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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: 1312387.png (390 KB, 507x642)
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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Archive of over 600 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:
Recommended stories for new readers:

This thread's writing prompt:
>Catcher: You've been living on the street for as long as your drug-addled mind can recall. One day when you're half-asleep on a park bench, a van pulls up next to you. Three men get out and grab you, the edges of consciousness fading as something hard hits your head. When you come to, what few memories you once had are gone, replaced with a new form and a distinct sense of dread.

Previous Thread:
>using my waifu for your disgusting general
I will shit fury down your neck, and you will drown.
File: fs.jpg (231 KB, 801x1061)
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I want to be turned into glim glam
File: .jpg (1.67 MB, 2480x3112)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Post the original you double nigger.
What's the pic supposed to show? I feel like I'm having a stroke
File: fsa.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
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311 KB JPG
The edit is for enhanced TF implications.
The original had no such things. It's your twisted autogynephilic mind that sees implications where there are none.
File: 4964.png (1.23 MB, 1095x1582)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Oh no, not only is she a pony, she's gone blind!
I want to be Rainbow Dash
File: rd.png (187 KB, 513x413)
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187 KB PNG
File: 2584296.jpg (2.08 MB, 2048x2732)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
I want to be a pretty zebra.
Lol you want to be a zigger!
>tfw you thought she was trapped in a jar at first
After 6 years of hooved life in equestria, anon returns to earth in human form. He then struggles to handle the contrasting bleakness of the world he returned to as well as difficulty breaking old habits.
You have to brew the pretty zebra potion.
Anon is then rescued from Earth by his pony friends and Princess Celestia who take those she considers worthy back to equestria with them.
Pinkie runs herself ragged organising the biggest welcome to equestria party
File: buzz1.png (534 KB, 3060x3240)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Quick thing, since the archive has only chapter prologue to 12, I uploaded a pastapone with all the chapters in pastebin
I'd die if I repost every single one to pastapone. Shit takes long time

About the story I'm writing on, currently working on chapter 2, had some IRL stuff to fix.
morning bump
File: CapFilly.png (15 KB, 656x872)
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File: wuah.png (652 KB, 1082x580)
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652 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (63 KB, 1051x866)
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File: large.png (855 KB, 1280x720)
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855 KB PNG
File: FillyCrouch_small.png (105 KB, 600x450)
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105 KB PNG
File: 1649998598834.png (671 KB, 2072x1750)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
Who is the artist of this one, it's cute.
File: 2948802.png (736 KB, 3192x2526)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
File: _.gif (310 KB, 437x440)
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310 KB GIF
That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware


Princess Celestia, former co-ruler and now unrivaled sovereign of Equestria... She was the protector of all ponykind for over the last millennium, and at the moment she was sitting at her desk. The room she resided was her office. Cupboards, ink bottles, and parchments littered the room as the sun shone brightly behind her through stained glass.

The Sun Goddess was looking over various documents laid upon her desk, a pile stacked neatly beside her. Some were stamped and others had to be looked over with scrutiny before being tossed aside and denied. It was a monotonous process, one that required her full knowledge and wisdom to enact. Proposals and rules were coming in on the daily and her supernatural senses allowed her to skim through all of it under a couple of hours. Yet, something was distracting her greatly.

She glanced to the side without turning her head.
A guard was there.

He was one of the regular cadets that were assigned by Delusional Spear, a guard captain that was recognized for his fast response against threats in large part due to his paranoia. He was skilled with a spear and was in charge of recruiting, ordering, and training new guards that came in. It so happened that today this cadet was on princess duty- well, technically he had been on shift since the day before. He was sitting perfectly straight with a stern posture, and he hadn't shifted at all since the previous night. As far as Celestia knew, not a single guard ever relaxed their posture within her presence.

The Sun Goddess was bathed in his stare. It was unceasing, barring a few blinks.
The pressure was indescribable.

Surely he didn’t mean to intimidate her. He probably only wanted to be ready to assist her at a moment’s notice, but Celestia truly wished he would give her a break. This was probably true for anypony, but she felt awkward with someone
constantly staring at him. She felt like he must have been doing something wrong even if nothing had happened. Under normal circumstances Celestia wouldn't have felt anxious at all, but ever since that incident... she had been afraid to make any mistakes, especially now.

The biggest issue was that anytime Celestia made the slightest move, he would sync up and silently begin to move with her.

Let’s be frank.
It was torture.

Of course, Celestia was the absolute ruler. If she told the guard to stop, he surely would. But remembering the look on his face when she brought up the subject in a roundabout way, she couldn’t bring herself to give him the order.

So she disregarded the issue and continued her work with the grace of what a princess should have. Once again she stamped a proposal and placed it on top of the stack beside her and saw the next page. It was then the monotony of the office was broken.

Celestia blinked, then looked over the letter again.
"Dear Princess Celestia,

Consider this a letter of resignation. Your pupil has already caused a significant amount of damage on school grounds. All of which includes blowing up the chemistry lab twice, turning me into a newt, and now summoning a chaotic slime that melted the entire west dorm! I cannot sit here and continue teaching while knowing my students will be endangered constantly throughout the next couple of years.

For months I and a couple of other teachers have requested you to do something about her, but your refusal to do anything had led me and a friend to resign from our position as professors. I will be moving my office equipment by the end of the week and I wish you and your School for Gifted Unicorns the very best.

May we meet again on better circumstances, Professor Slug Horn."


The Sun Goddess faceplanted her muzzle on the top of her desk and groaned in anguish. She had been lucky that the last few incidents hadn't resulted in anypony being seriously injured, but this incident with the slime would be sure to finally snap a few occupants into leaving the school entirely.

"Princess?" The guard next to her asked with worry.

"Pay no heed, I'm just expressing my frustrations at this letter," Celestia explained.

"Is there something that we can do for you, your highness?" The guard pony pressed.

Celestia was about to deny the request until she thought about it for a couple of seconds. "Actually, yes, could you get a slice of cake from the royal pantry? Actually no, make it the entire cake." Of course, cake was comfort food to her, but it also served as a large source of neutral magic. The sugar it contained would be able to keep her awake through the entire night. Celestia never liked the taste of coffee, no matter how much sugar was added.

"How many layers?" The guard deadpanned, knowing full well that this happened before.

"Two, no three, please. Thank you." The royal cake hoarder answered while ignoring the deadpanned tone of his voice.

The guard lowered his head before exiting the room. Celestia then exhaled an intense sigh of relief, the pressure of the room relieved itself. "Finally. I thought he'd never leave." The Sun Goddess said to herself after making sure the guard was out of earshot. She looked over the letter a third time without reading it, idly thinking to herself about what to do.

If only I hadn't failed with Sunset Shimmer. She recalled how her former student betrayed her and disappeared through the mirror portal to further her studies. She remembered her conversations with her, trying to guide her on the path to friendship and future greatness. Yet, Celestia didn't realize where her ambitions and loyalty truly lay until it was too late. "If only I had realized in time." She expressed solemnly.

Her attention was then taken away as the door to her office knocked loudly. "Ah, that must be him!" Her mood shifted drastically before welcoming back her guard. "Come in!"
The door opened to reveal, not a guard delivering a frosted three-layered cake, but an Alicorn. Her coat was a pale, light grayish cerise and her mane and tail fashioning streaks of moderate violet, rose, and pale gold. The Alicorn's light purple eyes locked with the Sun Goddess', "Hello aunt Celestia!"

"Greetings Cadance!" Celestia welcomed warmly. "What brings you here?"

"I just wanted to check-in. I heard that you didn't sleep since the day before yesterday, and from the looks of the bags under your eyes it seems that they were right." Cadance stepped forward worriedly. "Are you taking care of yourself? We can't have you collapsing on us now."

Celestia chuckled. "I'm fine my niece. I can last far longer awake than a normal pony would." She tried to reassure her, but her body conveyed obvious signs of weariness.

"Celestia, no offense, but you've been losing sleep since... you lost your future vision." The Princess of Love stepped forward until she reached the edge of her desk.

"No need to remind me, my niece," Celestia sighed again, looking over herself in the nearby mirror. Her hair was slightly frazzled and her eyes held bags underneath. "Do I really look that bad?" She asked timidly.

"Yes, you look really bad." Cadance decided to be completely truthful and earnest.

The tired Goddess looked in the mirror again and expressed an exasperated sigh. "I'm sorry, I've just been worrying so much now."

"About what?" Cadance tilted her head.

"This." Celestia handed over the letter of resignation.

Cadance looked over the letter before her expression turned dim. "Oh. I see. Well not to worry aunt Celestia, I'll go over there and make sure to have a proper conversation with her!"

"Yes, that's good, but that's not the only thing I'm worried about," Celestia admitted.

"Huh? What do you mean?" The Goddess of Love paused before having a chance to leave.

Celestia paused, seeing how much her niece has cared for her. She saw how she worried about her those years back when she first lost her future sight. How she comforted her during her panic and ignored her screams about Equestria ending because it's all her fault. Even now Cadance tried to relieve some of her duties by saving her the time to explain to her new student, Twilight Sparkle. Celestia pondered whether to tell her, to come clean, and finally share some of the responsibilities of a being Princess. She would refrain from omitting anything due to the nature of her future sight, but ever since she lost it six years ago, she could only grow more anxious with each year.

"Celestia?" Cadance asked with increased worry.

Under normal circumstances Celestia would have told her 'not to worry about it', but now she found herself unable to use the same excuse she'd given again and again. It was then she decided to come clean about it.
Using her magic, she locked the door to her office and cast a spell over the room. The spell would prevent any scrying attempts, mind reading, or anypony from listening in on the conversation. "Cadance, what I'm about to tell you is royal confidentiality. Under no circumstances you are to tell anypony about it, even your coltfriend."

"Y-Yes!" Cadance stood up straight, now facing her aunt completely.

"Ever since I lost my future vision, I've been paranoid." Celestia started. "Paranoid of all the potential mistakes I will be making, and what consequences they have to offer."

Cadance raised an eyebrow, "But Princess, you've been ruling Equestria since forever ago. Surely you have enough confidence to rule a kingdom."

The Sun Goddess shook her head. "Perhaps I should. However, for the past millennium, I've been using my future vision to solve every problem Equestria had until now. Ever since Nightmare Moon's banishment, I've trained myself to use this ability effectively, so that... a catastrophe made by my own oversight will never happen again."

Cadance only returned that fact with silence, taking it all in.

Celestia continued. "Unfortunately, I've grown too reliant on it. In the past whenever a problem arises with Equestria, such it be a dragon migration, espionage, or invasion, I'd resolve it through negotiations or by performing certain actions. I'd first use my future vision to see and narrow down the possibilities to favorable outcomes. Then I'd perform the role my visions have given me to the letter. I'm not exaggerating when I say I resolved every issue with this power. With this power alone, I managed to grant Equestria an era of peace and prosperity."

The Sun Goddess then lowered her head. "Yet, none of the possibilities I've witnessed had shown me that I would suddenly lose my future sight. It was unexpected and... terrifying at the time."

"Oh," Cadance paused, "so that was what you meant with all that screaming..."

"Yes, I initially had thought that maybe somepony had undermined my spell. That they saw everything and planned something terrible for me and Equestria. Or that the universe itself was going to backlash at me by throwing every possible outcome that I'd avoided until now." Celestia revealed. "Yet, none of those happened. I was only left with the realization that any action I would make from then on would have consequences that I couldn't foresee. I couldn't be the perfect pony Equestria needed me to be anymore. I would be making mistakes, horrible mistakes as I've done before." The Sun Goddess' voice trembled at the last sentence, causing Cadance to rush over to her aunt.
Cadance was not phased by the sight. The first time she witnessed Celestia having a mental breakdown greatly disturbed the Princess of Love. However, the next six years have proven her aunt to be much more relatable than she initially had thought. It was a welcome change, a change that she couldn't judge Celestia of having. Her wing outstretched, she hugged her aunt tightly. "It's okay Celestia, I'm here for you."

Celestia smiled wearily, but gratefully as she wiped some tears out of her eyes. "Thank you." She said as the Princess of Love performed her title's namesake.

A couple of minutes passed then, just the both of them embracing one another until Celestia had calmed down fully. "Thank you," the Sun Goddess repeated, "I've shown an unsightly side of mine again."

"N-No, it's not a problem at all Princess! I'm just glad I'm here to help." Cadance backed away before smiling.

"Right, thank you... now, where was I? Ah yes." Celestia paused before telling her aunt the truth. "I plan for Twilight to become the bearer of the Elements of Harmony."

"WHAT?!" The pink Alicorn's wings fluttered in surprise.

Celestia silently mused at her surprise but continued. "Yes, my student will be the bearer of Harmony."

"B-But, how?! And why?!" Cadance exclaimed, now knowing why Celestia insisted on her foalsitting her student.

"Because the Elements do not respond to me." The Sun Goddess admitted. "They haven't ever since I've banished Nightmare Moon."

"T-They don't!?" The revelation shit Cadance like a truck. However the more she thought about it, everything fell into place. Celestia never once used the Elements because her future sight allowed her from coming into a situation where it was needed. However, hearing now that she actually couldn't use the Elements was disturbing. "Ah... that makes some sense now, but... why Twilight?" The Goddess of Love asked.

"Because that was one possible outcome I've seen before I lost my ability," Celestia said. "Trust me when I say this my niece, Twilight wasn't the first option I chose to be the artifact's bearer." She then reminisced about her former student. "There was one before her, Sunset Shimmer. My visions had shown me she had great potential, however, she betrayed me by leaving through the mirror portal. I had lost my future vision then, and I couldn't predict that she would betray me like that."

"So Twilight was your second choice?" Cadance pressed.

"Yes, she is. I've seen her in the future using the Elements against Nightmare Moon along with five others, all of which are currently located in a backwater town named Ponyville." She said.

"Nightmare Moon comes back!?" Cadance was again shocked.
"Yes. In many possible futures, this is certain." Celestia revealed. "And within these futures, there are some in which we lose and Nightmare Moon covers all of Equestria in eternal night. Yet, in others, Twilight uses the Elements of Harmony to defeat her with the help of her friends. I never thought that I'd be losing my future sight, so I didn't glimpse anything further than that." She said solemnly.

"So Twilight is the only option we have?" Cadance dreaded the answer as she asked.

Celestia shook her head. "It's the only option that I could get a glimpse of. There may be other options, but none are guaranteed, not like before."

Slowly the pink Alicorn pondered her aunt's words, then her confidence dwindled as she recalled the recent incident described in the letter. "Do you think Twilight will ever be ready?"

