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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Pony wears the saddle!
celestia is probably the only pony that could carry me
That's because you don't have an affirmative mindset. Don't ask if the pony could carry you, state that the pony will carry you.
What if he's really fat?
Injured ponies make poor workers. Cost of replacement and fees for sending it to the pony dump are less than ideal as well.
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244 KB JPG
You're an absolute monster and you're going to jail for a long time, sicko.
File: 1586352879045.png (91 KB, 325x467)
91 KB
She puts the lotion on the fur
Or else the Anon lols "whip go brrrr"
What part of an affirmative mindset don't you get?
skittles when?
>soak the wood in water
They need to steam it, not soak it.
>Mayor Mare's standing in the tribe grew
Now she will get all the beer for free!
>She was still divided on the topic
This is why I don't get why a weapon was her second thing to "invent".
Why not invent butter?
>assured her that...
And whoever has the wit to oppose her (uhm Intor, Willow, ...) will use it anyway.
>some cloth
Make some from her hair! Imagine Mayor in a pink sweater!
>news of Rainy Day
I have a feeling that this will end in another few sad, self blaming days.
>She was looking for the first hints of a caravan.
That caravan has to come extremely close for Mayor to spot it.
>trick nomads sometimes found a little unsettling
At least they know better to not sneak up on her, only if they are in downwind.
>He was less hairy
So Mayor is the manliest of all?
>I would just come from down-wind.
So they do know how to trick her!
>[Too bad Intor sold your friend, we could have used the feathers from her wings!
Damn, that hits hard from two ways.
>Maybe there would be deer or elk
Interesting that Salki understands the concept of "equine".
>She squinted a little in an effort to reduce the blur, but it didn't really help.
She need to invent the really old type of glasses. Where the user only sees through a really small opening. Basically camera obscura, but in a wearable form.
>children and the old
Mayor do fit into the second category.
>that he had just realized - again - that she couldn't eat meat
Or that he realized that Mayor do not know what the circle hunt is.
>if Darga found her she could easily
I assume Mayor's punishment is over, and she lives in Draga's tent again.
>specifically asking about a talking pony
So the words spread around, or are they the same traders like before?
>It could mean that the travellers had met Rainy Day
She will get too excited and then sad when it turns out they know nothing about Rainy Day.

>but the traders stared with open mouths
So not the same as the previous group. But how does this one know about Mayor?
>I thought it was just a crazy story!
So they for sure did not see Rainy Day.
>Oh, I heard from another caravan
And they don't know anything about Rainy Day either.
>lick her lips in eager anticipation
No, not again! Hold your horses before you buy all the beer!
Btw, why do they have a word for pink? Its occurs extremely rarely in nature. And early languages had only a few color classifications, around 3 to 8.
>Her heart sank.
Again, she got her hopes up for nothing.
>even lifted her tail
Intention matters! Probably the trader was interested in the pink hair, not her privates.
>he was just trying to look at her teeth
>The traders were asking if she was for sale
I'm not surprised, after all slavery is a thing.
>let's go and get something to eat
>value had been rapidly dropping
The market is saturated.
I wonder if Mayor got used to the taste of food which is cooked alongside of meat.
>then she would get a drink
All the drinks.

>better a late pony than a never pony, right?
Hopefully this holds true for Rainy Day!

Thanks for the update!
Rarity is for spanking
File: 1552254327147.png (230 KB, 540x516)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Vega when
Never he ded
I'd like to see a green in the vein of Black Beauty - following a poner around through her life under various masters. Some kind and loving, some harsh and cruel.
File: 1600374650804.png (149 KB, 319x465)
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149 KB PNG
Having a personal heater is very nice when winter rolls around.
File: sunmaid.jpg (541 KB, 1200x759)
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541 KB JPG
File: 1580521288037.png (894 KB, 1094x1024)
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894 KB PNG
Pet the pone
Smoosh her cheeks
Is for friends
File: 2507466.png (694 KB, 1887x2062)
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694 KB PNG
oh no

did someone steal her vagoober?
She keeps chewing on her wings
oh thank god, the cone of shame had me worried
I saw RD in a cone last summer, is that why she's grumpy all the time now? She doesn't chew her wings, she just lays around looking sad.
File: pink and frilly hearts.png (1.67 MB, 1500x1500)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Pony has replaced all your bedding while you were at work.
File: scootacute.png (136 KB, 609x697)
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136 KB PNG
File: 1634019624727.png (67 KB, 871x556)
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this made me sad
Luckily there is magic strong enough to undo whatever may have been done to her, so while searching for those spells and unicorns capable of casting them, you will just have to cuddle her and massage plenty of anti scar creams into her belly.
Defiant pony is for unassisted minesweeping. Most effective scared straight program to date.
Seems uneffective for earth ponies who can tank direct explosions, like ponk. She would make it into a game, seeing how many easter eggs she can collect in her basket before they explode, giving her a comical hair style and a soot covered face.
Pinkie ends up in a military detention center for not obeying her master. The place is basically a bootcamp for ponies, run by war hardened human soldiers. The main drill sergeant in charge of Pinkie takes her out to the mine field. He's a grizzled old man whith a scar actross his face and a chip on his shoulder. He's sent countless ponies to the minefields. Very fiew have made it back. Other ponies look on in horror as they realize the pink one is basically being sent out for exicution, due to the fact that she has completely ignored all commands and rules since she arrived here. The drill sergeant barks an order at the pink one to sweap this field and disarm all the landmines she can find, and she is not to return until she has disarmed twenty mines. With a cheerfull okie dokie lokie, she skipped happily out into no mans land.

Almost immediatly a gut renching earth shattering explosion rips across the mine field, the onlooking ponies just sigh and being their prayers to Luna. After the dust clears, there is a gasp and a hush, as the humans and ponies alike, look on in disbelief. That bouncy pink terror is happily hopping along with a terrifyingly tall stack of mines ballanced on her back. Her face is covered in a thick layer of black soot, and her mane is swept back and smoldering.

The drill sergeant's face begins to go white as Pinkie skips up to him, a tower made up of hundreds of anti-personnel and anti-armor mines ballanced precariously atop the bubbly pony's back threatoning to fall at any moment.

"Here you go mister meanie sir! That was a fun game, can I do it again?"
I would like more evil human slave drivers vs pinkie being pinkie.

