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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

In high school my waifu was Rarity, but now in college my waifu is Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
File: 1654049237102.png (177 KB, 2632x618)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>I was gay before but now I graduated to super homo
Cool story you idiot poz.
>No hooves
XD hahahahahahaha
Mad? More like glad.
I like Ace and EG
>look guys I posted it again
File: Human Ponko.png (724 KB, 640x886)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
Good taste, OP
>dropped one waifu
>picked up two more at the same time
You deserve no waifus.
Up goes the ticket in flames.
File: 2354750.png (324 KB, 935x1009)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Yes, Anon mommy sees that you noticed it. Good job, yah Anon. You did it.
I want Ponk to rape me silly
The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised
File: 2168767.png (355 KB, 2440x826)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>aceposting suddenly starts as soon EQG Ponk is posted in any thread
Well, I'm not surprised. Ponkfags love to get cucked.
File: 2608154.jpg (212 KB, 1400x2000)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Weird Al and Ace demolished Pinkie Pie's holes.
ehhh...i had an initial idea but ultimately didn't know how to continue. getting real rusty with my greens. anyway posting what i've typed

>Pinkie and you are besties since grade school. always seen together
>she secretly admires you. you also like her but are too afraid to fess
>when she eventually and seemingly nonchalantly asks you, you panic and say that you have a crush but don't tell her who exactly
>Ponk being Ponk decides to help you confess to your secret crush, as unhappy as she feels inside
>but your happiness is her top priority. truly a girl with big heart
>she starts tutoring you in what she believes will help you enamour the girl
>she'll often tell you to go and make an attempt
>not really sure what to do and still too afraid to open up, you tell her that you backed up at the last second
>Pinkie was never good at telling when someone is lying to her
>The more she tries, the "harder you fail"
>one day, seeing your "miserable self", she decides to take things further
>in the heat of a moment she makes a move and before you realise what's going on, you're both in her bed wearing birthday suits
>"don't worry, Nonny, i'll help you get more self-confident..."
>she throws herself at you, the person she loves so much
>her dream finally turning into reality...almost...
>her kiss so full of love for you and yet so bittersweet for her
>you have never seen her being so passionate before. and you have never felt so good...
>The girl you like is making love with you. only, you're to afraid to tell her how you feel
>The two of you have a passionate night, deep into night hours
>"...ah...well...umm...this is...if you do it like this, she'll be your for sure"
>after that day a few things change
>Ponk follows you even more than before and pushes even harder
>she also continues your "sexual training" telling you that this will definitely make you more assertive and better in bed
>but as much as you like it, things just can't go on forever like this
>one afternoon, in her bedroom...
>she looks up at you. still busy blowing you off but also paying attention
"...is this even training anymore? how will this make me better in bed?"
>Pinkie suddenly pulls back, her eyes wide open and her face turning pale
>"w-w-well, uh...i mean...uhhh....this...!"
>she's completely panicking. you grab her by the shoulders and stare deeply into her blue eyes
"P-Pinkie, i...i have to tell you something!"
>"...M-Me too..."
>you just stare deeply into each other's eyes
>neither of you say a word but they're not needed as you both finally realise it
>"Oh, Nonny..."
>Another kiss...but this time sweet for both of you
Amazing, definitely was a rushed story, but I can also see that being hard to make it go more smoothly if you meant this to be only one post long.
But thank you again for indulging me with a story.
In highschool my waifu was Applejack. In college my waifu was Applejack. Post college (NEET) my waifu is still Applejack.
I hope to soon escape the NEET life and in that time my waifu will still be Applejack. I must be strong. I must do it for her.
File: 1633588655009.jpg (36 KB, 510x510)
36 KB
>multiple waifus
I like the idea of Anon with the golden retriever personality submitting to Ponk wanting to give him "special lessons" on how to pleasure the girl he likes after secretly telling her. This being a way to get his first kiss and be the first to pop his cherry as her master plan to keep him all to herself instead while Anon is none the wiser.
It's not what happened in this story but it gave me this idea.
my idea for the green was:
"Ponk and Anon secretly like each other but Anon pretends to like someone else because he's a shy person and Ponk prioritizes his happiness over her own while feeling sadness and jealousy cuz she's not the chosen one, however that doesn't stop her from subconsciously trying to win Anon's heart and so she clings to him and even gets physical, hoping to convert him to herself because they're already so close to each other that this might just work"
but while the initial idea sounded good to me, i didn't know how to expand the mid part. i also should've gone for a multi post green
The fact that OP not only graduated high school but was allowed into college is proof that the entire education system has been corrupted and gutted.
I like this idea too
Yeah, greens can be a pain like that if you want to keep it one post but it doesn't transition smoothly.
Graduating college is sorta like realizing most of them have semi severe problems.

But fluttershy seems like a good choice?
If you don't mind crazy shy and quiet, Almost ALL the time.
Which let's be honest, it's kinda the dream female?
But also, you sorta want someone to talk to, and show some emotion, to have some reaction.
The thought of a girl like fluttershy being a "dead fish" in bed room (sexy time) is kinda scary disappointing.
Which is why fans create fake fanfiction shit.
Like flutterrape.

Pinkie - Way too crazy, way too much energy.
And the fan theory of her being fat, but she doesn't seem it in the show?
So I think you could imagine Pinkie as thin?
I mean, she does seem kinda fit.
Perhaps cause of the crazy energy.
But the crazy energy has to worry someone.
I don't mean just the "fan theory" of pinkamena.
And there's the fan theory of her being a slutty whore too. But i personally assume most the mlp girls, even pinkie, are virgins.

