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Enter Hardmode Edition

Active playtime is at 4PM EDT (18:00 UTC) daily
port 7777
password "iwtcitgapt"

Previous thread: >>38719019
>Server modlist (Starred mods cannot be found on Mod Browser or have been modified):

>Recommended clientside mods from various anons:
VisualRadarPort (Not on mod browser, https://u.smutty.horse/mhmzasmgmyx.zip)

>How do I play?
Install tModLoader on Steam, Right Click > Properties > Betas > 1.3-legacy
If not on Steam, install https://github.com/tModLoader/tModLoader/releases/tag/v0.11.8.9
GOG compat is fucked and doesn't work on pirated versions due to tML devs adding their own DRM, separate from the game.

>How do I install mods?
In tModLoader, Settings -> tModLoader Settings -> Download Mods From Servers: On
Recommended to download CalamityModMusic from Mod Browser, because it can get fucked downloading from server.
Any other mods not starred on the modlist can also be downloaded from the in-game Mod Browser.
Other than that, when you join the server, you'll download all the necessary versions of the mods.

>How do I get mares in game
Extract one of these and drop into tModLoader directory (where the actual game is installed this time)
https://u.smutty.horse/mhetvhcxvtg.zip (original)
https://u.smutty.horse/mhihiqxmnkg.zip (no font change or hoof cursor, recommended)
fuck, i'm retarded. this is what i get for being impatient
So what's the plan for tomorrow?
>tfw everyone crafted wings for nothing
Soul of Cryogen kinda trash now with new wing bonuses. Harpy wings alone allow you to eschew frostspark boots.
I did it to become the edgy red and black alicorn I was always meant to be.
host please reload nihil config when you see this
i found an exploit
>he doesn't know
enlighten me dubsfag since you wish to contradict the facts in front of me
Humiltynon here, I see there was some interest in making a Maremod and I am also interested.
Currently I see two camps: one wants to play as pony with all cool tribe-specific things that would imply, and the one where people want NPCs that you can befriend/horsemarriage.
Not that they're completely mutually-exclusive, but these goals are somewhat at odds. Play-as-mare implies total conversion like the pony pack does, possibly to a much deeper level, probably even going so far as replacing all standard NPCs with in-character pony counterparts, creating a separate world generation features so there are show-accurate locations like the castle of two sisters, and so on. Needless to say, that puts a slight damper on playing with other mods that rely on vanilla features that are going to be torn the fuck off.
Marefriend take, however could be made into trivially-compatible addition available no matter what modpack you use, but it won't provide the same experience. However, wooing a hors, building your own house for you and your waifu and bringing her with you to an adventure is something that hits many people (me included) right in the fucking feels.
I guess we have to decide what we actually want the mod to do, before any work can be even done.

People were discussing pros and cons of picking different tribes. Here's my take on it:
Pegasi are speedy and can fly right out of the box, don't need and cannot use wings. Their flying ability depends on their max hp and max mana. Possibly weather powers? In return they're frail, suffering penalties to defense.
Unicorns have CONSIDERABLY extended reach with tools and weapons. They also could have access to unicorn-only magic modeled after what we see in the show, from telekinesis (low-level allowing you to manip dropped items, high level allowing you to manip small-to-medium size NPCs) to teleportation (Think rod of discord but with high mana cost (possibly with mana flower disabled for checks so you can't just tp spam everywhere), and working all across the map).
And erf poners get natural bonuses to defense, DR and damage for being built like a brick shithouse, along with ability to make plants grow on demand by spending mana, harvesting way more seeds and alchemic drops and generally being able to beat the food, minerals and healing items out of the earth with their hooves. Since that's still in no way enough to compete with haxor unicorns we could throw in grit-themed stuff like heightened scaling natural regen and/or halved/quartered debuff durations and/or doubled buff durations and/or ability to tank lethal attacks every once in a while.
Baps could be weaker/slower pegasi but have toggle-able night vision mode and able to detect MOVING enemies even in absolute darkness.
Zebras are weaker erf ponies but get the potion/ingredient bonuses and ability to craft tribal charms, including stuff like bottles Zecora hangs out to ward off shit.
>all those grandiose plans
We can start by converting the pony sprites pack into a tmod.
These aren't the grandiose plans, these are an attempt to understand where each idea would eventually lead, assuming everything went perfect, tetrated by my autism.
Pony sprites are too high-rez as people pointed out, they fuck with my eyes (could be a hirez monitor problem though) and the details get drowned out in sea of jaggies. Using these as a placeholder is fine, but the end product should use the same pixel density as the base game. Thankfully, at least two spritefrens showed interest.
>Convert into a tmod
I'm not sure if tmod's, er, mods can replace vanilla resources
>Pegasi are speedy and can fly right out of the box, don't need and cannot use wings. Their flying ability depends on their max hp and max mana.
Makes the wings worthless and is also non-extensible - if some mod adds wings better than pegasus maximum and a need to use them, they're out of luck.
Better idea: pegasi have wing slot, thus not needing to sacrifice any accessories for flight, and can inherently glide even without wings and hover with any of them (and thus are immune to fall damage, potentially even when petrified).
>Unicorns have CONSIDERABLY extended reach with tools and weapons.
OP as fuck
>so you can't just tp spam everywhere
Twilight is disappoint.
>harvesting way more seeds and alchemic drops
>way more seeds
Either make the mod dependent on autotrash or make the alchemic seeds actually USEFUL, plants already shit them like it's going out of style with just rod of regrowth and they're COMPLETELY WORTHLESS once you've built your farm.
What could be REALLY useful is ability to insta-replant the alchemicals/trees on harvest.
>Baps could be weaker/slower pegasi
As said previously, they could have higher mobility (acceleration) at the cost of flight time/maximum speed. This both reflects real bats (their wings are meh for long-term flight, but absolutely ridiculous for aerobatics) and lends itself to the headcanon that bats are suited for combat.
>but have toggle-able night vision mode and able to detect MOVING enemies even in absolute darkness.
Either moving objects at all (so detecting all projectiles as well) or drop the "moving" bullshit and just give them permanent Hunter. Also, if making it a mod, could make them see outlines of everything in the dark rather than giving them vanilla night vision effect.
>I'm not sure if tmod's, er, mods can replace vanilla resources
Pretty sure the guide even mentions replacing a vanilla item texture (pointing it at a different location, just like any other parameter) and that you should undo your changes in Unload(). Wait, it already loads most post-launch, can't it just use the same thing that one Minecraft mod to make crashes kick you to main menu does for vanilla and completely eschew any need for unloads?
you imply the devs are competent, and that THAT feature hasn't been dummied out for over half a decade. Fuck, man, i don't think it was even present in Tekkit's classic era.
>Pegasi that cannot fly on their own
The Scootaloo Appreciation Club is two blocks down.
Wing slot makes sense if it's used to AUGMENT natural flight of pegasi (i.e. add on to scaling properties). It also would be fun to give them some sort of wingtime regen mechanic, so they can remain in air for prolonged periods of time, maybe nigh-infinitely, otherwise frailness drawback is too stronk.
>extended reach is OP
If it uses mana, then no it's not.
>Twilight is disappoint.
Twilight is OP. On the other hand, accessory or permanent upgrade (solar framents-tier?) that lifts the restriction could be useful.
>Useful seeds + replant
I ran out of post space so I had to cut that part. Yes, the implication is that earth tribe instantly replants and can use seeds in multitude of ways, i.e. new recipes, mass [re]planting, grinding them into slurry that can enhance potion effects, that kinda thing. Something that's useful all the way throughout the game.
Zeebs get more options with those but can't harvest as efficiently.
>Fast but weak baps
very yes
>echolocation custom drawing
I was thinking kinda like omniscience from calameme, except outline or some fancy pulsing effect.
>guide mentions replacing a vanilla item texture
Need to look into that

Still, the main question still stands: do we want to play AS mares or do we want to play WITH mares?
>Pegasi that cannot fly on their own
Yes, because you're not mature in the beginning of the game, you're a weak-ass fuck.
Tying their flight ability to health and mana makes little sense. This means they can hit near-cap IMMEDIATELY as life crystals and fallen stars aren't gated, and cap the moment a mechanical boss is downed (WoF is downed in case of Calamity), and after that all they get is increases from gear and potions. Everyone and everything else meanwhile gradually scales thorought the game. And using wings + wing slot represents this gradual scaling and increase in power. Thematically it would make sense to make wings consumables for pegasi that permanently augment their flight, but it would shit for gameplay.
>Twilight is OP.
So are you once you reach certain point.
>I was thinking kinda like omniscience from calameme, except outline or some fancy pulsing effect.
The only thing omniscience does over its components is slap hunter visuals on projectiles as well.
Alicorn of Ice checking in
Calm down, Mulcarn.
>you're not mature in the beginning of the game
Foalconfags >>>/out/
>you're a weak-ass fuck.
Arguably stronger than a filly, and even wimpy filly Flutters CAN fly.
>Taking away the only useful early-game thing that pegasi have
That's retarded, anon.
>hp/mana scaling
Replaced by wing slot on later stages but you don't get wings in [vanilla] pre-hm, so gotta scale that somehow. Health makes sense since you grow physically tougher and in theory get more endurance. Mana makes sense since pegasi wings are too smol to work aerodynamically, it's probably their inherent magic that keeps them airborne.
Them draining their mana to replenish their wingtime could be a decent mechanic, but it'd kill pega-mages.
>slap hunter visuals on projectiles as well
Except, you know, better visuals.
holy kino, caloty really is the greatest mod of all time with amazing lore
File: mare stare.png (553 KB, 5000x5000)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
it's shit
fuck you don't insult our god and savior fabsol
>flight is the only useful thing pegasi can have
>ignore how they can glide (read: will explore the world sooner than anyone else) and are immune to fall damage, the leading cause of death of pre-horseshoe players
Pegasi could also have a permanent jump height and running speed bonus.
>but you don't get wings in [vanilla] pre-hm
1.3. Vanilla 1.3 pre-hm. 1.4 gets Fledgling Wings, Calamity has Skyline, Thorium has Champion's.
>Health makes sense
Logically, yes. For gameplay, no.
>Them draining their mana to replenish their wingtime
Mana-Charged Rocketeers ftw
>could be a decent mechanic, but it'd kill pega-mages.
Unless you can toggle it, and it would make perfect sense for my headcanons: you either fly or you spellcast, if you try to do both you'll be weaker than someone who specializes.