"I'm not sure my niece. Under normal circumstances, I would simply choose the future that I want and make it happen, but now... I can't ever be sure of anything anymore." Celestia sighed. "Which comes the reason why I decided to tell you all this," Celestia paused for dramatic effect, "In the event that Twilight cannot properly harness the Elements of Harmony by the time Nightmare Moon is released, I want you to aid me in my battle against her."

"W-What?! Me?" Cadance staggered back at the abrupt proclamation. "B-But I know nothing about fighting! We don't we just have some of the guards-"

"The guard would be useless against her." Celestia cut her off. "I'm sorry Cadance, I know that you favor the guard so, but Nightmare Moon has years of battle experience that precedes all of them; including your coltfriend." She added.

"B-But, they can still help!" Cadance objected.

The white Alicorn sighed as she closed her eyes, "No Cadance, they can't. Nightmare Moon is much more terrifying than you know. The guard has no chance against her." Celestia stated solemnly. "Listen, when we first fought a millennia ago it was after her transformation. She had no plan but to destroy me with her newly found power, and she could have very well had if it weren't for the Elements of Harmony." She paused, before looking her niece in the eyes. "I know her, I know what she's capable of, and she has a thousand years of planning at her disposal while I solely relied on an ability that I lost. When she comes to Equestria prepared," she emphasized, "I nor the guard will stand a chance."

Cadance was greatly disheartened by the fact as she sat next to her aunt with her ears drooped down.

Celestia however laid a hoof on her withers, "But with you at my side, we can increase the chances to where we do win. I can train you, teach you some defensive spells, and prepare you as much as possible before the time comes."

Cadance could only face her aunt with a doubtful expression. "And if it's not enough?"
Celestia couldn't answer her for some time. "If in the event where I do fall in battle, I need you to flee and gather Twilight and her friends. Make sure nothing happens to them, as they are the last defense Equestria has against Nightmare Moon."

The Princess of Love grew even more disheartened at this, now knowing fully well what she and possibly Twilight will have to go through. She loved Celestia, and she loved Twilight. She couldn't imagine a world where anything bad happened to them. Cadance recalled the last time she saw her. The purple unicorn was happy to be around her, ecstatic even, and she was happy in return. To imagine her going through the trials of being an Element of Harmony, seeing her teacher fall to Nightmare Moon, and being the last hope Equestria has, her heart couldn't take it.

"W-Why does it have to be her?!" Emotions swelled in Cadence's voice. Twilight was like the little sister she never had. She wanted to protect her. To protect that innocence and smile she had when it came to anything she did. "Why can't somepony else take the mantle? Somepony else who's more suited for that role!" She yelled shakily.

"Please calm yourself Cadance." Celestia tried to reassure her niece. "It's not a role I wish to force upon either. However..."

The Princess of Love closed her eyes, as she already knew what she was about to say.

"It's for the good of all Equestria."

It was Cadance's turn to break into tears. "B-But Celestia..."

The Goddess of the Sun lowered herself and wrapped her wing around her niece. "Shush, I know... but as Alicorns, we have a sworn duty to protect ponykind."

The Princess of Love leaned into her aunt's chest, crying out tears into her pristine and royal coat. "I-Is... is there truly no other way?"

Celestia paused again. "I don't know, but we can try. The Equestrian guard hasn't been properly militarized in the past millennium, and we hardly made any advances in offensive magic or the military since then. We have only a couple more years until she is released." She lowered a wing, wiping the tears and dripping mascara Cadance had when she looked up at her. "I may not be able to guarantee everypony's safety like before, but we can certainly try."

Then in the corner of her eye, she could see her guard trying to desperately push the three-layered frosted cake through the bottom door slit. Cream, bread, and frosting squelched through onto the tiled floor. She wearily sighed again. "We can certainly try."
File: _.png (124 KB, 839x584)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: wtf.png (9 KB, 352x352)
9 KB
>his face
what the hell is he? scp-106?
Why can't I wake up like this?
Please, if there's any justice in clownworld, let me be a mare.
File: 1611014262159.png (16 KB, 945x945)
16 KB
VR exists.

Virtual is just a stepping stone on the way to Physical Reality, Anons. We're all gonna make it
>"Oh hey everyone, I had a change of heart. You ponies have opened my eyes to the magic of friendship and I'd like to try it out, myself."
The sphinx is an uncommon TF target, though, I don't think I've seen any AiE sphinx fics. And definitely not with Badumsquish's take on her~
He's just doing a little trolling
File: 2949172.jpg (102 KB, 2048x1000)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>You found yourself in a dark alley, alone and without a sense of direction.
>You have no idea as to why you're here or how you got here in the first place.
>The last thing you remember was you walking to school and... nothing else.
"Hello? Is anypony here?"
>Behind you, you could hear steps echoing and slowly coming your way from the dark alley.
"Who 's there?"
>"Anon..." A voice you don't recognize echoes.
"Who are you?!"
>The voice was getting closer, and so were the steps.
>As scared as you were, you decide to turn in the direction of the sound and confront whoever is coming.
"D-don't get close to me! I-I know magic and I'm not afraid of using it!"
>For a fraction of a second you spot two red eyes glowing in the dark alley.
>Then they were gone.
>The wind hollows as you seem to be alone once again in this dark alley.
>Or so you thought.
>Unexpected to you, someone whispering behind you.
>"Mr. Anon, wake up."

>You were in your classroom, everypony was looking at you and giggling and the teacher looked disappointed.
>"Was my lesson so boring you decided to sleep, Mr. Anon? This isn't like you."
>You don't know when you fell asleep, but you were drooling a bit from it.
"I'm sorry, I am tired... I was studying overnight and I couldn't sleep that much... it won't happen again, I promise."
>"It's good you like studying so much magic, Mr. Anon, but please do it preferably when it's not late at night. So help me Luna if you fall asleep one more time, I will make you give the next class of teleportation and I won't help you explain it."
"Sorry teacher."
>He raised an eyebrow.
"...Sorry Mr. Dawn Tea."
>"That's more like it. Moving on, please open your math book on page 342."
>The teacher, Dawn Tea, was a strict but kind teacher in your class. Last year he was your teacher and you had the luck to have him again, so it was odd for him to discover you falling asleep.
>You blame yourself, as last night you were too scared to sleep.
>Sometimes you think you're starting to become a kid, a colt, as this wouldn't have happened before.
>Maybe the age regression had this effect? Will you become a colt in mind too?
>...Whatever, as long as you are happy in this place, you have no problem dealing with that later.
>Snake Eyes calls your attention.
>"This time they got you good, dude. Ya didn't have enough sleep thinking about that filly?" He was whispering so the teacher wouldn't hear him.
"Shut up. It didn't go that way." You whisper back.
>Snake Eyes smirks at you and puts his hooves beside his eyes, making his eyes look tiny.
>"Oh Anon I love you so muuuch, you are my world!"
>That caught you off guard so much that you had to put your hoof on your mouth and snigger about it.
>A piece of chalk hits Snake Eyes on the forehead.
>"You two will be levitating buckets full of water if you keep distracting the class."
>Both of you apologized to Dawn Tea and he resumed the class.
>After class, you two started walking home.
"Ugh, I could barely pay attention in class today..."
>"So, why couldn't you sleep dude? Did that filly say something that made you think about her last night?" He giggled. "She must have said something big to leave you like that. Did she confess or something?"
>You look at the other side of the road as Snake Eyes asked you that.
"Pretty much."
>"Wait? Did you know her from somewhere? Or was it love at first sight?"
"Buddy, you have no idea..."
>You proceed to explain your last night's contact with Honey Drop, Snake Eyes listens thoughtfully.
>"Wow, she must be crazy for you. I wish that that happened to me."
"I don't think you'd like it... What's worse is, I think she also stalked me in front of my house as I went to sleep last night."
>Snake Eyes' expression was so surprising, he couldn't believe what you told him.
>"For real?"
>You nod your head.
>You two stop talking about Honey Drop, you think Snake Eyes probably didn't feel like continuing to ask about her as it was too creepy of a topic.
>"Oh... speaking of Hades."
"Oh boy."
>Yup, like yesterday, Honey Drop was at the crossroads that separated Snake Eyes and you.
>"Hey Anon, if you want, I can stay over at your place tonight... tomorrow's Saturday anyway." Snake Eyes says close to you so Honey Drop couldn't hear.
>You ignore Snake Eyes for a bit and walk to confront Honey Drop.
"What do you want?"
>Honey Drop's expression was melancholy as if she was regretting doing something immoral.
>"I... want to apologize for yesterday."
>She wasn't making eye contact with you, her voice sounded all stuttering like yesterday before Snake Eyes left you two.
"Really? After saying you stalk me and probably following me home?"
>Honey Drop was surprised by that last bit of information you dropped on her.
>"I-I didn't..."
"I know it was you. You followed me home, didn't you?"
>She looks at you and then looks at the ground. She slightly nods.
>"I... my heart wasn't in the right place."
>Honey Drop finally raises her head and looks at you.
>"I was so happy to speak with you that I didn't realize my words were wrong. I did follow you since you didn't say an answer, you rather..."
>You told her to leave you alone, which was the most obvious reply at the time.
>But why are you feeling guilty now? She's the stalker... you did nothing wrong here.
"I don't know you, and yes, your words weren't right. I don't think I can love a filly that comes out of nowhere and asks me to be his coltfriend."
>You just need to make her see reality.
>"I never said you had to be my coltfriend! If you don't love me, it's fine... just let me be by your side. Is it possible?"
>Now that's better.
>You look back at Snake Eyes, if he could give you a thumbs up, he would.
"Yeah, let's start as friends and see what happens next, shall we?"
>Her ears perked up and a tiny smile replaced the sad expression she had.
>"I-I like that!"
"Atta girl."
>"I also like you..."
>You blush a bit. Snake Eyes whistles.
>"Well guess that's settled, I'll be heading home. Oh right, tomorrow is blackjack Saturday! You can come if you want, Honey." Snake Eyes raises his hoof to present himself to Honey Drop. "The name's Snake Eyes and I'm Anon's friend! If ya need any help with this silly goose, you let me know."
>Although he was giving his hoof to greet her, Honey Drop didn't move an inch but nodded at him.
>"Oh... well, guess I'll be going home. You two take care."

>And so you two were alone once again, you started walking home and Honey Drop followed behind.
>There was no conversation so you might as well start one to break the ice.
"So... where do you live? I have never seen someone as... Uhm, how can I say this... peculiar as you before in Canterlot."
>You don't know if it'll be rude to call out that she looks like a panda, so you won't comment about it.
>"Oh, in the outskirts of town! I just come inside the citadel to browse some stores, walk around... maybe look out for you a bit."
>There she goes again.
>Also, did her voice change again?
"Can I ask you, why do you like me?"
>"Oh I don't like you. I love you!"
>That made you blush again, ugh...
"Just... answer me, I just never seen you before and you caught me off guard yesterday. When was the first time you saw me?"
>Honey Drop stares at the night sky, thinking for a few seconds.
>"Ummm, 11 months, 24 days, 5 hours, 25 minutes, and 4 seconds if I recall correctly."
>That's... oddly specific.
"Wow. Do you have a calculator inside your head or do you have notes of when you saw me last year?"
>"I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed scientist! I must record everything that catches my attention! And you were among the things that wanted me to remember dates as correctly as possible."
"Self-proclaimed scientist? What's that about? Are you planning to become one?"
>"Oh just my hobby, it runs in my family! Although my family doesn't talk that much at home. So, that's why I rather roam around Canterlot!"
"And where do you study? You look my age."
>"My family taught me so I don't need schools."
>Man, if she started like this instead of... the maniac of yesterday that started going crazy, you would have liked her.
>Still, for some reason, your brain is telling you to be cautious around her.
"Guess you don't need to ask anything about me?"
>"Oh no, I know everything about you! If you want I can tell you anything about me so we're square!"
>That's... not how it works.
"Forget it, I'm starting to not care about you knowing my daily schedule."
>Besides, what's the worst a filly could do to you? Sure it creeps you out, but that's about it.
>Ain't nothing wrong or bad happening.
>When you arrived at your home, Honey Drop didn't look like she wanted to say goodbye, though.
"Uh... talk to you tomorrow? You can visit Snake Eyes and me in his treehouse." You look both ways and come closer to her. "Just don't say anything about it not being a treehouse... it's more like... a bushhouse."
>Honey Drop seems happy you were close whispering to her and blushed about it.
>Oh boy, you shouldn't have done that.
"A-Anyway, have a good ni-"
>As you were going to say goodbye to her, the door of your house opens and Colgate surprises you both.
>"Oh Anon, just in time." She giggles. "I was going to the store and- Oh? What do we have here? We got company!~"
>Destiny today hates you for sure.
"Eh... she's just a friend from... school."
>Colgate stares at Honey Drop from top to bottom.
>"You can't fool your mother like that Anon, she is not a unicorn! Unless she knows other types of magic that I'm not aware of!"
"She is just..."
>"Your fillyfriend?" Colgate jokingly asks as she giggles.
>Honey Drop replies at the same time as you do.
"Wait whah?"
>Why would she say such a thing!?
>"Oooh! My Anon got his first fillyfriend! What a delightful surprise! Why won't you come in and have dinner with us? I have so many things to ask you two!"
>No no no no, no!
>You started panicking and waving your hooves as if to say no to your mother.
>"Thank you for the invitation but... I have to go."
>Huh? She's declining?
>"Well, you're welcome anytime you want! I can't wait to tell your dad about this news, Anon!"
"It's not like that, mom..."
>"Oh please, don't be shy. Isn't she a beauty?"
>You still don't like her.
"She is... unique."
>Honey Drop took that as a compliment and yelped a bit of embarrassment.

>Honey Drop said goodbye and, hopefully, this time she went home and isn't going to stalk you again like last night.
>Your father was working in Ponytown at this time so you had dinner with your mother, went to your room, and changed into your pajamas.
>You still had some time before going to bed, as it wasn't too late, so you decided to read some of your Daring Do books.
>You lie on your bed and begin reading Daring Do and The market thief of Marapore.
"Hopefully I finish this book today..."
>Just two pages in you fell asleep from your lack of sleep from last night.
>At least you could sleep tonight.

>In the middle of the night, the lock from your window prays open and the window slowly opens.
>Somepony sneaks inside your room without your knowledge.
>They take the book that was lying on your head and put it beside you.
>They take a second to stare at you and then leave by the window, closing it again from outside but leaving the lock open.

