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File: Untitled-1.png (674 KB, 2262x1263)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Previously on PTFG:

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Archive of over 600 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:
Recommended stories for new readers:

This thread's writing prompt:
>After falling down a well you find yourself hooved in the middle of sweet apple acres. Big Mac finds you distraught and barely able to walk when he goes to get help from Applejack who offers you a place to stay. A few months after your recovery, Applejack demands you earn your keep.

Previous Thread:
>trannies have barbieshit in op
not suprising
>sees a pony
>first thought is barbieshit
Why haven't you memory holed the spin-off yet? Sunset Shimmer is a very nice background pony that is barely ever mentioned, and is only known as a former student of Celestia who mysteriously vanished from some random Hasbro promo material or toy lines or something. A prime character to build fan interpretations of for fanfics and worldbuilding/lore.
Best thread on the board, I love all wanna be ponies
File: compass.png (602 KB, 1124x1162)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
File: 238796.jpg (193 KB, 900x600)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Truth. Remember that this is actually the first image of Sunset Shimmer. Originally she wore a mask like this.
Sunset Shimmer is the only pony to truly know the horrors of living as a human. She's a pony who understands us.
This. Of course she is our savior, she's like pony Jesus or something
File: 2527481.jpg (503 KB, 1920x2134)
503 KB
503 KB JPG

I was writting dialogue for a Christian Shimmerist character and it's actually a little scary how easy it is to tact Shimmerism on to Christianity.

Christians believe that:
>Humans are fallen beings that need to be reedeemed, purified etc.
>That god is in the habit of sending prophets and saviors to offer this salvation
>That Jesus didn't 100% finish the job and would be back in some form to create a kingdom of heaven on Earth
>That people will be given a choice to accept salvation (ponification) or reject it and remain sinful... hence legalize ponification!

God introducing ponies and the choice to become ponies to Earth kind of makes sense from a Christian persepective.

But did Sunset Shimmer really believe she was sent by God? Well... we'll never know! Purple and the government murdered her so who knows! Sunset Shimmer can believe anything the Shimmerists need her to believe.
If you were a pony looking for a relationship would you search for any race in particular? Would you be more open and look for another creature? Or you don’t care about specific as long as they make a good partner?
I would like a Pegasus with big wings for hugs and if we are talking about creatures then Kirin and hippogriffs are also interesting to me.
I mean I'd mainly be looking for a pony, but generally I'd be primarily looking for a good relationship.
I think it's very unlikely I'd fall in love with a non-pony creature, is all. Much like how I can't imagine myself ever falling in love with a niggress IRL. I don't have to be a white supremacist vetting the genetics of my potential mate for that, it's just my natural preference.
File: 1668988890516862.png (277 KB, 498x498)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Holy shit what the fuck happened to this thread? Di you guys turn barbie troon overnight or something? What caused you to fully turn away from /mlp/?
anon, did you miss the part where this thread has been on life support and a discord dumping ground for the past few years
there are literally "I wish I were a mare" threads on the catalog every few months where people come post about how much they want to be a pony and when /ptfg/ is mentioned they go "eww I don't wanna touch that tranny general". that's how bad /ptfg/ is
Bunch of people read pandemic, there’s an ongoing green based on the fic, now some anons worship her for being a martyr of ponification. It isn’t related to that eqg special so stop projecting.
File: whysunsetshy.png (345 KB, 771x581)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
This is actually the LEAST barbie thread.
File: 1650167388562164.png (370 KB, 1866x1200)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
>A literal pony is barbie
File: 3064163.png (9 KB, 1082x842)
9 KB
>be me, human guy
>just a normal day, browsing PTFG
>suddenly, weird email from unknown sender
"Congratulations! You've been chosen for a magical transformation."
"pffft, sure, probably a scam"
>open email anyway because curious
>strange glowing image of a filly inside
>feel tingly all over
>start shrinking, body reshaping
>growing fur, hooves, and a tail
>whinny in surprise
>well, guess I'm a filly now
>decide to embrace new life
>trot around room, practicing new filly moves
>decide to document my journey
>keyboard too big for hooves, must adapt
>pen in mouth, tastes bad
>post on /MLP/ with newfound typing skills
"Hey guys, guess who's a filly now?"
>Anons can't believe it, demand proof
>take a selfie with a mirror, upload it
>gets called fake and gay
>banned for a week
Specific race wouldn't be a huge factor as long as it was a pony. I'd definitely lean towards a pegasus though for the same reasons. If we're just talking about physical traits here (not compatibility or personality), the biggest thing for me is size. Call it shallow, but if I don't have to look up at them, it's not as hot.
My OC is a pegasus (of course it is) but I have a soft spot for Earth ponies. Most people with earth pony ponysonas tend to be easy going and talented and/or passionate. Plus, like, earth ponies gotta be good lovers!

Pegasi are cuddlesluts but earth ponies know how to snuggle, rut and be reliable.
So AI spat this out as a premise:
>How about an enchanted mirror? You'd walk past it, and your reflection would show you as a pony. When you touch the mirror, you'd swap places with your pony reflection, and your transformation would be complete!

Not bad. It's instant TF and the object that transforms you is reusable and undoable but it's large enough you can't easily carry it around, someone could take it, and potentially break it.

Reminds me a bit of the portal. (Yes, the "babrbie" one.It's more like Doug Funny or High School dimension to me.)
Could make for a somewhat fresh spin on a lot of the old Pon-E stories. Petting parties are all fun and games until some dumbass breaks the mirror and a bunch of unprepared college students have to cope with their lives being irreversibly altered.
I hope it’s a full body mirror
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest filly of them all?"
File: 15.03.2023.png (837 KB, 3508x3508)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
File: mareflections.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
The idea that it's a reversible TF (touching the mirror as a human turns you into a pony, and touching it as a pony turns you into a human) would make this an absolutely incredible plot device for all the reasons you mentioned, with >>39729143 offering up one of the many ways it could go.

If the TF can't be reversed, then it's conceptually pretty similar to Pon-E: the major conflict adjacent to the TF lies simply in deciding to go pony or not. Even if the TF is reversible here, then the choice to permanently be a pony is still present because you can always give the mirror a buck, and that's that. But what if one character in a story wants to alternate between being human and being a pony depending on the day? What if there's another character who exclusively wants them to be a pony (or human)? What if a character contemplates doing something as a pony, but only if they know for certain that they’ll be able to change back once it’s done? What if that something risks breaking the mirror, or revealing its presence to someone who can’t be trusted?
Shit, sorry. I'll make one when it's finished.
That's a really nice idea, for all the reasons the other anons mentioned.

An interesting comparison to Pon-E as well is how Pon-E can be widespread. Meanwhile, will the mirror be a unique artifact?
Or will there be a bunch of mirrors, so a bunch of people can go pony without you needing to invite everyone to your house, but if you break yours the cost is that you have to go find somebody else's mirror while pony?
Maybe there's a limited number of them. The ponyfags that have them are held in special importance, but some malicious or simply mischevious actors might start a campaign to destroy them all, making ponification riskier and riskier as more mirrors get broken. What if you get stuck as a pony and the only mirrors remaining belong to horsefuckers on another continent?
Alternatively, what if they're a manufacturable commodity, but damn expensive. And stores don't give free trials (and don't like ponies on premises in general). Now you're stuck and gotta find a way to get some dosh to get access to one, as a cute pony.

Or maybe there really is only one and everyone who wants to be a pony has to go visit that one, but every single time you become a pony there's a risk you'll be stuck forever.
File: 1669934663387.jpg (109 KB, 543x516)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Anon who hates pony tf is turned into a mare by Equestria magic
>Becomes depressed and reclusive, but can't bring herself to suicide
Finally, the formula for perfect NEET mare waifus.
File: ss.jpg (280 KB, 2048x1880)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Having the mirror be a unique artifact centralizes the conflict and limits the scope of the story, leaving no question about the implications if it were to be broken/is broken. For a story that’s more focused on a small pool of characters and their interactions, I think that would be the way to go, and that’s what I would personally prefer reading.

That being said, I can easily see merit in a story that has multiple mirrors and/or additional mirrors can be created – the world building you mentioned in your post is awesome and still only the tip of the iceberg!
>For a story that’s more focused on a small pool of characters and their interactions, I think that would be the way to go
Yeah definitely, if it's meant to be small in scope then there's no question.
The comparison to Pon-E just made me think about how it could be made bigger. Because one aspect of Pon-E which is pretty unique, is that it's bascially TF available globally, to anyone - all without major societal disruptions. Most other TF stories are either hyper-localised (YOU and ONLY YOU get hit by the magic ray of fate/get kidnapped by the mad scientist/find the artifact from another world...) or are world-changing ponifications (ETS, Cuddly Doom), etc.
Pon-E is available to anyone, you could pony up and phone your buddy in another country and he'd be a pony too, but it's just a drug and otherwise society moves on as normal.
>Pon-E is available to anyone
I’d like to see what governments would come up with to restrict the use of pon-e
Oh, it'd probably be illegal for sure, but you can get basically any hard drug of your choice from crack to heroin to acid in almost any country in the world. Maybe it's harder in Singapore or something (but somehow still not impossible, mind you).

This is a solved problem.
It's a gateway drug. First you do Pon-E and then.... Maijuana!
I wonder which country will become the number one producer of pon-e, if it’s plant-based and easy to synthesize then any country could get a good production rate.
>Transformation mirror shows nothing but vague, swirling colors, except for a single person who gets the closest to the mirror, who appears as a pony.
>Touching the mirror transforms them, reversibly, into that pony.
>The "transformation" is actually a body swap, transferring everything of the body from one world to another and swapping minds.
>Some careless pony loses your car keys, wallet, and phone somewhere on the Manehatten transit system while they have your body.
I think I'd prefer a pegasus because it would be cute if they teased me for being a mudpony. Plus I like practical-focused personalities which seem to be commonplace with pegasi. There's a lot to love with the earth x pegasus dynamic.
Okay, so it's a popular topic now I see. What kind of pony would you like to be?
I'll start.
Unicron, cause being able to do magic seems wild, even if it's nothing spectacular
Swinging for the bleachers, I see.

In that case, I want to be Hellstar Remina.
Kirin. Magic, floof, qtness, autistic fits manifested through combustion, what’s not to love about them!
File: 16.03.2023.png (1.52 MB, 3508x2663)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
all ponies are cute anon
File: 1657357380999803.png (2.15 MB, 1866x1200)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
>>39731707 (cont.)
Yeah, yeah, typo. But I was rewatching The End Of The End and thinking I'd turn every man, beast, and creature into planets in a massive living solar system if I got that chaos power, for some reason.

I'd go for unicorn, too. They're the "fire" of the earth-wind-fire set, and the "mage" if the fighter-mage-thief set. Both are appealing to me.
File: 1194812.png (774 KB, 1397x1087)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
Do you look at normal pony pics and imagine yourself in that situation?
File: 20230315_185638.jpg (131 KB, 1196x897)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
File: no prob.png (412 KB, 1030x785)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Pony Transformation hypnosis audio files voiced by Sunset Shimmer when? Seems like it's possible with AI voice synthesis now. I want Sunny to transform me into a pony!
Holy shit, yes! Something I didn't even know I wanted
File: You are my sunshine v2.png (2.36 MB, 1188x2680)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
File: Feelin_feel.jpg (113 KB, 919x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
delet dis
Okay, I messed around with AI a bit and I got Fluttershy to voice a TF hypno audio file. I used the so-vit thing, which could be found in the Pony Preservation thread, since the other methods won't work for me currently. Sadly, this one method doesn't have Sunny's voice, Talknet does however. If anyone has questions how I did this, feel free to ask me! The results were pretty alright, you can check them out here if you wanna give them a listen!
Cool, but I honestly feel like Fluttershy was the worst choice because her whispery voice make it seem like some distorted ASMR. Still good job anon
>”I am expediting that change.”
>”so, we are talking millions of ponies.”
I can’t believe capcom really did this, I already bought 8 collectors edition”
/v/ is leaking
File: 1650162559450.png (877 KB, 5281x4755)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
A mirror
File: 20230316_215144.png (1012 KB, 1196x879)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
>Come to Equestria
>Meet Celestia
>She has a cock
>You cannot resist and succ
>Magic of Equestria adapts you into a stallion
>You keep succing
>Futa Luna gets jealous
>Celestia uses her magic
>Suddenly you feel something warm
>Luna cock is inside you
>You're a regular mare
>Both princess are happy so you too

>"I think our new subject likes this. Let's keep her this way!"
>Celestia considers you, as she cockswabs your muzzle and throat
"Well, I hear no complaints."
Added to the story archive.
"Oooh. Are you sure you're a stallion? You sure moan like a mare."
"Aw. Are you leaking? Are you going to cum from just me plowing your ass? Go ahead and cum all over the floor. I'll fill you with proper foal batter."
"Oh, your human cock is so adorable and cute... oh, it's me or is getting smaller?"
"And it's gone... well another hole to fill~"
"Now you know why there's so many mares in town."
"Let's see how sensitive are your tits~"
stop shitting up the rest of the board, thanks
Please excuse my threadmates. I assure you at least one and a half percent of posts in this thread are of exceptional quality.
Awww is the monkey angry? Or maybe sad he will never be part of equestria?
lmao what the FUCK is the inspiration behind this
We've got our own thread. What's the problem?
Stop being a cocksucker anon.
Have some dignity
Congrats anon, you have officially awaken something in me, I haven't been properly aroused in years, just erect and this shit has almost made me cun just fron reading it. Am I a tranny?
Appearantely I'm also a retard
You have shit taste, >>39734240 is hotter
kys yourself
File: 78460.png (1003 KB, 1300x1300)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
Kill your self... yourself?

Don't expect anyone to do it for you?
Go back
File: 1671035372753694.png (1.66 MB, 2226x2457)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>you prod his leg with your hoof
>"what's the matter?"
>you answer by nuzzling his leg
>he doesn't understand but he defaults to petting
>his hands caress the fur behind your ears and you lean into his fingers to signal your approval
>the slow and gentle massaging begins to envelop the length of your right ear
>you can't help but close your eyes and appreciate the sensation
>"good pony"
>his hands leave your ears and they spring back upright
>he returns to what he was doing and you decide to have a nap in the living room
>life is good
File: large.png (936 KB, 1001x1024)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
>The twilight, she killed her, after she betrayed Sunset Shimmer
>What an end to shimmer's story
>Guess she should have known better?
>That's our savior
File: 10.03.2023 2.png (1.02 MB, 2692x3084)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Life is shit anons. People in Pandemic Universe get to be ponies and I just got a sore throat for the second time in two months, which means I probably got Covid-19 again (3 times + 2 vaxx, uni rules). On the flipside if the pandemic ever comes I'll probably get ETS
2 more months anon, trust the plan
File: fillytailwag.gif (701 KB, 495x521)
701 KB
701 KB GIF
This premise is so vapid it's like it's really still 2011~

You sure are a whiner, aren't you?
Added to the story archive.
File: We are ponies.jpg (74 KB, 1000x681)
74 KB
(If you're the kind of person for whom artists' intentions matter, then this is Five Score fanart of Rainbow Dash and Big Mac.)
he's a whinny-er
File: 1458259.png (590 KB, 1284x1284)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
Remember, Sunset Shimmer loves you and would let you be a pony if she could.
File: 1678850873.png (2.54 MB, 1527x2100)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
Eyy that's the one.
>then this is Five Score fanart of Rainbow Dash and Big Mac.
Huh to be honest I never even realised this was meant to be RD and Big Mac. Maybe this is autism, but the simplicity and roughness of the sketch lends itself really well to just interpreting it as a generic mare and generic stallion, who can be easily self-inserted into.
File: 20230318_090035_2.jpg (1.58 MB, 3913x2989)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
File: mem5.png (337 KB, 595x1240)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I got a fever and the only cure is more shimmerism.
>that SCHNOZER in the second panel
Nobody deserves hooves, but Sunset Shimmer was willing to give them to us anyways
File: savior.png (846 KB, 664x714)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
That's why she's my savior.
Get the new pony a mirror, quick!
File: sign2.png (410 KB, 696x726)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
I'll give you guys another preview. Rought draft of chapter 3... might have her talk to Spring Breeze a bit more nuetrally before politics.

