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File: successfully trollt.png (138 KB, 963x836)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Internet Mischief Edition.

>Previous thread: >>39166964

>What is this general?
NEET/Misfit Pone is a thread for ponies who despite their best efforts (or in some cases complete lack thereof) struggle to fit in with the rest of society.

>What sort of stories can you expect to find here?
• Slice of life stuff.
• Lots of odd cute ponies becoming the waifu stories.
• Lots of being the cute oddball pony stories.
• A few NEET-recovery stories.
• A lot of smut, if you're into that.
• Lots of ponies to get you started with a variety of personalities and quirks. Don't like one of them? Give another NEET a try!
• Much, much more!

>Quick rundown on the pre-existing ponies ITT:
Floor Bored - The OG OC NEET from the very first threads. Floor comes in all different forms, but she's typically portrayed as a horny and kinda dirty mare most of the time. (https://derpibooru.org/images/2321489)
Pardise Skies - Paradise is a pony who started off as a NEET but ends up going to univeristy in a PiE setting. She's very quiet, easily spooked, likes to wear clothes and speaks with a stutter. (https://derpibooru.org/images/2289220)
Moon Dancer - Huge bookworm.
Taku - Friend of Floor who is *very* into anime. (https://derpibooru.org/images/1722376)
Goldie Mops - Goldie is another friend of Floors, only she's into kaiju and big monsters. Speaks with a cute lisp and seems very adorkable. (https://ponerpics.org/images/6192935)
Chimney Peep - Floor's sports nerd friend (Pic above, pony with the hat and lazy eye)
Home Sick - Probably the least covered NEET. (https://derpibooru.org/images/1727410)
Wallflower Blush, of Equestria girls fame but as a pone. (https://derpibooru.org/images/1658572)
Cuppa Noodle - Cuppa is a NEET snekpony who likes cup noodles and very tight hugs. (https://derpibooru.org/images/1892447)
Cipher the Programmer - The super paranoid overthinking male NEET-pony (https://derpibooru.org/images/2236987)
Dot Matrix - A pony who is into retro gaming. (https://derpibooru.org/images/2577975)
Anon Mare - Anon Mare is entirely up to your own interpretation. Same premise as Anon Filly but all grown up. The self-insert pony.
Writer's Block - A NEET pony whos background is currently unclear. Know anything about her? Let us know ITT (https://derpibooru.org/images/2561414)
Starry Sails - A chubby mare who lives in a PiE kind of setting. Friends with Anon. (https://derpibooru.org/images/2657594)

>List of some of the stories with known authors so far:

>Archive of unnamed stories and one-shots:
I want to rape Floor Bored
And then I'm going to do it again
neets performing online dating
File: 1634266876195.png (29 KB, 1166x1758)
29 KB
there's a critical lack of NEETyfied characters
File: 1660755072643201.png (28 KB, 640x780)
28 KB
All those characters but I'm just a simple man who loves Floorb
File: 1643247952846.png (163 KB, 654x786)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
I only just now realized I should have posted that little game I made a few years ago for Halloween. May as well post it now, not a super well put together game but if you got like 15-30 minutes to burn.

>You do something wrong.
>As a punishment, Celestia makes you the designated NEET washer.
A fate worse than death
File: 1663933203090875.jpg (66 KB, 828x803)
66 KB
Don't threaten me with a good time, Sunbutt
>get to spend time with neet mares
>get to spend hours at a time pampering them, trimming and combing their hair, brushing their coat and more
>get paid for this gift
I don't know how did Celly get the idea that that would be a punishment, but I aint complaining. I would do a wrong again if it meant more of this "punishment".
And… how is this punishment?
File: Rough Day 7.png (343 KB, 1133x1501)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Do I get paid?
Most of the neets are humans and other non pony creatures. Is it still worth it to wash mostly neckbeards to get the occasional qt neet mare?
It's her typical 5D chess move. Celestia knows you'd thrive at a niche other ponies would never volunteer for, the only caveat being this is non-optional until your community service is over, and you can prove to those mares that you'd truly want to care for them simply out of the goodness in your heart.
File: file.png (2.69 MB, 2000x1500)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
what would you do to take her to an actual romantic date?
The wine is just grape juice she left in the fridge for an extra year.
We need to establish if the gameboy is the pinnacle of pony gaming tech, or if Dot just likes retro games.
Like, is the the latest model, or is the latest model the Advance or Pony DS.
>We need to establish if the gameboy is the pinnacle of pony gaming tech, or if Dot just likes retro games.
Like, is the the latest model, or is the latest model the Advance or Pony DS.
I'd say Dot is just a Retro enthusiast, since we have stuff like Floorb using a computer, which is obviously far more advanced than a gameboy.
We need some non-Anon ships for variety.
Something outlandish, too, that will really spice things up.
I bet Queen Chrysalis would really like some of these NEETs, seeing them as a prime food source.
Many of them are so starved for affection that they'd probably not even care that their special somepony was a bug.
On top of that, ponies like Floor would have no qualms with living in an underground cave.
I could see Chrysalis taking Floor back to the hive and into her bedchambers to be her personal mini-fridge.
She comes in after a long day of plotting, and drags Floor to the bed to snuggle-recharge.
I like that idea.
NEETpones filled with tons upon tons of untapped love, since they don't really have friends and don't have special someponies, so their love reserves are filled to the brim. Like finding a fuckhuge gold vein in the middle of a quartz mine.
Chrysalis noticing that there are some huge lovespots in unexpected areas, such as generic residential houses instead of the classic romantic gardens and "lovehouses".
She then goes to find the source only to find a 3-days awake floorb trying to speedrun [insert game here].
Flabbergasted, Chrissy lurks around for a while and realizes that the mare is completely alone, then tries romancing her or convincing her with games.
Floorb at first interacts reluctantly with Chrissy, then enthusiastically when she hears that she'd get a sizeable royal budget to buy games if she went back to the Changeling Lands.
Floorb's job is to cuddle and pamper Chrysalis whenever she comes back at night, otherwise she's free to play games, watch neighponese shows, etc.
Chrissy after realizing that a couple dozen NEETbatteries could keep her entire hive fed indefinitely, goes around looking for more neets to find, convince and have 'em move with her.
Cue NEET-powered changeling tech, NEET-powered social reforms (no need to invade Equestria if 50 NEETs keep the lights on and food on the table) or a NEET-powered invasion of Equestria, with the NEETs being mostly unaware or uncaring, so long as they get their games, snacks and pampering.
If the reform happens, though, and the changelings no longer need love from the NEETs, what would happen to them?
Would they keep the NEETs around and still take care of them out of respect?
After all, even if they're unneeded now doesn't change that fact that the NEETs were feeding them up to this point, and they are supposed to be good now.
It would be cruel to kick them to the curb, so they might still feel obligated to let the NEETs live with them.
Social reforms, not racial reforms, they stop being militaristic since they no longer need to be warring if they're all fed, but they all continue being non-technicolour love-hungry changelings.
>Chrysalis, or Shutter Bug, as she was currently going by, watched on in silent fury as the traitor-lings dragged HER pony around town.
>While before, all had been content to simply give the NEETs what they wanted in exchange for their limitless love, now that they no longer needed it, the traitors were trying to "help" these pathetic, yet wonderful creatures.
>She'd seen it before, the traitors taking Dot Matrix out to an arcade, or Wallflower to public gardens, ignoring their discomfort and insisting that it would be good for them.
>They were trying to ruin the NEETs, make them like all the other sickeningly sanguine ponies.
>If they succeeded, the NEETs would be no more useful to her than any other of the cattle.
>Before, it had been anger spawned purely from this logic, but seeing Floor Bored eating at the cafe, surrounded on all sides by ponies and traitors alike as she picked nervously at her salad, a food she detested, yet was forced on her in a bid to make her "healthy", Chrysalis felt true hatred.
>It was all she could do, when being noticed, to force a smile then snap a picture through the glass as the traitors inside smiled and waved, no doubt happy for some good publicity.
>Floor had looked up, confused, then eyes wide, no doubt camera shy, so Chrysalis moved on.
>She stewed in her anger for several blocks, ignoring the commotion from the streets behind her.
>Whatever it was was none of her concer-
>Something grabs her from behind and drags her into the shadows of an ally, earning an undignified squawk from the disguised queen.
>Before she can end up berating her assailant, a hoof is pressed to her lips and she's shushed.
>Traitors rush passed the ally, and only then does Chrysalis realize the pony is Floor Bored.
>Once the coast was clear, Floor turned to look at her, eyes still wide, though shimmering with unshed tears.
"Can I help you, miss?" Chrysalis says hesitantly, then squeaks as lips are pressed against hers so fast that their teeth clack.
>The sudden influx of love has her ignoring that as she instinctively deepens the kiss.
>For several long seconds, she absorbs the love like dry desert sand in a flash flood, then Floor pulls away, cheeks wet, before hugging the disguised changeling tightly.
>"Chryssy," she breaths. "You're okay. You're here. I'm so happy."
>Chrysalis blinks, almost drunkenly as her mind tries to catch up the present.
She slowly hugs the pony back, and says, "It's me, I'm here."
>"Take me away, I want to be with you, and only you. I'm yours."
>Chrysalis tightens the hug.
"Yes," she hisses. "Mine. And only mine. My little pony."
>"Forever," Floor whispers, and Chrysalis silently agrees.
>Revenge could wait for now.
>She needs to find a suitable place to store her NEET where she won't be stolen away again.
>Somewhere safe, secret, and most importantly, with good internet connection.
>Floor no doubt has dozens of anime she'll insist Chrysalis catch up on with her as they snuggle.
File: 1515349.png (87 KB, 1024x768)
87 KB
I want to get trollt by NEET mare.
>cuddling with a needy Chryssi
top unf
god I love Dot Matrix
Can’t blame you

I want to lick Floor Bored's huge, unwashed, stinky, smegma covered, piss wet mare cock clean.
You're braver than I am, the dried piss is too far for me.
You can have it
>Dot and Cadence, peetzer hoers extroadinare
>Shining is fine with it cause it means he doesn't need to deal with Cadence's overactive libido
>And Dot is happy with it purely because she can live in the crystal empire, where Maretendo and Ponega released all of their original consoles
I have no problem with the marecock but I'd throw her in the shower first.
File: 1964002.png (618 KB, 1577x2000)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
"Noo! Not the soap! Not the soap!"
You shant change my mind that floorb has a black mane and off-white coat, no matter how many times this image is posted.
Poor Floorb
I want to play gameboy games over the link cable with her.
File: Dressed up Dot.png (93 KB, 446x626)
93 KB
Classy Neet coming through
Now that's classy.
that gut got me acting up
That is the most viscerally disgusting marecock I've ever seen in my life. I feel sick just processing all of those little details, the mental image of rank funk it conjures makes me feel a little nauseous.

Still would though. I need to see this stinky little mare be happy, even if her fermented aroma would push me to my absolute limit.
>Anonsworth? I believe I shall dine on the tendies au gratin, and our finest bottle of vintage Mountain Dew code red.
File: bigmacectoplasm.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
this is superb greens
Imagine what it would be like after the cleanup though. It's fucking huge. Maybe that's why she's a recluse, her massive marecock scares everyone away.
Dot smells good
Just jack off the futa floorb in the shower. She'd start to get a pavlovian response to shower time.
I’m sure it’s a smell worth putting up with.
I imagine she gets made fun of a lot for her body, but that she just shrugs it off.
Could be a green where...
>Anon tries to start shit with some mares who are laughing at Dot at a food court where he has taken her to eat.
>He goes to stand up and starts yelling but she just grabs his sleeve and tells him to eat his potato wedges before they get cold and to ignore those ponies.
>He asks how she can be okay with them making fun of her like that, to which they responds with, "Because they're right. I am fat. I'm not gonna get all mad over ponies pointing out the truth."
>Anon brow furrows with more fury, thinking Dot must have body image issues.
"You're beautiful, Dot. You shouldn't think that."
>She waves at him, blushing.
>"Aw shucks, Anon, that's real nice of you to say."
"It's the truth."
>She shrugs.
>"Well, you know what they say, beauty's in the eye of the beholder, right? Doesn't change the fact that I'm kinda fat," she chuckles as she adds. "What can I say? I like video games and snacking. This here what you get for liking those things."
"Well, I could help you exercise, and maybe start a diet-"
>She holds a hoof up.
>"I'm gonna stop you right there, 'Non. I don't care that I'm fat, and I hate exercising. Why would I stop doing the stuff I like to start doing stuff that will make me miserable, all so those other ponies won't laugh at me? I've got you, I've got my other friends like FB69, and I've got video games. I'm happy... Unless you aren't happy with my body?"
>She shows the first bit of concern since the start of the conversation, and Anon quickly shakes his head.
"No, of course not! I love your body! I think it's great!"
>She cheers right back up.
>"Well there ya go, bud! Everything's hunky-dory! Now eat up so we can hit the arcade! I'll show you the secret boss of Mortal Konflict! You've gotta beat the whole game without a single loss!"
>And so they ate and left, but not before Anon slipped a few stolen goods into one of the teasing mare's purses.
>Have fun dealing with Security, bitch.
That's the idea. It's supposed to be horrendously rancid. The moment you step into her NEET cave, the miasma of accumulated cock filth and musk hits you like a brick wall. It almost makes you throw up on the spot. And it only gets worse the closer you get. Put your face in front of her putrid crotch to get a close look and you might as well have shoved your head into a week-old garbage can. It's absolutely disgusting... but also kind of hot. The longer you stare at her most assuredly unwashed junk, the more you feel the sick urge to rub your face into her grimy, sticky nutsack. You know you're going to regret it afterwards, but for whatever reason, some degenerate part of you just want to know what it feels like. Her respectable size only makes the idea more appealing.
This but instead of lick it's hugging and instead of cock it's Floor's non futa, vagina having body
That would be nice, but unless you can get her to clean herself regularly i'd probably take penis equipped Floor, and I'm not even taking herm. 100% Guy Floorb. I'm pretty sure an unhygenic vagina is an order of magnitude nastier than an uhygenic penis.
File: 20221108_084459.jpg (117 KB, 811x807)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
cute chubby mares!
A squeaky clean vagina is an order of magnitude nastier than the most unhygienic penis imaginable.
You sure dude? I've seen my fair share of nasty ass dicks over the years, and I find it hard to believe that a newly washed pony pussy is worse than some degenerate's crusty phimosis sausage
I remember playing this one. Kind of a neat (neet) spook experience for what it was.
File: Moonie.png (228 KB, 1068x858)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Bad spelling and such, but a comfy idea.
File: 1175792.png (66 KB, 589x544)
66 KB
Post cute ponies
File: 1654922785696.png (724 KB, 1560x1837)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
wiggle wiggle
Look at that fuckin pubic tuft
Imagine running your fingers through it
I want to smooch those hooves and huff that pubic fluff
Thinking back to that idea of NEETs having extraordinary abilities, and not realizing it.
I thought of a good one that isn't super impressive but still a power; which NEETpone would have the ability to...

