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File: 1656516376243.png (623 KB, 689x1024)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Sandcastles Crashers Edition

All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're an Adagio, Aria or Sonatafag, let's all join in one place. Post anything of the Dazzlings: drawings, discussions, stories, fetishes, re-edits, gifs, re-made songs (written or, if you had the guts to, sung), anything you like. Come here and show that you're under their spell!

Archives (green, thread, plus downloads): https://dazzlefan.club/

Guides for Aspiring Writers:

Art Compilation:

Steam group:

Old Shattered Gem:
File: 1646510399788.jpg (1.25 MB, 1596x980)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
>Sandcastle Crashers
not again..
Do not fear it, Anon. Destruction always comes before creation. The tides flow ever on.
>not burying yourself in the sand, erecting (lol) a sandcastle over your dick and luring the Sirens over by announcing how awesome your sandcastle is to attract the stomping
Bros... I can't stop jerking off to these cute barbies. How did my sexuality get so fucked? I want to explode inside of all 3 of their cervixes in a row
File: 1656622664013.jpg (273 KB, 2084x718)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Are you guys enjoying summer?
Found this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7VYeCawvn4&list=PLjrQ9pKtICRiDlJiKAROIu09hQgOcBVEj&index=8
File: no.png (601 KB, 655x718)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
>mfw I take my meds real quick while enjoying my juice and all of a sudden my wife disappears
Holy shit this is amazing. The creepy music is fucking prefect
Why did you take your meds?
In case you cared? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaF3HlqLwtg
You got me excited for me cool stuff when I saw your post, just to drop this...
But there was none...
What's wrong with both OC and Wubcake?
> “ No, I don’t loan out anonymous to anyone anymore. Last time a girl rented him it took us days to nurse back to health. As anonymous put it “she rode me until I had nothing“ so sorry not sorry he’s not gonna be able to help you move. If that’s even what you were actually going to be doing“
>Sunset doesn't know Adagio pegs anon and make him wear the cuck compressor cage for being a useless faggot.
File: 1649158267081.jpg (922 KB, 2064x1194)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Aria got burnt to a crisp, jesus.
>As Anonymous would put it "She rode me like a fucking bronco, don't sign me up for some shit like that ever again!"
She’s got delicate pink skin.
>Adagio places her still steaming mug down onto the counter behind her, keeping her hand resting under her chin with a light scratching of deep consideration
>"You know, I think that could work. We'll make the announcement during the first lunch period, that'll bring out some discussion about it between periods and we hit the remaining students so they're all covered in one day."
>seems like she had that one covered as quick as you could say it
>you always thought yourself to be quick-minded but these sirens have over a thousand years' worth of experience beyond your own
"Sounds like that one lined up perfectly, get the battle of the bands going after they got the spell producing plenty of energy that'll help out beforehand. I'll have to skip out on lunch today."
>you exit the kitchen, making your way up the staircase before reaching your former bedroom's door
>you can't just walk in, one of them is definitely in there getting dressed, you decide to give a short but firm knock on the wooden door
"Hey, it's Anon, I gotta grab a shirt if that's alright."
>a slight rustling is heard behind the door with the sound of feet hitting the floor
>"Christ, I can't get a fucking minute in here, c'mon in."
>from the tone, that's definitely Aria
>you open the door to the sight of Aria struggling to get her tight pants up her legs, you figure if you wanna keep your teeth it'll be a good idea to keep your vision away from her
>that won't stop your eyes from making minor glances when her head is turned
>she might be a raging bitch but she's got a great body
>the violet temptress opens the small dresser next to your bed, pulling out the first shirt on top of the somewhat folded pile and tossing it to you
>you grab it from the air before taking one more slight sight and exiting the room
>fuckin' smooth
>"Hold it-"
>"How'd you catch that if you weren't looking?"
>fuck, she's onto you
"Sideview, of course."
>if she could see your face, she'd read it all over your covered tone that were were indeed trying to take a peek
>Hm... Whatever, just get out already!"
>you reopen the door, hastily making your way out before tossing the fresh shirt over your frame
>you walk back down the stairs, turning on the television as you rest once again on the couch as the sirens ready themselves for the day
>for the first time in you couldn't begin to estimate how long, the house feels active in the morning
>its a strangely nostalgic feeling, having people going about their usual routines
>there's comfort in the chaos
Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uibCas7BvY&list=PLjrQ9pKtICRhc2vBd3Ghhk3157WO5Eb9t&index=11
File: adagio_on_dem_waves.png (1.36 MB, 941x850)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
I've been learning to surf and visiting the beach a lot.
>slowly but surely, your trio of enchantresses finish preparing themselves for the day
>you grab your keys from your pocket, leading them outside before locking the front door behind you
>you all pack yourselves into the beaten old ride and somehow, the engine cranks up to life on the first try
>you could use a sign of luck anyways
>maybe now would be a good time to explain the plan you and Adagio cooked up beforehand
"Alright, here's the plan: you're gonna wait until in the baseball field I come get you for lunch, there's two periods of lunch, so you're gonna have to run this thing twice."
>"What?! Do you know how much power that'll pull? There's gotta be a better way."
>Aria seems to always play the devil's advocate
"Well, you aren't exactly made of options right now and that'll be the quickest one, unless you wanna keep surviving on human food."
>the lavender siren folds her arms defensively, seemingly having no comeback to your response, facing the window
>"This better be worth it or I'm drinking you dry."
>that doesn't sound half bad, actually
>might wanna keep that thought to yourself unless you wanna end up in a nearby ditch like a mafia snitch
>you pull the clutch into reverse, surprisingly to no sudden traffic you'd usually face
>so the journey to the battle of the bands begins
>Jack Black would be proud of you
>the sirens don't seem to be fans of your taste in music so you keep the radio on
>the drive passes by rather quickly as you listen to your new riders converse among themselves on the way
>you park in the spot you always find yourself in, almost like it's got your name on it
>more like the plague
>the sirens all exit the vehicle, immediately walking towards the empty field as planned
>then, you see your old friend, Joe, approaching with a curious look displayed on his face
>there's no way he didn't see them
>the fuck could you possibly tell him to cover this?
>your mind races nervously between potential ways to get around this
>he can't know about the plan
>"I didn't really believe it but, here we are... How'd ya do it?"
"What do you mean?"
>"Alex was thinking maybe the chick was somebody from your neighborhood or something, you didn't mention she had friends."
>his expression changes to that of a hungry man, smirking at you with desires
>gotta play this one off
>couldn't hurt to pad up the ego a little along the way, though
"What can I say? You know me bud, but I got one condition-"
>"You always do, what is it?"
>his hasty reply makes you slightly worry he might make moves on the siren you've selected
>sure, she might've scared the shit outta you, but she's got some charm
"The one with the curly hair is mine."
>he sharpens his eyes at you before giving a friendly laugh, easing your worries
>"Sounds like a plan, I was always a ponytail man anyways."
>a place of defense comes over your mind at the thought of one of your scummy friends making a move at Sonata, not from a place of desire, but of protection
>you've never really cared about much so why should you give a shit now?
>could be that you're human after all
>its news to you
"Sounds alright, just be careful."
>you place your hand on his shoulder while giving him a sarcastic look before walking past him
>he holds his position momentarily before following you through the parking lot as you enter Canterlot High
>as you walk through the glass doors, another good pal of yours carves a path through the crowd to reach you
>"Gotta hand it to ya, 'Non, you got me impressed."
>did all of your friends think you were some loser or something?
"You guys must not think much of me, huh?"
>"Nah, it ain't that, just surprised."
>the fuck is that supposed to mean?
>Joe enters behind you, exclaiming the news to Alex as you all pass through the halls
>they engage in conversation but your mind is stuck on the plan
>carefully thinking about things like when to get out, where you're going to get out from relative to the field, things like that
>deep thinking really bloats up the ego, all this makes you feel so much larger than you are
>the various classes are like a breeze as you continuously think about how this will go down
>finally the last bell before the time of action rings signaling the students to enter the halls and get to lunch
>you use the crowded piles of moving people as a distraction as you pass through the exiting doors
>you hastily rush to the baseball field where the siren trio awaits your word to go on with the show
>they pause conversation to your arrival
>"Go time?"
>Sonata asks with her hands clutched together with hope
>you try to get your words out as you huff between breaths
"Y-Yeah... It's time too... Get this-"
>"That's good enough for me."
>the lavender stretches out her arms before standing upright, looking to Adagio with a nod before throwing her shoulder into your own as she exits the dugout
>the other sirens follow as you take a seat where they departed from
>hopefully this works
>EqGuestria has ethics opposite to Earth's
Go on...
>inb4 it's a herd and they mog and mock outsider girls by claiming they "share"
Look at my baby go.
Yeah I suppose, but it’s pretty obvious stuff. Nice little video, but I’m not a fan of the robot voice.
How is there not more surfing Dazzling images?
>they learned the hard way that they can't ride a wave with their own bodies anymore
File: 1641960349141.jpg (181 KB, 1027x607)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
What? You can totally do that. They'd be pros.
File: 1643807487960.jpg (43 KB, 600x400)
43 KB
Gonna need some art of Dazzlings bodysurfing too.
File: Spoiler Image (103 KB, 680x680)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>What? You can totally do that. They'd be pros.
Last time one o them tried, this happened.
I got a body they can surf.
And this is a problem because?
That's a 100 with six digits.
>not even a pixelated fan game
It just don’t stop bangin’.
Need 2D side scrolling beat em up Dazzling game
Combine >>38870074 with >>38869554
Found a fan fic. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/285646/1/mind-games/the-hero-always-wins
Wow! A fanfic? A really real fanfic? How'd you get your hands on this?
I can't believe it. Anon found a fanfic. Wait, there's more. "He" found a fanfic with the Dazzlings. AMAZING.
A 2d, side scrolling, shred 'em up!
You're mocking me, aren't you?
What would the game over screen be like?

