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Previous thread hit bump >>38726190

Waiting for writelad to continue
Get a load of this guy, didn’t even get all the greens pasted https://ponepaste.org/7762

Good shit though anon, us archivefags are doing gods work
Juniper a cute.
New thread means new update tonight.
File: 2571253.png (2.16 MB, 2480x3508)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
Kinda anthro ngl
File: kloclose.png (1019 KB, 1920x1080)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
She’s dead, anon. She isn’t coming back.
I found her attractive.
File: 2807427.png (319 KB, 1048x2600)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>Inside you see Juniper smooths out a green sheet hung on the wall.
>The furniture had been pushed to one side or the other to make a big empty space in the middle of the living room.
“Morning Juniper, what you doin’?”
>“Setting up a green screen in case we need to add effects later.”
>You and Moondancer look at each other.
>“Do you even know how to add green screen effects?”
>“We’ll just play around with an editing program how hard can it be?”
>Moondancer shrugs.
>“Well then we just have to wait for Wallflower.”
>“I’m right here.”
>Moondancer jumps at the voice coming from behind her.
>There next to where the door swings in stands Wallflower setting up her phone on a tripod mount complete with ring light.
>Juniper walks to a fold out table a few feet to the left of the ‘green screen’.
>“Alright, let’s see that script.”
>You all sit down.
>Moondancer places the notebook in the center.
>Juniper picks it up and flips through the pages as her eyes move left to right.
>You lean on your elbow as time passes.
>Finally Juniper slams the bundle of paper on the table.
>“What is this? I’ve read ten pages and it’s nothing but back story.”
>Moondancer rolls her eyes.
>“Well yeah, if you’re going to tell a story the audience needs to know what’s going on.”
>“And how exactly am I supposed to let the audience know that some inventor decided it was a good idea to make his own planet when that happened a hundred years before the actual plot? Look, there’s still ten more pages of nothing but backstory.”
>“First off it was eighty seven years before the plot starts, secondly a covert mission started by one galactic power while it’s in the middle of a joint operation for the sake of peace with it’s rival isn’t going to make any sense unless you’re aware of the delicate political intrigue.”
>“You mean the delicate political intrigue of some scientist having an affair with his sister?”
>Juniper holds up the page in question.
>“That is very critical to the main character’s back story, thank you very much.”
>“The main character isn’t even related to these people. Wait, is he?”
>Juniper once again begins flipping through the pages.
>Finally she stops holding throwing her head back and groaning.
>“Uggghhh, Moondancer this won’t work. We need start with an action scene. Start by having the main character doing something exciting to get the audience’s attention, then we can go about explaining the pointless back story.”
>“Pointless!? How are we supposed to understand the character if we don’t know who he is or where he comes from?”
>“By having him do something that demonstrates his ability or bravery. This is all pointless.”
File: 1672243.jpg (88 KB, 854x480)
88 KB
>Moondancer shakes her head.
>“Yeah, it’s all pointless. Next you’re going to tell me that we don’t need to explain how faster than light travel works in this universe either, as if people are just going to magically accept that people who don’t use light speed travel are still the same age as those who do as if relativity isn’t even a thing.”
“We could always do a text scroll like in Star Wars.”
>Moondancer gives a single laugh.
>“Ha, Star Wars? Star Wars isn’t even science fiction.”
>Now it’s Juniper’s turn to shake her head.
>“With as much text as there is here it’d be easy to just pass out a text book. Besides the text scroll is kind of already an iconic Star Wars thing, we can’t use it with people automatically associating us with it.
File: 1461197393318.jpg (3 KB, 83x125)
3 KB
>>“Setting up a green screen in case we need to add effects later.”
>green screen
R I P Wallflower.
Wallflower on suicide watch after the movie is finished and they all realize what happened.
It ain't easy being green
She is very ugly!!
File: 2108838.jpg (116 KB, 1080x1080)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

Good shit mang. Thank you for updating.


