons ago how to forgive and love myself. Before then, I maybe even would have agreed with your assessment of me, but now I find no use in putting myself down as such. Perhaps I can pass on this perspective to you.”

She leans closer and stares so deeply into her mirrored eyes that she might as well be staring through them, into yours. Her smile turns into a wry grin. “That doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun while doing so, of course. Now, why don't you tell me how much you love me?"

Of course, you aren’t capable of doing such a thing, nor are you able to. But, inexplicably, you feel your throat begin to itch as your vocal cords twitch. Again, your mouth begins to move against its will. “I love you, Luna. I understand you, and I want to be with you forever.” Your eyes widen. The voice is monotone and dull, but it’s undoubtedly yours.

Luna holds the neutral face for a moment before opening her mouth in mock surprise. “My, how forthcoming. I can’t give you that last part, sadly, but it is a great honor.” She can only hold it in a second longer before she bursts out laughing. “Haha! That is something I can do! Sorry, I’m figuring it out a bit too, but I suppose the latex can control a lot more than you think it can. Though, it would be very nice if you’d willingly say something like that by the end of our little escapade too.”

You ponder the implications of this revelation. Sure, Luna was controlling your mouth too when normally speaking, but that was in her own voice. Now, hearing her borrow yours, she could open up your phone, make a few calls, and have you all to herself for a very long time…

It’s useless, but you continue to squirm and struggle. It feels uneasy knowing Luna has this much power over you, bound only by her word. And even if she does eventually let you go, you want out *now*. But you’re not sure if Luna is capable of manipulating your emotions too, because right about now, that thought feels really hot, too…
Your dick twitches again in response. Luna notices, of course. “Hmm, you like that? At least that means we’re heading in a positive direction.” Her smile grows. “I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will. Your Princess of the Night wouldn’t be much of a princess without making her subjects happy, after all.”

Her voice drops to a whisper. “You're going to be my little puppet,” she purrs, “and I'm going to make you feel things you've never felt before."

Right in front of the mirror, Luna trails her hoof down her body toward your increasing erection. As it caresses and kneads the bulge, lightning shoots through your body. Your mouth, and Luna’s, open involuntarily as you moan in pleasure, the sensation of her touch amplified by the tightness of the latex.

Each word Luna speaks drives you closer to the edge. "You love this, don't you, my little puppet?" she purrs, her hoof continuing to rub at the bulge. The latex squeaks and groans where she touches, tugging at different parts of your body. "You love feeling my touch on you, controlling you, making you feel pleasure you've never felt before."

“Yes, Luna.” She switches to your voice again. “I love being controlled and touched by you, Luna.”

Each touch causes you to shudder with pleasure, your body writhing with desire. And yet, Luna’s latex body holds your quivering legs steady. Perhaps even hotter, as you look into the mirror, there appears to be almost nothing out of the ordinary happening. All you see is Luna looking with a sultry gaze, calmly rubbing at her stomach as if scratching a patch of itchy skin. It's almost as if the pleasure is contained within the confines of the latex, visible only to you and Luna.

Luna's hoof trails circles around the spot, teasing at the latex wrinkles forming. "You are such a good puppet," she coos with her own voice, before switching to yours.

"I love losing control and feeling your latex hooves on me."

She begins to rub faster, feeling your erection grow harder under her touch. "Mmm, yes, that's it," she moans, switching to her own voice again. "Such a good little puppet for your princess."

Every inch of you is on edge now. You’re breathing heavily, your heart racing with desire. Luna's touch is electrifying, sending shivers down your spine. As lust fogs your brain, you can’t think about anything else but the coming climax. And you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, fast.

"I'm going to make you cum so hard," Luna says, her voice full of lust. "You're going to explode for me, my little puppet."

You can feel the pressure building. It’s almost too much to bear. All you can do is whimper, begging for sweet release.

There is a knock on the door.

Your heart skips a beat. Luna must be startled, too, because she jumps a little and then freezes, her hoof still pressed against the latex bulge.

“Room service!” a friendly voice calls from the other side.
Luna’s face contorts into pure disbelief. “Room se- what. At this time of night, at this very moment, localized entirely within my hotel room?” she half-hisses under her breath.

Your dick is basically leaking pre at this point, and honestly you despise that, but you feel a renewed sense of hope. If they open that door, maybe they’ll discover what’s going on and free you from your prison. At the very least, maybe they’ll notice something wrong with Luna.

Luna clears her throat. "One moment," she calls out, trying to compose herself. She takes a deep breath and steps away from the mirror. She trots toward the hotel door, adjusting her mane and straightening stray creases in the latex. Your body obediently follows, of course.

Straightening her posture, she puts on a forced smile and opens the door, and if you could, your mouth would drop to the floor.

Waiting there is the epitome of beauty and grace, Princess Celestia. This time, you do not make the same mistake of doubting her identity. And just like Luna, she looks entirely made of latex. Her body is a perfect blend of softness and firmness. Her hooves are smooth and shiny, and her mane and tail are made of shimmering latex strands that catch the light with every movement. Her horn is expertly molded, her translucent eyes gleam, and her sleek, furled wings rest gently at her sides. She radiates a powerful aura of calm and control, and you instantly find yourself smitten.

Your heart falls as it rises. This doesn’t exactly spell good news for your great escape. At the same time, some part of you secretly wishes you’d been trapped inside Celestia instead. On the off-chance she would help you out anyway, you try and muster a grunt. Evidently, Luna anticipated this though, and your vocal cords are cut off just as quickly.

Celestia’s horn is glowing, and she is levitating two small paper cups of orange juice.

“Room service,” she repeats, and gives a roguish grin.

Luna frowns, but drops her formal stature. “You scared me.” She grasps one of the cups in her own magic. “Thank you for the juice.”

Celestia puts a hoof to her mouth. It squishes her snout a little. “Scared you? Why would I possibly do that? And you’re welcome.”

Luna groans and chooses not to respond. Wordlessly, they tap cups. Luna opens her mouth, and by extension yours, and downs the liquid all in one gulp. You give a silent thanks to the sisters, not realizing how parched your throat was until now.

After finishing her drink, Celestia tosses it into the bin and steps past Luna. “Wow, nice place.” Her mouth hangs open slightly as she looks up at the star-covered ceiling. “I knew you had a knack for design, but this is an excellent room makeover, sister.”

Luna scratches her head. Her hoof makes a faint squeaking noise as it moves up and down. “Eheheh, you really think so?”

Celestia nods serenely. “Of course, Luna. I can’t think of anything else that would be more stylized for your tastes.”
“R-really?” Looking through Luna’s eyes, you swear they almost seem to sparkle. “That means a lot. Thank you, sister.”

Celestia smiles. “Of course.” Casually, as she picks up a candle and turns it around, she adds, “Oh, and by the way, was it just my imagination, or did I hear another voice in here before I knocked on that door?”

“Um.” Luna freezes and licks her lips. You can taste the latex as she does. If you could make sound, you’d shriek.

The tips of her mouth begin to curl upward, but she quickly assumes a neutral expression. “Oh, that was the human,” she states. “He turned me into latex and then put me on like a costume.”

You’re briefly confused until you remember what you assumed of Luna when you first saw her. But oh, the *audacity* to say such a thing.

“I’m sorry?” Celestia looks at Luna in bewilderment, brows furrowed.

The two engage in an awkward staring match, but eventually, Luna breaks character and sniggers, and Celestia follows, and soon enough both of them are howling with laughter.

“Ahahah!” Celestia wipes a tear from her eye. “Out of all the things you’ve said in the past, Luna, that has got to be one of the craziest. Where did you come up with that line?” She clears her throat. “Well, never mind that. I do love the posters. I suppose that means you’re having a good time at the convention?”

Luna walks next to Celestia and nuzzles her side. “Mmm. Yes, it’s been nice for the most part.”

“That’s good to hear. But, for the most part? Did something happen?” Celestia tilts her head.

“Oh, it’s nothing much.” Luna rubs one arm with another. “I believe the issue has been taken care of now.” She continues to move your mouth as she speaks, and enunciates this sentence especially clearly, as if to drive the point home for you.

Celestia unfurls a shiny wing and places it around Luna’s back. The tips of the feathers make small squeaks as they touch her. “Luna, you seem troubled,” she says. “You know I don’t like seeing you unhappy. Feel free to tell your big sister whatever’s on your mind.”

Luna whines. “...Alright. One of the humans… they told me to my face they thought I was a lesser princess.”

Celestia gasps. “Oh dear. You didn’t let their words get to you, did you?”

Luna looks down at her hooves. “I tried not to. But it’s hard. I already struggle with being valued as much as you are, and to have someone blatantly say such a thing…”

Celestia’s wing tightens around her, and you can feel her squeezing, too. “Luna, you are just as important as I am. You rule over the night, and your duties are just as crucial to the ponies of Equestria as mine are. You are a beloved princess in your own right, and don’t let anypony tell you otherwise.”

Luna sniffles. “Thank you, Tia.”

Celestia gently strokes Luna’s mane, running her hoof down the latex material. “Of course, sister. And if anypony ever speaks ill of you again, you let me know. I’ll send them to the moon myself.” She chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.
Luna giggles back, but only manages a small smile. “You know, it’s still hard trying to see myself as your equal. Some part of me still fears for… the Nightmare. That if I don’t put myself down, it will return, and fuel my confidence into arrogance.”

“Oh, Luna.” Celestia brings a hoof to Luna’s chin. “Shhh. The Nightmare is no more. But I understand your fears, and feel more sorry than anypony else you feel that way.” She guides Luna with a wing toward the bed. “Come. You’ve had a long day.”

They climb onto the bed. You feel Luna turn to lie on her side and sink into the satin sheets beneath you. Celestia sits next to her and begins massaging her shoulders. As Luna hums in appreciation, you’re left to muse on the conversation behind you.

As Celestia massages Luna's shoulders, their latex bodies squeak softly with each movement. The sensation sends shivers down Luna's spine, and yours.

Celestia's skilled hooves work their way down Luna's back, kneading the latex material and easing out any tension. Luna can't help but let out a soft moan of pleasure as she closes her eyes and lets herself relax into the massage.

The latex material of their skin rubs together, creating a gentle friction that sends waves of pleasure through Luna's body. Celestia's hooves move down to Luna's lower back, applying just the right amount of pressure to ease any stiffness.

At the same time, Celestia presses hard enough that you can feel her touch. Inside Luna, you find yourself able to vocalize again, your soft moans overlapping with Luna’s as you experience the best massage you’ve ever had. Though the latex stretches tightly over you, you still feel tension evaporate from your body.

Luna lets out a contented sigh as Celestia's hooves move down her thighs, latex squeaking with each motion. Celestia's touch is firm yet gentle, and Luna melts into her sister's embrace. Finally, Celestia props up Luna’s back hooves and begins to gently rub, and you feel your soles being kneaded.

When Celestia finishes and sets Luna’s hooves down, all stress has left Luna’s body. It feels almost paradoxical that you lie there limply, yet with the latex still very much restricting your movement. Your breathing has slowed significantly, and for the first time this night, you feel a little sleepy.

Celestia leans down to whisper in Luna's ear. "Would you mind flipping over, sister? I want to work on your front as well."

Luna nods and rolls over onto her back, the latex material of her suit creaking faintly as she moves. As Celestia begins to massage her torso, you’re given full, intimate eye contact with Celestia.

Though your face already flushes from the experience, your excitement soon turns to horror as you follow where her eyes trace, and find her staring right where your bulge protrudes from the latex.
Her eyes seem to linger on it for a second before moving on. Her facial expression does not even change as she begins to massage Luna's chest with gentle, circular motions.

As Celestia works, Luna lets out a soft purr of contentment, and Celestia leans down to nuzzle her neck. She wraps a wing around Luna, pulling her close in a snug embrace. Your heart races as you wonder if Celestia noticed at all, or if you were just being paranoid.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Celestia murmurs.

Luna nods, her eyes closed in bliss. "So good," she whispers back.

Celestia snuggles her sister closer, her body pressing against Luna's as she continues the massage. Their latex bodies slide against each other as they do. “You’re so cute when you're like this, Luna," Celestia says with a soft chuckle. "I could just hold you like this forever."

Luna lets out a satisfied hum in response, her body relaxed and pliant in Celestia's embrace. You can feel the pressure of Celestia’s latex body against yours, the sensation almost overwhelming in its intensity.

As Celestia continues to massage Luna's chest, her hoof slowly begins to drift lower, down towards Luna’s belly. Your breath catches in your throat as Celestia's hoof barely brushes against the latex bulge.

Your hopes Celestia didn’t notice are quickly dashed when her hoof stops in place. “Oh my,” says Celestia. “It seems some areas are still in need of massaging.” She presses against the bulge harder, causing you to moan and quiver.

“Mmmh, I suppose that’s true.” Luna snuggles closer to Celestia, seemingly impervious to your plight. “Here, let me help you out as well.” She begins pressing her body against Celestia’s, running a hoof up and down Celestia’s side.

With a slow, deliberate motion, Celestia begins tracing circles around your growing erection, sending tingles of pleasure up your spine. You find that in Luna’s relaxed state, her control over your body has somewhat loosened. You gasp and arch her back upward slightly, even as your hand inside her hoof feels Celestia’s every curve.

“Looks like you’ve had a long day too,” Luna mumbles. “Your body feels so tight all over.” She presses her head tightly into Celestia’s chest, using her hooves to squeeze Celestia’s body.

Celestia's hoof finally reaches your tip, and you gasp as she begins to rub with a gentle, yet firm grip. Your hips jerk involuntarily in response, and you can feel the pressure building inside you. It feels so wrong, yet so right. You’re completely trapped inside Luna’s body, hooves moving against your will as she grinds your dick against Celestia’s hoof. Nonetheless, you’re doing it with *Celestia*, the mare of your dreams who you didn’t even think was real. She looks so self-assured, confident, as if goading you on. When you thrash and moan, you’re not sure if you’re doing it out of anger, arousal, or both.

As Luna’s ear lies against Celestia, you hear something beyond the squeaking and stretching.
It’s faint, but you have no doubt what it is. There’s moaning coming from inside Celestia, too. As Luna presses and withdraws, the sound rises and falls, and you realize you’re not the only one.

“Thank you, Luna,” says Celestia. “I- ohh, I guess I’ve ha- ah, had a pretty eventful day too. I didn’t know just how much stress must’ve been building up inside of me.” She continues to stroke you with a practiced hoof even as the evident person inside her continues making soft, sexual noises.

“Maybe I should press harder then?” asks Luna. “I’m sure you’d love to let all that stress out.”

“Yes, please,” Celestia whispers. “I can feel you relieving all that tension.”

The two sisters snuggle each other even closer, wrapping in a tight embrace as they rub cheek to cheek, barrel to barrel, hoof to hoof. Through Luna’s snout, you can smell the rubbery scent of her body and Celestia’s. Celestia’s grip tightens, and you moan louder as the latex stretches fully taut against your arousal.

You can feel Luna's body pressing tightly against Celestia's, her hooves running up and down Celestia's latex-clad back as she murmurs softly in her ear. “You’re such a good sister. Helping me feel so nice and relaxed like this.” As your mouth moves along with hers, it almost feels like you’re saying the same thing.

Celestia exhales softly. “And I couldn’t have a better little sister than you, Luna.” You can hear whoever’s inside moaning louder, causing Celestia to tremble slightly.

Luna presses so hard against Celestia that with a firm scrunch, her hooves cave slightly into Celestia’s latex skin. She traces her hooves over Celestia’s arms, and you can feel a person’s arms underneath, perfectly molded to Celestia’s shape. As she rubs against Celestia’s waist, you can sense their body heat and chest quickly rising and falling.

There is no doubt that all the while, they must feel the same from you, even as you tremble and writhe from Celestia’s hoof—their hand—vigorously rubbing at your member. You can’t tell what gender they are from their muffled cries, nor from how Luna feels around their body. And by this point, you’re too on edge to find out. All you can see in front of you is your beloved Sun Princess and your own cute, dark blue, latex hooves with latex hoof shoes massaging her firmly completely out of your own control.

Everything begins to blur into one. Your arousal clouding your mind, begging for release. Your total loss of control within Luna’s body. The sharp smell of latex lingering in the air. Luna and Celestia’s satisfied hums as they massage each other, juxtaposed with you and whoever is in Celestia’s needy moans. The squeaking and rustling and swishing of latex rubbing against each other. Your body trapped in a tight layer of cool latex squeezing against Celestia’s body.