Or would it side-surfing? Thats sounds like it fits better if it’s supposed to be bodysurfing.
Something like >>38869637
>You're mocking me, aren't you?
It’s just the way you say “found a fanfic”, with no further comment.
On a site called fimfiction, and for a show that has like boatloads of fanfiction. It was just funny.
File: 1645461604098.png (3.96 MB, 4034x2480)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
Face is kinda meh, but nice
She kinda looks like a monkey. In a cute way.
Perfectly camouflaged against the summer sky, with a fake bird and everything. Devious.
>you decide to wait this one out, getting put any more under their control than you already are doesn't sound too appealing
>your mind walks through what could be out of today's events
>you close your eyes and slip away
>your imagination whisks you away to what feels like many years from now, catching yourself resting on a sunny beach at sunset
>you see Sonata trying to get her hesitant sister, Aria, into the water with her to no avail
>your other pals, Joe and Alex, tossing a frisbee to one another without a care
>but you're missing one from the list
>you look to your side to the sight of the one and only, Adagio Dazzle, in a bikini with a light veil wrapped around her waist while nose-deep in a novel
>everything finally feels right
>maybe this could be if you don't fuck it up
>you peacefully sigh out loud, opening your eyes with a feeling of hope growing in your mind
>maybe these girls really will take the world by storm, maybe they'll carry you along with them?
>you can't keep daydreaming, Anon, you gotta keep your head in the game
>your stomach rumbles, being used to going to lunch around this time
>hell, if all goes right then you'll be eating pretty in no-time
>your mind begins to wander once again
>these girls aren't just hopeful high school students, they're legitimate supernatural beings bent on world domination
>technically, you're like Starscream or whatever jobber was under Mumm-Ra or some shit
>feels a little cathartic to be bad
>another revelation hits you, they're also immortal
>they'll live far beyond you and have lived so much before
>fuck, dude, do you even matter?
>of course you do, they never had a chance before now and you'll be the one to help them get there
>if you're lucky, perhaps they can help you beat the apex predator of all existence
>being immortal with a trio of bad bitches don't sound half-bad
>like some kinda fucked up Hugh Hefner
>immortality is a big thing, Anon, a lotta time on your hands
>as if you've wanted to be alive through the time you've already had
>this is certainly a change of pace compared to that
>quit being so existential, Anon, you've got an hour to kill before the entire student body is under the Dazzlings' spell
>you still think the name needs work but it's catchy enough for now
>you stand upright, facing the school ahead through the chainlink fence of the dugout
"I'm gonna need a fucking vacation after this, Jesus Christ."
File: 1651324166445.jpg (3.37 MB, 5000x5000)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
Why Adagio is starving her youngest sister like that?
Adagio? Aria’s the one stealing her food on the sly. Only because she won’t shut up about it all the time though.
It’s survival of the fittest our here.
That's how EqGirls look like realistically. What, you thought they were humans.
File: 1766969.png (309 KB, 1600x2031)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Let's be honest. What did break him? Was it a pony princess from another world, or was it the sirens?
That Dazzlings didn't do anything to him especially. But they did sorta cause him to get real nasty with Twilight so that may have contributed.
It was the fact that girls he likes are always secretly horses. Sunset? Horse. Twilight? Horse. So, obviously, he just stopped trying.
File: 1645431226430.jpg (198 KB, 1920x1080)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Seeing under Sonata's hair like that messes with my head.
The blue part underneath is an odd choice. It’s kinda cute, but it also makes it seem like she dyes her hair or something.
File: 2913444.png (67 KB, 700x540)
67 KB
File: 2529543.jpg (99 KB, 802x1574)
99 KB
That poof looks gorgeous. So soft.
geez this is good
I still like the idea of Aria wanting to be as strong and fit as she can be, especially after losing her powers, as a way to feel superior to humans. Any way to keep an edge. That and I imagine that she finds exercise a good way to deal with her frustrations with everyone, Adagio and Sonata included.
File: 1641199685001.png (480 KB, 800x595)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
If the Dazzlings are going to be stuck as humans, then they're going to be the most perfect humans can be.
Fucking checked.
File: 1641061966554.jpg (3.82 MB, 3904x2196)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
I don't hate the taco bit all the time. But come on. Can we nix the taco in this one at least?
File: you disgust me..png (328 KB, 1277x611)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>can we nix the taco
Some things are difficult to change. Even when trying to write how the Dazzlings have changed post separation, a few years of solo development and their reformation, and despite her insistence that she’s matured, I couldn’t help but make it clear Sonata fucking loves tacos.
Eh, actually the idea of Sonata being this badass Yakuza princess, and still ordering underlings to get her tacos, in japan, is kind of amusing now that I think about it.
I have realized my mistake and I sincerely apologize.
Love these tattoos every time.
Wouldn't be a half bad idea for another green
>after what feels like forever, that last secondary bell rings, signaling to the student body that the time of the last lunch is finally over
>you perk up like a meerkat, eyes darting between the sets of doors, waiting for the sirens to pass through
>you do still have plenty of time left to give the school system today so you definitely need to get to class soon
>you quickly dash towards the backdoor, pulling it open before scanning the halls for a friendly face
>immediately upon entry, there's a weird feeling in the air
>a strange, oppressive, energy envelopes everyone that passes by
>people begin to argue at a distance, unable to be seen through the cluttered hallway
>this is a little different than the usual high school bullshit, there's a genuine sound of wrathful anger behind their shouting
>you finally catch a glimpse of Adagio's yellow and orange curls walking juxtaposed to you
>you rush through the crowd, people seem to have more to say towards it than usual
>"Hey, watch it, dick!"
>"What the fuck?!"
>the various voices announce themselves behind you before arguing among one another
>that's a little different
>you finally manage to get through the crowd, grabbing the back of the apricot temptress' arm
>she immediately turns to face you, causing her sisters to sharply turn in your direction as well
"The fuck did you do?!"
>"What do you mean, Anonymous? The spell worked."
"Was it supposed to piss them off or something?"
>"A little, the spell works to bring out the worst in them, and there seems to be a big ego problem."
>Adagio laughs from her remark, the other sirens laughing along with her as you stand in confusion
>the worst of everyone in your high school being brought out...
>this is gonna be a shit-show
>your face is covered in a slight sense of horror at what you're truly looking at
>as much as you've thought about and experienced their nature, you've never felt so powerless
>then your mind races to what's become of your friends, were they turned too?
>you completely forgot to warn them of what was coming and they're definitely around today
>you quickly pull your phone from your pocket, sending texts to both of them to ensure they're alright
>it isn't often that you send your friends a text during the school day so they might not be expecting one
>would that be good or bad right now?
>you can't figure that out at the moment, if they're turned too then you're left alone with creatures that could flip your brain's hardware if they felt like it
>you leave the company of the onlooking sirens and rush to the bathroom, your fingers are shaking to the point you can barely swipe along the screen of your phone
>you manage to send a call to Alex, he'd be more likely to answer right about now
>he was actually responsible through his school years so he leaves a couple periods early
>the robotic tone rings as you wait impatiently
>"Yeah, hello?"
>thank fuck
"Alex, that you?"
>"Yeah dude, everything alright?"
>you audibly sigh in relief from his confused tone, he's gotta be home
"Absolutely, is Joe with you?"
>"He's right here... You good, Anon? You sound kinda freaked out."
"I'm great, I gotta talk to you guys later so stop by my place after I get back."
>you hang up quickly before exiting the bathroom to resume your school day as the sound of a fight erupts down the hall
>the remainder of the periods go as usual with a few minor outbursts throughout, looks like the spell really did work
>there's just too much negativity in the air for it not to have already taken effect
>the final bell rings out, everyone loudly packs their things before rushing into the hallway
>you quietly gather your things before waiting behind the mass of students that congest the way out
>the usually friendly atmosphere you couldn't stand on most days has been taken by constant bickering and arguments
>maybe that spell worked a little better than you'd hoped
>after shifting through the crowd, hoping not to create any beef with these psychos, you quickly pace towards the awaiting sirens in the dugout
>the fuck did you do, dude?
>you open the caged door of the dugout, not knowing how to really feel about all this
>is this how that one dude felt after making the nuke?
>Now I am become Anon, horny of degenerates
>after all, you did sign up for this, no sense in complaining after shit hits the fan
"It's time to leave."
>"About time, your genius plan left us exhausted."
>Aria stands before stretching her muscles, placing her hands along her hips before leaning her lower body forwards to relieve the stress
>Sonata and Adagio follow suit, the sky toned siren pushing her arms outward before releasing a loud yawn
>"Are we going home now, Anon? I'm tired."
"Yeah, you've earned it anyways... Looks like you already got everybody off the edge with that spell."
>you turn your back and walk out, the others behind you, and you still find yourself slightly puzzled even when you rationalize it internally
>"Somebody looks a little grumpyyy~ Y'know, the whole attitude-thing only works for Aria."
>Sonata nudges your shoulder with her elbow jokingly, you tilt your head towards her with a slight smile to diffuse any kind of thoughts against your cooperation
>"Maybe he got a few stray sound-waves and can't handle it!"
>the violet siren laughs from behind you but maybe there's some truth to her jokes
>it's entirely possible that you might've caught some of what they were placing onto the others
>no, there's no way, you were at a clear distance
>then again, you'd be just as open to attack as anyone else
>you don't walk on water
So badass.
File: Spoiler Image (712 KB, 1192x670)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (108 KB, 720x732)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Not bad. I like the meduim-short poof, looks cute.
Im getting connection errors and security warnings from the dazzle club
What did you niggers do
or is it just me
Archive-anon probably just needs to do some maintenance.
File: 1643033659204.jpg (582 KB, 1280x1374)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
I like this casual vibe. Just a nice regular shirt, compared to all the crazy stuff the characters usually wear. Comfy.
I just can't see them wearing their full, iconic siren look all the time. I've always seen that as their 'face'. Like some primal aspect of their old siren forms with the fins, antennae and such. Big, bold, eye-catching.
Behind closed doors, what's the point? Same with their hoodies when trying to be incognito.
A comfortable Dazzling is most certainly fine too.
File: 1636272989819.png (208 KB, 1000x1000)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (217 KB, 1400x1900)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (230 KB, 1600x1800)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
This long is goofy, how am i to read on the go with security errors and tickets
File: 1648051833553.jpg (345 KB, 850x1443)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
On the note of the archive, do you have to openly request for a story to be added to the archive or are they generally just added by the archive runner organically?
Does the site keep freezing up for anyone else?
It did that to me a few hours ago
I actually like this thought a lot and have had a similar sort of idea in my head about them. So I totally get it.
What was it?
Adagio fawning over a robot
File: Spoiler Image (827 KB, 3901x4096)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
Woah mama, Adagio sure is BIG
File: 1657233250490.jpg (32 KB, 350x467)
32 KB
>you and your company walk through the active parking lot, filtering through the sitting and moving cars to find your own
>after spotting and guiding your supernatural crew to it, you all pile in before you begin the usual struggle to crank the engine
>it only hesitates once before coming to life
>as on-edge as you are, you're thankful it managed to be generous to you today
>the ride home is silent as the sirens gather themselves individually, even Aria seems a little worked out despite her stubborn demeanor
>you pass through the plain houses of your neighborhood, as you go by, you spot Rarity and her younger sister getting out of her much nicer car than your own
>her eyes stay locked on you as you go by, you see her eyes scanning the passengers before she elegantly turns away
>Rarity always was a stuck-up bitch but she's not all looks, that chick's got a brain, and she's definitely onto you
>this is for sure gonna result in some big magic clash against her fucking freak friends
>maybe it'll be cool like an episode of Dragon Ball Z with some sick light shows and beam struggles or some shit
>either way, there's not gonna be an easy way outta this one
>you slowly pull into your driveway before parking, making your way through the process of getting inside before crashing on the couch
>it's been one hell of a day, Anon
>the sirens all pass you by nonchalantly as they get to their respective claimed rooms
>guess they're a little tuckered out too
>you rest your hands along your face, peering through your fingers at the spinning ceiling fan above
>you think to yourself about if it was truly right to let the sirens cast their spell or not
>then again, they're the only ones to ever really spice up your life and give you a chance
>who cares if they use them to better themselves?
>technically, you're doing the same thing with them
>your brain says "fuck it" as you reach into your pocket for your phone
>you plug in your headphones into the jack, unlocking the device before swiping along your saved music
>you decide to let the app have it's way, tapping on shuffle before the melodic track begins to play
>you were always a fan of the classics
>your minds drifts along imaginary ideas of what might come next before the dream comes to attention
>maybe you're crazy or maybe it might hold some hope
>minutes turn into hours as you rest along the couch, you've finally agreed with yourself that before this all comes to be, you'll take your departure
>as much as you'd love to be emperor of the Dazzlings' world, you're just some guy
>very philosophical of you, Anon, pat yourself on the back
>you hear the light tapping of footsteps against the hardwood stairs coming down
> you lean yourself up to the sight of Adagio, crossing her arms at the point of eye contact
>"Are we gonna talk?"
"About what?"
>"Anon, I'm a thousand years old, I know when somebody's not acting right."
>as much as you'd love to keep up the facade, you gotta admit, she's gotcha
"This is all just so... Different. I mean, I didn't think you could actually pull it off but all this has me a little conflicted, you know?"
>Adagio nods silently as she makes her way to the couch with you, sitting on the opposite end before crossing her legs and placing her hand onto your shoulder
>"It's just a part of it, it's us or them. How do you want this to end, Anon? Back to nothing?"
>you turn your head towards her, met with her sharp gaze, not knowing where to place your thoughts
"I guess... I guess you're right, it's just a bit confusing right now. I know I want you guys to succeed but-"
>"There's no secondary option here, Anonymous, compromises can't exist at the end of our plan."
>considering it ends in world domination, she's got a point
>even thinking about something so grand compared to yourself is larger than life and they've been waiting to take it as an opportunity long before you were even a thought
>how can you really stand against it when fate decided you're the one to help them?
>then again, who are you to say what fate has decided?
>you're getting too deep here bud, focus on the pretty girl sitting next to you
"Yeah, guess I was having some weird crisis there. Gotta ask though, what comes next?"
>the apricot siren removes her hand from your shoulder to annunciate herself, you keep your eyes locked on her out of some strange desire to do so
>"Next comes the battle of the bands, we'll take whatever creative energy they put out and that'll be enough to make sure we can beat those other ones, they'll probably be the biggest problem for us."
>she's gotta be talking about Twilight and her friends, since they got magic and shit, it'll be harder to beat them than some random fodder students
"What if we make sure they can't perform?"
>the siren turns her head in attention, knitting her eyebrows in wonder as she leans closer
>"What do you mean?"
"Well, it might not be the most honest competition, but ya gotta crack a couple eggs to make an omelette, right?"
>she nots in agreement, resting her chin on her hand waiting below in curiosity
"If we make sure one of them can't make it, they won't stand a chance, and the rest is a piece of cake."
File: Spoiler Image (889 KB, 4052x4096)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
Super cute
Early Christmas, nice.
How different your teen years would have been if the Dazzling's showed up?
I'd be jerking off to them more.
File: Adagio 22.png (277 KB, 950x871)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
I would have probably written a lot more fanfiction, been far more waifu-obsessed, and actually went through with creating a tulpa.
Same, except for the tulpa
File: Illustration19.png (797 KB, 812x1553)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
adagio doesn't look right with big tits. it's just missing that something.
Is that an anime reference?
Nice puffins
Right? I see Sonata as the busty one of the three, and flip-flop with Aria but generally see her as average or small, but Dagi has that ‘attitude and hair to make up for her flatness’ sort of thing.
She definitely has the goods in the hips and ass, though.
Why are Asians good at drawing actually woman?
This style is super cute! Who is the artist?
If you mean teen in general, then >>38888847
>>38888853. But if you meant like middle and high school then at least for me would have a war.
just chillin' in the void
File: 1653268914779.jpg (168 KB, 920x1800)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I’m pissed this made me smirk
Absolutely gorgeous.
So much cute art all over.
Love the tiny peak.
File: 1656309317166.jpg (112 KB, 1049x709)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Full Res -->
Very cute
File: 838875.gif (118 KB, 300x300)
118 KB
118 KB GIF
>tfw no Dazzlings game with this as the loading screen animation
I can already see them bouncing around at the bottom corner of a black screen.
File: yes.jpg (17 KB, 320x320)
17 KB
God, I adore the smug look on her face in both of these.
>"Human males are so easy" Adagio muses to herself, her ears filled with the sound of wet slaps and guttural moans. The dull ache in the back of her throat had long since subsided, her human shell working to produce as much saliva as possible to provide lubricant for the thick rod slamming into her mouth.

>It was so much easier to drain the humans this way. A wink here, a subtle hip shake there, and Adagio could have her meal. Men, and even the occasional women, they could all be wrapped around her finger.

>The humans groans grow louder, and his pace begins to quicken. Adagio smiles as much as she can. "Thats it you weakling. Let it all out."

>With a couple more thrusts, the human slams his cock down to the base, making Adagios eyes glisten with tears. Adagios throat constricts around the tip as it flexes and twitches, the sensation making her gag involuntarily.

>This seems to finally send Adagios target over the edge, as she feels the first globs of cum splash down her throat. The thick taste of the humans semen mixes with the musky sweat that coated his cock as he continues to blast rope after thick rope of his love down into her stomach.

>After a moment, the cum seems to weakly dribble out onto her tongue . Eager to milk the human for all he's worth, Adagio runs her tongue under the long shaft occupying her mouth, using shaky hands to gently squeeze the balls of the human, earning another series of low moans and one last glob of cum trickles out.

>Now spent, the human withdraws his rod from deep within Adagios esophagus, and falters to the ground, panting heavily. Adagio takes a gulp of sweet sweet air, tasting the musk that now permeates the broom closet. She shivers at the sensation of the massive load sliding down into her stomach, cursing herself as she feels her panties grow increasingly damp.

>"Holy shit." The human male gasps. "I've never...came that much...before..."

>Adagio sputters out a laugh, wiping her chin clean of saliva, sweat and more cum "Better than that girlfriend of yours?"

>The smile on the humans face falters for a moment, shame now evident in his eyes.

>Adagio chuckles and leans towards the human, her fingers lightly dancing underneath his chiseled chin. "You don't need to tell me. And you certainly don't need to tell her"

>She places a soft kiss on his cheek before standing up on shaky legs.

>"We can just keep this to ourselves, can't we? After all I do think we both enjoyed ourselves."

>The human hesitates, but meets Adagios sultry gaze and nods slowly.

>"Good!" Adagio claps her hands together. She collects her bag from the corner of the room behind drain cleaner and mops. She stops at the door and turns to look down at the spent human.

>"Now, I have business I must attend to but...I do hope we can meet here again" Adagio purrs with a soft wink. "Perhaps I can let you have...a little more?"

>The human raises his eyebrows in bewilderment as he watches Adagio hook the hem of her shorts and lower them, giving him a tantalizing but not full view of her perky round ass.

>Whatever hesitation was in the human had now vanished, his head bobbing up and down eagerly but his gaze not leaving the sight of Adagios firm ass.

>"Good!" Adagio quickly pulls her shorts back up, and the disappointment in the humans eyes is apparent. Adagio slowly opens the door to the broom closet and peeks out into the hallway. With everyone, gone for the day, the school is now barren of any witnesses. Adagio pulls the door fully open and steps out into the hallway.

>She turns to her slave one last time, blowing him a kiss.

>"See you tomorrow, then."
Nice. Why the spacing though?
Clumsy attempt at getting back into content
Well it's nice to see you around again anyway.
File: 1657462637373.jpg (151 KB, 1500x927)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I kinda wanna see how fast she can go. She’ll need to get more slippery.
I shall volunteer to assist her demonstration.
That’s gay dude.
You.. you can't do that to me. That's not what I meant!
Chibi Dazzlings are cute.
File: Spoiler Image (1.76 MB, 2063x4803)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Would they get along?
Enjoyanon, you really are the hero of this general. stay cheesy
Glad to see the comeback of another Dazzlefag veteran, good shit dude, can't wait to see what's next.
Sorry for the story delay over the last couple days guys, had some internet complications but I'm back in action. Hope you've enjoyed so far.

>"And how do we do that, Anon?"
>your mind darts between potential ideas, trying to figure out what to do
>you could always try to turn one of them
>as if that gang of pastel cunts would join you
>most of them think you're weird anyways
>Rarity isn't too far away though, you could find an excuse to come over and sow some dismay
>she's got a supersized ego anyways, it wouldn't take much
>you cross your arms and rest along the cushions of the couch under you
"If we play the psychological game, work on some weaknesses, we can get this done with no sweat."
>her brows knit in complication, head steadily moving back and forth as if she were connecting dots
>"I don't think so, we need their energy, it would only hold us back not having it."
>and there goes your genius plan
>but but but
>"Your mind is in the right place, you're thinking like you aren't so confused anymore."
>you chuckle at the siren, maybe she's right, you definitely needed to get your head straight with this
"We'll figure things out, even if it's a step at a time. For now, let's just unwind."
>time to pick up where you left off last time, Anon
>let's seduce the seductress
>"Good idea, it's been such a long day anyways, I know you could use a break too."
"Eh, I ain't half bad at the moment, just figured you needed to chill out for a minute."
>as you try to figure out some smooth positioning to place yourself in, a knock is heard behind the front door
"Be right back."
>you walk to the door, twisting the handle to the sight of your duo of friends awaiting
>you completely forgot you invited them over
>and of course, at the thought of feminine company, they come running like roaches
Damn they so pretty.
Probably not. I could see Sonata making Gilda cry.
It is done. You. Are. Homo.
File: 2437589.jpg (214 KB, 914x1024)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: Illustration3.jpg (139 KB, 500x500)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>But she didn't listen.
Uh oh. Now we see how autistic anons friends are
This feels more like a Sonata thing to do. That makes it extra cute that it's Adagio doing something like that. Gives her a gap charm.
Adagio can lucid dream. She enjoys the nightmares as a psychological challenge.
File: Illustration5.jpg (99 KB, 500x500)
99 KB
>Later that night...
What's she dreaming about, Anon?
File: Illustration5.jpg (81 KB, 500x500)
81 KB
Flight. Soaring Equestria’s skies. Freedom to do as she pleases, to sing and bend the foolish ponies to her will, because they are beneath her.
Then the dark, whirling void claiming her. Being subjected to the idiocy of lesser fools and having no ability to show them their place. The monotony of ‘living life.’
Again and again, this dream repeats, and every time it ends, she wakes up in the human world, and her hatred of humans is redoubled.
She turns into a stick of cotton candy, her body trapped in the cone bit, and she looks up to see a giant Sonata and Aria taking bites out of her poof.
Do sirens dream of aquatic sheep?
Cute Dagis.
File: 996007.png (766 KB, 1200x1200)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
File: Illustration.jpg (209 KB, 500x1106)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Another take.
File: Illustration other.jpg (121 KB, 500x450)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
And last one. I know she's not ice cream but I couldn't resist the line 'Poof Sherbet.'
>way to ruin the fuckin' mood
>worst case scenario... you've got no idea what the worst case could be, these guys are just as fucked as you are
>"Ya gonna let us in or did ya tell us to come over to stare at your front door?"
>you have been dodging Joe and Alex lately, you kinda owe them some hangout time
>plus showing off to your friends wouldn't hurt
>you egotistical bastard
>Joe's impatience weighs firm, he's always been an impulsive guy, leading him to lightly push the door only to be immediately halted by your foot planted behind it
>your more relaxed friend, Alex, stands behind him, arms crossed, with a small box of beers resting by his feet
>you think to yourself about making a score and giving them whatever's left of your box in the fridge
>you open the wooden door, granting them access into your humble abode
>"About time."
>Joe passes through the opening in the door, his partner close behind with the desired case in hand
>"Hey, Anon, how's it going?"
"Been better, sit down."
>your impatient friend freezes at the sight of the siren, stretched across the couch careless at their arrival
>"Who's this?"
>Adagio leans herself upright, her hair dragging behind her, locking her eyes on them with a narrow gaze
>"Who's asking?"
How horrifying. Poor Adagio doesn't deserve that.
I will never understand how these characters have such a dedicated fanbase. When watching the EQG stuff by myself, I honestly just forgot about them straight after their movie, they were okay but not remarkable.
I liked the Shadowbolts much more.
No hate I just really don't what you guys see in them (aside from the coomer aspect, I'm not dense, but 388 threads?)
File: hh.jpg (659 KB, 1400x1000)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
Huh, what do you mean by freezing? Like lagging?

