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File: file.png (371 KB, 600x746)
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371 KB PNG
>Your eyes crack open as your earpiece goes off waking you up with your favorite alarm sound, I wonder what it is
>The rancid smell of what you currently call your home for about half a week now assaults your nostrils, almost making you add to it
>Fortunately, you are able to stop your non-existent lunch from coming up and instead opt to roll out of your sleeping area
>Futon? Bar to hang off of? Hard floor? Bathtub?
>On your way out into the main area of your place you stumble across multiple cans of Nighttime Sunrise that your hologem doesn't hide
>"Makes you insane enough to just stay sane for a little longer", proclaims the colorful can with the symbol of the moon covering the sun
>Yeah, you feel like sanity has been a lost cause in this day and age
>Thankfully, as shit as the holo projection from the gem in the center of your room might be, it at least is better than the-
>Welp, there it goes flickering out again and your run down living space becomes apparent
>Torn wallpapers, stains on the carpet, some you don't even want to try and identify
>Well, not like you are known to stay in places for long anyways
>Not a great idea in your line of work
>Just like it isn't really a great idea to keep your looks the same when going outside
>Touching your bracelet you command it to open a holo mirror in front of you
>Starring long and hard at every minute detail of your undisguised body, you see...

Chargen, frens. Give it your best shot!
Your stinky smelly pee pee
Quite literally the most rancid looking stallion to ever exist, holy shit take a bath stinky!

Your mane is literally drooping down to your forelegs, jusesu christ ever heard of a barber?
A scrawny, black changeling
your goofy buck fangs.
Slow board today, but w/e
Well, clearly male so far. Long as fuck mane and scrawny. Changeling? Some other race?
Buck fangs too, I guess.
What about color scheme?
Imma leave this up just a while longer because you guys are kinda sorta stuck with that character for the game so I want to make sure people actually like it.
Fangs are gay on any race other than changelings.
eh, not so keen on the changeling or the fangs part but definately a stallion

maybe a brown coat with a grey-ish mane?
as for race... earth pony?
could be a batpony? Those have scary fangs
ooh I like that
but not sure about how a bat can disguise itself
whatever, it's the future I guess
Now you have my attention
Op if there isnt a scene where our stallion boy does has vicious gay sex i would be dissapointed in you
It's a CYOA, you have the chance to make it happen
>definately a stallion
>as for race... earth pony?
How about Pegasus? We could make use of wings.
well this guy >>38921466 suggested bat pony so i think thats close enough
We already have a cyberpunk quest with a pegasus protag: >>38853767
and this one is a new quest and not one running for years, what's your point?
that being said, maybe avoiding a pegasus might be a good idea. Bat does sound like a neat alternative
okay now that we can all agree to a bat, how impressive should his balls and dick be?
>Well, the scrawny frame of a batpony stallion stares back at you
>Your fang pokes out of your mouth and you brush over it with one of your hooves
>"Bucktooth baby", they used to call you as a little foal while pushing you around
>Needless to say, you didn't have the best of childhoods, but who does nowadays?
"Growing up in an orphanage really sucks", you muse to yourself with a smirk
>Your eyes glance down on your ash grey mane, unkempt, unwashed, probably reeks worse than this dump of an apartment
>It reaches way past your shoulders, down your forelegs and starts brushing along the floor
>Not like you really have much credits to visit a barberbot and get this fixed
>Your coat is equally as neglected, looking as stained as the floor of this place with, once again, things you don't even want to think about what they might be
>Under all this grime you can't even see your natural coat color anymore, what was it again?
>Oh yeah, brown, you think
>With your smart contact lenses also currently offline, your true eye color that you usually try to hide... like most everything about you, is showing
>Seriously, have you never heard of a bath, stinky? Phew
>Not only that, but your eyes fall lower and your raging boner is at full mast
>You may be small and scrawny, but at least the goddesses of this forsaken place have given you SOMETHING to be proud of
>It is now that the smell of musk becomes more obvious and you scrunch your nose
>Trying to remember what you've done last night it slowly starts coming back to you
>Kicking one of the cans of energy drink you curse to yourself, this stuff really scrambles your brain
>Your last project.... yes you managed to hack into one of the Big Four's subsidiaries and started siphoning credits
>Not a big catch, but it'll keep you afloat for a while longer, at least
>It should be done by now, if your calculations from yesterday, which where done fully sleep deprived, are to be believed
>With a grumble your body also tells you that hey, dipshit, you need sustenance beyond cans of caffeine to survive
>Finally, your lenses begin booting up- and glitching out immediately. Bootlooping, great
>You've managed to extend their planned obsolescence by jailbreaking them, but after 3 years of usage you are seriously due for a new pair
>At last, the loading progress bar shows and your usual HUD becomes visible in your periphery
>You huff in annoyance as a countdown with 3 hours remaining comes up, telling you your program is far from done yet
>Welp, guess there is some time to kill, maybe you want to go out and do something
>There is a VR Cafe across the street, or you could look into food (with your almost completely drained bank account)
>Going out would definitely require a mane change though
>Blessed be your fiber-optic mane cybernetics you got when you were a young teen
>Any color, in an instant
>The nuns at the orphanage were pissed
>What will you do?
Are we seriously planning on going out with a possibly lethal stench hanging over us and our fifth leg on display to the entire world? I demand one of these be resolved.
does this place have running water? a cold shower would do us a lot of good in more ways than one. alternatively, shower in your own cum.
your stinkyness must be cleansed, relocate to the nearest working shower immediently to remmedy the problem
>Oh right, there is something you should DESPERATELY take care of
>A glance down to your stallionhood very much makes that an obvious necessity
>That and if you are almost about to release your lunch from your smell, you can't imagine how bad other ponies would have it in your vicinity
>Also, might be good not to give ponies any wrong ideas, bats already have somewhat of a bad name to them
>The fangs very much terrify some ponies out on the street, which can lead to some fun but also some real annoying encounters
>You head towards what some would call a bathroom but you just call it a broken piece of junk
>It's more like a closet than a room
>A cursory glance at the water allowance gauge tells you all you need to know
>This building has received another water rationing order, leaving you with barely anything left
>It always hits the poor districts, you bet your bat flank that up in the high-rise the elite doesn't have to deal with any of that shit
>Placing your hoof on the screen, the water... or what you hope is water with how brown the liquid coming out is, starts flowing
>At the same time your water allowance quickly begins to drop towards 0
>Jumping in you make the best out of it, trying to be as fast as possible
>Some of the water got in your mouth and you can taste a distinctive hint of iron
>And right as you are trying to wash out the soap, the screen controlling the shower glitches and you are suddenly left with an empty water bar
"Stupid, glitchy piece of shit", you start shouting at it, your entire body still soapy
>This is the second time this week
>Your computer bracelet lights up, giving you a status update on your hack that you launched last night
>This does give you an idea, as you look between your bracelet and the terminal on the wall
>Maybe.... just maybe...
>Or maybe you decide to do something else?
>One thing's for sure, this annoyance has made your fifth leg disappear
yo how they be rationing water? just
r e u s e
that shit bro
hacking the shower? I'm game.
considering the brownness, they might just be doing that.
hmmmmm i thinks, we should try to do aa little bit of hacker pone to the water
>You know what, screw this bullshit, you haven't honed your skills for years just to let some stupid terminal stop you
>A double tap on your bracelet brings up your more sensitive files as it verifies your DNA and unlocks the biometric seal
>Holding a hoof close to the terminal it flashes a couple times before glitching out, a smiling pony face bouncing up and down
>It is a simple hack but it gives you full access to the water system of this building
>Suddenly your HUD shows you the full information on all the water distribution
>And there is something that you find very, very wrong
>All of the water in this building has been redirected to a single apartment up on the highest floor
>Clearly the biggest apartment in the entire complex, too
>No wonder the water quality has gone down the proverbial drain, all the water filters have been moved to that one line going up
>A little bit of hacking magic here and the water starts flowing like a charm
>It's warm, even! This is what you would call true bliss
>And slowly your fur receives its brown color back
>Instinctively, your leathery wings flap and stretch on your sides as you rub away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the past couple.... you don't want to think about it
>You're once more a pony instead of a walking dumpster!
>And with that fresh smell, coming out of the shower just makes you really really aware of how stinky your apartment is
>What now?
find your way to the fridge to loot it's contents
Remember to switch things back to the way they were. If somebody fucked with the system to get all of the water, they might notice if things aren't the way they left them. At the very least, we should obfuscate who the recipient of the water was. Maybe reset the system so everybody gets clean water for a little while!
Considering everything we've learned thus far, the stuff in there might be a health hazard.
still it would be funny to see whats inside
Might be a good idea to figure out who the water hog is at some point just incase we crossed somebody dangerous. It might be a petty thing, but there are petty folks.