Everything all funneled into one focus. You are close, so close.
“I’m almost done with the massage,” says Celestia. “Oh, Luna. You’re making me feel so good.” Her voice is only tinged with tiredness, completely absent of any lust.

“I am too, sister,” says Luna, in the same tone. She nuzzles Celestia’s cheek. “Thank you for giving me such a memorable night.”

With each new stroke of Celestia's hoof, you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, until you can’t take it anymore. And finally, finally, you shudder and cum hard. Every inch of your body tenses and shakes as you let out a loud moan, your release exploding inside the latex suit.

You can feel the warm, sticky mess coating your body as you cum again and again, the pleasure almost overwhelming in its intensity. The slick material clings tightly to your skin as you writhe and thrash in pure bliss, your cock pulsing with each load.

One after another, the orgasms wash over you, each one more intense than the last. You lose track of how many times you cum, how much cum spills out against the tight, latex material, causing it to slip and rub even smoother along you.

Luna and Celestia continue to snuggle each other quietly, seemingly oblivious to the intense sexual activity happening inside themselves. Their voices are soft and gentle as they murmur to each other, the sound a soothing counterpoint to the intense pleasure coursing through your body. Inside Celestia, you can hear a voice crying out too, lilting as they breathe rapidly.

As your orgasm finally subsides, you are left panting and gasping for breath. The scent of latex and sex is heavy in the air, no doubt leaking through the suit. Your entire body is buzzing with pleasure, and you can't help but feel a sense of euphoria coursing through you. It's almost surreal, the contrast between the intense sexual pleasure you just experienced and the calm, soothing atmosphere of the room.

Luna and Celestia seem content just basking in the afterglow of their own innocent massage session. To an outside party, it would be almost as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened.

Luna strokes Celestia's back gently, her voice barely above a whisper. "Thanks for the massage, Tia. I'm glad I was able to help you relax too, sister. You work so hard, you deserve to take some time for yourself."

Celestia smiles softly. "Of course. And I'm grateful to have you by my side, Luna. You always know how to make me feel better."

The two sisters lay still beside each other, and you can't help but feel a sense of peace settle over you.

After a few moments of silence, Celestia yawns softly. "I think it's time we get some rest, Luna. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

Luna nods in agreement, her own voice tinged with weariness. "Yes, you're right. Good night, sister."

"Good night, Luna," Celestia replies. She rolls over and lays her head down on a pillow.
Though your limbs are sluggish, burdened with a new feeling of heaviness, Luna easily lifts them up, props herself out of bed, and pulls the bedsheets over Celestia. She turns the crystal lamp off with a flick of her horn and climbs back into bed, cuddling beside her big sister.

Completely spent and resigned to staying within Luna at least for the night, you find that sleep claims you quickly. Your last thoughts before you doze off are of the Solar Princess before you and how maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t such a bad experience after all.


When you wake, you find yourself in a wide, abstract space filled with ethereal pockets of light that litter the air like stars. You no longer feel trapped—in fact, you feel lighter than ever submerged in this endless sea.

But in a moment, your body begins to move of its own again. You twist and turn and realize with dread that you look even more like Princess Luna than before.

Your mouth begins to open, and out comes Luna’s voice.

“Welcome to the dream realm, human! What, you didn’t think it was over, did you?”

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I'm liking this story
File: 3125298.jpg (432 KB, 1875x2148)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
File: luigistare.png (204 KB, 266x314)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Bro really voltronned into 5 horses
Damn, I see why Fimfic doesn't get too many trolls.
File: 3107511.jpg (96 KB, 1380x1545)
96 KB
Rolled 2 (1d5)

File: literallyme.jpg (310 KB, 1024x1024)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
File: 6385136.jpg (470 KB, 1600x2164)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
I hope you like being very clean and proper.
File: ArtBoard Image (43).jpg (113 KB, 1200x900)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Noticable improvement in the AIs, your first message should be a detail-heavy block of text that accurately sets a scene and they follow along very well. I can't say I have a favorite, they're all awesome.
File: what.png (595 KB, 1868x1668)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
File: FillyName.png (2.2 MB, 1612x3184)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
Grow thicker skin, you're on 4channel now we clown up in this motherfucker take your sensitive ass back to twitter
File: _.png (191 KB, 827x783)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>pet ponies in holiday themed outfits
Huh. Mitosis tf? That's pretty rare
That's not a mother's day outfit.
Alternatively, which pony would you want as your mother?
That's the thing about stallions. They can turn any day into mother's day.
All according to plan.
What would a mother's day outfit look like?
File: IMG_6667.jpg (154 KB, 900x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
This sickomare turned me into a unicorn and it’s forcing me to be her coltfriend!
What's the harness on his head called? I like it.
>The ponies you see volunteering at the conventions, a majority of them don't have owners
>They travel with the con staff between the convention locations and help out
>They're leftover from the earliest waves of ponification when there were simply not that many women interested in having a pony
>Most con attendees assume they have an owner because of the volunteer collar, but most of them have remained unclaimed since the very beginning
File: 1032440.png (46 KB, 800x800)
46 KB
How the heck have they been surviving for so long without an owner? Is there a local shelter or something?
File: doomer_pony.jpg (167 KB, 1024x666)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
The first few convention speed dating events suffered a critical flaw - every guy who signed up was turned into a pony at the beginning with the expectation that they would find someone to adopt them. There were a number of unclaimed ponies, enough to help with volunteering.
Due to the quick change in rules, women assume that someone who got turned into a pony already had someone claim them. One of the heads of the con owns a small ranch that they all stay at between conventions.

What's tragic is they were some of the most eager to become pets and ended up getting left out in the cold.
File: 1157566.jpg (204 KB, 1280x1016)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I'm sure some girl will adopt them eventually. It can't be hard to just tell the women there 'hey, I'm not adopted yet'.
File: 812.jpg (46 KB, 554x649)
46 KB
>60% of the male population is transformed in the wave of WXS before it's contained.
>Adopting former men still isn't mainstream, but new stallions who lived on their own as men are increasingly seen as unable to take care of themselves. Are brought to 'ranches'.
>Early adopter stallion schizo gave up on dating men on day one. Such women go to these ranches to meet potential pets.
>Short, 5'0" woman shows up at ranch.
>All the stallions immediately crowd around her, piling over her as she pets each one.
>"Haha! Being covered in such handsome stallions! This is a dream come true! But I only have two hands."
>She looks them over before talking to the woman running the ranch.
>"Um! Do you have any... bigger stallions? I heard some were... big?"
>"We measure stallion size by a scale of 3 to 4.6. Higher number is a bigger stallion. Most of them are 4.4 to 4.6, but some of them are on the bigger end, sure. These little guys are all over 4.3"
>Standing up, the stallions were about eye level just abover her hips.
>"Do you um... have a 3?" She blushes. "Or a 2.9 if those exist?"
>"Haha! Don't worry. We get women who want a big stallion in their life. Come this way."
>She leads the woman away from a group of dissapointed, smaller stallions to the inside of the building.
>She brought to the biggest stallion in the place. He's a handsome, muscular, red pegasus... and he's huge.
>She practically drools looking at him. This stallion is at eye level with her! Her heart skips a beat. She can't contain herself.
>"Omigosh!" She runs foward, wrapping her arms around his neck. She leans against him, lifiting one leg up to lean in. "He's the most perfect guy I've ever seen!"
>"They really are better looking then men, huh?"
>"Mmmhmm! Can I um... take him for a walk?" She shyly asks.
>A minute later, she's liking her lips, holding the other end of your leash in one hand, ready to take you out for a 'date'.
Maybe they're not looking or maybe they've already got ponies. You can end up falling into a cycle where you just keep going with how things are. A pony without an owner is directionless and might not realize they're just drifting.
File: 884073.png (249 KB, 700x850)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
That's why the woman who owns the ranch needs to give them a nudge. They can't be expected to make their own decisions, not when they're ownerless , alone and lost in the world. She should have other women come in to give them walks and adopt them if they so choose.
Whether the stallion wants to be adopted or not shouldn't be taken into consideration. It's for his own good.
It can be a little difficult to arrange that, if a woman wants a stallion she can go to a local event. Travelling long-distance to a ranch is just a hard sell.
Their best chance is to get adopted at a convention, but by now most hardcore pegasisters at the con already have ponies, so they don't bother asking anymore or have almost relearned independence. A couple ended up gloomy or bitter from the experience, those are usually the ones who were hurt the most by it.
But if you go to a ranch you'd have tons of stallions to choose from, rather than having to try and win one in a raffle.
Arranging a trip to a convention in a big city is pretty simple, plus there's a whole convention to enjoy too.
Arranging a trip to a farm out in the middle of nowhere to get a pony is a pretty long trip that will seem unappealing to most.
That farm becomes a pretty big lore dump when you finally meet the head of Pegacon and her two stallions. They say they've been ponies for over a decade when WXS emerged only 3 years ago.
File: 56519.png (9 KB, 594x580)
9 KB
>They say they've been ponies for over a decade when WXS emerged only 3 years ago.
Wuuuh? How does that happen? Experimental WXS laborartoy?

And there can't possibly be that many conventions. I was under the impression that most women 'date' men they want to be her pony or take ponies up for adoption for walkies before deciding.
File: FOPk5kqXIAQvzT7.jpg (233 KB, 1200x609)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Everfree Northwest, Harmonycon, BABSCon? PegaCon and the Florida Colt Carnival? They're all run by the same groups, just under different names. WXS isn't a natural thing, did you really think a virus that turns men into ponies would just appear?
Consider this, a business model of kidnapping guys to turn them into stallions through experimentation. Does that sound profitable at all? They would have to be getting money from somewhere besides the buyers.
War certainly is profitable, but there's infinitely more money to be made in peace, ponies, and a globalized economy centered around women obsessed with horsecock.
File: 812.jpg (115 KB, 512x682)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
There'd have to be way, way more conventions once WXS sweeps over the world. Getting fucked by your pet stallion would become mainstream pretty damn quick.

The idea of a group of horny pegasisters wanting to mainstream their preferences is certainly fine. It'd create a fun era of experimental WXS labs, though I assume the first few stallions would be well cared for in the end.

Eventually it will get out what this group did but no one will care. Women will overwhelmingly prefer the new world and stallions will be cute pets who don't much care for news.
Pomy conventions would gradually take the place of music festivals and comic con's various spinoffs.
The original 2 stallions, Pumpkin and Boreas, are very well cared for by their owner who developed the current WXS that spread worldwide. As for the convention's volunteer stallions, the con staff are looking out for someone who may have missed the adoption event and is still looking for a pony.
I'd read that story.
File: image82.png (169 KB, 500x638)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Good, because I'm working on it.
File: 482707.jpg (124 KB, 653x1024)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Heck yeah! Are you the same anon who's working on the 3 WXS stories? Or is this truly the golden age of WXS?

Either way, I'm rooting for you.
So the first story is the rewrite of Horsegirl, detailing the initial outbreak of WXS.
The prequel to that will be similar to a genderswapped Zephyr's Tale that explains how it all began.
The third story takes place several year after the outbreak and is about one of the last men on Earth.
File: 1227712.jpg (157 KB, 977x989)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Would read all of those and more. Truly, the pegasisters who created WXS did more good for the world than anyone else ever had.
All right, I submitted the first chapter and now we wait for the mods to give me the greenlight.
Wernicke-Xenogenic Stabilizer disease is what I'm thinking of calling it. Stabilizer because it locks onto the Y-chromosome irreversibly.
This whole time I was assuming that the women who made this were such blantant stallion schizos that they actually called it the Women X Stallion virus. But your idea is better.
Well, that's what the stallionschizos call it, but it has a scientific name. The unfortunate abbreviation has lead them to believe the virus might be fate or some form of meme magic.
File: 863161.gif (53 KB, 800x450)
53 KB
It most certainly is fate! Women and stallions are just so great together, it was destiny. People will look back on the days before WXS and wonder how anyone lived like that.
Society will do what it always does - adapt and keep moving forward. When Rome fell, the world continued onward. Society will fundamentally alter itself to adapt to this new paradigm and just keep moving forward with it.
File: 1623146.jpg (581 KB, 1800x1800)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
She should know that stallions are for human women only.
File: large.png (393 KB, 1280x549)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Femanon best waifu
So... We meet again!
A bridle?
File: 15.05.2023 1.png (763 KB, 2795x2303)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
File: whysunsetshy.png (345 KB, 771x581)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Update for anyone still interested: Heroes Never Die has finally got past the point where it was in the greentext

Ah yes, a magic bridle that turns you into a pony when you put it on (You can't take it off and no one wants to help you take it off)
File: 1683693038747793.png (252 KB, 679x964)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>As time went on, nearly every misgiving you had about becoming a stallion vanished.
>Your new owner’s hobbies quickly became very interesting to you. If Arwen was paying attention to it, you wanted to see it as well!
>So you started using all of your new free time to study up on Danganronpa and all of her other favorite anime. You were for all intents an purposes, as much of an otaku as Arwen was now.
>You thought anime was so cringe before but somehow knowing it made Arwen happy just made it so much better!
>Arwen sure seemed delighted that she finally had someone to watch all of her anime with, somepony who was always interested to talk to her about her favorite things.
>Your owner really was becoming the center of your world now. You thought about Arwen constantly. You seemed so in tune with her emotions too, knowing exactly when she was upset and when to come over to reassure her or to play.
>Arwen even looked more attractive now, too!
>Though maybe she really was becoming more attractive. She took you out for walks three days a week so that might have helped.
>The fact that stallions weren’t allowed to run around town on their own seemed like the worst part of the deal to you going into this. But honestly? You kind of just didn’t want to leave the house without your owner now?
>You came to relish the feeling of safety and love that came with being a pet. You had that with Arwen (or at least some other woman you trusted) and you had that at home. But without either? You felt lost with only your collar to make you feel better.
>Besides, the world was a much bigger place now and didn’t have a reputation for being responsible without their owner.
>Heck, at pegacon just last week another stallion got drunk and nearly drowned in a pool after being left alone for a few hours!
>She was talking you for a walk through the park today!
>Women were so tall and imposing now, you’d feel lost without your owner. There were even still some men around, but they were becoming rarer each day. Eventually, they’d all be on leashes just like you!
>Arwen sat down by a bench to rest and another woman approached her to coo about how cute you were. Arwen still had some trouble talking to other women. So you pressed up against her leg to reassure her, just like she reassured you by keeping you collared and on a leash.
>”Oh, his name is Shonen. Hehehe. Did you want a pony?”
>”Of course I do! But sadly my boyfriend didn’t transform and now I’m kind of stuck with him. I’ve been telling him if he doesn’t become my pet I might have to break up.”
>”Ugh. I’d never be in a relationship with a man after meeting my Shonen. I can’t blame you. But uh… you know, they have adoption events!”
Pray tell, what does Shonen look like?
File: 972625.png (3.24 MB, 2663x1500)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
Well he's supposed to look like a pony version of Makoto from Danganronpa. So i guess like on the left.
Him and Arwen make for a cute couple!
Kek based
>you're stuck as a pony forever
>not because of some irreversible transformation, or permanent nanobot modifications or anything, but because your hooves are too clumsy to take off the magic bridle that keeps you as a pony
>and you're so cute that nobody will ever help you take it off
Imagine being surrounded by humans and knowing that, instead of spending a minute with their dexterous hands undoing a few latches, they're always going to prefer just doting on you and petting you and scratching your ears instead, dooming you to this fate for all eternity.
It's hard for a wxs couple not to be.
Well that's true, but Arwen and Shonen are especially cute.
File: screw_(1).png (68 KB, 386x403)
68 KB
The lore is coming together in the dumbest of ways. One story strings into another, and then there's a Revengeance reference.
Can she do that? Can she have three stallions?
File: rd.png (276 KB, 410x289)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>The villain wants to turn humanity into ponies
>For some reason this villain must be stopped
>They are
It's so tiresome.
I can pretend those three are r63 stallions. And if I do the image becomes 100 times better
>Villain turning the men into stallions
>She isn't giving a speech that can be refuted, she's simply telling you what's going to happen
>It's already in your blood
>There's no stopping it
Hey, that's what I did!
It's just the eyelashes and velvets muzzle is a bit round. Guess they're effeminate but I can see it with Pip and homage

I do like it either way
>You Have Always Been Pinkie Pie
>You arn’t a human
>You are a happy pink pony
>You want to have fun
>You want to party
>You want to bounce around

