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Archive: https://www.anonpone.com/landfall/

Aliens have invaded!
Come along on a magical adventure with:
Hidden Gem, a rough and tumble pegasus filly with a hunger for danger.
Dusty Miller, a coming into his own mothpony colt, with blessings from his ancient tribal ancestors.
Crystal Lattice, a socially awkward earthpony mare, with a knack for potions.
And finally
Clever Buttons, the punished former school-teacher turned conspiracy activist after this Unicorn Mare was abducted a year before this journey!
Gem Dust and Crystal have already saved their home town, and with the help of Clever Buttons saved the city of Las Pegasus. Our rag-tag crew of intrepid liberators now find themselves in a Pony ville gripped by the sector of shadowy “Blank” ponies born from a magical disaster seen as a bulbous tear in reality. That looms over the paranoid town? Is every pony in this town from this reality? What secrets do the frightened residents of the town hold. Are you bad enough dudes to save Twilight Sparkle?
This is where our story continues!

Discord Link for my quests: RHCWAUrq4E

Inventory: https://pastebin.com/uw4bXSvQ
Extended Move-Set: https://pastebin.com/s4EAHxBf
hug dusty
File: lf702.png (175 KB, 600x600)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>You are Clever Buttons
“No… We haven’t heard anything about Cloudsdale, but with the weather factory there I would expect them to have been hit.”
>”Oh,” The timid yellow pegasus says as she stares at her forehooves.
>“Well, we know Las pegasus and Cedar Springs are safe!” Gem cheerfully informs Fluttershy.
“So you haven’t heard anything about them from news broadcasts or anything.”
>”We haven’t had power since the tear opened up, “ Fluttershy explains,” The power station and the phone lines were cut off when the tear opened up so we’ve been in the dark or a couple nights now...”
>”Wait,” Dusty muses, “you said that there isn’t any place that was safe, are the Blanks about to walk through walls or something?”
>”Oh thank Celestia no. They just, still know every spot in town. That’s why we keep moving our overnight base, so it takes them longer to find us. And *Fluttershy shutters* drag us away. They talk to us, the still know us all and beg us to come with them. That’s probably the worst part.”
>”What about weapons? You said most of the ponies here don’t really know how to fight,” Gem asks.
>”Well, there’s stuff around the town if you look for it.” Fluttershy digs through a pile of stuff behind her and pulls out a chainsaw. “I actually took this from the shed in my nature preserve after it got swallowed by the tear, unfortunately it’s not very shark because I was using it to cut some logs to give to the cutest little beavers before this all happened. but I ran out of gas so now I just wave a stick.”
“Don’t beavers cut down their own trees?”
Well Mrs. Muskitail had a tooth ache, and the beavers were threatening to eat down the logs we used for the walls if I didn’t bring them some new logs. So I had to bring them some logs.”

>You are Crystal Lattice
You ask Zecora, “Did this Pierce poke somepony? Yes?
>”Harm somepony he did not, His horn was stuck where he should not. Curiosity my hurt the cat, same for him, and that is that,” Zecora explains.
>it’s not very shark because I was using it to cut some logs
If we can grab a hose around here, we can funnel gas out our car to fuel the chainsaw. Did you saw come with a chain sharpener, or was that in the shed too?

>Flutter's shed is quest canon
If it's to arm her, than I don't think any weapon that hurts an opponent would really be effective. Maybe she'd be better with nets?

As for the chainsaw >>38759801 Have Dusty observe it to see if we can figure out what kind of damage it can do.
Just stay out of her shed and you'll be fine.
Check the chainsaw for bloodstains, just in case...
if they can talk and act like how they used to how does one know what a blank looks like?
So has there been any attempts to restore power to the town?
>fluttershy finds chainsaw upgrade around experience level 40, nearly 70% of the way into the game
>chainsaw with "shark teeth" on the links, whatever that has to mean for it to work

>they vocally beg us to come back
... my suspicion about what happened here continues to rise. We'll know the truth when the blanks find us. If the blanks ask us specifically to come back, everything is fine. If the blanks ignore us, this whole town might be like AB, and it might be in all of their best interests to let the blanks take them. However, we need them to stay here and help keep our world 'validated', as the aliens indicated that they specifically had to take out twilight and maybe ponyville every invasion. It's an issue, not knowing the stakes.
File: lf703.png (115 KB, 600x600)
115 KB
115 KB PNG

> You are Dusty Miller
>"Do you have anything to sharpen the chain?" Buttons asks.
>"I usually have my husband sharpen it for me. He likes to look "Manly" even though he could sharpen it with his magic," Fluttershy explains.
>"What's Manly?" Gem asks.
>"OH, that's my husband's way of saying stallionly."
"So, you used the chainsaw as a sword?"
You observe the chainsaw looking for blood hair or skin. Images from that time you and Gem watched "The Appaloosa Chainsaw Massacre" flashing through your mind.
You find chips of wood and sap jammed in the slit that the blade travels through.
>Chainsaw +5 unpowered +40 powered 1/2 gallon tank of fuel lasts 3 encounters
>"Oh, heavens no,"Fluttershy says defensively, " I tried to use it to scare the blanks away... but they just didn't stop..."
"So if they talk like normal ponies and remember you What's different about the blanks other than taking ponies away?"
>" Their colors are faded away, their cutiemarks are gone and their eyes are dark... and they turn into smoke if they get too hurt..." Fluttershy recounts.
>"Has anypony tried to reactivate the power-station?"Buttons asks.
>"It is inside the tear on a floating piece of the ground. The power lies are broken up in pieces of floating ground like everything else that got caught in there when Twilight tried to seal an alien machine in a magic barrier," the Pegasus clarifies.
Fluttershy steps over to you, "What are you doing?"
"Looking at your chainsaw."
>"We don't get many mothponies here, are there no chainsaws in your home town?"
"No Gem's dad has one."
>"Yeah but it's buried in the garage," Gem clarifies.
Is the water still running? Since reality is broken in the tear, electricity might still flow through the power lines even if they aren't connected.

It sucks that the tank is so small, otherwise that would be a great weapon.

