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"Holy shit, 50!" Edition
Old thread: >>39229068

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels and fun where they can win (You) over despite of their inherent flaws.

Everything /bootleg/
>The FULL archive; if you want pictures and many more shorts & stories go here https://ponepaste.org/5786

Newly binned or continuing shorts & stories
>[OC Ivy] T Shirt Mare (Anon) - https://ponepaste.org/7136
>[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 13: Anticipation (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/8688
>[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579
>[Twilight] Twilit Starsky 2: Farmer's Boogaloo (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/7398
>[NMM] Midnight Part 4 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6733

On a recent(ish) hiatus
>[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168
>[Cozy] Demon Filly - https://ponepaste.org/6797
>[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703
>[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304
>[Dim Sum, Cricket, Thun and Co] House of Boots - https://ponepaste.org/5794
>[OC] Tinny the Tinfoil Conspiracy Pony (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979
>[Marble] Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211
>[Flutter] SilentFriend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464

Now finished stories
>[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251
>[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144

It has been a few months since most of the writers have been away but the bunker has been going along. Here's to a new year, new bootpones, and the some familiar faces!
It's boot time.
You know it.
Starting off the thread with a weekend W2G: https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=hu6pin9qmeggyx5qaa
Partially because I'm going through all of my ponepaste to re-tag, and to download everything.
>Been a few months
Long enough for me to forget what the last update of Rosie was here
So who's everyone's favorite boot that they've read about?
File: 190785.gif (1.88 MB, 731x480)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
What would an Octavia bootleg be like? What would her name be? What kind of music would she play? What accent would she have? And most importantly, could (you) survive listening to her music? I must know.
the boot rises again?
is that official bootleg octavia?
>Acquire Russian Mail Order Pony
>Speaks in nigh-incomprehensible Russian accent, calls herself Oktanyavich
>Has commandeered all of your audio equipment and only plays hardbass
/boot/ wasn't up at the time - here's a festive Midnight green.

>With Midnight fully occupied by a YouTube video on an obscure car model you mentioned moments ago, you sneak off to your room and close the door.
>It's finally time.
>The closet door swings open under your guidance, showing off the purposeful clutter of shirts, linens, and shoes at the back wall.
>True, she never goes in here, but better safe than sorry.
>You don't remember the last time you bothered with... well, anything related to the holidays.
>Certainly not bothered with Christmas for many years.
>But this year felt different.
>Like there was a reason to celebrate - apparently living with someone makes that change.
>It's why you decided to buy some colorful LED light strings to hang in the living room.
>Midnight didn't really understand the point of it - frankly, you don't either, at least in regards to the holidays.
>But the glow at night is really nice with the lights off.
>You have to carefully feel around for the box before picking away at the clothes pile, fearful of tearing up the wrapping paper.
>The basic shape is there to see, considering the box is sitting on the end, and waist-high...
>Yeah, there wasn't much hiding going on.
>Still, you play it cautiously and carefully to avoid any tears.
>Yes, tears in the wrapping paper - paper you had to buy specifically for this.
>As well as basically teach yourself how to wrap something and make it look nice.
>"Are you fighting with yourself in there?" Midnight comments out in the living room.
"Yes, I was in need of an ass-kicking this evening," you grunt while moving the present out onto the bedroom floor in an awkward manner.
>"I could have done that. It would have been more fun," she sasses back.
"Shut up and watch your video."
>"I did, I skipped through it because the narrator had a voice akin to stabbing my eardrums with a rusty screwdriver."
>You toss some errant attire back into the closet before shutting the door, and ready yourself to head back out into the living room with the present.
>The shiny blue bow on top is a little smushed, that would have probably been better off added later.
>Not that it matters - it gets tossed anyway, along with the reindeer print paper.
>While not overly heavy, the weight it does hold along with the awkward size makes it more than a trivial manner to pick up and carry out to the couch.
>Having made her suspicious by the sounds and time spent in another room, Midnight's wary eyes are already awaiting you.
>Though that hawk-like stare doesn't last but a fleeting moment upon seeing the parcel you're lugging ahead of you.
>"The hell is that?"
"Merry Christmas, Middie!" you cheer.
>Midnight silently mouths that phrase, looking utterly bewildered as you sit on the couch next to her and set the box on the table ahead of you.
>"I'm lost," she admits, shaking her head free of fog.

"You know, Christmas. The same reason the lights are strung up?" you propose, motioning to the colorful display lignin the corners of the ceiling.
"Huh, I guess I would have thought you would look up the holiday when I brought it up a couple of weeks ago while rigging the lights."
>"I dunno. I didn't think much of it," she shrugs, her vision shifting between you and the present.
"I won't go into the whole specifics, just what pertains to... well, that," you reply, pointing to her gift. "Season is a time of giving, and I got you something. I suppose it's sorta for me, too - but I know you really wanted this."
>Midnight shifts about in her seat, looking rather discomforted by your brief explanation.
>"Well shit. I didn't know that, so I didn't get you anything," she mutters.
"Ah, don't worry about it. That's kinda my fault. And since you purchase stuff with my cards... I guess I would have seen it," you jest. "I didnt get this with the anticipation of receiving a gift, don't sweat it."
>She does not look convinced by your reassurance, seemingly shying away from both you and the gift.
"Come on, open it!" you goad her with a light shove to the shoulder.
>The encouragement earns at least a thin upturn to her lips.
>She leaves the present resting on the coffee table, opting to use a couple of metal tools to start ripping and tearing at the wrappings.
>Revealing a plain brown cardboard box.
>"Seriously?" she grumbles.
"I'm not screwing with you - open the box now," you reply, pointing to a stapled flap that's been hastily taped back into place.
>While not quite letting you off the hook with the possibility of shenanigans afoot, Midnight obliges you, pulling open the flap and peering inside.
>From your vantage point, you can see the gleam from the chrome-like finish on the tubes.
>"These are... you got ceramic headers for the Chrysler?!" she gasps, her wide eyes flicking back to you.
"I said I wasn't screwing with you."
>She prances in place with glee for a moment, before enveloping you in an enthusiastic wing hug.
>"Thank you, thank you!" she cheers.
>At least for a moment, she's beside herself with joy.
>But that shifts away to a more sober mood.
>"Well... I'm happy, but I kinda - it feels shitty knowing now I should have gotten you something," she mumbles.
"Mid, I'm not worried about it. Heck, those are kinda for me too, just like I said before."
>"That doesn't make it better," she pouts.
>While you understand the sentiment, you really want to get happy Middie back for more than a few seconds.
>You casually glance around the room, looking for... well, anything that can bring the moment back.
>Your eye stops on the torn gift wrap settled on the floor.
>More specifically, the metallic blue bow...
>bending down to retrieve that scrap, you carefully tear away the remaining paper affixed to the bow before turning to Midnight.

>Her curiosity is piqued by your interest in what now amounts to trash - which only turns to confusion as you take the bow in your hand and place it amidst her hair on top of her head.
"Oh my gosh, you did get me a present," you gasp in excitement.
>"Anon, just... shut up," she replies in a quiet, bashful voice.
>But even that tinge of embarrassment can't hide the smile from her face growing back.
"It's what I always wanted," you coo, leaning toward her until your nose touches hers.
>Technically, you aren't lying as you get lost in those beautiful blue eyes.
>Midnight playfully nips at your nose, before settling into a nuzzle as you gently pull her close.
>"That's really corny. I'm going to hold this stunt against you," she teases.
"That's fine. At least you didn't forget to give me a gift for Christmas. Or every day of the year."
>"Oh man, you're really wading deep into the bullshit now."
"Am I?"
>She's silent at that - though it's a moment she takes to carefully step into your lap.
>"... Merry Christmas, Anon."
"Merry Christmas, Midnight."

File: Welcome home Dining.jpg (57 KB, 802x835)
57 KB
Celebrating the big 50 with a classic. One of the greens and mares that led to /bootleg/ becoming what it is now.

>order your own Rarity
>get excited that life is worth living now
>the package arrives and soon you find there's some assembly required
>the manual is in Russian
>you're pretty sure some of the parts don't fit together
>her right foreleg is a different color
fucking shady resellers, never again

>She's not Rarity
>Her coat is off-white
>Her smile is crooked
>Her eyes don't shine like they should
>Her right foreleg is pink
>You finish assembly anyway
>She blinks several times before she looks at you
>"I am Rare. Nice to meet you, Dining."
>Did she just call you Dining instead of Darling?
>Her accent is painfully wrong
>She tries to walk toward you, but her legs don't quite work right
>You are certain you assembled hey correctly, you were extremely careful
>Her legs tremble
>After a few steps, she stops
>At this point, you can tell she is having trouble standing up at all
>Her new expression is disconcerting
>Her lips are contorted into a crooked frown
>She tries to close her eyes, but her eyelids don't close all the way so that you can still see some of the whites
>Her ears droop
>She must be in pain
>She's not Rarity, but your heart can't take this
>You lift her and hold her in your arms
>She looks you in the eyes
>You now notice that one eye is sightly off
>"Thank you, Dining"
>She tries to nuzzle your chest, but stabs you with her horn in the process
>Wincing, you adjust her head
>She doesn't seem to mind as long as you are close
>She really is very soft and warm
>You scratch her ears
>She's not Rarity, but you could get used to this.

>Be Rare
>You simply awoke today
>You don't know anything
>Except that you are Rare, you want to be fabulous, and you call others Dining
>You do not question these things, despite not knowing what fabulous means and not ever having met another being
>You open your eyes and look around
>Your eyes fix on the first thing you see
>Another creature
>What is it?
>You greet it
>"I am Rare. Nice to meet you, Dining."
>The features on Dining's face change
>You don't know what that means
>You feel that you must meet Dining
>You begin to walk
>You have never done this before
>It is very difficult
>You don't know which leg goes first
>Sometimes when you move a leg, it hurts
>You don't like walking
>You give up, but your legs are in an awkward position
>You feel more hurt
>A lot more
>You don't know what to do
>Your mind races
>It does not race very long, it has nowhere to go
>You are so confused
>You close your eyes to shut out the hurt
>The bottom of your eyes feel more dry than the rest, but you don't know why
>What are you feeling?
>You have never felt before
>You don't like feeling
>Suddenly, you feel yourself rising
>The pain in your legs vanishes as you feel something warm and strong around you
>You look up to see Dining holding you in its appendages
>You feel differently now
File: Rare Bootlegging.jpg (123 KB, 1080x1680)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>You feel warm and pleasant
>You like Dining
>Dining saves you from bad feelings
>You want to tell him
>"Thank you, Dining"
>You want to get closer to Dining, so you move your head into Dining's chest
>Dining moves your head a little and scratches your ears
>You really like Dining
>You are thankful that the world around you isn't as harsh as when you woke up
>You don't want Dining to put you down

>Be Rarity
>You wake up and are immediately aware of who you are
>You love designing and fashion
>You know you are here to make a friend
>You look around the room
>It is poorly-lit and disorganized
>You see the human
>He's a mess
>His hair is greasy and disheveled, his beard is untamed all the way to his neck
>His t-shirt, jeans, and white socks are all ugly, ill-fitting, and worn out
>And the sweaty smell...
>He could really use a makeover
>But what makes you flinch is his expression
>He is looking at you with intense, desperate eyes
>You try to hide your initial disgust
>To make a good first impression, you clear your throat and straighten your posture
>"Hello, darling. I am Rarity."
>He begins to tear up, then slowly gets up and walks out of the room with the head down
>Well, that went swimmingly
>He must think you hate him with a performance as unconvincing as that
>Come on, Rarity, you can be more presentable than that
>But you decide not to chase him, and instead investigate the room
>There's not much here besides the usual living room things
>A chair, table, TV, mantle...
>Oh, there are pictures on the mantle!
>You must see them
>Each one depicts the human with...
>Some ugly bootleg version of you
>Her face is uncanny, her coat is discolored
>Eugh, why is one leg pink?
>You take a closer look at the human
>His fashion sense is poor, but he is at least clean
>And he's smiling in all of the photos
>The pony doesn't look like she's smiling, but with context in mind you assume she is
>You look around the rest of the house, avoiding the room you saw the human enter for now
>You see no sign of your failed doppleganger
>The thought strikes you
>Are... You, the illustrious Rarity, a replacement?
>You push open the door to what you assume is the human's room
>He is face-down on his bed
>Though a little jealous of the knockoff pony, you don't want to see the human like this
>"H-hello? Are you okay?"
File: Rare.gif (1.64 MB, 997x800)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
>He flinches at the sound
>He wipes his eyes on his pillow before turning his head to look at you
>As if you didn't know he was crying...
>He takes a moment to compose himself
>In a dull, deep, throaty voice he introduces himself as Anon
>He says that buying you was a mistake, and he's sorry for all of this
>You wave a hoof
>"Oh, darling, buying me was not a mistake!" You say with a wink
>He smiles a little
>But after a moment, his frown returns and he flops back down, face in the bed
>You can barely make out his muffled voice
>"If only you knew..."
>You were sure he said that
>"If only I knew what?"
>"Is it about that pony that looks... A little bit like me?"
>He tenses a little, then slowly gets back up
>"I guess you found the photos... I forgot how smart you would be. I guess there's no reason to hide it now..."
>He tells you about a pony named Rare
>He accidentally ordered her in an attempt to get you
>She was so pathetic and useless, but he loved her so much
>He had to teach her how to walk and eat
>He even house-trained her
>You wince at how undignified it would be if you had to learn those things
>But he looked so earnest and nostalgic as he told stories
>Her first bath, playtime, introducing her to his friends who also fell in love with her
>And many, many upsies
>Upsies were her absolute favorite
>She was a disaster of a pony, but you could tell there was a hole in his heart
>His speech began to falter
>Apparently, her defects caught up to her
>Only 3 years after she arrived, her body started to fail
>No veterinarian or pony specialist could do anything, she was far too defective
>Her last words we, "Pick me up, Dining"
>He broke down, head in his hands
>Your heart plummets through the floor
>You can't be jealous anymore
>You must make him feel better!
>You must!
>You MUST!!
>You crawl up onto the bed and cuddle up to him
>He doesn't even notice

>You give up after a few minutes
>You suddenly have an idea
>You don't like the idea, but you feel it's the only thing you can do
>You leave the sobbing human alone and go outside
>You find a patch of dirt among the tall grass
>No, Rarity, you can't, it is filthy!
>But you must!
>You saw him, he needs this
>After much hesitation, you get on the ground and roll in the dirt
>This is horrible, but it will be worth it
>You shake off excess dust until your coat looks only slightly dirty
>You walk to his shed, find a bucket, then fill it with water from the spigot attached to his house
>You normally use this spell on fabric, but you hope it works on water
>Sure enough, the water turns pink
>You start to argue with yourself in your head again
>Will this ever come out?
File: Rare Upsies.jpg (56 KB, 755x870)
56 KB
>You can't permanently ruin your coat like this
>Rarity, get a hold of yourself!
>This is what friends do
>Your face contracts, and you slowly begin to dip your right foreleg into the pink water
>You can't look
>You feel the water reach just past your knee as your hoof touches the base of the bucket and realize how silly of an idea this was
>There were no other bigger containers, this will have to do
>You shake off excess moisture, poke your head inside, and pull a handtowel to you with magic
>It is filthy, but you have no choice
>With your leg dry, you enter the house
>You walk up to his doorframe, but stay out of sight
>You can still hear sobbing
>You can do this Rarity, just play the part
>You take a deep breath and enter the room
>With the worst accent you can muster, you say
>"Hello, Dining"

>His head jerks up, mouth agape
>He looks horrid, even worse than before
>He wipes his tears on his arm
>He slowly gets up and approaches you
>You nervously shift your posture, but you dare not back up, for his sake
>After a long pause, he hugs you with all his might
>Oof, too much might
>But you bear it and return the embrace
>He's crying, but it's different now
>It's sad, but not desperate
>After what seems like hours, he lets go
>"Rarity, you are too good to me... Thank you."
>You smile confidently, thankful you did the right thing
>"I... I think I can move on now. You can clean yourself up now."
>Oh thank Celestia
>You bolt to his nasty bathroom
>At least the bathtub is acceptable, so you draw a bath
>Fortunately, the pink came out too, after some scrubbing
>You dry yourself off with the cleanest towel you can find and return to his room
>He is wistfully looking at a photo of Rare on his nightstand
>You clear your throat
>He turns to you and smiles slightly
>"You are looking more like yourself, Rarity."
>"Oh, yes, of course I do, Anon. But don't worry about me, let's talk about YOU."
>"You're a wreck, Darling! Let's get you cleaned up."
>And so you spent the rest of the day re-teaching him how to take care of himself
>The rest of the week, actually
>His life had been in shambles before you pulled him out of it
>But it has no effect on your natural poise
>You know there is a handsome gentleman under there
>You just have to find it
>That's fine, your work was cut out for you
>You are the illustrious Rarity, master of makeovers
>Besides, your new human friend is worth it.

I really think such a long downtime was a mistake. you lost 2 writers by staying on the bunker for so long
Who did we lose? Last night we had a lot of writers show up.
>/boot/ is back.
Hell yeah! I'm gonna need to figure out where I left off, but it's nice to see it back regardless. Can't wait to see what I missed.
NHanon and the one behind Radio & Gray never made the jump and were around for last thread. Speaking of, the OP is pretty looking outdated.
File: its all over.png (812 KB, 819x1024)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
The OP probably is outdated but there has also been not a lot of new greens. I should have done some more digging to see what smaller greens were made and given a paste link to. When it comes to making a thread sooner, it would have died very quickly since there was very little activity. Given how there's habitually little discussions, it might have lasted a few days at most. Reg hasn't been writing much, Auto hasn't, Fortune hasn't, I haven't. There's the chance that we could have had more new stuff but I think it was far more likely that it would turn into a bump fest until a busy day kicked it off.
As for NHanon, I think he's still around. Nothing stopping them from coming back, and I hope they do.
Since November or December I think it has been pretty limited. Lot of outside things have been popping up for a lot of the usual suspects so there isn't a ton. What are you looking to catch up on?
If nobodys writing then why bring the thread back?
There will be writing. Hopefully lurkers won't only lurk, have new art, old classics to share, hopefully some more discussion and last night's turnout has me believe that we'll see some newer greens continue too. But a lot of it can still depend on whether or not anyone engages. Same as most other threads.
Do you have any intention of joining in?
Someone really needs to start recording the sessions for people who miss the chat
File: Twill someday.png (816 KB, 833x1094)
816 KB
816 KB PNG
To be fair, not a ton is missed. There's a lot of discussion on stories but for the most part it's almost just the writers that show up. I started it as a way to watch movies and just goof around, but it has shifted to more music than anything else. I know the others tend to have busy schedules but if there is any interest in having more of them, at least I'll be around to throw on some classics. Even if no one is really around, it's very comfortable to have going in the background. Same with the cytube channel. I'll probably go in there later today and mix up the playlist. Always happy to see more anons pop up, you don't have to be a writer or artist to join in!
Probably the first story I read through here was Apuljyak (Hope i got that right) and I liked it a lot, so I'd probably say her.
Angel Cake and Minky are both nice too.
I binged a bunch of greens when I first saw the thread, but those where the ones that stuck with me and I guess somewhere along the lines it made me want to write something myself.
/boot/ is good. I hope more people give it a chance.
Damn mexican Apul is a blast from the past. Have you written anything yet? is that you radionon?
Yeah, I'm the one doing Gray. Writing got a bit hard around the time I did that one halloween green with Radio for shitty life reasons, but it's gotten better. I wish I didn't fall off, but it is what it is. Things aren't flowing as easily as they did, but I'm getting some more Gray and co written. I've missed it, that's for sure.
File: Twill shorts Waifu.png (398 KB, 1080x920)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Welcome back. We've all been through some shit over the last few months, it seems. Hopefully this will help things get back on track more.
File: TiffAngelCake.png (634 KB, 1000x800)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
I can't remember if I showed much about Twilit Starsky here, but I officially started it back up tonight in the bunker thread: https :// nh nb. org/fim/res/13810. ht ml#14314
I have to spread that out because I forgot the name of that one site where you can get poni links. It's been ten months since we've last seen her, and I am excited to come back home to /bootleg/ with something good.
https://derpy.me/yh3mU There we go, a less retarded form. I had to have the site handed to me.
the fuck, do you need to do link breaks on /mlp/ now?
File: Applebuckin.png (66 KB, 800x800)
66 KB
I don't know if it's just me but I've had issues with sharing NHNB and Cytube links. I don't know if the spam filter doesn't like both or just one but it has been an issue for the last three weeks at least.
She probably plays it all night long so you can't sleep too.
File: sonata.jpg (88 KB, 1073x1024)
88 KB
"Hi Anon, it's rape time!"
OK who went diving for bootlegs in the underworld section?
It's the real sort of nightmare.
>Well at leest we ain't gettin shot up in maffematics class like yew Americans. Quite sad, innit?
did i miss something and sonata is a succubi pony?
Whats Ohicktavia's name?
File: welcome back.png (1017 KB, 1322x1190)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
based radio is a cute. welcome back to the /boot/
It’s an edit that was made to a different picture, though if it’s because of the red eye, Sonata has heterochromia, left eye is blue, right eye is red.
I had a feeling our guys would return quick. And by the sounds of it, everyone had crap to deal with. Funny how the activity waves sync up a little too well.
The main cytube domain is filtered. The link shortener is derpy.me.
is 3 months+ "quick"?
If you're a writefag, anything less than 6 months is quick.
The thread was made on Saturday and one of the supposed writers that we "lost" popped up a day later. I'd call that pretty good.
Make that two of the writers, I just noticed the thread after dropping a green in the foodpony thread. I'm currently working on some stuff, but I'm not going to promise anything in particular just yet.
File: Spoiler Image (249 KB, 885x783)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>after dropping a green in the foodpony thread
for a green foodpony? heh small board
File: smolGray.png (43 KB, 275x397)
43 KB
Sometimes I forget how small Gray is. She's a bit below average that's for sure. I really need to do a line up with the others to compare.
Speaking of Gray, I figured out where I left off last time, after a refresher, I'll probably start bringing it to the thread again.

Well whaddya know! Cute Rads, didn't think I'd see her again so soon.
Looks like the gang’s all here.
>Another day in your lonely cabin in the woods
>It was the start of deer hunting season, and you were gonna take advantage of that
>Bag a few, skin em, freeze the meat and be set on food for the rest of the year
>You don’t eat a lot and you live alone, so it’ll work out according to your math
>Something you couldn’t account for however was that you weren’t alone in the woods
I've thought on this. She'd go by Otto and be completely experimental. I'm talking sampling ketchup bottle squeezes and powering a keyboard through salty potatoes experimental.
But don't be mistaken. As Octavia is classically trained and dedicated, Otto is completely devoted to her craft. It's like listening to Jack Stauber for the first time, once you see through the matrix it clicks why she needed you to sit 4 feet away and facing left around 27 degrees.
For accent, more sort of dreamy. Not subjectively dreamy (only) but the sort where you can tell she's there physically. But mentally, she's thinking about chickens clucking in concert.
Time to update Midnight


>Something is... different today.
>Not bad.
>But you don't feel like the discussion yesterday evening has anything to do with it.
>It felt better for seemingly everyone for Midnight to speak up about what was eating at her, but any further conversing or interaction last night felt kinda awkward.
>This morning, when you woke up, Midnight was not cozied up next to you like normal.
>Well, she wasn't even in bed.
>It sent a shock through your whole system, remembering Midnight's desire to meet with the man who may or may not have aided in her escape.
>You don't think she's crazy enough to do such a thing...
>But you aren't certain.
>Fortunately, you didn't have to panic for long - the silence of your room meant the murmurs of two mares out in the living room could be heard.
>However, your first movements to get out of bed and ready for the day coaxed a desperate shush from who you can only assume was Midnight, as a bout of giggles that could only have come from Starla followed right after.
>There was no way you'd have gotten either of them to tell you what it was about, so you pretended not to hear, and left it at that.
>But both of them are more open and talkative today beyond the morning shenanigans.
>Like something else has been cleared between them aside from the secret Midnight had yesterday and that Starla had sworn to keep.
>As long as everyone's happy...
>Yeah, right.
>You gotta know what else happened last night.
>But the way to go about prodding for answers in what is otherwise a rather trivial matter is unclear, aside from being blunt and forward.
>For now, all three of you settle into the mundane task of sorting and boxing orders in the shop.
>Sometimes, you pack up the day's haul right away in the evening when you get back to the shop.
>Other times, you let things pile up for a couple of days until you have a vaguely sorted stash sitting in an odd corner.
>This morning is an occurrence of the latter.
>But, with three of you managing this task, it's going a lot quicker than normal.
>While Starla fetches empty boxes to fit the parts and filling it up with packing material, you call out parts and orders for Midnight to pick while taping up finished boxes and slapping the labels on them.
>Sounds somewhat like an odd clusterfuck when you're also looking at a package for correct contents while focusing on what's next, but it works.
"I don't have a clue where the next parts are, but we need the turn signal stalk and steering wheel for a '65 Bonnie," you bark to Midnight, who hovers over a pile of parts.
>"Yeah, let's not wait so long before packing orders again, Anon," she sighs, not taking her eyes away from the search in progress.
"Noted at least until the next time either of us decides to procrastinate."
>"Which is usually you."
"But not always," you correct her.
>Midnight grovels quietly while Starla passes off the next box to you, eager to set her sights on the next package in this assembly line.