>You want everypony to be your friend
>you do not swear.
>you are pinkie pie
How's this?
This pic just became 10/10
All in a day's work.
btw if you've been playing with the AIs, make sure to appreciate those wonderful ladies while they're still around. Writing is on the wall with character.ai and I have a bad feeling that they're going to do something really stupid with their website soon.
File: a.png (397 KB, 1313x1313)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Why would she want to go back, exactly?
File: 1133930.png (1.1 MB, 1500x1000)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>Wastelanders, they call them.
>After the initial wave, some stallions banded together to try and survive without an owner. They typically had to go to more wild places to keep the women in charge from bringing them in to stables.
>They invariably got into all kinds of trouble.
>These three were 'raiders', stallions who tried to snatch food and other goods from more civilized areas to survive. The leader of the band, a cute little grey stallion, was plotting a 'stealth mission; with his two little stallion friends. A stealth mission to sneak into your house and steal stuff from your pantry.
>That's when you snuck up on him, scooping the little guy up into your arms right in front of his friends.
>The other two stallions panicked and ran out into the woods. It was a shame, but you knew if you could tame their leader, you could use him to get the rest.
>You tell him your name is femanon. He refuses to give you his, kicking and struggling with his marshmallow hooves the whole way back home. Of course, he's too weak to stand up to a woman.
>The poor colt was coverd in filth and ticks. He even got a weird watch stuck on his foreleg that wouldn't come off. He'd been on his own too long.
>Igonoring his protest that he was not a 'cute, silly thing', you put him in the bath and started taking the ticks off of him.
>He calmed down a lot after that. It was amazing how quickly stallions settled into their proper role as pets once you started taking care of him.
>You whispered about what a good boy he was and that he'd be safe and loved from now on. He shuddered, eyes tearing up as he finally got the female approval all stallions secretly craved.
>He muttered that he wasn't your property... but didn't struggle any more. He'd be more than happy to be owned by you in just a few days you knew.
>You reminded him of just how tiny and helpless he really was as you put his new collar around his neck. In fact, his new name would be Littlepipp, you decided.
>He was literally eating out of your hand later that night. Once he was cleaned and fed, you put him on a very short leash so he couldn't get off the bed. Littlepip slept inside, warm and safe, for the first time as a stallion.
File: FU6PDIkWIAAcoPp.jpg (3.62 MB, 2594x2392)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
>Leave a plat of food out for the other two stallions. This way, they'll stay nearby, won't get too hungry and sick, and will slowly become bold again when approaching your home.
>Through a camera, you see them grab the loaves of bread and run off into the woods. Two more unicorn stallions, it seems.
>Littlepip sits on your lap as you stroke his mane and both of you sip some tea. It's cold outside and he's showing signs of feeling bad for his little friends.
>It'll still be a few more days until he's devoted to being your pet and has little enough hesitation that being owned by a woman is a good thing that he can help capture the other two.
>Until now, you keep getting his "I used to be a really big man, you know" To which you invariably give corrective boops.
Nice, I like how quickly they fold
File: mpip.png (618 KB, 3031x814)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
How could they not? Trying to continue living independently as a man goes against the very nature of a stallion. All of their instincts screa at them that living with a woman, being owned by her, having her take care of you, is what's natural and good.
You have some power to resist the desire to become some girl's pet before getting collared and having your first taste of being said pet. But once you get brushies and are called a good boy, feel the security and love of a leash, it's impossible to just give that up.
Wish there was a littlepip tf story of a guy becoming her
I could've sworn there was one around here somewhere...
You can't simply go back to wild life once you've bonded to an owner.
>"The fact you escaped from Dr. Wernicke lead by some kind of phantom echo of your memories is strange, but the fact you got out and infected the town is bad news. WXS wasn't supposed to be released for another few months, to give it time to shock the public so I could run in this election unopposed. But I think we can work with an early release."
>"Put the sword down, if you really want to know the truth I'll just tell you. It isn't like you can take back what you've given to the world. I was just one of the people funding the nanomachines, they were developed as a precursor to WXS. Did you really think it would stop with plushes and a few kidnappings? No, this is going worldwide once I become president, and if not me then another. Every name on the ballot is one of us."
>"Freedom? You've been a slave your entire life, working for a soulless corporate beaurocracy that hates you. In my new world, we're going to tear down those institutions and jump-start the economy! Every pony out there will have a loving owner and safety in a world free of conflict and meaningless wars... And I want you with me at the forefront of it all."
>The senator of Montana kneels down, offering you a hand into which you set a hoof
>You were too exhausted to keep fighting anymore
>With her other hand she pokes your nose
>"The world will be changing very soon with how fast WXS will spread. Hard to believe I was watching cartoons in high school over a decade ago, dreaming about a moment like this. My very own pony..."
File: 16.05.2023.png (1.61 MB, 4289x4531)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
File: 217168.jpg (137 KB, 920x768)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Running around the house and backyard by himself is about the most freedom a stallion can handle.
Is Dummy like a tulpa in this?
A tulpa holding Screw's erased memories. If Screw remembers who he was, Dummy will disappear.
File: Trollestiaa.jpg (472 KB, 1920x1080)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
The rare stallion who manages to escape to Equestria? Deported back to Earth.
Please tell me there's an option to join her! This poor woman has been drooling at pictures of stallions on Derpibooru for ten years. She deserves to get the world she wants.
Reject hands, embrace hooves
My dude you ONLY have the option to join her.
File: Raiden_pone_1.png (113 KB, 800x600)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
"It just sounds like you want to get rid of men because you hate them!"
>"You're damn right I do! They've got no hooves!"
File: refilly colored.png (334 KB, 1382x1139)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
I need some WXS writing ideas
File: IMG_6711.jpg (1.14 MB, 4032x3024)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
This pandemic stuff better be real you guys
What kind? Just general prompts?
I'm trying to come up with something to write, any ideas you want to see me take a shot at?
Here's a few ideas.

WXS huts a couple. The wife has to cope with her husband turning into her per.

WXS does not hit a couple, but now the woman in the relationship is pressuring her husband to transform.

A group of women whose job it is to wrangle up stray stallions and get them adopted or sent to a stable.

A stallion on the run from above.

Woman visits a stable looking to adopt. There's fierce competition among the stallions to get picked.

Woman x big size 3 stallion.
Or maybe WXS hits ukraine or some other war zone. All the soldiers are now soft stallions who can no longer fight.
>Bioweapons hardly discriminate
>And warfare is often messy, leaving everyone undefended from the unseen enemies
>WXS actually spread through Ukraine after being released in Spain and travelling east
>Fighting slowed down when people were too ill to stand
>It stopped when no one could drive a tank or hold a gun
>Battlefields went quiet, the artillery stopped shortly after
>Day 493 of the 3 day special military operation began with Nikolai staring into his reflection in the remains of a storefront window somewhere in Ukraine
>His gear didn't really fit and his helmet fell off as he sat up
>On the other side of the dirty fragmented glass sat a scrawny colt in an oversized plate carrier
>A... Pony...
>It reminded him of... No wait, it was a pony
>From MLP
>The happy little cartoon he watched growing up
>The spark of color in an otherwise gloomy Moscow
>He stared at the pony in the glass, reminded of years ago when he was happier
>He'd forgotten about ponies until now
>This was no place for a pony, he cried for the pony in his reflection lost somewhere cold and dangerous
>Alone in the ruins of a war-torn city, Nikolai wandered back to where he'd last seen his tank crew only to find the vehicle sitting silent
>Remembering last night when he felt incredibly ill, he'd snuck off to prevent them from getting sick too
>Now they were gone...
>If only he weren't so far from home, he'd turn and go back to Moscow if he could
>Back home, that's where he wanted to be
>He'd have to settle for here, and to hopefully find the tank crew
>He did his best, struggling to climb onto the still tank to get inside
>The hatch creaks open, a shout emanating from within
>It was hot inside the tank, like a sauna that smelled of a nightmarish unwashed gym
>"Stay back!" the voice shouts from the dark, "I am sick! Get away!"
"Where is rest of the tank crew?"
>"Sickness, then other forces were upon us."
>Nikolai peered into the dark, another pony stared back smudged in engine grease and cuts
>"Don't look at me, Niko. I am deformed." Ivan cowered into the darkness within the tank
"Ivan, what forces attacked?"
>"I dont know, I think NATO."
"Shit. Ivan come out of the tank, we need to regroup and tell HQ."
>"Look what happened from the sickness, Russia is infected already. This war is over."
"We need to fight to be alive, Ivan. NATO will kill us."
>Nikolai climbs into the tank, feeling exposed
>"Maybe you have plan?" Ivan says quietly now that they shared the metal space, "I do not know what to do anymore. HQ is cut off."
>Ivan points a hoof to the tank's radio that emitted a quiet static
>Without HQ, they had no orders or information
>Russia was falling, just as most of Europe had already
>This sickness would be the end
>The two of them sat in silence in the dark tank
>Nikolai continued to scan through radio frequencies until the power ran out, leaving you to rest your eyes
>You awoke next to talking, this time in english
>"Two more in the tank, missed on the first sweep."
>"On it."
rip ivan and nikolai
File: cnd48y7gl3341.png (183 KB, 297x319)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
>Can we make the babushkas fight?
File: 3125606.jpg (309 KB, 1307x800)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Yeah, man. Can you imagine being dragged from the safety of you T-34 to THIS?
File: 2468701.png (2.64 MB, 3000x2000)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
>It'd been two days since you got 'adopted' and became Littlepip.
>You never felt so clean before. Your new owner gave you plenty of food and medicine and in this nice warm, home, you were quickly regaining your strength.
>Despite your best efforts, you totally fell in love with her. She was just so perfect in every way! Like a goddess descended on high to come claim you. And with each passing day it all felt more and more right to be here, to be her property and pet.
>You lay on your belly in the livingroom, on your little pet bed. She had to shave some of your fur so you were wearing a little sweater for now and fuzzy socks for your hooves. She also gave you a plushie to cuddle with when she wasn't around. Finally, you had a big bowl of warm oatmeal to munch away on. That was so tasty now.
>You couldn't feel more snug or secure!
>Then you heard a tap at the window.
>You looked up in fear. Handeling things yourself so much harder in your new, pet life. But your fears faded when you saw two familiar faces.
>Homage and Velvet, the two stallions you lived with those past few months. Those weren't their real names, but it was what your mistress dubbed them.
>"Psst!" Velvet whispered to you, trying to lift the window cill with his hoof. "We're coming to bust you out man."
>"Um. That's okay. J-just leave me behind. It's too dangerous."
>You grab your plushy tighter.
>"What?" Velvet asks. "We're not leaving you, man. Freedom awaits."
>Somehow he got the window open. But you shook your head at him.
>"Bro. You're really going to stay here?" Homage asked next. "This is like kidnapping. Like slavery. What about being your own man?"
>"Sure but... she's um... really nice and it's warm in here," You say. "In fact, how about you two just come sit on the couch and we can all have a nice chat. She loves stallions. You'll be safe."
>The two stallions looked at eachother.
>"Brainwashed," they said together. And tried coming inside to 'save' you.
>"M-mistress! Help!" You stand up and call for her.
>The two of them bolt for the woods as your owner comes to check on you, scooping you up to comfort you.
>You knew there was no going back now. You truly belonged to her. Forever.
>2 months have passed since that day he and Ivan were dragged out of the tank and taken to a local shopping mall for processing
>Things changed quickly, in just a matter of days everything had collapsed and women began intervening with groups in UN peacekeeper gear
>Nikolai was still far from home
>He awoke in a startle around 4am, thinking he was still part of a tank crew rolling across the countryside
>The quiet crickets outside and the warmth of someone grasping him helped him remember
>He'd been taken home with one of the peacekeepers to the italian countryside
>Nikolai, now called Biscotto, is pulled a little closer to his owner and goes back to sleep once he's calmed down
>He could never have predicted this would be his life
>to THIS?
Yeah I'd rather rot in my tin can grave. They're not getting me out of there alive if that's what's waiting for me.
File: 1654923662826.png (496 KB, 1158x1340)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
What makes you say that?
My dislike for EqG
I have no interest for weird humanoid aliens. Human w*men is already stretching it but at least stories featuring real women are grounded in reality, and if I really became a stallion IRL then getting adopted by a woman would not be that bad of a fate. But if I become a stallion and then somehow either get transported to the EqG world, or all women transform into EqGs, no thankees, I'm either trying to find a solution to get things back to normal or taking the easy way out.
Scarcity of art, it's hard to find non-eqg without going too far from the fandom.
If she gets one more pony the third will have to go too. He can't be out there alone, strength in numbers and all that.
File: wuah.png (652 KB, 1082x580)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
>In larger cities and suburbs it was fairly easy to retrieve stallions, but the major shortage between women and stallions was due to something darker
>A lot of men who became infected with WXS got lost or trapped in various places
>Ships stuck at sea, people out camping, the solitary preppers who went innawoods, men who lived out deep in rural areas
>Horror stories surfaced of an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico where stallions were stranded for weeks
>Out in the wilderness, stallions would sometimes be "adopted" by a bear or wolf pack and be difficult to rehabilitate
>As time went on, the odds of survival were estimated to be 1 in 20 for any pony not already accounted for
>This meant a lot of resources were focused if a pony was spotted in the wild
>WXS made you forget your name, so you just went by Green, because you were from Greenford station when you turned
>A couple dozen other stallions were here with you, living in the various tunnels under London
>Most of you were just subway workers who fell ill on the job
>You were inspired by some urbex youtuber and wandered into the dark tunnels
>There were newly-abandoned subway stations, old stations that haven't been used since the 70's, sewer tunnel connections, and a few paths that lead to ancient tunnel systems that spread far beyond London
>Whatever happened up on the surface made you think it was best to just stay hidden
>You could see in the dark, like the others
>You were some kind of vampire-pony and you had a feeling that the surface was no longer looking for your kind
>You were afraid to go into the sunlight, and preferred to stay in the tunnels with your friends
>There were moments where you felt... human still
>Someone would find some alcohol and you'd all get to shoot the shit for a little bit, laughing in the dark with the boys
>You didn't have to worry about being found down here, after the initial few crashes and destroyed trains, it must have been too much effort or money to keep using the subway tunnels
>You could always count on bureaucracy being cheap bastards
>Times were good, but they didn't last
>Only so much could be scavenged in the tunnels, and after a few months of solitude you were one of the few volunteers to go up and explore the surface in the hopes of finding some food
>All of the subway station entrances had been blocked off, but you could connect between the sewers to come up
>When the subway station's clock read September 21st, 8:11pm you realized you'd been like this for almost 6 months
>In the grand scheme of things, going up to the surface was going to be dangerous and not a good long-term plan
>However, it was better than starving
Kek, tiny snag in your story is that the underground's actually overground at Greenford. You gotta go all the way over to White City to get unto the tunnels, and between there and here you've got some miles of (relatively) densely populated cityscape
Also I'm not certain London has any sort of sinister tunnel network other than the bland railway tunnels (which aren't THAT expansive). Nothing like the Paris catacombs or anything. Some disused/decommissioned tunnels are plausible though. All that having been said I'm not sure why the women wouldn't just keep running the trains - is the WSX world supposed to be post-apocalyptic? The impression I got so far is that society continued on as normal, except with all human jobs now taken up by women, and all stallions now being merely dependents. Women would still surely need to commute to their jobs.
File: 2886969.png (2 KB, 175x119)
2 KB
I've never actually seen a subway before. I live somewhere that's right on the watertable so we can't dig more than a few feet into the ground.
All I know about subways is from playing Fallout and Metro
>The city of London was unaware of the whereabouts of the subway maintenance staff following the WXS outbreak
>While the trains still ran, it wasn't discovered that they had formed a small village in one of the decommissioned lines scavenging
>You, followed by Chip, made your way to the next terminal over from the village
>Why was he called Chip? He liked chips, it was simple
>The empty platform had a long stairway that led to the surface
>You and Chip were able to squeeze between the bars of the gate meant to keep people from entering, stepping out into the night
>Street lights were on, cars could be heard in the distance
>It was almost as if nothing had changed
>"Ya know, I was thinkin it would look a little more..." Chip said, thinking of the word, "Post-apocalyptic."
>You felt a little awestruck after months of being underground
>But you needed to remember the task at hand - food
>You had to find something, there was no 'or else' to the task you set out upon
>You also had a lurking suspicion there were vampire hunters looking for your kind
>Thinking it best to stick together, you and Chip continued down the quiet street, ducking behind parked cars as busses came through
>The only odd thing you saw was a clothing store, one side had female mannequins and clothing, the other side had pony mannequins and clothing
>A little more wandering brought you to the back of a pub you used to visit
>Shameful as you felt it was, rather than create a messy break-in, you and Chip checked out the dumpster
>You climbed in while he kept watch
>"I don't think this is a good idea."
"Been here before, they throw out a lot of food."
>"You been in the dumpster before?"
>You lift your head and frown at Chip
"No, the pub."
>You dig through, finding a number of mostly-edible things
>If you lowered your standards a bit
>Then it hits you
>Was this life for you? Hiding in the dark, digging through the trash for food
>You toss a couple potato wedges out to Chip
>He didn't hesitate to practically inhale them
>The next time you popped your head out of the dumpster, Chip was gone
>You whisper to him
"Chip? Where ya gone?"
>No answer
>The silence was worrying, had he wandered off? Did the vampire hunters have him? Did they know where you were?!
>Become a pony via magic transformation only for it to make you like a fake peppino version of the pony you transformed into.