Does the "EN: 5/5" on the funk pistols mean their limited the same way the hoof blaster was?
>they turn into smoke if they get too hurt
That makes me think they either become intangible, they teleport to wherever they came from, or they're a projection that broke. What do they do to their victims?
lets find some gas for this bad boy.
Where is your husband?
Dusty: Think about how cool it'd look if we covered just the chain part of the chainsaw in a tiny bit of alchemist's fire. It could probably chop right through one of those spaceships no problem!
Slip on a banana peal
to page 1
File: lf704.png (129 KB, 600x600)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>You are Hidden Gem
>"Does the water still run?" Buttons asks.
>"Why yes, the reservoir is up a hill in a different direction. So unless somepony blows up the dam up there the water should still run, but if the blew up the dam, it would flood Ponyville." Fluttershy gasps, Do you think the aliens plan to flood the town?"
>"Maybe?" Dusty answers.
"Wait a moment, I think somepony told us, or they told us they didn't know but what happens to somepony if the blanks take you away?"
>"All we know is that the ponies who get taken come back with the Blanks. So they're somehow turning all the ponies in town into Blanks..." Fluttershy whispers to you all, "Don't tell anypony but I think they're being made by Twilight's broken spell..."
>"What do you mean?" Buttons asks.
>"The Tear happened after Twilight's spell went wrong, and the blanks want to take us all so they can keep us safe forever... I think The leftovers of Twilight's thoughts are somehow getting put into the Blanks..."
"So, you said something about your husband? Did he umm, get taken by the Blanks?"
>Fluttershy shakes her head, I hope not. He left before the invasion, and said he'd be gone for a few days to teach something to a Captain Sisko, I think it was? He said it was super important that he makes sure that he could teach him like he tells me he taught Twilight."
>"Wait, princess Twilight?" Dusty asks.
>"Mmm Hmm, I actually met my Husband through Twilight, we've been good friends for years. We even had the wedding at Twilight's castle in town!.. I really miss my Discord, and Angel bunny and Twilight..."
"Hold on for a moment, doesn't Twilight have a Purple dragon that follows her?"
>"Spike? He... Went into the tear to look for Twilight... We haven't seen him since even as a Blank."
>Maud walks over to you all, "Fluttershy we finished moving all of the supplies here. I think you might want to set up. I can keep these ponies company."
>"Oh... Thank you Maud," Fluttershy says as she begins wandering off, "It was nice meeting everypony."
>Maud waits until the pegasus is out of earshot before telling you, "Follow me, I want to ask you all for a favor."
>The mare leads you out behind the building and says, "I need your help..."
>"With what?" Dusty asks.
>"I need to save my Colt Friend. I don't care if he got turned into a Blank. I want him back. but I need help, and I need somepony who won't tell Pinkie Pie what I'm planning on doing..."
What's the plan?
so aside from moving from safe house to safe house is there any plan at all?
>I don't care if he got turned into a Blank.
I don't think that's the right question. It's not 'is he a blank' it's 'is the blank him', or is it some other thing.

Are you at the point where you would be satisfied by just the image of him, and failing to find him, when he could still be out there, waiting someplace else? If he's been destroyed, would you want the same? If you're willing to take that risk for that reward, there's nothing left to discuss, and we're almost certainly in.
Spit it out filly.
Crystal ask if you can have Maud's panties.
What the fuck are you talking about?
That anon is asking the real questions.
I mean it's obvious what they're talking about, the question that anon should be asking is "Why?"
>I need to save my Colt Friend. I don't care if he got turned into a Blank. I want him back. but I need help, and I need somepony who won't tell Pinkie Pie what I'm planning on doing..."

how do you plan on saving your possibly blanked coltfriend? just going to lasso them up and hope for the best?
File: lf705.png (167 KB, 600x600)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Crystal has a sudden urge to get a nose-full of that Grey mare from earlier's panties... but Crystal is currently separated from the group with Zecora loading things into the house.
>You are Hidden Gem
"So what exactly do you plan on doing? Just rushing in there and roping him up?"
>"It sounds dumb when you say it like that, but pretty much." The mare drones.
>"It seems like all of you ponies here are using really short sighted plans. Like what's the idea behind moving your base every day? Is there even a real plan."
>Maud takes a deep breath, "Can you really blame us? My sister has been doing her best to keep the few of us still in the town sane, and with ponies getting taken away one by one, our herd is thinning out too fast to worry about sending anypony into the tear to deal with any of this. My sister might not be the best leader but she's doing more for the ponies here than anypony else."
"Alright, so I have a question then Are you going to be fine with just having your coltfriend back even if he's still a monster? If you have an idea for how to turn him back then I'm sure we'd be much happier to help. If not how do you plan on taking him back?"
>"Well if I don't even try to save him, that just leaves me sitting here wondering how it would be different if I tried. Besides, I know I can overpower Mudbriar. One of the things I like about him is that if I wanted to I could snap him like a stick," Maud says flatly.
>"That's a weird think to like about somepony," Dusty says looking worried.
>A single tear rolls down Maud's cheek on her stern face, "That was a joke... Mudbriar would have loved that joke if he was here," Maud takes a moment to recompose herself and asks, "I can't risk anypony from the town helping me, and you all seem much stronger than most of the ponies leftover in the town, especially the tear mare you had with you. Everypony who can fight in town needs to stay to keep everypony else safe and you all said you were here to help. Will you please help me get my Coltfriend back?"
>"Wait where is Crystal anyway?" Dusty asks.

>You are Crystal Lattice
Somehow you got roped into helping the town's ponies drag a bunch of supplies into the house. The inside is really starting to shape up as a neat little base.
You march in with a last box, set it down and slump to the ground as the Zebra you've been talking to enters after.
"Ms Zecora? yes?"
>Zecora, peeks over with a,"hmm?"
"If I am to become a better alchemist, what are some thing I should do? Yes."
>"One must fail many times before one can make potions most divine. A steady hoof is not born but from practice one is surely shorn. The better answer you await, requires from you the proper bait."
>"Pardon me?"
"I want to know how to make a powerful love potion. Yes."
>"I may know how this is done, but tell me first why love cannot be won."
We're in a world where nobody can die, fighting a war against zealots which were forged in a forever-war, fed on the well-honed propaganda of a few thousand year old twilight sparkle, and invested in the cause by repeatedly committing harm on a scale the dwarfs every bad thing that has ever happened on this planet. Ok, I don't know that I saw twilight specifically in that ufo, but that's a moot point. There is currently no better way to deal with a powerful foe.

FURTHERMORE, when I was more lonely, I romanticized this potion but couldn't make it work. Now that I don't need it personally I still want to kick it's ass. This is a FANTASTIC idea, yes.

[I'm trying to get the idea across that these are
soldires, therefore inherently a bit loyal and dogmatic,
citizens of a civilisation which may have passed singularity, therefore absolutely fucked by propaganda even if we're just talking normal future advertising strategies,
and a cult, even a death-cult therefore every wrong they commit becomes another reason why their cause must have been worth all their sacrifices, therefore they think the cause is good because they made sacrifices they should only make for good causes]

alright, you understand that this is dumb, yes?
>if affirmative
Then lets go.

>hey guys the blanks steal shit. Guys, hey guys? Dude bro broskie dudums, they yoink. The blank-ies take-ies.
Hey, like, we should think about our car maybe, and all our unguarded shit.

Helping maud right now, assuming maud gets taken, basically means that pinkie and everyone else will shoot on sight. I'm exaggerating a little, but we're kind of fucked if anything goes wrong. Even if it turns out fine, this is more than enough for pinkie to suspect we're trying to get ponies taken. How do we deal with that?
Oh, right.