What about Anon, though? Won't he join Wallflower in being absorbed into the green screen?
I never imagine anon as the guy with a question mark for a face. I always write that off as a convenient artist thing.
So who would be humare 6 counterparts?
Gloriosa is Fluttershy but what of the others?
I tend towards GD and her "I got this!" being 'the Twilight Sparkle'
So what do you imagine?
Weren't we supposed to wait until next month to make this thread again?
When there’s an active green being written and the bump limits been hit you don’t wait
File: moondancer and wally.png (3.66 MB, 2880x1620)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Vignette/Rarity naturally
File: Stella Sprinkles.png (590 KB, 832x1014)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
File: 2504736.png (328 KB, 1281x1624)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
File: 2796985.png (356 KB, 814x718)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>Juniper puts the notebook on the table and points to a page.
>“We’ll start filming here.”
“We don’t want to start with scene one?”
“Movies scenes aren’t shot in order. Usually they’re shot around when actors are available.”
>She goes over to a box and returns with a pile of fabric.
>Unceremoniously she dumps in your lap.
>“Here go get into costume.”
>You look down at the small pile.
>You then look up at Juniper.
“Uh, OK.”
>“Bathrooms that way.”
>She points down a hallway.
>“In the mean time we’ll get the camera set up.”
>After some amount of time you walk back into the living room.
>The red vest doesn’t have any buttons only a series of broad yellow patches.
>As a result you leave it open.
>The padding on it sticks out past your shoulders.
>The black long sleeve shirt is small enough to reveal your physique.
>Or lack there of really.
>But that’s nothing compared to the pants.
>You walk slowly because your costume pants are exactly the easiest to move in.
>They’re a slick leather like material that happen to be tight… well everywhere really.
“OK, I think I’m ready.”
>All the girls turn to look at you.
>Juniper takes a deep breath and spins around.
>Moondancer’s face goes red and she immediately turns to look at the wall.
>Wallflower’s mouth falls open and she just stares wide eyed.
“There a problem?”
>Juniper clears her throat.
>“Your pants are a little… revealing, that’s all. That’s OK, we can just shoot you from the waist up.”
>Moondancer begins to pull her turtle neck over her face.
>“We should have him wear something that doesn’t show off his bulge.”
>“Well he can’t just wear the jeans he had on.”
>“Then give him something else.”
>“Like what, those were the only pants I had in my costume box.”
>“I don’t care what you get him, just get him something. I can see the… shape. Are you even wearing underwear Anon?”
“Well I was, but I had to take them off in order to fit into the pants.”
>Moondancer tries to cove her eyes but the fabric refuses to go that high.
>“Juniper do something.”
>With a sigh Juniper turns and looks you directly in the eyes.
>“Anon, turn around.”
>You do as your told.
>“Now keep your feet planted but turn your torso sideways.”
>Once again you follow orders.
>“That’ll do for now. Just make sure to buy black pants next time your out.”
>She walks over and hands you an index card.
>“These are your lines. We’ll have you do a few practice takes then we’ll have you do one without the card.”
“Got it.”
>“On my signal. Wallflower start fliming.”
>There’s silence.
>“Wallflower? Wallflower! WALLFLOWER!”
>Finally the other girl comes to attention.
>“Huh? Wha?”
>“Start filming.”
>Juniper points to you.
File: 2795213.png (143 KB, 425x1017)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
>You look at your index card.
“But this is not the last they will hear of Crelen Buratus they’re efforts to kill me and destroy my research are all in vain for as soon as my hyper drive is repaired I shall locate my sister and see them all placed before the court of the emperor himself.”
>Juniper shakes her head.
>“Anon what was that?”
>You look between the three girls.
>You’re unsure of how to answer.
“Reading the lines you gave me.”
>“Try reading them with some feeling this time.”
>You nod.
>Once again she points at you.
“But this is not the last they will hear of Crelen Buratus! They’re efforts to kill me! And destroy my research are all in vain! For as soon as my hyper drive is repaired! I shall locate my sister! And see them all placed before the court of the emperor himself!”
>Juniper’s face falls into her palm.
>“No, no, no. When I said read it with feeling I meant read it with emotion, like you actually believe what you say is true.”
>Moondancer crosses her arms and stares at Juniper.
>“He might be able to say it with more emotion if he wasn’t saying exposition that you changed to dialogue.”
>Juniper continues to look at you while she waves her hand at Moondancer.
>“The audience has to know he wants revenge somehow don’t they?”
Good stuff
File: 1794895.png (396 KB, 776x768)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
>nb4 they talk about Anon's junk once he's gone
File: 2687422.png (696 KB, 1974x2905)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
>inb4 the movie turns into a porno
With me we're three, though I have it in private
bumping for anons bulge
>Turns into a porno
Watch how Juniper literally gets cucked from her main spot by the other girls.
https://ponepaste.org/7793 have a green from the wally thread while you guys wait for the other one