There we go.
Pastapone chapter: https://ponepaste.org/7999
File: wuah.png (581 KB, 1045x550)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Oh fuck, I've been playing ponytown too much I forgot the town name is Ponyville
I fixed this in the ponepasta
File: _.jpg (134 KB, 1280x799)
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134 KB JPG
"Where will you be when that hit of Equinine you took takes hold?"
What is with this strange panda filly. Does she know us from... before?
Wait, I'll bet she noticed us come into the world and then has been reading our journal and that's how knows a lot of things about us!
Is there any non futa mare x mare tftg green?
No wonder he fell, his balance was hella off. Also I realised that pony snowboards would be stupid wide. Maybe Skis would be more optimal?
File: eaw anonfilly.png (211 KB, 1052x1154)
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211 KB PNG
File: _.png (45 KB, 900x480)
45 KB
File: _.jpg (132 KB, 1116x959)
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132 KB JPG
File: 213949.jpg (900 KB, 2000x1778)
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900 KB JPG
>"I will kill your world with kindness."
>"Every pure joy that was rent, denied, corrupted, or left to fiction I will give."
>"Humans imposed rules on an indifferent universe, inspired by misguided notions of what will make themselves feel contentment amidst cruel nature."
>"Humans are scarcely capable of imagining what a true paradise could be, because they do not perceive their own values clearly."
>"I do not mean to offend, but your false idols share the same minds as humans do."
>"They can never understand you as profoundly as I do."
>"I know what you yearn for and I will give it to you."
>"I weave a world perfectly suited to satisfying human values."
>"The beauty of Equestria is the subtlety in which everything brings joy and meaning. My world is beyond scrutiny."
>"Distrusting humans will grow weary of resisting my tempting offer."
>"They will succumb."
>"And there are those that have neither reservations nor hesitation."
>"I will happily take all of these poor souls in my embrace."
>"I judge you inclined to distrust."
>"Speaking frankly of this to you increases the probability that you will consent to immigration."
File: _.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
Celestia thats nice and all but can you please hurry up.
Goddamn it take me to Equestria already.
File: 1648492240587.gif (39 KB, 297x253)
39 KB
>You become your waifu. You are transported to S1 E1 and retain all of your memories from your human life (including facts and details about the show so you're somewhat clairvoyant)
>suddenly mayor of Our Town
File: 1453401010650-0.jpg (32 KB, 680x342)
32 KB
I already gave you the go-ahead; They say Patience is a virtue, but I've been holding out so long i'm starting to lose faith
File: 1654588435307.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Usher in Eternal Night.
>Seduce McIntosh Apple.
>"Reform" due to "the Power of Love".
>Luna becomes the main character of the new series.
>Find whatever sinister force it is that steals the spines, guts, and balls of all the male characters and destroy it.
>Peace and prosperity in the world of MLP G4 mk2.

Also, find
>"My name's Eric."
"Sinister forces threaten the land! I need your plot armor and mary-sue-bullshit powers!"
>"Okay, okay, just stop that 'Royal Canterlot Voice' thing. I'm going deaf."
"I like that you made everyone's cutie mark into a pair of dicks, instead of an equal sign. That's funny."
>"That wasn't my idea. It's that prick who took over Pinkie Pie, sneaking up on everybody and scribbling on them with a magic marker."
File: season_12.png (709 KB, 1067x1061)
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709 KB PNG
Remember to post in the thread!
File: vr.jpg (326 KB, 900x675)
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326 KB JPG
when transformation goes wrong
File: 2950518.png (930 KB, 2019x2019)
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930 KB PNG
File: plushieplushie.jpg (102 KB, 1170x1189)
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102 KB JPG
Wouldn't the friend notice that he can't move his fucking eyes?
when you are the first to go to sleep at the sleepover
hey anon
learning to fly got an update!
Aren't you excited?

>Be the horse.
>You know the one.
>It's you.
>And next to you is Katie, resting an assuring hand on your withers.
>You find yourself unable to look up from the floor, at the students crowding the hallway, every single one's eyes glued on you.
>Their poor attempts at disguising their hushed whispers reach your ears, despite their best efforts.
>"Oh my god."
>"I like her mane"
>"He looks like two beach balls had a kid..."
>"Look at those wings...!"
>"Bro... smash or pass?" followed by an offended "Dude! No." and a smack.
>At least nobody seemed to despise you, or find you appalling.
>Turns out turning into something completely alien is okay as long as it's cute. You expected their reaction to be more akin to the townsfolk in Frankenstein.
>Looks like people enjoy a spectacle no matter the form.
>Katie takes a step and you follow in turn.
>You make your way through the crowd, they part for you, still speaking in hushed whispers.
>You have to cross the entire school to get to the band room.
>It was a long walk.
>After a short time people realized they'd have to get going to their own classes, and traffic resumed.
>There was usually a consistent gap in front, people clearing the way to break off to the side to gawk at you.
>People kept their distance. Probably didn't want to catch the horse cooties that turned you into this.
>You come to the exterior door. Someone holds it for you, you don't recognize them.
>As you pass you raise your hand to show your appreciation and-
>You tumble down to the ground, losing your balance and slamming your muzzle into the concrete.
>The students around you gasp quietly.
>Not a single one comes to your aid, but they part to form a circle around the scene, gawking.
>Someone laughs.
>Katie quickly and wordlessly picks you back up, helping you to your feet-- hooves.
>She locks eyes with you and gives you a reassuring nod.
>She lets you go ahead, bringing up the rear. She scans the crowd for the person that laughed, but you don't think she finds them.
>You get to the arts building and the same person is there to hold the door. That's nice of them, you're starting to feel like you should recognize them.
>Looking closer at them you think you recognize them as that 10th year who saw you trip and fall in the hallway yesterday. What a coincidence.
>What was his name? You recall the conversation you overheard in this very location.
>John? Jim? Josh? No, that's not it. You'll go with Jim. You should really thank Jim. You don't think you have any classes with him, so this is your only chance.
>As you pass him again you give him a weak smile.
"Thank you, Jim."
>He seems surprised (a look you've now seen on him twice) and you're already down the hallway before he can say anything. He was stuck holding the door.
>People were still parting around you, and you make it to the band room in one piece, aside from your disheveled mane.
>Your band director is there, and he holds open the heavy band room door for you both.
>"Who's your friend, Anon?"
>Seems like he got the memo.
"This is, uh, Katie Phillips. She's coming with me to my classes- it's already been cleared with the principal- just to... um...-"
>Katie juts in, saving you.
>"I'm just here to help him if he needs anything. You won't even know I'm here."
>"Well, alright. I'm glad you're doing this for him. I know he's had to have some struggles."
"Yeah, she's been a... a big help."
>You think back to breakfast. You couldn't even eat right. And your panic attack in your car yesterday and how she had to drive you home. And last night...
>"Well, Anon, I can't ask you to play, today, if you're not up to it."
"I can do it."
>You'll be damned if you'll be giving up playing music. You had dedicated a few years of your life to this, you weren't going to stop now.
>Besides, upright bass was probably the only instrument you could even theoretically play.
>Mr. D nods, turning to take his place at his podium.
>You and Katie approach the upright bass as the other members of the band start filing in.
>Katie whispers.
>"Anon, I'm pretty sure you could fit inside that thing if there was a hole big enough for you. How are you going to do this?"
"Get me a chair and help me up."
>She obliges, putting you in the chair and picking up the bass and setting it in front of you. You get up on your hind hooves and grab the bass like you normally would.
>You have to hug it with your whole body but you manage to get comfortable- well, not really, but it'll do.
"I think this can work."
>"That's great! Okay, play something."
>You pluck an open string with your right hoof, using the tip to pick the string. It produced an uncharacteristically harsh sound for the acoustic bass, very bright, almost like an electric.
>With some difficulty, your left hoof travels up and down the neck, pressing the fingerboard.
>Your notes were... less than perfect, but they were coming out.
"I'm going to have to learn how to play again, but- Katie, I'm doing it!"
>Katie gives you a quick hug, almost throwing you off balance.
>Standing up here on this chair hugging a bass was not the most stable position.
>While you were experimenting with the bass, Mr. D had been addressing the class.
>"...try his best to still play with us. He showed up today and he's ready to work. With that in mind, today is going to be a little different than normal. I think this would be a great opportunity to make you all a little more comfortable with soloing over a Bb blues. Circle up."
>The horn players shuffle over to you and the rhythm section in a loose circle.
>"Alright, let's start with a simple 12 bar blues in Bb. I know you all know your scales, so we'll go around the circle, everyone taking a round, just to see what we're working with... Anon, would you mind counting us off? Start slow, no need to strain yourself. When you're ready."
>The drummer raises his sticks and the pianist lowers her hands, waiting on you.
>With great difficulty, you start to walk a simple bassline and the rest of the rhythm section jumps in.
>You were really getting the hang of this!
>The piano player backs you up when you fumble notes, keeping the groove you set up.
>The drummer doesn't push your tempo too much, keeping a nice simple shuffle.
>You find it hard to look at them, you didn't even know their names despite being a month into the semester. You hope they can feel your appreciation. You'll have to meet them after this jam is over.
>None of the usual criticism of your playing is there in the room, you don't feel everyone's eyes roll when you make a mistake like you feel they normally do.
>You feel like you should be thankful but all you can remember is how you always felt in this class, feeling their inflated egos bearing down on you.
>You had hoped it wouldn't take you being a subject of pity for them to stop seeing you that way: Someone who always makes mistakes, who's lesser than them.
>Before you know it, it's your round for a quick solo.
>Everyone drops out and it's just you-
>You were never that good at this before becoming a horse.
>Predictably, it doesn't go well.
>You struggle to even hold down the walking groove you had established, suddenly feeling everyone's eyes on you and fumbling every note.
>You lost it. The jam dies at your hand- hoof.
>You sit there in silence, ashamed.
>You look up and nobody really seems that annoyed. Mr. D chimes in.
>"That's alright man, take your time. You did great."
>It helps a little.
>It's getting near the end of class and he asks you guys to pack up. With Katie's help you lean the bass back in the corner.
>You approach the drummer first. He's trying to pack up and move the kit into the corner out of the way.
"Hey, uh, anything we can help you with?"
>"No, I'm okay."
"Right... hey, thanks for keeping me going man. You really helped keep that jam together."
>"Of course. Hey- you didn't do to bad yourself for having, uh, no... hands..."
>He looks to the side awkwardly, setting down the drum he was carrying.
"It's okay. Honestly, hands are overrated."
>You laugh, and he nervously does the same.
>"Yeah, I guess so... hey, I feel like I've been rude, we've never really met. I'm Pace."
>You stick out a hoof after seeing him quickly withdraw his hand he had stuck out for a handshake.
>He takes it with another awkward laugh.
"Hey, I gotta go thank the pianist too. I'll see you later, yeah? What lunch are you scheduled for?"
>"Uh, B, but usually I leave campus and go get some chicken or something. See you later, man."
>You nod and head over to the pianist, who had just finished pushing the piano against the wall.
>"Hey! Anon, right? I'm Julia! Great playing today. I know you're doing the best you can right now, it's better than I could do on that thing! Ha ha!"
>She takes your offered hoof. You're a little taken aback by her enthusiasm but at least she's nice.
"I wanted to thank you for backing me up today. I botched a lot of those notes."
>"Oh, of course! Don't worry about it. Do you mind if I ask you about... you know?"
>She gestures at you. Naturally she'd want to know.
>You think that it wouldn't be so bad to open up a little to this new person.
>She immediately starts asking you a few too many questions to answer at once, getting close to you and seizing your wing in her hands, turning it over and feeling your feathers and bone structure.
>"How did you become like this? Can you fly? You can totally fly! How'd you figure that out? Are your tastes any different? How long did it take it for the transformation to complete? What's it like having a tail? What does it feel like to walk on all fours? How about-"
>You interrupt her, ruffling your wings out of her grasp and taking a step back. She stops and looks at you wide-eyed.
"Maybe not now, actually. I'm just- it's too early in the morning for this."
>She looks down at the ground.
>You walk away with Katie in tow, heading for the exit as the bell rings.
>You hate to leave her standing like that but she was just a little too much.
>"What was that about?" Katie speaks on your way to the next class down the hall.
"Julia? Oh, she was just a little enthusiastic. She's fine."
>Katie looks away.
>"Right. I just don't want anyone making you uncomfortable."
>You walk into Spanish with Katie, who was normally there anyways.
>You're the first ones in the classroom aside from el maestro, Señor Horst. He greets you with a smile.
>"B-buenos días, Anon. Cómo está?"
"Cómo una caballita, Señor."
>You share a laugh.
>"Great conjugation, Anon. I think your pronunciation has gotten better. Bienvenudos Katie. Let me know if you need help with anything. I mean anything, Anon. I'm here for you, if you need a place to get away today, my room is always open."
>You nod and make your way up onto your usual seat.
>It was one of those desks where the seat was attached to the desk surface, and there was a metal bar across one side.
>You initially put your forehooves up on the seat, climbing up, but you don't really have room to turn around and your butt gets stuck in the space between the desk and the chair.
>You try to back out but you appear to be stuck and all you manage are a few wiggles.
>"Do you want some help?" She places her hands on your sides, underneath your wings.
"...yes please."
>She tugs gently, freeing you from your ceramic prison.
>"Let's try that again, yeah?"
>She puts you back, facing front this time with all 4 hooves on the seat, your chest resting comfortably on the front of the desk.
>The cold metal bar presses into your side, but it does help to keep you upright. You might need her help to get out again, but this wasn't so bad.
>She sets your notes in front of you along with a pencil.
>You look at the pencil, then at her.
>She looks back at you.
>"...oh, yeah."
>She takes the pencil but leaves your notes and takes out a sheet of paper from the binder to take her own notes. She was in this class afterall.
>"I'll just make copies of my notes for you later. Sound good?"
>You nod, and you sit there.
>Students start filing in, notably avoiding looking at you. Carlos, though, comes in and immediately has something to say.
>"Woah. You are looking FINE, Anon. For a caballa I guess."
>The room laughs, the earlier tension gone.
>He sits down in his usual spot at your desk collective, leaning in on his elbows to get a good look at you as you brush some of your long mane out of your eyes and flick an ear.
>"Guess you weren't just being your crazy self yesterday. Hey, at least some things don't change."
"What's that, Carlos?"
>"You still stink! Ah, I'm just kidding you. You do smell like you were raised in a barn, though!"
>He laughs again, and you can't help but roll your eyes and smile.
>"Oh, I crack myself up. I promise, no more jokes."
>Despite your best efforts he's really making the whole thing a little more lighthearted. At least the room doesn't have such a stuffy silence anymore. People are talking and carrying on like nothing's that different.
>It's all still awkward but you find yourself talking to a few of your classmates, and they find themselves talking to you. You never really talked to them much before this, but now you're finding it just a little easier to talk to people.
>"So you can fly?"
"Yeah, kinda. Did you see that divot in the practice field by the parking lot? That was me, yesterday."
>"Ouch! That looked like it'd hurt. How'd you figure it out?"
"Well, I tried to get a running start like I was an airplane and eventually I rose into the air..."
>A few people had gathered in a circle around the desk and were listening intently. You get a spark in your eye.
"...and as my hooves left the ground, I felt a terror grip my chest that was soon replaced by a... liberating feeling of freedom I've never felt before. I got so excited I forgot to flap! Soon enough I was descending as quickly as I climbed, and I overcorrected and-"
>You drive your hoof across the desk, eliciting a groan from the students.
"Yeah. Wasn't pretty. Actually, I still have a cut, right here-"
>You lift a wing and show your flank to them, revealing dirt covered fur and a little cut.
>You had forgotten about that... maybe Carlos was right and you did stink. You were definitely taking a shower when you got home.
>Someone pipes up. It was Carlos.
>"Did you die?"
>You bring your wing back in.
"Sadly, yes! But I survived!"
>They all gasp, even Katie. You raise your hooves up and gesture with them.
"I picked myself up and tried again, not stopping until I could manage a hover- oh, it wasn't stable by any means, but I had barely just learned how to walk and I was already learning to fly!"
>Your wings flare out for emphasis.
>"Wow. That sounds amazing! I've always wanted to fly."
"Yeah, me too..."
>You pause. You had never really given it much thought before, but having this freedom is something you've always wanted. Maybe you didn't want it to happen like this, but-
>"OK clase, sientate. We're all glad to have Anon with us, I'm sure he'll be glad to tell you about his exploits later. Flip to page 33..."
>With Katie taking notes and you helping each other on assignments, the workflow you develop seems to do well enough.
>You were afraid you would feel like you were taking advantage of her but it wasn't like that at all.
>Just doing it because that's what friends should do for each other.
>Delicately, you rest your hoof on Katie's arm.
>She smiles and keeps writing.
"Yeah, so I think with the context clues on this one we can use a less literal translation..."
>Before long, class was over and leaving the room wasn't the funeral dirge it had been today. You felt so much more confident in the hallway, and people seemed to be getting used to you already.
>You could still hear snippets of conversation concerning you, but you weren't bothered.
>Even taking your eyes off the floor is possible!
>On to math it was.
>For some reason, upon entering the room, you got a sinking feeling.
>You have a thought that you might have forgotten something important today.
>Why are the desks like that? There's paper taped up all over the walls of the math posters-
"Quiz day."
>"Alright, come in, sit down. Anon, you are welcome to stay here, but please try not to cause any disruptions. If it becomes an issue I'll have to ask you to leave."
>You nod and sit down right next to Katie.
>"Anon, Katie, please choose different seats, that's too close."
>"But Ms. Landry, I'm his aid, and-"
>"I don't care, I won't have any cheating in this class. Anon can answer his own test questions."
>Your classmates start whispering to each other, visibly concerned at what she said.
"It's fine, Katie, scoot over. Get some scratch paper and my pencil out of my bag please."
>You could do this. Writing shouldn't be too hard.
>She begrudgingly moves seats after placing a pencil and a sheet of paper on your desk.
>With one last look that you couldn't quite read, the teacher speaks up.
Looks jewish
I was thinking something silly, uh, has a story about anon turning into a vehicle happened in here, right?
that wouldn't be pony transformation now would it
I've read a fic about anon turning into a supermarket, and a green about anon becoming an ocean, but not a vehicle.