"normal love isn't enough"
>crystal becomes sadder
>I may know how this is done, but tell me first why love cannot be won."

love is earned. not won. Love is more than desire. it is uh... compassion, protectiveness, loyalty, compromises, and selfless.
we can help you but just know that we don't know if this will help.

however this may give us a chance to better understand what these blanks are and what's beyond the tear.

is there anything the blanks seem weak against or tend to avoid?
Considering that it'd probably be pretty lucky for Mudbriar to be alone, it'd probably be better to lure him into a trap than to try to just grab him. Than you could wait for the other blanks to leave for the day so you can give him your undivided attention. Though I gotta ask, are you even sure the Mudbrair you're trying to catch is the real one? Hearing about the whole "turn to smoke" thing they do, it might be possible that the blanks are just replicas of ponies that are using their memories.
File: lf706.png (207 KB, 600x600)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>You are Crystal Lattice
"Well. Love is not won it is earned. I understand this, yes. And really with my friends I no longer ave a real need for a love potion, but before my friends I had worked through most of my free time tying to make such a potion. Yes. It is still an unfulfilled goal which I wish to achieve. Yes."
>The Zebra nods, "Learn and earn...."
>"Do not worry for I can see, your words and their sincerity. If you wish then I will teach, the potion that is out of reach."

>You are Hidden Gem
You turn to Dusty and Buttons, "DO you think we should help?"
Both of your friends give you a lukewarm yes.
"Alright, if you can admit this plan might not help."
>"This plan might be a waste," Maud flatly admits before you finish.
"Okay Maud, we'll help you catch him... Though it might help if we had some way to lure him away from the others."
>"He likes sticks," Maud explains.
>"Is there anything else you know about the shadow ponies other than turning into smoke?" Dusty asks.
>"They don't like the sun. It doesn't seem to hurt them, they just leave when the sun comes out."
>"Have the unicorns tried to dispel them? they might not actually be the ponies that were taken, but a magic copy," Buttons asks.
>"I don't know that's a question for a unicorn."
>"Fair enough, but before we help you I think we need to hide the car so the blanks don't take it with them," Buttons comments.
>"The Blanks don't steal things... But ponies that have been coming into town do. Just find me and we'll get moving."
The three of you head inside to find Crystal, on the way Pinkie Pie spots you and bounds over to the three of you.
>"Hiya!" Pinkie pie faux cheerfully greets you. "May I have a word with you all?"
"I uhh."
>"It'll only be a minute!" Pinkie assures you, "Please step into my office!"
Pinkie ushers the three of you into a bedroom and shuts the door.
>The pink mare then slinks over to Buttons and puts a hoof over her shoulder, "Sooooo, I know we got of to a really rocky start buuuuutttt, I need to ask a favor, and you can NOT tell Maud I asked for this, but... Okay I need to go into the tear and I could really use some help, I feel really really ResponsibleForWhatHappenedInTheTearAndINeedToTryAndSaveSomeFriendsOfMineSoWeCan..." Pinkie gasps for air, "Sorry, I need some help finding some ponies that we lost in the tear, and I don't want anypony to tell Maud, because I know she won't let me go in because it's too spooky. So do you think you could do me a super duper favor especially since you said you were here to help and this would help a ton! Please!?"
Well this is awkward.
What are...

Yeah ok, how about meet us outside. How many minutes until you can start?

We can frame this so that they both think that they were very unlucky, that their sister just happened to come along for NO reason.

>pinkie follows party out the front door
>maud is outside
"Oh gee, there's maud. Hello maud, we're just going for a perfectly innocent walk to nowhere."

And now we've got both sisters physically walking to the tear while denying everything.
We also might want to directly suggest to pinkie that, in case someone questions us, we are going to simply pretend to be going for a walk and continue to the tear like nothing strange is happen. Tell her to 'play it cool'. "Can you play it cool, pinkie?" Get her to agree.

With that suggestion in mind, it will be slightly harder for her to think of doing something else, by default, and ruining everything.
I think you should just tell Maud rather than make her worry about you disappearing for who knows how long. Besides, she'll have less of an argument against it if you're not going alone.
who will be in charge of the other ponies in the meantime?
So you can what? You seriously think you can contain several Blanks at once imprisoned, in a moving undermanned camp, and even make them do something for you?
Have the Blanks tried to explain their actions? Were they trying to "save" ponies too?
Hey hey hey, having one of these things to study seems fairly good, actually. Their motives are a bit wrong, but don't go too hard against catching one.
File: lf707.png (163 KB, 600x600)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>You are Clever Buttons
You look to Dusty and Gem and both of them give you a look that tells you they don't really know what to say either.
"We umm. Are you sure you shouldn't tell your sister. You don't want her to worry about you do you? Besides, if you just leave, who's going to take charge of the ponies here.
>"Okay, you really don't understand. Maud is already worried about me! Why do you think I haven't gone in that Tear to look for ponies already!? It's not just because I need back-up, but also because last time I tried Maud pinned me down until I gave up! And that was just the first night the Blanks came out! She's trying to keep me safe, and I would totally do exactly the same for her, but we need to do something se we don't just... disappear one at a time until we're all gone!"
>"Well maybe we could just tell everypony we're all going on a walk so you can show us around," Gem suggests.
>"Ooh! That's a neat idea!" Pinkie reacts.
"Before we come up with excuses for you, how about we start wit what your plan is exactly. I mean even beyond catching one of these blanks what do you plan on doing with them? I mean, do they have any ability to answer any questions or something else that might help if we succeed."
>Pinkie pick slinks over to the bed and takes a seat, "Well, The Blanks, when they talk they're sort of focused on convincing you to come with them. They say all these things about "being safe" and "living forever" So I'm not sure if they can answer questions about what's happening. But... You're right about keeping them maybe being a tinecy winecy problem. But... Okay."
"Okay what?"
>"I have a maybe a long-shot style maybe plan that might help a bit... So there's this tree, under the castle that Twilight is in. Very dangerous. And it turned into a crystal house, less dangerous, but it has some magic that we might be able to maybe use to perhaps turn my friends back to maybe normal and hopefully help us probably get twilight back to hopefully normal so she can fix whatever when wrong. Well that's the goal anyway. I don't know though, I think maybe taking one or two of the blanks back might help us figure out how to get all the way to the castle without getting snatched up, but I actually don't know what to try with them after we bring them back but somepony else here might think of what to do. And maybe if we bring somepony back Maud might not be as gloomy as she's been since her special somepony got snatched up. But don't tell her that I said that. Sensitive subject..." The pink mare blurts out.
>"So you know Twilight is in the castle." Dusty Confirms.
>Pinkie Pie pouts a bit and nods her head, "Yeah, and I also know where the Elements of Harmony are, and ponies keep coming to ton trying to take both, so I think they might be exactly how we're supposed to fix this!"
>enemy action hint at how we can threaten them
That doesn't quite mean that the blanks are related, but it is still a good idea.

>how to keep smoke poner
transformation potion, probably.

Assuming crystal is staying here with zacora, we should get an escape potion for maud and pinkie and a sacrificial potion to maybe solidify the blank. Which three?

How many hours until you all pack up and move the base? We need to get done with this before then, and also drag the thing back here as quick as we can if we catch it.
So are we going to be trying to capture your sister's special somepony?