also yea i agree with >>38922219
>You may only be a small time hacker, but every pony worth their salt knows that the first thing to do is clear any trace of them being in a system
>This thing not being particularly high profile so just a log erase will do and nopony will be the wiser
>Although while you are at it.... a tap here, a double tap there and a hoof on the terminal and boom!
>With a smirk on your face you see how the entire water reserves of the building are now fairly being split up between all the residents
>This is what you live for, taking from the rich and giving to the poor!
>Something does interest you though and you go through the room registry, which is just a short privilege escalation away from the water reserves
>Hopefully you didn't mess with somepon- oh no, it's just the landmare
>You've never really liked here, everytime you've seen her for the past couple days you've lived here she has come off as a massive snob
>...She was retching every time she passed you, even though you definitely think you used at least deodorant that day
>Whatever, your stomach cuts your thoughts short and you log out of the system after making it look like a hard reset
>Nothing unusual in these run down buildings, really
>Food, food... you open the fridge and immediately have to hold your hoof in front of your mouth
>Whatever was in there previously (probably from the previous pony renting this place) has turned into what you can only assume previously alive, dead and came alive again
>Any kind of food chip that might have once been in there has become nothing but a party palace for growing fungi
>You slam the thing shut, rushing over to the toilet and making sure if anything is coming up it hits its target
>Thankfully, you manage to recover after a couple minutes
"N...never ever", you swear to yourself, your brown face more green than anything at this point
Guess we gotta go out to eat, but I think we should do a quick check on the hack. We might've set it up to be automated, but if something we didn't expect is happening, we'd be a fool not to do something about it.
Op is sleepy, be back tomorrow!
we'll keep it bumped up for you!
File: 2430819.png (2.54 MB, 2000x2400)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
goodnight bump
goodlight bump
Bite the bullet and clean out the goddamn fridge
Befriend the fungal entity. She must be really chill if she lives in a fringe. Make her pay half of the rent, too.
>Guess today is an eating out sort of day you feel as you cast a glance towards your fridge and your face contorts in disgust
>But first you check on your hacking progress, wouldn't want any unexpected difficulties, now would you?
>You swipe your bracelet, bringing your progress logs into view, pleased with what you see
>Apart from the fact that it takes longer than you had initially hoped for, everything seems to be progressing quite nicely
>That is also gonna be quite a bit of money you will have in hoof after all of this is said and done
>Ideas of what to do with it start flooding your mind and you can't help but grin
>Usually, the money from your hacks is mostly being split up and sent to multiple places like the few homeless shelters and orphanages around the city
>Only a small part lands in your own pocket for rent and the like
>While you're at it, you also check the national cyber crime database and begin scrolling through, somewhat anxiously
>This is a big one, cleaning out the account of one of the big four's subsidiaries
>A sigh of relief escapes you as all you can find is your alias that you go by during your online endeavors What IS your hacker name?
>Another short glance to the fridge
>You should.... clean that out lest you want that security deposit to go bye bye
>Thankfully there is an incinerator chute almost right next to it
>Quickly finding a (dirty) cloth you wrap it around your muzzle to hopefully protect yourself from that awful fragrance lurking in that cooling machinery
>Slowly open the door, you could swear the contents are smiling back at you
>By the stars, have the contents moved around since you opened it a couple minutes ago?!
>You reach in and try to take one of the fungal infested plates out, having your other hoof ready to slam the incinerator chute shut as soon as it goes in
>When you inadvertently end up touching the growth and a small jolt goes through your entire body
>For a split second, you feel part of something bigger
>Part of a massive network, spanning miles upon miles of this world
>You feel the humidity and warmth of what you assume to be a boiler room
>At the same time there is this cool breeze that you only ever experienced a few times when you were able to take a flight through the skies between the skyscrapers
>"Welcome, kind visitor", you can hear a voice in your head
>As quickly as the sensation appeared it passes and you jump backwards, shaking your hoof before looking at it and then the fungus, terrified
>Part of you tells you to burn this place down to the ground but the other is arguing with you to just leave whatever this is alone and go get some food
>Your belly is certainly one to agree to that latter idea
Poke the thing again and see if the effect is replicable.
"Kind"? That's positively heart-melting. Forget about the incinerator, let's bring her a hamburger instead.
>What the absolute heck was that?!
>Screw the incinerator, you don't want to end up on the bad side of whatever that is
>Moreover, it called you kind visitor, there is clearly higher intelligence at play here
>You look at the what used to be food and your belly rumbles again
>It's decided, whatever this thing is, you'll bring it lunch, too
>After all you're a good (albeit stinky) roommate, even if it is fore merely a couple more days
>Your curiosity does get the better of you though and once again you reach in, slowly and shakily
>One more touch certainly couldn't hurt, right?
>...You feel disappointed as nothing happens apart from you touching a gross bit of rotten food
>Making your way to the sink immediately you make sure to clean your hoof because that stuff felt disgusting to the touch
>That brings up the question of lunch though
>A glance at your hud indicates that...
>A frown crosses your face, you barely have enough to get even the last scraps of food from the fast food place down the road
Either borrow a few coins from some pal online, or go the streets and beg for food.
check the fast food place's dumpsters. they throw out a LOT of edible food.
>For a moment you consider asking one of your pals for some money until you remember that you aren't really the social type
>Bleh, this is a pain in the flank, but you promise yourself a big meal once your job is through
>Welp, you already freshened up so why not make use of your new found cleanliness
>Heading towards your door you say goodbye to your shroomie roomie and hold your hoof to the terminal near the door
>The electric lock unlatches and grants you access into the hallway
>Your way to the elevator is swift, you certainly don't want to spend any more time than necessary out in these hallways
>This wouldn't be the first time where a pony gets stabbed from behind in front of their home by some kind of drug addict or thug
>The lift thankfully arrives quickly enough and you strap yourself into one of the seats before holding on tight
>As the metal cage goes into free fall down the next 52 floors your eyes move across the ponies sitting in the cabin with you
>A posh looking unicorn mare looks quite disgruntled, fuming even
>You recognize her as the landmare, owner of the complex and stealer of water
>There is one thing you can imagine makes her this angry and you have to do your best to hold in a snicker
>She glares at you, spots your wings poking out beneath your mane and scrunches up in disgust
>Thankfully the ride is short, free fall does that to you and you exit, heading for the front door at a brisk pace
>Looking outside, you let out a sigh
>It's raining again
>This is gonna sting, especially since you can't really purchase one of the disposable umbrellas
>But hey, there is enough ponies out on the street that you probably can weave from one umbrella to the next
>Eat that, acid rain!
>As you enact your plan, you give a longing glance at the umbrella dispenser in the lobby
>Short ways, you'll get through this you tell yourself while steeling your resolve and heading out
>Merging with the horde of ponies walking up and down the sidewalk only occasionally a raindrop hits your flank
>Still hurts every time
>You pass the burger court and head into an alley, knowing this is where their trash cans are
>Desperate times require desperate measures you say as you enter the (thankfully with a roof) trash area and open up one of the containers
>Something edible has ended up here, you can smell it
>Climbing in, you begin digging around, your belly eager to find that priced reward of maybe a few food chips that are still good
>What you didn't expect to find was the face of a mare under all that trash....
Is she breathing? We can share the food if she's alive. I'm sure there's enough for two ponies.
If she's dead, well. We'd smell her if she wasn't fresh. Are bat ponies carnivorous in this setting?
Hot damn, bona-fide meat? It's enough to make one lick his crooked fangs.
>You are taken aback by the sudden sight of fresh mea-
>The mare. You are taken aback by the sudden appearance of another pony
>Subconsciously you already started licking your fangs
>While batponies certainly CAN eat meat, the consumption has been generally frowned upon for generations
>That and you just noticed that she still seems to be breathing, actually
>It's faint but your batpony hearing (which usually just causes you sensory overload in a city this loud) can pick up the gentle rhythm of wind flowing in and out
>The mare doesn't seem to be moving at all though, other than that and she certainly hasn't been woken up by you rummaging around the trash
>You take a moment to examine what you can see of her (which is not much, since most of her except her neck and head is still buried under heaps of trash)
>Her coat seems to be a pristine white under all the dirt, almost like what you believe snow would look like, at least according to the history books
>A dark blue mane has been tied up into a ponytail, a bunch of garbage wrapped into it
>There seems to be something covered on her forehead by her mane, but it certainly is not a horn
>Something about her seems off, but you really cannot place it
>she still seems to be breathing
eh, nothing a punctured jugular couldn't fix.
We were just about ready to head out smelling like the bottom of that dumpster a little while ago, are we really going to pretend to care about societal norms?
Well, carefully check for external signs of injuries, then try to dig her out.
check her pulse with your teeth
remember that hunger is more powerful than lust
wait wait wait i think we should pull her out of the garbage first then see what we can do
And what are we going to do if she's wounded or comatose?
just eat around them if they bother you.
Nah, I only eat strong enemies. What power can you gain from a half-corpse from a dumpster? Smelliness? We already have it.
I dunno, the weird thing on her head might be some kind of powerup.
Or it may be a really bad wound, and we have nothing to pay for medical assistance with.
well, we can at least perform a field euthanasia.
>There is two primal urges that make themselves known to you at a sight like this
>And you honestly can't tell which one disturbs you more
>Well, she certainly is a beauty from what you see and you are just a stallion, so some reactions SHOULD be excused
>Even in a situation like this
>The second reaction very much is something you want to get out of your head as soon as it starts worming itself inside
>"J-just a little nibble couldn't hurt?"
>What the heck are you thinking?!
>This is why ponies are terrified at the mere sight of batponies, you're about to play right into the stereotype
>Vampires sucking the life out of the living, yikes
>Instead, you opt to do what a good pony would do and check her pulse with your very sensitive teeth
>It's there. Slow, but steady, which you with your limited knowledge interpret as a good sign
>Starting to dig around with your hooves and using your wings to assist, you gently begin freeing the pony from her stinky grave
>During your quite tedious excavation, you make a couple more discoveries
>First of all, the pony is wearing a black full body jumpsuit, a very sturdy one at that. Military grade?
>But that isn't the strangest part
>Two of her legs are missing
>Her front left and back right leg are just empty sleeves dangling around
>She still hasn't woken up and just lies there on her back, sprawled out in the trash
We're getting ourselves in some shady shit. A smarter pony would leave this place and never look back. However, we still have to find food for ourselves and for Shroomy. If it doesn't look like miss Missing Pieces need any first aid, leave her be and get back to dumpster diving.
We should take off that jumpsuit, to check if she has any wounds under it.
Check her mane, didn't she have something weird under it?
curses, it seems someone has bitten into this succulent little nugget before us. oh well, we're not above sloppy seconds.
Seconding these
>Your thoughts are all over the place, especially places that you don't want your thoughts to be
>Thankfully, with the situation the way it is you are more than able to ignore them for now as curiosity gets the better of you
>Which is a terrible idea because quite frankly this is some really fucking shady shit and there is just all matters of alarms going off in your head
>Also shroomy is definitely waiting at home and you don't want to disappoint your new friend
>The mare at least doesn't seem to be in total need of medical attention, at least from what you can glance right now
>Still, you can't just leave here like this and begin to remove the jumpsuit, which turns out to be basically a perfect fit
>You tug and pull to no avail, until you accidentally hit some kind of button on the collar causing the suit to losen so you can easily pull it off
>It's hardly a hard task anymore as the clothing just slights off, revealing...
>The parts where the two legs should attach to the body are clearly cybernetic attachment points
>Her missing legs are meant to be prosthetics and judging from that interface advanced ones
>Pulling the suit over her back reveals two more attachment points where the wings of a pegasus would be
>Along her back you also find a reinforced spine, multiple lights blinking slowly, probably indicating some kind of status to her body
>Following it upwards, you see a small what seems to be a direct diagnostics port on the back of her neck
>Pushing away the mane another attachment port is visible on her skull
>Whoever she is, she clearly is heavily modified and...
>You didn't notice before in the stink, but there is a distinct smell of sedatives
bah, we can't very well feast on a pony with this much metal in it. perhaps a ripperdoc would be able to extract something of value.
Can we try wearing the jumpsuit?
Connect to her diagnostics port and see what her systems have to say.
It's not safe here. Would it raise any eyebrows if a batpony will carry an unconscious body to his apartment? It is a serious question.
Hack the mare, see where her parts went, if we can find whoever took them and steal her parts, we could either give them back or sell them
File: lehappymercolt.png (179 KB, 435x480)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
What about selling them back to her?
>Such a nice jumpsuit would be a shame to just leave it here and have it go to waste
>You try it on and it immediately shrinks down to accommodate your definitely smaller than her frame
>It's quite comfortably, but definitely skin tight without impacting your movement too much
>At least your thoughts of having a quick snack have been thwarted by the idea of just how much metal must be in her
>You weren't honestly expecting to have to connect to a physical port when going out
>Which means to interface with her you actually need to get home and get one of your physical jacks
>But you also can't really leave her like this here out in the open... or the garbage
>The idea of finding her missing limbs sounds crazy but might also net you quite the price on the black market
>Unless you of course prefer to give it back
>But that is a question for later, for now you gotta take her to a safer place
>It won't hurt trying to scrounge through the trash again though, maybe one of her legs is there
>5 minutes later you didn't come up with any legs
>You DID however, find a half eaten veggie sandwich
>Looking at the mare you imagine the best thing you can do is bring her home to your apartment
>You doubt ponies will care much, they are way too busy with their own thoughts to bother with anything else
>And so it shall be done, you tell yourself as you put the (really fucking heavy) mare across your back and attempt to trot home
>...only to realize that she is crushing you under her weight and you probably won't get far like this
>You need a better way to transport her, maybe something you can pull?
>This alley might have enough stuff to put something together, or you can try and go home to find something to move her or a cable to interface
>But leaving her alone like this also doesn't sit entirely right with you
Steal a shopping cart. Or hack a robot-advertiser.
Ehhh, it feels too cliche to rescue somepony we've just met. We got a sweet jumpsuit and half a sandwich, no need to bother ourselves with her.
So long as today isn't garbage collection day, it might be safer to hide her inside the trash pile. IF we need to leave her unattended, that is.
pull a deathstranding a put her in a basket and drag it along
To be fair, it's not very original either, to rob somebody you've just met and run away.
hey do we got anything like floating carriors in this universe?
>Well, you could try and steal a shopping cart if you had any grocery stores nearby
>For some reason it feels really cliché to rescue somepony you have just met
>That usually ends up with ponies getting wrapped up in the weirdest shit in sims
>But hey, so is robbing the unconscious maiden, so you already broke one of the rules
>You check the date and calender
>Garbage collection isn't until in two days so you should just be able to put...her...back...into...
>...the garbage pile you pulled her out from
>Gently closing the lid of the container you call that good enough for now
>Looking around the alley, you do find an old and broken scooter with a wheel missing
>Ain't looking good unless you find a way to repair that
>You do have a small cart at home that you use for getting groceries
>It's just so much simpler having to take one trip every month than multiple weekly trips
>She should definitely fit into it that easily
>Could also just go and fetch the cable, although you aren't sure that will be enough
>You sneak out of the alleyway and back towards your home when you hear sirens pass you by
>The wagons are clearly station compliance vehicles
>Turning your head after them, you are glad to see that they pass by the alley without slowing down
>The rest of your trip is mostly uneventful, you did take the veggie sandwich with you at least though
>Just gotta figure out how to best share that with Shroomy, if at all
>What will you do once you reach your place?
>how to best share that with Shroomy
60:40, no haggling.
>She should definitely fit into it that easily
Great, do this, then. But the amputee is sleeping in the cart. The bathtub is ours. It smells right, like a bat nest.
>What will you do once you reach your place?
I'd say if we plan on taking her to our place we should let at least the main area air out a bit so our hunky stallion bat musk doesnt short circuit her nose
>With a satisfying click the lock unlatches as your room opens up and you hurry your batty ass inside
>Yeah, you clearly never had a mare over and anypony can smell it
>Quickly you rush over to the window and pull it wide open, the air rushing past you immediately
>And with it all the smog that is hanging in the city's air
>You cough a bunch of times as you fall backwards onto the floor, waving your wings to clear out the smoke from your place
>With mediocre success
>Thank the moon that your smoke alarm is busted ever since you got here, otherwise you might have caused the entire complex to evacuate
>Or be drenched by the emergency sprinklers, if they even work here
>Closing the window you take a sniff and confirm: Yes, the smoke smell is very much hiding your bat musk
>You open the fridge and greet your shroommate with a curt hello as you begin cutting the veggie sandwich
"60:40", you tell her before you stop abruptly and look into the fridge
"What? No! Look, you got to chill here in the fridge while I went out into the streets for this beauty, you can't just-"
"Hey, hey I know you've been living here for longer than I do but still that doesn't excu-"
"A bat has to eat!"
>You shake your head and frown
"55:45, final offer!", you firmly exclaim and wait for a moment
>With a smile you nod and finish cutting the sandwich, putting the smaller slice next to the plate
"I'll have a visitor over, so do me a favor and be on your best behavior, alright?"
>You could have sworn the mass of growth gave you a wink
>Is insanity beginning to set in?
>Quickly closing the door you take a panicked breath
>You head into your room and rummage around for your small cart
>Good enough to transport her, good enough for her to sleep in
>The bathtub is yours
>As you exit your bedroom you pass the holo mirror and look at yourself
>Should you change your mane and tail color? Your eye color? Both are possible thanks to your hardware
>Or just leave as you did previously?
>Anything else you are going to do before heading back to the alley?
maybe pick up all of the trash you've accumulated over the months
Considering we're going to be transporting an incomplete mare through the city, might be a good idea to not be recognizable.
seconded, it would look less suspicious if we went to the dumpster with actual garbage to dispose of.
>Looking around your room as a final check before you bring the mare here you decide that this is a pigsty
>You pick up one of the energy drink cans off of the floor and look at your cart before tossing it in
>There is so much trash here, this might actually very much work in your favor here
>Going through the apartment you take everything you can find that looks even remotely like garbage and chuck it in
>A couple minutes later you have what amounts to a decently sized mountain of garbage
>Scurrying around the place you also find an old stained bedsheet that you put over it and fasten it to the cart
>One last thing before you go, you stand in front of the mirror and tap your bracelet
>Your mane color quickly shifts from the usual grey to a muted purple and your contacts turn your eyes into something less bat-like
>A jacket over your back hides the wings easily enough, it's routine by now
>Satisfied with your work you hook the cart up to your back with the harness and leave, taking the elevator down
>Down in the lobby you pass by the reception and hear the tail end of a conversation from behind a locked door
>"-with MY water will rue the day they crossed me", the angry shouts of your landmare are heard, no doubt standing behind a quivering technician
>You hurry your step just ever so slightly as you make it out into the street
>The acid rain thankfully has stopped and things are as uneventful as they could be
>It doesn't take you more than a couple minutes to move back into the alley and you unload your trash into the container
>While nopony is looking you pull out the mare who thankfully has not disappeared into the cart and use the bedsheet to cover her back up
>It is at that moment where the sirens come back, getting louder and louder quickly
>They are still searching, but they might again pass the alley like earlier
>Or maybe you should try and make a run for it?
>throwing our trash in before pulling her out
How gentlemanly.
Anyways, we've already invested too much time into this to chicken out at the last minute. If the cops ask, we thought she was a broken android.
They have no reason to suspect us, let's keep it this way. Act nice and unassuming. What is a station compliance? Can they detain us?
Throw some trash back into the cart just incase anybody insists on looking.
>carting trash AWAY from a dumpster
almost as suspicious as carrying an unconscious pony in your cart
We're a hacker who's best meal was half of half of a sandwich someone couldn't be bothered to eat. We're not out running an emaciated one legged child while hauling a fatass mare that weighs nearly twice our own weight let alone the cops.
Hide, the cops don't want to bother with trash.