What would absolutely be funny is limiting collision with cloud blocks to characters that have wings (pegasi, bats, anyone with the accessory). And making clouds work like water with water-walking boots, so you can walk on the topmost surface only, can drop down through them, and can swim through.
Fabsol doesn't even like the lyrics, it's not canon according to his vision.
>not canon
do they also have what is canon "discussions" like we do? that's amazing
Donk (or any other summonfags), if you're reading this: start looking into preparing the materials for eventually crafting the Elemental Axe, that weapon is goated.
You can get a minion slot accessory from Changeling invasion and one from post-AS Acid Rain, and both are part of more advanced accessories you will eventually want.
You can upgrade your Spirit Glyph once the mechs are down.
You can get a pretty good summon weapon from Brimmy so look forward to that. You should also farm for all the waifu accessories to eventually get the HotE, which is pretty good even lategame (consistent healing + scaling damage).
You can get a good sentry once Cryogen is down.
Flowers of Mortality aren't the broken OP everything shredder they were when they were added anymore, but that whole upgrade line is still decent enough if you want something that stays around you. Also some of them actually travel through terrain, which I know is worthwhile for you. Currently you'd want to go for Tundra Flame Blossom Staff.
can confirm, even as a nonsummonfag tundra flame is good
also drink your fucking summoning potions holy shit you fucking ziggers use potions use potions use potions STOP DYING AAAAAAAAAAA
>captcha: STAJP
thanks for the tips, I'm looking for a weapon that takes a lot of slots since Luxor's Gift does more damage that way
>You should also farm for all the waifu accessories
already have 3
Well the last two you can't get yet I'm pretty sure so that's good.
>a lot of slots
A couple weapons later on take all the slots, right now I'm not sure if any take multiple ones.
>summon potions
And use the table. Table is as good as a potion except it's free.
>pegasi are speedy frogges
Anon, NO! Stop doing genetic experiments on pegamares!
>Calameme + thorium's half-assed trash
All of these are shit and worse than even shittiest flyers can manage. Pegasi should fly from the get-go, it's their innate biological function. None of this balancefaggotry.
>Health doesn't make sense gameplay-wise.
Why not? It's an upgrade, you have to work for it, you don't get all of them at once, so there is a somewhat smooth-ish progression.
When you make toggles like that it's a sign of a bad gamedesign. Putting it on the button press is also cancer since every mod shits up keys and you only have so much.
This needs a cleaner approach but I don't see one that would feel natural currently. Closest I have is quick space tap (or several) during the gliding phase (with all of the additional jumps used up ofc). Player shouldn't need a quick tap to perform some maneuver and it somewhat feels like 'oh shit I need a second wind NOW' action.
Speaking of lyrics in general: game music with lyrics is very often shit, with rare exceptions. Lyric-less music is more of a safe bet, especially if it loops.
Got hints for a ranger?
I use cockwork rifle but it feels too fuckin flaccid against general damage sponginess of HM.
Any suggestions for a true melee build?
File: frog.png (166 KB, 513x691)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>which is pretty good even lategame (consistent healing + scaling damage).
not since 1.4, it got nerfed into the ground (unlike the axe)
>tundra flame
It requires 3 summon slots to use, no?
>Anon, NO! Stop doing genetic experiments on pegamares!
>Pegasi should fly from the get-go, it's their innate biological function. None of this balancefaggotry.
OK time to halve their max HP at all times :^)
>Why not? It's an upgrade, you have to work for it, you don't get all of them at once, so there is a somewhat smooth-ish progression.
Because there's nothing that inherently gates HP, the only thing stopping you from instantly going from 100 to 400 HP is (exploration) time. Meanwhile better damage and defenses are gated by defeating bosses and powerful enemies in general.
>When you make toggles like that it's a sign of a bad gamedesign.
Having a "class" that yeets 90% of pre-hardmode combat/exploration challenges is a sign of bad game design too, and there should have never been pre-HM wings, vanilla or modded, ever.
>Closest I have is quick space tap (or several)
No. You talk about toggle being bad design and then suggest something that is MASSIVELY WORSE. The ONLY thing space ("jump") action should ever be used is propelling the character upwards.
>Speaking of lyrics in general: game music with lyrics is very often shit, with rare exceptions.
That's because lyric music and ambient music serve different purposes; adding lyrics only works out if it can be ambiented (see: Ominous Latin Chanting) or it's a cutscene. Or if it's a rare gimmick, like Fortissimole.
Meanwhile, server has hung up. Pls reboot.
>I use cockwork rifle but it feels too fuckin flaccid against general damage sponginess of HM.
That's because it's intended to coast you over until you get something better. That said, it was a good weapon even in MMFTW.
Grab titanium railgun. It's ranged, it takes no ammo, and it's RIDICULOUSLY good. For single enemies could use onyx blaster or the butcher, though I prefer the former (weapons you have to stay on that aren't Phantasm are stupid). For utility there's Raider's Glory, which applies ichor and midas regardless of arrows used.
Mollusk Armor unless you hate being slow. Slag Magnum (Earth Elemental drop, armor reduction if used with regular bullets), Polaris Parrotfish if you don't hate having to fish, or Darkecho Greatbow after today if you are fine switching to bows.
Uh, Evil Smasher or Bladetongue, Bloody Worm Scarf, Evasion Scarf. Frost Armor? Potentially switch to Daedalus armor after today.
>poor froggeshy
I'm getting the sprinkler bottle.
>Halve max HP
Just scale incoming damage or defense + DR.
Same effect, minus potential issues with maxhp-triggered stuff.
Not an argument. Gating is cancer to begin with since it is never respected when fagsol/red/faggot like (You) nerfs shit. About 95% of stat-driven loot (i.e. weapons) you get from bosses is unrecoverably underpowered even before you get it.
>yeets 90% of pre-hardmode combat/exploration challenges
What is gravity potions?
Besides, why the fuck not? Pegasi will never have magic bullshit of unicorns or sturdiness of earth pones, let them have this at least.
If anything, it's the unicorns who should be nerfed to shit, since unicorns/pegasi fit the Quadratic Wizards, Linear Warriors pattern, and earth ponies don't scale at all.
Personally, lyrics mess with my flow state so I prefer instrumentals in general.
Thanks, anons!
>Brimmy summon weapon
Addendum to this: The weapon also has a secondary effect when used with no slots available, so even after you stop using it as your summon of choice you'll probably still keep it around for a bit for some extra damage.
>Og FoM
For those unaware: the original version did contact damage, and it did thrice as much contact damage as its projectiles did. Anything that tried to get close to you would get torn to pieces. Factor in Provi having no contact damage.
I can probably help with spriting and coding too, btw.
>I'm getting the sprinkler bottle.
Bishie sparkle incoming.
>Just scale incoming damage
Not transparent. Same as DR, actually, there's nothing that indicates how much you have (without memes like calamity's meter item).
>maxhp-triggered stuff
There is exactly one item that would be affected, and it's tacklebox's moonshine. Everything else doesn't care whether you're reducing maxhp or increasing it, they respect the variable.
>since it is never respected
Failure to consider things in context isn't a failure of gating, it's a failure of whoever's adding/nerfing shit wantonly.
>What is gravity potions?
Don't make you fall-immune any more than a hook or a doublejump, disorient you, need to actually be used, don't allow full two-dimensional mobility at a whim.
>If anything, it's the unicorns who should be nerfed to shit, since unicorns/pegasi fit the Quadratic Wizards, Linear Warriors pattern, and earth ponies don't scale at all.
That you haven't figured out how to make the ground-crawlers scale doesn't mean they can't.
Flat increase in unicorn reach is the banal solution to the idea of telekinesis. A less banal one would be letting them displace the point from which reach is counted from themselves (e.g. invisible player only animating the tool/weapon with player himself animating telekinesis casting), but I have no idea how to code that, or, for that matter, how to control the displacement at the same time as movement and aiming - primary mouse buttons can't be used because they already have functions.
>Bishie sparkle incoming.
Bold of you to assume it is loaded with water.
>Not transparent
Scaling defense is an option. GUI will show you exactly how much of it you have.
>isn't a failure of gating
Complicit by being an enabling factor, plus introduces unstable equilibrium of balance where bad players won't get more powerful items that they need and pros get showered in useless trash that they immediately sell.
I mean, boss-gating shouldn't be abolished completely but adding it to flight is retarded.
>That you haven't figured out how to make the ground-crawlers scale doesn't mean they can't.
I never said that they can't. I said that they don't, and the context should be clear enough to indicate that they don't FOR NOW.
But you're missing the point. Quadratic scaling here comes from unicorns getting their sweaty nerd hooves on more and more varied spells allowing them much wider combinatorial freedom of action.
Pegasi/mudpones won't be able to teleport, for example, and you can't reasonably give them that ability without them becoming reskinned unicorns. Or without boneheadfags screeching up a storm.
>displace the point from which reach is counted from themselves
This was the idea, but with a twist: The more powerful your tk is, the further you can mine blocks. Within regular player reach radius standard animation plays, when it goes beyond, it does the zenith-style arc with tool in magic grasp to hit the target.
Weapons get the same treatment except they have their animation hacked to travel all the way from the player to target and back and deal less damage.
Relevant code in vanilla is flaming garbage so creating that is oughta be fun.
Standard swing anims will have to be changed to mares swinging their heads though.
File: telekinesis.png (154 KB, 813x535)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Serb still dead.

>plus introduces unstable equilibrium of balance
This is inevitable and balancing against bad players (the ones that cannot take on the challenge no matter the preparation, as opposed to the ones who merely struggle) results in shit.
>Quadratic scaling here comes from unicorns getting their sweaty nerd hooves on more and more varied spells allowing them much wider combinatorial freedom of action.
Which is severely limited by the fact that Terraria isn't a tabletop game with a DM who can resolve arbitrary actions, so your possibilities are "deal damage", "apply status effects", and "move around", and hence all magic does is let you do these three in flashier ways. You can't manipulate battlefield on the fly, displace enemies, see the future, etc so most of the quadratic scaling is negated.
>Pegasi/mudpones won't be able to teleport, for example, and you can't reasonably give them that ability without them becoming reskinned unicorns
Dashes and equivalent.
>This was the idea, but with a twist
You're describing the "banal flat increase in reach".
Someone (You) me when server undeaths.
>balancing against bad players results in shit.
So does the constant 'git gud' approach where the need for balance is rejected and things are changed on a butthurted whim of a dumb sensitive faggot. Your point?
>your possibilities are "deal damage", "apply status effects", and "move around"
You seem to be thinking only in terms of boss fights in their purely numerical representation as a DPS race.
What about: "change blocks", "affect visibility of objects", "change own stats (i.e. heal)", "change stats of held item (i.e. enchant)", "change enemy stats (i.e. curse)", "remove enemy projectiles", "projectile to push away/suck in enemies", "disable certain enemy attacks", "resurrect self/teammates", "enter invulnerability state", "alter enemy affiliations", "alter enemy perception", "transform enemy into another NPC (turning enemies into frogs anyone?)", "transferring all damage from you to attacker, with status effects and shit", and so on...
Yes, some of that can be done with status effects, but that's not a simple 'apply standard DoT debuff #123807103823842'.
Logically, most of this can only be done via magic shit, and pegasi and erfponers get shafted again.
>can't manipulate battlefield on the fly
Spell to make an ethereal running platform out of thin air
>Displace enemies
What is knockback, also mentioned above
>See future
Fucky, VERY resource-intensive but possible, including foreseeing boss attacks and all that jazz.
Will also produce tons of visual noise.
>teleport = dash
You wut, m8?
>You're describing the "banal flat increase in reach".
Yes, 'cause what you propose on pic is retarded, hard to control, hard to code, unenjoyable to use and ultimately has no difference with simple radius growth + effects.