Are they both trying to do the exact same thing in secret from each other?
avoid 10 . . .
File: lf708.png (203 KB, 600x600)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>You are Hidden Gem
You ponder exactly how you would catch a pony that turns into smoke when you hurt them.
"Hey, do you think one of Crystal's transformation potions could stop the Blanks from turning into smoke and escaping?"
>"Potions... That's a great idea! Zecora makes all sorts of potions I bet she can make something to keep the Blank here instead of just fire and vine walls and stuff!" The pink mare excitedly responds.
>"I guess we'll have to ask Crystal to bring something with us to try then," Buttons muses, "but in the meantime, how often do you move your base?"
>"Just every morning, Which is why I want to do this during the day, before we castle up for the night."Pinkie explains.
>"So are you going to try and catch Maud's Coltfriend?"Dusty asks.
>"That old stick in the Mud?.. Sorry that would be funnier if you knew him.I mean, there's are other ponies I'd much rather bring back but come to think of it, he would be really easy to catch, so that might be a good idea. If we see him, first I guess we'll take him.
"Okay, well we got to go find Crystal so she can hide the car for the night, We'll find you after that."

You leave Pinkie and find Crystal in the kitchen with Zecora. Crystal tells you that her new friend is going to teach her how to brew a difficult and potion, she's had a hard time with.
You explain that you need to hide her car, and she obediently comes with you.
You explain the conversation you had with both mares to Crystal. After you all get in the car.
>"It sounds like both sisters are trying to make the same plan behind each other's back," Dusty comments.
>"Do you think we could just convince both of them we're going with them and have them both just pretend we're just going for a walk with the other pony?"
>"That doesn't sound like it would work Gem. In face Pinkie made it sound like last time somepony tried, they got into a fight." Buttons argues.
"Well then who should we choose? Or should we just tell them both and have them fight to see who goes?"
>"Uhh Gem, we shouldn't make the sisters fight before we go into a place were we're probably going to get into more fights." Dusty suggests.
"Okay then, who do we choose to go with?"
A sisterly mudwrestle might be fun to watch but we probably shouldn't waste time with a fight when we have so much else to do.
Maud seems much more no nonsense and seems like she'd get this done quickly, I think she's the better choice.
a cute
i want
to boop
her snoot
The problem here is that we can't really get rid of them. They both think we're coming to sneak away with them specifically.

Pinkie, despite being easier to talk to, is just as hard to have a dialogue with as maud. We can't really expect appeals of any kind, logical or emotional, to really work well on them. Given that they are both as stubborn as some kind of rock farmers and will simply execute on whatever idea they really put their mind to, maud is actually easier to work with than pinkie. Maud admits when she's dumb, which pinkie didn't. Maud tries to quash arguments and drama, while pinkie lunges at them like a cat with a string. Pinkie considers herself in charge, which also makes her hard to work with, and probably more stressed out than anyone else here.

Maud stats: +35 hp, +60damage, earth moving and knowledge
Pinkie stats: 70% grab, extra throw damage, predictable tanking move.

We don't want to tank, because that uses turns which means more chances for more enemies to find us. Throwing is not needed here. The grab might be nice if we wanted to take them alive, but it lengthens combat in this case, which is bad still.

So, like, pick maud.

>what potions to bring
Use up gem's last slot on the last crag potion. We have the most of them, they change the base nature of an entity instead of modifying it, AND maud... likes rocks.

Switch one of button's speedloaders with crystal's mist potion. We may need that to use it on pinkie later.
>blanks only talk about one thing basically, are same-y
...wait, how does blankbriar speak? I'm now excited. Commence months of buildup.

>"Do you think we could just convince both of them we're going with them and have them both just pretend we're just going for a walk with the other pony?"
We would make them think that their sister was tailing them possessively, while both of them claim to simply be 'on a walk'. As they are both the one being followed, they would be motivated to keep up the lie instead of aggressing. As they think their sister is there to stop them, they wouldn't think they need to stop their sister. We would be using the fact that this happened before in order to support the manipulation further, keep them sweating bullets.

And then blanks attack and their disagreement become moot.

If they both think the other is trying to go to the tear, that doesn't work. If we make them both think the other is trying to prevent them from going to the tear, it does.

I only argue because buttons response doesn't make sense. "The last time somebody tried" what? Tried to go blank hunting, obviously, but we ARE trying to go blank hunting, and she isn't even disagreeing with that. The relevant thing we're suggesting trying is not something that was tried before.

Not pushing for the plan at this point.

>forgot to mention
crystal a cute. rub noses, slap butt, flap away.
Maybe we could trick them into helping eachother without realizing it. Like convincing Maud to make a trap for him while convincing Pinkie to lure him out of the tear and into the trap?
File: lf709.png (232 KB, 600x600)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
>Gem takes a Crag potion from the car
>Buttons trades out a speedoader for a mist potion.

>You are Hidden Gem
>As Crystal parks the car she says, "I think we should go with the grey sister, yes? I know that she hits hard. Yes."
Every pony just mumbles some kind of agreement.
You all cover the car in a tarp and some brush you find nearby.
The four of you Trot back to the house everypony is fortifying, and you spot Maud, still waiting behind the house. You tell her you're ready and the Grey mare wastes no time before leading you straight up to the Purple dome engulfing the edge of town.
As you approach the tear you begin to realize that it seems even bigger as you get closer. Maud stops at the edge letting the four of you marvel at the magical construct.
>"I guess I should tell you this is your last chance to go back." Maud remarks flatly.
"Well it would be disappointing if we didn't at least look inside."
>"So..." Dusty murmurs, "How do we get in? Do we just, walk into it?"
>"That's pretty much it,"Maud acknowledges Before stepping up to the tear.
The five of you walk into the tear, although there really isn't any resistance, something feels different as you enter, like you're passing into a room with a completely different temperature or sticking your hoof in perfectly room-temperature water.
You shut your eyes tightly as your face meets the boundary.
File: lf710.png (234 KB, 600x600)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
As the majority of you passes through the barrier, it feels as if the tear pulls you in...
Opening your eyes you see everything bathed in a purple light. Strange floating islands drift through the expanse. On some of them you spot houses cut in pieces, infrastructure, and mangled forests. But what draws your eyes is what lies at the center of the tear. As if perfectly centered in what you can now see is an orb, is what looks like the ruins of a castle with a bright light glowing on part of the structure.
>Maud breaks the silence, "Everything is rearranged since the last time I saw in here. I'm not sure where to search first, be we should hurry, if we want to find Mudbriar before something finds us."

You think you spot the power station, the royal guard barracks, what looks like a school, castle ruins and forest.
Were do the five of you search?
shit did we bring the long jump module
Oh yay this looks like a pain in the ass the navigate.
Maud how do we do that?
Where do you think he would be?
>perfectly straight forward choice prompt with 4 choices
>nobody chooses

No, fuck yall. Pick something. I can't just vomit an argument and a choice out every single post. Ain't how this works.
Two of them are asking the completely legitimate question of "How do we move between the islands?" while one of them is asking for Maud's thoughts on where he's most likely to be, since she both knows him well enough to have an opinion and knows a lot more about Blank behavior than we do. If we're allowing meta-knowledge into the discussion than the forest would be a very likely option due to his interest in sticks. But, depending on Blank behavior, they might have a default location that they congregate at when not trying to abduct ponies which we wouldn't know about.
the royal guard barracks
All but Maud have the ability to fly. if Maud wants to fly, she'll need to head back to our car to grab the nightwing potion.