But fluttershy and pinkie is an odd combo, talk about complete opposites.
i'm more offended by
>my waifu is Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
where "waifu" is singular
They're a hive mind.
> Double waifus
You inconsistent traitor
As the children say, “I’m not sure who asked?”
Based waifus
Go get em filipina lady
File: 2122823.png (731 KB, 1225x2485)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
This Pinkie is not nearly soft enough.
I want to fill her with cream
File: 1304376955947.png (299 KB, 500x375)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>identifying with an OC
File: 2391983.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>Anon is a self insert OC
how much did he pay for this?
Unironically $500 dollarinos
No way man
God why does EQG Pinkie seem so inherently lewd?
File: 2005285.png (814 KB, 1920x1080)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
>what you see right before snu snu
You can never escape the Ponkening once it begins
>the Ponkening
this made me think of End of Evangelion but it's giant Pinkie Pie's head instead
>top 10 photos taken before disaster
shove that phone up your ass
Pinkie needs curves. She's the only one that can get away with being outright fat, though Twilight can be a little chubby.
chubby Ponk is best ponk
>In high school, I wanted glamor and prestige.
>Now that I'm an adult, I long for hope and kindness.
Checks out.
Maud is just like me fr
>Maud saying that Maud is like Maud
whatever you say, Maud
File: 2954054.png (634 KB, 1701x2827)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
Her outfits were so good
File: 2950918.png (3 KB, 1150x1304)
3 KB
Mega Ponk
I want to be the one
can i use item-P on her?
At the end of the day he’s just another one of the hundreds of insecurity-projecting ocfaggots of this fandom shilling then dedicatedly defending his super special character he drew badly
Of course, it will also make her twice as tall to boot
>Amazon Ponk
I'm the only one
On your A.M., A.M. radio
how 'bout buff Pie?
What the actual fuck, anon.
File: 2943095.png (641 KB, 4000x5216)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
I want her to forcibly extract my tip If you know what I mean

>Pinkie Pie was born with a rare mutation
>this mutation caused her body to grow very big and very muscular
>she's also unbelievably strong. you saw her destroy Bulk Biceps in arm wrestling and Bulk is already like a tank
>add to that her hyperactive personality and you have a bull in a china shop
>basically everyone is afraid of getting too close to her
>but not you
>Pinkie has always been very nice to you. she was the very first to greet you when you just moved to CHS and boy, did she leave an impression!
>she saved you the effort of asking where the infirmary room is and sent you straight there
>but she also apologized plenty and begged for forgiveness afterwards
>and let me tell you, seeing someone 5 times bigger than you making puppy eyes is a sight to behold
>but you accepted her apology in a heartbeat. it was genuine and from the bottom of her heart
>this little incident also started your relationship with her. you two quickly became besties
>because of her condition, people have been avoiding her as much as possible or were acting super nice to her
>but you could tell that their politeness was only for show
>they just didn't want to insult her in any way out of fear and would rather not be here with her at all
>and it didn't take you long to figure out that Ponk was aware of this fact
>you knew that deep down she's a nice and kind girl. but cruel life has punished her for...what?
>on the outside she's all jokes, enthusiasm and smiles but inside she was slowly turning into emotional wreckage and you just couldn't stand seeing her like this
>she was a very precious friend to you and you simply had to do something...
>long lunch break, Ponk is sitting alone in the corner. deflated and gazing into nothingness as usual these days
>you sit right next to her but move a bit closer. she doesn't even notice you at first
>your hand reaches and touches her cheek. your gazes met
"Pinkie...i promise that, no matter what, i'll always be there for you so...please always keep smiling for me, okay?"
>"N-Nonny, i...m-mhm!"
>her eyes shimmer and tears start to form in the corners. she presents you the biggest, happiest grin you have ever seen on her face
>what you didn't expect though was her pulling you into a kiss
>her massive arms holding you firmly in place accompanied with her soft, tender lips gently pressing against yours
>you...didn't mean it that way...but...this is actually fine...
>Pinkie has always been special to you...so...you'll be her special someone as well

i might write a lewd followup tomorrow if there's interest
I'm only interested in running away. Ponk is not for muscle, Ponk is for sugar-filled curve.
Speak for yourself, I love her in all forms
Love the green so far, Anon. Can't wait to see what kind of lewd she's gonna do.
There's already a Amazon Pinkie thread up, go over there instead >>39039458
Lovely to see
Yes, the Amazon thread would be perfect for this green.
so we movin'?
File: 2933171.jpg (134 KB, 709x1063)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I'm fine with moving the green to the Amazon thread, after all it is what the OP of that thread was wanting, I wager.
I'm still posting here too though
Forgot the flag, fug
File: 2928906.jpg (742 KB, 814x1150)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
slowly making progress
Can't wait
sorry, i had to do some stuff and i'm still not done with all of it. i'll get back to writing soon
have sum qt3.14 for now
How is he any different from Anon? Besides having an actual name you can say without looking like an autist?
She looks so cute, plus titties
sorry anon but it's 6:46 here and i should go to sleep. Pinkie promise to finish tomorrow
Holy fuck she's hot
Always has been
Take as much time as you need, a quality green is better than a rushed one.
all right let's continue
10/10, would snuggle
just to make sure: do i post it here or in the other bread?
Eh, post it where ever, I personally don't care desu

>"...say, Anon...would you like to skip the rest of the school?"
>we have PE and Art left so why not
>the two of you sneak outside and then dash into freedom. this day is yours now
>you two wander around aimlessly and eventually Pinkie invites you to her house
>her room is what you'd expect from a girl, only on steroids
>there's pink, plushies and hearts everywhere. you'd say that this room belongs to a preschool girl rather a highschooler
>the only thing that is out of place is her bed. it's gigantic, tall and looks to be reinforced with steel
>you take a seat on the bed. Pie sits right next to you just like you did earlier
>none of you say anything for a longer while, just looking around and occasionally at each other just to look away next moment
>Pinkie Pie seems to be nervous and you feel the same
>you're both sitting on her bed after all. you know where this is going
>you have never seen her being so shy before. guess it's up to you...
>your mouth moves closer to her ear and you whisper
"...i want you, Pinkie"
>she jumps up in panic, her sturdy bed not wobbling one bit
>you don't waste time and gently push her onto bed
"shhh...it's okay..."
>you slowly work your way undressing her. not without some problems considering her size
>once you're done, you can see her powerful body in all it's glory
>her riped body that many men can just dream of, still towering over you even as she lies down
>you'd probably break a baseball bat on it if you were to hit her with one. you wouldn't be surprised if she could bend iron bars like some reed
>this girl who nobody would dare to mess with is lying fully naked right in front of you
>covering herself with her giant arms and staring at you, all shy and nervous
>you'd never thought that a girl of her...caliber would be so vulnerable. you find that really cute
>without further ado, you get on top of her until you can feel her breath on your face
>first a peck on the lips. then her cheek, neck, shoulder...
>you move her arm away to reveal her lovely breasts, moving her other arm aside while you're at it
>your tonguetip makes a few circles around her nipple while you fondle the other boob
>"nhah! w-wait, they're...sensitive...!"
"i wouldn't want it any other way"
>you just reply with a smirk and move even further down
>your tongue bumps over her abs on it's way to her womanhood
>once there, you take a moment to admire her lovely pussy by spreading her open
>her tough-looking outer labia hide a small, cute interior
>a shade of pink just as lovely as her cheeks when she blushes
>"N-Nonny, that's...y-you can't...!"
>just blowing air there is enough to send an electric shock through her entire body
>wow...she's so sensitive
>without a warning you shove your tongue in and...almost end up being hurt as she just as suddenly squeezes her legs together
>seriously, her legs are like a hydraulic press...