Honestly if this world is as fucked as it seems there are probably fights over who gets first pick of the trash.
Actually she has two legs but you're right, hiding is probably a good idea
become the most convincing homeless pony and pull some of that trash back in the cart to cover the mare, then if the feds ask, just say you was trying to find something of worth
Is there a way to figure out what the cops are doing here (like police scanners or something)?
You've never seen a homeless person then?
not everyone lives in cali, jackass.
QM? dont tell me you died
Cali would probably be a luxury resort compared to this setting.
Gonna get out of bed and continue writing.
Sorry, had something important that came up
Cool. Don't worry about it.
don't sweat it, it's just all too common for quests to die over the first thread so people are a little on edge.
>Your head jumps between the now mare-filled cart, the dumpster and the entrance of the alley
>With your build you are very much not outrunning a one legged, emaciated foal so you only really have one option
>Doing what every pony in your situation clearly would have done you reenact your best homeless pony impression
>Diving into the container you pull out some of the trash and cover the pony in your cart with it
>Really, that shower earlier today comes biting you in the ass, you smell way too good for a hobo
>No matter, you doubt station compliance, which is the main police force under the Big Four, will sniff you to figure that out
>New Equestria is split up into smaller units of management, called a station, which a pony is stuck in unless they get a digital invitation to an adjacent station
>Great way for keeping your population neatly split between rich and poor and under control
>Covering up the trash pile in your cart that you really hoped you might finally be rid off you sigh
>Thankfully, ponies going through garbage looking for things to use and sell isn't unheard off, especially in a slum station like this one
>Another thing that comes to your mind is going ahead and checking what has gotten the security so up in arms
>Their task queue has been basically unsecured for years, it is an open book to anypony willing to dig just a little
>They know, but it makes for a nice intimidation tactic for anyone worried about the police being after them when they check
>Small robbery, corporate espionage, nothing really out of the usual that would warrant this much of a task force presence
>A voice rips you out of your thoughts
>"Hey you, hooves up NICE AND SLOW", it shouts into the alley and you immediately jump up
>You turn your head and a bright flashlight shines in your face
>The seconds are tense and the cone of light moves around the alley for what feels like minutes, yet your HUD tells you it was just a couple seconds
>"Just a street rat", the pony on the other end says into a radio before turning around and leaving
>Your heart is thumping and you are frozen in terror for a couple minutes
>Fuck this was close, you say as you glance back at the mare that got you into this situation
>Should you wait? Just get the hell back to your home? Try and get more info on what's going on?
>You take a deep breath to think about your next move here
every minute you spend dicking about on the streets is another minute this mare's case of sleeping beauty syndrome could turn fatal.
The only reason to linger that I can think of is to disable possible trackers in her. But it seems like we didn't bring the cable.
>Absolutely no point dilly dallying any further, her life might be in danger
>You're not a doctor so you can't really tell, especially without your interface cable
>Who the heck still uses hardwired connections in the current day and age age?!
>Hooking up the cart to your back with its harness, you begin pulling
>Gosh darn she is HEAVY even with wheels under her
>What you wouldn't give for an antigrave carriage right about now
>Fortunately for you, nopony bats an eye as you pass the streets with a cart filled with trash
>Just another day in the life of new equestria
>The way to your apartment is a little strenuous but not eventful
>What you aren't quite so happy with is what you see as you pass through the door to your complex
>Just as you are entering the lobby, the door behind the reception opens and an angry landmare steps out
>She spots you, spots the trash heap in your cart and starts to go even redder
>"What is the MEANING of this?", she starts screaming at you
>"A trash rat in MY apartment? NOT ON MY WATCH", she turns around and calls back into the room she just came out of
>"Guards, someone call the guards and have this eye sore removed!", she demands before stepping towards you
>She really doesn't look happy, not that you've ever seen her look happy anyways
>Right now she is putting her hoof to her bracelet and your own contacts zoom in on her eyes, seeing a security HUD open up
>Full view lenses too, interesting
oh fuck oh shit
Is there any chance to explode some pipes somewhere to distract her? No, no, not realistic. We can either humbly plead or retreat. Or both. Yes, do both. Tell her that we didn't mean any harm and we're already leaving.
How quickly can we rent a new apartment somewhere else using money from the ongoing hack? Or do we already have a hideaway prepared in case if we'll have to leave this place in a hurry?
File: EEEE.gif (398 KB, 500x500)
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398 KB GIF
Quick, use your piercing bat screech to disorient her!
Tell her to relax, you were just taking those trash out, but forgot you left the stove on.
does our shitheap of an apartment even have a stove?
Well shit, just make up something plausible.
>Full view lenses
Does that mean her vision is completely obscured right now? What's stopping us from straight up ganking her?
It's for a... Post modern art project to... Comment on some aspects of current society and the potential future we might be barreling towards.