Some of these islands look like they're connected. Lets go to the barracks to arm up. If we're lucky we might find enough to protect everyone.
I'm kind of confused as to why we passed the barrier... and what good the barrier actually does. The blanks attack every night or something like that, which means they can get out and back in. We can also get out and back in. So, isn't there no reason to enter the barrier? I would figure there would just be occasional blanks in town and that we were hunting them. I guess it just holds the rift itself in?

Potentially, it holds the lack of rift out.

>castle, barracks, school, forest
I think the barracks and castle are built for defense against invaders like us and walking up to a school is asking to get swarmed.

Between power station and forest, I think the station seems better due to the cover it gives us, but I'll vote for forest after we ask maud what her boyfriend likes.

We can't hang around long enough for pinkie to come screaming out of the void at us. She's probably wondering where we are right now.
It's less a barrier and more a boundary to the chaos. I think the only actual barrier is the one Twi set up around the machine which led to the creation of the rift.
File: lf711.png (319 KB, 600x600)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>You are Hidden Gem
>"Why are you asking us?" Buttons asks, "You're the one who knows Mudbriar where do you think he would be?"
>Maud blinks, "If he's still acting more like My Mudbriar than a cursed spirit or a zombie, or whatever they've become, then he's one one of two places. Shopping or looking for interesting sticks. Most of the shops are outside of the tear, and I don't think The Blanks are operating stores from what we've seen in the last few days. So he's probably wandering the parts of Everfree Forest in here... Which we used to walk through together..."
"Okay, as Cool as the power station is and as much as I really want to see the guard place, I guess we're going to the forest... Hey Maud, I know Dusty and I can fly but what about you, Buttons and Crystal?"
>Maud points over at some close by floating rocks, "For some reason there always seems to be a way to jump between the larger ones. The small floating islands branch between the big ones. I wish I had some idea why rocks would arrange themselves like this, but it's nothing like a normal crystal formation. and most of what is present is high quarts granite and layers of shale, which usually don't float in purple voids."

With that Maud leads you over a path of floating rocks to the closest mass of the forest.
As you enter, the tear quickly grows darker, and the trees seem to quickly obscure the void they occupy, but everything is eerily silent, not even a chirp of a cricket can be heard, and he air is still.
As the five of you journey deeper into the woods you start seeing balls of light floating through the trees, but Maud ignores them, which prompts the rest of you to do the same, with the occasional curious glance.
>Suddenly Maud stops and turns her head to you, "These things aren't The Blanks, but running into them usually means we're getting close."
>Having feud yourself focusing on Maud's swishing tail most of this walk you ask, "What are?"
Dusty points at what appear to be glowing eyes, on small looming shadows.
>"What are they yes?" Crystal asks.
>"We don't know Maud answers, Might be Blanks not fully formed or something else. But they gather near where The Blanks and the other things are."
>"Other things?" Buttons asks.
>"A lot of strange things are in the tear. The blanks are the only things that tend to leave it. Actually, ponies do too when the aren't abducted so I guess that's two things." Maud states authoritatively.
Everyone keep your guard up. Dusty? You're up. Use OVSERVE on the eyes creatures. And those two floating glowing lights.
Crystal, I nearly forgot. This is your chance to ask Maud if she will sit on your face later after we found her colt friend, and if you can have her panties. You know as a reward for helping.
Why are you so obsessed with making Crystal obsessed with Maud's panties? There's no evidence Maud even wears panties. Hell, I don't think we've seen a single pony panty in this entire quest.
Because Muad is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, and bath posted that one image of Maud wearing panties. Unf.
Oh, I missed that. Still, it'd be better and more likely to get a non-canon picture than to force it in the quest.
Well, a blank radar is useful. Makes it real hard to get snuck up on.

Don't really see much to do besides getting free observes every out of combat turn. Maybe see if anything is going on in the canopy or inside of the bushes... is the ground vibrating?
Can we talk with them?
If she has panties, good for us. If she doesn't have any, it's no sweat.

Can you identify that mushroom by the tree Dusty/Crystal? Is it edible? Can it be used for alchemy?
is page ten a blank?
File: lf712.png (275 KB, 600x600)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>You are Crystal Lattice
This Maud pie, is just so muscular. You can't decide if it's criminal to have powerful flanks like that shrouded in her blue dress or if you're enjoying the mystery and challenge of trying to work out her shapely form with the fabric blocking a very clear view. You know she's strong, she could have hit you a lot harder, but she held back, maybe she likes you? MAybe you could burry your nose in her powerful rump while she sits on you... but she has a Coltfriend.
You try to take your mind off that sexy mare by staring at a nearby mushroom... Looks like a poisonous fly amanita...
>"Can those things talk?" Gem asks.
>"They won't," Maud replies.
Dusty tries to observe some of the dark spots with their glowing eyes...
>Squirrel HP:---
>Fox HP:---
>Snake HP:---
>mouse HP:---
>Bird HP:---
>"Everypony... I think they might be the animals," Dusty says sounding a little unsure.
>"Well that sounds possible," Buttons confirms, "Are there Animal Blanks?
>"No, Maud answers We've seen some animals wandering in here like cockatrice and bugbear since the tear opened though."
"We should probably keep our guard up then, yes?"
>"EEP!" Buttons screaches.
As everypony looks back it appears that something has snuck up on you!

>You are now fighting... Something?

The hoof hits Clever Buttons and deals 70 damage! Buttons Kick now weakened and will only deal 15 damage!
The second hoof swings at Buttons and misses.
The mouth bites Buttons dealing 70 damage! Buttons is now unable to use magic!
The eye begins to oscillate Buttons grows drowsy and falls asleep!

Hidden Gem HP: 196
Dusty Miller HP:205 TP:5
Crystal Lattice HP:220
Clever Buttons HP:55 MP:__ (-Strength , Magic Disabled, Sleeping)
Maud Pie HP:400

Eye HP:???
Mouth HP:???
Hoof HP:???
Hoof HP:???
>turn 1
yes hello we appreciate you

I don't have the time to think about this for a bit. I think buttons is just kind of fucked? It's not as bad as it looks, overall. This is juyst what our ponies look like when they don't use any defensive strategies at all.
All limbs are right next to each other.
Dusty Scale Flap. It should be extra effective against the eye.
Gem: Grapple eye.
Crystal: Flurry strike the eye. (grappled foes can't dodge?)

Maud go hit something.
to specify, since they look like they're all next to each other, I think there's a chance for scale flap to hit them all.
File: lf713.png (192 KB, 600x600)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Without a bit of hesitation you all strike back at the strange assailant.
Hidden Gem tries to grab at the eye... but she isn't very good at nabbing enemies and misses.
Crystal tries to hit the eye with a flurry of strikes! As Crystal swings at the eye once the bat passes through it and the eye dispels! Buttons wakes up!
Maud Kicks the mouth! The mouth dispels! Buttons feels her ability to use magic return!
Seeing the hooves close together Dusty uses his scale flap on the hooves. Both now have decreased accuracy.
The first hoof swings at Buttons... and misses.
The second hoof swings at Maud, upon impact Maud is dealt 70 damage and her only attack now only does a maximum of 40 damage.