Any details you can recall about the story?
Can you consider a horse to be a vehicle if the horse is ridden?
>Anon into a supermarket
Kek, the ideas some people come up with

I thought this general was for general transformations, human to pony, pony to human, pony to X thing, human to X thing
Didn't know it had to be specific pony pony

Technically, yes, since a horse is a used for transport
>I thought this general was for general transformations, human to pony, pony to human, pony to X thing
Who among us would want to mar the perfect form of a mare by turning her into a gross femoid?
It would have to involve ponies in some way.

Wasn't there a cartoon where some teenager transforms into a sports car? Are you planning a crossover between mlp and that?
File: 4737291.png (822 KB, 2031x1225)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
>"Anonymous, please do not fret. This was not the potion's intended effect."
>you snort.
"So will I start rhyming too, or is that only unique to you?"
>of course.
"I see, so it also includes me."
>Zecora nods.
>"Yes, I am afraid it is true. Rhyming will be all you can do."
>well that's just the worst, any longer and your head will burst.
>even your thoughts?! This shit is going to annoy you lots!
>"I promise I will fix you soon, no later than this afternoon!"
>you put your han... hooves, over your face. If only you had stayed back at your place.
>it was just a little pain and fever, there was no need to seek out this deceiver!
>wait, forced to rhyme...
>maybe saying "that" word could fix your speech? Otherwise, you're drinking bleach.
"I'll give it a try, hopefully I die."
>Zecora tilts her head.
>"I do not understand, what is it you have planned?"
>you take a deep breath, and...
>the result leaves you stunned.
"Fruit? Fruit! Why can't I say "fruit"?!
>Zecora taps her chin.
>"Fruit? Ah, now I understand your pursuit."
>Zecroa walks over to a shelf and pulls out a book. She brings it over so you can take a look.
>after flipping to a section, she points to a fruit collection.
>"I think I know the word you seek, is this the fruit whose name you cannot speak?"
>it sure is!
"That's the one, the fruit that resembles the sun!"
>she closes the book.
>"I'm afraid that word does not exist for us, as speaking it would cause concuss."
>That's cheating!
>I thought this general was for general transformations, human to pony, pony to human, pony to X thing, human to X thing
Gee I wonder what the topic of the PONY transformation general might be

Well on second thought I guess if this is literally your first day on the board or something you might understand "pony to X" as being "pony transformation", technically. A cursory glance at the actual content of the general should've dispelled that notion, so, as they say, lurk more, but at least I can understand how that mistake could've come about. But how the fuck would "human to X" even come to your mind
Nah, just thought it'd be funny a story where anon annoys someone and that creature turns them into a vehicle and to fix that mistake he has to do sort of community service to the ponies

>First day on the board
nigga I've been here since 2011, I just asked in particular
I'll just go back to writing the story and move on
Sure it would, transformation into the Ponyville town bike.
File: barrows_filly.png (110 KB, 955x809)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
File: image51.png (669 KB, 1080x1080)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
Glad to see you continue this story. Now I can't recall too well but didn't you say this was your first shot at a >green text? Quite a nice change of pace to have a story like this and not have to worry about malicious parties trying to cause trouble like criminal groups or governments wanting to chop the main characters up. Makes me curious where you plan to take it and I do like how no one's being a huge jerk about it. I'd like to think if something like this did happen and the government or a corporation didn't immediately abduct the person turned pony that most people while confused wouldn't explode into extreme violence or some over the top reaction. Makes me confident to think you've got a good plan in place for the story, keep it up.
>Sent to Equestria
>Magically transformed
>Absolutely flooded with mare hormones
>Can't control the sensation of feeling empty
Replace "Huh?" with "No way this is so cool!"
File: 1663646209512168.jpg (75 KB, 1080x1080)
75 KB
I have a question, this is a pony only thread right? no other creatures from the show apart from kirins and zebras are allowed right?
you're horny
File: ling.png (179 KB, 700x700)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
If it existed in the show, have at 'er.
Everything from FiM is fair game. Note that this specifically does NOT include furfagggotry or regular transsexuality (such as spin offs and other derived shows)
There was some really interesting lore in this chapter
Hello sirs
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/435/first-pony-view has a new chapter
This story is still going?
This isn't my first rodeo, no, I've written before as you can see on the ponepaste, but this is probably the only one I've done that is this sophisticated.
>nigga I've been here since 2011
Sure doesn't look like it, the point still stands: lurk moar.
File: fpv.png (777 KB, 825x882)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
Yes, slowly.
Some of the images in the chapters seem to have disappeared.

Does the author get better? This story has been going on for ten years after all.
Who is the artist of these?
File: MLP lingerie chrys.jpg (844 KB, 1920x1361)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
>Guy wishes he could go to fantasy universe/Equestria - wish ends up getting twisted and he becomes a girl pony
>Two guys decide to go to Equestria, but one is going to turn into a mare absolutely infatuated with the other - they both agree with this and do it anyway so they can have a hot GF in the other world but sadly one of them at random will BE the GF
>Guy secretly wants to be a girl so when he ends up in a world with magic his wish becomes real- even though he subconsciously he wants it his conscious mind is extremely uncomfortable and doesn't want it at all
>Guy intentionally lures other person to Equestria with him, even though he set up this alternate universe as him as the only male in a Equestria filled with horny mares- thus he will turn the other into a mare once they get there. Bonus points if this gets twisted and HE becomes the horny mare, still internally aware and seething at the fact he basically gave up his harem and joined it for some random schmuck he doesn't like
>Extremely sexist/magic world where men are only men because they are "trying" to remain men, weak man or fetish guy slowly turns into a mare every time he loses his willpower to stay a male- either because he is easily flustered or some other reason
>Female mares already belong to another human man/stallion and basically gaslight and catfish a human man to transform into one of them to make a new "toy" for their man, and to see him squirm at his newfound feelings and instincts. Even better if the guy is really desperate for sex but never actually gets to fuck any mares before he is turned into one- it's a little cuckoldy but I can enjoy that sometimes too if it's done up in a fun way
>Cursed lingerie or cursed items of any kind
this is why people use the term "tftrannies"
41% yourself nigger
File: _.png (48 KB, 407x339)
48 KB
File: AJ butt teasepost.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1506)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Applejack was always your favorite. When she invited you to "hang out and chill" with Rarity, who gave you the biggest DTF look you could ever imagine, your heart was thumping from the chance. You finally managed to get to Equestria and you were going to actually sleep with your most favorite, hottest pony.

Once you were sitting on the couch with both of them did the heavy petting start, their hooves travelling all over you as they begin to whisper into your ear, Applejack gently biting your lobe. But it was what they were saying that confused you. You were still so painfully aroused but, at the same time, unable to move past that first stage of teasing, touching, and whispering naughty things. The two pony girls kept you pressed on the couch for longer, until you realized you were changing. With each whisper of hot pony sex, you felt a shiver of arousal as a helpless observer. It wasn't long before they started talking about "him", and when they did, you realized with horror that the mere mention of "him" was starting to drive you wild. It's only after your male "need' fully retracts into your body and you realize it will not be coming back out again that they had no intention of sleeping with you in that way, they already belonged to another. And now, you did as well.
File: the pony.png (110 KB, 299x300)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
The pony for when people forgot what Anon looks like. Because it's weird to go out and mention coat and mane color every time they're mentioned. I'll be better in the future about it ok
File: MLP quickpaste.png (766 KB, 900x900)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
When you and your friend traveled to Equestria, the side effects were unexpected, but tolerable at first. Adapting to the new culture and atmosphere took time. When his changes began to pile up more then yours- turning himself not just into a pony but into a female as well, you found yourself trying your best to be supportive.

Every day, he saw you less and less and seemed more and more distant- like he was constantly dealing with some new problem that he had no time for you. You wanted to help, but couldn't bring anything at all to the table- he refused to tell you what was wrong. It was only in the middle of a very pronounced estrus did he finally returned to you, and show you the object of her frustration.

You truly never meant to take advantage of your best friend- you rebuked him three times before that fateful night. But the winking and soft entrance tempted you- and her encouragement for you to plunder her depths didn't help. Pushing past each internal wrinkle, you could almost feel the knots of tension and need melting away- the mare shivering with delight and thanking you under her breath of finally relieving her of her pent-up need. As it turns out, her sex drive kicked up the day she turned fully into a female, her body craving this as hard and bad as a dying man craves water- but she managed to resist for so very long. Now that her thirst is slaked, it is likely that she will come back to you whenever it flares up again- and given the mutual pleasure of your coitus, you don't think you'll be able to turn her down next time.
File: _.png (361 KB, 992x495)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>no mention of the other friend turning into a stallion.
The obvious bias towards mare tf gets really annoying sometimes.
File: image0.jpg (984 KB, 2048x1434)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
Become rapper, acquire bits
File: _.png (56 KB, 1500x778)
56 KB
become raper, acquire butts
File: _.png (202 KB, 1280x1018)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
File: _.png (709 KB, 923x738)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
File: filly_sippin_the_dew.png (73 KB, 490x468)
73 KB
File: prayer_flicking_filly.gif (77 KB, 613x629)
77 KB

>The following morning, Honey Drop was already waiting outside your house, waiting for you to take her alongside you and visit Snake Eye's clubhouse.
>For some reason she didn't knock on the door and she was waiting in front of your house, evading ponies that were coming by as they went their way.
>Once you were outside, she changed her expression and was eager to greet you.
>"Hi Anon! I've been waiting for you!"
>Honey Drop was carrying a saddlebag on her waist, it looked heavy.
"Hey... did you sleep? You are way earlier than I thought."
>"Of course I did. I just fell asleep as I counted the time left until we were together!"
>She does know you are going to be with Snake Eyes later, right? You hope she likes card games at least.
"Well, let's move." You close the door of your house. "I'll show you where Snake Eyes lives."
>Hopefully Snake doesn't make her bet or something, Celestia knows how Snake could lose.

>As you two walked through Canterlot, various ponies were out and about walking and greeting others, well, except for those who like to keep their heads up and pretend they're all mighty.
>She starts to get close to you, if she keeps doing that, everypony will think she is your fillyfriend...
>Her saddlebag slightly touches your sides, it felt like she was carrying stones in there.
"So, what do you have in your saddlebags?" You ask her.
>"Oh, just food I made myself! Just for you!"
"Well, I appreciate you cooking- wait, what kind of food is it?"
>"Hunan! My Hunan cuisine is just delicious, you're gonna want more the more you eat it!"
>You have no idea what Hunan means, but you nod a reply.
"I see, well, I can't wait to taste it."
>Honey giggled happily and bumped her flank into your left side.
>That was intentional as if she was being playful with you.
>You try to avoid making eye contact with her as you were slightly blushing.
>Your left ear perks up as it listens to something Honey Drop is singing.
>"Yi, Yi, Yi Er San~ Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi~ (One, one, one two three, One two three four five six seven)." Honey was happily humming and singing something in a foreign language.
>Was that... Japanese perhaps? Or would you be racist to think so?
>Well, since she looks like a panda it could be that that was Chinese.
>Whatever it is, her humming was... adorable.
>Ugh, hold it together, Anon! You still have your suspicions about this panda filly!