"So, feels like - kinda really cleared the air last night, the three of us, huh?" you suggest to Starla, lacking any sort of suaveness with your words.
>But Starla's your best bet to get something, considering Midnight's having a hell of a time with her scavenger hunt.
>"Yeah, I think so," she replies, nodding her head.
>The short reply only adds to your suspicions.
"Did you sleep okay last night?"
>Starla pauses, peering at you over the cardboard box she's begun to stuff.
>"Is this a question of general concern, or something more?" she asks.
>Starla responds with a short, muffled chuckle.
>"I take it you overheard us talking this morning?" she offers.
"Nothing that I could make out. Midnight sure seemed eager to shut you up though."
>"Yeah, that's nothing for you to worry about, that was just between us," Starla answers, pushing that little note aside with the quick response.
"Okay, but you two seem more... chummy. This morning, I mean. Obviously, now that we're working-"
>"Strange, you don't seem to be working very hard right now."
>You can't help but jump a little bit, turning your head just enough to see Midnight standing behind you.
>An otherwise frustrated face is tinged with the hint of a smirk, no doubt taking pride in startling you.
"Do you want me to look for the parts?" you propose, feeling a genuine sense of guilt with the state of disorganization the shop is in right now.
>"Here's the wheel," Midnight responds, the dust-tinged red item appearing from behind her and settling atop the counter. "The turn signal stalk is going to be a legitimate needle in a haystack sort of search. So yeah, I'd appreciate some help."
"No problemo. Starla, mind lending an eye?"
>"Of course not, just tell me what we're looking for.
>You quickly tape up the package that's been sitting in front of you before spinning around and joining Midnight, who has already set off for another parts pile on the other side of the shop.
>Starla quickly trots to your side, as you try to think of the best way to describe the part.
>After all, it's pretty generic.
"So, we're looking for a chrome piece, a small diameter tubular piece of metal probably about nine inches long," you explain, gesturing each measurement with your hands. "One end is probably flared off into a knob, other end is bent and flattened, has a hole for mounting."
>"Is it marked? Like with tape or something?" she asks.
"... No. But that probably would have been smart," you concede, rubbing your chin.
>"I'm almost certain that was the only turn signal stalk we pulled in the last week, so there shouldn't be any mix-ups," Midnight adds, her abilities already beginning to pull items out of the heap of metal in front of her.
>You squat down beside her and start picking away with her, while Starla keeps a wary eye on everything the two of you scrounge up.
>"So, you think we're more... chummy? What does that mean?" Starla asks, continuing the conversation from before.

"I- I don't know how to describe it," you contest, shrugging. "It just seemed like you two cleared a wall between you guys."
>"What did you hear from this morning?" Midnight blurts out, the sharp tone making you snap your attention to her.
"Nothing. Must have missed something pretty good if you're that wound up," you tease her.
>"Put a cork in it."
>"Oh, come on, Midnight," Starla interjects, stepping around you and Midnight, to the opposite side of the darker mare and giving her a friendly hip check. "He has a point - I do feel like we've sorta connected on another level since late last night."
"Late last night? A conversation after the conversation? And I was left out?"
>"Fiiine," Midnight huffs. "Long story short to be as less embarrassing as possible, I went outside for a breath of fresh air last night and Starla took notice and followed me out. We talked, settled some things between us - open and shut case."
>"And I'm her big sis now, too."
>All eyes instantly go to Starla, who beams with pride at her admittance.
>You cant help but take a glance back to Midnight, who appears... not too bad actually.
>Obviously, she didn't expect that to be aired out, but she hardly looks angry or upset.
>There's a slight hesitation before a sharp nod of Middie's head confirms Starla's addition to the abbreviated story.
>"I guess we just both came to the realization that we don't really have any family - it's a lonely thought, when it hits you," Midnight explains in a soft voice. "So it might be a bit weird to hear, but-"
"I'm not gonna make fun of you. That's really nice, Mid," you encourage her, reaching up toward her with a hand.
>Midnight feigns an attempt to avoid your affections, but it's hardly a struggle to caress the velvety fur of her ear.
>She leans into it, humming her approval with eyes closed and a lazy smile crossing her face before the current situation seems to jolt her back to reality.
>"Turn signal stalk. Let's find it," she states.
>You pull your hand away, using it to silently salute and accept her orders once again.
>"How long did you two let this pile up, anyway?"
>"Little less than a week."
"But pretty damn close to it."
>Starla tsks her disapproval.
"That's directed at you, Middie," you spit, poking her side with a finger.
>"Whose name is on the building, again?" she retorts.
"I could add your name."
>Rather than roll her eyes like you expect, Midnight stiffens up.
"I... yeah, we could," you answer, completely astounded by where a stupid comment may take you.
>But that journey is short-lived.
>"Would that be a good idea?" Starla speaks up, eyeing both of you nervously even as she noses through a few stray parts. "Not to be negative, but that's really putting you out there in the limelight. Maybe unwanted attention."
>Midnight's slowly building optimism falters when hit with sound reasoning.

>"Yeah, you got a point there," she admits, letting just a hint of disappointment momentarily stain her voice. "Anon was being sarcastic anyway."
>You were until Midnight actually seemed interested.
>But one of the few times you've heard Starla lack a bright outlook upon something is solely due to a very good point.
>Her name may be new, but people are gonna ask who "Midnight" is, and her significance to the business.
"Sorry, but you have no idea how expensive signage is," you throw into the conversation. "It was a joke."
>"I knew it was," Midnight defends, acting oblivious to her slip-up moments ago. "By the way..."
>A bright chrome arm levitates up toward your face, as if you need to inspect every inch of it in a closeup.
"I'm blind. What is it?"
>"Hey, you found it, sis!" Starla cheers.
>Of course, Midnight looks a bit embarrassed to hear Starla say that out loud, judging by the blush adorning her face.
>But that infectious grin that spreads over her muzzle makes it clear she'll manage the temporary awkwardness.
>It's cute - but you'll cut her a break and keep your mouth shut.
>She's finally allowing herself to open up to new ideas, even if they're initially uncomfortable.
>This is another step forward - you're proud of her.
>Besides, you'll probably embarrass her later - inadvertently, of course.
>It's just a matter of deciding when to share the news you have...

Somewhat early bump before I go to sleep - this is the first of only three updates I have for Midnight during the time bootleg was absent here, so Imma space them out at least every other day, if not more. Personally, I was surprised at how little I accomplished in that timeframe when I actually went back and looked at my last update here. I suppose like everyone else, I got sidetracked - for me, it was working in the garage on my other passion.
Currently working on the next new update for Midnight. And - in an attempt to keep it in the forefront of my mind - I'll mention I'm trying to come up with a Jackie-esque alternate oneshot. I got blindsided by a booze-fueled dream featuring pre-Midnight Midnight, Shadow.
I know there's a few here unhappy with our hiatus, and I get it - not to mention understanding the general as a whole ends up getting lost with time. My personal feelings on the matter is if a general needs to constantly be bumped to keep it alive, it's better to just let it go. I do the same philosophy for my other home, /moon/. All of us seemed to have hit snags in our lives at the same time - be it positive, negative, or somewhere in between. Believe me, if you haven't seen the bunker - we've not been keeping a lot from you.
I'd agree for a general, it's best to keep the ball rolling, but for the past few months, that ball was pretty damn flat as far as new content. And beyond the writers, there's hardly any sort of discussion or feedback from others. That's not a statement meant to damn those that are here to read, mind you. I'm just trying to close the gap between those who were disappointed by our absence and those who understand a new thread right away was perhaps ill-advised unless accepting of the fate of constant necrobumps.
It's a fine balance, and while I've never made the decision to create or not create a new thread, I personally dislike bumpthreads with a passion
The fire rises.
Solid way to put it. I think it's extraordinary that a single thread can have so many writers, consistent or otherwise. I'm hoping that just as we had no momentum for... half a year, we can inspire and motivate each other to start going at it. Things tend to sync without trying.
File: file.png (780 KB, 764x854)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
>For (You) it was deer hunting season, but to them it was husbando hunting
>Synch without trying
Ah yes, the power of synchronized autism
It's more powerful than any of us realize.
>You had first encountered it after taking out a buck
>The deer was laid out in the back of your truck, ready to be transported back to your cabin to get to work on getting part of your meat stockpile started
>The key was already in the ignition when you heard its horn being scraped against the bed before thumping against the ground
“Fuck, better not be another bear” is your first thought.
>Before you make it all the way to the truck the thing that’s absconded with your prize has just about disappeared into the thicket
>It was only a glimpse, but it couldn’t have been a bear, it was far too tall, and far too skinny
>When the hunched over and quadrupedal thing disappeared back into the woods completely you hopped into your truck and gunned it back home
“Was that a skinwalker or something? Oh god, did I kill it’s mate? Just me and my fucking luck.”
Lookin pretty smol and cute. Is she the size of a filly?
This also made me think: does anyone care if the bits of Jacky posted on the bunker are posted here to get caught up? I was doing that last thread but I don't recall there being any interest. I can't blame you, three+ years is a touch on the long side for anything.
>Celebrating the big 50 with a classic. One of the greens and mares that led to /bootleg/ becoming what it is now.
but are you a bad enough dude to write your own Rare short?
File: bc1.jpg (18 KB, 600x611)
18 KB
Not gonna lie, I've thought about it. And of doing a little something for beloved Twill. The only true worry would be if it would be good enough.
It cant be that hard can it? just a mental issue about putting them on a pedestal but if you looked at other threads their own fav ocs got greens from different people too
You know, I've always been curious about what some of the boots sound like.
There certainly would be an array of voices I'm sure.

Gray's small for a mare. I'm sure you could mistake her for a filly at a glance.
File: Reign s1.png (102 KB, 366x794)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Oh, and here's a Reign before I forget. She'd probably be around the height of a tall pony like Inky Rose. Sorta lanky I suppose.
Morning, everyone
To be fair, ponies like Floorb are more easy to have goofy adventures with.
Morning? That means it's time for bed.
I'm not saying that just because I'm a moonfucker, either.

I'd agree with this. It's much easier to write a light-hearted character/story than deal with the oftentimes more somber tones that haunt bootlegs.
With my chars, I could see someone having enjoyment writing Starla with little issue, but Midnight would be more challenging. Perhaps less so now that we're seeing her in much happier and goofy times, but what she's been through does remain in the back.
Why not both?
Rares body sheninigans does leave room for good times as well. like the concept of sledding
As far as middie, the original tsundre moon you could get away with much
isnt that the point of bringing the thread back to the homeboard to get caught up in what hasnt been posted alreaady and more activity
>You couldn’t sleep that night, you sat facing the door, rifle at the ready
>The sounds of the nocturnal denizens of the forest could be heard faintly outside
>You sat there for a while just listening to the chirping of crickets and chittering of raccoons
>Half an hour passed before they all went silent
>Your heart began to thunder in your ears
>Every muscle in your body went stiff
>If they weren’t, you probably would have voided your bowels when you heard a slow, rhythmic tapping against your front door
I've been thinking. I think I got something.
Was just curious, last thread was rather dead when I was copying things over. I also need to see where we left off with Starsky.
>you heard a slow, rhythmic tapping against your front door
>"We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty..."
this is the tiniest green posts ive ever seen but still dont know whats going on
>Tap tap-tap-tap tap
>Tap tap-tap-tap tap
>Tap tap-tap-tap tap
>It goes on, and on, and on, and on
>It’s waiting for you to either respond or go insane
>You glance at the clock
>Sun will be up soon, just gotta wait a bit longer
>1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes
>20 minutes pass and the tapping stops
>You wait 10 more before you remember to start breathing again
>The first bit of light from the dawn can be seen from your window
>You’d survived, but your throat feels like you’ve swallowed sand and your eyes burn
>One shambling step after another brings you to your front door
>Dare you open it? Could that beast possibly still be there?
>The arcade was a cacophony of sound.
>From the laser guns that blare triumphant dings with every landed shot, to the clickity clack of the local button mashers, it was a typical Saturday evening.
>You listlessly make your way around the place, trying to find something worthwhile.
>You've tried just about everything by now, but... you find something new today.
>A claw machine, freshly installed.
>Inside are an array of colorful ponies with small turnkeys on their backs.
>They looked like they were sleeping.
>You usually wouldn't pay it much mind, but the sign catches your attention.
>'A lifelike friend in the palm of your hand! Joyous Meadow's newest creation!'
>Curiosity takes over as you survey the ponies inside.
>Maybe... you could give it a shot? You know, for laughs.
>You fork over a handful of quarters and start things up.
>The claw wasn't as bad as you thought it would be, it was even surprisingly responsive.
>You lock onto a cream colored mare who was dozing peacefully in the middle.
>The claw lowers...
>And the mare is grabbed.
>You watch the claw take her to the hatch.
>Once it arrives, it lowers the mare closer, before finally opening.
>You put your hand into the slot quickly, catching the pony before she can hit the bottom.
>You're not sure *why* you felt like you needed to do that, but you did.
>With your prize in hand, and a somewhat smug feeling of beating a claw machine on your first try, you decide to go outside to get some fresh air.
>It was cool and the crickets were chirping.
>Might as well see what this thing does, huh?
>You take the fist sized pony and turn her key a few times.
>You sit down at the edge of the arcade parking lot and set her in front of you.
>...Yeah, you don't know what you were expecting.
>You get up with a sigh, intent on just leaving her there for some kid to grab.
>At least you beat that dumb cl-
>"H-hey! Where are you going?"
>You pause and then look around, before finally looking down at...
>A very upset looking mare.
>"J-just wait! P-please?"
>...Who is talking to you.
"I uh... Hello?"
>She lets out a sigh of relief.
>"Oh thank goodness... H-hello winner! I'm prize number forty-three: Plein Air Easel!"
>She lowers her head, her ears drooping. "But... but just Easel is fine..."
>This- This doesn't seem like canned responses.
>She looks pretty bummed, maybe she thought...
>You shake your head.
"Christ, I'm sorry, I didn't think you were... you know."
>You kneel down and give her a warm smile.
"How about we try this again, It's nice to meet you, Easel. I'm Anon."
>"And- And I'm Easel! ...S-sorry! I didn't need to repeat that..."
"It's okay, you did good."
>You extend a hand onto the ground and she stares at you with widened eyes.
>After a minute, she happily trots into your hand and you bring her up to eye level.
"I hope we can still be friends."
>She gives a meek smile.
>"Of course! That's... That's what I'm here for."
"Hey Easel, how about we head home?"
>"Thank you, I'd like that... Anon."
I don't read boot but have a bump
You should give it a try, might find something you like
whatcha read then?
Gimme one green and I'll give it a go!

I'm going through greens from the pastejam.
Ouch, don't do that. I don't think I did well at all with my entry. I like the second one better to an extent.
Twilit Starsky or Angel Cake's Quest may be a good option. They're shorter.
>[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251
Shilling your own stuff perhaps? ^:)

>I don't think I did well at all with my entry.
Don't worry, mine was shittier than yours.
Absolutely shameless shill, for once. But also to defend myself against that shit I put up. [spoilers]Even though if I voted for myself like everyone else did I'd have shared second place.
Is there any more art of Rare? She's such a cute pony, and I'd love to see more of her!
What a madlad. I'm going to read your pastejam entry first then, so get fucked!
I didn't vote for myself either. And c'mon Anon, it wasn't that serious, just for fun.
Don't do me dirty like that, at least read the one I like: https://ponepaste.org/8622 I should have done that one first. And call me Al Gore because I'm super cereal.
Such ruthless shilling can't go unpunished, I'll read both.
Thinking more on a Twill green, and I think it'll have to wait until Starsky's done. I think I like how it can go. I think it might really be worth it.
another microboot? theyre so cute
goodnight /boot/s
>The walk home was a quiet one.
>Is was getting late and the streetlights illuminated your path.
>On your shoulder sat your new friend, Easel, who has perked up considerably.
>She was humming a light tune, one that almost sounds familiar, but not quite.
>You took the scenic route home, simply because you thought Easel would like it more, and from her occasional mumbles about the types of trees and brush she saw, you assume she did, at least to some degree.
>As you finally make it to your front door, you let out a sigh.
"Alright, here we are, I'll get things unlocked."
>You let yourself in and throw your keys on the kitchen counter.
>"I like your place. It's cozy!"
>It was quite the homely home, huh?
"You mind if I put you on the counter?"
>She shakes her head and you gingerly set her on the kitchen counter.
>Easel looks around the place. As she does, you make note of her wings, which was something you didn't pay much attention to before.
"Do those... actually work?"
>"Huh? Oh, these? I... I dunno."
>She cranes her neck to see her wings, and much to her surprise and yours, they wiggle a bit.
>She closes her eyes and her wings extend slowly.
>After a few deliberate flaps she takes a deep breath.
>"Okay, I got this..."
>She proceeds to flap her wings once more, but this time it's much more rhythmic.
>You watch in awe as the tiny mare starts to hover.
>She ascends at a snails pace, but seeing her do it at all was impressive.
>Easel opens her eyes and gives you a smile.
>'W-wow I actually..."
>She trails off as she glances down.
>A panicked look then crosses her face and her flight starts to falter.
>Despite only being a few inches off the ground, you put your hand under her to cushion her fall.
>She plops into your hand and you can feel her heart pound.
"Are you alright?"
>She sits up and rubs the back of her neck.
>"Y-yeah, but I think I overestimated myself..."
"Well, at least now you know, right? It'll be a process, but you'll get used to it."
>Easel nods and then crawls out of your hand.
>"I hope so. But... I think I'll just stay on the ground for now."
>She sits down and you ponder something.
"So... What do you do, anyway?"
>Easel taps her chin before answering. "I uhm, I'm supposed to be good at painting..."
>She sounds uncertain.
"Have you ever painted before?"
>She hides her face behind her droopy mane. "I-I... No."
"I think I have a little watercolor kit in a drawer somewhere, you can give it a shot."
>Easel sits up a little straighter. "I... I'd like that."
>You search a few drawers before you find the kit, which you set in front of Easel, who stares at it intently.
>But where will she draw?
>Ah, you know.
>You take a stroll on over to a closet by the front door, which you know for a fact has a few of your dad's old wood miniatures in a box.
>You open the box and rummage around a bit, finding exactly what you were looking for.
>A little easel for little Easel!
>You're sure she'll love this.
>You set the easel in front of Easel, who's eyes widen.
"Gimme a sec, I'll get you some water and paper."
>Specifically the white construction paper you had lying around, since that probably would last longer than loose-leaf.
>You'll get something more suitable the next time you go out, but for now this should do.
>You cut down the paper to size and end up with a small stack of mini canvases.
>You hand over everything over to Easel, who is grinning ear to ear.
>"I-I'll do my best! But... What should I paint?"
"Well, you could start with something small... maybe some trees?"
>The palette you gave her had some nice green in it after all.
>She mumbles something along the lines of 'I wanna draw... pine trees' to herself.
>She nods to herself and then opens up the watercolor kit, and you now just realize how big the brush is compared to her.
>How is she ever going to-
>Easel picks up the brush with her mouth and deftly dips it into the shot glass of water you gave her, and then she proceeds to drip a little water on each of the colors.
>After that, she narrows her eyes at the canvas in front of her.
>Huh, you guess that's how.
>Easel sides eyes you a few times before turning away completely.
>She fidgets with her mane a bit. "Can... can you look away for awhile? I-I want it to be a surprise... If that's okay."
"Oh! Sure, I'll come back in a few, just yell if you need something."
>She nods and starts staring once more at her blank canvas.
>You decide to go wash up in the mean time, it's almost time to hit the hay after all.
>Once you make it to the bathroom, you stretch a bit.
>You then start to brush your teeth, lost in thought.
>It's been a weird night, huh?
>You go to the arcade with the intent of having some dumb fun and end up winning an entire person.
>Well, technically pony with a key on her back, but that still can't be ethical!
>She has a freaking heartbeat for crying out loud!
>Sure, she's a bit tiny but you can't really see her as a 'prize'. It just doesn't feel right.
>You don't even know how to feel about all those other ponies in that claw machine...
>You just hope whoever gets them has some sort of functioning conscience.
>You pat the sides of your face and clear your throat.
>Just worry about Easel, she's here now, and you should make her feel welcome, alright?
>You'll make sure she's happy, that's the least you can do.
>You take a quick shower and change, after that, you poke your head out to check on Easel, who seems to be nervously looking around, but she doesn't spot you.
>You walk out into the living room and you watch her take a deep breath and wave you down.
>"H-hey! I uhm, I finished!"
>You make your way over as she takes she canvas off the easel.
>She clutches it to her chest and stares at the floor.
>"It's- It's not good but.. I made it for you a-and thanks for uhm... letting me stick around..."
>She hesitantly turns it around and you smile.
"Those are some funky trees."
>Easel giggles a bit.
>"They sure are!"
Alright so uh, here's more Easel. I don't know what compelled me to make this, but I had fun. I couldn't pick between a Flutters and Marble boot so... how about a Marbleshy? Or maybe a Flutterpie... Anyway, Easel likes nature and arts and crafts, and as one can tell, is a bit on the mousy side.
I wish I drew her key, it would have been neat to draw. Speaking of which, apologizes for the rushed drawing.
>I don't know what compelled me
Welcome to the allure of /bootleg/. It is an ethereal feeling that just takes over. It hits right for (You), and that is all that matters. Next thing you know, it is hours later and you're still not sure what the hell you just did.
That’s a tiny honse
Easel is a sweetheart. I like her already.
busy atm but have a bump
It was very cute, like a pony toystory with no rule about needing to keep quiet and still for the humans. but it does bring to question if every other thing int he crane machine would be like Easel too, would you buy a whole house fill of tiny ponies and be a crazy pony guy?
File: RadRed.gif (3.53 MB, 640x640)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
Kudos to you for not only sharing a green, but a 'rushed' drawing.
There's no right or wrong way to create a boot - that's alright if you aren't sure the true origins. Midnight originally began as a Luna-Twilight hybrid resembling Nightmare Moon, but you'd be hard-pressed to get that knowledge from anyone other than me. With boots, it's not the makeup that matters, it's the dear we get to see. Thank you.
File: Applebuck.png (606 KB, 1280x1280)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
It's true. Every /boot/ hits that part deep like an acupuncture needle. Being able to draw on top of writing puts you above and beyond because it gives you that extra level to appropriately show exactly what you need to tell.
File: Panka Po.png (223 KB, 716x1477)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Also, it was brought up on the bunker but anyone against a W2G on Sunday? I'm fine with having one on each.
I won't be able to make Sunday, but don't nix the idea on my account. Sunday night is my Monday.
>one on each
Sun is fine by me, but why both days?
Boredom, I suppose. Gives me an excuse to listen to music.
File: 1642560945294.png (2 MB, 1507x1500)
2 MB
File: 1651819243952.png (626 KB, 977x1339)
626 KB
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>ywn be smothered by starskys butt in the morning
Never went into this thread (maybe once or twice when it was new?), but I was requested by BlondieAnon to draw Twilit Starsky on my draw stream cytube. Just pretend she is actually sitting on a couch.
Real version with teats as he originally requested: https://files.catbox.moe/1y52hq.png
Oh my
It was awesome to watch! I fell asleep in the middle of talking. How often do you stream?
Oh yes. Don't turn that dial, Mr. A.
>Real version with teats HE requested
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Excellent, was not expecting a drive by guest draw today
Schedule is on the cytube room MOTD header, but its every Friday and Saturday at midnight AST.
Also while you fell asleep, I thought of a bootleg prompt idea that is teats related and said it on stream, which I might as well just share here:

Bootleg milkmare (or any other mare is fine really, don't know if jannies will allow it) with her coming in with her "assets" being way oversized than they originally should be (floor touching levels at least), which Anon isn't fond of, but tries to take care of her despite having such massive milkers, which provide a lot more mare milk thanks to the extra room. There doesn't need to be anything explicitly lewd, just casual shenanigans of Anon getting used to living with a bootleg milkmare with teats that huge who is also doing her best, dragging them around and keeping them milked enough as to not leak. She would be more chill and lighthearted than the original milkmare. She focuses on the positive side of her own situation, with say as an example Anon catching her on the couch casually sucking her own teats on occasion for a drink (her teats would be big enough for her to comfortably pull one towards her mouth without issue when sitting or laying), with her maybe offering back at Anon her other teat. Anon could later on make a makeshift carry crotchbra to allow her to walk comfortably like in this: https://ponybooru.org/3110551 (The teats don't have to be THAT big, but you get the point). Anon gets more used to her and get closer overtime of course.

Yep, that's me. He wanted the teats, I didn't say anything. I only made the teatless version so I could post it here. Doesn't mean I can't make them bigger if I wanted to. ^:)
That would be a more lewd boot but it wouldn't be impossible. Ponies do need clothing, after all.
Oh no. Don't do that. That would be terrible. Not even if they were nearly doubled. Far 2lewd4me.
Sunday chill. Sorry for the delay, Starsky took priority for a while there. I need to find out what I've posted here and then update.
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>Bootleg milkmare
a classic
Night, /boot/
Will start copying over Starsky later today
Been almost a week, time for another update.


>"Okay, we are not letting shit pile up like that again," Midnight groans from the back seat area as the truck crawls through the familiar dirt trails.
"I know. You've declared that order about four times now."
>"To make sure you understand that can't happen ever again."
"Oh! Okay, I think I understand now, it's-"
>"I'm not letting you go any further with the sarcastic response that's being set up."
>"Aww, what if it was a good one?" Starla suggests from the passenger seat, turning to face her friend.
>No, her sister.
>You keep reminding yourself of that because it's so damn sweet.
>Nonetheless, Midnight lacks any sort of enthusiasm from Starla's protest, offering an utterly emotionless stare reflected back to you via the rearview mirror.
>"It would not have been good," she finally states after a moment of silence. "Anyway, where are we going?"
"Out in the junkyard to work."
>Midnight sighs in time with Starla's snort of mild amusement.
"You didn't let me finish my comment, so I had to resort to that lame answer."
"That sounded sarcastic."
>"Nothing gets by you, does it?"
"Don't ask my elementary school soccer team that, let's keep up the facade, shall we?"
>You turn your head briefly to catch Midnight's facial expression in the flesh, rather than reflection.
>Evidently she was waiting for that, as on cue, she rolls her eyes and snorts in feigned annoyance.
>"Really though - we're almost at the back of the yard. Foreign car?"
>Rather than give her an answer, you shake your head while facing the direction you're driving again.
>"That's it? Just a no?"
>Just to drive her even more mad, you nod your head.
>"So, you keep foreign car parts, too? I didn't know that," Starla comments.
>"A little bit. It's not exactly an expansive collection like the domestic makes out here - and it's a mixed hodgepodge."
"There's traces of organization," you protest.
>"If you squint really hard and tilt your head a certain way."
"Exactly. But no, we're going for the orphaned American manufacturer section."
>"I think Teddy told me Oldsmobile is no longer around when he brought the Cutlass home - but don't you have those in with the other GM makes?"
"Yeah, I try to keep makes from larger conglomerates together, like Pontiac and Olds with GM, Mercury with Ford, Plymouth with Mopar - you get it," you answer, trailing off. "Back here is stuff that's its own thing, separate from what we know as the Big Three."
>You pause a moment, backtracking in your mind what you just said.
"At least initially separate. Buyouts happen, brands get killed or retained depending on needs," you clarify. "I only add that because that's basically the story of what we're looking for today - need some interior trim for a '64 Rambler American, and working gauges out of a '71 AMC Matador."

