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>have dream about cute mare
>about to kiss mare
>wake up
You got cucked by Luna. She wants your dick.
File: 1524049.jpg (99 KB, 584x1024)
99 KB
>Have dreams
>None of them are about cute mares
God damnit I want to have sex with Rarity....
>had a dream where Spike and sweetie Belle were fighting each other in giant Mechs
I actually had a similar dream, except I got to kiss her and then I woke up.
Sounds rad, who won?
File: CockBlockWoona.gif (2.37 MB, 337x300)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF
I had a dream about fucking my cousin.
flag checks out
File: 1679172426716.jpg (17 KB, 291x460)
17 KB
Spike won, or so I think. I got woken up before I could see the end.

Spike was in a mech that was made out of some sort of Magical wood and his mech looked like Norm from Phineas and Ferb.

I only vaguely remember sweetie belles mech, though I'm pretty sure it was jewel encrusted. Very Rarity-esque.
File: 1678760613511281.gif (63 KB, 502x503)
63 KB
>he hasn't perfected lucid dreaming
couldn't be me
File: 1119660.png (643 KB, 1920x1331)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Please tell me how to kiss a mare in my sleep.
File: 1417439137528.png (111 KB, 1139x814)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>Used to lucid dreaming without even trying
>Can only see my waifu in sleep paralysis half the time, the other half is in the dream
>Stop doing it because my waifu scares me
Maybe I'm destined to be alone.
>alabama doesn't post ponies because they either find it gay or just fuck a real one when needed
>not gay enough post for a leaf

Australia I presume?
I'm not even from here, I just went down and then randomly had a dream about fucking my cousin. That's never happened before. Must be some MKUltra shit from the Texas government.
File: 1650225247426.png (29 KB, 315x260)
29 KB
I am sorry ponkfriend, I would never wish sleep paralysis or things of that nature on anyone.
File: 1673233631173423.gif (32 KB, 248x358)
32 KB
>how to kiss mares in your sleep
I haven't developed the perfect method yet but I can give you a quick tutorial on how to fall asleep on easy mode that every FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO GETS WRONG and fuck that sleep ted talk in particular my problems being gone doesn’t negate my hatred for those shitty sleep scholars and dumbass youtube videos that pull extremely vague and general advice from online for their videos that never fixed anyone’s problems ever
it has nothing to do with """"relaxing"""" its a fucking physical process and is mainly due to hydration and electrolytes
I take in enough sodium and potassium (100% RDA is usually enough) and drink a good 1 or 1.5 liters of water a mere 10 minutes before bed and I will literally start almost dreaming before I even fall asleep
I don't know what it’s called or what it even is but In the span of 5 seconds a full dream will form but then I notice it and move my eyes or focus on it and it disappears in an instant, don’t know if this could be used for lucid dreaming although I would imagine it’s outside of a REM stage but wtf do I know
to fall asleep fast as fuck you need potassium and sodium because that's how you retain water which also allows you to both, breathe super easy through your nose and fall asleep in under two minutes unless you have some sort of extremely pressing thoughts in your head
I say this as someone who would struggle to sleep from 4th grade till after high school no matter the sleeping pills or melatonin I take and believe me I was close multiple times to just frustration overdosing on those goddamn blue walmart pills just for an hour of sleep
It’s extremely likely you already have enough sodium because its just salt but a ton of you are probably potassium deficient and you can get potassium the cheapest and at the highest quantity from those “no salt” salt alternatives that are potassium instead of sodium and you can get em at any store I got mine for under 2 dollars and just 50/50 salt my food with normal salt and that no-salt stuff
If you’re a 3rd worlder bananas, lime juice, and maple syrup (the real, non-american goyslop kind) all have smaller but decent amounts of potassium but I'm sure u can find more sources, you’re here anyways, use the internet
Btw I used to have chronically chapped lips too but now they’re healing like crazy
P 1/?
>waifu scares me
you need to elaborate anon you can't just leave it at that
File: 1670455993230925.gif (163 KB, 408x350)
163 KB
163 KB GIF
I really struggle with falling asleep so I'll have to try this
File: 1667874886873481s.jpg (2 KB, 125x70)
2 KB
>Now how do we use this for lucid dreaming
With the ability to fall asleep insanely easily, your options are fucking WIDE open in regards to using specific techniques
There’s one technique I've done that works, and another one that I feel WOULD work but have neither tried or confirmed if it did (yet)
>technique 1
The one I have tried is WBTB which is “wake back to bed” meaning you would (ideally) wake up right when you start, or are in the middle of REM stage (which is when dreams happen) and stay up a little bit to sort of “gain more consciousness” hard to explain but essentially when you go back to bed after 15-30 minutes you bring that consciousness/lucidity with you when you fall back asleep and boom ur in a lucid dream
Now I want to mention that I did this for 4 hours instead of 15-30 minutes and since I maxed out my ability to fall asleep I could do it easily despite being up so long, otherwise, the 15-30 minute standard is generally all the time you need to stay awake before you fall back asleep if you want to keep it simple
And this is where I deviate into hypothetical methods I was already planning on trying later on
>hypothetical technique 2
With the ability to fall back asleep with ease regardless of the time I stayed up I had an idea (this idea could definitely fail so don’t expect success as I have no proof this could even work)
I’ve heard that the longer you stay awake, the more “lucidity” you’ll have for your lucid dream when you fall back asleep after performing WBTB
So what if instead of doing the standard 15-30 minutes and then falling back asleep we just sleep 6 or 7 hours then go about your day for about 4-6 hours and then fall asleep for the remainder of hours you need for a full amount of rest (wake up with 6 hours of sleep take a 2-hour nap ) regardless of how long you have until the REM stage you might manage to have enough conscious brain activity that you will get lucid just like WBTB but instead of that shitty sleep interrupting you gotta do to perform WBTB, you make it your daily schedule by just doing this and (if I’m correct) then you can lucid dream every day (assuming you’ve perfected the ability to fall asleep instantly so you don’t waste time falling asleep like I used too)
>hypothetical technique 3
This one is essentially the same as 2 except I REALLY don’t think it will work at all but for some reason feel it’s important to mention
You might be able to get your full 8 hours of sleep and then just take a mid-day nap and you might have a lucid dream but I doubt it would work since you’re already fully rested and went through all your REM stages but I have heard on some lucid dreaming forms that mid-day naps are supposedly ideal for lucid dreams even if you got a full nights rest