Also, I renewed the certificate since I saw it was down(haven't been around for a few days, sorry if it was down for a bit.) Hopefully here soon I'm gonna get around to adding things to it. Speaking of adding things to it, I've neglected the threads for a while so I have been behind on green.

Apologies to any writefriends who haven't had their stuff added, please reply with the trip/name you used when posting or a link to it or an excerpt for me to search desu for if you can. If not then not to worry, I'll get to em when I start catching up with the threads.
I just think they're neat.
File: Adagio Dazzle.jpg (107 KB, 721x978)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I really like Adagio, and the other two are entertaining. It's not that deep for me.
Sure cute kek.
It’s supposed to be a nightmare.
Sorry to hear that. Maybe they’re just not to your taste then though.
To me the Shadowbolts were basically non existent and they didn’t even really have that great of designs either. Except for Sour Sweat who is basically a Sonata recolor.
No not the archive site. 4chan was freezing up. I guess they were having issues or something, it was something going on. No worries.
The Shadow Bolts were just "Let's give each of these designs a single personality trait and go from there"
Yeah, I don't think you're alone there.
Except they never went from there. They just stopped and were hardly a part of the movie they were in.
File: Dazzling Art.jpg (2.02 MB, 3343x2325)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Is it too late to ask for a Dazzling movie?
I was gonna say it's never too late to ask. But it's probably too late to ask.
I wanna see a Dazzlings cross-country tour Movie. Or like one about them trying to make it to a specific show across the country that Sonata booked them for without thinking and made a bunch of promises for. Showing them going through a bunch of different places and interacting with humans and human culture.
Best thing to come out of the series really. Dazzlings are the only thing that’s kept me around, if not for this general I probably wouldn’t even be on this site that much anymore, let alone this board.
File: Dagi-Ray_sketch.png (2.84 MB, 2480x3284)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
I took up writing a prompt for a green featuring Adagio before I knew anything about them. I was going through the back catalog of all things FiM and EqG (the only thing I never got around to was the comics) and even started with just reading wikis about the characters and watching a couple of clips before even seeing Rainbow Rocks.
Here I am now, having turned that green text into a novel length prose story, with plans to make more in the future
These girls have me under their spell. They’re generally just fun characters to write for.
That and I feel EqG was hard done by Hasbro as a setting, as well as the weakness of the later seasons of FiM, and both writing this story and continuing it gives me a chance to play out what I feel is an improvement over what we got, just mostly following the Dazzlings (and an OC, admittedly) as I try to take most of how the series ended and convert it into something better overall.
Of course I indulge in some of my personal preferences along the way, but ultimately I’ve tried to do every character justice (with the only tweaks being tied to character development), and I intend to carry that spirit on when it comes to what I have planned for any sequels, I just have other stuff I was supposed to do before becoming obsessed with this story.
Speaking of…
If you’d be so kind, I’d like to submit said story to the archive. I go by SizeofMT, and the story is Mistress (Adagio’s Big Comeback) - https://www.fimfiction.net/story/510550/mistress-adagios-big-comeback
>Best thing to come out of the series

I truly do not get it, nor do I think I ever will. I liked Wallflower more, I liked Gloriosa more...the entire Rainbow Rocks movie I felt was the weakest thing made for EQG.
Good for you guys I guess? Keep on trucking with your love for the Dazzlings anyway, I can appreciate your dedication to them, if not understand it.

They must really have just clicked right with you then.
Based website friend
>if not for this general I probably wouldn’t even be on this site that much anymore, let alone this board
I'm sorry we are the chains that bind you to this hell.
Then you may be the oddball here, man. I dunno what to tell you. Rainbow Rocks is like almost universally considered the best in the series, in large part thanks to the Dazzlings being considered some of if not the best villains in the series. All 3 of their songs are in the top, if not the very top, out of the whole series as well.
I don’t understand how it’s so hard to understand why people like something you don’t though? Like what?
But more power to you, man. Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy the Shadowbolts and Wallfower, I guess?
I was here when these chains were formed, anon. The only thing binding me is my love of our girls.
File: 1641171136579.jpg (73 KB, 633x350)
73 KB
>I don’t understand how it’s so hard to understand why people like something you don’t though? Like what?
That was never it? I don't understand how they are so hugely popular out of all the things in EQG, the scale of their popularity is the "huh" for me, not that other people like them at all.

>Then you may be the oddball here, man. I dunno what to tell you. Rainbow Rocks is like almost universally considered the best in the series, in large part thanks to the Dazzlings being considered some of if not the best villains in the series. All 3 of their songs are in the top, if not the very top, out of the whole series as well.
I think you and people ITT are obviously biased, but okay. RR was really weak to me, you guys must just have very different tastes, and I suppose since I'm the minority ITT, yeah I would seem to be the oddball.
>all 3 of their songs
I can't even remember their songs lol

Anyway, you guys have fun. Sorry if I've thrown off your vibe or anything, I'm good for this thread now. Peace.
>Maybe people just like different things
There you go, anon.
It wasn’t that hard was it?
>I don’t understand how it’s so hard to understand why people like something you don’t though? Like what?
Autism. It’s always autism. Remember where we are.
I was kind of hoping for actual answers as to why you guys seem so devoted to them, but sure whatever.
Because we like them? What do you want? An entire breakdown essay?
I dunno, man. They were great villains with great songs. They look great, sound great, are fun to watch and listen to. Their a cool concept with a cool execution.
I have a feeling I know what you’re gonna say even if I took my time and wrote you a whole long post about it. “I guess? I didn’t like them all that much. I like other things more. I just don’t understand.”
Wow, great.
If you’re actually interested maybe just stick around and observe the fans, I dunno.
>I will never understand how these characters have such a dedicated fanbase
>I will NEVER understand
>When watching the EQG stuff by myself, I honestly just forgot about them straight after their movie, they were okay but not remarkable
>Good for you guys I guess?
This is supposed to be an invitation to explain ourselves? Gonna be honest, you don’t sound like someone I’d want to spend my time writing an actual response for either.
Yeah, it doesn’t exactly sound like someone who came here genuinely curious. He just sounds like he came here to say he didn’t like them and take passive aggressive pot-shots for some reason. Probably just trolling honestly.
I mean >>38905804 wrote a whole thing for him and literally all he said was. “Sounds like you like them.”
You don’t say?
Well he’s gone now anyway. Back to Dazzle.
Fucking cuuuute!
Would like to seen them taking bites out of the poof like cotton candy though.
Damn that's hot
File: 1654949219845.jpg (38 KB, 680x614)
38 KB
They're based and they make my dick hard.
Jellyfish maybe? Are jellies the aquatic sheep?
It was the same for me upon my first few re-watches of the movie. I enjoyed the main girl's plot a lot so I never really paid attention to the Dazzlings, but when I started giving attention to them as antagonists, I found a lot I liked about them.

They're winning so hard for most of the movie. They present a morally-grey argument to turn an exhibition into a competition. They manage bring Twilight to tears and rip the strongest friend-group in the school apart. They do all this while absolutely enjoying the hell out of the chaos they've caused.

The fact that they're efficient as villains is something I appreciate a lot, which I think it makes it all the more satisfying when the Rainbooms are able to overcome and defeat them (as much as I love them, this had to happen)

It's also their designs and the lore they were given. They're mysterious, victorious, and actually capable on top of appealing to sensuality with their outfits, personality, singing and movements.

Their group dynamic is also a classic, and when they came back for Backstage Pass, they way they acted and Adagio's words to Sunset really stuck with me. "We get a do-over with every new day. It's called living life."

I can see Adagio being the type to come to that conclusion because she refuses to accept defeat, even if it means re-defining her definition of what it means to lose and to win. I admire that about her.

I have so much to say about the Dazzlings. I just love them.

I truly wish the Shadowbolts were as cool, but they're just normal, prissy, elitist highschool snobs. It would have been cooler if they were at least more destructive in the movie, maybe doing something like stealing Sci-Twi's amulet and all having their own demon versions or something. That actually would have been way cooler but instead they just put pressure on a vulnerable, weak person to do something out-of-character. Which, yeah, is cool too, and I like, but it made the climax a little... underwhelming. I understand all of it and I like it, like the quest for knowledge vs the desire for friendship, but... a showdown between the Mane girls and their parallels would have probably been cool too, maybe even more satisfying. We could have had an opportunity to see the parallels in conflict, which is a reason I really liked the one scene where the Shadowbolts and the Rainbooms all get snippy with each other during the dance. That was honestly an AMAZING scene, I WISH we had more of that.