Also you seemed to imply that you have some ideas on how to make mudponers not suck and SCALE. I'm all ears.
>change blocks
Pickaxes are available to everyone.
>affect visibility of objects
Potions are available to everyone.
>change own stats
>transfer damage
"deal damage" + "apply status effects"
>change stats of held item
Reforges are available to everyone. Limit them and you're better off creating a game from scratch rather than trying to build on the shitcode central that is Terraria.
>change enemy stats
>disable certain enemy attacks
>alter enemy
"apply status effects"
>removing projectiles and moving enemies
Arguably, "move around", but Terraria doesn't have a precedent for this.
>Spell to make an ethereal running platform out of thin air
Ice Rod is available to everyone.
>what is knockback
Absolute garbage that makes fighting enemies harder instead of better, especially in the desync hell that is multiplayer warping enemies around, often into yourself?
>Yes, 'cause what you propose on pic is retarded, hard to control, hard to code, unenjoyable to use and ultimately has no difference with simple radius growth + effects.
What I am hearing is "I want bigger numbers instead of different mechanics".
>Also you seemed to imply that you have some ideas on how to make mudponers not suck and SCALE. I'm all ears.
Delegate battlefield control and self-buffing to them, because the only thing that says it should be an unicorn spell is your preconceptions. And "the only magic is arcane magic" is bullshit, get inspired by Asian martial artists (or Avatar's earthbenders) and heroes of old.
Also give them better abilities for manipulating terrain even outside combat, for example, being able to extend blocks (why has nobody added that?), Grand Design-like building and excavation abilities, etc.
>>what is knockback
>Absolute garbage
t. Has never stunlocked an enemy
t. Clearly not a summoner main
File: recipe browser.png (70 KB, 491x372)
70 KB
A fraction of enemies can be stunlocked, and even that tends to result in enemies warping around in MP. Also stunlock by definition doesn't displace enemies, it prevents them from displacing themselves.
>t. Clearly not a summoner main
Summoner mains deserve only to suffer.
>Summoner mains deserve only to suffer.
Well we do. Believe me we do.
You appear to be profoundly retarded on top of being contrarian on grounds of being proven wrong.
Literally nothing you wrote is true.
And if you think I'll allow you to stretch the definition of 'apply status effect' to 'Apply arbitrary change to any object' then you're wrong. Besides, all of things I described can work without ever touching buff code.
>What I am hearing is "I want bigger numbers instead of different mechanics".
Visit a psychiatrist since these messages are written.
Your 'mechanic' does not bring anything new, good or at least useful to the table and is easily outdone across the board by much simpler, easier-to-implement and user-friendly decision. Cope and seethe.
>Let's make erf poners channel ki and shoot camehameha outta they ass
You literally cannot get any more retarded, holy shit.
Even if this is somehow implemented, do you realize that it will be an extremely one-note thing that every mudhors is going to do? At least with unicorn spells, provided they're not done by an intellectually-impaired individual such as yourself, they can be used in many ways, facilitating many playstyles. With earth ponies you either need to do suspiciously similar not-spells to reach same flexibility or have a fuckload of new items and charms that only mudhorses can somehow use, just so that boneheads don't nig that.
There's only one limitation: it's that whatever is added is show-accurate.
>building and excavation abilities
Allow me to quote your own post:
>Pickaxes are available to everyone.
Come up with something else.
>being able to extend blocks
Dirt Rod is available to everyone, again. Come up with something else.
>the projection
>Allow me to quote your own post:
Do you not understand the difference between a pickaxe and a veinminer, retard? Or between placing wire with a wrench and Grand Design?
>just so that boneheads don't nig that
>There's only one limitation: it's that whatever is added is show-accurate.
The limitation on unicorn power is inherently out of scope of games (that being "not everyone can or will bother learning the spells") so you either suck it the fuck up and limit their power, or other races have no recourse because surprise, sufficiently powerful unicorns can in fact do everything other races can do better!
File: 1654854739158.jpg (12 KB, 326x310)
12 KB
frenship is magic
>Do you not understand
Do you not realize that this specific point showcases your hypocritical retardation in that previous post of yours, you dim-witted peasant? Or do I have to spell everything out myself?
>suck it the fuck up and limit their power
It's not about the raw power, it's about versatility. Ideally you'd be able to select a cutiemark and it would limit your spells, and that would be 100% show accurate but people like (You) will whine and moan about not being able to have magic-itself cm, see >>38736098
>sufficiently powerful unicorns can in fact do everything other races can do better!
Only if we're counting poochie and the associated powerwank.
And I don't see you trying to do anything about it, you dipshit.
This sort of squabble is why maremod is better off as a waifu-mod as opposed to ptfg fantasy.
Magic doesn't exist on this planet.
>it's about versatility
That's what I said you retard. Either you artificially limit it or you get poochie-tier unicorns. And with the current progression you NEED to eventually end up in poochie-tier unicorns by calamitas/moon lord.
The entire thing is an attempt to marry two fundamentally incompatible things: equipment-based terraria and inherent-skill based ponies. Either you will make sacrifices, including "muh unicorn specialization" and "muh mudponies can't use anything that resembles spells", or you change the game to be unrecognizable.
Just look at G5's based Earth Pony Magicks™ you fools. They can be OP too and so can pegasi with weather manipulation.
>weather manipulation
>>using g% and based in same sentence
>let me regurgitate what you just said so I look smart
No shit, sherlock.
You still haven't proposed any adequate, concrete solution to this mess, except for screeching and shitting yourself over intrinsic pegasi flight.
Fine, I'll do it myself.
Option 1. Maremod that isn't about playing as a pony, instead you have mare NPCs. Problem solved, plus no compat issues.
Option 2. Introduce cutiemarks that will shackle each TRIBE to certain activities. Lots of work, even more testing.
Option 3. Make unicorns frail and vulnerable, forcing them to lay the fuck off direct combat. Halved max hp indeed.
Option 4. Go full retard and add alicornization as a progression step and only allow alicorns to use all that cool shit.
Option 5. Give earth ponies industriousness. Anything that hexhead can do with a spell, specific item can do instead with the caveat being that only hardy ponies can use these.
Commit % or get the fuck outta here
Cope and seethe about your gen's earthmares being inferior.
Spriteanon here. I don't know about permanently changing the NPCs, maybe make it a mod setting. You know so users can toggle it- as I said there's already race mods that let you play as birdmen and shit so one can just make addons for it. The biggest deal is spritework and balance.
Another reason to make it a tmod is logistics, there's items (ie any open helmet really, wings, I believe leggings and boots if we do some processing on the texture files, I'll describe what I have in mind once I'm not on a phone but it should be doable if the code allows image processing and some analysis) that'd look fine on pony models if one just changes their location and rotation via code. That would automatically make A LOT of mod and vanilla gear compatible with ponies without the need to sprite it. And what's not could be easily spritebashed. The only think that absolutely needs respriting is chestplates, closed helmets, and some equipment.
Also, I still believe unicorn dual wielding is the better choice, and limiting it by mana+a damage loss the lower mana is. Maybe make them better at thrown weapons. This and the zebra thing desu are so potions and thrown stuff gets more use in the game desu, they used to be good (anyone remember when players actually made greenhouses for alchemy? That was thr shit) but got fucked do bad with the gear scaling. And tying so much of alchemy to fucking fishing only made it worse.
Oh I know, zebras could give the effects of potions they consume to their summons, stuff like extra speed, damage on touch, and the like would work good.
a growing/leveling mechanic would be neat. Everyone starting out as foals with weak racial abilities, and the racial abilities would get stronger based on hearts collected.
File: Twilight_scepkle.png (592 KB, 3256x2267)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
here is is
>starting out as foals
Gollypedos this is your mindset
serb just died
Slime God killed it, probably.
there's already rpg mods that add leveling and shit. We can just pick one that's compatible with most mods and add a compat mod to make the leveling affect abilities.
Why the foalshit?
>You're going to love this. This is my normal state, a pony.
>And THIS, this is what is known as more than just one pony. This is TWO ponies.
More power != better, see: poochie, twilicorn, and other general powerwank from later seasons.
Besides, dogs will never be ponies.
>I don't know about permanently changing the NPCs
If we're talking about play-as-mare theoretical flavor of maremod, then I suppose it would make sense to make it server-wide config option, where all NPCs would get overridden (including adding proper in-character dialogue, affixing random names to character-accurate ones, etc...) at once, possibly in stages (vanilla NPCs mode, only graphics, full-fledged in-character patch).
However if we're talking about marefriend maremod flavor, these would be completely separate NPCs, no no worries about vanilla/mod breakage.
>Texture processing
While technically possible, it will probably look like crap since computer is not an artist.
On the other hand, it could convert mod textures automatically, and if with due diligence it's been made look good, then it's freakin' jackpot!
>Sprite rotation and stuff
Possible, but sprites have very particular way they're lit, so it'll look weird if you rotate 'em 90°.
>Unicorn dual-wielding
Ehhhh, could be done but it would be immensely broken for some weapons.
>Better at thrown weapons
Could be done but IDEALLY I want tribe to be orthogonal to the terraria class, so you can play as any combo, even though some combos are better than others.
Maybe it would make sense to make race-specific craft recipes? I'm thinking a special type of placeable that spreads potion effect around itself, kinda like incense burner, but permanent. Give it a serious cost (30/60 potions + appropriate tier metal), limit it to Zebras and voila! Or zebra-specific 'framethrower' that uses potions, kinda like clentaminator...
Maybe Zebras should be the buff/support guys in general.
There's something interesting about this idea that every tribe has some specific role, i.e. earth ponies tank, unicorns provide heavy-duty magic artillery support, pegasi work as close air support, zebras buff and help set up arenas with said buffs...
Would not bash heads in with / 10.
I can't connect anymore, anyone else?
Just gets stuck on Found Server.

