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File: 1634967914648.png (83 KB, 203x247)
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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying and failing to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are light-hearted comedies about the ponies failing in their attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 10 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://ponepaste.org/1274
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- https://ponepaste.org/1275
Navarone's Writing Rules -- https://ponepaste.org/1276

For additional information, lurk. You could also check out the T:EM/P/O threads for further writing advice, unless it's dead.
So many threads have died, but only Flutterrape has remained. We shall always remain. We are bound to the fate of the board as a lich is bound to its phylactery.


Masterlist: https://ponepaste.org/user/FlutterrapeGeneral
Author List: https://ponepaste.org/1270
FIMfiction Group: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: https://ponepaste.org/1268

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape

Old Thread: >>38762135
File: 1415508493999.jpg (45 KB, 314x294)
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Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
File: aryanne_smug.jpg (36 KB, 525x475)
36 KB
>aryanne realizes that human/pony foals are the true master race, turning their natural talents up to 11
>hfw she's going bear the first ones
>"Anonymous is going to be so pleasantly surprised!"
File: SunSet Shit.png (366 KB, 872x917)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Are there any greens about Sunset in any previous threads? If not, any ideas how a green with Sunset can go.
Sunset played a fairly big role in a Zigzag Wanderer green a while back, but she wasn't the rapey one.
One direction I can see it going is hell, where you nohooves belong. Eat shit and die.
That’s not very Friendship of you, Anon.
File: 1626786502396.png (56 KB, 421x405)
56 KB
The last two threads of shorts are now on a paste.

I can't think of anything witty to add since I just fell out of bed, so here's a song about Maud.
Don't die already!
File: Secret shipfics.png (112 KB, 420x507)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
File: No magic for a day.png (474 KB, 906x1660)
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474 KB PNG
The noodle has been stopped
Thanks Neb
For what was a simple idea you pulled it off beautifully. Thanks Anon, it was everything I hoped for.
File: Posessive Purple.png (144 KB, 744x719)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
File: here and now.png (72 KB, 782x716)
72 KB
Thanks Neb
File: step_up.jpg (23 KB, 640x640)
23 KB
You'll take my wizardry from me when you pry it from my cold, dead body.
ayo off page 9
File: IMG_3988.png (373 KB, 864x642)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Good morning...
So where exactly did Fluttershy get all those combat skills she uses to try and get into your pants...
Them's a breedin' mouth.
Yeah, a breeding ground for Cooties!!!!
She wrestles bears
Your mom and dad weren't wrestling that time you walked into their bedroom.
Well, hitting him with a chair is technically illegal, and they were out of the ring at the time, but it's all part of the showmanship.
Angel bunny is a bitch
File: 1657442681486.gif (66 KB, 316x304)
66 KB
Cute Ponk
>Its a "zebra sprays sleep inducing powder into your face mid conversation" episode
File: 20220721_005724.jpg (1.88 MB, 4160x3120)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
He kumz...
Okay, you've piqued my interest, what's this?
File: 2911341.jpg (3.39 MB, 2500x1874)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
>Luna's never been one for social gatherings.
>Not that she's socially awkward, just that she gets bored easily in the presence of small talk.
>One of the things she admires about Celestia is her older sister's ability to bask in hours of meaningless lip-flapping without showing a hint of weariness, though Luna knows she gets just as bored.
>One of the things she doesn't admire about Celestia is that her beloved sibling skipped out on this meeting to leave Luna standing the battlements alone.
>The corners of Luna's mouth ache.
>She's been smiling at Rarity for ten minutes now, but Rarity shows no sign of stopping.
>"And -that- reminds me of my mother, she's always been keen about fashion though you wouldn't know it looking at the way she dresses..."
>Luna glances sidelong at the banner on the wall of the establishment.
>' Celebrating Five Years of Harmony! '
>It's some event all about the Elements and their various triumphs.
>Celestia took one look at the invitation and miraculously came down with a case of Yggdrassillic Bane the following day.
>Funny, since Yggdrassillic Bane is a fungal infection that only affects magical trees and hasn't been seen in Equestria for two-thousand years following the untimely death of the last World Tree.
>Luna supposes the stars must have aligned to have that happen, though she also supposes the stars will have been given several nudges, taps, and gentle coercions to get them in order.
>Rarity stops talking - thank heavens - bows, and departs.
>Luna sucks in a deep breath and scans the crowd, dreading the moment when a face turns, sees their Princess all alone and oh how terrible and she must want to talk, before coming over and putting Luna's smile back to work.
>She also spies the refreshments table, and her heightened sense of smell catches a waft of alcohol.
>Her eyebrow arches.
>Drink? This early in the afternoon?
>Well. She won't look a gift table in the mouth.
>She's pouring herself a generous cup of aromatic punch when something mumbles next to her.
>Luna turns and nearly drops her drink.
>Luckily, she saves face just in time, and rather than hurling her cup at her new companion in reflexive pre-emptive self-defence, merely crushes it to the size of a golf ball in her arcane grasp.
>"H-hello, Princess. Y-you probably don't remember me, but you, I mean -my- name, is Fluttershy..."
>Luna stares.
>It's rude to stare, but she does it anyway. She can't think of anything else to do.
>She rarely, if ever, gets caught off guard, but she presently feels as though she's been caught with her hoof between her legs by a maid.
>Fluttershy doesn't notice, but that's only because she's staring at the floor.
>Luna clears her throat.
"Good... afternoon, Fluttershy."
>The pony looks up and smiles. Luna takes a cautious step back under the pretence of giving her space.
"Are you... well?"
>"I'm doing wonderfully, thank you. I was hoping you might be able to help me with a problem I've been having."
>Luna swallows despite not having drunk anything.
>Fluttershy launches into a meandering speech about something to do with animals, but all Luna can see, flashing before her eyes like the snaps of a mob of cameras, are Fluttershy's dreams.
>Luna has become very, very aware of Fluttershy's dreams lately.
>It's been hard not to, as they've been destabilising the dream realm for three months.
>Sometimes, a dream, or a nightmare, will resonate with such powerful emotional force that Luna must step in to either bring it to a soft close, or snap it shut and force the dreamer to waken.
>She prefers to do the former, but the latter is sometimes justified.
>Not tending to the resonant dream at all could risk the dream infecting other dreamers, and given enough time and mental resources to spread, a dream contagion could be rampaging across Equestria by the end of the night.
>Oftentimes this results in cults cropping up - many ponies all having the same vivid dream results in easy groupthink, and collective action is inevitable.
>Fluttershy has unfortunately proven to be the exception.
>Most ponies have regular dreams or nightmares. Even cults mostly start from benign visions.
>But Fluttershy has wet dreams.
>Wet dreams so lurid it staggers Luna to even consider them here in the waking world.
>Fluttershy chatters on obliviously, either ignoring Luna's stunned expression or so wrapped up in her own story she hasn't noticed it.
>Meanwhile, Luna relives last night's dream where Fluttershy was yet again doing unspeakable things to the local human.
>He seems to be the sole source of her obsessions, for reasons known only to Fluttershy.
>There were tentacles involved this time, as well as a few well-endowed animals, a great deal of slime, and urethral penetration.
>Luna hadn't known what urethral penetration was before she became aware of Fluttershy's dreams.
>Now her breath tastes like alcohol a lot more than it once did, so much so that Celestia has started asking questions.
>But what can Luna tell her?
>She'd ignore the wet dreams altogether if she could, but she can't.
>Left unchecked, Fluttershy's dreams would ripple out from her mind and wash over Ponyville, then Canterlot, and eventually all of Equestria.
>The sort of degeneracy at play here could risk some sort of societal collapse.
>And so, every night for three months, Luna has had to enter every single one of Fluttershy's dreams, and bring them to a close.
>In doing so, exposing herself to the black depths of the dreamer's hedonistic soul.
>The memories will forever linger.
>Luna continues to stare.
>Fluttershy is a meek pony. She's graceful, well-groomed, washes herself. A model citizen in most respects.
>To think that behind such gentle eyes lurks the abominable mind of a sexual deviant. It undermines everything Luna thought she knew about ponies.
>Who else harbours such thoughts?
>Luna's mind makes the uncomfortable link between Fluttershy's maternal expressions and manner, and her own sister's magnanimity.
>Does Celestia think of the same sort of things as Fluttershy?
>Luna knows Celestia's dreams are pure, they're the first things she checks each night. But even so, Celestia could have learned to keep her fantasies away from her dreams. She's intelligent enough.
>"So... can you help?"
>Luna lurches back to reality and spends a stupefied moment trying to drink from her golf ball.
"I, ah, no, I don't think I can. My apologies, Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy deflates.
>"But... but the animals need the funding!"
>Animals? Luna frowns and tries to recall anything the pegasus had just been saying.
>All she can remember are the tremulous groans of Anonymous, the frenzied pants of Fluttershy, and the wet, meaty slaps of everlasting fornication.
"Forgive me, I have a lot on my mind, how much would the, ah, animals need again?"
>"Just a one-time donation of five-hundred bits. -Please-, Princess Luna, I-I don't like to beg, but if I can't find the funding for them they'll go extinct!"
"Y... yes, of course, I apologise, you make a good point. Yes, you can have the funding."
>"Really? Oh, Princess Luna, thank you!"
>Fluttershy lunges forward and the immortal steward of the moon, night, and dreams, recoils like a startled pigeon.
>It doesn't save her. Fluttershy wraps her hooves around Luna's neck and hugs her tightly.
>Luna stares at the wall beyond the pink mane in her vision with distinct remembrances of Fluttershy putting her entire head inside an anus.
>Whose anus, she's forgotten. She's seen so many anuses in too many dreams.
>Fluttershy pulls back and grins.
>Luna saw that same grin three nights ago before its owner spent five hours suffocating herself on an unrealistically oversized erection looming between Anonymous' legs.
>Fluttershy had been crying, and vomited several times during the proceedings, but she didn't stop.
>Each time the phallus ejaculated an entire milk-pail's worth of semen directly into her stomach, she gurgled for more.
>This meant more vomiting, but quickly she ran out of food to eject and regurgitated the cum she'd swallowed instead, only to gulp it back down between husky gasps for "More."
>Luna feels a cold sweat building on her brow, and an uneasy turbulence takes hold of her.
"E-excuse me, Fluttershy, I must use the restroom."
>She rushes past the confused mare to a nearby corridor, head twisting about looking for the sign to the toilets.
File: 1617312936099.png (188 KB, 1401x993)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>She sees a sign and, uncaring if it's the right one, charges straight in.
>She bursts into a cubicle, grabs the bowl, and heaves her breakfast and lunch into it.
>Luna reflects on herself as she lies there.
>Sweaty, trembling, sagged against the dirty tiles with her legs wrapped around cold porcelain.
>She's fallen far over the years.
>She was worshipped as a goddess, once.
>The Princess stands and lumbers out into the main area of the restroom to check herself out in the mirror.
>As she does, a figure comes to her side from another cubicle and washes his hands.
>Anonymous the human glances at her and offers a weak smile.
>"Too much punch, Princess?"
>Luna stares at him.
>Then vomits in the sink.

Pity the Luna.
Comfort the Luna.
Hug the Luna.

Fug the Luna...?
Nicely done
Poor Moonbutt. She needs gentle ear scritches and belly rubs to help her process her trauma.
File: 1632041753614.png (213 KB, 2540x2670)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>Fug the Luna...?
Her vision of sex is forever stained and tarnished by being born witness to Fluttershy's depravity. Doubt she could even look at (You) without vomitting in her mouth.
But what if Fluttershy's contagious?
File: 1089708.jpg (210 KB, 987x750)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (965 KB, 2500x3200)
965 KB
965 KB JPG
Would kiss those hooves
>ywn share breath with a pretty pony princess of the moon
File: 1039548760938457.jpg (55 KB, 1010x656)
55 KB
>"Very well, stroke my neck. But softly! Don't ruin our coat! We just had it brushed!"
>Soft pony stroking.
>"Oh my thats... very nice, actually."
"So uh, about the sex stuff?"
>Luna vomits just a little bit.
>"Okay then."
>Another attempt to fuck a pony you actually like.
>All ruined.
>Because of...
>Fucking Fluttershy.
File: 87634085723567.png (1.57 MB, 1249x2048)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Be weary, Anons. Stay strong. Courage requires physical strength and struggle. Do not give in...
But I need sleep. Just be on the look out for me fellow anon while I catch like 3 hours worth of z's.
>All according to plan.
Absolutely diabolical.
File: Spoiler Image (149 KB, 1147x1088)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>Day 6969 in Equestria.
>You're startled awake by a heavy knock on the door.
>But then that's routine at this point.
>It'll be that little yellow slut again, back at your door to try another fetish on you with all the annoying persistence of a salesman.
>Dressing gown loose around you, and fluffy bunny slippers flapping on your feet, you descend the stairs while leaning left to right to iron out the cricks in your back.
>Better get this over with so you can have breakfast or something.
"Listen, how many times do I gotta tell you before it sticks, you perverted little fuc-"
>You swing open the door, but it's not Fluttershy on the other side.
>An orange mare with a well-groomed sandy mane.
>You've seen her before.
>At the Equestria games, you think.
>Ms. Harswhinny, is it?
>She glares at the accusatory finger you'd held out for Fluttershy, then scoffs and muscles her way in past you.
>The smell of a fiery citrus perfume accompanies her.
>"Enough of that. Come on now, I haven't got all day."
>You're speechless, and remain so as you watch her march across your front room, sneering at the decor as she goes.
>She carefully perches herself on the couch and spreads her legs.
>You get an eyeful of wrinkled old mare parts.
>"Well?" Her stern eyes hold on you.
"Wh-What's going on here?"
>"You're going to press me into the back of this couch and rut me senseless."
"I am?"
>"Unless of course you're one of those who prefers to take it from behind."
>She twists herself around, leaning up over the back of the sofa with her tail lifted for you.
>Now you REALLY get a good look at her antique bits.
>"Sometime today would be nice."
>She whips out a pocketwatch and checks it, clicking her tongue.
>"I have places to be. Important ponies to meet. Are you going to stand there like an idiot or are you going to come over here and defile me?"
"I think I'm missing a few steps here."
>The scowl on her face grows only tighter.
>"Mister Nonymous. I should have you know I am a VERY professional pony, and I do things VERY professionally. Fluttershy told me I wouldn't have any trouble with you. She was quite convinced that older mares were your fet-"
"Ah. Now I get it."
>You stroll back to the front door and hold it open.
"You can leave now. Sorry that Fluttershy wasted your time, that little pus-colored vermin.."
>You're expecting her to be gone without any further arguments, only...
>Ms. Harswhinny really does not want to leave.
>In fact, she only doubles down.
>"Would you please stop with the theatrics and plow me already? It's rude to keep a lady waiting, you know?"
"I said you can leave. I don't have any interest in having sex with you, or-"
>"Having sex? My dear, I may be an old mare and a professional one at that, but don't for one moment think it won't be the most rambunctious wild fuck-session you've had in your life! When Ms. Harswhinny is asked to take a young stud for a ride she does just that. You'll be hammering my winking wet satchel until your muscles nearly give out, I'll be twisting on the floor screeching in unfettered pleasure, peppering you with kisses and making you watch the fire in my eyes consume me as at last I twist up like a knot and unleash a tidal wave of sputtering orgasmic delight! You'll be scrubbing your carpet for weeks after I'm done with it! Trying to cover up the smell of musk I'll stain into your couch cushions!"
>She's starting to get excited.
>Her professional veneer is cracking.
>"Dear, I'll have you on your knees begging for just one more lick of my tight, wet, delicious snatch!"
>It's really quite awkward.
>She's getting herself worked up while you're just standing there with not even a twitch from under your dressing gown.
>She starts dribbling from under her tail, growing breathless.
>"Or are you one of those really kinky ones? Believe me, young man, I'm a pony without limits!"
>Seeing that her words are powerless against your disinterest, she hangs over the side of the sofa and starts searching around her handbag.
>Out comes a goliath of a black rubber dildo.
>Then some ben wa balls the size of melons.
>"I have m-more! So much more! Don't you want to watch every last bit of that fifteen-incher disappear into my rump? I can take it, trust me!"
"Fluttershy didn't send you, did she?"
>"Mister Nonymous! Don't do anything rash, how about we just... cuddle for a bit? You'd like that, wouldn't you? Or perhaps you're one of the really wild stallions! You can lick my sweaty hooves while I call you a repugnant worm! I... I'll urinate in your mouth! Let you fornicate with my legpits!"
>You push the door open even wider.
>Funny how even a pony who claims to be professional is just as much of a horny little gremlin as Fluttershy once she sees the chance.
>Harswhinny's looking left and right for some kind of indicator of what gets your rocks off.
>"Anything! I'll do anything! Tell me your fetish! Believe me, no fetish is too far for me! I-I'm a professional, after all! I've seen everything!"
"Am I gonna have to pay a visit to the Equestrian games committee?"
>Her head sinks in defeat.
>She stuffs the sex toys back into her bag and slowly trudges back outside.
>"So, it's a maybe then? Perhaps next time we could-"
>Good riddance.
>You head to the kitchen for some coffee, feeling quite proud of yourself for dispatching her so quickly.
>Only, as you sit there taking sips of that morning joe, you realize something.
>Now you have TWO horny mares trying to force their way into your pants.
>You go to the cabinet.
>Grab the whiskey.
>Fill half the coffee cup with it.
Fluttershy just wanted to watch someone else get rejected. Such a cruel mare.
File: 9283546709197.jpg (75 KB, 589x504)
75 KB
Confound these horny mares.
I don't know whether or not to feel bad for her
>Anon flirts with other mares to torment Fluttershy
>Twilight Sparkle
"Hey beautiful, did you polish that horn, or you do always light up the room?" *wink*
>Twilight's face turns a beet red, her legs shaking, as she starts babbling like an idiot
>Fluttershy saw the event unfold while hiding in a nearby bush
>"Anon... h-how could you...?"
>"There you go, darling. That was a quite a large tear in your pants, but it was nothing moi couldn't handle."
"Oh Rarity, you're too good to me."
>You get close to her face, causing her to blush
>You put on a cheesy French accent
"Run away with me, mon chéri~ Let us leave this place and see the world together~"
>"A-Anon, I... Oh my... this is all happening so fast. I had no idea you..."
>Fluttershy peers into the window of the boutique
>"Her too?!"
>She bites down on a nearby tree branch, breaking it in half
>Rainbow Dash
>"Hahaha, Fluttershy really did all that?"
"Totally. I STILL have cake mix in my ear."
>"That's hilarious. Man, she really has it bad for you."
"That's putting it mildly. It doesn't help that she always smells like pee, but she just doesn't interest me."
>You kneel down to Rainbow's eye level
"You on the other hand...~"
Rainbow's face starts to flush
"How about we go see that metal concert tonight, and then head back to my place for a... late dinner~?"
>"M-M-Me? And you? Alone together?"
>Rainbow started mumbling to herself, blushing and looking in random directions
>Fluttershy spies on them from a nearby cloud
>"You laugh about me, and THEN flirt with another one of my friends?!"
>She starts seething so hard, you'd swear that the cloud was going to start raining fire
Pony heavy metal must be adorable.
I like this concept.
Thanks, feel free to join in and do one of your own. It's lots of fun.
>TFW Pg10
no dyin
File: tounge.png (49 KB, 715x842)
49 KB
File: phone.jpg (224 KB, 1825x1145)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
File: IMG_3992.png (655 KB, 1806x1360)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
Wherever she is, she must also rape...
>She looks at you blankly, almost like she doesn't recognise you stood on her doorstep for once.
>You hold a guitar by its neck, and raise it with a boyish grin.
"I wrote a song for you, if you'd like to hear it. It's about nature."
>Fluttershy looks over her shoulder, whether to see if there's a hidden camera or some other mare hiding in her house that you might have been speaking to instead.
>"M... me?"
"Of course, who else would I be talking to? I didn't come all the way over here, or learn how to play the guitar for that matter, just so I could woo some other pony. They wouldn't make me happy, but you would."
>Fluttershy's mouth flickers from an anxious frown to a nervous smile.
>"Really? Oh, gosh, no one's ever... done that for me before. It's really sunny out though, would you like to come inside?"
"Oh, eventually, if I can play my cards right, but I'll just do this first," you say with a wink.
>Fluttershy cocks her head slightly, clearly not understanding you, but you shrug it off with an easy smile and settle down to play.
>Your fingers strum the strings, a pleasant hum resonating out across the little glade before Fluttershy's cottage.
>After clearing your throat, you begin in a low voice.
"I once knew a mare--"
>Then someone nearby screams.
>"Anon, no! That's not me!"
>Your head snaps sideways.
>Fluttershy comes stumbling out of a bush.
>She's bloodied, bruised, and one of her wings hangs limply at her side.
>Stained gauze wraps her midsection, and an ugly rent across her forehead oozes blood down her face.
"Who are," you start to say.
>"Think, Anon!" she yells, her voice hoarse as though her vocal cords were torn "I never would have let you get so close to my house without at least sniffing your crotch! Get away from her!"
>Sudden understanding douses you like a bucket of ice-water.
>You leap to your feet and away from the other mare in the doorway, suddenly fearful of her.
"A changeling, is it?"
>"No! Worse!"
>The Fluttershy in the doorway doesn't move, but she does twitch, her eyes wide and, you now realise, milky.The eyes of a corpse.
>Her coat writhes. Undulations and slithering forms twist beneath the yellow fur like tapeworms beneath linen.
>As you back away farther down the cottage path, keeping the creature in view at all times, the original Fluttershy comes to your side.
>She pats your buttock reassuringly.
>"I-it trapped me below the earth, but I got out and managed to-- well I got out, I'll just say that."
"What the hell -is- this, Fluttershy?"
>"It's a nyolith, a creature of the deep places of the world. They were disturbed by Discord's return the other year, and now they're coming to the surface in search of prey!"
>As if to answer her, the creature in her house opens its maw.
>Something like an arm emerges from the back of her throat, drenched in mucus and made entirely of squirming black and brown earthworms longer than your own limbs.
>The end of the arm, a sort of fist, uncurls into eight elongated proboscises that grasp at the air like fingers.
>An insectoid shriek rips forth from the creature, and the Fluttershy skinsuit it was wearing dissolves into a foetid brown sludge around it.
>It inspires disgust and morbid curiosity in equal measure.
>What remains is a strange blend of humanoid and equine, an upper torso with two arms supported by four flatfooted legs, its neck and apparent head being the third arm with the eight grasping protrusions.
>The entire form is made of endlessly twisting worms, their gyrations giving the figure an almost liquid appearance.
>With another unearthly shriek, it staggers forward, arms outstretched towards you, though it totters drunkenly, clearly unused to both walking and being in the sun as it shudders violently under the light the moment it emerges from the shaded house.
>"It's going for you, Anon! It wants to consume your biomass to create more of itself!"
"Well what the hell do we do? Can we kill it?"
>"No! Mortal weapons won't harm it!"
"What about magic?"
>"We're not unicorns, we can't use any!"
"But what about friendship? Isn't that magic?"
>"We're not friends, either!"
"Well, I mean, we kind of are, aren't we?"
>The incoming beast momentarily forgotten, Fluttershy looks away with pinched eyebrows before looking back at you with an odd smile.
>"R... really? You think we're friends?"
>You're about to slap an asterisk on that, but just before you can have a heart-to-heart, the nyolith grabs you.
>Its arm-like head and eight searching fingers seize your face, and you find yourself screaming.
>Fluttershy takes your guitar and smashes it over the back of the monster, but the strange composition parts slightly on impact.
>The guitar sinks a way into its back, then the worms coalesce around it, crushing the wooden instrument like it was paper-mache.
"Fluttershy! Do something!" you say as two of the fingers try to punch into your eyeballs through your sockets. Your hands grip the beast's arms before they can wrap around you as well. "Use the stare!"
>"I can't! It's not got eyes or even a brain! It's literally just worms!"
>Dread fills you as completely as the nyolith is filling your vision, but at that moment you ear something distant.
>A twittering meadowlark, going about its business oblivious to your turmoil.
>The shoe drops.
"The birds! Call the birds!"
>Fluttershy gasps, and with an excited "Of course!", puts a hoof to her lips and whistles. Somehow.
>Birds of all kinds rush out from trees and bushes, and under Fluttershy's direction, dive-bomb the nyolith.
>The marauding bombers yank entire clumps of worms from its body at a time, and the beast bellows in its dry, tomb-like voice, blasting your face with hot-dry air and flecks of ancient dirt that smell like mouldy socks.
>It lets go of you, and flails its arms around desperately to fend the avians off.
>To no avail. They continue to harass the creature, evading its mad swings and driving it away from the cottage.
>As it stumbles away, it loses enough of its bodily worms that its structural integrity begins to suffer, and it collapses onto the grass in a wriggling pile.
>At that point there's no saving it. The birds seize upon their prey with abandon, even local eagles and hawks appearing from the blue to take part in the feast. A pelican tumbles out of a cloud and inhales about a third of the pile, much to the consternation of the other feast-goers.
>Fluttershy sighs and leans against you.
>"Another terrible enemy defeated, and the day is saved."
"All thanks to you, Fluttershy."
>She smiles.
>"So... we're friends, are we?"
"After today? Sure, why not. Let's turn over a new leaf."
>"If we can be friends, does that mean that... maybe there could be love, someday?"
>You let out a short laugh.
"One thing at a time, little lady, but sure."
>Fluttershy licks her lips.
>"Good, because--"
>Your head snaps sideways for the second time that day.
>Fluttershy stumbles out of the same bush that the other one had earlier.
>This one's also covered in bruises and bandages, identical to the one stood next to you.
>"She's a changeling!" Flutter The Third says. "She wants to harvest your love!"
>You consider that for half a second before dismissing it.
"But... she called the birds just now. That's something only the real Fluttershy can do."
>The new Fluttershy pants, her chest heaving, until she suddenly stops and straightens up, abandoning her performance.
>"Oh. Well, poo."
>New Fluttershy disappears behind a flash of green fire, leaving a disgruntled changeling drone behind.
>"It was a stupid idea anyway..." it hisses, stomping back into the bushes.
>You wait a little while to see if anymore Fluttershys are going to emerge.
>None do, so you turn back to your apparent friend.
"So, uh, was there anything else--"
>"Anon! Wait!"
"Oh for fuck's sake."
>Another Fluttershy stumbles out of the same bush, but this one is spotless with no visible damage.
>She gestures at the bloodied Fluttershy beside you.
>"That's, um, that's me from two years into the future, after the nyoliths take over and there's an epic war to try and stop them."
"That true?" you say to your companion.
>"Yeah, kind of," she admits with a shrug. "Are we still friends?"
"Sure. Let's get milkshakes."
>And so, you leave, effectively cucking Fluttershy with herself from two years into the future.

I may have missed the point.
Now is that Anon actually Anon, I suspect he wouldn't come to Flutter's house so most likely a fake.
Probably magical effect put out by the monster.
File: Fetish-Shy.png (19 KB, 511x159)
19 KB
File: a rapist.png (1.4 MB, 5637x8000)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
>"He was asking for it."
>"They're always asking for it. All the time."
>"Every stallion is always begging to breed."
>"And Anon is the neediest one of all."
>"With that provocative clothing he's always wearing."
>"If he didn't want a real mare to ravish him, he would try harder to fit in."
File: 87346502987365023457.png (356 KB, 810x540)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
(You) aren't safe. No one is.
File: resistance is useless.jpg (232 KB, 1111x1006)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>Pinkie Pie
>"Here are those triple chocolate chip cookies that you wuv so much, Nonny~"
"Oh Pinkie, you're sweeter than any cookie. How 'bout after you get off work, we go spend some... quality time together~?"
>"Oh Nonny, I'd love to, I REALLY would. But I'm super duper behind on my party planning schedule. I've got 7 birthdays, a wedding, a divorce, and a dinner party to plaaaaaaaahh...~"
>Her train of thought was derailed when Anon started scratching her behind the ear
"C'mon, you can afford one day off from all that, can't you~?"
>Pinkie's brain was turned to mush, she was blushing and purring at Anon's touch
>She started to drool slightly, as little pink hearts appeared around her
>Fluttershy stared at them through a window, her small equine body barely containing her rage
>"That should be MY ear that's getting scritchies...!"
File: 1359936017176.png (110 KB, 397x429)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
starlight is technically pink
File: miss mous.jpg (237 KB, 1632x918)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
File: 1633201836222.png (1.25 MB, 879x1075)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Rise and Shine Anons! It's a great day outside! Ya gonna stay in bed all day?
>Ya gonna stay in bed all day?
Sounds good
Yes, I am.
I have a kidney stone.
I'm in so much pain that I want to puke.
Just go to the hospital and get it removed.
They gave me an appointment.
In November.
Health care in this country is so fucked.
File: Cookout.jpg (270 KB, 900x659)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
I would say go to the ER but I assume you're a mutt where that would bankrupt you
Are you a sug poster?
>"O-once you pee it out, can I have it?"
>"I'll give it it's own jar."
>"And after that, I'll make one of my own, and then put that in a jar and i'll stand them together next to my bed!"
>"They'll be together forever. Just like we will be!"
That's just fucking foul, 10/10 would make me physically sick if this happened irl.
drink water more often my friend.
>Fluttershy consumes gross amounts of soda and cider to form a kidney stone of her very own.
>During the process she becomes fat and grotesque.
>The cute and abhorrently akward little yellow pony you once knew is now disgustingly fat, and gelatinous.
>Grease and BO pour from her wreaking folds.
>She produces not one but several kidney stones, ruining her urinary tract in the process.
>"Are kidney stones, obesity, body odor, diabetes, and bloody urine stains your fetish, Anon?"
File: 1655056131069.jpg (49 KB, 544x680)
49 KB
File: No Party.png (519 KB, 1229x1024)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
File: smug rares.jpg (45 KB, 400x600)
45 KB
>”So sorry I’m late!”
>Fluttershy shuffled into the empty seat with a breathless sigh.
>The other patrons of the Ponyville cafe glanced over, but said nothing before getting back to their own business.
>”It’s quite alright, dear! Now what did you want to see me about?”
>”It’s Anon.”
>”Again? Hm. You’re still chasing that silly old ape?”
>”I’ve tried everything, Rarity. EVERYTHING! Every fetish under Celestia’s sun. Even the illegal ones. I’m at my wit’s end.”
>”And you wanted to tell me this because…?”
>”I figured maybe you could give me some advice, seeing as you’re, um… kind of a-“
>Rarity scowled.
>”Kind of a what, Darling? Spit it out.”
>”A giant slut.”
>”Well I never! Whatever put such a vulgar thought into your head?”
>”Well, um, you’re sucking on a thingie right now.”
>Rarity focused her attention to the giant stallion cock currently buried in her throat.
>She gave it two hard pumps, swallowed, and then wiped her mouth as the stallion tossed her a few bits and wobbled away.
>”That’s all part and parcel with being a fashion icon, my darling. Signing autographs. Attending press releases. Fellating the odd stallion or two.”
>”However it must be said I’m a mare who knows a thing or two about courting, so I’d say you’ve certainly come to the right place.”
>Rarity cleared her throat and adjusted in her seat.
>She’d been waiting for a chance like this.
>”Now, I believe your problem so far is your approach. Too aggressive. It scares stallions off.”
>”It does?”
>”Yes. A little bit of persistence is key, mind you, but you want to avoid that whole ‘crazy psycho girlfriend’ thing.”
>”What do you suggest? I’ve tried being soft and kind. I’ve tried being loud and intimidating. Nothing works!”
>”You’ve already got a meeting set up with Anonymous?”
>”Yes. I told him there’s a really neat bush by the schoolhouse and he’s over there right now staring at it.”
>”That’s… all it took?”
>”Humans are pretty stupid.”
>Rarity’s lips curled.
>She tapped her muzzle with a hoof, and started to think some very devious thoughts.
>”So let me get this straight. He’s over there, right now, waiting for you to come and hit him with another of your foolish attempts?”
>A pair of green chiseled chests flashed in Rarity’s eyes.
>”Alright. Here’s what I want you to do. You’re going to sit right here, nice and still, don’t move a muscle, and your good friend Rarity is going to go over to that bush and give Anonymous a piece of my mind!”
>Rarity touched up her mane and jumped down from the stool.
>Noting that her breath still smelled like cum, she grabbed a breathmint from her saddlebag and suckled it as she cantered off.
>”And… that’ll make Anon wanna boink my fuzzy little burrow?”
>”What? Oh, uh, yes!”
>Rarity was almost out of earshot.
>”How long do I wait?”
>”Em, let’s call it ten minutes. That should be plenty…”
>Fluttershy sat there, beaming to herself.
>Boy was she lucky to have a friend as generous as Rarity.
>She was so pleased that Rarity had agreed to help, she didn’t even notice the sound of gruff grunting and the repeated marshmallowy yelps of “Yes! Oh, harder! Faster!” Coming from the other side of town.
File: 1389476016.png (203 KB, 900x885)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
So devious.
File: 1621010022038.gif (137 KB, 500x500)
137 KB
137 KB GIF
>”Kind of a what, Darling? Spit it out.”
>”A giant slut.”