I'm talking way too much.
>Adagio is swinging heavy
As it should be
Same actually.
Although I do visit some other boards occasionally. Definitely have no other real business on this one though.
honestly if you like background characters more than the beautiful trio of badass singers thats on you and ur intelligence
Counting jellyfish sounds like a nightmarish task, so maybe.
this has no redeeming qualities.
Next part:
She's melting.
>"I'm melting. I'M MELTING."
Fuckin hell, man.
File: 1447938536611.png (324 KB, 860x780)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
crazy to me that there will never be a shortage of new ocs like this
good Arias though, probably some commission
>They do all this while absolutely enjoying the hell out of the chaos they've caused.
This is a good point. Plenty of antagonists are fun to watch but few are as fun as these three.
>The fact that they're efficient as villains
The plot of Rainbow Rocks is basically written for them which is the main reason they do so well. We haven't seen them in other circumstances to any great detail besides their banishment by Starswirl and the pillars so it's hard to gauge how effective they would be in a situation where music is not a factor.
>Their group dynamic is also a classic
Some might say cliche but it works well enough. Difficult to say how long it would last before getting stale without development for the characters. One can only tolerate arrogance, grumpiness and tacos for so long without something changing.
>I truly wish the Shadowbolts were as cool
What we needed was more interaction between them and Sci-Twi. Instead we had Sci-Twi spending a large chunk of her time with the Humane 5. I would have preferred to see Twilight trying to ingratiate herself with the Shadowbolts and becoming corrupted as she accumulates more magic in the process. The Shadow 5 really should have been given more time to demonstrate how they were 'badder' versions of their CHS counterparts. Make Sour Sweet's kindness disingenuous, Sugarcoat's honesty brutal and insensitive, Lemon Zest's laughter hurtful, Sunny Flare's generosity manipulative and Indigo Zap's loyalty conditional and self-serving.
>The plot of Rainbow Rocks is basically written for them which is the main reason they do so well
I mean they are the ones that cause the events of the plot to unfold the way they do really. They make it work well for themselves.
>it's hard to gauge how effective they would be in a situation where music is not a factor
They are pretty intelligent and resourceful even outside of music I'd say. Even without it they seem to be able to almost effortlessly manipulate situations towards their own goals and dominate in social interactions.
>Difficult to say how long it would last before getting stale without development for the characters
Same could be said for pretty much any character really. Especially in this series. It's why so many of the other characters became so tired and uninteresting. I think the Dazzlings already showed signs of development on their own even in their short appearance in BSP though, which I find very interesting. I was already deeply intrigued by them and their characters in RR, but after seeing them reappear it really just made me appreciate the type of characters they seem to be even more.
>Some might say cliche but it works well enough. Difficult to say how long it would last before getting stale without development for the characters. One can only tolerate arrogance, grumpiness and tacos for so long without something changing.
I agree for most part. Sadly, we will never know what would really have changed with them if the original drafts that I've heard about would come to pass (which included the Dazzlings to some extent, but I can't remember the fine details), but I always felt that they would change as they adapt to their somewhat hopeless as humans.
Obviously this will vary from person to person, but sometimes that's where just a few standout personality traits work, though I think only Adagio had enough lines to get her personality. I think Aria didn't even have her name mentioned in Rainbow Rocks until the credits if I'm not misremembering. They could have done with a bit more time than just the appearance in BSP.
Thankfully everyone has their own twists on how they would change. Seeing pictures of them working in the service industry, or continuing music despite their loss of powers and the like. I still like that Sonata could adapt to human life well enough that she would do pretty well in whatever she found herself doing, and that Adagio would have to start applying her wit and smarts into something worthwhile to capitalise on her talents, and Aria would possibly grow the most as a person as she breaks out from Adagio's leadership and finds out what she really enjoys, all while remaining taciturn and ever-grumpy.
>the original drafts that I've heard about
Completely forgot to mention this as being with Equestria Girls as a whole.
I really disagree with the sentiment that you need a certain amount of lines of dialogue to get an idea of someone's personality traits. There's so many other examples to draw from.
And also with the idea that they needed more time than they got to really put it all together. Sure more time with them would have always been nice because we enjoyed the characters and would want to see more, but I didn't find it necessary to understand them.
I suppose that's true, although I'd expand on the topic that I'd like to see Aria and Sonata separated from Adagio and each other for a scene at least. Dialogue or no, it's difficult to tell how much her leadership suppresses aspects of the other two. Sonata always felt easy going, but it would be very interesting to see Aria doing her own thing. Also how amenable Sonata is when just treated like a person, rather than a siren seeking to feed. And how much Aria's grumpiness is because she feels unappreciated or not allowed to make her own calls.
Imagine a EqG short, like a minute or two long, following each of them in a handful of snappy scenes just doing stuff on their own. A sort of "a day in the life" sort of thing. That's what I'd like to see to help properly cement everything in place.
Adagio doesn't suppress them at all when they're alone though. She lets them go at each other and say whatever they want, as evident by the very first scene of the movie. The only times she gets onto them is when their actions jeopardize the plan or put them at some kind of risk, like when they start arguing in front of someone while she's trying to pull some moves. They seem pretty comfortable being themselves around her despite knowing that it could get on her nerves and that sometimes she tells them to shut up.
>And how much Aria's grumpiness is because she feels unappreciated or not allowed to make her own calls
I think Aria's grumpiness stems from the fact that she seems to be the most affected by their current situation. That and she's a bit of a dweller. Sonata has her flights of fancy and can take interest in the littler things that take her mind off of it, and Adagio is always thinking of ways to keep the group afloat and how to move forward so that occupies her time. But Aria just sorta lets herself dwell on the situation without anything to think about or distract herself with.
>I mean they are the ones that cause the events of the plot to unfold the way they do really. They make it work well for themselves.
The fact that a musical showcase was occurring simultaneously with their arrival is some pretty convenient writing. They were given their opportunity on a silver platter and it didn't take much creativity to turn things more competitive.
>They are pretty intelligent and resourceful even outside of music I'd say.
Based on what? Compared to whom? They use lip syncing and bank on their notoriety. Besides that they aren't any closer to what they want and Adagio admits as much.
>dominate in social interactions.
That's mostly just a result of Sunset being brash and overly reactive. I'd like to see a scene where all seven of the Rainbooms confront the Dazzlings and how things turn out when it isn't three against one.
>Same could be said for pretty much any character really.
Most characters are not as popular for bing so one-note as each of the Dazzlings. They accomplish nothing and never really change their mindset or direction. It's kind of funny in a sad way.
>I think the Dazzlings already showed signs of development on their own even in their short appearance in BSP though, which I find very interesting.
I did notice some of that. Aria and Sonata seemed happier around each other and Adagio had an interesting perspective on their predicament.
>after seeing them reappear it really just made me appreciate the type of characters they seem to be even more.
It left me a bit disappointed. They would have made better antagonists for Backstage Pass than the Puffy AmiYumi knock-offs we got. The writers missed an opportunity with that one in my view. But I still enjoyed seeing them all the same.
>I think Aria didn't even have her name mentioned in Rainbow Rocks
She didn't, but that could easily have become a running gag where nobody knows or remembers her name and she becomes increasingly annoyed at being overshadowed by the other two sirens in name recognition. Typical middle-child scenario.
>Imagine a EqG short, like a minute or two long, following each of them in a handful of snappy scenes just doing stuff on their own. A sort of "a day in the life" sort of thing.
I would have liked that for every former EqG villain. A sort of 'Where are they now?' for characters like Cinch and Gloriosa as well would be neat.
File: FZK09JfaMAAb_uF.jpg (207 KB, 2048x919)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
I would like to cuddle the dazzlings in their native fish forms
>is some pretty convenient writing
What does that even mean? It's just the story. The writing is convenient for all the characters because it is written as a story. The day was literally saved because Vinyl wears her headphones constantly.
Singing is a big theme in ALL of FiM, and they most likely could have turned any situation competitive anyway.
>Based on what? Compared to whom?
Their actions in the film. Compared to the rest of the characters, but you don't even have to go as far as comparing them to anyone, it's pretty self evident.
>They use lip syncing and bank on their notoriety
Literally what does that have to do with anything? And how is that an example of them not being intelligent and resourceful considering the fact that they can't use their actual voices?
>Besides that they aren't any closer to what they want and Adagio admits as much
When? What they want is just to live each day in their own way now apparently.
>Most characters are not as popular for bing so one-note as each of the Dazzlings
First of all they aren't one-note. But second of all have you seen the popularity of literal background characters? It is possible for characters to catch the people's eye in the timespan of a single movie, you don't need hours of content. Especially when they are as intriguing and as fun as the Dazzlings.
>I'd like to see a scene where all seven of the Rainbooms confront the Dazzlings and how things turn out when it isn't three against one
But that did happen. And the Rainbooms ran away after Adagio did her speech.
>They accomplish nothing and never really change their mindset or direction
Did you just not watch the film or the special? Or are you actually just trying to troll me?
>The writers missed an opportunity with that one in my view
And I feel like they really did something interesting with it myself. Of course the Dazzlings WOULD have been better villains, they are like the best villains, but the fact that they weren't the villains is actually different and interesting for their characters.
Eye colours are wrong. Gems should be heptagons not hexagons.
You're an idiot, a simp and most of what you've said is just your opinion disagreeing with mine or baseless speculation but I found one thing you said amusing:
>Of course the Dazzlings WOULD have been better villains, they are like the best villains, but the fact that they weren't the villains is actually different and interesting for their characters.
That is some serious coping right there. That's like saying you enjoy having your favourite meal dumped on the ground in front of you because it's more different than actually eating it. You just can't accept the fact that you were deprived so you have to make weak ass arguments about how it's still okay. Anons like you make me hate these threads. Go choke on your Sonata dildo some more.
>That's like saying you enjoy having your favourite meal dumped on the ground in front of you because it's more different than actually eating it
What the fuck are you even talking about, you actual schitzo. How the fuck do know how I feel better than me? You're projecting your own anger onto me and not even trying to consider any other viewpoints.
>You just can't accept the fact that you were deprived so you have to make weak ass arguments about how it's still okay
Or maybe I actually just liked it? Why are so mad, and so accusatory?
>Anons like you make me hate these threads
Lol okay, just be mad then I guess. Nice talk.
File: 1638768170285.png (1.99 MB, 2849x3581)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
I can't be the only one who prefers to think about those marking around their gems as magic veins or something that bulge when they feed instead of scars? Can I? They don't have the discoloration of scars in the actual source.
Being physically attached to them that way, it’s entirely possible.
It also raises some questions about the sirens origins as well. If it is like a scar, then who’s to say that, once upon a time, they weren’t ponies that either embedded them into themselves or it was forced on them by ritual or tampering with powers they didn’t understand? The fact the area around the stone looks scar-like in some renditions makes me think of this as a possibility and may explain why there are only, seemingly, three sirens; only three stones exist, and no others can exist.
That’s not to say it couldn’t just be the way they are. Maybe once a siren reaches maturity, the stone grows out of them or something, but the stone being something attached might also explain why the stones came ‘loose’ as humans, and they seem unharmed with their shattering.
They could also be very rare mythical creatures or a natural occurrence, like the changelings who feed off of love. Equestria has oddities and things like that all over.
The scarring, if we assume that's what it is, could also be the result of excess magic, much like the veins. Like burn scars when the gems absorb too much or they maybe use too much magic themselves and it radiates back on the host.
File: 1637122915309.gif (163 KB, 150x150)
163 KB
163 KB GIF
File: 1637658423867.gif (100 KB, 150x150)
100 KB
100 KB GIF
File: 1628111490380.gif (105 KB, 150x150)
105 KB
105 KB GIF
Firstly, these are really cool, but they're strange.
>Sonata: bubbly, chipper as always, yet strangely focused and intense as a siren
>Adagio: traditionally smug and superior looking... seemingly pensive as a siren
>Aria: content looking in both forms
Aria looks a little absent minded in her siren form.
Was this originally a green? I'll take a look. I vaguely remember I at one point had copied someone's green to put it into the archive but I sadly lost it.
It was a green originally, but it was far more smut and fetish focused to begin with. As the story got longer (it ended up being some 50k words) I started enjoying where the story went and decided to turn it into a proper story, although I kept the second person perspective as a nod to its origins.
It still has fetish elements since I tied them to the plot, but I think they’re better meshed with the story and I’ve tried to ensure they make sense with what happens, and there’s still smut, but it’s far more rounded (in my opinion).
I hope you enjoy. It was the most fun I’ve had writing a story in quite a while.
>you hastily pull your friends through the door, shutting it behind them upon entry, cutting Joe's stunted speech
"These are my friends, Adagio, meet Joe and Alex."
>you try to sport a smile, knowing she'll be distrusting of company
>"Yeah, it's Joe, nice to meet you."
>"That must make you Alex, stop hiding that box behind you."
>your nervous friend looks downward at the small case behind his leg, immediately displaying it in front of him
>"Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry about that, you're right, I'm Alex. We honestly didn't expect someone like you to actually be crashing at Anon's place."
>"Charmed, put it down."
>your darkly skinned friend places the case on the floor upon request, you can't help but to see her authority as Adagio commands them with each response
>it's like her confidence guides everything they think and say
>either these guys are turbo virgins or she's got a lot more power than you thought
>enticing this chick is gonna be harder than you thought
>your crew sits along the furniture, keeping a strange distance from the siren but thankfully, that opens the nearest seat to her
>you place yourself on the opposite end of the couch, sighing slightly as you rest in its comfort
>"Don't tell me this dipshit wants to put these losers on the team, I told you this would happen."
>the sudden loudness of a voice behind you causes you to turn around, Aria stands firmly with her arms crossed on her chest, a look of disgust painted along her face
"Oh, hey Aria, this is-"
>"I know who they are, what makes you think we'll include these..."
>her eyes narrowly scan your company full of judgement
"I figured you'd be against their help but I had an idea-"
>"Well you better get to spitting it out, you're on thin ice as is."
>you didn't think this far ahead, just assumed you could think up a plan with them on the fly
>Aria's impatience weighs on your mind to find a reasonable excuse for them to be around
>you stand up and turn around to face the angry siren, nudging your head towards the kitchen before her eyes burn holes through you, they peer down to Adagio for confirmation
>the head temptress nods quietly causing Aria to reluctantly walk into the kitchen, keeping her arms crossed as she leans on the counter with a fiery stare locked on you
"Excuse me for a moment."
>you follow the violet figure's gaze into the kitchen, placing yourself next to her along the counter
>"What the fuck, dude?"
"I know, I know, but hear me out-"
>"You got 30 seconds, after that, I'm kicking them to the curb."
>alright brain, let's figure this one out
>while part of your mind is stuck with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme on loop, the other half struggles to find an excuse
>until it finally hits you
"You realize with more numbers, we can pull in more people that might not have signed up for your battle of the bands, right?"
>"We hit everyone in the school with that spell, you really think whoever would've applied hasn't yet?"
>this bitch is hard to beat and the clock is running, Aria isn't the type to make empty threats so you gotta find a way to think around her
"True, but there's always the especially jaded or students that weren't around for it like these guys."
>her face freezes, a knot forms in her brow formed by confusion
>"There's no way, they've gotta be affected. Everyone was."
"You must've forgotten about absentees and the people who get to leave early, huh?"
>you cross your arms to match her with a confident smile forming itself
>she deviates from her perplexed thoughts, locking her eyes on you with visible anger, knowing she's been out-done
>"And how can they do anything about that?"
"Easy, Alex over there has the smart people classes, they get to leave early. If he can find a way to convince them to get to the audition then the next play forms itself."
>you feel emboldened from your mental gymnastics, managing to form a comprehensive plan Aria can't pinhole into oblivion
>"What about the other one?"
"They're a package deal, buy one get one free."
>the lavender temptress scoffs before opening the fridge, grabbing a singular slice of ham and biting into it before speaking to you through a mouth of chewed food
>"Can't wait to see how you fuck this one up, don't come crying to me when your faggot friends fail to get the job done."
>she aggressively throws her shoulder into yours as she walks back up the stairs with a silent but solid stare at your company
>you sigh with relief before leaving the kitchen, sitting back in your place on the couch
"Now, where were we?"
this is just nonsense
not bad at all
keep going
Absolutely killer. Wish that too right sketch was finished.
*top right
File: 1642940640001.jpg (62 KB, 472x580)
62 KB
she looks almost too cute to be doing that here..
>“ I’m not saying thank you Anon. But I GUESS you can sleep in my bed tonight. But ONLY tonight.”
>think under other circumstances, Adagio and Rarity would get along quite well (Adagio has the presence and look that Rarity would likely like to use for her fashion business and both favour using their wiles and charms to get their way, for example)
>also an old-school fan of some lesbian stuff, before it got co-opted by 'the movement'
I did, thank you very much
Are you going to put this on ponepaste?
Hadn't even thought about it to be honest with you, good idea though.
Please do, and post the link when you do. We want to put it on the website.
File: 1647149746859.png (974 KB, 1898x1900)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
All according to Satan’s plans.
>"ya know what... I did."
>"we're gonna have to reschedule, I'm goin' home"
Love on the Brain Chapter 32 is live!
Tune in now for snow in the summertime.
Also, happy anniversary to long-time readers!

Is Make a Mistake With Me still being written? I finished catching up with it on the mega. Its one of the more enjoyable stories i've read recently
He has not updated in quite a while. But there was a long gap in between it being updates before as well.
Why does she look Asian in the front
The way her hair frames her face from the front and makes it look more round-sh and her eyeshadow maybe?
He does make sudden comebacks occasionally.
File: 1648576961470.jpg (122 KB, 800x600)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Sonata prediction paths for future updates
>will be able to become non aligned or harmonic
>probably will not get her own take on a supremacist path given how her dialogue seems to imply she is just going along and wants to quit
>collapses sirenalia and is an insta game over
>her backstabing can fail and she gets killed or her sisters mind rape her until she is an empty husk
As for adagio and aria so far their portrayal in the mod has them be genuinely united so i cant see them derailing that much out of whats currently playable
Is this a new power up for the girls?
I love this one. So wholesome.
File: 1651708394567.png (974 KB, 2845x2406)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
Ah! Sirenu tokusentai!
Seriously though, I’d both watch the shit out of an anime, magical girls series of EqG in general, but I’d *buy* the shit out of a Siren-centric series.
Where is this pic from?
Anthro Warning -->
I think it's just a pic. An illustration.
Already on it, I got the story up to date but there's a weird limit on how much is allowed and I'm already 933.97/1000.0Kb so I might have to do parts if that's alright. Then again, I'm not the most savvy guy around so there could be some things I've misunderstood or something. Any help or tips are appreciated :)
Which one looks great a swimsuit?
I hope everything is going to your liking so far, guys. My main goal is for a long-term story with some decent writing, hopefully my amateurish attempt at it is good enough for you all to enjoy. Let me know if you guys wanna see anything in particular or have suggestions, I'm happy to listen. Anyways, back to the show!