Feel free to ask questions, i promise you i’ll have higher quality answers than the shitty youtube videos I used to watch to find a solution for my sleeping problems
P 2/?
File: 1619632.png (372 KB, 663x1000)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Why the fuck would anyone wants that? I have to sleep 3 times a days out of habit.
I don't like narcolepsy.
File: 1670379496870749.png (6 KB, 493x402)
6 KB
This next part is assuming you’ve done enough lucid dreams to the point you don’t freak out so much you’re booted out of it instantly
>great how do I fuck mares now?
This involves dream control which similar to my hatred of TED talks and youtube tutorials is also infested with shitty advice that I have overcome through experimentation
Unlike retards who think you have to have a “technique” for every little thing like teleportation and dream stabilization (though I should mention there are times you can’t force yourself to stay in a dream or even stabilize because the REM stage is ending) I found out everything in your dream revolves around retard confidence, and feeling (both physically and emotionally) (although arguably retard confidence is an emotion but whatever)
>But that’s really vague, how do I define it to a point where you can actually apply it?
I’ll make multiple examples in case one of them sucks ass
Pretend you can use the force like star wars and imagine with your eyes open that you are using the force to fling some random object across your room
Now imagine feeling the weight of that object while you’re doing it, any perceptions/senses you can use to reinforce this idea of what you’re doing will make it a fuck ton easier to do
Imagine your holding a rocket launcher and you pull the trigger and nothing happens
This is because you’re relying on the dream do to things for you, now of course it might work but it might not be in the same way you want exactly
Ideally what you want to do is pull the trigger and anticipate that recoil, tense yourself up, and imagine the absolute power that rocket has, and when you pull the trigger your dream will have to go along with your narrative and acts proportionally to how you react
Tense up a fuck ton and get nervous your ass is getting dropped from the recoil alone
Do it extremely casually and that recoil is nothing to you
Now of course when I say “imagine” in this situation i don't mean sit there for a full 5 seconds and literally think of what will happen before you do it more like pretend