Hopefully she's just as pretentious as she is a prick.
>Oh shit, oh fuck what do what do whatdowhatdowhatdo
>Blow up a pipe nearbie? Overwriting water pressure might work but could take too long
>Retreat? Where would you even be going?!
>In panic you fall back to natural instincts and screech like the bats of old
>A defense mechanism that has been known to be quite effective on cybernetics, especially auditory ones
>Something something your specific frequency of screeching interfering something something
>It's not something you ever put too much dedication into learning how it works, just that it does
>The landmare stops mid-movement and pins her ears to her head
>No earpiece but she looks a little stunned for the moment
>You quickly regain your composure though and begin to apologize
>She seems still a little out of it, which might be working in your favor
"This is... it is part of a modern art piece that I am working on, a comment on some aspects of current society, the potential future we might be barreling towards and the connections we lost"
>You try and sound as pretentious as possible
"This 'trash' signifies the lows that we go through", you begin to explain pulling something out of your ass
>The mare just stands there, flabbergasted for a couple seconds
>And then the unthinkable happens... she starts to smile
>"Oh my gosh, I didn't know we had such a refined artist living in this place! I assume you were heading up to your room? My sincerest apologies!",
>She gets kind of close and personal to you
>"Darling, you must tell me more about your work! Perhaps even a private showing? I would oh so adore seeing a master at their work!"
>This is getting weird, but she definitely ended up buying your lie
>You glance back at the trash pile in your cart hiding the mare