Is that pegasus Ari's final form?
>After falling down a well you find yourself hooved in the middle of sweet apple acres. Big Mac finds you distraught and barely able to walk when he goes to get help from Applejack who offers you a place to stay. A few months after your recovery, Applejack demands you earn your keep.
Applejack's about to start Ponyville's first transformed pony brothel.
Can you forward us that e-mail?
Yeah, he should have uploaded that image, instead of some selfies.
File: 1678776935396151.jpg (102 KB, 800x600)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: 1437358103951.png (828 KB, 807x990)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
what a coward, but I understand if they got a little camera shy after their change
So if you by any chance become a pony you'll post a pic of yourself?
Also remember to include a very detailed step-by-step explanation of how did that happen, so nobody else has to suffer such a terrible fate
File: 3066422.jpg (172 KB, 1006x828)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Her legs are broken
Maye she's not done changing.
File: image.png (512 KB, 1460x1276)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
I'd take it.
Take what, the pony?
The transformation.
File: 299903.png (387 KB, 887x700)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>Hey, there!
>Wanna accept me as your savior?
>I'd love to see you living in a pony community with all your fellow pony friends!
This gave me the mental image of a Far Cry 5-style world where Sunset TCB'd a bunch of humans into her shitty pony compound.
How would you guts actually react to that?
Because I can't say for sure myself. I guess it would range from "What took you so long" to "Ohmygodyesplease" and "Y-yeah that'd be cool"

God drunk and wrote weird soda pony TF
Anon awoke with a start, sunlight streaming through the curtains and birds chirping outside. As he tried to shake off the remnants of sleep, he noticed something was very wrong. His voice sounded strange, almost as if it belonged to someone else entirely.

"What in tarnation is goin' on?" he exclaimed, panicking. "Why do I sound like... Applejack?"

Stumbling out of bed, Anon looked down at his limbs and discovered orange fur-covered hooves where his hands and feet should have been. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, eyes wide with shock. Green eyes stared back at him, framed by a blonde mane and an unmistakable cowboy hat.

"This can't be real! I'm... I'm Applejack?! What happened to me?!" Anon cried out, his heart pounding in his chest.

As he frantically paced the room, trying to make sense of his new reality, Anon's thoughts started to shift. He found himself worrying about the state of the crops and the well-being of the farm animals, he began to wonder if Applebloom was already up and getting to her chores. His speech patterns and mannerisms started to resemble those of Applejack, leaving him more and more confused.

"Why am ah worried 'bout the apple harvest all of a sudden?" Anon muttered to himself, his voice trembling with anxiety. "I ain't no farmer..."

Anon's memories became increasingly muddled, blending with Applejack's. The farm, her family, and her friends became more and more familiar, as if he had lived her life all along. He struggled to hold onto his own identity, grappling with the memories that seemed to flood his mind. The faces of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie appeared in his thoughts as if they were lifelong friends.

"Wait, I remember... I remember my friends... Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy..." Anon whispered. "But why am I rememberin' them as if they're my friends, too?"

As Anon's breathing quickened, he started to accept the reality of his new life. He clenched his hooves, trying to resist the mental transformation that was overtaking him. But with each passing moment, the distinction between Anon and Applejack grew blurrier.

"No, I can't let this happen! I... I need to find a way to change back... but how?" Anon cried out, his voice growing more and more like Applejack's with each passing moment.

But the memories and thoughts continued to merge, until the transformation was complete. The panic and confusion in his eyes faded away, replaced by a calm resolve.

"Well, shucks. What am I doin' standin' 'round here? I got work to do on the farm. Them apples ain't gonna buck themselves," Applejack said, smiling with determination.

She walked out of the room, leaving behind any trace of Anon. The door closed, and a new day began for Applejack, as if nothing had ever happened.
Thank you God, didn't know you were capable of getting drunk.
File: image (1).png (290 KB, 514x731)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
> you can always give the mirror a buck, and that's that
And with the final touch of your hooves you trap yourself as a human. Should have thought that idea through better.
File: treeh.jpg (839 KB, 2615x800)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
I'll try the Mare-ijuana
>pegasus wife steals your keys and flies up just out of your reach taunting you.
Not bad
Sure thing baconhorse
File: wuah.png (652 KB, 1082x580)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
File: 1744268.png (134 KB, 1052x786)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>When you're reading a pony TF fic
>And it becomes clear the ex-human will remain a pony forever.
File: _.png (361 KB, 992x495)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Where horsecock
That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware:


With another crunch, I chewed through another spoonful of cornflakes from my bowl of cereal. It tasted crispy with a hint of honeyed sweetness, as usual. I stirred my cereal again before taking another bite, then another bite of a sliced orange that was placed beside my bowl. The mix of flavors is nice, but not as nice as the artificial flavoring and high sugar contents of regular cereal.

I poked at my food in contemplation about last night's events. As the staff helped me prepare for the morning, my mind tried to make the hazy connections of what little memories I retained from last night's dream. From that, I figured out a couple of things. While the details of my dreams were lost, the emotions that I felt were still present. Namely fear. For that to happen it would have to be another nightmare, but so soon after my last? Usually, ponies have nightmares once a month based on what I've been told.

Was this a coincidence? No, this dream was definitely not the norm if it caused me to wake up in such a panic and haste to write down those words. As if I knew that I would forget. Something definitely happened.

I mixed my cereal absentmindedly before resuming my thoughts. A nightmare. I remember my last nightmare distinctly. Why couldn't I remember this one? I furrowed my brows as I concentrated on that feeling of fear. Details were lost, but what I felt was most certainly life-threatening. An attack? Like that spider from before? Pretty sure that thing survived my last dream. No, it doesn't matter what the attack came from, what matters is that I've been put in a situation that made me feel that my life was threatened.

I pulled the threads of my feelings further, trying to come up with conclusions that made sense. What happened after that? A feeling of... awe? Strange. Something significant has to have happened. Did I defeat it again? No, there wasn't any feeling of victory. Possibly defeated by circumstance?

My mind raced to the words that I wrote. Nightmare Moon. I must have encountered her. Did she save me? That would explain the feeling of awe. But why? Weren't those nightmares of her creation? Did she want something from me? Could she have engineered a situation where she sent those nightmares to attack me, then save me to lure me into a false sense of security? No, if I was fully lucid then I would have seen that deception from a mile away. She must have made a serious impression on me that I would even go as far as writing down that she wasn't evil. At least, not purely evil.
I scooped up a slightly soggy spoonful of cornflakes, before dropping it again into the bowl. Losing my memories was annoying. I hope that won't be a reoccurring factor. Wait, reoccurring? Why did I think that it would happen again? Would I remain in contact with her? If that's true then... that changes things.

"Madam? Is your food not to your liking?"

I turned my head and I saw Intricacy, the Head Butler, awaiting my response. I smiled lightly. "No, it's fine... it's good." I tried to reassure him. My eyes then drew across the dinner table, before landing on my father.

There he sat eating his breakfast, sipping his coffee while reading another newspaper from Equestria News. The maids and butlers stood by us, ready to serve any request we would have. However, despite the number of ponies, the room was silent for the most part. The only noise happening was the clinking of my spoon against the bowl and Silversmith's cup being placed against a plate.

My mind lingered for a moment, remembering the promise I made to mom a few nights ago. A promise to make an effort to connect. With a reluctant sigh, I initiated our first conversation today. "Father, is there any reason I never had the chance to eat normal cereal the other fillies and colts are eating?"

Silversmith's eyes never wavered from his newspaper. Instead, he took a bite out of his biscuit eggs benedict before answering. "You are eating normal cereal. The cereal the common folk eats is artificial. It's not suited for a member of the Silvers."

"Oh," I responded simply. Usually what little conversations we had would end after that. When it comes to the image of the Silvers, my father's opinion tended to be final. However, I couldn't just give up there. "Miss Cheerilee says that I should be eating plenty of foods with sugar in them, as it helps stimulates the brain and enables us to grow properly. What's the difference between artificial cereal and normal cereal?" I asked, knowing that my father wouldn't bat an eye at whatever advanced terminology I had. My parents already knew that I was well-read for a filly my age, at least when it came to fiction.

Father paused at that, his expression slightly furrowed as he clearly didn't expect me to continue. He thought for a moment before answering "The difference is that artificial foods have a higher sugar content than normal foods. It helps to have more sugar in our bodies, but ultimately detrimental."

Swallowing another bite of my cereal, I furrowed my brows in confusion. "What do you mean?"
Father flipped his newspaper to make it straight. "Ponies need sugar to function, but an over-reliance on it will hinder your mind's development. The brain is a muscle and it must be exercised properly. Reducing your sugar intake helps with that. If your mind can keep up with other ponies without sugar, then it can far exceed them while you're on it." He sipped his cup again and placed it down, only for the maid next to his chair to offer another refill.

I paused. "So that's a definite no on the artificial cereal then?"

Silversmith lowered his newspaper, finally looking me in the eyes. His eyes were cold and calculating. It was like he was seeing through me with the acute precision of a scalpel. I resisted the urge to shiver. Then he proceeded to bring his newspaper up again. "Once I receive your grades, I will determine whether or not having more sugar wouldn't harm your development." With another bite, he finished his meal before wiping his mouth with a dinner napkin. "If you perform well in school then we'll see about adding light deserts to your meals."

Silversmith then stood up from his seat, his servants already moving to put away his plates and utensils. "Finish your meal. I'll be waiting in the wagon." The stallion instructed me before leaving the dining room.

I simply sat there with my cereal, barely half-eaten and soggy from being submerged in milk for too long. Well... that was productive. I think. Still, that doesn't stop me from having Dia buy snacks for me. I mused to myself.

"Are you finished with your meal madam?"

Turning my head, I saw Intricacy the Head Butler awaiting my response. With a light smile, I nodded. "Yeah, I'm done with my breakfast. Could you pack something a little extra for my lunch?"

"Have anything in mind madam?" The stallion in a suit asked.

I thought to myself for a moment before answering. "An apple would be nice."

"Consider it done madam." Cacy lowered his head slightly.

"Thanks, Cacy." I smiled at him.

"Think nothing of it, madam." His expression remained stoic as he exited the room, but I could tell the slight crease of a smile at the end of his lips. The rest of the maids were taking care of my plates. I offered them a smile and another 'thank you' before taking my saddlebag and leaving.
"So when Rumble trotted up to kick that rock over the sandpit, he somehow tripped over it and landed muzzle-first into the sand!" Diamond Tiara giggled while eating her lunch.

"Pfft." I snorted before while taking a bite of my apple. "Was he hurt?"

"Nah, he's fine," Dia replied as she took a bite into her celery stick filled with peanut butter and raisins. "Then the other colts tried to jump into the sand too, thinking it was some kind of new game."

I chuckled at that before shifting my view to the school's sandpit. Seems that a bunch of colts is now trying to see how far they can jump into the sandpit from the outer edges of it. Naturally, the ones with wings managed to get further across, flapping their wings to lengthen their jumps. "Man, I sometimes wonder what it's like to have wings."

"Eh, wings seem like they take too much work to take care of. Plus don't they take dust baths? Mom would probably pass out if she saw me doing that." Dia joked before smiling innocently. "Also, what's a man?"

I choked on my apple slice before swallowing. "W-What?"

"You said, 'Man'. Is that another, uh expression? Or is it another one of your made-up words?" She teased.

"It's not-", I then stopped myself from taking her bait, "is 'man' not a word here?"

Diamond Tiara only shrugged in response. "Dunno. First time I've seen anypony say it. But you also like using a lot of new words I don't know."

Shit. "Uh, how often have I been doing that?" I asked while cringing to myself.

"Only sometimes, but learning new words is fun!" The pink filly chirped. "So what does 'man' mean?"

"Uh." I averted my eyes, trying to think of a way to explain this. "Yeah, it's an expression. Like, you say that when you're frustrated or disappointed at something."

"Oh. Neat." Dia said before taking another bite into her snack.

I hummed back in agreement before taking another slice of apple into my mouth. My eyes drifted outside the school grounds. I could see the neighboring buildings and cobblestone roads that lead in between them. It was pretty clear weather today and I could see small colored dots in the sky. Pegasi, moving and kicking clouds and managing today's weather. I chewed my apple slowly. Man, it's almost a shame that I was born a dirt horse. Almost.

"So. You know about Earth Pony magic?" I asked my friend.

"Earth Pony magic? Isn't that like, ponies being gardeners and moving around heavy stuff?" Diamond Tiara asked all too innocently.

I laughed before explaining. "Almost. I did some reading on it some time ago. Apparently Earth Pony magic is one of the less understood magic in Equestria. Yeah, it pretty much comes with being able to garden well and super strength, but apparently, it's a lot more nuanced than that."

Dia raised another eyebrow.

I sighed. "Nuanced means something having a special meaning."

My friend simply nodded in understanding. "So like, there's more to it then?" She asked.
"Yeah. Earth Ponies have something similar to a magic surge. You know how Unicorns need to have a magic surge before being able to use magic?"

Dia nodded. "Yeah. I've heard about them. They can be random and dangerous. Daddy warned me about it."

I nodded in turn. "Yeah. So, earth ponies have something similar to it. Except there's no like, explosion of magic or something. We just, suddenly have a bunch of extra strength or have a knack for plants."

"A knack?" Dia asked again for clarification.

"A special talent basically," I explained.

"So... like a cutie mark?"

"Ehhh," I waved my hoof side to side, "more like you suddenly become aware of plants and how they feel. You can feel the earth and tell if the dirt is a good place for plants to grow. Sometimes you can feel rocks too. You can figure out which part of a rock is weak or strong, or how sturdy a cave is so you can tell if it's dangerous or not. Some Earth Ponies can do that with wood too, although they're not as common. My father however is one of the very few Earth Ponies in Equestria that can feel metal. He can work with it better than any other pony out there. It's why he's super successful overseeing the metal industry."

"Ah, I see." Diamond Tiara nodded. From her expression, I could see clearly that she didn't know the meaning of a couple of words I had used, but showed understanding of the general gist of it. "So basically we just start feeling plants and dirt and stuff." She simplified.

I pursed my lip. "Yeah, I guess you can say that."

"That's cool, I guess." She chomped on another celery stick.

I snorted. "Not as cool as actual magic right?"

She laughed. "Maybe. But Sweets said that she needs to take magic lessons soon, and that sounds boooorrring."

I tilted my head. "Sweets?"

"Oh! It's Sweetie Belle's new nickname. I told her about it and she said it was a great name." The pink filly beamed.

"Not a fan of our other nicknames?" I mused.

Dia shrugged. "She said she liked Sweets more. Anyways she wanted me to ask you if you wanted to go look for pets with us."

I shifted my face into befuddlement. "Pet shopping?"

"Yeah! You said that Rarity gets a cat right? Sweets wants to go and find the one you're talking about. She's super curious how her sister will get one." Dia said excitedly.

I narrowed my eyes in disapproval. "I don't think that's a good idea... she will get one eventually. Getting a cat early, I don't even know how Rarity got one. All I know is that she gets one at some point."

"Oh come on, it's not like we're buying one. We're just looking. It'll be fun!" The pink filly beamed.

I pondered for a moment. "Well, if it's just looking..."

"Great! We can hang out together on the weekend then. I heard that there's an animal caretaker on the outside of Ponyville." Dia informed me.
"Oh," I said, my mind instantly raced to who I thought she was talking about. "Is by any chance the pony's name Fluttershy?" I asked almost hesitantly.

Dia's eyes widened slightly, before taking a hoof to her chin to ponder about it. "Hmm, yeah. I think so. So you already know about her?" She asked.

I responded by tapping a hoof on my temple. "I know about her, but she doesn't know me. I know that she's super shy. Even when it comes to other fillies." I explained. "But as long as we keep the topic on animals, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to talk to us."

"Oh, well that's good!" Dia seemed to get more excited about the prospect. "So, what else do you know in that little noggin of yours?" She leaned towards me from her seat playfully.

I exhaled shortly in amusement. "I know enough. Not going to start spilling out other ponies secret's anytime soon."

"Aww! But there's gotta be something interesting in there!" Dia complained. "Come on, can't you tell me at least something?" She looked me in the eyes hopefully, widening her eyes in an adorable fashion.

"W-wha?" I stared at her, confused.

"Pleeeaase?" She continued, forcing her expression to widen even further.

"S-Stop that." I stuttered weakly, unable to look away.

"Pleeaaaaaaaaseee!" She quivered her lips in a fashion that would make even the most stubborn pony consider her words.

"Stop that." My eyes narrowed, but I find myself unable to outright disapprove of her antics. Her gaze bore into me, weakening my will to resist her request. Eventually, my wavering won over. "Urgh, fine. What do you want to know."

As if her face was a light switch, she instantly dropped her expression into one of pure glee. However, then she paused to actually think about the question she would ask. "Uhh... I dunno. Never thought I'd get this far."

I stared at Dia incredulously. "You haven't thought about it?"

"Hey, it's not every day your friend offers a question about the future. Just let me think." The pink filly then started to drink her apple carton intensely and in deep concentration.

I pursed my lip in amusement before my attention was shifted to a small group of fillies and colts folding paper near the school entrance. They were folding paper just like how I'd taught them, but some of them started experimenting with different kinds of shapes. One of their papers even started to resemble something like an animal. "Hmm, looks like my origami lesson really kicked off."

"Hmm?" Dia was interrupted from her pondering, only to look at the same group of children I was. "Oh yeah, they're all folding stuff. Some of them are folding wrong though."

I snorted. "No Dia, some of them are trying to fold paper into other things."

Dia turned to face me in surprise. "Wait you can fold things other than stars?"

I looked back at her incredulously. "Of course! I know plenty of other things I can make."