>NEETpone hates socializing.
>Hates physical contact with other ponies even more.
>But living in the city that never sleeps, that's hard to avoid.
>Ponies are out in droves at all hours of the day and night, after all.
>Even after midnight, there are ponies either out partying, getting off long shifts, or going to night ones.
>Yes, it's hard not to have ponies entering ones bubble once they step outside.
>Hard, but for one little NEET, not impossible.
>This NEETpone, having grown up in this city, has developed an almost paranatural ability to weave through crowds without even brushing against others.
>They can enter and leave the subway like a ghost, ponies hardly even being aware of their presence.
>The NEETpone never thought much of this power born of social anxiety and fear of contact, until they get cornered by some thugs thinking they've found an easy mark.
>They try to rob them in a back ally, and take the pony's silence to their demand of emptying their bit bag as resistance.
>One goes to grab the NEET's clothes, but the pony instinctively twists away.
>Then a punch flies at their face, and they duck around.
>The other thugs quickly join in, but they can't lay a single hoof on the wide-eyed NEET currently panicking even as their body moves on autopilot.
>Getting increasingly frustrated, the thugs get more violent, until one throws a wild punch that is effortlessly dodged and instead drives into one of his companion's face.
>With one of their own now unconscious, the rest increase there ferocity, but to no avail, and soon, another drops, then another.
>The last looks at the NEET in shock, then fear, before he cries out, "It's a fricken' ghost, dude! I'm gettin' the hell out of here!"
>As he runs off, the NEET is left confused as they look around them at the unconscious ponies, then scuttles off back to their apartment.
>Not realizing that above, a pony in a cape and cowl watches, impressed and curios.
>Who is this strange pony, and how did they become so skilled at combat?
>To win a fight so effortlessly while being so outnumbered would have been hard even for the skilled vigilante, and yet that unassuming pony did so without even seeming like they tried.
>Perhaps they've finally found a pony who could become their apprentice.
>A pony who can take up their mask and their mission in the future.
>An heir to the Mare Do Well persona.
File: Rough Day 8.png (353 KB, 1132x1498)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
A bit rougher than I would have liked but feels good to finish something again.
Das pretty cute, mang.
I want to feel Dot's buckteeth pressed against my cheek.
Now that's a damn good question. I woulda been for it if it just meant stallions too. But non-equines? You made it a proper challenge.
File: 1524049.jpg (143 KB, 756x1326)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>Many of them are so starved for affection that they'd probably not even care that their special somepony was a bug.
Too fucking real
File: 1641401.png (509 KB, 1994x1464)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
>not herm
>100% Guy Floorb
What kind of vile nonsense is this
>They start laughing at her
"Where's your stallion ladies? Oh, no studs? That's right, keep walking ya jealous whorses."
Something without a yeast infection the likes never before seen
Only if this is Creature-Questria.
Pre-Finale time would be a good time to be a NEET Caregiver.
Even still, gryphons can be cute, and dragons too, if they aren't giant.
Taking care of a house-sized NEET dragon would be tough.
>"Anonsworth? I believe I shall dine on the tendies au gratin, and our finest bottle of vintage Mountain Dew code red."
"Of course, ma'am. Might I suggest some ponitos a la mode as a chaser?"
>"Excellent suggestion, Anonsworth. Keep up the good work and you might earn yourself a bonus for that!
>As she says that she lowers her socks just a bit, enough for you to see a bit further than socially acceptable.
>Celestia, you love this mare. The noble-butler roleplay only makes it better
File: 1659786904103446.png (160 KB, 1084x929)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
adorable comic Scraggle, I love it
Off 10
I like this a lot.
File: 1665705903646544.jpg (339 KB, 1111x2011)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
I love this image so much.
Cute neet
File: 1561166732258.gif (90 KB, 576x612)
90 KB
Very cute
This strips her of her NEET powers.
File: 2953149.jpg (719 KB, 4096x4096)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
What if NEET but also Kirin?
File: Thorax.jpg (137 KB, 518x530)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Kirins' fire hazard mode and NEET's poor emotional control would get along like a house on fire!
Fire hazard mode only comes if they're angry. NEETpones are mostly awkward and uncomfortable, not really angry.
Though maybe they would get angry when gaming.
I can see a NEETKirin getting assblasted on a game, going Nirik and accidentally melting her keyboard/mouse for the 4th time this month.
She just sighs and pulls another pair from the stash.
Floor would have a thin, well worn cock with an imprint of a hoof on it that doesn't shoot ropes it dribbles out
>whole building of NEETs pool their meager neetbux together to pay for the fireproof enchantment for her PC
>in return she relocates her gaming rig to the "throne" made of pipes
>the kirin is happy to never have to replace her molten PC
>the rest of the NEETs in the buildings are happy because they don't have to pay for heating and hot water as long as their kirin fren enjoys hardcore vidiya

What if the whatsit /mlp/ Kowloon-like apartment complex, but for the NEET ponies (and other assorted creatures)?
Who would be the Stair Mare?
>one neetmare's job is to be a dedicated kirin challenger constantly challenging her to fights and win in cheeky ways, such that the kirin gets mad and heats the aparment complex's water
>Floorb reading all the nice things we say about her
Le Bump
File: 1684033.png (123 KB, 1048x1148)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
File: 1523399579355.png (516 KB, 1124x1514)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
>tfw the neet kirin hoarder next door is playing mobas again.
Might do some RGRE NEETs soon.
do it, no balls
Sounds good to me.
does this actually happen if you fap too much?
nope, only in fantasy
File: 1170682.png (104 KB, 1000x1200)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
File: Taku's dilemma.png (1.82 MB, 4000x3000)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
File: Dot is a pretty mare.png (171 KB, 988x1093)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Thank you, and I love this big mare.

All these NEET hooves Think I might need to do some NEET hoof pics myself at some point here
I’m glad she’s getting love. While I didn’t create her I certainly pulled no punches pushing her in NEET and yandere with my greens
>ywn use her tummy as a pillow while she lays down playing her vidya
This gives off Gandolf the White vibes.
Like Flooreb with her brown sweater is presumed dead, but returns more powerful in this getup.
Dot’s a great oc and I still remember someone not wanting to use her in Neet threads because they didn’t think she’d fit.
At least its the very center one.
I still hope you continue that yandere Dot story, it was good
Double dubs confirm hyuk
Off 9
It needs to keep going.
File: NEET force.png (83 KB, 576x576)
83 KB
File: Neet Nest.png (189 KB, 1000x1000)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
why do neets make nests?
Because they're comfy and you can justify not making your bed everyday if you have a nest
File: SynthwaveStanding.png (485 KB, 1000x1100)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
File: 1695206.png (534 KB, 3000x3000)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
File: SynthwaveStandingClothed.png (502 KB, 1000x1100)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
More Synthwave, seeing as the green for him is done and I wanted a better pic for the OP ref.
I'm sure it offers some kind of defensive advantage.
File: 1664720189513371.jpg (61 KB, 260x273)
61 KB
commit not breath
You still chilly pandas. NEET nests are also breeding hovels that help them spread their rancid pheromones to attract male humans for unprotected intercourse
File: bueno (2).png (26 KB, 520x260)
26 KB
Okay posting trap green now, had stuff to do, I'll update the paste later.


>The neighbour's being too loud again, annoying bastard
>You've barely seen them in passing, it seems like they never come out of their flat
>All you've seen are brief glimpses of a purple hoodie, pale coat, and blonde tail disappearing around corners
>They live a floor below you but living on the top floor you've seen a lot of your neighbours due to the close proximity of the housing complex and communal areas
>Just one of the small quirks of living in shared accommodation given by the Equestrian government
>The rent was cheap and a boon for your shitty job but the trade-off was that the housing wasn't the best it could be
>Would it kill them to put some basic soundproofing spells around the walls? Apparently yes, as you generally hear every voice going past from the halls outside
>It's not terrible, just more annoying that when folks like your neighbour decide to play music it blares up through the floor
>While you're not adverse to more trance-like orchestral whatever the fuck this is, checking your phone you see it's three in the fucking morning
>These all nighter sessions of music from the neighbour come and go, mostly a mash of sounds like someone's breaking apart a magitech keyboard
>It'll stop for a week or so, give or take, before resuming for almost a week straight, repeat ad nauseam
>It annoys you to the point you think about knocking and then it tones down enough to cool your annoyance, but it still builds up under the surface
>This is the tipping point though, you've got a shift in four hours and you've put up with this for way too long


>You bang a hoof on the lightly vibrating door a few times
>Standing in the low-lit hall of the floor below yours you glance around, the other neighbours don't seem to be raising a fuss over the noise coming from this flat
>It's far more audible when you're standing right outside it, and it does make you wonder why nopony else seems to give a shit
>The sounds aren't stopping so you knock again harder with a deep huff as your tail swishes in annoyance
>Ah, there we go, the sounds pause and the door stops vibrating
>After a few moments of standing there you hear a slight shuffle from within
>The door cracks open a smidge and you see a lightning blue eye stare out at you
>It opens just a little more and you see a Unicorn mare's flat expression fixed on you
>Looks like she's pissed off you interrupted her, and she somehow looked more tired than you are
>You don't even need to light your horn to see it, even in the low light you see the dark periorbital markings under her eyes from a mounting lack of sleep
>Her blonde mane trails around her own horn and over her face limply, as if she hasn't showered in a couple of days
>Not that you can judge that, when you're not working you're somewhat the same bingeing on Neighponese shows or comics
>It doesn't detract too much from her prettiness, she has nice features, soft looking lips
>She's shorter than you too
>"Am I being too loud?"
>A somewhat cute flat tone comes from her along with the flat expression, somepony isn't a happy bunny
"I have work in a few hours, and I need to sleep. You think you can knock all that on the head for the night? Maybe take it easy for the next few days?"
>She just stares at you blankly
>"...Yeah I guess. Sorry."
>Almost immediately she slams the door shut
>Well, not the most chatty of ponies, but the point is across at least
>She did wonder if you were being too loud so maybe other ponies around her have asked about the music before
>At least that went way easier than you expected
>When you get up the stairs and back into your flat the pulsing noises have ceased to make the floor shake
>You still hear her doing whatever she's doing, but it's far, far quieter to the point that it's a minor note
>Good enough
>You quickly shuffle yourself into bed and pull the covers over yourself, soon managing to fall asleep