>”Yes. I told him there’s a really neat bush by the schoolhouse and he’s over there right now staring at it.”
>”That’s… all it took?”
>”Humans are pretty stupid.”

>She was so pleased that Rarity had agreed to help, she didn’t even notice the sound of gruff grunting and the repeated marshmallowy yelps of “Yes! Oh, harder! Faster!” Coming from the other side of town.

That's three heh's. Gnarly job, Anon.
no dyin now
Bump before it's down again.
Why is this the best thread
like, all the time
File: imminent rape.jpg (496 KB, 808x1280)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
playing with fire
File: Don't open the window.png (991 KB, 1600x1300)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
File: 1630784916949.jpg (92 KB, 880x737)
92 KB
aight now, keep playin
File: indoorpoultryfarm.jpg (55 KB, 680x510)
55 KB
celestia FEARS the indoor chicken farmer
Bugger off.
Looks like a good time
File: 1588822216238.gif (3.88 MB, 800x449)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB GIF
she got some crazy mane manipulation abilities, though she cant quite control it yet.
>Remembering the episode where Fluttershy acts to the extreme of the clothes she wears.
>Anon devises a plan to make Fluttershy wear something that makes her act to not want to rape him
But what would a lesbian horse wear?
>A smug Anon gets Fluttershy into a nun's habit, fully convinced that his problems are solved.
>Unfortunately, as Fluttershy's sole knowledge of the outfit comes from her filthy smut collection, this only serves to exacerbates the issue.
"Fluttershy, what the fuck is THAT?"
>"I-- hah! I-it's a d-d-- ohfuck-- demon, Anon!"
"He's huge!"
>"H-heck yeah he's h-huge!"
"Why is he in your cottage?"
>"He was d-drawn hERE! B-by my virgin Chri... Christian flower!"
"Did you literally summon a demon just to see if it was my fetish?"
>"Ye-- YES!"
>"Is it working?"
Look at all those chickens
don't pluck from the vine anon, it's gone, old and no more.
File: 1544279861747.png (86 KB, 606x610)
86 KB
I was wondering why all my underwear has been smelling like animal bedding and piss
File: 1615458787128.png (2.52 MB, 1754x1240)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
Back again. Not too big of an update this time around, but still significant. When we last left Flutters off, she was pretty down in the dumps on the way out to the Rock Farm.

>She didn’t come by today.
>It shouldn’t alarm you.
>It shouldn’t make you nervous.
>You still find yourself lingering by the door as you pass it throughout the morning.
>Did she finally take the hint?
>... Doubtful.
>She must be planning something.
>Might’ve been an emergency at the cottage.
>Or been in an accident herself.
>Whatever the reason, it’s not your problem.
>You cross your arms and stubbornly try to stand by this train of thought, sitting on the couch and pretending you felt relaxed.
>Seconds tick by, and the silence of your home brings with it no relief.
>You’re out the door before you can kick your feet up on the coffee table.

>No sign of her at the cottage.
>You stand before a meandering flock of geese near Fluttershy’s pond, looming over them with crossed arms like they ought to know what you’re looking for.
>You’re not about to try communicating with waterfowl, so your impatient display will have to do.
>They’ll crack eventually.
>A big one ducks it’s head below the water, before popping back up and shaking stray droplets all over your shoes.
>They’re tough cookies, gotta give ‘em that.
“... Fucking- okay. Where’s Fluttershy.”
>One of the babies turns its head to you.
>You’re an idiot, Anon.

>”Hail thee, I quote: ‘Number-One-Best-Friend-Of-Rainbowdash-Champion-Holder-Eighteen-Years-In-A-Row,’ I am Igneous Rock. Thou does not go by this previously mentioned moniker, I suspect, and therefore will henceforth deem to address thou by given maiden name, Miss Fluttershy, lest thou decree against this. Though welcome presently as kin of mine own sireage, curiosity beg mine asking: By what pretense draw ye unto our family’s Celestia-given homestead?”
>You blink.
>Silence reigns.
>You blink again.
>Igneous Rock continues to stare, seemingly unphased by your lack of response.
“Do… Do I have the wrong house?”
>You know you didn’t.
>This just didn’t seem possible.
>”Perhaps, forsooth, thou do. If thou hast not come in search of the Pie family, then thou hast indeed come unto erroneous hearth.”
>It’s possible.
>By Celestia, how did Pinkie never mention this.
>How is Pinkie… even Pinkie.
“... N-no, I am, um, looking for the Pie residence. Here, I mean.”
>Igneous continues his seemingly bored staring.
>”Then, hark. My kin currently are at work, harvesting that which is struck from the earth. However, due to current auspicious happenstance, I will deem it proper to call them from their toil to sup morning’s meal early. Please make way, Miss Fluttershy.”
>Still unable to believe the sight, you follow the stallion’s every move as he, with slow poise unmatched by anypony you’d ever seen, meticulously makes his way to a nearby bell.
File: erfggresgggreesrg.png (95 KB, 503x740)
95 KB
>It is rung exactly three times, and, after a minute spent in silence, three figures appear from a distant quarry.
>They each keep their gait slow, though it’s obvious which among them moves as Igneous does.
>You’d seen pictures of Pinkie’s other sisters, though you hadn’t seen her mother or father.
>Limestone and Marble, you can identify, and the third among them, you assume must be their mother.
>If Pinkie had ever told you her name, you did not remember it.
>In time, on their own time, the trio come to meet you.
>”Fair welcome, I quote: ‘Number-One-Best-Friend-Of-Rainbowdash-Champion-’ “
“J-just Fluttershy will suffice.”
>The mare with a tight bun stares for a moment, before nodding chastely.
>”Indeed. Fair welcome, Miss Fluttershy. I am Cloudy Quartz. These are but two of our four daughters, Limestone Pie and Marble Pie. Thou hast long since known both Pinkamena Diane Pie and Maud Pie, as I oft have been informed by Pinkie Pie’s letters from your town of Ponyville. Please, daughters, do give Miss Fluttershy proper greeting whilst I venture to question father on his early ringing.”
>Limestone gives you a mumbled greeting, before catching on and spitting the small pic from her mouth.
>Marble, on the other hand, gives only but a mumbled greeting.
“U-umm… H-hark to, to thoust both, gentle… mares.”
>Cloudy’s head snaps to you, and Igneous’ eyes go wide.
“Eep! I’msorry.”
>You whisper, flinching in place.
>” ‘Tis no issu-”
>Cloudy cuts off her husband.
>”Thou may speaketh as we if thou so chooseth, please, forgive mine sudden arousal at thy words. I did not know thou were one of our own, truly.”
>Limestone rolls her eyes, moving past you to get inside.
>”You don’t need to talk like that, Miss Fluttershy. I don’t know why they do it either.”
>Even Marble nods her head, still not choking out more than a peep, before following close behind her big sister.
>You swap your sight between the two groups breaking apart, unsure of what to do next.
>”Cloudy Quartz, dearest wife mine, I have rung the bell out of the occasion of having Miss Fluttershy’s visitation. I believe it necessary to celebrate with break fast early.”
>If you didn’t know any better, Cloudy and Igneous were in a very intense staring contest.
>But both parties were also seemingly very bored.
>”Thoust made the proper decision, husband Igneous Rock.”
>Appeased, Cloudy turns back to you.
>”Miss Fluttershy, thou must ache with hunger, after traversal of such that is in pursuit of our homestead. Please, enter and join us for a meal.”
>Indeed, you certainly did ache with hunger.
>The thought hadn’t even struck you until now.
>All you had eaten yesterday was breakfast and a bit of popcorn after nightfall.
>Drive can… get in the way of things, it seems.
File: iggy.jpg (152 KB, 1015x1024)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Rock soup, while visually unappetizing, isn’t something to knock before trying.
>You tip your third serving to your mouth, sputtering a bit as the lump of rock bumps against your upper lip.
>Still not quite used to this.
>It’s a… drab mood, not to be rude.
>All tend to their own bowls of soup chastely, with Igneous dolling out refills with a ladle on standby as his daughters finish their portions.
>Not often are you the one to break the silence.
“So… I cometh to thy, um, humble abode out of desire to- to plea for advice.”
>Cloudy shifts her eyes up from her meal, dabbing at her lips with a tablecloth before speaking.
>”Thoust come far, seeking only advice. Please, share thine plea so that we may assist.”
>If Cloudy was judging your poor imitation of her family’s mannerisms, she hid it well under her monotone veil.
>Would… Would they be upset if you told them?
>Pinkie’s parents seem rather conservative, to say the least.
>You may need to tread carefully here.
“Mine conundrum is such: The suitor this heart pines for is… n-not returning mine affections. I’ve tried in many different ways to make him see the lengths of my longing, but alas. I-if there’s any hope at all for success, I cannot… yield it without the aid of others. So if I may be so bold to ask, how is it you found love with Mr. Igneous Rock?”
>Unceremoniously, each pony’s bowl finds it’s way back down to the table.
>If things were quiet before, well, they’re silent now.
>Oh my.
>Cloudy’s disposition doesn’t break, if that’s at all a good sign.
>”Once, two families called this land home. We tilled our fields nearer and nearer until our rocks becameth theirs, and so too did this family.”
>Igneous nods.
>”Indeed. Mine family’s patriarch found it proper to consolidate, and just as the sedimentary conglomerate binds in the riverbed, it was made so.”
>Limestone rolls her eyes, returning her soup.
“... Gosh, that’d make things easier on my- er, mine end.”
>Cloudy’s ears fold back ever so slightly for a moment, no doubt due to your flagrant exclamation.
>”Pardon. Reminiscing on such carnal pleasures has myself betwixt with emotion. I will return.”
>Cloudy excuses herself into another room, never once showing any tell that she’d actually felt anything at all.
>Igneous too seems to feel that same ‘heat,’ his eyes falling shut as his wife exits the dining room.
>That is to say, up until he thinks her out of earshot.
>”S-she’s a monster in bed. It’s brutal.”
>Limestone chokes on her soup, the wooden bowl spilling over the table.
>”Yeah, I mean, gosh, yeah. She goes ballistic.”
>Igneous’ whole disposition changes- the once calm, grim stallion whispering out his secrets like a guilty sinner before a Priest.
>”I-I don’t even know where she came from. I was just farming the rocks like always, I blink, and we have four foals. I mean, you can’t explain that.”
File: esrfggersgtrsger.jpg (154 KB, 1024x1024)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>You chance a look to his daughters, and you find their eyes too meet yours, surely looking for some sort of guidance.
>I-is this your fault?
>This is your fault.
>Igneous continues, almost shaking as he hunches over the table, breaking many unspoken rules of dining decorum.
>”A-and the talking thing? I-I don’t know why she likes it, but oh my Celestia she nearly kills me after dinner each night. How we don’t have an army farming these quarries, I can’t tell you but-”
>Cloudy returns through the doorway, looking no different.
>You feel dirty.
>Like you need to brush your teeth.
>Just like that, the clock is reset.
>Igneous doesn’t even clear his throat.
>Silence reigns yet again.
>Nopony seems keen on eating anymore.
>Well, except for Cloudy.
>”Hast thou taken thine fill? Thou may stay with us for the night, but if that was all thine heart sought, one would believe thou return home should be taken with a lined gut.”
“I-I’m stuffed.”
>You spot the tiniest downward curl upon the matriarch’s lip as her eyes return to her broth.
>It’s small, but it’s there.
>Poor Igneous.
>What have you done to Limestone and Marble.
>They’ll never look at their parents the same way again.
“Har- ck!!”
>That ‘hark’ may have come out a bit more like a cough.
>You hope Cloudy doesn’t think you’re a quitter.
“I-if I may, um, get back on track: I always just seem to… to stumble when I’m around my suitor. I just can’t take the pressure, or my head gets all… crazy…”
>So too do you stumble to find the words that might define your emotions.
>Yet again, you do yourself no favors, even when outright begging for help.
”I just can’t get it right. I always melt. Now my fear is: Have I dug myself too deep? Even if I knew the trick to win Anon’s heart; he’s given me so many chances and I’ve blown every single one. What if he’s just waiting me out? It’s… it’s so easy to say no, and- and so hard to throw myself at his door every day, and- ooh… I’m rambling…”
>Sure, tell them the same thing you’ve told all the others.
>This will be another bust of a visit, just like with Hondo and Cookie.
>Just like with all the families, in fact.
>You’ve learned nothing– there’s been no eureka.
>A sad march across Equestria is all; embarrassing yourself in front of parental figures.
>Your voice trails off and you wallow in the glum expression you see in the traces of broth that fill your bowl.
>It’s rippling doesn’t make you feel any better.
>As if you hadn’t managed to ruin the Pie family’s breakfast enough, crying at the table surely must seal the deal.
>”... I admit, thoust not the mare I assumed, and shame on me for the forwardness to do as such.”
>You peer up from your sulking.
>Cloudy Quartz meets your woes not with confusion or spite, oddly enough.
>Shame upon thou for ye own forwardness.
File: 1590712089271.png (3.74 MB, 1742x1480)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB PNG
>”From mine readings of ‘Mothers and Fathers of The Elements of Harmony Penpals;’ and Husband Igneous and mineself’s discussions on said readings thereafter: We were of the shared thought that thoust be a pony of exceeding courage and fortitude,”
>Cloudy idly repositions her bowl, making it inline with the other bowls on the table.
>”our own reared Pinkamena Diane Pie hast time and time again heralded similar assurances on thine character, and yet; I see not that mare before me.”
>Ouch, though correct.
>The Pie matriarch taps a hoof to her lip.
>”And yet, my mind does struggle to define the veal of a mare otherwise, who’d venture so wide across Equestrian plains for but matters of family. None forced ye, but thy fears be damned, thoust still present thineself before those who are none but strangers to thee, and bare thine aching heart all the same.”
>Her eyes fall closed, and Celestia as your witness, you swear you can just barely make out the twinges of a knowing smirk on her lips.
>”Thoust say thou ‘melts,’ but I ask just this: Why then have ye not yet melted before ourselves? Tears, so be it; ye still remain at mine table. I see loyalty, devotion, and honor before me. Nothing less. Ye, who, by Pinkamena’s own words: ‘Stared at a big scary ancient dragon until he exploded into a big weepy baby?’ “
>Limestone remarks “you exploded a dragon!?”
>Cloudy resumes before you can explain that no exploding was involved.
>”Further: ‘Personally lead the charge of a super-duper tired army of pegasi to funnel water all the way up to Cloudsdale?’ If thou consider these feats as failures, I cannot but wonder how you define success.”
>Your wings begin to fold around you as you retreat behind your mane, so that your blush might be hidden.
“G-gosh… I didn’t know Pinkie wrote so much about me…”
>Igneous chirps up “she and Maud are the scholars of our family.”
>Limestone rolls her eyes.
>Readying her final punch, Cloudy starts herself again.
>”How then, since thou now standeth before us, can’t these fears that grip ye so tightly be all but thoust mind rebelling against itself? Because the mare I see before me may stumble, as we are all w’ont to do sometime or another, but ne’er will she fall.”
>To your utter shock, Cloudy again rises from her seat, but this time she comes to you.
>Her gait remains measured, her tone unchanged; but here she is now, gently cupping a hoof to your cheek in support.
>”This mare, of whom I’ve heard only cheers and praises lauded following utterance of her name, how can she not hear that which all ponies who possess the good fortune to witness her proclaim? How can she not see the thanks upon their faces?”
>”Hark, there’s great fire within thee, Fluttershy. Perhaps it burns bright enough that ye mistake it for melting.”
File: 1578197005153.jpg (72 KB, 925x863)
72 KB
>... Damn anypony who’d cock their head or turn up their snout at the Pie Family’s vernacular.
>You throw yourself around Cloudy’s neck, wrap her in a bear hug fit for Harry, and just sob.
>You sob for a long while, and you don’t care.
>All the while, Cloudy Quartz returns your affection, whispering sweet archaic lullabies into your mane as you weep.
>You don’t care how far away they live, you’d be visiting the Rock Farm again soon.

That's all she wrote for now. I'm still not happy with how long it took me to get this out-- about a month since my last update. All the same, hope you're still enjoying. Any critiques or questions welcome, as always. Will update the ponepaste now.
File: 1621818374358.png (29 KB, 500x2000)
29 KB
More to come!
File: Seasonalshy.jpg (160 KB, 915x1024)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Found in the Fluttershy thread, seemed relevant.
Very nicely done, I really look forward to your updates.
Good shit as always. Not much to say on this one, it was only a small scene, though it was good to finally 'meet' Anon. You wrote the Pie family dialect very well, it was believable to read and didn't stumble in a way that dragged me out of it.
Also RIP Igenous' pelvis.
File: Disguised.jpg (77 KB, 800x552)
77 KB
Marish mares like Umbra or Fleur are my fetish, but Fluttershy is not one of them.
No, that Photo Finish tninks Shy's doesn't change anything. PH has a shit taste.
Rape Noodle is fine.
File: 2334772.gif (758 KB, 720x768)
758 KB
758 KB GIF
File: IMG_3995.png (461 KB, 1556x1326)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Be wary of Anon traps. Bottom line, if it seems too good to be true, or perhaps more importantly, if it seems too weird to be real, then it probably is.
Very sweet. I'm somehow not surprised by Igneous suffering, Cloudy's lovemaking must be biblical.
Have been greatly enjoying the ride so far, much appreciated compadre. Personally excited for more of Anon's bumbling.
get off 7
File: 1630817614653.png (270 KB, 1024x1280)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Good morin'
What's so good about it?
Nothing political about raising chickens
File: FlutterFriday_2.png (82 KB, 640x360)
82 KB
I wanna give MAS Fluttershy a hug, but I'm sure she's interpret it as me taunting her somehow. Also there's a non-zero chance it'd be regular rapey Fluttershy trying to trick me.
MAS Fluttershy doesn't look too good.
>MAS Fluttershy is the only Fluttershy to gain sympathy from FR Anon's.
>They think she'll just be rapey like other Fluttershys, but soon finds that she's just. . . Sad.
>Fuck, man. Anon didn't know ponies could get this sad.
File: mad apple.png (630 KB, 1280x720)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
The only thing stopping her from being a rapist is her own crippling self esteem issues.

>"I say that we go in there, and convince him to go out with us!"
>"Isn't that a little rude? Besides we need to get past the locks on his doors and windows. . ."
>"No! Anon is an other-worldly being of great power! We must prostrate ourselves before him to get anywhere!"
"Um, I'm sorry, but I don't want to be here."
>". . . Excuse me?"
"Well, Anonymous is a very good friend of mine. . . Okay, he's the ONLY friend of mine, and he means a lot to me. He's always really nice to me, and helps feed the chickens and makes me feel better about where I am in life. He even helped me feel a little less depressed by showing me that I was better at gardening than animal care."
>"What are you saying?"
"Oh, um, ah, well- oh. . . I'm so terrible in front of others! Im saying that. . . maybe instead of focusing so much on trying to force Anon into a romantic relationship with very. . . Um, unsettling methods that we can just treasure the relationships we have with them instead. . ."
>"Which Fluttershy are you again?"
>"The sign in sheet says that they are MAS Fluttershy."
>". . ."
>"I say we vote them out like we did to Canon Fluttershy!"
"Oh. . . Okay then. I guess that solves that."
Poor canon Fluttershy would be so confused. Who’s Anon? Which might turn into outright rage when she finds out these other Shy’s rape him. They voted her out to avoid anymore ass kickings.
File: IMG_3996.png (437 KB, 1080x1920)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
So she's a rapist, but she's conflicted about it.
That's comforting.
>"I want you to know I have serious reservations about this, Anon."
"I'm hilted inside you and just came."
>"I know, but despite that I don't really want to do this."
"It's the third time I've jizzed. I can feel you milking me."
>"Again, true, but I feel really awful about it."
"Your hips are still grinding back and forth."
>"They're doing that on their own, look, I'm telling the truth, I never really wanted this to happen. All I wanted to do today was feed the ducks, paint my front door, and read my book."
"Why are you reapplying your lipstick?"
>"Just need you to understand where I'm coming from. I wanted a nice afternoon but I'm being forced to come here and do these awful, awful things. It's not right, it's immoral! I'm a mare under duress."
"You're not the one duct-taped to a hospital bed."
>"No, but I still have my own burdens pressing down on me. I've got a sinner's head but a saint's heart."
"When the nurse finds you you'll get arrested."
>"I'm sure she'd understand if she saw me, not that she'll be on shift this late at night."
"I'm gonna start yelling again."
>"Then I'll have to put the tape back over your mouth."
"Right. But... you'll do it reservedly--"
>"Reservedly, yes, because I have reservations."
"Alright. Whatever. HELP--"
>"Oookay, that's enough out of you there. I'm sorry."
"Mphmm mmph mmm!"
>"So sorry."
>"This whole thing is making me feel just awful. I know you can't talk right now, but could you say I'm a bad girl? I already know I am, but just to confirm it. I don't have to hear the words exactly, just sort of mumble them, I'll know what you're saying."
"Ymp m phmmhm." [You're a faggot]
>"Oh yes, I -am- a bad girl, aren't I? I'm so awful for doing this! I'm an awful, awful, -awful- p-pony! Haah!"
"Ymp hmhmm hphm hm." [You're going faster]
>"That's it, Anon, call me mommy!"
"Hph hm." [Fuck you]
>"I love you too!"
Not bad
So this is how she ended up in jail thus leading to her using magic to talk to him on his phone during her 'excused' saving the world moments.
Reminds me of that one shot where Anon and Fluttershy are having coffee at a diner or something and they're discussing how all the other anons and Fluttershys eventually hooked up if I remember correctly. Either way it was super meta and it was hilarious.
I remember something about an interdimensional dinner
>"Knock, knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Rape who?"
>"Rape Anon, silly!"
"I'm not opening the door."
>"Oh, ponyfeathers!"
Probably her best attempt yet.
I really want to read it now.
no cloppo
File: 565069.gif (2.33 MB, 992x950)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB GIF
i need help, i want to pound that.
Avert your eyes
File: 1462424801782.gif (99 KB, 320x280)
99 KB
Beehave yourself
File: 238975460923572.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Thats just what shes after you fool!!
Weak. You are weak. Your anscestors weep in despair that the struggles of their bloodlines resulted in something with as little constitution as you. You are a disgrace to your lineage.
File: Nordpone PT1.png (484 KB, 800x522)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
>That feeling when a pack of mares led by a horny breezie attempt to kidnap you for *ahem* purposes.
>That feeling when you are rescued by a much larger mare.
File: Nordpone PT2.png (3.17 MB, 2133x1200)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
>That feeling when you learn she rescued you so that she could claim you for herself.
File: Breezie.png (1.18 MB, 1722x2913)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>And it was all started by this little bitch.
>At least his pelvis would still have been intact.
>"Oh!" *giggle* "Oh Anonymous, heavens no!"
>"I'm a professional."
>"I'm not trying to 'cop a feel' as you put it."
>"Now please, take off your clothes and lye down."
>"I have to get your m-measure," *heavy breathing* "uh." *ahem*
>"Measurements, dear~."
Excerpt from an old story...

>”Well now, what can I do for you?”
“Well, if you’re not too busy, I’d like to take you up on your offer of a couple of outfits. I really ought to return that robe to the spa, one day.”
>Rarity’s eyes light up.
>“Oh, I thought you might never ask! What sort of outfit do you have in mind?”
“Well, I prefer simple, utilitarian clothes, kind like what I have on now.”
>Rarity walks around you, studying your outfit with a critical eye.
“Also, maybe something that’s a bit more rugged, for outdoor work.”
>”Hmmm. Well, your current choice of clothing is a bit drab for my tastes, to be perfectly honest, but I’m sure I can come up with something fantastic to fit the bill.”
>She approaches you and tugs experimentally on your trousers, noting the way they fit to you.
>”Fluttershy, be a dear and get my camera from my inspiration room, would you?”
>”Sure,” the yellow pegasus replies, heading into an adjoining room.
>A tape measure levitates from a nearby table and unfurls as it floats over, settling over Rarity’s withers.
>She gives your belt a couple of tugs.
>”Anon, would I be right in thinking that you’ve lost weight since you were fitted for these clothes?”
>Go ahead. Try not to blush.
“Uh, yeah, probably. And this suit is off-the-rack, actually.”
>Rarity looks positively horrified.
>”Off the rack? Oh, no-no-no-no-no, that will never do at all!”
>Fluttershy returns carrying a camera on one wing, which Rarity levitates over to her with her horn.
>”Thank you, dear. Now, up on the platform , Anonymous, and let me take a few shots for reference.”
>Goldie sits and watches as you shrug and step up onto the same platform recently occupied by Rainbow Dash.
>”That’s good,” Rarity says, raising her camera and focusing.
“Should I do anything?”
>”Oh, just turn around slowly, so I can get different angles.”
>Feeling slightly self-conscious, you comply with her directions as she takes several shots.
>”Now strike some different poses, I want to see how the clothes move with you.”
>Feeling even more self-conscious, you try to look dynamic, but really you end up imitating pro wrestling poses.
>The fact that Goldilocks is audibly giggling does nothing to help.
>Fluttershy even throws in a quiet cheer, as in you can barely hear it.
>”Woo-hoo, way to go, Anon…”
>”Marvelous!” Rarity exclaims, and the camera floats over to her work table.
>”Now, off with the clothes so I can get some measurements.”
>Whatever soundtrack you were playing in your head to get through this moment ends with an abrupt needle scratch.