Where can I get more of this?
On the contrary, ponies' resilience makes it a cost effective program. Damaged ponies can be sold off as cheap companion slaves, and assisting in their recovery provides an easy bonding method.
File: 1627619432485.png (236 KB, 874x987)
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236 KB PNG
scooty when
File: 1549895431835.png (1.13 MB, 960x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I swear I'll get this update written one day. It's just work that's killing me and I'm also not getting enough sleep.
File: 12913.png (415 KB, 1195x779)
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415 KB PNG
Pony bathes the pony.
It's more efficient than taking up master's time.
Not as cozy tho.
File: 1658624045068319.png (3.78 MB, 1650x1125)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB PNG
Can Grug am purchase wing mare with shiny rock?
File: Backrubs.png (491 KB, 636x900)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
poni is for petting, not for work
File: 6515104.jpg (790 KB, 2230x2230)
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790 KB JPG
Is kirinheat adjustable?
I want a green of Shining breaking free and going on a quest to free his daughter and wife and being a gigga dad.

> The sounds of celebration were all around her, but Mayor Mare didn't feel very happy. She had retreated to the chieftain's tent while the rest of the camp prepared for the celebration.
> It was getting dark and chilly inside, but she still didn't light the fire. Right at that moment darkness suited her.
> She shouldn't have allowed herself hope, not in this brutal land of harsh winter and harsher people. It was obvious in hindsight that traders would spread rumors of her - a talking pony.
> Rainy Day hadn't even started learning the language by the time she was sold, and there was no guarantee she would have found a nice nomad like Salki to teach her. More than that, it was very possible that Mayor Mare's cutie mark allowed her to master the nomad tongue quicker.
> Other ponies might not have that advantage. Unfortunately there was no way to prove or disprove that idea. Mayor had never considered learning a different language while back home so she had no point of comparison.
> She still hoped her friend was alright, that her wing had healed and she wasn't being mistreated, but sitting there in that dark tent wasn't making it easy for Mayor to stay positive.
> Her thoughts were interrupted when the flap opened and Salki came in. "[There you are. No one knew how to find you! Why aren't you at the fire?]"
> She opened her mouth to try and explain, about the disappointment, and Rainy Day, and the way those traders had inspected her like a piece of furniture to be bought on a whim.
> Mayor looked at the young nomad and closed her mouth.
"[Doesn't matter.]"
> It wasn't as if Salki would understand anyway. Saule hadn't, not fully, and the boy - even if she liked him and he was nice to her - could sometimes be thicker than stone, especially when it came to the elusive worlds of emotions.
> Salki proved her right when he shrugged and took her word for it. "[Okay. Want to come now? They have beer.]"
> That got her attention. Mayor had been planning to get a few drinks. They might take the edge of her frustration and anger and sadness, and allow the mare to forget for a short while.
> She licked her lips as she imagined the bitter, tangy taste of the nearly-flat beverage, and found her mouth incredibly dry. She really did need a drink.
"[O-Okay, but only small drink. I don't want- drunk again.]"
> That particular memory made her fold her ears down and Salki also shifted uncomfortably on his feet. Mayor suspected he was blushing, though it was hard to tell in the gloomy interior.
> She pushed past him into the chilly, night air of early spring and lifted her muzzle up. Scents almost assaulted her nose. Frying meat, and ash, and woodsmoke, but also more pleasant ones. The nomads were roasting at least a few yams, and she could also smell the fresh bread.

> There was no hint of beer, though, but she wouldn't expect that to carry.
> Salki joined her and gave her head the briefest of pats before striding off. "[Come on then,]" he called back.
> Mayor had to hurry or lose the young nomad in the thick crowd. It didn't matter too much, since she knew where they were headed, but she wanted to stay near the chieftain's son in the hopes of snagging some free food and drink. There would be plenty to go around with this celebration, but why take chances?
> They reached the central file and Salki headed over to where some of his hunting friends were sitting. The log was packed and many nomads simply crouched or sat on the muddy ground. Mayor briefly considered going back to the tent to fetch an animal skin, but Salki had his own ideas.
> He simply pushed one of his friends a little and the line somehow compressed just enough to let him sit. That didn't leave any room for Mayor and she half-turned to go away when Salki reached out and patted her side.
> "[Here! Sit here!,]" he told her and shrugged off his vest to lay on the ground before him. She looked at the makeshift rug a little doubtfully, but didn't question it. She sat on it and looked around the bonfire while Salki put both hands on her withers and began to idly stroke.
> The noise became nearly overwhelming and Mayor instinctively folded her ears down to shut some of it out. The reason was soon apparent: Some of the nomad men had started a song, a deep, throaty, rhythmical hum, accompanied with them hitting sticks together, or simply slapping their chests and thighs, but most other people were still trying to have conversation.
> As a result, both groups tried to become louder than the other, most likely without even realizing it. Mayor squinted around, but none of the nomads seemed annoyed at having to shout. They simply ignored the rest of the noise and spoke as loudly as they had to for their friends to hear them.
> Off to one side a group of younger children were dancing, while some of their number tried to imitate the singers. Even Salki and his friends were talking loudly over the din.
> Mayor flicked an ear toward them and listened for a few moments. They were asking Salki how the hunt with bows went, and he was in the middle of an explanation. It was too fast and technical for Mayor to be able to follow it, especially with all the commotion around her, but she didn't much mind.
> She would get the details from both Salki and Bakar tomorrow. She might even get something from Willow and Hisein, since the bow was more or less her invention, at least in the eyes of the nomads.

> There really wasn't much point in trying to follow the discussion and Mayor considered getting up to go look for some food, when a familiar figure approached them. Saule had a clay bowl in her hands, which she held out to the mare.
> It was stew, with all the meat bits carefully picked out. Mayor could see that the girl was still chewing, and she didn't begrudge her, not when it meant the rest of the gruel could be hers.
> There was still an aftertaste of that meat, but unless they cooked it specifically for her, the nomads never made stew out of vegetables only. She had gotten used to it, even if the smell sometimes made her gag a little. Nourishing food was too scarce a resource.
> Unfortunately there wasn't a piece of bread to go along with it, but she could always go and grab some of that later. Mayor thought she saw where the older women were baking it.
> That caused her to pause for a moment and prod Saule with a hoof.
"[Why they making bread here? Traders see, they learn bread. Darga say it will be camp secret. No showing traders.]"
> The girl patted her mane and flashed her a smile. "[It's okay. The women are bringing water-flour. They will not show traders how it is made. They don't know what it is.]"
> Mayor wasn't convinced that would stop any nomad from figuring out just what that dough was, but she didn't want to argue, not particularly.
"[Huh. Okay.]"
> Seeing that there wasn't anything else, Saule went back to staring at Salki. She leaned closer and began running her hand through Mayor's mane as she listened to the young hunter's story about how the bows worked.
> Mayor was hardly paying them any attention, but their hands crept closer and closer until they suddenly touched and froze. She looked around just in time to see the two youngsters staring at each other, before they both flushed and drew apart again.
> Maybe she could do something nice for them?
"[Come! Saule. Here, sit. I will take this back and get beer. Sit!]"
> She graciously offered Salki's vest to the girl, but before she could really get up Salki had jumped to his feet and was waving Saule in. "[No, that's okay. I'll go get some. Sit here, keep Meyermer company!]"
> Before either could object he had hurried off, and Mayor caught Saule's gaze. The girl rolled her eyes and they shared a brief grin, but it quickly faded as the nomad girl nervously looked around for where the boy might have gone.
> She took the spot on the log and Mayor gratefully pressed herself against her chest. The bonfire was keeping one side of her very warm, but it was nice to be able to lean against Saule with her other. The girl put her hands around the mare and drew her closer, too.
> "[Want to come up? It's cold and you're nice and warm. Here, sit on my knee!]"