(You) me when it is back online
>It's ANOTHER 'found server' episode
File: file.png (9 KB, 111x568)
9 KB
while the server is down, https://mirror.sgkoi.dev/Mods/Details/BetterServerList apparently this can remember the password so you don't have to copypaste it every time.
I don't particularly care for marefriend mod desu, I play this as a game not a datesim. I just want pony races with some skills and more complex tweaking for equipment than a simple asset replacement allows. Though I guess once the races are in it'd be fairly easy to use the assets for one.
And ok so what I was talking about was, look at this. Because of how terraria handles equipment, every single legging piece has an identical default pose. Which means you can check for the outline (Also on the easier side- the artstyle is consistent and in almost every armor it's a much darker color, and one that consistently surrounds the sprite). We could take this, separate one leg from the other, crop the bottom few pixels and remove the boot section, and render the leg individually with some transforms for the animation frames (google rotsprite for a good pixel art algorithm) and have a Good Enough starting point for legging on quadrupeds. Just cache the sprites on boot so it doesn't kill performance on the go and artists can then take these assets to tweak them properly, at which point they can be added in the mod.
Would it be a be-all-end-all fix? No. But it'd mean mod assets more or less work. I believe you could also track to which bodypart most equipment is attached (Just check which piece it's consistently rendered over and following the motions of) and try placing it appropriately if there's not a replacement graphic or tweaked setting.
Having separate graphics moving around after the character, rather than terraria's more basic-but-performant approach, may cause a few FPS to drop, but it'd make it much easier to add further races like the zeebs and griffs once the pony tribes are done if it was set properly, with a series of defined anchor points ("This is the wrist, this is the leg, this is the neck") to player sprites.
server should be back up
for all of six minutes
'Tis time for the daily interactivity audiovisual mare injection.
serb is dead again.....
Ok what do you keep doing that causes it to hang up?
Restarted it again
File: file.png (72 KB, 730x215)
72 KB
wat do, delete mods locally so they're reretrieved fro mserb?
>cammy confirmed to be astral glitter
You shouldn't be receiving all that data at all, it's not your character's. Just SSC being derp.
Wait for me mares, I had to restart Steam for esoteric reasons.
>Cryo hits final phase
>boss crashes serb when he's about to die
File: 1642713416674.png (1.72 MB, 1417x2362)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
>live through the boss fight for once
>having fun
File: astral.jpg (21 KB, 424x204)
21 KB
>being wrong about cammy being astral glitter
also fucking hell i guess i have to go for titanium anyways, taking too much damage from the boss still.
you guys are fast
>be me
>play on the serb
>make it for the boss fight for one night
>have to leave after fight's over to do other things
>come back to server
>lots more shit made
>spawn looks different
>everyone's rocking some more upgraded gear
>now we got wings (wtf)
Apart from the wings this more or less happens every day. I always feel like I'm playing catch up. I thought you guys said you wanted to take it slow this time around
I did.
Then host decided 'lol boss after boss'.
also serb is kill again
we did 1-2 bosses per day
The 'tism is too stronk
We're taking it slow. Upgraded gear is the norm for coming into hardmode.
You can go for Daedalus after today.
daedalus is fucking gay and doesn't improve defenses much over t3 HM gear.
by design obviously
File: wrinklesmysprinkles.png (234 KB, 1600x1192)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>empty name
I'm guessing serb is kill again
I am in misery.
File: error.png (9 KB, 359x326)
9 KB
nice logging tmodloader
great coding there fagsol
Please bring your strongest weapons so we can kill cryogen faster than it kills the server, we only need to rush down the last 10% or so.
>straight up invulnerable to 1 hit > any defenses
There's a reason dodge was moved to hallowed in vanilla.
>Daedalus negates one hit
it's a 90 second projectile reflect that forces my dash on cooldown
i'll take titanium instead thanks
>we can kill [boss] faster than it kills the server
It's just like the last server, how cool!
TITANIUM negates one hit.
>Server crashed before I get my bag
>got a bag before server crashed
File: 1627332604176.gif (2.33 MB, 480x270)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB GIF
Bag acquired just in time
Cryogen unlocks archmage and cryonic ore, so we might need to fight it again and then IMMEDIATELY forcesave on kill.
And yeah, definitely fagsol's shitcode, too consistent for it to be random.
>>straight up invulnerable to 1 hit > any defenses
>There's a reason dodge was moved to hallowed in vanilla
Laughs in Humility camo.
Only works on projectiles. Also
>Calamity's The Transformer reflects projectiles with no cooldown
>attempt to extract Icebreaker from storage
>kicked for cheating????
>found server moment again
>server died for your Twis
>Only works on projectiles
That's what they want you to believe.
Fuck might have to place that sign again actually. I'll check tomorrow ig.
>Even checking cryogen's rewards in the bosslog crashes my client
jesus fuck this thing
>tfw no marefriend
Didn't know about this one, pretty cool approach.
I was planning to essentially use one of 2 options:
1. Make and use some sort of offline tool that'd do expensive analysis of the sprite to build pseudo-heightmap and then voxel representation, then apply several modifications (grow a snoot, add ear holes, you get the point) to obtain hors-specific shape and then flatten it back into the sprite that'd be used as a placeholder until spritefrens will do a fixup/remake pass. This include sprites for other mods, possibly bundled in separate sub-mods.
2. Make simpler tool that would run on clientside to generate sprites dynamically from all the mods loaded. Pros: absolute compatibility. Cons: result will be crap.
It is interesting to note that the pony pack overrides several standard armors/vanities with FiM themed things. If we're sticking to vanilla armor design, then I guess custom items reproducing these should be added at some point. I'd also be happy to generally see (and implement) more custom pone-themed items.
>Separate graphics, perf drop
Shouldn't be an issue. If the parts all have the same shader then they can be batched safely, incurring practically no overhead.
Shhh, anon, you can't just give away the secrets like that!
What makes Clorophyte camo better than Dazzle?
2 > 1
I remember reading it as 1 last time. I may be stupid.
What tomorrow? Acquatic worm?
Is there any good software to design map art? I feel me like making something
Just make the game render tweaked sprites when armor is worn by a pony, isn't that possible?
Either AS or Brimental
leaning towards AS because it's a pita but also gates the next shiv which is actually pretty good still
File: AAAAARGH.png (85 KB, 287x315)
85 KB
>some dipshit put the crystal farm close enough to fuck up the underground fishery so it can't do crim/corrupt fishing, fucking up Soul of Night farming through this method and also all underground fishing through those means
Rangefags: your first pseudohoming round is now available in the form of Verium rounds.
Unfortunately they pierce to proc the homing effect so shotgunners are fucked right now (stick with HV, Ichor, or Cursed)
serb is kill
Not related to serb but might as well have general terraria discussion
Anyone here play Story of Red Cloud? It's an oldie adventure modded map with some dark soul elements, I'm playing the revamped version and it's pretty fun if you can put up with enemies being on the tankier side.
>'found server' again
ok guess it's time for hungry mare again
today is the day of bone marrow
>crystal farm
Look around, anon, the fishery got clipped by the fucking WoF-kill-worldgen Hallow, the farm isn't/shouldn't be at fault.
>Soul of Night farming through fishing
>small brain: summon king slime in underground crimson, getting hundreds of souls in minutes
>big brain: fish for souls, getting single digits of souls in hours
i've cleared out BOTH and it's STILL FUCKED
>Noo you can't get souls while fishing things! No relaxing, hold M1 and turn off your brain!
fuck you
also there's fish bound to underground evils i think?
File: cleared out.png (55 KB, 843x675)
55 KB
See all the fucking pink shit in the middle of rock caused by the clear methods being flaming garbage until you get clentaminator?
>fish for evils
I am calling you retarded for fishing for souls specifically, not for fishing in general. Besides, nobody has nigged the souls again yet.
File: i sleep.png (409 KB, 1280x720)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
>it fucking got rolled back
>make the game render tweaked sprites when armor is worn by a pony
Possible but may be tricky due to shitcode on red's part.
Hold on...
>worn by pony
>implying it can be worn by non-pony
If anything, Maremod should be mare ethnostate.
>Story of Red Cloud
Played the original and it was breddy good for its time. Might check out the revamp if it's polished enough.
>mare ethnostate
But how mare reproduce without stallion? Do mare have flare sometime?
By stealing tall green human males with question mark for a face, obviously.
Host, what's the order of bosses coming up?
I know it's AS or Brimental today and the other tomorrow (probably) but what order for the mechbosses?
Humility totally should change Fabsol's Vodka's description.
>This suspension of powdered crystals in swill is highly sought after by hopeless drunkards
File: Mareigold spa.jpg (342 KB, 1920x920)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Mareigold spa is complete, enjoy your stay
eeeee it came out very, very nice
You did it! Gosh, lovely work, time to hop on and take a spa trip
won't this get raped by infinitely spawning discord?
File: tuesday_morning.jpg (188 KB, 1400x700)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>You are going to hell
Yes, on a regular basis, see picrel.
Do you want a souvenir or something?
I like that. Arrogance shall be ridiculed.
Added to the backlog.
Wyverns don't spawn if you're in front of a wall.
huh didnt know that
Sure, they got any Satan Bobbleheads down there?
File: Spoiler Image (6 KB, 171x261)
6 KB
Only bootleg ones, I'm afraid.
File: file.png (92 KB, 898x226)
92 KB
my own dungeon party
AS today btw
serb deaded i blame the lack of boops as the cause
why the fuck is the server dying we haven't even started the calameme content
Idk but I hope it stays dead long enough for me to become free of Steam's bullshit.
16/32 on cragmaw_mire
actually the playerlimit is on 128
serb do be lagging though
someone forcecancel the acid rain event, i tried and the game refused because lag and/or fagsolcode
i don't think the item to cancel it works at all
File: CRAWLING.png (456 KB, 453x373)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
let me know when event complete or serb ded then
should i euthanize the server and restart
File: what (2).png (64 KB, 208x205)
64 KB
I don't know what's happening anymore.
File: kek2.gif (71 KB, 104x104)
71 KB
>right before server crashes
>the blood moon rises
>Mfw the moment I try drawing mapart server starts crashing after hours of stability
>Mfw lost over 1K gemspark walls to it
Shit's unplayable, I got chunk errors, teleporting everything, items that cannot be picked up, the whole shebang.
What is happening is that people are told that the server will go tits up if they don't haul ass to cancerous sea immediately, REPEATEDLY told at that
and they don't
so it goes tits up
Do not try doing ANY building during active hours.
What order are we going to do mechs in?
i have no idea lmao
anyone who has an opinion on this matter should make an argument for a certain order
if no one cares i'll RNG
If nobody else wants it someone wants skullman first
i don't think i'll mind missing destroyer as second
>twins give souls of sight, which mage weapons use
>destroyer gives souls of might, which megashark uses
>spook prime gives souls of fright, which FLAMETHROWER uses
Therefore I vote do skeletron prime first and don't really care about the order of the other two.
>Subshocker still does obscene single-target damage
i think i have an arena idea for brimental
also AS is free for farming now right?
Finally, I have acquired Chrysalis Bathwater to go with my Celestia Bathwater and NMM Bathwater. Maybe I'll actually make Totality Breakers when the plant is dead. A bit sad about missing the boss today but it's alright.
I vote Skelly last because it's the only one whose drops I actually care about and I won't be back until the day you fight the last mech on.
donk you fucking fag share the abyss gravel
File: file.png (65 KB, 1015x503)
65 KB
Mare complete.
May we all be blessed by nasapone on our fight against moonlord.
I want
Fairy bell
I vote eyes first.
You know, I'm quite surprised no one has yet caused Mareocaust by Deus.
Mostly because that'd be summoning a boss out of order.
Host: Deus before Cultist+Moonevent+Moonman, or Deus inbetween and thus three bosses in one day?
Host, if you're switching to Rogue and you weren't a Ranger already get Humility's Dazzle Camo. That thing is actually fucking coked, so much it's making me consider slotting in a Psychotic Amulet (and if the reduced aggro would take the refresh speed even higher that might be even more absurd). It allows you to literally stand still taking stealth shots at some enemies because you get a new dodge faster than they can get a new shot in.
Invis+Shadow potions will also contribute, so yes psycho amulet (and rogue stealth) are good. Might even make strike builds good.
Brimental arena and teleport done. I would suggest bouncing projectiles, lingering sparks, and Seafood buff, as i will be putting water in the bottom so mages can shit out Burning Sea homing bolts.
For reference:
Brimstone Sword is your best bet, though Submarine Shocker is also a good option. Anything that leaves lingering projectiles on the floor to tick more damage during the armored phases.