>Born to wage
>Work was a fuck
>You are serving stallion
>You shuffle through the entrance to the housing complex with a grumble and a yawn
>Having a basic as fuck job serving drinks to middle-class morons living in uptown Canterlot was a rather insufferable job, but it paid enough to make rent and save a little
>The tram gets in far too late for your liking around your area, it makes the day that much more tiring
>You consider taking the lift, though it was having issues the other week and you don't want to get stuck in it
>Making your way up the stairs you eventually climb onto the floor below yours, catching a quick glimpse of your neighbour again
>Aaaannd then they're gone into their flat, probably coming from the shared laundry room of her floor
>You continue up the stairs and get to your door, fishing the keys from your saddlebag and getting them into the lock
>You turn right to see a postmare holding out letters
"Oh, thanks."
>You take the small stack into your magic as your turn the key and walk into your flat, giving the postmare a nod before you close the door
>You chuck it to one side for the moment along with your saddlebag, you can worry about the letters later
>It's probably all bullshit advertisements for fast food and insurance anyway
>First things first, you need a shower
>You flip the immersion switch outside the bathroom and get yourself into the bathroom and bath in record time
>Across goes the curtain and on goes the shower, waiting a moment for it to heat up before standing beneath it
>You let yourself stand there for a bit and enjoy the warmth cascading over your body
>After following standard procedure and washing yourself as is normal you eventually get out
>Wrapping a towel around yourself you note that the neighbour has their weird all-over-the-place music on the go again
>Less coherent than it was yesterday
>Wait no, it's an actual-
>No, it's choppy again
>What the fuck is she doing down there? It's like she's trying to DJ it
>She keeps going over the same bit again and again
>Weird mare, you guess it's just how ponies in the complex are
>There's an older stallion down the way from you that has a weird habit of trainspotting
>You suppose it comes with the territory
>Not thinking much else of it, dry yourself off of the excess damp and apply a mild heating spell to your mane and coat
>Your jet-black mane goes from being limp to being floofy again, your coat goes from a dark green to its usual light green
>The floor is vibrating with the weird noise though it's not an issue right now
>When it hits midnight it will hopefully have stopped, otherwise you're going right back down there and knocking on her door again
>You quietly content yourself to some cheap and easy food from the fridge rather than cooking something up as it's late
>Bringing the food along you settle yourself down at your computer and bring it out of sleep
>You move the cursor to bring up your browser and click onto your 4Clop tabs to check through for updates
>Amongst your several dozen are some tabs with a few Neighponese shows, one being of Mares Und Panzer
>You click on that and continue where you left off
>Very comfy
>A good hour of watching passes until you hear a great big bang that jolts you in your chair
>You pause the show and pull off your headphones to listen for a moment
>Your neighbour below is shouting in frustration and the noise has stopped
>Welp, sucks to be her
>Your promptly return to your Neighponese cartoons
>At least, until there's a rapid knocking at your door some minutes later
>Oh for fucks sake, don't be...
>Pausing and getting up you walk to the door and look through the peephole
>Yep, it's her, she looks both pissed off and uncertain
>What could she possibly want?
>You open the door with a bit of confusion and see her standing there awkwardly in her usual oversized purple hoodie
>She's showered since yesterday at least, her mane and coat are brighter from what you can see of her
>Still, her hoodie... kind of smells a bit
>You suppose she didn't visit the laundry room after all
>That aside, you greet her
"...Hi? I Heard a bang below."
>She nods once
>"Yeah, PC crapped out."
>Her nice voice sounds odd
>Less flat than yesterday and less tired, but odd nonetheless
"Well that's unfor-"
>"Do you have a spare CPU I could borrow?"
>"Y'know... just until I can order a new one on Amarezon, I could give it back in a few days or so."
>"I hear you gaming a lot of the time, plus I can feel the magitech of a PC, so I'm guessing you probably have some spare parts kicking about... even if it's a shitty old CPU it'd be workable."
>That was all very abrupt and intense, she's leaning forward a little towards you with a bit of a glare
>Yes, you have some old bits but like, damn
"You hear me gaming?"
>She nods
>"You shout a lot."
>Your brow furrows at that
"I do?"
>Well shit
>If that's the case, you kind of feel like a dick getting on at her for the loud music, you've gamed up until two or three in the morning on many occasions
>Though... she was also probably up around then? Not that much of a dick
>Maybe more to your other neighbours, though they've never complained
>She shrugs
>"I don't care. If you've got a spare CPU that'd be cool, not like I'm going anywhere so you can easily get it back."
>It feels like she's being a tad arrogant, though she's not exactly wrong
>She really must always be online
>Eh, sure why not
>"Yeah, uh, come in for a sec, it'll take me a moment to get it out of storage."
>It's a bit unusual to invite a stranger into your home but it won't be for any length of time
>You turn around leaving the door open for her to come in
>You get a few steps before she scoffs in amusement
"Nice balls, dude."
>Your tail must have swished to one side from the agitation of the situation
>Ignoring the brazen comment you keep on, feeling just slightly bewildered
>It's not everyday a pretty mare comes into your home and comments on your genitals
>You're unsure if it was meant as a compliment or an insult
>...Are your balls too small?
>Too big?
>Probably shouldn't pay to much attention to the comment
>The mare was definitely strange
>You head from the main hall into your bedroom where you essentially just have a large bed and a storage cupboard
>The last you checked the spare PC parts were up the top, unless they somehow moved themselves since then
>Uhh, nope, there's the old gear
>Your horn flares and envelops a few boxes in magic, and you bring them down to inspect them
>One of them is your previous CPU, a little old but it was still going quite strong before the upgrade
>Putting the others back you take the CPU in its box back out into the hall and see the mare still standing by impassively
>She's idly looking into your front room, probably appraising your setup
>She still looks tired as fuck
>Looks hot as fuck too
>You can say that
>In your head
>In the light of your flat you can make out the general shape of her body even in a baggy hoodie
>It's as if she's trying to cover it up, but it's probably that the hoodie is quite comfy
>She's smaller than you but there's some hefty curve to her body, her croup flares out from the hip into her sizeable backside, her haunch and thighs are quite big too
>You don't make it obvious you're ogling, you hope, your eyes quickly finding hers as she turns back to face you
>Her eyes land on the box
>"Hm, cool. Chrysen 5X series, a 10 as well, that's pretty recent. It's better than what I had."
"Oh? What did you have?"
>"Tiercel 5k series, the 7."
"Tiercel isn't bad, the 7-5k is also still pretty good."
>"Except mine exploded."
>You nod, but give her a certain look
"What the fuck were you doing anyway to make it overheat that much?"
>"Music stuff, the programs run high on the CPU but I aint had any issues before."
>Ah you were right, DJ shit
"Well... the 10-5X will handle all that just fine, they're primarily made for multi-program usage."
>"Yeah, I was thinking on a 12-6X, probably gonna be my upcoming replacement."
"It's pretty expensive, they go for around five-hundred bits."
>"That's no problem."
>It's your turn to scoff
"You must work a good job then if that's 'no problem' for you."
>She shrugs
>"Nah, I don't work."
>Your brow furrows at that
"Then what do you do?"
>"Not much."
>You roll your eyes, whatever
"Alright well, so long as I get that back."
>You say as you float it over to her, her own horn blazing into being in a lightning blue the same as her eyes as she takes it into her own corona
>She immediately turns to leave
"Hey, what's your name?"
>You say it before you really think about it
>She briefly looks back over her shoulder at you with a slight smirk
>"Synthwave. You?"
>"Kay. Seeya."
>And then she leaves, moving through the door and closing it behind her
>One of your more stranger interactions by far
>Not dwelling on the bizarre nature of it lest you overthink things, you go and return to your show
>Synthwave's music is once again going by the time you put yourself to bed for work the next day
>Though it's much quieter than before