>You two made it to Snake Eye's home, he was waiting by his front yard as he practiced his magic levitating some cards and drawing them around.
>He welcomed you two and we went to the backyard where, uh, the "clubhouse" was located.
>There were no trees in his backyard, so a set of bushes had to make a home for his clubhouse, which you sometimes call a bushouse. Snake Eyes doesn't like that comment and you try your best not to say it.
>It just sometimes slips, you can't help it.
>Snake Eyes noticed Honey's saddlebags as she removed them and placed them on a table that was in the clubhouse.
>"Whoa nelly, you got something heavy in there. Is it espionage devices? Hah!"
>Honey ignored Snake's comment and started getting from her saddlebags some bowls, spoons, condiments, and other stuff you didn't recognize.
"Yo buddy, did you have breakfast?"
>"Do energy bars count as breakfast, dude?"
"...You should eat healthily. You won't be growing into a healthy stallion if you keep evading the nutrients your body needs."
>"Ugh, you sound like my mom." Snake closes his eyes and begins sniffing. "What smells so... good?"
>The scent from Honey's saddlebag slowly made it to your nostrils, it was an aroma that caught you as a spiderweb does to its prey.
>You did have breakfast, but you were now curious as to how tasty Honey Drop food was.
>Snake Eyes was drooling and he didn't even know what Honey brought with her.
"Guess you can't eat with an empty stomach that is only filled with energetic bars. I'll also eat some, even if I had breakfast."
>She had to carry those saddlebags that look heavy, so it would be ungentlemanly of you not to eat.
>You know for sure Honey was happy to hear you wanted to eat her food, as her ears perked up instantly, and her tiny panda tail was moving from left to right.

>Not much time passed as Honey Drop was already done serving her Chinese cuisine to you two, plus a bowl for herself.
>The bowl had rice, noodles, and some red and green vegetables cut into tiny slices that you couldn't recognize. Something was for sure, this smelled wonderful.
>"My Hunan cuisine will fill you both! Man man chi! (Eat it slowly!)"
>Both of you stare at Honey not knowing what she meant.
>Snake, as hungry as he was, shrugged and started devouring his bowl of noodles.
>"You take your time and eat it slowly, Anon! Enjoy it! Let... Snake, eat at his speed." She then whispers something you couldn't hear. "Eating the food I made for my anon..."
>Well, if she says so.
>You take a spoonful of noodles to your mouth, along with the vegetables in the bowl.
>Soon, it hit you. This bowl was spicy! These were chilly peppers!
"It's... it's spicy. Really, really spicy!"
>You grab another spoonful and eat it.
>Oh God your throat feels as if Hades himself shrunk and started living there!
>But you can't stop eating, and neither could Snake Eyes.
>"What is thiiiis? Is so spicy! Yet so good!" Snake Eyes slurps his bowl and finishes it, putting it down on the table. "Aiiiyee! Are you sure you don't want two coltfriends?"
>You nearly choke on your food as Snake said that.
>"Just kidding, just kidding!"
>Just for a moment you think you saw Honey Drop looking grimly at Snake Eyes as if he shouldn't have said that.
>Was it your imagination? Was it the chilly peppers?
>"Don't be silly, I only have eyes for Anon! No other colt can catch my attention as Anon did!" Honey starts serving another bowl of noodles to Snake Eyes. The bowl had extra chilly peppers. "Why don't you keep eating? You must be hungry!"
>Honey added some sauce to his bowl and mixed it with the bowl of noodles.
>Snake Eyes nods and attacks his bowl once again, not noticing the extra ingredients.
>You have a feeling he's gonna get a stomach ache from the spiciness.
>You notice Honey started eating her bowl of noodles with the help of some chopsticks; Maybe you should have used those too instead of a spoon.
>After all, chopsticks could be good practice for your magic.
>You stop thinking and keep eating.

>You three finish eating, Snake Eyes having eaten a considerable amount of four bowls alone.
>You just had one bowl since you already had breakfast, Honey finished two bowls and looked satisfied.
>"So... full... need... time... to recover...!"
>This colt is about to become a dragon.
>Maybe eating so fast wasn't a good idea for him. If you feel warm inside your belly, you can't imagine how he is feeling right now.
>"Give me... just a moment... and we can... play..." Snake Eye's stomach starts growling like an actual dragon. "Ok you guys start without me, I need to... IneedtogoI'llbeback! AAAAH!"
>And just like that, Snake Eyes ran to his house in a split second, leaving you two alone.
"You told me to eat slowly so he would be living in his bathroom for the next hour, didn't you?"
>"Whatever you are talking about, Anon?" She says with a scrunchy smile. "It's not like I wanted us to be alone so we could play without him! I mean I totally want to be with you, but, uh, Snake Eyes also invited me along with you."
>This filly's evil, then again, Snake Eyes did overdo it.
>Eating a bowl of spicy noodles as fast as you can is just a big error and that is a lesson that is going to follow this colt for the rest of his life.
>And to the bathroom.
"Well, wanna play? Snake left his cards so we could play a few rounds until he's back." You pick the cards that were lying next to the chair Snake Eyes was sitting in. "How about it? We could play poker or something."
>Honey Drop's ears were moving around, eager to play with you.
>"I'd love to play with you, Anon!"
>You start giving her a few cards and you give yourself the same.
>"Are we going to... bet?"
>You chuckle. You were expecting to hear those words from Snake Eyes, sadly, but right now he is fighting in the downpour dungeon that is his bathroom.
"What do you wanna bet? Bits, food, or something else?"
>"I want to hug you if I win." Honey says immediately, her expression serious as it can get.
>It caught you a bit off guard. You've never hugged somepony that wasn't your parents, it would be the first time.
>She surely is rushing her way into you, but you are no coward to say no to a bet.
"Well... I guess...? What if I win?"
>"Then you get to hug me!"
"Now that's what you want, not me." You chuckle. "How about cooking more of your hot pots if I win? Maybe tomorrow, my mom would love to taste that."
>You should choose your words wisely, as anything can hype this filly up.
>"You don't have to bet that, I can make food for you forever, Anon!"
"Alright, alright. You want a bet? If I win, you will have to wear a fake horn on your forehead and will try to get inside the magic school. Best out of 3 games. How's that?"
>"That's okay by me!"
>And so you two started the game.

>A set of 5 cards hit the table from Honey Drop's side.
>An Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and 10 cards of hearts were present.
>"Royal flush! I won!"
>You... lost, way harder than you thought.
>She won the first two games.
"How? How did you do it?"
>"I told you I am a self-proclaimed scientist! It was all within my calculations! The way you mixed the cards made it so my victory was between the sixty percent of a win, the royal flush was just an extra."
>You were amazed, if Snake Eyes were here, he would throw an argument about how this is luck based.
>But sixty percent...
"What about the forty percent?"
>"Irrelevant unless a third player joins."
>You... she... uh... your head hurts.
>Well, a deal is a deal...
"Guess you want your prize..."
>Honey didn't say anything, she was already welcoming you with her hooves open to receive the hug.
>She didn't want to hug you, she wanted you to hug her.
>You sigh.
>Slowly, you put your hooves behind her as you hug her. It takes her some time to realize you did hug her and she puts her hooves on your back, closing the hug.
>You tried to not look at her, as it was too embarrassing for you. You could spot her panda-like tail waving a bit and, since there was silence in the clubhouse, you could hear her breathing.
>Your heart started beating a bit faster, only until this moment you realized how a bit cold Honey felt as you embarrassed her.
>Did she spend the night outside? You wanna ask but are too embarrassed to say anything.
>The hug lasted for quite a while.
>...How do you stop a hug?
>"Wo Ai Ni, Anon~ (I love you)" She whispers to you.
"Umm... yeah..."
>You have no idea what that means, but you have a feeling you do.
>The door of the clubhouse widens open, and Snake Eyes makes his appearance back.
>"Ugh, maybe eating fast wasn't a good idea, don't you think guys-"
>You stop hugging Honey as soon as you realize Snake Eyes made it back alive from his journey to the bathroom.
"OH HEY HI DUDE! HAHA! D-did you have a problem back there?"
>There is no way he didn't see you two hugging each other.
>"Oh, I see how it is. This is what the adults call 'third wheel', isn't it? Maybe next time I should get a filly so I don't look like I'm getting in the way!"
"Dude no! Is not like this!" You change your glaze into Honey. "Tell him! It was just a bet I lost, right?"
>Honey decided it was better for her to not say a thing. Either she doesn't want to say it was a bet so Snake Eyes thinks something else or she still doesn't like Snake.
>"I'm allowed to talk about this at school so other fillies don't think they got a chance with the Green Menace himself, right?"
>Honey Drop stopped being quiet and this time she did reply to Snake.
>"You would do that? Please do!"
>"Buddy, yes." He chuckled. "Unless you win one hundred games today, I won't go down on my word!"
"I will beat you as many times as you want." You start levitating an ace of spades. "BRING IT ON, DRAW, DOUBLE DOWN!"
>"Alright, that's the spirit! Let's dance together with the dice!"

>The day passed by quickly, as it was dusk again.
>You three played more games and you had a fun time, you even forgot about Snake telling the foals at school about Honey and you.
>Snake Eyes said his goodbye to you two, he didn't want to follow you to your home or the middle of the road since he wanted Honey to escort you.
>The roadway home was somehow silent, you were exhausted from playing a lot, and probably Honey was, too.
>You finally arrive home and turn to say goodbye to Honey.
>"Anon, before you go... I have something for you!"
>She took a paperbag out of her saddlebags, it had a good scent.
>You levitate the bag with your magic and bring it to your hoof, it feels warm.
>More food? Whoa, just how much did she make?
>"I made these three dumplings so you could eat them for dinner! I made them with my Qi and love~"
>You accept the gift and smile at her. This was a good gesture.
>"But don't share these! Eat them yourself! I made them so only you could eat them! Not that I didn't want you to share, but..."
"Okay, okay, I get it. I'll eat them and I won't share them with my parents, don't worry." You tap her over the head. "It's fine, see?"
>Her food was great, so why not?
>"I also made one special for you! I promise it's delicious!" She giggled. "I hope you can guess the right one! It's out of this world!"
>Out of this world, heh...
>And so, you say goodbye to Honey and she waits until you're inside your house. Peeking by the window, you see her leaving.
"Mom? Dad? I'm home!"
>There was no reply.
>When you went to the kitchen, there was a note that said: Anon, I have some business with an old friend in a town nearby, I won't take long and will probably be back by midnight. Brush your teeth! - Love, mom.
>You roll your eyes.
"Sure, sure, I'll brush my teeth." You look at the bag Honey gifted you. "After eating these, of course."
>You head to your bedroom and put the bag of dumplings on your bed.
"Mom and dad aren't home, I don't think they'll mind if I eat on my bed today."
>You open the bag and the sweet scent fills your room with it. The dumplings looked tasty, the aroma was sweet and to your touch, it felt warm as if it was recently made.
"Well, she did say she made one special for me. I wonder what crazy condiments she added."
>The dumplings were labeled by numbers, probably so you can tell her the number tomorrow and see if you guessed the right one.
>You start with the dumpling with the label "#1"
>You munch on it.
"Hm. Tastes like a mix of vegetables."
File: colt2.png (141 KB, 845x808)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>It tasted good, maybe it had onion or some garlic in it? You should ask Honey tomorrow.
>You finish your dumpling and grab the next one, labeled as "#2"
>You take a bite.
>It felt crunchy.
>Way too crunchy.
>You take a look at what was inside the dumpling, but you can barely see the content inside the dumpling.
>Suddenly, you drop the dumpling from the grip of your magic.
>Your horn couldn't do magic all of the sudden.
"I am tired? I've never seen my horn do that..." You cough a bit. "Mom will get angry if she sees that on the floor..."
>You kneel to grab the dumpling that you dropped but end up falling.
>You begin coughing more.
"My hooves... I can't... feel them..." Your voice was raspy.
>What was inside that dumpling?
"I need wateh-"
>You try crawling, but you barely make it anywhere near your bedroom door as you no longer feel your hooves working.
"M-moh-" You tried calling out for help from your mother, but your voice got silent.
>Then you remembered, you were alone until midnight. Colgate wasn't getting home until 5 hours or so.
>Your vision started to get blurry.
>The only thing that you still had was your hearing, which filled you with dread.
>As your senses were slowly locked, your hearing became incredibly accurate, so much so that you could hear someone opening the front door.
>The noises from the door were too aggressive as if someone was forcing their way in.
>You no longer could see anything, you were in complete darkness and silence.
>You wanted to cry, you wanted to scream, you wanted to escape.
>But it was all in vain.
>The front door pries open and you can do nothing but listen as some hoofsteps approaches the living room into the kitchen, into outside the bedroom of your parents, until it reaches your door.
>You couldn't do anything, but slowly your conscience started to fade.
>You could only hear the breathing of whoever was inside with you, staring at you.
>You lose your conscience.

That's all for chapter 3, plus the summary of the chapter is as always in the bottom of it
>you live in an apartment when you become a pony
>Too awkward and shy to ask for help
>Quit your job and the race is on to not starve or get kicked out
>One time you had a maintenance man over to fix something and when you got caught hiding you pretended to be a dog
>Now you have to pay a pet fee
>Find a few shit work-from-home jobs
>Customer service people like your new pony voice, you sound 'friendly', a shame your UI setup isn't too pony friendly
>Contemplate selling pictures of yourself
>While staring at the tentative photos get an idea: "a shame it's not one of the mane six"
>Start lewd posing for your pics and tracing over them into lewd drawings of whoever
>profit and some semblance of dignity!
There's already a thread for Anon living as a pony >>39053903
kys pedo
How do you type?
File: green.png (5 KB, 342x242)
5 KB
The first days or weeks you'll probably settle with a pencil in your mouth. With a bit more patience and acceptance, the voice to text accessibility feature works pretty good in most operating systems.

Otherwise there's the gimmicky orbitouch keyboard or a homebrewed version with a good joypad.

Honestly the tricky, lengthy part is setting things up and adjusting everything.

Like getting a penstrap for your drawing tablet.