Full view lenses just allow the lense to project an image over your entire field of view. There is partial view lenses which are way less expensive but also only have a very small portion of your FoV usable as a screen. FV can also overlay colors and stuff like that over your entire eye like we've done to hide our batpony eyes, PV can't do that
Sorry, no can do. My muse is calling me. Perhaps another time?
now that we're not getting the cops called on us, can we covertly make a pipe go boom? I mean, the boom isn't going to be covert, but us causing it should be.
Pause then look at her thoughtfully humming quietly as we try to buy time to come up with more bullshit that won't end up getting us kicked out of our apartment.
No harm done. I can tell you more if you truly like, and... Hmm, I wouldn't mind you watching me to through my process, unfortunately for this particular piece with the bleakness I'm merely attempting to portray I think your positive presence might taint my work.
It's hard to give a true mirror if the world or at least a slice of it from a certain perspective when that image in my mind is hard to focus on because of such a powerful presence.
Perhaps next time when I have a more positive project?

'Ugh, I feel sick...'
>You shake your head and give her a frown
"Sorry, miss. No can do, I best work in private but I shall let you know where to see the piece once it is completed"
>You mull over your response, trying to add that little bit extra to not get kicked out of your apartment
"When one works on a piece like this, the mood needs to be just right, a certain bleakness being portrayed requires the same bleakness to be present during creation"
>Looking her up and down you nod
"Having your positive presence would unfortunately lead to a distraction from my goal that may taint this work, perhaps another time, when I work on a more positive project?"
>"Oh, oh yes, I absolutely understand", she says, eagerly nods and steps aside, offering you access to the elevator
>Pressing the button you wait a couple harrowing seconds before the elevator arrives with a ding
>The ponies inside unstrap themselves and head out, leaving you alone in the carriage and you quickly press the panel
>Outside the mare gives you a big smile and eager wave as the doors shut and you are once again alone and in peace
>With the sudden urge to blow up a pipe, now that you are out of immediate danger
>But why exactly would you do that and which pipe would you want to overload in the first place?
>The thoughts keep you occupied until you finally arrive on your floor, step out and make your way to your room with a brisk pace
>Nopony is around to see you enter and you shut the door with a sigh of relief
>First things first, you get rid of all the garbage that you've dumped on the poor mare, making sure she hasn't suffocated under there in the meantime
>Again, not a doctor but she is still breathing just as calmly as she did when you found her
>Next you open the fridge and greet shroomie, noting that while the sandwich you left in there is still in the same position, the fungal growth is covering most of it already
>Girl seems to very much be enjoying the treat you brought
"Got someone over, so be good, ok?", you give the mold a smile before once again closing the door to the fridge
>You now have a sleeping, half nugget mare in your still quite frankly very dirty apartment
>This is certainly not how you imagined your first time bringing a mare home would go...
Plug in and get it over with.
How's our hack doing?
With no foreplay? How brutish.
Before we stick our plug in her socket, do we have any protection? The last thing we need is some virus jumping from her to our system.
>While you're currently in relative peace and safety you decide to check up on the progress of your hack
>The countdown gives you an estimated 72 minutes and 13 seconds remaining until completion
>After that you will have to start and set up a fake business, fake bank accounts and do all the re-routing shenanigans to make sure the money can't be traced
>That and you should also decide where you want to send it to in the end or what you want to do with it
>The longer a big sum of money is in your possession, the riskier it is and the higher the chance someone will find out
>Would suck if you were going to get caught because of such a rookie mistake
>For now, you have other things you gotta deal with
>Namely a mare that is currently unconscious and possibly (but you believe not) in life-threatening condition
>Hurrying into your bedroom you start going through a box of wires that you have gathered over the years
"No, no, not it, not that one either, too big, WAAAYY too big, this one might break her, broken...", you dig and dig
>Until you are at the bottom, a single cable remaining
>One of the oldest but most sturdy pieces of connector hardware that you have
>It's a simple one but you never had problems with that plug, it has fit into every socket so far
>You wonder how compatible that mare's socket would be with your other connectors
>Not that it really matters, you get back out and connect the one end of the wire to your hoofband and are about to insert yourself into her receptacle-
>What the heck are you doing, you're better than this
>Going back into your room you pull out a small dongle that you gently plop over the plug hanging off your computer
>There, protection. No hacker worth their salt should ever connect to an unknown port without one of these
>The HUD in your vision confirms the successful installation of a sandbox adapter
>Alright, here goes... gently, gently
>Why are your hooves shaking y-you have totally done this before many times!
>A click confirms that you have successfully made contact
>What happens next was unexpected as it was terrifying
>Lines of information and code cover your vision and you fall backwards, still tethered to the mare you weren't going far though
>Windows opening left and right, data being down- and uploaded, connections being secured, military encryption standards being installed
>Fuck, this looks terrible, it looks like your protection was torn wide open
>And just as suddenly as everything appeared, everything closes itself again and a single window remains