> Mayor gratefully accepted the invitation and lifted herself up. Only a few months ago she would have been worried about hurting such a spindly creature, but she'd come to respect the nomads' quiet strength while she lived with them.
> In some ways they were much like earth ponies, Mayor supposed.
> She was careful not to muddy Saule's clothes with her hooves, but she easily settled herself on the girl's knee and allowed her to pull her into a hug. It really was nice and warm, and Saule's animal skin coat quickly warmed up against Mayor's fur.
> The other young nomads to either side didn't seem to mind, and went on with their own conversations. Mayor didn't have much to say to them, or to Saule, so she simply went back to staring at the nomads dancing around the fire.
> Salki came back and found them in that position. Mayor tensed for a moment, expecting at least a small jab or joke at how they were cuddling in the chill, but he said nothing like that. If anything, she thought his look was a tiny bit wistful.
> He still didn't have a vest and his was wet and muddy by now, so he was probably quite chilly.
"[Go get new coat,]" she told him as sternly and motherly as she could manage. "[Or you will be sick. Go! Night is cold!]"
> He shook his head and pointed. "[The fire is warm enough. I will be fine!]"
> Mayor shook her head in dismay, but didn't argue. If the young idiot ended up with a cold it would be his own fault. Maybe it needed to happen and it would teach him to listen to her in the future.
> She was wondering where he was going to sit when Salki did his own trick once again and simply shoved into the line. Luckily by that time some of the nomads on that side had gotten up to dance and the rest easily shuffled along to make room.
> He draped one hand around her, very careful not to accidentally touch Saule again, and Mayor felt how icy his skin was against her fur. She was about to shuffle over into his lap, to at least warm him up a bit, but the boy lifted a skin in his other hand.
> "[I got some beer!]" he explained and offered it to her.
> That proved to be the more important bit and Mayor gratefully took it. It was already untied and she could smell the delicious liquid inside. She found the spout with practiced lips and lifted the skin up so the life-giving beer splashed into her mouth.
> At least, she thought, this time she had eaten some stew, so it wasn't going to hit her on an empty stomach.
> Despite that, remembering her earlier blunders, Mayor kept herself in check and only took a couple of small sips before lowering the skin and offering it to Saule.
> The girl followed her example and then passed the drink back to Salki.
> "[Well-]" he began to say.
> "[So-]" Saule interrupted at the same time.

> They both chuckled and then fell silent, unsure of how to continue. At long last it was the boy who spoke next, but he addressed his question to Mayor: "[Did the traders have news of your friend?]"
> The reminder made Mayor's ears droop and Salki, well-versed in pony expressions by now, immediately understood. His hand cupped her muzzle. "[Sorry.]"
> Once again the anger and sadness threatened to swell and Mayor reached for the beer skin. It would make her feel better and help her forget. She swallowed a few mouthfuls of it, then let Saule take it once more.
> This time the girl barely sipped at it before handing it back. "[Here, shift over,]" she told both her and Salki as she nudged the mare off her knee. "[I'll get some bread. Do you want more stew?]"
> The bowl was on the ground, where Mayor had dropped it after she had licked up every bit of the nourishing gruel and it took Saule a few moments to find it while the mare slid over to Salki's knee.
> She felt him shudder as her fur, still warm from where it had been pressed against Saule, met his chilled, naked skin. He didn't even hesitate when she wrapped her hooves round his midriff and quickly reciprocated with his arms.
"[Yes, stew for me please, and bread.]"
> It would be a good idea to keep eating, especially if she wanted more beer. It would soften the blow from the alcohol.
> Saule glanced at Salki who gave a nod too. "[Yes, me too. Uh, thank you.]"
> The girl quickly averted her eyes and murmured something not even Mayor caught, before rushing off in search of the promised food. Once she was gone, the mare took the beer skin from Salki and allowed herself another small sip.
> It was starting to have an effect and she could feel the pleasant buzz in her head, but she had been taking it easy enough that it hadn't yet impaired her thinking, nor was it making her nauseated.
> The group of younglings next to them burst out laughing and Mayor suddenly felt self-conscious. She remembered what others had told her, about the time she had gotten drunk and kissed Salki. When she looked up and caught his gaze, and saw his flushed face, she knew he was thinking the same thing.
> Suddenly even the comfort of sharing warmth didn't seem as nice and she wiggled free from his grasp.
"[Too hot! Fire too hot,]" she explained, even though they both knew it was a lie.
> Salki just nodded.
"[Go get vest!]"
> Again, he agreed. He gave her the skin and hurried off in the direction of Darga's tent. He barely made it a few steps before coming back to pick up his muddy vest from the ground. It had been a noble gesture, Mayor thought, but also a silly one and she would probably end up washing it the next day.

> She put it out of her mind, took the smallest possible taste of beer, then went back to staring at the fire.
> The percussive, rhythmic music was starting to make her sway to the beat. Once you got used to it, she thought, a nomad festival wasn't a bad thing.
> Saule came back with two bowls, both of them full of that same meaty stew. Again, it seemed, the order of the day would be for the nomads to pick out lumps of meat and the mare to finish off the vegetables and rice.
> At least she also had a loaf of fresh bread held under her armpit, out of which Mayor quickly took a substantial bite. It blended very nice with the beer, now that she had a chance to try both at the same time.
> If Saule was wondering where Salki was, she didn't ask it. Instead, she settled herself on the log and nodded meaningfully at the mare. She had a bowl in each hand and she was holding them apart, which allowed Mayor to slip back into the girl's warm lap. Then her arms came back around her.
> They waited until the boy came back and took one of the bowls, which freed up Saule's hands so she could start eating. Mayor alternated between nibbling the bread and sipping the bear while she waited.
> "[Here, let's swap,]" Saule said when she had gotten all the meat out. She took the bread and carefully balanced the beer skin against her leg, which freed up Mayor's hooves so she could hold the bowl and dunk her muzzle in.
> Her coordination was starting to suffer and she smeared a lot of the goop on her muzzle, but it was nothing her long tongue couldn't handle.
> By the time she was done, Salki was already offering her the other bowl and Mayor simply let the first one slide to the ground. It was thick enough so it wouldn't break and someone would find it in the morning.
> The two nomads with her shared what was left of the bread and took a bit of beer. Mayor saw to her dismay that the skin was now empty.
"[Another? Go another bee- beer?]" she asked.
> Her ears wouldn't obey her right and one kept folding down when she tried to perk both of them up, so she gave up and lifted a hoof instead. She paused for a moment as she tried to remember why she had intended to use her ears to point the way, but gave it up as unproductive.
"[Go, go- um, tent. Yes, tent, go, my bed. Hair there, pink. Like this,]" she explained and lifted a lock of her mane. "[Go get and trade. Traders want, get more beer.]"
> She looked at the deflated bag and tried to make an estimation.
"[On- One more. One more bag, yes? One enough. Don't wanna... wanna... you know. Don't wanna- again.]"
> The word didn't occur to her so she simply mimed something coming out of her mouth with a hoof. That nearly caused her to drop the bowl, but luckily Salki saw in time and steadied it.