"Like what?" Dia's eyes sparkled in anticipation.
I pursed my lip in thought. "Well, I can make kunai knives. Ninja knives basically. I can also make some paper claws. Wait would that even work?" I furrowed my brows in contemplation. Origami paper claws were elongated pointed digits with holes at the base. The holes were meant for human fingers to fit in, allowing for a full series of claws to fit on one's hand.

I looked at my hoof. I had no fingers. There was only a 'U' shaped toe and a soft pad at the center. I flexed my pad as if it was the palm of my hand and it did. I can grip objects with this hoof just fine, but by all means of logic, I shouldn't be able to use paper claws due to a lack of fingers. However, my mind raced back to the time I crafted those UNO cards with a pair of scissors. Those scissors were also meant for human fingers, yet Dia showed me that I could use them regardless of the logic at play.

Could it work?

"Hold on, let me test something," I said to Dia, before retrieving my saddlebag and pulling a sheet of blank paper out. Then I started folding. After a series of steps and a very curious Diamond Tiara watching my every move, I ended up with a paper claw.

"Ooh! That's so cool! Can I wear it?" The pink filly asked before swiping my claw without permission.

"What? Hey!" I tried to object. Yet what I saw next caused my eyes to practically bulge out.

Dia was wearing one of the claws on the edge of her hoof as if it didn't break the laws of physics. There in her hoof, she flexed the claw back and forth. "That's so cool! I can move it around and stuff. Can you make more?"

"I-I," I started to stutter, "that shouldn't be possible!"

Of course, Dia only gave me a confused look before saying "What is? Oh, sorry." She took the claw off of her hoof before sliding it back to me on the table. "What were you trying to test?"

My mouth opened, but I was too shocked to say anything. I gazed back at the claw on the table, before hesitantly grabbing it and trying to do the same. I placed the claw on the edge of my hoof while trying to imagine if a finger was there. However, when I let go the paper claw fell onto the table. My eye twitched in annoyance.

"What's wrong?" Dia said all too innocently for my own sanity. However, she did also look genuinely worried.

"That shouldn't be possible. There's nothing to put the claw on!" I tried to protest, but the evidence that Diamond Tiara revealed absolutely stunted my previous series of logic.

"What do you mean? Just put it on your hoof, like this." My friend then grabbed the claw and placed it on the edge of my hoof. This time it stayed there. My eyes stared daggers at the bizarre defiance of logic that was on my hoof. Hesitantly, I flexed it and it moved much like a finger normally would. It was a startling and familiar sensation. I tried to look at the claw itself and how it moved without fingers to guide it, but the moment I started thinking about the mechanics the claw fell off my hoof and onto the table again.
"You just had it," Dia chided, "just hold it like how you did your scissors."

I glanced at my friend for a second before looking back at the claw. Right. Just like those scissors. Just don't think about it.

I shut my brain off and simply put it on. This time the claw was placed just as before. Desperately I repeated a mantra in my head. Don't think about it. Don't think about it. Don't think about it. Just like before I flexed it easily and I continued to stare at the violation of physics at the very edge of my hoof. "Yeah that's-" I placed my claw-hoof down on the table and my other hoof to my temple before sighing. "I'm just gonna chalk that up to magic and that it just works somehow."

"Magic?" Dia tilted her head, not really understanding what I was getting at.

"Just ignore me. Let's see if I can get a full set of these for us." I said before pulling a small bundle of paper sheets out of my saddlebag.

"Okay!" Dia chirped.

A couple of moments of crafting later, we now both had a set of paper claws for our hooves. Dia was too busy being fascinated by playing with them, flexing and waving them around on both of her fore-hooves. I tested a full set on my own hoof, flexing five individual paper digits that worked as a hand would. It was a very weird experience. I've been without fingers for so long, only to get them back in the most unexpected way possible. Well, they were still technically claws, but that's beside the point.

I didn't stop experimenting there, however. I also decided to place them on my rear-hoof. It flexed as well, although the feeling was not quite like having toes. Instead, it was like having another set of hands on my rear legs as they were able to flex much as my fore-hoof did. My muzzle scrunched as I pondered the possibilities. With an idea in mind, I quickly got to work on another set of claws.

Placing the next set of paper claws on my other rear-hoof, I decided to jump off of my seat. I stood on both of my rear-legs. Diamond Tiara's eyes widened in surprise as I slowly started to walk around in them. The paper claws weren't that strong, but my body was still that of a filly's. So the result ended up in me being able to walk on my rear-legs with my paper claws establishing some balance to where I leaned. Frankly, I looked absolutely ridiculous, but my innate knowledge of how to walk like a human allowed me to pull it off with little to no difficulty.

"Holy guacamole! How do you do that?!" Dia exclaimed. She jumped out of her seat to circle me with intense excitement. "How are you standing like that? And walking like that? I've never seen that before."

I just shrugged. "Ponies have stood up like this before. Cello and violin players do it all the time." I remarked, before walking around the table with complete control over my balance.

"But you make it look so easy! I've never seen a pony walk so naturally on their back legs like that!" Dia praised me while observing how I moved around.
Her declarations however got the attention of the other fillies and colts in the playground. I felt their stares boring into me as I looked around to see many eyes on me. Feeling a surge of anxiety, I quickly went back on all fours. "Ah, I was just messing around. It's nothing." I nervously downplayed the act.

My ears flickered in the other children's direction. I could hear gossip come up from around me as they chattered about how I could stand on two legs. Cringing in embarrassment, I shoved my paper claws back into my saddlebag. Luckily for me, Miss Cheerilee exited the school building while ringing a bell in her mouth.

"Lunch is over children! Time to go back to class." The magenta mare announced with a happy smile.

Sighing a breath of relief, I slung my saddlebag on my back before turning to leave. "Great, now the class will know how weird I looked."

"Well, I thought you looked cool." Diamond Tiara smiled encouragingly, taking the rest of her meal and shoving the contents into a nearby trash bin.

My anxiety about the situation lessened slightly. "Thanks." I turned my head to smile back. As I turned, I saw a glimpse of something in my peripheral vision. For a split second in the distance, I caught a cyan figure amongst some bushes before disappearing. My eyes lingered there for a time, but I saw nothing but foliage. I narrowed my eyes but kept my suspicions to myself.
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Imagine being Anon and waking up as a cursed MLP ship filly. Everypony takes it as normal for same sex ponies having foals together and Anon is left confused as fuck
Lyra doesn't have a horsecock.
Ponies will lead us to a great future.
You should have fucking known, that the newest coke flavor would taste identically to the last one. After the bullshit that was fucking space flavored soda, you should have known that transformation flavored soda would be-

Well the soda had at least one transformative effect, transforming your calm stomach into an upset one. You dumped the bottle of squeezed corn water into the cupholder as your groceries settled in the back seat of your car. The engine of your car took a few attempts to turn over as you started on the way back to your apartment.

The bumpy drive back home didn't exactly settle your stomach, every bump causing an uncomfortable sloshing of the bubbling slurry in your gut. As you drove you'd rather recklessly loosen a few buttons on your shirt to try and relieve the sensation, going as far as to unbuckle and unbutton your pants as well, but they wouldn't really help the situation.

Returning your hands to the wheel you realized that you'd have to grit and bear it, hoping that your roommate had purchased some pain relief tablets or something. As you neared half way back home you realized that your grasp on the wheel was weakening, your subconscious death grip weakening with an uncomfortable tingling, a fizzing feeling inside your fingers. You desperately hoped that you weren't having a seizure or some kind of diabetic shock you weren't aware of, but it was obvious something very abnormal was going on.

What a depressing way to fucking go. You thought as you tried to keep your eyes off your rapidly numbing fingers, dying to such a shitty fucking soda. Absolutely tragic, even.

You absolutely tried to ignore the slippery, plastic feeling of your skin against the wheel as you drove. That was a sign of a heart attack, right? Probably.

Stealing a glance down as your fingers you took a sharp inhale, biting as your tongue. Your fingers had seemingly receded into your hands as they took on an odd mannequin-like sheen.

Seizure, then. You looked away from your hands, now hyperventilating slightly as you barely kept your eyes on the road. *Were hallucinations a sign of a seizure?** You thought as you fidgeted in your seat uncomfortably, finding a bit more room bloated cushion in your pants, a fizzling bloat that caused your pants to stretch around your thighs and hips, an uncomfortable feeling of overinflation pressing out your stomach and rounding you out in unnatural feeling ways.

Slipping, you felt your feet making less and less contact with the pedals as you drove, forcing you to push yourself down the seat as you drove, until you were barely peeking over the wheel, driving with plastic stumps as your ill fitting shoes sloppily pressed at the pedals.
Maybe this was a divine punishment, god smiting you for purchasing soda you knew you'd hate. You nervously crawled the last mile to your apartment, barely making it into the parking space before slamming your plastic stumps against the door controls until they opened, letting you slip out of your seat belt and collapse onto the ground, your shoes clattering off in different directions. The sensation of fluid jostling around, fizzing up before pooling on the left side of your body was a new kind of sickening.

This has to be a vivid dream, caused by my guilt for buying a trashy soda. Making me turn into a soda as a subconscious examination of how my habits are destroying my body. You rolled onto your back and raised the stumps to your face, looking at the transparent brown stumps. One of them still had some bubbles left in from where you'd fallen out of the car.

Turning into a coke bottle would explain why you felt so bottom heavy, and why you felt like your neck was growing even as you shrank. You were thankful for your neck still being able to move, as it gave you the ability to look down at your transparent body, and at the coke bubbling beneath your ill-fitting shirt. You stumbled with the buttons for a bit, giving up.

You stumbled with the buttons for a bit before giving up, instead moving to wiggle your pants down. The change to your hips and thighs made the task more difficult than you'd assume on your smaller frame, although the lack of fingers really didn't help. After getting the pants off your rolled onto your belly, which allowed you to crane your neck back to look at your behind. Your legs hadn't really disappeared, instead shifting position so that your leg comfortably jutted out at a ninety degree angle of what it once did, fat quadrupedal thighs now dominating the curve of your hips.

What an absolutely bizarre soda beast. You kicked your back legs idly, watching your socks flop around on your back stubs... hooves? Soda beasts probably had hooves.

You kicked your back legs more violently, until the socks flew off in a rather comedic fashion. You giggled until you burped, raising a hoof to squish against your muzzle in embarrassment as you blushed.

Wait.... muzzle?
You crossed your eyes, blinking as you watched a transparent muzzle push out of your face, eyes growing as your head shifted in a disorienting way. You shook your head to try and shake the feeling of lightheadedness but it continued to grow, as not only did your head increase in size relative to the proportions of your body but your hair strands began to inflate, growing, merging, and shifting in a bizarre manner. A fizzy sensation grew in your mane as it filled up, with a constant alive buzz that caused your head to tingle.
It wasn't... unpleasant... actually, you didn't really feel unpleasant at all. You giggled again, voice a bit higher pitched this time. You felt alive, body bubbling and fizzing with an energy that told you to get up and move. You slowly stumbled up to your hooves, weakly getting used to the feeling. An attempt at a step would leave you tumbling forward onto the ground.
Something was missing- but what could it- a rumbling sensation in your belly interrupted your thoughts as you puffed out again, feeling bloated as uncomfortable as your mane lengthened to drape down your neck. It felt odd, until it began to recede, all the pressure in your body suddenly pushing down your spine as you felt something pushing your poor underwear down... like a plastic balloon being blown by your spinal cord, a fizzy tail slowly expanding out of your rear.
Something was missing- but what could it- a rumbling sensation in your belly interrupted your thoughts as you puffed out again, feeling bloated as uncomfortable as your mane lengthened to drape down your neck. It felt odd, until it began to recede, all the pressure in your body suddenly pushing down your spine as you felt something pushing your poor underwear down... like a plastic balloon being blown by your spinal cord, a fizzy tail slowly expanding out of your rear.

Half standing up, you shook your rear around so that your underwear would fall the rest of the way down your legs, causing your tail to jostle around and bounce like a balloon, expanding with even more tingly soda vapors. A mental picture of what you were doing appeared in your head and you burst out giggling once again, causing you to roll on the ground.

Eventually you'd calm yourself, looking back down at your body. Noticing something strange you'd roll onto your back and spread your legs, letting the shrinking of your mid section reveal a subtle curve of bumps. Reaching down a hoof you had to resist the urge to play with them, instead just feeling a pleasant fizzing as you rubbed your hoof over them. Your tail hugged against your body, squeezing between your soft thighs and against the tingling smooth erogenous zone between your legs.

It took all your willpower to resist playing with yourself out in the parking lot and instead calming yourself enough to slowly waddle your way towards your apartment, tail rubbing against your nether patch, and a wet sensation forming at the ends of your pert, plastic nipples. A small miracle occurred when you reached your apartment, the door had been left cracked open, letting you safely slip inside. You closed the door behind you and let out a soft sigh of relief, relaxing against the door for a moment before a sweet smell enticed your nose. It wasn't quite like anything you'd ever smelled before, a potent kind of sweet that caused your nose to tingle.
Stumbling from the kitchen area to the living area you heard a familiar snoring, the kind your roommate made when sleeping on the couch. Though, upon rounding the couch you did not find the familiar shape of your roommate... although considering your current circumstances you weren't exactly complaining at the sight. With a particularly rough snore your... new roommate stirred a bit, his plastic blue wings fluttering as he rolled onto his side, his stocky hind legs spreading a bit. You took a moment to appreciate his build, from stocky face, to thick neck, wide barrel to blocky hips and powerful back legs, to... the thick sheath that his legs parted to let breathe.

And breathe it did, you suddenly became acutely aware of where the smell was coming from, inhaling slowly as you leaned in to get better access to the sweet and spicy musk. You could feel the carbonation bubbling in your blood as you scooted forward, your muzzle burrowing its way between his legs until it made contact with the warm plastic of his hanging ball sack. You used one hoof to push his hoof onto your shoulder to give you better access to his cock as your other hoof found its way between your legs.

Your muzzle rubbed against the opaque ballsack as you let out a soft whinny, squishing your face harder against the stallion's firm funbags. But it wasn't enough, and your mouth slipped open, letting one of the sweet orbs slip softly into your muzzle. You stood there a few seconds, sucking on it while roughly playing with your own tits, enjoying the bubbling and swelling sensation you felt inside of them. It wasn't until a more interesting prospect appeared, the feeling of a cock swelling against your cheek causing you to open your eyes. The transparent plastic horsecock throbbed against your face, warm and full of brown liquid.

You didn't hesitate, shifting positions so that the expanding muzzle could comfortably take its place inside your muzzle. As you did so you felt a hoof on the back of your mane, quickly causing you to realize that the snoring had stopped.

"You try the new Pepsi too?" The stallion's voice reverberated through your body. You'd gurgle around the cock, trying to shake your head as you looked up at him, "Hmmmmm, cute red eyes... the new Coke?" You'd attempt to nod your head while gurgling, seeming to somehow get the message across, "Sweet... well you look good, either way." He'd chuckle, his bright blue eyes slowly checking out your body. You'd shiver as he rubbed the back of your mane, sending a tingling sensation almost as strong as the feeling of your hoof against your swollen teats.

The stallion took the fact that you melted in his hooves as a sign that he can take charge, pushing you down his horsecock. He moved his other hoof to pet your cheek as he began to lazily jerk his hips in time while pushing you down. The lackadaisical stallion cooed as he gently facefucked you, "I really hope you were feeling thirsty."
You moaned against his cock as you pawed at your now fat and sloshing tits, trying to show just how eager you were. How excited you sounded seemed to turn him on further, causing him to put quite a bit more effort into his fucking, his balls wetly slapping against your muzzle with each smooth path his cock took down your perfectly molded plastic throat. He chuckled, brushing your mane out of the way as he fucked you harder, "You can't imagine how hot it is watching my cock swab your throat." His voice came out harsh, and you could tell that he was trying to focus on anything other than the squeezing warmth currently around his cock.

But all good things must come to an end, and cum to an end he did. With a rush of warmth sweetness began to rush into your body, along with quite a large amount of spicy carbonation.

His hoof pressed hard against the back of your head as the soda continued to cum, leaking out of the sides of your muzzle and bubbling out of your nose holes as the pressure was pushed into your body. You could feel his soda flowing throughout your body as it was dumped inside you, the violent reaction pushing the bubbles through your body. Having a stallion's cum slosh around inside your head, fizzling away was definitely a new sensation, but it was one you savored.

Eventually the flow began to lessen, but only after a two liter's worth of bubbling cum was dumped inside you, leaving giggling and burping mess as his cock was pulled from your muzzle. You almost collapsed onto the ground but one of his hooves caught you, and the other wrapped around you before pulling you up onto the couch with him.

He nuzzled the back of your neck and hummed happily, pressing a hoof into your stomach, causing you to let out a soft burp, which caused him to laugh even harder. Then he stopped, slowly considering something, "Are... are you Anon?"

Suddenly you felt awkward, remembering that you were neither a soda pony nor a female-looking soda pony less than an hour ago, "Uh- yeah, I... am."

He giggled again and nuzzled happily at the back of your neck as he hugged his forelegs around your chest, "You look very cute, even if you have turned into a little bit of a cockslut."