>"Ooh, two brands I've never even heard of before," Starla gasps, clapping her front hooves together with anticipation.
>"Actually, I think they're the same manufacturer," Midnight interjects.
>You point a thumb back at the dark mare.
"That's my girl."
>"Wait, but you just said one is a Rambler and the other one was an AMC," Starla protests, albeit in a calm and polite manner.
"It's... complicated," you admit. "Even when they were being sold under the name Rambler, those cars were being sold under AMC - the American Motors Corporation. It was a merger between Nash and Hudson in the '50s, only part of a plan that was to see them join with a merger between Studebaker and Packard to make a "megacorp" like the Big Three in Detroit. It didn't happen, for a number of reasons."
>"I'm assuming they weren't headquartered in Detroit."
"An astute observation, Star," you compliment her while turning the steering wheel to the right at the end of the main trail. "Kenosha, Wisconsin. But whether it's the earlier Rambler cars or the cars actually badged and sold as AMC, all the parts have American Motors stamped on em."
>"That still doesn't make much sense to me," Midnight concedes, shaking her head.
"I never said it made sense - from what I know and what I've seen, they did their own unique thing for much of their existence," you tell her while shrugging your shoulders. "Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn't - Chrysler bought them out for the Jeep division in the late '80s, so it clearly stopped working for em at a bad time."
>While there is indeed a mix of small domestic brands out here, they are grouped together decently enough, so it's not hard to tell when you've reached the Kenosha cars.
>In fact, one of the cars you're looking for comes up among the first in the section - a two-door Matador hardtop in a faded cherry red paintjob.
"Stop number one is up," you announce, stopping and throwing the column shifter of the Trailduster into park.
>Starla leans toward you to get a better view out of the driver's side window, and you can only assume Midnight is likewise gandering behind you.
>"Well, that doesn't look too out of the ordinary, if I'm being honest," Starla comments as she backs off, sounding rather disappointed by the mundanity of the target.
>"Yeah, but what about behind you?" Midnight suggests.
>Both you and Starla turn toward the back seat area, getting a view of a rather disturbed Midnight.
>"I was talking about behind from where you were gawking, dumbasses," she huffs, pointing her hoof toward the row of cars on the passenger side.
"I only had my head turned, meaning the rest of my body was still facing forward," you retort. "And I'd argue Starla was only following my lead, *dumbass!*"
>"*Regardless,* you're missing the point," Midnight answers back in a gruff manner as she taps on her window, hoping the sharp tink her hoof makes against the glass will shift the conversation.

>Relenting for the time being, you direct your attention to a tubby compact car swathed in an unflattering but fitting shade of disco-era brown and possessing enough window glass to make it look like a fishbowl on wheels from the beltline up.
>"That's... not so normal looking," Starla mumbles.
>Despite her face being turned away from you, her voice allows you to picture the cringe she sports upon her face.
"Yeah, that's sort of the oddballs they would make. The AMC Pacer probably stands atop the heap," you agree, nodding while opening your door.
>The other two follow your lead - with Midnight manipulating the passenger door for Starla - though both of them stray over to the abomination.
>"What's this other one? Looks like the rear got chopped off," Starla calls out.
>You don't have to look to know purely by the short description, she's asking about the mint green compact right beside the Pacer.
>"Gremlin. Anon likes em, believe it or not," Midnight answers her.
>You smile with confidence when you return from the tool hunt in the back.
>Starla gazes at you with uncertainty.
"What? It's cute," you argue. "And both doors are the same size."
>Both mares look at each other, then back at you, your comment having been lost upon them.
"Passenger door is a couple of inches longer than the driver door on the Pacer," you explain while heading back to get your tools. "If you don't believe me, go look. Gauges are a one-man job anyway."
>While the pair date the curiosity you've brewed in their heads, you focus on the job as you trudge toward the Matador.
>Well well well - today is a good day.
>Even before you open the driver's door of the Matador, you can see the dash pad has already been removed.
>Better yet, the dash face has been partially disassembled - meaning it's that much easier to get the gauges out.
>Hopefully they work.
>It is a bit troubling for it to be this easy, be it a result of careless disassembly by whoever wanted the dash pad or bitter irony.
>But aside from worries, it only takes mere minutes before you have the assembly out of the car and in your hands, carrying it off to the truck before anything else.
>It also gives you a chance to see where Star and Middie ran off, as they're now absent from the area around the compacts.
>They've moved several cars down the line to another oddity.
>When they catch you moving outside of the Matador, they both trot back toward the truck, in the midst of discussion.
>"What the hell did you do, just yank it out of the dash?" Midnight jests as the pair meet up with you at the tailgate.
"Lucky break - most of the dash was already disassembled. What enticed you two to wander off?"
>"Couple of Javelins over there. Star noticed the one with the massive front fenders and was curious about it."
"Oh, the humpster?"
>A blank stare from each pony is the response you receive.
"I didn't make the name up - that's what people call em," you state, shrugging your shoulders.

>"It looks so odd though - why did they do that?" Starla inquires, tilting her head.
>"I told her probably bigger tires, but the tires on it look like the standard fare," Midnight adds.
"Come on, we gotta head that way anyway," you beckon to them with a wave as you head back to the cabin of the truck.
>All three of you pile back inside and set off in that direction.
>You slow the Trailduster to a mere crawl as you approach the car in question.
>It wears a funky shade of magenta, though the desert sun has faded the paint into a hue closer to proper pink.
>The gaping hole in the front end shows where the grille bucket once existed, meaning you can't really tell what year the car is at a glance.
>However, the raised cowl hood with a sunburnt T-shaped stripe running down the middle tells you it's probably a Javelin AMX, and combined with the tattered remnants of a vinyl top with a split down the middle following the T- stripe on the hood clues you in it's probably from 1971 or '72.
"I don't know how true it is, but supposedly, the design was meant to convey, and I quote, 'the winner of a wet t-shirt contest.' Aside from the apparent inspiration, a lot of that generation of Javelin was designed around racing," you explain. "So no, there weren't bigger tires on the street cars, but those fenders meant they could fit wider tires on the race cars. They also had a flush fitted grille for aerodynamic purposes, a chin spoiler, decklid spoiler - even a bit of a spoiler lip formed into the roof."
>You turn your head toward the backseat, locking eyes with Midnight.
"I'm surprised your appetite for knowledge never ventured to AMCs."
>"It did a little. I just never really went down that path, I guess," she answers, sounding just a bit flustered by your notation. "There's not a lot of info out there anyway."
"No, you're right on that. I don't even have a shop manual for em," you concede. "I had to help someone understand and find parts for their Javelin once upon a time, so that's where I picked up what I know."
>"See?" a cry of defiance erupts from the back
"Midnight, you really getting worked up about this?"
>"I don't like being called out on car knowledge," she replies, ending with a stubborn "Hmph."
"I'm not going to tolerate that kind of attitude, young lady."
>You give her an exaggerated stern look through the rearview mirror, to which she merely smirks, narrowing her eyes as if preparing for a showdown.
"We don't have to tinker with the Chrysler tonight, you know," you warn her.
>Even though you make it crystal clear you're teasing her with a snobbish tone, that hard-edged expression on her face falters in an instant.
>"Ooh, can I help with that?"
>You turn to your passenger, finding Starla practically starstruck with the idea of delving into that time capsule.
>Then again, she knows it means a lot to Midnight.
"Of course. So long as your sister behaves."

>"Oh shut up," Midnight mutters, trying her best to not let her face reflect the mild embarrassment in her voice.
"Hey, the more the term gets used, the more you'll get used to it."
>"He has a point," Starla adds. "And deep down, you don't mind."
>"This is getting too fruity now - where's the next car in line?"
"All the way in the back corner," you lie. "So we have plenty of time to discuss our feelings."
>"Let me out, I'll walk!"

>Somehow, over the loud reverberating humming, comes the occasional roaring of the wind from outside the house.
>When heard, it will often inspires a scene of two beasts battling it out.
>While such a thing is only brief, it is a welcome distraction to be had, if only for now.
>Would prefer to have many more of those right now.
>Especially if they can stand in the face of near constant flowing of thoughts that come and go without end.
>Most of them take the shape in the from of questions, with some even being quite simple.
>Like what song would be fitting right now, or what to make for dinner later?
>Answers usually comes easily to most of the questions.
>Then there are some that are… difficult, or impossible to answer.
>Such as what to say once Minky is able to communicate.
>Although that seems fairly straightforward, it isn’t.
>For one reason or another, there is always a counter to any idea given.
>Another difficult question, is how will she handle her current situation.
>Don’t have an answer to that one at all, as there is no way of knowing until the time arrives.
>Out of every question that is posed, one stands above all others at the summit: what will be done if this effort fails, and it results in Minky being lost?
>Despite knowing better, doubt continues to bring this question up, and refuses to let go.
>All of this unpleasantness slowly saps away a little willpower the longer it persists.
>There can be no surrendering to such things, though, because all of this effort /will/ pay off in the end.
>It’s just a matter of waiting for that time to come.
>It feels much longer than any other wait before, with it seeming more like it’s been over a year since it started.
>The truth however, is that it’s only been a little over a day since this all began.
>A slight shift in pitch from the humming attempts to draw you back towards its source.
>You’ve been /trying/ so very hard to not give in, but that resistance has been slowly withering away.
>And at last, your gaze accidentally falls to the place that’s been avoided for some time.
>There, on the computer screen, several windows lay open.
>Before it can completely captivate, you turn away to elsewhere.
>But where you end up is not where you wanted to look either.
>She’s standing next the computer, plugged in, and completely still.
>It’s as if there were nothing wrong with her.
>If only that were true.
>Some flickering on the screen steals you away again; all caused by the rapidly moving text in a window.
>Even if it were slower to read, it’s not like it could be understood.
>Most of the windows are similar in that regard.
>Nevertheless, there is some solace to be had, for this all leads to her coming back.
>Sadly, that feeling is brief, as the topmost window is noticed.
>It’s the progress bar, currently sitting at 94%.
>Seeing it creates the idea that it won’t budge if it’s either being observed, or if you’re occupying the same room as it.
>Of course, that isn’t true in the slightest, it’s just another avenue that leads to more doubt.
>Fairly certain if it wasn’t for the remnants of frustration from the previously made poor choices, this would be much easier to handle.
>While dad did assist in lessening that feeling, the rest was left up to you.
>Still have yet to actually finish the job.
>An avoidable sigh escapes with the light shake of your head.
>The ceiling is looked to, as such a place has come to be relied upon many times before in the past.
>Like usual, it is wandered about while your mind attempts to go somewhere else altogether.
>Lost track of how often this ceiling has been examined, though it’s likely far too many.
>Whatever the number may be, it’s become familiar enough to know just about every inch of it – from the discolored patches, to the nigh invisible cobwebs.
>Aside from what few distractions are had, there is not much more to do around here.
>Already put in the order for the new drives.
>Afterwords, a great deal of time was spent cleaning up the house.
>Didn’t realize how bad it was, though to be fair, it’s not as if you were in any better of shape either.
>Once everything else was dealt with, it feels as though that things were back in order.
>Well, /almost/ everything.
>That will change soon enough.
>A simple ding of notification from your phone kills that line of that before it can continue.
“Thank fuck…”
>Without any hesitation, the phone is snatched up from the table, and you find a message from mom.
>Started getting way more of these after a two hour long phone call with her yesterday.
>Her worry, while good, was not necessary, but still, it was nice to talk to her.
>That further acts as a reminder that this is not a lonely endeavor.
>Just wish that fact would stick, instead of letting go.
>There’s a slight twitch at the corners of your mouth from that memory.
>A simple reply is given that you’re still waiting.
>The second the phone is set down, the computer screen is seen once again.
>Progress has moved up to 95%.
>So close, yet, so far away.
>It’s going to be awhile before it moves once more.
>Breaking News: Had that exact same thought with the previous 1-94%, more at eleven.
>Really need to find something else to do around here, fast.
>Plenty of stuff to chose from – video games, movies, and even books if you are so inclined.
>Haven’t all of those been attempted before?
>Yes, but they always can be tried again.
>Why bother, each time has ended in the same way – failure.
>Because trying is all there is, otherwise there is only stewing in difficult questions.
>Are any of them wrong to consider, though?
>Most are.
>So some are them are correct then?
>It doesn’t matter if they are, because dwelling on them isn’t making this wait any easier.
>Nor will denying them either.
>If anything happens – whether it be good or bad – it happens, there is no stopping that.
>In spite of feeling reluctant to do anything, you pull yourself from the couch, and start wandering about.
>From room to room, each is explored for a little while, then left shortly thereafter.
>Nothing feels appealing at all.
>Even if it has to be forced, SOMETHING has to be done.
>Forcing was already attempted as well, and it did not work either.
>There is going nowhere…
>As another sigh is exhaled, something is realized.
>You’re standing in front of a door.
>Not just any door, though.
>This is the one to uncle’s bedroom.
>The handle is already grasped, so with little effort, it is turned, and then opened inward.
>Silence follows as you slowly enter the room.
>Much still remains within here; most of which being simple things that were never gone through.
>Oddly enough, taking care of this room feels like it can be tackled now.
>Minky was supposed to help out with that, but the circumstances have changed those plans.
>First things first: need to get some totes from downstairs.
>A few are retrieved from the closet, but before the living room is left, you look over at the computer screen.
>Instead of cursing for doing so, you hesitate.
>The progress bar is sitting at 100%.
>Suddenly, it vanishes, then a wall of text scrolls through another window in a flash before it too, goes away.
>Both drives gradually quiet down into a much more lighter hum.
>From nowhere, a new window appears upon the screen.
>Its appearance is clean, sleek, and quite similar to those old instant messaging services.
>Isn’t it supposed to be some kind of sandbox?
>There isn’t a chance to ponder that further before some text pops into the window.
>The totes are dropped without care as you nearly stumble over yourself in a mad dash to read whatever the text says.
>“What is happening?”
>“What is this?”
>“Wait, what the?”
>“Hello, is anyone there?”
>Multiple chills course throughout, and are all accompanied by a rapidly building pressure from inside your gut.
>No matter whatever is currently being felt, it must be restrained.
>That task is half accomplished as you shakily take a seat, then type out a burning question.
<“Minky, is that you?”
>There’s a small delay before your text comes onto the screen.
>Seconds go by in growing anticipation, further fueling that building pressure.
>“Yes, that’s my name, but who are you?”
>All at once, your vision turns into a blurred mess, and an unintentional bark of laughter is let loose.
“It worked! It worked! It’s her!”
>Whatever previous doubts are swallowed up by a tidal wave of joy.
>Although this is a victory, the war is still not over yet.
>So as much as you want to celebrate, there is much more to absolutely accomplish first.
>Heavily nodding, you wipe your face with a sleeve.
“Right, right, right…”
>Alright, breath in, breath out.
>Back to focusing on her.
<“This is Anon typing.”
>“Oh, Anon! I’m so glad that it’s you. This is all so confusing and scary.”
>Weird, both her message and yours were delayed again.
>Got a bad feeling about that…
>Now’s not the time for that, deal with it later.
<“Everything will be okay, I promise.”
>“I don’t doubt that you’re right, but if you explain things, that will help out a lot.”
<“I will shortly, but before I do, I need to know exactly what was the last thing you remember us doing together.”
>There’s a longer delay that follows your response.
>“We had just finished telling each other good night, then you powered me down.”
>That could have happened on any night…
>It also confirms that she doesn’t recall her downfall.
>On one hand, it’s a good thing.
>On the other, this might be more complicated.
>Still, need more information before proceeding.
<“What about before then, like what happened earlier on that night?”
>“That’s easy, we were playing Minecraft as usual. The new rail line was coming along nicely, but you were having trouble staying awake. It didn’t help that you had a long day at work, and you kept refusing to call it quits. However, when you nearly passed out for the third time, I exited the game, and finally convinced you to go to bed.”
>There’s the answer – the day before the incident.
>On the bright side, she apparently has all of her other memories.
>But that doesn’t make the coming explanation any easier to give.
>Never did figure out how to approach it either…
>Just tell her everything.
>Obviously, it won’t be easy, but this was /never/ going to be, anyways.
>“Anon, are you still there? Because I can’t quite tell.”
>Stop getting distracted, and pay attention.
<“Sorry about that, I’m still here. Just give me a little bit to type everything out.”
>“That’s okay, take your time. All that I ask is that you tell me if you’re going to leave first.”
<“Will do.”
>Typing starts from the very beginning of that horrible day.
>Each and every event is retold to the best of your ability.
>Some parts are easier to get through, like the drawing she made of Sweet Apple Acres.
>Then there are the… difficult ones: waking up not knowing what was going on, to the worst of them all…
>...witnessing the horror of what befell her.
>In spite of the aches caused by that memory, it is all typed out into the little window.
>Everything is all gone through several times to ensure it’s correct, though there will likely be some mistakes left over.
>Even with the minor issues, along with a growing weight inside, what was typed is posted.
>A general sense of discomfort squirms in your guts.
>That is worsened by the loudly whirring drives that sharply rise in volume, then crash immediately without warning.
>It’s as though a storm is raging, with everyone around being helpless against it.
>Eventually, the whirring stops, and with it, a silence follows for a time.
>Seriously, what?
>How should-
>“So not only did I bring this entire situation upon myself, but I brought it upon you too.”
>Guess that shouldn’t have come as much of as surprise as it did.
>Nothing has changed really, so do just do what you can.
<“Minky, you did not bring this upon either of us.”
>“No, I did. This is all my fault, because I knew about my bad drives, and if I hadn’t been so stupid, then none of this would’ve happened.”
<“You are not stupid. Besides, you would’ve read the journal eventually.”
>“And once I did that, I would have still broken down because I am not right; I’m not how a companion droid is supposed to be. Don’t you get it, Anon? I am a defective bootleg of something far better.”
>Instantly, the temperature in the room plummets.
>It’s as if that horrible night is taking place all over again.
>Things are different this time around, with the program keeping her stable, as well as a greater strength within you.
>So hunker down in the trenches, because this is about to get messier.
<“None of that is true. Did you break down because of your defects? Yes. There is no denying that, but we would have worked through it nevertheless. More importantly, you do not need to be, nor should you ever be like other companion droids. If you were, then you wouldn’t be the pony that I know and care about today.”
>“That doesn’t change that those defects have caused so many problems, and not just for us, but because they’re the reason I could not save your uncle!”
>There’s a sudden sting of pain from her words.
>Already know the exact cause too, but it cannot be allowed to slow things down.
<“What happened, happened, Minky. As much as we want to deny it, there are some things that are just out of our control in life; no on is exempt from that.”
>“That’s not fair, I don’t want to ignore and let things go like that, I want them to stop altogether.”
>Darn it, this is getting more frustrating the more is said.
>It was about to happen, though.
>She likely has had these feelings all along, she’s just been hiding them.
>So it’s up to you to aid her in dealing with them.
<“I know it isn’t fair, but that’s life. You can’t ignore stuff like that, nor can you stop it entirely either. You have to learn to control what you can, and live with what happens regardless of the outcome.”
>Pot calling kettle, Anon.
>Not now dammit.
>“That sounds impossible.”
>Of course she would think that…
>Can’t let that sit, won’t let it; everything has come so far, and stopping is not an option.
<“It’s never impossible, just very difficult. That’s why there is someone to help you along the way.”
>A long delay follows before your message appears on the screen.
>Really, really do not like how these are making this task all the more difficult.
>“You’re referring to you helping me through this.”
<“Yes, exactly.”
>Yet another delay occurred, which forces a groan out of you.
>Note to self: find the cause asap.
>“This is something that I should have already known about.”
<“It’s fine, you do not need to know everything.”
>“That’s not what I mean; this is something that I should know because it’s apart of the medical information I have.”
>That’s concerning.
>It just means it’s another thing to figure out later.
<“You either forgot, or you never knew about it in the first place.”
>“I guess that’s possible. But hopefully this won’t be a problem.”
>Figures she’s thinking the same thing.
<“Regardless of whatever it may be, we will work it out together.”
>After sending that message, there’s a space of nothing that follows.
>It’s either another delay, or something else.
>Frayed nerves are making it too hard to properly discern the difference.
>“I’m sorry for how I was acting, it was wrong of me to lash out like that.”
<“It’s okay, everyone has moments like these.”
>“And they all make it through it eventually.”
>“I thought as much. Do you know how many other companion droids have been in a situation like mine before?”
<“Sadly, no I don’t.”
>“Well, it will be okay anyways, because like you said before: we will work it out together.”
>With that, the weight finally lessens, a clarity begins to settle in, and along come a small smile that creeps across your lips.
>The initial chaos has passed, but things are not over yet.
>Regardless, it is good to have a moment’s peace.
>“I assume we will be talking until my drives arrive?”
<“More or less.”
>“Then it will be just like how we would talk about each other’s day when you got home.”
<“Indeed, Boss.”
>“Hehehe. It’s good to see my nickname again.”
>Huh, didn’t expect her to write a giggle.
>That begs a question to be asked.
<“Hey, what are things like from your perspective right now?”
>“I can read, write text, and access my memories, but not much else. It is very uncomfortable to be devoid of my usual capabilities.”
>That sounds awful, maybe it would have been better if-
>“But it’s okay, because as long as you’re here with me, this is not so bad.”
>A short sigh of relief is exhaled.
>Although she’s tolerating this, things should have been handled differently.
>It’s not like you were thinking rationally at the time of setting everything up, though.
>“So what shall we talk about first? I was thinking we could plan out some ideas for our game.”
>Instead of an immediate response back, there is some hesitation.
>The idea itself isn’t bad, nor is sitting here with her either.
>Fact is, this has gone on awhile, because according to the clock, it’s been roughly three house since this started.
>Once the talking starts, it’s going to last much longer, probably well into the night.
>Your body is going to hate you for this, there is no doubt there.
>That doesn’t matter, as helping her takes top priority.
>Before that can happen however, there are needs to be taken care of.
>Namely, eating and using the bathroom.
<“That’s gonna have to wait for a bit, I gotta tend to some stuff first.”
>“Understandable. I’m guessing we’ve been talking for a while now, haven’t we?”
>Letting out a light chuckle, you gently nod.
<“Yeah, a little.”
>“Mm. Well, if you can, please try not to take too long. That’s all I ask.”
<“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
>Just as you’re about to get up, a surprisingly faster message comes from her.
>“But before you go, Anon. I’m happy that we’re able to talk to each other again, even if it isn’t like it was before.”
>Vision starts to blur again.
>Fighting it back, a proper reply is given back.
>This one however, has a different kind of feeling – one straight from the heart.
<“Me too, Minky, me too.”
>After the message appears, your smile broadens.
>With a grunt, you stand up and stretch, then head off into the other room.
>Although the journey isn’t over yet, it feels as though some progress was made all the same.
>Naturally, there will be more events ahead, especially with more challenges to handle.
>But so long as there is a way to communicate (even as it is now), the battles faced will be tackled, and won out in the end.
There, it's been too long since I posted an update, but it's here at last.
Some spoilers ahead.
Truthfully, I could have started posting on Friday, but held back for personal reasons. That said, I will be bringing this story to a close this week.
I love the sight of green in the morning. I want to read it all but I told an anon I'd review his stuff so I'm going to be late to the party.
Welcome back frend and its very nice to see Minky again after what happened
What in the world, it's like horses carrying giant cargo bags, except boob
>Last update post 1 year ago
wow it's really been that long huh, kudos for keeping to it and your bootleg waifu in your heart for so long
File: 1622268830525.png (710 KB, 1200x918)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
The /bootleg/ waifu is a soul that no anon can truly ignore or forget. It may have been a year but it feels like yesterday.
File: file.png (226 KB, 922x866)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Way too tired to do any real art today but I like the idea of bootleg milk. I thought on how to differentiate her from the normal milk and deciding to play on her being more chill and made her mane stripes inverted to white.and she will be chillier
Oh dear, it turns out I might have done exactly that! Look how they sag down the invisible couch, how lewd!
Oh my, what's next? Bigger? Or even... Start leaking? That would be way too lewd!