>Arcano-Harmonic Subcarrier Wave compatible device detected
>SymCom Network initialized.... Done
>Building subarcano link channel.... Done
>Securing with encryption level FROST.... Done
>Awaiting link confirmation from Mainframe.... Failed
>Alternative link device connected, establish C&C?

>The window can be moved aside and doesn't block you from doing anything, luckily
>establish C&C
Who would be in command, and who would be in control?
Before proceed figure out what the other uploads and downloads were. If this is some virus bomb trap that we got caught because of the half nuggetness of the mare then we're in deep shit.
Start going through our files and figure out what in the damn crap happened.

Also damn, that's way tighter then we expected, the security is too notch. We're not going to last long if this keeps up and if she has any viruses we're double screwed.

If we can't figure anything else right now, click yes on the C&C. Our protections busted, we may as well go all the way and finish.
>One of the oldest but most sturdy pieces of connector hardware
So, horse db25? She's been designed by ponies of culture, I see.

Consider our hoofband computer compromised from now on. It doesn't matter if her dentata will damage it further, we'll have to buy a new hoofband in any case. May as well.
>You spent a moment trying to process what the heck just happened
>That is the single word that keeps coming up in your mind and you can't help but to become pale
>This might have just cost you everything you've worked for
>Uploads and downloads, what the heck was that all about?
>Quickly you scramble through your files and logs trying to understand what happened
>Firewall reports one prevented attempt to contact a remote server which about coincides with the time of trying to contact that mainframe
>The attempted link bounces a lot and you probably would lose track of it fairly quickly unless you really sit down and try to trace the path it would have taken
>Regarding the data that has been transferred....
>A lot of that seems to be local synchronization with your bracelet, genetic imprint data, time resync, positional data
>There was also a download of recent news stories from multiple news feeds, nothing that would look suspicious to anypony
>Multiple files have been loaded from the mare to your bracelet too, puppeteer, sdiag, scomd, to name a few
>Curiously enough, none of these files have been run and your virus scanner returns clean results on all of them
>No new background processes either, although that doesn't mean much
>Something capable of overcoming the protection dongle might have very well messed way deep with your system files
>You glance down at your ol' reliable, you've had this baby for a long, long time
>Guess in addition to the new pair of lenses a new processor bracelet is in order
>With a tentative nod you confirm the Yes option on the prompt and your lenses... crash
>Your HUD disappears and the entire bracelet system re-initializes
>The boot prompt is concerningly different now
>A spinning snowflake, with the text Project FROST below it shows up in your peripheral vision
>Your earpiece comes to live: "Preparing C&C environment, requesting level of available security... biometric security container detected, installing..."
>A progress bar appears in front of you, "overwriting bio-secure..."
>If it was possible to become even paler, you might just have done that
>All your more sensitive work has been stored inside this biometrically secured partition
>"Completed. Project FROST C&C loaded. Puppeteer ready to engage", your earpiece tells you and a new HUD returns
>This one looks way more militaristic and simple
>And right in the corner you spot a small illustration of a pony, two of the legs marked as missing
>Multiple other warnings are also displayed
>A status above notifies you that routine PERMAFROST is currently engaged, giving you the option to cancel that task
This is some deep shit we got ourselves into. What warnings are currently on display?
Tentatively engage puppeteer mode.
Try sdiag.
Or rather, "sdiag -h"

By the way, I suspect PERMAFROST is what's currently keeping the mare unconscious.
PERMAFROST seems like the thing that's keeping her asleep. Before we disable it, we should carefully examine our files to see what changed, particularly in the bio-secure partition.
I'm not a fan of puppeteers
scomd -h too. There must be a key that lists currently active command, we probably want to cancel some of them before unpermafrosting her.
>A closer glance at the warnings brings up multiple things of note
>Missing comm-link transceiver and arcano-focus is one alert that is visible next to the head
>Missing Aerial mobility thrusters above the diagram's back
>Seems like there is more than just her legs missing
>Of course, missing movement units front and back
>sdiag must be some kind of diagnostics tool you think, calling it with the help flag displays a LOT of options available to you
>As you expected, it serves as a deep dive into whatever processes are currently running and whatever the sensors are currently picking up
>A deep scan sounds like a good idea at first, you should make sure you know what you are getting into here
>The diagram on your HUD begins to update, more warnings popping up
>Movement unit front: PERF. DEGR.
>A broken bone is displayed in the upper part of her leg
>Arcanocore: PERF. DEGR.
>Neuro-Stimuli-Level: Low
>Neural activity: Lowered by external neuro-stimuli
>Metabolism: Lowered by external neuro-stimuli
>A list of processes can be called upon as well, most of them meant to run "mundane" tasks like interpret neurological signals to drive the many artificial muscles
>puppeteerd can also be found in the list, a quick info call on the process tells you
>"Surpression of neurological pathways and injection of external signaling"
>The description makes you shudder ever so slightly, even though you aren't sure what that is supposed to mean
>PERMAFROST controls multiple sub-processes, including a neuroinj process
Find and read the list of her active commands. We have to know what she is going to do if we'll let her wake up.
Find and read the system log. We have to know what brought her to the dumpster and who is going to try to track her down.
Rig up a splint for her fracture.
Then, and only then, cancel the PERMAFROST.
Crap a broken bone. That'll be fun and like tartarus I'm hauling her fatflanks to a hospital, cops would snag her.
Maybe if I make her lick the fridge mold the military circuits could tell me what it is... Or maybe it'd kill her.

Well, better get that bone properly in place and splint it before she wakes up. Or I matrix into her mind.

Look around for two straight sturdy pieces of wood metal or most likely, plastic.
Then get some rope bandages... Probably most likely some old clothes so rancid not even we'd wear them anymore.
Set her leg right jiggling them around until they click together like a giant awful Lego piece.
Then tie the two pieces of sturdy material to her leg on opposite sides with two tie points one above and one below the break.