“Say what now?”
>The tape measure levitates off of her withers.
>”Well surely you don’t expect me to try to get accurate measurements through your clothes, now do you?”
“Oh, uh, of course not. Where’s the dressing room?”
>”You’re standing in it, Anonymous. Come on now, off.”
>A stand with some hangers on it levitates up onto the platform next to you.
“B-but this is your sales floor! I mean, anyone could just walk right in here while I’m… disrobed…”
>You trail off as you look around the room, noting that you are, in fact, the only one here wearing any clothes at all, actually.
>Rarity sighs.
>”Fluttershy, I hate to ask, but it seems for the sake of Anon’s modesty…”
>”It’s okay, I understand,” she floats over to you and gives you a sympathetic pat.
>”Some people are just shy.” She winks an eye at you and heads towards the door.
>You manage to feel somewhat foolish.
>That just leaves Rarity and Goldilocks looking at you expectantly.
>”Would you like Goldilocks to wait outside as well?”
>You know what?
>This is another one of those ‘screw modesty’ moments.
“Naw. She’s seen everything.”
>You begin to disrobe as both the fashionista and your companion blush.
>”Yes. Quite.”
File: Limestone.jpg (74 KB, 709x473)
74 KB
Don't think i've read this one. Seems interesting that Anon isn't screaming at Fluttershy. Also interesting that Fluttershy isn't trying to sniff Anon's crotch.
I think it was in the Strange Waifu Thread. Not a Flutterrape story, in other words.
Could someone please make a green with this image.
my soul has been healed
Zigzag did a green about it for April Fools day years ago, but he didn't bin it, you can probably still find it in an archive, hell maybe next year will be the year he finally finishes it.
File: 1359936126887.jpg (70 KB, 680x821)
70 KB
Sleep well.
Off 10
Im envisioning the 'Never gonna score' scene from beavis and butthead do America with limestone as beavis.
I admit im a terrible person
File: 28937564092.png (86 KB, 296x300)
86 KB
Well you’re not wrong to.
>Fluttershy is venting to her friends about how hard it was to get Anon to like her.
>Rainbow, being the autistic fuck-nugget she was, says that it couldn't possibly be as hard as she was letting on.
>This leads into a rather unexpected back and forth of Fluttershy asking what she would do in such situations, only for the blue dog to say things like 'just be awesome ' or 'i could do that with my wings tied.'
>Eventually, Fluttershy gets a bit rude and says that 'if she was so confident then why shouldn't she prove it?'
>So the next day, Rainbow Dash visits her good buddy Anon and asks if he'd want to go on a date.
>Not exactly like that, but more like:
>>"Hey, who's got two thumbs and is going to watch some aerial shows tomorrow with me and some beers?"
>Needless to say, Anon was looking forward to the event.
>All the while Fluttershy is silently seething from behind a nearby shrub.
File: mlem.png (344 KB, 974x1001)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
File: 2634134.png (1.79 MB, 1560x2100)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
>True to her name, Sour Sweet has somewhat of a bipolar personality where she alternates between being sarcastic and rude (sour) and obnoxiously nice (sweet). This trait is more subdued in her later appearances.
>She acts mean ... throughout Friendship Games, irritated by ... thoughtless and clumsy behavior, which she believes will cost her team's victory in the games.
>Much like the rest of her school, Sour Sweet is highly competitive and confident in her athletic skill, and she is willing to use peer pressure ... for ... benefit. After this ends up endangering ..., Sour Sweet becomes remorseful and helps ...
>In Dance Magic, Sour Sweet is initially conniving and deceitful, demonstrated when she steals Rarity's video idea for the contest. Her reasons for doing so, however, indicate that she cares about her Crystal Prep friends and classmates, and she shows a much friendlier side toward the Rainbooms in the end, especially with Rarity.
Reverse Flutterrape.
Does she rape him with her arsenal of ellipses?
She uses them all to dot your i.
Hope you had your Wheaties this morning.
That poor anon
File: IMG_3997.gif (90 KB, 400x401)
90 KB
i love u neb; I'm a LONG time lurker here and just wanted to say thank you for everything you've written
What is that thing?
A rapist mare.
She does this on a tree branch outside of the bedroom window each night. What could it mean?
She tried doing the tongue between two fingers gesture, but then she remembered that she hasn't got fingers.
I'm really enjoying your story, can't wait til the next part. Thank you anon. :)
File: 1578354204021.gif (1.1 MB, 816x815)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
File: Buns.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1076)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Quick bump while I’ve got time
She’s getting off doing that, isn’t she
Well if Anon won’t scritch her ears, she’ll have to do it herself
good for anon to not scratch that heathen, that's how you get rape fleas who carry a rape dementia pathogen
How the HELL would she know what that reference is from??
A poor substitute for repeatedly slamming her pelvis into yours, but yes.
Sounds about right.
Whaaaat? No he's nooooot.
How could something like this POSSIBLY backfire on Anonymous? He'll be fiiiiiine.
File: raep tiem.jpg (57 KB, 1104x674)
57 KB
>NARRATOR: But he wasn't.
File: 1649038899747.png (14 KB, 500x500)
14 KB
just let her in bro
I want to be a wizard Fluttershy. You must understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also my videogames are sacred and I don't want pony fur getting all in it.
how did she get into that floppy disk!!
Oh hey. It’s my super slutty flutter sisters game for pretendo
>"Is 16-bit era computer porn distributed on floppy disks your fetish, anon?"
"Yes, yes it is, Fluttershy."
>"Oh my! D-does this mean that--"
"Unfortunately, you're in DOS format, and I use an Amiga, so into the trash you go."
>"Oh, not again! I was so close! Can you at least give the disk to Twilight so she can get me back out?"
"No can do."
Huhuhuh, pony can't get in 'cause she got no thumbs!
>You crouch down and hook your fingernail under the minute door handle.
>The door itself is about 5cm high. You have no idea where it came from.
>Once open, Fluttershy staggers out and peers up, up, and up at your leviathan form.
>"Oh," she squeaks.
"The hell did you do this time," you intone. She flinches as though an earthquake had rocked her world.
>"I followed a bunny down a hole and there was a bottle of stuff saying 'drink me'."
"So you drank the mysterious bottle instead of, like, -not- doing that."
>"I have a problem saying no to ponies."
"It wasn't a pony, it was a bottle."
>"I have a problem saying no to bottles."
"Just like dad..."
>"Is this your fetish?"
"What would you even do?"
>"I could... um. I don't know. Lick your urethra?"
>You stare down at the pony no larger than your thumb.
"Please go back through the door and find a cure to whatever whacko shit you've gone and landed yourself in this time."
>"Then can I lick your urethra?"
"I don't want you doing that regardless of your size."
>"Can you lick mine?"
"Goodbye, Fluttershy."
>You flick her back through the door and slam it shut, and after a thought rest a bottle of water by the little door that had magically appeared on your skirting board so nothing can come back through.
>A minute later, you nearly fall over when a tremor like a collapsing mountain shakes your house.
>You open the front door and see a yellow tree trunk. And another right beside it.
>You peer up, up, and up.
>"So," the leviathan Fluttershy booms, "there was another bottle, and I really think we should explore this urethra thing, I think I might be onto something."
>Fucking Fluttershy.
I think Anon will say no and then she'll have to leave.
She's not allowed to do weird urethra things unless Anon consents. It's the rules.
At least Fluttershy probably wouldn’t realize she could just force it on anon since she’s huge.
File: applebutt.png (890 KB, 2963x3044)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
>”Jus’ one little touch a my caboose, Anon. I can see yer fingers a-twitchin’!”
>”C’mon! You know you want to! I been goin’ heavy on the apple dumplings lately so it’s even fatter than usual!”
Some people on here probably don't even know what that is
That is a round Apple
File: 1553758963772.png (1.14 MB, 2800x2800)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
That’s a lot of cigarettes
For you
File: dating sim.png (85 KB, 847x885)
85 KB
>You touch it
>It's like touching a fuzzy rock
>"Yep. Pure apple-bucking muscle right there, Anon. Whaddaya think?"
>You are now imagining that rock-hard ass pounding your pelvis.
>You are scared, but also strangely aroused.
>Somewhere, Fluttershy's rape senses tingle.
>She seethes for a moment, then goes out and signs up for a "buns-of-steel" gym workout course.
File: 1623269281423.png (1.56 MB, 2820x1707)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
>"HA! You wish!"
>"Our biology is completely incompatible."
>"Turn into humans, and maybe I'll consider one of you. Maybe."
How does that even work? A man can not make two eggs pregnant at the same time outside of twins
File: IMG_3999.jpg (300 KB, 1773x1310)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Reminder that Posey Shy does not have to guess your fetish.
Fluttershy's mom KNOWS your fetish.
"That's literally impossible, all my v-cardsare pristine
>"Yeeaah, about that..psshhh, we maaay or maaay done have done while you slept"
>you look down and check your weiner as if expecting it was stolen, seeing you look at it repressing it for ever getting hard and disgusted that it was somewhere it shouldn't
>then back at the rapists
>you point a finger at the butter one
"SHE, i can understand-"
>then you point to the blue dog
"but how could you? i thought we were friends!"
>"Well, Flutters said you'd be okay with it, as long as you weren't awake for it, and that I had to do it firsr because I was the one you liked most.
>you look to fluttershy
"YOU TOLD HER?! Its not enough to give me truth serums, you have to spread my numbed mind's half trues through the town?"
>"Half trues?"
>Dash looks disheartened
"I dont like you the most, you were the only pony in town i can tolerate and don't give me that look, just because i like you you don't get a rape pass"
>she looks a little flustered but happier
>"Uhh, anyway...I was too pent up to question and after i had my fill she got horny too"
"And why the heck would the yellow menace even think of sharing?"
>"Welll, the other times i drugged you you wouldn't get 'it' up, but i kept trying. After mixing in every aphrodisiac failed, i decided to think radically, and well what's the first thing that comes to mind when you say the word radical"
>the fast one smiles smugly
"You drugged me? When?"
>"If you never realized how bad could it be? Anyway, when Dash entered the room, her smell got you hard and when she talked you begun to trob, all i thought was 'jackpot!'"
>she even pump her foreleg in the air to emphasize
"I don't believe it! What did she even say?"
>Flutters looks at Dash and she nods, the Rainbow takes flight next to you and whispers in you ear
>" horse pussy "
>the damage had been done to your path to wizardry, to your integrity, their brains and they uterus, so you invite them in to discuss the terms of your surrender
File: noexit.gif (380 KB, 221x196)
380 KB
380 KB GIF
her Stare is absolutely terrifying
small miracle that she only had one daughter
File: battle.png (11 KB, 531x499)
11 KB
File: moondancer.png (740 KB, 962x2076)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
I guess Fluttershy prefers a buttered bun.
File: 1346657431548.jpg (22 KB, 530x482)
22 KB
File: Applebutt.png (807 KB, 4000x3889)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
So, that's another Applebutt, then.
Item! Item!
File: Blubbershy.jpg (268 KB, 1777x2865)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
/Fuck my life./
>(You) wolf down the last of your cereal so it won't get soggy while you're at your front door dealing with today's fetish guess.
>Yeah, you know who's at your door.
>And much as you wish you could escape your daily torment, that doesn't seem to be in the cards this day.
/Someone's impatient./
>Swallowing the last of your tasty breakfast cereal and washing it down with the leftover milk in the bowl, you finally deign to rise from your seat at the kitchen table.
"Fuck, cool your jets, will ya? I'm coning."
/Goddammit. Fuck that bitch./
>Not literally, of course.
>That would be the Bad End.
>You stomp over to your front door and yank it open, taking a deep breath in order to deliver a scathing, obscenity-laden telling-off to your would-be rapist.
>Instead, your mind briefly seizes up at the sight of two huge, yellow globes filling the doorway.
"What the fff--"
>You don't get to finish that sentence.
>Instead, the massive globes topple over onto you, immediately smothering you beneath the'r rippling mass.
>"Are you there? I can't see..."
>You can't really answer.
>You can't breathe either.
>This is bad.
>The soft, heavy masses squirm briefly atop you.
>Not enough to give your lungs a respite.
>"I'm just going to hope that's you under there. Umm, is this your fetish, maybe?"
>Goddammit this fat bitch is crushing you.
>"I gained all this weight just for you."
/You needn't have bothered you fucking wack-job!/
>"Um, well, even if this isn't your fetish, lack of condemnation constitutes consent, right?"
>Fluttershy squirms once more.
>"This feels pretty nice, actually."
>You're not only suffocating now, you're drowning.
>And a few m minutes later, you expire.
>Bad End.
>But at least you're not...
>Fucking Fluttershy.
>rigor mortis sets into your dick
>"is reverse necrophilia your fetish?"
And as luck would have it:
Can't remember the last time there was an FR-esque animation.
That’s gonna be good
Oh my
>anything without pineapple
Moonie is best pony
File: IMG_4001.jpg (268 KB, 1500x1001)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
>grape rape
File: MAS Twi_1.png (2.11 MB, 1847x1218)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Nignogs did a thing over in RGRE.
File: MAS Twi_2.png (2.89 MB, 1948x1208)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
>that awkward moment when you're telling off a technicolor donkey and she just goes for it and shoves her tongue down your throat
Well MAS Twi is a huge autist, she could probably misinterpret that.
File: Anon and Eris_1.png (1.39 MB, 1536x1563)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Better get off 9 before AJ shows up.
File: 2323247.png (641 KB, 1121x939)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Don't think I ain't noticed you've been behavin'.
Good boy.
File: Pillow Boner.png (16 KB, 691x597)
16 KB
>Good boy.
File: Nebs greatest work.png (64 KB, 996x1146)
64 KB
Is that a tiny anon?
File: 1642195175862.jpg (172 KB, 646x652)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>"Fluttershy told me I wouldn't have any trouble with you. She was quite convinced that older mares were your fetish."
Well she was right. I'd have to memorize Mayor Mare's schedule to avoid her because if we accidentally made eye contact I wouldn't be able to stop her from getting into my pants. Wouldn't be able to participate in Winter Wrap Up either. Or many big town events. Obviously can't do anything if any of the mane six's parents come to visit because it would be too risky to chance meeting one of the moms. Would also have to start avoiding Zecora whenever she came into town after learning that she's an older mare as well.
You wouldn't think having a thing for older mares could be so much trouble, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. At least it's not something Fluttershy can take advantage of. Not unless she develops a cuckqueaning fetish, that is.
File: 1643721319866.png (380 KB, 1280x799)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
inb4 he doesn't update it ever again and someone leaves a comment in 4 years saying "man, I wish he had finished this" just before youtube removes the comments and the channel gets deleted
What's going on here?
Horses bite each other as part of courtship.
>>38918755 (checked)
she wants to know if violence is the answer
File: 87134658091.png (1.65 MB, 1281x2048)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Love this one
Poor Luna
File: rfewwergsffreagwfds.jpg (71 KB, 800x565)
71 KB
Oh no
>In Equestria
>But it's G5 Equestria
>You had to get away from that yellow menace somehow with that time machine you built with a cardboard box and string
>Despite your new home being that cock pump castle, and everyone you used to know and love have been dead for centuries
>The place isn't all too shabby though, and the new poners are cute in their own way and that is TOTALLY not stockholm syndrome talking.
>But enough of that, you've been spending a weekend to find old Fluttershy's grave just for old time's sake and to return a momento from her
>Remembering when you first got to Equestria and how she almost knock you out with a baseball bat
>Thankfully due to your fast reflexes and Spike being behind you, you weren't the one that got sent flying as a home run
>Why she thought getting KO'd by a bat was your fetish still leaves you scratching the back of your head even now
>Never mind that, you've found her grave stone deep in the ground of Bridlewood
>Who knew these pegasi dogs Hitch has following him have such a keen smell for something deep underground from a single yellow feather
>One such feather that Fluttershy "generously" donated from one of her many assaults on your pants
>After a good diggin', plenty of sweat and drinking water (stay hydrated, kids!) you finally got to the skeleton
>You almost gagged from the sight
>You almost feel bad for defiling this grave and seeing the remains of someone you knew long ago
>If it wasn't for the green plastic dildos and the weirdly preserved and unsavory pictures she has of you
>Pretty sure one of those dildos are where her pelvis used to be
>Anyways, after finally dumping this simple feather where it belongs, you can't help but hear a faint whisper from under you
>You put your head towards the ground next to the skull of what used to be Fluttershy
>The whisper grows stronger but it's still faint
>But you begin to worry when you're almost positive that it's coming from the skull
>You may as well put your ear next to it, not like the dead is known rise around here
>Lifting it up and putting it to your ear you can hear a barely audible voice
"...Is necrophilia your fetish Anon?"
>Immediately you kick that skull sky high out of the grave as a knee jerk reaction
>Beyond that, the grave is reburied and it's time to go back to cock pump castle for a good night's rest
>Until Fluttershy starts haunting your dreams with new fetish guesses
>Because of course disturbing that grave would bring back
>Fucking Fluttershy

Here, have a half assed story.
John Madden, buckball, John Madden
She must've spent ages setting that up.
You brought this upon yourself Anon. Should've left it alone.
File: 1364129278707.jpg (90 KB, 800x772)
90 KB
Night y'all
Night apple horse. Bumping and passing out as well.
File: IMG_4003.png (370 KB, 800x1000)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
>"So... um... are gorgons your fetish?"
>"I'll bet I can make you hard..."
Hopefully Anon has a hand mirror around
Not bad
>In Equestria
>But it's G5 Equestria
They can't rape me if I don't read any farther.
File: 1652300501408.png (481 KB, 1024x1024)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
Anon couldn't predict that Fluttershy's great great great great granddaughter is there. And she wants some HMD too.
File: yay.png (72 KB, 324x309)
72 KB
I have returned after like two months. I finished this at 63,500 words or something. This could've just been a short, but I have brain damage. If you didn't see it last thread/need to catch up, read Day 20 on the pone paste.

Regardless, the whole thing is done, and I'll be posting it bit by bit over the next few days, not going to spam it hard because it's obviously a lot. Also, I really want to be on that masterlist even if it takes like 2 years or something. pls.
>Yesterday was fairly eventful, but mostly par for the course.
>Only if you exclude the odd rainbow trail here and there, and Fluttershy scaring you half to death.
>One boundary you're trying not to cross is becoming too dependent on the castle.
>Especially after what happened the last time the Tree of Harmony worked its magic.
>You don't understand the ins and outs right now, but you've recognized a few patterns.
>Every so often, Mr. Rainbow, your little buddy, shows up and goes to Twilight's castle.
>It happened for the third time last night, just before you dozed off in bed.
>Ignoring it may have been a bad choice, but you were drop dead tired.
>Fluttershy doesn't seem to be able to enter the castle at all.
>And the main thing you're afraid to find out, is WHY she entered that crazy state.
>A slap to the face from Rainbow was enough to wake her up.
>But what got her into it in the first place?
>Is it merely because she got cockblocked, and couldn't follow you around as easily?
>That would have lead to a massive build-up of sexual frustration.
>It wasn't too dissimilar from how a mare would act in heat.
>You've had the (mis)fortune of witnessing it in action before, but this was different.
>They would've been much more responsive, and they wouldn't be displaying rabies symptoms either.
>And they CERTAINLY wouldn't have hulked out like Fluttershy did.
>Not to mention the week-long crime of passion she had apparently committed against Ponka Pay.
>Was she that downbad that she had to rape her best friend just because she couldn't reach you?
>Down Horrendous is more accurate, honestly.
>Down Catastrophic, if you will.
>After lunch yesterday, Twilight approached you to discuss what the next steps going forward would be.
>Telling the rest of the group they need to assemble to stop a Super Rapist(TM) sounded wrong.
>The Super Rapist(TM) being one of them, no less.
>Necessary, maybe?
>Sure, but who really knows?
>After experiencing unparalleled fear, the alternative doesn't sound so bad.
>Animal Hoers in her default state wasn't that hard to handle.
>Provided she didn't up the ante like she did in Everfree Forest.
>You and Grand Autismo decided to simply monitor Fluttershy's next moves.
>That, and Applejack decided today would be a great day for Bomb-Ass Cider(TM).
>You didn't turn her down, but when you mentioned wanting to drink more with her, you didn't think it'd be so soon again.
>When you said soon, you didn't mean THAT soon.
>Besides, getting destroyed isn't really the smartest thing to do when Rape Horse might freak out at any time.
>At this point, you're making yourself paranoid thinking about it.
>After the stunt you pulled running past her earlier, you might just be crazy.
>That would explain why you're even thinking of stepping outside without bodyguards.
>Tossing your fears aside, you throw your bed covers off of you.
>Daily routine time.
>And most definitely shave, because you've been putting it off.
>You almost forgot to cross off yesterday on your calender, too.
>Today is the 21st.
>Opening your fridge to peruse your "mainly" horse-friendly foods, you cracked open a few eggs in a bowl.
>After whipping up a few pancakes as well, you had a certified Breakfast(TM).
>You've got to figure out what Taco Del Pone used for their meat-substitute.
>That would really enhance this meal and bring more flavor out.
>Once you had your fill, you yeeted your dishes into the sink like a lazy person.
>Today, you had a few stops in mind.
>Your drinking "date" with AJ was first up, and you couldn't forget about lunch with Rainbow.
>She'd probably kill you if you did.
>But before you have lunch with Dash, you told Pinkie you'd check on her yesterday.
>Dropping by the boutique before or afterwards to see Rarity might not be a bad idea, too.
>You haven't spoken to Rara since she made you your clothes two weeks ago.
>That's no way to treat a good friend, so you've gotta' do a better job of checking on everypony.
>Even the mares outside of Twilight's little friend group.
>And maybe even that "Starlight" mare Twilight told you about.
>Twilight seems to think the two of you would get along.
>Despite the whole trying to end the world thing that she also informed you about.
>You assume that she's had all or most of her kinks ironed out by now.
>Apparently she's been studying at the Crystal Empire for a little over two months now.
>Internet withdrawal has been hitting you pretty hard, but making new friends has been helping.
>Gotta' keep yourself busy somehow.
>But sometimes, you feel as though you rely on relationships for your happiness TOO much.
>You stepped out into the streets of Ponyville, your door automatically locking behind you.
>Today was going to be a good day.
>Yep, absolutely.
>Nothing would go wrong.
>Nothing at all.
>On your way to Sweet Apple Acres, something snagged your leg, and you thought it was a loose nail or something.
>When you turned around, you saw Ponyville's local finger fetishist, holding your leg with magical hands.
>And, of course, she had to be a unicorn.
File: 384757331.png (235 KB, 1000x800)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
"Hey, Lyra."
>"Where ya' goin, Anon?"
>Sometimes, you wish you had magic of your own.
>But so far, the only magical thing about you is the ability to get fucked.
>Literally and figuratively.
"Just going to hang out with AJ, nothing much other than that.
>"You and her are always drinking together, why don't you ever go drinking with me, huh?"
"No offense, but I feel like Applejack wouldn't try to stick a magical finger in my ass while I'm drunk."
>"Okay, I did that ONE time, and you still haven't forgotten about it?"
"Lyra, you don't just forget about something like that."
>She started giggling at you, of course.
>Is there a single horse in this world that takes your feelings seriously without laughing at you?
>You swear Celestia herself would laugh in your face if you told her about this Fluttershy situation.
>"Don't give me that angry look, Anon. You know I love messing with you."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah..."
>"Now let me those fingers..."
>There you go.
>Things were going to get weird eventually.
"I know better than to put my digits anywhere near you at this point.."
>"I-I'm just curious is all? What's so wrong with that?"
"Uh-huh. You've been curious about them ever since you first saw me, and I don't think you'll ever stop."
>"Well, maybe, I wouldn't be so curious if you just let me have my way already!"
"In your dreams, Heartstrings."
>"Oh...don't worry...I've had more dreams than I can count..."
>You couldn't help but facepalm after hearing that.
>What are you going to do with these horses?
>Maybe if you were a different man, you'd have fingered her twenty different ways by now.
>But you've got enough self-control to-
>Lyra rubbing her face against your fingers while you weren't looking shook you out of your thoughts.
"C-Could you not?"
>"What? Is it illegal to touch my favorite human?"
"I'm the ONLY human, Lyra."
>"You won't be after I'm done with you."
>You gaped at the mint-colored talking horse, not knowing how to respond to that.
>Shaking your head, you tried not to think too hard about it.
"...Listen, AJ is probably expecting me right about now, so if you want to come with, you can."
>"Awww, I'd love to take you up on that offer, but Bon Bon and I got something planned."
"What a shame. Maybe we can try some other time?"
>"I'll hold you to that, Anon. You better not try and dodge me next time I see you."
"You're a pony, not a weapon of mass destruction. I have no reason to run from you, little horsey."
>"I don't know, you've been pretty avoidant this past week..."
>Looking towards the ground, you realize she's not entirely wrong.
"...There's...a lot going on. That's all I'll say. But it's nothing serious."
>It's extremely serious, but you do NOT want Lyra to hear about human-on-pony action.
>You might have another Fluttershy on your hands if she did.
>"Alright, just know that Lyra is here whenever you need her!"
>"My little human."
>"Anon? Was it something I said?"
"I'll see you later, Lyra."
>You shoved your hands into your Human Hoodie(TM), created by none other than Rarara herself, and left.
>Not to be mean, but you've got places to be, and so does she apparently.
>She'll forget every last one of her commitments if it meant she could tease you for just a bit longer.
>After a bit of walking, you arrived at the first stop of the day.
>Apple World(TM).
>Or as Twilight aptly put it, Incest Acres.
>But she'd never say that in front of AJ, or to anypony else but you.
>Heavens no.
>Even you wouldn't want to be around for the aftermath of that.
>Before long, you spotted Cowboy Ranchpants across the field, pulling a tractor with her clit.
>Not really, but that'd be the most hilarious shit you've ever seen.
>In reality, she was bucking trees, knocking apples loose into buckets placed below.
>It's a no brainer, but her legs must be stronk as fuck.
>Her entire everything too, honestly.
>Being the lazy, living off of Celestia's "Friendship Fund", human that you are, you respect it.
>Nopony around here works quite as hard as Applejack does.
>A literal tradwife.
>You announced your presence, waving at her as you closed the distance.
>AJ paused her tree-bucking, looking up to greet you.
>"Oh, ya' finally showed up! Didn't think y'all were gonna' show, so I just got to work."
"Am I really that late?"
>"Did ya' already forget what time we agreed on yesterday?"
"...Uh...9 AM?"
>"Nope. 7:30."
"Seriously? I must have been out of it yesterday..."
>You definitely were, and you probably woke up on the wrong side of bed, too.
>"Welp, no sense in worryin' your pretty little head bout' that."
>AJ started walking back to the farmhouse, giving you a nice view of her Apple Ass(TM).
>The more time you spend in this world, the more used to seeing mare bits you become.
>Not in the "everyday occurence" kind of way, but in the "I'm about to act up" kind of way.
>And that worries you.
"Guess it's time to head to our favorite spot? Back behind the barn?"
>"You guessed it."
>You followed the orange horse to your favorite drinking spot.
>A simple two-chair and table setup behind the barn.
>It didn't need anything else, it was perfect, and it got the job done.
>Plus, Applebloom would normally be at school, or at least out of sight.
>Wouldn't want to set a poor example, or else AJ will have a drunk filly on her hands.
>There was a metric fuckton of hard cider already there on the table, so there was one thing left to do.
>To drink.
>But you held back a little this time, considering what's been happening with Fluttershy.
>Besides, Applejack's hard cider is some pretty strong stuff.
>You'll be falling on your ass and struggling to speak if you went too far.
>"Y'all holdin' up over there? Don't tell me yer' done...HICC...already."
>You stopped at seven mugs, and that's a lot for how powerful it is, but you're good at holding your alcohol.
"...Me? Done? Pfft. Nahhh. I could keep going if I wanted to, but I've got stuff to do, so..."
>"Stuff to do, huh? And what kind of stuff would that be?
"Oh, y'know, I've gotta' drop by Sugarcube C-Corner, go talk to Rarity, have lunch w-"
>You were stopped dead in your speech.
>Much to your surprise, you've been struck over the back of your fucking head.
>In less than a second, you were on the ground, holding your head in pain.
"...A-AJ? What the..."
>To say that you were seeing double would be a disservice.
>You couldn't tell if you were bleeding or not, but you sure hoped you weren't.
>It wasn't THAT hard of a strike, but it was enough to knock you flat on the floor.
>"Afraid I can't let ya' do that, sugar cube..."
>This is the literal definition of not good.
"W-What are you saying? Come on, AJ...just..."
>"I want a family, ya' hear?"
>Why does this always happen to you?
"That...that's not how it works, and you know it!"
>All of the times you've hung out with Applejack, everything was fine, and now THIS happens?
>Scooting back away from her as far as you could, your backpedalling was halted by a tree.
>It's not like you were going to escape at that pitiful speed anyway.
>"There's a first time for everthin', Anon! We won't know unless we try!"
>The back of your head stung once more, prompting you to clutch it.
>The pain is sobering you up fast, at least.
>Still, you don't think there's a way out of this even if you weren't just drinking.
"W-Would it be too much trouble to re-schedule this? I'm not saying no, but..."
>You started bargaining, anything to get out of this predicament, really.
>"Ain't no time for waitin', big fella."
"D-Do you mind turning around? I can undress myself, but-"
>Her mouth was already pulling your belt out like she had done it before.
>You're screwed.
>Mr. President was freed from his denim prison, and she didn't stop there.
>She pulled your pants down all the way down to your knees, and proceeded to mount you.
>"We're the only two on this farm, Anon! Just...let...it...happen!"
>Applejack hardly broke a sweat keeping you pinned down; It really put things into perspective.
>Maybe you should just let it happen.
>Your back slipped off the tree, and you rested your aching head against the soft dirt.
>Followed by horse pussy slamming down onto your Sea Cucumber.
>It was like every experience that you've ever had was suddenly being squeezed out of you.
>As scuffed as this is, Anon Jr. doesn't care what you think.
>Soon, the air was filled with the sounds of AJ's grunts, your groans, and several other things.
>Things that are far too lewd to explain in detail.
>At least you were able to look away from her, as staring her in the eyes during this was too much.
>That didn't last long because she leaned over your face.
>As you stared back at your rapist, an instinctual recess in your stupid monkey brain was triggered.
>With the strength of at least three men, you socked AJ as hard as you could.
>You didn't expect it to do anything meaningful, but adrenaline is a powerful thing.
>AJ was actually stunned, in fact, that punch knocked her right off of you.
>It took a moment for the opportunity to register, but once it did, you got up instantly.
>The only thing you had time to do was pull your pants up, and make a run for it.
>She could keep your belt as a souvenir for all you cared.
>5...10...15...20...25...30 meters of distance.
>That punch must have done a lot of damage if she's still grounded.
>You spoke too soon.
>Dear God, you spoke too soon.
>You screamed, and it was completely involuntary.
>Fearing that she might already be right behind you, you looked over your shoulder.
>Only to see a lasso flying towards you faster than you were running.
>When it caught up to you, it overlapped your torso, before snagging you backwards.
>Your momentum was completely halted, the wind was knocked out of you, and you hit the ground.
>You held your gut in pain, trying your damndest to get back up.
>For any other human, that would have been it.
>Doomed to hours of hot, sweaty, Sex(TM) with a farm mare until you were rescued.
>However, you're comprised of various, priceless materials that are not found anywhere else.
>In other words, you're built different.
>It never came in handy until now, but you always keep a handy-dandy pocket knife for emergencies.
>But you wouldn't dare use it on a pony, though.
>You may be a hairless monkey, but you're not a caveman.
>You'll be reverted back to one if AJ gets a hold of you again, that's for sure.
>It takes longer to pull it out than you had hoped, but once you did, you got straight to cutting.
>The rope may be strong, but your knife is stronger.
>Now THIS is a knife.
"YES! Come on, come on!"
>When you were finally cut loose, you shouted in joy, but there's no time for celebration.
>"Dagnabbit! Wait til' I get mah hooves on you!"
>She'd be right on top of you in just a few moments.
>Run, Run, Run, RUN, RUN, RUN
>Your name is Anonymous, and you are Speed.
>She was left in the dust, choking on the trail you blazed.
>"What in tarnation?!"
>Applejack didn't stand a chance against your determination.
>Never mind the fact that she basically just stole your virginity.
>Once again, you lost the battle, but you're winning the war.
>You literally can't stop winning.
>Anything to make yourself feel better at this point.
>Your innocence was lost a long time ago, so whatever.
>The burning in your lungs and pounding of your chest wasn't enough to stop you.
>If you showed even a moment of weakness, she'd resume the chase.
>Despite not even being at Sweet Apple Acres anymore, you just kept going.
>You weren't running from AJ at this point, you were running from everything.
>You're not sure how much more of this you can take.
>And you have no idea how this could have happened.
>Your legs had carried you as far as they could, and you collapsed, tumbling onto your back.
>Too bad Rainbow wasn't there to see how fast you were going.
>Then again, it's probably best if she wasn't.
>She would have been there to help, sure, but nopony should have to see something like that.
>Every cell in your body was screaming for oxygen.
>Not surprising, because you're not used to that level of exertion.
>The overcast sky above Ponyville was the only thing you could see.
>Rain had begun to fall down while you recovered.
>Why did AJ, one of your best friends, do something like that to you?
>It was enough to bring a tear to your eye.
>If you were a pussy, of course.
>Only pussies cry, and you're not a pussy.
>Instead, you shouted into the rainy skies of Ponyville, as a way to let your emotions out.
>After what felt like five minutes of you struggling to breathe, you slowly picked yourself up.
>You thought of the Rape Shelter again.
>You thought about Twilight.
>Even if her laughter was rude at times, you'd love to hear her giggling right about now.
>Thoughts of lunch with Rainbro filled your mind soon after, and you felt at peace.
>But the day is far from over.
>You woke up today with a goal in mind, and by Celestia, you're going to accomplish it.
>That, and you're not sure if you have the strength to walk to the castle right now.
>A rest stop is in order regardless of what you do next.
>Visiting Pinkie Pie should give you that little boost you need.
>The trek to Sugarcube Corner, funnily enough, would be pretty short.
>It felt like you ran a mile and a half back there.
>Indeed, the walk didn't take very long.
>Heavy knees landed onto the porch of Diabetes World(TM) as you collapsed.
>It's funny.
>You thought about how you haven't seen Fluttershy at all today.
>Then you remembered that it doesn't really matter.
>You're just not as safe as you think you are.
>"Anonymous? My goodness...what happened to you?"
>Was that Rarara just now?
>"Pinkie! Anonymous is here!"
>Rarity was stood in the doorway, calling out to Pinkie inside.
>You're so out of it that you didn't even hear the door swing open.
"I-I'm good. Just had a nasty fall, that's it."
>"...And you're soaking from head to toe! You poor thing! Quick, come inside!"
>"Did somepony say SOAKING?!"
>Somehow, even though Rarity shouted into the building for Pinkie, you heard her behind you.
>Pinkie was standing on top of a cannon, and just as you turned your head, it went off.
>You've been struck once again.
>And this time, it was mostly painless.
>Ponka fired a large assortment of towels and rags at you, blasting you past Rarity and into the building.
>"Don't you think that's a bit much, darling?"
>"What? Now he's all nice and dry!" Ponko replied, bringing her cannon back inside.
>You popped your head out of the pile of cloth, before spitting a rag out of your mouth.
"Gee. Thanks, Pinks."
>"No problem, Nonny!"
>It's nice to see she's not depressed and sleepless anymore.
>She didn't want to talk about what Fluttershy did to her, but you're sure she'll open up eventually.
>It can't be good to keep that kind of thing bottled up inside, you would know.
>Still, you'll never fully understand this seemingly omnipotent pink horse.
File: looking disrespectfully.png (412 KB, 1920x1080)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
>Standing up in the pile of rags and towels, you scanned the room for Pokemon(TM).
>You expected to see her rolling her cannon around, but she was sitting at one of the booths.
>And the cannon was nowhere to be seen.
>Nothing makes sense anymore.
>Being the mentally exhausted mess you currently are, you sat next to her in the booth.
>Your legs were aching, your arms felt limp, and your sense of balance was off.
>To be honest, you should have visited Nurse Redheart instead of coming here.
>"You're so quiet today, Anon! What's up with that, huh, huh, huh?!"
>"Indeed. It's a little unusual to see you like this. You look just as worn out as Pinkie was yesterday!"
"Really? Am I usually full of energy or something?"
>"Mmmm...I wouldn't say full of energy. More like..."
>Rarity took a moment to gather her thoughts, sitting to your right in the booth.
>"...Sociable! Every time I see you out in public, you're always sticking your neck out for somepony."
>"Couldn't have said it better myself! You're a real talker, too!"
>As you sat between the two mares, you leaned back, closed your eyes, and just stared into pitch-blackness.
"I think you have me beat in that department, Panka."
>"Well, duh! My cutie mark means a lot of things! There's more to a party than just gift hats, Nonny!"
>There's more to a party than just gift hats.
>Hearing that made you think for a second.
>Namely about why you try so hard to make and keep all of these friends.
>Are you making friends because you want companionship, or are you doing it just to have them?
>Or just because you've got shit else to do in Horse Land?
>Sometimes you feel lonely, despite being surrounded by so many technicolor horses.
>Being the only one of your kind takes its tolls every so often.
>And clearly, the friendships you have are real.
>Of course they are.
>You're not just some tall, bipedal monkey with a penis, right?
>Your nose scrunched up as a grimace formed on your features.
>"Anonymous? Is there something you want to tell us?"
>You opened your eyes, looking over at Rarity to reassure her.
"Rare, I'm alright. I promise..."
>As soon as you spoke up, you felt the all-too familiar feeling of your fly unzipping.
>"Are you absolutely positive? You don't sound too sure, darling."
>"Silly little Nonny-Wonny, looks like we'll just have to cheer you up!"
>"Just relax, Anonymous. We all have our bad days. Be a doll and let us take care of you, hmm?"
>You couldn't possibly HUH any harder than you already have.
>Not a moment later, you felt it.
>Or, them, to be precise.
>Their heads had already been lowered, because they went to work.
>And they went to work like they had a dying mother, a grandma with dementia, and starving kids to feed.
>Your hand clutched the booth table hard enough to give yourself splinters.
>This can't be fucking real.
>The last thing you heard was Pinkie's muffled speech.
>"Rarithy, Rarithy, looth! Athom's phick ith cryith!"
>The entire world flipped upside down, and it felt like you were collapsing into yourself.
>You saw flashing colors, lights of all kinds, stripes, patterns, and impossible geometry.
>Everything combined into one big mass of "something", before it all went dark.
>This otherworldly, powerful force blew through your body, as if you had just hit the drop on a roller coaster.
>And then the lights came back on.
>You were sat against a wall somewhere in Ponyville.
>Upon closer inspection, it was one of the many homes littered throughout the town.
>It's considerably dark outside, because not a single one of these homes have their lights on.
>Even the lanterns following the dirt paths are unlit.
>The only thing illuminating your surroundings is moonlight.
>None of that is really important, though.
>You're still trying to process everything that just happened.
>If the world wasn't cruel enough to you already, it was about to get worse.
>Oh, so much worse.
>"Anon?! C-Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
"Oh, it's Rainbow."
>You don't know why you said that out loud.
>Are you going fucking crazy?
>Hearing her raise her voice so drastically "woke" you up.
>Your hands have never sealed your mouth shut so fast in your life.
>"W-Where are you, huh?! Y-You think you got what it takes to hide from your b-bro?"
>Her voice sounded shaky, like she was determined to find you, and yet she sounded nervous at the same time.
>"What goes around c-comes around, Anon! You can't get away with teasing m-me forever!"
>The sound of dripping Water(TM) accompanied the noises Dash made while she searched every nearby nook and cranny.
>But you're smarter than that.
>That's not water.
>If that was water, then you're motherfucking Santa Claus.
>"Ah-hah! FOUND YOU!"
>You shouted her name at the top of your lungs, for some reason.
>It felt appropriate, like you had just been betrayed.
>"Y-Yeah, keep saying my name! Just like that!"
>She approached you on hoof, slowly.
>And even though she wasn't going fast, you sensed this huge, fuck-off aura covering far more ground than she was.
>She's so horny that she's manifested a Rape-Field(TM).
>In other words, as long as you're within her range, you're fucked.
>Electricity coursed through your body; The small hairs on your arms were standing on end.
>Seemingly all of her blood had gone to her face, and you don't think you've ever seen a stronger blush before.
>With slow, measured movements, you made sure to stand up as slowly as possible.
>"D-Don't even think about it, pal."
"You don't want this, Dash."
>You spoke as calmly as you could, accentuating your words with your hands, like you were telling her to stay back.
>"Oh, I do..."
>She's licking her lips for Celestia's sake.
"I don't want to have to do something I'll regret. So just-"
>"Big w-words for somepony within bucking d-distance."
>Your thoughts are moving a mile a minute.
>Has it really come to this?
>You're not even sure if anything of what's happening is real, but it sure as hell feels like it.
>Once again, you repeat, where's the Almighty Rainbow God-Emperor Beam Of Holy Protection(TM) when you need it?
>There's nothing you can do to change her mind, it seems.
>That leaves only one option.
"Well, that's a shame. I was hoping you'd be reasonable with me."
>Your right hand reached into your back pocket, hovering over your Knife(TM).
"...And now, you're going to have to fight your bro."
>With the speed of about two and a half Fluttershy's in heat, you tossed the knife at Dash.
>She ducked the knife, as you expected her to.
>There's no way your bro wouldn't know about your secret pocket knife.
>But that's okay, because it did its job.
>And you're already gone.
>"D-Did you really just-"
>Once again, you are LITERALLY Speed itself.
>Can't stop winning.
>How cute.
>She actually said the word.
>But now, you've got a problem on your hands.
>You didn't think this far ahead, and you're running from a pony that can break the sound barrier.
>How in Equestria were you going to escape something like that?
>Applejack was strong, but she clearly held back when she Bonked(TM) you on the head.
>Would you even be able to move after taking a full-speed tackle from Dash?
>Because judging from the sound of wind whipping behind you, she's going into maximum overdrive.
>You hit the deck and dodge rolled instinctively, dodging one of her passes.
>All of those hours in Dark Souls(TM) are starting to pay off.
>You had quite the moment of clarity after that.
>Either go to Twilight's castle, or lose her somehow.
>There's no way you're going to lose her for very long, so that won't work.
>And it would take too long to reach Twilight, you don't have that kind of time.
>Not to mention the possibility of-
>Mentally slapping yourself, you put the thought out of your mind before it spread like a wildfire.
>At this point, that castle is your only chance.
>Still, Rainbow is smart.
>The same trick won't work on her twice.
>Blue Fast is just as maneuverable as she is quick, and your juke shoes are NOT as good as hers.
>Even after beating Dark Souls(TM), Dash still wins in the long run.
>"You look like you're panicking over there, Anon! I thought you said you'd beat me!"
"Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."
>"I-Is that another one of your stupid "video game" references again?"
"...How did you know that?"
>"Are you kidding?! You sound like Twilight reading off a quote from a book!"
>You raised your brow, nodding your head in agreement.
>She had you there, honestly.
>Even when she was in rape mode, Dash was still an absolute bro.
>If it weren't for the fact that something extremely shady is up, you'd just let it happen.
>What the hell are you thinking?
>In your moment of mental anguish, you spotted what "might" be your savior out of the corner of your eye.
>Trixie's wagon.
>No, not that wagon.
>The other one.
>You just so happened to know where she kept her smoke bombs, and the window was OPEN.
>"Rookie mistake, Anon! Don't let your opponent see where you're looking!"
>Oh shit.
>She's right.
>Your eyes totally moved to look over at Trixie's wagon.
>Once again, wrong wagon.
"Oh yeah? Well, how do you know I'm not just bullshitting you?"
>"Oh yeah?! Well, how do I know you're not bluffing?!"
>In a lot of ways, it feels like you're fighting yourself.
>And you don't like that.
>You had nothing to distract her this time, and you were in trouble.
>Suddenly, Dash darted after you once more.
>All you saw was a blur flying at you, but you had just enough time to turn your body slightly.
>You were blown away to the side of the street, right into Trixie's wagon.
>Your back slammed against the side of it, and the impact almost toppled the damn thing over.
>Applejack's lasso catching you by the gut paled in comparison to that tackle.
>Running your right hand over your left arm, you can tell it's not doing so good right now.
>As a matter of fact, you can hardly move it.
>It might actually be broken.
>On another note, Rainbow must have flown at you with 100% certainty that she'd hit.
>Like you said, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
>If you didn't know any better, you'd say that dash carried her out of Ponyville.
>But that's definitely not the case.
>She's got to be hitting a U-turn pretty soon.
>You had to grit your teeth through the pain, but you got back on your feet.
>Not wasting any time, your good arm reached into the window and flipped open a compartment.
>When your hand reached the bottom of it, your heart dropped.
>Out of disbelief, you kept digging around, but the compartment was empty.
>This is totally not good.
>To make matters worse, you felt a tug on your arm.
>"Why, hello there, Anonymous. The Grrreat And Imaginary Trixie has decided to lend you her aid!"
>"Trixie" poked her head and neck out the window, causing you to back up in surprise.
>"...But only if you swear to serve me for eternity, in the afterlife."
"If you can get me to Twilight's castle, I'll eat your fucking ass until the end of ti-"
>"Trixie accepts! Now, get in!"
>Fearing that you might be making a huge mistake, you hesitate to hop into the wagon.
>Not a moment later, you heard an earth-shaking boom in the distance.
>That was Rainbow turning around.
"A-Alright, okay, okay! Just... forget what I said about the ass eating thing, okay?"
>"A deal is a deal, Anonymous."
>You groaned, cursing your terrible luck, before hopping in through the window.
>That certainly didn't do your aching body and possibly broken arm any favors.
>"Blast off!"
"B-Blast off?"
>You almost flipped upside down when the wagon suddenly blasted into the open air with magic.
>Trixie shouted at the top of her lungs, meanwhile, you were shouting at the top of YOUR lungs.
>If you were still on the ground, you'd have seen Rainbow whizzing by where the wagon once stood.
>"D-Darnit! How the hay did I miss?! Where did he-"
>And you would have seen the priceless look on her face as she saw Trixie's Wagon(TM) in the sky.
>Eventually, you stopped screaming long enough to look out of the window.
>The view was breathtaking.
>You could see Ponyville down below, Everfree Forest, hell, you could even see Canterlot.
>Your precious moment of child-like wonder was interrupted by two alicorns.
>It was enough to make you rub your eyes to be sure you weren't seeing things.
>Celestia and Luna were flying beside the wagon.
>Time seemingly slowed down as Luna turned to wink at you, before speeding back up.
>Then, the two of them were gone in a flash.
>You craned your neck out the window, searching for where they could have went.
>The wagon took a nosedive, and you weren't prepared for it in the slightest.
>By completely ignoring the laws of physics, because Magic(TM), it made it to the ground almost instantly.
>Magic is magic, but you're surprised that every bone in your body didn't break from that.
>Unfortunately, you're about to fucking hurl.
>"Go on, Anonymous. Trixie has business to attend to."
"...Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you do..."
>You climbed out the window of Trixie's wooden, magical death-trap, and pathetically flopped on your ass.
>Everything hurts.
>"I'd hurry inside if I were you. I bet she's on her way over here right now. Toodles."
>Without a second of delay, Trixie and her wagon immediately peaced the fuck out.
>None of this is real; There's no conceivable way that any of this nonsense is real.
>You winced in pain, picking yourself up off the ground.
>There was nothing left to do but to limp your way up the stairs.
>The doors were open for you and everything.
>A comforting, heavenly light from inside pierced the darkness of the night.
>Trixie kept her word and brought you right in front of Twi's castle.
>You're in for quite the ride when you pass on to the afterlife, it seems.
>Once again, why does this always happen to you?
>You heard Rainbow scream your name from behind you, and you didn't dare turn around.
>No looking back.
>The light temporarily blinded you once you stepped inside.
>When your eyes finished adjusting, you saw her.
>She stood there, waiting there for you like some kind of guardian angel.
>Dropping to your knees, still holding your ruined arm, you almost cried.
>Again, crying is for pussies.
>She didn't say anything back, but you wanted her to respond.
>You wanted her to say something, anything to acknowledge your presence.
>It's getting harder and harder not to be a pussy.
"I think I need a hug...I..."
>Your head tilted back, as you fought off the tears.
"...I'm scared! I don't know what the hell is going on, and I'm terrified!"
"Everypony except Lyra and Trixie turned on me today, and I-"
>"Don't worry, Anon. I hear you loud and clear."
>She finally replied.
>An almost stupid-looking smile grew on your features, but it didn't last long.
>Soon, a magical force more powerful than every muscle in your body forced you to the cold floor.
>Twilight came closer, but like earlier, she wouldn't reply.
>Your voice was breaking by this point.
>All the warmth you felt was ripped from you in an instant.
>Cold air greeted your shaking legs as your pants were removed.
>"It must have been chilly out there. I've got the perfect thing to keep you warm."
>You recall thinking that you absolutely would, but you didn't mean it like this.
>Twilight turned around, and you powerlessly stared your fate in the eyes.
>Except there were no eyes to be found there, but there was definitely some winking.
>The Limited Edition Horse Pussy(TM), and a Large Ponut(TM).
>And as Twilight sat down, Anon Jr. did the exact opposite.
>He got up.
>Screaming into the once silent confines of your room, you woke up with a start.
>You were in bed, your lower half underneath the covers.
>Sweat was rolling down just about every part of you.
>It felt disgusting, but you were focused on something else.
>Looking over at your calender, you could see the dates.
>The cross on the 20th was missing.
>It's still the 21st.
>The air in the room may as well have been fake, because it wasn't doing its job.
>Your breathing was ragged, and your poor lungs were working double time.
>Falling onto your side, your head landed on the bed sheets.
>Nothing is sacred anymore, apparently.
>You're confused.
>You still don't have any answers.
>You're afraid to go outside.
>The tough guy act can only work for so long.
>A harrowing scenario snuck itself into your scared little mind.
>What if nothing changes?
>What if you stepped outside right now and it all happened again?
>Do any of these "friends" actually care about you, or are they just horny animals?
>You were moments away from becoming a certified Pussy(TM), but something stopped you.
>The sound of flickering flames and crinkling paper filled the room.
>Getting up from your miserable "I'm About To Fucking Cry" position, you looked to see what caused it.
>It was a rolled up parchment resting on top of your legs.
>You were doubtful, but there's really no mistaking what that is.
>And just to see if all of that truly was a dream, you raised your left arm to grab the letter.
>No problems so far.
>After unrolling the parchment, you began reading its contents.
>For authenticity, you imagined Spike reading the letter to you.
>"Dear Anon. I'm sure you're probably wondering why I sent a letter to you, and not Twilight."
>"I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I want to hear your opinion about something."
>"Do you remember that forest just outside Neighagra Falls?"
>"You know, the one you and I had a camping trip in? Could you meet me there?"
>"If it's not too much trouble, of course. Oh, and don't bring anypony else with you."
>"I'm sure you have questions, but I'll tell you everything when you get here."
>"Think of it like a second camping trip, okay? Make sure to come prepared!"
>"And yes, before you even think about it, I've got food!"
>"Your dragon bro, Spike."
>While you were reading, you asked yourself if this is from the REAL Spike, or some fake, dream Spike.
>Even after everything you've been through, that one little thought fucked you up.
>The fact that that's a genuine question you have to ask scares the shit out of you.
>It brought everything full circle.
>To think that all of this started because of some stupid, yellow rapist.
>In a moment of weakness, you caught yourself shedding tears.
>You're such a fucking pussy.
>After wiping the tears away, and hopping out of bed, you opened up your wardrobe.
>Spike said not to bring anypony else with you, so you can't leave this letter here.
>Not even in the trash.
>Unless you burned it or something.
>You opted to simply fold it into the left back pocket of your jeans.
>Your handy-dandy pocket knife is sleeping soundly in the right one, as it should be.
>Honestly, you didn't think you'd ever see it again after tossing it at Dash.
>The same goes for the belt you left at the dream-version of Sweet Apple Acres.
>There's so many questions you want to ask each of them before you go.
>Minus Fluttershy, of course.
>But especially for Rainbow.
>And Twilight.
>You just want to know if they're really real or not.
>If they care about you or not.
>Maybe this little camping trip will give you some much needed fresh air.
>It's time to put on your brave face.
>Taking extra care not to be spotted by any of the Mane 6, you stopped by Taco Del Pone.
>With a bit of smooth talking, you could procure yourself some Meat-Substitute(TM) for the road.
>Sometime before all of this rapey business with Fluttershy started, Derpy gave you a gift.
>It was a brown satchel bag, and it'd be perfect for this "camping trip."
>"Hi, welcome to Taco Del Pone! What can I get for y-"
>"...Oh Celestia, it's that monkey again..."
"Hey, miss, can I ask you something real quick?"
>"Hurry up and make an order, you freak. You've got a whole line of ponies behind you."
>A whole line of ponies?
>Also, did she just call you a freak?
>"Sorry, everypony! We're having some delays, but I promise I'll take care of you!"
>She almost sounded upset with you, but her voice changed instantly when addressing the customers.
>Must be one of those "customer service" skills or something.
>After whipping your head around to confirm, you saw a full line of hungry ponies behind you.
>It's called fast food for a reason, so you shouldn't be surprised, but you literally JUST came in.
>"Psst, hey, Anon! Anoooon!"
>Another horse acquaintance of yours, Minuette, waved hello to you at the back of the line.
"Hi, Minuette..."
>You waved back with an awkward smile; You're always feeling out of place in this Horse World.
>The counter mare cleared her sassy little throat, snapping you back to her.
"Oh, my bad, got distracted."
>Looking her over, she had a white mane, similar to Lyra's in style, with a single streak of black.
>Her gray, bored looking eyes stared straight into your soul.
>Since you're so much taller than the counter, you could peek over and see her cutie mark.
>From what you can tell, this is a cerified Fast Food Horse.
>You could see what looked to be a small container of fries on her flank.
>Her name tag read "Sassy Service."
>Sounds about right.
>You looked left and right to make sure nopony else nearby would hear what you were about to whisper.
"Show me the meats."
>She doesn't seem to be very fond of your presence at all, and looked at you like you were crazy.
>"The... what now?"
"Show me your Meat-Substitute. I'll buy some of it off of you, if you don't mind."
>"So many weirdos in this town, I swear..."
>She brought a hoof to her forehead, stepping into the back of the kitchen.
>"Trixie, take over for me, please. You, big dumb monkey, follow me into the back."
>"I-I'M ON IT!"
>To your surprise, Trixie ran up to the counter, and she was positively sweating bullets.
"Trixie? What the fuck are you doing here?"
>"O-Oh, well, if you must know, Trixie is running a little low on funds."
"Your performances haven't been going so well, have they?"
>"SSHHHH! Do you want everypony in the building to know that?!" Trixie hissed at you, trying to keep it down.
>This is fucking priceless.
>She's a part-time Wagie(TM) now.
>You feel the strongest urge to point and laugh right in her face, but that would be mean.
>You're just as rude as Twilight is, sometimes.
>Either way, it's nice to see that Dream Trixie and Real Trixie are exactly the same.
>"Get lost, will you?! If you couldn't tell, we're shortstaffed right now!"
"Ok, ok, I'll leave you to it... Oh, and it's nice seeing you."
>"Yeah, yeah, just... get outta' here!" Trixie had a bit of a blush on her face after that.
>Running behind the corner after the yellow-coated sassy mare, you left Trixie to her own devices.
>"Anon, is it? What took you so long? Show me the bits."
>You unzipped your hoodie, reaching inside of it like you were a drug dealer or something.
>Once you pulled out a small bag of bits, bursting at the seams with coin, her tune changed.
>"And how many containers of Meat-Substitute would you like to buy?"
>She sounded all cutesy out of nowhere, it shocked you.
>"Thank you, sir! That'll be fifteen bits!"
>Her customer service voice does things to you.
>Sassy's horn glowed with a golden tint, and a nearby door swung open.
>Soon, five cans of Meat-Substitute were levitated over to you.
>After handing her the bits, she proudly took them, and the cans were yours.
>You shoved all five of them into your satchel before thanking her.
"Pleasure doing business with you."
>"Likewise. Now scram. I've gotta' get back to Trixie. She won't last long by herself."
>As soon as business was conducted, she went back to being unhospitable.
>Did she have to be so brutal about it?
"Can I see you again sometime? If that's alright?"
>"Hmph. You aren't broke, so maybe when I'm not on shift. Come by at closing time and we'll talk."
>Two-faced, shrewd AND sassy?
>She called you a freak earlier, but even so, you think you like this mare.
>Without a doubt in your mind, you feel she'd make a great friend.
>It's totally not because you're attracted to sassy girls or anything.
>Heavens no.
"Sure thing! I'm... uh... going on a trip, and I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I'll see you when I do!"
>"Whatever. Do me a favor and go out the back door, will you?"
>You flashed a thumbs up at her and she simply rolled her eyes in response.
>Sassy returned to the counter, and Trixie smiled as if Celestia herself came to save her.
>Taking your leave out the back door of Taco Del Pone, you chuckled from a funny thought.
>How would Trixie react if you told her about the deal you made with her dream version?
>Your business here was done for now, though.
>The next task is to head to the Ponyville train station.
>You don't want to miss the train going to Manehattan, but you'll have to take the back streets.
>Or roads, to be precise.
>You wouldn't want to walk around in plain sight, Fluttershy could be watching and waiting.
>Then, you'll hop on board, get as close to you can to Neighagra Falls, and hop off.
>The train going to Manehattan should just about get you where you need to go.
>And all of your supplies seem to be in order.
>An electric lantern, a few batteries, your Knife(TM), a canteen of water, and five cans of Meat-Substitute(TM).
>Thinking back to the contents of Spike's letter, he said to make sure you didn't bring anypony else.
>You still don't know what this is about, but whatever he wants to talk to you about must be important.
>Arriving at the camping spot "shouldn't" be an issue.
>Assuming you don't get attacked by any the local wild-life.
>Those forests are nowhere near as hostile to you as Everfree, so it "should" be fine.
>Telling any of the Mane 6 where you're headed is a no-no.
>Especially Fluttershy.
>If she isn't stalking you already, that is.
>Speaking of Peanut Flutter Cups, it's a bit creepy how she didn't crop up in that dream a single time.
>And on the topic of that dream, you never got that hug you wanted from Twilight.
>Dream Ponka's words, just before the Super Mega Ultra Double Sloppy Toppy 3,000(TM), really made you think.
>You never expected a horse, especially one like Pinkie, to say something so profound.
>And even if it's a coping mechanism, maybe you should stop giving traumatizing events funny names.
>But perhaps you shouldn't joke so much about Rarity and Pinkie Pie sucking your cock while you were depressed.
>During your inner monologue, you weren't paying attention to how far you've gone.
>The train station was right across the way.
>As you closed the distance to the ticket window, you spotted two ponies.
>Twilight and Rainbow Dash.
>They weren't aware you were nearby, and were having a chat as they walked together.
>Twi was eating a massive hayburger as she walked, because she's fat, and Dash was laughing.
>Whatever she was laughing at, it must have been pretty damn funny.
>She did that adorable thing where she flew upside down while dying of laughter.
>You pressed your hands over your mouth, silencing yourself.
>Dash and Twiggles both knew of your signature noises.
>Now isn't the time to blow your cover.
>You wanted to walk with them so badly.
>Would it be so bad if you just said hello?
>It's not like they could ever know exactly where you're headed.
>Before long, they were almost out of sight, and you caught yourself stretching an arm out to them.
>You've got to apologize to Dash about throwing your Knife(TM) at her, even if it was the dream verson.
>"Anon?! A-Are you following me or something?"
>A mare shouted to you from somewhere nearby.
>It sounded like it came from Trixie, as little sense as that made.
>"Over here!"
>You were looking everywhere but the ticket window, and that's where she was.
"What the fuck? Weren't you just at Taco Del Pone with Sassy?"
>"I-I got off work, and then I came here for my...um...s-second...job."
>Trixie didn't look so Great and Powerful(TM) at the moment.
>This must be super embarrassing for her.
>But it's funny as fuck for you.
>She must have clocked out at the EXACT same time you left, and then got here before you.
>Sassy must have dismissed her when she went back to the counter.
"By the way, I'm not following you. I'm just here to buy a ticket to Manehattan."
"And how many part-time jobs do you even have?"
>She looked ridiculous sitting in there with that big, dumb wizard hat on.
>"J-Just these two! I'm not struggling THAT badly!"
"Rrrriight. Of course you're not."
>You gave her an absolutely diabolical, dubious smirk.
>"You're enjoying this, aren't you?!"
>"Somehuman sounds like he doesn't need a ticket!"
"I'll get your manager."
>Her face practically shrunk as she leaned backwards defensively, eyes wide.
>"Forget I said anything..."
>Pulling the bag of bits out of your hoodie again, you tossed the whole thing to her.
"One ticket to Manehattan, please."
>"W-What's the meaning of this? Are you trying to insult me?"
"Just take it, Trix. I'm trying to be generous."
>"You don't have to do that! How many bits are in that bag?"
"Mmmm... should be 85 after what I spent at Taco Del Pone."
>"85?! I couldn't possibly-"
"Trixie, it's yours. Don't worry about me. I'm rich as fuck."
>Her magic took hold of the bag, and dragged it through the ticket window hole.
>"Anon, I..."x4nds
I hate captcha with every fiber of my being