>Pinkie immediately spreads her legs back
>"GAH! did i hurt you?!"
"no, i'm fine..."
>"i am sooo sorry! please forgive me!"
"it's okay, Pinkie. don't worry about it"
>you gently caress her legs and smile at her until she eventually calms down
"...but you might want to hold onto your legs"
>"okie dokie!"
>Pinkie grabs the undersides of her knees and pulls them up, giving you an even better view of her now glistering kitty
"good girl..." *lick* *lick* *slurp*
>Pinkie's body twitches violently as you make out with her womanhood
>your tongue tip rubs every fold and cranny, prodding her love hole and ticking her clit
>your lips caress her pink walls and wipe all the generous love fluids she made just for you to savour
>she tastes so good that you want to spend the rest of the day licking her but you know that she won't let you get away without getting a piece of you
>"nhah! ah! hah! N-Nonny, i...gah! i'm gonna...!"
>already? how cute...here...
>"oah! hah! aah! AAAH!!!"
>her body violently spasms in ecstasy
>you try to hold her in place as much as possible and do not stop stimulating her, prolonging her already powerful orgasm
>only when her climax seems to start fading away, you show her pink some mercy
"mmmm...good girl..."
>Pinkie Pie pants heavily, still overwhelmed with what just happened
>you move your head upwards and then lock lips with her
>her arms and legs immediately wrap around you and hold you tightly in place as you two kiss passionately for a longer while
>when she finaly releases you, you can see how happy she is about all this
>"now it's my turn..."
"well...you're such a big and strong girl...and i was thinking...if you would like to...have your way with me?"
"i mean...you could overpower me right here and now if you wanted...and this thought excites me"
>"i see..."
"i want you to pin me down and do your own cute, dominant things to me"
>"well, if this is what my Nonny wants..."
>Pinkie Pie thinks for a moment and smirks, then gently pushes you back and gets up
>she grabs you by your buttocks and pulls you up, placing you on her shoulders as if you were piggyback riding her, only you're facing the opposite way
>her head gets comfy in between your legs and you can see her licking her lips before she swallows your entire length
>and she doesn't hold back at all. her lips quickly kiss the base of your manhood and you can feel her tongue getting a taste of your ballsack
>now, she is not moving her head and blowing you. she's actually moving your entire body and face-fucking herself
>she's handling you as if you're weightless. you feel like a small toy
>you have never seen or felt something like this before. the pleasure is on a whole new level
"oh f-fuck...P-Pinkie, this is...ahn!"
>you can't even keep yourself straight and curl around her, nestling your face in her fluffy yet bouncy hair


"mmmm...y-your hair...hah...smells so n-nice...ah..."
>Pinkie mumbles something you don't understand and happily continues pleasuring you
>it doesn't take long before you're on the edge
"i-i'm getting close...!"
>a few more 'thrusts' and you arch back as you experience the strongest orgasm in your life...so far
>Pinkie Pie holds you all the way in and waits patiently as you coat the back of her throat with your thick sperm
>once done, she calmly pulls you out, making sure to wipe off ever last drop, then makes a loud gulp and looks up at you proudly
"hah...hah...P-Pinkie, that...hah...was...amazing..."
>"mmmm...you came so much..."
"h-how could i...not?"
>"teehee...i'm not done with you yet..."
>Pie puts you down on the bed and jumps onto it
>she firmly grabs you by your ankles, pulls your legs up and spread wide open, then squats right above your crotch
>"ready for round two?"
"oh fuck...yes, please!"
>Pinkie positions herself but suddenly stops and looks away, blushing
"...what's wrong?"
>"i, ummm...well...i might have accidentally...poped my cherry while masturbating a while ago...i'm sorry, please don't feel disappointed..."
"it's okay, Pinkie...and you know why it's okay?"
"because you don't need to hold back at all. you can pleasure yourself with all your might"
>"silly Nonny..."
>with nothing stopping her anymore, she makes your dick disappear inside her
>ahhh...it feels so damn good inside...
>her puffy lower lips combined with her tight hole make it feel as if a hand is squeezing you. a very soft, warm and wet hand
>she starts humping you while using your legs as handles to pull you with each thrust for that extra hard pound
>her muscular crotch is slapping your ass as if you were being spanked
>your legs twitch with each plap but are being held firmly in place by her buff arms, destroying any illusion that you might be able to break free from this
>there's no doubt who's the bottom here. she's having her way with you and you have nothing to say about it
>but despite all that her face tells you that she will never take things too far or hurt you in any way
>her shimmering eyes and her heartwarming smile make you feel protected and cared about
>you can't help but moan, making sounds that you'd never expect yourself being able to
>Pinkie Pie seems to be pleased at your overjoyed expression. you probably look silly right now
>"ah! hah! nhah! i love this! hah! aah! i-i want to...hah! stay like...mhah! this forever! oh!"
"m-me too...! nhah!"
>she leans down and burries your face in between her breasts. you wrap your arms around her and smother in them
>"ah! hah! do you...mhah! l-like them?!"
>still muffled in her boobies, you reply by sucking on her nipple
>"Ahn! g-good boy...hah! m-momma Pinkie will...mhah! let you suck on...hah! them whenever you...ah! w-want...! hah! ah! aah! i-i'm getting close...!"
>let's cum together...