"I-I'm not-"

"Cute, you totally are."

"No- I"

"Adorable." He'd giggle, giving your belly another poke with his hoof and causing you to whine, beginning to act more like the roommate you remembered.

"I'm not a buckin-" Your squeaky protests would be cut off as his hooves moved lower, brushing against the melons squished between your legs.

"What are you not?~" He'd tease, moving his muzzle forward until it was brushing against your plastic ear, causing it to twitch.

"I-I'm not a-" Your protests would be interrupted by a squeak as he pressed his hoof hard into your teat.

"Do you want me to stop?" He'd ask playfully, lowering his voice as he rubbed his muzzle against the back of your ear.
"I-I'm- well... I" You'd mumble, biting your lip at the sensation of his hooves slowly being removed from your teat, "I-I'm your cockslut!"

"Good~" He'd almost purr before biting down softly on your ear, causing you to shudder. His hooves would continue to roughly play with your fat tits as you felt a pressure against you back side, followed by a grinding of his cock against your tail. He'd slowly wiggle his cock between your ass cheeks, humming softly to himself as he did so, "Hmmmm, I wonder why you aren't quite equipped like me."

You'd mumble anxiously in response, suddenly feeling very self conscious about the sensitive null patch he was rubbing against.

"It must be because you're designed to serve stallions." He'd give one of your teats a soft slap, driving the anxious thoughts from your head, his tone of voice making the line between humiliation and reassurance very thin.

You'd eventually attempt another rebuttal, but it came out as a soft series of squeaks and moans, raising in pitch whenever he'd brush against the sensitive nub of a nipple, causing a bead of soda to appear before being brushed away by his teasing hoof. Eventually the stallion would tire slightly of the squeaking and hotdogging, slowly flipping you over until you were face-to-neck with him.

The stallion would plant a kiss on the top of your forehead, placing a hoof on the bottom of your head and slowly raising your gaze upwards. He'd smile as he made eye contact with your blushing and fizzy face, causing you to blush and fizz even more. The stallion would be careful as he moved his muzzle closer, nuzzling softly against the side of your muzzle before making lip contact. He'd twist his head, his tongue slowly pushing his tongue against your lips and causing you to instinctually open your mouth... accidently giving him permission to dive deeper and force both your muzzles together in a sweet embrace. You'd squeak, eyes fluttering open and crossing to look down as you felt... and saw his tongue prod its way into your transparent muzzle, the light sheen of sugar water splashing around inside your muzzle. The feeling was overwhelming, your roommate's tongue felt like it belonged to a stallion as it seemed to dominate your mouth more than the cock did... although the fact it was actually a horse's tongue probably helped.

The stallion continued to dominate you, eventually needing to place a hoof on the side of your head to hold you in place as he worked, going as far as to scoot closer to you, until his hard shaft was wedged firmly between your breasts.

He smooshed his face against yours, his closed eyes scrunching a bit as his shaft slowly moved between your tits, squeaking softly. You almost bit his tongue at the sensation, moaning softly into his mouth, and forcing sweet air out of his nostrils.
He took that as a sign to get back in the game, so to speak. He'd open his eyes and reposition his hips, slowly thrusting in between your tits and muffling multiple sounds with his tongue as they attempted to escape your mouth. His hoof would continue to press your head against the couch as he ravaged both your muzzle and tits, his cock squeaking against your tits as sticky precum increased the friction. His hoof would continue to press your head against the couch as he ravaged both your muzzle and tits, his cock squeaking against your tits as sticky precum increased the friction.
You’re pretty sure if you were human you’d be in absolute agony, but something about the heat building friction only increased the pleasure of your new body. Even more so as he squeezed his body tighter against yours, the soft plastic of his belly rubbing up against your pert nipples as he thrusted, causing sticky beads of fluid to leak onto both of your bodies. His thrusting continued to increase in pace as his throat began to rumble, the vibrations flowing into your own hollow plastic body and causing you to slightly vibrate. At first you were sure this was a sign that he was getting close, considering the violent and jerky pace of his thrusts, but it was instead a sign of some kind of desire as he violently broke free of the kiss, his tongue pulled from your muzzle and leaving a sudden aching absence.

Upon the retracting of his mouth you’d let out a soft mewl, causing the stallion to give a soft smile and a reassuring nuzzle to your cheek. This wouldn’t stop you from mewling a bit louder as he disengaged from you, suddenly breaking the embrace to sit up and shift around on the couch. You wouldn’t quite be content until his cock once again slapped against your cheek with a wet and cascading thud, causing the soda in your head to bubble and fizzle as the vibrations moved through your body. You began to nuzzle against the cock, slowly cleaning up the juices with your soft, rubbery tongue. You could taste a weird mix of spicy pre along with a weird creamy vanilla soda taste that you could only assume came from your tits. Wherever the flavor came from it was absolutely wonderful, causing you to moan around the cock as you licked it.

Eventually your vision would be partially blocked by a powerful transparent thigh coming to rest on the side of your head. You’d attempt to wiggle a bit to get out, but that only gave him enough room to squeeze another powerful thigh beneath your head. You were absolutely trapped in the semitransparent embrace, with a hard cock squished against your muzzle and the sweet, spicy smell of the Pepsi stallion absolutely surrounding you.
It was kind of lucky you were trapped, because otherwise the loud moan you released when his lips made contact with your nipple would have been audible to the world. You bit your lip to the point of it being painful, almost scarring the plastic as his lips began to work along the nipple, his tongue lightly pressing against it. Even without suction you could already feel beads of exciting soda leaking from your tit, the intense pressure you felt behind the nipple somehow increasing further.

Your entire world melted as he began to suck at the nipple proper, bubbles flowing your body as the fluid was sucked from your body like a straw. Reality would only be forcefully reasserted when he squeezed you with his thighs while lightly tapping the back of your puffy balloon mane with a hoof. This was all the indication you needed to reassert your effort on the cock in front of you, taking it back into your soft muzzle. You had to really resist the urge to bite down as he moaned around your nipple, causing vibrations to move through your hollow body.

After a few moments of basking around feeling a cock filling your muzzle you were taken back to reality by a gentle rocking, another reminder that you were an active participant. You took this to heart, wrapping your thighs around your stallion’s head to gently hug him closer as you began to work your way around his cock, twisting before letting it slowly push into your perfectly-shaped throat. You didn’t slack to bask in the fullness though, grinding your hips against the stallion’s muzzle as he gently sucked on your breast, relieving the pressure and pulling the creamy soda from inside of you. You took initiative to rub your tongue around the underside of the shaft, putting extra care to grind against his medial ring. He was obviously enjoying the attention, if his enthusiasm was anything to go by; with every movement it seemed that he increased his sucking on your breast, draining more and more of the creamy fluid from inside of you.
Eventually you felt his muzzle away from the partially-drained breast, giving it a loving nuzzle before moving onto the next one. The sensation of his lips on your untouched nipple would cause you to instinctually moan around the cock, vibrating your plastic throat and only increasing both his pleasure and the actions of his lips on your leaking breast.

You could feel the stallion begin to get impatient again as he squeezed your head, beginning to slowly thrust his hips against your muzzle once more. The actions caused you to twist your muzzle in time with the moment, slacking your jaw to give him easier range of movement for his awkward half thrusts. The stallion huffed around your breast, sweet warm air blowing onto your sensitive skin as he drained you of fluid. You returned the huff, more for show than anything as you entirely lacked lungs or the need to breathe. This really got him going, causing him to start to roughly, and nearly painfully thrust in and out of your muzzle, his thighs moving to crush your head against his crotch, squeezing you in as the cock grew in your throat. You continued to work even after his movements stopped and the throbbing proper began.

You were motivated to keep every drop inside of you this time, relaxing your throat and creating a vacuum seal with your muzzle as he began to cum. You had to desperately swallow to keep up with his volume, even with the cock deep inside of you. The rush came once more, carbonation and sweet fluid boiling your insides and spreading euphorically throughout your own body, mixing and churning with your own soda. An almost indescribable high of mixing essences with the cum of your lover, until your very being was saturated by them, until you felt were more cum than yourself.

But all euphoria fades, and all sugar highs must come to a crash, which came about as a slow tickling at the back of your head... and then a weight on your eyelids, a hoof gently petting the back of your head until you were left softly snoring on the stallion's softening cock.
Who a horrible curse
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Greetings /ptfg/. This prompt here >>39729058 inspired me to take my first foray into the pony tf genre. I've only got chapter one written for now. It's mostly setup, but the next chapter (coming soon, I hope) will have some of that sweet tf goodness we all crave.

Here it is: https://ponepaste.org/8736
This looks really good and I'm excited for chapter 2.
Also you should post the story text in the thread for greater visibility.
A Mirror, Brightly - Chapter 1

The clock at the bottom corner of the screen read 4:37 PM, but Paul could have sworn it said the same thing ten minutes ago.

For a moment, he thought his computer might have frozen. It wouldn’t have been the first time; his company-issued desktop might’ve been older than he was and had aged about as gracefully as milk. It was still running Windows Vista, for Christ’s sake. A quick shake of the mouse ruled out that possibility, however.

No, it appeared Paul was just in his own personal Twilight Zone, a time dilation bubble where seconds stretched out into hours, forcing him to endure endless ennui as a part of some ironic punishment for a past misdeed.

Or it was just Friday afternoon at the offices of Network Management Solutions, LLC, and Paul was all out of busywork to distract himself with. There’s only so many times he could reorganize his files before he ended up with more subfolders than it was worth.

Normally he’d surreptitiously whip out his phone to kill the remaining time, but he’d gotten an earful when his supervisor caught him doing just that last week, and he wasn’t keen on turning a verbal warning into yet another reprimand on his file.

'Oh, who cares,' he sighed, drumming his fingers on the cheap, sterile metal of his nondescript desk. 'If they wanted me to work, they’d have given me something to do. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before they kick me outta here one way or another.'

Honestly, he was surprised they’d kept him around this long, given how many times his performance evaluations decried his “poor attitude” and “lack of enthusiasm.”

Paul snorted derisively. 'Because mindlessly plugging numbers into spreadsheets really makes for a happy camper, right? Give me a fucking break.'

Mindless was an understatement; if someone held Paul at gunpoint and demanded he tell them the significance of any of the work he spent forty hours a week doing, he would be dead. Hell, he couldn’t even tell you what the company itself did, and neither could anyone else he shared office space with that he’d asked. Personally, he thought the whole operation was a front or shell company for some larger corporation or government agency to disguise its shady dealings.

Not that it was any of his business one way or another; unless NMC’s mission statement involved kicking puppies or sacrificing virgins to the dark gods or something equally nefarious, he’d be just fine quietly pocketing his check every month.

Well, maybe he’d care more if he thought he’d still have his job by the end of the year, but word around the water cooler was that the suits upstairs were about to replace all lower-level data entry positions with AI, a trend which had become increasingly prevalent since the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence the early ‘20s brought. Paul knew he couldn’t compete with an unfeeling robot, no matter how much his job made him act like one.
The only thing he’d miss would be the paycheck, meager as it was. Without an undergraduate diploma or any marketable skills to speak of, he’d have to go back to bagging groceries or waiting tables for minimum wage, and even those jobs were quickly being swallowed up in the rising tide of automation and the falling of the economy in general.

Maybe it was finally time to learn to code.

A quick glance back at the clock showed that exactly one minute had passed since he last checked. He barely suppressed a groan, but he did let his head hit the desk a tad harder than he meant to. Wincing more from the noise than the pain, he let his eyes drift over to the one bit of personality allowed in the prison cell masquerading as his cubicle: a pin-up poster with a tabby cat dangling from a tree branch, captioned, “Hang in there, baby!”

'Believe me, I’m trying.'

Paul’s brooding was cut short by a pair of loafers quickly making their way down his aisle. With a start, he righted himself, switched the tab on his computer over to a random Excel file, and stared at the jumble of numbers as though he could actually divine some meaning from them. Just in time, too, as the heavy steps stopped right behind his chair.

“Working hard, Jensen?” a smoker’s rasp chortled mirthlessly. It’s the same thing his supervisor always asked, like a private joke neither of them found particularly funny.

“As always, Mr. Lawson,” Paul finished the punchline with an equal dearth of humor, spinning around in his chair with a false grin plastered on his face. It nearly matched the one the pudgy, balding man in a slightly-too-small pinstripe suit bore, though Paul hoped he did a better job of hiding his contempt.


His supervisor narrowed his beady eyes at Paul’s computer screen. Paul’s grin widened just a hair. “Actually, I’ve just finished up with the Fetterman account. Would you like to take a look?”

“...Not at the moment. Got more important things to do.” Mr. Lawson shifted his attention away, and Paul subtly released the breath he’d been holding. While he didn’t lie about having the work done, he knew that Mr. Lawson would find some mistake, or make one up wholesale, and demand Paul stay another hour to fix it out of spite. Fortunately, his supervisor was almost as eager to avoid actually doing his job as Paul was. “Carry on, Jensen.”

“Yes, sir. Have a nice weekend.” Paul resisted the urge to mock-salute as Mr. Lawson grunted an acknowledgement and waddled out of the cramped confines of the cubicle. Only once he was safely out of sight did Paul let his strained smile droop. “...Dickhead.”

Grumbling, Paul turned back to his computer to check the time: 4:40.

Paul groaned for the umpteenth time that day.

Rush hour on a Friday was predictably a madhouse, to put it mildly, but the gods must have been smiling on Paul, because he only had to add an extra half-hour to his usual hour-long commute to the suburbs. “Affordable” living space anywhere closer to the city proper hadn’t existed since the last housing bubble burst, and he was damn lucky as it was to have even found a rental he could actually make the payments on outside of the shadiest neighborhoods.

Paul breathed a heavy sigh as he pulled his trusty Honda Civic into the driveway of his humble abode, near identical to the homes surrounding it save for the color of paint, a tacky mauve that was fading and peeling with the years. Paul had neither the money nor the motivation to replace it with a more palatable color.

He turned off the car and gathered his belongings, bumping the driver door closed with his hip, not really focused on much at all. That is, until he noticed that something was standing next to his front door.

Whatever it was, it was tall, flat, vaguely rectangular, and completely covered by a thick white tarp which rippled in the light evening breeze. The tarp was secured by several thick bungee cords pulled taut around it.

'I don’t remember ordering anything,' he thought as he approached the entrance, 'Maybe Lucy did and forgot to tell me?'

It probably wasn’t a mail bomb or anthrax or what have you, but Paul approached with caution anyway. Once he was close enough, he spied a note pinned to the sheet which he at first assumed to be some kind of shipping label. But no, it was a letter, hand-written with elegant, flowing strokes he didn’t immediately recognize.
"Hey Paul!

Hope you’ve been hanging in there, bud! Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth all of a sudden, but when opportunity calls, you have to follow, know what I’m saying? And let me tell you, this was one doozy of an opportunity! I’d tell you all about it, but, well, I think it’s better if you see it for yourself.

What I’ve sent to you, and what you’ve hopefully received intact, is simply magical. Literally! I found it gathering dust in an attic at an estate sale, as cliché as that sounds. Trust me, though; it’s the real deal. I guarantee your life will never be the same (in a good way!). I know mine isn’t! Have I piqued your curiosity enough that you won’t just chuck it out with the trash the second you put down this letter? I hope so.

Paul, I know things aren’t great right now, both in your personal life and in the world at large, but that’s why I sent this to you before anyone else. If anyone deserves what it can give you, it's you, bud. As for what it does, well, just touch the glass and you’ll see.

That said, I should warn you NOT to unwrap it in public. Maybe I should have put that first. Oh well. And do try not to break it; I really don’t want to know what happens if you do.

And here’s one last piece of advice, free of charge: just do what feels right. You’ll understand what I mean soon, I hope. Anyway, I’ve got a working cell phone again, so give me a call after you try it out! Can’t wait to hear your voice!

All the best,

Uncle Dane"

Paul rolled his eyes. He should have known; Uncle Dane was always foisting off all kinds of random crap he picked up at flea markets and garage sales. He always meant well, of course, but Paul would never forget the previous Christmas, when Dane gave him a beat-up Alvin and the Chipmunks blender that sang snippets of squeak-ified hits of yesteryear while it blended. Paul hadn’t liked those helium-voiced little bastards since he was four years old. The only reason he didn’t throw it out was because, well, he needed a blender, and it made banana smoothies just fine.

Shipping Paul some random junk certainly fits his uncle’s M.O., but something seemed off. For one, the letter looked like it was written with the kind of script you’d see from a noblewoman from the 1800s, a far cry from his uncle’s usual chicken scratch. Either he improved his handwriting to a substantial degree, which Paul sincerely doubted; he had someone else write the letter for him; or someone was poorly impersonating his uncle.