Hidden Gem HP: 196
Dusty Miller HP:205 TP:3
Crystal Lattice HP:220
Clever Buttons HP:55 MP:60 (-Strength)
Maud Pie HP:330 (-Strength)

Eye (5)
Mouth (5)
Hoof HP:??? (Blind?)
Hoof HP:???(Blind?)
Dusty, observe a hoof.
After that, the Gem and Buttons attack one hoof and Crystal and Maud attack the other.
Buttons: Kick Hoof A
Crystal: Swipe Hoof A
Maud: attack Hoof B
Gem: Bash Hoof B
Dusty: Bash Hoof B

Does the Staff of Will grow for each enemy defeated or each enemy Dusty defeats? If the latter, than make sure Dusty strikes first.
So they're debuff monsters that hit like trucks but are barely held together by weak magic. That's reassuring. Just >>38787487
then I guess.
As we are in a big open area with hidden enemies, lets not use the guns.

>eye and mouth dispel
>Eye (5)
>mouth (5)
Oh? Oh.

Dusty, observe Hoof.
all other units, basic melee attacks on hoofs, and then lets get the fuck away from here. I don't think these enemies can be defeated. Also... I'm really glad we didn't bring pinkie, due to hunch.

I don't have time to look at invantory. Someone tell buttons to eat a specific thing.
>I don't think these enemies can be defeated.
It looks like two of them already have been.
File: lf714.png (192 KB, 600x600)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>You are Dusty Miller

You observer the spectral hoof

>Tactile Aspect HP:1
-Hamper Strength 70 75% (1/4 physical attack strength dealt to target)
-Nullify movement 70 75% (Target can no longer walk)
=The leftover memories of the sensation of touch.
+Upon defeat reforms in 5 turns.

Hidden gem Bashes the first Aspect and it dispels.
Maud kicks the second aspect, and it also dispels.
>There are no more enemies...

Hidden Gem HP: 196
Dusty Miller HP:205 TP:4
Crystal Lattice HP:220
Clever Buttons HP:55 MP:60
Maud Pie HP:330

Eye (4)(defeated)
Mouth (4)(defeated)
Tactile Aspect HP:(5)(defeated)
Tactile Aspect HP:(5)(defeated)

>"What the Heck was that!" Buttons shouts.
>"One of the other things I mentioned we don't know what they are," Maud answers.
"They're like, somepony's memories of their senses coming back to hurt ponies."
>Gem looks at you weird, "Dusty I know you're usually right about ponies names and stuff about them but that's pretty out there. I don't know about that one."
>"We should leave before they come back," Maud hints.
>"They come back!?" Buttons blurts out sounding shocked.

Do you continue exploring the forest, search a new area or something different?
Buttons: eat a sandwich and a cheese sick. It's 140 HP total. Make sure that Gem still has some food after it.

Where blanks may hide during the day? Has anybody actually seen them within the rift? What if they form ad hoc from scattered memories at the boundary? It'd take forever to collect all pieces of Briar one after another in this case.
I'd like to keep exploring the forest if it is big enough to stay away from this position. If it is not, let's check the power station, for no particular reason.
Continue searching, but be more aware of our surroundings. Also, ask the critters if there are any ponies here.

To Gem: We are currently outside of reality, so logic no longer applies, at least not as strongly as it used to.
I wonder if there's such a thing as a lust aspect.

>1/4 physical attack strength dealt to target
That wording doesn't sound right. makes it sound like it'll do additional damage rather than weaken the target.
Gem, knowing a ponies name is way more out there than knowing the nature of a magical construct.
Ok, maybe ponies are a bad example, due too... your names...

On the upside, these constructs existing somewhat supports my theory on the function of magic here.

Buttons, simply cast barrier on yourself. It can hold for 6 turns worth of you charging through the forest ahead of everyone else. Gem, tell her to do that. When she complains, make fun of her... or I guess just impinge her love of slaying. It's go time, don't you feel it? Something like that, yeah. Maybe do it in stages. First, suggest she barrier herself, which she probably will out of fear. Then, get her to be in front. If dusty can catch an incoming attack during an ambush, that would be cool.

Stay in forest for about 4 more turns at most. Consider simply burning it down.
gem, nuzzle dusty
crystal, help buttons up
maud, maud
Move forward carefully, and stay close together. Buttons should heal.
>If dusty can catch
Very unclear, I'm talking about intercept. The use case where you assume a group of enemies are attacking the same target, and then use intercept reactively after one of them has moved and whenever you happen to get your turn is not currently covered by precedent. You can't use it reactively to block the thing you are reacting to, but you might be able to use it reactively to block a follow-up hit.
If not, then, like, don't. Maybe throw more scales at the problems.
Continue searching. Double time it!
File: lf715.png (262 KB, 600x600)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>The target of the attack gets debuffed to do only be able to do a quarter of their base physical damage.

>You are Hidden Gem
Dusty Gives Buttons his sandwich and you give Buttons your cheese stick, buttons eats both and restores 130 HP.
>Clever Buttons HP:185 MP:60
"Buttons, can you cast a shield on yourself before we get attacked again, so you're ready?"
>"I could but that would drain how strong my magic is before we get into that next fight." Buttons explains, "I have to maintain barriers."
>"Maud, has anypony even seen a Blank inside the tear? I think they might just form as they exit, but not while they're in here, and that's why we're finding all this in here."
>"Some ponies have said they've seen them in here. I haven't though," Maud assures you.
You try talking to one of the small shadows you see around, that Dusty said were animals. They don't respond, they just stare at you.
The five of you continue searching the forest now with your guard even further up than it was before.
You begin looking for the higher concentrations of the shadows, thinking that might lead you to the blanks when you begin to spot some cottages. The five of you quietly approach the town, until you begin to see that there are some ponies slowly milling about the town. almost aimlessly. It's then you notice that they are all grey, their eyes are dark and their cutie-marks missing.
Maud waves her hooves to some further bushes and you follow.
"Are those the Blanks?"
>Maud whispers to you all, "They are, but there isn't supposed to be a town in the middle of Everfree."
"Wasn't there a sign over the town?"
>"Sunny Town, yes," Crystal confirms.
>"Anypony heard of it?" Buttons asks.
>Maud shakes her head, "No, and if it was close enough to be swallowed in the tear I should have. But, I do see ponies I recognize in the town."
You look back over at the town to scope it out. But as you do, you see something begin to enter the Tear in the sky. As more of it enter you begin to make out the shape of a very large flying saucer!
A few of The Blanks turn their heads as if to watch the machine enter their domain.
Hide and see what happens. Also, Dusty should observe the closest blank.
>Sunny Town
So that's why they're called blanks
>will weaken my magic
Wait, I already mentioned my intent to sacrifice 10mp per turn. If she gets jumped like that, she would almost certainly end up in brainshock anyway. "weaken" sounds like the spell effects would get weaker, but "I have to maintain barrier" just sounds like she means she would spend mp.

Whatever. I don't care much what the cost is. We should have that cast on the way back out of here, if she isn't busy then. That would also show what she means by this.