>Pinkie speeds up and does her best to hold back, waiting for you to climax. it only takes you seconds to join her and you both shout as you reach climax
>the feeling of your hot seed being pumped deep inside her forces her entire body to spasm violently, shaking you as well in the process. as if you weren't twitching hard enough already
>once the climax cools off, Pinkie collapses on top of you, feeling both completely ecstatic and exhausted
>her heavy body is pressing on you quite hard but you don't care at all and keep your arms wrapped around her tightly
>it takes you a few minutes before you two fully get back to your senses
"i haven't told you that yet but...i love you..."
>"i love you too..."
>the two of you decide to rest in each other's arms for a longer while
>later that day you both go down, eat something and fool around, doing some kinky stuff as well
>eventually you both fall asleep on the couch in front of TV, Pinkie being the big spoon of course. you feel at peace
>...mmmm...my cute, lovely, muscular girl...


yea...could be a bit better. you can tell that i wrote it in chunks and had slightly different mindsets whenever i got to typing. but i hope that you enjoy it nevertheless
File: new clothes Ponk.jpg (407 KB, 1024x2211)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Loved it, you improved in terms of writing quality too from the looks of it.
my writing still feels rusty but i'm glad that you enjoyed it
did you fap to it?
Not yet
But you can bet your ass I will later tonight when I'm in bed
i'm really glad to hear that
File: rumble.jpg (41 KB, 640x360)
41 KB
and when you're in the senior center it'll be Rumble.
Great story.
i almost let this bread die. thanks for reminding me
>In high school my waifu was Rarity, but now in college my waifu is Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
>changing waifus
Tsch. Easy to manipulate fags. My favourite ponies will always be in this order Twilight > Dash > Pinkie

And my new waifu is really just a combination of my old waifus; Zipp Storm
She's smug
All according to kaiku
I wish I was Ponk's special churro
I'd give her my "churro" if ya know what I mean
>"i'm so glad that my Nonny loves me even if i'm loco in the coco..."
>"can i have a taste of your blood? Pinkie promise to not leave any permanent marks on you..."
>She says this despite Anon having tape over his mouth and strapped to Ponk's bed.
>but she's actually kindhearted enough to remove the tape after teasing him a bit, listens to his answer and then makes lots of gentle, caring love to him because Anon means world to her
Awww, that's a cute twist making my heart melt.
God, yandere Pinkamena is so hot.
i like how Koikatsu team approached yandere personality. not as a crazy psycho killer but a sad, miserable girl who has very low self esteem, lack of social skills and who just wants to be loved and is afraid to lose you now that you've actually showed some care
Psycho yanderes are a bit lame now, I prefer my yandere Ponk to just be a very touchy graby girl who doesnt mind proclaiming her love for you in public for all to see by breaking a couple public indecency laws.
File: 1631805217204.jpg (127 KB, 1080x1222)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
It's the exact opposite for me. The older I get the hornier I get for fashion horse
File: Gymnastics Ponko.jpg (100 KB, 735x849)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
So flexible, I' also wish she would turn me into a pretzel too
>she suddenly pulls out a strap-on
>"i'll use lots of lube and be super-duper gentle..."
>"i want to connect with my Nonny this way and take him to new heights of pleasure, just like he takes me..."
wat do
File: nervious ponk.gif (1.01 MB, 657x364)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
Sure, why not? So as long it's just with mai waifu.
She most likely already randomly put her fingers up my butt to make me cum inside her instantly by now.
Same here. I never disliked Rarity by any stretch, but one day I woke up with a boner for her that never really went away.
>"oh, i'm gonna give you so many anal orgasms that at the end of it you'll belong only to me..."
>"i'll also put a condom on your friend and will collect all your precious seed so i can pour it all into my pussy..."
>i won't touch him at all but we can hold hands and kiss if you want..."
>"ah, i'm sorry if i sound creepy...i'm just so madly in love with you...later you can strap me to the bed and do anything you want to me..."
File: Spoiler Image (32 KB, 500x380)
32 KB
>Getting anally ravaged by mai waifu, especially while going full Pinkamena mode
Not sure if want, brain saying no
but dick is saying YES!!!
just muffle my mouth with your hand while you give a hickey on my neck
Anything for (You)
Now this is a based edit
>Pinkamena pegs you until morning
>she's going very gentle at first, making extra sure that no harm happens to you
>her hands hold yours tightly, intertwining fingers with your hands, and she plants lots of kisses all over your face and neck. she also licks and sucks from time to time
>once you fully get into it, she speeds up giving you that promised pleasure and more
>as you slowly turn into a messy ahegao, you learn a few things about your body
>like, anal orgasm is much stronger and lasts longer or like, it doesn't feel as satisfying as a penis one and just makes you crave for more
>the seemingly neverending climax makes your head drift away into ecstasy
>Pinkie is absolutely overjoyed with your reaction to all this. you could swear you saw a tear of joy forming in her eye corner
>at some point she unties you and you two continue the same thing, just more intimately
>once she sees that you've had enough, she lies next to you and hugs from behind
>you two talk and giggle a bit but mostly stay quiet, just enjoying each other's warmth and touch
>you cuddle into the late morning and eventually fall asleep...
File: 1561796987410.png (47 KB, 544x412)
47 KB
That one Tabitha blooper sure as shit didn't help my boner go away either
did you know that, apparently, crying from enjoyment and maniacally laughing when you're in deep despair are two sides of the same coping mechanism where our mind responds to extreme emotion with its counterpart to maintain emotional equilibrium?
Isnt that projection on your part kek
damn that is one boob significantly bigger than the other boob
Imagine Pinkamena coming home from a long day at work and started pegging you to blow off steam.
Grabbing you by the waist while you're in the kitchen cooking wearing nothing but the "kiss the cook" apron.
Then she started getting puffy hair and happy again after climaxing and seeing you climax.