"Don't start crying on me, you big blue baby."
>"I-I was NOT about to cry! The Great and Powerful Trixie does not-"
>You raised your brow at Trix, giving her an incredulous look.
>"Here's your ticket. The train should be here in about..."
>You could already hear it approaching before she even finished.
>Your timing is flawless, as always.
"Thank you, Ms. Lulamoon. I'll think I'll eat your ass later or something."
>Her reaction was so perfect that you instantly burst into laughter.
>You took a seat on the bench beside the window, just outside her field of view.
>"E-Explain yourself, Anon! This instant!"
>You've never heard her this flustered before.
"No... I don't think I will. Think I'll just sit here and wait until it's time to depart."
>"You don't just say things like that to a mare!"
"Why not?"
"Go on?"
>You're enjoying this too much, but it's fine.
>You now realize just how good things actually were before that horrifying dream.
>Maybe seeing Blubbercry act like a monster from a horror movie triggered it.
>Her animalistic gaze every time you looked outside of the Rape Shelter(TM) didn't help.
>And you're never going to forget the way she ran after you.
>After a few more minutes of dealing with an embarrassed Trixie, it was time to go.
"Alright, Trix. Gotta' go. Hopefully your situation will change soon."
>"I'd hope so! The Grrrreat and Powerful Trixie has more important matters to attend to!"
"If there's anyway I can help in the future, let me know. Later."
>"You've helped enough already, Anon. Thanks..."
>It's always nice hearing actual words of appreciation from Trixie.
>You took a seat inside an empty train car, got comfortable, and looked outside a nearby window.
>With lingering thoughts about the events of that dream, you closed your eyes for a little nap.
>Applejack must be wondering where you are right now.
>The real AJ would never do something as heinous as dream AJ, you truly believe that.
>Eventually, you nodded off, snoozing while thinking about tradwife Appul Horse.
>Stupid Anon.
>How dare he say something like that so casually?
>It's just him trying to mess with you, the same as it ever was, but something was different.
>This time, however, it felt like he knew something you didn't.
>Have you made a terrible mistake of some kind?
>As you pondered Anon's actions in your Great and Powerful monologue, a yawn escaped your lips.
>Is this how it feels to be a common worker?
>That overflowing bag of bits would come in handy for bringing your stage tricks back up to snuff.
>Where did he get that kind of money from?
>Your eyes were watery from the repeated yawning; They kept trying to close themselves.
>Would it be so bad if you just took a quick nap?
>As long as your manager doesn't catch you, nothing could go wrong.
>You're only in for three hours today anyway.
>To look like you were awake to anypony coming by, you started napping while sitting upright.
>Unfortunately, your poor sleep has caused you to develop a snoring problem.
>About ten minutes had passed, and you were already in dreamland, talking to Starlight.
>You've missed her presence a lot while she's been away at the Crystal Empire for the past month.
>Anon being around has made her absence so much more bearable.
>Even if you don't want to admit it, if Starlight is your girl crush, then Anon is your boy crush.
>There's something refreshing about him that you can't place your hoof on.
>He's always so nice, yet he's constantly getting under your skin, and he's so unpredictable.
>It's never boring around him, and if there's one thing you hate, it's boredom.
>A smile grew on your sleeping snout as you dreampt happily.
"H-Huh? Whuh?! How can I help you?!"
>Dear Celestia, please don't be your manager.
>Once your eyes readjusted, you saw that it was actually Fluttershy.
"F-Fluttershy? How nice to see you! Are you here to buy a ticket?"
>"You know why I'm here, Trixie."
>"I tracked Anon's scent all the way over here, he was here, I know it."
"Tracked his scent? Are you... stalking him?"
>"Which train did he take? Start spilling the beans, or you're gonna' g-get it."
>You've never heard Fluttershy "demand" something of somepony before, not like this.
"Hmph. Your threats don't intimidate a pony as powerful as I."
>You're unsure why she'd be following Anon, but it doesn't sound like she's up to anything good.
>After your standoff, she flew in front of the window and turned around.
>Your pupils shrank as her rear end was pressed up against the glass, tail raised.
>"Don't make me come in there. I'll... I'll defile you if I have to."
>Defile you?
>Her wet mare bits were in plain view, as she took up the entire window.
"I-I repeat, your threats are empty!"
>To your absolute terror, she pried herself off the wet glass, and disappeared.
"W-Wait, where are you-"
>The door to the booth flew wide open; You shrieked as Fluttershy ran inside.
>"D-Don't say I didn't warn you!"
>Ignoring your cries, she tackled you to the booth's floor, knocking your hat off.
>Before you knew it, all was darkness.
>Fluttershy's flanks were seated firmly against your face.
>Her scent is incredibly strong, it's almost overpowering.
>And by Celestia, she's anything but petite. >How many pounds are on this pudgy mare's ass?
>You struggled underneath her, but alas, it was all in vain.
>Copious amounts of grool soaked your face as the surprisingly strong mare smothered you.
>"I've got all day, Trixie. T-Tell me... Mmmff... where Anon went."
>Between her words, she let out a moan of pleasure.
>She's not playing games.
>"I-I've got ways to make you talk."
>At all.
>"What was that? I-I couldn't hear you."
>For a moment, she didn't sound so threatening, only curious to hear your muffled words.
>"Sorry, say it one more time?"
>Fluttershy gasped, finally realizing what you said.
>The yellow pegasus climbed off of you, and you could see the light of day once more.
>You coughed a bit, trying to gather yourself.
"N-Now, could you PLEASE tell me why you're looking for-"
>She was gone and out the door before you could even finish.
>You sat upright, looking stupid with Fluttershy's juices and musk on your face.
>As much as you hate to say it, that wasn't such a bad experience.
>There's seriously something wrong with you for enjoying that.
"Mother of Celestia, why me...?"
>Your feet hit the ground as you hopped off the train, and re-adjusted your satchel strap.
>You had to ask to the conductor to kindly stop and let you off.
>He obliged, so now it's time to start heading towards the camping spot.
>You're not very far at all, you can see the forest up ahead, as well as Neighagra Falls.
>"Bye, Anon. Hope you enjoy your trip."
>Maud, in her almost robotic tone of voice, said goodbye to you from inside the train.
>On your way up to the conductor, you spotted her looking out the window.
>There wasn't any harm in saying hello to her, so that's exactly what you did.
"Will do, Rocky. Maybe I'll drop by your farm one of these days."
"We can have a rock date. Y'know, to show me your rocks and stuff."
>"Sounds great."
>The train car door closed as you waved goodbye to Maud.
>It was time to get going.
>Last night, specifically your dream, was a bummer.
>A little more than a bummer, honestly.
>Almost all of your friends became Fluttershy 2, 3, 4, and 5.0.
>But after making a new friend, and doing something nice for Trixie, you feel significantly better.
>With a spring in your step, you started jogging towards the entrance to the forest.
>You and Spike knew that particular conductor pretty well ever since the last time you went camping.
>On the train's way back to Ponyville, you'll probably just do what you did last time.
>Coming back to the same tracks, waving as the train rolls by, and hopping onboard.
>Train conductors are such bros.
>After a few minutes of jogging, you were just outside the forest near Neighagra Falls.
>Rainbow has been making sure you stay in shape and it's definitely showing.
>You feel like you could run a marathon right now, you're so amped up.
>However, the last thing you should do is make a big fuss running around in the woods.
>For one, you don't want to alert every single nearby animal to your presence.
>You can't risk a repeat of the Everfree incident, even if these woods are much less dangerous.
>And two, you might seriously hurt yourself.
>If you remember right, the camping spot is at a fairly high elevation.
>You wouldn't want to accidentally trip up on a steep incline, roll over, and get fucked up.
>Or die, for that matter.
>Rainbow would never recover from it.
>Also, if there's one thing your father made sure to pass on to you, it's that dying is gay.
>That old coot couldn't die even if he wanted to, he's just that stubborn.
>Kind of like you.
It's a good thing ponepaste exists, because I will be fixing every error I failed to catch. I'm partially a perfectionist and it's driving me up the wall.