>>inb4 it turns into a porno
>Anon Has A Vewy Good Fwiend in Wome, the Movie.
File: Spoiler Image (155 KB, 441x678)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
It's Gloriosa time again.
Update tonight.
where to find moar
File: 2510170.jpg (883 KB, 2000x1177)
883 KB
883 KB JPG
>You feel constriction begin to form in your upper thighs.
>You think your getting cramps from standing in an awkward position for so long.
“Hey guys can we take a break?”
>Juniper’s lips curve downward.
>“A break? It’s only been like five minutes.”
“Yeah but I’m not sure I keep standing like this for very long, you see my legs-”
>“Toughen up Anon, you’re an actor now and that means you’re willing to suffer for your craft. Now read the line again and this time with feeling. Action.”
>You do as your directed.
>“Again, this same them slowly and more deliberately.”
>Again you recite the monologue.
>“Again, but this time try to think of yourself as the character and same the lines like he would.”
>Again you repeat the intro.
>And again.
>And again for more times than you can keep count.
>Each time you finish the speech your a little more numb in the legs.
>Finally Moondancer interjects.
>“Do you think we should try to shoot a different scene.”
>Juniper taps her chin.
“Hmmmmm, OK. We can always come back to the intro later. In the mean time let’s see how those scenes with Anon look.”
>You breath a sigh of relief.
>Straightening your torso you start to take a step in the direction of the wall.
>However once your foot hits the ground you find that your leg has neither the blood nor the strength to hold your body weight.
>Your knees buckle and the world tumbles around you.
>One hard smack to the head makes the world stay dizzy for a few seconds longer.
>The carpet scratches the side of your face.
>Your limbs are splayed out on the floor.
>Once your vision becomes stationary you see the girls crowding around Wallflower.
>Juniper goes the phone and hits the screen.
>You hear your own voice say the same words that you must have said over a dozen times.
>Her faces scrunches as she leans in closer.
>Moondancer peers over her shoulder.
>She hits the screen again.
>Her face remains the same.
>Moondancer turns to glare at Wallflower.
>Juniper continues tap the phone in rapidly not even letting the full dialogue play.
>Wallflower at this point must be getting hot because you can see her sweating from your position on the floor.
>Slowly Juniper turns to the camerawoman.
>“Wallflower, why is the shot just a close up of Anon’s butt?”
>Wallflower clears her throat as she wipes her forehead with her sleeve.
>“I must have accidentally have the zoom on too high.”
>Juniper pulls the camera from the tripod.
>She slides her finger across it to punctuate her words.
>“On. Ever. Single. Shot?”
>Wallflower’s eyes are wide as she fumbles for words.
>“I-you see-the lighting form the sun-and the blue tooth feature was caught in the magnetic-”
>Juniper pinches the bridge of her nose.
>“Auggghhh! Take five everybody!”
Nice. A shorter update than expected but nice. also wtf wallflower
fucking wally lmao
Based Wally going for the stuff that really matters.
Unbased Wally, that's sexual harassment.
expect my resignation letter tomorrow
What would be the normal skin for each one of them?

Wally be mad horni.
Nice ass, anon.
Poor anon can't catch a break
Ya wanna be star doncha Anon?
That's the price of fame
File: Wally and Gloria.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Their fingers brushed!
Wallflower is definitely going to write about this in her diary.

>Dear diary, Gloria offered to take me to the Canterlot Gardens today.
>It was a fun trip, but while we were there, her fingers touched mine and... Diary, it was electric!
>I know!
>I know it's wrong!
>She's my third cousin twice removed!
>We're practically twins!
>But I can't help it!
>Even if it's taboo, the shiver that went up my spine felt all too amazing and I wished right then and there that she would throw me down onto the bed of flowers and ravish me!
>What am I going to do, diary?
>Even knowing it could never work between us, my body yearns for her touch.
>Even now I feel a fire in the pit of my stomach that radiates through my loins.
>My girlhood quivers whenever I think of those beautiful emerald eyes, imaging that they're looking at me with smoldering desire.
>I do not know how much more I can take.
>Either I'll throw myself at her in passion, or I will have to stop myself from seeing her anymore.
>Why does life have to be so cruel and complicated?

Meanwhile, in Gloria's Diary.