>Over the next two weeks you don't see Synthwave at all
>She's been doing more of her weird noise mixing and you haven't even spotted her in passing
>You kind of want to
>It's not so much the fact that she's got your CPU, you don't think she'll try and steal it
>It's more that you've had an actual interaction with another pony
>Some of it was to do with her being quite hot, it's been a while since you've been with a mare so it's a contributory factor
>And the fact that she has some clear knowledge about PC's and building them is nice
>PC's were still relatively new magitech in the grand scheme of things, the industry was still developing
>You got yours because you saw the potential for gaming early on and were right in your estimations
>The PC was the building block and what everything magitech related tended to be designed or built upon
>Why would you want the smaller magitech machine called a console?
>The PC built the games made for the consoles and played them better
>The casual gamer might like the console but you wanted the best
>So you worked your arse off through numerous shitty jobs to save up enough and *get* the best
>Well, as best you could get
>Your rig was pretty formidable and able to run pretty much any game that wasn't the latest cutting edge thing on the market
>You still needed to get a VR kit...
>You wonder if Synthwave has a VR kit?
>Probably not, she was running an outdated Tiercel
>But then again she also said she was going to upgrade to one of the best new CPU's on the market and shrugging at the steep cost
>Is she just frugal?
>Perhaps it's a 'If it aint broke don't fix it' kind of mentality
>Eh, whatever
>Pulling yourself through the door of your flat after another long day of wageslaving you note the post on the floor having been dropped through the slot
>Your head turns to the stack you threw to one side on a table as well
>Should probably check through it all
>...It can wait
>You pick up the fallen letters in your magic and deposit them with the others
>None of the letters are alarming colours so they're probably junk mail
>You throw off your saddlebag and make a beeline for the fridge, it's getting a little sparse so you'll need to do a shop run soon
>Your eyes travel to your wash basket, that's getting pretty full as well
>Which means taking a trip to the communal laundry room
>You do wish you could have your own but they're deemed too noisy
>You certainly wouldn't want to hear washing machines all around you several times a week
>As is, when several ponies do their washing in the laundry rooms sometimes the sound can be heard even from where you are and the building feels like it shakes
>But the additional noise isn't exactly terrible as its scheduled, everypony generally does their washing on the same day
>You feel sorry for the poor bastards that live almost next to them
>Well may as well get it done, it's the weekend now so it *is* a wash day
>After your quick meal you lift the basket up in your corona and move out into the hall, locking the door behind you
>It's not that you don't trust your neighbours but... you don't trust your neighbours
>You have some expensive things, better safe than sorry
>As you move down the hall and round a corner you less hear your hooves on the wooden floor and more the increasing rumble of the laundry room
>A stallion comes out and passes you with his own basket of clean washing in tow, giving you a nod and a hello before moving on
>You don't know him but you return the greeting before he goes
>Looking into the laundry room you search around but you see pretty much all of them are in use or about to be
>It's not really meant to be allowed but sometimes a pony will use two machines at once if they have an excess of washing
>That seems to be the case today, you're not seeing any spare machines
>Of course, those doing it aren't around to be chastised for it, bastards
>Very few actually sit around with their washing unless it's going to be quick, and nopony is here to inform you of that fact
>The one mare who's now using the machine the stallion just left is already moving away to let her washing go by itself
>Welp, looks like you're going to the floor below you
>Stepping back and facing about you find your way to the stairs and go down
>The lower-lit hall of the floor beneath you greets your senses as you move through it
>The lighting on your floor is much brighter, you wonder if it was lowered one day for whatever reason and it was just left this way
>Maybe they like it being dimmer
>That thought in mind you enter the noise of the laundry room and see it's also just as lowly lit up
>But at least a number of the machines are free
>You move to the nearest one and open it
>Though you pause as you both hear and see a pony in your peripherals
>Synthwave is sitting there on a bench looking idly into the ceiling with a pair of chunky headphones around her ears
>They're blaring some heavy music that keeps her in her own little world as she bobs her head along with the pulsing beat
>Her purple hoodie is absent and instead she's wearing an oversized fluorescent zip-up green and black onesie
>The hood appears to be stylised like a head, with large bulbous eyes and a tongue sticking out
>Weird mare
>You also can't not see that her massive arse is squished out on the bench she's sat on
>It's wonderfully big, though maybe it's also due to the onesie being baggy
"Hey there."
>She doesn't take notice until you wave a hoof emphatically
>Her flat gaze fixes onto you as her horn glows and removes the headphones to rest them around her neck
>She smirks a bit
>"Hi. Why are you down here?"
"Why do you think?"
>Her smirk widens
>"You wanted to see me?"
>Well, no, yes, but no
"The washing machines upstairs are all in use, obviously."
>She tilts her head up in mute understanding
"So... what's with the lighting?"
>You gesture with a hoof at the dimness, and she gives you an odd look along with a lazy shrug at the question
>"Dunno, one day the engineer guy that sorts it out came along and did something, he was messing with it out in the hall for ages and got annoyed."
>"Probably stopped giving a shit and left it that way. It's honestly better on the eyes."
>Your snout scrunches a little as you load your washing into the machine in front of you
"You don't find it a bit too dark to get about in?"
>"Nothing wrong with the darkness, it's quite comfortable."
>Closing the little door once every article of clothing you have is loaded in along with the detergent and softener you turn it on and set it to a long wash
>It's all built up a bit so it'll need it
>Ponies might not wear massive amounts of clothing but they did when it came to work, uniforms often needed several shirts for a single week
>You were also quite privy to hoodies
>Speaking of hoodies...
"You're still sticking about, I guess you haven't got much to wash?"
>She nods
>"Takes like, 20 minutes or so for a quick wash."
"You don't find that leaves things a bit... musty?"
>"Meh, doesn't bother me, I put in plenty of cleaning stuff."
>You shake your head, looking back at your machine filling with water
>Aaaaand there it goes onto spi-
>Wait fuck, that scraping
>Where the fuck are your keys?
>Synthwave raises an eyebrow
>You sigh
"Put my fucking keys in the machine."
>She snorts at your misfortune
>"Good job, idiot. You didn't lock your door at leas-"
>You shoot a deadpan look at her
>"HA! Why the fuck would you lock your door? Aint like anypony can easily waltz in and steal your shit."
>"I leave my door unlocked all the time, nopony generally likes to bother anypony else around here."
>"How long have you been staying here?"
>You think on it a moment
"Uhh, maybe like, two months?"
>"I've been here three years, nopony has ever broken into anypony else's place, least that I've not heard about anyway."
>Well, maybe this was the Princesses divine retribution for being so untrusting
>Or, you know, you could just be an idiot like she said
"Damn it, I put it on a full cycle, I'm gonna be locked out for hours, the janitor's office is closed at this time of night and the main office is too."
>"Could always magically pick the lock."
>You glare at her again
"Right, like I know how to pick locks."
>"*I* do."
>Your brow furrows as you give her a shake of the head
"I'm not letting you pick my lock, they're magitech systems, if it breaks I'm gonna have to cover the cost of a new lock and key, that's not cheap."
>"Oh, yeah I probably might break it to do it."
"So you don't pick locks then."
>"It gets you in the door, I'd call that picking the lock."
>Another sigh
"This is a pointless discussion... fuck."
>"Could always hang at mine till your wash is done."
>You lift your head at that statement
>"You let me borrow your CPU ─of which the replacement is still on the way, by the way─ so I mean I'm cool with you hanging for a bit."
>She glances at a rumbling washing machine away from you for a moment before looking back
>"I don't really... like ponies being around too much, but I do owe you. So long as you don't mess with any of my settings you could use my laptop."
>That's certainly better than sitting here waiting for your clothes to finish, or just sitting outside your door
"Sure, sounds good."
>She nods gently
>"Kay... my shit's about done, so gimmie a sec and we can go."
>All you can do is nod back and wait
>She gathers everything up soon enough though and you fall in behind her
>And you admittedly try not to focus on the slight sashay of her immense backside in the onesie as she leads the way to her flat
>When you arrive and she opens the door, she steps into her abode with her small amount of washing before her
>But it's extremely gloomy inside
>You glance in at just how dim it really is
>You see she even has a dimmer for a lighting switch so she can purposely keep it darker than usual
>It would be rude to turn it up so you leave it be and let your eyes adjust to the light
>And you try your best to keep your eyes off Synthwave's sizable rear as the only thing you can clearly see
>Her horn ignites as she almost shuts the door in your face, and she looks back with some amusement reaching her features
>"You a vampony or something? Do I have to cordially invite you in?"
"Uh, no."
>You step across the threshold into the dark and she closes the door behind you
>It's even darker now, so you let your eyes adjust again as you brush your hooves off on the mat
"You're not like, part Thestral, right?"
>"Ha, I wish. At least then I could keep the hours I do and not feel so knackered."
>Synthwave's flat has almost the exact same layout as yours, the joys of cheap housing
>Though you note as you step onto the carpet of her front room following just behind her that she's using it as both a sitting room and a bedroom
>You thought your king-size bed was big, she has a queen-size in one corner
>Celestia's massive alabaster arse
>Of which could probably sit on the queen-size bed marginally well
>It's layered in bedding somewhat illuminated by the light coming from her PC
>You're not seeing any mixing tables as you had expected she might have
>She does have numerous monitors on standby though, with about a dozen figurines and such around the desk
>You see a weird mega keyboard thing on the desk to one side of the monitors
>A surround sound system that is probably a factor in keeping you up
>A bottle of meadow dew beside the desk
>A huge TV opposite the bed mounted onto the wall
>She was pretty well set up in here and despite the slight mess of empty packets of eaten food and drink around the place it was rather comfortable looking, if a bit cramped
"Do you use the bedroom for storage?"
>She goes over and gets onto her padded swivel chair after she's done throwing her washing into a clothes horse
>She gets settled and floats off the headphones from around her neck while looking at you
>Her backside nicely fills out the seat, you can't help but wonder if she has trouble getting out of it sometimes
>"Nah, I use that room for my Vapour."
>Okay so you wondered if she had VR, but come the fuck on, the *best* kit currently available?
>There was huge discussions on 4Clop to do with how little of them were currently out
"Didn't you say you didn't do much in terms of work?"
"So... how do you afford any of this?"
>She smirks then
>"Trade secret. C'mon, go sit down on the bed, you can watch shit on my laptop or something to kill the time."
>Not really having many other options you give her a nod
"It's a good cave you've got here."
>Hopping up onto the queen size you lay on your side
>The bed's definitely memory foam, it sinks in as you rest on it
>Also quite expensive considering it's a queen-size
>The covers smell a bit yet it's not unpleasant, Synthwave could certainly do with changing the sheets however
>They of course smell of her
>She has an odd scent going on, it's not how other mares smell
>You're just thankful she apparently keeps the bed clear, there aren't any crumbs from food and there isn't any dust build-up either
>You usually have to brush off one side of your own large bed as you don't sleep in its centre
>You watch as her magic brings over a laptop and mouse from a corner of the room as you look to her
>This was getting fucking silly, of *course* it's a Galloper Firebrand, why *wouldn't* it be literally one of the best gaming laptops on the market
>What the fuck is with this mare?
>You want to ask but it's clear she doesn't want to tell you
>You don't want to pry... well, yes you do, but you won't
>For now, anyway
>"So, what sort of things do you get up to? Considering what you shout about I know you play Knighted, and that you're a pathetic Celestial player."
>You smile at that
"You have to shout the Princesses name as you charge into the enemy and lop their heads off, it's how it's meant to be."
>"Lunarian forces have better armour though, praise the moon."
"Fuck you, praise the sun."
>"Heretic, fight for the night."
"Nah, traitor, fight for the light."
>"Best map?"
>You think for a second
"Probably Canterlot on Siege mode, it's comfy to defend."
>"If by comfy you mean piss easy for you, that map sucks to play on."
"Yeah, after a long day of work it's nice to just shit all over Lunarian attackers from a giant well-defended castle."
>She snorts as she spins about idly in her seat
>Your eyes briefly track over her butt and thighs in the onesie
>Just for a moment
>"That can't be fun if there's no challenge though, right?"
"Well I queue up for Deepwoods on Objective if I want a challenge."
>"Hmm. Deepwoods is great, better on Deathmatch than Objective though, topping the scoreboards is a bitch to do."
"I play for objectives rather than KDA."
>"Yeah, probably because you suck at getting kills."
>You shrug as you boot up the laptop, a bit puzzled by the extremely explicit login screen of a robotic mare from a game called Automaton
>Instead of her usual silk-cut short black dress she was instead only wearing a simple tee that read 'Do not hoof android mares' on it
>Her entire backside, dock, ponut, vulva, and teats were displayed towards the viewer as she spread her hindlegs, a blush across her features
>That was certainly...
>Huh, you supposed Synthwave liked mares
>Though having said that you can see the background of her monitors that she's now logged into are also pornographic
>One of them features a lean sort of stallion with coltish younger looks and a massive dark mane over tired eyes
>You're fairly certain it's from a manga about death goddesses and killer notebooks
>He's laid back in erotic fashion looking quite pissed off with only a threadbare sheet covering his genitals
>The other, however, features Automaton's main effeminate robotic stallion
>In just as much a similar pose and clothing as his gynoid counterpart on the laptop, with his dick, balls, and ponut exposed to the viewer, except his tee read 'Void my warranty' instead
>So... Synthwave was bisexual?
>Interesting, if very blatant, but that really does fit her personality from what little you've seen
>You don't have porn as your backgrounds, that's a bit weird for you
>Even if you do browse 4Clop ninety percent of the time
>The most you did was a tasteful pinup for your desktop, you wouldn't have porn on a laptop you brought around with you everywhere
>Coming out of that oddity you answer her taunt
"Guilty as charged, I'm a teamplayer not an enemy slayer. If you can bear to fight on the side of the light then we could team up. I can work on objectives while you kill everypony trying to get at me."
>"Kay, what if that but we play as Lunarians because they're superior?"
>You roll your eyes and shrug
"Sure, I don't mind so long as we're kicking some ass."
>She taps her hooves together and floats a different pair of headphones onto her head, letting one ear free
>"Alright, let's go bring the pain."
>You launch the Silvermist program that Synthwave already has installed from the taskbar and log into your account
>You find that Knighted is already installed when you look
>The library of games is rather impressive, you give it a quick scroll as Knighted soon launches
>The Firebrand is almost as formidable as a high-budget desktop so you probably won't even have to worry about graphical lag
"Are you on crystal-weave broadband?"
>"Yeah, they don't link diamond-weave to the complex, it's too far out."
"I thought so, I was wondering why I couldn't get it. Crystal is still better than fibre or metal at least."
>You'll not have any network lag either then, albeit very little
>You didn't want to say you were spoiled but having crystal-weave in your flat and near to sub-ten ping was something you didn't want to part with
>As you expect when you nose into the game's settings, everything is set to near ultra
>The title screen has so much going on that it should be lagging if it wasn't able to handle it
>"I'll host, add me on Silvermist. Windigo misfit, all one word."
"Pft, 'windigo misfit'?"
>"I was twelve and I thought Windigo's were fucking awesome, sue me. Yours probably aint much better."
"I made my account well into my teens, so I'd wager it is by a lot."
>Synthwave takes a moment to tab out the same time as you do to add her, and pokes about her Silvermist when you send the invite
>A little notification pops up that she's been added to your friends list
>Her current profile name is related to an old retro game with an icon to match
>"Your profile is extremely gay."
>She says as she noses about on your page
>This mare has such a way with words, all banter and bullshit, she'd do well on 4Clop
"I like Neighponese stuff, sue me."
>"Mares Und Panzer is alright, more into the dystopian stuff myself. Tanks are cool in concept, though the show is dumb in how it uses them."
"They could totally function if they were real."
>"I don't doubt that, but they're giant hunks of metal, there's no way they'd be speeding and skidding around like they do in the show."
"Obviously, that's why it's fun."
>She rolls her lightning coloured eyes, turning back to her PC
>"Invited you, let's get into the game already."
>You join the party and the both of you quickly queue up
>"Right, hold still a second."
"What? Why?"
>Before you can blink her horn flares momentarily and there's suddenly a weird glowing bubble around your head that soon becomes transparent
"What the fuck was that?"
>"Relax, it's a sound shield."
>A what?
>As if reading your thoughts she continues
>"I use it whenever I game, means I can shout anything and everything at the top of my lungs and nopony can hear me."
>If that's the case...
>"It's too hard to cast it over any magitech stuff, before you ask."
>"My music setup is older so it all comes out the surround sound, can't be fucked messing with it either."
>Well you suppose that explains that then
"Can you hear me?"
>"Obviously, dummy, they're linked."
>With that you shrug and focus on the loading menu until you're in game
>Over the next hour you're both fighting through several maps on several modes
>You're surprised just how vehement Synthwave becomes with her mannerisms and... well, everything
>She shouts a *lot*, going from passive and flat to highly animated and loud
>She's certainly effective though
>Deathmatches are one-sided and she's always top five in kills, you're on the lower end picking away at ponies with a bow
>On Objective maps you're fairly certain if it was counting kills then she'd be topping the scoreboards too
>She does a good job of letting you push the objectives or hold points, all while spamming in-game taunts at other players
>Also while shouting a lot at how dogshit a majority of your own team is when they fail to assist her
>She doesn't act how you expect mares to act, even perhaps introverted shut-ins
>She's probably the most unmarely mare you've ever met, actually, definitely something of a tomcolt
>You watch as her character beheads an archer and then spins madly on the spot, spamming 'NAY'
>You love the stupidity of this game sometimes
>Like the unarmoured and naked stallion on the Celestial side running at you with a lute held in their magic
>He stops and starts awkwardly dancing in front of you strumming random notes as you push a battering ram to the gate before one of your own players takes him out
>Laughing at the antics you stay behind cover while arrows and axes fly through the air
>Synthwave is causing chaos having gotten atop the walls in the first place and is tearing into the Celestial forces
>But nopony lives forever, soon a few arrows find their way and take her down
>"Who the fuck aint keeping tabs on their archers?! We're inside the fort, fucking stay on them I can't be everywhere!"
>Voice communication wasn't a thing in Knighted so it was a moot point to yell at teammates, though she was spamming commands left, right, and centre
>Oddly enough several ponies to follow the commands, at least loosely, realising Synthwave is the one clearing the most enemies
>Your job is part way done though, as the battering ram makes it to the fort gates and starts smashing them in
>Having repawned Synthwave is already back to charging in and defending the battering ram as it works
>You switch classes to something tankier and do your best to defend as well, though you can't hold a candle to her rampage
>She mainly played as a Magna, a heavy knight with slight berserker traits
>The more damaged she got the more damage she dealt
>While kills in the game are almost instant anyway, smaller stabs and slices from daggers and shortswords might instakill as if they were greatswords
>It was considered one of the more OP classes
>Actual Berserkers were less armoured but gained far greater stats the more damage they took, including damage resistance
>Though they usually needed to get into the fray to put it to use and often died before that point
>Magna's managed to bridge that gap by being allowed plate armour
>And it was doing wonders for Synthwave
>The game devs had even implemented a few taunts aimed specifically at Magna players that were being shouted out just now by the enemy
>Synthwave beheaded or lopped off limbs of those players rather quickly
>You were simply a Mare-At-Arms, it was a middling class with balanced stats across the board
>They didn't excel or lack in anything and were just a solid class for attacking or defending
>Sadly despite both of your efforts the timer runs down before you can breach the fort as not enough of your players were around
>Celestial forces kept disabling the battering ram and Lunarian forces couldn't keep it in repair
>"Fucking morons! Were me and you the only ones on the objective?!"
>You chuckle at her fiery attitude, she's still pretty when she's angry
"Calm down, it happens. Most players forget about the objective and just go in search of kills, like you do."
>"Fuck off, I defend the objective when I have to, I just do my killing around it! Why is it so hard for retards to stick to one area?!"
>She's really worked up, but soon breathes out and frowns at the screen
>"Fuck it, next game is Deathmatch, at least then I know I can carry."
>Whatever works you suppose
>The next hour or so is further bloodshed and chaos on maps like Deepwood, you can tell Synthwave is having a much better time as she ramps up
>Her shouts are more of glee at owning the enemy rather than anger at her team
>In Deathmatches she doesn't even care if the team isn't doing as well because she's wreaking havoc
>You're near the lower end of the scoreboard but she doesn't care about that either
>"Anon, get up there and distract them so I can flank!"
>She's said your name a few times where she hadn't really done so before, using you as a meat shield to get in close
>It's making you a useful team player so it works for you
>Lobbing firebombs and wildly swinging a greatsword into enemy ranks makes them focus you with their archers pretty fast
>Enough that Synthwave can punch a hole and allow other Lunarians to follow her into her murder spree
>After another match ends in victory you stretch out a bit and check over the stats, noting the time as you quit out the lobby
"I think my washing might be done by now."
>Synthwave glances over to you again, she's quickly calmed back into her usual face
>"Yeah? I figured long washes take at least three or four hours."
"Nah, these machines do them in around two."
>"Oh, kay. Well, you've got me added now so we can play whenever."
>You nod, closing down the laptop and gently pushing it to one side as you shuffle off the bed onto your hooves
>You don't want to overstay your welcome
>Her horn glows for a second and the bubbles around your heads both shimmer into view again and disperse
>You'd forgot about those, they hadn't impaired your vision at all
"Can you teach me that?"
>She snorts a little at the question
>"Probably not, took me forever to learn. Moogle it, you'll find guides that could explain it better than I can."
>She side-eyes you after a few seconds of silence
>"Though... I don't mind trying, I guess, if you want to hang here again some time."
>You stand there awkwardly thinking on how best to remove yourself before she yawns
>"Go grab your washing then, I wanna wank and get on with stuff."
>You're once more bewildered at her word usage and bluntness, a scoff escaping you at the instant loss of tension
"Thanks for the games and hospitality. Can I get some of that meadow dew before I go?"
>She looks over to the bottle beside her desk and back to you with a smile tugging at the edge of her mouth
>"You don't want any of that, trust me."
"Why not?"
>"It's... flat."
"Oh, I'll pass then."
>You suppose she just doesn't want to share
>Synthwave doesn't bother to get out of her chair to see you off as you move into the hall
>She does wave a hoof in a mock salute though
>You quickly leave and close the door behind you
>It was nice to hang out with her for the short time you did, she's unconventional but quite fun to be around
>As you expected, your washing is finished when you arrive into the laundry room to retrieve it
>You grab your keys as you tug out your clothes, bringing it along in the basket you left atop the machine, and quickly leave
>The thought of Synthwave saying she wanted you to leave so that she could masturbate pops into your head as you get in the door
>You don't really hear anything coming from below you so maybe she applied that bubble spell again to not make any noise while she does
>Wait, does that mean she can hear you when you masturbate?
>That's a little worrying considering you can be rather loud sometimes
>She didn't get on at you for it and it seems like she would, so maybe not
>Probably shouldn't overthink it
>By the time you're done hanging up the washing onto a clothes horse you've got a turgid erection thinking about Synthwave doing the deed
>You haven't been with a mare for a very long time, it's not too surprising that the first one in a while to show you friendliness is getting into your head
>It certainly helped that she was quite sexy
>You do wonder if she sits at her desk rubbing herself or goes and gets comfy on her bed
>Her bed smelled of her, the same sort of smell her hoodie bore
>It wasn't the most marely scent, there wasn't any perfume or flowery soap to it
>You guessed that she didn't bother with all that
>She really did give you hermit vibes so it wasn't likely that she got out very much
>Given that, why would she care to doll herself up if she never met anypony?
>Her scent was a basic but an obvious one, powerful, it wasn't bad
>You sit down at your desk and think about finding some good stuff online but end up thinking of Synthwave anyway
>You blow your load pretty quick with a content sigh thinking of burying your face into that thick arse and likely sizable ponut
>Mares with big backsides always had big ponuts and puffy vulvas, it was grand
>You stifled your noise thankfully, feeling a bit too conscious of yourself since Synthwave mentioned it
>You've both been quieter overall since your first interaction a few weeks ago
>If you learnt that bubble spell then you could make all the noise you wanted
>You note the mess you've made over everything and are at least thankful you know a very basic cleansing spell
>Cleanup takes little time at all
>That was one of the first bits of magic you learned after moving out
>Before you'd been jizzing into wads of tissue covering the flat of your dick and sneaking them to the bathroom
>Chuckling at the old memories you look at the time and see its getting past midnight
>You recall that it *is* the weekend so you don't need to go to bed early for work, you've got the weekend off
>Synthwave's choppy music is going of course, you'd tuned it out a bit
>Bringing up Silvermist you shoot her a message
>'Hey, still want some company?'
>You look at the little message box and she almost immediately begins to type back
>'If you want I'm doing my own thing'
>Well, you can always watch your shows in her company, you can also ask some questions about the chaotic music
>'Cool, I'll pop down. Can I use your laptop again?'
>The message box is blank for a second, then pops
>With that you put the PC to sleep again and get out of your chair
>You wonder if you should freshen up or something but think better of it
>Synthwave most certainly isn't and it's not like its a date or anything
>You're just getting worked up because she's pretty and you don't know anypony else here, fretting over little details that don't matter
>That and considering she's so nonchalant about everything you're unsure if she's actually happy for you to hang or just going through the motions
>She doesn't seem like the sort of mare to not tell you something outright
>If she didn't want you to hang out she'd probably tell you to fuck off
>Stop reading into everything and chill out, Anon
>You leave the flat and don't lock up this time too, just be chill
>You get down the stairs and to her door and knock once, the music within stops
>The door opens to her flat expression regarding you with slight amusement
>"Could have just come inside you know."
>You gently shrug as she steps back to let you in
"It's polite to not just barge into somepony's home."
>"Guess I'm not too polite then."
>You repeat your earlier actions almost bit for bit, brushing off your hooves and following her through into her front room
>Your eyes are also looking at her back end too as you both get settled
>You turn your attention to her monitors that are covered in what look like various sorts of graphs with buttons and the like
"What's all that?"
>She doesn't respond immediately as she pauses, grunting as she shuffles about
>"One sec, you mind if I chuck this off? It's too hot."
>The onesie? Well... you do feel it's gotten warmer in here, her PC's fans are running louder than they were earlier
"I... sure? Your flat."
>She's been fairly covered up till now, the fact that you might get a full glimpse of her, including other parts, is a tantilising one
>That in mind, you'd look away anyway
>Her magic unzips the front going down and you do look elsewhere as she gets off the chair to take the onesie off
>You look up when you hear her get back into her seat
>Her fat arse is filling it out again, thighs looking excellently soft and like they should be wrapped around your head
>Your eyes widen a little to see her haunch though
>She... had no cutie mark
>She sees where your eyes are looking and gently sighs
>"Yeah, that's always gonna get folk aint it? Never got mine. No, I dunno why, never found my talent."
>You immediately jump to the obvious
"You could still get it though, right?"
>"Nah, think that ship has sailed, apparently there's a window during foalhood I missed."
>Yep, real bummer. I dunno, I feel it's kind of freeing sometimes, like I can do anything I want to."
"I kind of feel like that about my own."
>"Yeah, was wondering what a question mark meant for a cutie mark."
"Same as you, I figure my path isn't set. I plan on doing something big, not sure what it is yet but I'll get there."
>"Hmm... So yeah anyway, the programs."
>She cocks her head towards the screens
>"They're mixing software, two different ones that plug into one another. Allows me to create sounds and play with existing ones. For making music."
"Is that what it is? It's all just noise to me."
>"Might sound like that now, but I'm getting it into a track. Already got a bunch of tracks finished, hopefully I can have this album done soon."
"So it's not like, DJ things?"
>She frowns at you
>"What? No, DJ's are fucking idiots, pushing a disc on a table to fuck a song up aint making music. What I do is build a song from the ground up."
>She points a hoof at the left side of the screen, then the right
>"That one is the sound mixer, and that one is the sound studio. Basically I can mess with the pitch and tone, affect it with modifiers, whatever else to get the sound I want all from nothing."
>"I got a library of sounds I use in all my stuff that I built up, then I make a baseline beat for a track. Perfecting that and the rest of the track flow can be hard."
>She then taps her giant keyboard thing
>"This is my sound deck, once I've got all the sound I want in a track I can link each component into separate buttons and dials."
>"From there I can play the track like they do at festivals and such. That's the noise you've been hearing, me working through it all."
>She beckons at you
>"Come look."
>Glancing at her nonchalant posture she doesn't seem to care that you might see a little more of her as she leans back in her chair
>Feeling a little flustered you hop off the bed and step over to her desk keeping your eyes firmly on the screens as she points again
>"You see here? This long bit? This is the whole track so far, getting the sound different from other tracks but still similar is a balancing act, so I'm probably like, thirty percent done."
>"Then I mix it about on my deck and see if I can play it well, it's all part of the process."
>You're not really sure how it all quite functions but you get the idea and nod politely
>As she points out a few different things your eyes can't help but glance at her body
>Your eyes travel down her front toward her belly, oddly taut considering her huge arse
>Maybe she has some sizable teats a similar size to her arse, that would be-
>No teats
>And that...
>That's a penis!
>Well, that's a sheath and balls, but what the fuck
>How did you miss that
>How is that a thing, with *this* body?!
>There was nothing to indicate this!
>You immediately flick your eyes back on the screen as you feel yourself flush
>Synthwave scoffs as she, no, *he* catches where your eyes went to
>"There a reason you're looking at my dick? Wanna compare sizes or something?"
"N-no, I just..."
>You can't really think of an excuse, damn it
>That explains quite a few oddities though
>What you thought were the actions of a tomcolt were actually actions of a *fem*colt
>What a bizarre situation to be in, the 'mare' you were getting chummy with was a *trap*
>Your mind jumps to how amusing this would be if it was anypony else, it's straight out of a Neighponese comic
>There are arguments over several boards of 4Clop about traps, stealth threads on blue boards amongst others
>Stallions so beautiful and marely that you wouldn't know it right up until they laughed at you and told you they were a guy
>How surreal
>"Thought I was a chick, didn't you?"
>Your eyes go to Synthwave's own
>He doesn't look annoyed, his expression is as flat as it usually is
>You really cannot see any masculine shape to his muzzle or snout, his eyes are so feminine
"Uh, maybe?"
>"Nah, definitely, going by your face. Don't sweat it, it's something else I'm used to, I don't look like most stallions."
"It's not unsettling or anything, it just took me by surprise a bit."
>"Considering you were checking me out before, I imagine you didn't think so, no. Though most have already backed away slowly by now."
>You'd say you were used to seeing it, at least online rather than IRL
"Oh, no I don't have an issue, it's definitely... interesting."
>He raises an eyebrow
"Yeah, I genuinely could not tell, like, until I tried to see some teats."
>He smirks a little at that
>"Heh, perv. Don't have those, I'm not *that* marely."
>You glance over him again, not sure on what to say
"...So ponies have backed off?"
>"Not literally, but yannow, they're expecting a mare with how I look. Me not being a mare makes them lose interest in hanging out.
>"Having said that, I don't meet ponies often enough for it to matter too much."
"I mean, I'm not gonna do that, I think you're... cool."
>You almost said cute because frankly he was, but that seems a bit weird to say to a guy
>You're still trying to reconcile with the fact you think he's hot as fuck
>Just because he's a stallion doesn't now mean he isn't gorgeous
>It's throwing you for a loop, just a little, you're the butt of a cosmic joke in a comic devised by a marechiavellian deity
>There's a little civil war going on in your head, and you do honestly want to leave just so you can work through it
>He's sexy, he has an stunning body and a lovely face
>But he's a guy
>He's got an awesome arse and wonderful thighs
>But he's a *guy*
>It's very strange, this isn't a situation you've ever been forced into before
>You've never really thought that hard about your sexuality, like ever
>And now you're being pummelled in the face by your own mind flipping on itself
>Mares are hot, you've been with a mare before and it was great
>But stallions are just stallions and that's all there was to it
>That's what you know
>You wouldn't be into a mare that looks like a stallion, a giant mare with some muscle, maybe...
>But a stallion that looks like a mare?
>A really sexy mare at that?
>You're not sure what to make of it
>Do you like that or not? Sure you see plenty of it in Neighponese media but that was just something they did
>They were stupidly into it, right down to having café's dedicated to the trope
>Sure you'd read a bunch of comics to do with pretty traps
>Might have even nosed through a few doujins for curiosity's sake
>It was just a curiousity thing!
>A poke knocks you from your thoughts
>"Oi, Anon."
>You look at Synthwave regarding you with a slightly raised eyebrow
>"Was it *that* much of a revelation?"
"A bit."
>"Wanna talk about it?"
>*Do* you want to talk about it?
>You kind of do
"I just... you're... marely to the extreme, so you're attractive. That doesn't magically change because you're a guy."
>"So what's that got to do with the price of tea in the Albion Isles?"
>He's just so unfazed about it
"I dunno, it's just a bit confusing, I don't know how to feel."
>He nods at that
>"Yeah, think that's most of the issue for other stallions too, they're like 'oh no you're a stallion I'm gay now aaaaa' and all that shit."
"Guess that's not something that bothers you much considering your tastes."
>Synthwave smirks at that, glancing to his desktop and minimising the music stuff to show off his desktop wallpapers
>The effeminate robotic stallion is there spreading his legs with a blush, and the pissed off sleep-deprived stallion laid back in partial ripose
>Their genitals both quite openly on display
>"Nope, bisexual master race, these right here are perfection."
>The smirk lessens a little as he notes your eyes going between the lewd background of the robot and him
>He seems to sense you're having some trouble
>You are, you never really paid attention to this particular trap character before
>You played that game to completion and thought the robotic mare was hotter
>But he *is* pretty hot when you're not focusing on the dick, though maybe it's because the fanart has just made him into a trap
>But even in game the stallion did have quite a nice bum, thinking back on it
>You're worried that it's going to stir something, is this how it begins?
>Has it already begun? Was this simply laying dormant?
>Is it because it's new ground that you're worried? Should you be worried?
>Synthwave taps you again to draw your attention
>He's looking a little more pensive
>"You just gotta chill out, Anon. It's like with anypony I meet out and about that finds me absurd, just don't worry about that shit."
>"It's a reason why I wear super baggy clothes, they're comfy but they help hide me when I can't be bothered dealing with idiots, and I can just get on."
>You recognise he's trying to comfort you
>You're appreciative, though you shake your head regarding the info
"It doesn't really hide your figure, just makes things look bigger."
>He frowns at that
"I don't think you should hide yourself, to be honest."
>His eyes meet yours as if looking for you lying
>"Why's that?"
>You want to say it's because he's too attractive to cover himself up
>But you can think of a better reason
"I would have thought that anypony worth hanging out with wouldn't care that you're the way you are, it shouldn't."
>"Yeah, guess there's that. I used to think that way, not sure when it changed. Eh... anyway we're meant to be talking about you."
"I don't know what to say about me."
>"So you think femcolts are hot, so what? What's the issue?"
"That's the thing though, it's just hitting me weird. You... *You* are hot, that's fucking weird to me. You're a dude, with a dick, I just don't know how to feel about that."
>He gives a lazy shrug
>"You've got a dick too, do you dislike that?"
"No, obviously."
>"Right. The way I've always seen it is like, it's flesh in a particular configuration."
>"A mare's vulva, a stallion's dick, personally so long as the pony's sexy I don't care what equipment they've got."
"I can see that perspective, I just don't know if I can feel the same."
>He shrugs again
>"Then don't. If you think I'm hot then grats, I'll take the compliment. Does it need to be complicated beyond that?"
"I... guess not?"
>"Kay, so relax a little. Keep ogling my arse if it makes you feel any better."
>You're startled a little at the comment, your eyes going to his while he smirks at the reaction
>Your eyes do then immediately go to his thighs for a moment and he takes the opportunity to wiggle about in his chair, making his backside and thighs pleasantly push out
>Your eyes widen as your face burns and you glance back up at him
>He smiles a little wider and returns his attention to his monitor
>"I really don't care."
>You stand for a second a tad nonplussed as he brings his mixing software back up on screen to keep messing with it
>Your vision travels over his pretty features illuminated by the light of the monitors
>His shapely body and thighs, his excellent backside that's probably as much of a cushion as his chair is
>He glances at you briefly examining him with a roll of his eyes before returning attention to his music creation
>He really doesn't give a fuck
>Okay, so... he's not a she, what changes?
>Well, you did blow a load thinking about him, but that was thinking he was a mare
>You were focused on the ponut sure, but there was a vulva below it in your thoughts, not a pair of balls
>Is that what's throwing you?
>If he was face down arse up and you couldn't see his equipment would anything change?
>It's weird to think about, you need a distraction
>Synthwave turns his head to look at you
"Can you try teaching me that bubble shield thing?"
>He makes a 'hmph' sound
>"Guess I can try, yeah. You wanna sit down?"
>You redden and look away with a nod as he swivels in his chair and you spot his genitals, moving back and going to sit on his bed
>Which also seems a little weirder to you
>The bed displaces as he then gets up onto it as well
>Damn it, why is it so weird now, how was it not weirder when you thought he was a mare?
>You note that he's also gotten pretty close, you're looking down at him slightly and interprets the look
>"I got taught by my folks, they said being closer to another Unicorn helps, something to do with horns being conduits."
>You nod, glancing over him as he gets comfy, his plump backend is distracting you from the distraction
>"Eyes up here, homo."
>Your attention immediately snaps to his face and he just smirks
>He's teasing you, the bastard, apparently it makes him smile more to do it
>But he's not judging you
>"Kay, so, not sure how to put it, I started out thinking of a fishbowl."
>"I thought of a fishbowl around my head, and imagined screaming at others a lot about any stupid shit, and they just did their own thing."
>"Apparently you're meant to imagine yourself locked in a room alone, but that was kind of already my reality so it didn't work for me."
>Nodding you try to think of the same thing while igniting your horn
>Casting new spells took some getting used to, it was an odd thing to explain to other races that didn't have magic
>Pegasi and Earth ponies both just 'felt' their magic and it seemed to work for them when they 'reached' for it
>Unicorns were similar though it took a bit more doing with some spells
>Telekinesis was one that was simply reached for, and it functioned, it wasn't something you felt could be explained to non-ponies too well beyond that
>However new spells took training to reach for them in the same manner, like breaking in a pair of new boots to make them comfy
>You imagine yourself in a room alone as Synthwave said was the actual way
>You just think of your frontroom, though there's no exit
>Taking a moment you simply concentrate on making it quiet, then...
>You yell
>There's an immediate knocking at your imaginary front door despite the room having no exit
>Hoping it would work on the first try might have been a long shot
>It's not doing so well on the second try either
>"Your horn's glowing and you're casting something but not much is happening. Here, try concentrating again."
>You wonder what he's up to until you jolt a little feeling the warm touch of his horn casting against yours, your personal bubble invaded
>You open your eyes briefly to see him leaning up, his lovely features almost against yours
>Very soft looking lips...
>You look at each other as he opens his eyes and frowns
>"Oi, close your eyes, dummy."
>Complying, you find when you immerse yourself back into your imaginary room and away from the warm touch of Synthwave's horn that he's there too
>"Right, don't focus on me, think about the normal way of doing it again, I'll work on augmenting the spell."
>Breathing out gently you try to clear your head and think
>You shout and there's more knocking at the front door that doesn't exist
>Imaginary Synthwave glances around starts to spawn mattresses all over the walls, throwing your setup all over the place
>It's kind of funny, though you get what he's trying to do
>Trying it a few more times by also thinking of a fishbowl over your head seems silly too but after the fourth try Synthwave perks up
>"Dude, nice. You got a shimmer."
>You release the magic and open your eyes, still a little warm at his face being so close to yours
>He leans back down and smiles at you
>"It was a shimmer in your mind, though that shows up outside your head too, does for me when I cast it."
>You breathe out, a little exhausted from the attempts
"So it worked?"
>"Yeah, it was kinda shit but it was there, like a really faint outline. Looks like it took a lot out of you."
>You nod heavily
"I've never been one to use a lot of new magic."
>"Same here, it'll knock you on your arse each time you cast it but it gets easier."
"Like working out an unused muscle."
>"That's one way of looking at it, sure."
>Glancing at him for a few seconds you shut your eyes and sigh
"Thanks, I guess I'll work on it later, right now I need to go lay down."
>"You definitely look like you could use it."
>You begin to move and shuffle yourself off the bed
>"Where you off to? You can always just take a few hours here, yannow. I don't mind."
"In your bed?"
>"Where else? I kinda want to keep trying at the sound shield till you get it."
"Didn't you say you're not fond of having ponies around?"
>He nods
>"Yeah, I'm oddly not feeling that right now, it's kinda nice. Usually too many ponies or too much of a pony tires me out, but... I aint getting the feeling."
>You think about it for a moment and find you don't really want to leave Synthwave's company
>Sleeping in his bed is a little strange, though it's probably just you being strange about it
>You figured you'd maybe just gotten used to his smell already too but shifting around so you can lie under the covers brings it back into your mind
>Unperfumed and not flowery, you can't really put a hoof on it
>It's just his particular scent
>You'd settle on it being pleasant, even if the sheets could do with a change
>He has a lot of pillows built up so you pick one and lay your head on it
>It smells less like him so it's certainly less used
>Synthwave gets off the bed and goes to sit back in his chair
>You can't help but stare at his wonderful backside as he goes
>You do look elsewhere when he starts to get up onto the chair and notices you looking again, wiggling his arse with a grin
>"Sleep well, homo."
>You ignore the comment even if you feel your face reddening
>He gets comfy and starts browsing the web instead of doing his loud music stuff, which was nice
>You listen to him while dozing off, and a slight glow from behind your eyelids makes you look to see him casting the sound shield spell around his head
>He glances over and gives an acknowledgement
>"Gonna play some games, I figure you don't want me waking you."
>You nod with a yawn and close your eyes again
>As sleepy as you are you're not bothered as his chair shifts or his mouse clicks faster when he gets into a game
>It's amusing that he's shouting but you can't hear a thing, and pretty soon you drift asleep