>The trek to the camping spot went about as normally as you expected it to.
>It's been a minute, but you think you remember the exact path to take.
>Similar to the way it was in your dream, the sky was overcast.
>That's not definitely not ominous or anything.
>The light drizzling of water droplets had already begun.
>The ground beneath you was wet, but far from muddy.
>Not yet, anyway.
>Reaching into your satchel, you pulled out a can of Meat-Substitute(TM).
>The lid came right off thanks to the convenient pull-tab.
>Your eyes were blessed by the delectable imitation meat therein.
>Like an insane person, you turned the can upside down and just started wolfing it down.
>You couldn't stop eating the stuff even if you tried.
>The can was empty after a minute or two of chewing, along with some water from your canteen to wash it down.
>You're not a filthy litterer, so you shoved the empty can back in your satchel.
>Best fifteen bits you've ever spent, period.
>After hopping over a fallen tree, the all too familiar sound of rustling graced your ears.
>The momentary Meat-Substitute-induced joy you felt was cut short after hearing that.
>Like always, you whipped your head around to scan the area.
>Pure silence.
>It was raining a little harder by now, and wind was beginning to whip at your body.
>Could have been a broken branch falling, or a little critter hiding from the rain or something.
>Still, the fact that you're feeling a breeze this strong is a little worrying.
>You're in a forest after all, a very thick one at that.
>It's nothing like the comparatively light winds you felt in the outskirts of Ponyville, during in your dream.
>This is much stronger.
>If there's a big storm coming, you, and this camping trip might be fucked.
>The storms in Equestria are absolutely ridiculous.
>Hopefully Spike is okay.
>And in a matter of seconds, you went from worrying about Spike, to worrying about yourself.
>Because something just crawled up your leg.
>It's a fucking raccoon, an aggressive one at that.
>Shoo! Shoo, get the fuck out of here!"
>Swatting at it didn't do anything, and you couldn't get a hold of the damn thing.
>It was trying to get inside of your satchel, most likely to steal a can of Meat-Substitute(TM) from you.
>During your battle with the relentless trash panda, not much attention was paid to your footing.
>The raccoon suddenly hopped off of you, meanwhile, you had your back to a hill.
"OH! Shit, shit, shit!"
>The decline was sharp, so as soon as you lost your balance, you went tumbling down.
>On the way down, you fell through a few bushes, hit a few rocks, and much, much more.
>A tree eventually blocked your descent, but this was hardly a fortunate collision.
>Your back slammed into the trunk of the tree and your head was hit considerably hard.
>The world and everything in it was positively spinning.
>Your satchel rolled down the hill after you as your eyes started closing themselves.
>Coming here may or may not have been a horrible idea.
>Sleepy-time was upon you; You couldn't resist any longer as your muscles relaxed.
>You laid against the tree, unconscious, and getting rained on as the incoming storm developed.
>In hindsight, you probably shouldn't have opened up that can of Meat-Substitute(TM) when you did.
>You woke up with a start, seemingly in an instant after passing out, and scrambled around.
>Your hands instinctively searched every nook and cranny of your body to check for damages.
>Somehow, you didn't feel any bruises, cuts, or anything like that.
>You didn't feel any pain at all.
>As a matter of fact, you felt quite unusual.
>Soon, you realized you were no longer in the forest beside Neighagra Falls.
>After looking around, you'd say you were in Canterlot Castle, on one of its many balconies.
>Standing on your feet, you looked up to see the moon shining brilliantly in the sky.
>Looks like it's night-time.
>Why are you here of all places, though?
>Were you dreaming again?
>"Hello, Anonymous."
>A voice belonging to none other than Celestia rang out from behind you.
>Once again, you whipped your head around to look.
>Your head is going to twist right the fuck off these days.
>It was indeed Celestia, cantering slowly towards you.
>You had a dumb, confused look on your face, but she looked as calm and elegant as ever.
>It's been one thing after another lately, back to back to back to back, and then some.
>She giggled in response to your rude, yet appropriate nickname.
>You'll never get used to her voice.
>The literal voice of a goddess, heavenly, and motherly.
>"You can never decide on one name to call a mare, can you?"
>"One day, your special somepony might get upset if they catch you nicknaming other mares."
"Pfft. Who said I was going to have a special somepony?"
>"Oh, I'm sure you will, Anonymous. You're quite the popular character."
"Yeah. A little too popular for my own good."
>"Better to have than to have not, don't you agree?"
"I suppose so."
>"And you are certainly not lacking in blessings."
>"You have a wonderful gift, Anon. I'm sure you'll find out what it is soon."
"Mmhmm, I'm sure I do."
"Also, what's with you types being so cryptic all the time?"
>"What type would that be, Anonymous? Am I your favorite?"
"You know that's not an easy question to answer, Sunbutt."
>"I see that my pupil has taught you a thing or two."
"Maybe you and her have too much in common, ever thought of that?"
>Once again, she merely giggles at your witty responses.
>Sunny D(TM) walked past you, her multi-colored flowing mane sparkling with magic.
>Or whatever the hell it is.
>As she passed you, you got a whiff of the most intense mare stench.
>Breathing that stuff in will surely drive you insane, so you promptly turned your head away.
>And it seems Twilight and Celestia have yet another thing in common.
>Fat horse asses.
>One can't stop eating burgers, and the other can't stop eating cake.
>"I can sense you staring, Mr. Anonymous."
>Every last one of these horses are cheaters, you swear.
"How am I NOT supposed to look? You ponies trot around nude all the time!"
"If you couldn't tell, public nudity is a crime where I come from, so..."
>"Still haven't gotten used to seeing bare flanks, I presume?"
>You're not a fan of where this conversation is going.
>Talking about flanks with the ruler of Equestria is doing things to you.
>Where is your self control when you fucking need it?
>Good thing this is probably a dream.
"Nope. I don't think I ever will, either."
>"There's nothing wrong with liking mares."
>"I must say, I've had my eyes on you ever since you came to this world."
"W-Why? Is there something special about me or something?"
"I'm just a regular guy; I wasn't even considered THAT attractive back home."
"Not that other humans thought I was ugly. I look good, goddamnit, but I'm no ten out of ten."
>Again, Celestia giggled at your words.
>"Perhaps your appearance is especially attractive to our species, then."
>She looked back at you with bedroom eyes powerful enough to blow a hole through your head.
>"If you'd like to know how a mare feels, go ahead. I won't stop you."
>Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
>You had to get away from her rear end.
>You HAD to.
>It doesn't matter if you're dreaming.
>Now isn't the time to be getting seduced by Celestia.
>Walking up next to her, you looked over the balcony to see Canterlot below.
"T-Thanks for the offer, but, uh... I don't know if I can handle that."
"Although, it does feel nice to be admired like that; I won't lie."
>"Is that so? Do you feel the same way when mares take matters into their own hands?"
>Her words suggested she was aware of your current predicament.
>You sighed, hanging your head and placing your hands on the rail.
"Most of the time, it doesn't bother me. It's an everyday thing, y'know?"
"If anything, it's only a problem when my feelings are completely ignored."
"Or... if they resort to knocking me the fuck out. Or death threats. Can't forget about those ones."
>"Both Luna and myself have been keeping an eye on your situation for the past week."
"I figured. Last night, I saw the two of you in a dream."
"Luna winked at me, and then disappeared, along with you."
>"Hmm...Did she, now?"
>You don't like the way she said that.
>You turned to look at the large, white horse next to you, with an embarrassed look on your face.
>She's laughing.
"That's not what I meant! Y-Y'know, for a goddess, you've got a dirty fucking mind!"
>"I quite enjoy how you speak to everypony equally, regardless of who they are."
"I'm sure you do."
>"What can I say? It's very amusing."
>Ponies tease and mess with you just as much as you do to them, it's poetic.
>Raising a hand to Dream Sunbutt's back, you started running your hands through her coat.
>She's absolutely right, but you like it that way.
>It's nice to interact with everypony equally.
>Celestia seemed to appreciate the contact.
>"You're rubbing the real, flesh-and-blood ruler of Equestria, you know."
>"Perhaps I should have told you sooner, but this is no dream."
>"Your real body is elsewhere, and I'm communicating with you using an advanced spell."
>"The form you're currently occupying is one comprised of magic."
>"The manner in which you fell unconscious was humorous, might I add."
>You're hearing what she's saying, but you're too busy losing your shit.
>Actual Celestia, THE Celestia said all of those things to you?
>Your magic, ethereal cock is about to tear open a hole in your magic, ethereal pants.
>"Anon, your facial expression is very telling. Have you no shame?"
>"Of course, my offer still stands. I've been wondering what a naked human looks li-"
>You covered your ears, stepping away from the giggling sun goddess.
>This is too fucking much.
>You're just one human; You can only handle so much.
>And you'll be here with this damn horse for who knows how long at this rate.
>"My, what a reaction."
>Does this mean she brought you here just for this little chat?
>Curse this horny, magical talking horse.
"O-Okay, so, how do I wake my actual body up?"
>"Ask, and it shall be granted, Anonymous."
>"To tell you the truth, I was hoping you'd stay a bit longer."
"Jesus Christ, Celestia. We can do this later."
>"Oh? And what shall we 'do' later?"
"I fucking beg of you."
>"As you wish. I'll let you off easy this time."
>"When next we meet, do not expect me to give up so quickly."
>Her horn had begun to glow with that familiar golden hue.
>Your magical form faded away slowly, giving you enough time to wave goodbye to Sunbutt.
>Thank Celestia.
>It felt as though you were returned to your physical body.
>You returned in an odd state, and could only feel so much.
>Almost as if your senses were playing catch-up.
>Soon, you were plagued by a dull aching sensation in just about every single nerve.
>Your fingers twitched, your legs shifted, and your eyelids moved.
>Like a computer booting up, you were coming back to life.
>Slamming into that tree must have really fucked you up.
>Once most of your senses came back online, you could feel something lashing against your face.
>On second thought, dragging would be a better word.
>And your face felt wet, incredibly so.
>That could be because of the rain, but it wasn't the splishy-splashy kind of wet.
>It's more of the slimy-wimy kind of wet.
>The mere act of trying to open your eyes took a herculean amount of strength.
>When they finally opened, you saw something you weren't expecting in the slightest.
>The culprit was none other than a tongue.
>Fluttershy's tongue, to be more precise.
>Obviously, it was odd seeing her, as it implied that she followed you.
>But that's not very surprising.
>At the moment, you're still a bit dazed, and you lack the energy to really react to this.
>You have no idea how long had she been licking your face for.
>Strangely enough, it felt nice, amazing even, compared to the lingering pain from your fall.
>She didn't notice you were awake, so you ended up taking her slobbery tongue to the eyes.
>It took a lot of effort, but you raised your hand up to her, pushing her face back a bit.
>"O-Oh! Anon! You're awake!" Fluttershy looked like she was in heaven, nuzzling against your hand.
"God... damn..."
>It felt nice while it was happening, but now that she's stopped, your face just feels gross.
>That, and your clothes are damp.
>"Don't move too much, okay?"
>You moved your head enough to check your lower body.
>Your pants were still on, and nothing seemed to be out of place.
>That's a shocker.
>Did Fluttershy actually have enough decency not to defile you while you were unconscious?
>That's crazy.
>Pain surged through your head once more, pulsing much like a heartbeat would.
>To be fair, she did warn you.
"Anyway, mind telling me why you were licking my face while I was knocked out?"
>"I-I was only trying to wake you up, that's all. I promise."
"And should I even bother asking how you knew where to find me?"
>"Umm...Trixie told me."
>Trixie told her where you went?
>Why do you get the feeling something weird happened?
"Well, thanks for not raping my unconscious body. I appreciate that."
>Squirming with your back against the tree, you tried to get into a position where you could easily stand up.
>"A-Anon, let me help!"
"Silly horse. It'll take a lot more than that to keep me down."
>You were too distracted to realize it, but it's even darker than it was when you were talking to Sunbutt.
>The clouds over the area are blocking out a pretty good portion of the moonlight.
>Eventually, you got back on your feet and picked up your satchel.
>It's drizzling lightly, and the winds have died down, so you must have "slept" through the storm unharmed.
>Thank Celestia for that.
>"What were you doing out here in these woods?"
"Spike sent me a letter, told me to come meet him at our old camping spot at Neighagra Falls."
>"Spike? Hasn't he been away at the Crystal Empire?"
"He was, but now he's here. And he wanted me to come by myself."
"So... you being here kind of defeats the purpose of that."
>"Oh, sorry..."
"It's fine. I should have known better than to think I could have avoided you."
>"Y-You're not gonna' make me go back to Ponyville by myself, are you?"
"What? Of course not! Spike might not be happy about it, but I'm sure he'll understand."
>Speaking of Spike, you're not going anywhere in this darkness.
>You reached into your handy-dandy Satchel(TM) to pull out a small, electric lantern.
>This thing cost you at least three bags worth of bits, so you're glad it's still intact.
>It's a souvenir from a previous trip to Manehattan with Rarity.
>She had you try on all kinds of ridiculous bullshit while you were there.
>You'll never understand fashion.
>It turned on without a hitch, and the difference was like night and day.
>The lantern doesn't look like it would be very powerful, but it shines surprisingly bright.
>"B-By the way, is-
"No. Tongues are not my fetish."
>You had a feeling she was going to ask that.
>"...And I'm guessing you still know the way to the camping spot, right?"
"Oh, uh, yeah! Duh."
>You made one last check before walking off.
>Your trusty pocket knife was still in your right back pocket, and thankfully, it was retracted.
>Taking a knife to your ass during that slip would not have been fun, or pleasant.
>Your head continued throbbing, but the pain everywhere else was comparatively mild by now.
"I'm still a little woozy, but that's okay."
>As you held your head, it finally registered.
>This is the most respectful Fluttershy has been to you in a good minute.
>She's fetish guessing again, but other than that, this is a nice change of pace.
>Now if it would stay like that, that'd be swell.
"Come on, it shouldn't be too far from here."
>When you looked over your shoulder at Fluttershy, she wasn't following you.
"Uhh, Shy? What are you standing around for?"
>Nutter Butter wasn't responding.
>You didn't understand what was going on immediately, but it kicked in when you stepped closer to her.
>It's happening again.
>She's showing the same statue-like symptoms as before, when the two of you were in Everfree Forest.
>Your good friend, the Almighty Rainbow God-Emperor Beam Of Holy Protection(TM), suddenly exited your chest.
>More than likely, it was headed all the way back to Ponyville.
>Or more specifically, the castle.
>What in the flying fuck was really going on here?
>Are you even being "protected" at this point?
>Nothing was happening at all; She didn't do anything to you.
>You assumed this whole phenomenon with the Tree of Harmony started because it was trying to save you.
>Were you mistaken?
>Flashbacks of Fluttershy's Super Rapist(TM) mode hit you like a ton of bricks.
>This isn't good.
>This is totally not good.
>If she entered that state again, would you be able to handle her all by yourself?
>Is a simple slap to the face enough to wake her up?
>You ran through several possible scenarios in your head as quickly as you could.
>Twilight would be so proud of you if she could see the big brain calculations going on in your mind.
>For starters, you're still recovering from that fall.
>Secondly, it took both Twi's magic and Rainbow's strength to hold her down.
>And to your dismay, these clouds still haven't cleared.
>If anything, it's getting darker and darker.
>This lantern would end up being the only reason you can see, and if you dropped it, that's game over.
>She has better hearing than you, maybe even better sight, and she can smell the SHIT out of you.
>The smell part is the most worrisome out of them all.
>Trixie didn't know EXACTLY where you were heading, only that you wanted to board the train to Manehattan.
>Which means Fluttershy flew after the train, caught your scent, and came all the way over here.
>Hiding from her is fucking impossible, and you're miles away from the castle.
>You've determined that you're basically fucked beyond all reason.
>Your best option is to meet up with Spike, so you'd better get moving.
>Running through the clearing, you almost fell flat on your face.
>Thankfully, your hands were quick enough to break the fall.
>Your lantern rolled along the forest floor, stopping in front of a log.
>You rolled onto your back, struggling to catch your breath.
>The dragon you came here to see shouted your name, before running over to you.
>The pitter-patter of tiny feet drew closer and closer.
>"W-What's with the rush?!"
"No... time... start... talking!"
>You spoke inbetween heavy, labored breaths.
>"Start talking? What are ya' talkin' about?!"
>"Are you okay?! Did something happen?! I-I mean, you just got here! Don't you wanna'-"
"...The reason... you asked me to come here! Spit it out!"
"It's important... Isn't it?"
>"Oh. Right."
>It took him a moment to reply; His frantic and shocked tone was replaced with one of dejection.
>He stepped away from you, waddling elsewhere.
>After shutting up long enough to breathe properly, you rolled over onto your stomach.
>Since you weren't sure how much time you have before Fluttershy wakes up, you hightailed it over here.
>It's rather unceremonious of you to show up gasping for air and panicked like this.
>Unfortunately, it's out of your hands.
>You're not sure what Spike wants, but whatever it is, you're hoping it won't take long.
>With shaky legs, you got up and reached for your lantern.
>No cracks, no scratches, no damage.
>"Man, you look like you've been through a lot." Spike remarked, sitting on top of a log.
>His words made you chuckle.
"Trust me, you don't know the half of it."
>Spike had an entire setup ready for the two of you.
>A log for both of you to sit on, a campfire with a roaring, and a green flame.
>Hell, there was a spit-roasted chicken over the fire.
>The tents were still in good condition even after you both left them here.
>Spike did a great job staking those to the ground; The storm hardly even moved them.
>You expected no less from your little dragon bro.
>Wait, he's got a spit-roasted fucking chicken?
"Wha... Spike? Did you...?"
>"What's the matter, Anon? Thought I didn't have it in me to hunt?"
>"You ARE talking to a dragon, after all."
>He had the most cocky look on his face as he admired his own claws.
>A wide, toothy grin appeared on your face, and you almost burst into laughter.
"You're a riot, you know that, Spike?"
>Stuff like this is why you got along so well with him.
>Even after hanging around all these ponies his entire life, he's still a dragon on the inside.
>One day, he'll grow up and become a Giga Chad(TM) just like you.
File: based spike.jpg (55 KB, 736x849)
55 KB
>The throbbing pain in your head was finally beginning to subside.
>A while after waking up, you feared you had given yourself brain damage with that nasty fall.
>Luckily, you're sturdier than you give yourself credit for.
>You could hear the rushing waters of Neighagra Falls in the distance.
>As dark as it was, you could faintly see them, too.
>There's something really magical about this spot.
>That's exactly why the two of you claimed it for yourselves.
>If you had a flag, you'd have stabbed it into the ground here a long time ago.
>But it's a shame you don't have a lot of time.
>You'd love to sit down and talk with him for hours on end until you both pass the fuck out.
>That ticking rape-bomb is still out there in the woods, probably at the exact spot you left her in.
"So... What's the deal?"
>Again, his demeanor changed when you got right to the heart of the matter.
>Something must really be bothering him.
>"Um, it's a little complicated."
"Like, Twilight rummaging through books to find an answer to a centuries-old question, complicated?"
>"Nah. More like... emotionally complicated.
"Well? What is it?"
>He was twiddling his claws, staring into the green campfire of his own creation.
"I don't judge, Spike. You know that."
>"Are ya' sure about that?"
"Okay, I know I make jokes with poor taste sometimes, but I'm serious."
"Tell me what it is, and I'll tell you about something I've been dealing with, too.
>"...It's a deal."
>Spike inhaled deeply, and exhaled, before looking you right in the eyes.
>"I-I've been thinking about leaving Ponyville. Maybe not for good, but..."
"That's it?"
"Spike, you're a fucking dragon."
"Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't distanced yourself a bit from ponies yet."
>"Ugh, I feel so stupid. I should have figured you'd say something like that."
"You're damn right you should have."
>"It's just that I've been wanting to, you know, broaden my horizons!"
>"Rarity said that to me a while ago, and I've been thinking about it ever since."
>"Remember that story I told you about the time I helped save the Crystal Empire?"
"Yeah? What about it?"
>"It made me feel... dependable! And... strong! And... independent."
>"And the others still see me as this... little baby dragon."
"Sounds like growing pains to me."
>"Growing pains?"
"The same thing happened to me when I was a teenager."
"Yup. It felt like I was a big, strong man in a little boy's body."
>You turned away from Spike, looking into the cloudy skies above.
"Sometimes, I still see myself as that little boy."
"It's a part of growing up, that's all it is."
"Which brings me to my next question."
"Do you really want to leave Ponyville, or do you just want to speed up time?"
>"I... I think... I just want to speed up time."
>He looked defeated, but in a way that showed understanding.
>You walked up to him, and sat down on the same log.
"Listen, Spike. You're awesome. Just like me, just like Rainbow."
"You're gonna' live a long time, because from what I've read, you dragons live LONG lives."
"So, while you're young, just focus on setting up your future, yeah?"
>"Setting up my future, huh?"
"Yeah, one piece at a time. And if you want those ponies to take you more seriously, act like it."
>You stared into the green flames, thinking to yourself for a moment.
"I could use that advice just as much as you, honestly."
>Spike wrapped his arms around you, and you raised your arms in reaction, looking down at him.
>"Thanks, Anon. I knew you were the right guy to call."
"Any time, bro."
>The Dragon(TM) broke the hug, and started kicking his little legs as he sat with you happily.
>"On a side note, you remember Starlight, right?"
"Yeah, she's the mare Twi told me about. The one who almost ended the world."
>"Hehe... yeah. Listen, she told me she'd be coming back from the Crystal Empire soon."
>I know you love meeting ponies, so I figured I'd tell you."
"Can't wait. Twi thinks her and I would get along, so we'll see."
>"Oh, almost forgot! What were you going to tell me about in exchange?"
"Oh... Uh, Fluttershy is somewhere in the woods, and she's about to come rape me."
>"She's gonna' WHAT now?!"
>Spike was sufficiently taken aback from the sudden tonal shift.
"She's about to come rape me. A lot has been going on while you've been up there in Crystal Land."
>"L-Like what?"
>Over to your left, you suddenly heard a murder of crows cawing from afar.
>Having the satchel around you would only get in the way, so you dropped it.
>Reaching inside of it, you pulled out every can of Meat-Substitute(TM).
>You handed Spike two of them, and held two in your own hands.
>"Anon? Is this... fake meat?"
>You were too busy staring into the darkness behind the trees to answer Spike.
>Sweat started to roll down your brow; Your previous adrenaline had been reactivated.
>She's coming, and she's here for you.
>But not Spike.
>You don't want him getting caught up in this incoming shitstorm.
>With Spike's campfire lighting the area, you don't have to worry about your lantern.
>You can take her.
"Spike, go hide in the tent. Take the cans with you."
>"Hide?! Is Fluttershy coming?"
"Hurry up!"
>"O-Okay, I get it!"
"If things go south, I want you to throw those cans at her as hard as you can!"
>Spike hopped off the log and ran into one of the nearby tents.
>You hopped off the log yourself to face the pitch-black darkness of the woods.
>Holding a can of Meat-Substitute(TM) in the air, you were ready to throw it at a moment's notice.
>Her Rape Field(TM) is absolutely massive; You can feel it from here.
>And not a moment later, Fluttershy ran out of a bush, darting straight for you.
>You yeeted the can of fake meat at her as hard as you could.
>It hit her square in the head, bouncing off of her, and she tumbled onto the ground.
"S-Stay back, Fluttershy! Don't make me do this!"
>Even after taking a large, metal can full of food to the head, she got right back up.
>The look in her eyes was fierce, and she seemed to be much more resilient this time around.
>She wanted cock, and she needed it now.
>You tossed the second can of meat, hoping you'd nail her in the head again, but you missed.
>Or more accurately, she dodged it.
>By flying.
>Your stupid, human brain isn't equipped to handle flying predators.
>She darted at you once more, this time, with increased speed thanks to her wings.
>You frantically pulled your Stabby-Stabby(TM) out, but the craziest thing happened afterwards.
>Fluttershy took it in her mouth and flew off with it, before throwing it into the woods.
"M-My knife...!"
>You couldn't possibly have seen that coming.
>Why was she so smart all of a sudden?
>Her having all of that strength, speed, and intelligence isn't fair!
>The flying rapist performed a quick U-turn, and you had nothing but your bare hands.
>She slammed right into your chest, knocking you to the moist forest floor and pinning you.
>It felt like something had just been broken, but you didn't stop struggling.
>"Just... ACCEPT ME, ANON!"
>You tried to punch her, kick her off, push her, or anything else, but it just wasn't happening.
>Super Rapist(TM) deciding to grow a brain really threw a wrench in your plans.
>Fighting off a mare this sexually enraged was already too much.
>If she manages to free Anon Jr. in any way, shape, or form, that's good game.
>GG No re.
>You'll be cumming buckets until you fucking die.
>You'd love it if Spike started tossing those cans right about now.
>She got fed up with your squirming, and decided enough was enough.
>"Hold still! Quit MOVING!"
>Fluttershy spun around, presenting you with a view that incited an instant flashback.
>The last moments of your run-in with the fake, dream Twilight plagued your thoughts.
>Despite raising your arms in defense, the course of Fluttershy's ass wasn't affected at all.
>In layman's terms, she sat down right on top of your stupid head.
>To say that this has made breathing difficult is an understatement.
>Blubbershy over here is far heavier than you thought; You're practically drowning in a sea of yellow pudge.
>Her mouth went straight for your zipper, too.
>As you struggled to breathe underneath Nutter Butter, you felt your mind beginning to slip.
>Because you aren't just trying to fight off Fluttershy.
>No, no, no.
>Anon Jr. is equally as formidable, and he's never on your side when you need him to be.
>Every male ancestor in your bloodline would be proud of the erection you're sporting right now.
>It may be physiologically impossible to ignore the Collector's Edition Horse Pussy(TM) on your face.
>And of course, who could possibly forget about the Deluxe Ponut(TM)?
>Anon Jr. was freed from his prison, and Fluttershy resumed the hot dog eating contest from last week.
>Your hands were on her flanks, and you could definitely continue struggling against the Throat Goat(TM).
>Maybe shake her around, squirm about, or try to toss her off.
>You did none of those things.
>It was as if some alternate version of you, one with no restraint whatsoever, took control.
>Obviously, that's a load of shit.
>You were simply falling victim to biological desires.
>Excuses like, "it's not that bad", or, "you tried your best", filled your mind.
>"F-Fluttershy, what's gotten into you?! Didn't you hear what he said?!"
>It sounded muffled, but you could tell Spike was shouting at her.
>She didn't get off of you, nor did she forfeit the hot dog eating contest.
>In that moment, you thought about how lame you must look right now, getting dominated like this.
>That's okay.
>She's about as strong as three Applejacks, so you can't really stop her, anyway.
>After that, you thought about what Twilight would do if she were here to see this.
>There's a decent chance she'd find this hilarious and laugh, but that's not the only thing she would do.
>She'd use that powerful magic of hers to help you out.
>"No... means no!"
>A resounding metal clang echoed throughout the forest, and you can assume Spike tossed a can at her.
>She didn't stop.
>Hell, she didn't even slow down.
>It reminded you of how persistent Rainbow was in that dream.
>Even after getting left in the dust, she STILL followed after you.
>She didn't stop trying.
>"You're supposed to be friends!"
>Again, Fluttershy was this close to winning the competition.
>She'd be rewarded with a taste of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing(TM).
>However, what Spike just said brought you back from the brink.
>You and Fluttershy are supposed to be friends.
>Even if she does things you don't approve of sometimes, you have to accept her for who she is.
>You don't have to like the rape, you just have to accept it.
>When she first started to show early symptoms, even though they were mild, you started avoiding her.
>How bad did that avoidance make her feel?
>Didn't she JUST ask you to accept her?
>After Fluttershy froze for the second time, you questioned what the Tree of Harmony's intentions really were.
>Now, you finally understand.
>It was trying to get you to understand how your avoidant actions were driving the two of you apart.
>By turning Fluttershy into a Super Rapist(TM) that would aggressively hunt you down, no less.
>That's a cheesy way to interpret it, and it's still weird how she can't enter the castle.
>Maybe there's some metaphorical shit you're not understanding, but thinking about it hurts your brain.
>Something was obviously wrong with her, but you continued to hide inside your Rape Shelter.
>Meanwhile, she essentially suffered in silence and raped Pinkie for a week straight.
>And even before all of that, she was about to let wild bears maul you, just for some cock.
>Your reaction back then was pretty justified, but things should never have gotten to that point.
>To be honest, you deserve this.
>She may be a rapist, but you've been a bad friend to her, and you resent that.
>After realizing your mistakes, you lifted Fluttershy's butt off your face enough to be able to speak.
"F-Fluttershy, I accept you!"
>Almost instantly, she paused her ministrations.
>Thank Celestia she did, because you weren't going to last much longer.
>"You... what?"
"I accept you! I'm sorry for running away, and hiding, and avoiding you, and being a piece of shit!"
"I've been treating everypony fairly except for you!"
>Just as your tired arms were about to give, Fluttershy flew into the air.
>Your lungs felt like they were full of rocks.
>Spike ran over and kneeled down next to you, panicking.
>"Anon! Are you hurt?! Oh, there's no way you're not hurt, not after that! Show me where it-"
"Spike. Relax."
>"Hehe... Sorry. I'm just worried."
"I know, I know."
>"Oh, and... you've got a little something in your face."
>"More like a lot of something really, but..."
>Of course.
>Mare Juice(TM).
>"H-Here, let me get something for that. I've got a towel in my tent somewhere."
"Spike, I don't know how I feel about having you wipe Fluttershy's-"
>It's too late.
>He was already running off towards the tent.
>Fluttershy landed next to you, leaning over your face.
>"Do you really mean that, Anon?"
"Yeah, I mean it."
"From now on, things will be different, okay?"
"I'm finished ignoring you; That'll never happen again."
>"N-No, it's my fault."
>"Now I understand what kind of things I've been doing whenever I blank out."
>"You probably think I'm a monster!"
>She looked absolutely miserable, and that makes you upset.
>You should be the one crying your eyes out, not her.
"No, no, no..."
>You raised your hand to touch Fluttershy's face.
"I left you alone in the woods, frozen like a statue."
"Twice now! Okay?! Twice!"
"And I should have told Twilight what really happened even sooner than I did!"
"Instead of waiting an entire week to tell her like an... idiot."
>You just can't stop getting fucked up, can you?
>Along with that tackle to your ribs, you hurt yourself pretty badly struggling against her.
>It was getting harder and harder to talk.
"You're not some... thing I need to run away from, or a monster!"
"You're Fluttershy! My friend! If only I started acting like it sooner..."
>"Oh, Anon."
>Fluttershy nuzzled into your hand, just like earlier.
>"Found it! I knew that towel was in there somewhere."
>Spike returned from his tent with the towel, before taking some time to dry your face off.
>"You know, you two look pretty good together. Maybe you should-"
"Shut up."
>"I'm just messin' with you, Anon."
>"By the way, Fluttershy, I don't think I've ever seen you like that before!"
>"You were all like, WHAM! BAM! ZOOM!"
>"Sorry, sorry..."
>"W-Were we fighting?" Fluttershy looked over the campsite, spotting all of the meat cans laying about.
"I 'guess' you could call it fighting, but-"
>Some of them had burst open after making contact with her surprisingly thick skull.
"Wait, you're not hurt at all?"
>"No. I feel just fine, actually."
>This horse is something else.
>You felt an urge to get up and hug her, but your chest is fucked.
>For now, it looks like the ground is your resting place.
>Without a warning, your body tensed up as a powerful feeling washed over you.
>It was similar to the feeling of Mr. Rainbow coming out of you, but stronger.
>"Goodness, now that you mention it, something doesn't feel right."
>Not a second later, you came rainbows out of your chest.
>Lots of them.
>Fluttershy did too, and the rainbow beams rose up into the sky.
>The clouds were pierced and parted, allowing you to finally see moonlight again.
>Did it have to come out of your chest?
>"Whooaaa, awesome!"
>Spike was enjoying it like a fireworks show, meanwhile, you were tearing up from the sudden pain.
>When the beams finally stopped doing their thing, you clutched your chest.
>"Anon, w-what just happened to us?!"
"We came... rainbows, Fluttershy. We came rainbows."
>That may have signalled the end of this little friendship problem.
>"Fluttershy! Anon! Spike! What the hay just happened?!"
>You could have sworn you just heard Rainbow Dash nearby.
>Twilight's voice graced your ears as well, so it looks like you're not crazy.
>The two of them flew over the campsite, with Twilight landing, and Rainbow remaining in the air.
>"Man, am I glad you two showed up! Anon is hurt pretty bad!"
>"Ummm, Anon and I had a fight..."
>"Y-You're not lying! There's meat cans all over the bucking place!"
>Rainbow hovered above you to look at your sorry condition.
>"A-And... is that your... C-COCK?!"
>Dash was a stuttering mess, her pupils as tiny as pinpricks, blushing profusely.
>This is a little awkward, considering she's never seen Anon Jr. before.
"D-Don't look, bro! Pretend you didn't see it!"
>Twilight stifled yet another one of her infamous, inappropriately timed laughs.
>"The other girls were asleep, but Dash and I were at the castle wondering where you've been all day."
>"That's when the map started showing Fluttershy's location, so we flew over as fast as we could."
>That sounds about right.
>As long as Fluttershy was following you, there's no way this camping trip could've been a private affair.
>"Yeah, you totally missed our lunch date, bro!"
"Sorry, but... Spike wanted to see me. Privately."
"I tried to respect that as best as I could."
>"I see. What did you want to see him for, Spike?"
>Twilight walked over to the little guy, putting a hoof on his head.
>"Oh, y-you know, just a top secret meeting between bros! You wouldn't get it."
>Grand Autismo sounded pretty skeptical, as usual.
>"And you, Fluttershy!"
>Fluttershy practically shrunk as Rainbow pointed a hoof at her.
>"What's been going on with you, lately!?"
>"Why did you follow Anon all the way out here, beat him up, and..."
>Her little heart wasn't brave enough to finish that sentence.
>"W-Whatever else you did! I thought you were just having one of those crushes again!"
>"But this?! This is messed up, Fluttershy!"
>Butter Horse looked like she was moments away from bawling her eyes out.
"Rainbow, don't..."
>"What do you mean, 'don't'?!"
"She didn't mean it. It turns out there really was a 'friendship problem' going on."
"But, it's mostly my fault. I haven't been staying by her side to help like I should have."
>"How is it YOUR fault if she RAPES you, for Celestia's sake?!"
>She finally said the word.
"Sometimes, Dash, you've gotta be the bigger... uhh... man. Pony. Whatever."
"Regardless of what she's done, all I've done for the past month, or even longer, is avoid her."
"I kept hoping and thinking about 'fixing' the friendship, when all I needed to do was 'accept' her."
"How would you feel if I purposefully started avoiding you?"
>"W-Well..." Rainbow had hung her head, sounding somewhat defeated.
>"He's right, Rainbow. You saw the way she was acting yesterday. That wasn't normal."
>"Yeah, you're right... Sorry for snapping at you like that, Fluttershy."
>"I-It's okay, Rainbow." Fluttershy replied, flying into the air and hugging Dash.
>"And I was too distracted with my books to take this more seriously. Ugh!"
>"Sorry, Fluttershy."
>"Don't worry about it, Twilight. Everything's okay now."
>Autism Supreme and Yellow Ted Bundy approached each other to share a hug.
"Just blame me for that one, Twi. I was dismissive as hell."
"Remember? I waited an entire week to tell you what really happened in those woods."
"You might not have taken it as seriously because I was acted like it was just her 'time of the month'."
"Even after I found she raped Pinkie for a week straight, I didn't-"
>Did you just tell them about that?
>You totally didn't mean to tell them about that.
>Oh dear.
>"I did... what?!"
>Rainbow's voice hit maximum volume, Spike was blushing, and Twi was trying so hard not to laugh.
>Fluttershy looked horrified, ashamed, and another emotion that you can't quite place your finger on.
>Not going to lie, it was a little funny to see Pinkie all deflated like that.
>You're such a shit friend.
"F-Forget I said that, yeah?"
"Can you guys help me up? And, uh... put away Anon Jr. for me?"
"See, I'd love to, but I'm having some difficulties moving at the moment."
"You're not scared, are you? It's not gonna' bite you or-"
>She looked away from your junk, but you still caught her peeking out of the corner of her eyes.
>Anon Jr. is a very powerful being.
>Even now, he's still making your ancestors proud.
>"I'll do it, Anon."
>And Fluttershy was approaching him.
"U-Uhh... maybe it'd be best if Twilight used her... JESUS, DON'T BITE IT-"
>You tilted your head as far up as you could manage, fearing for Anon Jr.'s safety.
>She took him in her mouth once more, somehow managing to put him back behind bars, where he belongs.
>Even now, you'd rather not have Fluttershy anywhere near your hot dog, but that's okay.
>This is the way it's meant to be.
>She's your little rapist, almost like a pet.
>Still, could she have at least used her wings instead?
"D-Did you have to use your mouth for that? Oh, never mind."
"Thanks, Fluttershy..."
>Your words trailed off as you thanked her in an exhausted tone of voice.
>"No problem, Anon."
>Rainbow was livid, Spike was still blushing, and Twilight looked curious more than anything else.
>"That thing sure is extra sensitive, huh?" Twi sounded like she was taking mental notes on human genitalia.
"Can we all just go back to Ponyville?"
"Pretty sure I need some kind of medical attention for this chest wound, something might be broken."
>"S-Sorry again, Anon."
"Apology accepted."
"Anyway, don't you have a teleport spell that can take us back, Twi?"
>"I was just about to get to that."
>Suddenly, Fluttershy gasped loudly, and you tilted your head in reaction.
>"S-Spike! Did you kill that chicken?"
>"Uhh... yes?"
"Cut him some slack, Shy. He is a dragon, y'know."
"Don't you feed your animals fish and stuff like that?"
>"Yes, but not chickens..."
"Oh well, fuck em'. Survival of the fittest."
>Rainbow keeled over laughing, as did Twilight, and Spike eventually joined in, too.
>"W-What's so funny?"
>Your chest wasn't happy about it, but you couldn't help but chuckle.
>Her questioning only made it funnier.
>"Ohhh, Celestia! That's too much..." Twilight got back up, wiping her excessive tears away with a hoof.
"Hey... Spike, mind holding my satchel for me?"
>"Aye-aye, captain! Wait... I'd better grab my bag and stuff, too."
>Tip-tap, tip-tap, went the sound of tiny little dragon feet.
>Seeing him grab your satchel reminded you of something.
"Ugh! I just realized!"
"Almost all the meat substitute is FUCKED!"
"And my knife! Uggghhh..."
>You groaned, voicing your frustration.
>"You sound more worried about those than yourself." Spike said disappointedly, holding your satchel.
>"I'm just glad you're okay, bro!" Rainbow must have been worried sick when you missed lunch.
>After all, you haven't missed a single lunch date ever since you started having them with her.
>"Alright, Twilight! Fire up that spell!" Rainbow shouted, pointing a hoof at Book Horse.
>"Working on it! Stand close, everypony!"
"Can't move."
>"O-Oh, right, sorry... Everypony, stand by Anon!"
>Twilight, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Spike all corralled around you, waiting to be teleported.
>Twi's horn illuminated the campsite, the lighting of her purple magic fusing with Spike's green-lit campfire.
>You felt something of a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
>Not from the magical energy gathering around the five of you, though.
>It's from a feeling of satisfaction; The kind you feel after doing the right thing.
>What'll it be like spending time with Fluttershy again, you wonder.
>You'd have plenty of time to think about that while you rest.
>In less than a second, you were teleported miles and miles away, along with the others.
>Having such a drastic change in environment leaves you dizzy every time.
>It's not the first time Twilight has teleported you somewhere.
>The last time, it left you a vomiting, disoriented mess.
>A mess that you had to clean up, of course.
>"Is everypony alright? What about you, Anon?" Twi asked, checking to make sure everything is in order.
"Well, I don't feel like throwing up my breakfast, so..."
>Your gag reflex triggered as soon as you finished talking.
>"Maaaaybe you should take it easy on the talking for a sec', bro."
>After Rainbow spoke, a mighty yawn escaped her fast horse mouth.
>"Twi... you mind takin' over and watching him for me?"
>"I've got Wonderbolt practice in the morning and I'm beat."
>"Don't worry, Dash. I'll take care of him."
>You're not sure if a fan of the way she said that.
>"Don't go dying on me overnight, okay? I'll swing by RIGHT after practice, bro!"
"Oh, and sorry for throwing my knife at you."
>"Huh? What the hay are you talkin' about? Did you hit your head or something?"
"Yeah... you could say tha-
>"I warned you, didn't I? What am I gonna' do with you, huh?"
>"Anyways, good luck, Twi."
>"Good night, Rainbow Dash!" Spike happily chimed, waving goodbye to her.
>"B-Bye Rainbow." Fluttershy was staring at your chest, probably thinking about the damage she did.
>Rainbow said her last words, before zooming out of the castle.
>"I would appreciate it too, Twilight."
>"I'd stay for a while, but I have to go feed the animals, and it's getting pretty late."
>"No problem, Fluttershy. I'm used to Anon hanging around the castle by now, so this is no different."
>"Speaking of which, Spike, do you mind getting my bed ready for Anon?"
>"Okay! On it!"
>Spike, carrying your satchel, as well as his own camping bag, ran off into the hallway.
>He's much stronger than he lets on, for such a little guy.
>Fluttershy started leaving as well, heading out the double doors.
>"Good night, Anon. Get plenty of rest, okay? I'll come by in the morning."
>Nutter Butter looked back to say goodbye to you as she walked, her plot in plain view.
>Bad Anon.
>Stop looking at horse ass.
"Uh-huh. I'm sure I will."
>All of a sudden, Twilight's magic lifted you into the air, bringing you with her.
>"Come on, big guy. Let's get you in bed."
"Please don't fucking drop me."
>"I wouldn't dream of it; What kind of mare do you take me for?"
"The fucking with me type."
>Twi giggled playfully as she carried you off to her bed.
>It would be funny if accepting one rapist meant accepting another.
>Because Twilight is being exceptionally saucy today, and you're worried for your safety.
>If Anon Jr. is woken from his restful slumber again, you're not accountable for what happens.
>As Twilight levitated you down the hallway, you contemplated what to do first after you recover.
>At the current moment, you're drawing a blank.
>"Thinking hard up there, Anon?"
"Hmm... you could say that."
>"You're acting just a liiiittle bit unusual."
"Let me guess. I'm more talkative and social than this?"
>"Thats... exactly what I was going to say. Word for word."
"So much has been happening lately, y'know?"
"It's got me thinking about stuff I normally wouldn't."
"I'm worried I might turn into you if this keeps up."
>"Turn into me? What's that supposed to mean, hmm?"
"A nerd."
>"Something tells me that's not what you meant."
"Nope, that's exactly what I meant."
"Twilight Sparkle."
>Twi gave you a playful look, sticking her tongue out at you.
>She brings something out of you, and you bring something out of her.
>As far as you know, she doesn't act like this constantly with anypony else.
>It's never a dull moment with Autism Supreme.
>That little exchange reminded you of something.
"Hey, Twi."
"Were you worried about me?"
>"Uhh, worried about you when?"
"No particular time. Just in general."
>"Are you okay, mister? And I'm not talking about your injuries."
"Answer the question, Oh Purple One."
>"Of course I am!"
>Twilight seemed thoroughly confused by your question, no shocker there.
"Good. That makes me really happy, Twi."
>"There's something you're not telling me. Start talking."
"What, is it so wrong to ask a question like that?"
>"That's not a question friends normally ask each other out of the blue, Anon."
>"Maybe you should brush up on some of my friendship lessons."
"I'm gonna' brush up on you."
>That sounded about a million times better in your head.
>"Oh? When?"
"Forget I said anything."
>"Twilight, one. Anon, zero."
"W-We were competing?"
>Twi laughed heartily at your reaction, and her magic wavered for a moment.
"T-Twi. Please."
>"I won't drop you! Quit worrying so much."
"You telling me that is rich."
>This conversation is everlasting.
>One of you, doesn't matter who, always has a witty retort cocked and loaded.
>After that playful chatting, Twi finally brought you to her room.
>It wouldn't surprise you if she purposefully walked slower this entire time.
>Spike left your satchel right by the bed, ready and waiting for when you'd need it.
>"Alright, momma's gonna' tuck you in."
"You're enjoying this way too much."
>"It's not often that I have you to myself like this, let me enjoy it."
"Not often? What about the entirety of last week?"
>"This time is different, Anon."
>Twi levitated you over to her bed, laying you onto it.
"Not sure if I like the sound of that."
>Twilight stood up on her rear hooves, placing her front hooves on the bedside.
>"You're lucky you're injured, Anon."
>"There's something I've been wanting to test out."
"You can test out a hug, if you want."
>"A hug? Not much experimenting to be had there, Mr. Human."
"Purple horse hug human. Hug human now."
>"Alright, alright..."
>Twi wrapped her hooves around you, mostly the neck area, to avoid putting pressure on your chest.
>You brought a hand to her mane, scritching behind her ears.
>Her ears flicked up and down; Your inner 'HNNNNGH' was in full force.
>It only grew stronger as she pulled back from the hug, looking you right in the eyes.
>You've never had her this close to you before, not like this, at least.
>This is exactly what you needed at the end of that dream.
"Got what I wanted."
>"Are you sure that's it?"
"If there's something else YOU want, feel free to speak up, Ms. Sparkle."
>Your eyes widened as Twilight leaned in, pressing her lips against yours.
>After a few, admittedly awkward seconds, she pulled away.
>It took your brain a few moments to fully catch up.
>That's the first time you've ever kissed a pony, and it was weird.
>But you know, it's nothing serious, really.
>Save for the fact that she's just shoved her horse tongue down your fucking throat.
>The sudden act shocked you, but you didn't want to show her your nerves, so you simply pulled back.
>A horse of this nature would surely use that against you; You've got to do better.
>Especially after the weakness you displayed to Celestia.
"Couldn't control yourself, you little sperg?"
"Last time I checked, you don't just kiss your friends out of nowhere."
>Your unwillingness to lose lets her get away with all kinds of things.
>This is definitely one of those times.
>"Wow. No compliments or anything?"
"Eh. I've had be... Let me not finish that sentence."
>You've fallen right into her trap.
>Foolish, foolish Anon.
>"Go on." Twi replied, giving you the world's deadliest bedroom eyes.
>That face could fucking kill.
>For an egghead, she has no business looking this good.
"Ahem... Anyway, what are we going to do about the whole possibly broken ribs thing?"
"I'm guessing I'm due for the Ponyville clinic in the morning."
>"Actually... the clinic has been closed for a while."
"For a while? How long has it been?"
>"About... four days now."
>"There was an accident, something to do with chemicals, I think."
>"Luckily, Nurse Redheart wouldn't mind coming by to treat you herself."
"Really? Surely, she's got other-"
>"Anon, trust me, she would jump at the chance to help you."
>"She's been dying of boredom for the last few days."
"Hmm... sounds like she's been chatting you up."
>"I've been dropping by her home whenever I can, just to say hello."
>"Before that accident, I was helping her... 'x-ray' a few patients."
"The way you said that made it sound like something unorthodox."
>"No, no, It's nothing like that."
>"I just scanned over their bodies with my magic, and told her what I saw."
>"That's probably what I'll end up doing to you in the morning after I bring her over."
"As long as you don't accidentally zap me with magic."
>"If I zap you, it'll be on purpose."
"Twi, that's a terrible thing to make a joke about."
>"I'd never hurt you, Anon. You know that."
>You felt a soft coat and snout as Twilight cuddled her face against yours.
>That dream did a number on you in more ways than you can count.
>Would you have accepted this much affection from horses before?
>Would you even consider getting involved with a horse?
>You acted as if you weren't planning on it when Celestia brought it up.
>That's completely true, though.
>You aren't, but It's sort of... happening.
>Which begs the question, who do you have such feelings for at the moment?
>"No petting this time, hmm?"
"What are you, a cat?"
>"I'll raise my flank in the air if you want."
>"It's my room, Anon."
>"Okay, okay, I'll get back to my studies. I wasn't ready to sleep anyway."
"You WILL be getting some sleep tonight, though... right?"
>"As soon as Redheart and I finish looking you over, I'll head straight to bed."
"Alright, Twi. Don't overdo it. You remember what happened the last time you didn't get sleep."
>"Aww, are you worried about me, Anon?"
"Begone, Purple One."
>Purple Intelligence finally took her leave, heading back to her treasure trove of books.
>You're not sure if you'd survive sleeping in the same bed as Twilight.
>You'd be lucky to get even a wink of sleep through her constant teasing.
>Closing your eyes, you relaxed your muscles and took a deep breath.
>Today was probably one of the most eventful days since you've been in Equestria.
>You're not sure if you'd prefer it to stay that way or not.
>You breathed your last conscious breath for the night, and passed out.
File: E7lSzxUVIAE4hC3.jpg (61 KB, 719x721)
61 KB
Break time. But the rape shall continue soon.
Hopefully you all will enjoy this til' the end.
File: 850.jpg (22 KB, 600x563)
22 KB
holy fuck, dude
File: shocked Eris.png (82 KB, 500x565)
82 KB
Holy shit anon
>brush up on your grammar
That a lot to ask from any random faggot on the internet, nevermind a bunch of brony retards.
>Abandon your standards
The comedy is the assumption that you faggots have any standards in the first place
A mountain of green appears, time to crash into it.
That was a good read, much more than I was expecting.
Thanks Anon. I've been having lots of fun with this, which is why I've been unable to stop adding more to it. Send help.
File: Spoiler Image (3.76 MB, 800x450)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB GIF
>(You) hear music on your front lawn
>You recognize the tune, it's on your mp3 player which mysteriously went missing last month.
>But of all the tracks on that thing, why this one?
>You hated this song.
>You didn't even buy it for yourself.
>Your sister sent it to you and you couldn't be arsed to delete it.
>And now it was blaring on your front lawn.
>Only one pony could be responsible for this shit.
>You stomp over to your front door and yank it open.
>"Listen to the words of this song, Anon!"
"Hell no. Why should I?"
>Fluttershy stops dancing and glares at you.
>"Because you always make things complicated!"
>You are momentarily taken aback by this assertion.
>You always considered yourself a man of simple tastes.
>But you recover quickly.
"Like what? Name one thing!"
>Fluttershy turns off the music.
>THANK CELESTIA for small miracles.
>"Let me ride your hot monkey dick, Anon!"
>"See? There you go, making things complicated!"
"What's complicated? You made a request, I denied it! Simple as!"
>"I'm going to get that dick one way or another Anon!"
>Time to open the armory.
>Your hall closet contains a large quantity of easily throwable items.
>The first one, a jar of pickled apple slices, neatly takes out Fluttershy's radio.
>To emphasize your demand, you heft your next round, a potted petunia, and take aim.
>You throw the petunia, but she dodges it easily by taking flight.
>"I'll be back, Anon! You haven't heard the last of me!"
"Maybe, but I've heard enough!"
>You wind up and throw a rusty old C-clamp at her to encourage her to leave.
>Welp, that was your excitement for the day.
>Now you have to find a way to burn off this adrenaline rush.
>You wonder if Starlight Glimmer is doing anything right now.
Cool story, man.
I didn't learn anything.
Wrote this. >>38925084
I laughed so hard when Anon started chucking shit from the "Armory" at Flutterbutter, very funny green.
That was good anon
>>"W-Well..." Rainbow had hung her head, sounding somewhat defeated.
>>"He's right, Rainbow. You saw the way she was acting yesterday. That wasn't normal."
Is this a non sequitur, or is it meant to be "he", and one of our "friends" is crass enough to "support" us in blaming ourself? (Kind of hard to tell who's talking in this sequence; especially when you've had multiple consecutive lines from a single character in the past.)
>>Not going to lie, it was a little funny to see Pinkie all deflated like that.
This makes it sound like Pinkie is there. How else would it relate to Fluttershy's expression?
Yeah, understandable confusion, that 2nd line is Twilight speaking, agreeing with Anon on how Fluttershy's behavior is strange. It does sound like it's referring to something else, so I get it. Will make it more clear during sequences with lots of pones in the future.
File: JUST.png (278 KB, 605x706)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
In the last Flutterrape thread, the 1st time Anon spotted Ponka being all depressed, I posted this image along with it for a joke. Understandable confusion since that's nowhere to be seen in here or Ponepaste.
>"Oh, and sorry for throwing my knife at you."
>"Huh? What the hay are you talkin' about? Did you hit your head or something?"
>"Yeah... you could say tha-
Did we throw our knife at Rainbow in a part I didn't read?
Bit confused plotwise. Why does Twilight first talk as though the choice is between studying and sleeping, but then say that she only plans to sleep after Redheart looks us over? Why isn't she going to get Redheart?
lurk til g6
File: Rarity newspaper.gif (364 KB, 294x315)
364 KB
364 KB GIF
You know what you are, faggot! Don't try to lie.
>Your right hand reached into your back pocket, hovering over your Knife(TM).
"...And now, you're going to have to fight your bro."
>With the speed of about two and a half Fluttershy's in heat, you tossed the knife at Dash.