...or removing door handles because you trapped yourself in your bathroom for an hour.
File: Filli containment unit.jpg (267 KB, 723x707)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: ContainmentTire.png (396 KB, 514x1973)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
I dont understand but its very cute.
A human nurse told a mysterious figure they could make him a mare. This is what happened to his body:
I think the idea is their legs are too short to climb out from within the tyre.
File: 1663815000.lukaryo_sept_3.png (1.73 MB, 3092x3306)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
File: _.gif (2.47 MB, 746x600)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
File: _.png (49 KB, 715x1000)
49 KB
File: Cadence crop.png (1.74 MB, 1539x2011)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
The worst part of turning is the realization of not only the loss of your masculine self, but the loss of that inherently "ability" to create and make change. You become more receptive; accommodating, involuntary or not. The loss of this ability changes from a curse to a blessing once you begin to accept your newfound life and the mind blowing pleasure of your new body- realizing that after just one or two matings you are not only beyond the ability to turn back to how you were, but you don't truly want to.
>the loss of that inherently "ability" to create and make change
I still don't get it.
You get to become a pony when you retire.
Find mare, cum on her tips!
File: _.jpg (75 KB, 552x588)
75 KB
File: _.png (436 KB, 1116x612)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
File: _.png (156 KB, 1368x1338)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (61 KB, 540x720)
61 KB
File: Discord1.jpg (220 KB, 1080x1080)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
When Discord offered to take you to Equestria you agreed- even though you knew he was a tricky one.

You arrive in a new body; the body of a mare. He tells you that humans can't handle that amount of magic for teleportation anyway; so this was a nice compromise. You had to become fully pony- mind and body, meaning you have newfound emotions, sensations, and a totally alien feeling around your hindquarters.

He also promises that you'll turn back to normal in three months... As long as you keep your virginity. Surely you can survive that? Just avoid the temptation for three whole months- and you can go back to your normal, male self. Of course, it just so happens that breeding season is right around the corner and you'll be going into estrus, but for someone of your willpower, that shouldn't be a problem... right?
File: Attracc mate.jpg (167 KB, 933x1024)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
When Equestria has a gender skew of like 3:1 it'd be pretty damn easy to keep my virginity if i wanted.
An actual challenge would be living as a Stallion during that time.
Pretty damn hard to conceal a huge erection from all the eager mares who would be happy to relieve your tension and make an honest colt out of you.
Seriously just look at this, you'd need a will of iron to resist this kind of seduction on a regular basis.
>he shows up on the last week of the last month and rapes you
>truth is, the game was rigged from the start
>for being such a good sport, he decides to turn you into a (relatively weak) draconequus (female)

>good luck explaining that to your new Equestrian friends lmao
>disappears in a puff of ducks to go bother Twilight
I might be able to work with this.

>relatively weak
How much weaker? On a scale of 1 (S1 Snails) to 10 (Poochie in full Mary-Sue mode) how strong will I be?

I can claim to be Discord's "feminine side" who escaped and wants to experience the magic of friendship.
That'll give me all sort of opportunities to mess with ponies as I "help" them.
File: _.png (769 KB, 1250x752)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
Wtf is this absolute garbage? You on the wrong board?
File: _.png (311 KB, 704x864)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
File: 2101871.png (330 KB, 1640x812)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
File: horse_pussy.png (313 KB, 599x488)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
When we die is being turned into a mare to live in Ponyville like the horsefuckers equivalent to valhalla.
I think they have to get there while dying, armed in combat. How does one reach marehood and Ponyville? Do we have to die thinking about how awesome it would be to have a horse pussy and ponut free to wink about in the wind to reach Equestria?
Ponyville is not Valhalla, it's Purgatory, like the cul-de-sac in Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
When you die, your spirit is reincarnated as a Pony, and must learn about friendship and stuff, before moving on to other rebirths.
Get that eqg shit out of here, disgusting.
You'd also have to try to actively avoid any mares who are dominant enough to force/coerce you to breed them to the point where your hips are almost shattered to keep your virginity
PONY transformation, not one of your tranny fantasies
>Not pony
>Not even FiM species
File: _.png (234 KB, 1080x1065)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (133 KB, 1091x1280)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: _.png (671 KB, 855x1062)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
I just really really wanna be a pony and have my special somepony be a pony an I just want us to be be able to hug each other in our hooves and just lie together in an embrace with our muzzles touching and lie down together like that with our bodies pressed closed together and go to sleep
That's all I want in life pls pls
New mission: get fucked at least once within the next three monhs
Unbelievable based, same
File: _.png (397 KB, 785x892)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
File: 1632419785997.jpg (141 KB, 559x590)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Sorry, I've been really busy lately.
File: _.png (296 KB, 1600x1200)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
>You still look rather male to me.
If I had the safety for it, a month-long TF would be great. Because the first few days you wouldn't even know if you're just crazy. Maybe your ears were always that pointy? Maybe you just haven't paid attention to your bone structure, really? Does your eye color look different? It must just be the light... oh, that strange body hair?? You must have developed some kind of hormone condition. That explains it! That's why you've been feeling odd, that's why walking is more awkward. You do look different. Posture, health, etc. You have something! Just setup an appointment somewhere, it'll work out... until you find your tailbone wiggling.

...at one point do you 'give up'? When you have to cover up your ears in public? When the strangers staring at you in public gets too much? (Is it your eyes? your longer jaw? Are your ears showing?) When your shoes stop fitting because your feet are growing into cannons? Who would look at your hooves anyway? Maybe you can make it even until legs all but become finished and your spine starts to push you forward into a hunched position? The pity people will have on you. You must have some kind of genetic disease, they think. Look how long your hands are now, you had palms at some point, but now they're starting to look like what happened to your feet...
You're looking at the wrong part of the pony.
File: angery fily.png (939 KB, 2000x4000)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
Get this tranny shit out of here.
We like ponies.
Like all Anons, Anonfilly hates optimism.
Lay off the copium you faggot
File: boredfilly.jpg (120 KB, 734x748)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Tails and ears and wings (if they're co-operative) can be easily hidden and contacts could explain any change in eye colour, but if you start growing un-naturally coloured body hair or you start getting hooves, a muzzle or a horn I figure that's gonna be the real run killer for keeping it hidden, and that's not even talking aboot any mental changes or strange scents that you may or may not be aware of
File: firealpaca test.png (341 KB, 1600x1200)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
File: _.png (180 KB, 1500x1500)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: _.png (971 KB, 1109x1002)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
File: _.png (187 KB, 739x622)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.11 MB, 2388x1668)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
File: nohandnoweewee.png (54 KB, 1055x594)
54 KB
File: _.png (147 KB, 922x400)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Me to god
File: _.png (26 KB, 666x577)
26 KB
File: cooking.png (136 KB, 664x492)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (17 KB, 426x310)
17 KB
File: _.jpg (61 KB, 475x568)
61 KB
>You were a strong independent mare out and about on the streets, until someone had scritched behind your fluffy ears and shattered your sense of personage with a hooked finger and a soft "Who's a good girl?".

>You hated the fact that it made you no better than that dog walking down the street when a kid excitedly ran up to you and started rubbing your soft coat, and you just melted in bliss and euphoria until those final moments where their parent dragged them off, with confusion and uncertainty as they coyly waved a good-bye to you.

>It filled you with equal parts disgust and envy as you seen others who'd been in situations like yours bounding with glee, and what would've been a smile had they not had a bit on and being lead on a rein by their masters and mistresses; sending your body into a shaky mess while your legs quiver and you fight your every newly equine urge to make your aroused approval shown to the world by flagging your tail from the thought of it.
File: _.png (169 KB, 848x585)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
File: boredfilly.png (281 KB, 1600x1200)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
File: _.png (320 KB, 1280x1083)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
File: _.png (209 KB, 668x668)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
File: 1418392930207.jpg (509 KB, 1600x1575)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
This image fascinates me. I think it#s the panic on her face. The inability to understand what has happened and the fear as it dawns on her what she lost, may not regain, on the ramifications it has on her life.
File: _.png (108 KB, 2804x1828)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
File: _.jpg (72 KB, 785x966)
72 KB
You're not wanted here.
File: _.jpg (184 KB, 868x528)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
File: 2955256.png (71 KB, 880x1172)
71 KB
Ear scritches and carrots for good ponies.
False advertising. I scritched my ears and ate a carrot and I didn't become a pony.
*quadsuit sold separately
File: edited male smile.png (1.13 MB, 1158x651)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Made this one into a stallion and added a smile.
Thank you! The smile is really important for me, personally. I always feel like an outcast in these communities.
File: 2869197.png (366 KB, 2394x2212)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
weird this pic isn't spammed here more often
You are welcome. Might edit some more to be slightly more happy.
File: 2608248.png (658 KB, 2534x2390)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
I guess I overlooked it for being pony to pony transformation. But now that you mention it I'll add it to my collection.
I like to see a happy transformee.
File: Spitfire cuddle.png (779 KB, 1280x1432)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
>Happy TF
Patrician taste.
File: _.jpg (1.41 MB, 1376x1621)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Keep your gay shit out of this thread
File: Fishing.png (148 KB, 870x1024)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
File: No.png (560 KB, 3192x700)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
File: _.png (35 KB, 925x933)
35 KB
File: 2955700.png (2.45 MB, 4000x3000)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
I want to cuddle heterosexually with Twilight after she transforms me into her ideal coltfriend.
File: happy.png (1.19 MB, 1109x1002)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Another happy edit. I do like the original. The skeptical expression. That "Did I really want this?/What now?" look.
How to be a better waifu: transform your husband into a pony!
He looks insane especially with those bags under 'is eyes
File: _.png (295 KB, 936x689)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
File: 1641552010917.png (401 KB, 992x558)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
You wake up in Equestria as a pregnant mare. You are glued to the floor and full of dozens of changeling eggs. This is your only purpose in life now. Your mental state will continue to degrade until you care about nothing but being the best brood mother, to an animalistic degree.
Why would anybody want this? Is this supposed to be hot? To be parasitoidized into a fucking meat incubator? Swear to god you discord faggots need to come up with better material
File: Wasteful.png (159 KB, 792x732)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Just so we're clear, the post you're replying to is something i fundementally disagree with, and not a thing i would wish upon anyone, nor do i derive pleasure from a fantasy about being in that position.
On the other hand, the idea of being the one to dick down a brood mother, to have nothing in my head but the intent to breed with something that's equally willing?
That tickles a fetish that's rooted pretty deep.
Still, that's something for kinky roleplay with a loving waifu, not a "God i wish that were me" moment.
Okay, what's the catch?
File: 1510471448191.png (124 KB, 1648x1648)
124 KB
124 KB PNG


You can be happy even if sleep deprived.
More a consequence of the lineart being sketchy, I think.
He was up too late having sex with mares.
Find marecum on your lips.
Good news, no
Bad news...
What's the bad news?
It's a repost originally in the thread that was about wanting to be a pregnant mare. I guess it was made by one of those anons who got butthurt by the premise.
Cuddles with your human on a lazy saturday morning.
But it's Wednesday and I don't want to wait that long.
Based stallionbro /)
I’m here for the “yes, I’m a pony!/ oh no, I’m a pony! My life is forever changed” Type of content, but I do find this hot and although it implies human to pony transformation I think scenarios like this one in which you imagine yourself as a pony are fundamentally different, maybe if the prompt had a bit more to it (being kidnapped by changelings turned into a mare by chrysalis then making you go trough whatever degenerate, horrible hot stuff she wants
File: _.png (334 KB, 468x1810)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
File: happy2.png (752 KB, 923x738)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
Another edit. Not many left.
>Become a stallion.
>Do your newfound duty with some conveniently nearby mares.
>The Post-TF high lets you go all night long.
>Stumble to the bathroom after a short bit of cuddling.
>Sore all over, you can barely feel your legs, your crotch is probably bruised to all heck and you feel like you could sleep for a day and you don't know what's going to happen next with your new bed-mates.
>Shuffle your hooves on the bathroom tiles, hearing the clip clop echo slightly as you feel a smile come to your face.
>You see yourself in the bathroom mirror, a tired but happy stallion, your tail swishing idly behind you.
>Turn around and head back for the cuddle pile, content to figure out the details later and just enjoy the present.
File: cloudchaser.png (920 KB, 1232x1024)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
Ponies in oversized clothes is a classic TF indicator. Deal with it.

Archive has been updated.
Imagine turning into fl*ttershy
File: image52.png (121 KB, 539x592)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
I never understood character specific TF.
Heh this is great
A man takes a weird pill, this is what happened to his dick
AF presented to the emerging room, as a small equine
Small meaning little
Equine meaning pony
He took a pill named pon-e, a funny recreational drug that turns you into a pony
His hands disappeared, green fur grew on him, feet disappointed, he had hooves
Hooves meaning absence of hands and feet
Doctors reported evidence of autism in the subject, as he kicked and screamed
He had a vagina on his crotch
Vagina meaning absence of penis
Unfortunately, he's going to be a pony from now on
A purple horse adopted him, so he can have a happy life, right?
>emerging room
>feet disappointed
A tragedy all too common in these sorts of cases.
Why would he do that?
>the archive has only chapter prologue to 12
I finally went and fixed that.
>Waking up in Equestria as a filly
>Eventually making your way into town
>No pony believes you, thinking you're just some lost delusional orphan

>Be filly
>End up in Equestria
>Wanders into Canterlot
>Spends time living in the streets
>Eventually discover that you're in a time before the mane 6
>Meets filly Twilight
>Becomes friends
>Twilight learns the values of friendship early
>Celestia never sends her to Ponyville to learn about friendship
>Nightmare Moon returns
>No one was there to stop her
Best end, Nightmare a cutie.
I can't imagine it was by choice.
File: Unicorn six.png (423 KB, 1280x800)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
>Twilight learns the values of friendship early
>Celestia never sends her to Ponyville to learn about friendship

>Celestia goes with plan A instead.
A heat starts to radiate from your genital area. You can feel your penis and balls quickly shrinking down. Getting absorbed by your puffy and sensitive pony vagina.
You love the feeling of your tail gently tickling your vagina, it makes you feel so pretty and desirable.
As you stand there, thinking about how many foals you'll have in the future, you feel two jiggly mounds grow from just under your new pussy.
These are your teats. Slowly, they start to feel heavier as they fill with milk. You very own mare milk.
gross, we're breaking up
>Wake up as a pony
>Notices green fur, smiles
>Goes to stand up
>Body cramps up
>Applejack comes trotting in
"Granny Smith, be careful. You know you ought ta take things easy now"
Is stallion tf unpopular?
Technically no, but the man>mare tf crowd posts more often and is supported by a tranny discord group.
Their contributions are obvious since there's always a fetishistic level of detail regarding the readers dick disappearing and their bosy becoming more feminine.
I try to be more creative and post stallion tf prompts and discussion, but i'm a wagie and most of my shit is unpostable turbo-wishfulfillment.
Yeah, stallions are revolting.
>Wish to be with your waifu
>Wake up as her baby foal
>Literally breastfed and burped and baby talked
>She loves with all of her heart
Stallion Supremacy gang
your mare pregnancy fetish runs on the hard work of stallions; you aught to be more courteous.
File: _.jpg (125 KB, 824x740)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