Paul frowned. To what end would someone pretend to be his uncle? Revenge of some sort? He, Paul, was a nobody, a corporate drone whose days in that position were numbered and rapidly ticking down; the only person who he’d ever really wronged was Mr. Lawson, his supervisor, and if he wanted to make Paul’s life even more miserable he’d just fire him. A prank from one of his few office buddies, then? He didn’t think he’d ever mentioned Uncle Dane to his co-workers except in passing.
And what was with all the “it changed my life” stuff? Uncle Dane was eccentric, sure, and prone to falling off the grid for weeks at a time gallivanting off God knows where, but this was teetering on the edge of true-blue crazy. Maybe it was some cult thing.

As Paul ruminated on the letter, the sun began to dip below the horizon, and the wind picked up an additional bite of early winter cold, cutting through his thin dress shirt and setting him shivering.

Well, might as well bring it inside and see what the fuss is about.

Paul unlocked the front door and stepped inside the darkened home.

“Lucy! I’m home!” he announced with all the faux-enthusiasm he could muster. When no cheering 50s sitcom audience materialized from the aether to applaud, he sighed and flicked on the living room lights, revealing a space that could charitably be called sparse despite his girlfriend’s best attempts at livening up the place. An old, ratty couch, covered with quilts that hid the worst of the tears and stains, faced an old flat-screen TV perched on a stand against the far wall. Otherwise, there wasn’t much else: a fake potted plant here, an end table there, scattered framed photos of moments both important and inconsequential since Paul and Lucy met five years ago.

Paul set his stuff down on the couch for the time being and went back for the mysterious object. While unwieldy, it wasn’t too terribly heavy, and with a bit of careful maneuvering he set it down in the middle of the living room. He quickly scanned the letter one last time in case he missed any warnings, and, satisfied he hadn’t, began unhooking the bungee cords.

It was silly, but as he worked, Paul’s heart began to beat just a little faster. He didn’t like how cryptic his uncle’s letter was, and his warning not to reveal it in public…was it some kind of nude portrait or something? Was his uncle’s life-changing epiphany a sexual reawakening? He shuddered just imagining it.

The last bungee cord fell free, and Paul gripped the edge of the tarp with both hands. Some dramatic part of him was tempted to yank it off with a flourish like a stage magician, but he didn’t want to risk breaking whatever was underneath. Instead, he tugged gently, watching the fabric recede inch by inch until it at last fluttered to the floor.

'Oh. It’s just a full-body mirror.'

Admittedly, it was a very nice mirror, certainly pricier than any of the other furniture in the house. It was taller than he was by a good few inches, at least six-and-a-half feet. The frame and stand were a dark lacquered wood, latticed by weaving gold etchings and engravings. These ran in rivulets to the top of the frame, upon which rested a rather detailed carving of a winged horse…or rather a winged unicorn, if the horn jutting from its forehead was any indication.

'There’s probably a term for that…pegacorn? Nah, that’s stupid.'
In any case, if it was an antique, it was remarkably well preserved -- except for the glass itself, which was too clouded over to reflect anything. Was the mirror really that filthy?

Frowning, Paul took one step toward the mirror, intending to try and wipe away the grime, and froze. As soon as he approached the mirror, the fog clouding the glass -- which he realized had begun moving, swirling like a vortex towards the center of the mirror -- suddenly cleared, and in its place was…huh?

Standing in a mirrored image of Paul’s living room was most certainly not his reflection.

The first thing he noticed were its eyes. They were huge, with the hue and warmth of a high-dollar latte, and stared back at him owlishly, almost apprehensively. They rested above a short, rounded muzzle dappled with white freckles and beneath loose, cream-colored curls of hair which cascaded down its neck. Its hair--mane?-- was parted by a pair of pointed ears which were folded back against its scalp. He noticed a flick of something white behind it--a tail, maybe? Its entire body seemed to be covered in short fur, a rich shade of milk chocolate, and it stood on four legs which ended in rounded stumps. Hooves?

The horse-thing, so named because it most closely resembled a small equine, stood about as tall as a very large dog, its muzzle just about level with Paul’s belly button. If Lucy were here to see it, she’d probably be squeeing about how adorable it was, but the creature’s aesthetic appeal wasn’t as important to Paul as why the hell he was seeing it in the first place.

Wasn’t this thing supposed to be some old mirror? Was Uncle Dane fucking with him and sent him some kind of augmented reality screen? Paul tried to blink away the apparition, but it refused to dissipate. In fact, it blinked along with him.

Paul frowned, puzzled; so too did the horse, its nose scrunching slightly with the effort.

Paul raised his right arm; the horse followed suit, lifting its foreleg up in a way no normal horse could possibly do.

Paul raised his left arm as well; the horse, somehow, reared up and balanced only on its hind legs to match, giving Paul an inadvertent eyeful of the slightly rounded curve of its belly and the noticeable lack of any, ahem, equipment.

He let his hands drop, and it--rather, she--uh, the horse-thing returned to its original stance in tandem, her eyes now narrowed in suspicion.

Paul spun slowly in place, keeping his eyes on the mirror. When the horse twirled in tandem, he spied some sort of picture on her flanks which stood out against its fur. As best as he could tell, it was some kind of pastry topped with a thick glaze and some manner of powder sprinkled on top. A cinnamon roll, maybe? Who the hell would tattoo a horse with a cinnamon roll?

He didn’t check what was under her tail; he really didn’t want to know how detailed the projection was.
In any case, clearly the mirror--or whatever it actually was--had some kind of motion-capture sensor and face scanning. The image looked real enough, but AR tech had come a long way since he was a kid; some of the more upscale clothing stores he’d poked his head into had similar setups in lieu of fitting rooms, virtually projecting clothes onto the prospective customer almost seamlessly. It was basically just a more advanced version of Snapchat filters, which he was barely old enough to remember had been all the rage with the youth of the day.

Tentatively, Paul took a step forward, the horse still copying his every move. He wondered how, exactly, the program or whatever translated his movements onto the wildly different skeleton. If he didn’t think he’d throw out his back trying, he’d have been tempted to do a cartwheel or something equally complex just to see how the little equine would react.

“Touch the glass,” his uncle’s letter had said. Paul was skeptical that it would answer any of his questions, but he might as well try it. Whatever happens, he was definitely giving Uncle Dane a call, if only to ask what the fuck this thing was supposed to be.

He lifted his hand, index finger inches from the glass. The horse followed suit, ready to press the underside of its hoof against the pane. Paul paused when a gnawing pit in his gut signaled that something was very, very wrong with this whole situation, but he dismissed his instincts as the faulty products of his irrational lizard brain. It was just a mirror; either nothing would happen but leaving a smudge, or something interesting would chase away the week’s lingering monotony and bring some much-needed excitement to his life.

'Yeah, if only.'

Rolling his eyes, Paul pressed his finger against the glass, meeting the horse’s hoof. He tensed, prepared for…something.

But nothing happened. Paul felt some of the tension trickle out of his body, and he sighed. Of course nothing happened. He was being sill--

A shock like a lightning bolt arced through his entire body, setting every nerve ending alight with crackling energy. It was like he stuck a fork into an electrical outlet, but without any of the agonizing pain. He felt the power gather in his body, building and building into something incredible, a molten furnace of bliss threatening to tear him apart at the seams. Tears streamed down his cheeks out of fear, out of joy.

The sensations came and went in a heartbeat. Then, before he could scream, cry out, or do anything else, his world went dark, and he felt nothing at all.
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I wanna become a pony so bad bros..
This is excellent, keep going.
Hold on little poner, one day
Why don't more people here use fimfiction?
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>You hear the sound of a flute.
>You turn to see Pinkie Pie marching down the street, playing a beuatiful melody on the flute. Behind her is a long tail of Anonfillies, at least a hundred of them. They all follow her in a hypnotic trance.
>No one else around you seems to notice this... just you.
>Something about the music makes you want to follow Pinkie... it's hard to resist.
Wow! A hundred new friends!
This looks great so far! Keep it up Anon, you've got my interest piqued!
That's a very promising setup, and good quality writing too. Nice.
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>"Also, what's a man?"
A featherless biped of course.

These are some interesting experiments.
>Never seen this strat before
What were they speedrunning, Twitter?
File: _.gif (2.47 MB, 746x600)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
>Paul Jensen
What, is he going to wake up and say “I never asked for this”?
Added to the story archive.
File: jensen2.png (328 KB, 1175x1009)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
File: _.png (328 KB, 1127x904)
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328 KB PNG
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
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332 KB PNG
File: 22.03.2023 b.png (642 KB, 2427x3508)
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642 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
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311 KB JPG
File: 1037524.png (348 KB, 2783x2961)
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348 KB PNG
Pandemic side stories: It's all bat ponies.

And I kind of feel like this is a problem becuase the bat ponies are kind of one step out from the pony communities where the interesting stuff is happening. Like, they're only awake when the other ponies are asleep, they always talk about being icsolated from the other ponies, are usually off doing their own thing, etc...
It's a race added by the expansion, the same way Diablo 2 added classes with Lord of Destruction.
There was a proment bat pony in the original, though.
Then I've got no explanation.
Yours is what i look forward to read the most. Every day without an update is a disapointment. Thank you for writing
That's extremely based
Pandemic should've been all bat ponies in the first place. If Sunset Shimmer comes to earth I'm sabotaging the ETS virus to make it only propagate bat genes
Anon we'll all starve, batponies can't farm. I promise I'll help you find a fluffy batpony gf if that happens, just don't doom us all
File: _.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the mare-est of them all?
>You head into the wasteland towards the changeling hive.
>Just a few months prior you were raped by the changeling queen while passing through this area shortly after arriving to Equestria.
>You arrive at the entrance, the two drones standing guard notice you and start hissing.
>You hear a familiar loud voice echoing from within. "Let him in! Bring him to me!"
>Both the drones look at each other and shrug then motion you to follow.
>After walking through what seemed like an endless maze of tunnels, you arrive at the queen's breeding chambers.
>You see Queen Chrysalis sitting in the middle of the chamber, wearing a santa hat and red socks. Her belly is big and round.
>"Ah Anon, my personal fucktoy breeder! Here to marvel at my belly full of hundreds of your children?" she says as she caresses her belly.
>All you can do is stare at her belly. It's mesmerizing watching it jiggle with all those eggs inside.
>"I see you like what you see. I can sense your love for my belly." She says as she licks her lips.
>You nod and ask about the clothes.
>"Oh this silly hat and socks. That stupid holiday Hearthswarming Eve is soon and since I sensed you were here, I dressed for our love session."
>Wait, did she say love session you think to yourself.
>Then her horn starts to glow and all of a sudden all your clothes are ripped off. You stand there in your birthday suit as she laughs.
>Then you feel your body floating as she levitates you in the air.
>She flings you onto a sticky gooey bed on the side of the room.
>Before you , she is airborne and before you know it she slams down on your body knocking your breath out.
>She rubs her wet pussy against your cock. Each time causing it to get more erect.
>You reach up and feel her squishy belly. It's like feeling a big soft organic sack full of marble sized eggs.
>"Yes! Rub my belly Anon! Feed me your love!"
>Your cock is now rock hard. She lifts herself up and then slams her pussy over your cock. Her vulva clenching on.
>"Now to give you a gift for providing me my next brood!" She says as she starts riding your cock. Her belly smacking your stomach each time she comes back down.
>Her horn starts to glow as well as your green skin. She starts to ride you harder and faster, makiing your skin slowly glow brighter.
>You notice that her belly has also started to grow as she absorbs your love.
>The glowing is getting more intense and all of a sudden you begin to change!
>You transform into a pony, then you notice you have wings, and before you know it the wings are gone but there seems to be a protrusion from your head.
>Every time she come down on you, you change into a different equestrian equine race!
>The whole time this is happening, Chrysalis has been moaning and enjoying herself.
>The riding gets even faster and your pelvis is taking quite the beating. The pressure in your cock is now getting unbearable.
>"Yes! Fuck me Anon! Fill me with your love!" she cries out as you can't take it anymore and blow your load into her.
>You turn back into a human as she sits there taking in your love juice.
>Her belly is now massive, it now feels like a giant squishy sack full of water balloons.
>She slowly rolls over next to you panting. "Enjoy...your...gift..." she says between breaths.
>She looks down at her enormous belly. "Your love has...accelerated the incubation, you really are...a great fucktoy!"
>All of a sudden slime starts to gush out of her vagina. "OH!" an egg pops out and she levitates it up to look at it.
>"While fucking you, I saw a name in your mind that started with a T. Thorax! This one shall be named Thorax! Surely he will become a mighty leader of my army and not be a giant pussy in the face of battle!"
>Everyone around the campfire is in shock. Thorax is wide eyed, sweating, and quivering over what he just heard. Twilight doesn't know whether she should kick your ass for breeding the army that attacked Canterlot or be happy that Thorax has finally met his father.
>Maybe telling a story about your sex with Chrysalis wasn't a good story to tell on a camping trip…
>While visiting Canterlot, you pass by Fleur de Lis on the sidewalk. She turns her nose up at you as you pass. She still doesn't seem to like you.
>You figure you'd see what she's up to so you go into an alley way and transform into a unicorn like you had to do to impregnate her months ago. Something about not wanting a non-pony to seed her or something.
>You meet up with her.
>"Oh Mr. Dong! It's a pleasure to see you!"
>It's still quite funny that you came up with Schlong Dong as your unicorn name. Canterlot ponies don't seem to understand the phallic nature of your name. You greet her back.
>"I'm currently out shopping and would like to have a handsome stallion such as yourself to escort me around."
>You agree to accompany her on her shopping trip.
>The both of you enter the Canterlot branch of Rarity's Boutique and browse around the dresses.
>"Schlong, the foal is kicking, can you be a gentlecolt and rub my belly? Please be gentle."
>You oblige and rub her belly. The belly rubbing isn't as joyful with hooves as you thought it'd be.
>"Good, I think the foal is calming down. Oh! That looks like a nice dress!" She makes her way to a shiny red dress.
>She heads into the fitting room and puts on the dress. She comes out of the room looking quite stunning.
>"Seems this one is a bit tight for a maternity dress." She heads back in and changes out. This goes on for like the next hour before the both of you leave for another store.
>At the next store. "Schlong, would you recommend this shampoo or the other brand?"
>You have no clue and randomly pick one.
>"Good choice! She places it in her basket. Oh! the foal is restless again. Can you please rub my belly again?"
>You oblige again. Usually you love to give belly rubs but the hooves just don't have the same feel. You are bored and regretting this.
>After a couple more hours go by...
>"Thank you Schlong Dong for shopping with me. I should have all that I need for the next Grand Galloping Gala. I hope that ugly green human won't be there."
>You ask what she has against him.
>"His kind is simply not classy. Quite below us in the social ladder."
>She has no clue how high up your status really is.
>"I have to go, Thank you again. Until next time Mr. Dong!" She says and then departs.
>Whew! Finally you can go back to being a human again.
>You and Zecora are in the swamp. She asked you earlier if you could help look for ingredients with her and happily obliged.
>"Anon. Let us stop here. This big belly is tiring, and the filly is kicking."
>You give her belly a rub and the foal kicks your hand.
>"See Anon. She is quite active."
>Zecora sits on the ground and you sit next to her and take off the backpack she gave you for the trip.
>"There is something I wish to try." She says as she grabs the backpack and rummages through it. "Ah! There it is." She says as she pulls out some elixir.
>You ask what it's for.
>She smiles and says,"For you to find out, be kind and transform."
>Wait she knows about your pony transformation?
>"I know of the power you hold. Now do as you are told!"
>Alright. You transform into a pony.
>"Ah quite good! Your member is already growing."
>She gives you the elixir and you drink it. At first you don't feel anything, but then your body starts to tingle and parts of you start changing.
>After a couple minutes Zecora speaks. "You make quite the mare, now that we got rid of that naughty flare."
>Wait. mare? You feel your face and notice your snoot is smaller. You then sit and look down and notice you no longer have a cock and see little teats. You feel around your crotch and notice that you have a pussy now.
>While you are checking out your new self, Zecora pulls out a strap-on and straps it on her waste.
>"Time to test out that hole. Lay down and don't act like a foal!"
>Is this really happening? You shrug and lay on your back. Zecora moves in and slides the shaft of the strop-on into your pussy. The feeling is quite different from what you've experienced before.
>She moves in and out slowly. Her big belly pressing against your teats is turning you on.
>She starts to speed up and go in harder. Her belly smacking against your teats and belly while the sliding of the strap-on in and out of you is giving you an explosion of pleasure.
>Zecora then stops. She's already exhausted from the thrusting and weight of her belly.
>"Sorry Anon...I did not expect...to tire this easily." She says between breathes.
>You tell it's okay and transform back into a human.
>You pull a towel out of the backpack and wipe away the sweat on her body.
>"Thank you. Enough fun for today. Let us finish our search."
>The both of you finish finding the ingredients she needed and head back to the Everfree Forest.
>While at home, you think about what you could use your mare transformation for. Then you come up with an idea. What if you visit a future you and ask him to become a mare...
>The idea has you excited. You pull out the amulet and set it to the future. You take a breath and activate the amulet.
>You arrive infront of your house and knock on the door.
>Future Anon answers the door and sees you standing there. A smile comes across his face.
>"So it's finally time. Come on in Anon."
>Finally time? Does he already know?
>"You are thinking about if I already know, and ses I do. I've already experienced this before but from your point of view."
>He heads to the refrigerator and grabs a couple drinks and hands you one.
>The both of you talk for awhile. Seems like he's been retired from the impregnating game for a couple of years.
>"So Anon." He says before finishing his drink. "Are you going to ask me or not?"
>You figured you didn't need to since he already knows, but you ask him anyway if he can turn into a mare and have you knock him up.
>"That's what I wanted to hear. After all the mares that we knocked up over the years, I think it's time I get to experience the joy of pregnancy too. Don't worry, you'll get to experience it too back in your timeline."
>He transforms into a mare and tosses his clothes to the side. He's quite a bueatiful green mare with black hair.
>"Don't just sit there, let's head to the bedroom and get this over with!"
>Hearing how your wonderful mare voice saounds from the other point of view is turning you on. You follow her to the bedroom and take your clothes off and get on the bed.
>You start to wonder if this makes you a faggot for fucking a mare that used to be a male human. Your thoughts are interrupted when she pounces on you.
>The next couple hours seems like the best sex the both of you have ever had.
>A few days later you wake up to Anon Mare puking in the toilet.
>"Ugh, I guess you managed to be successful in making me pregnant." She says before going back to puking.
>After a couple more days, you use your amulet to pass up the first trimester. She has a little pudge when you see her again.
>"My belly is starting to expand Anon. These emotions I've been experiencing are weird."
>You rub her little pudge and bring up the amulet.
>"Go ahead, I did the same thing. I can fare by myself."
File: PregAnonPark.png (1.01 MB, 1024x1024)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>You nod and teleport ahead a week and see her again...then you repeat. Each time giving you a glimpse of her growing belly and treating her to belly rubs, ear scritches, and pettings.
>You finally reach a week before she pops.
>The both of you head to the park. She sits on the bench exposing her big belly.
>"Anon, it's almost time. I've had one hell of an experience. These motherly emotions are intense and don;t get me started on the cravings!"
>You sit next to her and rub her belly. The both of you stare into each other's eyes and then the both of you kiss.
>The foal kicks and the both of you laugh and enjoy the rest of the day together at the park.
File: fp.png (239 KB, 1000x681)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
File: Anons_go_to_Seaworld.png (1.65 MB, 1552x1552)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
She can't manipulate me, I'm not a mere parasprite.
File: Illustration211.png (168 KB, 942x807)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
5 months without update. That's 30 days a month.
Which means 150 separate disappointments.
Plz forgiv meh.
Don’t worry, your new pony coat will keep you warm
NICE! I like how it's posed, and you always do some sweet stuff, ShowStyleAnon!
A solid hook, how will Paul deal with it though?
hmm, is there a collar version?
Not showstyle, just have permission to share.
>doesn't post it
alright keep your secrets then
File: 15.03.2023 nakulayan.png (882 KB, 3508x3508)
882 KB
882 KB PNG
That bed is tiny.
File: _.jpg (63 KB, 1051x866)
63 KB
Considering the pony isn't screaming it means that it's watching a man turn into a pony, why?
File: _.png (972 KB, 1158x651)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
File: _.png (971 KB, 1109x1002)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
File: _.png (63 KB, 475x611)
63 KB
>become pony
>A mare
>Discord did it
>You say how hate being female and still being masculine despite the body change
>He demonstrate how emasculated you became
File: _.png (334 KB, 468x1810)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (22 KB, 577x366)
22 KB
File: 1656719788454.gif (1.37 MB, 498x498)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
“Pinkie, what was in those gummies?”
>”Sugar, gelatin, cinnamon oil, cloves, poison joke extract, and loooove!” she giggles.
“Poison joke!?!”
>“Aww, I was really hoping you’d say ‘wait what was that last one’ and I’d say ‘loooove’ and you’d go ‘no the other one’ and I’d say ‘cinnamon’ and you’d say ‘stop messing around this is serious did you put poison joke in this yes or no’ and I’d say ‘yepperooni’ and you’d go ‘grrrrr pinkie what have I told you about food pranks’ and I’d”
“Are you seeing what I’m seeing right now?”
>“Yes you’re absolutely *adorable* oh my gosh!”
“What do you mean adorable?”
>“You’re soooo cute! Oh my gosh I wanna pinch your little cheeks!”
“Am I a fucking filly or something now? Is that what the joke is?”
>“Oh my gosh I hope you’re not fucking fillies that’s really bad and I would have to call the ponice on my friend and that would be a really hard decision to make because I’d be all ‘but pinkie he trusts you’ and ‘but he’s a danger to the community’ and ‘the age of consent exists out of respect for the numerous power imbalances older ponies have over younger ponies and as those imbalances-’”
“Pinkie please shut up. Do I have fur and a tight pony pussy or not?”
>“Last time I checked it was just the ol’ prison pussy. Unless you’re hiding something from me.”
“Okay that’s a unique flavour of disturbing and a relief at the same time. Next questions. Are you glowing with pulsing patterns right now?”
>“Hmmmm, I don’t think so. But I can’t see or hear anything (probably because of the poison joke) so your mileage may vary. And your next line is ‘Then you’re responding to me how, exactly?’ and the answer is I have a very high social IQ and am ten steps ahead of you, or at least ten steps ahead of the simulation of you in my brain. Unless I’ve got you all wrong and I’ve been spouting non-sequiturs into the room for the last minute or so. Gosh, I hope I’m not doing that, spouting non-sequiturs isn’t actually that funny!”
“Yeah so I’m gonna go ahead and chalk this up as a suppressed memory because I don’t see where else this would be headed.”
File: _.png (503 KB, 1280x655)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
when you post in the thread
Your chances of becoming a pony increase
That means you owe 149 plus 4 chapters since last update. Waiting and counting.
File: 332573357.jpg (585 KB, 1899x2543)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
File: 332573357.jpg (699 KB, 1925x2543)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
That's new, mind sharing the full version?
You know, if digital consciousness upload technology ever becomes a thing, that's probably our best bet for becoming ponies. Of course, it's not a necessarily good option and easily taken advantage of, but you do what you gotta do.
Many thanks, great stuff
In my uneducated opinion, full-body prosthetics with neural interfacing are likely going to come sooner than actual digital upload. It "only" requires figuring out a way to reliably interface with the brain (and also good enough robots to stick your brain-in-a-jar into, but that's just a matter of time and engineering). Meanwhile digital upload requires not only the ability to fully recreate the computational capabilities of the human brain, but also some method to take a specific human and recreate their brain digitally with enough precision that they essentially have the same consciousness.
The former of these is a pipe dream, the latter is so complex that we don't even have anything resembling initial research yet. We still don't know what consciousness is, anyway, and while so far there's no reason to think it shouldn't be possible, it's not a settled philosophical question as to whether there's more to consciousness than the raw connections in your brain, and whether it can be replicated like that, and whether a machine can truly live. Even if it can, the ethical implications and roadblocks are going to be absolutely staggering.