Freddy krueger is slowly making his way up to you and there’s still some distance but you're scared as shit
Now of course emotions impact the dream, but what I've noticed personally despite the fact I was scared shitless is that as long as I do something ballsy as fuck like Jojo walk straight towards him it would freak the hell out of nightmare characters and all of a sudden I’m the one in power
Within dreams, actions oftentimes trump emotions especially once you start to see the character's power over you decrease, and then you’re the one scaring them
This is the one singular time fake it till you make it works

P 3/4
>why would anyone want that?
to lucid dream, keep in mind this is just the method that I use, with the ability to fall asleep with ease you might want to consider using other methods you can find online
File: 1676463590159377.png (480 KB, 464x457)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
With those examples done, you might understand the concepts of how dream control works but what do you do if there’s nothing to work off of, what if instead of doing something to something or someone you want to spawn in someone who isn’t there or go somewhere your not?

Well, I want to warn you that I actually used to struggle a lot with spawning characters (thanks to shitty online advice FUCK technique fags) there was this shitty technique where you put your hand behind your back and “expect” them to grab your hand and pull them forward but I've never had that work once because expectation is essentially meaningless without something already within your perception (imagine expecting nothing, like what the fuck does that even mean?) like I said, feeling (senses like touch smell sound taste sight and emotion) can all be used to bring in characters
Your best bet is to maybe try to pretend you felt something for a moment, for example, sniff the air and think to yourself “oh god what is that awful smell?” and then the smell gets stronger and stronger until you hear the clopping of hooves behind you and then Rarity walks out from behind you
The key here is that your announcing that you’re perceiving something as if there’s just this tiny smell in the air you just can’t fully make out yet so you keep sniffing until the smell builds up implying that Rarity is getting closer until she comes out from behind you
This could also work with pretending you just heard something really quiet even if you didn’t hear anything and then you listen thinking to yourself you swear you just heard rainbow dashes voice and then it gets louder once again implying she’s getting closer until she makes her way in front of you too
Building a narrative by announcing something that implies you felt, heard, or smelled a specific character nearby by you which will cause this narrative to come true within the dream

That’s about it, hope you guys get some cool ass pony dreams, just remember, use feeling (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and emotion) to control your dreams and use your words to announce something that implies that something which is not in the dream yet is either coming to you or about to happen
There are an infinite amount of ways to use this to control your dreams, using my predefined techniques can be limiting so try to create your own that are both quicker and easier, remember, don’t do things that waste a lot of time in your dreams because sometimes dreams do not last very long

Happy pony dreams frens!

P 4/4
> I forgot to mention teleportation
sorry, let me explain quickly
since you're seeing what's in front of you you're going to be stuck with what's in front of you
by covering your eyes with your hands (or you can close your eyes but closing your eyes and opening them is also a method to force yourself to wake up so be careful if you do that) you block out the area your in and can now create new sensations that are akin to the place you want to go

let's say u want to go to ponyville put your stuck in your room, cover your eyes with your hands and start thinking your hearing birds or that the sound of ponies walking is getting louder to you until it starts actually getting louder and try to make up every single sensation that you can relate to being in the middle of ponyville like the sun warming you or ponies talking or something, anything to immerse you further
by the time your fully immersed uncover ur eyes and your set

this is all a basic formula of using senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, emotion) to create or manipulate and take away senses to remove stuff

I have more to talk about because it's really fun for me to talk about this but I don't want to spam the thread so I'll end it here