>blank town
>alien ship

... I don't want to start a fight where reinforcements can come so fast. I also don't want to fight when that ship is right there and can attempt to blast us while we're distracted. Applejack is also terrifying, by default.

Wait a turn. Back away just a bit more, if we can. See if we can find a more isolated blank. MAud, if we don't find your boyfriend, we will have to settle for someone else. Are you ok with that?

Last time we stood still, we got ambushed. Buttons, watch our back. Barrier yourself and run up to any more floating senses. Dusty, free observe on either orangehat or saucer, I can't decide. Gem, fly defensivly and see if you can find a more vulnerable blank. That is:

Dusty: observe ???
Buttons: prepare to barrier self and taunt
Gem: sky defend while scouting a very short distance, attempt to see into other alleys nearby.
Two adults: stay still and hidden and watch town
I wonder if Mitta exists in this version.
are the blobs actually blanked parasprites?
File: lf716.png (240 KB, 600x600)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>You are Hidden Gem
The five of you back into the surrounding forest to stay out of sight.
You watch the Flying saucer float above the bright light shining on top of the castle. The Alien ship opens a large hatch on the bottom which admits a yellow glow the begins to get brighter as the green aura surrounding the saucer fades. Right as it looks like the alien machine is about to preform whatever task it has been warming up for, a stream of light fires out from the castle and pierces the UFO! The beam shot through the craft seems to set the saucer on fire, and the craft begins slowly drifting beneath the floating island while bellowing smoke.
The Blanks in the town appear to also be distracted by the the crashing ship as they stand idle and watch the saucer slowly drop.

Dusty observes the closest Blank, an orange mare i a hat.

Applejack HP:450
>Buck 100 90%
>Lasso (grapple target) 80%
>Prevail (Adds 50% resistance for one turn and survives a turn of attacks regardless of how much damage is taken) 100%
+High endurance
+Good work ethic
-Honest to a flaw

You see the Blanks turn to another Blank dragging a stallion out of one of the houses toward the center of town. The stallion looks unhealthy like there's something wrong with his coat, and skinny as if he's been staving for some time. The Blanks begin to gather around him holding him down and turning their attention away from the crashing alien ship. The orange mare in a hat is given a rope and she begins to bind the feet of the stallion.
Keep watching

Dusty: Observe stallion
support could we even save him?
I have never seen such a good use case for alchemist's fire. Just burn it all, particularly that stallion. Tell me I'm wrong.
Wingless ponies start running now.
is that twilight the colour of that beam looks familiar and its her or luneas study its comming from?
A 10 shoves through a cracking fissure.
A bump lances it.
>no response
Yes. We have cover of forest, and a walkie-talkie. We can, hypothetically, pick apart fairly large groups of enemies. Even if the group is too big for that, we can pull that whole crowd away from their prisoner, and then just telekinetically lift the flaming stallion and run away. If something goes wrong, she can throw the stallion at the problem.

I don't think we should commit to saving the stallion, but I do still think we should kick the beehive and expend a potion.
File: lf717.png (308 KB, 600x600)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
>You are Dusty Miller
You all decide to hang back and watch The Blanks.

As the faded orange mare begins to hog-tie the stallions feet you observe the stallion

Grey Hoof HP: 0/50 (defeated)
>Buck 20 75%
>Distress Call (Summons nearby allies in earshot) 100%
-Undead (Harmed by healing magic)
+Undead (regains strength over time after defeat)
+Good party planner

"H-hey... Does that stallion look like a zombie to anypony else?"
>"They all look like zombies with their colors faded away and their eyes blacked out," Gem responds.
"No the stallion they're tying up, look at him! It's like his face is falling off and he's got magic glowing eyes!"
Eveypony strains themselves to get a closer look.
>"DUSTY! You still have the Alchemist's fire, yes!? We must burn down the town before they make more zombie's, yes!" Crystal panics.
>"I want to find my coltfriend before we burn down the town," Maud argues, "If he's in there and we turn him into smoke, we'll have to find him somewhere else."

The Blanks finish tying the zombie up and then proceed to tie him off to a royal guardspony Who spreads his wings and begins taking off into the sky. The faded orange pegasus guard flies off with the zombie in tow toward the castle, quickly becoming a small speck.
>"Hey... Does anypony else think that magic laser the shot down the spaceship, looks like the same color as Princess Twilight's magic from TV?" Gem asks.
>"That's called a magic missile," Buttons corrects.
"That didn't look like a missile, I think Gem was right, since it looks like a laser-beam!"
>"No it's any non-elemental magic projectile. Sustained beam or not," Buttons explains, "Trust me I read a lot into them over the last year."
>"But that's not a projectile, it's a beam! Yes," Crystal weighs in.
>"Okay, I don't care. What I'm trying to say is do you think that's the princess?" Gem says sounding a little annoyed.
"Well Maud should know."
>Maud shakes her head, "I wasn't up there so only Pinkie of Fluttershy would know... but It looks like something that came from her."
Looked more like they were capturing the zombie than creating it. The town might deserve to be burned down, but it'd probably be better to let the blanks take care of it. Lets go back to searching.

Dusty: Observe one of the balls of light, if any are around that is.
Maud, we might not find your boyfriend today. This place is very dangerous, and it's only a matter of time until we run out of healing items. Every minute we spend here is another minute that some unspeakable horror beyond our paygrade can simply appear and take one of us away.

Capturing a blank gets us closer to understanding the blanks, which gets us closer to rescuing your boyfriend. Escaping this place alive gets us closer to understanding this place, and therefore making it easier to invade.

Remember, capturing any of them is a win.

Go back to searching where, exactly? Do you mean we should leave the town, or look at more of it? I kind of think we should move on from here.
Maud is leading this expedition, so I still say to defer to her.
is he undead and they cant convert or is he simply sick and mutliated?
I'm not really convinced that "convert" is what they do.

Hey, like, think they hope he will bite twilight? Maybe they hope twilight will dispose of him for her? Maybe twilight is like queen blank at this point and they are adding defenses to her castle in the form of monsters. That would be... it's rare to have a monster infested castle or dungeon make sense.
File: lf718.png (228 KB, 600x600)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
>You are Dusty Miller
>"Wait, if he's a zombie, does that mean that the blanks can't turn him?" Gem asks.
>"We didn't have any undead in town so I wouldn't know." Maud answers.
>"Well the took him, so they obviously wanted him for something." Buttons muses.
>"Perhaps they plan to keep him as a guarding monster yes?" Crystal suggests.
Maybe they plan on using the zombie to bite Princess Twilight and turn her into a zombie so they can have her be a zombie Queen!"
>"I don't think so, but we will not know unless to go to the castle," Buttons argues.
You observe one of the balls of light...


You have no idea what the balls of light are, but you get the feeling that they're something that's been lost.
The blanks seem to finish sweeping through the town, as they regroup in the center of the small town. The blanks then turn and begin trotting away into The fractured Everfree forest.