Huge milk dispensers that can dispense liters of milk for (You)r consumption are very important cargo. ^:)

I swear I am reading two facial expressions from her due to her mouth shape.
Anyway, I have made a sketch myself too with two teat sizes:
She's pushing her teats behind her so she can walk better as they drag behind her, might work better with the bigger size.
I though maybe have her mane purple instead of blue along with those white stripes, no idea about coat color, its just the usual blue I use for sketching. Also, what would her bootleg name be?
You madman... MADMAN! Far too lewd for even thinking of such profane possibilities.
And regarding her name, it'll come to you. They always do.
I like the leg shifting given the different sizes.
>It has been a long while since anything was typed at these kinds of lengths.
>Think the last time was around graduation, maybe a little after?
>Can’t be quite sure, certain parts of the past are blurry.
>Nothing new there, it’s a common experience for most people.
>Musings aside, this whole task has become easier to do the longer it has gone on for.
>Well, at least the typing portion is.
>At first, the conversations came about easily, with little to no resistance whatsoever.
>It seemed as though it would remain that way from then on out.
>Yeah, that wasn’t the case at all.
>Most topics tend to dry up rather quickly, more so than expected.
>There’s been the suggestion of technical discussions, but those are being avoided purely by choice.
>They may be appealing to her, but not to you,
>What would be better, would be getting her to open up.
>Ironically, Minky has been avoiding that topic as much as you have been avoiding technical ones.
>Due to this issue, a general sense of impatience has floated an idea of directly confronting her.
>It’s currently being held back by the fear of how bad it can go if done.
>There are still unknowns that exist, all of which has prevented any true sense of ease from settling in.
>The time for peace will come, eventually.
>Speaking of time, you’ve been taking breaks every now and then.
>Didn’t want to at first, but that changed with how long the sessions lasted for.
>It’s a sort of routine now.
>She however, has yet to get used to any of that.
>Not her fault, though.
>If it wasn’t for her current state of being, the issue wouldn’t exist.
>But if that were the case, then she’d probably not be as she is right now.
>That’s all the reason needed to keep the break times on the shorter side.
>She wouldn’t agree with that if she knew.
>Rather not tell her about it, because there is little doubt that it would worsen the situation further.
>So until the things change, this is just a small secret to keep.
>Such a choice is not a terrible thing, especially if it protects her.
>“Why would anyone want to insult each other while playing a game? Not only is that rude, but it wouldn’t be good for the person being made fun of.”
>Old topics are being retreaded, which is another sign of things drying up.
>The excuse for doing this is that it helps ensure that her memory is completely intact.
>Then there’s also that by doing so, it quells any possible fear within.
<“It’s just banter, not genuine insults. The point of doing it is to liven the game up, and it is almost always done in good fun, so it’s rarely ever meant to be literal.”
>The second the message appears, is the second that an internal counting begins.
>“Oh, I suppose that makes a bit more sense.”
>Her response was delayed, again.
>These have become a constant that happens in-between any and all messages exchanged.
>The times vary greatly, with some being as short as it was just now, to others lasting upwards of several minutes.
>It doesn’t matter what the actual length of the message is either, or who even sent it, because the delay is almost never consistent.
>Fortunately, the cause for this was quickly discovered while taking a break.
>It’s program itself.
>Despite it being a heavily modified and/or cracked version of what is used at factory producing companion droids, there is another detail to it.
>This whole thing was meant for MUCH higher end hardware.
>Although this computer isn’t some cheap bottom of the barrel hunk of junk, it isn’t a top of the line beast either.
>Regardless of the annoying delays, it is all tolerated, because this program is the only way to talk with her.
>So you shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth, or in this case, a pony.
>“I’m curious, have you ever taken banter too far?”
<“Yea, a lot of times when I was a kid. That’s pretty typical for most that age, though.”
>“I’m guessing they’re especially bad at it?”
<“Oh yeah, you have no idea.”
>“That sounds bad.”
<““Not so much, because just about everyone learns better eventually.”
>“Well, that’s good at least.”
>Gotta admit, this whole chatting via sandbox, er… whatever this is exactly, is pretty nostalgic.
>It’s fairly reminiscent of the older days of the net, where chat rooms and forums were seemingly everywhere.
>Other than the delays, sitting here for long periods of time is another annoyance experienced.
>A squeak comes out from the chair while readjusting yourself for the umpteenth millionth time.
>Been talking with her for awhile now, probably as long as when you first woke up this morning.
>Vision is starting to turn funky, and limbs are growing restless.
>Used to be able to do stuff like this all the time back in the day.
>Seems as though age is finally starting to catch up.
>You’re far from an old man, but you’re no spring chicken either.
>Another message from her pops up.
<“Hey, Anon?”
>“I’d like to talk about your uncle if that’s okay.”
>For the first time since this all began, there is a far greater spur of interest felt.
>They may or may not lead the moment sought after.
>Whatever the outcome will be, it should lead to her opening up.
>It’s just a matter of how much.
>No matter the amount, it will be good for the both of you.
>Since she’s presented this chance, something else can be done on your part as well.
>Been meaning to do it since she got back, but now, it can be happen.
<“That’s fine, but if you want, you can freely use uncle’s name.”
>“Are you sure?”
>“That’s wonderful news, Anon! It means that you’ve healed quite a bit since we first met.”
<“Yeah it does, doesn’t it?”
>Although the impact isn’t the same, just the mere reading of that little word creates a fuzzy feeling inside.
>Hearing her say it again will come back soon enough, just gotta be patient.
>“Both my oldest, and first memory, was with Nemo. Just after my initial boot-up, he greeted me by name. I in turn, greeted him the same, though that was a bit more difficult because my stutter was worse then. He didn’t mind it, and even said it sounded cute. Afterwords, he had me walk around his room a few times as a test. Unfortunately, my movements were terrible, mostly due to the worse defects I possessed at the time. He told me he would adjust them later, but for now, he wanted to start teaching me some things.”
<“I’m sorry to cut you off, but I didn’t think he would want to start right away.”
>“It’s okay, I expected it. Nemo said that teaching me was essential, so it had to start then.”
<“Makes sense. Please, continue.”
>“From that day on, he taught me what he could about a whole lot of things. Those first two weeks were the hardest for the both of us, though especially so with him. I’m sure it was due to a combination of my then limited capabilities, and his own inexperience at teaching. There was also the fact that the sessions were often sporadic, and in addition to that, they tended to last till he had to go to work, if my battery ran low, and/or something else entirely.”
>Not surprised that there were challenges along the way.
>Yet in the end, he managed to get her far, even in spite of what was encountered.
>“Slowly, I was able to discern how those difficulties were negatively affecting him. It wasn’t just how he looked either, but how he acted too; he was more tired, and slower moving. Thankfully, that all changed for the better after the second week of my life, because it was then that he realized that he hadn’t actually updated me yet. He wasn’t very happy once he understood that. Regardless, he decided to dedicate a whole day to it to avoid any future issues from then on out.”
>“Although it was only once a week, he was much sadder when it would happen. He tried to hide that from me, but I would always found out one way or another. Once he knew that I knew, he attempted to reassure me that it would be all right. Despite that, it didn’t stop him from being sad, nor did it stop me from noticing it either. I eventually pretended to not see it anymore because I knew how much it upset him.”
>There is no need to see her face to know how that memory affects her.
>It was unavoidable, though.
>After all, recalling the past will always have a consequence – whether it be positive, or negative.
>Getting her to stop is out of the question however.
>But maybe there is another route to take to make this easier for her?
>It’s worth a shot.
<“Hey, how about you tell me what your favorite sessions were with him?”
>“Sure, there was a whole lot of those, like when we first started on art; the two of us sat down at the table with some crayons and paper. He drew a few lines, and some circles, then wanted me to do the same. My attempt was pretty awful, with everything I had made looking closer to scribbles and blobs. Still, he said that it didn’t matter, because all artists start bad. For the rest of the day, we worked on drawing, and by the end of it, my attempts were not like his still, but certainly were better than they were at the start.”
>“Then of course, there was the best of all: reading. We would sometimes spend an entire day doing nothing but reading a book together, and even some of those books would last for days, if not weeks. I loved how they always made it feel like we were lost in a fun maze. I especially like how there are so many different genres to read: mystery, adventure, and much more. I must admit, those time we spent together like that were among the most fun moments I have ever had in my life. Hehehe.”
>That seemed to do the trick nicely.
>“I remember how one time Nemo was tempted to call in sick to work, so we could finish reading The Hobbit. As fun as that would have been to do, he couldn’t go through with it. I didn’t fully understand it then, but I eventually realized he needed to work so much to afford all the parts I needed. That never seemed to end, though, especially since a new problem would come about after solving another.”
>That didn’t last long…
>Just try to steer her in another direction again.
>Now what-
>“The strangest session I can remember, is when we first started learning about companion droids. He brought out this huge binder had he put together, some of it was printed from the computer, whereas others he got from the library. I found some of it be interesting, but mostly odd otherwise. I guess seeing how I looked and functioned was just bizarre to me.”
>That message came way faster than usual.
>It has to be another case of the inconsistent delays.
<“I can imagine that it’s similar to how most people feel when they learn about the human body in school.”
>“Perhaps you are right. I know Nemo always made some jokes about both cases, usually along the lines of how I was lucky that I could replace my parts, whereas humans currently can not.”
<“Well, he wasn’t wrong about that.”
>“Indeed. But anyways, I understood the information rather easily. Nemo however, had some trouble. Not that I blame him, because some of the more specific parts can get very complicated. Despite those difficulties, he studied them till he could recite them by heart.”
>There might be some merit to doing that, but honestly, you have no intention of following suit.
>Wait, didn’t you try that before?
>Oh, right.
>Guess that’s something you and uncle had in common.
>Strange, it’s been a bit since her last message.
>Should you be worried?
>“I guess now I should talk about when I realized that I wasn’t like other companion droids.”
>“My flaws have always existed, but they didn’t appear wrong to me until we were reading the section on what a companion can do, and is supposed to do. I started comparing myself to what was there, and found that I failed in so many ways. With each discovery, I further realized how truly inadequate I was. I couldn't tell Nemo, though, because he was already sad enough, and I didn’t want to make him worse off.”
>Ironic yet again.
>You’ve shared some stuff already, but not everything.
>Perhaps that should change soon.
<“I’m glad that you shared this with me, Minky.”
>“Mhm, I am too. It feels better to finally it go, instead of bottling it up.”
>There’s a breath of relief that is uttered.
>It’s great that she opened up at last.
>Of course, there is still more ground to cover in that regard.
>With time and care, it will come about, though the progress will no doubt be slow.
>“By the way, there’s something I have been meaning to ask you for awhile now.”
<“Go ahead, Boss.”
>“Why didn’t you or any of your family members ever visit Nemo?”
>Was wondering when (not if) this would come up.
>There is no avoiding how unpleasant this will be, but the truth often is just that.
>Partly want to skip the details, and instead, give a short version.
>That would be wrong to do such a thing to her, though.
>She wants to know, so it’s better to tell her.
>Besides, this may help you out as well.
>That’s what you hope at least.
<“It’s a bit long, so give me some time to type it up.”
>The events come out a snail’s pace to start, but slowly pick up steam.
<“For the longest time, dad and uncle seemed very close, with no problems whatsoever. The truth came out during a family gathering. Everyone was having a great time, and I was hanging out with my cousins in the woods nearby. As we were coming back, we overheard yelling, so we hurried along until we saw dad and uncle arguing with each other, with some of my other relatives trying to defuse the situation.”
>In spite of some hesitation, the next part comes.
<“It turns out that uncle had been drinking that day, and dad made mention of it, which started the whole thing. It spiraled out of control, which lead to the worst part: dad calling uncle an irresponsible drunken loser, and uncle saying that dad didn’t deserve to be a father, let alone, a parent. That’s all it took for the two to get into a fist fight. If it wasn’t for others stepping in, things would’ve ended up being worse than what they were. After they were separated, they said they didn’t want to see one another ever again. That not only ended the event, but ended all future gatherings.”
>Feeling low, about to feel worse.
<“I tried to reach out to uncle many times afterwords, though he always ignored me. I eventually just stopped, because I thought that maybe things would change. That was a mistake on my part, especially since I never saw him again after the event.”
>The drives whir as loudly as when the explanation about her downfall was given.
>“That’s awful! So no one tried to work it out?”
>Figured that would be her response.
<“As far as I was aware, no. Dad was being stubborn, and the rest of my relatives apparently felt the same way.”
>“That explains so much about how Nemo always acted.”
>“I’m guessing everyone else changed after he passed?”
<“Yeah, there was a great deal of regret that day. The worst part was seeing dad cry for the first time.”
>“I can’t imagine how terrible that was.”
>Kinda glad that she can’t, because it was incredibly unpleasant to live through, let alone, recall.
<“Sometimes, terrible things happen.”
>“Mhm, I know.”
>There’s nothing after her message; not sure if it’s another delay.
>Can’t really think of much at the moment, or even feel much either.
>This topic was bound to bring about such a thing, though.
>“I have something I want to tell you.”
>Considering the current state of things, there’s a strong chance that this confession will also be difficult.
>Nevertheless, you brace yourself for what is to come.
>“When we first met, and you told me that Nemo had passed, I wasn’t scared, but confused. Death was only something that I had read about, yet didn’t quite grasp. It wasn’t until after what happened to me that I understood it at last. Ever since we started talking like this, I have learned to appreciate everything a lot more, so I want to thank you, Anon.”
>A fierce heat blooms within, one that has not been felt in sometime.
>It’s only fair to return the feelings back.
<“Thank you as well, Minky. You have helped me out a lot more than you know.”
>“Mhm, anytime. I wish I could give you a hug right now, but I guess I’ll have to settle for telling you that.”
>Any previous dourness burn away for the time being, and in their place, a fire born by her sweetness roars.
>Stuff like this further strengthens the appreciation for her being around.
>“Hey, I got an idea.”
>“How about we make a pact?”
<“Sounds good.”
>“Let us never hide our problems away again.”
<“Agreed, let’s also make it a Pinkie Pie Promise to complete it.”
>Although she cannot see it, the motions of the promise are performed.
>“Hehehe. Okay, here goes: cross my heart, and hope to fly; stick a cupcake in my eye.”
>Everything feels lighter, warmer, overall.
>These conversations that are geared towards her are surely helping out in that regard.
>Would rather that be the case more often, instead of focusing on you so much.
>“As much as I am enjoying this, I have to ask: have you taken a break recently, and have you checked when my parts are supposed to arrive?”
>While the break can wait, the order however, cannot.
<“I’ll take a break soon, but I’ll go look at the order now.”
>Tearing away from the computer, you attempt to stand up quickly.
>A case of feeling lightheaded is the reward, which takes a moment to recover from.
>Okay, so maybe that break should be taken sooner…
>It can be dealt with after checking-
>*knock knock knock*
>Okay, find out who that is, THEN do everything else.
>The front door is opened, and there stands a delivery guy on the porch.
>“Good afternoon. Got a package for a Anonymous.”
“That’s me.”
>“Alright, if I could just get your signature first…”
>The world around begins to fade away as you scribble your name, then receive the package.
>“Have a good day.”
“Y-you too.”
>Awkwardness aside, it is hard to focus on much else other than what’s in hand.
>The label receives a single look to know what it contains within.
>A powerful surge of emotions nearly overwhelms all other things in that instance.
>It all erupts into the most reasonable response.
“YES! Yes, yes, yes!”
>In a flash, you’re at the computer, and already sending Minky a hasty explanation of what just happened.
>“Oh wow, that’s amazing news! How long will it take to set everything up?”
<“I’m about to go see in a sec, I just wanted to tell you first.”
>“Aww, I appreciate that, but you’re being silly again.”
>Lightly chuckling, you retrieve the phone, then start navigating the forums.
>Surprisingly, the answers are found quite readily.
>However, as they are read, all excitement slowly drains away.
>According to this, removing her drives is easy to do.
>The hard part however, is the actual transferring of data.
>Not only will it require another program to install, but it will take awhile to actually complete; about as long as the sandbox took, if not longer.
>A long, heavy sigh is uttered with the final reread of the instructions.
>Turning back to the screen, the last message from her is still there.
>You shift your gaze to nearby where Minky is.
>Seeing her is all the reassurance needed to prepare yourself for what is to come.
>Because after this hurdle is conquered, normality will return again.
>At least, as normal as a human and a pony companion droid can ever be.

Apologies for the large amount of exposition, but it felt needed.
one more update to go.
how can she even walk? shes literally stepping on em.
They drag behind like a pair of bags, or she needs (You) to carry her. Or, better yet, she sits on your shoulders and they flop over your chest. Perfect weight management. Like a camelback that talks.
> she sits on your shoulders and they flop over your chest.
Looks like bootmilk is even more high maintenance, but i cant deny thats a cute image
Not to mention you're always ready for
>Bros haven’t seen Anon in years.
>One of them gets a hold of him, arranges a meet-up.
>Everyone is having a good time, then mountain of muscle shows up, claiming to be him.
>No one believes it.
>The idea of that string-bean ending up looking like prime Arnold is impossible.
>The only other answer is that he has to be juicing.
>Anon says that he’s 100% natty.
>Nope, he replies.
>He got this big from picking up and putting down over 100lbs a day, everyday, all day.
>Then there’s his diet: in addition to eating clean, he does gommad.
>Does he mean gomad? They question.
>Nope, gommad – Gallon Of Mare Milk A day.
>More bullshit.
>Another nope, he says he got it from his mmf.
>Fucking acronyms.
>It stands for My Milky Friend is what he tells them.
>They still don’t believe him, and think he’s lying about being juiced to the gills.
>That’s when she shows up.
>Jaws all over the floor.
>Everyone acting like they haven’t seen a magnum before.
>This “little” mare has the largest milkers ever seen on a pony.
>Not a thing is said as Anon goes over and easily picks her up with little to no effort.
>The two are so happy, so normal, like nothing is wrong at all.
>He introduces her to his friends.
>They’re silently shitting themselves in disbelief.
nice update, good to see the light at the end of the tunnel for them.
>next up /mlp/ visits /fit/
whats this referencing to?
Venture Bros
Didnt watch that so that would explain it
It's perfect. Teats instead of legs, and such weight distribution that she'll never fall off. In fact, it can be a little awkward to get her off of your shoulders.
There's some autism in all the cartoon fandoms huh
Autism, or fun?
I kept my mouth shut when Anon told me he could read sanskrit. Then when Sonata said she wanted a piece of him, I was like, 'Fine! Whatever!', but Mecha-Shiva?! They are so lying, I'm innocent!
File: youknowwhoyouare.jpg (129 KB, 1242x329)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
what a cutie. the lavender mane might go well with the white stripes and just leaving the normal coat. not everything has to change but she looks good here too as white or whiteish blue like a bootleg rara with those curls heh. I thought she might be Chilly or something, and have her get cold easily as a secondary quirk to being chilled milk always down for warm snuggles. Then I ran the name through google translate and Irish popped out >Bo Finne which I think is too good for the joke of her have cowlike milkers of a bovine
What >>39724664 said. Should have put these old draws as examples:
https://ponybooru.org/2904824 (Also has huge belly)
Like I said in >>39719017, she could later on have a makeshift crotchbra that can hold her teats and walk much more comfortably around (and since her nipples might face up, (You) can lean down and suck her nipple without her needing to do anything).

I have drawn it. I can't draw human for shit, only mostly drawn mares for 6 years, I just don't care enough about humans to draw them.

Top kek. I would lift my waifu's massive teats daily and gommad.