Well, that's neat to know.
>you find yourself a remote job so you spend most of your time at home
>it's up to you to take care of all the house chores, you decide. you wash, clean and cook
>you welcome her when she comes back, feed her, give a massage and help her relax and get comfy
>you even offer her your body as if your roles got reversed. and you love it this way
>Pinkie is surprised how hooked you got on being pegged. you end up doing it more often than regular sex
>but she couldn't be happier about it. seeing your overjoyed face as she brings you to climax is her most cherished reward
>she orders a very special double ended strap-on with a special catheter going from the tip of 'penis'. she inserts the other end of tube into her peehole as she fixes the strap in place
>this way not only pegging you stimulates her as well but also when she orgasms, she can squirt right inside you as if it was her seed
>needless to say you're both absolutely delighted with this
>Ponka 'creampies' you every single day and even starts calling you her slutty boy
>she also gets jealous and asks you to do her in the ass too. you quickly teach her how to cum from anal
>you usually do it right after she's done with you and she keeps wearing the strap so you can make her 'penis' cum just like she makes yours
>sometimes she will tie you to the bed, sometimes you'll tie her, but most often you do it freely. you just love hugging and kissing each other while having sex
>eventually it's just the usual Pinkie Pie doing it with you. the thought that you're at home waiting for her is enough to keep her happy all day
>and you couldn't feel happier, always being there for her
>all in all, you'll always be her "silly Nonny". and you don't want it any other way
File: 2904162.jpg (57 KB, 800x800)
57 KB
would you?
she already cheered me up by showing herself
Honestly, making Ponk happy would make my heart burst. Me having her as mai waifu for over a decade now must have permanently made my brain go full good syndrome.
Would do anything for her and to put a smile on her face like she would for others.
OP's pic fits perfectly for today too.
she would show up at your doorstep naked and be the first thing you see in the morning as you leave the house
maybe even earlier if you left your window open and she wakes you up without concerning herself if the neighborhood can hear her scream and in consequence see her
>college actively makes people less intelligent
More news at ten.
I feel like she would be risking indecent exposure if she was doing that before getting into the house somehow.
>She ends up getting through the opened bedroom window on the 2nd floor from a tree branch.
>Then tries to sneak into the bed without trying to wake her "target" up from slumber
>Each step Pinkie takes, Anon twists and turns in his sleep
How would she overcome the challenge?
>however that's not a problem for her. she is fully aware that laws of physics don't concern her at all
>she does her usual 'breaking the space-time continuum' and teleports to right where she wants to be without making a single noise
>her destination being standing on all fours right above "Nonny"
>there he is...he's sleeping so peacefully...
>awww, and he's smiling...he must be dreaming of something...
>if he were to utter my name right now, my heart would melt...
i dunno. how does Ponk feel like today?
where is my picture?
>if he were
should be
>...i-if he were
i don't remember removing that
Like a predator having their prey right where they want them only to then get paralyzed when she suddenly felt some bouncing morning wood lightly tapping her snatch.
>Anon seems to be having a wet dream because of it
>this is it. there he is, right in front of her, completely at her mercy
>and she came here, breaking the law, with a clear objective
>she could be doing it right here and now. she absolutely could
>but she doesn't
>she's thinking. there's just one thought on her mind right now:
>"who is he dreaming about?"
>she simply has know!
>so she freezes up...and observes
>Nonny is mumbling something from time to time. maybe he'll spill the beans
>while watching him, she notices something. his body language
>Nonny is merely twitching but she can somehow imagine what he's doing in his dream
>...they caress each other...they hug...t-they kiss...!
>and he's mumbling something...love...kiss...l-lick...!
>...oh...oh my...Nonny is VERY into it
>before she realises, watching him squirming and murmuring makes her very horny
>she feels like masturbating right above him but controls herself
>and then, suddenly and without any warning
>her heart skips a beat. she collapses next to him and stares at the ceiling
>this is officially the happiest moment in her life. can you even feel happier than this?
>"...Nonny is dreaming about me..."
>Pinkie has no idea what to do anymore. she suddenly feels bad for breaking in without asking and planning something naughty
>but Nonny would surely forgive her something like that, right?
choices choices choices...
File: a mighty need.png (908 KB, 1920x1080)
908 KB
908 KB PNG
I do not know what Pinkie should do in this situation but I do know for sure I would freak out if I saw Pinkie right next to me, mostly because it's unexpected.
I would of been dreaming of Ponk riding me in the amazonian mating press position to boot.
Pinkie might try waking them up and ask before doing so and probably have them restrained too just incase they try to scream for help.
File: Sweating Gummy.png (623 KB, 1898x1080)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
>a moment of hesitation and then she decides
>"if Nonny is dreaming about me, i'll make his dream become reality"
>but first...just in case...alakazam! Nonny is secured to the bed
>and now...let me take a look at...h-his...
>good thing that Nonny is sleeping naked. how cute...and considerate of him
>"ahh...he's so hard and twitchy...feels so good between my legs..."
>"...which hole should i put him in?" *groan*
>"my tushie. he seems to be fond of my backdoor...all right, there goes..."
>"he....he woke up"
"Pinkie, what's happe..."
>you take a look around and immediately answer your own question
>you stare at her. she just smiles apologetically
>oh, Pinkie...what am i supposed to do with you...
Nothing like waking up to a struggle snuggle in the morning, hehe
>"y-you're not mad at me?"
"Pinkie...how could i ever be mad at you?"
>"b-but...i broke into your house and...almost raped you in your sleep..."
"and i'm not mad at you at all...i wholeheartedly trust you and know that you would never ever hurt me"
>"N-Nonny, i...i think i'm gonna cry..."
"now, now, Pinkie, relax...and ummm...w-well...you may c-continue whatever you were planning to do..."
>"okay, okay, i have to calm down...now, what should i start with?"
File: Latina Ponk.png (516 KB, 1280x724)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
BJ, down it like it was one of her tastey churros.
>Pinkie Pie smirks and moves in between Anon's legs. she licks her lips as she stares at your manhood
>you say nothing and just look away, blushing. this is so embarrassing...
>suddenly you feel her lips and tongue wrapping around your penis
>she starts with kissing the tip a few times and then runs her tongue up and down his entire length
>a little bit of cock worship before she gobbles it whole
"ahn...P-Pinkie, your f-finger...!"
>you can feel gentle prodding at your rear hole. she smiles like she's about to put it in
>"would my Nonny like it here as well?"
i might be a tad bit slow with writing these. my apologies
You should not worry about fast responses at all, Anon
>>"would my Nonny like it here as well?"
Without a doubt yes, especially if you're looking for a quicker climax.
Stop being lewd
is meant for >>39117877
>"actually...i might want to do everything here..."
*gulp* "g-go on..."
>Pinkie Pie smiles and slowly slides her middle finger inside you
>it quickly finds your prostate and starts massaging it. softly and with the right pressure
>she rests her head on her free hand, her head slightly tilted so it's your face she's focusing. she continues the massage with a big, lewd smile
>you don't last very long. her finger is moving just right and her beautiful, blue eyes pierce you with pure lust, giving you that extra stimulus
>a few more rubs and you climax. her eyes open wide as they witness your twitching dick shooting ropes of cum into air and all over your belly
>once you're done, she pulls out and licks her finger. then she moves her tongue to your belly and swiftly wipes you clean
>"mmm...you're so cute when i play with your butt...makes me want to play with it some more..."
>i-is that a question?
i'm sorry
I hope she's gentle if she wants to do more butt play. Do you have anything in particular in store?
i was thinking about her tongue
Go for it!!!
"P-Pinkie...do whatever you want to..."
>"oh, i will..."
>Pinkie Pie performs a rope trick and suddenly you're tied up in a much more embarrassing position
>specifically with your legs going over your head, tied to the back of the bed
>you're completely and obscenely mooning your butt at her. and she is very pleased with the sight
>she grabs your buttocks and spreads them as if they weren't spread wide enough already
>she licks her lips once again and then digs into your asshole
"P-Pinkie, that's...ah! oh f-fuck...!"
>her tongue penetrates you and slips deep inside you. it starts twisting and swirling and licks all around your inner walls
>her lips massage your entrance and add some sucking as well
>Pinkie French kisses with your butthole while maintaining eye contact. she's absolutely delighted with the expression you're making right now
"P-Pinkie...! a-are you gonna...ah! make me cum...hah! from my ass again?! nhah! i-i'll break!"
>"hmmm...but you look so happy right now...would you maybe like to submit yourself to your cutiepie?"
good night Ponkfrens
>caring about the opinions of the unwashed masses
anon... i thought you were better than this
He is OC version equivalent of Flash Sentry
imagine paying a bull to fuck your wife
Nonny, you have to reply with an answer if you want me to continue...
silly Nonny
also checked
Nice! I should post my own version
File: 2958661.png (1.54 MB, 3000x3680)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Oh right
Yes I would like to submit myself to Pinkie :3
File: 811512.png (1.47 MB, 864x1536)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
>"Good boy..."
>she says as she shoves her tongue back inside and makes out with your asshole as if she was in the heat of a passionate kiss
>her hands fondle your buttocks and she keeps giggling as your body jumps and twitches around
>lewd noises of licking sucking and kissing fill the entire room, accompanied by your girly moans
>this feel so unbelievably good...is it because your insides are so sensitive or because it's your beloved girl doing it just for you?
>or maybe both, you have mo idea. but you know that you're about to have a very powerful orgasm
>your dick starts twitching like crazy and then ejaculates all over your face
>the bed creaks as you pull hard on the ropes. you feel like curling up but there's no escaping her wonderful analingus
>she stops and looks at you with a very heartwarming smile, her hands still gently rubbing your rear
>"mmm...Nonny came so much for me..."
"P-Pinkie, i..."
"i-i want..."
Ponkfrens, is this true?
could they be one and the same person?
i don't know what to think of this...
How about a reverse belly ride? i.e. Pinkie wears Anon under her clothes with him still tied up but around Ponk with Anon's dick fitting snuggly in her snatch while Ponk does normal day to day activities. Not sure what is the size difference between the two but I guess Ponk is at least strong enough to go with it, considering she is from a rock farm and all.
Well the funny thing about Ponk is that she picks YOU to be her waifu instead of the other way around. She knows how to get what she wants and by the time you realize what actually been going on, she already got your love.
oh my...
i mean, i could write that but i'm not sure what they would be doing. any ideas?