Another successful procedure!
Implement a dead man's switch that would automatically activate the puppeteer mode if she'll attack or immobilize us.
>sdiag gives you access to her queue of commands she has been tasked to follow
>There is only a single one: ESCAPE
>Logs are harder to access... which is to say neigh impossible
>The system doesn't seem to have any conventional memory banks to store information on, which greatly surprises and confuses you
>Instead, trying to access any kind of system logs returns an error that just tells you SDTD, something you have no real clue what that means
>You have to do something about her leg, though
>If you just leave the break she might end up crippled for the rest of her life
>Or you might cripple her for the rest of her life but a splint should not be that difficult to apply, right?
>A quick search on the net give you an albeit simplified but hopefully sufficient guide
>Need something to keep her leg straight... and something to tie it all up nicely
>Maybe a couple of wires will do? No, no that isn't gonna stay tight enough
>There is your bedsheets that you can use, not like you have really made use of them otherwise since you came here
>Hard to hold on to a blanket while hanging down from a bar of metal
>As for something to keep the leg straight, you glance at your table and going at it, smash it to pieces, using two of the legs
>This proves difficult at first and you decide to just use a torch to heat up the legs and pull the molten plastic off
>Splint materials: Check
>You head over to the mare, and take a deep breath
>The next part is gonna suck, you think to yourself as you read the instructions
>Carefully you take her leg and begin jiggling it around until you feel the two pieces of bone fitting together
>It feels wrong and all, it's hard to not just drop her leg and run away
>But you absolutely can't take her to a hospital either, the feds would be all over here in minutes you're sure
>After securing the leg in the (hopefully) correct position, you gently put it back down
>You are about to deactivate PERMAFROST when you are reminded that she might be dangerous when she wakes up
>A dead-man's switch should do, triggered on hostile attack or immobilization
>Anything else you forgot to do before you wake her up? Or should you just bite the bullet
>Maybe you should write a goodbye letter to Shroomie....
On one hoof, she's missing two legs and one of the ones she has left is broken. On the other hoof she's loaded down with so much military tech she might be armed to the teeth, quite literally.
Check if she's got sawblade teeth or laser eyes.
Screwing with the code in there is probably a bad idea. Just wake her up, though be ready to open our fridge so we can make her pass out from the smell of our roommate if we need to.
Don't wanna have her jump out of our window in an ill-considered attempt to escape. Cancel the ESCAPE command. Or, better yet, rewrite it with "FIND OUT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND TRY TO LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE OR SOMETHING, I DON'T KNOW, ALSO TRY TO AVOID KILLING ANY FRIENDLY PONIES, THANKS".
I figure we should open our fridge, let Shroomie see what's happening. Who knows, it might be able to help if things go south.
nonononono, absolutely NO new commands should be issued until we figure out what the fuck's going on.
I don't see why not, but okay. Can we at least cancel the one that's already there?
cancelling should be fine, but issuing some vague "just be happy" command could result in it being interpreted in any number of unintended ways.
The important part was "don't hurt me".
That command can be issued if and when it becomes necessary. Let's at least try to extend our hoof in friendship before forcing her to do anything.
Sorry, couldn't get another update out and gotta sleep now, waging in the morning.
Will try to push and update in the morning.
Feel free to discusd what to do or just keep it bumped
>waging in the morning
>update in the morning
You QM on the clock?
how would shroomie even read the letter if he's confined to the fridge?
if you wanna have a heart to heart...fungus...whatever before you die, you can just talk to him, he's right there.
Does shroomie count as an art project?
>Even with two legs missing and one broken, she might still be able to kill you with... sawblade teeth? Laser eyes?
>You lift open her mouth just ever so slightly and it doesn't look like she has any kind of moving teeth that could cut you to pieces
>puppeteer seems to allow you to modify the task queue that you've seen earlier
>You mull it over and decide it might be best to cancel that objective, lest you want her jump out of the window or something
>For a second you consider adding a "DON'T KILL ME PLEASE" command to the list but maybe extending a hoof in friendship is the way to go
>Better not mess with the rest of it until you have a good idea of what the heck is going on
>Not like you can't go ahead and issue the command later
>If you are not dead by then
>Also you just remembered that shroomie probably can't read, what the hell were you thinking
>You walk up to the fridge door and open it for him? her? it? to see what's going on
"If I don't make it out of this alive, take good care of this place for me, a'right?"
>As you look at the fridge you chuckle
"You know, you'd make a really cool art project, all things considered"
"What? No of cooourrrseee I'm not delaying, what the heck a-"
"Oh my gosh, yes ok, I'll get it, I'll wake her up! Geeeezz, so impatient!"
>You slowly turn around and look at sleeping beauty still lying in the cart
>With a deep breath, you call upon puppeteer and disengage PERMAFROST with a shaky hoof to your bracelet
>The warning from earlier about neural activity being subdued is replaced with "APPLYING COUNTER-MEASURES"
>Throughout her entire body you can hear the quiet sounds of motors beginning to whirr and she starts shaking
>Before after what felt like minutes she pops open her eyes with a gasp for air
>An involuntary spasm of her leg sends you flying into the couch with an "Oof" and your breath being forced out of your lungs
>Ouch, that'll be a bruise at least for sure
>She tries to wiggle around and get up, her expression panicked and her breathing nearing hyperventilation levels
>"What? Where?", her icy blue eyes dart around the room and fall on you
>Something deeply unnerving is how they focus on you, as if they were staring right into your soul
>Multiple warnings are flashing on the screen now, one of them saying "Mental Instability: PANIC. Apply countermeasures?"
>But the words that stand out the most to you are "PROJECT FROST: ONLINE"
If you take a moment to stop freaking out we'll try to answer some of your questions.
In the world of the living. Found you in a dumpster, don't ask me why I was looking around in a dumpster.
Calm yourself please, the walls male paper look thick and if you get my landladies attention she'll probably call the cops.
Also one of your legs is broken.
This place smells and looks like a trash container, but it won't get you compacted in two days. Seriously, what were you thinking? You don't sleep in trash containers without an alarm clock. Being compacted hurts.
okay now let try to calm down this mystery mare
would it be a good idea to screech again, to snap her out of it?
Probably not. Could be seen as a war cry or mating call if she's racist.
"Hey, hey please calm down you're back in the world of the living"
>While trying to move your sides tell you a very decisive fuck you and you flinch
>But this is important so you decide to power through the pain
>She keeps trying to thrash about in the cart, making quite a ruckus
>For a second you think about making use of your natural powers of eeEEEEE, but she might pick that one up as a war cry
>....or a mating call, for all you know
>Trying to get closer while avoiding her limbs you decide to sit down next to her and carefully reach out with a hoof
>You put it on her side and gently try to radiate your own calmness in hopes it manages to make her feel safer
"While this place may look and smell like a dumpster, I can assure you it won't get you compacted like the real deal", you attempt to lighten the mood with a joke
>Her eyes are still glued on you but at least her panicked movements have stopped for now
"Your hindleg is broken, so you should do yourself the favor and not move it too much, at least not until it is healed a little at least"
>The mention of her broken appendage makes her glance down towards it and flinch as she moves it ever so slightly
"I brought you to my place, found you in a dumpster outside... don't ask why I was looking through the trash", you look away, scratching your neck
>The warning of Mental Instability has by now disappeared as she seemingly relaxes at least somewhat
>"A... dumpster?", she asks, her voice sounding smooth and gentle, a voice you feel like you could trust immediately
>It does have a certain... digital undertone to it though
>"Memory access available", your HUD notifies you as the SDTD status is lifted
>She looks around and puts her one good hoof to her chin. "Yes... I think I was... running"
>The mare seems rather confused at her current predicament
>Her gaze falls down onto your hoof and the wire snaking towards her neck
>Reaching up with a hoof her face contorts into terror
>"H-have I been captured? Who are you? Are you with them?! Oh by the stars please, l-let me leave I don't... I can't.."
>She breaks out in shivers again as she tries to push you away with her front hoof
>At least this time it is not a kick throwing you through the room
>She at least seems receptive to your words right now, so maybe questions are in order? Or perhaps an introduction?
>Or you could try something entirely different, your brain loves coming up with weird ideas and things to say recently
okay first things first disconnect the wire from her and assure the mare you're not whoever she thinks you are
I plugged in so I could get you to wake up. You were out cold, cold as... PERMAFROST.
Do I look like one of THEM to you? Who are THEY, anyway?
'Maybe I've been getting high off of moldy? Some mushrooms have that effect right?'
First, you're not really captured. But you certainly aren't going anywhere on your own in the state you're in.
Second, your hardware and software is nuts I can only imagine what kind of legs you had. The wrong pony sees you and you're getting stripped for parts.
Third, the cable is how I woke you up. Your system said something about you getting drugged or something I don't know.
Also we need to properly unplug the wire thank you, seriously what sort of mook just yanks one of these out, finesse mare, ever heard of it? Open up your outside connections and uninstall it properly.