"Now where were we?"
>you freeze for a moment to the sight of Adagio and your friends actually getting along as they crack open their drinks
>these guys might be a better addition to the team than you'd expected
>"Your friends were just sharing a few stories, what did Aria want?"
>you find a small comfort in the siren's carefree expression, she lacks the usual stoic facade you'd come to know
"Oh, nothing really, but this would be a great time to start planning on the battle ahead."
>suddenly, a new knock is heard on the front door
>you weren't expecting any other company, right?
>these dipsoits had better not have invited anyone else, it was tough enough trying to think up an excuse for them to be around
>this knock was unusually firm, different than any you've known before
"I'll get it."
>you stand before approaching the entry, caution seeps into your mind as you twist the handle to open for whatever is behind it
>"Hey, shit-dick, where's my brother?"
>it's Flash Sentry, Joe's brother
>while only a year apart, Joe was the smarter of the two and was bumped up a grade back in the day
>he reeks of bad liquor, cheap weed, and axe body spray
>enough to make your nostrils look like Nagasaki on day two
"He's insi-"
>"Lemme in!"
>he begins to drunkenly attempt to get around you, leading you to slide the door ahead with only a fraction of your face remaining visible
"You'll have to wait, I'll go get him for you."
>"Yeah, right."
>the intoxicated Flash thrusts the door open, stumbling slightly from lack of control before leaning his body upright
>you can see his eyes rotating, trying to focus, his voice still slurred
>what a pleasant piece of nostalgia
>"C-C'mon, Joe, we gotta get home."
>"I'm gonna hang out here, I'll be back later."
>"Oh? Somebody... Somebody wants to get tough, huh?"
>he takes a step towards his brother, you can sense this guy means trouble, and you can't let your friend get embarrassed here
>you step ahead of him, while not much of a threat, maybe he'll think he's too drunk to mess with you
"He said he'll be home later, Flash, it's alright. Just get home, man."
>trying to be the peacekeeper with a drunken douchebag is a recipe for destruction
>he quickly grabs you by your shirt's collar, pressing you against the wall before leaning closely to your face
>Christ, you can smell the rancid shots he took down before coming here
>"What's that? I couldn't... hear ya."
"Let go of me, Flash."
>"Or what? Whatcha gonna do, call your mommy? HA!"
>you feel your face get scorching hot, wanting to do something but powerless to try, all you can do is deal around a drunk man
"Go fuck yourself-"
>Flash sends a sharp right hand into your midsection, the sound of your body hitting the wall echos through the room
>a wave of embarrassment has found it's way to you
>way to be a fuckin' hero
>"Do you want me to leave your thoughts on this wall or are you gonna leave?"
>you look over his shoulder to the sight of Adagio, barely visible if it weren't for her energetic hair poking out
>he turns to see who addressed the threat, laughing out loud before releasing his grip and walking towards the door
>"Well well well, what's a girl like you doing... doing in a-"
>"Save the pickup line, let go of that green reject, and leave."
>if your insides didn't feel like a freight train just flipped in there right now, you'd be happy to see her at your defense
>maybe a little turned on too
>"Yeah, yeah, whatever... Joe, don't be late."
>the intoxicated intruder stumbles his way back through the door, your eyes stay locked on him while you try to find the strength to keep standing
>the usual coping mechanisms aren't working like they should
>your ego is screaming at you to do something but logic stands in the way, sometimes it's best to let things go
>as the door shuts, you make your way back to the couch before crashing down onto it with a sigh of relief
>"You okay, bud?"
>Alex stands attentively at your damaged frame, leaning himself down to you as he places a hand onto your shoulder
>you can't help but to be angry, not only did this guy assault you but he also insulted your long gone mother
>you try to relax yourself before the weight of holding everything sends your head to rest in your hands
>this must be what that guy "Atlas" feels like
>even worse, this is what Anon feels like
>your hands ball into fists and shake with frustration, you stare at them wondering what you could've done
>could've isn't worth much
File: 1655521371221.jpg (3.69 MB, 2682x2238)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
I know, right?
She’s been left unsupervised again… I fear for Adagio and Aria’s safety.
God damn it, Anon. Flash Sentry was too much for you? Drunk Flash Sentry, no less. He seemed to calm down quickly aswell. Wonder if Adagio had anything to do with it?
File: 1648606672600.png (61 KB, 1500x1750)
61 KB
Hey, I'm currently at a rest stop, and came up with a green idea.
I'll write it in a couple hours if anybody here likes the idea.
>Anon gets isekaid into EQG, right after Rainbow Rocks
>He has a photographic memory when it comes to music
>EQG shares most musical genres with the real world, but absolutely none of the music
>He decides to become the songwriter of the Dazzlings and use IRL songs to catapult them to the top of the charts
>This is all to get into Adagio's panties
You’d have to convince me that Adagio would let some random guy write their songs for them, especially after RR. Unless it’s just supposed to be a for fun green, in which case I guess it depends on the writing. Won’t discourage more green though. Would give it a read. Will be judging your song choices.
Still pretty good.
Tits are little to big but otherwise hot.
>It was a regular day in the world of Anon E. Mousse, ordinary college student, misanthrope, and horsefucker
>classes were over, you pick up a cold coffee in a can and a little Danish from the local grocery store, and trudge home
>the subway took you about fifteen minutes from the city center to your crappy dorm room near the edge of your small college town
>you sigh as you unlock your front door, hike up five flights of stairs, and unlock the door to your common area
>Xinyi, one of your five roommates, was sitting in the kitchen, eating a single piece of dry toast
>no butter, no meat, no cheese
>a dry piece of white bread
>this international dormitory complex was supposed to teach you how much of a benefit multiculturalism was supposed to be
>all it taught you was that while pretty much everybody from South Asia was chill as fuck, the Chinese and the Spanish were a very unpleasant group of people
>you turn left, and unlock the final door, the entrance to your tiny, 9m2 room
>you turn right, towards your bed, and pat your Adagio Dazzle plush, for which you saved money for 5 months, on the mane
>it was your good luck ritual
>it kept you sane
>that and your record collection and player were all you had, outside of the essentials, such as laptop, phone, clothes, hygiene articles, etc.
>you drop down in front of your desk, and roll up a cigarette from the tobacco, papers, and filters in your pocket
>you open the window, and light the cigarette
>American Spirit
>you take a deep drag from the cig, and flip through your collection of vinyl
>you settle for an oldie, but a goodie, a quick and easy single
>you remove the tip from the record stylus, wipe off the disc with a lens cloth which you bummed off an old roommate, and press the start button after ensuring it was set to 45rpm
>you carefully lower the stylus onto the record
>you wait for it to spin from the blank outer ring to the actual track
>another drag
>your garage sale Canton speakers sputtered to life, the sound flowing from your Audiotechnica record player, to your Yamaha receiver, to the speakers
>You knew every single word
>you knew every single note
>you could tap the beat of the entire song without even needing to hear it
>you knew the baselines, the guitar chords, every single fragment of the song
>if you had any knowledge of musical theory, or even the capability to play an instrument, you could have become a busker, and maybe made some Plushie money
>but that wasn't your life
>you had the musical understanding to comprehend any piece of music down to it's most minute detail, from merely hearing a song once or twice
>you could remember these details for years, and even some for decades
>but you had no idea how to replicate it beyond description, humming, or wild gesticulation
>your cigarette was done
>you open up the can of coffee, and start eating the apple Danish
>you sigh
>the song is over, you remove the record from the turntable
>you place it back into it's inner, antistatic sleeve, and place that into the outer sleeve
>you put the cap back onto the stylus
>you place the dust cover back onto your record player and turn it off
>you finish your food, and go for another cigarette
>you practically inhale it, shotgunning that cancer stick like a fratboy with a key-opened beer
>you place your leftover smoking utensils into your desk, and throw the remainders of your tiny lunch into a deskside wastebin
>you open your ancient laptop, and it sputters to life
>Windows 7
>olden but golden, just like everything in your life
>you sigh once more
>you open up the word document with the notes you took during class today
>financial accounting 2
>fuck, you hate numbers
>you've got to make money though, if you don't want to become the alcoholic deadbeat that your mother was
>you study for three hours, taking breaks here and there for a cigarette on the can, or a glass of water
>you throw a frozen pizza in the oven, which you then eat, washing it down with a glass of store brand orange juice, while watching some old episodes of MLP, and later some Andrew Schultz clips on YouTube
>that guy cracked you up
>he was kind of like a normie version of DWK
>you chainsmoke throughout the evening, check out 4chan, and go to sleep while listening to
>as you drift off to sugarland, you think about your life
>how did it come to this?
>Broken dreams, and shattered passions
>you could have been somebody
>but you'll just be another office guy...

>that night, you have a beautiful dream
>you're in a discoteque
>you're wearing a crisp, white leisure suit, and a pair of white, suede italian-cut boots
>you're surrounded by a torrent of bodies
>wel-dressed cool cats and sexy babes who definitely know how to use a curling iron
>you dance for a bit, busting out moves that you learned from reruns of Soul Train that you saw on YouTube
>then, you see her
>it couldn't be
>bacon horse herself
>she's wearing a white, skin-tight blouse, and matching bell bottoms
>her red-painted toenails are accentuated by silver platform heels
>she's surrounded by men, taller, buffer, and better looking than you
>however, she notices you, and bats her long eyelashes at you
>the song changes
>you feel as if you were dragged towards her, and as you get closer to her, people seem to vanish from the dance floor, including her wannabe suitors
>she swings her wide, beautiful hips from side to side, twirling around and around, mouthing implausible words with her full, yet kissable lips
>the music increases in volume
>the cacophony of beats, rhythm, and melody is practically deafening, sending you into a musical trance
>you dance as if your life was depending on it
>suddenly, the music stops
"So, do you wanna come back to my place, or what?"
>Sunset Shimmer spoke with a sensual confidence that could have brought empires to ruin
>the kind of confidence that had led Kennedy to run astray
>You exhale, sharply
>your eyes lock with the yellow-skinned vixen
>she takes a step closer to you, and places her perfectly manicured fingernails on your shoulders, smiling
>This was your dream
>who cared if got a pair of Hanes a bit crusty
>she smiled as you danced together, swaying your sweaty bodies hither and thither
"Hell yeah, Shimsham. Let's kick it back at your place."
>Sunset smiled warmly at your response
>the music suddenly stopped
>suddenly, another song played at full blast, practically shattering your eardrums

>the entire scene froze
>you jolted awake
>it was your phone alarm
>it should have been set to 9, as your first class was at 10.30
>however, it had been set to 7
>you thought that you must have misclicked a button on your phone...
>wait a minute
>you had a crappy Motorola G10
>this was some sort of high-end Sony product, with a peculiar reskin
>"Pony Xperia" was embossed on the back
>with that realization, you noticed a that your bed was different as well
>you jumped out of bed in shock
>your room was larger, your record player was there, same with a record collection, however, with completely different artists
>"Marelene Dietrich" "Billy Bridle" "Neighcy DC"
>what the absolute fuck was going on
>your 400 buck Adagio plushie was missing
>fuck, fuck, fuck
>a voice called from your beyond your door
"Anon, are you there? It's time to wake up."
>a hand, presumably belonging to a person who sounded a bit, but not quite, like your mother, rapped against the door
"You really don't want to miss another day of school, CHS already called about yesterday, and were pretty darn-tootin concerned."
>this definitely couldn't be your mother, she would have let you sleep and called you a stupid faggot if you had missed school, maybe the belt, maybe not
>you guess that this was just a really deep dream
>maybe this was a side-effect from the tulpaforcing
>you roll with it, and reply
"Sure mom, let me just put on some clothes."
>you turn off your alarm, grab a pair of jeans, white trainers, beige socks, brown belt, and white "Pega Lee" t-shirt
>You almost forgot to shower, before ripping the clothes back off, darting out of your room and about until you found the bathroom, and got yourself clean
>you had a shower radio, neat
>after turning it on, you heard a song that could be best described as a mixture of "Take That" and Billy Joel, in a sort of mid-2000s pop package
>after once more putting your clothes on, you hop downstairs, to your parents eating breakfast
>your Father
>you hadn't seen him since you had been six
>it took every single ounce of both self-control and self-respect to not suckerpunch and hug the man
>you sat down in front of what should have been cereal mixed with water, but ended up being scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
>your mouth watered just looking at the food
>you almost began to cry
>the real test was once you started eating it
>you hadn't eaten anything this good in your entire miserable fucking life
>the texture of the buttery soft eggs, the firm, yet tender salmon
>this was the best dream that you had ever had, including the one where Adagio had strap-on fucked your International Finance professor's middle-eastern assistant with the massive tits
>your father was talking to his wife about the office
>he had gotten a promotion, and apparently his team of loyal employees from Bangalore were flying in for a team-building exercise, all on the company dime
>Dheeraj had promised him some Indian candy
>you wolfed down your food, and from the corner of your eye, saw your backpack sitting next to the hallway, a better-kept version of your trusty Jack Wolfskin schoolbag
>you had never lived in this house in your entire life, yet somehow, had instinctually known where things were located
>you smile
>maybe this was God's cruel way at playing a trick on you
>you would get this amazing little second chance, and boom, wake up in your little rental barracks in the shitty part of town, and get ready for another lecture at a shitty community college
>But, alas
>you might as well enjoy it while you can
>you look at the clock
>you pack up your dishes, and place them into the dishwasher
"How thoughtful, Nonny! I appreciate you getting the hint that the dishwasher didn't grow arms."
>Your mom chuckled gleefully as she cracked the little joke
>your dad grinned a tiny bit, chuckling to himself over his wive's joke
>the last time you had left your dishes out, your mom had backhanded you into the wall
>you had been 10, you got the message
>speaking of age, you assumed that yours had regressed to high-school age, at the very least
>CHS sounded like a high-school
>wait, no, it couldn't be...
>Oh dear merciful God please let this be what you think it is
>a horn honked, it must be the school bus
>your father looked up from his practically Brobdingnagian cup of coffee, with the words "Top G" on it, featuring a picture of a bald man with a cigar in one hand and the Romanian flag in another
>he winked at you, smiling
"You better get going, Anon, time waits for no man."
>you decided to indulge in this little fantasy, kissed your "mom" on the cheek, and gave your "dad" a hug, before grabbing your backpack, and running off
>you ran past the front door, and steered directly to the yellow school bus parked in front of a suburban house, which had become yours
>the driver nodded, a portly, middle-aged man past any good years he may or may have not had, and gave you a little joke salute and opened the door
"Sup, Mousse, get on in. I ain't getting any younger"
>he spoke with a raspy, yet kind-hearted voice
>you nodded, smiling
>"Thanks for waiting, I appreciate it." You adlib. "I wouldn't want to have to start sprinting to school."
>The driver chuckled.
>you looked for a seat, and noticed a couple of faces that began to confirm that this was going to be an amazing, not just a pretty nice, dream
>Bonbon and Lyra were showing each other their Instagram feeds, talking about selfie angles
>Button Mash was playing on a device that looked a bit like a Gameboy Advance SP
>holy shit
>Rainbow Dash was sipping on, what you assumed, was a protein shake
>you had never been too much of a dashfag, but holy shit it was miss crusty cunt herself!
>Rainbow hair, EQG outfit, and all!
>you didn't want to sperg out like the time you had met Daniel Ingram at Galacon and asked him to shake your hand, but gave him a handshake that would have caused Hank Hill to have shot you on the spot
>you walked past the blue blitz and sat down next to a kid that kind of looked like what you imagined Nasapone would look like if she had been a human character
>she was scribbling calculations into a notebook next to a little doodle labeled "Mars"
>you sat back, relaxed, and realizing that you didn't have any headphones on you, decided to play a song with the mp3-walkman in your head, quietly bobbing your head to the beat only heard by you
>After soon enough, the bus arrived
>your hunch, and solidly backed theory was correct
>CHS stood for Canterlot High School
>the horse portal was there, the whole campus, everything
>teeming with students
>you practically stormed out of the bus like some Yankee kids on D-Day
>you ran for the front door
>you hadn't been this excited for school in your entire life
>You took the whole building in
>your eyes, your ears, the sound of students, your nose, the smell of teenage BO and hormones, your hands, the feeling of cold brass doorknobs on your fingers
>it was Canterlot High, but real
>or at least a realistic dream
>you rooted through your backpack, looking for a timetable
>it was on the back of your daily planner
>8.30: USE (United States of Equestria you assume) History, room 214
>you jogged up to the second floor, and after a bit of time, found your room
>you were five minutes early
>dream or not, you didn't want to miss class
>the day was pretty normal
>You spent your time alone
>at least that was pretty realistic, you didn't seem to really have any friends, but at least nobody was smoking weed in the restroom or throwing chairs at teachers, or getting into fistfights in the halls
>sure as hell beat your old high school
>you decided to use your lack of earphones as an advantage, and try to pick out when you had shown up in this wild world
>a little listening in to lunchroom chatter never hurt anybody
"I know it's been two weeks, but holy shit, that Battle of the Bands, man..."
"Who would have though that the Dazzlings were some weird demon bitches, huh?"
"Yeah, but that Aria had a fat rack, didn't she"
"Well, they got expelled, dude."
"For real?"
"Yeah, duh. They should be lucky that the cops didn't bust their fine asses."
"I guess, man. Did you hear what happened to them? Maybe we'll see them on the hub in a couple years, calling it now."
"Could be, man. I heard that they were spending their days near the old, decrepit music studio down by the train tracks or whatever. Got that info from some fag called Double Diadem or whatever. You know, that albino-looking dickweed."
"Wild. Why you hating on Double Diamond though?"
"Dude he fucked my little sister, am I supposed to suck his-"
>The Battle of the Bands
>Rainbow Rocks! No fucking way!
>Oh, this was going to be perfect
>As realistic as this dream was, you might as well give chatting up Adagio a shot. Who knows, if this place goes by anime logic, you might get some Siren neck
>after your last class finishes up, you pull up google maps, and use street view to find any derelict buildings near train tracks, and narrow those down to Addresses which used to belong to music recording studios
>boom, you found what you hoped would lead you to the Sirens
>"Quickflow Studio, closed in 1987 after a shootout between two rival crip groups killed the manager of the studio as well as three producers who had happened to be eating lunch together on site"
>you find the best possible connection to the place, and get in a bus, before walking a solid twenty minutes to your destination
>"Quickflow Studio" you mumble to yourself, looking at the faded sign, the boarded up windows, and slightly ajar window.
>You could swear that you smelled smoke and heard two women's voices bickering at eachother
>inhaling, you mustered your courage before opening the door
>this was either going to be awesome, or you were going to be attacked by two crackheads
>you hadn't prayed in your entire life
>but this was one of these moments
>the door creaked open, and the chatter subsided