Napalm Arrows for Archers, Verium Rounds for gunners. I tried to get as much Cryonic bars as i can but we only got 40 and farming them via slimes is difficult at the moment. If you can't throw together some verium rounds either kick over to ichor/cursed (Brimental has DR so it's fine) or HV rounds.
If you DON'T want to abuse the living fuck out of Burning Sea, probably Belching Saxophone or anything that inflicts Frostburn or Crush Depth since she has weakness to Cold/Water debuffs. Otherwise this is probably the point in the game where you have so much variety that it gets stupid and retarded quick, play how you like.
We don't have Borealis Bomber yet, but we do have Igneous Exaltation. Tundra Flower deals frostburn, that's all i got right now, you guys tend to know what the fuck you're doing thanks to Calameme assfucking you if you don't.
You have it easiest, what with the three Waters available. Even if you aren't throwing flasks like this is Castlevania or some shit, Skyfin Bombers and Kelvin Catalyst make this a very simple fight. Wouldn't advise the stand-still method though unless you have the skill for it due to how she shits out bolts during some phases. The arena will generally ensure that she gets his by the aftereffect of Holy/Irradiated flasks while the homing bubbles from Unholy will do so quickly instead of capping you off.
eat some fucking sashimi or shrimp please for the love of god
Hey, no dying! There are mares to feed and bosses to kill!
Host, PLEASE disable SSC's "Remember player position", it doesn't work and it's the most likely thing that causes me to rejoin (and subsequently mirror to) at spawn instead of my bed, despite bed still being registered as a spawnpoint (to fix this I have to click it twice).
Cinder blossom is better as a light pet despite not even being a light pet. There's also flickerwick after any mech boss.
Everyone who knows about Deus summon doesn't bother.
>blood moon
>serb dies
anyways here's the wrench: ichor would reduce defense to potentially allow crush depth to do damage (in some cases SEVERE damage).
optimally one would inflict both but i don't see someone else using ichor flasks or piss weapons
I don't have any abyss gravel, I put it into MS long ago
then something voided it
>but i don't see someone else using ichor flasks or piss weapons
Piano your keyboard. Gun with one bullet, bow with the other (or Raider's Glory for ichor). Plus nothing is stopping you from having Golden Shower even if you're not mage.
me no know how bangstick work
me only hit big thing with rock
File: file.png (16 KB, 237x348)
16 KB
cool, ponies!
>desert scourge malded so hard the server died
welcome to clam code.
>Might even make strike builds good
Strike builds are good you fool. That's what I've been going with. 1-hitting wyverns right now.
In the sense of not being glass cannons that can't take a hit or have shit DPS in comparison to their more standard counterparts, Anon. I'm well aware that strike builds have burst damage locked down.
>glass cannons
Rogue consistently gets more armour than summoner
>shit DPS
Almlst all Rogue accessories suck if you're not going for Stealth and some of them suck even if you are, gloves are all mediocre so far for example.
Regardless Ruin+Mirror right now means I can throw out a fully charged strike every couple of seconds, and the bonus effects on some weapons make that massively worth it (Cobalt Kunais getting tripled shots + homing for example).
Not to mention with the shitcode the server is forced to run on homing is pretty much needed for me to actually hit something unless the target is big or close, which is why I'll be going for SoD and SK going forward.
Can host determine what exactly hanged the server?
mare overdose
server live when?
File: mare ded.gif (3.9 MB, 640x640)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB GIF
server is dead
File: screm but it wobbles.gif (38 KB, 128x128)
38 KB
it's up
Wake the fuck up Host!
>Do not try doing ANY building during active hours.
my ass
It's just a vietnamese torture, to build shit six times in a row, during active hours.
"Active hours" being "more than 5 players on server" or "anyone is running any kind of boss or event that isn't a blood moon".
includes blood moons now >>38743028
File: TundraRush.png (238 KB, 912x630)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
What was your first evil? Corruption or crimson?
I played before crimson was released, so, corruption
Anon, this is a blue board!
File: pepsimare.png (1.23 MB, 1528x853)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
qt pepsi. also just finished one of my micro biomes
File: 1401233475695.png (209 KB, 361x466)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Suddenly I have a craving for some pepsi... the things mare does to man
fun fact: three players in pre-mech-bosses tier equipment can relatively easily reach second phase on Astrum Deus
The easiest way to disable summoning him is to break Astral Beacon and block its crafting recipe.
>you have to block gorillion things in calamity so that it won't be abused
now I wonder how the fuck did the previous server survived without nihilism
Did it have a limitation on boss fight times? And does Thorium have an excessive amount of progression-ignoring bosses?
Calamity not only has a whole bunch (Old Duke, Ravager, Aquatic Scourge, Leviathan, Adult Eidolon Wyrm are spawnable at all times, Astrum Aureus and Astrum Deus are only spawnable in hardmode), it also fucks with vanilla bosses to make them bypass progression (Plantera, Golem, Lunatic Cultist via Eidolists in HM, Moon Lord via cultist summon).
aaaaaaaa this came out so nicely
dang, server is having the found server problem again
welp i think server is just outright dead now
File: 1579992956758.png (87 KB, 248x196)
87 KB
we just collectively agreed not to kill X and it worked out
ded again?
Death is just a feeling
Fun fact: Hellborn's hitbox is offset like four tiles to the left.
It's also unoptimized-melee-shiv tier damage, but much, MUCH easier to hit with.
honestly why the fuck did fagsol remove soul drops from the alt trio
that was their entire point, now they're just side bitches
"Alt trio"?
Brimstone Elemental (formerly Fright)
Cryogen (formerly Might)
Aquatic Scourge (formerly Sight)
>Brimstone Elemental (formerly Fright)
That explains why it teleports the way it does.
Among other things, yes.
Also, Brimental is probably the highest value farm for lowest starting investment.
KS still good for generic material drops though. someone should slam it into paste a few times during a blood moon.
whichever nigger removed my solidifier should kill themselves
just grab another one from storage, it's not like they're hard to get
>tell host how to fix his problem, being unrelated
just like my autism cubes!
also skelly prime tomorrow
Since there's another terraria server, I might as well shill my music pack again.
What songs does it replace?
oh it's for 1.4 rip
Most of vanilla terraria ost, there are some that are left unchanged. The list of the songs can be found in the zip file. Yeah, it's for 1.4. I don't know if it works for tmodloader too.
It doesn't, 1.4 overhauled their music list in a minor update.
well, okay, it might work for the alpha but only retards use the alpha branch
I see
Triumph Potion reduces enemy contact damage by between 0 and 15%, inverse scaling with enemy HP. It's really not much, and would be worthless if we still had vanilla buffslots, but we have extended ones so you should be using it if you're struggling to survive or want to shiv bosses.
honestly everyone should be using endurance, wrath, rage, and yharstim alongside caddypots at this point but nobody fucking grabs the potions in the storage
You need neither of those with 20 players all whacking the boss around. They're just a nice bonus.
yes but i want to watch the boss HP bar imitate our fucking economy
>implying the lag won't continously cause the hp to refill itself if we do too much damage too fast.
what the fuck do you think i meant, anon
Crashing rapidly and destructively?
File: 2lj71c7.png (111 KB, 894x909)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Relatively small, but it does get the job done.
File: 1480981607321.png (907 KB, 1280x720)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
And Cryogen shitcode STILL kills the server on last phase, even if there's only 2 players.
Host, can you tell what exactly it's stuck on next time? Does C# even allow that?
I don't get it.
Ahh so cryogen's the one that made me disconnect. My bad for summoning it.
File: terraria moment.png (48 KB, 548x385)
48 KB
>Host, can you tell what exactly it's stuck on next time?
i'm surprised it killed with just 2 people though, that's pretty fucking terrible.
server back up now
>[1/ERROR] [Terraria]: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
>at CalamityMod.CalamityMod.MidUpdateProjectileItem() in CalamityMod.cs:line 469
goddammit calamity
Can Humility please nuke Ice Blasts out of existence?
P.S. That was with ONE person on a local server, basically, just don't fight Cryogen ever.
the interior part of the planetoid craft is done, all that needs to be added is a hanger, gun and thrusters
welp after making a rough estimation of the amount of space needed its gonna take alot of space
top layer - all surface biomes including there normal,corruption, crimson, hallow and astral versions
middle layer - all underground versions of the biomes above
bottem layer - unique places such as the dungeon or lihzahrd temple
forgot to include pic
you VILL live in the pod and you VILL be happy
serb is ded
File: so it goes.png (653 KB, 1656x1468)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
>sit down to play
>serb ded
File: unknown.png (479 KB, 705x520)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
hahaha that's awful
just checked server is alive now
Skeletron Prime down, both remaining mechbosses tomorrow because they gate too much shit together + Prime went down in like ten seconds due to overgearing.
All mechs being down means:
Chlorophyte gated crafts are available
Boots can be combined with Waders for Angel Treads
MANY new weapons and accessories become available
Storage will finally be off hellstone tier (next upgrade is postplant, please start farming shrooms in advance)
Many drops start coming from Solar Eclipses (and they start happening on their own)
And more! please don't be retarded and refuse to use recipe browser for this
>I can't make it until overmorrow
I guess I'll hop in before active hours and gear up for plant, spare some souls for me.
>Storage will finally be off hellstone tier (next upgrade is postplant, please start farming shrooms in advance)
If it's already in the dangerzone we really shouldn't expand the spawn storage. At least let's make a separate storage on each end of the world to dump all the non-stacking items that we're likely to never use ever again. There's the storage extender thingies, can we use those to reach those stashes from spawn? Otherwise we can just have more teleporters.
Yeah let's beat both at once. THat should make for a challenge.
Harmareion cannon is almost complete just have to get some gemspark stuff and its done
The boss after them will likely be Cloneamitas, not Plantera.
>he doesn't know
Same difference.
Weren't we supposed to have a mod specifically to deal with the problem of accessories and weapons clogging up the storage?
currently capacity is more of a concern than contents. The storage units present is about the max you should allow in one system.
that mod is called 'sell excess shit people keep shoving in the storage instead of autotrashing'
>excess shit
If I need some obscure weapon or accessory for a post-ML thing because clameme crafting trees and I discover it was sold I will be very peeved.
anything with Material (caveat: besides IMK bosstokenswap recipes) or on/last tier is truncated to 2 of the most valuable (IE best) reforges available.
Tools get pawned off if not best in slot.
Anything not on tier gets slagged back into ore.
Everything else gets sold.
>yes I like my inventory being full of wulfrum batteries and amidias sparks and shackles
>walking around the world
>actually attacking things
File: noos1524426842036.png (836 KB, 2371x1513)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
Jesus the things you guys come up with. Makes my build look like shit.
oh no the wires for the teleporter got snipped, what a shame, hope you like getting assraped by discord and an inventory full of Sky Glaze
>server is having a Found Server moment
back to tinnitus simulator then
its back up
And with that brief event all things to do pre-threemech are done.
Will we be doing Cloneamitas Living Shardless or With Shard?
Cloneamitas is pre-Plantera boss plus Plantera is the next round of unlocks, so it makes no sense to do it after.
Cloneamitas is technically on-tier with Plantera either way, iirc she was the mod's altpath for ages (similar to how the seaworm/brimental/cryogen were for mechs).
Oh well, come what may, there's too many mares to really lose until moonman and maybe astrum deus (we'll need to make an arena for him)
File: am I a joke to you.png (38 KB, 1205x466)
38 KB
>technically on-tier
By downing cloneamitas, you get access to:
>Brimflame set
>Calamitas' Brew
>Art Attack
By downing Plantera, you get access to:
>everything vanilla gives you access to
>Tranquility Candles
>Crystal Flare Staff
>Spectre Rifle
>Frostcrush Valari
>Statis' Blessing
>Tears of Heaven
>Chaos Candles
>Anarchy Blade
>Cosmic Bolter
>Terra Flameburster
>Terra Disk
>Plantation Staff
>homing crystal bullets
By downing both, you get Cores of Calamity and consequently
>Asgard's Valor
>Artemis Emblem
>Ark of the Ancients
>look there less than an hour ago
>He forgets that abyssloot (depth cells and lumenyl) are unlocked by cloneamitas
a classic blunder
Anyways killing both is more or less necessary because dungeon autism and i think biome keys? Plantera's B->C consequence unlocks do add a lot more to the table, i'll give you that one.
It's been there for days.
Which gives: memes, memes, summoner armor, The Absorber (replacement for Worm Scarf if you use one), upgrade for Megashark, and a bunch of furniture.