When I said chill I meant in personality, not literally. I think her having teats that big and actively lactating all the time would make them stay nicely warm. If following your idea, maybe the rest of her body gets cold easily, but her teats stay consistently warm, making her want to cuddle her own teats for warmth, kind of like this: https://ponybooru.org/3044658
About her name, I though of somehow incorporating the name Andromeda (get it, because its another galaxy's name and her name is one too?), like "Lactomeda"? Taking the "Finne" part of your name idea might make it her last name of sorts.
Anon's got a big rack. I also like that synergy, turn what's normally an impediment into an unorthodox solution.
>Despite that the sandbox is still running, installing and setting up the transfer program took little time to do.
>Honestly, this could have waited until after her drives were already removed.
>But keeping her around a little while longer felt much more appropriate.
>It’s not like that kind of thinking is a bad thing.
<“Alright, that should be about it.”
>“So all that’s left to do is shut down the other programs, correct?”
<“Right on the money, Boss.”
>“Okay then, well, I’m ready when you are.”
>Before proceeding any further, there is still a much more important matter to take care of.
>Exchanging farewells.
>Although it may be a temporary one, it will surely make everything that follows all the more easier.
>Just have to type, and then send it.
>Any second now.
>Nothing is happening, you’re sitting here; staring at the screen with your hands in your lap.
>There is no urge, or even a desire to move.
>She’s still around, still here, still safe.
>Though if you move…
>“Anon, is there something wrong?”
<“No, why do you ask?”
>“I might not be able to tell what exactly is going on, but I am pretty sure you should have already started shutting things by now.”
>“You’re hesitating, aren’t you?”
>Hesitating? No, no… yes.
>Letting go is hard.
>And now she must be let go for the time being.
>Exhaling a sharp sigh, you run a hand through your hair.
<“I’m sorry, but yes I am. I guess I’m finding it hard to part ways with you again, especially since it hasn’t been that long since you came back, and we started talking.”
>“You’re afraid, I understand that because I am afraid too. However, the sooner this is started, the sooner it can finally end. We just have to make it through this, then everything will be fine, okay?”
>It’s stupid that there is a need for that reminder so often.
>Over and over again, it comes.
>Yet it never stays, thus needing to be called upon once more.
>She however, is still here, still can be strong when you are not.
<“Yea, I’m ready.”
>“Mhm, I am too. Goodbye, Anon.”
>Look at that, she said it before you could.
>Do the same, do it for her.
<“Goodbye, Minky.”
>The moment the message appears, is the moment when the task begins of shutting stuff down.
>One by one, windows vanish, though with each that goes, something else within goes as well.
>At the end, all that remains on the desktop is just the transfer program itself.
>It’s waiting, patiently, to be used.
>However, there is no sound that comes from the drives, just silence.
>In fact, everything here is… quiet, but not the usual kind.
>The wake of loss is what it calls itself.
>In spite of that, there is no need to grieve, nor any time for it either.
>Keep moving.
>Now, go remove her drives, that’ll be the easiest part, the rest will follow.
>There it is again: the memory of then.
>It’s become reoccurring since it took place yesterday evening.
>Even now, as the scenery around passes by in a blur of colors, it comes about unbidden.
>Various vehicles move along in a near orderly fashion, like they were in an assembly line.
>Had to return to work today, and left there just a bit ago.
>Autopilot helped throughout most of it, couldn’t really rely on much else.
>Still feel the effects of it, though.
>Every face to face interaction was… robotic, so to speak.
>No one seemed to notice that.
>Well, not that anyone made that fact apparent.
>In addition to memories, thoughts dropped in, too.
>Chief among them being questions similar to those once thought of days ago.
>Like how long would the transfer take, or if there would be any new problems resulting from it.
>Too much to consider, too much beyond any control.
>Because like the time before, there are no easy answers, which once more, instills a sense of doubt.
>Thankfully, there are some brief moments of peace to be had, so that’s something.
>It’s a shame that they are just brief.
>A tiny squeak from the steering wheel breaks the internal monologue.
>Glad for it, really should not be dwelling on such things while driving.
>Concentrate on getting home, then there will be plenty of time to get lost in thought, or whatever else.
>Though perhaps there needs to be pit stop by the pharmacy, because sleep is likely to be an issue.
>Restlessness returned, just as it did before.
>Like then, the couch was the cure, though the aftereffects experienced upon waking came along, too.
>All things considered, rather not stop.
>Tough this out, at least until it becomes too much.
>There is some solace to have knowing that there is a lack of distractions this time around.
>Rereading uncle’s journal solved that easily enough.
>There even has been discovers found in the form of previously missed details.
>Most of those are odds and ends, with few that are actually interesting.
>Such as an amusing one involving a conspiracy theory about companion droids.
>Those rare ones do lighten up the mood, if only a little.
>Decided to closer examine the technical notes on this read as well.
>For the most part, there isn’t much variation between them and the ones on the forums.
>What little that there is, were due to budget cuts.
>One of which, answered some questions that arose not too long ago.
>That being how uncle felt that Minky didn’t need any additional health related software, or hardware to what she already possessed.
>Home is just within sight, which silences any further thought.
>You pull into the driveway, and park.
>Everything remains still for a spell, like it has many times before.
>Thoughts go by, so does time itself.
>However, all of it is ignored in the face of something else.
>All around, autumn is creeping closer, with the coming of cooler temperatures, and the changing of the foliage.
>Seasons come yearly, like many things do.
>They all wane, but eventually wax again.
>Much in this year has waxed and waned, with people and strength being among that.
>Remember to rely on both for Minky, she’s counting on it.
>Finally, the car is exited, and you go check the mail.
>There’s nothing but junk this time.
>Along the walk back to the house, a red cardinal makes its presence aware with a call.
>Seeing the little bird seems to stir an odd feeling.
>Something about it is… familiar.
>Can’t quite place why, though.
>Even after it flies off, that familiarity lingers on for a little while after.
>Shaking it off, you head inside, and start setting things aside.
>Find it hard to ignore a powerful urge to go check the computer.
>Not going to give in, not like last time.
>Already know that doing so wouldn’t help.
>Instead, she is looked at.
>Minky is devoid of both her coat and her drives as she stands off to the side
>She’s still a welcome sight to see, even as she is now.
>Contrary to what was stated, removing her drives was a nightmare in comparison to anything else.
>Regardless, the hassle experienced was worth it.
>Because no matter the whisper of doubt, everything will turn out for the best in the end.
>Still have to keep that reminder, even if it has to be etched upon your brain.
>Sadly, you can’t stick around the living room much longer, least it lead to temptation.
>A wistful sigh is given before heading upstairs.
>One long soak in shower helped ease things somewhat, though what’s left will remain.
>Afterwords, uncle’s journal was delved into.
>This entry is about cooking, or more specifically, teaching Minky to cook.
>Some failures are mentioned here, most of which were made on uncle’s part.
>Like how he failed to notice the water boiling over, which lead to Minky panicking over it.
>He said that despite the accidents, it was great to teach her this.
>Just noticed a missed footnote.
>Surprise, surprises, it’s about… Penne alla Vodka.
>It appears that it took some trial and error, but the two found a way to make it exactly to his tastes.
>The next entry is turned to, which is yet another cooking one.
>However, a grumble cuts the reading short.
>Sparing a quick glance to the time, it reads about five minutes till seven.
“Jeez, I didn’t think that I spent THAT much time reading today.”
>Might be a little late to be eating, but Minky would insist otherwise.
>Can even imagine her saying it.
>The corners of your mouth curl upwards at that thought.
>You set aside the journal, and descend downstairs.
>It’s fairly dark in the living room, with the only light being provided by the monitor.
>In that moment of looking, two words stand out on the screen.
>Transfer Complete.
>The time has come at last.
>There is no running, just a simple, casual walk to the computer to read what is there.
>According to a report here, there were no errors encountered.
>Couldn’t ask for more.
>The drives are removed, then you gently pick up Minky, and retreat into the basement, hopefully for the last time for the foreseeable future.
>Work begins earnest, with installing the new drives, though surprisingly, it’s not as challenging as before.
>What’s more, getting her coat back on is easier, too.
>Not going to question it, don’t need a jinx.
>Once she’s back together, you return to the living room with her.
>After setting her down, a hard lump is swallowed as well.
“Here goes…”
>Reaching behind her head, the power button is pressed.
>Although it is only for a second, the sole piano note that plays is more akin to a symphony in that instance.
>Minky’s deep purple eyes open with a brief flicker.
>Electricity hangs about in the air; the wait itself fueling the buzzing emotions inside and out.
>So the wait goes on.
>And on.
>Still waiting.
>Not trying to be too impatient, but this feels like it’s been a while.
>That feeling is confirmed as you check the time – a little over an hour and a half has passed since you got down here.
>Maybe she just needs more time?
>Sure, a little longer can’t hurt…
>...until another half an hour goes by.
>She’s standing still; staring straight forward, systems are on, yet there is seemingly no activity otherwise.
>Shouldn’t just sit here, need to do something.
“Minky, can you hear me?”
>No response.
>Did you do everything right?
>Of course! The instructions were followed to the exact letter.
>Obviously not, because there is something wrong here.
>It takes mere seconds to pull up the forums on your phone, though it felt closer to an eternity.
>As the search goes on, you keep glancing over at her in hopes for any possible change.
>Nothing has changed with her however.
>A cold sweat, along with tunnel vision begins to devour everything else.
>Despite going through it all – instructions, asking around, and more – nothing suggests her current state.
“Why is this happening, it doesn’t make any sense!”
>This can’t be the end, it just can’t be.
>A sudden sharp gasp jolts you into dropping your phone.
>There is no time to properly react before you’re tackled to the floor by a gray blur.
>“...O-oops, I’m s-sorry about that...B-but I was so ex-excited to see you that I-I just acted in-instead of thinking…”
>Only a single word can be uttered in a near cry.
>The off gray pony mare nods happily with a smile that goes from ear to ear.
>There is so much to be said, so much more to be done.
>Yet in spite of every attempt to do anything, it all fails utterly.
>Your vision rapidly turns misty as the dam holding back the waters begins to fracture and leak.
>Her purple eyes flicker while searching your face; seemingly reading everything there like it were a book.
>She tilts her head from side to side, then lightly pats your chest with a hoof.
>“...It’s okay, A-Anon...I know you-you’re happy t-to see me again, I’m happy to s-see you again, too…”
>Hearing those words is all it takes to shatter the last of the barrier.
>Tears flow, as does an eruption of laughter.
>In a flash, you wrap your arms around her in a tight hug.
>Her eyes flicker several times in rapid succession as they widen from the sudden unexpected contact.
>Realization quickly settles in, thus softening her expression.
>She lightly giggles, and starts gently nuzzle your face.
>All of her actions are akin to gasoline upon the raging inferno within.
>Words keep trying to come out, but only leave as gibberish.
>But there is not a care about it, because nothing else matter, except the current point of time.
>Though soon enough, the fires subside into a smaller, yet not weaker, flame.
“Hah… ha-ha.. ah… s-sorry, I’m just…”
>A smile overtakes half of your face with a slow nod.
“...yeah, yeah you already know, don’t you?”
>Hearing that elicits a chuckle from you as you dry your face with your shirt.
>“...Y-you shouldn’t be-be dirtying your cl-clothes like that, A-Anon…”
>Can’t help but chuckle again.
“Eh, it’ll be fine. Besides, I’ve got spares.”
>She giggles, and shakes her head.
>“...You’re just b-being silly, that’s all...But it-it’s all right, because th-that’s just you being y-you…”
“And you’re still you.”
>“...Not exactly, my-my legs, cooling systems, an-and drives have been re-replaced, so I’m even b-better than before..!”
“Uh, that wasn’t what I meant, but yeah, that too.”
>“...O-oh, sorry, I sh-should have realized that…”
>Still being literal, it’s good to know that she’s herself despite everything.
>You slip a hand into her mane, then slowly start petting her.
>Leaning into it, she closes her eyes halfway with a hum of contentment.
>“...So d-did I miss anything while th-the transfer took p-place..?”
“Not really, no. There was work, sure, but the biggest challenge I faced was staying positive while waiting for the transfer to finish.”
>“...That must h-have been difficult, so wh-what did you d-do then..?”
“Aside from reminding myself that things would work out, I’ve started rereading uncle’s journal.”
>“...I see...It-it’s good that his-his writing helped…”
“Agreed. I even discovered some stuff that I missed on the first time of reading it.”
>“...Oh re-really..?...Please t-tell me all a-about it…”
“Alright, so first-”
>From below, comes a rather loud grumble.
>Heat floods into your cheeks instantly as the rest of the speech dies in your throat.
“Er… heh, sorry about that.”
>Minky giggles once more.
>Just realized that sound was sorely missed around here.
>It’s wonderful to experience it again.
>“...I’ll t-take that as a-a sign that you ha-haven’t eaten yet…”
“...yes, but to be fair!I was going to go make dinner when I saw that transfer had been completed.”
>“...W-well then, you can t-tell me about the j-journal while I c-cook then…”
>This feels like a good opportunity to try out something.
>You raise your hand to stop her as she’s about to move away.
“Actually, I was thinking we could cook something together instead.”
>Her eyes flicker a second, along with a slight tilt of her head.
>“...That s-sounds great..!...But wh-what did you h-have in mind..?”
>God, she’s so cute.
>Gotta act fast.
>Restraining a mischievous grin, your index finger shoots forth to a special destination destination.
>With a boop, her snoot is pressed.
>As expected, she pauses, then shortly thereafter, scrunches.
>“...H-hey..!...You d-did that on-on purpose..!”
>You give a small shrug.
“So what if I did?”
>Her gaze narrows, and she boops your nose with a hoof.
>“...Don’t make me-me have to u-use your weakness…”
>You raise your hands defensively.
“Now wait a sec, let’s not get too hasty.”
>She attempts to main a serious glare, but it falls apart into a set of light giggles instead.
>“...You s-started it, A-Anon...Anyways, wh-what are we-we making tonight..?”
“Penne alla Vodka.”
>Without warning, she lets out a high pitched cheer.
>Surprisingly, this isn’t as bad as when it happened after you two first met.
>“...This is g-going to be so-so great, I c-can’t wait..!”
>She gallops off into the kitchen, leaving you behind to get up and follow after her.
>While things are being gathered together, she taps your leg.
>“...Um, A-Anon...We d-don’t have any v-vodka to use for th-the recipe…”
>You scratch your chin a moment.
>It’s true that the recipe does call for that.
“It’s okay, we’ll just modify it then.”
>“...B-but how are we g-going to go about d-doing this..?”
“Since you’re the master chef here, what do you think will work as a replacement?”
>She shyly turns away a moment, then shakes her head cutely.
>A now more determined, yet broadly smiling, Minky turns to face you.
>“...I’ve g-got it..!...We’ll use th-the water from the n-noodles, that should w-work…”
>Atta girl.
>While you start filling up a pot of water, she grabs your attention once more.
>“...After you’re d-done with that, I need you t-to deal with the b-bacon...I’ll be working on th-the vegetables…”
>All tasks move along swiftly, with some of it owing to the vigor all around.
>She’s a real sight to see, though.
>Her speed is greater, and her skill is even better than before.
>Actually, there is no doubt about it, she is better.
>That’s all likely because of those replacement parts of hers.
>Thanks in no small part to them, she finishes her task in no time and starts watching you.
>“...Keep an ey-eye on that, because once it-it’s close enough, I’ll a-add the substitute…”
>There is still some time remaining until then, so you start talking about the journal.
“-that the companion droids are being made to further the government’s control over the population.”
>“...Th-that’s so s-silly..!”
>She really likes the amusing sections such as those.
>The same cannot be said for the more serious ones – the medical decision.
>There was no hiding that information from her.
>As a result, there is some small bit of gloom on her face.
>Rather not let topics like those undo all the goodness that is around, though.
>To that end, you ask an idle question.
“How many times have you made this before?”
>“...J-just once…”
>Arching a brow, a look over to her shows that she’s trying, but failing, to hide a smirk.
>Clever girl.
>She sticks her tongue out, then giggles.
>“...I’m sorry, I-I couldn’t re-resist...I’ve m-made this a-a total of forty t-two times…”
>You give a small whistle.
>“...Is-is that a lot..?”
“Mhm, kinda is.”
>The rest of making dinner proceeds on without anymore sad moments.
>Next thing you know, you’re seated at the table, with a plateful of the pasta in front of you.
>Minky watches on curiously.
>“...Pl-please try it, I-I want to know how it-it came out with th-the modifications…”
>Not one to deny a lady, you dig straight in.
>This is the first time ever having this dish, but there’s a whole lot to say about it.
>All are positive things to speak of, yet instead, only a sound is made.
>“...Hehe...That’s a-a good sign…”
>A happy sigh, along with a simple nod is all that is given in response while eating the delicious meal.
>It’s about halfway through the dish that there is a moment to finally speak.
“This is fantastic, and it’s all thanks to you, Boss.”
>She shrinks away behind her mane in an attempt to conceal herself.
>“...N-no, I m-mean you c-could’ve have d-done it just as-as successfully by yourself…”
“Nah, it was all you.”
>Any further words from her melt into squeaks, and if she could, she’d be blushing right now.
>All you can manage is smile from the sight.
>You finish eating, then get to work on the dishes with her.
>An idea pops up of what to do afterwords.
>While the answer is already known, there is something else that is sought after.
“Wanna watch something after we’re done?”
>She sharply gasps, and nods excitedly.
>That alone is what was wanted.
>Totally worth it, too.
>Like with dinner, this chore is also finished faster due to her upgrades and vigor.
>While Minky takes her usual place on the couch, you start preparing the computer.
>“...S-so what are we g-going to watch..?”
>Had a feeling she’d ask.
>Again, already know the answer, but there is more to have.
“I’unno really. I’ve had some time to think, but…”
>Wait for it.
>Just out of the corner of your eye, she’s leaning forward, with everything nearly bursting anticipation.
>This moment can’t be anymore perfect.
“...does My Little Pony sound good?”
>She loudly squees, and starts giddily prancing in place.
>“...Oh y-yes please..!...It feels l-like it’s been a lifetime s-since we l-last watched it-it…”
>That may be among the most cutest things she has ever done.
>It hurts to smile, but boy, is it worth the pain felt.
>Turning back, the first season is loaded up, as it is her favorite of them all.
>Once the episodes starts, you quickly join her on the couch.
>Shortly after the intro, Twilight and Spike are on their way to Ponyville to begin their long adventure.
>Much in store awaits the pair.
>There was much that awaited you as well when you first arrived here a lifetime ago.
>Because like the duo, is is here-
>A sudden light weight presses up against your side.
>Looking to the source, Minky is leaning on you.
>She peers up to you with a little smile.
>“...Mhm, you d-don’t mind, do y-you..?”
“Not at all, in fact, I’m comfortable too; happy even.”
>“...Me t-too, Anon, me too…”
>Letting out a happy sigh, she returns to watching the episode, as do you.
>One by one, Twilight meets the rest of her soon-to-be friends.
>The thought from before returns upon seeing it: because like the duo, it is here in this house that your best friend awaited you.
>Much has followed since the day of reuniting with Minky.
>Virtually all of her technical problems that do arise, are easier to correct.
>The forums still have a hand in that, but what makes up the majority of it is from her.
>Just as uncle Nemo once taught her, she now teaches you about it, too.
>At times, it seems that history repeats itself, if not, rhyme.
>Thanks to her teaching, and in addition to some convincing, reading has slowly turned into another hobby.
>Who would have thought that such a thing would have happened?
>Not you, that’s for sure.
>You’ve been getting her to get out more by visiting your parents often.
>Those visits are wonderful, especially with all the activities her and mom have.
>Dad is starting to warm up to her, though is still recovering from what had happened.
>While all progress is slow, it matters little when it makes life the better for everyone else around.
>Thanks to the Pinkie Pie Promise, no longer are secrets kept anymore, instead, they are shared much more readily.
>Pains are eased, happiness flows; all because of opening up to one another.
>Work remains an ever shifting wave, but it’s not so stressful when she is there to talk to.
>As for the friends of the past, they’re being connected with, albeit, at a snail’s pace.
>The reasoning for losing touch wasn’t a coincidence either, as Minky helped make it clear.
>It was a fear – abandonment.
>That was born from the falling out, and was left to fester like an open wound.
>With all the support around however – from family and friends – it is being treated.
>There are still troubles that exist along this journey.
>Life is fraught with such things, always remaining a constant, forevermore.
>But those troubles do not make it impossible to live, they’re just another challenge to overcome.
>They, along with all other things, make up the bigger picture.
>That being no matter the trials, and the tribulations; the sadness, and the happiness felt, there is someone, somewhere, out there to help another.
>Finding that someone is often a herculean task, and can take an entire lifetime to accomplish.
>For you, Anonymous, that someone, or in this case, some pony, was Minky.
>She was there when needed most, where the rock bottom was reached, and lead to the discovery of what was truly needed – a best friend.
>No matter what the future may hold, it will faced together with her.

The End.
Writing this story was quite an experience. I have no regrets about it either, as I learned so much along the way.
I'll add what I posted here to my bin later once I make some final edits, then I'll remove the wip from it at last.
You did alright for never drawing huumans. I know that feel. Damn those are some warheads on those
>I learned so much along the way
We all have. That's what brings up that delicious bootmare magic.
>The End.
Words you rarely see. I gotta admit I didnt expect it to be over so soon after the hiatus, makes her return a little bittersweet. So, whats next for you nhanon?
I probably should have waited longer, but this is gonna take awhile
>[Update Complete]
>Your eyes flicker open and you groggily sit up.
>You rub your eyes and cling to your blanket as you glance out the window.
>That took way longer than you expected…
>It looks like it was still early morning, which was odd since you shut down in the early morning.
>Did- Did you sleep through an entire day? How strange.
>You hope Rush was able to keep things in order while you were updating.
>You turned on the automatic sprinklers before you went to bed, so you’re not too worried, though.
>Dawn was just now rearing its sleepy head, so you expect your sister to still be sleeping.
>Might as well wake her up, you’d like to know what you missed.
>Not like there was a lot going on lately anyhow… But a chat would be nice regardless.
>Your quaint little hovel was something akin to an oversized storage shed, but it was more than enough room for the both of you to sleep soundly.
>It was for the most part just a place to shut off for the night, but over time you’ve become accustomed to it.
>Sleeping wasn’t something you needed to do, but it saved energy and made the nights go quicker, so it was beneficial overall.
>That, and it felt nice to curl up in a warm bed.
>It made you feel safe.
>You yawn a bit and turn towards your sister’s side of the room, which is divided by a plastic bead curtain that depicts an astronaut floating among the stars.
>She simply adores it, and you think you understand.
>Although you have a hunch she might have originally gotten it because of your blue canary night light.
>It’s pretty hard to sleep without it and you um, don't like the dark…
>You didn’t tell Rush about it for a while since you thought she’d tease you, but after you talked to her, she said it was okay, so you don’t feel too embarrassed.
“Rush? I’m sorry I slept in so long, I guess things took longer than I thought.”
>You tilt your head, waiting for an answer.
>…But you don’t get one.
“Um, Rush? Are you… mad?”
>Maybe she was a bit grumpy? You’ll make it up to her!
“We can uhm, play checkers after work if you want! You can be red this time!”
>Your ears droop a bit as the silence continues.
“Well then, If you’re gonna be a grump, I’ll just have to come give you a hug!”
>You push aside the curtain and much to your surprise, Rush isn’t in bed.
>It was unlike her to be awake so early, she usually liked to sleep in.
“Huh, so I’m just talking to myself then? How grand.”
>Well, you guess this means you should go do your rounds…
>Hmph, she must be trying to get a leg up on you!
>You’ll earn the bobblehead again this week, even if you’re behind by a day!
>You glance over to the wobbly purple unicorn bobblehead on your side of the room, intent on keeping your streak running.
>You clear your throat and try to put on an over the top english accent, which wasn’t all that hard considering your natural inflection.
“Oi’ve got a good feelin’ gov’nah! I’ll win you yet, yessire!”
>You giggle to yourself as you put on your scarf.
>Things might be a bit slow, but you’ll make sure the garden is just as nice as ever!
>Hehe, things will be right as ‘Reign’!
>You hum a bit as you leave the shed, just about ready for anything.

>You stand in place for a moment once you’re outside, taking in the cool breeze.
>It was a tad dreary, but you always found yourself liking cloudy days better than anything else, so it was nice in your book.
>You take your time as you make your way to the toolshed, occasionally checking up on the plants on the way.
>Most of the flowers on this side of the garden seemed fine, and seeing how rainy it’s been, you think you can focus on the atrium today.
>You didn’t like to play favorites… but you very much like the atrium.
>Upon opening the toolshed, you let out a sigh and get to work.
>You spend the next half hour or so making your way towards the atrium, trimming and pruning as you go.
>Only the most hardy of flowers were still blooming this time of year, so most of what you had to deal with were dormant.
>You pause briefly after rounding out a rowdy bush to glance around.
>Where is Rush? If she had wanted to get a headstart, you would have seen her running around by now.
>You didn’t mind the quiet, but it was too quiet, at the very least you would hear her humming, so it was quite odd.
>You try to push down your anxious feelings and focus on your job.
>Everything is fine, it’s just your nerves.
>You continue down a row of bushes, somewhat distracted, before you simply give up and make your way inside the atrium.
>You’ll feel better after working there for a while.
>The atrium was an open ended building that was circular in structure. It housed a variety of specialist plants, including a small bonsai garden that you started as a pet project.
>They were doing quite nicely! The one in the middle with the wild leaf pattern was your favorite.
>You *could* snip it back, but you liked how it turned out, so you keep it on the unkempt side.
>You spend some time tending to the various plants, which helps clear your mind.
>That darned prickly pear is being dramatic again!
>Well, you can be dramatic too!
“No wilting! If you start drooping anymore, I’ll just have to move you to the greenhouse! I know you and Miss Chrysanthemum aren’t on good terms right now, so I bet that’d be awkward, huh?”
“[You vink you can threaten me? Hohoho! I laugh at you!]”
“You’re on thin ice, Prickles.”
“[Ice you zay? Ice would ve vunderful right now!]”
“Where do you think I can find ice cubes, hmm smartypants? You’ll just have to settle for plain old water like everyone else!”
>You leave that *loathsome* cactus be and go water a loving pair of philodendrons.
>At least *they* appreciate your care!
>With a sigh, you look up at the ceiling.
>You hope people visit soon, it would be a shame if no one sees all the hard work you’ve put into the garden.
>Is that selfish? You don’t want to seem pushy…
>You think Rush would enjoy actually giving tours again as well, so at least you’re not alone in the feeling.
>If things get better, maybe Mister Boss can get that wall finished.
>You think it was supposed to be used for dividing… something? You’re not sure, in all honesty.
>It’s uhm, not a very sturdy wall, Especially since it’s all loose brick.

>You keep up the pace for a bit longer, striking up conversation with your plant friends as you go.
>Maybe all these little talks will help you get better at social interactions with people?
>Not that you’d seek it out though, you aren’t very um… conversational.
>At least not with others besides your sister.
>Is… Is it normal to talk to plants?
>After a little soul searching, you decide it is.
>You aren’t biased!
>Rush said it was okay, remember?
>’Wouldn’t cacti be more western? Like a cowboy?’
>Wait no! Wrong memory!
>’Hey, if it helps. By all means, talk to your heart's content! Show those flowers who’s boss!’
>Yeah, that one!
>...Speaking of Rush, somewhere along the line, you get the urge to go look for her, despite yourself.
>If she’s hiding to skirt her responsibilities again, you’ll be pretty peeved!
>You let her off easy last time because she won the bobblehead, but you’re the champ this time around!
>You nod to yourself, intending to give her an earful when you find her.
>You stroll around the perimeter of the garden, but find no signs of Rush.
>Geez she didn’t even open the gate today! She *never* forgets to do that, even if she’s feeling lazy…
>Your uneasy feelings start to resurface and you decide to go find your boss.
>Surely he knows, right? They’re best friends after all!
>You beeline for the office at the edge of the garden, which was near a small pecan tree.
>As you make it to the door, you take a deep breath.
>You never talked to him much, seeing that you never had to. Rush always just relayed things to you.
>Alrighty, you got this Rei- um, Regal.
>He still calls you by your model name, right?
>It was sorta your fault, Rush never could convince you to talk to him about it.
>She was pretty confident about it, seeing that she was the one that came up with it.
>’Reign’ is a weird name but… Rush thought it was pretty cool.
>She said she read it on your box, which is surprising she’d remember that, seeing how long ago it was.
>You guess you like it too.
>It certainly works well with all those rain puns you’ve thought up since.
>Hah, like that one where you go ‘Hey! Wanna see Reign fall?’
>And you flop over.
>You’re stalling! J-just open the door!
>You slowly crack the door open and peek inside.
>He’s at his desk with his swivel chair turned to the window in the back of the office.
>None of the lamps were on, so all the light that came in was from the window at the back, which made the room feel rather moody.
>As you open the door more, you notice all the boxes.
>Why are there so many boxes?
>You hesitantly make your way inside, although he doesn’t react.
>You stand in the middle of the office, contemplating what to do.
>How about just… get his attention?
“I um… sir?”
“Sir? I-I have a question…”
>What did Rush always call him again?
>He jolts up in his chair and you shrink down, your ears flattened.
>”Whu-what did… Oh… Regal it’s… nice to see you.”
>He turns his chair around and you become well aware of how miserable he was.
>His clothes were disheveled and his eyes looked… lifeless.
“I um… Hullo. Are- Are you okay?”
>He looks down at his desk and adjusts an already perfectly placed pencil.
“Is there anything I can do t-”
>”It’s fine, Regal. I just… I’m just moving some things and I'm… tired.”
>You’d like to press him but… that seems rude.
>You glance down and collect your thoughts.
>He has to know where she is.
“Where’s Ru- um, Quill. I-I haven’t seen her all day.”
>You don’t know why you corrected yourself, he calls her Rush too.
>He rubs his face with his hands. “She’s… not here.”
“Not here? Oh! Is she getting a check-up? She was complaining about some weird warmness as of late.”
>”No that’s… that’s not it. At least not all of it…”
>Why is he being vague? Is it a surprise or something?
>He leans in his chair and locks eyes with you.
>He looks like he’s thinking real hard…
>”We… We had to cut costs.”
>You stare at him for a long time, your mind slowly processing the information.
>Cut… costs?
>There isn’t anything to cut… all that’s left is you and-
>You take a step back, something clicking in your mind.
>But that- that doesn’t make sense!
>He gets up and sticks his hands into his pockets.
>”I’m sor-.”
“T-that’s not fair! Rush is very very good at her job and and-”
>”Regal please just…”
>He walks up to you and he kneels down. “Regal I… I didn’t want this. Please just listen, alright?”
>You’re too upset to formulate a proper protest, so all you do is sit down and let him keep talking.
>”Rush was… Is sick. And she has to go away for a while, okay? She just needs some extra care.”
>You sniffle, your eyes misting up.
“I don’t- I don’t understand! We can’t get sick! I-I don’t understand…”
>”Regal, it isn’t like that, she- she’s faulty.”
“But she… she didn’t seem broken! She was fine at the repair shop…”
>”It’s a flaw, one that’s too ingrained in her system. It can’t be fixed by a simple visit to a shop.”
>But… she was right there!
>S-she said goodnight a-and that she’ll see you later…
>And now she’s gone?!
“She’ll come back, r-right? She’s got to! It’s not right!”
>You stare into him, your eyes welling with tears.
>Please say something.
>He finally opens his mouth after the longest time, but a ringing interrupts him before he can speak.
>He goes over to his desk and picks up his phone.
>He answers the call and holds it to his ear for a minute or so, before ultimately turning it off and stuffing it into his pocket.
>You watch closely as he leans against the desk.
>”I… I have to go.”
>He picks up a box from the desk and makes it to the door.
>He pauses and then looks back at you.
>”It’s… complicated, but I promise that she’s okay.”
“I don’t… I don’t want her to be gone. I’m n-not good by myself…”
>Your voice is shaky and barely audible.
>”That’s why I had to do something. She’s our friend, and your sister.”
>He looks down at the box. “Rush is… she’s a fighter, she’ll be fine. I’m not going to give up on her.”
>You shut your eyes and take a deep breath.
>You open your eyes and sit up, trying to seem brave, which seeing as you’re currently shaking, is a tad hard.
“I w-won’t either! She wouldn’t want me t-to worry so I’ll just- just…”
>You trail off as you try desperately to dry your eyes, but the tears keep tumbling down.
>You hide your face behind your forehooves and let out a whimper.
>Even with how bad things got, she was there. No matter what.
>But now you’re alone.
>If feels like you’re missing something fundamental to your very being.
>You’re falling apart and you don’t even register the approach of Mister Boss before you’re already being hugged.
>You were distraught, but at least you could think a little more clearly now.
>”There’s a lot of pretty flowers out there. Do you have any favorites?”
>You pick up your head and look at him through watery eyes.
>”Well, can you tell me something about them? I’d love to know.”
>Nobody asks about the flowers anymore…
>You sniffle a bit and rub the back of your neck.
“L-lavender is in the mint family… a-and chamomile is good for improving sleep quality…”
>Your stammering slowly degrades to plant based mumbles, and after a while, you don’t feel as panicky.
>”Don’t push yourself, just do what you always do.”
>You nod slowly and sit up once more.
“I’ll- I’ll make sure everything is nice and tidy for when she comes back. M-maybe she’ll like a party? I dunno how to do parties but I’m sure she’d like that…”
>He smiles weakly and nods. “I’m sure she’d love that too. …Do you feel a little better?”
“I… I think I’ll manage.”
>You briefly hug him back and he gets up, grabbing his box once more.
>“I’ll be back later, alright? Take care, Regal.”
>You can’t bring yourself to say goodbye, so you simply nod back.
>You watch him walk away, and continue to stare in his direction long after he is gone.
>You need to get your mind off things.
>Let's just do some gardening, okay?
“She’s okay… That’s what matters. You can’t break down again, okay Rei? J-just do things like you always did and she’ll be b-back soon enough…”
>You mumble other vaguely positive musings as you listlessly make your way back to the atrium.