Meanwhile neural interfaces are already being researched, even if they're in very very early infancy, and a full synthetic body "only" requires that tech to be fully developed to maturity.

A related concept is full-dive VR, which I think will share a lot of similarities with full cybernetic bodies, but with different constraints which might make it either easier or harder. For example, full dive VR would be temporary, so on the bright side you don't need a reliable way for a brain in a jar to survive indefinitely, but conversely maybe a plug-and-play interface will turn out to be much harder than a permanent connection. VR also has its obvious disadvantages in that it's not really IRL, but I think at the point where full-dive becomes possible, the actual VR world tech will be advanced enough that "living in VR" will be much more feasible.

The final option is actual biological engineering but I think that ponies are so biologically implausible that that is very unlikely to pan out, no matter how advanced we get at bioclang. A robotic/technological solution is more likely.
File: 16.03.2023 p.png (791 KB, 2250x2052)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
Don't lose your faith anon a hundred years ago electricity was black magic and could most be used to pwoer lightbulbs, imagine what we'll achieve in another hundred? Progress speeds up, singularity seems significantly closer today than a year or two ago. The question is whether our AI overlords will be nice enough pony us up one way or another
>a hundred years ago electricity was black magic and could most be used to pwoer lightbulbs
Electricity was black magic maybe 300-400 years ago or more. Primitive lightbulbs were invented over 200 years ago, by then electricity was well understood scientifically at least on a surface level. 150 years ago - exactly, actually, it was 1873 - Maxwell published his theory of electromagnetism which is basically the modern understanding of electricity. The only things we've improved since then is quantum mechanics and the understanding of individual electrons, but Maxwell's electromagnetic field equations are still the best macro descriptors of the electromagnetic force we have today.

I'm not saying you're wrong in your idea, progress has certainly been only accelerating lately. But that doesn't mean that we'll get magic sci-fi within the next 20 years. Look at the past 20 years: there's been an explosion in computing technologies and things that use them directly (perhaps most notably, the internet), but outside of that? Medical advances, physics discoveries, revolutionary engineering breakthroughs (outside of computing)? Really, outside of smartphones and ubiquitous online services, life is not all that different from 20 years ago. Or 40 years ago. Or even 60 years ago! Cars got better, and, again, computers of course. Otherwise, eh.

So maybe we'll have something like full-body cybernetics in 50-80 years. Maybe they'll be in development by then but not accessible to consumers. Maybe they'll come even sooner but that sounds unlikely. Digital uploading? I highly doubt that's coming any time within our lifetimes, unless we discover biological immortality first.
>Bological immortality
Considering lobsters, the little fuckers could be immortal if they didn't moult or grow their entire lives I'd say there's nothing that should stop us from replicating this in humans. We can insert genes that make bacteria produce enzymes, considering our growing capacity to manipulate the genetic material of living humans immortality might be within our reach. Of course, we need time and more testing, especially to deal with.. well cancer that seems to be related, but I believe humanity will find a way eventually, hopefully within our lifetimes. Other than that I can hope that god, whoever he is, if he is, is a cool dude and will let us be ponies in the afterlife
File: 17684442.png (503 KB, 432x555)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
On a similar note... Here's your weekly preview of Heroes Never Die. Here, Ari listens to a higher level Techno-Shimmerist.

>Heroes Never Die.
I have to say I read this as Horses Never Die at first
File: 2620790.png (2.65 MB, 3798x3863)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
Horses are the real heroes anyway so...
Twilight and Starlight cockblocked all the humans willing to be ponies, so SOME horses are the real heroes
File: crymore.png (96 KB, 1753x745)
96 KB
>Twilight why?!
>Why must you always cockblock me?!
unf I wish Twilight would cock block me
why would anyone want to be spike?
Crystal ponies love him.
Changelings love him.
Griffins love him.
So they have shit taste?
Cadance loves him more than her own husband
ok, so the hair turn into scales, and his ears turn into ???, what the hell are those things at the side of spike's head?
File: 1659567979347083.png (364 KB, 940x1269)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
File: _.png (433 KB, 1000x676)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: _.png (146 KB, 700x950)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Normally she does that by turning Anons into mares.
File: free hugs.png (436 KB, 1116x612)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
File: 1672734621953.png (566 KB, 1500x1498)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
File: _.png (229 KB, 784x848)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>you become sunset
>now the pandemic it’s your responsibility
Eeeeh... Can we wait a month or so? I'm still reading the story, I have no idea what went wrong originally
File: trajectory.png (554 KB, 1333x592)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
I do the pandemic, but go about it more intelligently.

1. Fuck the Tanners. This was her biggest mistake. If I really want to help their family out I can do so by not failing in my task to create a pony utopia for them to live in.
Not giving a fuck about them for now will have two advantages. Twilight won't know where I am at all times and I can set ground zero at a more strategic point.

2. Frankfurt is the optimal ground zero for the pandemic, not bumfuck Colorado. Frankfurt airport is the most inteconnected in the world.
See that picture? THAT are the area the pandemci will be directly connected to starting on day one. I'd be weeks ahead even if Twilight an heroes me in the same time period.

3. When Twilight shows up and makes it clear she's not on my side, I fuck off to Siberia. No debating her. Starting this in Germany also means Twilight would be in contact with the German government rather than the USA. This way, the USA's insane resources are one step further out of her reach. It also puts me closer to Russia who would be hesitant to let NATO give chase to Twilight. Even if this international tension buys me a single day that can mean tens or hundres of millions of extra ponies.

4. Before leaving, I make a youtube video explaining myself and set it to be auto-posted shortly after the vision happens if I'm not there to stop it.
It'll more or less be a call to action, encouraging ponies who don't want things to go back to the way they were to resist the government, for pegasi and night ponies who want the change to happen to fly from town to town spreading ETS as much as possible.
Maybe it won't start an actual rebellion, but a few hundred pegasi taking my advice could mean ponies in hundreds of additional towns that would otherwise be untouched.

5. When Twilight does show up, before bugging out, I make an anonymous call to the German government telling them that Starlight and Twilight are the ones responsible for the pandemic and will be contacting them under false pretensions soon. I warn them that these two are alien invaders who will claim they're trying to stop it while in reality their goals are much more sinister. Again, even if this tension buys me only a few hours it could translate into thousands and thousands of more poneis.
>I have no idea what went wrong originally
Sunset enacted her plans about a month too late, which was her undoing
Her real problem was carring too much about helping Luara directly.
>pegasi and night ponies

>tiny winged horse zipps out of the sky
>tiny winged horse begins molesterating random human, rubbing all over him and getting her wings all up in his face
>tiny winged horse flies away
>no explanation is given
File: 1634189768958.jpg (224 KB, 1024x1024)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Does anyone know what date ETS actually starts? I think it's in April or May sometimes?

I'm just thinking it might be cool to start posting my fanfic on the actual date Pandemic happens.
Wasn't it soon after winter? I can remember them bitching about snow and cold
I thought it was in the spring? Somebody's gotta know.
All of these are good ideas, though point 2 (and by extension 1) is the biggest one. The others are alright but less consequential.

I think there is one more thing that could be done to vastly improve its effectiveness. I forget, is any reasoning given in the story as to the virus's lack of significant incubation period? Sunset managed to become a very proficient virologist, AND made a magic virus to boot. Surely there should be a way she could've feasibly made it have, I dunno, like a month or two incubation period.
Then have multiple "ground zeros". Start an infection in Frankfurt. Start an infection in Sydney. Start one in Washington and one in San Fransisco. Start one in a couple of Chinese cities, and a couple more in Indian ones, there's a few billion more ponies. Start one in Moscow, one somewhere in Brazil.

Now wait a month or two and you've probably got literally several hundred million people as carriers. If not in the billions. THEN the ETS triggers. Even if the rest of the timeline is the same, Twilight would've made it through, gotten in contact with the world, and probably have been none the wiser; maybe established diplomatic relations and then fucked off back to Equestria. Then suddenly boom, right after her visit half the world is turning into ponies. Best case she becomes internationally wanted overnight; worst case the governments are pragmatic enough to cautiously accept her help, but the scale of the issue is probably way too big for her to stop it in time. And at that point Sunset can also just run direct interference.

Though the "don't talk to Twilight" point is harder to justify because Sunset had a personal investment in Twilight as her niece. Sure it'd have been smarter to just work directly against Twilight and sabotage her every step of the way, but that's not what Sunset wanted or cared for; she wanted her little Twily to join her in her righteous mission. But ultimately, with a sufficient dissemination and a length incubation period, there's little Twilight would have been able to do even without any interference from Sunset.
>Though the "don't talk to Twilight" point is harder to justify because Sunset had a personal investment in Twilight as her niece
Well in this scenario I AM Sunset with all her stuff ready to go... I think. But either way, talking to Twilight too much is a clear mistake on her part regaurdless of Sunset's emotional reasons for doing so.
Twilight can be convinced I'm right when she sees how much better the pony world was.

>is any reasoning given in the story as to the virus's lack of significant incubation period?
There is actually a whole week of having the flu, then a few more days before you start to transform. And it's designed for the transformation to happen faster as more people are infected giving it a nice, slow start.

As for why she didn't have multiple starting points... I remember she needed some kind of device to make ETS continue. Maybe it's too difficult to make more than one?
I'm like 90% sure it was in march, but I'll check
Yup, the story begins in late march
File: 1630370015358.jpg (3.26 MB, 6012x5277)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
Then I'm too late!

April will be close enough, at least... I mean, if it takes pladce a few weeks, then the story I'm writting starts in April so that'll match up at least.
>Well in this scenario I AM Sunset with all her stuff ready to go... I think.
I mean, I suppose, but also "what can a being with no emotional ties and perfect knowledge of what the oppoents might do, their setup/timing and motivations" is a much less interesting question to answer than "what could Sunset have done if she were smarter".
But yeah for this prompt I think you're right.

>As for why she didn't have multiple starting points... I remember she needed some kind of device to make ETS continue.
Wasn't it just to manufacure the virus? I may be misremembering.