>getting assraped by the thing I can oneshot
Have you tried using better gear?
Abyssloot is necessary for a bunch of later stuff like Sirius, but also in the immediate it gives one of the best Rogue accessories.
You mean Abyss Mirror? Takes spectre bars, so you don't get it until Plantera is down too.
>Summoner Armor
>Megashark upgrade
>Abyssal Mirror (A GUARANTEED DODGE)
>Multiple other weapons that cause Crush Depth and are good on their own, and some that don't and are really good
>Solar Veils start dropping
>this is all memes
Also Absorber is gated to Ancient Manip. Yes it's retarded.
>Abyssal Mirror (A GUARANTEED DODGE)
You have to down the plant for it too.
We get it fucktard, but since you also brought up Absorber (takes ancient manip) + a number of other things we still can't do, it's retarded of you to get hung up on something we can get *before* then. Just admit you fucked up you imbecile.
yeah but, absorber cultist memes. Etc.
calm down anon it's just a game
You seem to be upset.
File: 1442539928838.png (117 KB, 473x342)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Shout outs to the guy who built the atomic energy plant to the right of the map, super cool
the thrusters are nearly done just got to figure out what to use for the thrust part
shit forgot to post image again
look at all that money
make sure to grab the HM space tokens and blood orbs at least when you're done
welp i still haven't figured out what to use was thinking of using Diamond gemspark blocks but im not too sure. what do you anons think?
i got around 100 hardmode space tokens so far from just sitting there and occasionally collecting them
>MANY new weapons
>meanwhile for summoners the daedalus still has the highest DPS
Consider also Mounted Scanner and Brimseeker. Especially if MS is still glitched. Every other patch something in the code goes funky and makes that weapon absurdly OP.
File: quote aquatic unquote.png (56 KB, 1004x658)
56 KB
welp the thruster is now 100% complete
Did Humility sneak-patch that out or what?
By the way, teleporters across entirety of Abyss now available, the entry is on the right side of the piss sea.
Humility patched the Chaos debuff to work the way it does in Vanilla. While it's possible fagsol code makes it so you specifically need the Calamity version, I think it's also likely host might have nihiled the worm to avoid mareocaust 2.
I've specifically checked, AEW isn't nihiled. Also, what Humility does shouldn't affect ability to AEW (the code it prevents doesn't have any spawning), but it DOES remove "chaos state makes evasion scarf cooldown 50% longer".
This is also the thread that said stealth doesn't work despite 5 seconds of in-game testing proving otherwise, I don't trust your ability to properly read Calamity's shitcode. However the third possibility is lag. The Abyss is desync hell.
File: file.png (21 KB, 298x195)
21 KB
Happy mare family of maregf and sister
Read it yourself, it's CalamityGlobalItem.CanUseItem().
>However the third possibility is lag.
Lag long enough to not spawn AEW even after killing myself with RoD, even though the enemies in there did no glitching around whatsoever?
>even though the enemies in there did no glitching around whatsoever?
Did you try hitting them to confirm they actually weren't glitching? Because I absolutely have seen lag build up to minutes' worth.
If you are crashing uninstall TrueToolTips
File: biome blade.png (158 KB, 1061x539)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I warned you all about this, but you didn't listen!
File: file.png (55 KB, 95x800)
55 KB
work in progress
By the way, Humility's patch to make teleporters work during bossfights isn't working.
Don't die while i'm gone tonight you fags
wow, where has all the discussion gone
debate how large to make the chloro farm to supply everyone with what they need
Just extend it all the way to the left ocean. A torch every fifth gap between slabs, a 7x7 block of mud every third torch. Slightly more than the perfect separation, but very convenient and lets the entire mud chunk be converted.
if someone can track down the onxykey or host can offer a bounty for trading for one (something i suggest his trixiefucker ass does anyways since unique items meme and there's several useful into the endgame, not to mention cryogen-linked drops and music box due to shitcode) i'll get started on it once i get home
>my hooves hurt
>the music is too bell-y and trashy
>i bet they don't even slay abominations and gods
also after plant, siren and levi, aureus, or golem?
>cryogen drops and music box
Ask host to drop the world to normal mode for the fight, he only does the crash in rev+. And similarly for music box, don't have to kill him if you can get him to actually despawn.
>if someone can track down the onxykey or host can offer a bounty for trading for one (something i suggest his trixiefucker ass does anyways since unique items meme and there's several useful into the endgame, not to mention cryogen-linked drops and music box due to shitcode) i'll get started on it once i get home
gonna do >>38754358 later tonight and i'll probably just spawn in a bunch of those items and sell them off for like 5 plat or something idk
i would do it now but the wagie life calls
*he is only SUPPOSED to do the crash in rev+, as that's the only time he enters the last phase, but I won't put it past fagsol's retardation for him to overload the server even before that. It should be enough time to kill him once or twice, though, and it will definitely be enough to record the music track because he does nothing in the first phase.
I vote Aureus, then Levi, Golem last since it unlocks new stuff and triggers things and such.
I vote the same, give more time after plant and before all the shenanigans that golem unlocks (t3 ooa, scoria ore and thus hydrothermic set, plague everything).
We fighting a boss today?
Yes, Plantera, get on.
>Found server
I so love 2% to 4% drops.
We should do a Solar Eclipse or two for Veils now, too.
i don't think the server liked that frost moon very much
>cloneamitas is tomorrow!
>no wait plant lol
fffuck's sake
i guess i'll jungle fish since calameme apparently fucks with jungle biome crates to make them drop perennial AND chloro?
You have Comet Quasher now, also the Terra weapons. None of them outdamage Submarine Shocker in raw true melee, but quasher comes close and the rest are okay. Terra-Cotta is a healing option.
Shroomite. Includes a special one just for flamethrowerfags.
Spectre. Also Tears of Heaven.
Statis' Blessing. Also Spooky/Tiki armor (you'll want the former unless you want to downgrade to Leaf Wings for Tiki)
Frostcrush Valari motherfucker.
Reaver is an alldamage set now, with defense/offense/utility split. If you want to be helpful and find yourself not taking damage nor using Adren, pick up a Frigid Bulwark so those who do can leech off your health (it's also good defensively)
Otherwise you have Terra weapons i guess. A lot of stuff is gated behind golem because funny, but otherwise most drops from the Moons are okay.
You forgot the armour. Also Totality Breakers.
Probably good for non-strike builds, but strike builds might still prefer to just stick with kunais because dear lord those things are absolutely broken. Though I suppose I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it compares.
Strike builds should probably go for Breakers or Terra Disk regardless, if they aren't using Fantasy Talismans, a full stack of Nychthemeron, or Terror Talons.
Frostcrush is at least double the base of Kunai at the moment.
wow they really assfucked Reaver
>defense: lose 1/3rd of your damage period and a fifth of your movespeed
>offense: paper looks more resilient than you
>utility: only good set, probably outclasses Miner's set bonus
anyways if you aren't using a pair of wings keyed to a specific set move on to mothron wings, you can make them with tokens
>Totality Breakers
Everyone who uses fire debuffs (i.e. flamethrowerfags) should be using those, they're the OTHER only source of Oiled in the entire game.
"unless you get hit then you get 1/4 chance to get your damage back temporarily", Reaver Rage.
There's no offense set for Reaver, there's defense, movement, and utility. And by that point you already have teleport networks so movement set is useless.
A pertinent question: when exactly are we going to fight Duke Fishron?
In vanilla, he's intended to be fought around Plantera/Golem Golem unlocks Hadal Mantle, which is wings competitive with fishron's, with good enough dodging you can fight him immediately, and given we have clam's overpowered weapons we might just erase him if we fight him now.
I propose "fight him along with cloneamitas, he doesn't do any worldwide unlocks anyway".
Vote for alongside Siren and Leviathan- neither do world unlocks, while Cloneamitas does.
>Hadal Mantle
Requires you to wear a Hydrothermic set and thus won't persist.
no lmao you fucking setbrain
The only part of Hadal Mantle that "requires" you to wear the set is the 5% damage bonus. Flight stats are all entirely separate, absolute majority of wingsets lose to just having higher-mobility wings, and if you want "set bonuses" just wear Mothron (5% damage, 5 defense, 10% movespeed, 12% jumpspeed AT ALL TIMES).
>Frostcrush is at least double the base of Kunai at the moment
But homing+piercing+3x means kunais hit 6x times as harder than you'd think with strikes.
>everything else
Mostly not homing, which mean basically unusable. Meanwhile the Spear of Destiny has the most insane tracking known to man and will actively hit everything on screen regardless of walls.
If there's anyone using the Harpy wings with treads on: How frequent are the feathers, actually?
Now if only tracers weren't consistently shit compared to on-tier wings. This is why I wanted wingslots.
Hadrian wings are competitive with Fishron. Hadal, not so much. Only reason would BE for the set bonus (or the other scenario)
>muh setbrain
Only reason to use it is for the bonus or you completely missed a boss and can't beat it alone, in which case i pity you and .25/.5 speed won't help.
Valari strike is effectively a shotgun blast, so the only preference would be for homing. the yin-spikeballs are alright alternatives but for upgrades i'd say Fantasy Talisman still. Bosses are going to start getting laggy again and you NEED the DPS if you want that fucking lootbag.
>how frequent are the feathers?
nonfunctional (with angel treads i'm too lazy to make a harpy ring to check and you shouldn't bother if that's the only way anyways)
>Now if only tracers weren't consistently shit compared to on-tier wings.
Welcome to fagsol balance. They're not even much better than Angel Treads either, and you don't want sprinting in combat anyway ever since the dog and chicken nuggets got reworked.
1/5 chance whenever you attack, only with Harpy Ring equipped - completely ignores Angel Treads.
>set bonus
>can't beat a boss with overgear
Ask others to help. Friendship is magic, motherfucker.
>Bosses are going to start getting laggy again and you NEED the DPS
And that's why I need homing shots. You cannot effectively hit bosses with something you have to aim if they're teleporting around the screen.
File: absence of god.png (260 KB, 500x500)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Pones are not always present. While i am willing to lend a hand when conscious, I am not always conscious.
Your next upgrade is post-Aureus then. Speaking of:
Wiki thinks Fishron should be done after Golem but that's retarded. Aureus however should probably be done pre-golem since its defeat causes new drops to come from astral enemies.
Shi shi shi shi.
I can, by knowing their movesets and thus where they'll teleport next.
>pones are not always present
Do it at 3PM. Or right after the boss.
>Aureus however should probably be done pre-golem since its defeat causes new drops to come from astral enemies.
Yeah, and post-Golem there's what, Plaguebringer, Ravager, and Deus before you have to rush down the moonman.
We were already discussing doing Aureus first after Plant and Clone. And yes, as I've already mentioned above I'm getting the JoJo reference as my next weapon when that happens.
If only there was a mod we were playing with that altered Calamity's balance.
Mare, I can't even see my cursor half the time with all the stuff on screen during fights. I'm better off standing aside throwing homing shots, especially since it consistently leads to getting adrenaline.
>can't even see cursor
Change its settings, including enabling the outline.
Speaking of events, frost moon has been fought, but has pumpkin moon been?
That's good for Summoners, it should definitely be done for their sake.
inb4 clam adds Crash Blasts to the ice queen
Feature request for Humility: make building Reaver set (Headgear) increase wall placement range too, not just block. ReaverHeadgear.UpdateArmorSet(Player player) function, player.tileRangeX and player.tileRangeY parameters. It increases block range by 2, so wall range should also be increased by 2.
P.S. Removing the "haha fuck your ability to see stuff directly above you" shit-ass orb from it/replacing it with Shine potion effect would also be nice.
Plaguebringer, Ravager, Cultist, Deus, Moonman. Probably do Golem, Plaguebringer, Ravager, Deus, Cultist, Moonman.
Technically don't need to rush, but
I saw a grave saying greek fire so it was at least attempted by someone
put in the effort or don't complain, the meme knife is the last (aggressive) homing you get for a while that benefits from Shadow Potions.
>but i don't use shadow potions
>using buffs
Anon, have you seen how fast things are dying? The server would be 0 challenge even without Humility's lmao OP defense items.
>last homing
Malachite exists.
does malachite have homing again? it's varied so often that i stopped bothering to keep track
was thinking next option would be Lunar Kunai which home on their own and the strike just makes more of them
File: 20220623182528_1.jpg (75 KB, 1164x638)
75 KB
Construction complete, now I rest
Mala does home on SSs. Also 2.0 update the sprite apparently.
>pumpkin moon and serb dies
oh no
oh yeah wiki is about to get assfucked mid-run isn't it
Oh well, this explains why there's no spooky wood.
>clam makes the fucking event crash