>You hear a weirdly lewd noise when you come to
>Oh no, Synthwave stopped casting the spell and is playing an H-game isn't he?
>Actually it might be something you can rib on him for, considering he seems to enjoy teasing you
>Slowly opening your eyes you pause that idea and blush profusely
>Okay, so not playing a weird game, no
>He's masturbating to some porn
>There's the usual moaning that comes from the porn, but that's barely anything coming from the headphones on his head
>The louder sounds coming from him is the noise you heard
>He's trying to be quiet and not succeeding
>His moans and gasps less than stallion-like as he watches the screen and strokes his pale-pink shaft
>He's not using his hooves, he's using magic on his dick and shaping it like a mare's vulva
>Despite the oddity of the situation that's pretty awesome, onahole spells were something of a new magic and difficult to cast
>You feel a bit warm after a few moments when you realise that you're just watching the pretty trap play with himself
>And he *was* a trap, rather than just a femcolt, which shouldn't really be possible
>Traps were 2D exactly because they couldn't exist IRL
>Yet... other than the dick there wasn't any way to tell Synthwave was a stallion
>Speaking of dick, you're *still* watching him
>If he caught you he'd never let you hear the end of it, you decide to follow through on your idea
>You put on your best 'what the fuck are you doing' face and slowly sit up
>Soon enough he spots your movement in his peripherals and jolts in his chair, his magic tearing the headphones off his head and the magic around his dick dispersing
>"Oh, shit. Sorry dude, figured you were-Ah, fuck!"
>He was swivelling in his chair a mite too fast and it tips backward
>Before you can think to do anything or cast something to stop it he topples over
>He and his chair hit the floor with a heavy thud, his legs up in the air as he touches down
>His porn is still playing on the monitor with lewd noise coming from the headphones
>You can't help but laugh at him as he lays there a little stunned, and soon you can hear him laughing as well
>You then cast some magic and grab a bit of his drying washing, bringing it over to throw on his erection like an oddly pitched tent
"You couldn't leave that until I'd gone?"
>He shrugs from where he is
>"I got horny and I wanted to wank."
>His head tilts down so he's looking at up at you
>"Did I wake you up? I didn't bother recasting the sound shield after I went for a shower."
>You shake your head as he slowly shifts about and gets to his hooves
>His long mane is floofier, definitely, he looks... softer
"Nah, I was already waking up."
>It doesn't surprise you too much when he stands up that he doesn't bother to cover his erection anymore
>He lifts his chair up with his magic and gets back into it, dick openly on display as he chucks the washing back where it was
>Your attempt at embarrassing didn't really work out
"So you're just gonna rock out with your cock out?"
>He smirks as he turns his attention to the monitor and turns off the porn that was still going
>"Pretty much. It won't go away for a bit, so, I dunno, don't look at it."
"You're one of the weirdest ponies I've ever met."
>"Been told that before."
>You keep your eyes firmly on his face, though you can still see his erection in your peripherals
>You're fairly certain you're bigger than he is, though not by much
>You laugh a little considering his comment to compare sizes when you realised he wasn't a mare
>You shake your head, not wanting to bring it up
>There's a pause between you both
>He just lounges there being cute with his dick on display
>You're not liking that you're getting the same warmth in your lower belly you tend to get when something arousing happens
>There's nothing arousing about this, not at all!
>He's attractive, that doesn't change he's a stallion, distract!
"That was a pretty impressive onahole spell you were casting."
>His fading smirk quickly turns coy as he regards you
>"Oh, watching me wank, were you?"
>What? No! No, he's not allowed to turn this around on you!
"Not in the slightest, it was obvious what it was when I woke up and saw it. You make some very mare-like noises, by the way."
>Synthwave doesn't even flinch, he continues with the coyness
>"Yeah, and? You enjoy it, queer?"
>You can't not be peeved that you're not getting him on the back hoof
"You're the one that wants to fuck other femcolts."
>"Traps aren't gay, sorry buddy."
>Internet memes did not into reality, but you know he's just fucking with you
>He's kind of arrogant
"Celestia's bountiful booty, you're a pain."
>"Yeah, but I'm pretty great."
>You scoff and shake your head again as he just sits there with his dick on display while calling *you* the homosexual
>He's lucky he has such a sexy marely body
>Sweet Celestia that's just so weird to think, you can't stop this warmth in you
>You need to occupy yourself
"Right, well... I'm rested and happy to try the sound shield spell again, but you're not coming near me with that standing to attention."
>He snorts a little
>"You say that but you're standing to attention too."
>Oh what the fuck
>Why are *you* erect, he's attractive, but come on!
"Ffffuuuuck off! Why are you here?!"
>You say, frustrated at your dick
>Sadly, your dick does not answer you
>Synthwave has to tease you of course
>His coy smile stays on his pretty little face as he spreads his shapely legs just a little more
>And lounges back in his chair just a little more to show himself off
>You wonder what his thighs feel like
>No, no you don't
>"Hey now Anon, it's fine that you find me hot, I'm flattered."
"Shut up, this is weird!"
>His smile relaxes
"Because it is!"
>"Because I'm a dude too?"
>Synthwave stretches with a cute sound you really don't think was on purpose, even if the stretch obviously was
>"You seem to like looking at me enough though."
"Yeah, but, the marely bits!"
>"...Yeeeeah but I'm still a dude."
>A deep sigh escapes you
"My dick just has a mind of its own."
>"Well, I know that I can pop a stiffy for some weird things, but I know it comes from me being marginally into what gave me the stiffy."
>"I dunno, just chill out about it."
>You frown at him
"How the hay can I chill out? I've never been in this situation before, I'm erect over a fucking dude."
>You glare as he just shakes his head and giggles
>Fucking *giggles*
"Fucking stupid brain."
>You growl in frustration into your hooves and lay back onto the bed
>Synthwave goes silent though he does speak after a few moments
>"Not sure why you're making such a fuss, Anon."
>"Why not just... you know, maybe... experiment?"
>He says that last word quieter
>You look up annoyed at first
>Though that annoyance gives way to confusion as he looks at you differently
>His coyness is gone, he looks quite shy now
>He's closed his legs too, and keeps looking...
>Oh... he's looking at your dick
>You *are* laying back with it sticking up
>You shoot back up immediately and hide it as best you can with your hooves
>He did ask a question too, one that needs an immediate answer
>Though you can't manage to form words as his tail swishes right as he repositions himself
>Your mind blanks a little as you spy his sizable ponut
>What the fuck, its so...
>Even for stallions a big arse means a big ponut
>That or it really is his mareliness that's doing it
>Fucking fuckity fuck, you want to touch him
>You *want* to touch him, Anon
>It's a very bizarre feeling
>"I'm not really one to... *not* be direct, yannow?"
>That draws your attention to his face
>He's looking at you directly, and you didn't think his demeanour could be any more reserved than his usual flat attitude
>What happened to his cockiness?
>"You think I'm sexy, and you seem to like me, so why not just see how you feel?"
>What does that mean?
>You glance at him just a tad unsure
"As in? Touching you?"
>He gives a slight nod
>"That works... if you want."
>You *do* want
>Though the alarm in your head blaring that he's a dude isn't going away
>Your eyes flick to the erection he's trying to hide a little more now, then back to him
>You're not sure if its the initial shock starting to wear off or the fact you've gotten hard for another stallion playing in your mind
>But despite your own hang up you do want to see if this is what you're into, if only to settle things and know for sure
>You realise your heart is pounding in your chest like crazy at the notion of it
>The warmth in you is the same as it was during your first time with a mare
>This isn't that but it's similar, and that's O.K...?
>Taking a breath you pat the bed beside yourself
>Whatever bluster Synthwave had built up had gone which meant he wasn't going to start this party after all
>Synthwave looks at you silently before slowly slipping off of his chair and pacing over
>When he gets up onto the bed he almost immediately lays himself down to hide his dick
>Which is a little funny considering he was happy to show it off previously
>You simply rest as you meet one another's gaze, and he shuffles a little closer
>Gosh his eyes are pretty, he's just all around pretty
>Reaching out after a second you gently lay your hoof on his haunch, just where his cutie mark would be if he had one
>His entire backend is right here before you
>It's a great deal more substantial now that it's this close, he really does put a majority of mares to shame
>Your hoof runs up and in across his haunch just below where his croup meets his hip
>It's springy and plump, you can feel supple fat and muscle both under your hoof
>He doesn't flinch away and keeps your gaze
"You're soft."
>He smiles a little
>You keep your hoof slowly massaging around his body where you can reach, mostly focused on the backside
>You're not really sure how to proceed rather than just... taking a plunge
>Looking into his eyes again you feel he might be shy now, but there's certainly an eagerness there
>You scoot a little closer until your body is slight pressing against his and lean towards him
"Hey, uh, do you... do you want to try a kiss?"
>Synthwave's deadpan look at you tells you you're being an idiot as he nods once
>His face gets closer to yours, that lovely effeminate face
>Your heart is going a million miles a minute as your lips near his
>Then you freeze
>There's a quick knocking at the door
>Synthwave blinks out of the moment and frowns
>"Shit. I'll be right back."
>He slips off the bed and quickly ensnares his onesie within his magic, throwing it on as you relax a little from the tensity that had built
>You're content to watch his very hefty bum as the onesie zips up
"Expecting somepony?"
>He frowns
>"Probably my cunt of a sister."
>Oh, you didn't know Synthwave had siblings, he hadn't alluded to it at all
>Watching him go you let out a breath and relax as your heart rate slows a little
>Well, you almost kissed a trap, but not quite
>You wait for him to return and feel a bit more at ease being alone to decompress
>You're going to kiss him when he comes back, he clearly wants you to
>The fact you're not feeling too weird about it is weird in itself
>You frown as you soon hear the front door closes a little harder than is necessary
>Looking towards the hallway you see a solemn Synthwave shuffle in
"What's up?"
>He glances at you and sighs
>"It wasn't my sister, it was my damn government-decreed social worker."
"You have a social worker?"
>He nods, coming over and getting up onto the bed again
>Though he's clearly detached from the moment you were sharing previously
>"She checks up on me every couple of weeks, sees if I'm still breathing."
"Oh, so, what did she want?"
>"She dropped a bomb on me."
>You raise an eyebrow as he looks at you
>"...I'm getting evicted."