So, is there some uncanny body horror pony tf stories out there ?
File: 3127101.png (325 KB, 1940x1380)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
https://fimfetch.net/story/199854/please-dont-hurt-me Is pretty body horror imo
That was a good read. Thanks.
Maybe a nice girl named Buffy found them
File: somebodystoppedme.jpg (13 KB, 263x263)
13 KB
I don't think the man on mare crowd would be having a very good time with this stallion virus
They have their containment thread.
File: ihop bat.png (268 KB, 2424x2974)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
>You weren't sure where Chip had gone off to, but there was no sign of him behind the pub
>It wasn't a good idea to drag anything back to the station, but at least you knew where to find this place
>And you knew there was food on the surface if you were sneaky
>If you could get back to the station, this expedition would be a partial success
>You cautiously lifted the dumpster's lid and peered out into the alley
>The moment you rounded a corner onto the street, you were pulled through the side door of the pub with a hand held over your muzzle
>"Calm down, none of that shrieking."
>You couldn't really wrestle out of her grasp, but you could see Chip sitting at the bar with a little plate of chips, he waved
>You relaxed enough for her to loosen her grip
"Chip, you fat bastard." you growled
>"You were right, food's great here!"
"You sold us out, didn't you."
>Chip nods, "Yeah, she said she could adopt a couple of us."
"Aw you fuckin told her everything?"
>The woman kept an iron grip around your midsection, holding you captive
>"Yeah, it's better than livin in the subway."
"Oh you motherf-"
>You were interrupted by the strange woman offering you a bit of mashed potatoes on a spoon
>You didn't really think, you just ate it
>Your anger came back again and you scowled at Chip
"We had a good thing g-"
>Another bit
"Hey what do you think you're doin?" you crane your neck around to look at the lass
>"I got more for you if you start talking."
"Piss off, you already got everything."
>Her hand gently smacked your nose
>"That's no way to talk to me."
"Fuck. You."
>She sets you down, pointing at the door back out
>"Then get out."
>Hesitantly, you go for the dood but look back
"Chip, you comin with?"
>"No, I like it here."
>You glare again, ignoring the bartender lady continuing to point at the door
"For fuckin what, huh? Your fat ass sold out for some chips."
>"She's nice, what else d'ya want me to say?"
>You turn and walk out, the door slams behind you
>It was a lonely walk back to the subway
What's it like being a mare schizo in a stallion schizos world?
Green held out better than most stallio s would. Surprised they just let him leave
File: 1655068930215.jpg (66 KB, 1080x1080)
66 KB
>avoid getting infected with WXS
>escape society
>what little of it you see is all stallions
>every ad, every billboard, even in the language and on tv
>the word mare is nonexistant, stallion is used everywhere man used to be
>/mlp/ userbase alowly dropping off
>4chan slowing down, you know why
>you don't recognize this bizarro world
>what little of it you see is all stallions
Well, stallions and women. Purest love.
>You are Anon and your at a garage sale, your local neighbor Penny Piena was moving and had to get rid of some stuff. She was selling to you a bright blue canon with two wheels that had a bright yellow detail on them, you found it strangely allureing so you decide to use something that always worked with her.
“You want to sell me this cannon for free” you say.
“No I don’t!” She says
“Yes you do.” You say
“No I don’t!” She says again
“Yes you do.” You state calmly
“NO I DON’T” she shouts
“Look I’m telling you that you don’t want to sell that to me for free!” You yell angerly
“And I’m telling you I want to sell it for free so take it!” She yells back rolling the cannon into your hands.
>you fake sigh “alright fine…” then walk away with your treasure with a grin

>your still Anon looking at the cannon your bought..you take it to a target range light it up and…..nothing
>you grumble angerly and look into the barrel to see what’s wrong when a pink glob of goop is launched into your face! You try to take it off but it was stuck to your hands now! You felt your face be forced to smile as it gained a muzzle! Your eyes got bigger and turned a light shade of blue with eyelashes, you felt your hair puff up and tangle all around in a huge poofy mess! Your voice got higher as you started to laugh, you were getting lightheaded and forgot even your own name, your hands turned into hooves as you were forced to to all fours, your felt your backside expand becoming a huge flank that had grown from years of eating sweets, you felt a pink pony pussy form as your new flank jiggled as you just kept laughing uncontrollably.
>you are…you are…you are Pinkamena Diana Pie! You loved to make others smile! You felt your flank get all warm as your cutie mark appeared, you bounced in place for a bit then entered your party cannon! Ready to fire yourself into the next ponepaste “See ya next Paste!” You yell waving to the audience only you could see and BLAM! Out of the story you fly! Where you end up? Who knows…

>A investigation is still underway for the missing Anon, Penny was suspected of murder but no evidence had shown it…this case was left…Unsolved.
File: _.png (322 KB, 1060x992)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>Pretend to be a tranny (buy a wig or something)
>They have to let you go in to select ponies, otherwise there'd be public outcry from the V-signalers
>Choose two guys you think would make cute mares personality-wise
>Walk out with two brand new mares of your exact design specifications
File: 1234876678567.gif (1.84 MB, 285x210)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
What virtue signallers?
Strong spirits, pure hearts, scritchable snoots
File: 3104879.jpg (518 KB, 2556x3446)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
Jizzable cocks.
>You brought back news to the other ponies in the subway
>Ponies were little more than pets on the surface, Chip had sold you all out
>There was a heavy silence of confusion
>You couldn't stay here, Chip told her about this place
>You couldn't really go elsewhere, the subway lines weren't that expansive and still got used just a couple stations down the line
>Going up to the surface was extremely risky especially in broad daylight
>You weren't sure how long before they came looking, but it was nearing the morning hours and someone needed to come up with something quick
>"We could hide in the drainage for a while, make 'em think Chip was full of it." someone suggests
>"We could probably make it out to a canal and hitch on a barge." another mentions
>By the time the sun rose, you were still squabbling and about to break off into seperate groups over a need to do something besides sit around
>You were with the escape group, the subway was not a long-term hideout and this exposure just made the situation worse
>Before any move could be made, you heard the tap of shoes on concrete
>From all directions
>Either side of the platform had people coming down the subway rail
>The terminal had people in the stairwell
>The maintenance tunnel was blocked off
>The ponies went quiet as more noticed the approaching footsteps echoing through the subway tunnels came to a stop further out
>You were surrounded, but they were holding back at a distance
>A single set of steps descended the stairwell to the platform
>It was a single officer in a high-vis jacket
>She was holding a large suitcase, looking around the terminal at the makeshift housing and blankets you'd set up over the months
>"Oh wow, how long have you boys been down here? Since the start?"
>A few of the more skittish ponies bolted, but others just froze after realizing they'd been surrounded
>"Should've run when we had the chance." you hear Scotch growl under his breath
>"They would've found us eventually." someone else hissed back
>The officer sets down her suitcase and opens it up, "I brought some snacks, you're all probably pretty hungry."
>That was the end of the wild era
>The enticement of food warmed everyone up and eased their worries
>They hadn't prepared for such a large group of ponies to be down here, and brought you all up to a small bakery
>There were a few photos taken of the bat pony herd pouring into the small restaurant
>All of them now curious to learn more about the surface that turned out to be friendly and safe
>Before noon, they had taken you all to an open stable and tried to find any contacts or relatives who may know you
>Mom wanted to see you because you'd been missing for half a year
>Dad was a pony now
>You were eventually adopted by a nice woman who brought you to work with her delivering mail
>It was a nice life for sure
File: 929213.png (36 KB, 243x568)
36 KB
Damn. Stallions give in to women fast. Almost like the two of them were made to be together. I guess if a wild stallions wants to remain wild his only choice is to never come into contact with a woman. The second she starts brushing his hair and giving him snacks, it's over. He'll be totally in love and dependent on his new owner.
File: 1659680238862105.png (925 KB, 1282x1573)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
The 'mareschizo' is the hardest type of stallion to tame. They have strong aversion to women, which is highly unnatural for stallions. Even the most reluctant wild stallion, determined to hold on to their humanity, will only need about two to three days with a woman to fully bond with her and become domesticated. The desire to find an owner is always in the backs of a wild stallion's mind and the only way for them to not become domestic is to avoid women all together.

But the mareschizo, as their called, are different. They can seemingly resist bonding indefinetly and can't be lured out of their hiding spots with a sweet, feminine voice. Even once brought into a stable, they continue shouting about mares and how much they hate women.

Of course, its not impossible to bond with or tame one. It just takes an expert pony handler to help these stallions adjust ot their new reality. Such experts are the only ones allowed to adopt mareshizos.
File: 18.05.2023 1.png (2.55 MB, 3508x2819)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
>you have become Nightmare Moon in the Nightmare Moon Timeline, what would you do when Twilight Sparkle from the Real Timeline comes to you?
Wonder when we will get like a Twilight Sparkle or Cadence Version of this.
The rarity is confuzled
Please let me know when you find the pipp tf
File: Calamity.jpg (534 KB, 1366x1629)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
>Tranny disguise may have fooled no one, but they let you into the adoption center anyways
>Being around that many ponies and stallionschizos, you get infected with WXS pretty quickly
>The door to the waiting room locks behind you as you realize you've walked right into a trap
Since WXS effect the Y chromosome, trans people would change into stallions. No need to worry about getting adopted by a womxn. And if you want one that self-identifies as a mare you got options.
File: rainbowdazzle.png (133 KB, 768x768)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Based holy trips
File: 2178713.png (522 KB, 2195x3187)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
>Countries like Japan and Korea got hit by the stallionschizo thing the hardest
>Downtown Tokyo has thousands of signs depicting chibi-style mascots and ads
>Kpop has mostly been forgotten, replaced by pony singers
>They have things called cuddle lounges where women can pay to have 5-6 stallions snuggle with them
>In the US, there's mostly horsegirl culture with a few pockets of fanatic pegasisters running the deep state (don't talk about that)
>The opioid crisis in the US and Canada came to a crawl as Mexican cartels took up pony trafficking, shipping ponies to buyers in Asia
>Not much data for India or Africa
File: 174206.png (306 KB, 1047x1000)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
>You, that was Homage, and your last remaining friend, that is Velvet, sat down in your tent eating the last of your oatmeal bars.
>Things had gone downhill so fast.
>At first Littlepip seemed to be the light of hope you needed to soldier on. You were mesmerized by him. He gathered a group of stallions and led you into hiding.
>Your little group was far better off than many of the other wild stallions. You had tents, a radio with tons of batteries, food to last months, blankets, and there were fifteen of you. You thought you could set something up that would last out here but…
>Red Eye, Pink Eyes, Calamity, Ironhoof, that one zebra. All of them ended up getting ‘adopted’ and accepting they’d just be dependents for the rest of their lives.
>Your plans to build things didn’t work out so well either. Stallions, it seemed, became quickly depressed and directionless without an owner to guide them. You were always listless and got little done even after seven months.
>It didn’t sound like any other group of wild stallions was doing well, either. You heard on the radio a huge group of them just got rounded up from some subway.
>They’d held out for six months only to turn domestic as soon as a single lady showed up offering them treats. That was really all it took.
>”We can’t get anywhere near women,” you told Velvet. “The drive to submit to them is just too strong! Littlepip was the best of us and even he…”
>Velvet pawed at his snack.
>”Would it really be so bad, though?” He asked. “I mean… it almost seems like we were meant to be with women as their pets. It’d only be embarrassing for a couple of days before we got used to it.”
>”Don’t talk like that, man! I’m depressed too, but that’s no reason to give up. We’ll think of something. It’s what Littlepip would have wanted.”
>”Littlepip wanted us to get adopted…”
>”You know what I mean! Look, I’m going to bed. I’ll think of something to do tomorrow. Just… stay strong.”
File: 1659797284207548.png (113 KB, 459x593)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Yeah. Women are just way more enthusiastic and head over heels for stallions than they ever were about men. They were always luke warm about male humans, but how incredibly loving and horny for stallions they are just cements the fact that they were always mean to be with stallions.
File: mailpony.png (91 KB, 384x358)
91 KB
The directionless apathy really gets to a pony. You can really just be stuck in one campsite for months because you have no idea where to go or what to do next. All you're doing is holding out against the need for contact and the temptation to turn yourself over. Herds of ponies are able to handle it for a while, but a lone stallion has no hope. Maybe there's a village of ponies out there somewhere where they do more than just try to survive.
Probably your only hope as a stallion would be to find a human male willing to take in a bunch of stallions somewhere in the mountains and be the leader of your stallion village
I doubt some deepwoods mountain man wants a bunch of ponies hanging out with him
It's up. Let me know what you think and any changes you'd recommend.
Probably. But it's still your beat bet. Maybe there's a mountain man who regularly has to call the pegasister order to come get the rag tag groups of stallions coming to him.

Will read later.
File: FwROpXhaQAA7xMC.jpg (107 KB, 1080x1040)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Zephyr's Tale nanomachine pony purchase vs Typical schizophrenic stallion acquisition
I suspect Autumn was found on the street before she was experimented upon.
File: 2694056.png (337 KB, 832x813)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I wonder how high-quality a stallion would have to be for a woman to actually pay for him.
Maybe if they used to be Bezos or something. I'd assume there's a limit to how much your new owner can inherit from you and the Pegasister Alliance collects everything after a couple million as 'taxes'.
Still just the knowledge that you own Zuckerberg or somebody is enough.
>Dont come to this general for a few weeks
>Suddenly done a 180' in content and up to the gills in stallion TF.
Felt like i stepped into bizarro world reading this thread, its neat.

Any options here for a stallion that wants to cuddle a mare or is this whole concept just a reverse of that thread?
File: 2357351.png (332 KB, 800x419)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
WXS started in the last thread. There's tons of this now. I should compile it all into a paste.

I don't know if its still canon but early on there was a possibility of mare. Men who got through the initial wave that stallionized 60% of them and afterwards willing went in to get 'adopted' could become mares. But the number of mares in this world is very low even if that's still canon.