(Going to take a quick smoke and water break, brb)
of course parts are alright lol. pretty much all longfics are divided into parts.
OC's creator sure does like to commission his OC fucking.
>you surveyed the area, and it was depressing to say the least
>what wasn't covered in cracked needles, cigarette and backwood butts, bits of random detritus, or dead animals was little more than the remains of the Studio's former glory, such as old business cards
>the smokey smell was coming from an old metal wastebasket, filled with bits of wood and paper, set ablaze in a small hobo pire
>two skinny, young women were sitting around it, rubbing their hands together
>they were wearing cheap, ragged attire, mismatched sweatclothes in gaudy, biting colors, at least the colors which hadn't faded away or had been covered with stains, dust and dirt
>as you looked into their faces, your jaw almost dropped to the floor
>Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk
>a short silence, paired with their fallen faces and hollowed out cheeks was followed by their silent, piercing gaze
>Aria was looking at you with a mixture of disgust and contempt, while Sonata displayed a pleading, yet hollow gaze
"Guess we'll be eating tonight, Sonata. It's your turn to take dick."
>Aria growled at her friend
>Sonata sighed, getting up, forcing herself to smile
"Ok, sweetheart, it's 20 bucks for my hands, 50 for my mouth, and 75 for my hair. We're not desperate enough for anything wilder, and if you try anything..."
>Aria completed Sonata's sentence with the flash of a partially rusted paring knife she had pulled out of a pocket of her hoodie
>this was insane
>it's almost like your old life had come back to haunt you within this dream of yours
>not even two weeks and the girls you had worshipped
>the girls who you had masturbated to so many times, and dreamed about going on dates with, dreamed of marrying, even dreamed of growing old with
>two weeks and they were reduced to this
>you couldn't speak
"Pay up and get some, or fuck off, cherry boy."
>Aria sneered as she played with the knife
>You raised your hands
>"I was looking for you girls, but I'm not trying to..."
>"I'm not looking for a handjob or whatever. What the fuck happened to you?"
>Sonata sat back down, huddling around the fire
"We got kicked out of school, wise guy. We were sleeping in the exchange student dorms, so we had no other place to go."
>Sonata practically mumbled into her chest.
>She had been so bubbly, so fun, so carefree.
>It's raining tacos and all that.
"If you're not looking for the worst old fashioned this side of Canterlot, then what the fuck do you want, dicknose?"
>Aria was much more vulgar than you had expected, but you could see her cussing like a sailor, had the movie been for older audiences.
>"I had heard that you three were holed up in the middle of nowhere like a bunch of homeless chicks, and wanted to see if it was true."
>Aria smirked
"Well, look at us. We're crack whores without the drugs. La dee da. Laugh it up and leave."
>Each word came out like a piano wire cutting through a mafia underling's neck
>Sonata coughed into her right hand
>she didn't sound good
That's my line pal.
"We could have run the damn school. We could have run the world. We had every single one of you mongoloids begging for even a single sung syllable. You fuckers were creaming yourselves after a word or two."
>Aria's voice cracked before the word "sung"
>Sonata looked back down at her feet, a single tear rolling from her cheek
>suddenly, another voice came from a room adjacent to the main foyer
"But all of that's out of question because of those six Equestrian brats."
>you would have recognized that voice out of a million
>another figure stepped into the room
>that beautiful, orange hair
>those piercing, burgundy eyes
>that gaze that could melt mountains, magic or no magic
>a woman who's magnanimous presence could only be rivaled by those of yonder days, Eartha Kitt, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn
>reduced to such a shell of her former self
>Adagio Dazzle
>the leader of the Dazzlings
"So, if you're not here for taco Tuesday, what on Celestia's green earth do you want?"
>Adagio looked deep into your eyes as she posed the question
>you thought of how you had first saw the Dazzlings in Rainbow Rocks
>their beauty, their malice, their pure, unadulterated sex appeal paired with their demonic elegance
>You replied without thought, without any real rational idea whatsoever.
>"I want to help you. I want to help you get back on your feet."

>the three Siren's stared at you dumbstruck, eyes opened wide as dinner plates
>they asked in unison
>Aria laughed hard, before staring daggers into your face
"What the fuck would a twerp like you be able to do to help US? We're Sirens, ancient and powerful beings beyond human understanding. I could rip your fucking eyes out-"
>Aria's malice was audible, before being interrupted by Adagio
"Ok, humor me, boy. What could you possibly do?"
>"Well. I may not know much about magic, but I know a shitload about music. Regardless of your lack of powers, you can still sing. I'm sure if I wrote you guys something, you could-"
"And why would we trust some random dingus to write songs for us? If we wanted Hot Topic poetry we would have talked to Pinkie's weird sister."
>Sonata shrugged as she interrupted you, almost smirking
>"Well, I, I'm sure if we just give a couple Britney Beats a try, mix that in with some Foxy Brown and Kim Petras-"
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
>Aria interrupted once again.
>You sigh, pulling out your phone, opening YouTube. You try to pull up "Toxic" by Spears and "Candy" by Brown, and-
>your phone is connected to the internet, but no results
>you look for some Kim Petras
"Stop playing Flappy Pegasus and talk some sense."
Adagio was getting impatient.
>Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Atomic Kitten, Jessica Simpson, Sugababes, Sophie-Ellis Baxter, none of the traditional mid-2000s pop starlets which seemed to have inspired the Equestria Girls soundtracks were popping up

(It's past 1am over here, I'm going to sleep, I'll write more tomorrow if anybody is interested)
Also I already posted it.
Okay you have me hooked. Also what the fuck was that about with double diamond?
File: 2365703.gif (201 KB, 539x528)
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201 KB GIF
I know it’s a small detail, and the gif is still cute, but it bugs me they didn’t add her star hair ties.
File: 1614216998522.jpg (202 KB, 1000x769)
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its okay guys, I'll singlehandedly save the thread from dying again
Excuse me?
Sonata had to fend for herself. And when Sonata has to fend for herself, people go missing…
File: 1653322685134.png (829 KB, 1024x768)
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829 KB PNG
Some bizarre new fetish maybe.
Not that guy, but it's a Family guy reference.

File: 2075621.jpg (171 KB, 954x1062)
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171 KB JPG
>Family guy
Nice. I shiggy diggy.
For some reason I was thinking it would be some Doctor Who thing. No Idea why.
File: 1636186559389.jpg (113 KB, 1100x849)
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File: 1634055136665.png (193 KB, 500x571)
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193 KB PNG
>Tits are little to big
>This was getting really confusing
>Was YouTube over here limited to videos, and had they failed to get a licensing deal with multiple major record labels?
>you needed to check this out later
>"Never mind. I don't expect you to trust me, as I am, as you so said, just some guy."
"A boy, not a guy. A whelp."
>Adagio took a step towards you, bearing her teeth, voicing her concern further.
"And Aria is going to ensure that you won't even have that attribute to your name if you don't start explaining yourself."
>You really had no interest in getting castrated with a rusty kitchen utensil
>"Ok, fine. How about this. You give me 24 hours, and I'll give you a song. If you don't like it, I'll fuck off and leave you to your merry little life as homeless prostitutes. If you like it, we'll cross the next bridge, actually getting this shit recorded."
"Who the fuck do you think you are-"
>Aria interrupted, bearing the blade in her clenched fist
"Shut up, Blaze. Do we really have anything better to do right now?"
>Adagio commanded an aura of authority that even the feisty, twin-tailed firecracker couldn't stand up to
>"Thank you."
"Shut up, boy. If you're stringing us along, and all we get is some 'Baby's First Soundcloud Beat', I will gut you myself."
>Adagio's eyes flashed brightly as she made the threat, sending a shiver down your spine, as well as a tingle down your flaccid shaft
>You had to get this to work
>"Tomorrow, same time. Same place."
>You nod to the Sirens, and jog off, faster than you really had to
>the sun was going down
>you managed to catch a bus
>as you rode home, you flipped through your phone browser for further information on the music you planned to use for information and inspiration
>not on google, Wikipedia, or anywhere
>Britney Spears was an international superstar, how could she have just vanished off the face of the earth?
>Then, a haunting thought came to your mind
>You decide to search through various genres
>Public Enemy, Megadeth, Bobby Darin, The Rolling Stones, Del the Funky Homosapien, Sabaton
>you reach your stop, flash the monthly bus ticket you found in your wallet to the driver, get off, and continue your search
>you start walking
>Frank Sinatra, Estelle, Insane Clown Posse, Tom Tom Club, The Bee Gees, Dua Lipa, not even Elvis Presley or Eminem
>Zilch, nada, nichts
>this could mean only one thing at this point, unless your phone was locked behind the worst search algorithm a man could think of
>Did music in Equestria simply not exist in the same way that it did on Earth?
>That would the explain peculiar names of the records you saw in your room, and you remembered your "Pega Lee" shirt
>You quickly google her name, expecting to hear her classic, sultry hit:
>You end up with a sort of hyperpop-dungeon synth combination that made you almost queasy with how bizarrely unapproachable it was
>but the people here liked both the Dazzling's as well as the Rainboom's music
>so the demand for sugary pop music must be here
>so, if nobody had written it yet...
>your lips formed a devilish smile as you entered your "Family's" home
>This may be your chance
>Your one chance at success
>and you sure as hell weren't going to miss it
>your folks were away for the evening, apparently they had date night, based off of a little note they left on the kitchen table
>you guess that you just can't escape frozen pizza, no matter where you go
>you return upstairs to your room with your food, and open your laptop
>it seemed just as better than your old rig as your new phone was in comparison to your old
>you chow down your processed meal as you download a couple of things
>an open source sound library of various instruments
>you had created things out of less before, but if you didn't want to get castrated by Aria, you had to do this right.
>something, something good...
>something poppy, easy, and marketable, but something that at least somewhat fit with the Dazzlings...
>Something sexy, but not slutty
>Not quite Nicki Minaj, but something leading up to that...
>You began chopping up the recording of various recorded electric keyboard keys and chords
>you overlapped that with a base line and a drum kit
>doing this manually took it quite out of you, but a couple cups of coffee helped you pull through
>the last time you had pulled an all-nighter you had speed, and tobacco, but you had to make do with adrenaline alone
>maybe this was a good thing
>a little detox
>you decided to accompany the electric piano with a couple subtle synth beats in the background, just enough to hold the melody section together
>carpal tunnel was starting to set in
>you looked at the clock
>you got back home at 7, but it was 11 already
>you still hadn't written down the lyrics, but that wasn't a problem
>a couple of electric guitar riffs for the pre-chorus...
>just polish out the timing and done
>now, for the text...
>you hadn't really cared for this kind of music outside of party situations, but this was about money, not about imitating Wagner or Weber
>three minutes of microsoft word, and you had completed "your masterpiece"
>quietly mumbling the words to yourself, you smiled
>if this worked out, you'd be a fucking millionaire
>you transferred the song to your phone
>you once again looked at the clock, and it was already 12.30 in the morning
>you turned off your laptop, and practically launched yourself into your comfy bed
>if you go to sleep, will you be sent back to the real world?
>time to find out

>no dreams this night, outside of a short one with Pinkie Pie getting crunk with Lil Jon
>cliché college lampshade hat and all
>once more over the breach, lads
>you climb out of bed
>you jump in the shower, grab breakfast, and get to school
>apparently the Civil War took place here because of zoning permits
>you would have been fascinated at these interesting historic implications, if your phone, and the song on it, hadn't been practically burning a hole into your pocket
>you counted the seconds until the last bell
>the last thing you needed was the school calling your parents and causing you grief about missing classes
>finally, your day was over
>you shot up from your seat, and ran to the bus station like a East-German man picking up his welfare check
>you tapped your thighs in the rhythm of the song you had "composed"
>each stop felt like agony, if only you had a car
>frankly, finally having the time to think about it, you were just happy to still be here
>if you hadn't teleported back after a single day, then you would surely be here for good, right?
>Maybe Sunset Shimmer actually had something to do with you being here...
>maybe not
>that was neither here nor there at the moment, you had a band to get back on track
>you jumped out of the bus once you got your stop, and nearly jogged to the almost abandoned recording studio
>kicking open the door, you entered proudly, waving your phone around like a maniac
>The Dazzling all screamed in terror, clearly having been startled by your bombastic entry
>they were eating, what seemed to be, stale McDonalds
>Aria had pulled out her knife, and Sonata had already thrown a chicken nugget at you
>right in the right eye
>if that had been a rock, then you might have had to pull a Slick Rick
>bless her heart
>You still winced though
>as the three Sirens calmed down after hurling a couple words of abuse at you, thinking you were the cops at first, you managed to get a word in edgewise
"So, did you get a song banged out? Let us listen to it so we can laugh at it and suck out your life force."
>Sonata was a lot bitchier than you had originally expected
"Oh trust me, this is a certified chart topper."
>Handing out the pieces of paper that you had printed the lyrics onto, using your family computer, you noticed them read over the lyrics with puzzled faces
"Take a chance you stupid ho, What you waiting for? Blunt, but, interesting..."
>Adagio mumbled to herself, before continuing:
"What's the actual melody like?"
>you smirked, and pressed play on your phone
>at first, there were confused faces, the intro didn't exactly go over well
>Aria rolled her eyes
>but when the actual song kicked off, she raised an eyebrow
>you sang a couple of the words along with the music, just so they could get an idea
>"I know it's so messed up how our society all thinks, then Aria goes 'for sure'
Life is short, you're capable, then Sonata goes 'uh-huh'"
>Sonata is tapping her foot, bobbing her head
"Whatchu waitin, whatchu waitin, whatchu waitin for"
>Sonata is getting into it
>Adagio seems unimpressed
>Aria seems interested, but little beyond that
"Turn that off, and send that to me. Immediately."
>Adagios voice of authority rocked the studio
>"I'll need your number first, Adagio."
>she stares into your eyes, with a long gaze that you last saw in your mother's face when you brought home cold chicken
>that's a paddlin'
>but she did not strike you, preferring to present her unlocked phone to you
"You don't have all day, boy."
>after saving your number in her phone, calling your phone, and then sending her a copy of the song and the lyrics, you gave her her phone back.
>She took a long, hard glance at the phone once it had returned to her hands, those delicate, yet scuffed fingers enveloping the black and orange case, scratched and stained like her clothes
"I need to talk to my henchwo- my bandmates."
>Adagio dragged the other two Dazzlings back to an adjacent room, before speaking in hushed tones to her associates
>you could barely make out what they said, beyond a couple phrases
"what we need----kill him now---fucking idiot---big money---kill that bitch Twilight---obvious virgin---tacos---steady flow of income---proper outfits"
>After about five minutes of discussion, further bickering, and even somebody getting shaken
>as in "shaking the baby" but with a grown adult, including the titular
>After that, all three, with Aria's hair looking a bit more disheveled than before, returned from their chat
>Adagio began to speak
"We, we three Dazzlings, have come to the unanimous decision that, we, shall allow..."
>she looked at her phone and squinted
"Anon, to serve as our inspiration and songwriting knave. He may serve us in exchange for songwriting and producing credit, as well as any funds allotted to those roles. However, if he disappoints us, and we have to return to this dump, his life shall be forfeit."
>Aria licked her lips
>Adagio extended her hand towards you, palm facing downwards, wrist limp
>you try to shake it
"No, bird brain, kiss it. Do you humans not have any concept of common courtesy to a lady?"
>Adagio smirked as she spoke
>Oh, you know what you are beating off to tonight
>You get down on one knee, and place a single kiss on her ring finger
>Aria laughs
"I was fucking with you, Anon. Let's see how much money you can make us."
>Adagio beckons you up.
>This was it
>the first step on your road to success, and with any luck, the orange-haired vixen of your dreams lying on a king-sized bed, spread-eagled and naked as God had created her

>"So, how are we doing this? I had the idea of using the school's music room to record, due to it have been built with charity recording in mind. We could probably steal some clothes for costumes, and we can always wait a bit for a video after a deal hits. We're aiming for viral fame here, no managers required-"
>Adagio smirked, snapping her fingers.
>a jolt of green light filled the room, causing you to go blind for a second.
>after rubbing your eyes, you adjusted to the light, revealing one slight change
>the place was still a dump, but hey
>The Dazzlings had a trick up their poofy sleeves
>clothes beam.png
It's getting pretty late over here, and I overslept yesterday. I'll write some more tomorrow.
Good stuff. For formatting dialogue you may want to write it like this:

>"Other people speaking."
"Anon speaking."