>"I didn't see Mudbriar..." Maud states, her voice wavering a bit near the end.
>"Maud... We might not find him... Now at least but maybe we should take a different blank back to see if we can turn them back somehow." Gem suggests.
>"It is pretty dangerous in here, and we only have so many supplies with us." Buttons supports.
>Maud inhales and regains what little composure she lost, "Then what? I just accept that I couldn't save my special somepony? Maybe ponies who told us how you saved two other towns from the aliens while under the effects of a truth potion wouldn't understand, but I'm not ready to loose the Stallion I'm in love with, but if that's how you feel, maybe I would be better off in here working alone."
Maud confidently stands separate from the rest of you awaiting your response.
that's not what we're saying. we succeeded because we were being smart and planning our approach. when we played it by ear, we didn't tend to succeed.

we may simply need to retreat and come back later with more supplies. we're not there yet though, we can gather more information before making that decision. And we're not giving up.

Smart!?! All we ever did was play it by ear!!! Name one time in this entire quest that we actually had a plan that worked!

We've only just started searching, so of course she's going to be pissed if we try to turn tail now. SHE is the one in charge of this search, so SHE decides when we retreat.
Not asking you too lose him, I'm asking you to search longer, long term. Accept that you've got more work to do, or at least you might.
Now, where do you want to check next? We'll follow behind you.

I intend for her to be the one to get jumped next time, as having her hp a little lower would be good a few encounters from now, when we potentially have to give up for the day. Someone's gotta do tank duty.
>if we try to turn tail now.
We aren't trying to turn tail now.

save bomb for floom
split party for moths
to some degree, send gem off to get raped
every time we rested instead of pushing forward
And even if we never did a single smart thing yet, convincing maud that she should be willing to accept it if we don't see mud by the time we run out of food is good.
More simple, "No, then you come back tomorrow"
It would also be good to check if she's ready to kick his teeth in when we find him.
Towns are easier to save than ponies, because towns are not going anywhere. Except for Cloudsdale. And Sunny Town is an exception too, because it's on a flying platform that, drifts somewhere? Towns are also conveniently big. Is Mud Briar big? Thought so.
Search Sunny Town while it's abandoned. Perhaps Blanks left behind something useful, like prisoners, or food, or clues about Briar's whereabouts. Or maybe Grey Hoof left some message for his old pals where he was being held! The biggest question today is what circumstances make his zealotry a weakness rather than a strength. Does it mean that giving up to Twilight and her empty-eyed goons was the best decision for him, and resisting was a mistake? Or it may be that zealotry is his flaw as our potential ally or something very conditional like that, and the clue about his situation that I'm looking for does not exist.
Dusty: are there any regularities in the behavior of memory balls? Do they follow specific ponies or blanks, or avoid some places or entities, or fly in groups? Do any of them show any interest in you? Touch, kiss, talk, communicate in any way with one of them. Don't try to devour them, it comes later.
All of those were ideas, not plans. They could've been parts of a plan, but they never came together. Also, "sending her off to get raped" was actually the result of some idiots insisting on going against the plan a couple of anons were trying to do.

Her issue is that she's having to deal with idiots whining to leave when the search has only effectively just begun.

What the fuck are you talking about? The only difficulties in saving a a pony are finding them and dealing with the issue that is putting them in immediate danger. Saving a town requires dealing with a ton of problems and still possibly having to find something "small". Also, why are you so obsessed with Grey Hoof? For all we know, he has nothing to do with anything.
We never had a plan that worked.
>want to leave
nobody is doing that

>plans are not ideas
You are an idea. You are intentionally creating new definitions that make other people wrong just so you can not understand them. You are using your bad mood in order to be uncharitable in order to justify your bad mood. Just don't, would be more good.

a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.
an intention or decision about what one is going to do.
decide on and arrange in advance.

Every single thing we have ever done was 'planned in advance' as that is the only way we can do anything. We live in snapshots.
>want to leave

>but maybe we should take a different blank back
"Lets give up on the reason we're here and take home a consolation prize."

>we only have so many supplies with us.
"Even though our inventories are almost completely full and we have multiple significant healing items and many offensive items, we probably need to leave and get even more stuff."

>plans are not ideas

I suppose that it is technically possible for a singular idea for an immediate action to be a plan in some situations, but plans do tend to encompass more.

Incorrect. By the way you use your definition, a shitpost or an impulsive action would also qualify as plans.

>a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.
A rough idea at the moment things are happening that gets little or no discussion both fails at the parts about being detailed and about it being a proposal. A proposal implies that it will be discussed at length before it is acted upon.

>an intention or decision about what one is going to do.
actions that encompass a single post and are only for the next post is just a reaction and, even though it is (hopefully) based on logic, it is far closer to an impulse than a plan.

>decide on and arrange in advance.
this both suggests collaboration and a period of time before it is enacted in which preparations can be made.
File: lf719.png (221 KB, 600x600)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>You are Dusty Miller
>"Nopony is giving up here, we're not even trying to bail out, we're just saying that finding Mudbriar might take a few trips in here and we'll have to be patient," Buttons explains.
>"Yeah towns are a lot easier to find and save than single ponies," Gem adds.
You give Gem a weird look.
"What does that mean?"
>Gem tries to say something but Maud flaty speaks up, "I understand what you're trying to say, but I'm just a little stressed at the moment. I don't mean to lash out but knowing that those things have their hooves on my special somepony is eating me up inside,"
>"That was lashing out, Yes?" Crystal whispers to you.
"Well, The Blanks are gone, let's check the town. "
You all begin by checking a building filled with large boxes. You locate some preserved food and vegetables that have long since expired. Gem finds a journal kept by somepony named Roneo.
Gem skims through a bit in the middle where there seem to be a lot of entries about a festival that happens every night and losing a gift. As Gem skims to the end she finds a couple of wildly different entries.
>[Tonight on the night of the festival the sky looks different lights stream across the sky and everything seems lighter? Perhaps I can find Starlet's gift again. I wish I hadn't lost it after that yellow foal found it for me again since the curse.]
>[I feel as if we've been sleeping in darkness for years. But now as I awake to find the town bathed in lavender light I find myself burdened with an extra degree of clarity. The others can feel it too. The festival will have to be postponed. The color of the sky and the castle floating above us takes precedence.]
THAT'S not a faggot.

>ponies repeating the same actions in a brain fog
Given that the crystal empire was like that, there should be other pop culture things like that somewhat commonly.
>resources for festival not an issue
That might be explained by them not knowing what they are actually doing, and therefore not needing new resources. This could technically be fairly mundane, but my left nut tells me it's some causality-stranded rock in a void that got invaded by the real world(s) (us). It's uncertain if they were undead the whole time, a less violent form of undead, if they became undead, if that zombie just wandered in here, of if they are like perfectly coherent and nice zombies.

Returning this place to it's home might fix at least part of this chaotic rift, which would be nice I guess. It might make this place safer. Enabling the festival might accomplish that, assuming that the festival exists so the locals can live forever by sacrificing their capacity for change. That's all a stretch and not what we're here for. I assume the locals are at the castle or something like that, if any of them are still alive.

It's for later.
It is not informative. If this journal is the best thing that Gem's talent can find for us in this place, then this place must be barren and our time is better spent elsewhere. I can only think of two more things that we can try here.
Gem: locate the stone.
Gem: locate the bones.
It sounds like the second entry, at least, was made after the rift formed.

I think you linked the wrong post.

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