Right, that's part 1. I'll update my ponepaste soon.
Once part 2 is done I'll move on to the big tiddy goth NEET, I'll likely draw another pic for her as well.
Aaand the full paste.
You certainly put a lot of work into this anon.
I put a lot of work into anything that interests me.
No point half arsing it.
I like this.
Thanks, bit vague but the comment is appreciated.
Care to elaborate?
The green is nice, I enjoy it and I'm excited where its going.
I like it! Flows nicely, your dialogue reads naturally, good descriptions, and you've got interesting characters - you've clearly put a lot of thought into all of it. Plus I'm a sucker for this kind of magitech you've got going on. I'm certainly looking forward to when you have more. I'll give it a more thorough read later but yeah, really liking this so far. Thanks for writing it, Anon!
A bit selfishly, I'm glad there's no reeing so far. Gives me hope that some similar elements in my own green shouldn't cause any shite on the thread.
Thanks, if your feelings hold true of others then at least I'm getting things sounding about right conversationally.
There was some reeing last thread, though a number of Anons were chill and happy for more content.
I enjoy all types of NEET so long as they are cute.
While I can't see the appeal in >trap stuff I'm happy we're getting content again, even if I personally can't get into it.
Is the big tiddy goth NEET one coming soon?
File: lyra_0.png (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
Don’t forget Offshoot NEETS like our smelly fishy resident lazy loser,”See-We’d”, the kelpie. That girl is a lot like Floor but worse
Guess I'm gay now. Whatever.
She's coming along after I finish this green for Synthwave and draw up a new pic of her.
she’s so cute
File: 2321489.png (524 KB, 1462x1627)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
How to keep pony warm and comfy this coming winter?
Can't argue against that.
The solution is simple.
File: 1667597866981287.png (65 KB, 1097x1265)
65 KB
What do you guys think of my /ss/ OC?
I think her hair makes her look NEET-ish
I can picture her living in a tree like Twilight and making potions n reading about magic all day, only leaving to get food, books or something, and has some fear of interacting or even encountering other ponies at time
Can't come up with a solid reason to why thougj
She looks so cute. I just wanna give her a big hug!
She's welcome to cuddle in my large bed and bathrobe
thats a cute mare, do more please
I like her. I'm getting moondancer vibes.
As for why she doesn't like social interactions, she might feel insecure in her abilities as a potion brewer, and feels like she has to hide away until she lives up to her cutie mark.
File: rd stun drool.png (935 KB, 1920x1090)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
my weakness
Synth's apartment sounds so comfy. Excited to see where this goes, sounds like Anon's gonna have a cute coltfriend soon.
I like her
>You get a few steps before she scoffs in amusement
"Nice balls, dude."
Missing a > for the dialogue
>Oddly enough several ponies to follow the commands, at least loosely,
do* follow
Good catches, updated the paste.
Neets shouldn’t be on 9
what do you think his hoodie would smell like haha
Thanks for the green, it was really great and hopefully there is more, keep going Anon.
Looks good
Off 10
NEET can sleep in the bed all day, keeping it nice and warm for when I return
Sounds comfy
File: 2810575.png (1.8 MB, 1551x1529)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Just imagined a green where, Upon a power outage that cuts her 3AM pointless browsing short, Floor, instead of seeing her own reflection, sees the face of a tired and worn out Anon starring at her.
Anon, a workaholic who just had progress on a big project halted by a power outage, is now seeing a tiny horse in the darkness of his screen.
Turns out that when there screens are off, they inexplicably become looking glasses into each other's worlds.
What is the result?
File: IMG_20221115_144425295.jpg (343 KB, 1869x1836)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Got some new markers today and wanted to test them out, didn't expect the coat colour I chose to turn so dark on my sketchbook, was much lighter on the test card it came with, but I like how they feel, so have the Dot I tested it on
a beautiful mare, anon
Florb looks extra cute in this picture.
And extra tired
Thank you frens, some kind anon from the /ss/ thread designed her for me
I will make more art of her myself though
Glad I wasn't the only one to get NEET vibes
That is actually a good starting background I like it, I can see greens come from this plot
Wow that is reallyyy good!!
Is she your favorite NEET pone?
id pet
>Wow that is reallyyy good!!
>Is she your favorite NEET pone?