Not sure who gets to decide the official WXS canon.
File: you_dropped_this_king.png (255 KB, 621x938)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Higher quality stallions are probably the ones that look really close to a show character or are very well-behaved.
File: 1528395354974.png (258 KB, 700x704)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
I think at the beginning in the speed dating events it could be controlled enough to have custom ponies but as WXS went into the wild and mutated into something that just turned men into stallions.
But the fact that the subway guys all turned into batponies makes me think that WXS is still affected by the environment around the guy during his change.
The plot thickens.
I thought the timeline was more like:
>Pegasisterhood release initial, slow TF strain that has a month long incubation/contagious period before TF
>Initial wave transforms 60% of men into stallions before petering off from being too succesful of a virus.
>Pegasisterhood take over government and introduce fast-TF strains of the virus for 'willing' participants.
>Multiple strains = control over what you turn into.
>As time goes on the pegasisterhood puts more and more pressure on men to become stallions until there's no men left.
I like yours bettee
Need to write r63 version of Zephyr's Tale...
File: 1682635067403791.gif (3.25 MB, 360x270)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB GIF
Fluttershy is rabid and about to bite him and turn him into a filly
File: 943373.png (17 KB, 850x773)
17 KB
>You had your youngest daughter, Sarah, still too old to walk, on your back as you went into the living room to find your son, Stormy, sitting on the couch. He was only three but colts grew just a little faster than human girls.
>Sarah was a human girl and Stormy a colt. That was how it went now. A stallion could get a woman pregnant and that was how essentially every pregnancy started these days. Such pregnancy resulted in either a colt or a human girl. Everypony seemed to like it that way too.
>Your owner was still at work but even though you were a dependant yourself, a stallion was generally considered capable of watching his own kids while the owner was out. It wasn’t that stallions were completely incapable, they just needed a woman to give them direction in life.
>You really did love your owner. Maybe fifty years ago you would have been her husband but being her pet was so much better! And you still got to do the best parts of being a husband anyway. Women only had kids with their pets now. You’d get her perganant again next year, as she wanted three kids. And boy did having kids with someone as big and strong as your owner fill you with pride!
>Stormy was watching the TV with a curious expersion. You turned to look to see a woman talking about the news. Human stuff.
>Something about the “No Man Left Behind Act”. There was a rare picture of a human male on the screen, looking rough and unshaven. Did you really used to look that ugly?
>You assumed the Pegasisterhood was finally going to start making WXS mandatory. The remaining men were all dangerous incels, as you always heard. But you didn’t really like thinking about politics anymore. That was for women.
>You owner helped train that out of you, pinching your cheeks any time you tried talking about things pets shouldn’t fret over. And now it was your turn to discourage this kind of behavior in your own son.
>”Stormy,” you said. “You know news stuff is for girls, right?”
>”What’s wrong with that woman?” Stormy pointed at the man. “Why is her face all furry? Girls don’t have fur.”
>You let out a sigh of relief. He probably never saw a male human before.
>”That’s a man,” you explained. “Like a boy human.”
>”Huh?” You just blew his little colt mind. “Is that possible?”
>”No so much anymore.” You laughed. “The pegasisterhood made sure all boys are like us now.”
>You remember being awfully suspicious of them at first. You knew from the start somebody made the WXS virus and in the end you were right.
>These days, the Pegasisterhood were completely open about it. They fully admitted to creating WXS for the express purpose of replacing all men with stallions. They wanted to create their ideal world of women and stallions… and they did.
File: 763569.png (182 KB, 800x800)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>”Why did they do that?” Stormy asked.
>”You don’t gotta worry about stuff like that.” You rustle his mane. “That’s for women to think about. Whatever decision women and the Pegasisterhood make for us will be for the best. They love us and our job is to love them back as good pets.”
>”So mom will take care of it?”
>You nod happily. Just then, you hear the door opening and realize your late for an important job!
>Both of you ran excited to greet your owner.
>”Welcome home, mistress!”
Equal parts cute and lewd
File: Untitled.png (3.04 MB, 1992x3000)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Just like a stallion.
File: 64946.jpg (45 KB, 462x550)
45 KB
Pictured here: a lucky bastard.
>being out on your own for a few months didn't really do you any favors
>when the adoption center walked you by a mirror you finally saw what you looked like
>scrawny and scratched up, even after being washed your coat and mane were just a color that looked gross
>oh no
>Roofie someone
>Turn them into a mare
>Cuddle with your new friend
There's gotta be at least one girl who likes him. Even as a pity pet.
>be last human male on earth
>you're a famous public exhibition
>everyone awes at you as you munch from your special bag of chips free from any WXS
>you just watch the masses behind the reinforced glass with a jaded expression
>End not being a very cute pony
>Remember a post on /mlp/ where someone said you'd be an ugly pony if you were a pony
"The faggot was right." you grumble
>teenage girls regularly laugh at how ugly you are and voice their relief at getting to date stallions instead right in front of you.
>Walking around in the dark
>Picking through trash cans for soda bottles and putting them in your my little pony backpack
>Got it for like 50 cents at a goodwill, haven't been able to watch the show for months ever since you lost your job and got evicted
>Food isn't terrible out here at least, you can usually get a free hot pizza behind old Nick's parlor if you check the dumpster after hours
>But it'll be getting cold soon and you're trying to save up for a winter coat and some thicker pants
>Some day you'll get back on your feet... maybe
>You reach into your jacket and take out your flask, taking a short swig of undiluted everclear
>The taste would've bothered you a while ago, but you've gotten used to it
>A guy can get used to anything
>At least you've managed to avoid getting addicted to heroin
>"You shouldn't be drinking like that."
>You jump, whipping around
>There's a guy standing in front of you that looks like a fucking saiyan
>You back up a little bit
"I don't want any trouble, if I'm on your property I'll leave."
>He pats you on the back, you notice he's wearing latex gloves
>"I have a hotel room in town tonight. I'd like to let you have my other bed. You can freshen up, I have some street clothes and a new coat you can use too."
>This has to be some sort of trick.
>Your eyes dart around, looking for some sort of trap
>Against your better judgement, you slowly nod
>"Good. Follow me then."
>You're taken up to a spotless room on the top floor of the most luxurious hotel in the city
>You almost feel bad walking onto the floor with your grimy boots
>True to his word, you're allowed to shower and there are fresh clothes, shoes, socks, and a new backpack laid out in front of you when you get out
>All in your exact size...
>You put them on, but you're getting unnerved.
>Might be time to hit the road before something predictable happens
>You try to sneak out, but he's waiting outside the bathroom door.
>"Ready for dinner?"
>It's on the bottom floor of the hotel, things you don't even want to know the prices of.
>All delicious.
>The two of you walk back up to the hotel room
"Why are you doing this?"
̶>̶"̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶g̶g̶s̶"̶
"I'm a member of an organization that tries to help the disadvantaged."
>Ah, typical rich people crap
>At least if he's a member of some sort of organization you probably aren't going to get raped.
"What's it called?"
>He doesn't miss a beat
>"Multi-Life Protection."
"Never heard of you all."
>"We're fairly new."
>He lets you in the door, you're feeling a bit tipsy from a nice 100 year old red wine you had a few glasses of at dinner.
>The door closes and locks behind you
>You didn't notice any weird shit with the locks on the doors when you came in, but you need to get out of here.
>Check the balcony
>No good, door is bolted shut from the outside, you can see through the glass
>Look for hard implements to throw
>TV has been removed
>Only furniture left is a single bed, bolted to the floor
>Your multitool!
>You left it in your backpack, it has a glass breaker on it
>The only backpack left behind is the new one
>There's nothing in it...
>The room pretty much only has two options:
>Bathroom, or sleep.
>You look at the bed again
>It's her...
>Your little Autumn, the oc you wrote about on occasion
>People would call you a fag for it, but she provided some much needed respite in some stressful times
>Maybe this was some sort of extremely creepy rehab program after all
>You grab Autumn's soft little plush body and hug her nice and close to your chest
>You kinda wish you had rethought her color scheme... she was only ever mentioned in writing
>But she was yours, presumably
>You lay down on the bed, it's beyond soft
>You practically melt into it.
>Your body feels tingly all over, but you brush it off as your anxiety and the alcohol
>Time to get some rest, they'll probably have you put on a suit and do job interviews or something tomorrow
>Yeah, you're going to be a functioning member of society again soon...
File: 1623733962955m.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>my little pony backpack
Character became far too relatable here. Guy is down on his luck and still clings to some semblance of happiness. I've really been there.
File: Mist.png (49 KB, 1024x1294)
49 KB
Stallions come in all shapes and sizes
Well at least we know he gets a good ending.
That doesn't look like a good ending to me.
>You are now twilight sparkle in Episode one
>you feel the love of books within you
>reminder: Don’t let hasbro know your not Twilight or they will catch you and ‘Rewrite’ you
What an image
File: earth chan.png (307 KB, 480x600)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
I created a mass transformation group on fimfic for cataloguing all the mass transformation stories. Make sure to add any stories where this happens.

>Round earthists still thinking the planet isnt pony shaped despite all the evidence.
Gaia pone is cute.
When I asked for global ponificaition this is NOT what I meant!
Not sure I follow how it could be bad, you've read Zephyr haven't you?
He didn't get to be a pony. He turned into a wage cuck instead.
No, Anon...
Have you /read/ Zephyr?
I haven't. But I know a wage cuck when I see one.
Autumn is the OG petpone. That guy is not going to return to society.
File: 1664833700297.png (426 KB, 1396x899)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
>Anonfilly and Sunny start doing that autistic thing Cadence and Purple do when they meet up
>Nobody can figure out what the hell "Sunshine sunshine ladybugs awake" means
>Spend long hours talking about niche Equestria trivia and favorite background mares
>One day while in Izzy's village Izzy takes everypony by the arcade
>Anonfilly's eyes are full of wonder
>Izzy challenges her to a casual match and then absolutely decimates her
>Talks trash (only time she will)
>Filly forms a bitter rivalry that eventually turns into a friendly one over time as she gets better and can actually hold her own against Izzy
>Fast friends with Zipp due to being a STEMfag in her previous life
>Doesn't care much for Pipp or Hitch, but tolerates them well enough as they're always with the rest of the group
File: 1492552.png (1.68 MB, 1908x1634)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
File: FillySleep.jpg (240 KB, 1920x1080)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
The next morning...
File: 2914674.jpg (231 KB, 825x721)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
The bigger and more manly a man, the more mares want to turn him into a filly. Men often mistake what first appears as a look of lust on the mare's face for a desire for sex... but it's actually a desire to fulfill their alternate means of reproduction.
Why not just use ponepaste?
Our moral betters curently won't allow it to be posted to ponepaste or pastebin.
Ponepaste is still down? I'm sure Floorb will get it fixed up.
Guess I'll keep working on my fimfic stuff.
File: 6364357.png (1.25 MB, 2000x2000)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
It's literally up right now, silly pony
File: blocked.png (116 KB, 1889x743)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
You can't upload anything.
File: 1572578060837.jpg (92 KB, 1200x663)
92 KB
Aw man
I want to squeeze Elusive's balls
That's the thing. Most women share that same desire. Not many stallions just happen to look like Elusive, so the competition to adopt them is high.
File: 697966.png (158 KB, 900x669)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>Velvet... you supposed that was your name now. Late at night you went through the woods back towards town.
>It was a light rain. It was cold. You were hungry and covered in ticks.
>Since becoming a stallion it was a big hard to do something this bold but somehow it felt easy. You new instincts told you it was the right thing to do...
>Already you could see the light coming from the house. HER house.
>You were still conflicted but this was for the best. Not just you, but Homage would be in serious trouble if you stayed out in the woods much longer. Bes tto pull the bandaid off in one go.
>You took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
>The woman who claimed Littlepip as her property opened the door with confidence. You supposed women were much bigger than the male population now so what did she have to be afraid of?
>She looked forward a second, then down to see you.
>"Daw." She put her hands on her hips and cooed at you. "Did somepony want to be a good boy too?"
>You pawed at the ground, too embrassed to answer.
>She knelt down and put her hand on your head. Just that much was way too good...
>After being hungry and cold in the woods for so long, her hand on your head made you shudder, made your eyes tear up. You immediately understood how Littlepip could give in to you.
>"Poor little guy." She moved her hand to you ears and gave them a scratch. "You want me to take care of you, right? Just a nod is enough."
>You blushed heavily but managed a nod. She scooped you up, holding you firm against her breasts and took you inside where it was warm.
>Your heart was pounding. You felt in love with her already. Were women always this great?
>It was certainly true stallions had a deep need to 'bond' with them like this, it seemed.
>She set you down on the couch and dried you off with some towles while you ate some oats. Being taken care of by her was the most natural thing in the world.
>Maybe you were meant to be a pet.
>Littlepip joined you on the couch, in much better shape than you.
>"Velvet! You finally decided to get adopted too?" He asked. "You'll see it's great like this! Mistress really just wants to take care of us, you know?"
>"Y...yes." You shyly blushed and turned away from the girl who would be your owner soon at this rate. "But... really I was concerned for Homage more than anything else. He'll get himself seriously hurt if I don't um..."
>You straightened up to face the woman slowly taking over your life.
>"I'll be a good boy for you if... if you take him too. I can show you where."
>"I wat planning on getting him anyway." She booped your nose. "Normally a womand can only own two ponies but you are allowed to own three ponies, but only if they're rescues. Here."
>She put a collar snug around your neck and attatched a leash to it.
>"You can't get these off." Littlepip gave it a nudge. "They're designed to be tough to take off with magic or hooves. Makes you feel secure, huh?"
>You tried to get it off, just to test it and... he was right!
>"You feel nice and safe on your leach now?" Your owner... that woman... bent over to look you in the eyes.
>Strangely... you did.
>"Y-yes ma'am." You were breathing heavily.
>"Good boy!" Your heart leapt at another headpat. "Then let's go get your last friend."
File: coltnon.jpg (609 KB, 1694x1666)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
File: mason.png (635 KB, 1516x915)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Odd that Mason had that name when it was Stripped Screw who gets the 'why can't I remember' character arc.
Glark! She's so perfect! A stallion wouldn't last ten seconds without her stealing his heart.

Hope the little guy likes that position. He'll be sleeping smothered under or against her every night from now on.
It's pony riding time
File: 982455.png (28 KB, 1020x925)
28 KB
>You used to be a pretty big guy! 6'4", fairly muscular. You never had a girlfriend you couldn't bridal carry.
>So it was jarring to end up on the smaller end of the stallion scale after WXS.
>Even the buck next to you in the adoption center was twice you freaking size!
>The woman who took interest in you was a full foot shorter than you used to be, and yet your head was about level with her ass.
>A pretty nice rump, at that. She was a good deal heavier than you normally went for, but you came to appreaciate her figure pretty fast on your 'dates' where she took you for walks on a leash.
>That was how dating worked now. The woman would take the stallion out with a leash. Maybe to a bar or something where you'd sit on her lap, getting lots of pets while the two of you talked.
>You enjoyed your conversations with her and weren't surprised when she decided to 'tie the knot'... as in adopt you and put her collar on you.
>Even though you'd been on dates before, it was still intimidating. She was huge compared to you! And she literally owned you now. She wasn't your girlfriend, she was your owner.
>You'd never been in relatinoship with someone so much larger than you before, let alone such an intense relationship.
>When you voiced this concern, she smiled sweetly enough.
>"Aw. Does my little guy need to feel a bit more secure? Maybe this will help?"
>And she put a bridal on you!
>But it kind of... did make you feel more secure. Like a collar but more. So you nodded when she asked if it made you feel better.
>"Maybe I can help you appreciate my size a big better next? Hold still."
>You obeyed as she straddled you. Then she plopped down on your back with that huge rump like she was trying to ride you!
>You couldn't support her weight for a second and were crushed flat on the floor.
>"Shh!" She stroked your ear as you struggled. "Just relax. You feel nice and secure under me, right?"
>Did you?
>You couldn't move at all... but her huge weight on top of you felt...
>You made a muffled noise.
>"Hah! I knew you'd like how much bigger I am than you. You're so cute and tiny."
>She leaned forward, pinning you down hard as she lay on top of you, arms wrapped around your head.
>You couldn't budge an inch but it felt nice.
>"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you."
>You squirmed a little under her. Not because you were intimidated by her huge weight... but because you were flustered by it!
>Now you really appreaciated her figure.
>You never felt so in love with a woman in all your life. If she wanted to own you, you were more than okay with that.
File: 2270127.png (112 KB, 700x850)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
She'll make a good owner.
Reading this at 5am was a surreal and comfy experience
>You conscious comes back slowly over the course of a week, slits of awareness during a bath, bandages, needle pricks and being mare-handled.
>Then one day 'you' wake up. You're too weak to get up but when he routinely checks on you he sits you upright.
>He's checking your pupils, asking too many questions and... brushing your mane?
>He gets a mirror
>"And... tadaaa.~ What do you think, Miss Rainbow Dash?"
"Oh my gawd... ...you made me awesome!"
Damn, he's been corrupted.
What's all this "stallion owned by a human female" nonsense? Do you want to be gelded? Because that's how you get gelded.
In the ongoing war between the petfags and the troons it seems the petfags have finally got the upper hand.
File: 2377102.png (134 KB, 466x564)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>Life in stable 101.
>It was a lot better than you thought it'd be. You were in much better health physically, at least.
>Your wounds were starting to heal, though you still had bandages all over and large spots of missing fur. You were regaining weight, but were still badly underweight. Your lyme disease (what pushed you to finally turn yourself in) had taken a turn for the better thanks to the medicine they were giving you.
>You felt stronger than you'd been since this all began!
>The stallions in your stable were all 'rescues', those who fled or tried to resist adoption. But like you, everypony here realized they really did need an owner now. You were pets, not people.
>Most of the other stallions seemed to have done far better on their own than you, however. Few of them were as badly bruised or underweight. Half looked perfectly fine when they came in, driven only by depression and purposelness to give themselves up for adoption.
>Run aways like you forefieted all of their possessions. Well, no stallion was allowed to own property but the ones who didn't run were at least allowed to turn it over to whatever woman would be taking care of them, getting to keep it in some sense.
>But your stuff was all collected as taxes by the Pegasisterhood who more or less ran things now.
>You were suspicious of them at first. Every man who was a billionaire or had a lot of power from the president to Musk and Bezos, all just happened to get WXS. And there was a member of the Pegasisterhood to 'adopt' each of them and take over their old positions for them.
>You were starting to think all your fears were silly now. All the money they collected in taxes went to massively improving the lives of the women who would have to run everything now that the male half of the population were dependents.
>Wages skyrocketed and the cost of living plummeted. Women strongly preferred having a stallion in their life to a man, so they were happy.
>And you?
>The pegasisterhood ran the stables, including the one you were in. Despite all your misgivings, they really were taking great care of you. And you loved having women take care of you now. It wasn't as embarrassing as you feared but... nice.
>They really were good to you.
>There were two stallions to a pen, essentially little rooms with a bed, TV, laptop etc. The buck you were with was the largest stallion in the freaking stable but that was another issue.
>There was a large field you were allowed to run around in each day. Meals and medical care were provided. Plenty of women volunteered to come groom you and each stallion got at least a half hour of 'affection' (petting) each day from one.
>You didn't have a lot of freedom but kind of... didn't want independence anymore? Having the women run your life just felt like the way things should be.
>When the ones from the Pegasisterhood kissed your forehead and told you you were exactly as you should be, you believed them.
File: KINGKU OF CHADGON BALL.jpg (347 KB, 600x788)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
>average WXS enjoyers appearing in the thread to master the ptfg zeitgeist
>Only problem was the whole dating thing...
>Single women were increasingly no longer interested in dating men. Instead, they went to these stables for dates.
>Each day a few would come in and pick out stallions they wanted to take out for a walk, maybe go get something to eat, pet him one-on-one before deciding whether to adopt.
>Needless to say, none of them ever picked you. None even looked at you for a minute.
>You knew you were kind of ugly but...
>Well being in stable 101 forever wouldn't be so bad, right?
>Only you kept seeing so many beuatiful, big, strong women you would love to be adopted by take another stallion.
>Maybe when there were less feral stallions around? Or...