During the bad dream section.
>"That's probably what I'll end up doing to you in the morning after I bring her over."

>"Okay, okay, I'll get back to my studies. I wasn't ready to sleep anyway."

Purple Nurple wants to study all night, get Redheart and examine him with her, and then sleep afterwards because she's a greedy book horse with bad sleep habits. As opposed to going to bed now like a responsible horse and then doing all of that when she wakes up.
File: 1627171263635.gif (329 KB, 233x226)
329 KB
329 KB GIF
You've been added to the list, let me know if you want an alternative description:
>"What? Flutter-who?"
>You are holding a turnip when you say unprompted:
"It's been a week since I've seen Fluttershy."
>Bon Bon, who just gave you the turnip across her market stall countertop, squints at you with practised suspicion.
>"Okay? You're not trying to get out of paying again, are you?"
"No, but it's important."
>"Okay," she says again more slowly, "but I don't care."
"It's -extremely- important."
>"You know how weird you two are, right? Me and Goldie were talking the other day--"
>You do not hear the rest of it since you have already sprinted away, still clutching the turnip - the third one that week.
>Bon Bon stares after you for a breath, briefly wondering if you were sent by Celestia to punish her for some sin.
>"You owe me, Anonymous!" she shrieks, to the consternation of her neighbours.


>Fluttershy's cottage is empty, other than the rabbit.
>It takes to following you around her home, thumping your legs with its feet in an attempt to get you to leave.
>You pay it no mind, it is the deserted rooms that concern you.
>Ordinarily there would be the tell-tale smell of musk lingering to forewarn you of her presence - it is how you are able to evade most of her ambushes.
>A pleasant morning breeze passes through from an open window to the yawning front door, but not a hint of Flutter-funk carries with it.
"She's not dead, is she?" you ask the rabbit.
>The rabbit does not answer, for it is a rabbit.
>It does however bite you, and while it stings like the fangs of Cerberus it still does not answer your question.
>You leave with both mysteries and wounds untended.


>Being bitten by a guard rabbit did give you an idea.
>Ponyville is a town of dog-lovers, and a wayward pooch is more than happy to enter your service for a head-scratch and nibbles.
>You hold a lacy thong to his nose, one you had pilfered from Fluttershy's bedroom that had smelled particularly zesty.
"Anything, boy?"
>It takes a moment, but the dog perks up and presses his nose to the dirt.
>With a wagging tail and the promise of more affirmations of his moral excellence, he takes off down the road.
>You can't help a grin.
>Only then you remember your first clutching Fluttershy's unwashed, crusty thong, and wish you were dead.


>The dog lollops around with uncertain sniffs here and there.
>He wanders between the trees of the apple orchard and stops by a bush.
>He sniffs once, twice, then looks away. Something eludes him.
"She been here?"
>A single, cursory wag. The dog is listening to something you cannot hear.
>He scampers off and you follow.
>You find him resting his front paws against the trunk of an unremarkable tree.
>With a single bark, you know he has found her.
"Thanks kid, buy yourself something nice."
>You give him a old coupon for Applebees from your jeans.
>He takes it with reverence and runs off to either bury it or get fifteen percent off some half rack rouble-glazed baby back ribs.
"You up there, Fluttershy?" you say to the tree.
>You hear a squeak and the canopy shifts. A drooping pink mane precedes a surprised yellow face.
>"Oh, Anon. Hi?"
>A few steps forward and she comes into better view. She was well-hidden behind the verdant veil.
"Hi. What's up?" You make a wide gesture with your arms. "Not seen you around lately, thought you might be dead."
>"Oh, no, not yet, sorry. I've just been up here. Well, around here, really. Sort of all over the place, but generally in this sort of area."
"Uh huh. My house is across town, though."
>"I know."
"Well, aren't you going to try anything? Guess my fetish, leave little notes lying around my house, blackmail me, you know. The usual."
>She has an awkward look, like you've caught her on the toilet or masturbating.
>Bad examples, actually. You have found her doing both before, and she thought it was extremely arousing, so she made sure you 'caught' her in the act for a week straight afterwards.
>The sight and smells still linger in your tortured mind.
>Her expression is more like she was caught impersonating someone else at a party when the person in question shows up.
>"Oh. Um. Yeah, I'm not doing that anymore. I was... I was gonna tell you at some point, honest."
>She looks away at something beyond the canopy.
>You watch her instead, hands in your pockets, frowning.
"No," you say after a while, "not feeling anything. Indifference isn't my fetish either."
>"No, sorry, I mean I'm not chasing you anymore. I've moved on."
"Moved... the hell? Why?"
>"I thought you'd be happy."
"I'm thrilled, I think, but I didn't think you were capable of stopping."
>Fluttershy shrugs and tucks her mane back behind her ear.
>"You're not exactly interested in me, so I moved onto other things. I, um, I wasn't going to chase you forever, Anon."
"Could have fooled me."
>"I'm persistent, I know, but I also know when to cut my losses. Twilight told me about something called the sunken costs fallacy, it's like that. I've got a future to think about, I can't spend too much time beating a dead cow."
"So that's... it. We're just not gonna hang out anymore."
>"Was it really hanging out? Most of the time I was chasing you and you were screaming in terror."
"It was not -terror-, it was a war cry."
>"Very masculine of you," she says with a giggle.
"So what now? You're bird-watching?"
>"No, I've found someone new. Well, okay, that's not entirely true, I've had a crush on Big Mac for a long time, but when you showed up I wanted to try chasing you instead."
"Big Mac? Really?"
>"Sure. I, um, never had the confidence to do anything so I'd just watch him from a distance, but I've learned a lot from my time with you, so I think I'm ready to be bolder with him."
File: 1617233684613.gif (871 KB, 541x303)
871 KB
871 KB GIF
>She looks back out through the canopy. If you stand on your toes, you can just make out a red blob with a blonde mane moving to and fro in the next field over.
>With her pegasus eyes, Fluttershy will be able to see him clearly. With your short-sightedness, he is a colourful smear.
>"So, again, um. I'm sorry. About all this, I mean. Was there anything else?"
"No, I guess that's that. I'll see you around?"
>She gives you a small shrug, not meeting your eye.
>"Probably not, honestly. I'll be devoting all my time to Mac."
"Oh. I'll... just be off, then. Goodbye, Fluttershy."
>"Goodbye, Anonymous. Sorry it didn't work out."
>She glances at you briefly, looks away, then double-takes and frowns down at you, or more specifically something in your hand.
>"Um. Why are you holding my panties and a turnip?"


>Bon Bon's eyes narrow when you plod back to her stall.
>"You brought money this time, I hope?"
"Yeah, here you go, for the turnip."
>"Turnips," she hisses the S, "you've stolen two others."
"Right, here, then."
>She swipes the bits off the counter before they can even bounce. She looks satisfied, but gives you a once-over and a grunt.
>"What's up with you? You look like a kicked puppy."
"I think Fluttershy just dumped me."
>"You were dating?"
"Not really."
>"Then what?"
"I don't know."
>Bon Bon sniffs and looks around at the other stalls on the market.
>"Does that mean you're single then?"
>You can only shrug.
>"Good. Because Lyra's being a pain in my ass about not having a coltfriend, I'll tell her you'll meet her tonight."
"Wait, no--"
>"Or I can tell the guards about you stealing my turnips."
"...Well son of a bitch."
>"What goes around comes around, jungle monkey."
Poor anon
File: ea7.jpg (688 KB, 3840x2160)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
all he wanted was turnips. poor guy, bless.
File: giga-chad.jpg (68 KB, 831x1024)
68 KB
Went ahead and re-read all I have for typos and clarity in general. If I left any other errors, you have free reign to call me a retard. And I've decided the story must continue, because I have problems.

>The sounds of casual conversation passed your hearing, arousing you from your slumber.
>There's always something funny about waking up.
>That wonderful groggy feeling you get where you're a little woozy .
>Which is funny, because you don't feel like that right now at all.
>As a matter of fact, you feel exceptionally well rested.
>It's enough to make you want to jump out of bed.
>"A-Anon, don't move so much!"
>You looked up to see Twi and Redheart staring at you like you're crazy.
>Twi had called out to you, urging you not to get out of bed.
>"Anonymous, please, lay still so I can-" Redheart began to speak, before you interjected.
>"Your injury! Twilight said you could hardly stand last night because of it!"
"Yeah, but it doesn't hurt at all right now. In fact..."
>"That doesn't mean you should just-" Twi continued on, but stopped when you hopped out of bed.
"I feel... fine! Great, even!"
>"T-Twilight, scan Anonymous for me, if you would."
>"I-I'm on it!"
>Twilight's magic ran over your body like one of those scanners in a sci-fi movie.
>"Seriously, Anon. As much pain as you were in last night, you should know better than to..."
"Better than to what?"
>"What do you see, Twilight?"
>"Well, I expected to see some fractures in his ribs, or maybe some swelling..."
>"...And I do, but it's so insignificant that he may as well not be injured!"
>"In fact, his bones are... they're healing themselves!"
>"H-Healing themselves? What do you mean, Twilight?"
>"It's hard to see because of how small it is, but the fractures are... stitching themselves?"
>Twilight finished that sentence with a curious tone, and she sounds just as bewildered as Redheart.
>"Stitching? By Celestia, just what are you seeing in there?"
"I tried to tell you two!"
"When I woke up, I felt incredible! Like Fluttershy never tackled me in the first place!"
"It was mostly in my left rib, but now, there's no pain, no discomfort, nothing!"
"Here, let me prove it..."
>You raised your right hand, beating it against your chest.
>"Twilight, no offense, but... did you bring me to a patient that can heal themselves?"
>"I-I didn't mean to! He's never displayed any kind of... whatever this is!"
>Twilight went full on nerd mode; You could feel her magic focusing on your chest.
>"Do y'all have some kind of weird human power that ya' haven't told us about?"
>A familiar voice, one belonging to a particular farm horse, sounded from outside Twi's room.
>Twi's door swung fully open, and in came the rest of the Mane 6, including Spike.
>"Hiya, Nonny!"
>Pinkie was hopping about as she usually would, so it's nice to see that she's feeling better.
>"H-Hi, Anon. Thank goodness you're feeling better... I think." Fluttershy sounded very, very pleased.
>The guilt Fluttershy felt from what happened last night sounds like it's already out the door.
>"And here I was, thinking you'd be a mess this morning. Good to see you, Anonymous."
"Hey, Rarity. And no, unfortunately, you don't get to see me at my lowest point today."
>"I was under the impression your little mishap in Manehattan was your lowest point."
"SSHHHH! SSHH! Don't say anything about that! Remember our deal?"
>"How could I ever forget? You were-"
>"What? I'm a lady of my word! A deal is a deal."
"I've got my eyes on you, you uppity little horse..."
>"We didn't wanna' disturb y'all, so we were just hangin' out in the hallway, listenin'."
>"Fluttershy kept us busy explainin' what even happened yesterday in the first place."
>"There's nothing TO disturb now! Anon here already healed himself in his sleep! I can't believe it!"
>Twi pointed a hoof at you, still ecstatic from this new discovery.
>Spike and Rainbow approached you, looking over your form.
>"He... definitely looks healthy. You should have seen him last night, Redheart." Spike noted.
>"Yeah, you were whining and crying like a baby last night, weren't you, bro?"
>Rainbow was laughing her flank off, flying upside down and crying tears of unabashed elation.
>"Trust me, whatever Fluttershy did to him yesterday, it was bad enough that he couldn't even get up..."
>"...So, how'd ya' do it, Anon? Come on, tell us!" Rainbow continued, flying up to you.
"No clue, bro."
>"Huh? Whaddaya' mean, no clue?" Rainbow got in your face, eyeing you as if she were suspicious.
>"You sounded fairly confident that you were healed, even with a lack of pain in mind." Redheart added.
"All I know is that it felt... natural. Like there was something telling me I was fine."
"I woke up feeling like a million bits! Don't think I've ever had such a good rest before."
>"You'd better apologize to Nurse Redheart, bro. She came here for nothing." Spike said, giving you a sly look.
>"No, it's quite alright. I'm... more shocked than anything, and at least this ended my boredom!"
>Redheart giggled, sitting on her hooves in front of you.
>"Is it safe to assume you'll be able to handle things from here, Anonymous?"
"Y-Yeah. Seems like I've got healing powers, apparently."
>When you were younger, you had a hard time hiding your attraction from female doctors.
>That hasn't changed at all, even in Horse World(TM).
>There's something about her bright, crystal blue eyes, white coat, and pink mane.
>It's such a beautiful combination of colors.
>"Well, in that case, I'll take my leave. Make sure he stays safe, okay, girls?"
>"Leave it to us! We'll watch him, 24/7!" Rainbow exclaimed, following Nurse Redheart to the door.
>"Oh, and Fluttershy, too! No offense."
>"It's okay..." Fluttershy cantered over to your side, rubbing against your leg.
>"I remember when I was in love..." Rarity sighed, sounding like she was travelling down memory lane.
"Whoa, now. Don't get it twisted. Fluttershy and I are friends."
"Okay? F-r-i-e-n-d-s."
>"Would you like me to help you plan your next date together?"
>"Y-Yes." Fluttershy quickly spoke, jumping at the chance to be associated with you in such a way.
"I swear, you're just as bad as Twilight, Rara."
>"Is that any way to speak in front of a lady, Anonymous?"
"Being female won't save you from my judgement, I'm afraid."
>Speaking of Grand Autismo, she was stifling laughter, as usual.
"Celestia, help me..."
>"I've got another errand to take care of before our lunch, so I'll see you at Wendigo's later, bro."
>"Twilight is probably gonna' spend the next hour dissecting you, and I don't wanna' see that."
"Later, Dash."
>"I-I actually do want to see-"
"No. You're not dissecting me. Especially not while you're a giggling mess."
"I said no. Bad Twilight. Bad."
>"You never let me have any fun, Anon."
"Keep telling yourself that."
>"A-Actually, if everypony doesn't mind, I wanted to talk to Nonny-Wonny about something..."
>"Oh! Of course, go ahead, Pinkie!" Twilight finally stopped teasing you long enough to change the subject.
>She yawned, the surprise of the situation beginning to wear off, as the urge to sleep crept up on her.
>"I'm gonna' go nap in the library, if you don't mind."
"Go right ahead, Twi. I'd be mad if you tried to stay up even longer than you already have."
"And you'd better not start rummaging through books trying to figure out what's going on with me."
"Get some sleep. We'll start doing all of that research later. Not now.
>"H-How did you know I was going to-"
"You think you're smart, Ms. Sparkle, but I'm always two steps ahead of you. Now go beddy-bye."
>"Fine. Sleep first, research later. I promise."
>"I'll see you later, bro!" Spike ran out the door with Twilight, waving goodbye to you for now.
>Ponko's face seemed bright and cheery, but her voice conveyed a different tone, enough for you to pick up on it.
>Also, Pinkie calling you "Nonny-Wonny" gave you flashbacks to the dream, causing you to shiver.
>The mere thought of that horrible experience strikes you like cold wind every single time.
>"Just don't break him when you're finished, okay?" Rarity teased, taking her prim and proper leave.
>From what you can tell, Rarity doesn't seem to have as much interest in you as Twilight does.
>Even so, she'll still tease the absolute shit out of you.
"Out! Chop-chop! You heard the mare!"
"That includes you, Fluttershy."
>Her signature "eep" sound escaped her lips, implying she was lost in wonderland rubbing against you.
>Of course, she went right back to it, not that you expected anything different.
Thanks mate. The description is perfect. Maybe "writes long greens" or something would go well with it.