>She knows how to get what she wants
>Pinkie has a crush on you but you tell her what type of girl you like and it doesn't fit her
>therefore she dresses up as someone else and acts like the girl of your dreams
>she seduces you and eventually wins your heart
>she eventually reveals herself and apologises but your heart already belongs to her
i know she would
>picrel is undercover Pinkie seducing you
>i mean, i could write that but i'm not sure what they would be doing. any ideas?
Pinkie realizing her shift at sugar cube corner is starting soon? No one would suspect Pinkie is smuggling Anon under her clothes while she tends to customers. If she or Anon is close to climax, she can immediately take cover by going back into the kitchen and maybe hide in the pantry until the sensations subsides. Or maybe Pinkie doing a casual walk in the park?
i like the idea but i simply can't imagine her coworkers and customers not noticing a person her size wrapped around her. no clothes would make this look non suspicious. but a walk in the park could work
...or maybe some magic should be involved? the choice is yours
Also to expand on Ponk being under cover
Pinkie can keep up the act for so long that she doesn't even falter when your unloading your sperm into her and making her cum OR maybe it falters for a split second because it felt so good but you're too distracted to notice it. You don't realize it's Pinkie and not Fluttershy until 9 months later when you see what should of been Fluttershy's familiar features in the new born baby actually has Pinkie's. She played the long game, and the only cat she can't keep in the bag is genetics and you're indeed the genetic father.
Walk in the park probably sounds more interesting honestly, she could leverage her natural hammer space abilities too to fit an entire person under her clothes.
"...i want to tell you that i love you"
>"awww...i love you too..."
"so...what now?"
>Pinkie thinks for a moment and then grins lewdly
>"i might have a fun idea. interested?"
>"good. now lemme just..."
>yet another magic trick and you end up in an...unusual position
>wrapped around her, your arms and legs tied up behind her back. your face nested in between her breasts and your penis resting deep inside her
>"there! now we can be connected for the rest of the day. isn't this exciting?"
"you know what? i like it. this is something that only you would come up with"
>"awww, you're so cute. let's go for a walk then"
"wait, a walk? b-but...okay?"
>Pinkie puts on her biggest, fluffiest winter coat hiding you entirely underneath
>it's almost winter so nobody will suspect anything
>she puts her boots on and goes outside, humming happily. destination: public park
>as weird as it may sound, you kinda like it. she didn't put any clothes on you but both her body and the coat keep you warm enough
>you also enjoy being so close to her. you can clearly hear her heartbeat as you get comfy in her bust
>and then there's your cock stuck deep inside her. can't move in or out and just remains fully erect
>she stimulates you slightly as she walks but stimulation it's not hard enough to do any more than tease you
>Pinkie Pie walks for a bit until she finds a bench far away from anyone and anything. not a single soul in sight
>she sits down, relaxes and then takes a peak inside her coat
>"how's my Nonny doing? ropes are not too tight?"
"i-i'm fine..."
>"it feels so nice sitting here with you like that and being constantly connected..."
"mmm...you're so warm...and smell so nice..."
>Pinkie pats your head. you find your way to one of her nipples and start sucking on it, forcing a lovely moan out of her
>"what a cute, little boy you are...maybe i should become your mommy...?"
>she lied to you and you should be mad
>but you're not. it suddenly hits you
>all this time you spent with your fake girlfriend, it was just Pinkie Pie
>they way your gf behaved, smiled, made you laugh, took care of you and made love with you, it was all Pinkie Pie. you just never noticed that side of her
>she was always the girl of your dreams and it took you long enough to realise that
>as Pinkie stands there, ready to be scolded, you surprise her by pulling her into a hug
>you two end up being together and eventually marry each other
>but sometimes you will ask her to pull out the costume and roleplay as you make love
>sometimes you even pretend that she's your secret lover and Pinkie is more than happy to be both of your girlfriends
File: Pank.png (467 KB, 868x1024)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
>>"what a cute, little boy you are...maybe i should become your mommy...?"
Good god I want her to make me call her mommy so bad while she uses me as her personal sex toy.
>>sometimes you even pretend that she's your secret lover
Being secret lovers sounds like such a romantic idea for a green to boot.
gonna eat something. be patient
>Being secret lovers sounds like such a romantic idea for a green to boot.
as romantic as it is, i'd feel bad for the other girl being betrayed. Nonny surely isn't such an inconsiderate person
...unless that girl is into it
>gonna eat something. be patient
Take all the time you need, I see no point in rushing
>as romantic as it is, i'd feel bad for the other girl being betrayed. Nonny surely isn't such an inconsiderate person
>...unless that girl is into it
Nah, I don't mean it in that way, I would not want another mare experiencing that really.
I guess I mean in a more traditional/cliche way where they fug in secret or something despite be forbidden to.
What's the opposite of ntr? Like when its the girl getting cucked?
Dirty waifu traitor
me too
"mmm...yes, please..."
>you say and suck more eagerly than before as if you're expecting breast milk to come out
>"how sweet...your cutiepie will gladly become your mommy. are you happy to hear that?"
>"would you like your mommy to call you somehow too?"
>a nickname for me? i want Pinkie to call me...
>Take all the time you need, I see no point in rushing
you say to Pinkie as she fastens her strap-on
>despite be forbidden to
something like Romeo and Juliet? (cept the ending)
afair NTR is gender neutral
cuckqueen iirc
>something like Romeo and Juliet? (cept the ending)
Yeah, or something that uses something else besides opposing families
I'll be honest, I have no clue what nickname Pinkie should give me lol
Maybe continue using "Nonny"? I love the usual cutesy nicknames Ponk gives people.
you know, this whole being tied up to Ponk and not being able to get away reminded me of my old green where i described Maud as a quiet but very clingy girl who would just hug Anon on sight and not want to let go like ever. imagine visiting Pie's residence and Maud wraps herself around you at the very entrance and everything you do from that point on, maybe except using the toilet (tho not necessarily), is with Maud hugging you somehow
File: Handsome Devil.png (225 KB, 1220x1079)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Mine was Rainbow Dash and now Nightmare Moon
Ehehehe, that does sound cute. Maybe it runs in the Pie family, they do it in their own special way.
"nmmm...Nonny is just perfect...only you call me that"
>"a very special name for my very special boy..."
>she pats your head again. but you can feel her other hand going down your body, all the way to your butt
>she smirks lewdly as her finger prods your backdoor
>"mama Pinkie wants your cream inside her..."
"y-yes! anything for my mommy!"
>"good boy...now..."
>her finger enters your body and you let out a silent squeak
>she goes straight for your favourite spot and does her finger magic
>her juicy breasts muffle any and all moans you're producing. all you can really do is use your limbs to hold her tighter
>even though your dick is deep inside her, you're still about to have another anal orgasm. she's gonna milk you right inside her womb
>"mommy loves you so much...give her lots of your liquid love..."
>she says and then speeds up. you can't help but twitch uncontrollably as she slowly but inevitably gets you to climax
>with a few more rubs, she pushes you over the edge and then lets out a very satisfied moan as you fill her up
>her finger keeps stimulating you until you're completely done ejaculating
>"there's so much of it...mommy might just give you a brother or sister..."
>"say...what would you like to do now?"
i'm calling it a night. until tomorrow
Maybe go for a casual date over some coffee or tea?
oh, i'm sorry
i jut realised that i turned the green into a semi CYOA. perhaps this is not what you were expecting? shall we continue?
Yes please