>Dear Diary.
>I took Wallflower to the Gardens today.
>I know we're cousins, and distant at that, but I still think of the girl more like a cute little niece.
>She's just so adorable sometimes with all her little quirks.
>Sometimes I worry, though.
>I know she's shy and not too popular, but when I tried to hold her hand, she pulled away and grew so red I thought that she might feint.
>She's obviously so starved for physical contact that she hardly knows how to handle it anymore.
>I need to help her.
>I'll start slow as to build up her tolerance.
>Hopefully she'll one day be comfortable enough to hold hands and be out in public more.
>I just know that if she can get over her shyness, she'll bloom into a beautiful young woman.
>Then I'll no doubt have to beat boys off of her with a stick!
>I really am like a silly older aunt, aren't I?
>She's her third cousin twice removed
Get this shit to the incest thread YOU SICK FUCK
Only at camp does Wally feel noticed
Wally has a great need.
Something something seed
Bump for moar green
File: Bunny Wallflower.png (245 KB, 1000x1400)
245 KB
245 KB PNG

File: where green.png (252 KB, 680x384)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Got a little behind schedule but there'll be an update tonight.
Cute green
File: E7bGbWYVgAMLTTj.jpg (225 KB, 1480x1162)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
I will wait what it takes.
File: 1443803.png (94 KB, 316x588)
94 KB
>You start to lift yourself off the ground.
>“Anon you stay put.”
>You stop with only your chin an inch high.
>Juniper walks down the hallway and quickly returns with a towel.
>She throws it on your legs.
>“Now you can take a break.”
>After that she’s leaves via the same direction.
>You finally manage to get yourself in to a sitting position.
>“The towel Anon.”
>You look over to Moondancer who’s using her notebook to cover her face.
>You hold up the item in question.
>“Use it to cover… yourself.”
“Oh right.”
>You place it neatly on your lap.
>The room becomes quiet.
>Moondancer begins writing and the sound of pen scratching against paper is only loud enough to just be audible.
>Wallflower sits slouched in a folding chair looking off at the far wall.
“Trouble with the camera eh?”
>She responds in a low voice without turning to face you.
>“Something like that.”
“Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it in no time. I mean look at me I’m still getting used to reading lines and wearing a costume.”
>You hear Moondancer’s scoff from behind her notebook.
>“Oh she looked all right.”
>Wallflower crosses her arms and sinks down further into the chair.
>She sighs.
>“Look, I’m sorry.”
>You blink.
“For what?”
>“For taking having the camera zoom in on you inappropriately.”
>You blink again.
>Was that what she’s worried about.
“You don’t have to apologize for that.”
>Finally she turns to look at you.
>“I don’t.”
>You shake your head.
“Of course not. You can’t help it if the camera malfunctions because it was caught in a magnetic field. It’s a technical error, it happens.”
>The sound of paper pages slamming shut echos in the room.
>“You cannot be serious right now.”
>You look over to Moondancer.
“Well you’re smart you can help fix it.”
>She just rolls her eyes.
>You’re going to have to do something about this grumpy one.
>You start to say something when a motion catches your attention.
>A shadowy figure emerges from the darkness of the hallway.
>The hood on the cape lowers to reveal Juniper in a black unitard.
>A gold scepter topped with a large red orb is slung casually over her shoulder.
>“Now that I’m ready we can get started on filming my scene.”
>Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.
>You, Wallflower, and Moondancer all exchange glaces.
“Who’s here.”
>Juniper smiles.
>“We’re obviously going to need more people to play all the characters so I invited someone who was willing to act for us.”
>She opens the door and lets a familiar face in the room.
>Stella waves cheerfully as she walks in.
>“Hi everybody it’sh nish to shee you all.”

Another short update, but if you can hold out there'll be a longer one tomorrow to make up for it.
File: thankyouKanyeverycool.jpg (19 KB, 500x338)
19 KB
Now that she’s back, did she actually notice anon?
back at the yogurt store**
She totally did but feigned ignorance just like Wallflower.

File: 1603182327189.png (718 KB, 868x884)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Didn't think she'd pop back in the story

Stella has a way of popping out when you least expect it.
File: 1603856812013.png (517 KB, 832x1014)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Always ready to serve smiles!
File: stella!.png (814 KB, 1920x1080)
814 KB
814 KB PNG

And coup'ns too!
Brief update, my internet is being a shit due to weather (I'm using phone data) it should be better tomorrow and I'll post that update then.
Fuck. Well we’ll still be waiting. Maybe post it in the morning this time?