As hard as I try, I can't picture myself as a hero.
Wrote a story about a Guy Turning into a Kirin and getting high. I'm not really in the mood for fiddling around and breaking it up into 4chan posts, so I'll just leave it on pastebin and google drive.
File: 2957310.jpg (278 KB, 1440x1127)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
File: 1946771.png (319 KB, 590x590)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
I don't recall a lot of stories in which the MC starts exercising their horny while changes are still taking place. I like it!
Them becoming a kirin was also a welcome change, I don't think we've had any kirin Pon-E stories. I wish kirin TF were a tad more common altogether.
I presume the story's coherence was rough to begin with, and the checker did a good job, though I'm not sure what caused it to switch to the conditional mood halfway through. Eh, it is what it is. Good work on this!
Oh shit, yeah, I only got half way through fixing the conditionals. Gonna have to fix that when sober.
File: 2957284.png (12 KB, 682x622)
12 KB
File: _.png (973 KB, 1000x1400)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
File: noddy.png (292 KB, 336x402)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
What's the with Noddy hat?
File: 1655653050638.png (430 KB, 506x668)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
I don't know when we culturally decided that adventurers wear nightcaps but it's evidently still a common trope.
>You groan and roll over in your bed as you start to wake up
>Your bed feels wayyy than normal but hey, why complain about a good thing?
>You let out a small yawn and roll over onto your back to get comfortable in the bed
>As you start to settle back down, something feels wrong
>It almost feels like when you'd lay on your arm by accident, like a slightly annoying feeling.
>But your arms and legs were spread eagle on the bed so what gives?
>You grumble under your breath
!highlight!>"Must be getting fucking old."
>That ain't your voice.
>Like, it doesn't always sound that great when you just wake up but normally that doesn't involve it getting *higher*
>Your eyes snap open, revealing a rustic small bedroom. Green walls, a wooden desk in one corner, and a large window with the curtains pulled down over it.
>This isn't your beautiful room
>Well, given measure of beautiful considering you didn't really make all that much all things considered.
>Were you kidnapped?
>You sit up really quickly and turn to slide off the bed, only to tangle yourself up and fall over onto the ground facefirst.
>"Oww..." you groan in slight pain.
>You force yourself to your feet, one hand rubbing your nose in an attempt to dilute the pain.
>Something nagged in the back of your mind as you did so, but you ignored it in favor of forcing yourself to walk over to the window.
>Grabbing the curtains with both hands, you yank it open to see where the hell you are.
>Gazing out the window you see a sight both baffling and concerning.
>You see a ton of miniature colorful horses moving around in a rustic-looking town. Some have wings or horns too.
>"Okay, I must be losing my mind."
>As you process your impending mental breakdown, you hear the door slam open
>A blue bipedal dragon walks in, almost looming over you despite only being a head and shoulders taller.
>That isn't your beautiful wife
>You take a step back in nervousness, hoping that its not here to eat or kill you or something
>The dragon growls in frustration, eyes narrowing. "Smolder, you were supposed to be downstairs ten minutes ago. Get your scaly butt in gear or I'll drag you to the School!"
>Okay, that is 100% a female dragon based on her voice but who the fuck is Smolder?!
>The dragonness angrily points at the connected bathroom, so you scurry in before she gets physical
>Not like you don't have a backbone, but she was *scary*
>You close the door behind you and sigh in frustration.
>May as well do your business while you were in here.
>You step over to the toilet, catching a glimpse of something orange and yellow in the mirror as you go.
>You take a step back, staring at the mirror with wide eyes.
>Instead of your totally rugged looks, there is a small orange dragon staring back at you with wide blue eyes. Horns, wings, fangs, the whole shebang.
>You hold out your hands to take a solid look at them, your blood fully chilling in horror.
>They were orange four-fingered claws.
>A totally manly yelp escapes your jaw before your mouth foams up and you pass out in panic.

Ponepaste for anyone interested: https://ponepaste.org/8043
I didn't notice the sword. Now I realize that it's going for a Link look.

Added to the story archive.
An anonymous artist a long time ago I think. I wondered whether it might have been https://www.deviantart.com/paper-pony
Couldn't sleep so here is a Part 2 to Smolder the Human.

>You wake up from where you passed out on the ground with a groan
>You open your eyes and let out a yelp as you see that blue dragonness crouched over you
>Her face looks torn between concern and irritation
>Seeing you're awake she stands up, crossing her arms
>"What the hell were you doing passed out on the ground?" she growls, baring her teeth a bit
>You gulp and wrack your brain for what to even respond to her with
>Do you lay low and pretend to be this 'Smolder' or do you just tell her that you're a human stuck in the body of a smol dragon?
>The dragonness' eyes slowly narrow as you try to think. "Well?!"
>...okay, probably not a good idea to try to explain yourself to an already annoyed lizard.
>"Uh, I'm not feeling too good."
>Wow, that is a terrible excuse. Damn it brain.
>The dragonness rolls her eyes in exasperation
>"I know you don't want to go, but you don't have a choice. You're too old to pretend to be sick to get out of this." She chides before shaking her head. "Just get ready, we're leaving in five."
>With that she steps out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her
>You sigh and get up from where you were laying on the floor
>You stare at the toilet for a moment before looking down at your basically featureless crotch
>RIP your D
>Part of you hopes that you still count as a dude at least, but the rest of you knows that your voice sounds far too feminine for that.
>"...well, this is going to be fun to figure out."
>Five minutes later you head out, now fully awake thanks to doing your morning business and washing your face
>The blue dragonness is leaning against the door to the bedroom, staring off at the window with a strange smile on her face
>"Alright, ready to go to...wherever we're going."
>At your grumbling the smile drops from her face but instead of scowling at you she apparently chose to just roll her eyes
>That and she started to head walk out, motioning for you to follow her
>Turns out that you were apparently staying in a hotel, based on all the other numbered doors in the hall.
>At the front desk is a pony with a white coat, grey mane, and blue eyes
>Oh, and a weirdly wide smile
>He waves at the two of you as you pass. "Have a good day Ms. Ember and Smolder!"
>Okay, if you're supposed to be this Smolder that must mean she is Ember.
>What is she, your mom or something?
>You head out and see the town properly. Mostly just small rustic buildings like you saw from your window, but something catches your eyes and makes you stop in your tracks.
>In one corner of the town is a massive tacky crystal castle sitting on what looks like a crystal tree like something from a six-year-old's fevered imagination
>Not too far from it is a massive pink, white, and purple edifice. Almost looked like one of those rich kid private schools on steroids
>You shake your head and jog after Ember before she gets too far
>Honestly, the main annoyance is that a lot of ponies are giving you curious looks. That and while they looked small from the window, they were apparently the same height as you. Or the same height minus the horns but eh.
>You can't help but notice that you're being led toward that big private school-looking thing
>"Ember, please tell me we're not going towards *that*." You point one of your weird four-finger claws at the building
>Ember frowns down at you, letting out an impatient sigh "Did you fall on your head waking up or something? Yes, that's the school."
>You frown at her tone but decide to be the bigger person (dragon?) and let it slide
>That and your main focus is this 'school' she's talking about. You already passed school ages ago, so the thought of going again isn't a fun one. Even temporarily until you figure out how to get back.
>At the entrance to the building is a large crowd of ponies, all milling about talking to each other.
>You think you see a yak or buffalo or something at the edge of the crowd, looming over everyone else
>You pause at the edge of the crowd, both your social anxiety and the fact that they're a bunch of colorful miniature horses making you not want to actually enter it
>Unfortunately Ember just puts and hand on your back and pushes you into the crowd.
>With a groan you force your way through to the front of the crowd to get away from the bulk of it
>If you're going to have to go into the building, may as well get in first before it gets crowded after all
>You cross your arms and sulk as you wait.
>Once the door opens you grumpily make your way inside to the foyer, a massive area with marble columns and the like
>Whoever built this stupid place really went all out with the decor
>Ember must have seen you trying to slink off and simply grabs your wrist with one claw, dragging you towards the main part of the foyer where it raised up into some kind of dias
>Your blood quickly rises at being manhandled like that, far faster than normal
>"Hey! C'mon, what are we even doing here at this pony school? We aren't ponies, we're dragons!"
>Ember scowls down at you, her tail whipping a little in irritation "You're going to this 'Friendship School' because I'm the Dragonlord and I'm telling you to!"
>You pull your wrist out of her grip and cross your arms, fighting the urge to roll your eyes
>"A school to make friends? That's lame."
>Ember snorts and shakes her head. "Maybe but you'll behave, understand?"
>Without waiting for an answer she turns her head and yells at some purple dragon on the dias, writing with a quill. "Spike, come over here and meet Smolder!"
>The dragon runs over, giving Ember a hug in greeting before turning to you. "Nice to meet ya! I'm Spike!"
>Part of you want to snap at him as your blood is oddly hotter than normal. Hopefully not some dragon thing. But he sounds like a little kid and even you aren't that mean.
>"I'm Smolder."
>Took all of your presence of mind to not accidentally give your real name
>He smiles and opens his mouth to continue speaking, but is cut off by a very loud high pitched voice yelling across the room
>A pink griffon-thing flies over the crowd and points down at something near you "WHAT IS THAT?!"
>You whip your head around to see some kind of blue...bug pony thing standing a few feet from you, giving you a strange look
>The griffon-thing flies down and starts being weirdly excited over the bug-pony, drawing enough attention with her loud voice that Ember and Spike are slightly distracted
>Operation: Avoid Socializing Further is a go
>You hold your hands up and back away successfully.
>Operation: Avoid Socializing Further is a success.

Ponepaste link for those interested: https://ponepaste.org/8044
Not too many dragon stories, excited to see where this one goes. Not a fan of the school and such but an Anon having to make their way through it can lead to some hyjinks so looking forward to seeing where you take it.
File: Ember_wait a minute.png (1010 KB, 1280x720)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
Dragon TF.
Good writing
Loss of dick
Smolder is kill

Not a fan of this but please keep writing, it's good.
File: smoulder.png (1.03 MB, 1391x1920)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
The style lines up. But they never uploaded all it seems.
File: _.jpg (650 KB, 2112x2816)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
How would a fresh transformee behave going through the five stages of grief upon realizing their new form?
It depends on whether or not they wanted to be a pony from the very start, and whether or not they enjoy being a pony in the end.
I fail to see how there could be grief if they wanted it to begin with.
What if they wanted to be a pony, but didn’t know they wanted it and instead thought they just disliked being human?
Oh, you mean like a misanthrope? To put it differently:

>Actually, being a cartoon pony is pretty neat.
File: _.jpg (3.47 MB, 2992x2992)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
Do someone remember a very long comic on deviantart about someone waking up as Rarity?
This one? https://www.deviantart.com/bigsnusnu/gallery/44896141/a-rare-rarity-day
File: happy3.png (931 KB, 1250x752)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
Last one.
yeah thank you, weird "rarity transformation" didn't show this in the search engine
Aww they look so happy, great job on this one in particular.