P 5/4
Oh no, this is really an interesting read. I'm already partial to forcing my dreams so reading this stuff gives me a second perspective on it.
hey glad to hear
there's nothing else i can really elaborate on that i haven't talked about unless i get a question so I'm pretty emptied of info in regards to a full LD guide
also what do you mean by forcing your dreams? you mean controlling them? if so how do you personally do it? i would love to hear your perspective on it!
File: A very sleepy Berry.jpg (430 KB, 1844x1224)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
I definitely wouldn't mind if you kept posting, I love reading lucid dreaming advice. Have you ever done any kind of wake induced lucid dreaming? I wonder how well it would work with your easy sleep method
File: Hitonbook.png (436 KB, 3751x2056)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
I didn't forced anything though. I slept through all my class sessions because I'm an ace anyway.
Too bad, action has consequence. I didn't asked for this.
never done it but logically WILD (if i could get it right) would be the most efficient lucid dreaming technique possible
but I'm new to this whole "falling asleep in under 3 hours" thing so I keep passing out really fast
one thing that I'm extremely curious about is the whole "dreaming before I fall asleep" thing I mentioned in >>39740303
I did a tiny bit of research and found out that it's called hypnogaugia or something but I get those waves of colors really intensely before the dream forms
and they say you need just the intense colors n stuff to do WILD but I can get up to fully fledged dreams but like I said in that post, once I move my eyes or look at anything within that dream it collapses instantly so I've never had anything last longer than 3-5 seconds at maximum, it would be incredibly difficult to not move my eyes or focus on anything in the dream, there is nothing I have found to prevent these little dream snippets from staying so far but I feel if I mastered them it's entirely possible I could do WILD directly when I go to bed which would be a MASSIVE innovation
File: 1575970111086.png (815 KB, 859x1200)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
Like to get use to my schedule, I had to clear my mind as fast as possible in order to get to sleep, and as you can tell already that had a couple quirks. Like say being able to distinct consciously between nightmare from a dream and deciding weather I want to play it out or not. The down side was more frequent sleep paralysis, had to get use to those too. As for how much I actually control I can only dictate where I want things to go and HOPE it goes there, you need to stay calm for that part as much as possible because you can easily slip into awake very easily. Safe to say a lot terror boners from experimenting

Tell me about it, when sleep paralysis became more frequent I had thoughts like. "Maybe this time, I will stay paralyzed" and wow easiest panic attack self induce.
Couple of times where I get to fuck a mare, my heart starts racing and I get too excited that it wakes me up.
This is no easy task.
>sleep paralysis
freaked me out the first time but the second time it happened I found out its easy to break out of with sheer willpower
turns out sleep paralysis for me (I do not think this is scientifically accurate but this is how it feels for me) is like where my entire body is INCREDIBLY tired to the point moving feels impossible but my brain is completely not tired so it feels like paralysis but it's actually just my body being so extremely tired I feel like I can't move
so when I get it and want to get out I use all my physical strength and move my hand and once I do the sleep paralysis vanishes

although learning to break out of sleep paralysis was nice, I learned that you could enter a dream from sleep paralysis but haven't gotten sleep paralysis in years so never got the chance to try

takes repetition before you can get used to it
hypothetically you could jerk off to the point you really don't want to have sex so when you get into the dream you wont be as excited and are able to get used to sexual dreams without the heightened sexual tension that wakes you up