"mmmm...let's...let's go on a date"
>"a date?"
>"i'd love to..."
>Pinkie takes you back to your home and unties you. you realise that she has no clothes and ask her about that to which she just replies with an apologetic smile
>"ehhh...i'll give you my clothes then..."
>you two dress up and go downtowm. like a tracking dog, Pinkie smells out -in her opinion- the best baked goods in the near vicinity and takes you to some caffeteria
>she orders a tea and a cake for each. the waiter takes your order and returns behind the counter
>"so, Nonny...how did you like being tied up to me?"
File: Peace Pinko.gif (44 KB, 188x396)
44 KB
okie dokie
i've done this a few times before. you'll be Nonny's voice and sometimes a narrator
she is hopping across your desktop right now, right?
It was quite stuffy while I was stuffed snuggly in your bosom. My dick made it hard (heh) for me to keep quiet when you were running then doing a hop, skip and a jump. But I never felt better about this unique sexual experience! Maybe we should give it another shot some time but with our roles reversed?
Yes, in fact she already managed to open chrome and decided to start ordering food from random nearby pastry places (on my own dime at that)
Really just hope she does not figure out how to look at my history at this point.
>"oh? you want to carry your mommy around this time? sounds exciting..."
>"and where would you take me, i wonder..."
>Really just hope she does not figure out how to look at my history at this point.
is it because you've been looking at other girls?
sorry, Ponkfren. my head hurts and i'm tired. i'd better go to sleep
good night
>>"and where would you take me, i wonder..."
Hmmm, we already did the park and I think where ever we go next should also still include running as the theme of it, how about jogging around town to make things more interesting?