> "[Are you sure? You know how you get drunk-]"
> Mayor nodded enthusiastically and dipped her tongue into the stew again, as if to demonstrate.
"[Yes. Umm...]"
> She decided to switch to Equestrian to make her point more easily.
"Ya! Ya ya ya! I ate, see? Ate, so beer- it won't as strong. 'm fine!"
> Saule looked over Mayor's shoulder at Salki. "[What did she say?]"
> He thought for a moment, then tried his best: "[Something about food. I think she said she was fine.]"
> Mayor was bobbing her head up and down.
"[Yes! Yes! Fine! Food. Small drink- you will some drink, and you will some drink. I will a little drink, no- no bad, yes?]"
> She pointed a hoof first at one, then at the other. Salki looked a bit uncertain, but she prodded him with a hoof and he stood up.
> At last he got the message and walked away. Mayor went back to her bowl of stew and began licking it clean. It was important she finish it, even though if she couldn't quite put her hoof on why. Luckily there wasn't much left and soon Saule took the empty dish from her hooves and dropped it somewhere under them.
> Mayor shifted her weight a little and burped, then settled back down against the wonderfully warm human. She let out a luxurious sight when Saule encircled her in her arms and thus came close enough to share a quick nuzzle.
> They sat in silence and Mayor focused once more on the music. It felt like a physical presence in the air and the mare felt her entire body begin to sway in the rhythm. She closed her eyes and tried to match the singers' throaty hum.
> It wasn't too much longer before Salki returned, or maybe Mayor had fallen asleep a tiny bit. She found herself with a fresh skin of beer in her hooves and she gratefully lifted it up to her muzzle.
> The alcohol tasted even better this time around, and it blended nicely with the aftertaste of her stew.
> Mayor still had enough presence of mind not to gulp down all of it, so she only took one or two swallows, then returned the drink to Salki.
"[That good. Good. I- uh, I like. Good beer.]"
> Her two friends didn't have a comment to that, which made sense. Her logic couldn't be argued, after all. It was watertight.
> More importantly, the world looked a lot nicer and more hopeful. They would find Rainy Day soon enough, and until that happened nopony could blame Mayor for snatching a few moments of happiness where she could find them.
> From her vantage point where she was pressed against Saule's chest, she could see the girl sneaking glances at Salki when she thought he wasn't looking.
> Mayor decided she wasn't the only one who deserved a bit of happiness every now and then.
"[Go. Y-You- and you. Two. Both-you. Go an', an'... uh...]"

> Again words failed her, so Mayor just swept her unsteady hoof around. She had to try again until she could point at least approximately in the direction where some nomads were gyrating near the bonfire.
> The throat-singers had stopped and now another group of nomads - both men and women this time - were shouting some kind of a melody. It hadn't connected with Mayor as deeply as the percussive beat from before, but apparently it was quite popular and a number of people were dancing to it.
> She tried to explain again:
"[Sau- Sal- uh, two-you. Saulki an' and Saulki, go- go do 'dat!]"
> Something was off with their names, but Mayor couldn't quite put her hoof on it. Luckily it didn't matter and they understood. The youngsters both chuckled to show they got it and Saule gave the young hunter a hopeful gaze.
> "[It looks like fun,]" she said. "[Do you want to...?]"
> The reply was a bit more hesitant and Salki took a quick swig of beer to shore up his courage, but he nodded and said: "[Uh, yeah. Let's try.]"
> They both looked at Mayor, who was still clinging to the girl. "[Will you be okay alone?]" Salki asked while Saule freed herself.
> Mayor was a bit sad to let go of her source of warmth, but she didn't want to stand in the way of young people having their fun, especially when it had been her own idea. She slid to the log and took the beer skin from Salki with one hoof even while she waved her other.
> She had intended to use her forelegs, and had succeeded with the skin, but she noticed she was waving her hind instead. It didn't matter, they understood.
"[Go. Fun! Saulki fun!]"
> They didn't argue and went to join the dancers. Mayor had been hoping they would join hands, but instead they just stood next to each other awkwardly for a while. She was about to shout at them when Saule took matters into her own hoof-fingers and began moving.
> It was a simple dance and it mainly consisted of just jumping up and down to the beat while wildly flinging their forelegs around, but it looked like they were enjoying it. A few moments later Salki crouched a little and began copying the girl.
> Mayor took another swallow of beer and found herself mesmerised by the sight.
> The dancing nomads, the reflected firelight on their limbs, the way their hair floated each time they jumped. Their clothes billowed and their hands slapped against their bare thighs in beat with the music.
> She stared at Salki and Saule as they twirled around each other. When he threw himself to the left, she jumped to the right. When he jumped up, Saule was on her way down.
> They were both lit by the fire behind and Mayor could barely recognize them in the mass of limbs and bodies.