She really is. Stella ticks all the boxes for stereotypical cute dork, and her voice sells it. At first, I wasn't so sure, but it grew on me. It also doesn't hurt that she's headcanoned as having massive tits, but that's neither here nor there.
Perused and saving for later read.
You got a moniker writefriend? or Ponepost link or something?
Looking to put a name to the saved text.
File: Spoiler Image (791 KB, 1440x2560)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
Just finished it.
There is >>38891420 and >>38891448 with different links.
That a joke about her tits?
Oh writefag where art thou? Your 2 hours late!

Yeah, same
File: 1603096999532.png (924 KB, 976x1080)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
>It also doesn't hurt that she's headcanoned as having massive tits
That surely was a happy "accident"
so cute
Juniper and Wallflower are giga qt.
Wallflower because she reminds me of me.
I don't know why for Juniper though...

I'd say it's a lot of things. Her glasses, the little film reel bunches for her hair, her colors are very nice, and the blue of her eyes is as rich as ice in a glass of water.
File: 2901151.png (785 KB, 1024x1024)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
They look so soft
Stopping bell?
She'd be on a bus, I'm sure you could figure out what it does
She's on an elevator and the emergency stop button doesn't work
File: 1444038.png (613 KB, 1263x923)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
>Juniper points to a small pile of clothes on the table.
>“There’s your costume Stella, go ahead a change so you’ll be ready for when we need you.”
>“Shure Sthing.”
>“Now then.”
>Juniper struts forward as Stella runs down the hall.
>Once she reaches the center of the room she throws back her cape and strikes a pose.
>“I believe it’s time for the star to shine.”
>Silence fills the room.
>Everyone stares at Juniper.
>She gives a small wave of her hand without movie her posture.
>Wallflower looks one direction and then the other.
>She points at herself hesitantly.
>Juniper gives a single nod.
>Slowly Wallflower rises and tip toes to the tripod.
>The red orb of the scepter points to your face.
>You feel plastic push against your forehead.
>“You’re in the way of the camera.”
>You stand and slowly back away.
>Juniper takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.
>Though she whispers her word is heard by everyone.
>She opens her eyes.
>In a single motion she throws her cape over her shoulder.
>She stands with her arm raised and her face tilted up.
>Her stillness remains for several long seconds.
>Finally she speaks.
>“By all the stars in the vast cosmos.”
>She puts extra emphasis on the last consonant of each word.
>“By every machination of all those that would see me annihilated, by the very psylasum that pulse through me mind I will… prevail.”
>The staff sweeps out across her body creating a small gust of air.
>You’re still close enough to her to feel it.
>“In these moments of solitude adrift out here in the endless void of space my victory and the liberation of my people’s knowledge I Trezia Visom… I do decree!”
>She throws up her hand in a pointed gesture.
>“Until then I await my moment to strike in antici...pation.”
>As she gives her last line she turns her head profile and her hands go to her hips.
>She stays stationary once more.
>After a few seconds she smiles and relaxes her posture.
>“Cut. Perfect, now can get things set up for the next scene.”
>Wallflower raises her hand.
>“Uhhh, Juniper, do you want to actually see how the video looks or maybe do another take?”
>Juniper lets out a laugh.
>“No, that won’t be necessary.”
>“You sure? You had Anon read his lines like twelve times.”
>Juniper’s smile widens as he rests the tips of her on the top her chest.
>“Oh, I’m sure. You see I have a little thing called experience. I worked on an actual movie set you see.”
>“Well OK then. What do you think Moonie, did she keep to the script enough?”
>Moondancer shrugs.
>“Eh, she turned exposition into dialogue again, but I don’t care. I’m just ready for this to be over.”
>“It’s only been like an hour.”
>Moondancer slumps forward.
>“I know.”
>You take a step toward the two friends.
“Hey, stay positive Moonie. We’re probably going to be here awhile.”
File: 2592077.png (346 KB, 636x999)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
>Making her cape swirl with a pronounced spin Juniper chimes in.
>“You’re going to be here all day.”
>A groan is heard throughout the room.
“Hey it’s not so bad. You know what you need?”
>Moodancer doesn’t even bother to move.
“You just need a pick me up. How about I go and get you some more Mr. Pibb.”