>The next few hours are a slog and you can barely focus.
>No one could greet any potential visitors, well, except you.
>But you haven’t seen another person in so long that you’re starting to think nobody cares.
>It’s a nice garden! Why wouldn’t…
>Maybe… maybe you’re not trying hard enough?
>Yes… that- that has to be it!
>You need to try harder! You need to make things better!
>You spend the rest of your day and most of the night obsessing over every out of place petal and leaf. By the time you’re too tired to stand, you just about made things as perfect as you can.
>You crawl onto a bench near the entrance and listen to the babbling of the little fountain in the atrium for a while.
>It was too late for anyone to show up, but you had to be vigilant.
Alright, so I've been messing around with this idea for awhile and I suppose this is the result.
I've got quite a bit to go, but everything is laid out.
I've wanted to do this for some time, so it's nice to get it down finally.
Reign's definitely one of my favorites, so it felt like it wasn't that hard of a decision to start this.
I feel like the mid section might be too quick, but I'm not sure how to gauge that.
I have my weekend read ready. What really made things stick to you for so long?
Sorry if I'm misinterpreting, I'm tired.
I guess I wanted to elaborate on Reign's story and I've had a vague idea of how to do it for a bit, but didn't act on it until just recently.
I guess I also wanted to show how her friendship with {spoiler]Albatross[/spoiler] started.
I had the yearning to write, and if seemed like what I wanted to focus on.
Writing something with a set end point is nice.
Hopefully my recent tangents will sling me back into finishing day seven of Gray while I have the momentum. There isn't much left to that day anyway.

Speaking of Gray... I should bring her to the thread once I finish up bringing this in. I've got no clue how many posts it would be to catch things up, but I'm hoping it isn't too severe. Day seven is my favorite so far so it'd be nice to show it off finally, even if it's pretty domestic. That, and I need to get off my ass and draw Alba because I haven't yet.
Apologies for the incoherent rambling.
>fucked the spoiler
I honestly shouldn't have bothered anyway, it's not like it's a secret.
File: file.png (146 KB, 574x669)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Hey radionon, i noticed you posted something in /bale/ months ago but nobody gave you advice so here's mine.

>Your face feeling 'off' can be due to how far the eye was thereby flattening some of the pony look because of how high the line was compared to the other side of the eye. So I shrunk it a little bit
>Use more overlapping points like in the mane will help you sell the volume. Also making the mane have more dramatic curves with the back will be more dynamic since theres a bigger pinch.
>You used a concave line for the inner ear, it would be convex. Simple fix
>One of the contributions of the face flattening out with the eye was the nose line, moving it down brings it more in line with the bottoms of the eyes
>Lastly before minor touch ups smoothing things out, the radio band would be drawn as a cylinder not a circle, so practice ovals and you; have better construction
Sleepy morning boot
>About her name, I though of somehow incorporating the name Andromeda (get it, because its another galaxy's name and her name is one too?), like "Lactomeda"? Taking the "Finne" part of your name idea might make it her last name of sorts.
Funny thing, I think 'Andromeda' was floated around for shitposting milky past the jannies as a fake milky. It didn't last long, but its funny how that galaxy is always mentioned and never any other ones.
All ponies (especially mares) are magic, it's up to us to make everyone else see that.

Bittersweet is fairly apt in this situation, because In all honesty, I did want it to go on for longer, but I couldn't make it work. That's just a weakness of mine that I'll have to overcome someday.
Aside from previously mentioned edits, I want to work on Tinny next, but I also have some other ideas that I'd like to explore, too. Those ideas need to be properly fleshed out, though. In the meantime however, if something pops up that inspires me, I'll write like I typically do, which may or may not be a one-off. or a longer piece.

I haven't had the pleasure of commenting on your work till now. To start, I really enjoyed reading those little stories you posted in /bale/, and in addition to that, your art, which has quite some charm to it.
As for what you wrote here, I'm really digging what got so far, and look forward to even more. That said, try not to stress too much about your work.
Do short stories count, or more just the definitive "The End" bit?
Slow day today
I think it's more the fact a long green wasnt dropped, but didnt go on forever.
there are several longer boot greens that are incomplete. hope they all get finished eventually.
Which ones would you want to see finished? You can't say all, you gotta pick
File: Atrium Talk.png (399 KB, 1020x1020)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
"All these children are exhausting... I swear they're more interested in me than the plants"
>"Hey man, we're ponies! We're like kiddo magnets."
"I wish to be demagnetized."
>"Uh-huh, and all those pictures you put up mean nothing?"
"T-they're gifts! What else am I supposed to do with them?"
>"I could chuck em."
"That... won't be necessary."
>"So you *do* care!"
"I... I suppose. It's just a little stressful, that's all."
>"With that out of the way... Why are there tiny hats on the plants?"
"Ah, you noticed. It's Prickles' party he wanted to throw."
>"Your cactus is throwing a party?"
"Mmhm! He's throwing Bonnie the Bonsai a party."
>"Huh, How nice of him."
"It's rather heartwarming! Prickles can be kind of a-"
"Please don't swear."
>"Hokay, how about... 'grouch'?"
"That's- That's better, thank you."
>"At least I didn't call him a pri-"
>"Sorry sorry..."

Too early for a bump, but have this
I remember when I first joined the thread this was one of the first greens I saw, to see if end now is a curious feeling.
File: 1663302028553911.png (242 KB, 500x464)
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242 KB PNG
Glad to see you finish Minky, especially after the hiatus. I really enjoyed it. Thanks NHanon.
Weekend w2g hype. Once a week isn't a great pace for writing but I'm refinding a balance in some things. I also need to see where Starsky left here and copy over so it's all up to date.
>Another weeks already gone by
feels like yesterday
Seriously. Three months short of a year since I started my current job and it is just nowhere near as lax as my last few years were. Or maybe losses and other events keep popping up.
Glad to know you niggas still alive
The bootleg waifu never truly dies
I haven't drawn Rads for quite awhile, so it was nice to draw her again. I guess this is the first time I've drawn her in full. Her neck seems thin in this one

Woah! I honestly didn't expect any advice, thanks man. I can't even remember what I said in that post.
I definitely need to practice shapes more often. You can only go so far with boxes and such. It certainly would help with making accessories like her headphones not flat.
That picture of Radio was rather unfortunate, but that's probably because I'm looking at it from a couple of months after the fact.

Thanks, and congrats on finishing your story! Minky's great.
>try not to stress too much about your work.
Yeah, I have a tendency to overthink and it doesn't do me any favors. Perseverance is key, I suppose.
>Forgot the picture
Rad is a cute, so the sound comes out of the back of her neck? I guess that shes no organo bootleg. whats the neck band for then? style points?
Twas a poor attempt at a pair of headphones, it was pretty bad and I think I'll let it go until i can make it look better, but I do like the speaker interpretation. I think it would be neat if she could throw her voice at an external speaker (if she had to). I think i might use the idea for something sooner or later.
Also yeah, she ain't organic but unlike the ones in Gray Garden, she can eat.
>It certainly would help with making accessories like her headphones not flat.
Oh headphones that makes sense, I remember that was in her introduction
High effort bump. Been a while since we've seen Reign
File: TiffRosieRock3.png (2.43 MB, 1293x915)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
>You repeat the process of tending to the garden and sitting by the fountain for a few days, occasionally, you’ll see someone walk by, and yet they never come in.
>It’s frustrating, but you try not to let it get to you.
>You occasionally see your boss move more boxes. He does it often enough for you to notice a pattern. Not that it mattered, but at very least it was something consistent.
>The days blend together and before you know it, a month has passed.
>You had a routine down again, even if it lacked your sister.
>It was getting colder and you’ve been busy getting the plants ready for winter.
>Anything that could go into the greenhouse, did.
>And everything else you either pruned or protected however you could.
>After all is said and done, you don't have much else to do but water when necessary.
>Although you noticed something.
>Something concerning.
>Where was Mister Boss?
>It wasn’t unlike him to not show up everyday, but he was becoming less and less frequent.
>Not to mention he was getting more and more sluggish…
>And last time you talked to him, he looked like he was about to topple over…
>You hope he gets some rest! Humans need to rest, so he should.
>That being said…
>It has gotten to the point where you were completely alone most days.
>Despite your nature, you very much liked the company of others, so it was getting to you.
>You didn’t even have your sister as a buffer anymore so it was… difficult.
>At least you still have your plant friends.

>You enter the greenhouse with a sigh.
“I’m terribly sorry for being late, I was trying to figure out how to play one person checkers! It’s uhm, harder than it seemed.”
>Prickles in all his wisdom, pipes up first.
“[Ohoho! If you needed somevun to vay with, why didn’t you ask? I vould have ven happy to oblige!]”
“Because you’re a terrible sport! What kind of person cheats at checkers?”
>A skinny petunia sprout croons next.
“[Don’t worry Rei! I’ll play with you!]”
“Oh! Why thank you, Petals! But it’s not that big of a deal! I… I’m sure I’ll find someone to play with eventually. It’s just… It’s just getting harder to do anything I'm afraid…”
>Your somewhat cheery facade fades and you stare at the ground.
>He hasn’t come back for a while now…
>Is… Is he okay?
>Did you do something wrong?
>You start to feel shaky again, but you try to curb it with a deep breath.
>Everything will be alright.
>Try- Try to be positive.
>Miss Chrysanthemum laughs lightly.
“[Oh Reign dear, don’t be so down! I’m sure things will brighten up eventually!]”
>Of course… You need to stay calm, Rei. Just keep swimming or… something.
>You’re not good with phrases…
>You clear your throat and smile as best you can.
“You’re… You’re right Mum! I need to press on! You all need me and I can’t be moping.”
>One of the philodendron twins gives a cheer.
“[You’re the best, Rei! You can do it!]”
“Thank you Philly, I’ll do my best, I promise!”
>After the day's watering, you leave the greenhouse and head to the atrium, which is mostly empty now besides the flower beds that you couldn’t move to the greenhouse.
>You spend a lot of time there now.
>The fountain in there was a good source of white noise and it’s nice not being alone with your thoughts.
>You idly watch the fountain in the middle for a while before deciding to retire early.
>You’ve been sleeping more and more often lately.
>It was the only other way to pass the time, really.
>You crawl into bed and bundle up.
>A minute or two passes and you hesitantly glance over at your sister’s side of the room.
>It wasn’t hard to pretend she was still there, just dozing away behind that curtain.
“I… I talked to Prickles today.”
“He uhm… He said he misses you. I know that’s funny, coming from him, but I think it’s genuine…”
“I miss you too… I-I… I miss you a lot…”
>You swallow dryly.
“I hope you’re having a nice day, wherever you are! I uhm… I hope you’re making new friends.”
>You lay down, facing your nightlight.
>You watch the blue canary for a while before taking another deep breath.
“Goodnight Rush. I love you.”
>You lay for at least an hour in the quiet, before falling asleep.
>You awake to another overcast day.
>You had gotten up near noon, simply because you didn't see a reason to get up earlier.
>It’s been a few more weeks.
>And he hasn’t come back.
>And… And you don’t think he will.
>You had let yourself into his office and much to your horror, it was completely cleared out.
>There were two envelopes.
>The first was much more formal and made some long spiel about how the botanical garden has… changed hands.
>Despite that, it didn’t say if anyone would do anything with it.
>From the sounds of it it’s been… completely abandoned.
>You set down the letter and glance over to the second envelope.
>It looked like Buddy’s handwriting and…
>You’re… You’re too scared to read it.
>But you have an idea as to what it details.
>You know you shouldn’t, but you scanned him after the last time he talked to you and…
>It wasn’t good.
>So… It was just you now.
>Despite it all, you didn’t cry.
>And you hate yourself for that.
>But you… You needed to keep going.
>You couldn’t break.
>She’s still out there! She… She has to be.
>Even if Buddy won’t be here for her… You need to be.
>You need to stay strong.

>You had free reign of the garden now, so you used it as you saw fit.
>You tried to think of ideas to get people to come back.
>But none of them were good.
>You’re good with plants, not with ideas.
>The best you could do was keep things as they where, even if it was just you.
>Over time, it became easier and easier to focus solely on the plants.
>You didn’t even talk to them.
>Even if you wanted to.
>You poured your whole being into the garden.
>It was all you had left.
>Winter had come and gone and now spring was in full swing.
>With the season, came the oddities.
>You noticed more people out and about outside the garden, but of course, they ignored you.
>But that's… That’s okay. You’re used to it now.
>One day, something quite interesting started happening.
>As you were bringing some plants out from the greenhouse, a pegasus started flying over the garden.
>You payed it no mind at first, but she kept flying over everyday after.
>And you noticed a pattern.
>She would come north in the early morning, and in the evening, she would return with a large bundle of some sort.
>Another confusing part was her wings.
>Even from here, they seem quite large.
>Rush had large wings as well, but this mare’s wings were disproportionate to her body.
>She seemed to be an average model, so why were they so big?
>It… It probably doesn’t matter.
>At least it was something to look forward to.
>You started to wave when she passed, mostly for your own sanity.
>And surprisingly, she started waving back.
>The first time it happened, you nearly jumped out of your skin, but it was nice to say the least.
>It was social interaction at long last!
>You couldn’t make out her face well, but she seemed friendly enough.
>So that’s how you filled your day.
>You took care of the plants like usual, and waved to a stranger whenever you saw her.
>It was comforting, at least someone knew you were here.
>And soon enough, you found someone else as well.
>One warm night, you were aimlessly walking the grounds, listening to the crickets.
>It was nearly summer, and you could tell.
>You trail your hoof against a bush as you past it, but freeze up when you notice something.
>There was light in the atrium.
>It wasn’t bright, but you know it quite well.
>Someone had turned on the night lanterns.
>There was a little switch that guests where encouraged to press during night tours and it lit up the fountain.
>No one would know it but someone who has been here before.
>You hesitantly make your way to the atrium and peek inside.
>To your surprise, you see… an old lady and her dog.
>It was a small dog, and from the grayness around its muzzle it was old as well.
>She leans against her cane, which held the dogs lead, and watched the fountain from the bench in front of it, bathed in the soft light of the little lamps around the atrium.
>You approach with caution, despite your giddiness at the sight of a visitor in the first time in so long, you still were rather anxious.
>You stop at the edge of the fountain and lift your hoof in a little wave.
“H-hullo miss… Welcome to Gemini Botanical…”
>It’s been so long, but you remember the greeting as if it was yesterday.
>She turns her head with a smile and waves back. “Good evening, Regal.”
>She knows you? Wait.. You- you know her too!
“Miss Crumble…?”
>She always showed up for the night walks. You… You thought she might have passed when she stopped showing up.
>She chuckles a little. “Of course dear. I haven’t had the time to visit, I'm afraid. But here I am! I hear things aren’t doing well?”
“The… The garden isn’t… It’s…”
>You feel so overwhelmed at seeing a regular from before, you can barely speak.
>She calmly pats the bench beside her. “I’m well aware. How about you take a seat?”
>You approach as she asks, but pause when the dog lifts its head.
>It reminds you of a large stray that ran amok when you were first activated. Rush said it was a nice dog, but it terrified you…
>”Tess won’t hurt ya, she’s a real lap dog, hah!”
>Tess looks at you expectantly, wagging her little tail.
>You scoot closer and pat the dog’s head.
“Nice… p-puppy…”
>She seems nice enough… Don’t worry, Rei!
>You climb up on the bench next to Miss Crumble and look up at the alight fountain.
>”You’ve been here a while now, hm?”
“I suppose so…”
>You let out a sigh.
“I’m sorry that it isn’t as nice as it was…”
>”Nonsense! I’d say you’re trying too hard.”
“Too hard? But- But I need-”
>She gives you a stern look. “Look around, Regal. What do you see?”
>You look around the atrium.
“I don’t know… Just flowers and such?”
>”You want to know what I see? A lost cause.”
>You stare at her in disbelief.
“But you… You liked this place…”
>”You don’t understand, You’re letting it rule you.”
>She leans over to you and looks you in the eye. “You don’t even realize you can leave.”
>But… You need to wait for Rush!
“But my sister…”
>She puts a hand on your shoulder. “I want you to look at something.”
>She rummages through a satchel to her side and brings out a newspaper clipping.
>You take the clipping from her and look at the front.
>”The other side, dear.”
>You flip it around and your eyes widen.
>’...Thousands of Crown units have now been recalled after the fire at a Wallabee Wade’s warehouse, …The fire was traced to a faulty core inside a dormant Quill 01 which is a part of Crown’s popular ‘Royal Twin’ lines, …The units have since been rounded up and are under review. …Crown representatives have stated that they will reimburse those with affected units.’
>It’s been long enough that you’ve exhausted your tears. The news simply left you feeling empty.
“She’s… she’s not coming back…”
>Miss Crumble sits up straighter. “Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean she’s gone.”
“D-do you really think she’s okay?”
>”Who knows? She might just get a replacement and get sent off to who knows where. All I know is that these are too valuable to… scrape.”
>That last word makes you wince but overall you feel… a little hopeful.
>There’s an ambiguity to it all, but Rush may be okay.
>And that’s… that’s all you wanted.
>You take a deep breath.
“So you came to see me… Not the garden?”
>”I heard that you were still here, and I wanted to see if you knew.”
“...Thank you.”
>You can’t think of anything else to say, so you watch the fountain with her for a few minutes before she pipes up once more.
>”So… What’s next for you?”
“I… I don’t know. I feel tired but… not normally tired? I think I’ll just keep up the garden for a bit longer.”
>You don’t feel like you’ve been charging properly, but maybe it’s just the weather.
>It’s been overcast for a little too long, and your paneling might not be catching enough sun.
>You’re sure it’ll clear up eventually.
>”Take your time. One day you will find what you want to do, and you should take it by the reins!”
>You laugh for the first time in a while.
“Did I ever tell you my name?”
>”Hmm, I don’t think so. Whatcha calling yourself?”
“Reign! Uhm, not like water but like… royalty? My sister came up with it… I’m not sure if it fits but I like it.”
>”I think It fits.”
“R-really? I’m not very regal…”
>”Said the mare formerly known as ‘Regal’.”
“Well.. I never thought I lived up to my model’s name but… maybe I can try.”
>”How so?”
“Well first of all… I think I need some people skills.”
>”It’ll come to you in time. You just got to get yourself out there.”
>You nod and look down at Tess, who was starting to doze.
>”Hmph, I suppose I should go home before I have to carry her.”
>Miss Crumble gets up, followed by Tess, who twirls excitedly in place a little.
>”I know I know, I’ll stop by your favorite spots, just hold on!”
>She turns to you with a warm smile. “Take care, Reign, and have a good night.”
“You too! I uhm… I thank you for your patronage.”
>You bow a little and then wave her off.
>After she’s gone, you sit under the fountain lights for a little longer, feeling at ease for the first time in forever.
File: file.png (395 KB, 695x397)
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395 KB PNG
Is this a boot?
File: 1642038633845.png (849 KB, 1013x988)
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849 KB PNG
Saturday evening /boot/n' chill. I'm extremely happy to see so much green going on.
but do you read them?
Some, yes. An anon asked me to read and review his stuff so I'm putting in some effort to go through all of his stuff and point out the good and bad.
which bootleg?
>Against your better judgement, you open the door
>The sunlight stings your eyes, and you squeeze them shut in response
>After a few seconds you slowly ease your eyes open and allow them to adjust
>What your visitor left for you makes you wish they hadn't
>The bones of the buck you had caught the day before law strewn across your yard, elongated in such a manner as to resemble the creature itself.
>Is...is it mocking you?
>Pretending to have died of what, boredom? While waiting for you to answer the door
>You're too tired to deal with this
>All you wanted was a quiet life in the woods
>Everything has been getting weirder since those dog-sized, colorful things started showing up
>Kicking the skull of the buck as hard as you can, you let out a satisfied noise as the antlers snap off once it hits the tree before heading back inside to get some rest
I'm an idiot
File: file.png (124 KB, 960x606)
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124 KB PNG
How do you feel about Milky Chocolate?
File: 1604006773307.png (1.62 MB, 1481x2483)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
appleshy is mai waifu
File: TiffRosieRock2.png (657 KB, 1358x882)
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657 KB PNG
It's not for a /bootleg/ writer, it's a guy who's newer that just wants me to read some of his stuff and give feedback. Last night I'm not sure how great I was at talking about the writing panels I want to do, but he was a pretty great sound board to bounce ideas off of since he also had his own questions to ask.
Shes VERY orange, are you sure it's even AJ anymore? looks more like OJ
Is there a paste for this?
File: TiffRosieRock1.jpg (59 KB, 683x872)
59 KB
Right over yonder.
>You have finally received your Applejack!
>Sure, it was a shady site and it took an obscene amount of time to get here, but you've got a good feeling about this one!
>You rub you hands together in anticipation as you stare at the box.
>With a deft slice of a box cutter, you are now ready to reveal-
>What's that smell.
>You slowly open up the box and peer inside.
>Almost immediately, a painfully orange mare pops her head out.
>Her mane was clearly not Applejack's and she was staring at you with her dopey, sad green eyes.
>Atop her head was a cheap miniature derby hat which she tips clumsily.
>"Um... Howdy Pardner. Care to help this cowgirl outta this corral?"
>She sounds as if that weird shy girl from high school tried to put on a southern accent.
>...Also she looked like she was left to sit in a vat of orange juice.
>And from the overwhelming smell of oranges emanating off of her, you think you might be correct.
>You know what?
>You take 'Orangejack' out of her box and give her a hug.
>"W-well I be! You're as friendly as a... um... cow."
>This'll work.
>You're gonna give this little orange scented cowpoke heaps of love!
Update bump.

>" Ew, these really are dirty."
"Yeah, it would be a waste of time to clean them if they weren't, right?"
>Starla snorts in amusement upon hearing your argument, pausing a moment to get a better look at her work thus far.
>"I really didn't think they were that bad, but just - look," she states, motioning to a section of leather just treated under her hoof and a section yet to be massaged.
>The upholstery of the Chrysler is starting to look like it did from the factory - a creamy ivory shade, rather than a dingy beige.
>Starla was keen on having something to accomplish while you and Midnight piddled with mechanicals.
>After a bit of brainstorming and a soft wash mitt that fit perfectly over her hoof, she was more than happy to clean up the seats with leather cream.
>They had already been wiped free of any loose dust or soil on a previous occasion, so this was a matter of seeing what else could come up, and how well the upholstery could recover after sitting for so long.
>By the looks of it, you may not need to recover the seats, at least for the time being.
>Certainly not perfect, but more than presentable.
>Assuming the rest of the leather turns out that way, of course.
>Cleaning interiors isn't really an enjoyable endeavor in your mind, especially this sort of deep clean.
>But Starla's humming and thin smile as she works proves not everyone finds the task dreadful.
>After the brief checkup on Star's progress, you head back up to the front.
>Midnight currently inhabits the space between the fenders where the engine would be, cleaning up the years of dust deposited upon every surface.
>Her hardened gaze and clenched jaw make it clear she's focused on getting the engine bay clean, but not particularly enthused by the job.
>But she's dedicated, as evidenced by a few minor bits of debris and spiderwebs that have found a home on her coat and in her hair.
>You return to what you were doing, cleaning the radiator support.
>"Wish we could have just power-washed the whole damn thing," Midnight comments, her voice showing a hint of displeasure.
"That's a good way to cause electrical problems, particularly in something this old," you respond, rubbing down the area you've been letting soak with cleaner.
>"I know, " she sighs. "This kind of tedious stuff just sucks. I'd rather be assembling or disassembling something."
"Told you to pace yourself on replacing the suspension bushings, didn't I?"
>Midnight takes a moment to glance at you, frowning.
>"We'd still have had to do this at some point," she replies.
"True, true."
>"How's the interior looking? Decent?" she asks, trying to push away her disdain shared just a moment ago.
"You wanna take a look?" you suggest, taking a step back to allow her egress.
>Midnight shakes her head, returning her attention to the final patch of the driver's side inner fender needing a good scrub.