>"I'll catch y'all later, Anonymous. Stay out of trouble, y'hear? Healin', or no healin'."
>"I want ya' alive for our next cider session."
"Will do! And uhh... I won't miss the session like I did last time."
>"Don't break a promise to a farmgirl, Anon. I'll hold ya' to that."
>"And if y'all could refrain from goin' crazy on Anon again, that'd be swell, Fluttershy."
>"Eep!" Fluttershy ceased her leg nuzzling in response to AJ's words.
>"By the way, Anonymous, I left a little somethin' for ya' in your fridge. Don't ask how I got in your house."
"It would have been less suspicious if you stopped after the first sentence."
>"That ain't how you show gratitude, partner."
"Where I come from, free food is a pretty big deal, so I'll give you a real thanks later, alright?"
>"Y'all don't have to do that, but I guess I'll look forward to it."
>"Gotta' get back to the farm now."
"Bye, AJ. Now..."
>Looking down at Fluttershy, you gave her a nudge towards the door.
>Your hands pushed at her flank, and it sounded like she came right then and there.
>"A-Anon! Do t-that aga-"
"Get the fuck out, you small yellow equine."
>"F-Fuck me."
>You bent over, picked up the inappropriate horse, and carried her out of the room.
"C'mon, Fluttershy. I'll talk to you later. In fact, just wait outside."
"And please, don't listen in on the conversation. Pinkie would be upset."
>After dropping Peanut Flutter Cups on her ass in the hallway, you closed the door to Twi's room.
"Alright, tell it to me straight, Pinks."
"What's on your mind?"
>"Gee, you don't waste time, do ya', Nonny?"
"I mean, after the way you were acting two days ago, I'm still a little concerned."
"You seemed fine this morning, but I was still ready to sit down and ask you myself."
>"Y-Yeah. It's about... Fluttershy. Sort of."
"You and her still haven't had the chance to talk that out, huh?"
>"That's the thing... Umm... I mayyyybe sorta... kinda'..."
"...Have been avoiding her?"
>Pinkie looked you right in the eyes, before averting her gaze towards the ground.
"Now, why is a pony like you avoiding a chat with her friend?"
"She didn't exactly mean to do that to you, Pinks. You know that, right?"
>"I-I know! It's just... well, normally I would have told her what I felt by now!"
"There's something else, isn't there? I can tell."
"Why don't you start by opening up to me about it all?"
>Pinkie, in reaction to you asking her to open up, suddenly had a case of the Sniffles(TM).
>Her eyes were teary, and you could tell the floodgates were about to open.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Pinkie!"
>You rushed to her side, kneeled down at her height, and did what you do best.
>Listening to your friends' problems.
>Well, recently, anyway.
>"S-She w-w-would come by e-every day, a-a-and tell me it's t-time to fuck, and..."
>"...I didn't wanna' tell her n-no! If I did, she got AAAAAANGRYYYY!"
>And there go the waterworks.
>She was crying a literal river of tears, and you immediately hugged her to calm her down.
>A few more minutes of tears like that, and Twi's room would get flooded.
>You rocked back and forth with Ponka in your arms, rubbing the back of her head.
"And then what happened?"
>"T-Then, s-she didn't come by the day you all w-went to Taco Del P-Pone!"
>"B-B-B-But the worst part was when I told her I was in l-love with somepony, and s-she didn't stop!"
>"I-I told her, I wanted to s-save myself for them, but..."
>Holy shit.
"Y-You're in love? Jesus, Pinks."
"Let it all out. I'll have to dry off before lunch, but that's okay."
"None of that is going to happen again, okay? Fluttershy is sorry about what happened."
"And another thing, I know how that feels, Pinkie."
>By this point, she was softly weeping, which is a million times better than the waterfall of tears.
"I had my virginity taken by somepony I wasn't planning on losing it to, as well."
>"Y-You did? W-Was it Fluttershy?"
"Ehh... close, but not quite.
>That accomplishment belongs to dream AJ, and even though she wasn't real, it felt like it.
"But anyways, to get my mind off of it, I just think about how great it'll be after I..."
"...Y'know, have that experience with somepony I actually intended to have it with."
"Somepony I like, or really just... somepony who isn't trying to rape me, honestly."
"You lose your virginity twice, Ponka. Once physically, twice emotionally."
"That's what I think, at least."
>"You... always seem to know what to say, Anon."
"I'm a fucking genius. Duh."
>You shook her around a bit, ruffling her mane with your comforting monkey hands.
"It might be a bit much, so don't worry about telling the others so soon if you can't handle it."
"I didn't even know about the whole being in love, and saving yourself part..."
>"N-No problem, Anon. I'm just glad that you listened to me. It makes me really, really happy."
>Pinkie stared into your eyes with a great deal of appreciation, and something else.
>Something else that you couldn't place your finger on, but it was intense.
>A sense of longing, maybe?
"Anytime, Pinks. I mean it. If it starts bothering you again, come to me right away."
"Just do me a favor, okay?"
>"What's that, Nonny?"
"You've gotta' talk it out with Fluttershy, okay? One on one."
"I'm glad telling me about it helped, but you've gotta' nip this in the bud."
"Otherwise, it's going to be really fucking awkward whenever you're around her."
>"I-I will. I'll talk to her right after this."
"Good girl."
>As you continued to pet Ponko, she started nuzzling against your hands.
>She's being extra affectionate today, but it's probably just because of the moment.
"By the way, do you think you could tell me who you've got the hots for? If it's not too much."
"Maybe it'll help get more of that stuff off your chest."
>"O-Oh! Uhh... I'll tell you another day, Nonny!"
>"You'll be the first pony... err... human that I tell!"
"As long as you don't feel like you have to, that's fine by me. I'd love to hear who it is."
"Now, begone with you, Oh Pink One! I shall speak with you another time."
>"Right away, your monkey-ness!"
>Pinkie hopped her way out of Twi's room, and the door magically swung open to let her out.
>You swear you'll never understand that horse.
>With that out of the way for now, you thought about what to do next.
>After all, you're just sitting in here by yourself.
>You woke up a little too late for breakfast, so really, all there is to do is wait until lunch.
>Your thoughts returned to your newfound healing abilities, and what they might mean for the future.
>Perhaps you can use it on others, too.
>The conversation you had with Celestia a while ago cropped up in your mind.
>She said you had a gift of some kind, whatever that may be.
>But now, if this is what she was talking about, that gift is beginning to unfold.
>Looks like you're due to have another chat with her pretty soon, so you can make sense of it.
>Either way, you've still gotta' think of something to do after lunch.
>This is just how your brain works; You always try to keep yourself busy ahead of time.
>Perhaps you can pick up Sassy for dinner or something.
>Hell, Lyra can join in on that, too.
>As you left, Fluttershy and Pinkie weren't in the hallway, and probably took their conversation elsewhere.
>Now that you've got the rest of your day semi-filled out, you headed to Wendigo's, feeling refreshed.
>Looking up the night sky, you exhaled a heavy breath, your back to the wall of Taco Del Pone.
>You were right beside the backdoor, waiting for one pony in particular to get off work.
>It'd be funny if you stood outside to surprise Sassy as she clocked out.
>To you, anyway.
>She probably wouldn't find it very humorous at all, but that's what makes it hilarious.
>It would've been a little lonely outside, were it not for a particular mint-colored horse.
>"Whatcha' thinking about, Anon?" Lyra asked, her eyes glued to your hands.
>Taking your eyes off of her for too long meant getting drool on your fingers, so you remained watchful.
"The future. What I'm going to do next. Stuff like that."
"Today had a lot of surprises."
"For one, Rainbow told me she might be winning The Flier of the Year award."
"I wouldn't know exactly how big, but apparently that's a huge deal."
>"Tell her I said congratulations! You should, like, have a party for her!"
"Already planning on that, don't worry. And you're invited, by the way."
>"I'd be upset if you didn't let me join in."
>"By the way, can I just say... you're really attractive, Anon."
"Wow. I never would have guessed. Even though you always tell me that."
>"No, seriously! Especially when you're deep in thought like that."
>"It makes you look... mysterious. And cool. And sexy."
"One of these days, I'm telling Bon Bon some of the things you say to me."
>"She's not a filly; She can handle it."
"Maybe some of the things you've DONE to me, too..."
>"O-Okay, you don't have to go that far."
"Yeah, that's what I thought."
>Just then, the backdoor swung open, further than you expected it to.
>Cold metal made harsh contact with your face, knocking you right in the nose.
>"A-Anon! Are you okay? Let me see..."
>Lyra inspected your face, checking to make sure that door didn't just destroy your nose.
>"Whew. You'll be fine."
>Even if it did, you'd probably just heal it off.
>"Had a feeling you'd be back here."
>You knew it was Sassy who opened the door, but you weren't expecting her to say that.
"H-How? Also, why'd you open the door so fucking wide?"
>"Ugh, I literally saw you walk by the window and go behind the restaurant."
>"Try to be a little more subtle next time."
"Again, why'd you open the door like that?"
>"I also had a feeling you'd try and surprise me. That, and I don't like you."
"You sure don't mince words, do you, Sassy?"
>"Never have, never will."
>Reaching into your hoodie, you pulled out a small bag, containing about twenty bits.
>"She seems... difficult." Lyra whispered, hiding behind you.
>"I heard that."
>"Oh...hehe...heh..." Lyra seemed to shrink down several sizes, making herself as small as possible.
"Lyra, this is Sassy. My meat dealer.
>"M-Meat dealer?"
"Here you go. Is this enough for you to not hate my guts, Sass?"
>"Mmm... close. You're five bits short. And never call me that again."
"I was hoping you'd turn on your 'nice' customer service voice."
>"Golly, thanks for the donation, mister!"
>"Happy?" Sassy asked, tapping her hoof on the ground in impatience.
>"Good grief..." Lyra couldn't believe it.
>The first time she did that, you were just as surprised.
>"S-So Anon, where are we having dinner?"
>Something tells you Hand Horse and Fast Food Horse might not get along too well.
"I was thinking we could sit down at Spaghetti Marehouse and have a nice meal."
>"At least you've got good taste. When you aren't buying cans of meat substitute like a freak, anyway."
"I appreciate the kind words, Sassy."
>"Yeah, yeah, you're welcome. Let's get going."
>"Tomorrow is my day off, so don't waste my time."
"Wouldn't dream of it."
>"Lead the way, Anon! I haven't been to Spaghetti Marehouse in a while, they're like, so expensive!"
>"Dear Celestia, where do you get all of these bits from?"
"Funny you should mention her, it's actually..."
>Walking off into the night, you continued chatting up Sassy and Lyra.
>"Good evening, ladies! Right this way, I'll have you seated in just a-"
>The bathrooms in this place are fucking microscopic, but that shouldn't be surprising.
>They're built for ponies, not for you.
>Sassy and Lyra were standing beside one of the hosts, all three of them were staring at you.
>Especially the host.
"What? I just got out of the bathroom."
>He's shitting the bed for absolutely no reason.
>Wait, never mind.
>For anypony that's never seen a human before, that reaction is par for the course.
>Sighing, you waved a hand at the host in attempt to "wake" him up.
>All that did was encourage him to start running in the other direction.
"Listen, buddy. Just get us a fucking table."
>"O-O-Of c-course, s-sir! R-Right away!"
>He sprinted off somewhere at top speeds, so that's probably your queue to follow him.
"Welp. You two can go first."
>"Hmph. Chivalry will get you nowhere."
>Sassy walked on ahead with her head held high, and Lyra trotted close behind her.
>"Thanks, Anon. I appreciate your good manners!"
>"I don't."
>Lyra gave you this look that just screamed "What the fuck is this bitch's problem?"
>You shrugged your shoulders, not knowing how to answer that question.
>A good guess could be the long-lasting effects of customer service jobs on your personality.
>And if that's not it, you've got nothing.
>Turning your head to address what you assume to be a mare calling you, you spotted Vinyl.
>That's a face you didn't expect to see in a fancy place like this.
>She's sitting right next to Octavia, too, so that probably explains why she's here.
>Her outrageously loud greeting alerted almost every pony in the building.
>Those headphones of hers are seemingly always on full blast, and you wonder if she can even hear herself.
>You nervously waved back, not wanting to draw more attention to yourself than you already do by default.
>Octavia, much like Sassy, wasn't having it, and quickly drew Vinyl's attention away from you.
>Are you a bad influence or something?
>Once the three of you caught up to the frantic host, he ushed your little group into a small booth.
>Small for you, of course.
>You're going to take up so much fucking space.
"W-What can I g-get for you three while y-you wai-"
>"Spaghetti. Now. And you'd better bring it out here fast, or you can say goodbye to your future kids."
>"I'm not playing around; I don't have time to wait all night."
>"A-And the d-d-d-drinks?"
>Sassy merely glared at him in response, and you've never seen a more scared stallion in your life.
>The host ran off, screaming something towards the back of the kitchen about spaghetti.
Welp. I'm retarded. Pretend that was the host saying that instead of Anon. You saw nothing.

>Truth be told, spaghetti is exactly what you came here for.
>The question would be if that was what Lyra wanted.
"Lyra? Are you fine with that?"
>"I-I mean... hopefully we get our drinks? Even though you didn't order any..."
>"We will. I made sure of that."
"Alllright then."
>She really threatened him with the loss of his 'future kids'.
>That's insane.
>And hot.
>You've got problems.
"Hey, Lyra, mind if I sit down first?"
"It's better for you if you're not by the window, I'm too big."
>"Good point..."
>Obviously, Sassy sat by herself.
>And not a moment sooner, the host returned with three massive plates of spaghetti, and 3 drinks.
>With each cup and platter perilously wobbling around on his tray, it's a shocker that he hasn't dropped anything.
>Last time you checked, the portions at this restaurant are NOT this big.
>Everything looked amazing, though.
>At the speed your food was delivered, you'd think that he gave you someone else's order.
>After seeing that desperate look in his eyes, it doesn't sound completely out of the question.
>"There. Was that so hard?"
>Sassy, even when showing a teeny-tiny crumb of appreciation, still terrifies the shit out of this stallion.
>The guy is running away again.
>He's just looking out for his family jewels, but he did the job, there's no reason for him to-
>Your train of thought was interrupted as Sassy hopped out of the booth and chased after the host.
>Literally what the fuck did he do?
>She's currently chasing him into the kitchen for no discernible reason other than his own existence.
"You stole my line! You're not supposed to know who that is!"
>"It's not my fault! You say it all the time!"
>"...Anyways, now that she's gone... do ya' wanna..."
"No. I think I'd rather eat, Lyra."
>"Oh, you can eat, alright."
"Shut up and eat your sketti."
>"You're no fun... guess I'll just finger my own pussy... again."
"Please don't do that next to me."
>The two of you continued to enjoy each other's company whilst eating sketti, as Sassy ruthlessly pursued the host.
>Sure enough, you started hearing "schlicks", and it was NOT coming from the sketti.
"Goddamnit, Lyra."
File: spider plant.jpg (518 KB, 1000x1250)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>Opening the door to your home, you entered inside, closed the door behind you, and tossed off your hoodie.
>On the way back from "dinner", it felt as if something was pricking you every so often.
>You turned your hoodie inside out to inspect it, and found something very, very peculiar.
>There were small vines, about four inches in length, some of them with thorns, inside of the hoodie.
>These bastards were pricking you that entire time, but you aren't sure how these got into your clothes.
>Maybe the wind was blowing around some vines?
>That doesn't make much sense, of course.
>You'd prefer to deal with this now rather than later, so you started pulling them out, as painful as it was.
>Something even stranger happened once you got a hold of them.
>They started to twitch; The vines were jittering about, and out of nowhere, one of them seemed to be growing.
>It scared you half to death, despite it only being an insignificant vine, and you dropped it on the floor.
>Did magical vines, or whatever these were, manage to find their way into your hoodie?
>They were touching your skin, and the realization of that gave you an epiphany.
>Last night, while you slept, your injuries were rapidly healing themselves.
>And the strangest part about it was that it didn't come as a shock to you.
>It felt completely natural.
>However, something here doesn't feel right.
>At the very least, it feels different, and it could be because you're affecting things outside of your body.
>Now here you are, with vines that grew in reaction to your touch.
>In order to determine whether or not this was because of your ability, you approached one of your house plants.
>If it reacts to your touch in the same way that the vines did, then something else is definitely up.
>As you laid your hand upon the Spider Plant(TM), it started to shake about, before calming down.
>Before you knew it, it was growing exactly like plants of this kind normally would by themselves.
>Except this was much faster, and targeting a specific section of it would focus the growth effect.
>It was like watching a time-lapse of plant growth over time, but in real time.
>After taking your hands off the plant, you simply stared at it, trying to figure out what was going on.
>Not only is your body healing itself, but it seems you're causing living things to grow by touching them.
>And as if things weren't already strange enough, the plant continued to grow, even without your hands on it.
>You shook your head in confusion, and just as quickly as it started, the growth stopped.
>Staring back at the plant once more in shock, the growth started once again.
"What... the... fuck?"
>Were you influencing the plant from a distance?
>You mentally slapped yourself, and decided that you'd save the investigation for later.
>Otherwise, you'd be staring at your house plants all night.
>At the very least, you might know how those vines got in your clothes.
>Perhaps the wind was carrying some seeds around, they got in your hoodie, and grew from there.
>You can have a big, galaxy brain like Twi too, sometimes.
>She's going to love this, that's for sure.
>On the way to your bedroom, you noticed something a little off.
>The last time you were here was just before you left to meet up with Spike.
>And you specifically remember closing the bedroom door on your way out.
>There's a chance you're just being paranoid, and you're misremembering things.
>Or Fluttershy broke into your house, again, because that's something she's done before.
>You outstretched a hand to push the door open, but a horrifying sight stopped you dead in your tracks.
>There was an eye, blueish in color, glaring at you through the crack in your bedroom door.
>It likely belonged to a pony, but regardless of who the eye belonged to, you screamed at the top of your lungs.
>The scariest part was that your scream didn't cause whoever, or whatever was in your room to move.
>You pushed the door open as quickly as you could, hoping to identify whoever this intruder is.
>Even though you were staring them right in the eyes moments before, the intruder disappeared.
>Are you losing your fucking mind?
>Who the hell even was that?
>Could you even sleep after seeing something so unnerving?
>SHOULD you sleep after that?
>Out of paranoia, you dropped to the ground and checked under your bed.
>Your window is closed.
>There's nothing in your closet other than clothes.
>Did they run past you when you opened the door?
>Sitting down on the side of your bed, you took deep breaths to calm your nerves, staring into space.
>Truth be told, you could just go straight to Twi, or really anypony.
>For now, it's probably best to just get to bed.
>You're seeing things at this point; That's what you decided to tell yourself as you laid down.
>It wasn't easy, of course, and it kept cropping up in your mind.
>Nothing has frightened you that much since Fluttershy's Super Rapist(TM) mode.
>Ever since that little saga was dealt with, you assumed things would calm down around here.
>Apparently not.
>Amidst your tossing and turning, the sound of glass being knocked on startled you.
>Your window is directly above your bed, so you sat up, turning around to check it out.
>It was Fluttershy.
>Of course it was.
File: flutterbee.gif (2.26 MB, 971x858)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
>She was mouthing for you to let her in, and in all honesty, you're glad she showed up.
>After opening your window, the small yellow horse flew her way into your room.
>"H-Hi, Anon. Thanks for letting me in."
>For some reason, she was wearing a bee costume.
>Part of it, at least.
>A hat with little antennae, and a big stinger.
"You look retarded."
>"I-I was wondering if bees were your..."
>You haven't let her into your room for a while now.
>The last time you did was when you were still new to Equestria, and she 'didn't' have the hots for you.
>Or, at the very least, the hots were developing.
"Was that the only reason you came here? Just to ask that?"
>"I felt lonely, s-so I came by because... I wanted to sleep with you."
"JUST sleep with me? Nothing else?"
>"I-If you want to fuck, let me know!"
>And there you go.
>In hindsight, you should know not to ask Fluttershy that kind of question by now.
>It's funny how only Fluttershy says 'fuck', while everypony else says 'buck'.
>More than likely because it's what YOU say.
"No, Fluttershy, I think I'm good."
>As if you said yes, Fluttershy attempted to mount you.
"Y'know, I said no. Don't know if you heard me, or not."
>"Your eyes are really pretty, Anon."
>"Are compliments your fetish?"
"I appreciate them, but... no. They're not."
"Sounds like something a narcissist would get off to."
>"Did you have a good day after talking to Pinkie?"
"I had a great day, actually. Speaking of Pinkie..."
>"...You want to know how our talk went, don't you?"
"Yup. You're such a smart horse."
>"I assumed she pulled you aside to talk about what I did to her."
"And I comforted her as much as I could."
>"Even so, she was... still a little upset with me."
"No shit. You took her virginity, raped every day her for an entire week..."
"...Also, there's the whole being in love thing."
>"N-Not that I'm surprised! I expected her to lash out at me!"
"Everypony knows that you weren't yourself during all of that. Far from it."
"Because if you were, you and Pinkie would be in a really, REALLY rough patch right now."
"It's rough enough as it is; It'll take her some more time to heal."
>"It makes me wonder; Why did you decide to stay friends with me, Anon?"
>These days, it blindsides you whenever you're having an actual conversation with Nutter Putter.
>One that doesn't devolve, or start with "fuck me", or "kiss me, you big monkey".
"Because we ARE friends. Duh."
"That's really all there is to it, as far as I care."
"But - you should've been the only one apologizing? Not me?"
"In most cases... okay, maybe all cases... you'd be the one doing that, yes."
"Still, I know you well enough to understand that you don't mean any harm."
"Back where I come from, if anypony, er, anyone... did what you've done, it would NOT end up like this."
>"Then, why don't you treat me like that? I-It's not fair to you..."
>Her voice trailed off in a sorrowful tone, and she couldn't have sounded any more genuine.
"You're right. It really isn't. But that's the dynamic we have together."
"It doesn't matter how many times you try to get in my pants without permission, I care about you."
"A lot. I mean it."
>Wrapping an arm around Fluttershy, you brought her close to your chest.
"Besides, do I look like a pussy to you? I'm not going to whine about having mares on my dick all day."
>Rapetholomew I of Rapestantinople gazed into your eyes with an otherworldly amount of longing.
>"Anon, that's... the nicest thing you've ever said to me."
>"S-Should we-"
"Go the fuck to sleep? Yeah, we should."
"Good night, Fluttershy."
>"G-Good night, Anon."
>If there was an award for killing the mood, this horse would get it, hands down.
>Regardless of that, you meant every word of what you said.
>Your head fell flat against the pillow; Fluttershy's body would soon rest against your chest.
>As you drifted off into dreamland, you all but forgot about that frightening 'intruder'.
>Including the weird shit you inadvertently did to those plants.
>It was just you, a yellow horse, and your bed.
>Maybe there's a timeline where an alternate you decided to scorn Fluttershy and push her away even further.
>You're glad it's not this one.
>Just as quickly as you fell asleep, some cruel god thought it would be funny if you woke up instantly.
>Similar to the time you were sent careening down a hill after a raccoon attack, your surroundings were different.
>This is either a dream, or Celestia decided that she wasn't finished with you yet.
>If it is Celestia, this gives you the opportunity to ask her about that gift she mentioned.
>You seemed to be inside the hallways of Canterlot Castle, and just like earlier, it was night-time.
>Rays of moonlight shined through the tall windows, giving the hallway a blue atmosphere.
>Standing up to your feet, you looked around, but you didn't see anypony.
"Celestia? Luna? Hello?!"
"Hey, I'm in your castle! Don't you think it's... y'know, rude to not address me?"
>No answer.
>You sucked your teeth, kicking at the air in slight frustration.
>"We were just getting to that, Anonymous."
>"Dost thou have no patience?"
>Your head turned in the direction of a sudden speaker, and if you're not crazy, it sounded like Luna.
>She was much closer than you expected her to be, but you're not going to question it.
"Oh, so you DO know how to greet a guest. For a second there, I thought this was just a dream."
"Please tell me this isn't a dream."
>"I can assure you, it is not."
>"We spoke just yesterday, and already, you're giving my sister grief."
>You heard Celestia right behind you, and you can't say you're surprised.
>Curse these magical horses, along with their appearing and disappearing acts.
>"I would say the problem lies with the guest, and not the host."
"Really now? Well-"
>Your body turned as you spoke, and a most unexpected sight destroyed your train of thought.
>Celestia's huge, white ass, to be specific.
>Among other things.
>"How many times have I told you not to say that?"
>"You're supposed to use MY name, Anonymous. Remember that conversation?"
"Yeah, well, I'm not gonna' call out your name with your ass in my face!"
>"What's stopping you, my loyal subject?"
>After speaking, Celestia proceeded to back, you repeat, BACK UP her flank into you.
>Her actions had already taken you by surprise, but your mind truly went blank upon contact.
>You've said it yourself, Celestia has a cake problem, but by God, she was soft.
>Her flanks were like pillows, hell, even softer than pillows.
>And now, you can officially say you've touched the ruler of Equestria's nether regions.
>Or more accurately, you've BEEN touched BY them.
>Treating this little infraction like you were interacting with Twilight, you kept your composure.
"Have some tact, would you, Celestia?"
>It didn't come out as confidently and unshakeable as you had hoped, but you didn't do half bad.
>Luna giggled quietly behind you, trying to remain as professional as she could.
>"Someone has their guard up, I see."
"Somepony, you mean."
>"I hold audiences and relations with many races, Anonymous. Like yourself."
>"More so than the average pony would, and my speech reflects that."
"Get your fat ass off of me."
>"As usual, you don't waste any time."
"No, I don't. I'm not sure what reason you called me here for, but I've got a question."
>"Go on."
"Your ass."
>"What about it, Anonymous? Is it to your liking?"
>She pressed it against you even further, and you almost fucking shuddered.
"T-That's not what I meant. And lay off the cake."
>"Saying such things about a mare's weight would upset her, you know."
"Oh, don't worry, I know. That's the point."
>"Perhaps Anonymous is not the gentlemen we thought he was." Luna gave her piece, dragging out the conversation.
>The very, very uncomfortable conversation that you're attempting to escape from.
>It doesn't seem like Celestia is going to move, and you wouldn't dare lay your hands to push her off of you.
>Even though it doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world right about now.
>You're slipping, goddamnit.
"Remember when you told me about a 'gift' I have?"
"I think I found out what that gift is."
>"And what would that be?"
"Uhh... well, to start, my body suddenly started healing its own injuries."
"After that, I noticed that plant life grows whenever I touch it."
"And I don't mean slow growth, I mean FAST growth."
"In fact, I don't even have to touch it. It happens if I just... focus on it or something..."
>"Sister, could he finally be awakening to his life magic?" Luna asked, stepping out from behind you.
>"It would seem so, dear sister."
"Life magic? What the hell is that?"
>"Some of the wonderful denizens of Equestria are blessed with this magic."
>"Earth Ponies, for example, are-"
"Give me the short version."
>"Hmph. How rude."
>Celestia's nose scrunched up as she looked back at you, a disappointed look on her features.
"Seeing you with that look on your face is priceless, but I'm not saying that to be mean."
"I just figured, y'know, maybe you'd actually get your butt off of me if you explained it quicker."
>"Why not attempt to move me yourself?"
"That would require me to put my hands on you. Already thought that through."
>"You've touched me once before, Anonymous. During our last meeting."
"On your back. Not on your ass."
>"If this position is uncomfortable, you could move aside."
"I yield to nopony."
"Also, you're stalling."
>"I'll be sure to have a word with Twilight soon."
>"It seems she's told you too much."
>Celestia finally pointed her royal rump in a different direction, leaning off of you.
>You're not the same man you were the last time she taunted you.
>You've changed, you swear.
>Too much has happened in such a short amount of time.
"She didn't have to tell me anything. I'm just getting used to this shit."
"Anyway, like I was asking, abbreviated version, please?"
>"The life magic in your body, for one reason or another, has finally awakened."
>"Luna and I detected that magic while it was dormant inside of you, when you first arrived in Equestria."
>"To better allow you a proper introduction to our world, we withheld this information until it was appropriate."
"For... one reason or another, you said? You two don't even know why?"
>"No, we do not, Anonymous. Honestly, we are unsure how you even have access to this magic." Luna said, sounding confused.
>"What we do know is that, in most cases, the strength of life magic grows exponentially."
>"Day by day, even." Celestia continued.
"So... this life magic of mine is only going to get stronger? Doesn't that sound like an issue?"
>"Only if you allow it to be. Like all magic, it can be controlled." Celestia added, speaking in her typical royal tongue.
>"If what you say is true, you need only learn how to restrain it."
"I'm sure I could practice that easily; Maybe testing it out on my house plants would be enough."
>"That would be wise. As always, we'll keep monitoring over you."
>"Perhaps, one evening, I'll visit you in your home."
>Finally, you've been freed from Celestia's proverbial butt prison.
>And after what she just said, the thought of her being in your room sets you off.
>Keep your fucking composure.
"You might break my bed if you sat on it, no thanks."
>"Oh? What about your-"
"I'm going to stop you right there. Get me outta' here, please."
>"Oh, Anonymous. One day, I'll have you all to myself."
>She closed her eyes, smiling triumphantly like she had just won a prize.
>You don't like the way she said that, and you don't approve of this horse.
>Would not recommend.
>The white-coated mare took her sweet time casting the spell.
>Somepony, anypony, please.
>You're humbly requesting to be aroused from your deep slumber.
>And no, not that kind of aroused.
>That's bad.
>Bad, bad, not good.
>Your father, and his father before him have made that mistake.
>Which is why they ended up with so many kids.
>Fortunately for you, humans can't impregnate mares.
>At least as far as you know.
>The day when that becomes a possibility will be a frightening one.
>You're in no way shape or form prepared for kids, especially not right now.
>However, the idea that you could potentially be the first and last human to ever exist in this land is sad.
>Celestia decided to spare you, and your magical form slowly faded away.
>An absolutely diabolical, dubious idea crossed your mind just before you were gone.
>Walking behind Sunbutt, you promptly brought your right hand down upon her ass, slapping it with the power of God.
>Luna gasped in shock, and Celestia herself was too shocked to even speak.
>No amount of words could describe her lack of preparation and embarrassment.
>Not even the sun could compare to the harshness of her blushing.
>Two birds struck with one stone; you admittedly wanted to touch her ass and also desired vengeance.
>"A-Anonymous, you...!"
>Sunbutt wasn't expecting that AT ALL.
>On her flank is a bonafide imprint, one as bright as the sun itself.
"Later, nerd."
>Luna was a giggling mess; You bet she's never seen Celestia so embarrassed in all her years of living.
>She probably has, but you'd assume not many individuals have struck her ass so unceremoniously before.
>Before long, you disappeared completely, ready to return to your unconscious body.
Once upon a time, Anon was walking through Ponyville with a gay step now and then, stopping for nothing, soaking in everything and everyone around him. It seemed everypony was in their proper place on this proper day, and he as the only human in Equestria took his rightful spot in the center of the town, letting the mares gaze at him at the way his summer shirt and shorts hold fast to his figure when he runs on two legs. Anon was so caught up trying to catch a stare that he hardly noticed the purple figure in front of him, who he crashed right into. Now he sat bashfully and with a mouthful of apologies for the poor mare he knocked over, except that when he groggily shifted his body up, he met the eyes not of Twilight Sparkle, but of barney the dinosaur and then he raped him in the asshole in ponyville and blood came.
File: kuevixs0ms691.gif (2.96 MB, 567x579)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Why barney do dat tho