'I really wouldn't like to meet whatever managed to break her leg.'
Calm down, you won't make it far running on a half-broken pair of legs. Why don't we start with some basic introductions?
We can't introduce ourselves because we have no name. A pity.
but we do >>38923817
It's only a nickname. Either that, or our mother was a real crazy bitch.
okay lets agree on a not shitty name first

i vote Shutin
yeah can we put this on a quick pause till we figure out a good name?
Don't say it like that. That is the absolute lamest way to say it.
Fuk, I thought we had one I just missed it or something.

Quebert Dinkles?
Probably not a good idea to give out our real name too freely anyway, considering our line of work.
We found you drugged and packed into a dumpster missing a few body parts. Also, before you comment on us wearing your coat, we needed it for a disguise. Somebody dragging a drugged mare through the streets isn't unheard of in this town, but it draws the wrong kind of attention.
Sure, I can go ahead and write up a new part and post it when you decide on a name I guess.
Or I'll just go with >>38931508, if you guys prefer that.
You guys definitely never came up with a real name or decided on a proper hacker alias except >>38923817
>hacker alias
I nominate BitRot
how about HyperS0ni3?
>Is getting high on mold a thing, could that be the cause for your sudden glints of genius?
>You take just a quick glance at your fridge and give it a short frown
>Certainly something you have to talk about later on, getting high off of your roommate sounds less than ideal
>Sure hope Shroomie isn't the addictive type
"Hey, hey easy there. You're not captured, even though I...", you look down at half of her limbs missing, "I doubt you'll get far on your own, the state you are currently in"
>The prospect of not actually being in captivity certainly helps her relax just ever so slightly, even though she still seems tense
"I jacked in so I could wake you up, you were out... well, cold. Here, let me just unplug this"
>Gently reaching to her neck a shiver jolts through her body as you put your hoof down on the plug, pulling it out carefully
>The HUD in your vision flickers and a lot of the diagnostics disappear, but the overview of her stays up
>"Hardlink lost. Wireless link via arcano-subcarrier established" flashes next to it a couple times before disappearing
>Putting the wire down you decide to help her up into a seating position, using a dirty bundle of clothes to support her from falling over
>"Let's start with introductions, alright? I'm 2dr4c00l4sk00l", you proudly proclaim
>She stares at you in disbelief at that name and a disappointed frown starts showing on her face
>It takes you every bit of willpower to not break out in laughter but eventually you can't help but start snickering
>"H-hey, are you making fun of me?", the mare asks, lowering her eyes at you with a scowl
"O-oh gosh no, I was just making a joke! I went by many names, Shutin, HyperS0ni3, Crookuter.... Recently BitRot as well"
>You hold out a hoof. "Nice making your acquaintance, who are you?", you give her a friendly grin, your teeth showing in the process
>Carefully she takes your hoof and starts shaking it
>"Fully Remotely Operated Subversion & Termination unit", she introduces herself formally, her voice taking on a slightly robotic undertone
>The name makes your blood freeze in your veins and the kind of hardware she is carrying is beginning to make just ever so slightly more sense
"Your uh... hardware and software sure is nuts. The wrong pony would love to strip you for parts for the blackmarket.... did you get your cyberware from... them? Who are they?"
>"The identity of the Investors is not known to this unit as security clearance has been revoked"
>"This unit's combat readiness is at.... calculating.... 37%. Missing hardware imposes penalty and must be corrected at earliest convenience"
...Okay... So, more tech in your brain then I thought. That can't be legal. Not that following the law would keep the police off of your ass.
So why don't you go over... What you can I suppose. How did a killer cyborg end up in a dumpster missing half her legs. I checked by the way, your other limbs weren't in the trash with you.
Are you an android?
So before I woke you up, I took note of an "escape" command in your queue. I didn't want you to jump out of a window or something, so I cancelled it. Did... did you put that there? You sure seemed to be looking for an escape.
>You cock your head at mare in front of you, her robotic demeanor seeming really fishy to you
"You aren't an android by any chance, are you?", she very much sounds like one
>She cocks her head at you before frowning at you, losing that robotic edge
>"A robot? Heaven's no, how could you say something like that! I'm a mare, through and through!"
>Looks like you struck a bit of a nerve there, nice going genius
"I am... sorry, I didn't mean that", you try to apologize and your ears droop as you look away
>"I.... I am a mare, right?", she sounds exceedingly unsure and you catch her staring at her one hoof
>There is a silence between the two of you, a crushing one that lasts for minutes before you try and speak up
>It's hard trying to find the right words in this situation, so you decide to scooch a little closer
>Putting a hoof to her shoulder in a comforting manner, she glances at you, tears have started welling up in her eyes
>Her hoof slowly moves to yours, holding it
>You can feel a her heart beating, it's enough to give her a satisfying answer
>A simple nod was all it took for her to give you a slight smile and she wipes her face
"When I first jacked in and started reading your diagnostics I found a single command in your task queue... Escape", you start slowly
"Can you tell me what happened? How did someone with this much tech in her brain end up in a dumpster, with missing legs?"
>She looks down at the two slots that are supposed to serve as attachment for her limbs and looks hopefully at you
"Didn't find them with you in the trash, unfortunately", shaking your head she deflates visibly
>"Escape....", she holds a hoof to her head and presses her eyes shut, "I remember... running...."
>"There is this lab, I remember them taking things from me, things that are me..."
>The poor pony talks about waking up from stasis, just like the one you woke her up from, feeling like she lost another piece of herself
>Then she woke up one final time, not to any schedule but to someone telling her to leave, to run...
>She couldn't stay here, she had to get out
>So she did what she was commanded to and she ran
>Her memory is spotty but she remembers being followed
>Flight, from a roof, gliding away
>Shots from below and behind, fire, excruciating simulated pain where her leg is meant to be
>Holding a hoof to her forehead she explains about data streaming into her head, someone desperately wrestling for control
>But she was told to escape and she always fulfills her mission
>And then she fell from the sky, like a rock as her thrusters were stripped from her
>A roof, the edge of a roof....
>Wind rushing past her ears
>A loud thud and the smell of rot
>This is where her memory seems to end
>The poor thing is just staring at her hoof, her entire body violently shuddering as her memory banks...
>Gosh, you just realized why you couldn't access her memory banks.... they used her brain to store the data, which is highly illegal...
I figure anypony willing and able to create a living weapon of this sort is at liberty to disregard the law. though, how is storing data in a brain different from storing it in a biometrically secure partition, like we do?
Look on the bright side, you could've landed on the cold hard ground. You succeeded in your escape.
Sounds like wherever you escaped from had a mass breakout because someone caught a case of the morels and screwed around with you and whatever other pony machine hybrids they had and told them to run.
No wonder the police are up in arms, they aren't looking for just you they're looking for a bunch of ponies like you.
Also, we should probably check and make sure you don't have a functioning gps or tracking system.

Tap our hoof nervously.

Hmm... Always fulfill your mission huh? Do you like... Have a choice in that?
Apologize about the android comment, it's just the way she was talking sounded more computer than mare. She even gave us a unit designation instead of a name and she refers to herself as "this unit". Makes a bit more sense now that she told us what she remembers. Whoever THEY are were effectively turning her into a robot. Look at the connection ports for the missing limbs. Do they look like they were properly disconnected or were they torn/blasted out?
>But she was told to escape and she always fulfills her mission
That's bad. It sounds like she wouldn't be able to wrestle for control without a command to do so. Have we made her vulnerable by deleting that command? We can add it back, or we can add something new, like "keep thinking for yourself". It's up to her.
How much would a pair of well-used cyborg legs cost? How's our hack doing? Do we have to start from scratch after the reboot?

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