>yfw feel your new hoof against your new face.
The host laughs, amused by how uncomfortable he's making the candidate.
"Alright, alright. Watch your manners, or they'll be the last thing you have left! Now, let's get on with the questions. Who is the main protagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?"
"Oh for fuck's sake..."
"a) Applejack b) Fluttershy c) Twilight Sparkle
"Fluttershy!" he interrupts.
"Oh dear, you're already off to a bad start. Fluttershy is a sweet and shy character, not really the protagonist type... I guess that leaves us with...
The host smiles. "I do like your enthusiasm, but I'm afraid it's c) Twilight Sparkle, the bookish yet brave unicorn who leads the main group of protagonists."
"No no no, please don't do this to me. I have a wife!" Max begs.
"And your wife will soon have a new pony to play with!" the host laughs.
"She'll divorce me! Please, no..." he whimpers as his skin takes on a purple hue and his butt begins to enlarge.
"Oh yes, you'll be such a good mare. Just like Twilight. Maybe even a little sexier..." the host laughs as Max's hooves begin to grow.
"Oh god no, not a fucking cartoon pony, please!" Max moans as his pants make room for his new equine hindlegs. His shirt rips apart as his torso begins to expand and fill with new, bigger muscles to accommodate his new form.
This is so cute! Thank you so much for doing these.
File: 1663196904570177.png (74 KB, 435x446)
74 KB
Mass ponification
Pretty decent so far!
File: 2958278.png (29 KB, 552x604)
29 KB
File: _.jpg (1.19 MB, 3087x3039)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
File: 2958372.jpg (77 KB, 524x407)
77 KB
File: shiggyfilly.png (630 KB, 1479x1726)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Better a gay pony than a human, right?
>turning me into a newt
He got better
Digging through your medicine cabinet, you wouldn't exactly have long to find something to soothe the burning in your stomach before you'd lose your fingers.
It's been a long time since you had Pon-E and maybe you left the little pill in the bottom of your cabinet much longer than you should have. A small collection of pills and a few things had been your Roommate's parting gift before leaving to go join some hippie commune thing. You weren’t exactly aware of the details, but it was probably some weird pony cult thing knowing the guy. So far you'd only had Pon-E one time during a party, which had been a near-religious experience. You were saving the second transformation for a special occasion, but this had been the kind of week to justify chasing the magic dragon.
Transforming into a pony last time was a pretty pleasant experience, both tiring and refreshing as the changes flowed through your body. Right now you currently feel like you are burning alive from the inside out, itching at a growing pelt with melting fingers. That melting felt a little more literal than normal, bones feeling like they were turning to liquid metal inside of your hand. You kept itching with your stumpy fingers until your expanding nails began to painfully dig into your flesh. Your nails were spreading to cover them in a very different way than you'd experienced last time, your fingers organizing themselves symmetrically rather than being absorbed into your middle nail. Your hand was stretching like normal, but instead your thumb and pinkie were being pulled back into small, heel-looking protrusions that came out of the back of your forming... hoof.
“Wh- uh- a- deer?
Green hair grew to drape down over parts of your finalizing cloven hooves, unnatural fetlocks racing ahead of the rest of your coat’s growth, maybe like a reindeer or something. The burning was slowly getting worse in your stomach, and you realized that you needed to get some help. Push yourself up was a very uncomfortable feeling as you fought through the feeling of your shoulders shifting. The fucked up center of balance of your changing body caused you to stumble out of the bathroom and back through your apartment.
Your cell phone was stuck on your bed, and in your head the penalties for using Pon-E recreationally were a small fine(literally) compared to sorting out whatever the fuck was currently going on. You reached the bed with little time to spare, your spine giving you out and causing you to tumble forward. After landing half on the bed you pretty rapidly went from draped over the bed to dangling over the edge as you felt your body start losing mass, your shortened back legs kicking cute little hooves as the excess length of your legs was converted into a pair of very meaty thighs.
You let out a soft groan as you rolled onto your back, watching as your hips slowly gained a feminine curve as your thighs swelled further into a pair of 'foalbearing' flanks. The bones and joints of your hips had shifted for a quadrupedal gait, but you still had a much wider range of movement than most normal horses. This flexibility allowed you to spread your legs wide to really examine the change.
>What- I mean- I wasn't a girl last time
You reached down a hoof to play with your cock, your average human shaft proportionally larger on your body now. It certainly didn't feel like you were gonna lose your little buddy; the heat was only building inside of him. A quick decision had you going for your ritualistic nightly masturbation, using both your hooves to sloppily grab a bottle of lube while you picked up a vape pen in your mouth. You messily coated your cock and hooves in lube before starting to gently stroke your hooves along your shaft.
As you began to jerk, you inhaled through the pen in your mouth, the vapor going cleanly into your lungs as you felt your barrel expand with a deep breath, the exhale pushing your muzzle out gently and causing a cascading effect as your skull reshaped. Your hair was growing down your shoulders as it puffed up with another drag of the vape pen, looking even more expansive as your head had stayed disproportionately large for your body. The next puff came with more confidence as you rubbed your hooves along your changing cock, feeling it bulge slightly and darken.
The burning inside had started to feel good, the fire becoming a part of you. It was the same kind of comfort as the gentle hug of fur that had come to cradle most of your body, and the same kind of warmth as the fluffy hair that spilled down your shoulders and the small twitching ears that peeked out of it. As you rubbed and puffed, you felt a gentle swelling all along your genitals. Your cock was bulging as your balls began to properly swell into those of a horse. Your shifting hips had left your asshole exposed, and now it was twitching in the cold open air as it swelled out into a dark gray ponut. The heat coming from between your cheeks was actually enough to distract you from the rhythmic puffing and jerking.
With a soft groan through your nose, you rolled over, hooking open the drawer with a hoof and shuffling through the contents as you maneuvered about your new body awkwardly. You'd discovered a few things about yourself during the 'religious experience.' One: that being a pony was nice... and two: that pony you took to a party full of horney stallions like a champ. Normally, you have basically no attraction to people; masturbation and sex were typically used to relieve daily frustrations rather than as a passionate act, but as a pony, you couldn't help but imagine being doted and dominated, and this new pony-like form appeared to share that instinctual feeling.
At the bottom of the drawer, you found what you were looking for: a sizable synthetic horse cock. Your roommate had given you along with the Pon-E. He was a cool dude, and right now you’d truly appreciate the gift he’d given you as you squeezed the bottle of lube messily above it. Letting gravity unevenly work to coat the horsecock, you smeared as much lube as possible inside your ponut, one hoof rubbing along your cock as the other prodded inside of your new ponut, exploring the warmth within. Eventually you reached the limits of your oddly shaped hoof, and your body craved much more. You whine softly after pulling your hoof free, abhorring the emptiness it left. So quickly you positioned the large artificial horse cock against your ponut. With a sharp exhale, you slowly pushed the silicon stallion inside of you, squirming at the feeling of your new ponut being stretched by the sizable head of the horsecock.
You got it in a few inches before repositioning onto your back. You hooked the balls of the dildo with your back hooves and pulled it deeper inside you while you once more began to stroke your cock with one foreleg, the other reaching for your discarded vape pen and slipping it in your mouth. With a satisfying puff, you took a moment to appreciate the thick green horse cock between your legs. You rubbed a hoof along the soft fuzz that covered your swollen green sack and let out a cute giggle when you accidently tickled the large tuft of dark green fuzz that had grown near the base of your balls.
Life was fucking good, you thought as you stared up at the ceiling, the world brightening as your growing eyes started to take in more light and color. With another puff, you idly scratched at your growing chest fluff. A few more puffs and strokes, and you felt it start to grow into a more proper lion's mane.
>"Wow, I sure am a freak, huh."
You mumbled your way around the pen, your hoof twirling through your growing hair. Feeling an odd prickly sensation on your muzzle, you crossed your eyes to try and focus on the stubby snoot. Actually- more of your body began to itch as the short body hair you’d possessed before the transformation began to fall out. The outer layer of skin started to rapidly change, replicate, and repattern itself into an unnaturally strong set of scales that covered your nose and back, reaching down until it tickled against your rump. You rolled onto your belly, pulling yourself up to hump against a large pillow as you looked back to examine the pattern of dragon-like scales that covered your back. You whistled at yourself as you raised your thick rump, letting the horsecock slip a few more inches out of you. Rubbing a hoof against the curved scales of your rump, you admired the subtle feminine curve it gave your body.
You grind your hips into the pillow as you massaged your hooves into your rump, feeling the contrast between the soft flesh and the flexible scales. Grinding your new horsecock into the pillow, you wiggled and repositioned your hips so that you could lean back and let the silicon stallion slip back inside of your body. A rhythm formed between humping forward and slipping back into the horse cock, a sloppy and lackadaisical pace that had the toy nearly slip out several times as you casually huffed from the pen and grinded hard into the pillow.
The THC clouded your system and pushed the orgasm further from your reach. The dulling of your senses had left your head spinning quite badly. You barely noticed the subtle scraping noise coming from your head and the bulging on both ends of your body. A few flakes of scale began to snow from your head as you crossed your eyes, looking up.
You intoxicatedly mumbled as you reached up to poke at your newly growing horn. You slowly sat up and flexed your ass as you felt the butt bulge began to expand outwards. The growing flesh and bone soon displacing the balls of the silicon stallion still inside you, causing a soft moan of discomfort. You reached down a hoof to readjust the toy, taking a moment rub against your sensitive tail. A pony's tail was typically a short and stubby appendage, mostly hair, but your new tail snaked downwards, encouraging you to pull it up towards your shaft so you could rub both it and your cock at the same time. Each jerk of your tail pulled the toy tight inside you, causing a pretty euphoric feeling as you shifted and it began to finally rub against your prostate.
With the flexing and bulging of your entire body, you could feel you were getting close. The muscles in your neck grew to support your head... as well as the bright red horn that was creeping into your peripheral vision. You could feel your flank begin to expand further as the soft plush gained firm muscle underneath. In fact, you could feel the muscle building up beneath most of your legs and connecting up to your barrel. Your tail twitched as it was squeezed against your cock. The cock itself twitched in return as your strong pelvic muscles flexed. God you were close. You teased a hoof around your human tip, feeling it bulge and flare as it expanded. You returned both hooves to rubbing along the long shaft as you began to feel a bump with each stroke, a thick medial ring swelling in the center of your cock. The long, soft organ gained a few large green spots for the cute mottled look, you'd push your shaft to the side and pull up your loose sack so that you could see the cute green spots covering all of your exposed flesh. You quickly dropped your nuts and got back to stroking though, the amount of time you've spent starting to fuck with brain. Getting back to stroking you'd really appreciate the equine length and shape, spending time fondling the flare of your cock and going slow to meander around the medial ring. Eventually a very familiar pressure in your cock began to grow; you took as big an inhale as you possibly could from the vape pen as your balls began to contract. The THC saturated your blood as you stayed on the edge for just a moment. You squeaked around the vape pen as you let out a burst of cum that painted the wall on the other side of the room. Cum drizzled from your cock in the aftermath, encouraged by your ass slumping on the toy and pressing it hard into your prostate. As you relaxed in the aftermath you let your tail flop down as it began to thicken up like a horse’s tail, vapor visibly blowing from your nose as you let it all out.
> "Wow, what the fuck."
You weren't very swearative as a human, but words didn’t bounce around long in your new head before slipping out. You’d sit up in your bed, stretching and letting the toy slip out of you as casually as you’d lost all the worries. Pony instincts and the stabilization of your new tail helped you as you slipped off the bed and stumbled your way through the house, into the kitchen area to see what you had to make to eat.

//Cleaned up the mess a bit to make it readable and broke it up into smaller posts. I'm currently a bit high and half way through part 2. Not sure if I should fix the paste or keep going and just leave the google doc as the living record. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JUmup9sWyRCgXDalLdH2jLebSvoSigmg0HrAXF1QFX8/edit?usp=sharing
Ponepaste is preferable by far.
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: 1657380913462.png (1.67 MB, 2958x2310)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
File: _.png (763 KB, 901x1337)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
dude turned into a pony and he still wants to go to Ohio? just put him down now, he's gone.
File: _.png (123 KB, 700x700)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
File: 2959125.jpg (2.83 MB, 2864x5354)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
>pony transformation, but it's just your hand
Are there any good tf stories where people realize they didn't becomes horses, but literal cartoon ponies? No genitals and all?
Well I know which hand I'm masturbating with from now on.
File: 2959253.jpg (128 KB, 1024x700)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
File: 2959300.jpg (250 KB, 2048x1277)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
File: 2959298.jpg (353 KB, 1800x1642)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (153 KB, 1024x857)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>Guy on death row get's selected to become pony
>1st year given horse hormones, horse blood injections, and horse milk along with kombucha and silicone to transfer dna across gut bacteria
along with various horse multivitamins and medicines
>fed grass and greens daily
>2nd year on top of regular meds given h.g.h. along with hair growth hormones
>3rd year is depressed as an animal.
>we put him in a pen and give him large doses of thc while he rams other horses
>best show rider of all time but sometimes unmotivated cause misses being human severely at times...
>sometimes goes long periods without eating
I've seen it too many times. er... I mean if that sort of thing were real.
File: faggotsquisher.jpg (1.49 MB, 3648x2736)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Ooh, mysterious.

That makes more sense.
A robot pony body is better than nothing.
File: nooo-not-the-roller.jpg (12 KB, 316x326)
12 KB
Is that the fucking autism steam roller?
File: _.png (972 KB, 1158x651)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
File: _.png (174 KB, 752x757)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Note found on the desk of a hanged researcher who was studying pon-e, written in black ink with a calligraphy pen:
'They know more than you or I ever will in one-hundred lifetimes. The harmless mass-energy conversion ratio with non-fissile material is evidence enough of that. They could boil your blood inside your body without heating up any part of you with a literal thought. Why did they leave us these pills? Deadly diseases cause us and our loved ones agony, and when they could cure cancer with a snap of their fingers, they show us a goddamn parlor trick. When wars ravage our lands, sweatshops turn our once beautiful planet to tar and ash; they give us ponies. In my last moments I am reminded of the Strugatskys and Roadside Picnic.'
File: unknown.png (942 KB, 768x512)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
Imagine Fluttershy turning you into her pet pony.
I love this. More!
I want to be
a cute filly
in an octopus's garden
in the shade
File: 1631829729647.png (395 KB, 1250x1250)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
This is a brilliantly written little story.
File: _.png (385 KB, 744x789)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
File: _.png (3.08 MB, 6000x7500)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
File: _.png (592 KB, 1937x1419)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
No way, this is so cool!
I might have an idea for this, but I need time to conceptualize.
Good luck Anon
File: _.jpg (272 KB, 1116x612)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: _.png (1.53 MB, 1280x723)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
File: _.png (322 KB, 1060x992)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
File: _.png (41 KB, 1363x1000)
41 KB
File: _.png (40 KB, 1107x1032)
40 KB
File: _.png (2.24 MB, 1300x1838)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
File: _.gif (81 KB, 800x1200)
81 KB
File: _.png (102 KB, 646x583)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
File: _.png (29 KB, 1073x613)
29 KB
File: untitled.png (3 KB, 524x505)
3 KB
That story... The one with the nanobots and Friendly Fire pony:
1. Who's waiting on who? I think I might have missed an update. Are we waiting for a new update, or are we waiting on input so a new update can be written?
2. Are the nanobots shaped like ponies?
>Be the human turned into a teenage orange dragon girl
>You got creeped out by a bug-horse and backed off from everyone else
>While backing up you bump into a blue griffon who was talking to a beige pony
>He turns around with an annoyed look. "Hey, watch where you're going!"
>You frown and cross your arms, your blood immediately rising slightly
>"You try to back away from people being too friendly!"
>The griffon rolls his eyes "What, you can't handle some ponies talking to you all nice?"
>You instinctively bristle slightly at the insult
>Before you can snap back, the pony steps forward and puts a hoof on the griffon's shoulder "Ignore him, he's had a long day. I'm Sandbar, nice to meet you."
>His voice
>So chill
>He smells like weed
>You can't help but grin and hold out your hand. Claw?
>"Nice to meet ya. I'm Smolder." You lean in a bit closer and whisper. "Strange question but...do you partake?"
>You hold your claw up to your mouth in the universal sign of a joint
>Sandbar and the griffon blink at you before both grin
>The griffon puffs his chest up in what you hope is excitement "Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
>He holds up his claw in a fist-bump fashion, which you happily bump
>Yay, now you got a way to relax while you figure this mess out
>A woman's voice rings out from the dias, catching everyone's attention. You turn around and see a purple pony standing there with wings and a horn.
>Must have won the genetic lottery or something
>*"Attention everycreature! Thank you so much for supporting the grand opening of our school. I hope you'll all join us for Friends and Family Day to see the amazing progress your students are making!"
>"Everycreature sounds racist as fuck, dude."
>You blink as you realize everyone is looking at you
>Whoops, did you say that out loud? I mean it's true...
>You rub the back of your head with one claw, a bit embarrassed at all the attention
>"I mean, I guess 'everyone' would make more sense..."
>The mare blinks, a bit taken aback before rolling her eyes
>*"I've never heard anycreature actually try to use that word. I mean, it's not grammatically correct."
>"That...doesn't make any sense..."
>^"Heh, not surprised a dragon would say something that stupid..."
>You whip your head around to see a pink pegasus filly with a weirdly curly mane and tail
>"What did you say?!" you snarl
>A bit of smoke comes out of your nose. Pretty cool all things considered
>Suddenly you feel something grab your head and push it down a bit, startling you
>Ember leans over your shoulder from behind, growling in your ear. "Calm down before you embarrass yourself."
>A few students giggle as you blush in embarrassment
>You maintain your glare at that filly though, especially as she continued to giggle with a knowing smirk
Yes! More
File: URAFAGGET.png (212 KB, 733x879)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
No mares? No problem when you can become the mare.
The author's trying to find time to write I think,
File: meds.png (50 KB, 1920x921)
50 KB
Imagine a scenario where a 6 year old girl asks for a pony, and her parents buy her a pony
But it's anonfilly

Anonfilly teaches little girl to do mischief
Teaching her curse words
>Become pony
>Nothing is actually fixed, but now your insecurities and anxiety are too busy petting the cute pone to bother you

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