>A pair of eyes peak out from under woolly eyebrows as her head lifts up slightly.
“You don’t mind if I make a soda run do you Juniper?”
>Juniper continues to spin and make her cape flair.
>“Once we’re done with the next scene you can go, in the mean time stay here in case I need you for something.”
“That sounds reasonable.”
>You turn to Moondancer who gives a small shrug.
>You reach for your keys only to find that you don’t even have pockets.
>You completely forgot that you’re still in costume.
>Which is weird because you still feel way too tight everywhere below your waist.
>Your keys should still be in your pocket, you hope.
>You try and search your memory bank for where you put your pants.
>They should be around here somewhere.
>You wrap your towel around your waist and start moving around scanning the room.
“I’m just gonna look for my pants in the mean time.”
>Juniper nods absently.
>“Yeah yeah, just stay out of the camera when we start filming again.”
>It’s at that moment that Stella peaks her head out from around the hallway.
>“Juniper I’m having a problem wisth my coshtume.”
>Hearing her name Juniper stops and faces Stella.
>“It’sh too tight.”
>“It can’t be too tight, I wore it less than a year ago and I’m taller than you.”
>“Yeah, shee tshe tshing ish it’sh too tight in the chshesht.”
>Timidly Stella steps into the room.
>Her tube shaped dress is made of a shiny material and reaches right below her knees.
>The sleeves are nothing but shoulder padding covered in the same material.
>The square neck lines goes down low and-
>Wow, you once overheard other guys talk about how Stella has big boobs but it didn’t mean anything to you at that time.
>But now you see that they weren’t wrong.
>The low neck line revels a lot of flesh being pushed up by the dress.
>The outline of both bra cups and straps are visible through the snug outfit.
>Heck a good portion of those bra cups are showing over the neck line.
>Stella covers as much of her revealed chest as she can with her hands.
>This isn’t helped by the fact that every time she breathes the flesh between her fingers expands.
>With the hemline held as firmly as possible with tips of her fingers she pulls up the dress every few seconds only for it to inevitably slip back down.
>“Here let me see what I can do.”
>The sound of Juniper’s voice makes you realize that you’ve been staring.
>You shake you head and plant your eyes on the floor.
>It’s not a good idea to stare at Stella’s boobs.
>You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.
File: 2481730.png (1.51 MB, 3206x3291)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>After all you probably wouldn’t like it if one the girls here stared at you inappropriately.
>You begin to walk around the room.
>Your eyes sweep the floor trying to find your pants.
>“Hold still.”
>“You’re making it shtart to fall.”
>“No it keeps slipping on your bra.”
>“I am aware of the shlippagshe.”
>“This would be easier if you just took it off.”
>Your feet stop at the suggestion that Stella remove her bra.
>You take a slow breath.
>You came here to make a movie not to be a creep.
>And right now you’re looking for your pants so you get your car keys.
>“I could get it to stay in place if I had some tape.”
>“How ish tape going to help? Tape can’t make a dresh shtay up, and sthere’sh no way it’sh to shtick.”
“They use tape to make outfits stick in the movies. It’ll be fine. Hold still.”
“Ow! Shtop, you’re shqueezig Sthem!”
>You feel a bead of sweat run down your forehead.
>Comeone Anon you’ve got to think.
>People often tell you that isn’t your strong suit but you’ve got to try.
>“Let me go back to sthe basthroom sho I can-”
“That’s it!”
>The bathroom.
>That’s where you left your clothes.
>You rush toward the hallway while still keeping your vision on the floor.
>As you reach the corner you realize that turned too late.
>You are now on a collision coarse to the wall.
>You will your legs to slow down but there’s not enough time or distance.
>Instinctively you reach out your arm for something to grab.
>Your hand finds a solid object and instantly your fingers snap shut.
>A harsh ripping sound is all you hear as your head slams into the wall.
>Everything is white and painful.
>You now realize that you’re once again on the floor.
>Only this time you’re looking up at the ceiling.
>You sit up.
>There in front of you is Stella with almost the entirety of her now bare back.
>You follow tore cloth up from her mid back all the way past her bra strap and right up to her shoulders.
>Even from your position you see the remaining cloth in the front fall down to Stella’s waist.
>You feel a heat in your cheeks.
>Automatically she tries to cover herself with her arms.