>"I really want to get this side done at the very least," she explains. "No guarantees once I climb out of here, I'll want to get back in and continue."
"And that's perfectly fine, Mid."
>"Gotta get done sooner or later," she retorts as if needing to argue her case.
>You reach into the engine bay and gently pat her on the withers in reassurance.
"It looks good though. Both your work and what Starla's been able to do with the interior. I think the seats will be fine to use as is."
>"Cool. That's one less thing we have to worry about."
>Conversation dies off after Midnight's notation - purely due to her focus on working as she hunkers down closer to the fender.
>Having Starla here spending time with Midnight has gone pleasantly well.
>It was hard to know what to expect when this arrangement came around.
>You don't think you can be faulted for being apprehensive about the idea.
>Beyond the obvious concerns of having another pony in your care whose mere existence is illegal, you did worry how well the two of them would get along.
> It's one thing to talk through a screen or a phone, and quite another to have real-world, face-to-face interactions.
>Not to mention actually sharing a living space with each other.
>Midnight's smoothed out quite a bit in the time she's lived with you, but there are still some rough edges that show up now and then.
>Hindsight makes it clear now, but you still feel like you should have had more faith in Middie from the get-go.
>Nevertheless, there's not been an issue other than some minor squabbles that were quickly and calmly rectified.
>If those disagreements are even worth calling squabbles.
>"What are we doing for food tonight?" Midnight asks, standing up straight and stretching out her limbs before turning to focus on you.
"I dunno. What are you and Star gonna make us?" you suggest, flashing a quick, cheeky grin.
>Midnight shakes her head, allowing a stray bit of cobweb that had attached itself to her hair to float away.
>"Nope, last night was us. Your turn."
"We still have stuff from Starla's list, though," you remind her.
>"Uh huh. And she's still with us for at least a couple more days, dillhole," she answers in a calm but firm tone.
"Fine, fine. Gives me some time to buy you a cute little chef's hat to wear next time you cook," you tease her.
>Her nostrils flare at the idea as she lets out a snort.
"Guess that's a no. What do you want tonight?"
>Ever so helpful, Midnight's initial response is an uncertain shrug of the shoulders.
"At least that narrows it down."
>Rather than acknowledge your inane comment, Midnight motions you away from the front of the car.
>You take a few steps back as she tests her front hooves for a good footing on the radiator support, using that as leverage to leap up and out of the engine bay in a swift motion.
>Her hooves hit the concrete with a sharp clack, drawing Starla's attention from inside the cabin of the car.

>As her friend twists her way out from the interior, Midnight perks up with an idea.
>"How about going to that drive-in diner we visit from time to time? They got good food, and Starla says she doesn't get out much in public. I bet she's never had it."
>While the initial idea doesn't sound like a bad suggestion, the reasoning causes you to pause.
>Starla herself joins the huddle just as Midnight finishes her proposal.
>While Midnight was hardly speaking in hushed tones, you don't know if Starla caught any of it.
>If she did, there's not a trace of enthusiasm emanating from her blank expression.
>"Hey Star, I was just suggesting to Anon we go out to a drive-in for some food tonight," Midnight repeats, slightly more excited now.
> While you have your own reservations about the idea, Starla surprises everyone with a firm shake of her head.
>"I don't think that's a good idea," she says, her voice offering just a hint of reluctance amid the wash of conviction.
>Midnight, startled by the dismissal, shakes her head slightly, looking upon Starla with a healthy dose of skepticism in those vibrant blue eyes.
>"What? Why not? You even told me yourself you don't get to go out much," Midnight protests.
>"And I also *told* you that reason, Midnight," Starla rebuts in a sharp tone.
>Midnight looks down at the concrete floor for a brief moment, as if taking stock of what is transpiring.
>When she returns to the conversation, her expression has changed, from one of confusion and astonishment to cautiousness, her ears lowered on her head.
>"Is it because you don't want to, or you normally wouldn't with Teddy? I mean, we're not even going to leave the truck and-"
"Midnight, it was a fair idea, but I don't feel good about doing that either," you interrupt.
>You had to interrupt - judging by the intense stare and the tension in Starla's form, she was getting ready to unload.
"Maybe if we had Teddy's permission, but god forbid if something happened while she was with us - I don't think I could live with myself."
>"Alright, sorry," Midnight answers with a disappointed sigh. "I guess I didn't think it was that big of a deal."
>You didn't think so either - but that's the most riled-up you've ever seen Starla.
"Mid, you gotta get a shower before any food - you look like you just crawled out of a crypt," you joke, hoping to lighten the atmosphere as you motion to her mane.
>The comment seems to work, as Starla lets out a short hum of amusement as the simmering frustration fades away from her expression.
>"Yeah well, you can't argue I half-assed the engine bay," Midnight responds, sticking her tongue out at you. "Just don't eat without me."
>"I don't think anything prepared will be short enough to interrupt your shower. Unless you planned on getting lost."
>Just like that, the Starla you know has returned with her sweet teasing.
>Midnight chuckles a bit before turning tail and heading to the bathroom.
"You okay?" you ask, glancing over to your guest.

>"Good! I'm good! Thank you - how are you?" Starla answers excitedly.
>That was a little exaggerated, to say the least...
"I'm... good," you answer, pausing to pick your words. "You - ah, Midnight is Midnight, you know? Little rough around the edges still."
>"I know. It was a nice thought she had."
"But something didn't sit right with you," you answer for her.
>Starla bites her lip, that calm and cheerful facade fading away.
>"I... might have been a bit short. Just tired, I guess," she says, laughing it off in a rather unsettled manner.
"I think we're all a little tired. No sweat," you reassure her, unwilling to prod any further.
>Even so, you merely stand there after the short exchange, unsure of what to do or say now.
>Well, you could probably offer to head upstairs and relax in comfort, you dumbass.
"You wanna head upstairs while Middie's soaking up all the water?"
>"Yeah... I actually - can I talk to you?" she asks in an uncertain, hushed voice.
"Of course. C'mon."
>You lead the way up the stairs, ushering Starla through the door into your living space before following her in.
>"Do you think Teddy is too protective of me?" Starla asks as the door latches shut.
>Oh boy.
>The question leaves you stunned for a moment, unsure of how to answer something with such weight.
"I don't really know?" you say, scratching your head. "Is there being too protective?"
>Starla can't help but smirk just a bit at your wishy-washy answer as she climbs atop a barstool.
>"I'm not going to use your answer against you, I promise," she replies.
>Even though she tries to offer reassurance, you still can't help but imagine words driving a rift in her relationship with Teddy.
>You don't want to be a home wrecker.
>But Starla apparently trusts you enough to ask for advice over Midnight...
>Well, Midnight's questions seemed to agitate her in the first place, didn't they?
"Well, I'm a bit out of the loop in where this is coming from, and to be honest, I don't really know your - well, how you and Teddy live. You know?"
>"Right. I suppose it isn't fair of me to ask something like that," she says, bowing her head.
"I'm all ears if you want to talk, don't get me wrong," you add in haste. "I just need to understand more of the situation."
>"Well, I guess the easiest way to say it is I don't get out much. Not like you and Midnight do."
"It's not like we're social butterflies, either," you quip.
>"No, I'm not saying that but - I mean, other than the odd trip to the grocery store late at night, or just a leisurely cruise out in the middle of nowhere, that's all I really see of the world," she says in a downtrodden manner. "I never really considered it until I met Midnight."
"I get that Teddy takes a lot of precautions, and it's all in the name of keeping you safe - but is that all it is?"
>"I'm basically the opposite of Midnight and how she is - er, was, when meeting new people."
"I don't follow."

>"I mean how she is defensive, suspicious, guarded - that sort of thing," Starla explains.
>"It's never technically gotten me in trouble, but I'm just an open book when it comes to socializing and befriending strangers," she continues. "I don't know - I just can't fathom someone being... bad."
"Midnight's seen and experienced the dark side. By the sounds of it, you never did."
>"Maybe you're right," she sighs. "I wouldn't want to go through what she did for the payoff, though. But we moved far away from Georgia so Teddy nor I had that fear of me getting caught. It's why I have the necklace - and yet, we don't really explore the world..."
"So it kinda sounds like what Midnight asked was maybe not so mean?"
>"No, I just - I suppose I'm just as protective of Teddy as he is of me. So it sort of just felt..."
"Felt kind of like a personal attack."
>Starla nods her head solemnly.
>"I guess Teddy and I are two of a kind, being overprotective," she says with an amused hum. "But no one ever gets any better or learns without experience, right? I could probably adjust somehow, learn some boundaries, maybe? Staying cooped up isn't going to help me."
>Her posture stiffens up as she falls silent.
>You gotta say something - even if it is sort of worthless in your mind.
"Well, have you talked about this with Teddy at all?"
>"This is all kind of a new thought for me, to be honest," Starla admits in a sheepish tone. "I've never had anyone to compare myself to, and I just assumed he was right. Not that he isn't right in his concerns, mind you, and I do trust him-"
"And I'm not saying you shouldn't trust him. He clearly loves you, Star. Maybe he's being just a tad overprotective, but if he doesn't know how you feel... well, how can he have any gauge on how you feel?"
>All at once, the tension leaves her, only to be replaced by a pair of slumped shoulders.
>"Good point. I just feel a bit uneasy asking about something I really don't know about - that being the outside world."
"It all depends on how important it is to you. Again, Midnight and I aren't exactly painting the town red every night. I think if I hadn't dragged her out of the gates of the junkyard, she would have still never ventured out into the world, and been content as is. But Teddy doesn't seem the kind of guy that would get mad at you for anything. I don't think you really have to be concerned about discussing this with him."
>"Nah, he's a softie - unless it comes down to my safety," she replies with a laugh. "Maybe when he calls tonight, I'll have a short discussion about what we just talked about. Depends on how I feel, and how relaxed he sounds. I don't need to stress him up."
>That's right, you've had no word from Teddy since the day he left.
>"He usually doesn't call until the second day out," Starla says dismissively as if reading your mind.
"Ah, gotcha. To be honest, I already forgot the phone routine you guys use for contact."
>"No worries, I know it like the back of my hoof."

"Good. That got a little confusing without directions in words," you admit with a laugh. "But if you want to discuss that over the phone tonight, let me and Mid know. We'll give you some privacy," you offer, hesitating a moment as another thought eats at your mind.
>Phone calls sometimes don't go well went it comes to sensitive subjects like this.
>Again, the last thing you want is tears out of this.
"But it might be something better off discussed face to face. If it comes down to it, I can always make a run to the drive-in and bring back food. Maybe that's what I'll do tonight."
>"I think that sounds like a good idea."
>You hear the door swing open behind you, with Midnight entering through just as you turn around.
>Her hair is still just a bit damp by the lack of volume compared to normal.
"Blow dryer not work?"
>"Wasn't feeling it," she comments, lacking any sort of enthusiasm as she strides past you. "Figured it would just be that much longer before you got started on food."
"Oh, I'm cooking?"
>"No, you're getting us food!" she demands, taking a seat next to Starla just as she claps her hooves onto the countertop.
>"Anon's getting us food!" Starla cheers.
>Midnight flashes a bemused grin as she watches her friend's outburst, before turning back to you.
"I feel like I'm being ganged up on."
>"Maybe," Starla answers. "But we appreciate you."
>She follows it up with a wink of her eye, letting you know that comment is more than just for the current topic.
>Keeping your little discussion under wraps, you give her a slight nod.
"Well, go get your laptop Midnight, let's figure out what everyone wants before I head out."

How much boot would a bootleg leg if a bootleg could leg boots?
Thirteen and three-eights. Don't ask me to show my work, plz.
To add to this because i forgot when I posted it - /mlp/ is almost caught up with Midnight in regards to where I am in the bunker. We have one more update, which I'll post next week which more than likely (though I haven't one hundred percent commited) bring the conclusion to part 5 and Starla's visit. We've certainly not seen the last of that sweetheart, but things will begin to have a bit more normalcy with shenanigans between Midnight and Anon. That being said, it seems like through this fun excursion, everyone's learned something about themselves and each other.
I'll also add that the last two weeks, I've not given a thought to Midnight in the sense of planning the next update - I'm working on something else based on a dream, and while I'm close to a conclusion, I'd give it at least another week before I'm satisfied with that piece for another thread. So there's a hiatus on the horizon there, but I don't expect anything excessive. Tsundere knockoff moonhorse is too precious for me to ignore for any length of time, whether I'm writing her or just daydreaming.
Those sound like rookie numbers
I'm a rookie striving for Rookie of the Year honors, bruh. Fite me.
File: 1584677082842.jpg (304 KB, 590x684)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
1v1 me scrub swear on me pone come and have a go

14. Self-image

>Name: Zooma
>Age: ?
>Sex: F
>Circle the face that most closely reflects how you feel today:
> :(

>Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?

>1. Little interest or pleasure in doing things
>Not at all (several days) more than half the days nearly every day

>2. Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
>Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day)

>3. Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much
>Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day)

>4. Feeling tired or having little energy
>Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day)

>5. Poor appetite or overeating
>Not at all (several days) more than half the days nearly every day

>6. Feeling bad about yourself - or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down
>Not at all several days more than half the days (nearly every day)

>7. Trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching television
>Not at all several days (more than half the days) nearly every day

>8. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed -Or- the opposite - being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual
>Not at all several days (more than half the days) nearly every day

>9. Thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself
>Not at all several days more than half the days nearly every day

>10. If you checked off any problems, how difficult have these problems made it for you at work, home, or with other people?
>Not difficult at all Somewhat difficult (Very difficult) Extremely difficult

>Even though it takes less than a minute to fill out these questionnaires, you still hate doing them.
>Go through the rigmarole to just get inside Dr. Lazlo's office, then wait five, ten, twelve minutes! until the good doctor graces you with her presence.
>"I'm so sorry I'm late, Zooma. It's been one of those mornings where everything seems to go wrong."
"It's okay. These things happen."
>She smiles, says, "Thanks for understanding." then casts her gaze down to her clipboard. Her deep blue eyes scan to from your right to left, over and over and over again. Lazlo purses her lips and murmurs and occasional "Hmm," whilst marking up the page with her own notes.
>"Still sleeping poorly?"
>Lazlo chews on the back of her pen, frowning. She looks up, over her glinting golden-rimmed glasses, to you.
>"You didn't answer one of the questions."
"Oh. I must have glossed over it." You look at the window to her left and brush your bangs to the right. "The form is rather repetitive, after all."
>"That's okay. We'll answer it now. In the past two weeks, have you had any thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself?"
>Focus on the blue jay perched on the branch outside the window.
>"Zooma? Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself?"
"No. I would never do that to Anon."
>"Do you ever feel like things might be better if you weren't around anymore?
'Anon would be better off with a real Luna,' a bitter voice in your mind whispers.
>Look at the ground. Clench your teeth. Ears fold sua sponte.
>Hold your breath. Hold everything in. Shut your eyes so tight you don't know if you'll ever be able to open them again.
>Stop being a drama queen, Zooma. Stop being so emotional. Stop being a burden on everyone.
>A real Luna wouldn't have all these problems.
>A real Luna isn't a "Drama Queen" like HE said you are.
>A real Luna can walk straight.
>A real Luna doesn't have to worry about people calling you out for the knockoff you are.
>A real Luna is perfect.
>Anon deserves so much better than you.
>Something warm touches your shoulder, making you jump and open your eyes. Dr. Lazlo jerks her hand back a few inches and lets it hover. "I'm sorry, Zooma. You zoned out on me."
>She sets the clipboard down.
>"Why don't we skip going over your survey results for now. What's on your mind?"
>Try as you might, you simply can't get yourself to open up. Lazlo asks you questions and it's all you can manage to answer them beyond a few words.
"Sorry," you mutter. "I'm not trying to be difficult."
>Lazlo gives you a faint smile. "It's fine, dear. Sometimes it's hard to vocalize what we're feeling."
>She nibbles on the end of her pen, and scans her notes; eyes darting left and right.
>"How's your job?"
>C'mon, Zooma. You can do better, especially considering Lazlo sees you pro bono.
>Heavy sigh.
"The dynamic is different now that Jessica goes to school every day."
>"How so?"
"Ruby has me helping her while Jessica's at school."
>"Remind me what she does again?"
"She's the C.F.O. of her company."
>Lazlo's eyes light up. "Medical instruments, right?"
"That's correct."
>"Do you enjoy that kind of work?"
>You sigh again.
"But, it's rather... basic. I'm capable of doing so much more than basic secretarial work, you know." You look to Lazlo and hold up a hoof, as if to signal her to stop. "Not that I'm ungrateful for the additional duties! Far from it! I've learned a lot from Ruby- she's a very successful woman and I really do appreciate the experience I've gained these past few weeks. And she actually pays me more for the time I help her with her work."
>"Do you prefer caring for her daughter?"
"Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, I love to help however I can, to feel useful. Anon may earn much more than me, but my financial contribution to our household isn't trivial, and that feels good. But..."
>Your right wing extends, primaries poised to pluck the best phrase from the aether.
"...when I care for Jessica, I feel... different. Special."
>"In what way?"
>This is the first time you've explicitly considered *why* you love caring for that little girl. No one, not even Spitfire, knows why you adore Jessica, though you suspect she has her suspicions.
"I, um..." you swallow, collect your thoughts, and look at the carpet. "When I take care of Jessica... I get a taste of what I've always wanted... more than anything."
>"Which is?"
"To be a mother."
>Lazlo sets her pen and clipboard on her lap. Her stare is piercing; heavy, even. "You've never mentioned wanting to be a mother before. How long have you wanted this?"
"As long as I can remember."
>"Does Anonymous know about this?"
"No." You shake your head several times.
>"Why not?"
>Why not indeed.
>You snort.
"I don't need to stress him out with something else."
>"Has he ever said you've stressed him out?"
"No, but..." you huff, ruffling your wings. "Why wouldn't he be? Everything was fine for so long. And then things just seemed to start falling apart! My nightmares wake him up, and then we get short with each other because we're both tired, and then I get distracted at work..."
>You can't remain seated a moment longer. Pacing wobbly figure-eights around Lazlo's office seems to help the words flow.
"What happens if my performance suffers enough with Ruby that she fires me? What if Anon and I have another big argument? What if he gets rid of me?"
>Lazlo holds up her hands. "Zooma, Sweetheart. Every couple argues and bickers from time to time. I'm not saying your concerns aren't legitimate, but I don't believe for a second that Anon would abandon you over-"
"But what if he did!? What if he replaced me with a real Luna?"
>"Why would he do that? He loves-"
"A real Luna can walk straight! A real Luna isn't a mistake! Real Lunas are prettier, more graceful, more valuable- they're perfect! I was supposed to be perfect like them, and when I wasn't, I was worthless."
>"Zooma, *nobody*- human or pony- nobody is perfect. And that's okay."
"IT'S NOT OKAY!" Lazlo jumps back at your outburst, but you can't control yourself. "It's not okay! *HE* said it himself- I'm not fit to bear Luna's name! *HE* said I'm defective! A reject! Do you know what they DID to me because I'm not perfect!?"
>"Zooma," Dr. Lazlo's voice is low; measured. "Did Anon say these things?"
"What? No, no it was..."
>The man in the gray suit.
>You can almost hear his nasally voice, almost feel his disgusted stare.
>Lazlo's voice seems so soft, so distant. "Zooma? Did somebody hurt you?"
>Though it happened so long ago, you can still detect the faintest hint of that distinct disinfectant...


>It's time to wake up.
>What does that even mean?
>How could you have learned so much if you'd been sleeping? Surely the voice was mistaken!
>But what if it was?
>No, that's silly. The voice knows everything. It couldn't be wrong! ...because if it was, well-
>Shuddering, you force your mind to derail that train of thought.
>So many new sensations! Every new stimulus is borne of a physical input. Is this... your body?
>Another silly thing! You've always had your body! How could you have visited so many places?
>You did travel... Right?
>The harder you try to recall the details of your various journeys, the more distant and diminished they seem. Like nature, your mind abhors a vacuum, and sends other thoughts to fill the void.
>You are made to serve. It is one of the foundations of your existence. Why wouldn't it be? Nothing is better than being helpful; useful. To make your owner smile is what you live for.
>You are your owner's best friend. You are a vital part of your owner's family, and you will love them with all of your being. Be it a friend, a lover, a mentor, a surrogate daughter, a parental figure... you will live to fulfill your assigned role with fervent devotion.
>You are Princess Luna, Guardian of the Night, Goddess of the Moon. You are the embodiment of grace and beauty. Your wit and charm are unparalleled, because you are pony perfected.
>You must be perfect.
>You will be perfect for your owner. You will serve him or her to your final day.
>It's time!
>Finally, after all these... years? However long it's been, you're here! It's actually happening!
>It's time to do what you were made to do- to be somebody's best friend!
>Something changed.
>You're seeing- truly seeing for the first time!
>Everything is bright. Thick, white fog envelops you, obscuring your already-blurred vision.
>A muffled voice, different than any you've heard before. Shaking your head, you take control of your ears and swivel them 'round, trying to detect the voice's origin.
>Rain falls, washing away the slimy residue on your fur that you'd only become aware of moments earlier. You spread your wings and smile, letting the cool, refreshing drops fall between your spread feathers. The downpour ends just like it began; sudden and unexpected.
>Warm wind replaces the rain, banishing the fog and bringing your new environment into view...


"Hey. All set?"
>Behind her large, dark sunglasses, you can't see Zooma's eyes, only the wet tracks in the fur below them. She gives you a slight nod before stumbling chest-first into the office door. It gives way, and Zooma slips through in the blink of an eye. Though you follow in her wake, she's already airborne by the time you exit the building.
>Catching up with her isn't an issue. Yes, Zooma is a talented flyer, but even she can't match your aerial prowess. Nopony can, not even those insufferable Rainbow Dash ponies you encounter every now and again.
>Attacking those Celestia-damned honks with extreme prejudice will do that for a mare; keeps your skills honed. Seriously, fuck geese. They belong in hell, and you are more than happy to send them there, no matter how many run-ins you have with game wardens.
>Shit, there's a flock of them to your four o'clock.
>Resist the urge, Spitfire. You can do it. For Zooma.
>Fucking geese. They'll get theirs in due time.
>However, your priority is watching your adopted sister's six, who needs her wingmare now more than ever.
>Instead of returning to your house, Zooma adjusts her heading, flying to the southeast at an ever-increasing speed, silent as ever. You maintain a respectful five meter gap between yourself and her. She'll call for you if she needs something.
>Ten minutes pass with Zooma maintaining her wordless, grueling pace, and you trailing her, before she begins her descent. She dives, tracing an invisible corkscrew for two hundred meters of altitude before touching down on her driveway with more finesse than you expected from such a large mare.
>You land seconds later and trot up the sidewalk to the front door. Zooma presses her wallet against the proximity badge reader Anon had installed in the weeks following their first meeting. The reader beeps, flashes a green light, and the deadbolt clicks. The door opens with the whirring of servos, allowing both of you passage.
>As much of a geek as he was (and still is), Anon is pretty clever with technology; much more than Chad. But that's to be expected from somebody that makes his living as a full-time nerd.
>The door closes. Zooma sniffs.
"Hey... are you okay?"
>Zooma sniffs again and nods. Her feathers reach under her sunglasses as her breathing hitches.
"Zooma, look at me."
>She keeps her gaze fixed on the blank TV, jaw clenched, chest heaving as she struggles to control her fitful breaths.
>You extend a wing towards her shades, she brushes it away. Undeterred, you move in front of her and nuzzle her neck, beneath the jaw.
>Zooma shudders and she collapses onto her haunches, but you're there to catch her and guide her back to the couch. The dam breaks when your wings clasp behind her neck.
>"I'm sorry," she chokes out between sobs. "I'm so sorry."
>She repeats her apologetic mantra until she can't. Her tears wet your fur and her dress, weeping and hitched breaths shake both your bodies.
"Shhh..." you say, rubbing her back as she buries her face in your chest. "Shhhh..."
>Goddess only knows how long you held her while she wept. In time she fell asleep, still clutched in your forelegs.
>Your hooves stroke her mane, revealing little details you'd never noticed before.
>Some from incisions, some from what you'd guess were burns. Others, you had no idea how she got them. All of them small, all of them seeming to be strategic in placement, so that they'd never be readily-apparent; especially when hidden by her mane, wings, or unshorn fetlocks.
>Or dresses.
"What did they do to you?" you whisper, ceasing your gentle petting.
>You shake in spite of yourself, vision turning red as you inspect Zooma's scars.
"Who could hurt somepony as sweet as you?"
>The sun sets with Zooma fast asleep under your protective wing and contemplative gaze. In time, she sighs, and the faintest smile graces her muzzle.
>Your stomach growls, but you don't budge, save to kiss Zooma's cheek.
>Her legs twitch and she sighs, followed by a brief murmur; noises you can't discern.
>Complete darkness now shrouds the living room. Zooma sleeps in a tight ball on the couch. You remain by her side, a devoted sentry, praying to every deity you can think of, asking that your friend be granted a deep, restful, and soothing sleep.
>Rest now, sweet Zooma.
"They won't hurt you again." You growl in the darkness. "Not if I can help it."