>You were sitting in your pen during 'dating' hour. Five women had already passed you by without a second glance.
>But then...
>She wasn't super attractive. Her clothes were really baggy. But she stopped to consider you.
>"Aw! This one's really banged up."
>She knelt down to be eye level with you.
>"What's his name?"
>"Their owners give them names," the head lady explained. "For now he's just number seven."
>"Well how would you like to go out for a walk, number seven?"
>Your ears perked up! Suddenly, this was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen!
>She couldn't really be interested though... could she? It had to just be pity...
File: 1658164323064134.png (20 KB, 354x450)
20 KB
Gelded? Maybe you haven't been reading any of it, but in the WXS universe the pet stallions fuck and impregnate their owners. There's no man in their lives.

And yes. The result is either a colt or human girl.
I kneel
File: 6183626.png (28 KB, 236x264)
28 KB
>result is either a colt or human girl.
File: 2368707.png (422 KB, 1280x780)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Are you starting to see the appeal of the WXS scenario?
No because I hate human women.
I like it
i hope the parents wouldn't treat colts worse than their human siblings
File: ....jpg (52 KB, 500x528)
52 KB
Obviously human women don't like you very much because you don't have hooves.
Foolishness. Everyone knows the man who spends the most time with women is the man who's the biggest misogynist of all.
i guess its supposed to be "won't" sorry for my grammar
File: runaway.png (3.26 MB, 3840x2160)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
You fool, they're called stallion schizos for a good reason.
Probably an arranged adoption or the colt "moves out" to a nearby stable.
File: 1607605.jpg (513 KB, 846x1200)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
Unlikely. There's an assumption the colt will grow up to be somebody's pet but they do go to school and everything. He'll have his father to look up to as a role model. There's really no reason for the parents to not love their adorable son.
File: 2674330.png (1.47 MB, 2120x3532)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Well if stallions go to school with the girls, then I suppose ones interested in adopting the colt would probably contact his mother, have dinner with her, get permission to start taking him out for walks. Eventually, his mother signs him over to his new owner for adoption. Her little foal is all grown up at that point.

I imagine it' be rare for a colt to actually end up in a stable as an adult. If he can't get any of the girls at school interested in him, his parents will surely set him up.
You get to go to equestria and you get to pick one.

A. Handsome stallion or cute mare.

B. Pony tribe (earth, pegasus, or unicorn)

The option you don't pick will be applied to you but randomized.
Seeing as I'm not mtf I'm picking handsome stallion obviously
File: Fwb3GKSXoAcUCPf.jpg (88 KB, 904x1200)
88 KB
Some stallions like being petted
File: petting_guide.png (356 KB, 904x1200)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
And others just want to be touched
Seeing as I'm not ftm I'm picking cute mare obviously
>women on 4channel
>much less /mlp/
>even much less /ptfg/
I'll believe it anyways if you voice an honest opinion on the wxs lore.
File: Caramel Ice cream.png (524 KB, 1024x1024)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
>tfw several rough ideas of what to do with life as an earth pone, pegasus or unicorn and other pony adjacent races depending on circumstances.
>never had much of an idea of what to do as a human.
Stallion please.
I only need one idea
>Pick stallion
>Randomly get erf pone because game was rigged from the start
>Change name to Feed N. Seed (just call me Sneed, that's what everyone calls me)
>Open a shop with my bff High Toss (his friends call him Chuck)
Need I say more?
Not that Anon, but I'll toss in my two cents.

It's (some of) PTFG realizing you don't have to be a mare to be deserving of love and affection as a pet pony, and finding a "viable" universe for their desires.
>Still minimal/no responsibilities.
>Still heavily dependent on a superior.
>Still get to please them as your whole purpose in life.
>Still get put on a pedestal by humans and loved/adored by everyone.
>Except you have your cock and balls for all the fun stuff.

It gets proclaimed like the god formula of pet-hood, but it's all the same, bros. We (petfags) are here to get collared, one way or another.

>"Only took you cuties this long to figure it out. Now that you're done doing all that big stallion thinking, why not come over here for a treat?"
>"Good boy! Who wants to get petted?~ But first, who am I to you?"
>"That's right! I am your Mistress, come here sweetie~"

Also any universe where you're a stallion and *not* given the chance to fuck mare pussy just sounds sad, desu. Same goes for mares and horse cock. You don't even get the one thing you were built for, besides being a cute little pony, of course. Who's a good pony? You're a good pony!

File: image0_2.jpg (24 KB, 406x449)
24 KB
I don't care so much for mare pussy, I waifu Femanon.
File: 2359673.jpg (1.44 MB, 1804x1000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Not sure if you're an actual female but either way the ultimate male fantasy is simply to be worthy of love.
Anon... I'm sorry. Guys have historically gotten shafted in that regard. *Everyone* wants to be deserving of love and affection, the difference is women crying out for it was normalized to the point it's expected and should be regarded. But men? "Well, suck it up I guess."

You're worthy of love, you all are. But you gotta love yourself first. It ain't easy, but you'll find a femanon out there some day, brother.

Also, no, I'm a troon but hate the culture and don't associate myself with many of'em. I don't correct people on shit ever until I deserve it and have worked for it, if I ever do get there. I don't even bother introducing myself with anything really, and I hate how offended people get on my behalf. It's just a name/pronouns, my man, ain't the biggest deal. But hey I'm a bit happier alone now! It's about how I feel by myself, at the end of the day.
File: 1683605225082868.png (309 KB, 853x626)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
In 99.9% of all scenarios I'd prefer to be a mare but the WXS scenario is one of the few ones where I'd be okay with being a stallion. I don't really care about keeping 'muh cock'. You can still have sex either way. It's more about obtaining the ability to be vulnerable and loved. The only way I could do that while remaining male in my mind is a scenario like WXS where what being male changes.
File: FuKXw1KagAAGn_c.jpg (44 KB, 1200x675)
44 KB
I liked it because I've always been a little unnerved about tgtf. It's one thing to change species, but swapping genders is a step too far for me.
Maybe someday I'll find someone, until then I'm content in just having friends and family in my life.
I'm not actually against being transgender on any level. I'd probably choose to be a mare if I had total shapeshifting powers myself. I suppose the difference is I don't see myself as trans because i don't see myself as a woman and don't think there's any surgery or change of wardrobe currently in existence that would make me see myself as a girl.
I guess what pushes me away from the trans community is the meme that you just need to declare yourself a woman and that's it. I personally can't just do that. Anything I do would just feel like playing pretend and I might as well just be RPing as a pony at that point.
That said if what exists now is good enough for you then go for it. I understand the desire and will respect your pronouns etc.
>Also, no, I'm a troon but hate the culture and don't associate myself with many of'em
With you there, the culture really does suck. They say that you're supposed to be proud of who you are, but then try to lump you in with a bunch of weird coomers. I really just want to be a mare, but that's not really an option and like you said, it has helped my mood to an extent. Someday hopefully there's something better for people like us, until then though, I don't know.
I love her too, bro. She could make you forget about mares just by sitting down on you for one seconds.
Ayy, being vulnerable is a powerful thing. It's pretty fucked up that you gotta have the most of the worlds male population get converted to petdom in order to really embrace it (as a male). Shows how bad shit is typically.

At least you got that! Good on you. Best of luck my dude.

I feel the exact same about the meme, and it's why I don't really hangout with the crowd too much. Kinda got lucky in some regards as far as tits n stuff, at least. I had a cis-woman say they were jealous of me once or twice and it made me feel worse, desu. I didn't earn them at all, no reason to be 'proud' of shit I didn't put effort into.

Also, this. Hard agree with you, sis. One day we'll be livin' it up big as mares, and get to cuddle some of these stallions, yeah?
I like it because it's a total subversion of the typical man x mare fantasy.
File: 3ksq34.jpg (31 KB, 680x547)
31 KB
I mean why not try inverting the ordinary?
As the worldbuilder, why not make things however you want?
Why not make it so that even the most frigid HR lady is still sweet to her stallion?
You know RGRE is a thing, right?
Having a story where the protagonist actually embraces the changed circumstances would be neat.
That doesn't have the same appeal to me, mostly because I want to be a pony and don't care for human male on mare. A stallion fucking a woman has way more appeal.
Man on mare has been played out to hell and back, let's see something different for once.
Corrupted? He seems like an awfully good boy to me. The best boy! Pet stallions like him are the new masculine ideal that every male should strive to be.

More importantly, he's exactly what the Pegasisterhood wants him and every boy to be! The women at the top of the org are very satisfied with the success cases like him and that's what really counts.
>Join the Pegasisterhood!
>Together we can rid the world of disgusting no-hoove m*n.
>All males will become exactly what we want them to be: cute, sexy stallions eager to be good boys for us.
>The m*n now in charge will become nothing more than our pets, happily letting women take over.
>The world every pegasister wants is at hand - a world of only women and stallions. A world where unlimited pony cock is ours. Our desires will be mainstream, the new normal, the new reality!
>And everyone will be happier... especially our future pets.
Turns out 30% of the pegasisterhood are actually guys who just want to be ponies.
>imagine being a cute mare
>imagine trotting home from the market with a bouquet of flowers you got to liven up your house with
>imagine one of your friends passing by and making a chat with you
>imagine her telling you that a good friend of hers has said he thinks you're cute
>imagine trying to hide your blush as she tells you this
>imagine seeing her friend a little further down the road
>imagine him saying hello to you as he walks up to you
>imagine trying to respond but all you're doing is stuttering like a fool
>imagine him smiling sweetly at you and asking you if you've settled down in town a bit
>imagine shyly nodding your head while averting his eyes
>imagine him asking you if you're going to the town fair tonight
>imagine softly telling him you weren't going to go because you have nobody to go with
>imagine him asking you if you want to go with him
>imagine your heart racing, unable to formulate a response
>imagine just standing there like a fool for what feels like forever
>imagine him saying it's okay if it's too soon and to just tell him when you feel like it
>imagine grabbing him by his arm before he passes you by
>imagine looking at him and frantically nodding your head, while hiding your face in your bouquet of flowers
>imagine him smiling back sweetly and saying he'll come pick you up tonight
>imagine coming home and lying on your bed
>imagine rolling around on your bed with your head in your pillow, thinking about tonight
>imagine thinking of what you're going to wear
>imagine closing your eyes
>imagine waking up
>imagine none of this being real
>imagine you'll never be a pony
>it hurts bros
>Be powerful CEO at a military contract company
>Fairly high up in Pegasisterhood
>You ended up finding them through an IRC room from /mlp/
>Liked their proposal and their ideas
>They had some political connections already
>Make some charitable donations of cash and equipment to help develop WXS
>Pegasisterhood offers you a comfortable spot as a pony still helping the new world order
>Politely decline and disappear into the masses of stallions, just another cute face in the crowd like you always wanted to be
>Oh, hey. You're finally awake big guy.
>i have to admit, you're the first agent that managed to get into our secret base. I guess that file you saw showed you just how much influence we already have, huh?
>Even if you did get it back, you'd already be too late. Our own agents are already waiting at every major airport... and more, just waiting to release WXS. You never could have stopped them all you silly boy.
>Daw. You look pretty nervous and stressed right now. No need to worry. We'll make sure boys never have to worry about such stressful things anymore. You can just focus on being cute while we women take care of everything.
>And you will be very cute soon.
>As you may have guessed, we injected you with a fast acting strain of WXS already. It'll take about half a day for you to become a good boy for me. Then you won't have to worry so much.
>Shhh. That's no use now.
>Your last mission is to become an adorable, handsome, sexy little stallion for me, okay? Then you can sit in my lap and get plenty of pets while we watch WXS do the same thing to all those other no-hooves men.
>I'll leave you to your job. Good luck!
File: 1567719677546.jpg (38 KB, 480x480)
38 KB
Looks like this sign is making a comeback
Restrictions on the remaining m*n will only grow stronger with time.
File: 1399159715050_0.png (16 KB, 454x623)
16 KB
>still being human when the option to be a pony exists
Couldn't be me, I'd be all over whichever stallionschizo wanted to take me home.
You would get to just smugly smile at the human males who have to put up with all that bullshit and restrictions while you bypass it all snugly on your leash.
File: 1683248730959.png (1.36 MB, 1862x1652)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
>All the anons who want to be mares get to be mares
>But there are no other mares in Equestria, just the Anonmares
>The normal pony stallions see nothing wrong and don't understand even the concept of changing gender, they think you're a lunatic
>You are alone in this terrifying backwards world where every single mare used to be a guy on /mlp/
What's the downside?
So what kind of chaos would ensue if this WXS were to mutate and start turning women into mares.
There's already a logical vector in the form of trans folk.
Well it specifically targets the Y chromosome so that's unlikely. It's effect on trans people depends on whether or not you have a Y chromosome. Transmen are not effected. Transwomen are ponified. Simple as.
The poor pooners pretending like they just haven't caught the virus yet.
>Mare anywhere
>Mare everywhere
>World mare = World peace
>All the mares in town are horny turbo-degenerate 4channers
>You're just a stallion who couldn't stomach things like /d/ or other red boards
>You mained /ck/, /mlp/, and /diy/ for Celestia's sake!
>You bought a pie today only to realize the baker mare had added a significant amount of her own special ingredient to a simple berry filling!
I pick earth pony. Earth ponies are cute and cool.
File: E9K6MP5WUAsdwlK.jpg (31 KB, 739x415)
31 KB
>Pegacon adoption event is out of stallions
File: stables.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
>Get to the stables! Get to the stables!
>There's still gotta be stallions up for adoption at the stables!
File: 1594638369175.png (2.48 MB, 2560x1440)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
That's where you can find the normal stallions, the ones you get at Pegacon are the ones that are crazy for cuddles.
>The stables aren't so bad.
>You get your pick of a whole bunch of guys to be your pet. There's bound to be one I like.
>And since they're already stallions, they don't have the right to say no. So there's no need to be nervous.
>But... I mean... if the stable ran out I'd have to actually seduce a human guy hard enough to convince him to become my pet.
>THAT would be horrible.
File: medium_4.jpg (54 KB, 800x448)
54 KB
If you didn't get a stallion in the first year of WXS, your choices are:
>conspiracy theorists who went full bunker mode after seeing 3 out of 5 men get pony'd
>extremely hesitant or refusing guys who have yet to go bunker mode and hide forever
>runaways who got infected and have been hiding for up to a year
>new stallions who can't afford to stay as a human anymore and aren't able to run for the hills
The days of Pegacon adoption events are coming to an end, all the guys who wanted to be ponies are already ponies.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
>Dating guys in 2026
>Nobody want to hire men anymore. Women have all the power. The pegasisterhood is pressuring them hard to go pony.
>Basically, they need a woman in their lives to survive and all the women want them to become stallions.
>So easy, right? They have no choice!
>At first, when you sign up for dating apps and put you're interested in meeting humans you get all the replies. Men line up to date you. The number of women who are willing to go out with non-stallions are rare.
>Of course, the minute they hear you're only checking them out as stallion material the line shortens greatly.
>It's frustrating because as soon as they become stallions, they'd be totally fine with being your pet.
>You need to come up with alternate strategies.
>Seduce them so hard they'll do anything for you? Might be tough...
>Tell them they can act like you're their girlfriend then take control once they go pony? That could work.
>Wait for the pegasisterhood to make it manditory? They'd have to distribute the new stallions to single women afterwards.
>For now, you just gotta be able to flirt hard. Maybe not mention the whole pet thing until he's more interested.
>Men are desperate these days...
File: 22.05.2023 1.5.png (1.21 MB, 2777x3200)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
There's still some man/woman couples around, but those are quickly becoming scarce. Women are leaning towards 95% exclusively wanting a stallion while the remaining 40% of men are trying to resist the economic pressure. It sure doesn't help them that the most minor crime can get you ponified and cops are carrying a WXS dart gun they can use freely.
File: Marenon.png (171 KB, 3068x3000)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>WXS has already lead to an incredible reduction in crime. We all know that stallions are good boys who never commit crimes.
>And of course we all know how expensive and dehumanizing prison can be.
>So the Pegasister party is suggesting we give men in prison the option to 'reform' instead of serving hard time. Any man who chooses to take WXS and get adopted will have their sentence ended.
>Of course, this is a democracy so we'll let you all vote on it.