>When you did, your eyes opened without a single second of delay.
>Much like the last time you woke up, your sleep was incredibly restful.
>Fluttershy is still sound asleep against you.
>It's surreal, almost creepy, waking up like this.
>Running your hands along Nutter Butter's mane, you rubbed her like a house pet.
>You'd rather not wake her up, so you get out of bed as quietly as you can.
>She looks so peaceful.
>Like a little angel.
>Things sure have changed.
>Your insecurities were eating you alive for a moment, but now, you've got a breath of fresh air.
>That dream, the struggle against Super Rapist(TM), Twilight in general, and this magic you've awakened to...
>All things that have opened your eyes somewhat, but you're convinced that the madness is far from over.
>There was that intruder last night, and even though Fluttershy's presence eased your mind, it's concerning.
>Heading into the kitchen as quietly as possible, you figured now wouldn't be a bad time to see what AJ left you.
>You laid eyes on quite the beautiful sight once you opened the fridge.
>Her gift was a huge apple pie, huge enough that you'd need two other ponies to help eat the whole thing.
>Next to the pie was a mug of cold cider; Your mind was truly blown.
>Fucking based apple horse.
>She deserves a big thanks, so you'll have to start thinking about what to get her.
>"Anon? G-Good morning. I thought you'd have already left by now..."
>Fluttershy was stood in the hallway, watching you celebrate.
"We've got pie and cider, Flutters! Want some?"
>"Oh, great! Is that what Applejack left you?"
"Looks like it."
>Taking the pie out the fridge, you placed it on the dining table, before grabbing some plates, a cup and silverware.
>While you were setting up breakfast, you happened to glance at the Spider Plant(TM) in the corner.
"Hey, wanna' see something cool?"
>"L-Like what?"
"Check out that plant over there."
>Fluttershy turned her head in the direction you were pointing, spotting your plant.
>"That's a very nice plant, Anon. It looks very healthy!"
>"You didn't tell me you took care of plants!"
"Even better, watch what happens when I stare at it."
>You squinted your eyes, focusing in on the plant, trying to imagine your life magic doing its work.
>The growth had already begun; Although, it was much faster than you had anticipated.
>That corner of the room was beginning to look like a miniature jungle.
>"A-Anon?! What did you just do?!"
"Awesome, right? Apparently, healing isn't the only thing I can do."
>"Y-You've got to show this to Twilight! This is incredible!"
"Don't worry, I will. But first..."
>After showing Fluttershy your newest ability, you took your seat at the dining table, and got ready to eat some pie.
>But first, you poured some cider into a cup for Nutter Butter.
>The mug is just fine for you yourself to drink out of; That's all you need.
"How good are ponies with utensils? I don't need to cut this for you, do I?"
>"A-Actually, I'm pretty good at using my mouth for things like this."
"Why doesn't that surprise me?"
>You watched as the yellow equine took a knife in her mouth, before cutting a small piece of pie for herself.
"That's all you're gonna' get? You can get some more, y'know. It's just us two."
>"W-What I've got here is fine. I'm trying to watch my weight, so..."
"Fat ass."
>"A-Are fat asses your fetish? Should I start eating more-"
"Cease and desist."
>Not long after Fluttershy's newest fetish guessing attempt, your doorbell rang.
>Who could that be?
>"Say that again, please..."
"Eat your fucking food."
>The lock was turned, the door swung open, and the visitor was revealed.
>It was Rarity.
>That's a shocker.
>"Do you have any better nicknames for me, Anonymous?"
"Yeah, I do. Fashion Horse, Clothing Equine, Ray-Ray...
>"Ugh, forget I asked... Anyway, how are you doing, darling?"
>"I figured I'd stop by and try to catch you for breakfa-"
>Rarity's eyes suddenly homed in on something behind you, and you know exactly what it was.
>No doubt, she was looking at Nutter Butter.
"Let me guess. Didn't expect me to let Fluttershy in, did you?"
>"No, it's nothing out of the ordinary."
>"You two are dating, after all."
>"I am, however, confused about the bee costume; Is that some sort of kink?"
"Fuck off."
>"Is that apple pie I see?"
>Here we go.
>"Anonymous, be a dear and let your old friend Rarity in, would you?"
"Over my dead body."
>Rarity simply walked past you, letting herself in, an act that didn't surprise you at all.
"Y'know, you horses are lucky you're all so adorable."
>"Thank you for the compliment, darling. I try my best to look stunning."
>"Rarity!" Fluttershy happily shouted, greeting the white horse.
>"Hello Fluttershy. Did the two of you sleep well last night?"
>There's no way she knows.
>She's probably just asking in general.
>"A-Actually, we slept together!"
>And just like that, life has decided that it'd be really funny to prank you.
>You're a fucking clown.
"Seriously, Fluttershy?"
"I was trying to keep that a secret!"
>Rarity's face started to take on a look that you weren't too excited about.
"And no, we didn't have sex. She knocked on my window, I let her in, and I went the fuck to sleep."
"Don't turn this into a gossip thing, please."
>"When have I ever gossiped about anypony, Anonymous?" Rarity cooed, winking at you.
"I think the real question is, when have you NOT done that?"
"Sit down and eat, Rara. I'll get you some tableware."
>"If it'll please you."
>Rarity sat her fat plot on one of your chairs, forever staining it with her horsiness.
>But Fluttershy already did that, and more, so she wouldn't be the first.
>While you poured a cup of cider for Rarity, you spotted something odd out of the corner of your eye.
>It was on the other side of your living room window.
>The sight of it alone nearly made you piss yourself in fear.
>It's those same eyes from last night.
>This time, however, you can see more than just the eyes.
>Looking closely, it's definitely a pony, with a pink-ish coat.
>You could see a horn, and part of their mane, but before you could pinpoint too many details, they ran away.
>"Anonymous? Is something wrong?"
"Uhh... N-No, everything's fine, Ray-Ray."
"I... thought I saw something weird for a second."
>Fluttershy and Rarity looked in the direction you were staring at, and of course, they found nothing.
>"Perhaps you woke up on the wrong side of bed, darling."
"Actually, I was looking at your fat ass. Lose some weight."
>"W-Why I never! Hold your tongue, mister!"
>"Some things should never be said out loud!"
"Gotcha'. Somepony's been trying to lose weight recently."
>Rarity covered her mouth with two hooves, but it's too late.
>There's no undoing what's been done.
>"I-It's okay, Rarity. I'm trying to watch my weight too."
"Fat horses, every last one of you."
>Now you know you're not going crazy.
>There's somepony stalking you, and it's not Fluttershy.
"Anyways, I think I've had enough pie."
"I'm about to head over to Twilight, so if you two are finished, you can just take some pie with you to go."
>Reaching into a cabinet, you pulled out some tupperware, and proceeded to divide the rest of the pie into smaller pieces.
>"Just so you know, Twilight should be with Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres right now. She's helping her out with something."
"You don't say? And here I was, planning to head to her castle. Thanks for the heads up, Ray-Ray."
>"You're welcome, darling."
"Take whatever pieces you want, I don't mind."
>"How generous of you. Now if only you could work on your manners..." There was a bit of friendly hostility in Rarity's words.
"Manners are for losers. Bye, loser."
>"Anonymous! You can't just leave like that!"
"Uhh, yeah, I can. It's my house."
>You stuck your tongue out at Clothing Equine, just to get on her nerves.
>"Hmph! I'll be sure to repay the favor later."
"I'm sure you will."
"Also, my door locks itself when it's closed, so don't worry about leaving it unlocked."
"Twilight's gonna' love it when she hears about this new ability I got."
>"There's something else other than your healing? What in Equestria is it?" Rarity asked, confused.
"Tell her about it for me, Flutters. I'm gone."
>"O-Okay, Anon. I'll fu... I mean... talk to you later."
>Closing the door behind you, you scanned your surroundings, finding nothing out of the ordinary.
>There's absolutely no sign of that pony, just like last night.
>If you had a better look at them, maybe you could've identified who they were.
>From what you've seen, you don't recognize them.
>Looking around where they once stood is messing with your nerves, so it's time to head over to Sweet Apple Acres.
>Hopefully, whoever's stalking you takes the hint at some point.
>"I... thought I saw something weird for a second."
>>Fluttershy and Rarity looked in the direction you were staring at, and of course, they found Barney raping you.

>It was pleasantly breezy outside, and the temperature was a little higher than normal, but that's fine.
>This is a big contrast from how rainy and overcast it's been the last few days.
>Rainbow is all for warmer weather, whereas you prefer it to be just right.
>But it's not like you engage in rigorous physical activity like AJ and Dash, so the temperature hardly inconveniences you.
>You technically do, but only when you're running away from rapists or something.
>Eventually, you arrived at Apple World(TM).
>The humidity caused you to work up a minor sweat walking over here, but other than that, the short trip here was typical.
>You did run into Derpy on the way here, however.
>Cute as always, she dropped a few of her packages and parcels on the ground when she flew over to greet you.
>Every time you see the clumsy little equine, you end up petting her like a dog.
>You'd keep that horse as a 'pet' if you could.
>She probably wouldn't even mind, in fact, you bet she'd enjoy that.
>At this point in your walk, a conversation could be heard nearby, a little deeper into the apple orchard.
>You're doing a great job of not accidentally growing the shit out of the trees around here.
>Speaking of the trees, some of them look like they need some milk.
>Approaching the voices, it sounded like Applejack, Twilight, AND Rainbow.
>Rarity said Twilight was helping AJ with something, but you didn't expect Dash to be here, too.
>Soon enough, you saw the three of them talking amongst each other.
"Heeeeyyy! AJ! It's me, Anon!"
>The three of them stopped what they were doing to turn and spot you.
>"Anonymous? What are y'all doin' here? I don't remember invitin' you over for cider just yet..."
"What, I need an invitation to come over? Pfft, come on."
>"I appreciate ya' all the same. Did ya' get a hold of that gift I left in yer' fridge?"
"Yup. Shared some of it with Rarity and Fluttershy, too."
>"If y'all ever want some more, just ask and I'll provide."
>Once again, fucking based apple horse.
>"What's up, bro? I bet you came here looking for Twilight, didn't you?"
"Me? Looking for Twilight? Hilarious."
>"Don't be mean, Anon." Twilight spoke up, giving you those eyes again.
>She's already in full force, and you just got here.
>Your almonds weren't prepared for that, but needless to say, they remain unactivated.
"You will not best me today, Oh Purple One."
"I noticed the three of you were in the middle of something, what did I intrude on?"
>"Yesterday, Applejack noticed that some of the trees in the orchard suddenly started dying."
>"See this one?" Twilight said, pointing a hoof at the tree next to her.
>That tree was indeed dead; Similar to other ones you saw on your way over here, dead as fuck.
>"That's exactly what Big Mac said! These trees are dyin' like it's Winter, but we're smackdab in the middle of Summer!"
File: 1655917131924.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
>"That's exactly what Big Mac said! These trees are dyin' like it's Winter, but we're smackdab in the middle of Summer!"
>Twilight inspects the tree up close, her big mare eyes operating on the disfigured carcass of dried stringy bark
>She quips "This tree looks like it has sustained a lot of trauma at once near the roots, that's why it's dying off. I'll check the trees and you check for tracks Anon"
>Anon cant stop the flashbacks of getting railed into that tree by barneys purple cock
I can't unsee it now and it hurts. Thanks for the nightmares.

"So, I'm guessing you asked Twilight to come over and check this out?"
>"Yessiree. But we're stumped! I had Rainbow fly around to help me get a count of all the dead trees." AJ added.
>"I added up about... 73 dead trees. I think..." Dash said, hurting her own brain.
>"It's extremely unusual; I asked Applejack if some kind of pest was at fault, but she's never seen anything like this!"
"Both the nerd AND the farm mare don't know what's going on? That's crazy."
>"Heheh... nerd..." Rainbow was laughing to herself, and kept doing so until Twilight scrunched her nose at her.
>You appreciate it when Twiggy Piggy gets a taste of her own medicine.
>"I'm worried about the whole orchard... What's gonna' happen if all the trees keep dyin'?! A-ALL MAH APPLES WILL...!"
>AJ was having a cowboy breakdown, and as she paced around thinking about the future of her apples, you had an idea.
>You may not know what's causing these trees to die, but maybe there's something you can do about it.
"Y'know, I might have a way to bring all of these trees back to life."
>"W-What is it? Please tell me you've got a plan, Anonymous!"
>"I-If you can save mah apples, I'll-"
"I won't ask for anything in return, AJ. I still owe you for that gift."
"...Ok, maybe I'll ask how you got in my house later, but it's alright."
>"DEAL! Now please, pleeaase tell me you know what you're doin' here!"
"Just stay back, everypony. I need to concentrate."
>A staring contest has been initiated, between you and this dead tree.
>You focused on it as much as you could, trying to conceptualize the life magic in your body taking form.
>"Uhh... bro, why are you just staring at it?"
>"Rainbow, let him focus...!" Twilight whispered, keeping her eyes peeled on you.
>Some kind of glowing green energy, what you assume to be magic, surrounded the tree as you gazed into its treepity.
>A warm, tingly feeling washed over you, before you realized that you're glowing as well.
>Little orbs and sparks of magic escaped from the tree's stump.
>The liveliness and color soon returned to the tree; Leaves began to grow amongst the once dead branches.
>"W-Well I'll be! It's workin'! I dunno' what you're doin', but it's workin'!"
>After a few more moments, the tree's Life License(TM) had been recertified.
>You fell to your knees, exasperated from the effort spent reviving that tree.
>It's much harder bringing something back to life than simply growing it, it seems.
>What else could this mean for your life magic, you wonder?
>"A-Anon, what's wrong?" Rainbow rushed to your side, as did AJ and Twi.
"T-Tired. I didn't expect it to take that much out of me."
>"How in Celestia's name did you do that, Anon?!" Twilight shouted, an ecstatic look on her face.
"Calm down, nerd... I'll tell you in a sec'..."
>"Everypony, look! The rest of the trees are..." Applejack pointed a hoof at a few other dead trees, sounding taken aback.
>>38925574 >>38925583 >>38926313 >>38926333
Thanks for clarifying; and sorry for my inadequate attention.
>"Yessiree. But we're stumped! I had Rainbow fly around to help me get a count of all the dead trees." AJ added.
>"I added up about... 73 dead trees. I think..." Dash said, hurting her own brain.
>Anon falls to the ground writhing like an electrical experiment gone fatal
>"ANON!" Dashie cries, in a sudden burst of virile sadness for the suffering human
>Dashie sees Anon's glassed stare of death, and tries her best, emulating a soothing coo with her crackly voice; nevermind now the illusion of toughness
>Little does she know that he is being mindraped seventy three different times by barney
Don't worry, Anon, you're good. Incentive to clear things up is never bad.

Barney OP, please nerf

>You couldn't believe what you were seeing.
>Even though you only used your life magic on one tree, the other dead trees nearby were also being affected.
>In fact, the effect was spreading like a wildfire.
>In all honesty, it's one of the most beautiful things you've seen in a long time.
"I... did that?"
>"It sure looks like it, Anonymous! Now I'm REALLY curious about ya'."
>"Just spit it out, bro! Have you been hiding some kind of cool magic from me this whole time?"
"Ok, so..."
>Before you even started, Twilight took out a small sheet of paper and a quill, ready to write whatever you'd say.
>You don't have the slightest idea where she got either of those from, but you're going to blame magic.
"...Celestia and Luna told me that I've had 'life magic' dormant in me ever since I came to Equestria."
"And apparently, it's decided now is a good time to surface. Not sure why, though."
>"Life magic, you say? You know, Anon, what you've done reminds me of Earth Pony magic."
"Celestia was explaining that to me earlier, or at least, she tried to."
>"When did you visit Canterlot castle? I didn't see you again yesterday after you spoke with Pinkie, so..."
"Nah, Celestia summoned me using magic or something."
"Sunbutt's done that twice now, actually."
>"S-Sunbutt?!" Twilight sounded appallled that you'd call her mentor, and the ruler of Equestria such a thing.
>Rainbow, meanwhile, was in tears.
>Even AJ was stifling a few chuckles.
>"You haven't called her that to her face, have you?!"
"Yep. I did. Hell, I slapped her on the ass."
>That's hilarious.
>Never in all of your days did you think Twilight would steal your signature 'huh'.
>Rainbow was fucking dying, and AJ, despite her attempts at being mature, was giggling like a madmare.
>"Anonymous, y-yer' a real hoot, y'know that?"
>"M-Maybe y'all shouldn't go around slappin' mares, though."
"Eh. She was asking for it."
>Autism Supreme appeared to be malfunctioning.
"Sunbutt's done that twice now, actually."
> . . .
"Yep. I did. Hell, I slapped her on the ass."
> . . .
"Eh. She was asking for it."
>Anon feels the purple breath on his neck

>Kneeling down to her level, you dismissed her worries, accentuating your words with waving hands.
"Relax, purple guy. It's not that serious."
>"P-Purple guy?!"
"By the way, we're tied now."
>"Hhhmm..." Twi's nose scrunched up, as angry horse noises escaped her lips.
>"So you can heal yourself, heal trees, and... what else?" Rainbow asked, a confused look on her face.
"Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I could heal others, too. And it's probably not just trees."
"I bet Redheart would be happy to hear that."
>"Okay, please tell me you'll let me-"
"No dissection. I mean it."
>"I just want to study you!"
>"This is important, Anon! Who knows what else you can do with that magic?"
"Ehh... Like..."
>"P-Please? I won't do anything weird like last time!"
>You're not detecting any kind of foul play with her words, nor have you picked up any dishonest horse noises.
>She checks out, just this once.
"I came here to tell you about this magic in the first place; So I would've said yes, regardless."
"Just testing you, is all."
>"Shame on me for underestimating you, Mr. Human." Twilight teased.
>"If y'all are done flirtin', I'd like to borrow Mr. Anonymous for a bit."
"Me? Flirting with Purple Smart? That's-"
>"Anon..." Twilight was eyeing you like a hawk.
>"Are you two sure you're not dating? You've been acting kinda'... romantic lately." Dash added, still giggling a bit.
"I only date high quality horses, Rainbow. Like you."
>And just like that, your bro's patented blush feature activated.
>"Y-You gotta' stop messing with me like that! It's weird!"
"But it's fun!"
>"I'm not high quality...?" Twilight murmured, looking at the ground.
>"Ahem." AJ cleared her throat, no doubt trying to get your attention.
"Oh, right... Sorry. What do you need me for?"
>"Whatever ya' did to my trees is spreadin', so do ya' think you could heal the other trees in the orchard?"
"Uhh... I probably could, but..."
>"It's hard work, ain't it? Tell ya' what... I'll pay you for it."
>"While YOU help Applejack bring the trees back to life, I'M gonna' go prepare for lunch!" Rainbow said excitedly.
"Prepare? Do you have a surprise planned or something?"
>"You'll see. Just meet me outside Peetzer Hut."
"Gotcha. And what are you going to go do, Twi?"
>Rainbow had already flown away; You're not sure what she's got planned, but it'll be something awesome.
>Your bro always knows exactly what you like, and what kind of gifts to get you.
>"O-Oh! Umm... I was going to head back to the castle and start preparing my tools!"
"Tools... you're serious about this. We'll do all of that tomorrow, is that fair?"
>"Perfect! Swing by the castle, first thing in the morning!"
>These horses just decide everything on their own, don't they?
"Alright, Twi. Guess I'll see you tomorrow."
>"Okay, I'll go make sure everything is ready for tomorrow! Bye, Anon!"
>Twilight trotted off with a giddy spring in her step.
"Remember, nothing weird, got it?!"
>No response.
>She was too far gone; Her own intelligence had taken hold of her, and she was too busy thinking to herself.
>Typical Purple Horse.
>All of that awkward nerdiness overrules the way she usually acts towards you when she's fascinated with something.
"Lead the way, AJ."
>"Right this way, big fella'."
>You followed AJ through the orchard, ready to work more of your magic.
>There's no telling how long this could take, but one thing is certain.
>This is the perfect opportunity to practice controlling this magic.
"So you really have no idea what's happening to the trees?"
>"Honestly, ah ain't got a clue, but..."
>"Granny Smith did say somethin' about the orchard needin' a little love. And she wasn't bein' specific, neither."
"Love, you say?"
>"Yup, and it looks like she was right. Maybe the soil is losin' some of its 'magic'."
"Good thing I'm here, then."
>"Yer' always welcome on the farm, y'hear? Ah can't stress it enough."
>That rough voice and southern accent do things to you.
>Bad things.
>"Uhh... are y'all okay?"
"Yeah, I'm alright. Just got a little excited."
>"If you say so. I know you and RD are havin' lunch as usual, so I won't keep ya' long. Hopefully."
Disappointed I missed an opportunity to have Cadence, the Princess of Peetzer appear here. Ah well.

>Many hours after your Apple Adventure(TM) with Applejack, you were jogging through Ponyville to meet up with Rainbow.
>Regardless of AJ's statements, you were, in fact, kept long.
>Not only is lunch time over, it's basically dinner time.
>But AJ paid you well, extremely well.
>A smiling, comforted apple horse.
>That's what you like to see.
>Not an anxious, panicking apple horse; You hate to see it.
>Apparently, the way AJ got into your house uninvited to deliver that 'gift', was some kind of ancient technique.
>It had something to do with apples; You weren't paying too much attention to her explanation due to exhaustion.
>The sun had set over Ponyville about two hours ago.
>If Dash is still waiting outside Peetzer Hut, you'd better hurry up, since there's no guarantee she'll wait any longer.
>Once again, that's implying that she's there right now, still waiting.
>You know her like the back of your own hand, though.
>She's definitely there, but you'll have to make it up to her for being late.
"Dash! Hey, you still here?!"
>You called out for Fast Horse, but you couldn't see her anywhere, and there wasn't a reply, either.
>Sighing, you cursed your luck, wishing you could have been quicker with reviving those trees.
>Sitting down in one of the seats outside, many of which are far too small for you, you thought about what to do next.
>Suddenly, something brushed against the back of your head, and you freaked out.
>"HAH! Gotcha! Hahahaaaaa!"
>It was Rainbow; Of course it was.
>That shouldn't have startled you so much, but after what dream AJ did to you, it's no surprise.
"Ugh. I guess that's what I get for being late."
>"You took FOREVER at Sweet Apple Acres, y'know?"
"That's my bad, sorry. Still getting used to this magic, but I got some good practice in!"
"If it makes you feel any better, things started to speed up towards the tail end!"
>"I had to give our pizza away to somepony because it was getting cold! You're lucky I had a huge breakfast!"
"Y-You haven't eaten yet? Bro, you didn't have to do that..."
>"After your little camping trip with Spike, I can't let you off the hook. No missed lunches!"
>You feel bad, but at the same time, a wide, stupid grin crept upon your face.
>You're no stranger to having a good friend here and there, and of course, you know you're friends with Dash.
>Even so, it blows your mind when you realize how deep the bond is between the two of you.
>"What's with that dumb look on your face? You're being weird, bro."
"I'm just happy; Call it what you want."
>"Good! Because I ordered the biggest pizza I could, and told them to keep it hot for us."
>"And YOU'RE gonna' pay for it!"
"So what were you going to do if I didn't show up?"
>Rainbow folded her hooves, giving you a disgruntled look.
>"You'd be, like, 20% less cooler to me."
File: 61c.gif (1.82 MB, 764x433)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
"Well, it's a good thing I'm here, then."
>Right on time, an employee came out levitating a massive peetzer on a tray with magic.
>Your relationship with Cadance is on an acquaintance level at best, but she'd die if she were here to see this thing.
>Then again, she was putting down some very suggestive hints the last time you had an 'audience' with her.
>You found it hilarious, considering she's married to Twilight's brother, but you'd never tell either of them about it.
>Maybe Horse Cock(TM) just isn't enough for her.
>To your surprise, the employee carrying the enormous pizza was none other than The Great and Powerful Horse(TM).
>"Oh shoot... Why do I keep running into you like this?!"
>"Trixie?! I didn't see you when I went in there! When did you start working here?" Even Rainbow was confused.
"Her shows aren't doing too well, so she's-"
>"Shut up, shut up! SSSHHH!"
"I was hoping those bits I gave you would've helped get your show moving again."
>"T-They did! But this is my last part-time shift! I swear, I'm NEVER doing this again!"
"Sure hope so. You look miserable."
>"Dude, wouldn't it be funny if we told Twilight about this?"
>You and Rainbow both stared at The Great and Powerful Horse(TM), holding back equal amounts of laughter and giggles.
"Hmm... y'know, that'd be pretty fucking funny."
>"Maybe we should make her work for it."
"Why yes, Rainbow Dash, I agree."
"Free pizza. No discussion."
>"O-Okay, okay!"
>Trixie placed the Super Mega Ultra Almighty God-Like Primordial Sanctified Supreme True Peetzer(TM) on your table.
>"B-But mark Trixie's words, she'll get you back for this!"
>There she goes, talking in third person again; You thought she had finally gotten over that.
>She's such a dumb horse.
>Picking her up into your arms, you hugged the absolute shit out of her.
>"A-Anon?! Put me down this instant, you... you...!"
>"There's no getting out of his hugs, Trixie. Don't even bother. I've tried."
>"Oh, fiddlesticks!" Trixie shouted, giving up and resigning herself to the fate of a hugged horse.
>There truly is no escape.
>"J-Just eat your pizza already!"
"Hmm... you make a fair point."
>Releasing the hugged horse from your gorilla grip, you spun around in your seat, facing the peetzer.
>Trixie ran away, right back into Peetzer Hut, before you could change your mind, and Rainbow was giggling like an idiot.
>Little did she know, she herself would soon be hugged as well.
>She didn't even see it coming, as you leapt out of your chair and grabbed hold of her.
>"Dude, put me down! N-Now's not the time!"
"When I was a young lad, my father told me there was a time and place for everything."
"Hugs are exempt from that rule. Name one instance where hugging is bad."
>"L-Like, right now! Lemme' go!"
>Seeing Rainbow blush gives you purpose, it really does.
>You're like Fluttershy sometimes, but without the sexualizing.
>Or the rape.
"Alright, I'm done. Let's actually eat."
>Once Speedy Gonzales was released from your inescapable hug, you instantly reached for the biggest slice on the tray.
>"H-Hey! I wanted that one!"
"I was about to hand it to you, silly."
>She glared at you with wide eyes as if she had just realized something, and you know exactly what it is.
>"No! Not again! I'm not a baby, Anon, I can eat my own food!"
"Here comes the train..."
>"UGH! You're so uncool!"
>Rainbow knew better than to resist in the long run, so she simply opened her mouth.
>Admittedly, the sight of Dash with her mouth open and tongue out like that activated your almonds.
>The slice of peetzer was heavily wounded by Fast Horse, losing over half of its length in a single bite.
>Not only that, but she took the entire thing out of your hands.
>Tossing the half-eaten slice into the air using her teeth, she caught it in her mouth like a dog going after a tennis ball.
"D-Damn. That was impressive!"
>"Can I please eat the rest of my slices by myself?"
"Eh, you earned it."
>"Hah hah. Very funny."
File: wow cool hat xdd.png (54 KB, 315x250)
54 KB
"Almost forgot to ask, where's that surprise you were talking about earlier?"
>"I was just about to pull it out, but you hugging Trixie distracted me!"
"It had to be done. So, what's the surprise?"
>"Gimme' just oooone sec..."
>Dash flew over to a nearby bush, rustling the leaves and searching through it with her horsey hooves.
>"C-C'mon, where is it..."
>You almost lost it when you saw the 'surprise'.
"Is... is that for me?"
>Dash was holding a black cap in her hooves, flying back over to you.
>"I had Rarity make it for you! I-I know how much you like black, so..."
>You immediately snatched it from her, and put it on.
>It's unironically the greatest thing ever.
"I fucking love it."
>"Heh... I knew you'd say that! Nopony knows your tastes like I do!"
"Can't argue with that, bro."
"And it fits perfectly, too! Rarity did a good job."
>You got a cool hat, AND a free pizza that you were originally planning to pay for as recompense for being late.
>Today has been fucking great.
>Before digging in yourself, you gave thanks to Sunbutt for having such a massive horse ass.
>Also for supplying you with near infinite amounts of money, practically at your behest, but mostly the first thing.
>The first bite of peetzer sent you to another dimension.
>Before you knew it, your animalistic, primal urges kicked in, and you proceeded to swallow two slices whole.
>"W-Whoa, Anon, chill out! Leave some for me!"
>Your third victim was in your hands, your mouth agape, and Dash's words spared his life.
"Y-You're right. I don't know what came over me."
>"No wonder Twilight is so interested in you, humans are weird."
>You took a bite out of the third slice like a normal person, before replying.
"I'm one of a kind, bro. Other humans are nothing like me."
>"Imagining more than one of you kinda' scares me, not gonna' lie."
"I don't think Fluttershy, or Twilight could handle that."
>"H-Hello? Anonymous?"
>A voice you've never heard before caught your attention; They were calling for you, no less.
>You turned around to see some orange, bearded stallion in robes.
"Yeah, that's me... What is it?"
>"Sunburst? What are you doing in Ponyville?"
>"I came here to talk to Anonymous, in private, i-if you don't mind."
>"There's something important I have to tell him."
>"Wow, your name really gets around, huh, bro?"
>You've never seen the guy before, and you're not sure what he could possibly want with you.
"I won't deny that, but... did you ask around for me or something?"
>"Twilight sent Starlight and I a letter talking about you... hehe..."
>He's pretty fucking awkward, that's for sure.
"Mmm... that does sound like something she'd do."
>"I stopped by Twilight's castle, and she was nice enough to tell me where you'd be."
>"Or... where she thought you might be, anyway."
"Fair enough. By the way, that Starlight name rings a bell."
"Can this wait, though? I'm in the middle of lunch."
>"Uhhh... you'll probably wanna' hear what I have to say first!"
>"Like I said, it's really important! You might be in danger!"
"Danger, you say?"
"Guess I'll make this quick, then."
"You don't mind, right, Dash?"
>"He said it's important, so go ahead! The pizza's gonna' be gone by the time you get back, just so you know."
"Damnit... Alright, come on, you orange horse. Let's talk behind Peetzer Hut."
>Rainbow gets the entire rest of the pizza by default, thanks to this guy.
>As soon as you and 'Sunburst' were behind Peetzer Hut, you crossed your arms, leaning against the wall.
"I'm just going to pretend Rainbow isn't eating the rest of the pizza right now."
>"Sorry, I promise I didn't mean to interrupt your lunch!"
>"B-But Starlight has gone crazy!"
"Wait... huh? Slow it down a bit."
"I only know who that is because of Twilight, what's she doing now?"
"From the top, please."
>"A-Alright, so, as you probably already know, Starlight has been at the Crystal Empire for a few months now."
"Yeah, I definitely remember that part."
>"My home is there, and we've been studying together to find a solution for world hunger."
"End world hunger... damn. Now what went wrong?"
>"One day, she just... didn't respond to my questions about a few hypotheses she proposed."
>"Not in the way she usually does, at least."
>"Instead, she just sidewinded my questions and started making... err..."
"Out with it."
>"...Sexual demands."
"Oh. She's one of those."
>"O-One of those?"
"She's a rapist, isn't she?"
"Yep. Thought so."
"Which means, you came here to warn me about that."
>"Y-Yes, that's precisely what I did! Twilight sent a letter to Starlight and I, and when she saw that..."
"She came straight for my cock."
"Girls and their stupid gossiping."
"That doesn't even make any sense, though."
"You're telling me she got bored of you, and came straight to Ponyville as soon as she found out what a human was?"
>"Would you believe me if I said yes?"
"Ehh... before I answer that, I've got one question."
"Does Starlight have blue-ish eyes, a pinkish coat, and a curly mane?"
>"Yes, she does!"
"Oh fuck."
>"Now you understand what I'm trying to tell you!"
"That bitch has been stalking me since yesterday..."
"...Actually... who knows how long she's been doing it for?"
"I've caught her in the act a few times now; She'll just stare at me through a window, or a doorway."
>"I-It's frightening, isn't it?"
"A guy like me gets attention like that all the time, it's really nothing new, but uh..."
"...Sometimes, these mares scare the fuck out of me. I can't lie."
"It's a little cathartic meeting somepony else that deals with this."
>"Oh! Uhm, that's great to hear! But you've GOT to lay low for a while."
"What, like not going outside?"
"Can't I just... I don't know, go to Twilight about this?"
"You told her about what Starlight is up to, right?"
>"I certainly did. And trust me, I've got a plan!"
>Initially, his voice was shaky and nervous, but his last words carried conviction.
>That's the kind of attitude you like to see.
"So what's the plan?"
Day 23 is huge, so it's break time. A whole lot of rape is incoming.

>"You have a home, yes?"
"It'd suck ass if I didn't; Sleeping in other ponies' beds is awkward, y'know, they're usually a little too small for me."
>"Perfect! We'll shack up in your home, and I'll ward off the area with a force field, one that she can't teleport past."
"I like the confidence, but from what Twilight told me, Starlight is a REALLY capable magic user."
"Then again, you've already dealt with her at the Crystal Empire, so maybe you've got this."
>"She may be skilled, but I know a thing or two, and then some! Lead the way, Anonymous!"
"Aye-aye, Beardy."
>"My name is Sunburst..."
"You poor equine; You know nothing about me."
>Without a second of delay, you began the short trek to your home, and Sunburst hurriedly trotted behind you.
>But first, you have to tell Rainbow that you're heading out.
>She shouldn't mind, considering the sun has almost fully set.
"Pssst! Hey, Dash!"
>In a whispering, breathy voice, you called out to Broski from the side of Peetzer Hut.
>"Anon? Are you two still talking back there?"
>Squinting your eyes, you can just barely see that the pizza is gone.
>Curse this hungry horse.
>Not that it really matters right now, you've got a Rape Shelter(TM) to get to.
"Sunburst and I gotta' get going. We're heading to-"
>Orange Guy's hoof tapped your leg; You peered over to see him shaking his head.
>He's being especially careful, similar to the way you were during the Super Rapist(TM) arc.
>"Heading to what now?"
"Uhh... Spaghetti Marehouse!"
>"But we just had lunch! You're that hungry, bro?"
"Maybe I wouldn't be if somepony didn't slaughter the rest of the peetzer while I was gone."
>"Don't blame me if you get a wicked bad tummyache!"
"I could say the same for you, bro."
>"What?! No way! My stomach's made of steel!"
"Sure, we'll see. Catch you later."
>Leaving Rainbow to her own devices, you lead Sunburst to your not so humble abode.
>Hopefully he does as he says he will.
>If any of what Twilight told you about Starlight is true, escaping her Rape Field(TM) would be nigh impossible.
Throw the turnips back in her dumb muzzle.
You are a green machine.
I almost want to suggest waiting until the next thread since your updates are so huge.
File: 1573698439297.gif (897 KB, 1000x883)
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897 KB GIF
What a terrifying sight.
Are you that schizophrenic from /g/?
It’s not impossible that he is
Nice work
>"Good morning Flutterrape! Now GIT OFFA PAGE NINE!"
thank you appul, bless.
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