although this is just for the sake of practice, ideally you would get to the point you won't have to do that anymore to stay in the dream
File: 1419640.gif (3.07 MB, 835x554)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB GIF
I have the same problem as you with the hypnagogia stuff but I can't even conjure up dreams, I just see colors. I would love to get that method to work since it seems like it would be the best way to lucid dream, but maybe you need to do some kind of insane meditation shit in order for it to work. Are you able to control what you see when you fall into one of those dreams?
>it seems like the best way to lucid dream
me and you both have that efficiency mindset
>can you control what you see when you get those brief dreams
not in the slightest
the good news is I heard that if it falls apart you can always retry it and I hope that in the case of one of those brief dreams falling apart I can just wait and retry once another one comes back
wish there was more info on it, also, I wonder if it's a symptom of sleep deprivation which would be weird since I'm getting good sleep but being able to partially dream right when you go to bed seems like a sign of lack of sleep
hope it's not, I just hope I magically happen to be gifted lucid dreaming wise
Sleep paralysis for me was to completely immobile. My work around that was to keep calm TRY to sleep into a minor sleep state and then force myself awake. Works all of the times I've tried, but before that I always stressed about sleeping and had like 4 hour interval sleep sessions over it. Brain wasn't happy about that.
File: 1417748544752.png (415 KB, 1500x1200)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
After having at least 2 dozens of sleep paralysis, I stop having sleep paralysis demons and just being quadriplegic for an hour or so.
Even if there are, I no longer scare anymore because I don't care.
i have no experience in regards to interrupted sleep as bad as that
can you explain in detail what it's like? i wish I could help but I honestly do not think I can, but it would be good information regardless
>sleep paralysis for an hour
wait hold on you guys are getting hour long sleep paralysis? it was always like 5 minutes tops for me
fucking hell that's horrifying no wonder I didn't get as scared as you guys that sounds like nightmare fuel
is it really just paralysis? because when I got it I could hallucinate stuff which implied I could maybe enter a dream if I tried, if not you can always try holding your breath until your forced to wake up, I actually did that in a dream recently because I wanted to wake up but I woke up with a fast heart beat and gasping for breath
I wouldn't say I was almost suffocating because once I woke up it only took me like 2 breathes before my breathing was back to normal so I wasn't holding my breath terribly long
Before knowing how to control sleep paralysis demon? Hyper awareness to the point where your brain starts making you think the shadows are literally crawling all over you all while the loss of all control sets in. You couldn't even phantom limb it and try to course your body to budge. Afterwards? Focus to one point, can be anything. I used my breathing mostly since it was one of the things I could control next to my eyes. Then I clear my mind and slip back into a light sleep (which is relatively easier to do imo). Once I realized the fog of sleep kicking in I forced myself awake like it was normal.
oh you have impressive control over that
I have to congratulate you that's really cool
not so cool that it's terrifying but glad you could overcome it
sounds like you're meditating by focusing on your breathing
overall I'm just glad you can get out of it at least
but how come you don't just fall back asleep? wouldn't it make sense to just fall back asleep instead of forcing yourself awake or am I misunderstanding something?
File: mild concern.gif (1.69 MB, 504x504)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
Habit and a little bit of remembering the first couple times I got paralyzed. I just felt really uncomfortable going to sleep after that, but nothing a good days worth of exhaustion to put me to sleep the right way.
Or it happened so many times before that I become apathetic toward it
Could be the case too? I'm no sleep expert.
>uncomfortable going back to sleep
that makes more sense
so do you normally just not get enough sleep at night then? have you ever tried to get rid of it, like looking up solutions online and stuff?
God I wish I could dream of ponies and being one in Equestria. I never have good dreams.
File: k.jpg (13 KB, 428x424)
13 KB
They say drugs affects your dreaming. So I know why I never have any or remember them.
fun fact, writing down your dreams on paper increases the amount of dreams you have later on as well as the longevity of them

the best part is if you don't have dreams, simply writing "I don't remember any dreams last night" is enough to give you dreams
idk why it works but it does, also kicking myself for not mentioning it earlier in my tutorial
also yeah thc n alcohol will definitely fuck ur dream recall
Only nerds do that.
I don't have memory issue.
>only nerds do that
if it works it works
I used to never dream now I have fucking massive dreams
I'll usually have one dream that spans a long ass time and then 2-4 other smaller dreams and all the dreams have extremely high detail
File: 1633978125727.jpg (22 KB, 329x340)
22 KB
No you just have a common sense/aggressive autism issue.
Why would alcohol fuck with it?
i think it fucks with your sleep in general
fuck if I know look it up, but I guarantee it at least reduces dreams
File: 1658266678659.png (1.38 MB, 2793x1215)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>Why would being in the state of intoxication affects a brain activity
I dunno. Why is the sky blue?
File: apple or cake.gif (1.19 MB, 1024x1024)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
Use to. Realized stress was a factor that made it spike. Now I only have them at most once a month. Don't know if there's a sure fire way to "fix" that but taking this up as messing with your brain fucks the brain a bit.
Funny enough that's how I started with lucid dreams, I stopped when I was able to learn most of my dreams past the first minute blur of waking up. I should really write them down again. They're really weird. From being WW2 aircraft carrier jockey where no war happens, to on another planet being chased by an unknown lurking predator, to just being on top of a mountain where the open air shines like you're looking up from inside the water and having the most focused thing about the dream was a book on a pedestal where you read out loud nonsense that in the dream felt like it made sense. Just weird
ur a nerd gottem
Well I get the general idea, but it seems odd that it would prevent you from having dreams.