Ahahahahaha, I wouldn't dare do something that would get me or the other person killed. Don't want a double homicide suicide, yeah know?
File: I'll protect you, Anon.jpg (190 KB, 900x1165)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Sleep tight Flutter-friend.
>"Tou really think somebody would do that? Tell lies on the internet?"
I can't belive Arthur lasted as long as it did
>"mmm, i like this idea...oh, the cake is coming"
>the waiter brings you a very appetizing cake piece. you take a bite and it tastes just as good as it looks
"it's good but not as good as what i can make. would you like to bake something together with your mommy sometimes?"
How about teaching me how to bake a cherry pie, with wipped cream on top!
Highly true
Good night.
>"oh, there's a cherry pie ready for you to decorate it with some whipped cream..."
>she says as she winks. you can feel your cheeks turning red, to her amusement
>Pinkie digs into the cake as well. she looks so happy...
>however you've got this strange feeling while looking at her. seeing her in your clothes feels a bit odd
>...speaking of clothes, do i want to know why she didn't have her own...?
you're late. i've already woken up
but thank you
>>...speaking of clothes, do i want to know why she didn't have her own...?
You bet your cupcakes I do, and how she managed to get in my house in the first place. I always kept a little wind up toy monkey with cymbals on the window sill for things like this.
"Pinkie, i've been meaning to ask you...how did you get into my house?"
>"oh, you've left your bedroom window open so i welcomed myself"
"but my bedroom is on the second floor. did you climb the tree to get there?"
>"yep! that's why i planted it there!"
>wait, what?!
>"you shouldn't leave your window open like that. what if some other girl sneaks in?"
"what other girl? there's only one girl in the neighbourhood who's crazy enough to break into my house"
>"i just wanted to make sure that my Nonny is not in any danger"
"uhhh...okay, nevermind. one more question"
"where are your clothes? don't tell me that you tore them apart while you were climbing. you like them so much..."
>"oh, no no no. don't worry, i wasn't wearing any so they're fine"
"i see...and WHY weren't you wearing any clothes when you broke into my room?"
>Pinkie once again replies with an apologetic smile
i don't even know if i'm angry at this or not...should i tell her something?
>Don't want a double homicide suicide, yeah know?
>you would think so but actually Pinkie wants you to
>she wants to see what kind of girls you like and try to be more like them
>it's her masterplan to become your perfect girl
>little did she know that she's already perfect the way she is
I demand a cursed edit where her foot is a hand.
i'll do it a bit later
File: She Hungers.jpg (142 KB, 870x868)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>i don't even know if i'm angry at this or not...should i tell her something?
Honestly would let her know that this is considered illegal and she would be arrested for various things, not just indecent exposure if she was ever caught. She can't keep getting away with it! I don't want to see Pinkie get in trouble at all, she means well. Let her know she can always come to the front door and ask if she can come inside like how any other person can.
May need to keep a mental note that she could be unhinged and may only slowly realize that I may have been sticking my dick in crazy, impregnated crazy at that. I need to prepare how to stop her if she does become a danger to myself or others but so far, she is quite benign.
Deep down I want Pinkie to pin me down and have her way with me though, making me hers. This may very well be a tug of war between my brain and my dick at this point.
]you can just write a piece of dialogue if you want, you know
but it's fine by me either way
>I may have been sticking my dick in crazy
i'd stick my dick in crazy if i was sure that she's absolutely devoted to me
>you can just write a piece of dialogue if you want, you know
Oh okay then how about this:
"Pinkie you know you could of just knocked on my front door and ask if you wanted to hang out while fully clothed, right? I'm scared you would get arrested for doing what you did earlier today. Only thing I am mad about is how you could of gotten in trouble from doing this. I know you mean well, but please try not to be so reckless next time."
better reply?
>better reply?
>give headpats
>your serious tone makes her cower a bit
>"i-i'm sorry, Nonny...i thought that you'd like it..."
"i like it, Pinkie, but that doesn't mean you should be doing this..."
>she looks down and looks like she's about to start sobbing
"look, Pinkie...maybe we could find a compromise. like..."
"...i would leave you a spare key in my flowerpot so you could enter without making a scene and then once inside you could undress and go to my room. sounds better, no?"
>what am i even setting myself up to? whatever, for now let's stop her from crying
>"...i'm sorry if i make myself look like obsessive...i just can't stop thinking about you..."
>oh boy...
File: 1601748516026.jpg (849 KB, 2000x2000)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
>>oh boy...
"Look look, it's okay! It's okay!"
>You give Pinkie a very tight hug and a kiss on her cake covered lips
"If you want, I can carry you back to my place instead to make it up to you."
>"yay! piggyback ride!"
>she gobbles her cake but then realises that you're not able to do the same so she just blushes and patiently waits for you to finish
>once you're done, you pick her up and she gets comfy on your shoulders. you go towards your home
>oh, Pinkie...you're so precious
>you don't even mind other people staring at you two. if you're weird for doing this then they are boring for not doing this
>Pinkie wriggles a lot, looking to the left and looking to the right. she points at things and giggles a lot
>what you didn't expect however is the feeling of her crotch on your neck
>you can clearly feel her muffin rubbing you as she moves around
>dammit...you're getting horny...
>you continue walking in silence, keeping your emotions under control when suddenly you can feel wetness on your neck
>no. fucking. way. is she getting horny as well?!
>surely she must feel the rub, right? but she's acting like nothing is happening
>you don't know what to think of this but you know that you have a throbbing erection in your pants
>you get to you house ASAP while avoiding other pedestrians as much as possible. once you open your entrance door, you sigh in relief
>...s-should i ask her about it? i'll have to put her down anyway...
>>...s-should i ask her about it? i'll have to put her down anyway...
"Uhhh.... Pinkie, I think you a puddle on the back of my neck. But if it's any consolation, I now have a raging erection. Wanna head up to my bedroom?"
ah! i missed your reply somehow
my apologieswdvg4
It's okay haha, I need to sleep now though
I keep forgetting to put on my flag when checking the thread
sorry 'bout that
also how the fuck did the captcha let me pass if i literally typed it into the comment window?
>"o-oh...you noticed"
>she blushes a bit but gives you bedroom eyes
>"i'd love to..."
>you two go upstairs. Pinkie jumps at your bed, making a loud *pomf*, and snuggles your pillow
>"ahhhh, so cozy...and it smells so nice..."
"Pinkie, don't sniff my pillow..."
>"but it smells just like you. i really like this smell..."
>this is okay because i'm already rock hard...
>'Sooo, Nonny...what'cha wanna do?"
>she says as she seductively blinks a few times
good night, Ponkfren
Which one?
The what?
*boing boing boing boing boing boing...*
go to 0:14
File: 1656475425124.jpg (227 KB, 2048x1648)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
"Giving you a good mating press to make you feel even better."
>you get on the bed and position yourself in between her now spread legs. Pinkie bites on her fingernail
>"you don't need to use a condom..."
>i don't need to use your pussy. which hole do i feel like going for...?
meant to reply to. have an extra pic
Fuck off barbie garbage.
File: 2629788.png (792 KB, 3000x1350)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
>>"you don't need to use a condom..."
Kind of late to say that Pinkie, considering the multiple cream pies I gifted you already lol
>>i don't need to use your pussy. which hole do i feel like going for...?
"You okay with anal? I don't want to do something like that unless you feel comfortable."
>You really hope she says yes because sweet jeez, she has quite the butt that deserves appreciation.
>"it's all yours..."
>she winks and pulls on her butt cheek using her free hand
>you position your dick and slowly push it in. her eyes widen in excitement
>further and further until you're all the way in. Pinkie wraps her legs around you
>"well? do you like mommy's funhole...?"
>>"well? do you like mommy's funhole...?"
>Holy shit her ass is so tight you could swear she can carry you by your dick with her butthole alone.
"Y-yes, I like it v-very much and it's very t-tight"
>If you're not careful, you'll cum prematurely

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