I'm pretty sure that's the standard. Anyways, good work, and I'm excited for tomorrow.
Based. Although Sonata looks like she’s barely keeping herself awake.
Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_mhQ4_oma0
Always nice.
File: 1642305110044.jpg (175 KB, 1268x1008)
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175 KB JPG
I'd still watch the hell out of a EqG anime magical girl-esque continuance (which, with the whole geode and Equestrian artefact of the week thing, it was pretty close to going that way), and buy the crap out of a Dazzlings themed special/season/full spinoff.
Slightly less chance of it being coloured by current western sensibilities too.
That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s NOT a strange fetish the artist has.
File: 1628446858116.jpg (2.67 MB, 1299x1948)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
It’s so fun listening to them in different languages and being able to just know what they’re saying because I’ve watch them so often.
It really is kind of absurd when you hear them in your native tongue.
I assume this is just what it’s like speaking two languages. Really gotta get around to that.
File: 1651181924406.jpg (838 KB, 1250x962)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
File: 1170039.gif (1.21 MB, 930x520)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
>Adagio's pussy game?
>Absolutely ridiculous
(based on >>38925426, I will be swapping my placement of > for anon speaking and others)

>as the flashbang of magical green light subsided, the Dazzlings revealed themselves in their glamorous splendor of old
>while their fabulously put-together outfits of past days were replaced by a uniform combination of simple blouses, bell bottoms and platforms in the girls' respective color schemes, the grime, grit, and general dreariness had entirely vanished from their bodies
>they had got their groove back
>"Sometimes, even immortal deities need a good kick in the pants to get their shtick back into high gear." Sonata quipped, running her fingers over her curves
>Adagio smiled, twirling on the spot, inspecting herself.
>"We may not have all of our magic, but at least we have a couple of parlor tricks left." The Orange haired seductress spoke confidently.
>You stood before the three Sirens, dumbstruck
>hell yeah.
"Ok, so if you guys are doing alright in that department, we just need some recording gear and a booth that we could use. The first things that we need are a room, a couple microphones, and some noise-cancelling foam."
>"We could steal the microphones from the school, or you could. Petty theft is beneath me." Adagio replied, checking her nails for any dust.
>you shrugged, having a bit of experience being stealthy
>it's not like you didn't steal your mother's booze back in the day
"Ok, then what about the foam and the room? I guess we could take one of these rooms and renovate it a little bit, but that would take a while. We would need a generator, some putty, insulation..."
>"Don't you have a house?" Adagio asked, raising an eyebrow. "You don't exactly come off as the homeless neet type."
>you swallowed
>how the hell were you going to let them into your house?
>how were you supposed to explain this to your parents?
>hey Dad, I have these three girls living over here, they aren't giving me any ass but I expect you to pay for their shit
>this guy had a Kevin Samuels T-Shirt, he would NOT put up with that shit
"Well, that's a bit tricky, I mean I live with my parents-"
>you stopped when you noticed the gesture that Sonata was making
>(you) know the one
>tongue to one side of the mouth, fist to the lips, as if Sonata was inserting and removing a large cylindrical object from her mouth
>like she was "brushing her teeth"
>"I'm sure that we can work something out" Adagio spoke, pointing her thumb at the ditsy taco-connoisseuse
>it wasn't Adagio
>but it had been a while sense you had gotten any at all, so whatever, might as well try it out
"Fine, but you three got to get jobs while I'm at school. I don't care what you're doing to do it, but we simply need money to be able to create good quality recordings."
>"Oh, the fucking gall on this one, tell him why that's horse shit, Daggi." Aria spat, turning to her friend and band leader.
>"Ugh, jobs are dull, and for lesser beings. However, I'm sure that we can score some cash over the course of the day. How much do you need for the start?" Adagio asked you, side-eying Aria.
>you did the quick mafs
>three microphones, high end, three sets of headphones, noise-foam, maybe some cheap barstools, a cheap shag carpet, maybe an extra screen for your laptop and an extra external hard drive just to be safe...
"About a grand should be a good start. The priciest stuff should be three studio-quality microphones. Sennheiser should be fine. German or Japanese brands are generally pretty damn good when it comes to all things audio."
>Aria looked like she was about to dropkick you, and Sonata looked like she was going to faint
>Adagio however, looked neither
>she smiled warmly,
>"Piece of cake. Give us three days. Now, if that's alright with you we'd like to check out if your living situation is an actual upgrade from our current situation." Adagio answered with the confidence and authority that caused you to cum-tribute a picture of her when you were fifteen
>now that was a secret that you would take to your grave
>taking a step closer to you, and wrapping her arms around your neck and shoulders, her gaze locked with yours
>"Come on big boy, being shy isn't going to get you far in the music business. I hope this isn't the first time that you took some girls home." Adagio teased, winking, before breaking the physical contact and snapping her right fingers. Aria rolled her eyes, but both of Adagio's toadies followed her out of the derelict studio, with you at the tail of the pack
>you all walked to the bus stop, and you wondered how you were going to explain this to your "parents"
>you drew a blank at this point, and decided to go with your gut, and say the first thing that came to your mind at the occasion
>you got two part-time jobs that way, because the interviewers liked your "spontaneity and honesty"
>sitting on the bus, you listened to the girls chatter about their comeback, until they finally came to the topic of you, as you got out at your stop
>"So, how the hell did you even come up with a halfway decent song in less than 24 hours anyway? Are you some kinda music autist or what?" Aria asked, while kicking a small rock over the pavement
"Naw, naw, at least I don't think I am."
>You weren't comfortable telling her that you had lifted the song from Gwen Stefani.
"I just feel like I'm pretty good with writing music, that's all."
>writing other people's music, you cocksucker
>but hey, lots of songs are covers that people don't even realise
>Elvis' Hound Dog was a cover, and Dolly Parton originally wrote the original "I Will Always Love You"
>eh, up theirs, woke moralists, you were steering towards siren pussy
"I just really like music."
>"Good enough for me, I couldn't care if you perform blood sacrifices to come up with a solid baseline, as long as it gets done." Aria replied.
>finally, you all stood in front of your front door, and you unlocked the door
>you really hoped that your parents weren't here
>"Hey kiddo, nice to see ya back from school! We were about to call you, but we didn't want to bother you if you were 'gang banging with the homies' as they said in my days." Your father called from the other room, before peaking his head from around the stairwell opposite the hallway leading from the front door.
>noticing the three girls taking off their shoes, his eye tore open in shock
>"Damn son, what did I tell you about pimping? That's not something you need to do until you're out of high school, ha!" He exclaimed, laughing. "Nah, all jokes aside, make yourselves at home, I'm Anon's Dad, don't be afraid to ask any questions you have about Anon's deepest, darkest moments. But in all seriousness, don't break my crap and we won't have any issues."
"Uh, Dad. I have a question."
>"What is it, sport? Let me guess, it has something to do with these three lovely ladies that you brought over."
>before you could open your mouth, Adagio suddenly grabbed your arm, pressing herself against you
>you could feel her flat chest squish against your arm
>at least the little amount of squish that it could generate
>"Well, you see, Mr. Anon's Dad." Adagio spoke, batting her eyes like a catholic schoolgirl. "Your ever so chivalrous son here has offered that we could stay here for a little teensie while, as long as we could pay rent every two weeks. We wouldn't take up much space, and just need some sleeping bags." She sounded nothing like herself, if anything, she was doing a pretty decent Fluttershy impression with a hint of teen Bulma.
>"You wouldn't want to kick out a couple of cute, VERY legal teenage girls to the street, would you?" Aria added, winking at your father, shifting her blouse a bit to expose the tiniest bit of her cleavage..
>"Our father was like, super abusive, and would beat us senseless. He was a regular Joey Fiddle." Sonata continued.
>"Fritzl." Adagio corrected.
>there was a pause in the air
>what the fuck were they thinking
>there is no way in hell that your father would go for this
>this was so fucking absurd, not even an English-dubbed hentai could be any more contrived
>"Uh... You girls wait here for a bit, I just need to talk to my son for a minute." Your father uttered, beckoning you to the kitchen.
>you followed your recently reunited dear-old dad into the kitchen.
>"Your mom is upstairs, watching some TV-show or whatever." Your dad informed you, before turning towards you, and taking a single step in your direction
>due to force of habit, you almost expected a backhand, but were surprised by something entirely different
>a very tight hug, and a pat on the back
>"Boy, I am so fucking proud of you." He said.
>"I knew that all of those manosphere videos I made you watched would get through to you." He whispered into your ear, audibly close to tears. "Bringing home three tens. Aces."
(going to go to bed, will write more tomorrow, oh if anybody has any song or storyline requests, please post them. I won't promise anything, but I will take everything into consideration)
anon can say anything but adagio saying neet leaves a bad taste in my mouth. great stuff otherwise writeboy, the jordan peterson stuff made me laugh
also call me a fag but some scenes of anon bonding with his kinder parents would be nice as a break from the dazzlings bitching
You’re a fag.
File: 1654705991028.png (634 KB, 1000x1000)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
More disco!
I've always liked this artist's works. I wish I knew what they were saying...
File: 1656212590899.jpg (3.72 MB, 3507x4960)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
I have no idea what this thing she’s doing with her hand is, but I still find it cute.
She's smoking, you dolt.
The other one...ya know? The one that's not holding a cig, the one that's doing the weird wrist flick? Her left one
Dif Anon here. I suppose she's trying to act sophisticated.
Most likely emphasis.
Like when you say "That was a big ass fish" and you stretch your arms to indicate the size of the fish
"That was a big ass, fish"
holy fucking shit that is a fine ass
That is a big ass
File: 1659073195653.gif (247 KB, 315x335)
247 KB
247 KB GIF
I swear, if continue to get this kind of sass from you people.
(sorry for being so late, watched a video about Toshiki Kadomatsu and got sidetracked by Honey Select 2)
>you raised your eyebrow
>this went a lot different than you originally expected it to go
>you thought he would just throw them out of the house, frankly, that's what you would have done
>this was all awfully convenient, but who cares
>your dad thought you were the man, and frankly, that's what mattered now
>you gave him a big hug, holding him tight, him reciprocating
>"I was kind of worried about you, never bringing any girls home, thought you were one of those incel guys who jerked off to asian cartoons and shit" Your dad spoke, softly. "Nice to see you getting your shit together. Hell, your doing better than your old man at your age. Three bitches? Good golly."
>You didn't have the heart to tell him that you were just making music together
>it was just nice to have somebody feel pride in you
>it may have been the first time in your entire miserable life
>but that was going to change
>you were going to write those songs
>you were going to make those millions
>you were going to finish your life in a fucking city pop mansion on a Japanese island, smoking a cigar and watching the waves crash against your front porch, with a hot-ass Siren holding your hand
>and that was final
"I appreciate the man talk, Dad, but I gotta get back to the girls. I ain't planning on sleeping."
>"Take as much time as you need, boy. It's Friday night. I'll give your mother a heads up to not call you down for breakfast."
>you were about to go back to the girls
>"One last thing." Your dad mentioned.
>"Make sure they pay up when they said they would. I ain't running a Whorephanage." He spoke sternly. "Now go get 'em. I'll grab you the sleeping bags from or camping trip last fall and plop them in front of your room's door."
>You turned back and walked back to the Dazzlings, telling them the good news.
"You guys can stay, as long as you can cough up 300 smackeroos per month. That's separate from the grand we need to start out."
>you pulled the number out of your ass, it was incredibly generous, but should be enough to cover any long term expenses you may need for replacing any gear, or getting some cheap ad space.
>Adagio sighed, and shrugged
>"It'll be difficult at first, but we should be able to manage. We have our methods."
"How do you even plan to raise the money?"
>Sonata smirked, wiggling her eyebrows.
>"We have our methods", the blue haired temptress answered.
>Your Dad passed through with the sleeping bags, nodding, and carrying them upstairs.
>Aria's stomach growled at that moment, causing your father to turn around, hands still full
>"If you girls happen to have missed dinner, feel free to grab some leftovers from the fridge. We had glazed chicken and some veggies for dinner." He spoke
>Aria darted to the kitchen like a woman possessed, opening the fridge
>Adagio sighed, watching Sonata follow suit.
>"We are sorry to be such a burden, sir. My friends here seem to have lost their manners." Adagio hissed, blushing ever so slightly
>her face turned a shade of very pretty orange
>like an orange tea rose
>you weren't sure, but you don't remember her blushing in Rainbow Rocks or the Groundhog Day special, whatever it's name was
>she was absolutely adorable
>"No worries. Stay out of the booze and it's AOK."
>This man was a saint.
>you and Adagio went to the kitchen, to see Aria and Sonata clearing out a large tupperware container of chicken and vegetables, alongside a cold pizza and a carton of milk
>Sonata had chugged an entire carton of milk
>How hungry had she been?
>you smiled
>to think, just two weeks ago, that they had been monsters that had almost destroyed the Mane Six, and could have "cask of amontilliado"d them hadn't it been for Vinyl Scratch and Spike
>now they were just a couple of hungry teenagers
>crazy how life comes at you like that
>yours had gone from the opposite, from dead-end loser to a guy with more chances than anybody in the entire music industry, period
>you grab a roll from the bread basket and smear some peanut butter on it while Adagio joins her two friends, looking back at you before digging in
"Ain't no shame in being hungry, Adagio. Go for it."
>Adagio turned her eyes downward, biting her lower lip
>not in a sensual way, more in a...
>holding back something way
>they way when you want to say something, but can't bring to stomach the consequences
>she'd tell you when she was good and ready
>she grabs a piece of the chicken with her bare hands and daintily eats it alongside a roasted onion
>her eyes light up as she chews, and swallows
>"Don't think this means anything. I'll pay your Dad back when we make it big."
"No worries. We can worry about that tomorrow, it's the weekend. Lets all finish up here and grab some shuteye."
>after about fifteen minutes, and a little, tiny bit of help from yours truly, the chicken had been picked clean
>the whole damn bird
>not a morsel of meat left
>Sonata burped
>"Fuck my life, that was good." Aria breathed, patting her stomach before turning to you. "So, anon, are your parents TOGETHER together, or does your Dad do stuff on the side?"
"Excuse me?" You asked
>"Aria I swear to Celestia if you fuck this up for us I will cave your skull in with an ice cream scoop." Adagio hissed.
>"Luna, ugh, I just asked, no need to get your clit all sandy." Aria replied, backing off
>you decide to shelve that discussion for a different day, you were too tired to deal with that right now
>you lead the three girls to your bedroom, opening the door, and drag the three sleeping bags in
>they were incredibly comfortable, as they should be for the price your Dad paid for them
>"Central heating, how I have missed you." Sonata mused, before crawling into her sleeping bag. "I feel like a toasty little cinnamon roll."
>she was out like a light, drooling into the sewn-in pillow
>Aria did the same, grumbling about something or another, cuddling up into her own sleeping bag, wriggling a bit like a larva trying to get away from a bird before slowing down and falling asleep
>Adagio looked back at you, sitting down on her sleeping bag
>her fingers pawed at the soft material, almost like a cat
>"Hey, uh anon..." she mumbled
"What is it, Adagio?"
>you were sitting at your desk at this point, powering your computer up at the lowest brightness setting and putting on your headphones
>"Thanks. You really didn't have to do this. To be honest, we don't actually deserve this treatment after we treated you lworse than a dried up piece of dog shit. Don't think this means anything, but you're a cool guy." She explained, bashfully, looking down and avoiding eye contact. "Are you going to do some work on the song before going to bed, or what?"
"No worries, all the music in the world won't help me if it's some scrawny dweeb who can't hold a note singing it."
>you chuckled
"I'll probably go to bed in an hour, don't worry about me. Sleep tight, Adagio."
>Adagio smiled, getting into her sleeping bag
>"Good night, anon. Sleep tight." She yawned, her poof sticking out of her sleeping bag like an orange piece of insulation.
>you turned to your computer