Remember that Ravager can be cheesed by having a platform 6 blocks up from the ground - it makes his shit like walls spawn on it instead of on the ground level, thus being able to avoid it. One of the very few bosses where having asphalt and boots is preferable over wings, actually.
>I saw a grave saying greek fire so it was at least attempted by someone
There's no spooky wood in the system so they clearly did not get far.
Malachite description says stealth gets homing, but clam descriptions often lie.
>*Wall flings into the stratosphere to hit you* pssh, nothing personnel, kid
>oh yeah wiki is about to get assfucked mid-run isn't it
Can webarchives do the entire site at once instead of pagewise?
>oh no
hopefully the server autosaved it
Okay yeah Rarity is fine. Only half-actuated for some reason but fine.

If you want spooky armor, good luck getting it with just splinterlings and maybe woods so that the server doesn't fucking die to fagsol's retardation. The accessories/weapons can be crafted with spooky twigs/black fairy dust and boss swap tokens.
While it's incredibly retarded for the clam wiki not to implement patch notes on single pages the way the regular wiki does, it does at least keep a list of patch notes, so at worst you can compare back to that. RIP the guy doing a shortswords run though.
By the way, yes, Plantera arena just has to be pitch black to easily see the braps and other projectiles, no extra backwalls necessary. Incidentally this makes clam-golem room amazing for fighting the plant.
File: a little pain.jpg (7 KB, 199x164)
7 KB
serb is live again
>can webarchive
>all these fucking nerfs
wow, okay, fagsol fuck off please
>SP at 3%
>suddenly daytime
I guess that's what I get for trying to do multiple mechs the same night. Anyway since I have to be away now, can someone kill one of them and throw some bars in the storage? I'm missing some for a full Umbraphile set, and having more Hallowed bars doesn't hurt anyway.
sure ill do that
i just realized i totally forgot to do this
uhhh doing it now
server back up
yeah, frost moon is totally fucked. as soon as i start it, it freezes the server so that time can't even advance. item pickups are basically impossible, though i did manage to get a single snowman cannon somehow. every single attack from everscreams, santanks and ice queens completely fills the server console with errors.
no it's not
ggwp fagsol
Which attacks are fucked in pumpkin moon?
>no it's not
you must've been joining as i was restarting after frost moon
>Which attacks are fucked in pumpkin moon?
haven't tested yet myself, gonna do that now
annnd dead
so something "patched" in mourning wood does it in
yeah mourning wood didn't even attack before the server crashed lmao
gonna try turning off revengeance and see if it changes anything
POV: mourning wood spawns
>spawn into the test world
>cheat in crystyl crusher
>try to mine with it
>instant nullref overload and PART of the server hangs the fuck up
fagsol code level: breaking individual update functions
I never had this kind of problems, it might not be a Calamity issue.
Calamity exacerbates it significantly. But you're right, it's not Calamity.