95% of women (60% of the population) vote for. 5% of men (40% of the opulation) vote against.

>Well look at that! A massive 70% of people voted for this change. Huh!

>A few years later...
>So the WXS reformation program has been so succesfull we're looking to replace male prisons with WXS facilities entirely! Mandatory transformation for any man who would have been imprisoned.
>Of course, we'll put it up for a vote. This is a democracy...
>The police (now all women) harass you constantly just for being a man. You know they're just waiting to get you for something.
>Get shot in the ass by a female police officer for jaywalker.
>A few hours later, you're sitting in her lap having cookies and hot cocoa while she fills out adoption papers for you. Suddenly, the women who were psycho bitches towards you this whole time are suddenly doting on you.
>Why did you resist this for so long again?
WTF I love democracy now
And if someone doesn't like it, they can always just vote for the other party. The Horsergirl party. Of course, the horsegirl party also wants to close down male prisons to open WXS reformation centers but that's besides the point.

The point is you got to vote so you have no right to complain.
File: 1644024738470.png (455 KB, 706x786)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
Don't blame me, I didn't vote.
What a good boy! All guys really should be like you.
The only real difference between Pegasister party and Horsegirl party is whether they watched the show or not.
File: 1563991416600.png (258 KB, 600x396)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>Majority the guys who would have wanted to be a pony already are
>They were pretty quickly snapped up by the stallionschizos
>All that's left is the guys who are against becoming a pony, or highly resistant to it
>In the rare instance you find a guy open to the idea and just waiting for the right lady or to go to a big convention, they probably live on another continent entirely
>Even these ones sometimes just disappear if the police harass them hard enough
>Sometimes they get scared and check out of society atthe last second
All the guys are gonna give in eventually! I can put myself on the 'looking to adopt' list at the police office and get a guy who was caught breaking curfew.

There's a few difference. The Pegasister party wants to make it illegal for men to go out after dark. The Horsegirl party will give them 1 hour after dark. You see, the Horsegirl party is much more lenient when it comes to rolling back men's rights.
File: doc_uh_oh.png (273 KB, 545x671)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>there's a curfew
>shift usually ends around midnight
You're a stallion, silly. You don't have a shift.
I just like pony reaction images, but on the internet nobody knows you're a horse.
Well I'm sure you would be a stallion in this scenario so my point still stands.
Yeah I would.
>miss out on first wave of WXS due to blue collar job in the middle of nowhere
>don't go out very much for a couple weeks because a virus turning people into ponies is probably some rapturous antichrist demony shit
>go back to work because I still have to pay bills, see how 4chan handles this
>do a little trolling
>check out crystal cafe and see what the femcels think
>taunt femanons a little
>when I realize it's not actually the antichrist, buy a ticket to Pegacon
File: 3130238.jpg (80 KB, 1058x841)
80 KB
File: choicesss.png (512 KB, 964x650)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
That's probably the best possible outcome for someone male in this universe.

I think transmen are the only one this doesn't work out for. Transwomen turn into ponies. They can choose to be a mare if they dodge the 60% wave, but even turning into a stallion would probably be a step in the right direction for a lot of them. Not worse off on the gender front, at least. And if we're being honest 99% of trans people should be the pet.
>goes to crystal cafe to taunt the femanons
Either 20 IQ or 200 IQ move. What if they found you at Pegacon?
I imagine femcels would be quite pleased with the scenario. They get their state mandated boy that they can literally own. Everything they said about men being trash is now mainstream and widly accepted as truth. Women have all the power in society.

What's left to complain about?
File: 1047514.png (284 KB, 600x610)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
No being mean to stallions allowed
Even the most hardcore male-hating femcel's heart melts for a stallion. His kind stallion spirit can bring light to the darkest female heart. I would never bully or be mean to one.
>best possible outcome
Lots of cuddling in someone's future.
I'd just love to sit back and see how the internet handles this hypothetical WXS outbreak
I want to see various streamers and internet personalities react to becoming ponies. Especially the sigma male types.
File: E-pvtFeXIAEejWY.jpg (134 KB, 1668x1123)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>stallions are very polite on the internet
>/v/ becomes a hotbed of arguments between people trying to be as mean as possible and ponies trying to talk about videogames
I don't really follow any streamers, but I think Sam Hyde and Alex Jones would be funny to see as ponies.
The only thing stopping me from drawing more Femanon is that I work long hours.
How do I make you cut down on your work hours? I need more femanon.
I dunno man, my hours are always moving around. Sometimes I'll get a normal 9 hour day, sometimes I'll clock out with 14-15.
Well it's not much, but if you want anything written let me know. I've written much of the green in the last two threads and you earned unlimited requests.
>Without the internet, Princess Anon must take shitposting to IRL.

>Princess Anon prints up thousands of flyers and posts them in random locations in towns from coast to coast.

>[candid photograph of McIntosh]
I've really liked everything you've written, can't really think of any requests besides just keep on knocking it out of the park with the comfy short stories.
>Literal edited SA tranny propaganda
KEK I don't regret checking this thread.
File: ptfg1.png (1.59 MB, 791x861)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
The original one was anti-trans though.
File: 23.05.2023 2.png (1.27 MB, 2152x3085)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
File: FwxINu4WYAENvnH-orig.jpg (1.29 MB, 2896x4096)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
>You needed a stallion.
>Only problem? Pegacon no longer had adoption events and the stables were mostly empty.
>17% of the original male population remained human. 17.03% to be exact. Crystal Cafe had a countdown to the end of men posted up.
>They postured it as a good thing and most people, woman and stallion alike, tended to agree at this point.
>Even without getting a stallion you found your life improve massively under the Pegasisterhood's rule. Removing the male half of the population from the work force brought back the possibility to support a household on a single income. All the old men who'd hoarded wealth were on leashes now.
>You managed to upgrade from renting an apartment to owning a house big enough to support a family, something you'd given up on until WXS hit.
>Now you just needed a stallion to start that family with. Marrying a man sounded like marrying a dog at this point.
>But getting a stallion these days was no easy feat. The next generation would grow up alongside colts, but you'd have to 'convince' a human male to become your pet.
>Thankfully, the pegasisterhood was on your side. Most women just wanted men to sort of disapear at this point. The only debate was wether or not a few thousand should be kept on a ranch somewhere like a bug collection (as the horsegirl party wanted)
>So the law changed a bit to give girls like you the upperhand over boys who didn't want to change.
>There was a curfew now. The remaining men were all kind of sus so it made sense. Any man caught outside after dark would be ponified and put up for adoption, since he proved he couldn't be trusted to follow the law.
>More importantly, if you were a single woman who reported a man breaking curfew... you got first dibs on adoption if you wanted him. It was to encourage snitching.
>That's how 'kunoichi mode' became a thing among single ladies. You decided to give it a try.
>You'd go out at night looking for a man breaking curfew with the specific intent to report him and take him back home as your property.
>It felt good just being able to run around at night with zero fear at all. The pegasisterhood really did good work. The crime rate had fallen to near zero.
>But after three weeks of this... still nothing.
>The women on the internet said it took a while but still.
>You'd even gotten your hopes up a couple times, seeing someone supicious in a hoodie only for her to turn out to be another girl.
>But this time...
>You saw another hoodied individual, looking around all suspicious like. You didn't let yourself get hopeful just yet. You took out your binoculars to get a better look at their face...
>It was a man!
>You excitedly dialed 911! You knew exactly what you were supposed to say to get him arrested. The police more or less posted it openly.
>"Hello? There's a man breaking curfew out here! Um... I feel really intimidated. I'm scared he might try something dangerous."
File: sadstallion.png (1.8 MB, 3000x3000)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
That's no man! That's two stallions in a trenchcoat!
He will be soon.
>cadence knows anon wants to be a good girl but needs a little hooves-on guidance
>anon was a huge perv in her previous life and is totally enjoying it but refuses to admit it
>shiny has his needs met while cadence is pregnant
>and purple finally gets the peace and quiet she's always wanted
>You managed to hold out for years but they finally got you.
>Making money as a guy under this feminazi regime wasn't easy. You had to sneak out at night to sell... things.
>The pegasister police had always had it out for you, even when they had no evidence of wrongdoing. But now they finally had an excuse to throw the book on you.
>Some chick named Amelia had been the one to snitch on you. Apparently, that meant she'd be the one to own you if you became a stallion.
>And sitting in jail, holding ice over the black eye the officer gave you, that looked increasingly likely...
>Amelia was already at the front desk, chatting away with one of the cops. They were total bitches to you but all smiles with her.
>She was already filling out the adoption forms, humming excitedly and shaking her hips like she could hardly contain herself.
>"Oh, stallions are the absolute best," the officer at the desk said. "My Trouble Nose is the most perfect guy I ever knew."
>"This is so great. You have no idea how bad I wanted a stallion. Hehehe." Amelia was practically drooling...
>You shuddered. You could tell she had a lot of sexual frustration and you were the one she was going to work it out on.
>"What are you looking at?!" The second police officer slammed her ngiht stick against the bars. "Straighten up, scum! Dirtbags like you who can't follow the law are why we need these anti-male laws, you know! Carrying contraband, breaking curfew, terrifying an innocent woman with your intimidating presence at night?"
>"I wasn't doing anything to her..."
>"What part of shut up don't you understand?!" She knelt down to be eye level with you. "You're not getting away with this. The judge who takes this trial is going to be a pegasister as will the entier jury. You can ask for a lawyer but all of them are stallion obsessed women, too. As are the lawmakers. Since they shut down the prisons, almost zero men have escape WXS rehabilitation. So..."
>She passed you a paper.
>"Your only real choice is to willingly sign up to be injected with WXS now. You can become a good boy, an ideal male worthy of respect and go to live in a comfy home with your new owner tonight. Or you can spend a futile week here... with me. Before inevitably going with her anyway."
>It seemed this was finally it...
>You sighed and signed the thing. Best you could do at this point was not get tormented by this bitch and watch a mockery of justice in court.
>"Hmph!" The officer snatch the paper back, smiling smugly. "You finally made one good decision in your life, loser! Amelia! He signed."
>"Really?! Omigosh omigosh!"
>She ran over to your cell, excitedly jumping up and down.
>"I really get my own boy now. Heheheheh!" She licks her lips. "I take such good care of you! I love stallions so much! I love their kinds spirits! Their strong hooves! Stallions!"
>She was breathing too heavily.
>"Do you want to be the one to inject your new property?" The first officer put the syring into your arm.
>Amelia nodded eagerly and pushed down the plunger.
>"Hehehe! This is the best day of my life!"
>They left you in the cell to transform. IT'd only take a few hours...
File: twiconcerned.png (296 KB, 817x831)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Nice! But wow that's mean, I'd probably panic a lot in his situation.
Don't worry. As soon as he's a stallion their attitude toward him will flip like a light switch.
File: 3b7.jpg (24 KB, 600x663)
24 KB
>getting arrested and taken to jail
Yeah that's a definite panic attack from me.
As much as I'd like to be a pony the unironic feminazi government would definitely scare me off into the woods.
Does the leader of the pegasisterhood have a name? I know another anon was going to write something about her?

It wouldn't be so bad once you're with your owner. All that political stuff is for humans, not pets.
>once you're with your owner
Yeah but the part before that would be pretty nerve-wracking especially if you missed the first wave and lived to see a radical change in the world order. If women were mean before you probably would have trouble trusting that they would be nice once you were a helpless pony.
Maybe you're right. I guess there should be a carrot and a stick. In my mind it was more how nice they are to ponies contrasting with how they treat men.
Well how about that Anon who got arrested and probably beat up by the police officer? He probably wouldn't want to be around her as a small and helpless pony. What about Amelia who called the police on him and got his ass kicked?
Guy's probably terrified.
I was thinking Julie Armstrong, it started as a MGR joke but kind of evolved into her own character.
File: 1682805488173.jpg (36 KB, 640x479)
36 KB
In 3 minutes you will become zecora
Spread the word, and prepare your rhymes, for now is your time.

>What a horriblefate, to see what I've become
>I now a stripped mare with a striped bum!!!