> Her eyes weren't the greatest, but she thought she saw Saule's teats jiggle with each jump. Before she could stop herself she squinted at Salki to see if he also jiggled elsewhere, but she couldn't see through his clothes.
> It was a mating ritual, that much was clear. They were courting. If things went well, if they impressed each other, they would probably go to Salki's tent, or maybe Saule's, and... do it.
> The dance, this jumping and almost touching each other was just a prelude, and they would soon be pressing their bodies together for real, in a different kind of rhythm.
> It was making Mayor hot and she felt her muzzle heating up, but she couldn't look away. She couldn't help but imagine their faces pressed together.
> The shapes were different than pony muzzles. She tried to imagine how nomads might kiss. Had she seen it before?
"[Buygra and Xuan,]" she murmured to herself.
> She had seen those two. It was interesting. They had to angle their faces so their noses didn't smoosh together and get in the way.
> As Mayor watched she thought the two dancers were getting closer and closer, almost touching. It was working. The courtship would be successful!
> She had helped make that happen. As a small reward, she lifted the skin again and took another mouthful of beer.
> Its heat coursed down into her stomach and radiated out from there. It was concentrating deep in her belly and the mare shifted uncomfortably on the log. She was sitting on her tail, which was just as well or else it would have been hiking up and away from her, for all to see.
> She wasn't quite drunk enough to stop caring what people thought or saw. She blushed a little in embarrassment and was glad that the log under her was hiding her own wetness.
> Maybe while Saule and Salki were off doing it, Mayor could hide herself somewhere and play a bit with her hoof.
> Celestia knew it had been ages since she'd had either time, or privacy, or the inclination.
> She deserved to feel good for a while.
> Mayor wasn't aware that her hoof had already crept down her belly and was starting to fondle her teats.
> A small moan escaped her, but she covered it up by taking another swig of the beer.
> After a lousy start it was turning into a good night after all.

Oh yikes, that part ran away from me a little bit and I couldn't stop myself. Hope you don't mind a slightly longer, cutesy update of more Meyermer shenanigans. Who wants to bet what the rumour mill will say the next day?

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/7856
File: 1639719938550.png (629 KB, 5000x5000)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
>that awkward moment when you're fucking your master and you call him dad
It's only awkward the first time it happens.
There comes a moment in every filly's life when she must decide whether her master will be her dad or her daddy. Scootaloo says "Why not both?"
Its recommended to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
Hypothetically, if someone broke into your home while you were away and your pony defended herself and/or your other property, would she be punished by the law? Would that answer change if she took up a weapon to do so?
File: 1634032460305.png (916 KB, 2000x1810)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
Depends on what ponies are under the law. If ponies are slaves because they're legally considered more like pets then there's a very good chance they'd be killed or "put down" to put it in what would be proper legal terms. If they're considered people but people that are acceptable to own by humans then it probably delves further into the circumstances. If it happened on your property then it would likely be you put under legal scrutiny for their actions. If it happened elsewhere then it might be more on them. Though it also depends on how people are legally allowed to interact with the slaves of others. Killing someone's slave would obviously be very illegal. Whether or not the property is allowed to defend itself even if only on behalf of their master is again another consideration.
Ultimately there is no answer because it depends on interpretations of existing laws outside of what they're supposed to cover, the theoretical laws of a place with pony slaves, how those laws are intended to function, the beliefs and motives behind the makers of said laws, and the jurisdiction in which those laws apply, among other things.
Could be interesting for a story to explore, but it's not really something that can be reasoned to a logical conclusion.
>Hypothetically, if someone broke into your home
he deserves whatever misfortune befalls him
File: rariscritch.jpg (261 KB, 1855x2048)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Are there any stories where the pony doesn't quite understand what being a slave means and they're just having a good ol time enjoying this strange game they're playing?
>Anon brings the skinny little pony into his shitty rundown apartment with peeling walls and rotten carpets.
>"Wow mista! This is your place? This is so awesome! And I get to sleep over with you all the time?"
>The little pony happily hops around checking out everything, from the bent blinds to the broken stareo and the crt tv that the colors have long since faded, making everything a little green yellow looking.
>He decided to buy a pony because he was starving for conversation, and to have someone to clean the place up since he as basically no time for himself between working and sleeping so he can go to work again.
"Yeah, uh... its cool I guess... you can sleep on the couch."
>"Woah! Really? This is awesome! And your couch is huge!"
>He picked her up for a bargain, apparently no one else wanted her, for reasons that became apparent on the drive home.
>She's probably in her midlife, yet she acts like she's still a little kid, with no clue of whats going on around her...
>multiple updates behind
This sounds like a Pinkie vehicle
I'll have you know mare ovaries are a delicacy. You can make a fortune in the Chinese market
File: 1952633.jpg (271 KB, 1638x1638)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Its okay though, with a little bit of magic, they can be regrown and harvested again.
Depends on the country
In a few countries, self defense is defacto illegal, even against home invasions
File: 3055879.png (158 KB, 302x513)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Pony is very silly
Needs assistance
File: 1608041818901.png (2 MB, 5000x5000)
2 MB
File: 11275347438224.jpg (535 KB, 4000x4000)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
Extra fuzzy
File: 1626136507211.png (1.51 MB, 2561x2617)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Some ponies have enthusiastically adapted to a human diet.
Silly idea.

Fluttershy discovers the miracle food, bacon.

Everything goes downhill from here.
Muh heart. I just want to hold her.
File: 118563346.png (227 KB, 600x600)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
That burger which you have just eaten, which your taste buds have savored, which your teeth have just torn apart, THAT is human meat.
What do u mean.
Meyrmer just can't hold her liquor
File: 1589125745546.png (440 KB, 1136x1287)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Are you shitcunt or the other one
Either way, moar Celly
>She shouldn't have allowed herself hope
>nice nomad like Salki
Right. I sense something else in the way she worded it.
>Other ponies might not have that advantage
Rainy Day did not wanted to learn a single nomad word.
>No one knew how to find you!
They clearly knew when they tried to escape.
>They have beer.
Salki knows how to lure Mayor out of her misery.
>no hint of beer
Time to turn around and/or confront Salki about his lie!
>makeshift rug
Interesting choice.
>She might even get something from...
"Thanks" are probably not one of them.
>with all the meat bits carefully picked out
So she did get used to it.
>Traders see, they learn bread.
I don't think that's an issue. Hide the bows instead.
>Salki had jumped to his feet
Letting Mayor get beer is a bad idea!
>keep Meyermer company
Or someone wants to avoid someone other.
>Here, sit on my knee!
First of all, is she that small? Secondly since when does a significantly older being sit in a kid's lap?
>but didn't argue
Not even a "if you get sick, don't forget that I told you so."?
>I got some beer!
Here we go again.
>news of your friend?
If they would have had any Mayor would have not been hiding in the tent.
>Too hot!
The beer starting to take effect.
>Go another bee- beer?
And this would be the time for Salki or Saule to say no.
>Traders want, get more beer.
Then hide the beer from Mayor.
>Don't wanna- again.
I think she do want to repeat that awkward moment.
>switch to Equestrian
Really? This soon?
They don't really oppose her.
>go- go do 'dat!
Pushing Salki towards another female? So she does not have any interest in him anymore?
>Will you be okay alone?
Depends on how much beer is left.
>see if he also jiggled elsewhere
>if they impressed each other
Lot of assumptions from Mayor. She lives with them for quite a while now, she should know how certain things work.
>it would have been hiking up
But she has not had any thoughts about her doing it!
>and was starting to fondle her teats
A few seconds ago she said "privacy". Then she started doing it in public.