Or rather, ModLibs, which Nihilism depends on.
>calamity + modlibs = local server dies at first mourning wood
>modlibs without calamity = local server dies at 1000 points into final wave
And I mean it when I say it doesn't error, the only things in the log is ServerSideCharacters failing to load RecipeBrowser mod data, which is inconsequential.
File: based retard.jpg (62 KB, 1560x916)
62 KB
>dev of the library mod when splitting it apart
problem being is that i don't think earlier versions will grab the appropriate Hamstar Helper version anymore
assuming people aren't ultra-retarded we SHOULD be fine dropping nihil if it comes down to it though
>assuming people aren't ultra-retarded we SHOULD be fine dropping nihil if it comes down to it though
I mean, yes. It's 1 hour 20 minutes until we fight the last boss that could randomspawn, everything past that is player summon only.
cloneamitas hasn't had random spawn for YEARS anon, i more mean people trying to do Deus/Golem/Cultist early
especially Cultist, i don't think anyone cares beyond 'not without us you fucking retard' for everything else
>It's... MODLIBS
and it would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling troubleshooters.
alright, considering we've lost a lot of players since day 1, and pretty much everyone left playing is smart enough to not be completely malicious and rape the server, i think we're gonna be fine with nihil gone. gonna remove it now and see how much it helps.
yea my B for not testing newest release before suggesting it. then again i never expected it to be updated because who the fuck would split their library mod apart like that and accrue THAT much technical debt?
File: .png (322 KB, 1016x853)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>i think we're gonna be fine with nihil gone
>yea my B for not testing newest release before suggesting it
it's fine. like you said, i don't think anyone expected it could be something which rapes the server this hard.
server back up. no more nihil config shenanigans to deal with, at least
oh well
hopefully i'll make this boss today
we have an arena for the clone, right? or are we just re-re-re-re-reusing the cryogen one?
alright, things learned: server still instantly freezes time on pumpkin moon, which means items will eventually become inable to be picked up and the server will require a restart. but it's still a lot better than the instant crashing we had before. also, no more Terraria.MessageBuffer errors in the console.
There has only been one Deus spawn attempt, after people were surprised that nobody tried, with express intention of how far it can be taken while undergeared (the answer is "to the second phase at least").
Most players aren't even aware you can do them early. The biggest problems solved by Nihilism are wanton mode changes (unfortunately cannot resolve without code), the fucking bohldohrs (will be a nonissue once we fight Golem) and imksushi being retarded and allowing getting moon weapons as soon as hardmode begins, which is obsolete (we can already get them legit).
So basically just the mode changers, and it would take like 40 lines of hardcode to yeet the recipes and block their function without destroying performance with modlibs.
The invasive library mod could be expected to be like that, but see
reasonable people write their invasive library mods in a way that doesn't cause them to assrape things if their invasive functions aren't used
The only thing it does to projectiles is block grappling hooks.
Don't believe it was any less of a nullfest before the split, but yeah. Terraria's community really needed to not be retarded and clone CKAN, complete with versioning.
since when is Scooby so fucking huge
It... shouldn't be doing that anymore.
Does clone need a special snowflake arena?
Anon he's a Great Dane, they're beeg.
It has bullet hell segments (real) so having some space to dodge is optimal
fuck, man, i'm swapping off of Tattered Fairy to MOAB for the fight for vertical mobility.
>needing to dodge
>in a server with Humility
Projectiles TP just like the entities do, anon.
So we're chucking out Nihil and related stuff, right?
Everyone's Favourite Biome™
If someone ends up dropping Ink Bomb let me know. Otherwise, could we just spawn one in? I'd farm for it if drops weren't fucked, but I'm not farming Colossals solo.
this, I also require the bomb of ink
Regular mobs dropping nothing is more of mysterious shitcode, their drop functions are almost identical to those of minibosses.
inb4 you're doing too much damage.
would not surprise me
Someone try doing less damage.
Has anyone tried?
File: mare fishing.png (25 KB, 211x172)
25 KB
no because doing less damage is for fags and rangers (fags) and fishing gets me a steady supply anyways
bedtime bump
We can't get ink bombs from fishing you fool.
regular drops you can faggot
We could already get regular drops by fighting minibosses instead of being fishfags.
Which armor are y'all using?
Umbraphile but that's Rogue specific
Summoners should be using Spooky if the PM doesn't kill the server anymore.
Turtle legs and chest, Chlorophyte helm. I don't get a good alt or main armor set until golem dies, and then that has to carry me through moonman.
Fathom Swarmer is an on-the-cheap alternative if it does, though Tiki should be used instead in that instance (and paired with leaf wings for Dryad's Blessing)
PM still kills the server but I cannot help that since I can't debug it - it doesn't kill local without ModLibs.
I'm currently using the reaver set with the helm one.
I still think it might not be (only) a clam issue. When that breaks something people speak up about it. The patch before the current one notoriously wrecked multiplayer and that was fixed with the one we're on, where the only consistently reported problem is DoG getting stuck between phases for some people.
This is something we kind of need to fix not just for Sommuners now but for when Nightmare Fuel will become a thing.
File: 1651385155094.png (307 KB, 904x497)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Platinum set, it gives me 40% mining speed buff.
>not mining
Why would I when you're doing it for me?
File: 1605337847993.png (135 KB, 702x399)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
But I'm doing it for myself. I keep my gems in safe.
Do dergfags really?
>for gems
Space Crab today?
Leviathan (and hopefully also fishron).
It's faster and less gay than retarded fishing.
But I want my meme knives.
If you're lucky you'll get a triple-whammy.
Doesn't Fish drop weapons that would outtier everything we have rn and make the following progression futile though?
>let's shit on progression and make the next few bosses useless
Only Tsunami for archers. Everything else is either gimmick, good crowd control, or meh stealth strike.
Outclassed damage-wise by Mariana, True Night's Stabber. Outclassed in homing aggressiveness by Tyrantsword and Mariana.
>Razorblade Typhoon
Good homing option, but Tears of Heaven is present now and doesn't pierce, meaning better single-target damage.
>Bubble Gun
you serious?
>Tempest Staff
Daedalus outclasses it damage-wise, as will basically any calameme summon post-golem.
The only objectively good option and even lightly buffed to keep pace with Calameme's other archery options.
>Duke's Decapitator
It's decent but it lacks homing in any capacity and has a useless Strike. Good in SP, not so much here.
tl;dr Better Daily Drivers for projectile melee, throwers, and mages, and an upgrade for ranged.
>Abyss drops are still fucked
Host. I demand answers for what we'll do about the situation.
>he doesn't know
Requesting that serb progress be delayed while con is happening.
File: 2380328TB.png (1.29 MB, 2008x2555)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
How long is it going to keep habbening?
Someone do something, retards in the server are getting retarded again.
(You) me if you decide to do anything.
Levi tomorrow?
File: marborill.png (23 KB, 128x128)
23 KB
>start building again
>lost connection
File: fluttershy_sees_me_dead.jpg (801 KB, 2031x936)
801 KB
801 KB JPG
My condolences.
fifth time this has happened
>started using a summon once humility unnerfed them
>proficiency is already at the same level as my main one
At this rate it might actually surpass it sometime soon. Which I guess might actually be good, because then my main one would get the exp boost. But stealth builds inherently rack up less experience.
Speaking of which, what proficiency level are you mares at?
can't check, serb kill
hi guys i haven't been on at all today what's been going on
i see the server is offline, booting it back up now
forgot muh identifying flag
maybe i should be a complete faggot and start using a tripcode or something... nah.
that would be gay
anyways nothing happened besides the server shitting itself when i start building
9 1 0 9 0. IIRC you're capped out of grinding to 10 and beyond until moonman is kill.
i guess i SHOULD grind ranged/magic/rogue just so i can swap when melee becomes untenable.
File: 1627278639581.png (319 KB, 640x434)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>If not on Steam, install https://github.com/tModLoader/tModLoader/releases/tag/v0.11.8.9
>GOG compat is fucked and doesn't work on pirated versions due to tML devs adding their own DRM, separate from the game.
so does it not work or what? these seem to contradict each other. why would i install this compatibility tmodloader if it didn't work?
GoG releases need a specific version. That version is listed. Later versions of Tmod won't work, because they have DRM added by the devs that only checks for a steam release, and they've basically said 'fuck you lol get it on steam' by this point.
It just makes it 50x longer between XP gains if you're at 11 or higher before moonman, doesn't actually prevent gain.
>calamitas' brew stacks with vanilla flasks
Okay, which fire debuffs I am missing so far?
>sun god does on fire and shadowflame
>flamethrower does cursed inferno
>totality breakers give oiled and brimstone flames
>icy bullets/arrows give frostburn
>once moonman is down Holy Wrath will give holy fire
>nightwither is also post-moonlord
Have we decided what to do about Abyss drops yet? IB is a necessary requirement for the Eclipse Mirror eventually. Also nothing happened because people were busy with the con, Levi today.
>>nightwither is also post-moonlord
*laughs in Umbraphile Armor*
the con ends tomorrow
100% guarantee levi will be on monday
Oh well, good to know in advance.
File: 23465824572456.jpg (28 KB, 715x402)
28 KB
Okay, this is serious. Is there a way to farm sand? Sandgun method is insanely slow and we need a lot of sand. I fucking hate sand in this game.
Desert Scourge.
the only thing i know is that you get a whole 10 blocks of sand from desert scourge
10 to 15, if memory serves. And at this point in progression that thing dies so fast it probably takes longer to summon it than to kill it. Slow, but faster than sandgunning.
Jewel Fishing Rod in a desert, lower fishpower is better to avoid getting gems.
File: 1630192706058.jpg (33 KB, 412x391)
33 KB
I'm afraid this might kill the serb.
Thenk, I'll try that
DS didn't kill it when we had Nihilism, I sincerely doubt it would now.
technically it did kill it once
Will anything happen today? I'm probably going to skip the day if not.
abyss crates have a high chance to give 9-20 sulfursand, similar chances for eutrophic sand from sunken ones.
please sunkenfish we're out of the sailfish for soaring potions
probably a whole lotta nothing
gravediggers shovel?
>someone made 9100 bottles
well i found where all the sand went, >>38767200
stop dying
use the potions for fuck's sake you brain-cratered retards
>he doesn't know
What are you even dying against? Also
>wasting potions
>something you can buy for cheap
I am not dying, it is typically everyone else doing so.
>Wasting potions
the only one you can actually waste is purified jam because fagsol made it first kill for world AND character
>Cadance potion
>>Wasting potions
Brethren, people were literally begging for sand ITT.
9 gold, probably around 7 and some for all components if you're a fag and a fag using discount card respectively.
I'm also not the fag arguing that potions are wasted if not used on a boss. i literally carry around stacks for constant buffs.
10 gold, 8 after Humility's discount patch, and you don't need to use it constantly unless you suck big time.
>Brethren, people were literally begging for sand ITT.
For building, unless they are retarded and were spending it on bottles
Okay. This will sound stupid but it is Clamcode we're talking about, and IIRC we had examples of something similar happening. Is it possible that what's fucking over the Abyss drops is the fact that a change in the Abyss was triggered in the first place? That because all these enemies are now supposed to drop new things, their drops got undone instead because the code is shit?
Not how that works. The drop code is essentially the same between normal mobs and minibosses (that do drop things right now), and at a guess what's happening is that the drop code isn't even reached.
File: blow it out your ass.png (272 KB, 1024x1024)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>using potions
>caring about stats and dps
>not just building stuff
File: rain is gay.jpg (144 KB, 831x629)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
File: 35516.gif (382 KB, 241x381)
382 KB
382 KB GIF
And why isn't it reached? And why now?
No fucking idea, no fucking idea. I'd need to slam in debug messages or breakpoints to find out.
Well do it fag.
Go fight some colossal squid instead.
Captcha: YDAMP
>go commit hentai protagonist
No. Especially not when the other minibosses keep spawning too regardless of what you're doing.
>While being eaten by the Colossal Squid, the player's Aggro stat will be reduced by 750, essentially meaning that enemies will not target the player when that is occurring.
>However, creatures in the Abyss have their own unique detection radius system which is unaffected by the player's Aggro stat.
Truly Fagsol's vision is one of unparalleled wisdom
Come on, you want the mare to be tentacled through.
>when the other minibosses keep spawning too
Move higher, they only spawn while you're fighting a squid if you're in 4th layer of the abyss.
Likely techdebt, remains of code before retarded abyssaggro got implemented.
File: medium.png (104 KB, 600x600)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>they only spawn while you're fighting a squid if you're in 4th layer of the abyss.
All minibosses spawn in both the 3rd and 4th layer. That said, since there might be no boss progress today I might try to do something later when I have time.
Huh, someone managed to do the moons.
Yes, but in 4th layer they can all spawn at once.
>someone managed to do the moons
Yeah I saw, wtf was up with that?
It requires the server to have the event ended without it crashing, so either it somehow worked in full, or they summoned it right before sunrise/skipped time to sunrise after summoning.
File: laughing mares 4.gif (2.26 MB, 395x290)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
mare secrets
Do mares know how to fix the Abyss too?
File: 1635411351270.png (2.5 MB, 2567x2305)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
no abyss, only feesh
full completion
new thread when?
hopefully soon

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