>Juniper glares down at you.
>“Anon what the hell are you doing!?”
>You hold up your hands, one of which still holds the ripped fabric.
“Sorry! I was trying to get to the bathroom and I wasn’t looking where I was going. Sorry.”
>Stella rushes out of sight.
>Juniper continues to stare you down.
>She leans down getting her face closer to yours.
>You feel the warmth in your face rise steadily.
>“Anon you just ruined one of my outfits. You’re going to pay for that.”
“Right, I will do that.”
>Your statement does little to pacify her.
>You point down the hall.
“Let me just go change…”
>You lean forward and push yourself up with your feet as quickly as possible.
>Another harsh rip fills your ears.
>Only this time it came from behind you.
File: 2096275.png (221 KB, 293x650)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>Juniper’s jaw clenches.
>You swear you can hear teeth grinding.
>“Did you just rip my stage pants.”
>A draft of cold air tickles the skin of your buttocks.
>Though you can’t see her you can still plainly hear Moondacer’s voice.
>“Wait. You had Anon wear your pants?”
>Juniper pivots to respond to Moondancer.
>“Well it’s not like I have guy’s clothes just laying around.”
>Slowly you walk backward.
>Inching closer and closer to your destination.
>Juniper looks back over her shoulder at you just as your hand finds the doorknob.
>Finally you jump into the bathroom.
>You emerge wearing your normal clothes.
>Mimicking Stella you peak your head around the hallway corner.
>Wallflower and Moondancer sit at the table.
>Juniper stands holding what was once her dress.
>Stella is also in her regular outfit.
>You let out a sigh.
>With the ripped pants in one hand and the intact costume in the other you approach Juniper.
>Once your next to her she reaches out and takes the pants.
>Holding them up she stares at the large hole in the backside.
>“Great. Now what are we going to do?”
“I can pay to replace the clothes I ruined.”
>Moondancer adjusts her glasses.
>“That’s all well and good but it doesn’t solve the real problem. We need costumes that actually fit people. The more we use Juniper’s stage clothes the more we’ll run into this problem.”
>Juniper lowers the pants and address Moondancer.
“And how do you propose we get them? We have no budget and only so much time.”
>Wallflower chimes in.
>“We could ask the drama department to let us borrow some of their stuff.”
>Juniper shakes her head.
>“No, it’s technically school property and they’re strict about it not being used for anything other than school performances.”
“We could always ask Rarity for help. After all she likes making clothes, it feel like a no brainer to me.”
>Juniper scoffs as she folds her arms.
>“Absolutely not. Rarity’s a total primadona who makes everything about herself.”
>Moondancer rest her face in her hand.
>“Oh no, I can’t imagine having someone like that around.”
>Juniper shoots her a look.
>“Besides she’ll just invite all her friends and then they’ll hijack out idea and make it ‘their’ movie.”
>You tilt your head back and think.
>Who else is good at making clothes.
>There has to be someone.
“Wait, who’s that one girl? You know, the shy one.”
>Juniper looks at you and then at the two girls no known for being outgoing.
>“You’re gonna have to be more specific.”
“You know, she has short hair, and almost never talks, she’s really good at home ec.”
>Wallflower chimes in.
>You snap your fingers.
“That’s it, Coco. We can always ask her for help making costumes.”
>Juniper’s hand goes to her chin.
>“Is she any good?”
File: 985811.png (212 KB, 800x1000)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
“Is she ever. I’ve seen her fix all kinds of clothes, one time the teacher even brought stuff in to have her repair. With her kind of skill I have no doubt she can make costumes for us.”
>“Alright we’ll ask her at school on Monday to help us. In the meantime I guess we can call it a day. I need to get everything cleaned up before my parents get home.”
>You nod and look to the other girls.
“Anyone need a ride home?”
>Wallflower clears her throat.
>“I c-could use a ride An-non.”
>You nod and turn.
“I shupposhe a ride would be nishe.”
“And of course I know I’ll be taking you Moonie.”
>Moondancer stands and walks past you to the door.
>“You owe me a Pibb.”

Fuck my internet, fuck the weather, fuck everything except you anons out there, seriously you guys are awesome

Thank you, King, for this update. Nice, long, has Stella in it, and we have Moondancer the Pibb Snatcher. Almost can't help but wonder how hard Juniper's gonna bulli Coco for costumes and dress repair.
With Coco every loser would be in, I think.

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