She's okay
File: Unnamed neet 1.png (137 KB, 446x596)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
I love her hat
File: 1663868252046384.png (160 KB, 874x1000)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Le Bump
God she's cute
d'awww, look at her go!
so cute, thanks anon
I want to build her a dollhouse to live in
File: 1587156644249.png (843 KB, 2600x2600)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
I'd rather be the one living in a dollhouse in her room
That's nice.
File: 1644198826197.png (198 KB, 882x1166)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
I'd like to live in big Floor's dollhouse, with a normal size Floor while having a dollhouse with smol Floor.
File: 1563358439468.png (334 KB, 662x494)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Neet nests are nice.
That image is the happiest Floor has ever looked
Floor Bored and the snow pony meet.
She's flying on an airship to go to a massive comic convention in the Crystal Empire.
She gets air sick and goes to the edge to puke.
Something happens and she topples over the edge, and only survives because of earth pony durability and a giant pile of fresh snow.
She wanders the frozen North with only her sweater to help warn her,
Just before dying, she's found by the snow ponies who take her to one of their homes and wrap her in blankets.

What would happen next?
File: 1601091070414.png (339 KB, 1720x1484)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Imagine the cuddles
World's comfiest anon.
File: 2326764.png (1.11 MB, 2400x2400)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
One day I wish I could be that comfy
I want that with futa floorbs. She'd wear a pair of stained, unwashed underpants and let me chill on her filthy crotch bulge like its a giant, smelly bean bag. When she decides to whip her cock out for a fap (happens every 2-3 hours) I get a front row seat to the show. Afterwards she just shoves her sticky cock back inside without as much as wiping it off. At night I get to crawl inside her undies and sleep right where her cock and balls meet, every breath of air saturated with her stank and musk.
Dumb futatranny.
I'd do the same with male floorbs if that makes you feel any better.
Probably a lawsuit cause what kind of magical airship doesn't have pegasi lifeguards/magical shielding.
based coomer
File: Drawpile Wallflower.png (30 KB, 330x273)
30 KB
Sorry that your axe wound stinks so bad no-one wants to be around you.
Futa floorb I can get behind (though I'd prefer she get behind me) but why the stink bullshit?
Echk, I'd throw her in the shower beforehand.
Would be nice
File: 1652207780882.png (247 KB, 583x576)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
What does Floor Bored mean?
Other pony names are easy to understand at first glance, because their talent is also related to their name.
>inb4 floorboard (plank)
yeah but that would mean that florb is stable enough to use as foundation/building material
She becomes a model mother as soon as she gets pregnant
A floorboard stays in the house and never goes anywhere. I guess she's also always bored.
File: 1566187220917.png (176 KB, 600x600)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
She was destined to be a construction worker, but choose the life of a NEET instead.
File: Floor and her statue.png (1.85 MB, 1536x2048)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Makes sense to me.
File: THE FLOOR BORED IS REAL.png (299 KB, 1210x778)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>>39297828 a femboy NEET who's a passionate gamer and acts like a /b/tard. I absolutely love him and the story is written very well too.
imagine the smell
Oh hey I think I see my post in that
You’ve always been a faggot though
Literally me
>>39314889 incomprehensibly based
File: 1600788917462.png (250 KB, 1786x1219)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
This is one of those things where the more he moves the more trapped he becomes
File: Synthwave.png (235 KB, 1150x977)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Damn, one hell of a tease their at the end. Really diggin the story so far. Magitech is nice way to explain technology in what sounds like strictly pony world. Also probably a dumb question, but you cool with Synth bein lewded?

>Open hoof leggings
>Floofy fetlocks
Really love how she looks, and she sounds like she would make a good NEET. I'll try to get something for her done soon, also I would also like to ask if it's ok to lewd her?
You can lewd him if you like, I was planning on doing it at some point my own self.
>really love how she looks
>she would make a good NEET
Glad you think so too!
>I'll try to get something for her done
>Is it okay to lewd her
Oh please!! Unf
t. didn't read the story.
Anon brain when he saw Synthwave's cock
File: wagie floor.jpg (342 KB, 1501x1344)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
cursed, her eye bags are due to her nocturnal nature and NOT the wage slave life
>Be Scragglemanon, or Scraggleman if you’re naughty, working on your newest NEETpone lewd for the thread.
>You’re carefully putting the fine details on Dot Matrix being spitroasted by the Mario Brothers.
>”You know what I don’t get?”
>Your femcolt roomie,Synth blurts out randomly while sitting in a beanbag chair next to you.
>You reply half listening.
>”Gay sex.”
>He glances at you suggestively.
>”It’s like, two dudes, yeah? One is like, bro! I want you in my butt, and the other is all, sure Brotato! Bend those sumptuous cheeks over and let me daddy clap them!”
>He glances at you suggestively.
>You wonder if Dot can retract her teeth for fellatio.
>”Then he like, bends over and spread his plump delicious buttocks, exposing his juicy NEETcolt bussy hole for his beloved human roommate to see-“
>”And he’s like, I love you dude. Take me!”
>He’s staring at you hopefully.
>”And they make sweet passionate love after realizing their true feelings for each other….”
>He’s leaning against you.
>Synth smiles at you with dark baggy eyes and rosy cheeks.
>”It is?!? Oh Scraggy! I’ve always lov-“
“If Luigi puts it in the side of her mouth it’ll look like a dog fetching a stick which is both funny and hot! I’m a fucking genius!”
>You excitedly make alterations to your art.
>Synth visibly sinks into his seat.

Good old scragg working hard as always.
Bump for green of the trap NEET
Still working on it, ta for the interest.
File: A Goof.png (146 KB, 663x703)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
I prefer hooves

Good to know she's safe to lewd, got no ideas for lewds just yet but I figure it's best to ask beforehand.

I figured you were given where the story was goin, but whenever a new pony shows up in the thread I always ask just in case. Also no solid ideas for lewds for him just yet. Looking forward to more from you.
>Super special 'looks like me' human
>Not stock green-mask Anon in suit
Son, I am disappoint.
File: Anon Goof.png (135 KB, 663x703)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Fair enough
Ah now THAT'S the good shit.
Nice one, drawfag, now every Anon can be asked to be in Synth's butt.
Bruh. That’s clearly normal Norman!
Literally who
File: 1678086.jpg (2.48 MB, 3120x3120)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
File: 1592463901597.png (83 KB, 500x500)
83 KB
Very cute
File: florbgam.gif (25 KB, 650x650)
25 KB
little thing I threw together. had an idea for a small wholesome florb game and just wanted to see what a text system styled around 4chin would look like. may or may not complete it, but thought i'd at least share
It looks neat
>The nerve of this ungrateful CUNT!
>Suppressing your inner ree, you’re literally shaking rn, as you reread his post over, and over again.
“How fucking DARE he bitch about my content! About FREE content!”
>”Whoa! Whoa! What’s wrong scraggy-san?”
>Synth comes into the room, levitating an iPad with Bleach on it.
>Fucking weeaboo boku no Picolt.
“This anonymous faggot on this Malaysian oil wrestling image board had the nerve to complain about my art not catering to his self-insert fantasies!”
>You clench your fist.
>”Yeah! Screw that guy! Anyone you draw is way more handsome than that stock green Gary Stu!”
>”The characters are a piece of you! Your soul! They represent you!”
>Synth puts a hoof on your fist.
>” I’M SO FIRED UP! Let’s go upstairs and you css as n hammer my butthole!”
“HELL YE- waaaaiiiit a second.”
>You look at synth disapprovingly.
>He looks at the camera, and shrugs.
>You hear studio audience laughter.

That’s our faggot!
>>39326330 #
>>39326341 #
>The nerve of this ungrateful CUNT!
>Suppressing your inner ree, you’re literally shaking rn, as you reread his post over, and over again.
“How fucking DARE he bitch about my content! About FREE content!”
>”Whoa! Whoa! What’s wrong scraggy-san?”
>Synth comes into the room, levitating an iPad with Bleach on it.
>Fucking weeaboo boku no Picolt.
“This anonymous faggot on this Malaysian oil wrestling image board had the nerve to complain about my art not catering to his self-insert fantasies!”
>You clench your fist.
>”Yeah! Screw that guy! Anyone you draw is way more handsome than that stock green Gary Stu!”
>”The characters are a piece of you! Your soul! They represent you!”
>Synth puts a hoof on your fist.
>” I’M SO FIRED UP! Let’s go upstairs and you can hammer my butthole!”
“HELL YE- waaaaiiiit a second.”
>You look at synth disapprovingly.
>He looks at the camera, and shrugs.
>You hear studio audience laughter.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_V2sBURgUBI [Open]

That’s our faggot!
Huh. Weird.
File: 1581981787494.jpg (3.82 MB, 4608x3456)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
File: wtf man.png (457 KB, 621x621)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
I wouldn't say he acts like a /b/astard.
If anything he'd be a constant lurker of /v/ and /tv/ trying to find good shit to do between making music, laughing at /mu/'s terrible taste, or arguing on /a/ about how normie and shit Bleach or Naruto are, which makes >>39330240 rather funny to me.
I thought I'd put across how Synthwave is pretty well, though apparently not.
>>39331248 I first had the impression that he is different from the other # NEET pones in that he's a "successfull" NEET, who can buy whatever he wants (expensive furniture, electronics, ...) through his musical talent. But that wasn't quite confirmed at the end, perhaps his parents pay all the stuff. And now he has to live with Anonstallion.