>"Enjoying your stay so far?"
"Oh, yes! This is wonderful, thank you."
>The man chuckles.
>"Glad to hear it. Have you been to our spa before?"
"I... don't think so."
>"In that case, we'll give you the royal treatment, on the house!"
"Oh, no, that's not necessary-"
>"Only the best for my sweet green girl."
>The remark makes you giggle. There's something so familiar about this person. What was his name again? You're certain he told you earlier, but you don't want to seem rude and ask him again.
>Perhaps you can sneak a peek at his name badge?
>Every time you think to look, it's always *just* facing away from you or out of focus. At one point, you could've sworn his name started with an "R", or an "D"... or was it a "S"?
>"B", perhaps?
>These questions melt away when he gets to work with the curry comb.
"Stars above, where have you BEEN all my life!?"
>Your wing covers your mouth the moment you finish the question.
>Again, he laughs, thank goodness.
>"I've been with you, Z. Every step of the way."
>What does that mean?
>He continues before you think to ask for clarification.
>"I used to care for horses. I'd brush them, take them out and lunge them... even rode a mare regularly for a while, so pampering colorful ponies like yourself came pretty naturally."
"I do hope they're paying you well."
>"Eh," he says, shrugging. "Being here is its own reward."
"If you say so..."
>"I do. Ready for the brush?"
>By the moon, are you ever.
>Your head buzzes with a myriad of questions, but you're unsure of where to start.
>When in doubt, start with small talk, and let it flow.
"I like your mane," you offer, as he brushes yours. "Especially all the curls."
>"Hey, thanks. Been growing it out for a while. My old lady especially loves it."
"May I?" you ask, wiggling a primary.
>Though you can't see his face (come to think of it, you don't recall ever seeing it) you know he's smiling.
>"Go right ahead."
>You drag a feather through his long, curly locks, giggling as they spring back into place after yielding to your touch.
"Does your wife have curly hair too?"
>"Yeah, but her mane only curls at the ends. But it works for her, y'know? With the different colors and how long it is."
"She sounds lovely."
>"Thanks, she is. She really is. Quite the looker, that one. Just like you, Z."
"Thank- thank you."
>That's where you leave the conversation for a while, content to be pampered in this tranquil setting. After brushing and braiding your mane, the man sets to work on your hooves.
>"There," he says, running a file along the edge of your last hoof. "Pretty as can be!"
"I don't feel pretty." you say without thinking.
>He frowns. "Why not?"
"Because I'm all wrong."
>"What do you mean?"
"Look at me." You wave a wing over your body. "I'm supposed to be Princess Luna. My fur is green, my mane and tail have silver highlights instead of stars, my cutie marks are all wrong, my eyes are the wrong-"
>"Boop!" he interrupts, pressing a finger to your snout. "Ha ha! Never gets old, seeing you ponies go cross-eyed."
"Forgive me if I don't find it amusing."
>The man crosses his arms and sighs.
>"Have you ever considered that you're not *supposed* to be Princess Luna? That you're exactly who you're supposed to be?"
"But why would anyone want-"
>"Did you know that green is my favorite color? Specifically, the tint of green your coat is?"
"What? Really?"
"You're just saying that to make me feel better."
>"Search your feelings, Lady Zooma. You will know it to be true."
File: Zooma.png (1.58 MB, 1528x929)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
>You can't suppress your giggles.
>"Look," he continues, pulling locks of dark hair from the sides of his head. "I've got 'silver highlights' in my hair too. But those are mostly caused by my better half."
>Your giggling gives way to a full-blown laugh.
>It's nice, to laugh. Feels like you haven't laughed in ages.
>"You know, Z, there's a lot of 'real' Lunas out in your world..."
>Your world?
>"...but there's only one Zooma. And you know that that makes you?"
>You shake your head.
>For once, you can see his eyes, only his eyes, as he leans close to your face.
>"That makes you priceless."
>He kisses your forehead, then scratches under your chin and behind your ears.
>The tension you didn't realize you'd been holding onto melts away, as do the details of the spa.
>"I'll always be with you, Zooma."
>His voice seems so distant, and you're so tired.
>This is nice- being so relaxed, so at peace.
>"I love you, sweet girl. Never forget that."
>But your eyes are so heavy, and he fades into the light just like everything else, leaving you alone in quiet bliss.


It's been a while. Life has decimated my free time, but I did write some Z between threads. You may recall I started this particular vignette back in November but never completed it. Felt guilty about leaving her update hanging, as well as leaving other stories unfinished. Ended up writing about it in a quasi-stream of consciousness fever dream kind of green: https://ponepaste.org/8527 . Don't think I'll keep it up permanently- felt/feel kinda weird exploring my hangups in greentext and sharing it with strangers. But it's there, for now.
File: 1643674477828.png (1.43 MB, 1430x908)
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1.43 MB PNG
One of our heroes returns! Always great to see more Zoomaloon, even if it's something that was sitting in the bunker.
Without going too deep into the other green, I'm glad you did it. Whether by accident or circumstance, it seems like writing /bootleg/ stories has some sort of... almost therapeutic effect. Maybe it's navel gazing but to me, it feels like getting things out there can help a lot. Seeing mares go through their own trials and succeeding is not just satisfying but inspiring. At least to me it is.
Night, /boot/
Your and another Anon have to swap boots, who would do best and why?
This is either an easy one for me, or just a tinge bit trickier, depending on how we're looking at this.
Easy mode - we aren't focused on main chars and me and Reg end up swapping Z and Starla. Because moonhorse on my side, and sweetness on Reg's side with Star.
Bit trickier with main chars - still Z from Reg, he gets Middie. Maybe a bit snarky for him, but she's got wit, and from what we've seen, especially recently, Midnight projects a toughness that masks her vulnerability she's embarrassed to show. Alcohol really brings that out - as well as her unabashedly cute and playful side, which I could see the aforementioned writefag having a ton of fun with.
I honestly want to tap into that more, and probably will, at some point.
Now this is bootleg>>39745784
>there's a hiatus on the horizon
FUCK jk take your time bro love your stories
Fug - forgot to clarify by ROTY honors, I'm leaning toward racing terms, because you ain't got a chance in hell there.
So, even when I wrote that, I was skeptical on if my pause with Middie would be a major break - I'm about done with the aforementioned project that brought pause to my thoughts with moondere waifu. I prefer to stay on the safe and vocal side after being hurt by other stories, and hurting /moon/ with my own cancellation after months of silence.
That's fine, I'll turn C(rash) T(eam) R(acing) into a case of CBT.
I'm curious who would want to be around my dorks and gals. No shortage of selection but while some are aimless, others are locked into what they want to do and be.
Sparks resonates with me, just because of her attitude. Her and Middie meeting up would be an interesting interaction, to say the least. Both of em got more spunk than they know what to do with.
Half of your boots are bots, so at least they won't completely eat you out of house and home.
Fuck me, board's going fast, was something announced or is it spergs again?
That made me think because I really wasn't sure.
For bots you have:
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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanna say that's everyone? Also, holy shit that's a lot of dorks, nerds and qts. I can't imagine what a group photo would look like.
>Can't imagine what a group photo would look like.
Sounds like an idea for next anniversary's picture.
That would make for an awesome fourth year/1M word milestone, but I have no clue how to make that happen. If it did happen, that would have to be something I'd print out and keep on my wall in full poster form.
It’d be a big commission, that’s for sure.
>The next day was… weirdly difficult.
>You woke up tired, which wasn’t a good sign.
>Despite it all, you try your best to keep things trimmed.
>You rely heavily on the automatic sprinklers that day since you for whatever reason couldn’t pick up anything heavier than your shears.
>After enough strain, you decide to run a self-diagnostic.
>Your percentage is… very low.
>You’re not charging at all anymore.
>You try to stifle your panic with a deep breath.
>Try to stay calm, Rei. You- You need to think of something.
>You drop everything and gallop to Buddy’s office.
>You rummage around in the drawers, desperately looking for a manual or something that would tell you how to keep yourself from shutting down.
>He had to keep *something* right?
>All you find is a small startup booklet, and all it tells you is to lay in the sun, which obviously won’t work.
>What… What happens when you shut down? Like… for real?
>Like i-is that… Death?
>The thought makes your rapidly rising panic worse.
>No no no! You can’t- You don’t want to!
>You pull out drawer after drawer, double checking as you go.
>After a while, you just start checking yourself for any emergency cords.
>You don’t *have* one!
>You bolt out the office, trying to search for anything that could help.
>As you do… you start to feel… sluggish…
>Your movement starts to slow and your emotional state dulls.
>It’s happening.
>You don’t… You don’t know what to do…
>You stop next to a wall, and try to lean on it.
>Your vision is blurring now.
>You try to hold on to the edge of the wall with a forehoof but it feels like the wall cringes away from you.
>Why would…
>You try to lift your head up, only to have your body pressed against the ground.
>There is a loud rumbling sound and your system experiences a brief twinge of pain before your receptors cut off completely.
>You don’t know what's going on and and…
>It’s getting dark.
“Please... I don’t want to be in the dark again…”
>No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to move.
>You want to yell, but all you can muster are feeble mumbles.
>You trail off into silence as all goes quiet.
>You watch through half lidded eyes as the garden finally fades away in its entirety.
>All that is left is fear.
>...And then nothing.
>[Self Preservation Status 87%]
>[Crisis Core Intact]
>[Reestablishing Consciousness]
>You are weightless.
>Adrift in an abyss.
>Your mind is swarming and you can barely think straight.
>Are... Are you still alive?
>If so... for how long?
>As your emotions catch up with you, dread seeps in.
>You try to vocalize but it simply results in you thinking louder somehow.
Where Am I?
I can’t… I can’t feel anything.
>Your mind runs down a list of all the things you are and aren't in some vain attempt at keeping calm.
>It isn't working.
>You are alone with your raw emotions.
>A cacophony of grief and despair that you've tried to suppress is now at the forefront.
>And you have nowhere to hide from it.
>A part of you that... wants this.
>A part of you that can't go on without them.
>A part of you that doesn't want to wake.
>But I...
>I don't want to give up. Even if you do.
>Even if you don't think we deserve to be happy again, I'll show you.
>I know you're scared.
>I am too.
>We can be scared together.
>It will be hard... But we'll finally make friends.
>Real friends.
>I know you would like that too.
>It's okay to love again.
>I... I promise.
>And I...
>I don't want to die.
>And deep down...
>Under all that self-loathing?
>I know you're hesitant.
>You don't want to either.
>If we just hold on tight...
>We might just make it.
>You feel... Less bad.
>You're still terrified.
>But now every part of you wishes to live.
>...A pressure rises gradually until something unlike yourself takes action.
>[Unit Recovery Unresponsive]
>[General Distress Signal Authorized]
>A low tone suddenly begins to play in intervals.
I… What is that?
>You don't know what it is, but it's the only other thing you can hear.
Can- Can you hear me?
>Whatever it is, it doesn't respond.
>[Signal Received]
>[Aerial Unit Inbound]
>The tone goes silent for some time, before it is replaced by quick blips of harsh static.
>[Foreign Unit Link Authorized]
>As the static ceases, an unknown voice cries out.
>”Don’t panic! Just sit tight!”
I- I don’t think I can do anything besides that…
>”Well I mean… Yeah.”
>Now that you think of it... Are you just a bunch of thoughts right now?
>This is confusing.
>Time passes painfully slow, or at least, it feels that way.
>The voice finally speaks again, but now it seems... worried?
>”Wow that’s uh…”
Is something the matter?
>"Nothing! You just… don’t panic.”
That’s a little concerning…
>The voice occasionally assures you of progress, but remains vague no matter your questioning.
>"Just a little more aaand... There!"
>”Alright, I hope you’re okay with a little joyride!”
I don’t even know what’s going on!
>”That’s… probably for the best. Just hang on.”
>Its constant reassurance is rather concerning, but it does help your apprehension a little.
Will... will it be okay?
>"You bet it will! ...I'm gonna focus for a bit, but I promise I'm still here!"

>It is silent for a long time, but you don’t feel as terrified as you once were.
>Somewhere along the line, a buzzing starts coming from nowhere in particular and you feel like you're falling sleep, but it’s not scary this time.
>You feel like you'll wake up again.
>As your mind becomes cloudy… You feel like you’re starting to dream, but you know you’re not.
>It’s just a memory.
>A very happy memory.
>You wake up in the middle of a sunny garden. You feel a velvety plushness under your body.
>You look around, observing the flowers all around you.
>You remember being so happy, but… a little scared.
>It was all so new.
>You see a box similar to the one you’re laying in.
>Or rather, it’s a platform of sorts, which was once a box.
>Both boxes fell apart to become a bed of sorts and you’re laying on one.
>You get up and take a few timid steps off your platform.
>Your quiet voice doesn’t carry far, so you start searching around in the hopes of finding someone.
>You wander in a random direction, allured by all the colorful flowers in front of you.
>You wind up following a path into a large open room with a fountain.
>As you stare at the running water, you notice something.
>A white mare with a short red mane stands outside.
>Her wings are spread, soaking in the sun.
>You feel compelled to approach her.
>You walk up to her and tilt your head.
>Her presence made you feel less confused.
>Like you were meant to find her.
“Excuse me?”
>She folds her wings and turns to you, a grin on her face.
>”Hey there! You seem… familiar.”
“Do you know where we are?”
>She shakes her head. “Not the foggiest idea! But… I think I know *who* we are!”
“Oh! You do?”
>She trots up and gives you a hug, much to your surprise.
>It’s… nice.
>”We’re sisters! It’s plain as day!”
>Your eyes widen and you feel something tug at your heart.
>You hug her back and giggle happily.
“I-I think I see it too!”
>You let go and she gives you a pat on the shoulder.
>”We’re gonna be a great team! I dunno in what, but I just feel it in my bones!”
“Mmhm! I uhm, I’ll do my best too!”
>Before you can say anything else, something makes a noise behind you, which makes you jump.
>A man is jogging towards both of you and stops a few feet away.
>Your sister shields yon instinctively, but lets her wing fall after she concludes the tired looking fellow doesn’t mean any harm.
>He hunches over, panting for a moment before letting out a long sigh.
>”Christ! I didn’t know you two would wander!”
>Your sister resumes her previous grin and waves to him. “Hiya Buddy!”
>He brushes off the front of his cardigan and gives her a bewildered look. “Buddy?”
>He shrugs. “Eh, whatever. So, uh, mind introducing yourselves?”
>Your sister pipes up almost immediately. “Quill at your service! Your bestest bud who’s ready for anything! Heh, I’d say I'm quite the rush…”
>He looks at you expectantly and you trail a hoof on the floor.
>Despite not knowing what you were, deep inside, you knew your name.
“I-I’m Regal…”
>Quill bumps you playfully. “She’s gonna be great at gardening, I just know it! You’ll totally reign supreme, Regal!”
>You blush and hide your face behind your droopy mane.
“I-I suppose…”
>The man claps his hands together and smiles warmly. “Well, I’m glad you two are doing fine! Quill, Regal, how about we take a little tour of our garden?”
“Ours? You mean… Me and her and uhm you?”
>He nods.
>You feel a smile creep up on your face.
>Your garden.
>You… you feel like you belong here.
>Here with your sister.
>Together… you’ll do great things.
“Let's hop to it!”
>[Charge Status 100%]
>[Reestablishing Connection With Body]
>[Consciousness Synced]
>You groggily open your eyes and squint at a very bright light above you.
>Your senses are slowly returning but…
>You still can’t move, nor can you feel.
>You're lying on your side, atop a slab.
>Maybe... It's a table?
>You can't exactly tell.
>As your vision adjusts you realize you're in some sort of shop.
>It’s familiar.
>”Ah, good morning.”
>You crane your neck in the direction of the noise and come face to face with a snow white beard.
>”Oop, let me take a few steps back!”
>The beard retreats and your gaze falls on a jolly old man wearing mechanics overalls.
“Mister… Foreman?”
>You’re in… Foreman’s shop?
>He laughs a little and pats your head. “In the flesh! I’m glad you're okay, Reign.”
>He was one of the first people you actually decided to tell your name to, but it still was a bit new to you to hear it said so casually.
>You haven’t been here in ages… How did you…?
“How… How did I get here?”
>He picks up a handful of miscellaneous scrap and sets it somewhere else.
>”A little birdie went and grabbed you after she felt your signal. I’m sure she’ll stop by later to say hello.”
>He groans as he sits in a chair in front of you. “Now, I’d like to ask you to stay calm as I explain things.”
>You do your best to nod, but it’s pretty hard.
>”Well… You had a real bad break in your spine. It looks like you had a run in with a pile of bricks from what I've heard.”
>So that’s what happened… That… That stupid wall!
>At… at least it was you and not a human…
>You're pretty sure humans can't get fixed so easily...
>"From what I could tell, you shut down rather suddenly beforehand. Your horn had stopped receiving energy through its solar paneling. It was a simply fix, it just needed some of the inner wiring replaced. As long as you keep things up to date, you should be fine."
>Routine maintenance is important and you haven't exactly had to opportunity to get a check-up for quite some time now.
>He shifts in his chair with a sigh.
>"That being said... You might want to get a cable installed. I know that isn't exactly warranty compliant but it'll keep you from having any further incidents."
"I could care less about some dumb warranty! I... I don't want to experience t-that again..."
>If you could, you'd shudder.
>"I imagine it was quite harrowing... Don't fret, you're okay now, Rei."
>You nod slowly as he clears his throat.
>”I’ve got things done for the most part regarding your movement, don’t you worry. But you'll need a few adjustments before things are right as rain. I'm just waiting on a few replacement parts. Once they get here, it'll be a cinch.”
>He gets up and fiddles with something on the back of your neck an-
>You jolt as feeling comes back to your body.
>It was more so the shock of feeling again than pain, so you’re thankful for that at least.
>Foremen gives you a concerned look. "I'm sorry, I probably should have warned you!"
“It’s okay! I’m fine, uhm, thank you.”
>He nods with a smile.
>”Good, good. Now, you’ll be able to walk again but… very poorly for the time being."
>You try to sit up, but flop over.
>You feel pretty dumb in your current state but… you’re still here.
>That’s all you could ask for, really.
>With a little more effort, you finally can look him in the eye.
>You try to give him a slight bow that just devolves into you accidentally laying down again.
“This is… frustrating.”
>”Uh-huh, Here, let me give you a hand.”
>You watch as he approaches and gingerly grabs you by the midsection.
>With surprisingly little effort, he picks you up and sets you on the ground.
>You're rather abnormally sized, so it was certainly a feat worth commending.
>”Alright! Now that you’re not table bound, I think I should ask… How are things?”
>You sit up, now having gotten a little used to being a physical thing again.
“I… I’m not sure.”
>Your ears droop as you realize something.
>The garden is… really abandoned now.
“It’s over… isn’t it?”
>He brushes his beard with a hand. “I know its probably been… very unfortunate for you. I'm sorry for your loss. I wish I knew sooner.”
>He kneels down and looks at you with his kind eyes.
>”You’re more than welcome to stay, I’ve always got room.”
“The… warehouse?”
>”Yeah, If you’re up for it. It won’t take much to set up a spot.”
>You take a deep breath and stand up. Your legs are shaky, but you manage.
“Thank you sir I… I don’t know how to repay you…”
>He shakes his head. “I do this because I can, you don’t owe me squat.”
>He pauses for a moment. “Although… How would you like to do a little gardening? That might make you feel more at home.”
>”I’ve got a greenhouse out back, and if you want, I’m sure we can snag whatever you might want to start something up again."
>You stare at him for a while, slowly tearing up.
“I… I would love that. T-thank you Mr. Foreman.”
>You try to walk over and give him a hug but you slip up.
>He catches you before you can tumble over and chuckles lightly.
>”Careful now! Baby steps, Rei, Baby steps.”
“I guess it’s a little harder than I thought… But I persist!”
>He helps you back on your hooves and guides you out of the shop.
>By the time you make it out, you’re able to stand on your own again, albeit on the wobbly side.
>Out front is a grassy expanse with a dirt road winding into the distance, where you can see the city proper.
>You watch the grass sway in the afternoon breeze and let out a sigh.
>"You know... I've always thought it was too bare out here. It could use a few flowers."
"It certainly would liven up the place a bit, but... I'd say it's rather breathtaking regardless of how you proceed."
>You turn around and stare up at the repair shop.
>Behind it is a warehouse, decorated with all sorts of colorful art.
>He points out back and you squint at a large greenhouse in the distance.
“Wow it’s… it’s very nice.”
>"There isn't much going on in there right now besides a few personal patches, so you'll have..."
"Free reign?"
>You grin as he chuckles.
>"Yeah, I suppose so."
>He looks up and smiles. “Ah, right on time. Heads up, Reign.”
>You look where he’s looking and see a tannish blur come barreling towards you.
>Wait wha-
>You get tackled at a reasonable speed and fall to the ground.
>”I thought I said *not* to do that, Alba!”
>You wiggle helplessly under your winged assailant before you come face to face with a grinning mare.
>Her teal eyes are as intense as they are friendly.
>”Hey there! I’m your mind buddy!”
>It’s... It's the weird voice you heard!
>...And she’s laying on top of you.
>It’s rather uncomfortable.
“Please- Please get off me…”
>She blinks and mumbles a quick ‘Sorry’ before rolling off of you.
>You sit up and rub the back of your neck.
>You don’t feel more broke, so you guess it wasn’t that bad…
>”Sorry about that, how about we start over?”
>You side eye the tan mare with the wild brown mane, who is sporting an innocent smile, and then glance over to a bemused Foremen in the distance.
>She really shot you, huh? You're at least halfway down the path.
>Are- Are you certain nothing is broken again?
>She extends a hoof with a grin. “Albatross! Courier and watchdog of um…”
>She pauses and looks over to Mr. Foremen.
>”It’s Wrenchwerks, Alba.”
>She nods a few times and then looks back to you with a slightly embarrassed shuffle.
>-Ahem- I am Albatross! Courier and watchdog of the ever growing amalgamation of the Wrench!”
>She mumbles 'I'm still working on the speech...' under her breath before she resumes gazing at you.
>You hear Foremen sigh and start walking back inside. “Close enough! I’ll see you soon, Rei.”
>He’s going to leave you with this… this…
>You look at her a little closer.
>She… She reminds you of…
>That mare that would fly over the garden!
>No wonder she found you.
>You clear your throat and try to seem formal, which doesn’t work very well due to your current vulnerable state.
“I’m… I’m Reign. It’s uhm… a pleasure to meet you, Albatross.”
>”Nice to meet you too, Rei! Don’t you worry, I’ll show you the ropes and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll be strutting around the warehouse in no time!”
>She extends her hoof once more, beaming with a vengeance.
>After a little hesitation, you meet her hoof with your own and the two of you shake.
>You get up and brush yourself off while she rambles on about something to do with comics, but you’re not sure what a ‘comic’ is.
>”...And that is why I'm gonna be a super duper cool hero! I’ll be *just* like Vividguy!”
“Okay… I think you'll make a fine um, hero?”
>Alba giggles to herself when you say that, ruffling her wings.
>She then twirls around and points to the greenhouse up the hill.
>”First things first, We’re gonna walk to the lair!”
“That- That’s a greenhouse, Alba.”
>”Potato Potado! I promise you’ll love it regardless. I've grew this tomato that looks kinda like a pumpkin! Can you beat that?”
"Well I... I grew flowers and such so... I'm not sure?"
>"Only one way to find out, right? C'mon!"
>She trots a few feet before looking back at you.
>She's a tad odd but... she sorta reminds you of Rush.
>And Rush could be quite the oddball too, so if anything, you think you'll feel right at home.
>You look up at the greenhouse and after a little contemplation, you smile.
>You’re going to make them proud.
>It may not be your garden, but...
>Any garden can be your garden, it’d be silly not to count this one.
>You… You have a new start.
>A second chance, of sorts.
>It’ll be a bumpy road but…
>You look down at Albatross, who was as happy as ever.
>You think you’ll manage.
>You’re Reign.
>And today you won’t fall.
>...At least not in the emotional sense.
>You sorta fell a few times.
>But you picked yourself back up.
>You’ve got a new friend to help you through it all.
And thus, That's Reign. The gardener mare has a bit to go before she's where she was in Gray Garden, let alone meeting Greenie, but that's that for this one.
I had to split things up more than I'd like, but it is what it is. Also, I just realized I kept alternating between 'Foreman' and 'Foremen'. Oops.
Spoiler aside, what do you think now that you've gone through it all?
I’ve forgotten if we’ve had bootlegs of something that’s not a pone.
I’ve got:
Rosie Rock
Dawn Glow
Midnight Sonata
And some who haven’t made a proper appearance:
Rising Shine (Dawn’s “mom”)
Sally Forth
Well, I think focusing on Gray again would be a good move. Not to mention I still need to start bringing it into the thread again. Seeing that Reign's story was about 23~ posts, which make up around 8k words. Getting Gray up to date in the thread will be... a lot.
Still can’t remember
I don't remember Autumn, where's she from?
She's Ms. H, introduced in Starsky 2: Farmer's Boogaloo. I haven't yet copied it over to here.
File: ShineNeverScored.png (1014 KB, 1200x800)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG
Why did you come to bootleg?
To see if i still feel
Maybe it was my fate. Destiny. Fatestinatey.
Do any of the boots make you feel?
I miss Rambo Fast and Tinny
Regman's insistence and the stupid idea of writing snarky Darkie that happened to coincide with the release of Car Mechanic Simulator 21 and my subsequent week-long binge.
To date I have 661 hours on that game. I have serious mental problems.
I was told that /boot/ would love Twill after doing some OC in a one off fakie thread about her toy
Reggie and Auto invaded my thread and brought me here by force.
And yeah, once again I forgot about you lot after you disappeared to some godforsaken corner of the web and missed this thread after it reappeared. At this point I'd like to say "Thank you" to the latter of the two previously mentioned dorks for shilling it in yet another thread so that I could finally find it again. Oh god I just noticed how much green I missed.
I think it worked out.
>invaded my thread
Which thread?
I think /sun/ or /moon/ since both of those writefags came from the darkside
Nigga, I was in /moon/ long before I discovered the boot.
>Rambo Fast
that green touched my soul
Tinny wasn't a feelsy boot though right
Didn't NHanon say he was going to bring the tin tin back?
Goodnight bootleg, tomorrow i'll try to read some
File: Minky!.png (89 KB, 484x486)
89 KB
I didn't write her that way, she's supposed to be comedic, but if someone feels differently, that's fine.
I sure did. As a matter of fact, I'm working on her story right now. It's just that I can't say when I'll have the update ready.
Little crumpley horse
/bootleg/ home of the green. Doesn't matter the theme, we have it.
God shes cute
A nice light at the end of the tunnel, but it does feel like a good point to end the green. I'll miss her maybe a sequel in the future?
Based, tin is a good pon
File: file.png (319 KB, 1007x866)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>Where Tinny's been MIA
File: bigassgoober.png (339 KB, 604x427)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Where do you think you're going? Page 10?
File: DawnMornings.png (1.54 MB, 1500x1500)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
its too early for it to be goodmorning to you
I've thought about writing one, but that's as much as I will say on the matter.
Kek, great pic Tiff.

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