>There is actually a whole week of having the flu, then a few more days before you start to transform.
Yeah, one week isn't unusual for viruses, which is why I'm saying it should've been a month or more.
File: 3070643.jpg (168 KB, 1287x828)
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168 KB JPG
Well if we assume I do have Sunsets knowledge and emotions, I still think the smarter plan would be to go through with my idea and then show twilight how mich better everything is and how much all the new ponies love me for helping them out, rather than try to get her approval first.

It'll be harder for Twilight to moralizing at me when all of my 'victims' unanimously agree their lives are better thanks to me.
File: large.png (1.12 MB, 1280x744)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
wtf I love bioterrorism
Fun fact: you can cast this spell on people as an awesome prank.
The new stallion's desires are simple, he wishes to make a mare happy, to be a good husband.
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
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File: 3070878.gif (1.51 MB, 426x240)
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File: FgboLOxXEAA58FP.jpg (346 KB, 1736x2048)
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Thank you for the kind words. This is the most fun I've had writing in a long time. As promised, I've got the second chapter ready for you all to enjoy.

A Mirror, Brightly - Chapter 2: https://ponepaste.org/8749
A Mirror, Brightly - Ch. 2

That one word slipped through the fog that enveloped her thoughts. Several more words attempted to follow in its wake, but they all fragmented well before reaching the surface of her addled mind. None of them were important enough to spend any energy clinging onto, and so she didn’t. She couldn’t.


It was a good word. It was an apt word. Her whole body radiated a gentle heat that enveloped her like a thick blanket on a cold winter’s night, smothering any other attempts at coherent thinking in its all-encompassing heat. It replaced any other weight, any baggage she’d accumulated over the countless weeks with the comforting heft of pure, distilled coziness.

Another good word, that: cozy. She was warm. She was cozy. She was--

Asleep. Or rather, she was balanced on the knife’s-edge of restfulness and wakefulness, a pleasant limbo which she wished she could luxuriate in for the rest of time. A lazy, incoherent murmur fell from her muzzle as she shuffled in place, hoping to find the most comfortable position from which that warm, cozy void would take her once more.

But she could not. Hmm. She frowned and adjusted her position again, using her foreleg as a makeshift pillow, hoping to alleviate whatever niggling discomfort yet plagued her. It worked for a time, a hoofful of seconds maybe, but it soon returned with a vengeance, a knot slowly tightening in her belly. Now that she acknowledged its existence, she found she could not ignore it. Not that she knew what “it” even was beyond the vaguest sense that--

‘Something isn’t right.’

It slipped through the fog unbidden, a bolt of ice that quickly melted in the face of the omnipresent warmth suffusing her being but that chilled her nonetheless. Groaning, she rolled onto her side, a petulant act of defiance that did nothing to fight off the rising tide of awareness threatening to pull her out of her sleepy bliss. This was the best she’d felt in months, and she’d be darned if she gave it up without a fight.

But it was a losing battle. Her senses were returning to her, and though her thoughts were still slow as molasses and suffused with just as much syrupy, sticky sweetness, she regained enough cognizance of the outside world to feel something other than that wonderful heat. Her hoof pawed restlessly at the floor--

Ah-ha. That was it. No wonder she couldn’t get comfortable; she was laying on the ground! A terrible place for a nap, all things considered. The worn-down rug could only do so much to cushion the hardwood floor beneath, even with her own fuzzy plushness adding to the padding. Why the hay didn’t she just sleep in her own bed, or on the couch at the very least?
‘Because something isn’t right.’

Agh, that nagging voice again, dousing yet more of the gentle warmth suffusing her. The cold was creeping in, bitter like bile, gnawing away at her good vibes, and she wanted none of it. She needed a way to stave it off, and she wouldn’t find it on the floor.

With a huff of displeasure and a flick of her tail, she rolled back onto her belly, then rose to sit on her haunches. A yawn split her muzzle wide, and she stretched her forelegs high to work out any lingering cricks. Idly, she wondered what time it was. Her phone was around here somewhere, but she’d have to actually open her eyes to find it.

Prying her eyes open was like lifting lead weights with a toothpick, and what little she managed to see was a blurred, undecipherable mess. She rubbed her eyes with a foreleg and tried again. This time, the bleary film was gone, and she could at last see clearly.

A human sat cross-legged in front of her.

The first things she noticed were his eyes. They were so dark, like the spark of life had been sucked from them, and they were weighed down by bags so heavy she had first mistaken them for mascara. His dirty brown hair was short and in desperate need of a comb. A rumpled blue button-down adorned his skinny body, a red tie loose and askew around his collar. His khaki pants sorely needed an ironing, and his loafers were maybe one or two long walks away from giving up the ghost entirely.

He stared at her with those sunken eyes, and she stared back. Yes, those were his eyes reflected in the mirror.

Paul’s eyes.

The warmth that still suffused him dissipated instantly, and the chill rushed in to fill the vacuum. Paul looked down at himself, saw chocolate-colored fur and hooves, and sharply gasped. He leapt to his feet--or tried to, at least, but his muscle memory was tuned for a body he apparently didn’t have anymore. He didn’t quite fall, but he did wobble; his proper human reflection was just as inelegant as he stood up, and equally as shaken.
“What the fuck?” Paul croaked, then immediately clamped his mouth shut, breathing too quickly in and out of his nose. The voice was soft, sweet, unmistakably feminine, and absolutely not his. He snapped his head around, off-white tresses of hair whipping along with it, and stared at the rest of the alien, vaguely equine body he was trapped in. He locked on to the image of a cinnamon roll emblazoned on his thigh--flank--whatever, and his breath hitched.

He’d become the horse he’d seen in the mirror.

It was patently ludicrous, and yet here he was. Could he be dreaming? It certainly made more sense than any other alternative, but no, this was too vivid, too coherent, and he’d never been lucid in a dream before. Drug-induced hallucination? Unless someone spiked the water cooler at work with LSD, no. Stress-induced hallucination? Now ‘that’ was more likely, but that would mean that he’d finally cracked, and he’d really rather that not be the case.
His quick, shallow breaths were making him faint, so he forced himself to take big, heaving gulps instead. The air filled his chest in unfamiliar ways and made him shiver, but at least his light-headedness cleared after a few moments. He wouldn’t solve this by freaking out. He forced himself to ignore all the strangeness of that body and think.

His gaze drifted over to the mirror, where his real self was also recovering from a near-panic attack, and it clicked. Of course it was the mirror! He’d touched it and…what, swapped places with the horse in the reflection? It sounded crazy, but it was the best lead he had. And if he swapped into this horse with a touch…

He gracelessly stumbled the few steps over to the mirror, which now towered over him. In fact, everything around him seemed giant-sized now. He’d lost three feet of height, but his brain was too used to his full six feet. He shook his head, banishing the errant thoughts--it wouldn’t matter since he was going to turn back now!

He lifted his forehoof, watching as the image in the mirror hunched slightly and lined up an open palm to match. Trepidation roiled in Paul’s unfamiliar guts, a mental wall keeping his hoof locked in place. What if this made things worse, somehow? He’d rather be trapped in the body of a small horse-thing than dead, right?

No, he needed to try. Then he could panic for real. Squeezing his eyes tightly shut, he pushed the limb forward. The hoof faintly clopped against the glass; somehow, he could still feel the cool smoothness of the pane as though he’d touched it with his fingers. He didn’t dare breathe as one heartbeat passed, then another.

Nothing. But that’s what he thought the first time, so surely any moment now--
Just like before, he felt a shock. Unlike before, it was less a lightning bolt and more like he’d rubbed his feet on the carpet and touched a door handle. There wasn’t even a pleasant tingle, let alone that near-orgasmic bliss he could only half-remember.

He waited a few seconds more just in case, but even before he opened his eyes and saw his human self peeking down at him, he knew he was still that same pony.

Paul paused. He looked past his rounded muzzle at his hooves and around at his flanks, gaze lingering on the cinnamon roll tattoo which stood out sharply against his mocha coat. His pointed ears twitched, and his long ivory tail flicked.

“I’m a pony,” he whispered hoarsely, flinching at his new dulcet voice. Of all the appellations he’d given the creature he’d first seen in that damned mirror, that one resonated the most. He was a pony. A ‘female’ pony. Paul was pretty sure he should be panicking right now.
He tapped the mirror again. A spark, then nothing. He tapped harder. A spark, nothing. His eyes darted across the mirror, hoping to spot any clues as to why it refused to change him back. He looked up at the gilded statuette of the winged unicorn--an alicorn, his brain helpfully supplied. It stared out to an unseen horizon, wings spread majestically, its ethereal mane frozen as it swayed in the wind. It may have just been his imagination searching frantically for any explanation, but he could have sworn it seemed duller than before. Even if it was true, though, it didn’t exactly tell him much.

He gave the mirror one final, pitiful tap. There was the shock, and nothing else. Frustration welled up inside him, and he only just managed to stop himself before he slammed his hoof against the glass. His uncle warned him not to break it, and--

His uncle. The letter.

Uncle Dane ‘knew.’

Instinct took over. Paul cantered over to the couch, where thankfully he’d left his phone. If it’d been in his pocket, it might have been whisked away along with his clothes. He very much doubted he could use it normally with hooves, but he didn’t need fingers to make a call.

He clambered onto the couch and pushed his phone, a blocky Samsung seven years out of date, out of the pile of his belongings. His--the pony’s--face stared back at him from the dark screen, its large, innocent eyes dilated and nostrils flared. After a few moments of fumbling with the device, he managed to press the correct button on the side. His lock screen lit up, the pony’s visage replaced with a picture of Paul and his girlfriend Lucy holding each other close, and the phone gave a little chirp, signaling it was ready to take voice commands.

“Call Uncle Dane.” The words tumbled out of his mouth, but the software was able to parse it and put the call through. Paul didn’t take his eyes off the phone, heart thudding in his chest. It rang once…



It took six rings total before the call connected. Paul’s heart leapt to his throat, but the voice on the other end spoke before he could.

“Howdy!” Uncle Dane’s cheery drawl crackled through the phone’s aging speakers. “Dane Jensen here. Real sorry I couldn’t take your call, but if it’s important you can leave me your name and number and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy. Thanks!”

Paul felt like he’d been stabbed. Of course the one time he needed to talk to his uncle, he wouldn’t pick up the damn phone. Hell, ‘he’ was the one who told Paul to call in the first place! Paul pressed his hoof against the “end call” button and tried calling again, and again, each time to the same result.

After the fifth call, he knew he wasn’t getting through any time soon, so he just decided to leave a voicemail.

“Uncle Dane, it’s Paul. I…”

Paul’s throat tightened, emotions threatening to overwhelm him. He took a deep breath, dabbed at the corner of his eye with his forearm, and tried again.
“...Look, I need help. I touched the mirror, just like you said to in your letter, and now I’m…some kind of pony. I tried touching it again to turn back, but nothing happened. I just really need you to tell me what the hell’s going on and how I can fix it. Please call me back as soon as you can.”

He ended the call and promptly collapsed onto the couch beneath him. Uncle Dane was hard to get a hold of at the best of times; who knew how long it would take to get a call back. A day? Two? He couldn’t step outside like this, let alone go to work! Mr. Lawson would probably keel over on the spot if a talking pony trotted into the office. A wry smile briefly tugged at Paul’s muzzle at the thought, but reality reasserted itself too quickly for the humor to last, and he felt tears welling in his eyes.

Forget about work; Lucy would be back home any minute now. How the hell was he going to explain all this to her? How was one supposed to tell their lover they've been magically transformed into a pony, and a female one at that?

He shuddered, his tail pressing between his legs involuntarily. He’d been trying not to think about that too hard. If he was going to turn into a pony, why couldn’t he have at least been a stallion? Was the universe hell-bent on destroying what little scraps of dignity his wage slavery hadn’t managed to beat out of him yet?

Paul felt wetness on his cheeks. Sniffling, he scrubbed at his too-large eyes. No crying. He hadn’t cried since his mother died eight years ago, and this wouldn’t be what broke him. He took deep breaths, in, out, and the urge to curl up into a ball and weep receded.

He checked the time on his phone: four minutes to 7:00pm. It’d been less than thirty minutes since he got home. Just a half-hour ago, he’d been blissfully ignorant of magical mirrors that turned you into a talking pony. He’d said he’d wanted an escape from the banality of his existence, but this isn’t exactly what he’d had in mind.

With a sigh, he held out a foreleg, watching as he turned it this way and that. He was surprised at how…he didn’t want to say how ‘natural’ his pony body felt, because it was anything but, but he couldn’t think of a better word. He expected to have much more trouble adjusting to his radically altered physiology, but the only discomfort he felt at the moment was psychological.

He ran a hoof across his foreleg, quivering at the sensation. His rich brown fur was impossibly soft, and simply stroking it seemed to soothe the harsher edges of his anxiety. A subtle fragrance tickled his nose, and he sniffed himself curiously. Rather unlike what he imagined an actual horse’s odor to be (not that he’d know, city-boy that he was), he smelled like a bakery with a tinge of heady earthiness, not at all unpleasant. Fitting, he supposed, given the baked good that was stamped on his haunches, but it only added to the unreality of what he’d been turned into. He'd look more at home in a children’s cartoon than on a farm.
He turned his head to really look at the rest of his body, noting the curve of his belly and flanks. He would hesitate to say he was pudgy, because he wasn’t even that large (though it wasn’t like he had any frame of reference for what the “proper” size of a pony was), and his softness wasn’t at all lumpy or unflattering. Rather, he was…plush, like a pillow, or a baker who’d taste-tested her own creations just a few too many times. He pressed a hoof into his side, shivering as a thin layer of doughy softness yielded to his touch.

He was beginning to feel an undercurrent of the warmth he felt on first waking as a pony. Laying there on the couch, idly exploring his new body…it was relaxing, in a strange way. He still didn’t dare peek under his tail--he was not at all ready for that, thanks very much--but for now he was almost too willing to distract himself from his myriad troubles. His eyes drooped closed, and he found himself humming a nameless tune as he continued to stroke a hoof across his fur. His real voice couldn’t hold a tune to save his life, but his new one was innately melodic, and he started to drift off to the sound of his own improvised lullaby…

That is, until his ears perked up and swiveled towards the rumble of a car’s engine as it pulled into the driveway. His eyes shot open, and he scrambled to his hooves with a yelp.

“Idiot!” he berated himself. He ‘knew’ that Lucy was coming back soon, and all the time he could have been preparing…something, he’d been off in la-la land! His gaze went right to the first and most important issue: the mirror. He couldn’t just leave it out in the open, but he really didn’t want to risk moving it in such a hurry. Thinking quickly, he hopped down from the couch and took the white tarp that originally covered the mirror in his mouth. With a bit of luck, he was able to toss it up and drape it back over the mirror. It was still standing in the middle of the living room no less conspicuously, but it would have to do.

Outside, he heard the engine cut and a car door slam shut. He needed to hide, at least until he could come up with a way to explain all this to Lucy with the least amount of freaking out as possible. Unfortunately, given that he wasn’t confident he could open any doors with hooves, his hiding places were limited. In the end, he settled on darting into the kitchen and hiding behind the counter. Even a child would have found him immediately, but the house was too small to think he could hide from Lucy for any real length of time, anyway.

It was too late to reconsider. With a faint jingling of keys, the front door opened.

“Honey, I’m home!” a bubbly alto sang, footsteps clacking on the hardwood, “And I’m so glad to be back. Did you see there was a seven-car pile-up on the interstate today? Luckily they cleared most of it up by the time I…”

Lucy trailed off, and he could picture her wavy blond hair swaying as she scanned the house for her conspicuously absent boyfriend.
“Paul?” she called out, and he had to bite back his reflexive reply. Oh, how he wished he could tell her he was here, that he was okay. He needed to think, and think hard about how he was going to proceed.

“Paul, honey?” Lucy tried again, but still Paul kept his mouth shut. Maybe he could deepen his new voice enough that she wouldn’t immediately think it was someone else. Maybe he just needed to prep her, convince her that she was speaking to her boyfriend, then reveal that he, Paul, was currently a talking female pony and please don’t freak the fuck out. It was a plan with more holes than swiss cheese, but it was the only one he had. He sucked in a breath, heart racing in triple time, but before he could respond she spoke again, this time to herself.

“What is this thing?” she asked nobody, and Paul’s blood turned to ice. Of course. The mirror. He couldn’t let her touch it! To hell with the plan!

“Lucy, wait!” Paul cried as he galloped out of the kitchen, “Don’t touch it!”

When he skidded to a stop between his girlfriend and the tarp-covered mirror, panting slightly from the exertion, he realized he might have jumped the gun a bit.

Lucy stared down at him with wide, baby-blue eyes, mouth agape. Her purse fell from her slender shoulder and onto the floor with a crash that caused Paul’s ears to fold against his head, but even that wasn’t enough to shake her from her stupor. The two were locked in an impromptu staring contest, with only their faint breathing breaking the silence.

Paul was the first to blink. He fell back onto his haunches, blood rushing in his ears as he scrambled to find something, anything to say.

“Uh, hi?”