Also /b/ seemed fitting to me because he seems kinda like a coomer, sorry :)
File: 1561546.jpg (1.33 MB, 3120x3119)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Someone should try and make a characterAI of one of the NEETpones.
If we all put our heads together, and agree to some guidlines, we could probably train them up to be NEET accurate in a few days.
Off 10
He wants to be coomed in maybe.
He thinks TYBW is fun! He even made his bankai an electric keyboard! Take it back!
Cuppa is underrated and needs more art
File: Hmm, Anon....jpg (1.94 MB, 3823x3631)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
This is kindof a sequel to: https://ponepaste.org/5529

>Once again, you are Floor Bored and once again, today couldn't possibly be any better!
>The sky closed over last night and it hasn't stopped raining since.
>Which means... you have your big human buddy to yourself all weekend!
>And he's not working!
>And also you managed to convince him to start gaming with you!
>After... that one evening a little while ago.
>It still makes you all tingly, right down to your hooves, to think about.
>N-Not that you ever thought about Anon kissing your tingly little hooves or anything hahaha!
>And he’d never have to even think about that so long as he never saw your private stash of drawings!
>Speaking of drawings, he’d somehow managed to convince you to show him yours.
>It’s a little uncomfortable to remember that, unsure whether you should rub your hooves or use them to run right out of the apartment and away from that question.
>But just as he’d said before, he thought your drawings were great!
>A-And he said you were ‘cool’ again…
>You drop the stylus from your mouth and whirl about in your desk chair with a giddy little giggle.
>Anon thinks you’re cool!
>And that’s because you are! You’re finally rubbing off on him and the big human’s understanding what so many ponies can’t!
>You don’t need dumb stallions!
>You don’t need a pony to give you tasteless flowers or object to staying in to eat ramen!
>You don’t need to be told you need to change who you are by somepony who doesn’t get you!
>All you need is your big human to sweep you off your hooves, into his big strong arms, and tell you he’s so happy to be your c—
>... Haha!
>Hoho-kay, Floor, no need to get ahead of yourself!
>Anon’s great and all but he’s still got a long way to go before he’s good enough to be /your/… c-coltfriend…
>You spin your chair back around to the desk and look down at the stylus on the beat up old pad.
>For now, he can be your friend.
>But even that sends a little thrum of joy coursing through your chest!
>Okay, he still made sure you took your vitamins and randomly checked on that, so you had to keep taking them just in case that was the day he asked.
>And sometimes he brought back some more of that ramen from that place which was great but…
>He said it was healthier than what you usually eat but your diet’s fine!
>You still didn’t like him trying to change you but at least it was just ramen.
>And you got to eat with him, too.
>And watch ponime!
>Okay, some sacrifices were worth it because you, the most powerful of Equestria’s NEETs, were also infinitely merciful and benevolent and if that’s what it took to extend the hoof of friendship to Anon, you’d do it for his sake!
>Did he even have any other friends? He still complained about his coworkers and you never saw him with anypony else, he never brought any other ponies home, never talked about meeting any outside of work.
>But that was okay, right? Why would he need anypony else when he had such a /cool/ friend like you?
>”Hey, Floorb?”
>You bristle at that nickname yet again but you’ve got the stylus back in your mouth so it’s not like you can tell the forgetful human off or anything.
>”Can I come in?”
>The door creaks ajar just a little but it looks like he remembered that time you told him—definitely not exploded, you are not that dramatic—calmly that he should respect your desire for privacy.
>Okay, the drawing is just of you and him done in the style of one of his human ‘animes’ and you don’t have any of those other drawings open right now.
>You can let him—Wait!
>How does your bed look?
>You whirl about in your chair, catching just good enough a look on your way to see that it’s not as tidy as Anon’s but c’mon, you’re not /that/ anal about this stuff!
>... Also, you need to remember not to think of Anon and ‘anal’ in the same sentence again.
>Like that!
>Stupid brain! Anon isn’t like that!
>He’s your friend, he’s not… Ugh!
>Even if it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…
>And on your way spinning around again, you spot that the door’s still just ajar with Anon waiting on the other side.
>Okay, good, at least he knows not to bust the door down.
“Uh, I…”
>Damnit! Gotta…
>There, stopped yourself!
>A little dizzy, though, maybe you should wait to get off your chair?
“C-C’mon in.”
>It takes a moment before you see the door slowly slide open, revealing your green human friend on the other side.
>You can barely see him /not/ sniffing the air.
>Well, duh, ever since he started using that fabric softener on your blanket, he hasn’t said anything about the smell!
>He even got that special pony-made stuff so it wouldn’t overpower your nose.
>Because your infinite generosity and thoughtfulness was rubbing off on him!
>Now if only your not-wobbling-around would also rub off on him…
>You can’t even see where he’s looking! That’s not fair!
>”Say… you’re not busy, are ya?”
>Right now?
>This drawing is still off from being finished and you were planning on getting some ramen after but you can squeeze Anon in.
>To your busy schedule.
>He’s not spinning quite so much now but you’ve still got a hoof on your desk, just in case.
>It doesn’t look so weird when he steps into your room and leans against the wall.
>”Well, I was thinkin’ about what you said a while back.”
>”About comin’ out with me sometime?”
>Oh that?
>Yeah, okay, you did but that was only because you were on the couch with him!
>Half-asleep and lying against him, with his arm around you and your blanket over the both of you.
>Once you started using the fabric softener he didn’t mind that.
>You would’ve agreed to anything!
File: I'm okay.png (470 KB, 1554x2228)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
>Okay, calm down Floor, you can handle this.
>Just tell him he can come with you to the all-night mart where you get your ramen.
>It’ll be like going on a date!
>That’ll show those dumb fillies online who’s the marecel.
>”Got somewhere to be this evenin’ and was wonderin’ if you wanted to come with.” He winks(!) are you. “Gonna be fun and tasty!”
>That /is/ tempting, especially with him trying to use his stallion-ish charms like that but…
>You look back to your screen - you and Anon, back to back against the world.
>And it really is the whole world.
>Out there.
“M-Maybe some other t-time?”
>You almost—/almost/—ready yourself for Anon getting annoyed before you remember that he won’t.
>Ever since that night, he really has been different.
>”Oh, but—”
>He stops as he’s about to say something and starts to walk into the room, over to you.
>It’s a little intimidating, honestly, looking up at him from your chair; even if you are Equestria’s most powerful NEET, that’s never been tested against humans.
>But it’s okay because he just lowers himself down until he’s almost below you.
>At least it’s easier to meet his eyes now and he doesn’t /look/ like he’s going to try anything funny.
>You do get that sudden itch to close down your art program but there’s nothing there that could cause a problem.
>It’s okay, Floor.
>”Do you remember what we talked about? Back then?”
>You cast your mind back and try to recall.
>Something about… something that gives you that little uncomfortable itch between your withers.
“W-What was it?”
>Anon smiles a little smile and moves his hand, almost over to your hoof but stops short.
>”I asked ya if you’d do somethin’ for me. Somethin’ important.”
>For some strange reason, you feel your stomach start to sink.
>”I wanted ya to try and get out a little more, Floor.”
>And there it is.
>The memory resurfaces like Ebirah, threatening to overwhelm you.
>You weren’t thinking ahead!
>You didn’t consider that he’d ask so soon!
>Going outside and being around other ponies, where they can see you and try to talk to you, or worst of all offer you a job!
>You’re not even aware that you’re hyperventilating until you feel a hand slip around your hoof.
>”Floor? It’s okay.”
>No, it’s not okay!
>He doesn’t understand!
>He doesn’t know what it’s like!
>Oh no, no!
>You are not going to fucking cry, you are not a fucking filly!
“U-Uh.. Um…”
>Stop shaking, Floor! Anon is NOT going to think you’re cool after this!
>But all you can think about is other ponies - all around you, watching you, judging you, getting too close to you, whispering to each other about you…
>”I’ll be there with ya.”
>Hold it together, Floor, for fuck sake!
>... Okay, ONE tear!
>Only because he sprung this on you so suddenly and that’s not fair!
>”We won’t take the main streets, alright? We’ll stay where it’s quiet.”
>That’s… That’s what you do, too.
>Even when you go out late at night, there’s usually some ponies going to or coming from bars or shops or whatever it is other ponies do instead of kindly staying the fuck inside so you can go out.
>The alleys near the apartment don’t smell great and maybe you see a pair or two of eyes peering out of the darkness sometimes but it’s still better than the streets.
>You squint your eyes shut—not because you’re still trying not to cry—and try to picture it; Anon by your side, you in your favourite hoodie.
>You’d be safe, right? Your big human buddy would make sure nopony would get you and if any of those stupid pegaslut bitches wanted to laugh at you because you got wet, because you so generously decided to go out with Anon, he’d put them in their place.
>Anon doesn’t even like stupid tickly wings getting anywhere near him, and he wouldn’t be impressed just because she can make it rain!
>You sniff-You inhale sharply! You’re just collecting your breath after focusing on picturing things in your mind!
>You inhale, sharply again, and rub a hoof against your eyes because you were squinting them so tight they started to water.
>Anon’s still holding your hoof; he can’t hold it when you’re walking with him, you only reach up to his stomach when you’re standing but he’ll be right there beside you.
>He’s your friend, damnit, you need to show him just how strong you really are!
>Ohhh, that little squeeze he gives your hoof…
>”Okay? You sure?”
>But you’re going to be strong for him. Other ponies don’t have a big human, they’re probably terrified of humans. And you, of course.
>Not the smell! Fuck what those nickering mares said!
“B-But it’s raining…”
>A part of you hopes that’s enough to call things off.
>As much as you want to see Anon put that dumb, ugly, smelly pegasus mare in her place, you also don’t really want to wear that rain coat he bought you.
>It’s heavy and awkward and makes you sweat in your hoodie and then he’d complain about the smell and you’d have to wait while it’s getting washed and wear one of the other ones.
>And while holding an umbrella with your mouth might give you an excuse to talk to anypony—not that you’d ever expect to meet any, anyway, but just in case—you’d have to put it through your saddlebag in the store and that’d get wet which means your hoodie would get wet and…
>You started coming around to seeing how going out in the rain was a hassle.
>”I’ve got this big golf umbrella from back home, it’s enough for both of us.”
>Anon… would carry an umbrella? W-With you leaning up against him while the other mares look on jealously?
>It… would almost be worth it just for that. Anypony else who thinks you’re a marecel would be really put in her place after that, wouldn’t they?
>Okay, so, not on the main street, having Anon with you, only your hooves get wet, and he mentioned… Hey yeah!
File: what if he sees.png (17 KB, 256x192)
17 KB
>You pull yourself upright in the chair, just being careful not to move your hoof so Anon can keep it there.
“W-Where’re we going?”
>He’s smiling again!
>That’s the Anon you like to see!
>”That’s a surprise. But I promise you’ll like it!”
>You don’t really like surprises.
>You do like Anon.
>You’re also sure he wouldn’t surprise you with something that’d hurt you.
>Just the thought of winding up at the doctor’s office to get a shot- No. He wouldn’t do that.
>You glance back at your screen, at you and Anon facing down all of Equestria’s greatest horrors, from mares trying to claim him, to what he called ‘chuggers’. They sounded absolutely horrifying.
>He’s got your back and you’ve got his.
>Another squeeze of your hoof!
>It tingles with the memory of the last time he gave you that rub.
>M-Maybe you could ask him for one later today?
>”Alright! I’m gonna go get a jacket, why don’t you put on that brown hoodie? Looks good on ya.”
>Oh right, you weren’t wearing anything. Not that it matters, you don’t mind Anon seeing your… n-naked body!
>Anypony else would be able to pin you to your bed and do all sorts of depraved acts to you but not Anon! He seems more like a great cuddler… Spooning you with a hand slipping down over your belly…
>Oh hey, you’ve got a hoodie to put on!
>Yeah, this is gonna be good! You’ll show Anon you’re not some scaredy pony!
>If Taku can go out during the day, why can’t you? You’re at least twice the mare she is, especially considering how much of a twig she is compared to your robust physique that is irresistible to stallions!
>Or humans.
>Anon stands up, watching as you slip from your seat, the world mercifully no longer spinning.
>But he doesn’t wait, of course he doesn’t, he’s not the kind of pervert who’d stand there watching a mare getting dressed.
>Watching her step slowly over to her dresser.
>Slooowly pull open the drawer and leeeaaan into it.
>Shifting her tail from side to side, just out of concentration, not because she’s trying to entice him!
>And then stand there, awestruck, as he watches her wriggle about, showing off her lovely curvy figure and how she knows how to move it by getting into her hoodie that’s deceptively baggy.
>After all, you can’t show off your figure to everypony!
>And when you’re dressed? When you’ve fixed the hood so it’s sitting just right on your back, which necessitated you reaching about and shaking your tail again?
>You turn back around, ready to tell off that cheeky human for watching you but it’s okay, you know he can’t resist such an attractive-
>... Mare?
>Wait, where’d he go?

That's all for now, more soon.
Sorry I haven't been around much in the last couple of threads, I'm going to try to get writing more since NEETpone deserves better treatment than that.
File: 1557907987104.png (285 KB, 576x576)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
i want to hug the poor floorb, good job
File: 1557857843975.jpg (229 KB, 1600x1200)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Bump. Because I haven't had the time to read this green yet.
File: 1532974244199.jpg (1.39 MB, 2442x3178)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Now that's the stuff. This is why I keep coming back
Thats great anon, I will wait for more
Off 9
good shit
more please
Can I pet you?
File: 1126735.png (50 KB, 406x455)
50 KB
Despite how greasy her mane is?
She's so cute.
File: 1513727.png (97 KB, 500x519)
97 KB
What would an excitable Mare who is way too into shitposting and mischievous fun with bad social skill looks like ?
sounds to me the makings of a mare with a hair-trigger who, while very creative, only uses her powers for evil. Someone steps on her tail and she could theoretically rant about every facet of her target indefinitely, but afterwords curl up in bed and hate her existence as a rude mare.
>he doesn't want a mare who's hair can be wrung out to get enough oil to deep fry in
are you gay?
>Floor is a scientific enigma.
>She consumes around 500 calories worth of junk food a day, yet her hair secretes twice that energy in the form of oil.
>Every week she deposits her hair grease at a government facility in exchange for instant noodles and welfare.
That mare needs a nice and long brushie session.
I, too, have felt this pain.
File: 2533278[1].png (232 KB, 952x1348)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
This anon understands, it wouldn't be that way when I'd finished pampering her.
I'll be she smells like freshly-mown grass.
File: 1643267820902.png (148 KB, 680x606)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
File: file.png (67 KB, 1037x844)
67 KB
File: 1621902733537.png (106 KB, 561x513)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Thin Dot is so strange to me
she cute
What a cute filly
she's kinda ugly
I like thin Dot.
Normal sized Dot would also be great.
That's the appeal. She's cute-ugly.
Dot’s good in general
File: 1621115720469.png (1.91 MB, 2793x3366)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
hello NEETpone gen, does floor bored stink good? or does floor bored genuinely stink bad and we just like that
I assume stink bad, and that I woulnd't like it, but the fact it's her stink makes it a good stink
File: FunkyFlorb.png (29 KB, 800x900)
29 KB
my crusty florb draw
I like it
I think it's good. It's always nice to see more OC

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