Thanks for the update!
what a punk
File: 1868573.png (804 KB, 1600x1200)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
how do you discipline your pony when she licks everything in the fridge every time you fill it with new groceries?
A very good spanking with master's scrubby brush.
>Page 8
Not in my watch.
Also pls comeback Rehab Celly
Slave AU where ponies are treated like cats
File: 2291147.png (2.79 MB, 1500x1600)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
File: BOEMNj-CQAAUt--.png (589 KB, 598x541)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
>no maids yet? Shame
File: 1541733893965.png (735 KB, 1280x1638)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
>Says no maids yet
>Looks like 3 posts up and sees maid
My dumb ass as thicc as this one

How would slave pon react to humanity's music? What genres would she like/dislike, and how bad would the punishment be if she didn't like your music taste? Would you have to get a new one?
File: 1653252609864.jpg (93 KB, 650x608)
93 KB
File: 2631958.png (2.09 MB, 1800x1968)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
September 21 from now on shall be called spankapony! day
>how bad would the punishment be if she didn't like your music taste?
Nah, I'm not going to expect pony to personally adapt to my tastes. She might have to put up with me playing my music, but I can't make her LIKE it, you know? Hell, I'd even get her a cheapass walkman or something so she have her own music while she's doing her chores. It's a cheap and simple way to let her have something of her own without disobeying or anything.
File: 11137526516571134.jpg (325 KB, 1228x886)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Pony requires assistance
File: FSf7Ib3XIAU9aOQ.jpg (897 KB, 3495x3324)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
Once fully domesticated, humans really are quite useful. Good servants, fingers for the best fucking tummy rubs, then can serve as food once they've outlived their usefulness.
I think it's unreasonable to demand your pony genuinely share in your tastes. Punishing her for it would only encourage lying to avoid punishments, and that's a far greater issue. If she's openly ridiculing your tastes it could be a different story depending on your relationship, but then it's also less about not sharing in them.
File: 3159086.png (107 KB, 548x781)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
File: 1662944803244542.png (16 KB, 486x352)
16 KB
Purchase emotional support horse
File: 11132765151.gif (1.91 MB, 800x450)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Pony respects and fears the floor machine.
Mostly fears.
What are the signs of a pony who's grown to love you, and how are they different from one who is merely incredibly obedient?
they start asking you if they can suck your dick, instead of you asking them to suck your dick
File: 116327959887773.png (730 KB, 1280x925)
730 KB
730 KB PNG

> PART THREE: Identity

> At least this time, Mayor Mare thought, she didn't feel quite as bad. Maybe she hadn't drunk enough, or maybe she was getting used to the rigmarole. Her head hurt, but not very badly, and the taste in her mouth was only disgusting, not completely foul.
> More importantly, she remembered the previous evening. For the most part she did.
> It had been pure luck that no one seemed to have seen her, or known what she was doing. To the outside world it must have looked like she was just sitting strangely with one forehoof braced between her hind legs on the log.
> Mayor Mare whispered a quiet prayer to Celestia that it had seemed like that, and not what it actually was. Clopping herself off in drunken lust.
> She blinked against the piercing white light of the spring sun, which was trying to force its way into her eyes. She wasn't in a tent. She also hadn't frozen to death, which was significant.
> Perhaps 'spring sun' was correct.
> Not that Mayor wasn't cold. She felt as if her very bones were made of ice, and she wasn't sure she could feel her own hide. One of her hind legs was surely frozen solid, through and through, the way it was poking out from under the fur blanket.
> She was still alive, though, and the day was already getting warmer. Mayor fumbled at the tattered pieces that formed her recollection of the previous night's festivities. She had finished the second beer skin and asked for another, but Salki and Saule had banded together and refused her.
> They made her eat some more bread and she had kept it down, which was, in itself, an achievement, then they sat with her on that log to make sure she wouldn't find more drink somewhere.
> The two had kept talking and Mayor had a nagging suspicion that it was mostly about her. She also thought she remembered them sharing a kiss.
> No, not an actual kiss, that felt incorrect. She had *wanted* them to kiss and had said so, loudly.
> Mayor's muzzle turned approximately the same shade of red she thought Salki's face had been at that incredibly loud proclamation.
> Her ears fell when she recalled how she'd insisted and even pushed the young couple closer with her forehooves. Saule gave Salki the briefest peck on his cheek, just to shut her up.
> They dragged her back to the tent after that, probably afraid of additional mortification at her hooves, and Mayor couldn't really blame them.
> Why was she sleeping outside, then?
> Her first thought was that maybe the two youngsters *had*, after all, decided to fool around a little and needed the privacy. Again, that didn't feel right.
> No, the truth was that Mayor had very nearly vomited after all the jostling and walking through the camp and Darga had proclaimed that the mare would sleep outside, lest she make a mess of her tent.

> Luckily Salki had had enough presence of mind to start a fire and bring her a couple of fur skins to wrap up. He opted to remain with her for a while longer and Saule decided to keep him company.
> Mayor didn't know how long they had remained, nor could she guess how long they had stayed up, talking about the first hunt with the bow.
> She remembered feeling disappointed, which could mean that the weapon hadn't performed quite as well as the hunters had hoped, but that could just as well had been a remnant of how Mayor had felt when the travellers didn't have any news of Rainy Day.
> Doubtless either Salki or Bakar would tell her before long.
> That covered the entirety of the night and Mayor relaxed her shoulders which she didn't even remember tensing up. Nothing bad had happened, she hadn't done anything too embarrassing, and she hadn't drunk enough to feel particularly bad.
> Maybe it really was spring.
> She sat up and pulled her icy hind leg under the warm cover of her fur blanket. She shivered a little now that she had woken up and could feel just how cold she was.
> The fire was long gone, of course, and Mayor briefly considered trying to light it again. She glanced around for some kindling, or at least some firewood, but there was none in plain sight. No doubt Darga would soon send her out to fetch some.
> At least moving would warm her up, Mayor thought. She could relieve herself and get a drink of fresh water at the spring.
> The ground was very nearly dry, too, which meant that the days of slogging through mud were over.
> Her ear caught a faint rustle and she glanced behind her. Salki was standing in front of the tent and watching her. She tried for a quick smile and a wave, but the movement opened up the makeshift fur tent around her body and let in a stab of icy air, so she quickly settled back.
"[Bring- bring my coat please?]"
> For the longest moment the nomad simply stared at her and Mayor felt her ears wilting all by themselves in apprehension.
> Salki didn't say anything, but he vanished into the tent and reappeared a few moments later with the bundle of fur which was her coat. He tossed it to her and went to poke at the fire with his foot.
> His behaviour was worrying the mare and she forgot about the momentary chill as she shrugged into the garment. She tried to knot the bits of string at the neck, but her hooves were shaking and uncoordinated.
"[Please? Tie,]" she prompted.
> It looked like Salki would ignore her and she was about to ask why, when the young nomad exhaled and crouched down in front of her. He grabbed the straps and tugged, rather more roughly than usually. He made a simple knot, one she could undo with her hooves, but his movements were stiff and jerky.
> He didn't meet her gaze.