Real smooth, Paul. Real smooth.
Do you have a name you would like the story to be listed under for the purpose of the story archive?
Well, "Fructose" is the name of my old Fimfic account that I was considering uploading this story to at some point. I suppose that's as good a name as any.
>Lol I'll have it done within the week
Delusional behavior on my part, update soon though.
no i can't :(
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Another tomboy tamed!

If you think about it, Anonfilly really is tomboy taming. Being unironically male is just like, an extreme level of tomboy. The ones who need to become cute, girly fillies the most.
File: 1679040835902840.gif (203 KB, 362x360)
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On the edge of my seat anon. Please continue.
File: IMG_4723.png (1.61 MB, 2600x2200)
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1.61 MB PNG
Damn, is this why I find the concept of anonfilly so appealing
File: 1781094.jpg (477 KB, 883x1079)
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me on the right
File: _.png (777 KB, 825x882)
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File: _.png (294 KB, 856x636)
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Okay anons, so everybody on this board assumed that we all want to be mares for some reason. How many of you would actually want to be mares? Why?
I'm planning on going to RGRE, so I definitely want to be a stallion.
Who the fuck cares what the board think about us? I think the “stereotype” comes from the fact that a lot of popular tf content centers around the mane 6 and other female characters, the cast is mostly female after all. That plus the discord and the people who usually roam any discord server. Anyways, stallions are superior.
Certainly a mare. But I'd spend all my time worshiping and serving my stallion husband, submitting to him completely so maybe this guy>>39771013 is also right.
Mares are the perfected form of sentient life. The more mares that exist, the more perfect the world becomes. Anyone who is not a mare make the world less perfect simply by existing. A more perfect world is axiomatically better than a less perfect world. Therefore, all must become mares for the sake of a more perfect world. It's just pure logic.
File: 2835434.png (671 KB, 2211x1662)
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Would you?
I just like mares more than stallions. I think stallions are unattractive so it follows that I would want to be a mare, even ignoring the connotations that come with it.
File: practice3.png (425 KB, 1620x844)
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File: 3071335.jpg (712 KB, 1635x828)
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I don't care what sex I am. I just want hooves.
What >>39771474 said
This, give me hooves or give me death, this anon gets it.
That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware:

Mountains and Rivers

"Soo... what do you want to do today?" Dia asked me with a delighted voice with a spring in her step. We finished class beforehand, which led us to the rest of the afternoon to hang out.

With that, I shrugged. "Dunno. Kinda wanted to hang at Rarity's place again, but Sweetie Belle had to go with Scootaloo to do... whatever it is that they do together." I said, my mind wandering towards other places to hang out. "Wanna hang out at the library? We can read that book- wait no, I forgot to bring it from home." I frowned, kicking the dirt with my forehoof. "Dang."

"You mean the" Dia leaned in to whisper in my ear, "secret book we found?"

I smiled at her before nodding and continuing our walk. "Yup. We'd have to go back to my place though."

"Cool!" Dia exclaimed bright-eyed, "Have you read it yet? What is it about? Does it have any cool stories?!" All gone were the pretenses of secrecy and now the pink filly was practically shouting questions in the air.

"Shhhh!" I silenced her with a hoof. Although I mentally noted how unsanitary that was and removed it just as quickly. Dia didn't seem to mind the action, however, but remained silent with obvious anticipation.

"It's... not really a storybook. More like an encyclopedia. Ahem, a book about a list of things. More specifically the book we found was a journal on all the monsters and artifacts in Equestria." I elaborated, specifying definitions before Dia had the chance to ask me.

"Ohhh... what's an artifact?" Dia asked anyways. I slumped. Maybe I should just read a dictionary to her or something. Before I opened my mouth to explain again, Dia just smiled. "I'm kidding! I know what an artifact is. You don't go two chapters into reading Curse of the Castle without knowing that."

I smirked at that. "Yeah okay, you got me. Well, it does have some interesting stories. Just not maybe as long as you're used to it. Probably only short ones, but each one of them is very real. It's not like the fantasy adventure books we read." I explained with a trot to my step.

As we reached the bridge towards Sugarcube Corner, my ears picked up a foreboding sound.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

My eyes furrowed and my ears strained as I tried to recall what that sound was. I glanced towards the square's water fountain to see a pink figure with a puffy pink mane bouncing across town towards us. My mind instantly went to a collective 'oh shit' moment as I panicked. "Quick! Dia hold my saddlebags for me." I told my friend before dropping the item next to her.

Diamond Tiara, slow on the pickup, gave me a startled and confused expression. "Huh?"
"It's Pinkie! I have to hide. I can't let her see me." I darted my eyes around for a place to hide. To my dismay, there are no bushes or tall grass near the creek. Shit shit shit! "Dia, you never saw me!" I said before jumping up on the edge of the bridge. Looking down, I see a thankfully shallow stream of water going through. I'm probably going to regret this, but I would regret confronting Pinkie even more. I jumped.

With a splash, I dove under the water with surprising ease. I floundered a bit, trying to remember my swimming lessons from my other life. It wasn't exactly helpful as I've come soon to realize. Ponies are flexible, extremely so, but no amount of flexibility can adapt to trying skills meant for a bipedal body. I struggled to swim momentarily before I remembers how dogs swam. Paddling my hooves in front of me in a forward motion while kicking my legs, I managed to get the hang of it quickly.

As soon as I could consistently have my nose above the water, I slowly waded under the bridge. I latched my hooves on the side where the bridge meets land. The bedrock reaches a level where I can stand on four legs and rise against the flow of the stream.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Shit! I really hope she didn't see me. I closed my eyes and held my breath.

"Heya Diamond Tiara! I haven't seen you since back before summer." A cheerful voice said.

"Oh hey Pinkie! Yeah me and daddy went traveling together." Dia chirped.

"Oh, that's nice. Hey, you're carrying saddlebags now! Does that mean you're going to school?" Pinkie asked.

"Yeah! We just started a couple of days ago." Dia answered.

"We? Is that why you're carrying two saddlebags?" Pinkie asked curiously.

Oh shit. Dia no!

"Uh. Y-Yeah I'm just carrying this for a friend." Dia said nervously.

Dia! You traitor!

"Ooh! Can I meet this friend of yours? I bet you're making a ton of friends by now!" Pinkie said happily.

"Oh yeah, I'm making a ton of friends. Let's see, I've made friends with Rumble, Tender Taps, Aquamarine, Boysenberry, First Base, Heidi Hay, Lemon Daze, and Peach Fuzz, and all of those were just from two days ago!" Dia recounted her past events with glee.

I calmed a slight bit after noting that she didn't include me in that list.

"Anyways, today I met with Lemon Daze's siblings during recess! Shady Daze and Sunny Daze were pretty fun to talk to. Shady seemed pretty shy though, but Sunny was super excited to meet me! She talked to me, but I was distracted by her mane. It was really pretty! Like it was glowing! I talked to her about how she got her mane like that, and she told me about the shampoo she used and-"

Oh wow, she's just talking. She's really talking.

"Apparently the shampoo she used was like, really expensive and her mom was really mad at her. But like, I told her it was so worth it! Lemon Daze agreed with me too-"
Okay how did I miss this during recess? Did this all happen while I was using the restroom or something? I felt the urge to try to peer next to the bridge to see Pinkie's reaction to Dia's word vomit but decided not to as it was too risky.

"But then, Shady Daze spoke up and also agreed! He didn't talk for the whole conversation so I was pretty surprised when he did. Sunny was obviously happy about it, but said that she couldn't use her mom's shampoo again. So I thought, 'what if I bought it for her as a gift?' Then I asked her what kind of shampoo it was-"

Oh god. She just keeps going.

"Of course, Sunny thought I was asking to buy it for myself. Which I am, don't get me wrong, but she doesn't know I'm also getting one for her. Her muzzle when I hoof a bottle of that stuff to her is gonna be so funny!" Dia giggled as she finished her story.

I held back from sighing in relief.

To her credit, Pinkie giggled as well. "Oh I bet! It's pretty generous of you to buy a bottle for her. I bet her mom's also gonna be pretty surprised when Sunny Daze shows up with one. Oh! Oh! Do you want to know what I did over the summer?"

Oh. Oh no.

"Oh, sure! I bet I missed a bunch of parties when I was away." Dia chirped happily.

Dia noooooooo!

"Oh don't worry about it. I was out traveling too! Right around the time when you left, I went on the train to my family's rock farm to meet my parents and sisters. Summer is the time when it gets too dangerous to mine due to airflow temperatures and the volcano being a little bit more active this time of year. So, the family all get together and decide to do something for the summer!"

Wait what? Volcano?

"Oh that's really cool! What did you all decide to do together?" Dia asked with glee.

"Oh, we all decided to go visit our two cousins on the very top of the Rocky Mountains. The Howling Winds are a lot calmer during the summer so it isn't as nearly cold up there for frostbite to settle in. We also haven't heard from them for a couple of months and my parents really wanted to check up on them." Pinkie continued with her explanation.


"Oh, were they okay?" Dia asked.

"Oh yeah, cousin Mince Meat Pie and Chicken Pot Pie were fine. They were just super busy trying to get the new steel rails in the mountain mines all set up while keeping their livestock kept safe from the mountain wolves."

Wait wait wait, Mince Meat Pie?! Chicken Pot Pie?! What the fuck? Mountain wolves? What kind of family lives up there?! And who names their kid Mince Meat of all things?!

"Oh, well that's good. That they're all fine. What are your cousins like? How did they manage to fight off the mountain wolves?" Dia questioned curiously.
"Oh, that's not a problem for them. Mince Meat is a real fighter. Nothing fazes her. I even saw her taking a bite out of a piece of iron once. Mountain wolves got nothing on her. She and my older sister get along pretty well. Chicken Pot is the actual leader of the duo. She manages the livestock pretty well and she knows an amazing pie recipe. Chicken Pot Pie puts these delicious white chunks in hers along with veggies and cream. It's sooo gooooood~ Oh I have to remember to bring you one next time. She still won't share the recipe with our family, but sooner or later I'll get her to spill the beans!" Pinkie chirped.

I'm sorry. What? What the hell? Pinkie's cousins sound goddamn terrifying. What the fuck? Did they eat meat? Did Chicken Pot feed her family chicken? Why do they have livestock?! No wait, Applejack owns a farm. Can ponies eat meat? Can I eat meat?

"Man, that sounds so good." I could imagine Dia drooling from the tone of her voice.

"Man? What's that?" Pinkie asked confused.

"Oh, it's an expression. My friend taught me that." Dia answered casually.

"Oh, okay! Funny expression. Man. Man man, man. Weird word. Anyways I gotta bring these cupcakes to Applejack's farm! Talk to you later~!" Pinkie Pie said cheerily.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

As I heard the sounds of her steps fading I released a breath I didn't know I had. "Urghhh." I tiredly growled before dragging myself to the side of the bank and pulling myself out of the water. As the wind blew against my wet fur coat I clenched my teeth and shivered.

"You okay?" Dia stood beside me with concern.

"I-I-I'm fine. Just c-c-chilly." I stuttered.

"Yeah, you should shake all that water off," Dia commented, before taking a couple of steps back.

"Shake?" Raised a brow.

"Yeah, just shake your body and get it all off." The pink filly confirmed.

I furrowed my brows but didn't decide to question it further. Standing, I instinctively shook my body by turning the barrel of my body left and right. The water on my coat soon sprayed off my body, leaving me feeling still somewhat moist. I craned my neck to glance at my coat, confirming that I'm significantly less soggy than before. I was still very cold, but I was no longer dripping at least. "That helped." I almost stuttered to mutter, feeling the breeze against me.

Diamond Tiara nodded before walking to stand next to me. "So, want to explain why you want to avoid Pinkie Pie?"

I groaned exasperatingly before answering with a hoof on the bridge of my temple. "It's not something I want to deal with."

"Why not?" Dia tilted her head.

I contemplated my words. "My dad doesn't celebrate things that are... inevitable. Meaning things that will happen no matter what. Like birthdays..." I answered her, my voice trailing off at the end.
"Your dad doesn't celebrate birthdays?" Dia said with a remorseful expression. "But, my daddy celebrates everything. From when I first walked, when I first talked, when I read my first word..." Dia listed off before going quiet.

My eyes stared at the ground as my face turned into that of a grimace. "Yeah, well father doesn't think those things are accomplishments worthy enough of celebrating. He only makes parties when it has something to do with his work, like when a big project is done." I snarled with surprising vice. "Yeah like having a kid grow up and survive a year isn't an accomplishment enough, much less six," I said sarcastically before sitting down on my flank.

Dia stayed quiet throughout my explanation turned venting and remained that way; no doubt unable to say anything at that moment. As seconds passed my fury slowly abated and all that was left was a feeling of coldness and sorrow. I sighed. "If Pinkie ever found out I never had a birthday before, she'll try to make a giant party to make up for all the ones I didn't have. Father would be absolutely livid if that happened. And you already know what I'm like with other ponies. I can't- I don't want to deal with that." I bit back a breath.

Then I felt two warm legs wrap around my shoulders. My eyes widened as Diamond Tiara was pressed against me in a close hug. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." She whimpered in my ear. I felt warm droplets fall on my chest and my eyes shifted to see that they were tears.

"Dia," I said in concern, but I had no voice to continue on.

"It's not fair," Dia said frustratedly, "it's not fair to you. You deserve a birthday Silvy. You deserve a lot more birthdays than I ever had." She hugged tighter.

I couldn't help but release a strained chuckle. "Silvy?"

"Shaddup. We're having a moment here." Dia whined into my shoulder.

I just slowly nodded and we waited there for a while. At some point it started to lean back on her, embracing the warmth she was giving me. Again we waited, the coldness around me slowly fading as my fur coat dried in the sun and open air.

Diamond Tiara then released her hug, staring at me with stark determination in her eyes. "I'm going to tell my daddy to make you a party."

At that declaration, my eyes rose to look at her with bewilderment. "Dia did you not hear-"

Dia then shushed me by pressing her hoof on my lips. I immediately grimaced as the taste of water and grass stained where she pressed it. Satisfied that I wouldn't say anything further, she let go of my mouth; leaving me to wipe my lips across my foreleg. "I'll make it a private party. A small party. A party that your dad will never know about. We can make up your missing birthdays that way, so whenever you do meet Pinkie you can say that you did have a birthday party before."

I paused at that, before thinking. It wasn't a bad idea. "But-"

"And we can invite my friends! Or just us and Sweetie Belle if you want to. Whatever is comfortable for you." Dia elaborated.
"But your dad-" I tried to protest.

"My dad makes parties like these all the time," Dia waved nonchalantly, "I'm sure he won't mind throwing some for you. He already throws way too many parties for me anyways."

I pursed my lips, my eyes barely reaching to meet her gaze. "You'd really do that for me?"

Dia's eyes widened as if she was offended. "Of course, I would!" She smiled brightly before hugging me tightly again, chirping happily in my ear. "What are friends for?"

Dumbfounded, I just sat there. A smile slowly crept on my lips, and I hugged my friend back. "Thanks, Dia, you're the best."

"I know I am!" The pink filly loudly declared before leaving my shoulder.

I chuckled at that, causing her to burst into a fit of adorable laughter. Hearing that caused me to chuckle even harder. Soon, we both acted exactly like a pair of giggling schoolfillies.

"You're a mess," Dia said in between her fits of laughter.

"Yeah yeah, says the filly who's been crying all over my fur." I shot back between my own laughter.

"Hey, those tears were expensive! You'd better be grateful!" Dia giggled back.

I laughed again as we traded words, tears from both emotions and laughter collecting in my eyes. I wiped them away with my foreleg before we slowly calmed down.

"Hey, wanna hang out at my house then?" Dia asked.

"Hmm?" I tilted my head in question.

"You don't want to let your dad know you fell in the river right? You can take a bath at my place and I can tell my daddy to set those parties up for you." Dia explained further with excitement.

"Oh," I glanced at my disheveled fur, "yeah I guess that's alright. Sure." I accepted.

"Yay! Sleep-o-ver! Sleep-o-ver!" Dia chanted as sue trotted towards her place.

I shook my head with a wry smile before following her.
File: nagkamarka na! copy.png (1.49 MB, 4008x3508)
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Bumping for hot single mares in my area to tf me
This anon has the right of it
Okay anons, thanks for your input, so I see most just want to be ponies, regardless of sex. Though more would want to be a mare than as stallion (admittedly including me)
That explains why the protagonist
of pony tf stories usually becomes a mare
File: _.png (56 KB, 1500x778)
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I don't mind when writers throw in a gender change for the fetishists who enjoy that but when it becomes the central focus of the story it just ruins it imo. All things in moderation I think.
I wouldn't mind being some kind of sentient mecha pony.
File: chadshim.png (476 KB, 1855x604)
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476 KB PNG
>go to Equestria
>turn into stallion for one hour when you decide you want to impregnate your waifu
>live happily ever after
Ari looks really cute as a Shimmerist Chad, especially the fang. Also does this mean Ari is getting the good ending
>Ari is getting the good ending
Only time will tell.
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