>you weren't going to tweak the song
>it was perfect
>you were going for round two
>to test the musical tastes of this world, you decided to go for something of a different genre
>if the Dazzling's first album was well rounded, you could have a "something for everyone" situation, and then focus on the one or two genres that made the most money from YouTube clicks
>your specialisation would come naturally, and no matter what you did, it would have at least a single smash hit on it
>however, you wanted to keep with the Dazzlings bad girl aura
>something cool, fun and flirty, yet strong and confident
>something groovy, baby
>disco it was
>but what?
>most of your favorite disco acts were male, so you had to go with something a bit out of your comfort zone
>maybe Anita Ward?
>Ring My Bell was very tongue in cheek, but maybe you could save that for later
>you had an idea
>Donna Summer
>you put your headphones on, and get a drum machine going, alongside a brass section
>some car horns, a steel guitar, an electric guitar
>maracas, because you had no fucking idea what kind of specific rattle they used for the song
>a very, very funky bass line
>bad bitch on tour
>oh that guitar almost gave you an erection
>some whistles
>you could see the Dazzlings in leather miniskirts and tacky red fur coats and way too much makeup
>it would be both fun, and awesome
>you hope that they could watch in eight inch heels
>it took you three hours for the entire song, due to the repetitive nature of the track, and another fifteen to write down the lyrics
>a disco classic that was both sexy, fun, and on brand for the Dazzlings
>you gave the final track a quick listen before logging off...
(I'm going to bed, as usual, any requests or critiques are appreciated)
Nice job.
pretty cute
Hell yeah. Disco Dazzles.
I kinda thought she was flicking someone off. But like with her middle finger pointed down.
Imagine the dazzlings as your herolds of war, but you're too doting of them to allow any real risk which makes them pout.
>Aria is carrying your Zweihänder
>she has to wear oven mitts 24/7 so she doesn't cut her hands
>even though you had a massive sheath made for that reason already
>you also insist she take a two hour "sword safety course" run by a guy who's three weeks away from retiring
I love it.
>the three of them wrapped up in a giant super stuff blanket of sorts and tied together
>with only their legs barely sticking out for mobility and their eyes peaking through the small gap in front
>ineffective arrows sticking out of it all over
>their voices muffled and barely audible as they try to cry war while they inch forward in a clumsily uncoordinated effort
>I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish
File: 1629966113123.jpg (1 MB, 2392x2064)
1 MB
File: 1643301470349.png (275 KB, 700x990)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>getting Aria and Sonata’s hair ready; approx one hour if they’re really giving it some tlc
>getting Adagio’s hair ready; three days
I mean, it’s a lot of poof…
File: 1650648475088.png (1.05 MB, 1176x1545)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
It take more work to stop her hair from looking like that if anything. But why would you wanna.
Full Res -->
(Music story guy here, I'm taking a break tonight because I spent all day dealing with the Japanese consulate, so I'm exhausted. I'll be back tomorrow and will also post more to make up for it, sorry)
That’s fine, at least your more eager to update unlike the other greenwriter
It happens. No worries.
File: 1643332003268.jpg (346 KB, 788x838)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
>you tell your friends to leave after the sudden intrusion, the siren reads the room before exiting up the stairs
>you feel a heavy weight on your mind, the clashing of egotism and internal pressures
>you don't want to feel this way but don't know how to do anything at this point
>you lay down on the couch, stretching your body across it while watching the ceiling fan spin in it's endless cycles
>you sigh out loud to the empty living room, what seemed like a decent night dies with you alone
>"Hey, dumbass, what the hell was that?!"
>your upper body jolts up to find the speaker to the sight of Aria with a disgruntled expression painted on her face
>"You heard me, you can't let that pass, are you gonna let this happen your whole life?"
>your head lowers in shame, knowing you've already allowed it this far so letting it pass onward wasn't something you thought about
"No, I just- I don't know, never cared enough to say anything-"
>"Well you fucking better."
>that might be easier said than done
>it often is
>she's got a point, though, you shouldn't let this guy or anybody else push you around
>life loves to push you around, ya gonna shove back or something?
File: 1652563682648.png (162 KB, 500x1500)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>while it wasn't one of the timeless classics, you knew it would surely catch somebody's attention
>if Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Silk Sonic could bring disco back, then you could as well
>you load the instrumental track onto your phone via a USB-C cable
>you turn off your powerstation, and stretch your fingers
>standing up from your chair, you mosey over to your bed, and fall into your covers, rolling yourself up like a burrito
>sleep overtakes you, and you drift off
>no dreams, just sleep

>you are awoken by something waving past your nose
>it's ticklish, soft, yet a bit tangled
>oh no
>you're gonna sneeze
>"Oh fuck, look at your hair Sonata! Good that you're gonna get in the shower."
>that was Aria
>you open your eyes
>Aria was holding Sonata's ponytail, and using it to tickle your nose
>as you looked closely, the end of it was now decorated by a new accessory, a single booger
>Aria was laughing her ass off, while Sonata was close to tears
>Adagio was drinking a cup of coffee and looking at your record collection
>you groan
>it was going to be one of those days
>you get out of bed, and as you do, Sonata goes from close to tears to a full on blush
>Aria follows suit
>then you remembered
>you slept in the nude, and at the end of the day, these were still three women
>you quickly grab the blanket, covering your nethers, before you grab a pair of underwear from your dresser
>"Dang anon, who in your family is Korean?" Aria chortled, as Sonata giggled as well
"Shut the fuck up, I'm taking a shower."
>it was at this moment that Adagio turned around
>"What did I miss?" She asked, looking up from your "Cindy Clopper" LP
>"Nothing. Nothing worth mentioning." Sonata mused, picking the booger out of her hair and smearing it under a lamp
>you stomped off to the shower, taking your phone with you
>you looked at your dick once you had uncovered it in the shower
>you were a grower in real life, and really hoped that you were here as well
>taking a quick check after a solid tug, you confirmed it
>your solid, slightly-above average dick size had been properly replicated over here as well
>at least that's one further concern you can strike off your list
>you decide to listen to "your" "new" track as you soap down
>you hum along, mumbling the lyrics as well
"Bad girls... Talking about the sad girls..."
>you wash your hair with some store brand 2 in 1 body wash shampoo
>the good stuff, such as Estée Lauder, caused you to break out in pimples
"Now don't you ask yourself, who they are..."
>you wash your pits with the same stuff, your crack, your balls, etc
"Beep beep... uh huh..."
>you give yourself one final good rinse, checking if you missed any dingleberries
"doot toot, hey, beep beep"
>maybe you would swap out the whistles for something else
>if it ain't broken, don't fix it
>you get out of the shower, and yawn
Need more glasses dazzles
Sonata looks like she's going to bite your head off.
Adagio looks like she just saw your porn folder and is judging you while disappointed.
File: 1649811444306.jpg (221 KB, 788x1024)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>putting on your underwear, you leave the bathroom
>Sonata is already waiting outside
>"What music were you listening to, Anon?" She asked, as you drifted past her with a towel around your waist
"Oh, I banged out another song last night. I'll show it to you guys once we've got the first one in the bag."
>Sonata eyes widened
>"Well that was pretty quick, Anon." She replied, nodding. "Not bad. Not too shabby."
>she turned back to the door, and walked into the bathroom.
>"No peeking~" She cooed from the other side of the door.
"Ain't much to see, Sonata. Ain't much to see."
>it was petty, but you had to get her and Aria back for making fun of your junk
>the shower head was turned on, you heard the sound of water pattering onto the floor afterall
>you turned into your room, Adagio and Aria were having a thumb war
>"How the fuck do you always win?" Aria grumbled, her thumb being pinned hard.
>"Grip strength, bitch." Adagio, answered, enjoying her victory.
"And the crowd goes wild, ooooooooooohhhhh! What does the world champion have to say for herself?"
>you hold an imaginary microphone under the orange Dazzling's chin
>"Well, first of all, I'd appreciate it if the referee would follow the dress code." She quipped, glancing at your boxers.
>you chuckle, turning to the closet, and select an outfit for yourself.
>Ralph Lauren khaki shorts, new balance ankle socks, and a "Hyperspace Hyperwars" t-shirt
>you had a solid 1500 points of Imperial Guard back in the human world, and appreciated that your EQG counterpart at least appreciated the franchise
>turning back to the two Sirens, who had moved to their phones, you begin to speak
"OK, what's on the itinerary today?"
>"Huh?" Aria asked, raising an eyebrow in a quizzical fashion
"What are we doing? Which steps towards fame, fortune, and power are we taking today?"
>Adagio nodded, before responding: "I suggest Aria and Sonata go and grab some cash, and you and me can plan out some stuff. Write a to-do list, create a social media account, fill up an Amazon wishlist with things we need to buy. By about, two PM, we could go downtown and buy the stuff that we need, depending on what those two can score."
>"Hey, I'm right here." Aria piped up
>"I know, and I really do not care." Adagio fired back
>Sonata came back from the shower, covered in a fluffy white towel and not much else.
>"What did I miss?" She asked, shaking her soaking wet head like a dog
>you got sprayed with what felt like an entire super-soaker's full of water
"Oi, watch it."
>you threw a nearby eraser at the blue ditz
>pow, right in the nose
>she staggered back a half a step, before registering what happened
>her kill switch had been activated
>she jumped on you, and started tickling
>holy shit
>you weren't usually that ticklish, but fuck...
>you were about two seconds from pissing yourself, before Adagio pulled her off of you
(I'm going to play a Fallout NV mod I've been looking forward to, but plan to be back in an hour or two. In the meantime, I need to know something. Do you guys want to read the parts containing non-anon related R34, or do you want me to "fade to black" with that stuff)
Which mod?
New California
I heard that it was supposed to be pretty good
Nice. I'm doing another modded run through the base game myself at the moment. Maybe I'll try that next.
Taking a bath with Adagio...
File: 1653056464554.png (630 KB, 1000x1000)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Must be something in the water. I’m planning a New Vegas run myself once the summers over. I burned out playing through the base game three or four times before the doc’s came out, so while I’m gonna mod it, I plan to keep the core game as standard as possible.
>docs > dlc
That’s what I get for rapid phone posting
Try the Viva New Vegas modding guide when you do. It keeps pretty up to date on how to optimize the game while also keeping the vanilla feel.
(Shit "New California" is challenging, but nice. I like the shields. I'll definitely finish it)

>heaving and having barely not absolutely and completely humiliated yourself, you catch your breath
"So, ah... Adagio. How are Aria and Sonata going to get some cash? Do you guys have part time jobs or something?"
>Sonata smiled, and nodded
>"Yeah! Well, I do, and Aria helps me out to make sure everything goes well. Sometimes I screw up, or a customer gets rude, and Aria is there to make sure everything runs smoothly and fairly!"
>Aria and Adagio are starting to get nervous
"So, what is it that you do?"
>Aria interrupts: "We'll tell you about it later ok, we gotta get going. We already have somebody lined up in 15 minutes, and..."
>Aria looks at her phone
>"Shit I gotta hop in the shower, Sonata, get yourself ready."
>Sonata begins to take her towel off, and you turn around just in time
>this girl was either dumber than a box of rocks or just did not give a single damn about anything
>Adagio was pressing her fingers against the bridge of her nose as if she had a migraine
>"Sonata likes making easy cash." Adagio spoke. "She likes meeting up with courteous, elderly gentlemen."
>you got the picture
>"It was either that or starvation, and considering that she volunteered when we wanted to draw straws, we just rolled with it."
>"I don't mind!" Sonata piped up. "I told you from the beginning that I don't mind. It's not like they are geriatrics, they are just like, 50 or something. For a human that's still ok and stuff. Their dicks usually work, and if they don't, when they do their business, I just close my eyes, and think of them pretty flowers."
>Oh Sonata, you poor poor woman
>"Plus, the last guy, Night Light, paid me 450 bucks just to stick my hand up his a-"
>"Yeah, I know, I fucking saw." Aria retched, looking down. "Let's get going. It's Mr. Cake this time, and he wants the usual."
>You wanted to stop her.
>you really did
>but at this point
>if it's not Adagio
>and they are securing the bag
>maybe a little pimping wasn't all too bad
>you sigh
>a long, deep, solitary sigh
>the sigh of a man who has to give up his principles to ensure the success of his long term goals
>"You've got any issues with this, Anon?" Adagio asked
"Just get me a pack of smokes and a lighter if any of your clients has some."
>Sonata had her little outfit on at this point, and was putting on lipstick
"Oh, and Aria."
>"Huh?" The purple enchantress asked.
"Make sure you get paid, by any means necessary."
>Aria smiled, leaving the room
>"You know what, Anon?" Aria spoke. "Maybe you aren't such a dweeb after all."
>Sonata quickly followed suit.
>you heard a horn outside
>a tuned up 1958 Plymouth Fury was parked outside
>holy shit, that car looked fine
>The person driving it was, unmistakably...
>Coco Pommel?
>no way
>well, I guess if she pays, and Sonata was cool with it
>a bit different from what you had heard Sonata describe
>you guess expanding one's client base can have some unexpected side effects
>diversification isn't just about hiring ugly Californians into the entertainment industry, it's also about increasing your possible consumer base
>you weren't sure, but you thought you saw Coco blush like a fucking beet
>well, good for her
>whatever, you had more important things to think about
>Money doesn't stink, as your great-grandfather used to say
>usually right before he would go on a tirade about how much he hated gypsies
>Sonata and Aria had left, and long sped away in Coco's car
>"So, what's the plan, music man?" Adagio asked
>you paused a second
"Well, I guess you could come up with a social media presence. I've never been too good with social media. I'm more of a forum kind of guy, but I know that it's absolutely vital. YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are the most important channels if we want to get a lot of mainstream traction. Why don't you make Dazzling accounts for all three of those platforms, make them all nice and pretty, and I'll try to plan out our first EP. We should start off with five songs, and we need at least one music video for viral moments and crap."
>Adagio blinked
>"Well, you may not be too great with social media, but you sure as heck sound like you know what you are doing." She commented, smiling, before patting you on the back
>you didn't have the heart to tell her that you knew tiktok like the back of your hand, for the sole reason that you used it to jerk off to barely clothed, heavily photoshopped, Taiwanese softcore actresses
>but she didn't need to know that, did she
>frankly you were just happy about being touched
>Adagio had begun to type away at her phone, setting up profile pics from old selfies, and background pictures from group shots
>she had been typing away at the captions and coming up with snazzy descriptions
>"Three Girls just looking for interplanetary conquest, nothing serious" she had typed
>cute line
>now, it was your turn
so far, you had two songs:
>"What You Waiting For?"
>"Bad Girls"
>what was next...


>in the meantime, at Coco Pommel's house
>Sonata was sitting on the edge of Coco's bed, wearing nothing but burgundy lingerie, while Aria was in the neighboring room, filing down her nails with an emery board
>"So, let me get this straight, you want me to put this on-" Aria pointed to a very large, very black strap-on, with a ribbed tip
>"And then," the Siren continued, "you want me to jam this massive thing up your butt? No lube? Are you absolutely sure?"
>"Uh..." Coco mumbled to herself
>"Yeah." Coco said while raising her gaze to Sonata. "Please do that."
>Sonata shrugged, putting her left leg into the leather belt of the sex toy
(going to bed)
(shit I just realised I made a continuity error please ignore the Mr. Cake thing >>38938829
File: 1629327467826.jpg (2.25 MB, 3242x2115)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Maybe an OCless version of this a while back.
Here are my three:
1. Art Rock would be cool. Like Viva era Coldplay or maybe David Bowie. No rock operas though.
2. Midwest Emo - something like Dilute or American Football. Very light and airy, but emotional. Would fit them well.
3. Industrial Rock - like NIN or YWGWYW by Daughters. Kind of left-field for them but the vibe would be cool.

Digging the story so far. I hope we get to see their rise to stardom.
Fucking based
*Made an OCless version
Don't know how that typo slipped by.
Just trying to see the girls without having to see some fucknig loser oc.
I’ll look into it. Thanks dude.
File: 1642233229335.png (547 KB, 700x700)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
File: 1650938842474.png (284 KB, 589x651)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (2.45 MB, 1500x2500)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
Nice trips
I dunno shit about genres..I just like music..
For some reason I wanna erase her arms but leave the hands. She looks like a Rayman character.
Editors are the best and right up besides request artists.
I wanna take a bath with her, but I would definitely pull her hair in the bath on accident.
File: 1628868725042.jpg (173 KB, 1438x1412)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Love this image
certified /mu/tant
Even if you don’t add the mods it suggest the installation guide and stuff gives you all kinds of good ways to improve the base games performance. It’s really cool.
I like music, but I'm not much a fan of talking about it.
File: 1642997100078.jpg (275 KB, 1280x1656)
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