> Mayor made an educated guess why he seemed angry and tried to smile.
"[It is fine! I did not drink many tonight! Just a little! Little drunk, not big drunk!]"
> The language wasn't quite where it should have been, she thought, but it worked well enough to make herself understood. Walking a little would get her blood moving and she would quickly shed the last remnants of the alcoholic haze.
> Salki didn't seem mollified, though. He grunted at her, then stood up. "[You just can't fucking help yourself, can you?!]" he snarled.
> Mayor's ears instantly flattened and she flinched from his tone.
"[What? Why?! I did not get drunk! I had a little fun, that all!]"
> He glared at her again and his fists bunched up, but then Salki relaxed and turned back to the tent. "[Of course you don't remember. You never do. Fucking beast. Just- go. Mother said to fetch water and firewood. Go.]"
> Surely she hadn't drunk enough to blank out! Mayor clearly remembered every moment of the night. Was he angry about her trying to get him to kiss Saule?
"[I'm sorry for saying Saule kiss you. I did not mean it that way. Okay? I'm sorry!]"
> Salki paused as he was holding the tent flap up so he could look back at her. He didn't say anything for a few seconds, then his mother's sleepy voice yelled to close the flap because it was cold.
> He let it drop and came back. "[That?! You remember that, but not what you did after? Why am I not surprised?]"
> Mayor thought forward from that embarrassing moment.
"[After? What after? I say stupid thing, Saule give you small kiss, we come here. Darga said I sleep outside so I not throw up in the tent, you make fire and give me blanket. That is all.]"
> The nomad let his head hang and shook it in sad dismay. "[Just get the fucking water,]" he said quietly. "[I don't want to talk about it.]"
> Mayor opened her mouth to argue some more, or to beg forgiveness, or to ask him again what had happened, but Salki was already stomping away in the direction of the central bonfire. She didn't think he wanted her company at the moment, so she didn't follow.
> Instead she shook herself a little to settle her coat more closely around her midriff and rear, then went in search of Saule. The water and the firewood could wait a bit.

> ~~~~

> It didn't take long to find the girl outside the tent she shared with her mother and Bakar. The young nomad was on her knees, blowing gently into a smoking pile of tinder.
> Very few other nomads were to be seen. Most of the women had probably already left for the stream, and the men were either out hunting, or sleeping off whatever fun they'd had the previous night.
"[Hey,]" Mayor greeted Saule.
> The nomad glanced up, grimaced, then bent back to the small flame she was carefully feeding with wooden chips.

> Mayor picked up a few of the smaller branches from a nearby pile with her mouth and brought them closer, so Salki wouldn't have to get up to fetch them.
> She didn't get any thanks, but the youth did grab the bits of wood and place them in a rough cone around the fledgling fire. She went back to blowing softly into the middle of the orange glow and was rewarded by new flames licking at the wood.
> There was a lot of smoke and Mayor turned her head away when it billowed right in her muzzle. It stung her eyes, but she simply blinked to get rid of the tears, then went to bring Saule more sticks.
> She was being unusually quiet and reclusive and Mayor's ears splayed as she guessed the reason. She decided to preemptively apologize, even if she didn't know what she had done. The way Salki had spoken, something happened after they had all sat down at the fire to talk.
> Maybe Mayor had said something in her drowsy, half-asleep, half-drunk state.
"[I'm sorry. You know, for last night. I- remember night, but not remember at the tent- at the fire. Did I say something?]"
> At last Saule looked at her, but the expression on her face was unreadable to Mayor. She didn't remember ever seeing it on the young nomad. It looked like a mixture of anger, exasperation, and pity.
"[Please, Saule. I'm sorry. I did not mean it, whatever I said!]"
> The girl blinked in surprise. "[Said?! You didn't say anything.]"
> Mayor sat on her haunches and spread her hooves in a shrug.
"[Then what? I don't remember the fire. I think I went to sleep, we did not talk long. What did I do?]"
> They stared at on another for a while and Mayor felt her ears creeping lower with each heartbeat. She was about to let her head hang and simply slink away in defeat. She could try to talk with her friends again later, when they were no longer this angry.
> Before she could put that thought into action, however, Saule exhaled and threw her head back. "[You dumb pony and your dumb pony ears. It's not fair, you know?! I didn't have ears when I messed up and Mother was spanking me!]"
> Mayor was aware that many nomads found the way she looked cute, but so far she hadn't thought it had ever worked in her favor. Maybe it had, though, and she simply wasn't aware?
> It looked like she was breaking through to her friend, at least, so Mayor made sure to keep her expression downcast.
"[I am really sorry, Saule. I did not mean it. Please believe! I am sorry!]"
> She kept her eyes firmly on the bit of ground just before Saule's wrapped feet. "[You sure looked like you meant it last night.]"
"[Please- what did I do?]"

> The silence stretched for long heartbeats, then Saule grunted and sat heavily on the ground. Mayor considered going to hug the girl, but decided not to. She focused on maintaining that splayed-eared, downcast-eyed, hunched-shouldered look.
> "[I thought I could trust you, you know?]" Saule said, but it sounded as if she was talking to herself. It still made Mayor flinch. Whatever had happened must have been really bad.
"[I'm sorry!]" she cried again, "[what did I do?]"
> Salki sighed again, but at last she spoke: "[You were a little drunk. Well, a lot, but you weren't completely out of it like before. Like Salki said that time.]"
> So far that matched what Mayor herself had thought. She released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.
> "[You remember how you started shouting we should kiss? I did it just to shut you up.]" Saule spotted how Mayor's ears flattened and shook her head. "[That wasn't it. We decided to take you home, but Salki's mother didn't want you in the tent so you wouldn't puke all over it. We made you a bed outside and Salki built a fire. Then we sat with you while you got warm. You were holding my hand to your belly.]"
> Dark suspicion rose up in Mayor's mind and her ears flattened even lower. She began to shake her head, as if to deny what was coming.
> Saule looked around in the sudden silence, then sighed. "[Look, I'm not mad, okay? You're just an animal and you were drunk. It was still disgusting.]"
> Mayor had to swallow several times before she could make her voice work.
"[Did- did I? Push it- your... did I- did I ask you to...]"
> Luckily she didn't have to actually say it, because Saule understood. "[You didn't ask. You just put my hand there. I couldn't pull free, you're too strong. Salki helped me free and then you just fell asleep.]"
> She didn't know what to say to that. Mayor slumped and stared fixedly at her hooves for a while as she tried to come up with some good nomad words. In the end all she had to say sounded lame, and it didn't help that her voice shook and refused to work.
"[I'm sorry. Saule I didn't mean to-]"
> That guilty little memory popped up, of Mayor trying to imagine what human fingers might feel like, and she couldn't finish the sentence.
"[No, fuck, that not true. I wanted to, but it was wrong. I'm, sorry.]"
> She doubted the nomad would want to keep looking at her, so Mayor simply dragged herself to her hooves and left with her head held low. A part of her hoped that Saule would come running after her and tell her it would be alright, but it didn't happen.
> Was there any apology she could make for-
> Mayor swallowed painfully and pushed the thought through. For forcing herself upon the nomad girl? That was basically what it was and she didn't want to hide from the ugly truth.