Even if I started to remember my dreams more what good is that if I have no control over them? All I do remember is stressful nonsense related to my irl failings.
File: 1677315797599046.png (357 KB, 1047x1024)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
You don't have to.
Enjoy the ride.
>have no control over them
and then you're golden
>always bad dreams
that's fucking brutal and I don't think I can help with that
me personally I like to imagine getting reassurance from luna, I also project my issues onto another pony and reassure them
it feels nice to be able to come up with your own way of consoling someone who has the exact same issue as you but it truly feels like their own as long as they stay in character
maybe I'm just hardcore coping but that's all I can do
File: 1679126309700154.jpg (295 KB, 1920x1080)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Man, the only way I am able to lucid dream is with WBTB and back in high school with WILD a few times, but either way, I almost always started in my bedroom and I could not influence the dream to have anything fictional unless I walk out far enough from my "spawn point" until there is no resemblance to my neighborhood left, but even then its rare I get that far as I never had a lucid dream last more than 10-15 minutes as it easily fades away and moving becomes a chore as it feels like lots of weight is being put on me before waking up. Getting a mare show up in this state will just cause her to morph towards whichever female human relative my dream chooses that time. I have seen hooves with fingers that then later turn to hands so many times, imagine pinkie giving you a handshake with her hoof and then you feel an actual hand with turns to be such and then you see the face of your cousin. Mares and real life people I met cannot ever be close to eachother, or else the mares will just seize to exist, unless I'm in a car for some reason.
I am unable to do pretend like >>39740762 says no matter what, in fact, my dream seems to work against me sometimes if I try. I have to be far away from said "spawn point" or anywhere that resembles a place in real life I've been to because otherwise I can only do whatever can in real life with what I have in front of me.

I have had mare dreams before and I have written them down over the years, both normal and the lucky lucid ones where I don't spawn in my room, but I only get them once a week at most. Some of them I get to see flutters get excited whenever she sees me and she run towards me, then standing on her hindlegs with hooves on my chest looking at her beautiful eyes, but it always ends there as for some reason if I don't move for too long, my dream start to fade with the aforementioned weight and I wake up. When I see mares in general, what they look like varies depending on the environment (if its a place in a game, its similar to the GMOD/SFM models, but with more detail and slightly different face, if the place has a simpler art style, show accurate, if real life looking place, they have a bit of realistic anatomy on their bodies) and if they look off (either morphed, anthro, humanized or just looks odd), trying to get them to look like how I envision them makes me start to wake up, because when I try to use my brainpower for anything even slightly complex, its simply too much for my dream to handle.

Anyway eating almonds (or drinking almond milk) helps me sleep and somewhat increase chances for vivid dreams, so I guess there is that advice I can give.
I had the same experience.
But it wasn't a dream.
Sleep harder to avoid waking up.
File: 1590038533529.png (891 KB, 2000x1600)
891 KB
891 KB PNG
Somebody screencap dis shit I’m to lazy to
File: 1659825612192968.png (278 KB, 605x706)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
>Have dream about waifu
>She's breaking up with me
>Never have a pony dream again
This was in mid s2 and it still hurts.
She told you to let go, anon
>be lucid dreamer
>make out with waifu whenever I please
>give her all my love and attention like she deserves
>wake up and be happy
Too bad you're not me I'm just a really cool guy I guess.
File: 1439085162848.png (323 KB, 580x461)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
>Be lucid dreamer
>Give my waifu full autonomy because I don't care
>She jumped on me and humped on my dick so hard. I felt like passing out in my own dream.
I couldn't even sleep in peace in my own dream.
File: 1679060052542547.gif (144 KB, 497x497)
144 KB
144 KB GIF
lucid bump
File: 1366701.jpg (56 KB, 170x170)
56 KB

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