>The potions and brewing can wait
>I still trying to get accustomed to my body's new shape!
Well they are going to force ponify the entire male population eventually.
I'm just saying how it would look to some random guy. Even me, who would want to be a pony, would be offput and worried by this increasing hostility.
Most guys these days are already pretty beat down from society, the last thing they need is a powertripping cop kicking their ass for being out after dark.
File: 1680814633043.png (186 KB, 802x1024)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>it's that day of the week today
>for everypony it's a normal day
>but for those savvy in saturday morning cartoons?
>it's the bad-guy-of-the-week-attack day
>it's the big bad bug butt, with the boss bughorse bullshit this time
>and filly got her stupid rump kidnapped by changelings
>wakes up underground, in a vat of some weird green goo
>breaks out of it then spends a minute trying to cough out the goop from her lungs
>after she's done, she notices her front hooves and how they have a lot more holes in them now
>gives herself a quick once over
>she's been turned into a changeling nymph
>probably to help with the egg-laying business or someshit
>fuck this, she's seen enough hentai to know how it'll end for her if she can't escape
>gets spotted almost immediately
>surrounded by drones ready to pounce, she gets possibly the stupidest idea in her entire time in horseland
>here's to hoping the hours spend playing Zerg left enough a mark on her soul or whatever
>tries to assert control over the drones
>it fucking works, if only with a bit of a headache side effect
>she made them change allegiance and follow her orders instead
>filly escapes from the hive, but is still miles away from civilization, at least of the pony variety
>even if she does find someone, it would be hard to keep them from kicking her out, what with her shiny new chitin carapace
>meanwhile, the drones seem really protective of her and search for food and shelter
>guess there's really no choice but to Kerrigan it up and use her mini-hive to get back to the purple book-loving horse
>surely she would know how to reverse this, right?
File: 918687.png (282 KB, 709x765)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
The timeline as I understand it:
2012: Juliet Armstrong gets her first glimpse of horsecock and becomes a stallionschizo. Vowes to remake the world in her image.
2012-2022: The Pegasisterhood is established, creates WXS, infiltrates the government, expands, etc.
2022: WXS is released. By early next year 60% of the global male population is stallions
2023-2025: WXS is halted but made available to willing volunteers. The pegasisterhood sets up stables to adopt out stray stallions and pegacons to help transform willing males.
2026-2030: less than 20% of the original male population remains human. The pegasisterhood passes laws making it harder for them to remain that way. Juliet is president of the united states and her underlings rule over many other countries.
2031-2035: They pegasisterhood is finally powerful enoughto force men to take WXS. Hardly anyone objects.
2036: Very few men remain. A single village in Colorado with a thousand or so is all that's left, kept as a historical curisity.
2037-2040: Somebody convinces the pegasisterhood that transmen are men. To get rid of them too, the pegasisterhood develops the ability to insert a Y chromosome into your genome via a therapy. Transmen are forced to become ponies. The tiny minority of women who want to become ponies also get their chance in 2040.
2041: with nothing better to do, the pegasisterhood finally use their mastery of biology to cure cancer and stuff. Life expectancy skyrockets to 120.
File: fugfilly.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2047)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (137 KB, 1622x854)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I want to be a pet stallion with a male owner
File: zephyr_and_autumn.png (137 KB, 684x621)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Detransition groups are mostly FTMs who got tired of being dickless manlets. Once society started to really give men a hard time they'd be pretty quick to go back to being tomboys.
Comfy but gay.
File: IMG_6781.jpg (185 KB, 1933x764)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
The gay doesn’t matter when you feel your masters warm cock filling your little pony mouth and his hand on the back of your head, hearing him encouraging you to go as deep as you can, moving your tongue around his shaft and giving it your best to swallow every drop of his seed.
>The pegasisterhood brings tomboys back
What was the downside to this again?
File: 1524979457059.png (235 KB, 1500x1200)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>Anonfilly is not from their world so she views Celestia as just another, albeit, larger horse.
>Celestia finds Anonfilly intriguing because she does not respect nor fear her whatsoever despite being an all powerful immortal deity and ruler of the land.
>Celestia takes Anonfilly in so she can monitor her to try and learn of her origins.
>Cue her motherly instincts kicking in and treating her like a foal she could never have.
>Anonfilly gets to be a lil shid to everyone and Celestia protects her and laughs it off as her being a growing filly.
File: FvA87MYWwAAWmxW.png (118 KB, 511x434)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
No downsides
>If women were mean before you probably would have trouble trusting that they would be nice once you were a helpless pony.
Yeah depending on the severity of the abuse a guy goes through pre-ponification it doesn't really matter what kind of mental changes he goes through afterwards.
Short of a total memory wipe that shit will leave a mark which will colour his reactions from women for the rest of his life.
Just twist this canon slightly so that women can become mares earlier than >>39954385 suggests so there's the option of a pony-only commune or something that's somewhat supported by the pegasisterhood.
Best of both worlds.
Women should treat men as potential or soon-to-be stallions.
File: 1658177046238941.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1924)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>I'm really not into humans, but I'm sure you'd look so handsome as a stallion!
>You can't afford rent? Well you can move in with me. Of course you don't have to pay rent. Nobody expects boys to have money these days.
>It's kind of like you're my pet already. It really wouldn't be that different. It's just... you know... I'd actually be attracted to you.
I wish there was a story of a guy swaps bodies with MAS Twilight, and is trying to turn the MAS equestria into a proper Equestria
>One day we'll be livin' it up big as mares, and get to cuddle some of these stallions, yeah?
For sure, though mares will be great to cuddle too`
I really loved that Anon who rhymed like zecora
God I’d love to become rarity by her cloths attacking me, forcing themselves onto me as I squirm around, the bra slowly filling up with big breasts, the panties geting tighter around me new fat ass! The makeup putting itself on my face!

One can dream…
Yes! Mares cannot go un-cuddled either!

On an unrelated note, one of my favorite head canons is that individual ponies have unique tastes. Imagine bedding a stallion or a mare and finding out the fruit farmer tastes like strawberries, or that the baker tastes like a fresh pastry.

>Your first spring in Equestria as a pony, the entire market smells like a cornucopia of arousal and the tastiest and most exotic foods you've ever experienced.
>Ask the closest shopkeeper what's going on.
>"Well, the stock for estrus-suppressing potions ended up gettin' destroyed. Local high school colts thought it'd be funny to mess with the mares, and now *everypony* is sufferin'... Or havin' a great time I guess, dependin' on how you feel about it."
File: 1673879090503.png (676 KB, 1280x720)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
>The trees of the forest softly rustled as a gentle breeze swept through their branches
>Off in the distance birds sang their songs of love to one another
>If you listened closely you could hear deer walking through the woods, grazing lazily on the fresh grass
>All was right with nature
>A filly sits under a large tree observing it all with a serene expression
>A young foal out in nature all by herself, seemingly separated from her own kind either by choice or by force
>If it was by force she didn't seem to mind the seclusion, she seemed at home among the trees
>The forest was all encompassing and seemed to embrace the little filly offering a place for her if she wanted it
>The wind seemed to whisper in her ear that she could stay in this place for as long as she wished
>She was not separated or secluded but a welcome part of the woods, this place could be her home it wouldn't reject her or shun her
>The filly tilted her head to the ground
>Maybe she was wondering what would happen if she laid there in the grass
>Would the forest rise up to swallow her whole and make her and it one being
>Would it be possible for her to simply melt away and let her essence join that great expanse all around her
>The wind seemed to whisper yes, it was all possible but only if she wanted it
>IF she wanted she could lay there and move beyond the physical and become something more than herself
>She could set her soul loose to join the song of the forest, to entwine her being with it
>A bird landed on a branch above her and she glanced up
>The life of a creature of the forest really was a simple one, what a temptation it was to leave the life of a pony behind and be one with nature
>The filly was no stranger to leaving old lives behind her, a secret kept from everyone an omission from all that knew her
>Maybe being a filly was just a step to bring her here to this moment
This thread is like 50 times more shit than before lol
You're like 50 times more mad though
Than before what?
File: Anonfilly no sleep.png (14 KB, 203x209)
14 KB
“Greetings Anonymous, it tis I, The Goddess Of Equestria. I am here to give you a opportunity, you can have the body of Anypony for a day and live their life, but time works differently then on earth, a day in equestria equals a year in your world, don’t bother saying ‘yes’ I know you will, but What ponies life would you like to experience?
A random male kirin from ze village, aside from being cute and stuff, it will let me confirm male kirin do exist. I want to appear at the beginning of the vow of silence, I want to see how long the vow last and how it affects kirin, does it just take speech away? How exactly does that silence work? Am I physically unable to make sounds with my mouth? How does it affect your emotions?
Im really curious about kirin culture, I don’t care if I’m unable to have emotions for a year, plus I can just go outside the village, find the cure, hoof it all the way to equestria, live there for a year then go back to the village and into the stream again (maybe hiding some of the cure inside the village)
Rarity is a unicorn tho
Not the unicorn version…don’t judge me
*the crotch-bra slowly filling up with big crotch-breasts
Mad about what?

I don't check back too often but man thread quality has taken one hell of a nosedive kek
>Wake up as Rarity
>Be happy you are now so fabulous
>Shit she has a job! right, just need to make a dress...souldn't be that hard.
File: 25.05.2023 1.5c.png (2.1 MB, 6032x3508)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
>or that the baker tastes like a fresh pastry.
>Realising it would be warm too.
I am a simple man / hopefully stallion made of flesh and blood, not stone.
The both of us would be hospitalised for dehydration once spring rolled around and we'd give new meaning to the phrase "Bakers dozen."
File: 396259.jpg (149 KB, 1000x756)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>You were laying down in your tent on a pile of blankets. The one advantage to there being so few of you left meant more blankets for you.
>You were nice and warm.
>Too warm.
>You found yourself sweating heavily despite how cold it was.
>"Oh no."
>The worry spurred you awake. Yet despite the concern you might be sick you simply found yourself without the energy to get out of your little nest.
>"V-velvet? I think I might be sick."
>Only the sound of heavy rain answered you. Looking about the dark tent you found nopony.
>If somethign happened to him it was all over for you! Sick and alone in the woods was a certain death sentence.
>You tried to convince yourself to just focus. Maybe you'd feel well enough to do... something tomorrow.
>You heard hooves just outside.
>"Velvet?" You managed to sit up, hopeful at last.
>Velvet poked his head in the tent. Your heart sank. He was wearing a collar... and a leash!
>"No..." You fell back, covering yoru head. "You... you sold me out?"
>You sneezed.
>"It's not like that. You need help." He came in. You were too weak to protest.
>Not even when she appeared.
>A human woman towered over you in the tent , holding up a lantern to light the place up.
>All you could do at this point was cower, terrified of what she might do.
>"Oh, no! Poor little guy!" She knelt down next to you to feel your forehead. "Did you get sick?"
>Just her hand on your head was electrifying. Your every instinct was screaming at you to just let this woman take care of you.
>"Um... y-yes." You muttered, blushing heavily as you tried to fight your nature.
>"Do you want to come home with me and let me take care of you, boy?"
>She effortlessly picked you up like a toy and set you down on her lap. She was so big and strong! It made you blush harder. When were those things you found attractive in women?
>You closed your eyes and shook your head profusely on her lap, gettin a giggle out of her.
>"I-I'm a grown man! I don't need somebody to take care of me..."
>"You don't look like a grown man." She booped you. "And it doesn't look like you manaed to take care of yourself. It kind of looks like you need to be somebody's pet, huh?"
>"N-no!" You sneezed again.
>"Well can you deny you need help right now, boy?" She asked.
>"S--shtap calling me boy..."
>"Can you?"
>You frown as she begins to stroke your back. It was so hard to say no to her... Sitting on her lap like this made you feel tiny. But in a good way?
>"Mistress is kind," Littlepip, who you just now noticed, promised you. "She takes really good care of me. She just wants to help us."
>"Like it or not," Velvet added, "We aren't people anymore. We DO need to be taken care of."
>Maybe... maybe just a day or two to recover would be fine...
>"Let's just go back to my house for now," she suggested. "If you want to leave when you recovered that's fine."
>"R-really?" You looked up at her starry eyed. She really wasn't the witch you'd imagined. "Um... maybe?"
>"That's a good boy." She stood up, holding you against her chest with just one arm. She really was strong! "But say 'yes ma'am' instead."
>Your heart was beating fast now.
>"Um! Yes, ma'am."
>She gave you a pat on the back and slung you over her shoulder.
>Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.
>It was only for two or three days, right? You... weren't commiting to becoming her pet or anything.
File: 25.05.2023 2.5.png (1.91 MB, 6032x3508)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
That's what you get for not being the filly.
With those sandals anon is looking like he's wearing a green version of those full-body suits japan theaters had for the people using the props and such.
File: 3131917.png (213 KB, 1600x1200)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Aw yeah
File: 3131975.png (171 KB, 1192x741)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
File: 1649463054380.png (970 KB, 3000x2250)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
Luna kicked the ass of that punk ass anon
File: thisfillysoretarded.png (555 KB, 1283x1242)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
File: 3132206.png (607 KB, 1920x3692)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
File: reddy to die.jpg (23 KB, 444x322)
23 KB
Smol anon will die a warrior's death. 'Tis a good way to go
Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.
File: 3132460.jpg (724 KB, 2803x3207)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
File: 3132459.jpg (690 KB, 2675x3418)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
Because I've been baking. Now wash your hooves, hope you like freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
>Wake up as Pinkie Pie
>you can't stop singing the smile song
>god its torture
>is this hell?
>you just keep singing the same stupid song over and over! doing the same choreography over and over
>like your in a....Youtube Video...
>someone help...please....anyone..
>01011001 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100
I really wish I had some
The perfect post-TF snack
File: Sunny_Starscout.png (2.64 MB, 1342x1790)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Thank Celestia they were rescued
Why does this post read like it was written by a ten-year-old?
File: 896706.gif (92 KB, 671x600)
92 KB
>You had ‘camped out’ in Femanon’s living room. Mostly you just slept, being too sick for anything else.
>Turned out Femanon was a professional stallion handler who worked with runaways like you as well as the odd abused stallion. The pegasisterhood, she assured you, really did care about stallions which was why they hired women like her to make sure were properly adjusting to their new reality, weren’t with mean owners, etc.
>She told you your sickness and stubbornness would make it take a lot longer for you to ‘bond’ with her like Velvet and Littlepip already had. She had already adopted both of them and seemed intent on adopting you as well. Her position allowed her to adopt up to three stallions, where most women were limited to just one.
>You did appreciate how good of care Femanon was taking with you. She even found your family, mostly just your aunt Tavi, and you got to talk to her for the first time in months. All of your family members scolded you for irresponsibly running away from the pegasisterhood and trying to live on your own.
>Run aways like you forfeited their property (not that stallions were allowed to own their own stuff) but your aunt managed to save a whole lot of your personal affects which she’d be dropping off at Femanon’s house in a few days.
>You had been so worried at first, but more each day it seemed the women really did just want what was best for you. From both them and the other two stallions you were constantly reminded that you WERE helpless now and you DID need an actual person taking care of you.
>And maybe they were right. You weren’t sure if you could live on your own anymore. And all the women seemed to REALLY love stallions, were more than willing to let you be dependant on them your whole life even. But…
>Femanon sat on the couch next to you, giving her lap a pat. Without much thought, you obediently put your head on her lap and she began to stroke you.
>”How are you feeling today, Homage?” She asked.
>You heard your ‘real’ name again just a little while ago but it felt weird now. So you were just Homage.
>”Better, Mistress.”
>Femanon giggle.
>”You don’t have to call me that. I don’t own you… yet.”
>You blushed horribly. Made worse by littlepip poking his muzzle around the corner with his own smirk.
>He ran up to join you two on the couch, pressing up against Famanon’s hip.
>”You keep calling her mistress,” he teased. “Are you SURE you’re a tough independent man? Who isn’t just a tiny bit jealous of me and Velvet?”
>Truth be told.. you were a little jealous. Those two slept in bed with Femanon while you were alone out here, all ‘independent’ like. And weirdly you were jealous of how she took them for walks, gave them collars, kissed them, let them call her mistress…
File: 688f.png (304 KB, 448x640)
304 KB
304 KB PNG

>Each day you looked up to Femanon more. She really seemed like such a towering presence that you were nothing compared to. Becoming her property would relieve a certain amount of tension a this point.
>”Come on, man.” Littlepip teased you. “Admit it. You’re completely helpless without mistress!”
“Um… you know I decided maybe I’m not an independent person anymore.” You looked up at her, basking in the brief moment of approval. “But… does that mean I have to be a pet?”
>”Well… do you really want to be anything else? If you accept you aren’t a person anymore, there’s really not a lot of close releashionships outside of that.”
>She scratched you lovingly behind the ears, keeping your heart half melted as you hung on her every word. Not only was she strong and shapely… but she seemed so wise, loving, responsible… You really shouldn’t have run from her before.
>”Littlepip? Why don’t you tell him why you like wearing your collar so much?” Femanon asked him.
>Littlepip straightned up, eager to answer to his new owner.
>”Eep! Um! Well the collar is a constant reminder that I’m under your loving protection.” He put a hoof on his collar. “I really do feel helpless in the world without you now. I think I need this around my neck now to feel better again.”
>”And your leash?”
>”I don’t want to get away from you.” Littlepip leaned up close against her hips. “You really should try wearing a collar, Homage. It’s really nice. I know how hopeless and directionless you feel without one.”
>You shook your head hard. It really shouldn’t be a tempting idea, but it was. Still, putting on a collar would mean admitting you were a pet, wouldn’t it?
>”I really think you should try it.” Femanon gave you a pat on the head and that was all it took.
>”Okay, mistress! Er. Femanon.”
>She giggled at your slip and sent Littlepip off to fetch a leash for you. He came back carrying one in your mouth.
>Femanon fastened the collar, her collar, around your neck.
>”There! Nice and snug! And you won’t be able to take it off yourself. How does it feel?”
>Feeling a collar snug around your neck… it filled you with such a strong feeling of belonging. Belonging TO her.
>And belonging to her felt… safe. Comfy. Like being inside during a storm. You hadn’t felt safe once since becoming a stallion but what if that was just because you didn’t have a woman like femanon to own you, keep you as her pet.
>”It feels… perfect, mistress.”
>”And you look so handsom in your collar. Like a proper, good boy.”
>Femanon lifted your chin and bent over to kiss you on the lips.
>Your face turned red! Your heart skipped a beat! You fell over to one side you were so flustered.
>Femanon just giggled again and picked you up, holding you against your chest while Littlepip eagerly took your old place on her lap.
>You were pretty sure you were bonding with her now…
>But you totally weren’t her pet!
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