> It sounded like nothing much had happened, but it was no thanks to Mayor or her self-control.
"What in the bucking Tartarus is ... is... [fucking] wrong with me?!"
> She was drinking whenever she could get her hooves on booze and she tried to force herself on her friends when she was drunk. Mayor wasn't sure she recognized herself as a pony.
> Had this place changed her that much? Maybe these ugly things had always been inside of her and simply hadn't had time or opportunity to come out?
> Maybe the stark brutality of the nomads' world was finally rubbing off on her? Maybe that was what happened to ponies if they were exposed to this life. They became monsters.
> She needed to think and try to find in herself that essential thread of kindness and goodwill. She had to go back to her Equestrian roots. She simply *had* to keep her identity.
> Most importantly:
"I'm...[fucking] never drinking again!"
> She would have to make it up to Saule somehow. Maybe Salki would agree to whip her like an animal. The nomad girl had been right, Mayor had behaved like a beast of the field. She should be treated as one until she learned to do better.
> She recalled something Bakar had said, once.
"[What a fucking mess...]"

Well, that escalated a little. To be *very much* continued, of course. This little faux pas will need a lot of untangling.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/7856
My pony forgot to get the mail today, is no cookies for a week too harsh?
Horny mare gets the bonk with the horny stick.
File: 173238.gif (1.65 MB, 389x574)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
>meyrmer gets bonked to horny jail
Huh, I guess memes are more dangerous than I thought.
File: 1111723572882.png (493 KB, 1200x1200)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
Canonical succubus
Time for Meyermer to find an appropriately-sized smooth rock or something and go work out all her pent-up tension before this becomes a problem...
Just read 'Factory' because I figured something short before bed would be nice. This was a mistake. I am now very sad.
Read Clear Skies a cute to counteract the sad
File: 1528506470763.png (274 KB, 1308x1502)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
That one was too fluffy and stupid.
How dare you
Clear Skies is an adorable sweetheart and a good girl
File: PONER UNDER ATTACK.png (589 KB, 913x597)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Vacuums are the pony's only natural predator

There wouldn't happen to be any stories about ponies vs household appliances, would there?
I fucking love this story, please don't abandon this like so many other wrítefags!
Dont worry anon, he's very consistent.
Yall fags got any greens with Senko San vibes?
File: 1664025405654.png (91 KB, 936x1080)
91 KB
File: 1664033960075.png (25 KB, 923x1080)
25 KB
File: 1595128472017.png (422 KB, 870x1400)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Even with training, some ponies have trouble with human technology.
I want a green focused on Fluttershy vs the forces of evil (household appliances).
File: 1662225127701.png (50 KB, 1081x2160)
50 KB
File: Attracc mate.jpg (167 KB, 933x1024)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I mean,
It'd work on me
File: 1506375447241.png (250 KB, 1284x1010)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Hors D'Ouvres
File: 1664103499954704.png (82 KB, 610x729)
82 KB
All it'd get form me is a good and thorough cuddling. I see floof, I think brushies; pony's going to have to try harder than that.
I'll keep it in mind. I'm reading something about Twilight trying to rehabilitate an abused Silver Spoon before bed now. So far it's a much nicer pick.
That's not a nametag, it's a warning
File: 2868441.png (295 KB, 700x900)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Good girl gets pets
File: 3154964.jpg (515 KB, 2939x3520)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
The neighbor pony's fat ass keeps breaking my damn birdbath
Joke's on him, I installed a video camera on the other side and sell the footage on PoneyFans. Along with a few choice bits of my goodest girl.
File: 1595529175284.jpg (154 KB, 819x960)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>Clopping herself off in drunken lust
And really nobody noticed it? I doubt it.
>One of her hind legs was surely frozen solid
Alcohol despite the common misconception, actually cools the body. The blood vessels expand, especially near the skin this is where the feeling of warmth comes from. But this results in more heat being lost.
>Salki and Saule had banded together and refused her
>Why was she sleeping outside, then?
Because she managed to get drunk again...
>keep him company
So something is starting between the two.
>weapon hadn't performed quite as well
Or they are hunting the wrong pray.
>He tossed it to her
Is he angry at her or what?
>You just can't fucking help yourself, can you?!
So she did drank a lot, she just don't remembers any after the first two.
>but not what you did after
Probably they saw her masturbating. Oh she will be super embarrassed when they tell her!
>she simply blinked to get rid of the tears
The plot thickens.
>your dumb pony ears
So its not about Mayor pleasuring herself.
>I thought I could trust you
If I have to guess, Mayor tried a move on Salki or something. Or maybe pushing Saule onto Salki a lot harder than what's "acceptable". Or both.
>I did it just to shut you up.
>You were holding my hand to your belly.
Ohgod. This I would have never guessed. Maybe if it were Salki, but not with Saule. At least I was right with the masturbation thing!
>You're just an animal
At this moment this remark fly over Mayor's head luckily.
>Maybe Salki would agree to whip her like an animal
Heh. If she gets drunk beforehand she might even enjoy it.
>What a fucking mess...
At least only two (three) knows about it.

Thanks for the update!
File: 111732461277173217.png (107 KB, 694x541)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Pony saw you were working hard and baked you a nice snack.
Pony is a good girl who wants to support master.
File: 1117257239.jpg (160 KB, 1280x1387)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
File: 1608622132704.png (951 KB, 1533x1385)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
F&S 3 when?
File: 2932904.jpg (2.04 MB, 1500x2026)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
Pony is feeling rebellious
Is pony familiar with the concept of liquid breathing?

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